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Title: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]

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Not for the first time, Natalie questioned what she was doing here. She swept her thumb over the locker pad, and it slid open with a soft, almost inaudible hiss. She'd used this locker on more than one occasion, when going to the gym on Deck 12 ; though it was further away from her quarters, it was larger than the facility on deck 06, much larger, befitting it's berthing on one of the more sizable decks of the Theurgy. And as such, Natalie preferred to get her workouts in there. More space, more options. Some of which she had yet to avail herself of.

Until today.

Her lips were pursed as she pulled her hair up into a very messy pile atop her head, clipping it into place, keeping the strands off her neck. Her bare neck. She reached up and ran her fingers along the back of her neck, then down, across the expanse of her throat, to her equally bared collar bone. This is a mistake, she told herself. This was very much not her comfort zone. But she'd made the bet, and she'd lost, and now she had to pay the piper. And that meant going through with the deal struck.

In hindsight it wasn't the wisest of moves, but she thought she was a shoo in. Clearly she was wrong. And so, she sucked in a breath and let her bra fall away, into her hands, and gently folded it, placing it atop the pile that was her uniform, sitting on the middle shelf of the locker. Her boots were already tucked into the bottom of the metal cabinet. The small shelf up above , with roughly 6 inches of space from the top of the locker, bore her rank pips (two golden, one black), and her combadge. They would not be needed where she was going.

Another glance around the room confirmed that she was alone in the locker area. Quickly, lest someone come in before she was ready, she bent down, uncovering her bosom to hook both fingers into the standard grey panties she wore, and divested herself of those too. She hurriedly tossed them atop the pile of otherwise neatly folded clothes and with equal haste, wrapped an over sized, plush Federation Blue towel around her curved frame, tucking it up under her arms, with a fold to the side of her left breast. Only then did she turn to look at herself in the mirror, her cheeks already slightly flushed.

I cannot believe I agreed to this, Natalie quietly lamented. as she swallowed. The light caught the smalls studded earnings she still wore, simple cut sapphires her mother had given her. They matched her eyes, drew the gaze in and focused them. A small indulgence. It distracted the operations chief for a moment as she wiggled her bared toes against the heated floor of the locker room. Eventually though she settled in to the reality that she had lost her bet, and as such, would be - for the first time since joining the crew of the Theurgy - trying out the public baths.  Stark naked (pun intended). And allowing whatever happened, to happen. That was the bet, after all.

"What was I thinking?" She asked aloud this time, shaking her head and padding off, bare foot, towards the door to the baths.  Her locker had slid shut behind her, now bearing her name and rank on the LCARS interface. Yet another furtive glance showed that she was still alone in the locker room itself, but there were plenty of lit up lockers. Now, the 'owners' could be in the gym, or the pool that adjourned the baths. There was no guarantee that the baths themselves were occupied. Nor was there a promise that the baths were empty. Of course, Natalie could simply ask Thea if there were any occupants. But she realized she might be even more nervous, knowing, than not.

Really, at this point, as she contemplated her decisions, there was nothing else to be gained in putting it off. She turned to the left, and entered the small airlock like enclosure that would lead to the 'public baths' as they were known. Three steps in, and she felt the buzzing of a sonic shower kick in. Ten steps after that, the buzzing sensation faded, and Natalie knew she was now clean from head to toe. Yes, there would be the option to literally bathe, soap, scrub, the whole nine years, inside the baths, but hygiene was important, and as such anyone entering the baths (or the pool for that matter) would be subjected to a cleansing sonic burst. The doors stood before her, waiting for the brunette to reach out and press the activation pad.

"Now or never, Nat," she whispered and tamped down on her nerves. She'd heard thinks about the baths. And while some of the tales made her whole skin flush red, the common theme among them was that anyone that went to the baths enjoyed themselves, and came out far more relaxed. As far as a lost bet went, there were worse our comes.  With that firmly in her mind, she reached out and pressed her right hand to the door controls. A few quick button presses, and then they slid open into a warmly lit room.

Whites, blues and golds assaulted her vision, as warm air, with wisps of steam curled out and wrapped around her bare ankles. The faint scents of sage and lavender filled her nose, and enticed her to breathe deep. Caving to that desire, she sucked in slowly through her nose, with her eyes closed. She let the breath linger in her lungs for a few seconds, then exhaled, stepping forward through the door. Tile replaced the padded surfaces of the locker room, but the warmth was still there. Only when she heard the doors slide shut and seal behind her did Natalie open her eyes once more.

Her gaze was drawn to the stand of supplies near by as well as the heated rack for towels, each tucked in against sweeping columns that rose up to the top of the high raised ceiling. A few hung there already, telling Natalie that she was not, in fact, alone in the  baths. Someone else was out there. Who, she knew not. This wasn't restricted to just officers, for instance, so it could be anyone. Someone she worked with daily. A direct subordinate or superior. Or a crew member she'd never actually met. The Theurgy was large enough that such could be the case. She pondered a soap, and glanced over the rules, written on a display screen that seemed unaffected by the steam and heat, that swapped between Federation Standard and a few common galactic languages. Dignitaries had been known to visit the baths, after all.

With a sigh, Natalie forewent the sandals that were available, in all manner of sizes, and scooped up a tube of single use soap and a scrub. While the department head was unsure if they would get any use, she tucked them into the small basket all the same, and began to approach the bath proper, eyes darting over to the recessed alcove that contained a replicator and small wet bar, currently ready for use but unoccupied. Liquid courage, tempting, tempting, she pondered as she began to make a circuit of the main, heated bath, trying to see who was about.

OOC: if anyone wants to already be in the baths, have at. Other than directly at the bar (because Natalie's established its empty) characters can be wherever. Quick dip cold pool, private alcove, the jetted area, or just lounging about in the steam filled tubs.
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Ravon & Ens Cameron Henshaw | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]

As the door hissed open at the entrance of the bath house, Cameron Henshaw stood up to peek from one of the well hidden warm jetted pools. Her face peeking from over the edge as she gazed at the covered up Natalie Stark."You'll never guess who showed up here."  she whispered to her companion who had been sitting with her in the jetted tub for a while now. "Really? Can I make a guess?" was the response of a hushed Thomas Ravon as he honestly did admire the nude frame of Henshaw as she had stood up to peek over the wall. "Sure, but I'm telling you, you'll never guess." she snickered as she slid back down in the pool and looked at Ravon.

The pack leader gave it some thought before he guessed "Morali. I'd totally not expect him here." He smirked as Henshaw chuckled and laughed "Wrong again flyboy." she replied as Thomas tapped his hand on his chin "If not him... Oh! the Lizard!" Henshaw rolled her eyes "He has a name you know." she pointed out to him with a scowl to her voice "Either way, wrong again." Thomas rolled his eyes and stood up himself as the water cascaded down his body and Henshaw took the liberty to just behold the full frontal she got from the pilot. Ravon poked his head out from the wall that had kept them secluded and he smiled broadly "Fuck! Really Stark?" he exclaimed almost loud enough to be heard before he snickered "Heck, I should go buy her a drink! For once that I get to see her in an off duty outfit." he joked and Cameron shook her head "Sure, whatever you have to say to keep that excuse going." she teased him and Thomas shook his head as he got out of the jetted pool. "I enjoyed the conversation Cameron. We should do so again on a later occasion." he smirked before he said goodbye to his conversational partner.

Ravon hadn't bothered to wear anything as he figured that the bathhouse was more or less like a giant sauna either way. Either way as he approached the bar he did pluck a free bathrobe from one of the replicators that were strategically placed. He clasped the robe around him and tied a knot in the front which covered up his more private parts, yet still gave plenty of skin on his chest and legs. Once at the bar he greeted the hologram that acted as bartender and shouted out to Stark as he waved his hand above his head to catch her attention "Yo Natalie! Care to join me for a drink?"

In the meantime Cameron relaxed in the jetted pool as she laid back in the water and felt the bursts of powered water massage her back. A soft purr of enjoyment leaving her lips as she'd hit the saunas later on, yet for now she'd satisfy with the pulsing streams of water running over her body.
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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]

Having been stuck on Resolve for so long, there were a lot of luxuries Eliska Bremmer had not enjoyed in quite some time.  Like a real shower.  Or a bath.  Or even a soak.  Oh, sure, Resolve did have a pool.  A small one.  A very small one.  Mostly reserved for officers, at that.  And when they had been stranded in the middle of nowhere, it had been drained into the ship's drinking water tanks as a result of the emergency.  As for real showers, only senior officers had water showers, and even those were restricted in use.  Or at least so the ship's standing orders had declared.  But Eliska Bremmer did recall that until getting on Theurgy, her last shower had gone back ten and a half months, to her last birthday. 

But then, she discovered there was a pool on board.  Back home on Nova Kosice, swimming was one of those things done in the nude.  But Starfleet, well Starfleet was full of prudes and she had to replicate herself a bathing suit.  A regulation bathing suit, no less because that was all that was authorized in the ship's pool.  And while the one-piece design did hug her curves nicely, it was decidedly odd to be wearing one to swim. 

And, after a good set of lengths, for some reason she could not have comprehended, she came out of the pool at the end opposite she normally did, and there was a door there.  One marked 'public baths'.  Now, that was interesting...

The door led to a short hallway, one where an automated sonic shower was activated as she walked through, and at the far end, there was another panel, one that listed the regulations, and two of them did catch her eye.  Co-ed, and clothing optional.  And then, there was a third: that public displays of affections may be expected?  Now that was definitely interesting...

The space the bathhouse occupied was unlike anything she ever expected to see outside a holodeck.  Marble, and wood, and gold trim and graceful arches.  It was... heavenly. 

And the scenery was none too bad itself.  There was the SCO, standing there wearing nothing at all, and the Captain's own yeoman. And she too appeared to be wearing very, very little herself.  And also, there was the Chief Operations Officer, in all of her curvy, but sadly covered glory.  Speaking of which...

Bremmer had no hang ups about nudity.  In fact, she enjoyed being naked, and by and large she enjoyed being looked at.  Being leered at was another story, but as a rule?  Skin was good..

So, standing in the doorway, she pulled down her bathing suit.  She might not have the most voluptuous breasts; in fact, Eliska's were on the small side but she had nothing to be ashamed of.  And then it was her trim stomach, her hips, and the neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair between her legs, before she kicked it off entirely and strode fearlessly into the room itself.  

Oh, she was grossly outranked by everyone in there, but as the sign said, there was no rank in the baths.
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[ Lahkesis & Kleo Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]

Though she was not what most would call a prude, Lahkesis was not one for the idea of public bathing. The thought of being so exposed in front of people made her uncomfortable. If she needed to bath, she would do so in her own quarters, using the water settings as the Sonic settings had a hard time with her skin type and thus would cause irritation if used to often. The fact that to enter the public bath you had to walk through a sonic shower made the idea even less appealing to her. It was just better to stick to her personal shower in her own quarters.

Yet there was no convincing Kleo not to do a thing once Kleo had set her mind to it. For her part Kleo was not so much against the idea of bathing in public. She found the idea enticing and more than a little exhilarating. More than that she knew that if she dragged her sister along it would create a very interesting situation as without their uniforms on, it would be near impossible to tell the two of them apart by simply looking at them. That alone made the idea sound far too enjoyable to pass up. And it only took a little poking to finally wear down Lahkesis enough so that she agreed to go.

And as they sat in the warm mineral waters of one of the baths in the more private alcoves even Lahkesis could not say it was not a good idea. They sat leaning against each other, looking almost like mirror images of one another. Both with pale flawless skin, large full breasts that were mostly submerged in the warm water, and below that well rounded hips. Even their hair looked nearly identical, though Kleo's was a fraction of a shade redder. They had the look or sculpted perfection. And with no telltale clues, it was all but impossible to tell which of them was which. Yet to those who knew one little trick it wasn't to hard. Lahkesis had the smell of orange blossoms, while her sister smelled of Water Lilies. If one ignored the visual, they smelled and tasted quite different, if one got close enough to smell or taste them.

In the warm bath Lahkesis had relaxed to the point of resting her head on her sisters shoulder, closing her eyes and seeming to doze peacefully, Kleo having her arm around her sisters shoulders to hold her close and secure. Kleo was watchful of the people coming and going, making a mental not of them all, waiting to see if anyone worth calling over to them would appear through the doors. She knew how  much fun it would be to tease her sister in this place, and how the sheer naughtiness of it would attract some eyes to them. All the more enticing to do it really. But it was also just as interesting to wait and see if someone would come to them, after all from Kleo's perspective one was nice, but two was so much nicer.
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[ Suq Reylin Efreya-Xan | Public Baths | Deck 12 ] @Absinthe @Brutus @Nolan @CanadianVet

To the outside observer, it would seem as if bubbles were rising in an unusual area of the pool. Not quite close enough to a vent to be that, and too far away from other people to be them. Soon, a mop of hyper-blonde hair began to float to the surface, followed by a wet face turned red-orange from the heated water. Suq's eyes were closed, but he had heard vibrations through the water. The pool was newly populated. It was his chance to make an entrance, so he rose steadily and slowly from the depths of the waters, like a hairy, mustachioed cryptid.
"Beware, denizens of the bath-room." He announced, using an overly theatrical voice, by now he stood up fully, the water came up to his chest. "Creatures lurk in the depths." His chest hair flowed in the water just like the hair on his head, due to it's length. He hadn't shaved in some time. He ran his fingers through his chest hair to straighten it out and shook his head like a dog to rid himself of water. Finally, he rubbed his eyes and took stock of the crowd. Ah yes, nobody he knew. He had just acted like an idiot for no reason at all.

"Hey guys, how's it going." He smiled at everyone, "Lemme know if you see my uh, my stepstool. It's red with black spots, like a strawberry. I was sitting on it here in the pool and I lost it a while back."
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[Ensign Chris Slayton, LT JG Cameron Ward, & Ensign Tallanyreen "Aria" sh'Kandros| Public Baths| Deck 12| USS Theurgy| Vector 01] ATTN: @Nolan @CanadianVet @Brutus @FollowTomorrow @Absinthe

Chris walked into the locker room that was attached to the public bath and headed over to a locker where he swiped his thumb to unlocked it before he shrugged out of his uniform jacket as he thought about how nice it was going to be to just sit back and let the stress flow out of him which was really needed after one of the longest patrols that he'd done thus far.

He quickly shed the rest of his uniform, tucking his boots into the bottom of the locker before slipping the rest of clothes in as well before picking up a standard issue towel and wrapped it around his trim waist but left the rest of his muscular, tattooed, and scarred body open to be viewed and the thought really didn't bother him because he was too tired to care.

He then placed his pip, com badge, and pendent in the top part of the locker before closing it with his name and rank appearing on the LCARS interface as he walked bare foot towards the door that lead to the baths and when he walked into the brightly lit and well furnished room, he couldn't help but smile as he took in the bright colors with its impressive columns which made him actually wonder how the designers of the ship actually managed to get actual marble onto a modern ship of the line.

That thought alone made him give a real smile.

Chris then undid the towel from around his waist and went through the walk-through sonic shower to help clean him off before he went over to the baths as he felt the heat from the room was already starting to seep into his tired muscles as he slung he wrapped his towel around his neck, not really having a hang up about nudity due to his time living on Andoria despite his toned and defined body covered in a number of scars gained from his time on Rue Penthe but it didn't take away from the fact that he was a handsome man despite the fact that he didn't think that way.

As he walked towards the baths, he walked up behind the dark haired woman and couldn't help but admire the nice ass of the woman before walking past her, taking in more of the brunette woman and nodding his head respectfully to her, happy that he wasn't the only one that a skewed the need for too much modesty but something distracted him and drew his attention towards a bath in one corner and what he saw made him smile.

There in the tub with her eyes closed and letting that familiar purr escape her lips was a completely nude Cameron which he couldn't help but admire the red-head's sinuous form as he leaned over the edge of the tube and didn't say anything for a moment as he saw how the rivulets of water flowed gracefully down from her body over the upper slopes of her shimmering creamy and beautifully formed plump breasts down to where her nipples were hidden by the water. "Hello Cameron, care for some company in there?" he asked respectfully in a warm tone.

