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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Griff @Stegro88  @RyeTanker  

The public baths were awash in a sea of desire and sex, a heady mix for anyone, but doubly so for a telepath. Especially one who had just been thoroughly and completely shagged, put on display for the amusement and arousal of others as much as herself and her quite fetching partner in crime. This was not a bad thing, in Faye's mind. Far from it, this felt great. She felt that satisfied ache between her legs that came from a good fuck, her clit practically vibrated and if she closed her eyes she could still feel the Andorian's lips on her taut, dusky nipples, and taste the other woman's kiss on her own lips. A low, pleased hum burbled past her lips, and she swayed gently in the aftermath of it all, feet idly kicking at the bubbling water of the hot tub she'd been lounging in. 

Academically she knew that Zark had been smart to make sure she was out of the water before going to get well, water. The drinking kind, not the bathing (or fucking) kind, she mused, giggling quietly to herself as she took a moment to sort the world out. Events were building rapidly, between Mickayla;s declaration and her own quip about the need for a bigger tub. Cataloging her own emotions and desires, feelings and thoughts, and separating them out from those around her took a modicum of effort more than she felt perhaps that it should. Nevertheless she had mostly mastered herself, but remained content to let the Andorian divvy up the bevy of prospective partners for what was clearly about to become round two. 

Zark's lips interrupted Faye's musings, and so much the better for it. Still swollen from their previous kisses, Faye returned the intimate gesture with equal passion and desire, intending to leave the Andorian wanting more. She hadn't even spoken yet, but Faye was getting impressions from the security medic as to what was about to happen and how things were going to pan out. Trusting in Zark, Faye simply did her best to ensure the blue beauty was more than rearing to go when she turned her attention to the others. 

A small part of her thought it a shame that Mickayla would not be taking advantage of the chance to tryout either of the men that had arrived in the little grouping of eager bathers, but then, she understood better than most the Klingon woman's disposition, and had been given a history lesson on her friends past escapades. Having been thoroughly shagged by Zark just now herself, Faye trusted the Andorian to see to the Klingon's needs. And the humans as well, though Faye did not know the pilot at all. To Faye then would fall the care and attention of the two male participants.  They were a study in contrasts, but each was appealing to Faye in their own way. And not just the fact that she hadn't had a good threesome with two such strapping individuals for herself in some time; nor that she'd never been with a Reman before, and was looking forward to the new experience. Plenty of reason to be excited between the two men, Faye concluded, and there was no disguising the smoldering look of desire that burned in her eyes as she took another breath to situation herself. She had to focus on the task at hand, attending these two before she could get her own in turn from them. 

All the possibilities, she mused to herself, practically purring. It took an effort of pure will not to dissolve into a fit of giggles at Zark's antics as the blue bombshell bounced about and laid the stage for the others, but she managed somehow, instead doing her best to look sultry and inviting. "Have fun ladies," she crooned, giving them a small finger wave, before curling her fingers into a come hither gesture at Lorad and Alistair. "Gentlemen, if you'll just step right up..."

Allowing her voice to trail off, Faye moved to knee on one of the plethora of soft, padded towels that Zark had procured and left for her use. She did not bother to try and dry off - she could only imagine that the slick sheen of bathwater all over her body would only intense the two men, but she did pause long enough to slide her wet hands through her hair to sweep it back behind her ears, and then take a long pull of water from the bottle Zark had gifted her. She had little doubt that she would be working herself up quite a bit and did not want to inadvertently pass out from a mix of heat, exertion and dehydration. That would be the opposite of sexy.

Thus fortified, the Betazoid opened herself up to her soon to be partners for her second round. Clearly neither of the men had been expecting something quite like this to happen, and to Faye, this felt like a challenge. To blow their minds, leave them spent and wanting more later. A sense of cocky pride settled onto her shoulders as she shimmed into place between the two, on her knees, looking up at each of them. Hands reaching out, one to each, resting on thighs, warm and still slightly wet. "Just relax boys. Faye is here to take care of you both. And there is plenty of me to share. If you think of something you want, or need, you just tell me, yes? Anything I do you don't like, you let me know that too. I promise to tell you if something like that happens for me, and I promise I wont get mad at all. I can see the two of you have some serious ....tensions that need some work. And I am happy to attend to that."

Privately pleased that she had managed to get all of that out without running out of air, or sounding like she was struggling to think of her next word, Faye beamed a wide smile at the two, before glancing at their obvious signs of arousal. Two plump, fat cocks bobbing in the air before her. It was too much to resist. Knowing she should take it slow, Faye did the exact opposite. She licked the palms of her hands and then reached up to grasp each swollen cock head in tandem, rolling her palms over them and sliding down the shafts to grip them tight about mid way. "Such big boys. Is this my fault?" She couldn't help to tease them, before rising up. Her tongue darted out, first along Lorad's cock, rolling her tongue around his swollen tip, and then turning her head to take in Alistair's, lips parting and pressing a slow kiss over the gland, till she had the whole of his tip in her mouth, purring. 

This didn't last long, and she pulled off with a pop before pressing each prick into the pelvis of their respective owners, and lapping up from the balls of both, all along the undersides of the cocks, her tongue darting back and forth, spread wide as she teased and tastes, savoring each mans distinct flavor and texture, while her hands kept those dicks pressed into place, cupping a pair of balls in each and pushing them up against the shaft. 

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Griff @Stegro88 

Caught utterly by surprise, Natalie had to stop herself from jumping out of the water. Which would have been a bad, thing, considering that she still had Samala's legs draped around her body, though no longer were those firm legs squeezing her head and holding her in place. Still, had she given in to the urge related to her shock, she might have dragged the poor girl under the water in the process and utterly destroyed the pleasing afterglow that the hybrid was clearly enjoying. 

