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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | D’Takka | Qo’Nos] Attn: @rae @RyeTanker @Eirual @Juzzie @Ellen Fitz
She’d only managed three hits before Gramps barked at her to stop, which she did; Talia froze where she was, straddled on top of the thugs chest, arm cocked back with a death grip around her mug ready to drive it through the bastards face. With a quick glance over her shoulder, her eyes took in the scene: Kali sat – brooding, watchful, ignoring the groans of pain from the prick she skewered to the table – the sly Romulan had guarded their flank, imposing himself on a third Nausicaan, after deftly pulling the tall, slender newcomer out of the way along with the cute-but-out-of-place fellow she’d noticed earlier.

Just like the Bakery, it had all happened so fast.

The body below her twitched, and the pilot reacted on instinct – bashing his face in with the mug once again – just before their female ‘leader’ spoke up. Shadow rose to her feet, stepping on the thugs chest as she moved aside for him to get up. She tossed the frayed rope of hair over her shoulder as her eyes met the female Nausicaan’s evenly. What, her eyes challenged, but Talia held her tongue. Must be something in the food – I’m starting to like trying to intimidate people, she frowned slightly.

We keep going like this and even the Klingons are going to get tired of our shit, Talia grumbled to herself, turning her back on the trio. Her chair had gotten knocked over in the ruckus, so she righted it and set her blood-flecked mug on the table next to what was left of her salad, just as Sparkles made her announcement with a gesture to the tall one – who seemed intent on backing away from the party. “Aw, we scared her off,” Shadow mumbled, pouting a little as she cleaned the blood off the outside of her mug.

Her eyes noticed the conversation, and watched Kali pour Moody a drink, the former offering comfort to the latter (who appeared to be trying to scrub her way through the table). Shadow contemplated pouring herself a cup, in the hopes that everyone else might follow suit, and mellow a bit. Eh...that’s a bad idea, ace, the voice of hard earned wisdom piped up in her head. The pilot chewed her lip for exactly four seconds, debating.

One drink wont kill you or get you wrecked, she smirked, then slid her mug over with an apologetic look to Moody. “Sorry we keep getting in fights in the middle of your food tour LT,” she murmured with a nod as she poured the Klingon brew – her eyes jumped from face to face as she lifted the mug to her lips – “maybe enough word has spread ahead of us that no one will give us any more trouble now?” Or, she added silently, we’ll walk into the biggest bar fight yet, the pilot arched an eyebrow as she drank.

Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]

Attn: : @Ellen Fitz  @rae  @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @Juzzie

Mia stood, protected by Frank for the most part, from the mayhem that seemed to follow this crew no matter where they went. Enyd seemed to be in the process of pushing back from the table even as Zark was battering the thug that had taken her seat. And Talia was all but pinning the other one to the ground and giving him a similar treatment. The sounds of metal tankards against flesh almost made Mia want to run. But a sense of ... belonging seemed to override that. This crew, these people she barely knew, were all protecting both her and Enyd. It was something of a surprise for her to come to that realization.

The tall red alien was looking both confused and, if Mia was correct, a little frightened by what it had seen and had started to back away just as another crewmember had entered. The arrival of the female Nausicaan made her stiffen once more, unsure of what it had in mind.  If anyone was looking at her face they would have seen the shock when the female Nausicaan started speaking of the two thugs with vile terms.   The quick movement of the Romulan Hirek had pulled both the alien and Rhys out of the path of the angry Nausicaan but had planted himself in her path instead.

The female thug had asked about the food, especially the salad, which is what brought the first two into the establishment in the first place.  Mia caught the look of one of the thugs as he looked at their table. Mia remembered the owner saying something about the salad before and could only guess that this was all the salad that was left. Once again Hirek had provided his tunic as a sacrifice, this time as a salad dish.  Mia shook her head in bewilderment. He could have just handed her the bowl and kept his clothing. 

She unconsciously pulled at her dress, putting a bit more stress on the seams at the shoulders, trying to erase the feeling of that Nausicaan’s hands roughly pawing at her. Mia looked over at Enyd, who was now scrubbing at the blood left behind from the altercation.  She knew that none of this was Enyd’s fault. If she thought about it, even in the outpost Enyd had tried to avoid any altercations. Maybe this was all her fault. With a heavy sigh she leaned over to Enyd and offered a small smile, “Can I help you with that?”

[ Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]

Kelistina was taken by surprised when someone took hold of her elbow and pulled her to the side. The same person did likewise to one of the offworlders who had just entered. She nearly fell over and had to push her hand up to the ceiling to avoid ending up on the floor once more. Another offworlder, one she had learned to avoid, came barreling in only to be stopped by the pointed eared fellow who had moved her out of its path.  She was a bit confused as she watched the man talk to the female, who appeared to be an elder to the two others who had been... detained.

To Kelistina it was all confusing but somehow the offworlders had alleviated the tension in the room and the unpleasant  female and her two partners were soon gone. Kelistina was surprised when a blue haired offworlder took her by the arm and led her away. She could not understand what it was saying, and she was nervous about the intent of the being. “Ni ka’dro,” She asked uncertainly. Then she pointed in the direction of her broken down ship, “ei Ka holta.”

Ni ka’dro - where are we going?
ei Ka holta  - I go to ship

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Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisisa “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @Dumedion @RyeTanker @Juzzie

She’d known instantly that the Nausicaans were planning to cause trouble. If it weren’t for their demeanor, she would have assumed it purely because that was now her night had been going so far. The universe was determined to ruin this night, and the Starfleet officers were too stubborn to give up easily. Clearly everyone’s blood was still up from the previous altercations, because they jumped into the fray far too quickly. Between Talia and Zark, it was over before Nysari could even formulate a plan to calm everyone down and mediate the disagreement. The diplomat flinched noticeably when the knife went through the assailant’s hand. His table manners were atrocious and both Nausicaans needed to be brought up on charges of sexual assault, but physical injury wasn’t the answer. When Zark asked her to move, utterly calm and polite in the aftermath of such violence, Nysari did so wordlessly. She felt ready to vomit, the salad she’d happily eaten earlier seeming to roll in her stomach.

The foreign words hitting her ears, such a strange sensation in this age of readily available universal translators, helped jerk her back to reality. The tall, thin, alien woman still looked nervous. Nysari caught her bowing – as though in apology – when the Andorian focused her attention on her again. She was surprised this one had remained. Such an air of fear, yet the fight hadn’t immediately run her off. There was another new arrival as well, a human who looked equally as skittish. “This is the culinary tour, yes,” she answered his question while fishing her combadge out of a pocket, wondering why it wasn’t translating the unknown language yet. It looked alright, but it was possible one of her multiple collisions tonight had damaged it. In the brief moment she’d spent speaking to him, the red woman seemed to have had enough, bowing again and backing away.

“Please, don’t leave.” Nysari kept her voice as calm and soothing as possible, hoping her tone would convey across even if her words weren’t understood. “Are you alright? We can help you.” But if the woman was going to respond, she wouldn’t have had a chance before Hirek grabbed her. “Hirek,” she began, allowing some anger to enter her tone. Asking her not to leave didn’t mean keeping her here by force. “Let her go–” By then he had grabbed the other new arrival as well, pulling them out of the way to reveal yet another angry Nausicaan barreling towards them. Considering how one of her fellows was currently pinned to the table, Nysari couldn’t quite blame the Nausicaan. However, that didn’t mean she wanted to get squashed (again), scrambling out of the way so the matriarch could brush by her.

She’d steeled herself for another fight, rather horrified by the fact that she was getting used to this, only to find that this interaction was destined to be much calmer. “Don’t!” she found herself snapping at Hirek again, realizing what he was doing right before he yanked the knife out. “There are less painful ways to do that,” she finished helplessly and after the fact. Since she was watching the Romulan quite carefully by now, Nysari was probably one of the few who noticed what he did next. Finally, something she agreed with. The diplomat moved to assist without a word, dropping bowls of salad into the hastily removed tunic. She would have simply given up the bowls, but it wasn’t worth arguing with him. Maybe the Klingons would be protective of their dishware. Maybe Hirek wanted an excuse to be unclothed.

Once it was all over – thankfully without as much bloodshed this time – the diners seemed determined to settle back into their rhythm again. Kala seemed determined to take charge of their new acquaintance. Nysari briefly considered going with them, but a glance at Enyd’s face convinced her to stay. The other diplomat seemed to be losing her composure as this evening continuously fell apart, and Nysari would like to help if she could. Besides, Zark had promised that they’d have a chance to talk things through if anymore chaos called. “Be gentle,” she advised Kala, “try to use hand motions until the translator kicks in.”

Finally righting her chair, Nysari sat down again. “There is a clothing shop nearby, if you wish to find a new shirt,” she offered Hirek, purely to see if he cared or not. “Klingons like a challenge,” she told Talia with a sigh. “The more fights we win, the more honorable a future battle will be.” When the soup came out, Nysari found that she couldn’t bring herself to eat anymore just yet. “Does anyone else want to skip this course?”

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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Juzzie @Dumedion  @RyeTanker @rae  @Eirual

Mia approached with an offer to help clean up around the same time Zark both justified her actions and cited semi-compliance with her request that they be allowed to verbally negotiate through chaos first before throwing fisticuffs and daggers. If it had just been the two of them, Enyd wouldn’t have been so keen on getting these types of reassurances from her Andorian warrior goddess friend. But, since there were a variety of individuals on the tour, some more vulnerable than others, and they weren’t on a dire mission, Enyd did feel it necessary to at least try to do things “properly.”

“Thank you, Mia,” Enyd looked around the table until she found another rag and held it out for Mia to take, “I get the feeling your nerves may settle alongside mine if you have something constructive to do.” Her lips pulled back into a genuine smile of encouragement as she spoke.

But before Enyd could return her full attention to cleaning, Zark shoved a steaming cup into her hand and ordered her to drink. Rolling her eyes, Enyd took a sip then paused. This was the same stuff that had gotten her smashed after two cups when on the mission with L’Nari the week before. She’d cooed in the Caitian’s lap on the ride back to the ship, petting at the diplomatic attache as she tried to convince the woman that life wasn’t so bad after all—despite their injuries from facing off with Klingons. With no need to power through the drink to ensure diplomatic ties, Enyd remained cautious with her small sips. Further down the table, Talia spoke up with an apology.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’ve all been victims of circumstances to this point. We didn’t waltz into the bakery demanding insect infestation to lead to a brawl, and neither did was prance our way here and instigate a fight.” Glancing over the steam to Zark, Enyd winked. “Well, not all of us.” Nysari added more insight into Klingon culture, to which Enyd nodded in agreement. “If word goes ahead of us, we could either be met with no challenge or increased challenge. And sadly, it doesn’t exactly rest on our responses or preferences as to what it will be. Best to keep alert, enjoy the moment, and watch each other’s backs.”

The waitress returned to the table, with two others coming behind her. There were steaming brass cauldrons on two of the large platters and on the third platter there was an assortment of side dishes, likely topping choices for the soup.

“This is the fresh soup,” the waitress had the larger of the two cauldrons placed on the table near Enyd while the other was set down closer to Talia, “that is the processed. And these are the traditional toppings.” The assorted small dishes were set in a line on the table between the two cauldrons.