Meanwhile a moment later two more of the pack in the forms of Cameron "Witch King" Ward and his RIO with Cameron's lean yet toned figure on full display without any form of modesty as he strode into the bath with a smile on his face. "Ah, just the thing !" he said as he stretched out his arms till there was a loud popping noise. "What do you think Aria?"

Ensign Tallanyreen "Aria" sh'Kandros otherwise known more commonly as "Aria" simply rolled her dark blue eyes as she crossed her arms under her modest chest. "If you say so." the shen quipped lightly.

Before Cam can say anything else, he noticed the dark haired woman which actually caused his attention to be drawn to her as there was something about her and how she was standing so confidently, her bared yet beautifully bared breasts flowed with every breath against her sleek frame in a way that  made her both enticing and lethal at the same time.

But this only seemed to draw a hint of confusion as he moved away from where he stood next to Aria and gave the dark haired woman a warm broad smile as he walked over to her. "Hello there, my name is Cameron Ward." he said honestly to Eliska.
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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @DocReno @FollowTomorrow @Brutus

Eliska was not known for being indecisive.  Just about under any set of circumstances, she was one to act.  Whether it be out of instinct honed to a fine edge by grueling training, or in a deliberate and reasoned way, or just plain improvising, she was not one to stay flat-footed for long.  But, even after shedding her bathing, suit, even after walking well into the luxurious room?  It was another story.

But this time?  Between the splendor of the baths, and of its current occupants, she really did not know where she stood, where to stand, or soak for that matter, or how to act.  And the water erupting in the middle of one of the pools certainly didn't help.  In fact, she was actually startled and, despite her nudity, she aggressively stepped forward with her left leg even as her right hand shot to her right hip... where her state of undress definitely did not permit the presence of her pistol.  Reylin.  Of course he'd be one to do something like that.  Especially shaking himself like a wet dog.  "Do kurwy nędzy1, Suq!"

In her heavily accented voice, the words were flowing far better than Federation Standard ever did, and there was no doubting she was not exactly pleased.  As she recovered, she shot the engineer a dark look, one made even darker by the permanent makeup around her eyes.  "You know better than do pull that shit, you fuzzy Romulan midget čurák2!"  There was no doubting she was less than pleased, but as her heartbeat slowed, the Security Petty Officer noticed new entrants.  She'd seen them before, but never talked to them.  But she did recognize them as being from the fighter squadron on board. 

The first one, built and scarred, didn't even try to hide he was checking her out; well, there was something to be said about honesty all right.  And he moved well, maybe a little too well, and he didn't waste much time in joining the Captain's Yeoman, who was a right looker in her own right.  But hey, each his own. 

But she was soon approached by one of the other two, one who had gone into the water with a really nicely put-together blonde but came out to speak to her.  Nice smile, Eliska thought as he made his way over; and, to his credit, he didn't try to hide he'd been looking at her breasts; Bremmer was hardly the best-endowed woman in existence. In fact, with those for whom larger bust was a requirement tended to dismiss her without a second thought.  But with the frankness he looked her over, she did very much the same; not bad, not bad at all.  And he wasn't the shy sort either, so that helped.  "And I'm Eliska Bremmer," she replied automatically.  "So, with your friend ogling me from over there, how about we get into that water before the eyes bug out of her head?"

With that said, the Nova Kosice native started to make her way down, but she took a wide curve, going by the Chief Operations officer in the process.  And she made a point to sashay her way over, her hips swaying and imparting what movement she could to her own diminutive breasts.  And, as she neared the more curvaceous woman, she 'accidentally' brushed her hip against hers, and stopped.  "Nat, right?  You know, you're a little overdressed for the occasion.  And look at you, if I don't think I got anything to be ashamed of, you should be begging to show off what you've got."  Then, she turned her head to give her a devilish smile.  "But if you're the shy kind and you prefer just watching, that's fine too."

And only then did she follow Cam Ward into the pool.

1"For fuck's sake", in Polish
w"Dickhead", in Czech
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Leon Marquez | Ens James "Jimmy" Mariner | CWO Tarsi ] | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]  @triage @Even Angels Cry

The whole thing had been Jimmy's idea. Leon was understandably reluctant to join in on some R and R under the ever-present circumstances they were in, even though the former XO was a firm advocate in crew, officer and noncom alike participating in equal opportunity recreation time. Still, when Tarsi had made a similar notice of concern and tension in her leather-skin friend, the Andorian shen appealed to even a commander's human needs in order to function at peak efficiency. "Oh allright, Tarsi." very hesitantly, Leon took his leave and permitted the recently-hibernated Denobulan, Klex to take his position at Vector 01's bridge. Behind his back, Klex and Tarsi exchanged winks at getting their friend to finally unwind.

On the Resolve's voyage, difficult decisions had to be made, placing crew survival over the recreational needs of limited resources. Reliance on replicators and holodecks was rationed, but when these obstacles were eventually overcome, the pool's reopening was a milestone of morale-boosting, to Mariner's (and admittedly, his own) excitement. Marquez loved swimming, apart from staying in shape, the sport reminded him of Earth and his promise to return home. No other planet in the galaxy, except perhaps Risa provided a place to swim without fear of a microbe or sea-dwelling predator ruining the day. That's why Leon brought his favored swimming trunks of choice (Green with a Lion guarding a soccer ball and 7 stars under the coat of arms), wearing a bathrobe to keep his shoulders and lower half warm, as his legs and pectorals were nothing to hide.

Tarsi had been uptight and frustrated for several months now, having done little with her free time besides practice her martial arts in her quarters and playing complex Andorian strategy games on her PaDD. She was as much a bookworm as she was a soldier, but as an individual, she wished she could indulge in some more personal desires besides her fondness for singing and karaoke. She of all people mourned the chance for some starved shore leave on Starbase 84, but the loss of life, material and her home eclipsed the selfish need to unwind. Even a trip to the lovely beaches of Earth's Alaska in the holodecks would've made her day if not her year. Still when Jimmy came to Marquez with the news that he'd discovered a Jacuzzi room, her mind at once attuned to the potential to take an invigorating cool bath, and possibly meet another of her species to play with. She'd almost entirely gave up attempting to make advances toward Lt Ch'rayya, her department chair and a man she'd long had feelings toward. She donned her purple-pink camouflage swimwear and stocked up on her Andorian Ale obtained from the lounge.

It was here where she bumped into, unsurprisingly, Ensign Mariner, who was filling up a replicated version of a lightweight metal. "Striker doesn't drink beer," Tarsi noticed, finding a few well-meaning but redundant six-pack of several Earth regional drinks, before spotting a replication of that odd-shaped bottle Marquez kept for decoration behind his desk. "... Ah I see. I don't think she drinks much anymore... but I'd like to see you try. She seemed composed recently." the Andorian smiled and filled the cooler with her addition and helped Jimmy wheel the device to their meeting place near the Bathhouse.

Jimmy was surprised he'd gotten his longtime friends and war buddies to let loose, but not nearly as excited as he was when Meony had made the time to go along with him too; he hastily returned to his quarters to find a family heirloom, privately named 'Pinocchio' to wear to his event.  In a hurry, Jimmy stripped and put on his navy-blue trunks that had a camouflage pattern, with the Australian flag on his hip and the outfit's namesake on his groin, a timeless emblem of a smiley face. Jimmy often smugly wondered how long that had been on his family crest before his star-faring ancestors scanned the original into replicator buffers. One more reason he was glad to have saved the datarods from Resolve's destruction: He was able to salvage the patterns for a wheelable ice chest. The bare-chested athletic Australian surfer-jock wore a blue beach towel with his nation's flag around his waist when he met up with his crew, with a PaDD tucked into his waistband, its speakers playing something off his 'showtime' playlist.

"Watch, as our brave hero" Jimmy exxagerated his Australian accent (which usually sounded slightly 'americanized' unless he got into character or emulated his father the documentarian) "Embarks on a steamy adventure, a trek through the leisures of the stars, in a pack of noble heroes, as he delivers a token of affection for the female of his species...". Tarsi rolled her eyes as she walked ahead of him with her grip on the foregrip on the beverage cooler, standing next to Marquez, mouthing, 'This guy.' to the CTO who mouthed back, 'Ah, jut humor him.'  "Watch out, buster, this here's a Texan thoroughbred: She's got the face of an angel, the color of a red devil and the kiss of a Rattlesnake! You'd better be a snake charmer to give us all a happy ending." Jimmy tried to hold her hand, in such a way where he wouldn't fall out of his robe (Which was on, but not wrapped, showing of his bare chest and blue trunks) "Lucky, for our hero, he is." Jimmy concluded the documentarian voice with his normal accent.

Leon opened the door to the bathhouse room and let the breath of the room glide into his lungs and sighed blissfully as he led his friends into the bathhouse. He noticed some familiar faces of his new crewmates from the crewmates, despite the amount of skin they decided to show off.  He broke off from his pack as he noticed the Ensigns find a corner to themselves and Tarsi hang her robe somewhere and procede to unashamedly take her top off as she hummed the Andorian Imperial anthem and hung up her robe and garment, taking two cans of Andorian Ale from Jimmy's cooler before letting the Australian and the Texan find a pool to dabble in their Pink-skin fraternization. Tarsi noticed Eliska Bremmer in the pool and considered greeting her fellow Resolve noncom officer. The two were friends, but Tarsi didn't click well with the Nove Kosician except for holodeck competitions or the phaser range; besides, she found companionship already.

The Shen inspected the room of its occupants, hiding her irritation at the temperature of the bathhouse. She hoped the moisture in the atmosphere in the damp room would cool down the shen's body temperature down a bit, but rather she caught herself perspiring just a notch. Next to her, Leon followed suit and hung up his robe and drink in the ambience of the room. "Enjoying the view, Leather-skin?" She looked his form over, curling an antenna downward as she regarded him while he stretched himself out and freed more blood through his vessels. For a human, he didn't have a terrible body by any means. Part of her wished he was Andorian.  

"The humanoid body is nothing to be ashamed of, Tarsi... unless you have insecurities." Leon replied, stretching his arms and flexing his arms, letting the shen regard him as he pretended not to care. The two had grown up together when they were younger but simply kept eachother on their toes. Her anatomy and his respect for her father kept them from becoming an item. "Why, are you showing your arsenal to the jealousy of the female crew again?" He almost-sarcastically asked, making eye contact with the busty Andorian, acting as if he didn't notice the Andorian's cultural indifference for their anatomy. Her gaze and antennae indicated Leon to look over his shoulder to spot someone for each of them. Leon was glad he didn't have a drink in hand as they appeared.

Meanwhile, Jimmy had scooted into a pool and fidgeted with the settings as he cast some friendly greetings to other members of the crew, keeping Tancredi in his personal foreground as he rolled his cooler, whistling to the beat of his music before he turned it low as he eased in to an unoccupied corner of the bathhouse, sighing contentedly as the temperature agreed with him, snapping open an El Sol beer as he applied salt and lime to the ice-cool synthehol. The stuff may have been artificial and the buzz just as much so, but it had a placebo effect that would keep his body hale and hearty should there need to be some swimming about in these pools; The islander was nobody's silver medalist in that particular sport, and he had Meony to impress.
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[ Suq Reylin Efreya-Xan | Public Baths | Deck 12 ] @CanadianVet

He was greeted with yelling in a language he didn't understand. That was all it took to trigger the feeling of...not fear, per se, but work-mode. He splashed about stupidly looking for a phaser at his hip that didn't exist anymore for a good thirty seconds, his eyes trained on Eliska without necessarily understanding what he saw. Finally, he realized that he was safe, nobody was going to be hurt, and the tension in his body loosened. He hadn't realized how terrified he was. Good thing he used the bathroom before he got here, too, because he would've voided himself if he hadn't.

"Sorry 'Liska." He smiled, even though he wasn't sorry at all, and in spite of the insults. In reality, he savored them. "You honor me with your insults, ma'am." He laughed a little, and then he began to sink back into the water just as slowly as he rose. Nessie, returning to the depths. As he did so, he mumbled the weird words she used, just because they sounded fun. He could mimic the sounds exactly, but had no clue what they meant.

"A čurák, čurák, čurák..." He sang to himself, right up until his mouth and nose were underwater. There, he stopped, and he began to move about the pool to find another spot to soak the water and be weird, where he wouldn't scare Eliska. As he moved, his hair swirled in the water behind him, only disturbed by the occasional bubbles the man blew into the water.
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[LT JG Cameron Ward & Ensign Tallanyreen "Aria" sh'Kandros| Public Baths| USS Theurgy| Vector 01] ATTN: @CanadianVet @Nolan @FollowTomorrow @Brutus @Triton

Aria had been too busy admiring the dark haired woman's ass to notice the by play between the two of them until she was referenced at which point he shen's head snapped up and a blush started to brighten her cheeks just a little bit as she watched the two head down to the water.

As Aria started to make that way, she heard a familiar little tune that made her antenna twitch hard as her head jerked to the origin of the sound to see a fellow Andorian walking into the room with two human males, one wheeling some kind of strange device behind him and speaking with an accent that she really couldn't place as one of her pale white eyebrows went up before she drew her attention back to the other Andorian, bowing her head respectfully at the other Shen and said "That's a cute outfit you have on" before turning to follow Eliska and her partner.

Cam on the other hand had sunk into the water and was enjoying how the heat from it was already seeping into his muscles when he turned to say something to Eliska when he noticed how sleekly she moved through the water, each measured step with only the barest of hints of the neatly trimmed patch with every step.

Needless to say the "Witch King" was struck for a loss of words as Eliska approached.

As the security officer slid into the water to sit next to him, Cameron couldn't help but smile broadly at her but not in the manner common to "cocky fighter pilots", but something much more warmer and friendly but didn't say a word.

Aria on the other hand had shed her short robe and was now sliding into the water comfortably next to Eliska, her body tensing up a little bit because of the heat but it was something that she was willing to deal with to be close to this woman because something about her seemed like it would be fun. "So tell me, that accent of your's marks you from Nova Kosice, yes?" she asked in a light purr into the brunette's right ear as she reached out and with her hand under the water, lightly ran the fingers of her left hand over Eliska's bare stomach, feeling the firm muscles of the woman which felt impressive to the Shen who then stroked the lower half of her stomach just a little bit. "However I do sense a good amount of tension, Eliska. Perhaps we can help you with you relaxing?"

Cam nodded in agreement, "I concur, it would be the polite thing to do." he mused to Eliska as well.
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[ Lt.JG Khorin Douglas | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

Khorin entered the locker room, ignoring any potential passerby or other people who might be around. There were a lot of luxuries he wished to enjoy after his rigorous calisthenics program. One of those things was a bath. And it just so happened that there was a public bath aboard the Theurgy. Granted, he had never had the luxury of checking it out himself, but today that would change. Khorin strode into the locker room, ignoring any passerby and other occupants.

Khorin started at the end of the locker room, where an automated shower cleansed him of any outside filth or contagions. At the other end, Khorin's gaze alighted onto a panel listing regulations, saying that they were entirely co-ed and that clothing was optional. He grinned. This was good, he was going to have a fun time indeed. He strode past the sign and entered the baths themselves. They were certainly something, but something that Khorin disliked. As much of a luxury that the baths were, he felt that the interior was too ostentatious, too bright, and too expensive and unnecessary for a starship.

Inside, there was already quite a few people inside, many of which were wearing nothing at all. Khorin himself was clad in naught but a towel covering up his manly bits. His tall muscled physique lay almost completely exposed in the cool air, his Klingon ridges and spines on his back completely out in the air, and a small trail of hair lead from his navel to below his white towel, hinting at what lay beneath. Indeed there was a slight bulge from beneath the towel as he walked, something he couldn't hide even if he wished to.