Taking the time to carefully extract herself, Natalie flushed with embarrassment from 'getting caught' as well as a mix of pride and bubbly pleasure from the praise sent her way by Samala. True, neither woman had much sexual experience in general, and certainly not with other women, so a part of Natalie's mind was convinced that neither should give their accomplishment much weight in the face of greater experience, but at the same time, Natalie had clearly pleased the girl. There was no mistaking the foreign flood of flavor that had assaulted her tongue there at the end, and the Martian, though inexperienced with having lovers, still knew what it felt like to her fingers when a woman (herself) clamped down and came, hard

So yes, that's a victory, she concluded as she attempted to keep herself composed and shift her position so that she was curling in next to young Crew-woman, though she kept herself submerged up to her neck in the bubbling bath water. Blushing furiously all the same, she leaned in and pressed a chase, gentle kiss to the hybrid's stomach, exposed as it was, eyes darting up to Samala. "Thank you for letting me share that with you, and being a first." 

Swallowing now she leaned back further and turned her gaze to the Romulan across the bath from them. She bit her lip, allowing herself to enjoy her new-found appreciation for the female form, before her eyes settled on Lillee's eager, though slightly abashed gaze. "Well I won't pretend I'm terribly embarrassed by the whole situation, but well, I think that was the point of my being here to begin with. I don't mind the questions a Samala clearly doesn't. I've never done something like that before. And after everyone's kind words earlier, and her eagerness, I'm glad that I've tried it. I..." she paused, warring with herself, before answering in honestly, "I think its something I want to explore further and I hadn't ever imagined being interested in another woman. And now here I am looking around this place and wondering how everyone might taste, and if there are differences and what it might be like to be on the receiving end of that kind of attention and well...I'm a mess."

Fiddling with her fingers for a moment, she looked from Samala to Lillee and back again, once more wondering if she had a fixation with pointy eared humanoids, and what that said about her, and if that was even something she had to worry about or if she could just enjoy the fact that, much to her surprise, she found herself aroused and attracted to the women flanking her on either sides of the bath and maybe, just maybe, she should quit worrying so much. And breathe. Yes, breathing was important. She took a deep breath, putting action to thought, though that did cause her bust to rise up above the water for a moment, her nipples clearly hard as diamonds, before sinking back under the waterline. "Er...what was I saying again?"

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Brutus @RyeTanker @Stegro88


Alistair was in a daze as Zark led him aside his eyes unable to stop feasting on her naked form. She was wondrously curvy, her breasts full and her legs so nicely toned, that the hapless Alistair was stunned into silence. His eyes fell upon her buttocks, so tight but ample, and he wondered idly what it might be like to feel them, to kiss them, to bend Zark over and drive into her, to feel her beautiful blue butt bounce against his pelvis...

With his erect manhood twitching in anticipation, Alistair stood with Lorad as Zark, evidently quite perceptive and courteous as well as gorgeous, organised the party to accommodate everyone's desires. His eyes fell upon Mickayla and Donna next, and raw lust stirred in Alistair's body, a familiar ravenous hunger that was entirely at odds with his normal self. It was as if permission had been granted, the lock was off the gate, and what lay buried within demanded to be sated.

"Oh, er, hello there," Alistair babbled to Faye as she approached, her own wonderfully nubile form on display, only enhanced by the dampness of her skin. His disappointment at Zark's departure was mollified by her promise to return; in the meantime, Faye was there, was more than there, was so breathtakingly there. He stared as Faye knelt before them, her intent obvious, his breathing accelerated. Faye's teasing, her seductive tone, her electrifying touch on his thigh, could have easily made Alistair climax right then and there if he'd been a younger man.

Then Faye started. He gasped at the touch of her tongue on his hard shaft, astonished by the sensation. Though he'd experienced oral sex many times in the past, Alistair knew instantly that none of his past partners could compare with Faye's expertise. That, he pondered idly as Faye licked so masterfully, made sense; none of them would have eagerly had sex in a public bath. That only served as a reminder that Alistair was now having sex in a public bath, and his cheeks reddened, even as he felt a renewed tingling thrill at the thought of being watched.

"Oh...oh that''re really very...extremely...yes..." Alistair murmured as Faye continued, sending sharp jolts of pleasure through his body from his groin. Finally, on instinct after Faye released them, he knelt down, grasped her chin and kissed her hungrily, even as his other hand explored Faye's small breasts, tweaking her alert nipples.

After pulling out of the kiss, Alistair considered, looking between Lorad and Faye. "Uh...under the circumstances, instead of going one at a time," he said, his voice tense with a mix of excitement and disbelief, "we could...both...take you. We could...uh...hold you between the tub, into you. From both sides."

Blushing madly, he grinned goofily as he looked up at Lorad. "What do you think, Lorad? Or," he added thoughtfully as his hand slipped down Faye's body to gently stroke her damp folds, "before that, I can pleasure you as you continue helping my friend here..."

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Stegro88


Lillee's grin was laced with mischief as she watched Natalie founder, although the Romulan's eyes drifted down to the human's full breasts as they momentarily rose out of the water. She was fascinated with large breasts, comparativey rare as they were for Romulans, and Natalie's were the most impressive breasts that she had yet seen; big, but still beautifully shaped, with such wonderfully pert nipples.

"I believe that you were coming to terms with your sexual liberation," Lillee said with a kind smile. "I remember how embarrassed you were just to drop that towel, and now look at you! Beautiful and bold, enjoying yourself with no worries. Speaking true, I am proud of you, Natalie." Her eyes shifted to Samala, running up and down the young woman's wet body in open appreciation. "And I am proud of you too. It takes great courage to do this, yes? Watching you find ecstasy at Natalie's touch...wonderful."

Indeed, one of Lillee's hands rose to a breast and began fondling it. "So, Natalie...what do you wish to experience next? You have complete freedom to go where you like, to be with whomever you like, to do whatever you like. What happens now?" Her eyes still alight with mischief, Lillee was determined to have Natalie take an active part, to make the decision. She glanced at Samala. "Do you have any ideas, Samala?"

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]  attn: @Griff @Brutus @Stegro88

Rhys had slipped his naked body into one of the nearby pools, and for the moment simply watched what was happening. It seemed like Lillee was working her magic on Natalie Stark now. Attempting to get her to explore or perhaps discover a wild side.

Rhys was sure that he had once been at the Academy with Natalie, though that was a few years ago now and things changed.

She was not the only one getting into the spirit of things, Rhys seemed to be engaged in pleasuring Faye now. Rhys smiled softly it was nice to see a man so troubled enjoying himself. Plus, well Rhys found him quite easy on the eyes. He found himself unashamedly staring at him. Indeed, he had been casting an eye over everyone in the bath house.