Enyd’s eyes grew marginally larger when she saw something was still swimming around in the soup. The brown liquid was almost like a gravy, and she could detect a variety of vegetables floating alongside whatever the swimming thing was. Looking past the cauldron, she studied the toppings. Gagh, of course, along with gladst, pipius claw, bregit lung slices, pitted zilm-kach, racht, and a few other dishes filled with what looked to be crumbled bread, nuts, and some dried fruit. Enyd smirked at Nysari’s comment, grabbing her bowl and standing up to serve herself some of the fresh soup, avoiding the swimmer.

“Some of the side dishes look palatable even if you want to avoid this,” Enyd poked the swimmer, then balked when it bit the spoon in her hand and jerked it away, tossing it with a clatter onto the table.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] attn: @RyeTanker @rae @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @Dumedion

Rhys had expected to be lost and confused when he came down to Qo’nos. He was disappointed that his expectations were confirmed. Chaos seemed to reign over the area. Food, fights… possibly food-fights to. Angry Naussicans and an alien of a species he did not recognise who was trying desperately to make themselves understood. Apparently, ether the Universal Translator was not working correctly, or the stranger spoke a language that was confusing it, or maybe both.

In fact, Rhys had been so stunned by what was going on around him, that he had felt a pull on his elbow. Hirek winked at Rhys in a way calculated exactly to make him blush and look away. Rhys didn’t really understand Hirek and he was not certain he ever truly would, where as Hirek with unsettling precision seemed to understand Rhys. He looked across at the frightened Alien who had also been pulled back out of the way of the angry lady Naussican. Whoever she was the Naussican seemed to be in charge and fortunately disinclined towards violence.

Rhys had no idea what to do. An Andorian who he did not recognised had confirmed that this was the culinary tour. Rhys had hoped this was all going to be a stress reliever, but it seemed the opposite was the case. He saw Zark disappear off in one direction with someone other diners and a confused and distressed looking alien.

He was left with Hirek and several others he did not really know. He barely knew Hirek to be honest. Rhys stood awkwardly where he had been left not sure what to do and contemplating returning to the ship. Did he want to stay or go? Had this been a bad idea or not? He practically vibrated with worry. This was not how he had imagined his day going.

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]

Attn: : @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @RyeTanker @Juzzie

Mia accepted the rag from Enyd and began to help clean up the evidence of the Nausicaan’s blood. While the thought of what had transpired still made her shiver with dread, cleaning the blood was making her more than a little nauseous. She finished her task and grabbed another rag to wipe her hands. “I’m ahh just going to get this off my hands,” She said as she stood and looked for a washroom. ”There has to be one somewhere, right?” She thought to herself, ”I mean even Klingons had to clean up sometimes, don’t they?”

She finally spotted what appeared to be a washroom in a far corner and turned in that direction just as Enyd made a joke about the food that was just brought out. Mia glanced at the thick soup in time to see something grab the spoon right out of Enyd’s hand. “Oh Shit,” she gasped. She was NOT going to even try that. Her stomach did a flip and she hurried towards the bathroom. 

It was a curious fact that she could deal with remains of long dead but fresh blood and food that could bite back made her queasy. She quickly washed up as best she could, considering the Klingon bathroom was not conducive to the sanitary conditions she was accustomed to. Rather than use the tattered and stained cloth hanging there she wiped her hands on her dress, leaving two long streaks. At this point, the state of her dress was the last thing she was worried about. 

Returning to the group she took her seat once more and just took a very small bowl of what looked like dried fruit. This would have to tide her over until they went to the next place on the list. She could only hope it went a lot better than these last two places.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | First City | Qo'nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie

Zark had seen enough weird shit in her time that when the swimmer got tossed on the table and began to flop around and snap at the air, she thought it was fairly fascinating.  Maybe it was the ale and all the adrenaline as well.  The Andorian's antennae were pointed at the strange creature as she grinned at it.   No wonder Klingon's always seemed ready for a fight if they had something like this swimming around in their soup.  Still, some bright culinary genius thought one of these should be added to the soup for 'spice'.  Zark giggled at her hypothesis as the little toothy snake slash eel analogue  got a sense of something that was edible and started snapping in her direction.  Not being designed for land, it didn't get far.  If they were going to try the soup, she'd have to get the thing off the table and she wasn't hammered enough to try to pick it up with her fingers, instead she grabbed the discarded spoon and gently waved the bowl portion over the creature and it sensed something and snapped at it.  It took a few tries, but there was a ting! as the thing got a hold of the spoon.

She gently raised one arm for service while making sure to keep the sucker engaged and stuck on the spoon.  The harried waitress that had dropped of the soup earlier stopped by with a pile of empty plates on her shoulder. "What is it?"  She asked gruffly. "Uhmmm, do you want to take this away?  We found it in our food." The waitress looked at her bewildered and exasperated before venting her disdain.  Aliens.  "You eat it.  It's best when feisty and has it's blood running.  The flavour of the blood spray is exquisite!" Zark stared at the woman.  She might not eat what the Humans and the Romulan normally did, but she liked her food dead like them as well.  "Errr, okay.  Thank you for that uhh culinary tidbit."  The Klingon huffed and walked off.  Now what did she do with the damn thing?  A quick survey around the table gave a general negative impression of the idea, even the Chief Engineer was looking more stone faced than usual.

It was definitely getting feisty as it got more and more frustrated by it's inability to bite through the ladle.  Maybe she'd see if someone else wanted it, would be a shame for it to go to waste after all.  Carefully getting up, much harder than it sounded since she was still injured, the Andorian slowly made her way towards another table of Klingons to see if she could find a taker.  After about three steps, the biter was pissed and took too long trying to close it's sharp maw around the ladle and fell to the ground.  Time slowed as Zark's mouth dropped open while the eel thingy fell.  She didn't know what instinct said what to do next, but her foot kicked out and smacked the squirmer.  The Andorian watched in horror as it sailed through the air, trailing drops of soup as it went for a table where several Klingons were banging their mugs to some song.  One of the Klingons roared as something bit him on the forehead and everyone else laughed.  When they realized what it was, two of the singers immediately dove at the swearing man.  One managed to push the other out of the way and yelled in triumph as he got it off and shoved it in his mouth.  He screamed when the wrigler bit his tongue and there was a race on to see who could get the thing and eat it. 

Zark stood there dumbfounded at what she was watching, then decided the table was happy enough and turned around for the table with the ladle still in hand.  She'd totally missed Rhys' arrival and when she saw him, her eyes lit up and she smiled brightly. "Rhys!" she squeeled before running at him.  She leapt at him about a meter away and landed with a solid thump as her legs wrapped around his hips and her arms circled around his neck, nearly knocking him over.   The blue face rubbed the Welshman's fuzz like a cat happy to see someone again, then pulled her head back as she hung on.  "When did you get here? Are you here for the tour too?"

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | First City | Qo'nos] Attn: @rae @Ellen Fitz @Juzzie @Eirual @RyeTanker
Oh hell no, Talia held her mug back from the soup-coated thing flopping around on the table. She’d been eyeing the sides, not even remotely interested in the thick, greasy looking slime Klingon’s called soup; she could only watch and blink as the waitress explained that the thing was meant to be eaten. Fuck that, Shadow laughed, then took another swallow of the peculiar red brew, arching a brow and grinning as the Andorian kicked the critter away.

On the far side of the lucky guy that caught the soup-coated thing to the face, Talia noticed a pair of grumpy-looking Klingon females eyeing her oddly. A brow twitched, as her eyes quickly moved to Hirek and then watched out for Skittish– making sure she got to the washroom and back – before returning to the pair. Setting her mug down to lean her elbows on the table, Shadow tilted her head, smirking as her fingers plucked a piece of dried fruit to pop in her mouth. Whatever that Klingon brew was, it wasn’t horrible, and was really strong; a warm, fuzzy sensation was already spreading from her gut to her head. The two of them could be eyeing her, or Pretty-Eyes, or all of them; unable to tell, Talia opted to keep them in her peripherals, just in case.

By the time Kali was running up to pounce on Hotlips, out of the corner of her eye, Shadow noticed one of the women stand and roar something – the pilot’s eyes snapped over to see what all the fuss was about then – just as the Klingon shrugged the robes off her shoulders and roared again, a finger extended at the tour’s table. Uh oh, Talia’s brows shot up at the leather-clad woman as she huffed a laugh. “Now what,” the Wolf grinned, looking around at everyone else to see if they had any inkling as to what the hell was going on.

[The Klaar Sisters |  A moment earlier…]

Valash sneered at her sister, extending a gloved hand across the table for her payment. “You never did have an eye for talent.” The opportunity to bet on off-worlder’s was exceedingly rare, but the Andorian had already proven herself more than a capable warrior. The addition of the others, while appearing softer in comparison, had nevertheless piqued her interest. “Those idiot gangers never stood a chance,” the hand flexed impatiently, until the coins were deposited with a grudging sigh. The owner of Jilagi’s Jewels lifted her chin, grinning as she looked down on her younger sibling.

“Whatever,” Djunnya, the proprietor of an equally sketchy establishment known as The Targ Pit, hissed. “When they wreck your place, I’ll be there to escort your customers to mine. How in the infinite hells did you manage to get that vermin infested den on the tour list anyway?”

“That’s my business, not yours, sister,” Valash chuckled as she dropped the coins into the pocket of her robe. “It helps not looking like you though.”


“Hah – all bark, no bite. If you feel slighted, spare me the whining and do something about it,” Valash shrugged with a chorus of creaking leather. “Challenge, or offer,” a bushy eyebrow rose as she tilted her head, “or both?”

Djunnya shook her head, the thick mane of tightly curled hair shifting with her. “You know I’m hurting for customers and you cut me out of this opportunity,” her eyes narrowed, gesturing at the crowd around them and the entertainment offered by the off-world tourists. “I’ll bleed for this and so will you, sister. Look at them,” her head jerked to the group at the tour table. “Barely here for an hour and already a mob following their every move, waiting to see what idiocy they get into next or when their weak insides finally give out. One of them already left with that...other one,” her nose scrunched up in distaste.

Valash rolled her eyes as she drank, slamming the mug down on the table they shared. “You’re my competition, idiot girl, why would I look out for you? You never had any business opening your own place and you know it,” the older sister sneered again. “Just go back to pit-fighting and dry humping old broken warriors, leave the management to those of us who know what we’re doing.”

The heated discussion between the two establishment owners paused as they and most of the rest of the onlookers watched the Andorian kick a perfectly good snack into some poor fool’s face. Valash huffed a weak laugh, then returned to her drink. Djunnya scowled at the blue one then the other off-worlders one by one, until she glared at the dark haired female that liked to hit things with a tankard. How do I get you to bring your sorry asses to my club, and all the coin following you? A grunt of amusement bubbled up her throat as the human tried to look like she hadn’t been noticed – and a plan formulated in the Klingon’s mind. “See that one there,” the younger sister lifted her chin to the human.

Valash turned her eyes to the tanned weakling. “What of it?”

“Wait and see,” Djunnya smirked, then jumped to her feet and bellowed. “Off-worlder, I challenge your strength,” the Klingon flung the robe from herself, then pointed at the dark haired one, speaking as she approached the group’s table. “I will force your flesh into flame for the honor of all D’Takka, or you you will force mine! If you best me, then you and your associates shall enjoy the finest VIP privileges my cabaret has to offer.”