Khorin looked around, and spied the ship's chief of operations, sadly alone and covered up. With a grin appearing and just as quickly disappearing on his face, Khorin strode over proudly and set himself down beside one Natalis Stark. "Hey," He said, gruffly. "I noticed you've still got your towel covering you up, don't you want to join in the fun?"
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[ Lahkesis & Kleo Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] attn: @Masorin

As more people entered the baths Kleo found herself growing impatient. She wanted something fun, something unexpected, or at the very least something that would kill a couple of hours. Yet thus far no one had made their way over to their private little alcove to provide that for her. This was annoying, but not altogether unexpected. It was clear she was going to have to summon someone, and if she was already plotting to do that she figured she may as well make it as amusing as possible.

She gingerly disentangled herself from her sister, who opened her heavy lidded eyes as she did so. "Are we leaving?" Lahkesis asked stretching a little.

"No, not yet, you just rest, I need to go do something," Kleo replied as she got to her feet and smiled down at her sister, leaning in to gently kiss her forehead.

"Kay," Lahkesis breathed tiredly as she positioned herself to soak in the warm water.

Kleo stepped from the mineral water bath and made her way from the main baths. Being a bit of a natural exhibitionist, she walked without any shame or desire to hide her body. She was beautiful and she knew it, if any wanted to look it would only stroke her ego a little bit more. She didn't bothering with grabbing a towel as when she walked through the sonic showers on her way to the dressing room it would knock all the water off of her body.

Once in the changing room she made a beeline for hers and Lahkesis's lockers. Kleo had insisted that they share a locker, saying that it made things simpler, and it did, it made it quite simple for Kleo to reach in and grab Lahkesis's combadge. With their nearly identical biology it would take a more detailed scan than the combadge did to confirm identity to tell the two of them apart.

She clicked it and leaned against tha lockers with a smile on her face. "Lahkesis to Sithick, do you think you could meet me in the Public Bath? I really need to talk to you," she did her best to make her voice sound like Lahkesis's. And then, before she could get the answer back she put the combadge back into the locker and closed it. It this didn't stir the pot a little she did not know what would.

Then with just as big a smile as she had ever had, she mad her way back to the baths, hurrying through the sonic showers before they could start to sting at her skin to much, and entering the baths once more only a moment later. She paused by the mineral baths, leaning against a dividing wall to wait for the appearance of a certain Gorn, when he arrived she would wait until he spotted her and then she would sink into the bath again with her sister.

This was going to get interesting, one way or another.
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[ Suq Reylin Efreya-Xan | Public Baths | Deck 12 ]

As he made it to his alcove and looked around, he noticed something. Everyone was fussing over the girls. Of course, the girls were all lovely, he noted as he looked each one over, but so were the gentlemen. Nobody fussed over them.  Or, more precisely, nobody fussed over him.

Back on Efros, men and women would lavish attention on one another regardless of their sexual attraction. It was considered polite to do so. After all, everyone wanted a chance to feel sexy sometimes. He had learned the hard way that nobody in the Federation would even think about doing something outside of their attractions, and although he had come to accept that, he still felt...ugly, he supposed.

He looked down at his chest, he kept his skin soft and his hair clean. He liked it, but he felt so insecure all of a sudden. He pushed his abs together to make a facsimile of cleavage, like the ladies before him. There, much better.
"I look fucking fantastic." He mumbled to himself, slowly sinking below the waters to conceal his body.

"Absolutely sexy." His words made bubbles in the water as his head sank below the waterline. Just like that, he was submerged once more.
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01 ]

There was a lot of flesh already on display. A lot. Oh so much Natalie thought as she tried to figure out where to let her gaze settle that wouldn't have her face red as a beet. She first caught sight of a flash of bare leg, male, very much male, as a toweling robe was wrapped around the built figure of what turned out to be Thomas Ravon stepping out of the steam. Water ran down his body and for just a moment, Natalie felt her throat go dry. I should not be in here, not at all not at all nope this was a bad idea. Barely did the thought surface before she saw him give her a wave.

He spoke, but Natalie felt like the ancient, proverbial deer in the headlights. It was ridiculous and she forced herself to settle down. The were doors opening behind her, and new voices, more people leaking into the baths. A glance to her side showed that the main baths had occupants as well, not just the steam filled whirlpool to the right of the wet bar. She shut her eyes, breathed the steam in, and managed a smile, and a careful wave towards the CAG officer. She didn't get to answer, however, before a fewpeople drew her attention away.

The first distraction was in the form of a shout, rising up from the depths of the main bath, that made Natalie jump slightly and clutch her towel tightly to her chest. She spun, landed, and stared, seeing Suq rise up out of the bath. The hair billowing out around him, his words echoing about. The childish cry was something of a tension breaker, albeit it a momentary one, as her attention was pulled away from the jovial assistant Chief Engineer, and to someone giving him an earful in turn.

She must be from the Resolve Natalie concluded as she watched the unfamiliar woman take Suq to town, who then turned and moved in the wake of some other newcomers to the baths. They seemed to chat each other up for a moment,  one already in the tub and one talking to the shorter brunette. Natalie just turned her attention back towards Thomas, to answer his greeting, when she felt a bump against her hip, causing her to once again jump and turn around to see -

To see the same woman from before, but up close and personal now, addressing her it appeared. A slender, taut woman whom was, quite readily, naked and appeared to be already wet, or at the very least damp. Completely so. Sleek was the word that came to mind, as her eyes inevitably dragged over the subtle curves and muscles - nothing that stood out entirely, but when taken as a complete package on the whole, easily able to be called attractive. Pert breast, trim hair at the triangle join of her legs that Natalie just barely caught a sight of when the figure stopped by her, eyes glancing ever so slightly downward.

It appeared the woman - Bremmer ....Eliska Bremmer, Security, she recalled belatedly - had about an inch on Natalie in height. The Chief of Operations got the distinct impression that she was being checked out. And she knew beyond a doubt that Bremmer's were not the only eyes on her just then. She found the scrutiny from the woman odd - she wasn't used to being appreciated by the same sex. And she was almost certain thats what she was picking up on. Physical appreciation.

The blush began, and the words that followed did nothing to help.

"Nat, right? You know, you're a little overdressed for the occasion. And look at you, if I don't think I got anything to be ashamed of, you should be begging to show off what you've got." Then, she turned her head to give her a devilish smile. "But if you're the shy kind and you prefer just watching, that's fine too."

Between the teasing tone, the implications, and the flattering compliments, Natalie's skin went from being slightly warm to set afire. The senior officer stammered back a bit, mouth agape, never feeling so out of place before (at least in recent memory). She'd been caught completely off guard, to say the very least, and felt like a raw cadet all over again.

Where do I even begin? she thought, stammering out a "Esli - I um - that isn't - why should - oh." But the petty officer - but Bremmer, there were no ranks here - had already walked off, her tight butt swaying as she descended her way into the bath, leaving Natalie there to stammer and try and compose her self. Implying that she might be the kind of person that liked to! A...a what? A Bathing Voyeur?

It didn't help that the bet that had been placed would have her dropping that towel soon enough anyway. For one, she couldn't lounge in the water wrapped in the towel. For two, 'Stark naked' were the words used in the agreement. Which meant that she really should give up the ghost and shuck the towel. But she wasn't ready...not really....she let it slip a little as she forced herself to turn back to Ravon. She still owed him an answer. So the towel dropped a bit, not quite uncovering her bosom but showing how the red had crept into her skin, that far down.

But the other distraction surfaced at that point, walking up behind her.  She felt him towering over her and she turned jumping (again!) and nearly spilling out of her towel as he down by her side. Even seated he was hardly shorter than her now. Unlike the brunette that had also implied that perhaps she should allow herself to go naked, this ridge-headed officer (whom she did not recognize) was almost a good foot taller than her when he was standing. It was disconcerting because it set his proud brow'd head right at the level of her bust. She clenched the towel tighter.

"Hey," He said, gruffly. "I noticed you've still got your towel covering you up, don't you want to join in the fun?" She noticed the way that his towel barely covered his waist, as he sat, legs apart. Her own was doing a poor job at the moment of keeping her breasts from view, though it had slipped down enough so that her bum was at least slightly more covered. So none would see that the blush - which had started on the cheeks of her face and had been steadily spreading around, coloring her neck and shoulders, was now getting to the point where it might be brightening other cheeks. Save that none could now tell.

Those blue eyes darted over to Ravon, and she found herself rather wishing for a drink - then over to where Bremmer, whom had first complimented her form now lounging in the waters, her own subtler curves hidden, and back to the Klingon-Hybrid seated before her, jauntily looking her over. In less public circumstances, the scrutiny might have been welcome. But she knew Ravon was watching her and as with before, she felt others were too.

"Why does everyone seem to think I should be prancing about naked in here?" She asked softly, both of her hands clasped to her chest. Those dexterous fingers were worrying about with the edge of the towel. A little tug, and at the very least, she'd reveal the curved, heavy forms of her breast to the warm air. It wouldn't take much, not at all, not truthfully. It would have to happen soon enough. Bare breasts to match the long line of her bare neck, and just as flushed. It would seem to be the order of the day, judging by the parade of flesh on display.

Was she, perhaps, standing out more for her lack of nudity, and as such drawing more attention than she wanted? Or was she simply succumbing to social anxiety. Wasn't this supposed to be relaxing?
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[ PO1 Lillee t'Jellaieu | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01

Lillee Jellaieu, the Theurgy's latest sleeping beauty to have been awoken from slumber, needed a wash. It was a simple, basic organic need, but by the Fires, she needed to feel truly clean, not whatever awful torment she felt like right now. It was probably psychological, some strange reaction to having spent so long in cryostasis, but no matter how many sonic showers Lillee had, she simply could not get clean. That same unpleasant, dry sensation seemed to linger on her skin, that sterile chemical scent lingering in her nostrils, and nothing would banish it. Lillee had asked around, of course, but naturally, only the senior officers got showers with a water setting. Such blatant elitism was bizarre in the egalitarian Federation, but Lillee supposed that it was hardly to be unexpected. In an odd way, it was nice to see that the oh-so-high-and-mighty Federation shared some qualities with her own people. Still, out of options and distinctly uncomfortable after two days of feeling unclean,  she resorted to simply asking one of her fellow NCOs where she could go to get a good, proper wash. The petty officer had been polite enough in his response, but Lillee had nevertheless caught his devilish grin as he turned away.

An hour later, inside the locker room for the ship's baths, Lillee found out why as she skimmed the list of rules. Clothing optional, she thought with a scoff. Really. No wonder that man had been so amused. Perhaps he had known that Romulans were reputed (falsely) to be overly prudish, an odd counterpoint to their famous ferocious natures. Or perhaps he was just chuckling at the thought of introducing someone else to whatever lay beyond the locker room doors. Either way, Lillee thought wryly as she disrobed, she was hardly the type to be embarrassed at seeing other people in their pure nude forms. Admittedly Lillee herself wasn't inclined to bare all here, either, not onboard a Federation ship where such things could be misconstrued, but hey, the sign said clothing optional, not banned.

Thus after neatly folding her uniform, Lillee took out the night black swimsuit that she had just replicated and began putting it on. The suit was a rather flattering design for Lillee's figure, exposing her trim, faintly muscled physique in a one-piece design with only a thin black strip connecting the top and lower halves at the front and back. The design didn't do Lillee's breasts any favours, keeping them thoroughly concealed, but given their unimpressive size, Lillee didn't mind that. She was appreciative of the way that the swimsuit showed off her sides and toned stomach, not to mention her well-formed posterior. The design should prove comfortable for swimming, and besides that, as Lillee pulled the swimsuit on, she both felt and looked good. She was a Romulan, after all, and she always enjoyed that simple sensation of feeling sexy as could be.

Of course, even with her potent imagination, Lillee could not have imagined what lay in the baths themselves. The layout could've been Romulan in its design, and part of her ached for home, but then again, the baths were rather too sterile and artless by comparison to the baths back home. Lillee couldn't help but allow her eyes to wander as she slowly stepped further inside, from the relaxing identical twins to that gorgeous Efrosian to...oh wow, is he a Klingon!? Lillee had never really thought of Klingons like that before, but she had to admit that he was frightfully impressive in every respect.

Still, Lillee's attention focused on the nervous young woman in front of her, clad in only a towel and seemingly holding onto it for dear life. Curious, and feeling a little bit sorry for the poor soul, Lillee quietly walked up to the human until she was next to her, smiling compassionately. Oh dear, she was blushing fiercely. Then Lillee heard the woman's last remark and it all slipped into place.

"Are you alright, sweet one?" Lillee asked the girl gently. "I expect that the clothing standards hereabouts can be unsettling."
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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi (,_callsign_%22Meony%22) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan, @CanadianVet, @Absinthe, @FollowTomorrow, @DocReno, @Triton, @Hastata-Nerada & @Griff
Meony would be the last person to admit that she was pensive, and more than a little wound up, lately. Three years of hell on board the Resolve and never once did she lose it like everyone kept thinking she would have. She defied all expectations of her sanity being lost after the innumerable torments and horrors that had been visited on her. Then again, things seemed to happen a lot faster on board the Theurgy.

She'd become increasingly withdrawn and quiet whenever she wasn't in her Valkyrie or in armour. Her eyes always darted left and right whenever she was not able to see past corners, and she even jumped if people like Sinead approached her silently from behind. She'd also become a little more clingy than usual to Jimmy, acting terribly afraid of being alone. She never said anything about it but the attack on her by members of the Devoted had terrified her more than anything she'd faced in Hell Sector (the region of space that the Resolve had been lost in). Because unlike the horrors she'd faced, these enemies looked like friends, fellow crew, and allies. Her distrust for strangers was stronger than ever.

Jimmy had the insight to know something was seriously wrong and when this outing was suggested, Meony was reluctant to go in without some sort of armament, but she settled for sticking close to Jimmy, Leon and Tarsi, once she learnt that many familiar faces would be there. And knowing Suq, he very likely would be there too. The Efrosian would be frolicking around for sure. In a rare moment of insecurity, she had emerged from her quarters in a red beach outfit ( which exposed the disfiguring scars on her side and most of her back, as well as the scars on her legs. She wasn't the shapeliest girl to ever live, but Meony always put on the air of not caring for her looks. She was in fact a little insecure and low on self-esteem.

Jimmy in typical Jimmy fashion, tried to lighten the mood between them on their way into the pools when she got hit by the sonic showers and her top which was loose flashed her breasts for all to see, to say nothing of the loose flowing skirt...considering that she came out in it to begin with, and that there was more nudity here than she'd seen anywhere else on the ship or on Risa (so she thought), she supposed one more full frontal wasn't going to make a difference, but did anyone consider those scars hideous? Maybe it was time to get them removed, since they were such a source of contention for her.

Meony heard what Leon said and her plastic smile faltered, before she gave Jimmy a smirk as he finished his narrator monologue and she playfully smacked him in the arm, then headed for the pools, pondering whether she wanted to get in or not yet. Instead, she settled down outside behind Jimmy, one hand on his shoulder, her knees drawn up to her chest with one hand securing them against her. "Nice 'n' wet, sugah?" asked Meony, with a mischievous grin.

[ Lt. JG Sinead O'Riley ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan, @CanadianVet, @Absinthe, @FollowTomorrow, @DocReno, @Triton, @Hastata-Nerada & @Griff
Sinead had heard about the public baths, and was highly intrigued by the notion. It was rather remindful of what the Bringloidi did back home, and she felt nostalgic for something that reminded her of better times. So, she took to the place with some enthusiasm, her blue eyes flashing with eagerness. She stored her belongings in a locker and wrapped only a towel around her body. She had no issues about showing flesh, as that was common in Bringloidi baths too, but some people weren't as open to such behaviour, so she would approach this with caution first.

But she was struck by the heat first of all. Uncertain about how Andorians could take it considering that they came from a planet that was even colder than Bringloid V's caves, Sinead could not take heat for long before she would run the risk of passing out. The sonic shower blew the towel right off her, and only her lightning reflexes allowed her to crasp the tip of one corner of the cloth before it would have been out of reach, but she didn't bother covering her breasts or loins with her free hand, since she felt no need to do so, yet as she moved on inside, the towel hanging in one hand, with her swaying a little from the combination of body heat and the room's own ambient temperature, she looked upwards and away for a moment of consideration.