He was hard but now his waist was below that water that was hard to see. He watched with both an arousal and curiosity about all that was going on around him. He knew the crew was a sex crazed bunch, he supposed it helped that there were so few placed they could just stop off somewhere to get decent leave.

Rhys found his hand idlily slipping between his legs and gently stroking himself. His other hand propped up his chin as he watched. He bit his lip and wondered what could happen next with this bizarre and wild group.

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[CPO Avander Lok | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

Lok was actually quite surprised to hear there was a public bath on the ship. Certainly on other ships he served on there were swimming pools or somebody would mock something up in the holodeck, but a REAL bath like something he would find back home, that was something he had to see. Coming off of his shift he took the turbolift up the handful of decks to Deck 12 then down the corridor a few sections to the locker room entrance by the gym. After entering the sleek modern facility, Lok found a locker he could use, stripped his soiled coveralls off along with his t-shirt and boxers, and tossed them in a pile at the bottom of the locker.

After grabbing a towel, the now naked Kzinti casually made his way to the sonic showers. When it came to nudity, Lok was rather ambivalent about it, he had no shame over his nude form, but neither did he get some sort of thrill at breaking a taboo or feel the need to show off. Not that he didn’t have anything he could show off if he really wanted to, his muscles were quite large and well defined even through his fur which itself was shiny, sleek, and soft; his muscular buttocks; and of course there was also his hefty package. If anything, Lok was just happy to be able to be naked in a socially acceptable setting once again, a downside to Starfleet that he had to wear uniforms that left him feeling restricted and uncomfortable.

When it was his turn, he stepped into the sonic shower, it closed and activated automatically, quickly ridding the large Kzin of the dirt and grease from a hard day’s work. It was not uncommon for Lok to have some sort of large splotch of grease on his face at the end of the day that could leave him looking like he had a couple extra stripes. Once the shower was done, he stepped out into the main bath area. Hm this is nice, he thought to himself as he looked about the white marble columns and other intricate detailing of the room, at least from what he could see through the steam. It was honestly still a bit of a surprise to him that this was not a hologram, he even partially extended his toe claws to click on the blue stone floors to feel just how real it was. Man I should have asked for a transfer to this ship to begin with.

He looked around to get his bearings, noting there were a few other amenities provided including a cold water pool, lounge chairs, and even a bar. [color=goldenrod]I wonder if they have anything good[/color], he thought, the idea of relaxing in the pool with a big Romulan Ale having passed briefly through his mind. His tail swayed playfully from side to side as he padded his way along the main bath, Lok kept an eye out for a spot that looked comfortable. He found one in the form of a series of jets that would do wonders on my back. After setting his towel aside, he slowly got into the pleasantly hot water. He took great care not to make a big splash, owing to his size he could easily do so and he didn’t want to disturb the other people about the pool. He grunted a little as the hot water reached testicle height, but once he got used to it he slowly slid the rest of the way down until he was fully immersed up to his chest. A sigh emanated from him, his ears folded back, his body started to relax. Time to test out those jets.
CPO Avandar Lok | Head of Fighter Propulsion & Asst. COD - "The world I have known is lost in shadow..."

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[Ens. Joseph Adams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Griff @Brutus @Stegro88

Joe had spent most of his year aboard Theurgy in either his quarters, a transporter room, or  Sickbay, in Cryosleep, and was eager to finally get around to exploring the rest of the ship. He'd been curious about the Public Baths since his arrival on Theurgy about a year ago. The idea conjured visions of Ancient Roman Bathhouses, large cavernous spaces of brick and quartz with massive pools of water. He doubted it would be anything as grandiose as that, considering the limited space of a Starship, even one as big as Theurgy. Still, the space he was greeted with was nonetheless surprising.

After navigating his way through the changing rooms, pausing only to change from his casual clothing into more appropriate swimwear, and with a towel over his shoulder, he sauntered from the changing room doors toward the pool itself. Dressed in standard black swimming shorts with the Starfleet insignia emblazoned high on the left leg.

Pausing about a foot from the diving boards, he glanced to his left, toward the benches, then toward the lounge chairs to the right which had been arranged in such a way to allow the sitter to observe the large windows. Measuring his options, he decided to claim one of the lounge chairs with his towel, deciding to walk behind the few crew who had reclined there as to not interrupt their view of space.

Coming to a stop, he settled on an empty chair. Sighing contentedly and tossing his towel on the chair, he sat down and started lounging back, much like the others who had chosen a lounge chair. Taking a moment to make himself comfortable, his ears pricked at the sound of a replicator in use at the far wall. He briefly swivelled his head around, resting an arm on the headrest, his brown eyes settling on the culprit. There were replicators in here too? All they needed was sand and for Theurgy to park near a decent star, and it was practically Risa.

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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @anyone

One of the many issues with space travel was humidity. While as most humanoids did not notice how much dryer it was in space until they found themselves rushing for the lotion, for a Teslyliac duplicate like Artimis Saugn it was especially noticeable in that she was needing to consume more mineral water than normal in an attempt to combat it. It was thus a pleasant surprise when she heard about there being a steam room aboard the ship where the heat was high and the moisture even higher.

She made her way to the public bath area after an especially egregious shift of combing through old data files looking for any hint of her mission objective. So far she had little luck, but she was bound and determined to find what she was looking for. But for now she was more than happy to indulge herself in some relaxation. She closed her eyes and the memory of the steam room back at the Academy washed over her. She could feel the heat and smell the old wooden benches. When she opened her eyes she almost had to reorient her mind. It was a strong memory, but she also knew it likely was not a real memory.

Inside the changing area she carefully removed her uniform before folding it up and gingerly placing it in a locker when activated with a thumb lock. Now quite nude she made her way to the shower. It had a number of settings a Artimis was pleased to find one for a warm water shower. She tapped it and was immediately caught up in a downpour of pleasantly warm water. With a soft sponge in hand she took the time to clean the debris of the day off her silky smooth skin. Like all of her species she had nearly flawless skin, not a freckle or wrinkle in sight.