“It’s a fucking titty-bar, you moron,” Valash laughed as the crowd cheered, shaking her head at her little sister’s attempt. Not a bad play though, she had to admit. Either way the contest went, her sister gained. Shrewd, little sister. As the crowd chorused, a clearing was made in quick order, while the waitress cleaned up a small table and chairs were slid into place. Djunnya stood before the group, muscular arms folded, as the human she’d called out grinned like an idiot; the rest of the group held a range of expressions – from amusement and surprise to worry and concern. Grunting with impatience, the Klingon seated herself and set her elbow on the table, hand open and flexing, waiting for the human to accept the challenge; on opposite sides of the table, two small bowls were lit with flame. 

[Talia, a slightly buzzed/amused/confused pilot]

“Uh,” Shadow laughed nervously, glancing around for assistance, “w-what? Duchess, w-what’d she say?” Talia eyed the female Klingon warily, her head tilted in confusion as she watched her sit at the table with the little flame-boxes alight. The Wolf recognized the body position, amazingly. Hold up, dark eyes narrowed at the Klingon. Does she wanna...arm wrestle? The pilot arched a brow, then smirked as she got to her feet, winking at Pretty-Eyes. “Don’t go anywhere – I’ll see if she wants a piece of you next,” she teased through a grin.

OOC - the sisters were speaking Klingon, which Talia doesn't know. Just for clarification. Y'all can take this and run with it however you like, btw ;)

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[ Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]

Attn: : @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @RyeTanker @Juzzie

Kelistina pulled the small blue haired off worlder in the direction of her downed ship. Tapping her hand against her own chest she tried again to tell the smaller creature what her name was, “Ei Kelistina, Ca Kavot neDroda”. She then pointed to her new companion and asked “Vei zovin ne?” Her head tilted in question towards the young one beside her.

At least she had a name to call the other, which allowed her to relax a little as she nodded and smiled to the offworlder. “Kea, ei Vat,” She said as she took the path back to her ship.

It took a little less time than usual to reach her ship even though the offworlder ‘s strides were half of hers. She found herself moving faster than she normally did due to the enthusiasm of the young one beside her. During the walk, even though she did not understand much of what was said, or actually anything at all, it was still nice to have someone near that wasn’t trying to shoo her away or throw things at her for a change.  When she got a chance to speak, she tried to explain how she got to the planet.  Using a lot of hand gestures to ‘show’ the events. Little did she know that the Universal translator was learning her language and the young girl beside her was actually starting to hear a lot of words she understood.

When they reached the clearing Kel stopped and pointed to her ship. It wasn’t in the best shape, especially after the crash, but she was certain it was still space-worthy, if she could just get it off the planet. 

Ei Kelistina, Ca Kavot neDroda - I (be/am) Kelistina, out of Kavot in Droda.
Vei zovin ne? - Your name what?
Kea, ei Vat - Come, I show.
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[Hirek tr’Aimne | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual  @Juzzie

Hirek smirked at Nysari and shook his head at her suggestion to purchase another shirt. He was quite content wearing his undershirt for all to see and would have no qualms with going without clothes altogether if the night wound that way before the end of this tour. Hirek felt this especially so now that Rhys was with them. It had surprised Hirek—at least marginally—that after such a surprising first session of counseling, Rhys had not extended an offer for a follow-up. Not even a shared cup of tea or a meal shared in a public place—in case he was worried about their losing clothes again. Hirek knew he could be intimidating, and though he was no telepath, he’d surmised his strange mix of dominantly submissive tactics during their tryst had likely confused the Welshman.

Not one to take offense at silence or avoidance—and also not one to presume a firm “no” had been said by said silence or avoidance—Hirek began to move down the table to take up position next to Rhys when a flash of blue sped by in his peripherals. The Romulan rocked back on his heels with amused wonder as he watched Zark latch onto the counselor with a warm affection one might observe either between siblings or lovers—and it was yet to be determined which term Rhys labeled Zark with.

Leaning against the edge of the table, Hirek was close to Talia when the Klingon woman’s bellow drew everyone’s eyes to her impressive form. Like many other Romulans, Hirek possessed a rudimentary understanding of the Klinong language. Mostly out of necessity for the skirmishes or near skirmishes their people’s had had with one another over the years. As Talia had asked Nysari for a translation, Hirek remained silent, arms folding over his chest, as he waited to see if the Andorian diplomat, or any of their companions, knew that this Klingon woman was not only challenging her to a duel of sorts but was also guaranteeing future exposure to scantily clad Klingons if Talia won.

When Talia moved to engage the Klingon, Hirek grinned, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll wait here.” This was going to be spectacular either way.

[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen]

The writhing soup now the least of her worries, Enyd glanced at Nysari, curious if the Andorian knew Klingon since Enyd certainly didn’t. It seemed fairly straightforward, a simple arm wrestling match, and yet there was always a catch with Klingons. Eyes moving back to the hulking warrioress, Enyd studied the woman left behind at the bar. The two of them had been bantering just moments before the challenge. Perhaps she would have answers as to the catch?

Enyd stood and shifted along the crowd's edge, hoping to sidle up to the second woman without drawing attention to herself. But she did not take into account the fact that by now, the crowded bar was more than a little agitated and animated as the fellow patrons began to place bets on either the Klingon or Talia. As a trio of young Klingon men jostled amongst each other in playful banter, an elbow shot backwards and knocked right into Enyd’s forehead. Jolted dizzy, Enyd stumbled back. Her arms shot out to grab hold of the wall to steady herself. But, alas, instead, her hands gripped the belt of a rotund Klingon merchant standing stoic by the wall. As the belt hung low, around his surprisingly small waist below a bloated belly, Enyd’s slight weight was just enough to jostle the buckle out of place, and without further adieu, Enyd, belt, and trousers toppled to the floor in a heap.

One hand rubbing at the sore spot on her forehead, the other pushing herself up from the floor, Enyd’s eyes traveled up the hairy legs of the Klingon merchant until she first caught sight of his skintight underwear—leaving nothing to the imagination—and then moved her gaze further up, over the curve of the man’s belly, before finally catching his gaze as he tipped forward to stare down at her in return. A few seconds passed before the man let out a hoot of laughter. Enyd, for a moment, thought that would be enough, but then she was hauled to her feet by one of his lackeys as the man garbled something at her.

“A cloth for a cloth.” The lackey whispered in her ear, acting as make-shift translator.

Enyd’s eyes widened as the merchant grinned, leaning forward with every intention of pulling away an item of clothing of his choice.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] attn: @Dumedion @RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @rae

Chaos. That seemed to be the appropriate word. Clearly the food tour had gone more interestingly than he had imagined that it would. There was a part of him that expected a tour of a Klingon world to go a bit like this, nevertheless it still surprised him on some level. The Chaos was in no way diminished by Zark’s hug. Or as Rhys now thought of it, her ‘tackle hug’. It was like playing rugby again, though fortunately as Zark was considerably lighter than most male Rugby players Rhys was able to hold his balance though he did waver a little bit.

As the initial shock of her arrival melted away, he started to go a little pink at the effusiveness of her greeting. Rhys wasn’t used to public displays of affection, at least not while sober so he wasn’t entirely sure what to do. Still, he had his arms around her middle and held her to his chest. Even if he wasn’t used to this and was faintly embarrassed it was nice for someone to be so pleased to see him, another feeling he was not used to. “… Well hello to you to.” There was a nervous tone in his voice, but also amusement as he started to see the funny side of her over the top greeting. “I arrived just a couple of minutes ago. I wanted to join earlier but I had to get some work done.” He noticed Hirek out of the corner of his eye, handsome older man in just an undershirt.

They had not spoken since they had had sex in his office. In a sense Rhys was frightened. He knew professionally it was something he should not have done. If the Theurgy were still under the auspices of Starfleet that could be an instant discharge. On the Theurgy things were different he knew he would likely get more leeway, after all where would they get another person to fill his role, and what would they do with him. Still the possibility of getting in trouble frightened Rhys. He was also feeling strange about his own behaviour more generally. There had been several incidents recently where he had found himself in sexual situations without trying to. Upset with a date that had gone wrong had led to a threesome with two officers he didn’t know. Being removed from duty had led to a holodeck dalliance. There had been all the flirtations with Stellan, a man who he admired even though his tendency to break rules like it was a competition made him uncomfortable. His subsequent injury and trip to cryo had led to a lot of guilty feelings on Rhys’ part. Then there was Hirek, a man who had baffled him, scared him and excited him all at once.

Zark made the most sense, he had known her from the Cayuga, she was one of the few people on board he was close to. There was a lot of genuine affection between the two, whether that was romantic or not he wasn’t sure, she was married with partners back home, and Rhys had no understanding of Andorian concepts of relationships and was afraid to ask. Rhys was seemed to be changing in ways even he didn’t understand. Rhys could see that Hirek looked faintly amused at his and Zark’s interaction. Rhys gave him a momentary exasperated smile, before turning his attention back to the Andorian wrapped around his body. He hoped beyond all logic that his smile would somehow convey that he hadn’t been avoiding Hirek even though he totally had.

Soon however all eyes turned to the Klingon woman after her loud outburst. Rhys liked languages but had never been especially skilled with them. Consequently, he had no idea what was being said. His unfamiliarity with Klingon body signals also ensured he was in the dark. They always seemed angry to him, then two them would head butt each other and laugh as the best of friends. He didn’t think he would understand them if he lived to be a hundred. It seemed a fight was going to start again. “Not again.” He said under his breath as he watched the woman who had been talking to Hirek approach the Klingons. He looked at Zark and with a slightly panicked voice whispered into her ear. “Um…. What’s going on.”

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka |Qo’noS [/b]]
ATTN: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @RyeTanker  @Juzzie

Mia had begun stuffing a spoonful the driest food she’d ever had the misfortune to eat into her mouth before realizing it was nearly inedible. To make matters worse whatever it was had instantly sucked up all moisture in her mouth making it impossible to swallow. She grabbed the closest beverage she found and had to take several gulps just to get the so-called food down her gullet. She took another gulp of the liquid to make sure it had all washed down. She decided right then that she was done with the soup course. 

And then Zark seemed to fly across the room and wrap around some poor soul. Mia thought for a moment it was another fight, but she almost laughed when Zark all but cooed over the man who was now supporting Zark’s weight. “Looks like she’s happy to see you,” Mia quipped, surprised at herself for even saying it. She shook her head wondering at her own outburst.

Her musing came to a sudden stop when there was a loud female bellow from across the room. Mia’s eyes widened when a Klingon woman strode purposefully towards... not Zark? “What?” Mia thought as the woman stopped in front of Talia. In Mia’s mind she was way too close to whatever was going to happen and tried to push her chair back from the table. At almost the same time she realized that Enyd had left the table. She scanned the area looking for her only to cast her eyes on another sight she would need to bleach from her memory. A slightly rotund and very hairy Klingon near the bar with his pants down to his ankles.

Mia giggled at the sight of the Klingon wearing tightey whiteies. And Enyd was being held in mid-air by what appeared to be the partially undressed Klingon’s comrade. “Oh how nice, he’s helping her up,” she said as she absently took another drink from the large goblet she held in her hand.  Strangely, she felt oddly .. well.. happy would be too strong a word, but for some reason she wasn’t as concerned about what would happen.

OOC : I don’t remember what drinks were on the table, but since she’s not a drinker anyway, whatever it is will hit her fast and hard.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Dumedion @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Eirual @Juzzie

She hadn’t been interested in the soup before, and discovering a live creature inside didn’t change her mind. Unlike the others, Nysari had been on Qo’noS for long enough that it didn’t surprise her. This was exactly the sort of thing that they would consider a delicacy. Klingons like their food as fresh as could be. Though it had averted yet another fight, she was quickly started it regret giving away the rest of their salad. Three courses, and that had been the only edible one. Unfortunately, this was a food tour, and they all couldn’t just sit here staring at it, not now that Zark had removed the truly questionable ingredient.