"No." was all she said ultimately, and she turned and left, intending to escape.
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[ B'Nila Skai & Petya Narrith | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] attn: anyone

The locker room was cold. Or maybe it was that he was cold, honestly Petya couldn't be sure. He had been hiding in front of one of the lockers in the corner, out of the way and not in view of the majority of the room. He had taken off his uniform and under shirt, standing now, back to the room, in nothing but his skin-tight boy-shorts and sports bra. Though he didn't really need the sports bra. Being J'Naii it was not as if he had especially large breasts, but they did exist and they were pert and the cold air had caused his nipples to react.

He had been spending the last few minutes debating on whether or not he would actually go out into the bath or not. Being J'Naii his biology was a little bit different than most of the other races on board the ship. He looked quite feminine, but when his anatomy below the beltline was considered he looked more masculine. It did make things a little awkward.

Finally with a deep breath he grabbed his uniform and pulled it out of the locker. To hell with it, he would take a shower in his quarters, he didn't need a soak that bad.

"Chickening out, huh?" came a voice from behind him and he almost jumped a foot in the air.

B'Nila Skai walked up and opened a nearby locker and began to undress. Barely seeming to notice or care that he was there.

"Huh- Wha?" Petya asked sheepishly.

"Well, you haven't gone in yet and you appear to be putting on your uniform to run away," B'Nila said as she pulled off her own uniform. She undressed with purpose and without any shame. Public bathing was very common on Elsaria, there were pools of heated water near the steam vents and from the ancient times her people would gather there. It was even a custom to spend the first night of a marriage near the pools, for good fertility.

"Um... Well..." Petya replied, frozen. He had been called out and was afraid to make any real move.

"You can run away if you want," B'Nila replied as she folded her uniform and placed it in the locker. "Or you can buck up and go in. Either way, you're gonna feel awkward about it. The difference will be that one option you do something new, and the other you run away." She pulled her under shirt off and put that in the locker too.

"Well... erm... I guess..." Petya said as he put his uniform back in the locker and began to pull his sports bra off, exposing his lime sized breasts.

"That's the spirit," B'Nila said as she peeled off her underwear, which Petya noticed was not standard issue. B'Nila set her panties and bra in the locker on top of her stuff and closed it, pausing only to run her thumb across the lock to seal it.

Petya stood for a moment before he took a breath dropped his boy shorts and set them along with his sports bra in the locker. He locked it and, hands in front of him to cover his groin, he made his way toward the sonic showers.

He entered the line of showers as B'Nila stepped out of the shower area and into the baths. B'Nila walked with no shame and made no attempt to hide her body. She moved to a rack of towels and grabbed a large beach towel before making her way toward one of the steamer chairs that was near a steam vent. She laid the towel on it and then laid down on top of it.

Petya emerged a moment later into the baths and stood awkwardly near the door. He held his hands still over his groin and looked around, lost.
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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01
@triage @Even Angels Cry @Brutus, @Nolan, @Absinthe, @FollowTomorrow, @Hastata-Nerada & @Griff[/i][/color][/size]

Before Jimmy started his Starfleet Career, steamy, sexy scenery like this was nothing new to him, from Las Vegas to Risa to the Trill Hoobesian Baths. Still, a real bathhouse was just the place to unwind, to enjoy the scenery and provide some of his own; personal experience had led him to believe only a Trill or perhaps a Risian could've designed this chamber. Unlike past experiences, this time, it was different, he hardly considered himself a bachelor; much less one who was young, dumb and full of... enthusiasm anymore, at least in a particular sense. With Meony at his side, Mariner was more keen on entertaining someone else rather than himself.

Mariner was keen on giving the hotshot space jockey a good memory to relive whenever she-- or he himself for that matter-- needed a moment to relive in the heat of battle or a near-death situation. Whistling Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss a Thing ( as he he conjured himself up an ale and scouted out a good area... to stretch out and lay back, he rolled his eyes and tested the waters, giving Meony her semblance of decency while he found a good spot that wasn't too crowded or too lonely; he wanted to socialize with some of the new crew.

Jimmy had a moment to casually inspect the others. Tarsi and one other female Andorian had been present, but he figured that if he'd seen one blue body, even in a co-ed shower, he'd seen them all, but they had competitively-fit bodies. Human diversity was renowned throughout the quadrant, and he spotted that mousy-looking, but that-much-more-attractive-now yeoman. She had company, but Jimmy considered that guy a fortunate man... then again when Meony got here, so would he. Of course, it wouldn't be a party if Suq hadn't made a splash.

Get anywhere near my sea monster, Suq, and I'll send ya to the briny depths. Jimmy jokingly thought, disguising the thought through the catchy tune of his whistle. Not meaning to, a two-toned wolf whistle hijacked his melody when Meony appeared in,-- crikey, that outfit. Jimmy was no stranger to those scars. At some point, he made a private narration of her topography. "Watch as our beauty graces the waters with her sweetness." Her attire, or lack of, made it impossible to keep eye contact with Meony, but he did his best as he held her hand until she settled in.

Meony meant a lot to Jimmy: during many near-death encounters, it was the memory of a night with her, or a thickly-accented date together in Resolve's forward-bay lounges, not the adventures at his dad's side, or other close-encounters with the Jem'Hadar, or even his hardened military training that had snapped James Mariner out of otherwise-doomed situations. He didn't doubt that he liked her, on account of their time together and the happy hours they'd spent building sidearms together to pass the time, but it was moments like this that made Jimmy Mariner's disposition a perpetually-sunny one. The promise of holding Krystal Tancredi, protecting her and enjoying a pleasant time. Naturally, of course, he hid all this behind a smirking poker face as he held her against him, reinforcing her belief in his security.

"So...sweetwater" the Australian flirted with her in Texan jargon, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" the oldest pick-up line in the book was also incidentally the first ice-breaker he'd used on Meony when they first met at Resolve's first meeting, back when only certain Hornet crew were transferred together.
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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi (,_callsign_%22Meony%22) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan, @CanadianVet, @Absinthe, @FollowTomorrow, @DocReno, @Triton, @Hastata-Nerada & @Griff
"Don't ya think ya know better'n ta ask dat?" said Meony mock-reprovingly, remembering their first meeting, though probably not the way Jimmy might be thinking. She'd nearly unmanned him while in her power suit. But his refusal to back down showed significant character and courage, something Meony could respect, and it went on from there. Something beautiful. Something worth living for. Worth dying for too, if it came down to it. She decided to slip in the water after all, and though she was technically free to drink at the moment, she refused to touch anything alcoholic. She wanted to keep her mind alert and at one hundred percent.

She leaned on Jimmy and rested her forehead against his shoulder, "Jimmy, what wouldja say if Ah said Ah wanna get mah scars removed?"

She raised her head to gaze at the man, her hazel eyes boring into his. She was oblivious to the presence of the others. It was a social event, and people were mingling around, getting to know one another without the hindrances of rank or position. Here everyone was bare, not just in skin, but for some, in soul too. Meony's soul was more bare than the flesh that her two piece bathing suit did not cover. Even so, she did casually cast a glance around to see Suq trying act like the cutest sea monster to ever swim through the large pools, Tarsi, Leon, Eliska...Sinead actually showed up for a moment, then left. Ah, not a fan of warmth. Meony thought, remembering the Bringloidi's low tolerance for heat and warmth that didn't come from bodies. Her attention returned to Jimmy after a moment of thought.
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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01
@triage @Even Angels Cry

"Helluva waste." Jimmy knew better than to fall for that with a straight answer, instead he held Meony around her waist and felt around for some of her scars he'd 'named'. Mariner had since gotten rid of his own disfiguring scars out of a jaded emotional detachment towards some of his own injuries; willing to let exercise and synthehol brush those away. 'He didn't need scars to remind him of his mistakes.', He'd defied Counselor Zelosa Ejek's advice to have them as badge of honor back on the Resolve, around the days when a few of Security crew didn't make it for the long-expected parade.

Losing the scars was him wiping his slate clean, as it were, in case survivor's guilt had to be chaptered.

Dr Lynn used dermal regenerators to help bury most those scars; but he tried to purge any memory of his survivor's guilt. It gave him anger issues on rare occasions, thanks to Project Eagle's Vulcan combat meditation lessons. Evidently Sinead had something similar. They helped to get over the cruel memories of his hours of tempory hell as a Dominion POW. Of course, when he won Meony's heart-- or at least her instincts, then he'd found motive enough to appear attractive enough now that the memories had faded away on the Resolve... Besides, the two were kindred spirits in a physical sense.

"... of a topographic map of that pleasant land you're from." In characteristic form, he deflected the question of the point of so many pillow talk coversations. "But it depends on how ticklish they make you-- mine were. Wouldn't wanna reopen any old wounds, would we?". In truth he admitted how fun it was for topographies to 'clash' in their more private moments, but added in an exaggerated American accent, "Still, most girls'd die for a bod like that... or at least get mighty scratched up for."

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @DocReno @Brutus

Natalie Stark's stammering followed Bremmer into the pool, and a mischievous grin graced her face, thankfully away from the Chief Operations Officer, as she made her way towards Cam Ward and his friend.  When she sank into the water, she let the warmth seep into her muscles and her bones.  Just in time, in fact, for that tall, curvy and muscular Andorian woman.  Though, which of the two female-analogue genders she was dealing with, that was beyond her ability to tell.  But the body on her! 

However, before she could address her new acquaintances, some older ones did make their way in.  Of course.  Trust Mariner to bring a party wherever he's going whether it's wanted or not, and drag others along the way no less.  Bathhouses were still common back on Nova Kosice, an artifact of her people's origins back on Earth.  All were open to both genders and various degrees of closeness were to be expected.  But some were raucous places where heavy drinking, singing and celebrating were to be expected; others were far quieter.  And Theurgy's baths hardly struck the Petty Officer as the kind of place where one would hold a kegger.  But, of course, trust those two to just barge in somewhere and decide to have a grand old shindig...

However, she decided to ignore them and instead focus on that first pilot, Cam.  Oh yes, he did have a nice smile. And he wasn't trying to hide the fact he was checking her out.  And, most importantly, he wasn't leering; but he was obviously appreciating what he was seeing.  And that was pleasant enough.  As for the Andorian?  She wasn't making much of a secret about it either.  Not that it mattered, because she too was being looked at. 

And, before she knew it, Eliska had fingers, decidedly female fingers, on her stomach, and she regarded her blue-skinned companion, who not only knew her name, but recognized her accent.  The name was easy to figure out.  Ward had gotten there before Bremmer, so he probably told her.  But recognizing her accent, that was impressive.  "Now you've really got me at a disadvantage," the Human started with a grin.  "First, you know my name, and I don't know yours.  And you pegged my accent right; how did you recognize it?  My people aren't really known for doing a lot of traveling." 

But then, she chuckled.  "And yes, there is some tension there.  Tends to happen when you've just swam 3 miles.  But if you want to relax it, usually people buy me dinner first.  Or at least a few drinks."

But, as if to reinforce the playful nature of her tone, she reached out and landed her hand on top of the Andorian's thigh.
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[LT JG Cameron Ward & Ensign Tallanyreen "Aria" sh'Kandros| Public Baths| USS Theurgy| Vector 01] ATTN: @CanadianVet

Aria listened to the other woman's words, smiling as she found her attitude refreshing. "I'm Tallanyreen sh'Kandros...or simply Aria which is my callsign." she said with a smile before leaning close enough to whisper "of course only a small handful get to call me Yreen.." in a light but very warm whisper.

Aria then leaned back as she thought about how to best answer Eliska's question, her respectable yet plump breasts bobbing lightly in the water as she leaned back against the side of the tub, "To put it simply I wasn't always in the fleet, I was apart of a crew that ran cargo to planets like yours. I have to say that I enjoyed the air on Nova Kosice as it was crisp and had a strength to it that I could respect."

When Eliska mentioned that she had been swimming which was the source of her tension and how one could start to fixing it, Aria's face turned into a little bit of a quiet smile. "Well I think dinner could wait...but drinks most certainly." she said with an honesty.

Aria then tilted her head to look at her counterpart who was quietly watching, a private smile of his own on his face. "King?" she asked in a very respectable tone.

Ward's right eyebrow raised slightly. "Yes, Aria?"

"Do me a favor, go over to the bar there and see if you can't find something old and gold, we don't want our dear new friend here to catch a cold do we?" the Shen said with a faint tone of amusement in her voice.

Cameron bowed his head respectfully towards Aria and then smoothly pulled himself out of the water and headed over to the bar as Aria's face then turned a very dark shade of blue as she felt the other woman's hand on her muscular thigh, a light moan escaping her mouth which caused a blush that turned her skin a color from her face down to the valley between her breasts a deeper shade of blue. "sorry...been a while since I've had a gorgeous woman touch me." she admitted in a very soft tone to Eliska, her fingers idly stroking the other woman's bare stomach.

[Ensign Chris Slayton| Public Baths| USS Theurgy| Vector 01] ATTN: @Brutus

Chris heard some of the comments and turned to see the subject of the conversation was a nervous looking woman and he decided that his question for Cameron could wait as he quickly went over to the wet bar, looking for something in particular and after finding a couple of items, he poured them into a shaker and started to shake the shiny metal canister before grabbing two glasses before moving from behind the wet bar again.

He politely walked up to the young woman and politely coughed, "Excuse me, Miss Stark?" he asked, his voice was a very warm and husky sounding. "I was curious if you would care to join me for a couple of drinks and a talk about art?" he asked in a very respectable fashion, his light green eyes focused on her face.
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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi (,_callsign_%22Meony%22) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triton
"......" that hadn't been the answer Meony was hoping for, and now she wasn't sure whether asking Jimmy was the best idea. Her smaller fingers wrapped around his when he reached around her waist, and she looked away, her face uncertain. She was beginning to make changes, but perhaps it was all too much and too soon. The man didn't seem to care one way or another, or maybe he thought she was entrapping him somehow. That would of course justify his dismissive response.

His follow-up confused her, but she shook her head slightly, and just leaned against him, eventually resting her head on his shoulder, letting her long tresses trail down over his form, "Ah hope dey won't," said Meony at his last remark, "ain't worth th' pain an' hell dat came with its makin'..." she looked up at him and smiled wanly, "...still, thanks."

Her eyes drifted over to Leon, then Tarsi, and then Eliska Bremmer. The woman seemed to be having fun. Meony's mood was souring for some reason, and she decided to do something about it before she became completely unsuitable for socializing. "Think Ah'll have a drink after all..." she twisted around without leaving Jimmy's side to grab herself the nearest alcoholic beverage, and drank quietly, not looking at anything or anyone.
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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

"You know what they say," Jimmy smirked, stepping out of the pool, regretting the cold but kindly offering his services, incidentally to get himself something. "Beauty's only skin-deep. So you're purdy on the inside.... with a tough exterior." 

Curses: no Foster's. He blamed his American half for any fondness he had for that brew, instead having himself some Mexican beach lager, expertly preparing one for Meony before returning with an effortless slide into the pool, holding both bottles over the water. Tarsi was even thoughtful enough to have packed lime and salt (which he expertly applied before handing it over to his Texan counterpart.), even though she herself avoided warm temperatures, she tended to remember the passions and subtle details of her friends. "Who isn't afraid to show it." He hoped that'd give her something to mull over concerning her scars. To show that he was in fact just kidding, he added,

"They also say that the sweetness of booze is one flavor." It meant that women everywhere were desirable and intoxicating in their diverse, unique ways, but in his case, it implied his loyalty for one label. Truth told, he borrowed from something Marco Polo had once said when asked a difficult question pertaining to women.
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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi (,_callsign_%22Meony%22) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triton
"Well bless mah liberties," said Meony with a small smile, "ain'tcha jes th' epitome of gentleman."