When she was cleaned up she deactivated he shower and grabbed a towel. She quickly tossed her petal-like filament hair to dry it and then wrapped the towel around her small, but well curved body.

A moment later she was in the main baths area. She looked around and smiled before making her way toward the steam room.

The steam room was far from crowded so she was able to claim a bench to herself and taking her towel off she draped it over the bench. The steam felt wonderful all over her naked body and she sighed contentedly. Then at last she gingerly stretched out on her side on the towel covered bench, she used an arm as a pillow and relaxed, feeling her body almost seem to melt.

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

Even though Bajoran woman only traditionally gestated for 5 months, the combination of Bajoran, Human, and Ash'reem DNA meant that Sel was now on her 6th month of pregnancy and still a full month from being ready to give birth. Yet she was showing now, oh how she was showing. She'd been forced to give up her regular duty uniform and wear a maternity one for the last several months and was none too pleased at how it made her body look. She had been begging for some time off to relax and when she finally got some she sent a message to her man, she was all but certain he'd be able to make some freetime, and made her was to the public baths.

When she arrived she pulled off her uniform and wadded it up in a ball before shoving it into a locker with her shoes. A moment later she was in the sonic shower and getting herself cleaned up. She let out a sigh as the sonic pulses worked her body and leaned against the wall as she let a free hand explore her body. Her stomach had grown a great deal, not to mention an increase in the size of her breasts. She hated them both thanks to the strain they put on her back. And that didn't even to into the way people were looking at her.

She sighed as her fingers found her breasts and moved over her nipple. To make matters worse her hormones had her emotions all over the place. She was either needy, wanted nothing to do with anyone, or a mix of both. And her body yearned to be touched, but also she was loath to let anyone touch her. She paused when she realized she was teasing herself and shook her head.

She grunted and pushed herself off the wall and grabbed a towel to cover herself. It took an exceptionally large towel to wrap totally around her stomach and she made her way out into the baths proper once she had secured it.

Taking awkward steps she moved over to the hot tubs and abandoning her towel she eased herself into the warm water. She then did her best to relax as she kept an eye on the door.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Temporal Observatory Lab | Deck 9| Vector 02 ] Attn: @AbsintheDeux 

Not for the first time, and not for the last, Sarresh Morali felt like he was living in a dream. Memories and feelings, impulses and desires seemed to be in flux, conflicted. Was this the real life? Or was this just fantasy. He was humming a tune from Earths past as he pondered the moment, sitting in his lab, watching the time stream branch and come back together, caught in the center of a maelstrom of change. Was he still Ash'reem? Or fully human? Something in between? Had he lost his partner to the Borg? Had the Borg never arrived in the Azure Nebula? Savi? Something about Savi? Bone crushing, heart breaking loss. Terror of new life and the promise it brought, fragile and needing to be protected, unexpected joy terrifying him almost more than the sorrow and threats he had expected. Was he racing towards Romulan space? Was he idling away in relative safety? Had they lost? Had they won? 

Whatever the case was, all thoughts of it were chased away when a notice splashed across one of the side stations of a message to his personal inbox. He had set up an alert for various messages of importance and pulled back to the here - this here, this now- and now his face curled into a grin. Ryuan Sel was perhaps the best thing that had happened to him since he returned to the 24th Century. Now the threshold for 'good' was pretty low, considering all the tragedy so far, but then, she cleared that bar by a lightyear. Totally unexpected but nevertheless welcome.

Of course, even this was not without its own hardships. An attraction that was unlooked for in the wake of violence and mutiny, stalled and started multiple times before solidifying around a core affection and surprisingly deep trust. Which promptly led to an unplanned bond. A giant 'oops', not that he would dare call it giant around the Bajoran in question.  But actions have consequences - Sarresh knew this all too well and now the very pregnant security officer was looking for some downtime in one of his favorite places aboard the ship. 

Checking his own schedule, and confirming that he had no meetings on the books, Sarresh stood up and tugged his jacket back into place. A glance to the time line told him that with relative certainty all of time and space were not going to fold back in on itself until at least tomorrow. A few extra alarms set up - just in case - and Sarresh wound the lab down and jogged merrily to the best part of his posting over on Deck 12. 

[The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01]

With practiced ease, Sarresh entered the locker room to the baths and went to the locker he usually took whenever it was available. Pleased to see it was not in use, he scanned his thumb to reserve it and then proceeded to strip down bare, like most people that came through these doors. Memories of previous visits, on his own, with Sel, and with others who he half remembered and could not be sure they had been real, even remembering running into himself within the confines of the baths, flickered about before he settled again on the here and the now. Sonic vibrations grounded him. 

Slinging a towel loosely around his waist out of habit more than any real need to cover up, he padded through the doors and into the decedent humidity of the public baths. Steam swirled about his ankles and the air felt heavy and sweet. Breathing in slowly, he let out a contented sigh, glancing over at the cooler pools, seeing a few familiar, and more unfamiliar faces. He thought he caught sight of the ships Operations Officer - First Officer? Assistant Chief? - indulging with...he couldn't be sure and decided it wasn't his business. He had his own appointment to keep, and knew that given her state (and of course the message she left) - that she would have secluded herself into one of the smaller, more private tubs. Private in the sense that fewer people could fit inside of the tub, if not private in the sense that no one could see what happened.

Stopping to get a few bottles of cold water, Sarresh strode to the hot tub section, eyes looking about. It did not take him terribly long to see the Bajoran, already sinking down as far as she could under the bubbling warmth of the tub. He smiled - unable to help himself - and waved amicably. A few people stared, but he couldn't bother to bring himself to care. The normally dour and snappish man seemed oddly at ease. Happy even as he bent down and placed one of the bottles within arms reach of the woman carrying his offspring. 

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." He checked, as he ditched his towel and walked down into the tub, still standing with the water bubbling just at his hips.

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

When she saw him wave, she could not help but blush, he was such a dork and that stupid giddy smile he gave her when he saw her made her heart flutter, it also made her nose itch, but she was doing her best to ignore that. Sarresh made her feel good, on the inside, and that was all that mattered to her. Sure their coupling had been pretty unexpected, but Sel had never once regretted it, even if it had led to her current predicament.