“Well done, Zark. Here goes nothing,” she quipped, picking up a bowl. “Warn me if you see something else moving, please.” Every ladle seemed fraught with danger, but nothing else lashed out at her. Once filled, she brought the bowl up and sniffed it cautiously, her nose wrinkling slightly at the smell. The living creature might be gone, but the broth was still heavily flavored with blood. With luck, it would taste better than it smelled.

One spoonful relieved her of that notion, but Nysari was prepared enough to keep the expression off her face. She was ready to push the bowl away from her when something fell on top of her head. Unlike before, this wasn’t the weight of a person, but some sort of cloth. The black wave of fabric fell over her eyes, startling her enough that she jerked her meal and toppled the bowl, spreading it over the table and a good amount onto her lap. “What the-“ She pulled the offending layer off to clear her vision, no doubt messing up her hair even further. “Have we lost so many clothes that people have decided to give them to us?” She asked dryly as she looked at the Klingon robe now in her hands.

It didn’t take long to find their newest opponent. A burly Klingon woman was right in Talia’s face, challenging her to some sort of test of strength. Nysari sighed as the room was quickly reset, deciding to keep the robe and use it as a towel for the soup in her skirt. The occupants of the cantina were just as excited as they’d been for every other fight, but this one had much more of a ritualistic component, with a table, chairs, and even bowls of fire laid out with precise measurements.

She realized a few seconds too late that Talia was talking to her, then another few seconds after that to contemplate the meaning of her new nickname. Duchess was an ancient old human title, she remembered that much. Unfortunately, she didn’t remember anything else about it. But she could research that later. For now, she would have to translate. Nysari was conversational in basic Klingon, enough to navigate a city, order food, and make pleasantries. She’d had no formal training – her month long temporary assignment to Qo’noS hadn’t warranted it. It was all picked up from wandering the First City and starting up conversations with the locals. Most of whom were unimpressed. But with everyone looking askance at her, the diplomat gave it her best shot.

“You have been challenged to a test of strength,” she explained, though it seemed perfectly obvious by the setup. Talia was already halfway over there, and Nysari dutifully followed along. “She also said something about premiere service at her-“ That was a word she didn’t understand, but another Klingon came to the rescue. “Service at her bar.”

“We’re on a set event,” she explained to the woman in accented, but serviceable Klingon. “Next, we go to Dessa’s Dining. We cannot go to your bar.” If Talia won, she didn’t want the group to insult the arm wrestler’s honor when they didn’t follow her to her establishment.

A little too quickly, the Klingon replied, “It is Dessa’s Dining! Lucky you!” The whole room burst out with laughter, and Nysari was certain that she’d missed out on the joke.

“Dessa’s is a restaurant, not a bar,” she replied.

“It’s both!” Though she didn’t quite believe it based on everyone’s reactions, Nysari didn’t have a good answer, considering they were sitting in both Luyr’s Cart and G’erc’s Cantina. She spent slightly too long thinking of a response, and the Klingon brushed her off and shouted at Talia instead. “Sit human! For your honor, face the fire!”

Now that they were at the table, Nysari looked again at how the bowls of fire were positioned. “I believe this is arm wrestling,” she explained, switching back to Federation Standard. “But if you lose, your hand is going to be shoved into that bowl.”

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka | Qo’noS] Attn: @rae @RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @Juzzie
There was something about the way Duchess talked that Talia really enjoyed but also found really hard not to mock; the Andorian's words and tone were always crisp and perfectly enunciated, like she was forever addressing a crowd of people. Reminds me of the Academy. Maybe I should call her Professor instead, the pilot smirked, arching a brow at the diplomat. Nah, always go with the first choice.

“Well, I guess I better not lose then huh,” Talia chuckled, then threw a smirk to the brawny Klingon woman before spinning the short-backed chair around.

There was an archaic vid from Earth, about a brutish barbarian roaming the wastes, conquering his foes with broadsword in hand with the help of loyal companions. Talia tilted her head at her ‘opponent’, realizing the Klingon woman resembled the barbarian’s friend and lover quite remarkably; dark skin, savagely gleeful green eyes, a fat metal stud pierced just below her bottom lip. With her mane of frazzled hair and the revealing skin-tight leather outfit, it was rather difficult for Shadow to take her seriously. Then again, Talia was also more than a little buzzed. Spikes are a nice touch, the pilot nearly laughed, then took a double take at the Klingon’s chest. They were teeth of some kind, and were going through the fabric, and her….Oh shit, are those her nips?

“Alright Valeria, keep your leathers on,” Shadow laughed as she straddled the chair, then shrugged the outer layer of her seaweed top from her arms and shoulders, leaving the bikini-like bra. “Wouldn’t want to catch on fire, right,” she grinned at Nysari’s expression. “Hey, can I get a shot of something first?” The pilot yelled over the crowd as she looked around for the waitress. Her opponent grunted something then, but as she looked around, Talia’s dark eyes narrowed as she saw Moody held before the grasping hands of a pot-bellied Klingon, with his pants down, bulging junk outlined for the whole world to see. The fuck, she mouthed, then pushed herself up to her feet.

HEY,” Shadow bellowed at Latex-Panties and his crony, veins bulging in her neck and biceps – just as the waitress arrived with a tray of small, flaming cups.

[Djunnya Klaar, owner of The Targ Pit]

Federation weaklings, she sneered at the Andorian and Human, rolling her shoulders while she waited for the dark haired one to sit her scrawny ass down. “Kais! Bring the oath-shots,” she barked aloud over the laughter and jeering crowd, as green eyes looked over her opponent unkindly. Hells, she's hidious. As the human shed her pathetically cheap garment, revealing even more disgustingly soft skin, Djunnya pulled the fingerless glove from her right hand with a toothy grin. “You look brave and confident – this is good – but will it be enough? You humans never do well when you stand alone,” her eyes glared at the Andorian. As the human prattled on about something in her alien tongue, Djunnya nodded to the waitress, Kais, with a gesture to hurry up. Let’s get this over with, she grinned to herself, thinking of all the money these idiots were going to bring her.

Several things happened then that the club owner could never have expected.

Kais had just placed the first oath-shot on the table; these were meant to be drunk during the match, as tradition dictated. Suddenly the human’s face contorted into an even uglier mask – all lines and taunt skin – as she surged to her feet; the off-worlder roared, almost worthy of a true warrior, at some idiotic merchants that looked to be getting handsy with another human. Djunnya’s eyes narrowed in contempt at the behavior as her nostrils flared, but before she could do more, she watched in amazement as the dark haired human downed the blazing drink and hurled the cup – a flickering, enflamed blur of dark metal, spinning end over end – nailing the rotund male directly in the bridge of his nose.

“Success!” The crowd roared as the merchant toppled with a grunt; the splashes of fiery liquid setting his clothes (and the idiot holding the human female) alight. Djuunya cackled along with everyone as the fools hurried to pat the flames out, then turned her emerald eyes back to the kelp-dressed human with a hint of approval. “Well done, human,” she sneered, then flexed her hand and took up her own oath-cup. Her nostrils flared wide at the scent from the flaming liquid; an extremely potent blend of bloody alcohol flavored with the essence of fermented Kj’UraH testicles. Known to induce a lust for battle, for a Klingon, the effects were mild to nil depending on ones tolerance. Djuunya grinned toothily at the human, eager to see how the female would react. “Come, test your mettle!”


Her throat felt like it was scorched beyond repair, but the grimace on her face was for the sheer audacity of these people. “You okay,” Shadow croaked to Enyd, holding her neck. Shit, that tastes like burnt asshole, the Wolf coughed as the entire place seemed to explode with even louder cheers and laughter. Shadow winced at the noise and pain in her throat, losing sight of Moody as her eyes screwed shut; a surge of unbidden adrenaline hit her system, powerful enough to make her lightheaded for a second. A rush of strength powered into her limbs, forcing her eyes wide as she exhaled in a growl of exultation – muscled arms, chest and abs locked rigid as she flexed – arms curling up from her slender waist to the ceiling in triumph. “Wooo,” she howled at the crowd, then turned wild eyes to the Andorian at her side. “Duchess,” Talia’s voice dropped an octave, practically growling the diplomats name, “holy shit – what did I just drink?!”

She felt more amped up than any pre-workout concoction that was ever made; unable to stand still, Talia dropped her ass back into the chair opposite of Valeria and slammed her elbow down onto the table. “Let’s gooo,” she shouted, then seized the Klingon’s hand in her own, locking her grip in tight, every vein pulsing under her tanned skin. The crowd chanted out three times, then roared again, and Talia’s arm locked rigid as the contest began.

Fuck,” the pilot grunted, wavering under the unexpected strength of her opponent, but grit her teeth and pushed back. She watched as the Klingon grinned, downing a shot without any trouble, then belched; all the while, her arm never wavered. Another shot-cup was pushed towards Shadow, the dark-skinned Klingon nodded at it with a fanged smirk.

“Hell yeah Valeria let’s do it,” Talia growled, holding her opponent in place with a grimace of effort as she raised the cup to her lips and tossed it back. “AAHH,” the pilot roared almost immediately after, from the burning liquid and the insane effects to her body. Beyond the grinning visage of Valeria, the whole room was starting to blur, but Talia didn’t care. Burning strength flooded her, and she used it – teeth clenched, eyes screwed shut – to push her opponent’s fist down, centimeter by centimeter.

In the back of her mind, Shadow wondered how the hell she’d ended up like this – but it was far too late to turn back now. She could only keep pushing, and hope the rest of the party was having as much fun as she was. Then the smell of smoke registered in her adrenaline/alcohol addled brain, and her eyes darted up and to the side, vision swimming. Duchess was gone, and it looked like several small fires had broken out.

“Oh…shit…,” the pilot slurred through her teeth, realizing the pandemonium going on around her. Insanely, her opponent and the swimming view of the crowd around them didn’t seem to care. Valeria grunted, spittle hissing between her fangs as she struggled, but Talia held firm. The crowd kept cheering, and someone pushed the last cups towards them as the back of the Klingon’s hand trembled just centimeters from the flame-bowl. “Fuck…it…,” the Wolf growled, tossing her own shot back only a second after her opponent.

“Ughhhhh,” Shadow belched, drooling onto the table from a jaw that wouldn’t unclench; Valeria's sneer had vanished, replaced with a grudging mask of effort, but it was too late. With a final howl, Talia pushed the back of the Klingon’s hand down into the flames.

The crowd roared – then everyone started scrambling to put the fires out.