She pondered privately at what he had to say on the matter. It still wasn't really what she wanted to hear, but perhaps it was too much to ask of Jim in the first place. And a loaded subject as it were. So as he filled a drink for her, she decided to let it be, and just enjoy his company, as well as the company of her friends, her family, as they surrounded her and filled her once more with life and vigour, just as the intoxicants would fill her with a whole load of other shit that was gonna fuck her up, and Jimmy too, all in the awesomest of ways. In fact, Meony was already getting ideas.

And all that too, before she'd even drunk it. Yeah baby.

"Ah guess Ah cain live with dat." said Meony, and she took hold of her drink, then with her free hand, she wrapped it around the back of Jimmy's neck to pull him closer, and planted a generous kiss on his lips, a promise of things to come. She leaned her head to whisper into his ear, "When ya get done socialahzeen, what say you 'n' Ah hit th' hay? Reckon we got lotsa explorin' o' landscapes t' be doin'."

She pulled back and settled down comfortably beside him after that. Enjoying her drink.
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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

Jimmy clinked glasses and wet his lips, suggestively squeezing out lime at Meony."I know a spot in Blue Horizon. Ever hear of Da Vinci Falls? Without so many tourists, it's a great place to..." He kept the rest in a hushed whisper as he wrapped his hands against her hips and tickled one scar at random as he whispered the rest of his invitation into the redhead's ear. "... and practice some maneuvers while we're at it." he said a notch above an enticing whisper.

Jimmy was grateful for some of the recent memories during their voyage they had made in the holodeck. Yosemite Falls, Mount Seleya, Even an almost-exact replica of Risian islands were only to name a few, though an occasional holodeck visit to Australia was a nice welcome home. Being a documentarian's son had the advantage of homeschooling. "<Don't wanna close my eyes...>" he lightly whistled the notes of one of his dedicated tunes for her.

"They grow up so quickly, don't they?" Tarsi cast an almost endearing mock-endearing tone to Marquez as she finished applying lotions on her body and applying one to her partner, who platonically returned the favor. Warm water was one thing, but high temperature took some pleasant adapting. "Easy on the antennae, you're too rough."

"Scuttlebutt says that's how you like it." Leon couldn't resist an opportunity to snag a bad joke despite his almost unreadable poker face and tendency to matter-of-factly make humor. The two kept their distance but often did their best to hook eachother up with potential dates or excuses to exchange sparring maneuvers. Leon had time to wrap a towel around his waist, making no shame in hiding his sculped absominals and firm pectorals while waiting for Tarsi to do the same. He regarded one bottle that stood out. In gold labels almost to match the gold color of the wine itself, it read, "Chateau Picard, Watermelon Sangria Moscato. Leon smirked a bit "Impressive find. This ship's designers thought of everything when they programmed the replicator menu."
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01 ] attn: @Griff @CanadianVet @Nolan @Absinthe @Numen @Triage @Triton

Natalie's situational awareness was starting to fray around the edges. She could hear more bathers arriving in the secluded oasis built along side the Theurgy's gym, but she felt her focus bouncing from one point to the next. She was, for instance, still very aware of the occasional glance that seemed to fall her way from Bremer, the noncom from the Resolve whom had managed to both embarrass her and compliment her in one go. It had her toying with the edge of her towel, the internal debate of keeping it in place, or letting it fall being waged in the back of her mind. There were the less subtle looks of some of the men around her, and the politely amused gaze of Thomas Ravon (at least that was how she chose to precieve the smile he'd shot her while she endured her current predicament.

I may have to give up on joining him for that drink she thought to herself. At this rate, she would never get over there. And as if to prove the point, a new voice sounded from behind, and to the side, causing the brunette to jump and spin a bit. The accent was odd, alien and - sure enough, there was reason for that. A blond woman with sloping, pointed ears, and prominent brow ridges stared back at her - dressed, surprisingly enough, in a bathing suit of some form. The fact that she was dressed seemed to startle Natalie more than her sudden arrival, or the fact that she was most definitely a Romulan. There were more than a few in Starfleet at this point, and while rare, in and of it self, that was not a cause for concern.

"Are you alright, sweet one?" Lillee asked the girl gently. "I expect that the clothing standards hereabouts can be unsettling."

The term of endearment was - well, not unsettling, but unexpected. Still, Natalie was able to at least discern that the newcomer was trying to be comforting. And given that the woman sported a suit - flattering, yes, attractive if one were into women, Natalie noted - she was not bared as so many others were. The casual nudity didn't seem to bother the Romulan - how could you tell? - but at the same time, she seemed to posses no desire to place her assets on full display. A reasonable compromise, but one that Natalie was, unfortunately, denied by the bet she had lost.

Still fiddling with the towel wrapped tightly around her, the Ops Chief gave the Romulan her full attention for the time being. Until someone else showed up. Natalie was sure that would happen sooner or later, with the way things were going. "I'm just a little overwhelmed and a good deal out of my depth," Natalie confessed, offering the Romulan a weary, but gracious smile. "This first time down here, and I guess you could say its not exactly my comfort zone. But it was ahem, suggested that I try this for a way to relax. And so," she shrugged, " here I am. I'm Natalie, by the way." Rank did not exist in the baths, after all.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @Brutus @Griff

Having been all but abandoned in the baths, Eliska Bremmer stretched against the edge of the warm pool she had been lounging in.  Oh yes, that was, in some ways, much like home.  Well, entirely too much granite and metal and not enough cedar-analogue and smooth limestone for her taste, but it was nice all right.  Well, a party rolling in had disturbed the sensuous peace of the bathhouse, but she was working hard to ignore it for now.

So instead, she turned her attention back to Natalie Stark.  Eliska's comments had been meant to be gentle barbs as well as compliments.  The Chief Operations Officer might be more curvaceous than she preferred in women, but she certainly was easy on the eyes.  That, and she had a shy kind of innocence that was pretty endearing.  And then, there was a real surprise. 

A pretty little blonde, Romulan if she was a lifeform, walked towards Stark. And she was in... a bathing suit?  Really?  It was a very, very modest one-piece... and it really worked for her.  Oh, it really nicely framed her backside all right, and there was something really honest about how it skimmed her small breasts.  Yes, she was definitely more to the Nova Kosicean's liking all right.  But... she did look like she could loosen up a little.  And it did give Bremmer an idea.

"Nat?  And Lillee, right?"  There was a playful grin on her face as she regarded both women, who well might be complete physical opposites.  "I was wondering if you might be able to answer something for me.  Why is it people from core systems are such prudes?"
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 [PO1 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Canadian Vet


When the bathing human called out her jibe, Lillee laughed, glancing sideways at the adorably embarrassed Nat. Oh stars, the poor woman was still clutching to that towel with such anxiety. She had clearly lost a bet, and as was often the case, the follow-through was proving beautifully torturous. At the very least, she wasn't being dared to humiliate herself. There were plenty of other nude bathers around of various genders and species, so the dare was in good spirits, rather than malevolence. Given half a chance the shy human would probably enjoy herself, but not if put on the spot.

So, being the crafty devil that she was, Lillee flashed an evil grin at the sleeknwoman who'd asked the question from the pool. "And why is it that outer colony hicks have a burning need to throw your clothes off at every opportunity?" she called back, the laughter in her tone taking the sting from her words. Oh, that girl really was a beauty, relaxing as she was against the wall of the pool. Her black hair was wet in that lovely way, while her upper torso was equally damp, rivulets of water slipping down through the shallow valley between her small, rounded breasts, which were only half submerged in the water. What really stole Lillee's attention, however, was the girl's arms. There was muscle there, well defined, suggesting that the girl was exceptionally fit. A Security girl, perhaps, or a fellow pilot...

"Some of us have style, dear," Lillee continued, still grinning diabolically. "Sometimes, imagination is so much sweeter than the quick and easy option."

Then, quite without shame, she took a step forward and turned around, presenting the attractive human (and, indeed, everybody else in the bath house besides Nat) a perfect view as she stretched her arms up over her head, showing off her small but well formed rear end with the movement, as well as her long, sensual back. The swimsuit really did complement her form well, hugging Lillee's Romulan body as she then casually bent forwards, touching her toes with her fingers, causing her derriere to lift up in the air. The skintight black fabric emphasised every aspect of her trim musculuture, and not for the first time, Lillee found herself grateful for getting back into fighting trim in recent years, no small feat for a single mother of twins.

Rising from her not-so-innocent stretch, Lillee winked at Nat. "If you want to follow through on that dare, sweetie, now is the time," she said quietly enough that only Nat could hear.
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Numen @CanadianVet @Griff @Nolan @Absinthe @Triage @Triton

For a moment, Natalie found herself wondering if Romulans were telepathic as a general rule. She thought that was just the Vulcans, and even then, they were mostly touched telepathy. But somehow this...Lillee, Bremmer had called her, seemed to divine exactly what was going on. After all, Nat hadn't told anyone that she'd been here on a bet, let alone that the bet was more than just show up in the baths in a towel. Her bet would leave her stark naked (pun intended) and also involved Natalie actually getting in a bath at some point, instead of just standing around awkwardly. She'd agreed to allow that to happen, and to oh, how had it been put? Explore anything that happened to rise up from there that looked fun or potentially relaxing. So nebulous. And well....well. She was getting ahead of herself.

Regardless, the Romulan had given as good as she'd got, sending a barb right back to the lounging security officer. Natalie tried not to stare  at the bare, wet chest of Eliska, nor the toned form of Lillee as she bent down in front of her. Neither of the women were anything less than easy on the eyes, and given most Starfleet officers maintained a personal PT regime, truthfully none of the bathers on hand were anything less than delicious looking. Natalie failed, quite spectacularly, to avoid starring. It was simply impossible to ignore the sheer amount of flesh on display. Perhaps because she was so very rarely this exposed, be it of her own person, or in the presence of others 'al natural'. For her, it was like watching a train wreck and being unable to look away. Save that this was far more visually pleasing than a train wreck.

A train wreck that Natalie was about to contribute to herself. She sucked in a bit of a breath, and then, very slowly, took the advice of the pilot who had just put on such a delicious little show. Pretending that this was the most natural thing to do in the world, Natalie let the towel part at the middle and then pool, catching it in the crook of he left arm.  Her skin had a soft sheen to it, from the steam of the baths, as she revealed the pale expanse of her chest, with her plump breasts sloping forward, the darker skin of her areolas contrasting the paler flesh of the orbs. Her body was not slender, her hourglass figure accented with curves in all the right places. The cut of her hip slice down to the join of her legs, mostly hidden by the towel and the way she crossed herself, but enough was visible to display a trimmed triangle of curly pubic hairs, showing an attention to detail and personal grooming.

Anyone that had the pleasure of being behind Natalie would see the equally rounded curves of her bum, just as slick as the rest of her from the heat. This too was larger, and more round than either Lillee or Bremmer, and at the moment she found herself envying the two more svelte non-comm's. Then again, in the baths, no one had a rank. That was the rule.

This past in but a scant few seconds, and yet Natalie felt, right or wrong, that every set of eyes were on her at the moment. Especially those immediately around her, she could feel their gaze like a heavyweight, dragging her down by the neck. She swallowed and met the Romulan's eyes, hoping that the blush on her face hadn't reached down to her chest.  And she quietly whispered a thank you. The Romulan woman's show made Natalie feel like at least a little of the pressure and attention from her had bled away, if only for a moment.
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[Ens Cameron Henshaw | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Numen  @CanadianVet  @Griff  @Brutus  @Absinthe  @Triage  @Triton 

Enjoying the warmth of the hot tub, Cameron could hear some more distinct talking and a minor commotion occur at the entrance of the public baths. Ravon was already there to enjoy the show it seemed yet Cameron had no idea what was going on yet. Sure she had seen Natalie Stark enter, yet besides that she wasn't up to speed. She raised herself out of the hot tub as the water ran down her smooth skin. Her pink nipples hardening against the cooler air as her smooth shaved nether region dripped off the driplets of water that still made their way down whilst the rest ran down her legs. Cameron pressed her hair together to get most of the water out before she shook it loosely giving her a rather wet hair look. Once done, she stepped out of the hot tub entirely and made her way over to the group of women who were standing around Stark.

Henshaw seemed unashamed about her body as she came to a stop between Bremmer and t'Jellaieu "Ladies, what seems to be going on here?" she asked with a coy smirk on her face as she looked at Stark first, her eyes glancing over her before she looked at Bremmer next and finally at Lillee. The blonde gal still dressed in her swimsuit, though her curves were very well accentuated by the swimsuit in all honestly. Bremmer's toned body on the other hand was on full display as much as the water would reveal. Natalie just seemed to sink through the floor. Cameron nodded at Natalie as she placed her hand on  on Lillee's back "We're all girls here hun, noting to be ashamed about." she tried to assure her.
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[Lt.JG Khorin Douglas (| Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01 ]
Attn: @Brutus  @CanadianVet  @Griff  @Nolan  @Absinthe  @Triage  @Triton

Khorin watched with satisfaction how Stark finally got rid of the towel, while he brought a broad grin to his face. Part of his father's culture was based on the demonstration of strength and physical superiority and bragging about it was not only the norm but highly expected. That the brunette had been so shy so far had not sense to him, especially when her voluptuous figure was pleasing to the eye. Obviously she was too timid for his tastes, but still with he couldn't find a reason to be ashamed. "See? You don't need to worry, we don't bite" he thundered with his deep voice. Sudenly, Douglas raised an eyebrow and scratched his beard thoughtfully and hurried up to add. "Well ... actually, I do." He accompanied his words with an impish smile.

He left her behind without waiting for an answer and carelessly threw the towel that was tied at his waist to the side while he stretched his tall figure completely. The little commotion around the Chief Operations Officer had diverted him from his initial purpose of relaxing his muscles after training and now he felt them stiff. However, a phrase made him turn around again, raising his eyebrow. "We're all girls here hun, noting to be ashamed about," said another brunette, trying to encourage Stark. The hybrid doesn't hesitate a second to approach the women again and place his paw on the shoulder of the girl who had talked last. "I dunno what you consider a girl, missy, but I can assure you that I'm not one" he said with a serious tone refuted by his teasing smirk. "As far as I remember, the baths are co-ed"
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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @Brutus @Griff @Nolan @Numen

When Eliska made her crack about prudishness, she had been grinning diabolically.  She was planning to have some fun with the decidedly shy Nat Stark, who struck her as needing little more than just a nudge to realize she indeed did have the confidence to drop that towel with no malice afterthought whatsoever.  As for the blonde in the bathing suit?  She was moving with the kind of grace and confidence that always drew the Nova Kosicean's eye when it crossed her sight.  And, to be brutally honest, that bathing suit was leaving very little to the imagination, not that she still wouldn't mind seeing what was there to be seen.  And that demonstration of hers?  Absolutely gorgeous! 

Bremmer let herself sink under the warm water and came right back up before standing and making her way out of the water, revealing all of herself, having decided to let the water that was slicking back her hair, draining off her skin and from the tip of her braid to naturally emphasize her body.  She was not heavily built, but she was not slender either; sleek would definitely be the more appropriate term.  As she walked out of the water, the sway of her hips would become obvious, as would the neatly trimmed tangle of dark hair between her legs.  Oh, she did have a crack to respond to herself.  "I know I look good, and I get looked at.  But you really think I walk around like this for their benefit?"

But that was all, for Nat Stark had decided to drop her towel after all.  As expected, she was curvy all right.  A little more than Eliska preferred, to be honest, but still a good, honest shape to her.  And it was no wonder she was eyeballed all right.  And, just to make things more interesting, a petite girl, fully shaven, decided to join in with her own words of encouragement, and asking if there was a problem.

Looking first at this newcomer, and then at the lovely blonde, Bremmer grinned.  "Just having a chat about nudity taboos with my absolutely lovely new friend here."