"I've been waiting long enough," Sel replied as she moved over to allow for a space for him to squeeze in closer to her. Something about when he was close made her feel safe, and usually nothing had made her feel safe. She was used to the struggle, used to the feeling of anxiety and stress. Heck, it had never really even bothered her that she's seen so much death and despair, she was just used to it. But somehow Sarresh made the difference, somehow he had made her feel something good again. And it pained her because only now, when she had something to lose, did she realize how finite it all was. She had to hold onto it while she had it or she knew she'd lose it, just like she'd lost so much before. "You know it's not a good idea to keep a Bajoran woman waiting, especially a hormonal Bajoran woman." She smiled at him threateningly.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Temporal Observatory Lab | Deck 9| Vector 02 ] Attn: @AbsintheDeux 

Hesitating only briefly as he took in Sel's words - as well as the sight of her up to her neck in water, such that her partially shaved head was all that remained above the surface - Sarresh grinned, sinking lower as he crossed the rest of the tub to the mother of his child. She had squirmed over to make room for him, so he knew that - tone aside - he was more than welcome to be there with her at that moment. Sarresh had learned - well, was still learning, if he were being honest - to navigate the choppy waters of Ryuan Sel's moods over the course of the last months, as the waves of emotional jumble had picked up as the pregnancy progressed. He had half expected to be murdered in his sleep at some point when her condition had continued past the normal duration for Bajoran's but he still lived, so he must be doing something right.

A shiver ran down his spine at the smile that Sel favored him with. How something could be both threatening and inviting all at once still mystified the former Ash'reem, but there was no denying that the Bajoran security officer had a way of curling her lips that just did something for him. Even when it might be a sign of danger. Perhaps especially then, he had to allow. Still, the warmth of the water embraced him as he nestled down between the wall of the tub and the woman beside him, his leg rubbing against her, hip touching hip. Ignoring the implied threat, he looped his right arm over her shoulders and eased her in against him - should she allow the action.

"I did have to take a few minutes to ensure the timesteam wasn't going to collapse if I wasn't directly observing it, you know. Imagine how heartbroken I'd be if you were wiped out of existence because I rushed?" He did not calculate the odds of such a thing - though he could - as it would depress him. As stood he knew exactly how long it took him to wrap up work, get to the locker room, strip, and join her (9 minutes and 12 seconds, quite swift given the dimensions of the Theurgy). Pointing that out however would be futile at best and dangerous to his health at worse, so he offered the Bajoran a smile of his own. "How can I make it up to you?"

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

It would never take much of his touch to make Sel crave him on the best of days, but as he put arm around her and pulled her close, she collapsed into him like a wave against a rock. Some part of her seemed to relax as if a great burden of needing to be something or to hold herself to some ideal no longer mattered.

When she was in his arms, Sel felt like she could let go of it all and simply be. She let out a breath she had been holding for far to long and leaned against him heavily.

"Nah, you'd move on in a week," Sel said teasingly, reaching up to push a knuckle playfully into his chin. She looked up at him and smiled contentedly, and then made a face. "Poor me, I'd be stuck in non-existence and forced to watch you live up the high life." To emphasize her point her body went suddenly rigid and she let out a massive sneeze.

This was followed by a second sneeze, not a normal cute sneeze, no this was a full body spasm inducing whopper that left her poor nose red. And then came a third and forth sneeze. She was letting out a stream of curse words in her native Bajoran language between the fifth and sixth sneezes.

She only made it to six sneezes that time.

"Son-of-a-bitch," she complained sounding suddenly stuffed up, her poor nostrils irritated to shit, as she leaned back against Sarresh and pouted. Anyone else and she would have put on a brave face, if it had been anyone else she would have laughed it off and pretended to have been fine. She had already laughed off a sneezing fit while she'd been on duty. It was something that anyone else would see as cute and not the annoying and often painful curse it was. Sel knew he would understand. She sighed and pressed her face into his chest. "This fucking sucks..."

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[ F'Rell of the Twelfth House | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @anyone

Oftentimes the basic processes of life for the humanoid crew members struck F'Rell as quite odd.

For instance the necessity of getting clean all the time, she understood that certain airborne and touch based fungi, pathogens, and bacteria were far more deadly to the humanoids than to her, but the ritual of taking a shower to get clean before entering the baths was an especially troublesome one to her. For one basic reason it was that if she wished to enter the baths she first needed to either take a liquid water based shower, which would cause any number of issues with the delicate balance of oils that made up the layers of her skin, or there was the option of a sonic shower, which though less harmful was still a lengthy and painful process for a creature whose body barely fit into most sonic shower booths.

It was thus that in order to obey the rules of the public bath she was forced to squeeze her long snake-like body into the stall by coiling herself into a tight knot. An appendage found the control panel and activated it and a moment later her frail body was bombarded with sound only a creature such as her would have been able to hear it.

It took almost a single full agonizing minute before the wash cycle was done and the door slid open to release her. She all but fell out, drifting toward the ceiling of the dressing room as her body went limp and loosened from the knot. She rolled in the air a few times and then shook herself to bring her stringing flesh back to life. She had not endured such a painful process to simply abandon her goal, no she would attend these public baths and see if what she had heard was true.

She needed no towel to cover herself and instead only brought along a customized and recently water-proofed tricorder.

Upon entering the baths she was pleased to note that due to the increased moisture in the air, she was far more buoyant than normal and it would take several more minutes before she would be able to linger close to ground level.

So instead she took the opportunity to stretch out. The main area of the baths was quite expansive and had a high ceiling so she was able to move upward and stretch her body out as she had not been able to in some time. Her lengthy form snaked through the air, stretching easily and twisting this way and that. Her mood displayed joyously as a rainbow of colored lights danced across her features. She moved up higher and danced circles around the lights, her own glow filling the steam around her making something of an incredible light show.

And as her body got used to the environment she began to loose height and she allowed her body to sink downward until it was only a few feet higher than most of the heads of the crew.