OOC – the reason for the coin toss was to see if she won or not. I didn’t want to make the decision on my own lol, so…guess we’re going to a tiddy-bar! (If we make it out alive, that is) :D

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[Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | First City | Qo'nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie

There was something to be said about just sitting around and taking in the sights.  It was the enjoyment of the moment.  Riding a motorbike with nothing but the road.  Working and shaping a piece of wood till it yielded a work of art, or a useful piece of furniture.  Sitting on a comfy chair and just enjoying the flavours and aromas that a glass of scotch had hidden in its caramel coloured depths.  These examples ran though the engineer's head as he watched the complete opposite engulf the group.  He'd hoped events had finally settled, but when Zark tried to get rid of the worm,  he sighed and just poured himself more ale while he watched events unfold.  If he was even half lucky, maybe he could sit and watch without being dragged into the maelstrom.   He was glad that Zark's mishap with the biting eel hadn't resulted in any trouble following her to their table.  Then it happened.  Madsen was knocked over and a fat Klingon suddenly had his underwear exposed.  He became concerned when Enyd was picked up and surrounded, then his head snapped to Mia when she made her observation.  Frank stared blankly at the blonde scientist as he wondered what she was talking about, then he got a better look at her expression and realized she was fast becoming drunk.  Fate was beginning to pull Frank in too many directions.  Frank was about to try to get Mia to slow down, but then a large woman challenged Talia to an arm wrestle,

Frank drank his ale as he tried to make up his mind on what to do next.  Looking to see if Zark was gonna be any help, he quickly discounted that as she was leaning on another human with blonde hair.  Her hands were on her hips as she appeared to be interrogating the new comer and pointing between him and the Romulan.  She was talking to the Romulan and pointing at his mouth and the other human's crotch, then her own mouth and the human's crotch once more.  Her hands soon began moving back and forth to show something growing, and the engineer realized what the two were talking about as the human began to radiate his discomfort.  It didn't seem to help when Zark kissed the man and squished herself on him.  His attention was brought back to his immediate vicinity when the shots arrived and his eyes almost bugged out as he could smell the vile concoction from where he was sitting. Talia was either already drunk or had a steel nose as she downed the flaming shot and began her competition in earnest. The volume sky rocketed as the locals began watching Talia's muscled arms contest the strength of her opponent. Shouts and the sounds of metal hitting hard surfaces rang out.

The merchant falling over after bring hit by a flaming shot decided Frank as Madsen was now sort of loose. He gave Mia one last look and decided she was safe enough, though getting sloshed quick and went to drag Zark off her play mate as her hands began to wander over the human. She protested at first till Frank pointed where Enyd was working to try to free herself and the Andorian sighed as she nodded her assent. Frank led the way as Talia did battle. "Alright mister. The lady's had enough and your boss is out." The thug looked at Frank and moved Enyd roughly to the side, bring himself closer to the bearded challenger. "Hah! Human, now that he's down, honour demands a piece of clothing and one of you be unconscious." The thug let go of his quarry and put his fists up. Frank sighed and took a step back before raising his fists, then looked at Madsen. "Can you try to talk him out of this?"

"Yaaaaaaaa! Never!" came a yell from behind the engineer as a blue blur flew passed him mid air and a boot heel smashed into the thug's head. In an instant, the blue alien dropped the thug on his back with a thud. The blue fury quickly got up and kicked the thug in the temple with her toe, then smashed the heel into his forehead on the return where he promptly passed out.  Frank stared dumbfounded at how the situation had escalated and de-escalated so quickly. Then the smell hit him and he blanched. "Oh No" was all that came out as he saw the glazed semi slack look on Zark's face, and 'aroma' from the shots hit his nostrils.

The Andorian was straddling Enyd's legs and cradling the green eyed woman's head.   Frank simply stared in astonishment at how the tough warrior woman had suddenly gone all sappy as all he could make out through the mournful tones was something about how unfair life was. The apparently inconsolable Zhen grabbed the brunettes head and declared that she would share the key to happiness in this situation and Frank's intuition began to blare red Alert in his mind. His forward movement to stop the farcical drama and separate Zark from Enyd was stopped as he felt a couple pair of big arms hold him back. "Don't worry human. We just want to see where this goes." Frank looked back at a pair of armour clad Klingons who were leering at the Andorian.  "What do you mean?" Frank asked levelly though the level of alarm was quickly rising.  "Well, the blue one was following you, but maybe she felt like she needed some additional courage.  She looked at what the brown human who's arm wrestling and decided to take two drinks right away."  The warrior laughed in clear amusement. "Well, they hit her like a mad targ, and she went at your friends captor. She looks pretty drunk.  Never figured such a lively one for being so melancholy."

The engineer stared helplessly as Zark summoned a couple of shots that arrived with remarkable speed,  then poured them both into her mouth till her cheeks looked like a terran chipmunk.   There was a moment where Frank thought Zark was going to swallow two more shots and he strained to get out of the grip.  "No! Zark! Don't do it!" he yelled.  What happened next was totally unexpected as the blue woman grabbed the acting CDO's head and planted her lips on Enyd's in a full on the mouth kiss. While he had intellectually understood there was a particular sensuality about the Andorian, seeing it now and being a very heterosexual male, his body reacted accordingly, especially when despite what appeared to be her best efforts, Enyd's throat appeared to be moving to swallow the liquid.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker @rae  @Eirual  @Juzzie

“It seems that Talia gets to prove her mettle once again,” Hirek answered Rhys, though the Welshman had sent his whisper toward the Andorian. He playfully added, “This sort of delightful mayhem has been dogging our steps ever since we left the ship. I'm sure you'll be as entertained as we've been so far now that you've joined us.”

Hirek’s gaze moved between the ensuing chaos enveloping his fellow tourists like a persistent cloud of doom and the increasing level of nervousness rolling off Rhys’ shoulders the longer he remained close by. Still fairly glued to the Welshman, Zark’s antenna waved back and forth, in a manner Hirek had learned meant she was assessing the situation.

"Rhys, why are you so nervous?” Zarl detached herself and placed her hands on her hips. “This isn't the first time I've mashed my body parts on you, and why do you keep looking at Hirek?" She gestured toward Hirek with both her hands and her antenna.

Hirek responded before Rhys had the opportunity, “The last we saw one another was under very different circumstances. With far fewer people around. Quite a private setting, intimate almost if I remember correctly.” Hirek reached up and lightly ran his fingers across his mouth in a feigned gesture of wiping away crumbs while his gaze traveled down the length of the counselor, lips drawing back into a sly smile.

“Why are you smiling at him?” Zark questioned, hips shifting back and forth as she switched her gaze between the two men. “What did you two do?"

Breaking his stare with the counselor, Hirek offered her an easy smile, “I’m not one to kiss and tell. Did I use the phrase right?” He glanced at Rhys, then back to Zark, “I am trying to incorporate more Federation lingo, predominantly Terran phrases, but I fear sometimes I misapply the phrases.”

The Andorian narrowed her eyes, studying Hirek as if he were an ancient tome to be deciphered, then she swung her gaze back to Rhys. It took only a moment longer before Zark’s eyes widened, and she pointed first toward Hirek’s mouth, then her own, then Rhys’ mouth.

“Kiss and tell.” She brought her hands up and mimed out a growing erection before gesturing toward Rhys and then Hirek again and then herself.

It was Hirek’s turn to widen his eyes in pleased surprise, “Oh?” He questioned, deciphering her deeper meaning. Frank's timely arrival prevented him from knowing anything further, with the older engineer steering Zark away from the pair of them and across the pub toward Enyd.

Hirek tracked their movements even as he shifted to stand closer to Rhys, “It truly is good to see you again, dear counselor.” With Talia winning against the Klingon giantess in one portion of the pub, while it seemed Frank was leading Zark over to work some magic in another with Enyd, Hirek couldn’t help but snort in amusement. He turned to look at Rhys. “We haven’t exactly had smooth sailing on this tour, but it has had its benefits.” Tipping forward, Hirek managed a whisper close to Rhys’ ear, “I got to see you again.” Hearing Zark’s animated cries from her corner with Frank and Enyd, Hirek sucked in a breath of surprise when he turned in time to see the Andorian siphon liquor straight into Enyd’s mouth. “And I get to see that.” He added, bumping his shoulder against Rhys’, eyes crinkled in a mirthful smile.  "Care for a drink?"

[Enyd Isolde Madsen]

Before he could decide on what cloth he wanted to take from her, the fat Klingon reared back as something heavy hit his bulbous nose, his body lurching, legs tangling in his fallen trousers. With an offended cry, he crumpled to the floor, and the goon holding Enyd’s shoulders tightened his grip. Enyd blinked in confusion, craning her head around to see from where the object had come or from who. Spying Talia perched across from the female Klingon who’d first approached, their hands clasped in an arm wrestling stance, Enyd deduced that likely Talia had tossed one of the shot glasses littering the floor around them.

“Alright, mister,” Enyd’s head swiveled to track Frank’s approach, a petulant-looking Zark in tow, “The lady’s had enough, and your boss is out.”

Enyd was set aside, handed off to another goon, as the first toed-up to Frank. “Ha! Human, now that he’s down, honor demands a piece of clothing AND one of you be unconscious!” He brought his fists up, readying himself for the fight.

“Can you try and talk him out of this?” Frank looked at her with a sigh, slower in assuming the fight stance.

Enyd opened her mouth to try that very thing when Zark took over, pushing back Frank with her heel already weaponized in a strike against the goon. The new goon holding Enyd panicked as he watched Zark thrash the first. Without warning, Enyd was thrown against the wall as the Klingon hustled himself out of Zark’s reach and melted into the crowd. Addled by the sudden toss, Enyd slumped to the ground not far from the groaning merchant. She barely had time to register the sudden change in position before a new presence hovered over her, hauling her head up and pressing her face against something warm and vaguely wet.

Enyd’s hands came up to grip the arms of her assailant, only for her hold on the warm flesh to change when the garbled mess of cries above her came together, letting her know that none other than Zark was nearly smothering Enyd against her chest. Enyd couldn’t decipher everything that Zark was saying—the Andorian’s breasts were not very good at amplifying sound after all—but she gathered enough to note something about unfairness and then happiness. Enyd’s head was dropped away from the amble bosom long enough for her to gasp in a much-needed breath of fresh air. She blinked, trying to refocus her gaze on something other than the haze of Zark’s breasts in her face.

“No! Zark!” Enyd’s blinking increased, her hands coming down to brace on either side of her hips. “Don’t do it!”

Frank’s warning made little sense until Enyd’s eyes finally cleared of the blur the continued pressure of breastage against them had caused. Opening her mouth to protest the happiness Zark obviously intended to bestow only worked against Enyd. Before she realized what was happening, one hand coming up to plant on Zark’s shoulder, the other curling into a fist still braced on the floor, Enyd felt Zark’s tongue moving in her mouth, acting as a ferry for the fiery liquor through a hot, very wet, open-mouthed kiss. The taste of the alcohol alone was enough to cause Enyd’s throat to open in a gag, which also sabotaged her efforts to refuse this “gift” her inebriated Andorian friend insisted on giving.

Enyd was no stranger to strong Klingon liquor. She’d managed to hold down two of those odd smoking drinks the rebel leader offered, only becoming goofy tipsy as a result. And with Alistair, it had been those damned chips that had tipped her over the edge and not the firewine—though the combination had undoubtedly increased the effects of both. This stuff, though, was unlike anything else she’d tasted or experienced of Klingon culture up to this point. From the point of contact in her mouth and rapidly spreading through every blood vessel remotely connected to her throat, chest, and stomach, Enyd felt as if a vibrating heat was burning its way into her muscles, threading its way into her bones. Whatever it was, was fast acting. Faster than anything she’d ever drunk before, and rational thought quickly retreated in favor of a burning need to be physical in some capacity. To use her muscles until they screamed at her, to feel the burn of a challenge.