But then, there was an intrusion.  A male intrusion.  And what a male, at that!  Big, strapping, half-Klingon.  Were she in a different mood, Eliska might even give him a crack at some point.  But not right now. 
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 [PO1 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Canadian Vet, @Nolan, @Numen


Surrounded by a feast of nude, highly attractive (and quite wet) shipmates, Lillee couldn't help but grin. Oh, she'd been in similar situations back in the old days (Romulan warbirds could become quite rowdy, especially before and after battle), but it was still a pleasant experience for the eyes. The Klingon hybrid was rather well-groomed for his species, and his body just looked so...well...powerful. The broad shoulders, the muscular forearms, the perfectly toned abdomen, his well-formed buttocks. Not to mention, of course, his very impressive member, and suddenly, while Lillee had always borne a hearty disgust of Klingons, she rather understood why so many Federation species dallied with their brutish neighbours.

The other women standing next to Lillee and Natalie were equally spectacular, of course. The newcomer was petite and outrageously cute, while the other was drop-dead gorgeous out of the water, her lower half just as fit and slender as her top half had been in the water. And then there was poor Natalie, who for all her nerves, had a truly beautiful body, all curves and form.

It was almost enough to doubt Lillee's heartfelt belief in Romulan supremacy.


"What is it about being fugitives that makes you all nudists?" Lillee said with a grin, teasing the whole group. "You're free of the Federation, so you think that you might as well be free of all clothing? Or is it that you spend all that time exercising, so you wish to show off your hard work in your full glory to your comrades in arms?"

Before anyone had a chance to respond, Lillee laughed, shaking her head. "Oh, never you mind, I really don't care. As gorgeous as you all are, my friends, I came here to wash, not ogle at your admittedly wonderful forms. Now," she said, turning and walking backward to the pool, "if you don't mind," she continued, stopping at the lip of the pool, still facing the others, "I am going in."

And with that, still grinning, Lillee allowed herself to fall backward into the pool without even a hint of trepidation, dunking into the water with a great splash. "And the swimsuit stays ON!" she called upon emerging from the water, merry laughter in her voice.
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Atten: @CanadianVet @Numen @Nolan @Griff

The smile on the half-Klingon's face was actually somewhat reassuring - even if at the same time, it was a tad frightening. She had no doubt that he would bite. She could, in fact, picture him doing just that to her. It was a very stereotypical Klingon thing to say, and nothing about Khorin's attitude lead her to believe he was anything but truthful. It left a heat in her cheeks  - both those above her shoulders, and below.

No sooner had Natalie divested herself of her towel than another figure walked up to the group, joining the Romulan, Natalie, and Bremmer, whom had just stood up from the bath, water running all over. Nat did a bit of a slow blink as she connected the dripping wet, clean shaven body the newcomer sported to the cheerful face of the captains yeoman, Cameron Henshaw.

While she saw the slender ensign fairly frequently on the bridge of the Theurgy (daily for the most part) Natalie had never seen, nor even pictured her quite like this before. And yet, now she took a long, healthy look, and had detailed knowledge of what the young junior officer looked like naked. There was no denying that she was attractive, and Natalie felt a very slight heat rise up.

Just as with Lillee and Bremmer - Eliska, she mentally reminded herself - Cameron was of the sleek and slender build that Natalie found quite fetching. Unlike herself, with her rounder proportions. She clutched the towel a little tighter and tried for a smile that would make it seem like she wasn't quite so anxious. "Oh I'm fine," she tried to reassure the yeoman that she was just dandy. "Never really done something like this is all." And that was very much the truth.

Of course, that was when Khorin reminded them that not everyone present was female. Not that Natalie could forget, but she turned and looked over at him, eyes going quite wide indeed. He too had discarded his towel, when he'd gone walking off, and as Nat turned and looked, she got quite the eyeful of....flesh. Quite a bit. That's as big as - oh boy, she swiftly snapped her eyes up, and then away, turning a bit to look to the side. It was easy to have her attention drawn away tough, as Lillee made her crack and dove into the water.

Covering her mouth, Natalie giggled at the playful banter. "Good on you, Lillee," Natalie managed to say between giggles, shaking her head. She reached up and swept a few strands of hair back behind her head, ducking down again with a small smile there on her face. Her eyes darted about and she bit her lip, before rolling her shoulders back a bit and taking a slow look around the room. There were a lot of naked women immediately around Nat, but sure enough, the rest of the room was a much more co-ed mix. Not too far off, she could see some of the other bathers sneaking glances in their direction. Some she served with quite regularly, most she didn't even recognize.  The Chief of Operations had always seemed like a fairly shy woman, often kept to herself. Having her there in the baths was an occasion in and of it self.

"I do think Cameron meant in the immediate circle," Nat pointed out after a moment, to Khorin, not quite trusting herself to keep her eyes above the waist. Just a quick glance, then back over to the bathing pools. She raised her free hand and then wiggled the finger between a few of the various areas.

"So um....which one's are the hot baths?" She quickly asked, shifting her weight from side to side, not realizing how it popped her hips and made her bum jiggle. It wasn't really a thing she thought about. And she was still clutching onto her towel, almost like a security blanket, save that it was covering nothing now.
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[Lt. Daniel Havenborn & Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers & PO Riley Patterson | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Nolan @Havenborn

Ens. Eloi-Danvers hummed to herself as she placed her rank pip in the locker she'd selected, near the middle of the gyms locker room. She even made sure to use her recently replaced arm as part of an effort to adjust to the artificial limb. She'd been inadvertently favoring her "real" arm and had been called out on it.  Making the effort to use the other one was just that - an effort. And today was less about effort and more about relaxing. It had Faye bobbing up and down on her bare feet.

The young diplomatic first found the baths months prior when she been originally stationed on the ship. They reminded her of the Casual easy-going communal baths on Betazed, that she'd visited with her family years ago. Though these lacked a proper mud bath and were only water, they were still a welcome reminder of the home she had left behind. And she was looking forward to taking advantage of them again. She'd even convinced her lover to bring along that pilot she'd been shagging.

A grey and black jacket was tossed into the locker quickly followed by a red undershirt. She just dropped them haphazardly into the narrow container. Faye could not be bothered to fold them up. What was the point, she asked herself. The telepath had always hated how constricting her uniform felt. So drab and boring. It was why she was wearing a tight pink lace bra under it. Something flashy and fun to make up for the dull colors of official attire. Betazed should have been in charge of the uniform design. We'd have come up with much more colorful and comfortable options, she thought, facing the entrance to the locker's as the doors slid open, her hands behind her back in an effort to unclasp the bra.

They were on the final approach to the public baths now and Riley could feel her heart skip a beat as she saw the entrance to it. Daniel had just done his work out and Riley had come to watch him as she was planning to head to the public baths with Faye. The handsome pilot of course had caught her eyes and she had talked to him during his exercise and tried to convince him to join her. It took a lot of convincing and some minor teasing to change his mind yet in the end the pilot was finally giving in to join her and meet her paramour Ensign Faye Eloi-Danvers.

Guiding Daniel to the entrance whilst holding his arm she teased "Really, she's an officer so you shouldn't have any trouble to talk to her right?" Riley was wearing her teal decorated uniform as her shift in Sickbay had just come to an end. The doors of the locker room swung open and the two of them were greeted by Faye as she stood there unclasping her pink lace bra. Riley smirked and let go of Daniel once the doors closed behind him.

"Well, hi there," she grinned to Faye as she waited for her to unclasp the bra before she hugged her and kissed her full on the lips. Her body lining up with her and pressing lightly against her before she broke the warm welcome and stepped aside. "Mmh, Faye, meet Daniel Havenborn. He's a lieutenant flying with the Wolves. Daniel, meet Ensign Faye Eloi-Danvers, I know she's a mouth full..." she joked whilst rolling her eyes before continuing. "She's our acting Senior Diplomatic Officer."

She stepped back so the two of them could share welcomes and what more as she started to open up her uniform and began to undress herself as well. She had been looking forward to this moment all day! A chance to relax in the warm water and with the perfect company of Faye. It was just an added bonus that Daniel had showed up as she figured it might get really interesting with Faye and him. She stored the vest in the locker, folded neatly unlike her paramour before she worked herself out of her pants. Her maroon blue thong and bra on display for both parties, yet she wasn't ashamed considering both of them had seen more than that. She silently continued to work herself out of her bra as she looked over her shoulder at the other two.

Daniel still wasn't sure why he had agreed to come to the baths, everyone was considered equal there with rank having no bearing.  He had worked hard for his rank, he had enlisted in Starfleet and then he attended the Academy and spent four years working to get his commissioned officer status.  It was something that he was incredibly proud of and partly where his no fraternization of NCOs had come from, though Riley had changed his mind on that, at least when it concerned her.  Although that was in part because Daniel felt that she should be an officer and almost wished that he had the authority to give her a field promotion.

"It's not that I have problems talking to NCOs, I just don't generally have the kind of relations you and I have been having."  He said with a smirk.  Daniel was wearing his workout clothing, but had brought his duty jacket with, his original plan after hitting the gym was to head to the Spearhead Lounge and relax before going to the holodeck to work some more on his holonovel.  Riley had changed his plans though and she had convinced him to meet her lover.  As she introduced him to the half naked woman in front of him Daniel smiled.  "A pleasure to meet you Ensign."  Daniel said, he had wanted to say comment on Riley's joke but the disciplined part of his brain had buried that thought as quickly as he had come up with it.

Once the introductions were out of the way Daniel walked over a locker and began to disrobe, not that he was really wearing a lot to begin with, a white shirt with the TacCONN logo, black pants and his duty jacket.  He placed his jacket into the locker, hanging it up before removing his pants, revealing his pink boxer shorts.  He folded his pants neatly before removing his shirt and folding it neatly as well.  Then came his boxer shorts which he also folded neatly, he grabbed a towel from inside the locker and closed it throwing the towel across his shoulder.  He looked back towards both women and smiled.  "Well I'm ready, shall we?"

There was little subsitute for the arms of someone you loved, and to Faye it felt like coming home, when Riley sauntered over and wrapped herself around the telepath. The embrace was relatively new still, but welcome and familiar, as was the mental mindscape that the diplomat allowed herself to sink into, savoring all that was Riley Patterson, albeit in a brief moment.

The kiss was pretty damn good too, if she did say so herself. Tongues danced, again, briefly - they had company after all! But it was still a welcome respite from the day, and the topless diplomat turned to face the newcomer with a smile on her face and color in her cheeks. "Hi yourself," she said over her shoulder to Riley, hip checking her playfully as introductions were made, before focusing her attentions solely on Lt. Havenborn.

"Likewise, Lieutenant," Faye could be good, she told herself as she replied. She didn't say anything at all about the hint of a joke she sensed in the back of the pilots brain. She was, after all, trying to make a good impression, for Riley's sake. Hyper Aware of her lovers actions, it was easier to ignore the impressions from Daniel and give him (and the others around them) more mental privacy. "Though, you'd best get used to calling me Faye. At least past those doors," She hitched a thumb over her shoulder at the tunnel that lead to the baths. Giving him one of her brightest smiles - and seemingly perfectly at ease with having her chest on display to a complete stranger, she added. "I hope you'll enjoy it. Both of you," she turned to Riley and walked over to her locker, running a finger right up the girls spine.

"Let me help," she playfully said, quick and easy as you please, unlatching Riley's bra. "It's so much easier with a second set of hands, isn't it?" She asked her paramor, before pressing a kiss to her shoulder. Even just being here in the lockers was clearly relaxing Faye. Stress was bleeding off by the moment, replaced by the comfort of the nurse, and the excitement of meeting new people - chiefly the fully displayed Daniel Havenborn, who was most certainly easy on the eyes.

As she bent over and took are of her pants - and panties - in one go (also matching pink) she wiggled a bit for Riley, because she couldn't and tossed the mess into the bottom of the locker. "He's quite the looker," she whispered and winked, conspiratorially. "I trust you had no issues convincing him to tag along?"

The hip bump of Faye brought Riley a bit out of balance yet not too much to have her tip over. She shot Faye a smirk before continuing as the two strangers went over the introductions. It seemed to go well enough and for a moment it felt like Riley was bringing home a boyfriend during her teen years. Not like Faye was anything like her mother, yet it had that kind of vibe to it. This made the petty officer laugh silently as she worked herself out of her thong and after Faye's delightful help she stood there completely nude as she looked over where the towels would be.

The simply teasing of Faye had already riled up Patterson a little. The soft touch of a finger along her spine along with a kiss to her shoulder. Riley turned to face Faye as she slid her hands over her bare skin, feeling up the sun kissed smoothness as she bit her lip and shook her head in response to the question of the diplomat. With Faye wiggling herself out of her pants and panties, Riley couldn't help but shoot Faye a mental image of what Riley would do if they truly were alone, though she imagined Daniel wouldn't mind. It involved finger slipping between Faye's legs and kisses trailed along her spine.

"No, it was rather easy..." she smiled mischievously before she looked over Daniel who was pretty much full on display. Her eyes moved over him before the next mental barrage for Faye was unleashed. The passionate moment she had shared with the pilot on the Holodeck came to Riley's mind and she could vividly feel the things the pilot had done to her. A grin appeared on her face as she wondered how Faye would manage with that image and she spotted the towels at last and walked over to them. She brushed her fingers along Daniel's abdomen as they were stacked by his side of the lockers and she gave him a wink before she returned to Faye with two towels. "I think we're all set right?"

Daniel nodded as Riley had commented that it had been rather easy to convince him to join her in the baths.  The upside to the baths would be that he would get to see those members of the crew that he had wondered what they would look like outside of their uniforms, he was currently looking forward to the experience.  Daniel would let either one of them lead as he took a moment to look over both of them, the small patch of blonde on Riley still made him smile, he was going to have to try to convince her to go back to her natural hair color but he would come to that another day.  Daniel had always preferred blonde women over other hair colors, he wasn't sure where it came from really but all of the women that he had courted had been blonde.

"Lead the way ladies."  Daniel said as he fell in line behind them, he was fairly sure that Faye was able to read his surface thoughts but at the moment he really didn't mind.  His thoughts primarily centering around the kind of fun the three of them could have but he doubted that the young Ensign would go for him she seemed to have her eyes solely set on Riley which he could understand why as she was quite the woman.

Faye felt the attentions of both of her companions for the evening. From Daniel - she would take delight calling him that she thought - she felt the impressions of desires, preferences in relation to her lover, and she would have smiled, had she been able to bring herself to look at him just then. But she was getting a mind full from Riley, and it took her a moment to get herself collected. When she took the towel from the nurse, the petty officer would have seen the blush in Faye's cheeks, and the unrepressed heat in her eyes. Once again, Faye wished, truly, that she could show Riley what she thought in turn. She'd heard rumors, of course, that if a Betazoid got close enough with a non-telepath, it could happen. But Faye douted they'd had nearly enough time to form That kind of bond.

Still, she schooled herself and turned, fully, to look at Daniel as she tucked her towel under her arm. He;d be able to see by the small strip of trimmed hair (more trimmed that a few day ago, she was experimenting to find out what Riley liked) that Faye was natural brunette, and a dark haired one at that. But she could always add some highlights just to tease him. Riley would enjoy that, she bet. And she let her glance linger a bit below his waist, as she said, "oh, I think we're ready indeed, Lieutenant." Last chance to use his rank.

Her heart was firmly in Riley's care, but Faye was hoping to show the good fighter pilot that he was in for a surprise. She tucked her arm into Riley's and headed straight through the sonic shower archway, making a beeline for the doors to the bath - and adding a bit of a wiggle in her step, since she had an audience.
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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @Brutus @Griff @Nolan @Numen

At Lillee's words, Bremmer could not help but burst out in joyous, genuine laughter.  "Sweetheart, where I'm from, nudity taboos aren't really a thing.  And besides, I worked hard for that body; so way I see it, if you've got it, flaunt it.  And feel free to ogle all you like, but at some point I certainly wouldn't mind if you returned the favour."  The Nova Kosicean girl was grinning broadly, and gave the Romulan a wink as she headed off into the baths.  Damn, she did have a nice sway, thought the Security Petty Officer.  "As for keeping that suit on... all I can say is 'promises, promises'!"  And once more, Eliska laughed before returning her attention to Stark and Henshaw.

The Yeoman was cute all right, and assuming she was interested, Eliska certainly wouldn't mind getting a feel for her all right.  But, for now, she made no secret of checking her out.  After all, someone with that kind of confidence in her good looks just had to be looked at and have her beauty appreciated. 