She looked around with her huge silvery eyes and moved toward the windows and she snaked her body over to peer out into the inky void.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Temporal Observatory Lab | Deck 9| Vector 02 ] Attn: @AbsintheDeux 

For one brief moment of time a ghost of a horrified expression danced behind Sarreshs eyes as images of a world without Sel played at hyper fast speed like an old movie on fast-forward. There and gone between one blink and the next, the former Ash'reem pulled the Bajoran woman a little tighter against him. "Trust me, it would take more than a week," he told her, then smiled, and chuckled even, laughing off the feeling that someone had walked over his grave. It was hard to think of horrible timelines that might have happened and might or might not be real when he could feel Sel there, now, against him. Very real and full of life.

Of course there were side effects of being quite so full of life, as it were. Not just the normal ones that accompanied a majority of pregnancies in various humanoids across the galaxy. Each species had their own quirks and one of the worse for Bajoran pregnancies was sneezing. Never just one, hardly small, and often, violent. It was...adorable, and also painful, to watch, and empathy welled up in Sarresh (a relatively foreign emotion for the man, though apparently he volunteered to come to the past so there was an argument to be made...) and once she settled back and was no longer rocking about with each sneeze, he moved his hand up and down her shoulder and arm.

It doesn't help my case that her pout is just too damn cute. It was not an expression that often graced the security officers face and Sarresh treasured it all the more for its rarity. She buried herself in his chest though, twisting a bit to manage it and his hand moved to her back, rubbing between her shoulders, in and out of the water. "I know. I would offer to kiss your nose and make it better but my ears are still ringing from the last time I tried that."

A chuckle rumbled up in his chest as he spoke, and he leaned over to press a kiss to the top of her head instead. He had taken to carrying extra tissues and a hypo of nasal decongestant (mild), but he had left those in his locker with the rest of his clothes, lacking anything to carry them in when he had entered the baths.

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[ Cpt. Marcus Maye | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @joshs1000

At the door to the Public Baths appeared and stranger. He, of course, was not meant to be there. He was just passing through and had heard a rumor that the baths were pleasant enough to spare a visit. He was a man out of time and his uniform showed it better than most, being a couple hundred years out of fashion. He made no attempt to hide it as he walked into the locker room, though as most would, he quickly discarded his uniform and placed it in a locker. It only took a moment to figure out the thumb lock, being he had never seen one like it.

He'd been offered an interesting opportunity to see a different time and a different place and he'd agreed to it, though he knew his time was limited. This meant taking in the sights, getting into a bit of trouble with any luck, a disappearing with only questions left in his wake. He knew better than to try and steal any technology and military secrets, even if he did there was no guarantee the place he was from was even in the same timestream as the place he was. The idea of alternative timelines was no stranger to him nor any of his rank.

Next came the shower. Touchpad controls made it easy enough to figure out and luckily it had an option for a regular shower and not whatever a sonic shower was.

He showered quickly and found a pair of standard-issue swimwear in a drawer. Once put on they were smaller than he would have preferred, barely covering his well-muscled thighs, but they would do well enough. He wasn't as familiar with the ship or its crew and hoped not to stand out by keeping his member flapping in the wind.

With a towel tied around his waist, he made his way to the main area of the baths and took it in.

His sharp eyes moved around the room as he looked for someone to strike up a conversation. After all, what point was there in visiting such a time and place if he wasn't going to make some acquaintances?

He spotted an interesting figure in one of the baths, appearing quite alone, and he made his way over to the cat-like man. He hoped the language hadn't changed a lot as he smiled friendly.

"Now, you wouldn't happen to be of the Kzin, would you?" Marcus Maye asked, unsure if the Kzinti went by the same name as they did in his time.

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

Seeing the sadness on his face broke her heart, she wondered where his mind went, into what dark corner he saw visions. She felt his body tense, if even slightly, and her body tensed with it, her instincts trusting his enough to prepare herself for whatever made him tense.

But it only lasted a moment and with a smile, he seemed to chase the feeling away. She smiled when he smiled and relaxed a little more. She wondered about him sometimes, the things he didn't tell her about, those classified things, or even the pain she often saw him hide. True she was all but certain he loved her, but she knew there were things he didn't say, thoughts he kept inside and could not share.

And then he said that.

She gave him a playful shove as she sat upright and looked at him. "Really? With my nose as sensitive as it is right now?" She eyed him. "The last time you did it you all but made me..." She turned red and looked away. She was normally far more dominant in all matters, but something about being with child made her feel more like a woman than she had ever really thought possible. She was many things, a warrior, an officer, she was the legendary Misstress-At-Arms, she was one of the few who got to use the big guns. And she took no grief from no man.

But she was no longer any of that it seemed. She wasn't about to risk the life of her child, even if it meant being one of the people with the big guns. She found herself thinking less about being the Misstress-At-Arms and more about being a mother.

She swallowed hard and pushed back a pang of self-doubt and fear.

Finally, she cleared her throat, turned back to him, and really looked at him for a second. This was the father of her child, the man she was now and forever tied with even if they'd made no vow, the child-to-be was covenant enough to tie them together.

She smiled after a moment as a delicious thought suddenly struck her. She leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "I mean did you really have to make it a point to do that thing you did to my ridges? You almost made my Pagh escape from between my legs."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Temporal Observatory Lab | Deck 9| Vector 02 ] Attn: @AbsintheDeux 


A crooked grin did a lot to chase away the last vestiges of other times that might or might not have happened (to him, or another version of him). The last time he had kissed her nose, he hadn't expected the result he got but, aside from the violence that followed it, the immediate reaction had been a mix of adorable and arousing. He knew that their noses were sensitive, but he hadn't quite figured out that it increased quite so much during pregnancy and the end it was worth it and even Sarresh had an ego, and it was being stroked right then with the memory - and probably the blush from Sel. A woman who did not blush often.

Letting her have a moment to collect her thoughts and recenter herself, Sarresh resisted the urge to preen. That would be unbecoming of him, and as much as he enjoyed the privilege of seeing Sel's softer side, he didn't want to push things too far. Mood swings were very, very common.  And in truth...he did love the woman, as much of a surprise as that was to him. That it was - he believed - mutual was another surprise. But here they were, each shaping their lives around each other and the results of their mutual attraction. For him, there was a renewed sense of - as the humans liked to say - having skin in the game. Yes, he was going to save the timeline because it was the right thing to do. He'd volunteered to come back and do just that, and suffer so much for it. But there was something that made it all more real. A personal investment.