The hand on Zark’s shoulder snaked up, burying its way into the mess of her hair. Yanking down and back, Enyd broke the kiss with a snarl. Her skin felt as if it were on fire, her clothes rubbing further irritation into her rapidly escalating aggressive urges. Hooking a leg over Zark’s waist, she used her ankle braced on Zark’s hip and the grip on the Andorian’s hair to twist Zark off her. Enyd followed the momentum by rolling on top of the blue-skinned woman. She stayed just long enough to lift Zark’s head, almost as if she were about to repay the Andorian with a similar kiss, but then she clacked her forehead intentionally against the Zark’s before continuing the roll with a manic laugh.

Enyd trundled across the floor until her body came in contact with the feet of whichever unfortunate victim hadn’t been paying enough attention to know they should move. Letting out an animalistic growl, Enyd fairly clawed her way up the victim’s legs, finding pleasure in the alarmed yelps they offered once she was firmly planted on their back, her legs wrapped around their waist and her arms looped around neck and head in a clinch hold Frank had taught her. Something inside her demanded she conquer, vanquish, devour. Only a tiny sliver of rational thought remained, cowering in the back of her mind, not exactly begging her to stop but at least chastizing her for doing this in front of her colleagues.

Got Zark's dialogue from Rye, FYI.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | D’Takka| Qo’Nos ] attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Eirual @rae

Rhys had asked what had been happening, and Hirek gave AN answer. It was not to Rhys a particularly helpful one. Talia was aiming to prove her mettle apparently, and various other types of mayhem were going on. This had not been what Rhys was hoping for on a culinary tour. He had imagined restaurants with white table clothes, tiny almost no existent courses and people comparing notes on the best place to get Gagh and the right way to serve blood wine. He had expected some element of chaos this was that Klingon home world after all, but this felt like too much for him.

“Entertained… yes… I am sure.” Rhys said in a tone indicating it was more likely to be bafflement and terror. Just another day in the life of a Starfleet officer. His feeling of unease was not loosened by having Hirek and Zark close to each other. Then nightmare of nightmares his obvious discomfort was picked up on by Zark very quickly. Rhys did not have response to even get his brain in gear for a response before Hirek interjected on his behalf in a quite unwelcome way. Rhys could not respond as realisation began to dawn on Zark he stood rigid almost falling into a panic induced coma. His back was ram rod straight and his knuckles white. His jaw was fixed, only his eyes moved from Zark to Hirek and back.

Soon Zark was moved on by Frank as they headed toward Enyd. As Hirek expressed his delight at seeing Rhys again, Rhys simply responded with a “Mmm.” There were so many thoughts going through his head that he could not form a coherent sentence. He felt intensely that having sex wth Hirek had been a colossal lapse in judgement both professionally and personally. Why had he done it? He was attracted to him despite, or may be even weirdly because he was intimidating, Rhys had no desire to more closely examine that bizarre revelation about himself. Also, Rhys had felt strangely sorry for him a man on a ship who was both mistrusted and disliked by most around him. Maybe it was partly deserved but Rhys was a soft-hearted person.

Then there was the additional concern of Zark. Would this revelation hurt her? She was one of the people on board he felt closest to. He hadn’t been sure where they stood with each other after the party. He knew Hirek wouldn’t give a shit one way or the other, he would just find the whole thing amusing, but Zark. He watched her kiss Enyd his eyes wide both frightened and turned on at the same time. How did he feel about it? He wasn’t sure.

Then bottom of the pile of his concerns at that moment was his career. What he had done with Hirek if it was found out by his superior well that could be the end of his career and he had hardly had a stellar one so far.

He gave a little squeak as his shoulder was bumped into by Hirek and the older man asked if he wanted a drink. “Yes… please.” He said meekly. He needed something powerful that was for sure. He allowed himself to be directed robotically by Hirek to wherever the bar was. Almost oblivious to the violence and sexual dynamics exploding around him. A bomb could have gone off and in the wreckage, Rhys would still have been standing stiff as a board staring into the middle distances making gentle distressed noises.

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]
Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion  @Juzzie @RyeTanker

Mia started giggling at the sight of Zark kissing Enyd. She didn’t know why she found it so funny. As she took another draw from the drink in her hand she thought to herself that it was starting to get sort of loud again. But even then it sounded to her like everyone was sort of far away.  The new guy, Rhys, seemed to be scared stiff, the way he was standing. That made her start to giggle even more.

She started laughing harder, not really knowing why everything seemed so funny to her. She leaned back in the chair a little to fast ... the chair tipping back and she was too busy laughing to even notice she was about to end up on her back. With a sudden , “Ohh!” the chair went over. Mia’s arms flailed out, sending her drink splashing all over the front of her, and whoever was unlucky enough to be close to her. Her feet flew up as she landed on her back, her head hitting the floor with a loud thud.  For a second Mia saw stars and then she started laughing even more, just lying on the floor with the mug in one hand, and whatever beverage she had been drinking now dripping over her exposed skin and soaking the already problematic dress. “Oopssss! I tippeded,” She said, her words slurring, “Dinksss Spilled, Soo ssad!”

Mia just blilnked up at the ceiling as she debated with herself how to get up from the floor, or if she even wanted to. The room was spinning a bit and she figured she would wait a little till it stopped.

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie

“Something you should not have drunk, I have no doubt.” Her voice was dryer than Nysari had intended, though the general noise level in the bar probably hid that from all but the keenest ears. That being said, she was looking at Talia with slight concern. “Whatever it is, it is certainly not ordinary alcohol.” The pilots clothes didn’t hide much, leaving Nysari a clear view of Talia’s muscles as they flexed and bulged. A battle stimulant, which was honestly the last thing a Klingon would ever need. They were quite capable of psyching themselves up without any assistance.

Since Talia had already had some, it was too late to do much except watch and see the effects. It certainly was working, the human holding her own against her Klingon opponent. As the contest dragged on, their circle of onlookers grew, jostling and banging into Nysari as they cheered and booed in equal measure. The small shot glasses were flowing freely. Even proximity to them was filling the air with the thick, sharp, cloying scent. The smell was more than enough for her, but the others didn’t want Nysari to stay there if she wasn’t going to partake.

“Andorian!” A jovial Klingon shouted in her year, making her antennae stand straight up with the force of the vibrations. “Drink! In honor of your champion!” What followed was as close to a fight as Nysari was willing to get, him trying to shove a drink into her hand while she tried to politely refuse it. It ended up on the floor, which was a perfectly fine place for it in her opinion, but apparently her new companion didn’t agree. “Never fear! There’s more where that came from!” Accepting the inevitable, she accepted the cup this time, just to shut him up. At this point, Talia was actually winning, slowly but surely pushing the opposing hand down. “Look! The Starfleeters win yet another battle! Drink!” He said it in the same way one might refer to a beloved pet who had learned a new trick. Or perhaps a small child. No didn’t seem to be an option here, so Nysari raised the cup to her lips, the smell enough to make her senses to mad.

Her plan had been to fake it, taking the smallest sip, no more than a drop, and finding a way to drop the rest on the floor. They could see her reaction, have a nice laugh, then hopefully Talia would finish and she could escape. But the Klingon had predicted that, slapping her elbow up at the last moment. Nysari’s mouth opened in surprise – and the entire drink went right in. It burned all the way down, her stomach turning in knots trying to expel it. She gasped as the adrenaline rush hit her, finally managing to force her way out of the circle of laughing, cheering Klingons. Were they louder? It was like someone had turned the volume way up. The alcohol inhibitor she’d received in sickbay earlier hadn’t been designed for this. The entire room was spinning.

At the same time, she felt strong enough to win some arm-wrestling matches of her own. Nysari worked out to keep fit, but she was thin. Weight training didn’t rank high on her priorities. At the moment, she could have gone toe to toe with a Klingon, such was the power coursing through her muscles. She needed—she needed—

She needed some water. What was she thinking?

Unfortunately for her moment of rational thought, the fight found her first. It came in the form of Enyd Madsen, the chief diplomat ramming into her legs and proceeding to haul herself up onto Nysari’s back. Were it not for the Klingon concoction, she would have toppled over at the weight, but somehow she managed to keep her feet beneath her, even as her legs shook. “Lieutenant—Enyd—What are you—” Then there was pressure around her neck, and Nysari reacted on instinct, grabbing on with both hands and trying to pull Enyd’s arm away. Even with her current unnatural strength, she barely managed to keep her airway clear.

And the liquor’s effects were already fading, the inhibitors in her system finding upper ground right when she needed them to fail.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) and Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | First City | Qo'nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie

Zark didn't know why her head hurt. Or why it her breathing was funny.  It felt almost runny, which made no sense since she didn't remember being sick.   Her hand reached for her face and it came back bloody. That made even less sense.  The Andorian rolled over and planted her hands on the ground and pushed.  It seemed to take way too much effort and her eyes began to lose focus.  There was some blue stuff making pretty splatter patterns on the ground and she took a moment to marvel at it before her arms protested and she collapsed.  Pain and shock spiked through her head as her chin connected with the ground and knocked a few more cob webs loose.  For some reason, the ground was so comfortable, and Zark smiled dreamily as she embraced the fact the world wasn't really on fire or spinning at the moment. "Thish sho nysh." She whispered contently to no one in particular.  "I dink I fell on my boobsh.  They squishy. Want pillow." came the meandering of her mind sans filter as she tried to find something to curl up to.  The blue head moved with syrupy slowness as it searched for something soft to lie on.  "Oh looksh.  Mia fall over.  Nishe pillow, but too far."  She sagely concluded.  Eyes continued looking around, and she spotted a particular Welshman standing next to the Romulan.  "Mmmmm.  Hee yummmy, but too hard for comfy.  No like pointy ear. Enyd no like him."  The head continued to move till it reached the limit allowed by the neck. "Oopsh, no more look thish way." was the conclusion Zark began looking in the other direction.  "This ish hard work.  Oh, mean beardy one.  He be too scratchy.  Why they holden him and he yellin?"  The Chief Engineer's seemed to be able to lock with the insensate Andorian as he struggled mightily to get out of grip the two warriors had him in while they laughed uproariously at the apparent endless hilarity this group of Starfleeters was providing.  "Zark! Zark!" "Oh! He yellin for Zark.......That be me.  Hiiii!~~" A floppy blue hand waved back somewhere behind the prone Andorian.

The beardy one stopped struggling for a moment and stared dumbfounded at what he was seeing.  Zark was wasted and his attempts to get her attention seemed to be filtered through some alcohol induced haze.  The great warrior had been reduced to a a puddle.  "Zark! Get up! Enyd is trying to kill Nysari."  The blue puddle just smiled back and waved "No! Zark! Look the other way! Look towards Enyd! Enyd is over there!" The blue head turned the other way slowly, and it seemed to be working at processing what it was seeing.  The head turned back and the lips began moving. "What did you say??!" Frank yelled back as he tried to heave his arms free. The blue blob slowly pushed itself up, and by some miracle was sitting on its knees.  Zark held her head for a moment and Frank wondered if she was going to throw up.  Nysari really wasn't looking good, then the thing that was supposed to be Zark seemed to inhale and yelled. "Why Enny holding Nysi like that?"  Frank groaned.  He was speaking to a four year old.  The Klingons laughed even harder at the ridiculous display. "It doesn't matter! You've got to stop her!" "Why? Nysi did bad stuff to Enny, so Enny choking her. Besides, don't wanna hurt Enyd."  At that point, Zark began to pout petulantly and she really did look like an adult child as she planted her hands between her legs and shook her head. What the hell did she drink?  There's no way it was the same shot.