And finally, Natalie dropped her towel to show the full expanse of her pale skin to the whole room.  Oh, she was curvier than Eliska preferred, and perhaps a little pale, but she definitely was good looking.  She wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, that much was certain.  But still, she looked somewhat uneasy, so she walked up to her, and just touched her arm.  "Well, I came out of the warm bath.  Over there is the hot bath and the steam room, that way is the cold bath for a quick dip."

It might have been Bremmer's first time in the ship's bathhouse, but such facilities were still plentiful back on Nova Kosice, and she sought them out everywhere she went, so the layout elements would be obvious to her practiced eye.  Which meant now, she could address the shy girl next to her.  "Hey, Nat, relax," she started with a smile.  "You want to know something? I was a late bloomer.  You see these?"  As she spoke, she cupped her breasts, which were not nearly as ample those of many other women on board, let alone Natalie Stark, but still nothing to be ashamed of.  "They mostly didn't grow out until after I got out of boot camp.  Same with the hips and the ass.  In fact, I'll bet I, and maybe even Cameron here, have something you've never had.  That is, having been turned down by someone we had an eye on because they thought we had the body of twelve year old boy."  Again, she grinned.  Sure, it had been unpleasant to get turned down because she lacked obvious curves, but she'd learned to live with it.  Besides, she had still managed to land some lovers in the meantime, including her ongoing relationship as friends with benefits with Kino Taer.

"You?  There was never a doubt in your mind or anyone else's you were ever anything but all woman, was there?  You know, I envied girls like that."
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[ Ens Cameron Henshaw | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen   @CanadianVet   @Griff   @Brutus   @Absinthe   @Triage   @Triton 

Cameron had to smirk and snicker as Eliska pointed out that she might've been left hnging by boys at some age due to her boyish virtues. It was a truth in fact that boys didn't really chase her around, though that was partially Cameron's fault as well. She had been close to her step sister and more interested in books and the sorts rather than the opposite sex. The brown eyes of the yeoman ventured over the Nova Kosicean as she sure didn't hide her assets from sight.

Looking back at Natalie Cameron smiled as she ventured further into the water, walking over to Bremmer. She put her arm around her and bumped her hip playfully against hers as she looked in Nat's eyes "Come on Natalie, just join us, the water is nice and so is the company." she encouraged her. The body of Natalie was surely nothing to be ashamed about. The curves she had were plenty and a feast for the eyes, for male and female crew members alike. Cameron turned her head to Eliska as she whispered in her ear "Maybe we should encourage her with some love our self?"
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Numen @CanadianVet @Griff  @Nolan @Havenborn  [Show/Hide]

The touch was light,  but friendly, and Natalie didn't shy away from the contact with the non-commissioned officer. Again, she reminded herself that there were no ranks in the baths, which made things somewhat easier on the brunette. She wasn't Lieutenant Commander Stark, Chief of Operations for the USS Theurgy. She was just Nat, out for a soak in the water, relaxing with friends and strangers alike. Completely nude. For anyone to see. Okay, so it wasn't the lease stressful thought ever, but still, the gentle touch is nice, she decided as she listened to Cameron and Eliska.

For instance, it was good to know about the various temperatured bathing pools about the room. She didn't fancy taking a dip in a cold bath, that was for sure. The heat of the room was delightful, and that was her idea of relaxing. Warm - or steamy hot water. She sucked her lip under her teeth, biting down in contemplation. To the far side of the girls (and Khorin) the doors to the baths opened again. She could just make out a trio of bare bodies walking in. She recognized, or thought she did, Lt. Havenborn, a fellow Martian that had come over from the Resolve. They'd chatted once or twice about growing up on Mars. It had been a delightful distraction.

Accompanying him was the newly defrosted diplomatic officer (Acting Head of Diplomacy), the betazoid. Eoli....something..Danvers? Yes. She didn't know the girl very well, as Ops didn't interface with the Diplomatic contingent assigned to the Theurgy for the mission to Romulus, and in those rare moments that she had, it had been with the girls predecesor. But as then ACOps, there really wasn't any call for a chat. Now however, Nat had seen the slender girl at a few briefing's in the Observation Lounge. The girl was as slim as Bremmer, with a subtle chest and a wide set of hips, and an Oriental cast about her, for all that she was a full blooded Betazoid.

Nat didn't recognize the other woman with them, but the trio seemed to be just that - a triad. I wonder...nope, not my business she firmly concluded, well ware that the Ensign was a telepath. Last thing she wanted was the girl picking up stray thoughts about what those three might be up to.

"Hey Nat, relax," she heard the security PO say softly, bringing Nat's attention back to the hear and now. She blushed a bit as she listened to Eliska try to put her at ease, talking about being a late bloomer. She ducked her head and let her bangs fall forward, hiding her face somewhat as the blush grew on her cheeks. Her thighs squeezed together, hiding the curves of her mound, though not the triangle of trimmed hair above it, as she gave a small nod, her eyes darting between Eliska and Cameron.

"You're not wrong," Natalie finally said, in a soft voice, embarrassed. She smiled a bit, her toothy, awkward grin, and gave a little nod of her head. "That's one thing I never had to deal with. I was um...early bloomer." So the opposite of the two women talking with her. It had lead to some interesting times, when she was younger. And that had been directly responsible for her self consciousness, something she hadn't rid herself of, despite being a grown woman. Perhaps it was because she'd come so very late, to sexual encounters? She didn't want to go down that path in her mind, but it was too late, and she began to wonder...

"Come on Natalie, just join us, the water is nice and so is the company." Ens. Hensahw - Cameron - called out, before whispering something to the other woman, and Natalie surrender to the inevitable, and gave another nod and a shrug. She walked forward and left her towel at the edge of the baths, watching it pool into a clump, between her and Khorin. Chuckling wryly to herself, she walked toward Eliska and Cameron, allowing the warmth of the water to seep into her. It wasn't as nice as a steaming hot bath - and she promised herself she'd go there next - but the Yeoman was right about the company.

"I can't every well argue against any of that, Cameron," she said as she continued forward, inch after inch of her legs slipping under the water line. She was acutely aware of a pair of eyes, lingering on her from behind, but refused to look around and see who it was. If she gave any notice to the person staring at her ass, she'd start to over think things and try to cover up again.
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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus
It had been 12 weeks since that morning.

12 weeks since she had started her new life and kept it a secret. She knew eventually the truth would come out, and it wasn't like a few select people didn't know. But she had done her best to keep it from becoming common knowledge. Eventually, it would come out, but she hadn't even told people about her relationship with Sarresh. She had made it a point to keep that a secret. But, and mayhaps this was more her hormones than any logical part of her mind, -but today she decided was going to be the day that secret came out into the open, and more than likely both secrets were going to come out, especially if her plan went the way she expected it to.

She could deal with that. They had planned and talked in the wee hours, cuddling together in one of their quarters before the other would quietly make their way through a quiet path back to their own quarters. Sel was cautious, overly so. She would purposefully walk different paths if her and Sarresh were going to the same spot, so they didn't show up at the same time. She all but acted coldly toward him when they had to interact in public.

She did it all to quell rumors, but it was time to let some rumors fly.

It had been 12 weeks and anyone who knew what they were looking at would be able to see it clearly on her abdomen. She was starting to show, her stomach beginning to swell. It wasn't a lot, not nearly as much as she was certain it would be before the end. And more than that she had shaved her head for the last time that day. Over the last 12 weeks, she had only kept it trimmed, leaving it soft to the touch. She had even finally replaced her earring. She had gotten the last one, made from iron from her blood and metal found in a holy site near the Fire Caves of Bajor. The new one had been made by melting the metal and adding her blood, Sarresh's blood, and blood synthesized from the genetic code of their baby.

As she stepped into the locker room she began her plan. it was pretty straightforward, she would lie. She would lie to Sarresh and he would most likely immediately forgive her for lying once he realized why she lied. She opened a locked and stripped, she did it without hesitation. She'd been in combat showers and she'd been in slave pits, being nude in public was not something she wanted to admit she had gotten used to, but she couldn't say she was ever not used to being treated like meat.

As she put her uniform in the Locker she snatched the combadge from the top pice and hit the button. "Ensign Sel to Lieutenant Junior Grade Morali, I'm having some difficulty with this report you sent me," it was a code for she wanted to see him and if he was free to join her asap, "can you meet me on Deck 12 Section V02 J-15."

She clicked a switch on the back of the combadge deactivating it and set it on her uniform. He would now be expecting a private meeting in a discrete location, but Sel hadn't planned a discrete location. She'd planned something better than that.

With a smile, she closed the locker and pressed the thumb pad to lock it to her DNA signature. With that done she made her way to the sonic showers. She'd gotten used to living with only sonic showers during the war and it was a lot easier to clean slaves for the market by forcing them into a sonic shower than by wasting any water. As such, she hated the things, but for what was coming she could put off with them. She let the vibrations knock lose all the dirt, sweat and, funk from her body, leaving her clean but not exactly smelling fresh. It was the cost of using less than perfect sonic emitters.

Once she was done with the sonic shower she made her way into the bath proper. She grabbed a towel and slung it over her shoulder. Her body was far from perfect. She had many scars, though none that were so noticeable as to distract from her beauty as a whole. She had learned to be proud of her body, that it was an elegant machine. More than that anyone who knew to look and what they were seeing would see her body was changing, that she was pregnant.

She made her way to the small line of tubs sunken into the floor, almost like hot tubs only the water did not seem to churn as much. She picked the perfect one, one visible from almost everywhere in the bath. Today was the day she blew Sarresh's mind and changed the way some people saw her.

Setting the towel down by the side of the large tub she climbed in, slowly sinking her body into the warm water.  She took a seat on the tile of the bench in the tub, letting her shoulders sag into the water. And she waited, knowing it would not be long.
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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali ( | roaming the ship | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Absinthe

Sarresh Morali roamed the corridors of the USS Theurgy, first of her class, with an advanced looking, modified tricorder in his hand. The device clearly started life as a standard, sleek tricorder. Though it was equally clear that the same device had seen some heavy modification. It had a bio sensor built into the grip, its case had been taken apart and put together again to provide a slightly larger display screen and a faint ring of emitter nodes around said screen, casting a three dimensional holographic map as needed. There were more lights along the side of the case, blinking in and out in an alien pattern that only the man holding it seemed to understand.

The device had been purposefully retooled for temporal work. Highly attuned, discrete sensors, bits of technology that probably shouldn't exist quite yet  but now did, in the hands of a man who had lived untold years in the far flung future, and been sent back with a mission to protect and correct that future from tampering by a powerful, nigh on demonic race of parasites bent no nothing short of the eradication of existence itself.

No pressure.

Right then, Sarresh was scowling as he loped along in that odd, shuffling long gait of his. It wasn't as bad as when he had been a full Ash'reem - his bones weren't as flexible, nor his feet as wide. Shoes cushioned him now, not the distribution of weight. And as time passed (5 months, 14 days, 12 hours, 27 minutes..._) his gradual acceptance of his body had grown. He still took over long strides, but it was not nearly as comical.

And in that moment it was quite helpful as Sarresh chased down a stray chroniton that he had detected in his lab. Which should not be possible. Chornitons did not, in fact, exist on their own in nature. They were always in groups, tiny clusters of time particles. Harmless and rarely encountered outside of a lab in small concentrations. But never a lone particle on its own. The laws of temporal physics were shitting themselves all over the ship.

What frustrated him was the eventual realization that the stray particle had been, in fact, generated in his lab. he had just realized this, and began to let out a stream of profanity that sent a few more junior non-coms scattering, when his combadge went off.

"Ensign Sel to Lieutenant Junior Grade Morali, I'm having some difficulty with this report you sent me. Can you meet me on Deck 12 Section V02 J-15." Sarresh stared at his temporal tricorder, and wondered if the gods of time were mocking him. He sighed, looked at the wall to confirm where he was and did some quick mental math. Sel would not have called him without good reason. And he was so frustrated at his own stupidity right then that any distraction would be welcome.

"Acknowledged, Ensign," he crisply replied, trying to keep his voice professional and hide the anger underneath at his abject waste of time. "I can be there in," a bit of mental calculus, "four minutes." Three minutes, 46 seconds, but who was counting? "Morali out." He killed the channel and glared at the offending device in his hand, and the holographicly magnified representation of the stray chroniton that floated between the device and himself.

Long, tapered fingers danced across the controls and the particle winked out of sight, sucked into a specialised container built into the tricorder. He'd return it to his lab later. It was afe in the storage device for now.

"Stupid damned foolish..." he muttered as he stalked swiftly to the turbolift. He tried not to let his anger fester, nor his worry grow. Sel hadn't used the code they'd come up with (late one night as the lay in each others warm embrace, catching their breath and contemplating the enormity of their future together, the growing life they had started) for an emergency. She was not in danger. Nor was the Baby.  So there was no need to rush, no need to worry.

And yet....and yet...

[The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01]

"What the actual fuck?" Sarresh blurted out as he walked, not into a small conference room or secluded lab, but an expansive locker room. He spun around, stepped promptly back out, and looked over the panels on the wall. Sure enough, he was in the right place.He walked back in and looked up a the sign on the wall, explaining where he was, and the rules involved.

"Seriously. What the fuck?" he asked the empty locker room. His eyes narrowed, and he addressed the thin air around him. "Computer. Location of Ens. Ryuan Sel?"

"Ensign Sel is in the public baths. Further information is restricted by privacy protocols. Do you wish to page Ens. Sel?" the dulcet tones of Thea, the ships AI, asked from his combadge.

"No," he replied in a huff as he looked around for her name on the lockers, finding it not to far away. "No, That will be all." He sighed and strode over, opening the locker to the left of hers. It was empty, and Sarresh began to methodically strip down. He wondered just what Sel had worn into these....baths. Had she come prepared? Or had she done this on a lark and strolled in nude as the day she was born.

What is she thinking? he asked himself, shaking his head and stripping bare, securing his combadge and the temporal tricorder behind a dna lockout. Anyone with half a brain in there, would know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Bajoran was with child. And if she were taking him into that room - she had summoned him after all - then at the very least, someone would begin to suspect...

Crossing the distance from the locker to the door, Sarresh came up short, feeling the intense tingle of a sonic bombardment from a concealed shower unit. He shut his eyes and hesitated as the feed cut off, leaving him clean and slightly vibrating. He could just turn around. After all, that code between them was supposed to be for a private meeting.

"The Public Baths," he read aloud again, pursing his lips. Clearly this would not be private. Not wholly anyway. But knowing Sel....if he turned back, she would be hurt. Sarresh would not do that to her.

Besides...baths. Water. He longed for it.

He stepped into the baths and felt the heat wash over his bare body. A sigh escaped his lips, feeling the moisture of the steam sink into his skin. To his right were a rack of towels. He reached out and tugged one off the stand, sweeping it around his waist with practiced ease. Then he padded forward, looking around. There were a lot of faces he didn't know, or knew and didn't care about. He was only after one he found not terribly far away in a smaller sunken tub. Not one meant for a large group, but that would accommodate a few bodies, if they were close.

Walking as deftly as he could without seeming to be too much in a hurry, Sarresh strode toward her. He came to a rest at the edge of her tub and looked down at her, hands on his hips. She was sunk into the water, but he saw that she was likely unclothed. A towel lay at the edge of the tub already and he glanced from it, to her, cocking an eyebrow up on his head. Low light was catching the earing she'd crafted from his blood (and that had been a weird conversation) and drawing his eyes to her face.

"You had a question about a report, Sel?"

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

She could not help herself but smile as she saw him. She could not be certain about what he thought of her plan, or if he had even caught on, this was public after all, and she had, thus far at least, insisted on keeping things strictly private. But things were changing, and with the change, she knew she could not hide the details very long. Soon it would be clear from her expanding waist that her body was changing and that she was pregnant, and it wasn't like people weren't going to ask about how that came to be. She wanted that information to be found out on her own terms.