Hearing her clear her throat, Sarresh's eyes seemed to snap into focus again, watching her watch him. Watching her smile that smile that could easily enthrall him. Again, that warmth bubbled in his chest, softer than the heat of the baths, sweeter than his usual hotheaded anger. Much nicer. A sense of ...home? Maybe, yes. As dangerous as that was.

Laughing again, softly, the former Ash'reem shrugged his very human shoulders. "In my defense, I didn't expect to exorcize your soul with a few well placed kisses." He paused for a moment, then added, "Using the tongue right at the end was a bit much I'll admit but you were squirming so delightfully and really I couldn't resist. A man likes to know he can satisfy his partner and you sounded very satisfied. Right before you ...cold clocked me?"

He didn't seem terribly bothered by it, as he started to draw circles on her shoulder, fingers dancing to her collar bone just below the water. There was a playfulness to the gestures that would have surprised anyone that worked with Sarresh on a day to day basis. ”I did promise to be better about keeping that kind of thing to more appropriate settings. I will grant you the messhall was not the place to do that, in hind sight.”

A bath however...especially these, which might as well have been taken right from Risa? That was a different matter.


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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

As she looked at him, Sal could not help but sigh. There were many things in the universe that annoyed her, but none more than her own weakness. And making such a lewd noise in the mess hall had been a definite sign of weakness in her book. She always did her best to hold it together in public and that most certainly was not holding it together. It was all she really had, she had to make sure she was taken seriously.

Sel had been through enough, at least she figured she had. She knew how men worked well enough and knew that they couldn't resist, but it didn't make her any happier.

With some effort she pushed herself up and off of him, holding him at arms length. She looked at him for a moment, trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. Some part of her was enraged that he had made her look like a horny school girl and made her make such a sound, but she also couldn't be too made at him. Hell, if she could make him cum in public, especially if it was at an embarrassing time, she would. But it still wasn't fair.

"You deserved what you got," she said suddenly sternly. Her eyes flashed with just enough anger to make in known how serious she was, and how she was more than willing to clock him again if she felt he deserved it. Sel may have been pregnant, but she still had enough in her to deliver one hell of a strong punch when she felt like it. "You made me look ridiculous in front of everyone there."

She sighed and leaned down and kissed the tip of his nose, letting him know even though she was mad at him, she wasn't that mad. Her moods may have become more volatile since becoming pregnant, but she didn't want to be seen as nothing more than a bitch. "Now if it had been anywhere else, then maybe I wouldn't have had to punish you so severely."

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[CPO Avander Lok | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] @AbsintheDeux

Lok had been heavily engrossed in the pleasure of the pool jets, his eyes were closed and his broad tongue poked slightly out of his mouth between his large fangs while his mind was miles away. The jets were up to full power, enough to push right through his thick fur to his tough skin beneath and give him a slight facsimile of a deep tissue massage for his worked back. Only the speaking of the unknown human roused him back to the reality of the steamy room.

He blinked a few times and glanced up so his own amber yellow eyes, keen and curious, to meet the human’s. Having got his bearings, Lok finally replied, “Uh yeah, well I’m not from there, I’m from Betazed, but yes my species is Kzinti.”

His eyes pulled away from the handsome bearded face and trailed down the man’s body, appreciating the well defined muscles, he certainly kept himself in good shape. Then down further still to the slightly too small pair of swimming shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination, and of course finally to the stranger’s toned legs and feet. Hm, being attractive must just be a requirement for working on this ship, he mused within himself with a short glance to the other attractive crewmates about the pool engaged in their own forms of relaxation.

“Oh you probably want a seat, don’t you”, Lok asked as he slid over on the underwater bench and turned off the jets he had been using. The bubbles that had swirled about him momentarily fizzled away revealing his refracted nudity before they returned anew when he activated the next set of jets over.

“Sorry, I take up a bit of room”, he said with a small smile and a chuckle. A  bit of humor at his expense about his size seemed to make people find him less imposing.

Once settled back, his muscular arms resting on the side of the pool and sharp finger claws slightly extended to idly click on the marble. Under the water he sort of kneaded at the water with his feet, enjoying the sensation as it flowed between his pads.

“So you must be from another department, I don’t think I’ve seen you around, or you could just be new I guess…well I’m Lok by the way”, he says turning to look back at the strange man and perhaps engage in a bit of idle conversation…maybe more. The sights, sounds, and smells of other couples enjoying some erotic fun had certainly opened his mind up to the idea, but he of course was not so horned up he wasn’t going to start pawing at this handsome stranger immediately without much introduction, especially if he sensed the man had no desire for such things. Idle conversation with a bit of eye candy was perfectly fine with Lok.
CPO Avandar Lok | Head of Fighter Propulsion & Asst. COD - "The world I have known is lost in shadow..."

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[ Cpt. Marcus Maye | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @joshs1000

The stranger smiled and climbed into the warm water, taking the offered seat without the slightest hesitation. If he was in any way intimidated by the larger fur covered man, the stranger did not show it. Instead he had a relaxed calm about him, the way a man who had survived much worse than a damp Kzinti could.

Of course, this was because Marcus had been toe to toe with a Klingon and fought off a Chozo guardian before. He'd seen dangerous times and survived them. It came with the job territory.

"I'm Marcus, Marcus Maye," he said holding out his hand, his eyes gleaming. "I'm just aboard, fresh transfer from the Icarus." Marcus wasn't sure how much to explain and how much to lie about. He was a skilled enough bluffer, but he had never been absolutely comfortable lying when he didn't feel he absolutely had to. It was a weakness at times, but he also considered it an asset.

Part of him hoped his name wouldn't ring any bells, staying covert would be ideal. But another part of him yearned to be recognized as some kind of mythic figure from the past whose exploits would live on in legend. But that was more ego than anything else. He knew better than to hope that one of a dozen Captains would stand out in one of a dozen 5 year missions, such a feet would require one hell of a man.