Frank was getting desperate.  Whatever Nysari had drunk to stave off Enyd's murderous grip seemed to have worn off and the Andorian diplomat was starting to turn an alarming shade of purple and grey. "Zark! If Enyd kills Nysari, you'll never see her again!" Zark stared at Frank. "Why?" came the confused response and Frank suppressed another groan as it seemed like the Andorian's faculties had left her completely.   "Because the Captain will throw her in the brig, prison, and you'll never see her again!  It was a ridiculous argument, but he hoped she was so wasted, it would cut through the haze of whatever was affecting her ability to think. The blue head shook and looked really sad. What in the hells? Is she crying? Frank's flabbergasted mind flubbed as he tried to comprehend what he was looking at. True to form, tears were streaming down the Andorian's face as she continued to shake her head. "Don't want that! How to stop Enny from hurting Nysi? I know!"  Zark suddenly declared as she perked up.

The Andorian seemed to sway as she stumbled to a stand and wobbled as she looked around for something.  Finding it, she took a meandering course towards the item and picked it up off the ground.  "God damnit Zark!  Put the damn chair down!  We..."  Zark obeyed and dropped the chair.  Turning back, she looked at Enyd and the quite pitiful near motionless Nysari, then shrugged and wobbled her way over.  She managed to snag a steaming mug from an on looker who laughed at the honour bestowed upon him.  His vessel would be the catalyst.  Frank continued to struggle, but the warriors held on even harder as they watched with bright eyed glee at the opera taking place in front of them.  Next to the fighting that had just ended, this was the best entertainment the city had produced in a while.  As Frank watched the Andorian stumble over, a part of him wondered if she was starting to straighten out as her antennae seemed to have slowed their random twirling and seemed to start to settle into pointing at the two shipmates on the ground.  This false sense of hope instead fuelled a sense of dread, especially since he knew the two chaos sisters involved. 

His fears were not unfounded as Zark was Zark; even with sloshing liquid dripping from the cup; the Amazon Andorian walked up to Enyd and very drunkenly casually kneed the brunette in the side of the head. The angry diplomat was stunned and sent sprawling.  "Let me help the other one!" Frank yelled, and this seemed fine to the two warriors as their attention shifted and let go of the Engineer.  Whatever was impaired on the Security Officer, her combat sense didn't seem to be one of them, as she followed and kicked the CDO in the chest as she tried to get up.  A roar went up through the tavern at the reversal though Frank could have sworn he heard a mournful wail come from Zark at the same time.  The kick did the trick though as Enyd appeared to be winded, to which Zark unceremoniously dropped her butt on her friends body.  An indignant and enraged yell was cut off as the metal cup was tipped over, steaming chech'tluth ran like a drunken waterfall mostly into Enyd's mouth.

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[Ens. Talia "Shadow" Al-Ibrahim | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka | Qo’noS] Attn: @Eirual @Juzzie @Ellen Fitz @rae @RyeTanker
Ugh, somethings...wrong. She couldn’t be sure if she was speaking aloud or just thinking; it was too loud, but dark and red, everything was red – dim and flickering like fire. Fire, her muddled brain screamed through the cacophony. Talia’s face scrunched up in a grimace where she lay, half collapsed on the table, teetering on the edge of her seat, straining against gravity. Everything felt slow...dislocated...and through flickering eyelids that just wouldn’t stay open, bodies blurred as they moved around her in a world swimming in and out of focus.

Everyone was yelling. Too loud. Too much going on. Did I win? I won – right? Behind all the ruckus, the pounding rhythm of her heart sent ripples of distortion out in all directions – the room rolled in time with it – like she was stuck in an endless barrel roll. How she managed not to puke at that point was incomprehensible. Talia screwed her eyes shut tight, trying to focus on the voices she recognized: Gramps, yelling, always yelling. Something about Zark. Kali? Is she okay? The fucks goin on?

Dark eyes cracked open, and Talia blinked, dumbfounded at what she was seeing. Moody? Duchess? The blurry, unreal vision wouldn’t fully resolve; her brain just wasn’t working properly. It couldn’t be, because it looked like the diplomats were trying to kill each other. Brows rose as she licked her lips, the taste of blood and stink of her own drool filled her nostrils over the overpoweringly strong scent of sweaty Klingons and smoke. Her body felt like it was made of lead, unwilling or unable to respond as the pilot struggled to pick herself up off the table. “Shomebodies gotta...get them to...shtop,” the pilot mumbled as her eyes fell closed, and everything just...drifted away.

Darkness, then merciful silence – a feeling of weightlessness – until a sharp sting to her neck brought everything back in a rush of noise and adrenaline. Talia bolted awake, bloodshot eyes snapped open to look up at a particularly ugly, scarred Klingon face hidden under a hood. She had somehow sat upright, and glanced around in complete confusion as a device slipped into her cleavage. The hooded Klingon bent close to her ear, meaty hands on her shoulders tensed, holding her in place. From under his seemingly plain robes, a series of jagged, shiny insignias glinted in the firelight which meant nothing to the panicked Wolf. Whoever he was, he looked equally annoyed and amused at the same time.

“Be warned, Starfleet. Mind yourself better – next time we save you, you will regret it. Get your companions and yourself in order. The KDF has better things to do with its time,” he snarled in guttural Federation standard, spittle flying between shards of mismatched fangs.

“Uhhh...huh,” Talia’s face screwed up in a look of utter confusion, but the Klingon ignored her completely to vanish into the crowd. Her head felt like someone had stomped on it, but her vision had cleared and stopped spinning, at least. The female that had challenged her was gone, lost in the crowd of cheering Klingons around the table. Dark smudges of fires surrounded her like little campfires that had been doused in a hurry, still smoking. Shadow coughed, running her hands over her face before her eyes found the prone form of Nysari, then blinked at Zark, who was kicking the shit out of Madsen. Whu th’hell? Talia tried to stand, but her numb legs gave out and she basically rolled out of the chair – the back of her sea-weed-netting top snagged on the corner, giving out with an audible snap – to land on her hands and knees with a grunt.  One shoulder of her top fell loose as whatever the hell that Klingon had injected her with coursed through her system, mitigating the worst of the intoxicating effects of the ritual shots by throwing her body straight into the worst drunken hangover of her life. “Ah fuck – not good,” Shadow mumbled, a second before her stomach finally caught up with the rest of her, churning in a heave powerful enough to take her by complete surprise.

She managed to turn her head, aiming for under the table and away from the prone Andorian, as her body purged itself in a tide of red-tinted vomit. It left her in a high pressure stream, smacking into the floor with a wet splash as her body locked rigid. An eternity later, Talia found herself gasping for air into burning lungs, spitting to clear her mouth and blinking tears from her eyes. Cheers had turned to roars. Shadow wiped her mouth on the back of her hand as she turned to Duchess, wincing at the taste in her mouth as tremors shook her body. Every time she moved it felt like someone was tilting the room, just to fuck with her. Gotta get to Duchess.

“Wha th’hell hap-happened,” Talia slurred as she slowly crawled closer. “C’mon blue lady, can’t...can’t sleep here,” she mumbled to Duchess, then shot Zark a look of confused irritation, and shook her head at Madsen with a gurgled belch. “C’mon we gotta...we-we-we gotta... get it together, or the f-fun police’ll show up,” the pilot mumbled to Nysari almost incoherently, then started shouting out everyone’s nicknames randomly at the top of her lungs for reasons she barely understood. “Wait, listen...f-fuckin’...guys, c’mon!” Shadow gestured one hand around in the air, a wobbled loop that took in the whole place, unsure and not really caring if anyone was paying attention. Zark was wobbly on top of Madsen, who sounded like she was gurgling something. Hirek looked like he was trying not to laugh, standing next to the other man who looked utterly aghast at the insanity taking place. Nysari seemed barely conscious, as Gramps made is way to both of them. Talia panted, almost panicking as her eyes jumped from face to face. “We gotta,” another burp, as she tried to say ‘get’, “it together,” she hissed at all of them, then blinked lazily, looking for Skittish. The pilot spit to the side with a grimace and adjusted the extremely loose top with a shrug of one shoulder. The device, which appeared to be some form of Klingon hypo, fell from between her breasts to clatter to the floor unnoticed.

Droopy, bloodshot eyes glanced at everyone again, as Talia tried to count out loud. She couldn’t see Mia. “W-wait, wait – where blondie go,” she mumbled to Frank as gravity won out and toppled over onto her butt. “Ah, sh-shhhh-shit,” Shadow winced again, holding her head with one hand. “Tell ‘em t’stop... yellin,” she mumbled, shaking her head in a vain attempt to stop the pounding, then looked over Nysari at Frank, who didn’t seem pleased. “M-mistakes were m-made,” Talia hiccuped, groaning as she scooted closer to try and help for what it was worth. Her knee hit something, and she frowned at the hypospray – wondering where the hell it came from – lifting it with one hand to examine it like some lost wonder of the world. “Here. I helping,” she slurred through a drunken smile, holding it out to the engineer. They liked to figure things out, she reasoned. Her drunken gaze swung to blink at Zark astride Moody. “Imma go...h-help,” Talia mumbled, then started to crawl her way over to them, but her hand slipped on a discarded shot glass. The pilot’s face crashed into the floor with a meaty thunk, leaving her on her knees, ass up high in the air, groaning in pain.

[In the alley]

The hooded Klingon approached two of his men who stood leaning against the wall, dressed in similar fashion – inconspicuous, grumbling to themselves over their lot in getting chosen for this shit detail. Warriors weren’t meant to chaperon a group of idiotic off-worlders, even ones as entertaining as this group turned out to be.

Colonel Hauq pulled the hood from his head with a grunt of annoyance, eyes narrowed at his men. He knew it was prudent to keep an eye on the tour, based solely on the reputation of who led it; yet he never could have guessed how disastrous it had become. That...woman, he growled to himself, equally irritated and impressed, but would never let anyone know it. “You have your orders. Watch them – report their activities directly to me,” he growled, then glanced back over his shoulder. “If they have any sense at all, the night should proceed without further incident,” he nodded to them.

“And if they don’t,” one of the warriors sneered.

Hauq lifted his chin before leaning into their faces. “Then deal with them, quietly,” he snarled, “and no killing, or I’ll feed you each other’s guts and leave the rest for targ’s in the wastes. Understand?” The warriors faces twitched in anger, but both nodded. The guard deputy grinned without a shred of humor. “Good,” he turned to spit at the ground, then lifted the hood back up over his head with a curse. “By Kahless’ immortal balls, let this be the worst of it,” he grumbled as he walked away.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina |  D’Takka | Qo'noS] ] Attn: @Rae  @Juzzie  @Dumedion @ RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @Eirual

Via had spent her entire day on the rather dreary yet lively planet of Oo'noS. It reminded her much of home actually. The dark and moody accents in areas, the lack of working infrastructure, and the smell.  Of course, it still had too many significant differences for her to confuse the two but it brought up some memories. She hated her home planet and found a weird sense of comfort in walking the streets and existing in the hustle and bustle. It was familiar and while she was non but grateful for the chance to live in a place that wasn't a pisshole that familiarity improved her mood in a way.