"I must admit, this is one heck of a ship, have you served on her long?" Marcus was more than happy to make idle conversation for now. He could see some getting more intimate and though he was not against such activities, he figured it best to at least get to know something about the person he was in the pool with before he did anything more, that is if anything more was to happen. He wasn't exactly certain about the rules when it came to mingling with members of a different time and he had the feeling if he did report it, he'd be forced to take all kinds of odd medical exams when he did return.

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[CPO Avander Lok | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] @AbsintheDeux

Lok looked down at the offered hand with a small bit of confusion etched on his face until he remembered it was the human custom to lock hands and give them a couple of vertical shakes. He never quite understood the reason for it but also never really thought to ask. Not wishing to be rude he leaned forward a little and used his right hand to clasp the stranger’s, who he now knew was named Marcus, and did the required couple of shakes, quite aware of his strength so that he didn’t accidentally break the man’s fingers or sprain his wrist.

“Nice to meet you Marcus”, Lok responded, releasing his grip, “I don’t think I know of the Icarus though, but glad to see some new faces on board.”

The Kzin could certainly sense that Marcus was holding something more back, but considering the nature of the Theurgy’s mission and the strange types they get on board frequently he didn’t feel the need to dig. Besides, whatever the guy was hiding it was none of his business.

He got settled once more, a small but deep growl emanating from his chest as he expressed his enjoyment of the jets. His arms returned to their former positions, resting on the stone steps, fully extended to either side of the large felinoid, his left resting behind Marcus. He also spread his legs out a bit under the water, his furry thigh ever so slightly grazing Marcus's.

“Oh I haven’t been here super long”, he began in response to Marcus’s question, “I was in stasis for a while, took a bit of a wang to the head so that put me out of action, but I was woken up not too long ago…I mean not today obviously. As for the ship itself- I’d say it’s alright, I’m a bit more fond of the ships from the old days of Starfleet, but Theurgy does have plenty of amenities that even rivals a Galaxy class in comfort. I mean heck, what ship have you ever been on that had a fully real bath like this.”

To emphasize his point about being real he smacked his palms on the stone floor surrounding the pool.

“But nothing beats the lovely lines of an old ship.”
CPO Avandar Lok | Head of Fighter Propulsion & Asst. COD - "The world I have known is lost in shadow..."

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[Ens. Joseph Adams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @AbsintheDeux

R&R was important after a long week of work, and Joe intended to enjoy himself to the fullest now he was off shift until the weekend. And that started here in the public baths. Somewhere which he'd been meaning to visit for quite a while.

Wearing his usual swimming trunks (He was much too modest to find himself naked in the steam room after all) and with a towel over his shoulder, he sauntered into the steam room without really checking to see if the room was occupied. Perhaps if he had, he would have noticed the other person inside.

Moving quickly into the room to avoid any of the steam escaping, Joe's eyes squinted slightly to compensate for the extremely humid and foggy environment. Sitting down and making himself comfortable, he let out a content sigh as he slumped on his own bench. By some happy miracle he'd avoided sitting on the occupied bench and settled on the adjacent one near the door instead.

Eyes soon closing, he continued to recline, his back now leant against the wall as he let every muscle in his body relax for what felt like the first time in the last week.

"I needed this..."

He mumbled to himself idly.

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[ Dominic Winters | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | ATTN: @AbsintheDeux @tongieboi

Dominic had come down to the Bath House onboard after hearing that the Theurgy had such facilities onboard. Steamroom, Jacuzzi swimming pools and more. Something that was NOT programmed into a Holodeck. Though he had seen that the decks had many, many programs, the real thing is always better. Coming down to the Bath House and heading into the Locker area, Dominic stripped down and folded his uniform neatly into a locker, grabbing a towel and heading for the showers first. No shame at all for this feline! Even with the apparent orgie he had glimpsed when coming in, not to mention the empathic aspect of it that he has been picking up! Seems folks on this ship have no shame at least when engaged in such acts.

Closing the door and showering with a good, solid hit of cool water to soak his pelt and clean himself over before switching the shower to the sonic one to finish the job. Now thoroughly clean he steps out and grabs his towel, it being a large one at that! Wrapping it around his waist the feline heads for the steam room for a bit of privacy and some time in he sauna. He slid the door open and stepped in where he took a moment to let his eyes adjust to the steamy interior. He could see the silhouettes of other people in here, a young female and a male on separate benches. Dom headed for another that sat against the wall and between the two and settled down on it with a soft sigh as the big furball’s tail curled around his side.

He glanced to the other two he had seen in there with half-lidded eyes and an overall relaxed body posture. He had not splayed his legs out or anything as it was an obscene act to his people. “It’s quite nice in here, ain’t it?” He asked. Leaning his head back against the wall. It had been a long time since he had been in a sauna outside of Risa and a cheap place on some space station run by a Ferengi.

He did not mind at all sharing a space like this with two others, the Sauna was perfectly large enough to fit them all and then some!

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[ Cpt. Marcus Maye | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @joshs1000

At the mention of 'the old days of Starfleet' Marcus could not help but smile, especially at the comment about the ships of the time. It was true, there was something special about the Constitution class and her contemporaries that the ships of the future did not have, even if the ships were impressive. The simple fact of the matter that in his mind, there was no ship finer than the Connie.

It was odd to him to discuss his own time as if it were the past, even though from where he sat now, it was a long time ago in the past. He wondered how much trouble it would cause if he looked himself up, it was one of the few things he was told not to do, told in no uncertain terms that it would do him no good, but he still wondered. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to look up Olivia or John? He sighed and realized they would be long dead by this time period... He would be time, from a strictly linear sense.

He shook himself and chased away the morbid thoughts and focused on the topic at hand.

"Oh, I know what you mean," Marcus replied easing himself back and deeper into the warm water. He made no move toward the jets, instead letting the heat of the water ease his sore muscles and relax his body. It had been some time since he'd taken a break and though his trip to the Theurgy was far from a vacation, it did not mean he couldn't take a moment to relax and enjoy himself. He leaned back and sighed as he submerged himself all the way up to his bearded chin. "Even if these modern ships have such delightful amenities, I find I can never forget the beauty of those older ships."

He smirked and added, "even if they didn't have as luxurious a bath as this one."

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