The young pilot had spent all day shopping for clothes and a variety of items that she used to be able to purchase back on her home planet but not anywhere in Federation space. Money wasn't an issue for her due to the massive amount of royalties her mother's gang collected from its various amount of racketeering and other criminal operations. Vina Wix. Via's mother ensured every one of her children had a hefty stipend in an off-planet account so they would not have to work a day. That was the only "good" thing Via's mother did in her life, otherwise, she was nonexistent. Her Family's status on top of her sister allowed her to get by in the Megacity she grew up in. Before she left, Fia, Via's sister, managed to reallocate much of her, Via's, and a few of their dead brother's money, into an account that she and her half-sister only had access to. This meant Via didn't have to worry about much in terms of being able to afford things off of Federation worlds, but knowing her sister Fia did put a cap on the amount her sister could withdraw at any given time so Via couldn't physically break the bank.

Having done all she needed to do and bought what she needed to buy, Via sent all her spoils back to the ship and decided to end the day with a drink. Wearing something that matched the dark pallet of the locals, black leather pants, a crop top leather jacket as well as a corresponding red crop top undershirt, various jewelry, and mascara, the young woman walked the streets of D'Takka until she was drawn to the loud commotion coming from one of the local Cantinas.

"Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina"
it read. Via stood a few meters away from the entrance, adrenaline increasing as the commotion turned into rowdy shouts, cheers, and laughs.

"That's is my fuckin' shit! My ass is gonna get fuckin' shitfaced" she said to herself as she approached the door with a wide smile. She walked by a group of three Klingons, one hooded who all came out at once. Looked like KDF to her and they didn't seem like they enjoyed their time there but Via could absolutely care less. It was time to get turned up!

Right when she entered her eyes widened and her jaw nearly dropped. There were way too many familiar faces all at once, all doing some of the funniest shits she had ever seen. Shadow her fellow Wolf, Zark who was sitting ontop of Enyd and Nysari whom she recognized by her fancy hair. Rhys the Lieutenant from Azrin's birthday party was there along with grumpy grandpa who seemed to be checking Nysari with a rather alert look. Quiet girl, also from Azrin's party was laughing like a Taradosian Hyena on the floor with her boob causally out of her clothes. There was another person whom she didn't recognize or remember. He looked just as grey-haired as frank but with pointy ears and very close to Rhys.

All her friends were there!! And there was actual alcohol too. The young woman's excitement when through the roof as she rushed into the Cantina, grabbed a random mug off of someone's table that was filled with some sort of alcoholic concoction, drowned it down, ran towards the group, climbed on top of one of the tables that were close to them stumbling while doing so, and cheered "Woooooo!! FUCK SHIT UP!!" as she threw her empty mug onto the ground and danced to some internal beat she constructed in her head. "HEY GUYS!!" she yelled down at them. "Whats goooooooooooooooooooD Bitchasses!!!".

Via wasn't drunk. She was just really ready to be.

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[Lt. Cmdr Cross | D’Takka | Qo’Nos ] Attn: @Dumedion  @RyeTanker  @rae  @Eirual  @Juzzie  @ob2lander961

Curious if the rumors surrounding the beauty and mystery of the city merited a visit with Hathev, Cross ambled from cart to cart along the seashore. He’d not been in the city long, but already it seemed to carry a certain amount of mysterious beauty that he felt Hathev might appreciate. Since they’d returned from their island getaway some days before, Cross had been even more motivated to find places for Hathev to experience and explore, giving her more opportunities to work through the new emotions into a new equilibrium. He knew he was an asshat when it came to actual conversations about emotions and such, but planning and logistics, he could do. He could logistic the fuck out of something and…

“They’re taking bets on if the Andorian wins another fight.”

Cross looked up from studying a necklace he could picture cradled between Hathev’s ample breasts. A pair of KDF grunts were heading towards a bar further down the seashore, speaking in Federation standard as they went.

“I didn’t know Starfleet knew how to have a good time. I thought they all had a pain stick shoved up their asses.”

Cross shifted away from the cart and watched the grunts momentarily, his eyes moving past the pair to the bar itself. There was a raucous crowd out front near baying with amusement and chanting someone’s name.

“I give you a special price,” the cart vendor tried to lure his attention back.

Cross sighed. He was in no mood to play ‘dad’ right now. And given the shit they were about to face, whoever was in the middle of that trouble down the road likely needed to get into and out of it to work off the angst. Turning back to the vendor, he paid for the necklace at the “special price” and quickly moved in the opposite direction to the bar. He was more interested in seeing how this looked on Hathev anyway. Both with and without clothes on.

[ Hirek tr’Aimne, ever and always amused ]

No sooner had Hirek given Rhys a cup of the sweet but strong stuff they’d been gifted with earlier than Mia ended up on the floor nearly naked again, followed quickly after by a feral Enyd attacking Nysari, a drunk Zark kicking Enyd off Nysari and pouring yet another drink down her throat, a hooded man intercepting Talia briefly amid that chaos, with Talia marginally less out of it immediately after calling for an end to the craziness, only to have another female human leap atop the table and screech out what sounded to be a war cry before smashing her mug on the ground.

“If ever there was a time for an intervention,” Hirek commented to Rhys, giving the counselor a wink, “now would be it.”

Hirek set aside his drink. Intending to intercept the Andorian’s pathetic and violent attempt to save Enyd from herself, Hirek took two steps toward the pair when a painful blast of cold water hit him directly in the side. The force of the sudden onslaught was enough to toss Hirek back, throwing him into Rhys, and tumbling Hirek onto the quickly flooding ground. Gasping in much-needed air, Hirek shook the water from his face and blinked in shock at its origins. He had seconds to comprehend what was happening before another jet of water shot across the bar, smashing into all still standing after the first wave had powered through the crowd.

[ G’erc, so over everything right about now ]

His wife had told him the water jets installed into the front walls of the bar would be useless, a complete waste of credits, yet another example of how idiotic G’erc could be when it came to spending wisely. G’erc felt little remorse for the lack of warning before he’d pressed the button and sent out the first warning jet, knowing his wife had been in the midst of the crowd, trying and failing to control the chaos. That the warning jet hit the crowd head-on was of little consequence to the disgruntled cantina owner. He could handle a rambunctious crowd, but with these off-worlders in the mix tonight, it seemed things had gotten out of hand far faster than normal. The second jet had only been activated because the first had somehow missed his wife and half of the crowd; of course, he wouldn’t tell her that. And neither would his daughter, since she’d been the one to hit the second button, equally annoyed with the high-handedness of her mother.

“Anyone wanting a fight, get out. Anyone wanting to eat, clean up, sit down, and shut up.” G’erc nodded to his son-in-law and daughter, watching as they set out a group of mops, buckets, and rags for the patrons to use to clean up their areas if they wanted to stay. “Those who clean and stay, get a free drink. Those who continue to make trouble will get another bath.” He leaned against the counter, shifting his hand closer to the hidden panel of buttons controlling the jets to emphasize his threat. “Make up your minds, now.”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | First City | Qo'nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @rae @Dumedion @Eirual @Juzzie @ob2lander961

Enyd had finally calmed down, which was quite expected after being kicked in the head and pretty much drowned in high proof alcohol.  What the combination was doing to her skin and hair was becoming beyond the pale and despite Zark's inebriated state, she recognized that Eny wasn't in good shape and needed something different to get her through the current round of drink.  Being the ever helpful soul, she began looking around and caught a glimpse of hairy face seeing how the Nysi was.  A sensible option was water, the question was though, where did one get enough water?  There was too much going on for Zark to get someone's attention as she cried out like a lost child looking for an adult.  Then she felt a splash and looked around.  Blue skin was starting to show through her blouse and the mind connected that her shirt was wet.  That meant water!  Looking around again, she spotted a ridged head ugly one start yelling and sprayed the crowd.

"Perfect!" the medic cried as her Eureka! moment struck.  Say what you would about Zark getting drunk on anything, some skills were too well ingrained.  Standing up a with a bit of a wobble, Zark clenched the metal cup in her hand and brought her hand back as far as it would go behind her.  "Zark, what in the hell are you doing?" came from behind her.  With a final look, the cocked arm let loose and the metal cup flew through the gap in the crowd and nailed G’erc in the soft spot on his temple.  The big Klingon's eyes rolled into the back of his head and his face smashed into the bar, and incidentally the button to activate the water jets.  High pressure water massacred the row in front of the bar and sent them careening into the rows behind as the tidal wave swept away bodies, furniture, and anything not nailed down.  "Damnit! Father's head wrecked the controls!" G'erc's daughter cried. "Arghhh!!! I told that pathetic no good [Not fit for translation]" came the angry reply from the wife. "It was a terrible idea to install those things!  We'll be lucky to break even tonight!"

Despite having poured a drink all over her friend, the water did it's part it's refreshing the medic to the point where she sat in the water picked Enyd's head out and began splashing it on her as she used her own body as a break water.  Enyd began to show signs of life soon, and Zark began dragging the acting Chief Diplomat out of the rapidly flooding restaurant.  With life desperately returning to Enyd, Zark managed to get her to stand up and supporting her body with her shoulders, wobbily led her friend out into the street, and maybe somewhere she could try to revive her, hopefully without too much vomit.

"Ohh lookie! Heeyy Via!!"  Zark yelled as she wobble carried past the pilot.

[Lieutenant Frank Arnold]

Frank had no idea that someone that drunk could be that accurate.  It defied every convention on drunkenness. Or maybe Zark was just really lucky at the worst of times.  Although he hadn't been directly hit by the water jet, he had been splashed enough to recognize those jets were heavy duty crowd control.  He also recognized the trouble signs.  Zark and Enyd were in close proximity and with the Andorian's faculties impaired and nobody to stop her, the results would be catastrophic. With Nysari still out of it, Frank exercised prudence and gathered the diplomat in his arms and began to beat a hasty exit.   "Talia! Grab Mia and help her out of here!" he yelled into the chaos as the Wolf looked to be in significantly better shape than the scientist.  Negotiating bodies and water, Frank moved quickly to get out of the zone of destruction as quick as his feet would carry him and his rescuee out into the street.

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Luyr’s Cart & G’erc’s Cantina | D’Takka |Qo’noS ]
Attn: @Ell @rae @Dum  @Juzz @Rye

Mia was watching from the floor where she still lay laughing at everyone’s antics. It was all she was able to do as the drink she’d imbibed was quite strong, and Mia was not accustomed to even drinking alcohol at all. Mia tried to sit up but the chair she was in was making her quite clumsy and part of the chair had caught on the shoulder of the dress. Mia rolled finally to get up, still giggling even at the sound of ripping fabric. The seams holding the left shoulder of the dress gave way and the front dropped in front of her. Mia rolled again to land on her ass as the back of the dress also began to fall and revealed the scar she had tried so hard to keep covered.

Mia was too drunk to realize her wardrobe malfunction and sat there as water came from above and rained down over her head. “Ohhh, it’s raining!  We need to get inside, wait aren’t we inside?” She looked around as the water continued to soak her, plastering the thin fabric to her legs. “It’s raining inside, that’s cool!” She giggled again then tried to stand up, toppling over as she accidentally put her hand on the torn part of the dress, and also adding to the tear along the other shoulder, leaving that hanging on by a thread and a prayer. Mia finally got to her feet, wobbling quite noticeably and tugged on the skirt to pull it off her legs.

Unfortunately, that last thread had no prayer and the other shoulder of the dress gave way as well, both front and back dropping to reveal her upper torso in all its abundant glory.

She thought she'd heard Frank saying something about getting out and she nodded to herself, “Outside, yes, I can do that,”  and staggered towards the door, not even realizing she was giving everyone a clear view of her now freely bouncing and wet breasts.

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