"Yes, about the report," she said with a wide smile as she moved toward him. "You didn't send me one." Her abdomen and breasts had grown increasingly sensitive, so now in the warm water, she moved slowly, her delicate movements seeming more graceful than anything else. When she was close she reached out of the water and began to run her fingers of his feet. "And I wasn't expecting one from you." She didn't want to move too much out of the warm water, so she kept her back up against the wall and instead leaned back to look up at him. "And you knew you didn't send me a report," she went on, her tone playful and coy. She was building to something and taking her time doing it. "And now you are here and the water is so very nice."

"Now come in and join us," she said flexing a finger at him, beckoning him toward her. She emphasized the last word.


Because everywhere she went it wasn't that she was alone anymore, it was her and the child inside, her and his child. In some ways, it was like he was with her. She wanted him with her more. She wanted their relationship out in the open. She wanted to ask the quartermaster to assign them bigger quarters so they could share. She wanted to be able to walk with him and meet him in the mess hall for lunch. She wanted it all and she had been denying herself it because she was afraid of what it would mean.

She had held it back and he had let her. She had denied him again and again, and he had stayed with her. Now she wanted all of it and she didn't care who saw or who asked. And it didn't matter, they were all going to find out sooner or later anyway.
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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali ( | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 ] Attn: @Absinthe

Ryuan Sel had a look about her, as she drifted slowly in the water of the bath. Sarresh knew that look, and a trickle of anticipation ran down his spine. He flexed his toes on the stone floor, the only sign that he had realized something was up, the only notation of his tension. He was as tight as an ancient bowstring. They were in public. Very much public. And she...

A shiver ran up Sarresh, from his foot, all the way to the base of his skull. Her fingers were wet and warm and delightful against his skin. Sel was damn near crooning to him. Anyone could see. He could feel eyes on him. Some dark haired girl, looking at him from the company of another woman and a man, none of whom he recognized. But he knew she was watching. Other faces, sneaking glances. They all knew who he was. What he was, and what he represented. How could they not?

And here was Sel, laying back, staring up and capturing his gaze. For weeks, all he'd had were furtive moments in the privacy of their quarters, one or the others, sneaking about. A few tense trips to sickbay for check ups. No one knowing. Arriving at different times. Snatches of precious contact with the mother of his chid.

"Join us," he heard her say, like a deafening roar that drowned out the sound of everyone else around him. Drove their presence from his mind. Something swelled in his chest, threatening to burst forth. Speechless, and no longer caring about anyone around him, Sarresh mutley nodded. His hands slid down and he untucked the towel from around his waist. Someone let out a whistle, but he didn't listen. Didn't register a sarcastic crack about suddenly understanding all that Devotion. It seemed someone liked his butt, but Sarresh was stepping to the side, and lowering himself into the bath.

"Come here," he whispered, softly, extending his hands towards the Bajoran. Not an order, almost a plea. He knew now what was going on. She was taking them public. No more hiding. No more scampering between one room and the next. He was worried - of course he was worried, how could he not be worried. But he was happy too. No more hiding. No more spending hours alone, wishing he were with them.
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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

There was no way she could stop herself from smiling as she rested her body against his. She could see people looking, and for a moment she felt a jolt, that pang of being seen. For a moment she felt the urge to flee, to pretend she had not done what she was doing, but she fought it. She wanted this, she wanted to be seen with him. She was done with the hiding and she was going to let him and their child be seen with her.

"There, this isn't too bad," she said, doing her best to relax against him. Her tone was clearly nervous. In truth, she felt like she might explode. She had focused so much on surprising him that she hadn't really prepared herself for the moment. And now she was there. She had jumped in and was trying to convince herself she was fine. Her nervousness showed, she made no real attempt to hide it.

She did her best to focus her attention on him, to ignore the eyes on them. She knew that now they were going to be the talk of the baths, at least a little bit. She wondered how many had noticed her state, how many would now put two and two together. She wondered how quickly this news would spread. She wondered how the people who she worked with, who she had not told yet, would react to it. This was big and she knew it. Part of her regretted keeping it a secret for so long. She knew this day would come, but living on the Theurgy had taken away her ability to really make plans for the future. She had seen so many people she knew come and go, so much pain. She didn't want to plan and then watch it all fall apart.

"Sarresh, it's okay to be nervous, okay?" she said softly. "I mean this is a big step for us. So like, you don't have to play it too cool. I just... I love you and I am tired of not being able to show you. Of having to hide it. So it's in the open now. And we can deal with it together. Okay?"
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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali ( | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 ] Attn: @Absinthe  and anyone else inthe baths to continue their plots ;)

With her in his arms, Sarresh could tell that Sel was a skittish as a spooked Pluakar, one of the pet fish that he had kept as a child. That he remembered this was something of a surprise, another one of those little memories, cultural idioms that neither the engram coding he'd endured nor the genetic transformation he'd gone through had managed to strip away from him. The analogy was quite app - he could feel a small tremor of nerves rock through her as he listened, holding her close.

Warmth seeped into his skin, from the water, the sweet, life bringing water he constantly craved, and from the skin of his lover. Leaning his head in a bit, he pressed his lips to kiss her atop her wet hair. "Not to bad at all," he managed to murmur the interjection as she settled in against him.

Sel spoke, and Sarresh listened, stretching an arm out along the edge of the bath as they floated their, intertwined. He thought about all the long nights, and early mornings, darting between quarters. The lonely lunches. Occasionally, they had arranged to be in the lounge at the same time. Sitting at tables next to one another, back to back. Quietly talking, while they ate and pretended to ignore each other. He hated it and craved it.

But this wouldn't be an issue any more. He smiled a bit, and snuggled closer, forcing himself to relax. "I'm not trying to be cool," he admitted softly. "I'm just letting it all sit in. The idea that the next time I go to lunch on my break, I can go with you. That i don't have to pretend to barely know you, let alone hide that I love you." Oh gods, when did I get so sappy?
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[ Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia (,_callsign_%22Angel%22) | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 1 ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @Havenborn, @Blue Zephyr & @Multificionado

Alessia had been in the gymnasium, practicing her roundhouse kicks and lunge kicks after having lost to an old sparring partner and felt she had been out of practice, and spent most of her free time now working on maneuvers to come out on top. That was when Sehl showed up. "I hope you have something besides your charm holding that towel up." she glanced at him once and over upon noticing that Sehl looked like he was on his way to the showers.

"My species' anatomy is known for its versatility." the bearded Andorian teased in his usual ambiguous humor. Not one to distract his aggressive pilot from her physical need to release energy, it hadn't gone unnoticed that the sheen of perspiration on her impressive toned body was glistening. Being posted together and sharing co-ed showers, the two had seen eachother naked, but never got intimate. It was taboo among some pilots, and Sehl knew and respected the fact that Alessia preferred alien women over alien men anyway; but that she only ever would permit true intimacy with human men. Sehl well knew furthermore that it had been quite some time since she'd done that. She'd been throwing punches, kicks and routines at least an hour by the looks of things. "Look. I know I said once owe you a big favor if you humored me for one? I've got a particular favore to ask, and trust me, you'll want to pay me back for this one." That got Alessia's attention; her RIO knew her well.

"That's right, yeah. Nothing big. And no mating dens." She reminded him as she panted and stopped to take a breather, waddling her behind as she stepped away from Sehl to get a towel to clear the perspiration off her brow, moving her bangs aside as she regarded him, leaning against the water dispenser as she hydrated, listening to her RIO, whom she caught marveling her body. She rolled her eyes, well mindful of Sehl's bisexuality, which she often teased about. Nothing wrong with looking, so long as he kept his antennae-- all of them, including the one she suspected of holding up the towel-- to himself.

"Well. Think of it as, a crew hobby I've just discovered. I don't go into enemy territory alone." apologetically, the Andorian leaned nearby, but Alessia had already rounded the corner into the lockers to change out of her gym wear. "You won't need a shower, Angel." He called after her, but alessia instead had emerged wearing a white bikini with a cultural multicolored sarong around her narrow waist. Sensing the nature of the visit, however seemingly bemused, Alessia presumed they were going to a holodeck involving a beach. She hoped whoever orchestrated whatever Sehl was up to had picked a good one.


When they arrived on Deck 12 and the doors opened to the baths, she partially whispered, partially hissed, "You told me no mating dens." Alessia whispered semi-grouchily, feeling as if she'd stepped into a surprise birthday party. But Alessia had to pause when she made eye contact. Her reaction stopped her in her tracks for a moment hoping who she spotted didn't notice. He did. ".... or nothing big. Oh... que la... <oh.... "tabarnack", loosely translated, diverse swear word. Used here, expressing surprise.>"

"I know." Sehl grinned almost idiotically then replied. "Nothing big, either. But I figured you'd forgive me, the way you talked about him. That look of stunned surprise assures me I'm right."

Sehl knew that Alessia often quoted and spoke about her former XO during the Dominion War. She left out the torrid details of their friendship, at least to Sehl (so as not to make the Andorian jealous, but he figured out what she meant), but she'd spoken of Leon Marquez to Dev, Tali and T'zantha, during reminiscing of what Tali called 'conquests', a euphemism for personal sexual relations. Despite the rank gap difference and the possibility for emotional compromise of command, Marquez had pointedly been impartial and objective when it came to ordering Alessia into dangerous situations, and they somehow managed to keep work and personal lives separate. If only Leon could only ever perfect his small talk. "That was a long time ago, Sehl. And it was..." Passion? Love? A need to have a secondary source of strength, motivation and, well, admittedly exercise. "Those were rough days."

"Rough nights, too, I'd wager. Even Tali wished she had someone like--- By Lorvela's stalks... who is -she-?" from across the room and through the steam and chatter among the pinkskins, Sehl was already exchanging a form of sign language with his Antennae with Leon's companion. A creature with skin as azure as a freshwater lake at dawn, the features of an Andorian goddess. Sehl blushed a shade of azure upon receiving a pearly-white smile and an exchange in antennae replies from the beautiful Andorian with a pretty face and an astonishing body, as unshy about showing it off as he would be once he found a place for his towel.

Alessia recognized her former shipmate: a friend that in fact. Alessia's captain had been her former CO, at that, and his daughter was a particularly aggressive sparring partner. "Wow. That's Tarsi, Hornet's Torpedo specialist and Captain Zaarin's daughter. Yes, -the- Captain Zaarin. Que milagro<what a miracle>, I almost didn't recognize her, she grew her hair out. Great singing voice-- -- hey, where are you going?" That didn't seem to phase the two Andorians from walking toward eachother as Alessia stepped a few paces after Sehl, but he was already conversing with his new friend in their native language on a way to one of the room's colder-temperature pools before Tarsi could so much as look Alessia's way; someone else apparently needed to greet the Spanish beauty.

[ Lt. Cmdr Leon Marquez (https://url= | The Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 ]

"Perhaps I should play some Tchaikovsky?" A familiar voice rumbled from the nearby temporary lockers. Alessia only ever heard that voice now in occasional dreams and lucid memories. "She's still more fond of '1812', but looks like the romantic suite is in the air."

Leon had seemingly himself frozen as if he were the one stepping into the icy pool when Alessia first entered the room. In a private niche in his office, he still had a picture of the two of them in color-coded wingsuits during one of their first dates aboard the Hornet. Only Jimmy, Meony, Tarsi, Kendrick and Daniel had ever seen it and knew that Leon was capable of smiling broadly. Marquez hadn't seen Garcia since two weeks after the Treaty of Bajor was signed. Leon had accepted Alessia's invitation to spend his postwar shore leave in Spain to meet her family and shop around for a home. Unfortunately, the day Leon was going to seal the deal was the same one where Admiral Ross himself had dropped in to issue Leon his transfer orders to the USS Resolve and assigned to the Romulan sector, effective-at-once. Leon never bothered to check in on her and until now seeing her in that outfit she wore when they went to Gibraltar, he wished he had. If only Resolve hadn't had radio silence orders or gotten lost-- Leon might've resigned for a happy civilian life with her if he would have known what happened.

Alessia replied, without facing her former lover. If people weren't watching, she might've given an impassioned litany of poly-lingual remarks. If she went in that direction, though, she might start this unexpected reunion off on the wrong foot, so she just played along, despite feeling a certain warmth in her blood. "They'll have their fireworks." She turned to face him and caught herself glancing him from his feet upward, and barely contained a giggle when she realized he'd done the same. Their eyes met after a deliberately slow moment. Alessia almost even lost her footing when she locked eyes with Leon.

"They will. Ordnance and Fighter ordnance." Leon's face turned a shade of pink, but indifferently continued his banther. "That'd be one fun wedding." Oops.

"I'd plan a much more... fun one, if given the opportunity: Holst, instead of Tchaikovsky." Alessia remarked neutrally, but seemed to have her attention on their Andorian colleagues, who were already laughing and smiling to eachother with Andorian ale in hand and antennae waving around in patterns known only to those who could read the blue-skinned species' emotional indicators.

"Not Placido Domingo?" Leon replied, remembering how fond both his mother and Alessia's each were of the Spanish opera legend who emigrated to Mexico. Alessia smiled, rolled her eyes and shook her head in response. She avoided answering as she sat next to the shirtless CTO and rummaged around to see what he had brought. "That's not mine. Jimmy's idea." In something of a role reversal, Leon behaved somewhat like his Australian friend when contraband was discovered in his possessions. Alessia wore a quizzical look, but didn't say a word. Leon turned as he looked around for his lotion to offer the caramel-skinned Garcia.

"Not even if he sings the Klingon rendition of 'My Heart Will Go On.' Or if you bring in one of those photonic..." Alessia's breathing calmly slowed as she felt familiar calloused but strong and unforgettable hands massaging her shoulders and neck as Leon applied lotion for the water. It was more of an overture and they both knew it. Alessia's ripped muscles relaxed as she sighed, letting him continue massaging her neck and shoulders as only he could. ".... characters. -- Ai... que... <Oh! how...>" she relaxed and trusted her former boyfriend to set the mood. Former? She had to play that card. Internally, she crossed her fingers, wondering whose ass she'd have to kick to get him back.

Leon hoped Danvers wasn't overhearing his memories of Alessia Garcia back when he wasn't running the somewhat tight but laidback USS Resolve or other ship, where he permitted such pairings of young and restlessly passionate behavior. If the Betazoid girl heard or could 'see' what went on in the Hornet first officer's quarters, she'd probably get ideas. It was best not to think about her while Alessia leaned back against the shirtless Leon, who didn't resist or object when he felt her smooth skin against his abdomen, reactively thinking of the long nights that made life possibly sane for him in the days of the darkest time in Starfleet.

Alessia hoped there weren't any Betazoids in the baths. While she had no qualms about showing some skin, particularly when she applied lotion on her legs, thighs, arms and front, she arched back, letting Leon reach wherever she 'missed.' If anyone could read the thoughts in her mind, she wouldn't want to be responsible for triggering an outbreak of Xanthi fever, or a lesser form of it, given her passionate emotions... or memories. She behaved herself. They weren't in any hot water yet, figuratively or otherwise, but she did feel the slightest buzz when she faced him. "Jimmy Mariner's bottles, hmm? Sure, blame Jimmy for bending the rules. We all know the great Leon Allan Marquez could do no wrong." Alessia 'acted' as if she hadn't heard that one before, she was pointedly unconvinced Jimmy would have specifically picked a brand name from Leon's home nation-state.

Leon had to try to protect his reputation "Of course. He meant well, thought I'd have a drink and relax. After our last three years, anyone still together has been through a lot as a team. I helped the kid with his current senorita. Word has it you saved her life. Thanks." Alessia followed Leon's gaze as he trid to hide his blushing expression while indicating Ensigns Tancredi and Mariner who were clearly enjoying themselves and their company. In a sense, Leon almost felt proud of his protégé. "Good fit for eachother. Pilot and a knucklehead."

Alessia remembered it was indeed Jimmy who wolf-whisteled at her when Captain Ives unveiled the starfighter from the future. She thought she recognized him, unsure if he recognized her, given that her mind was out of her pants during that briefing. "Who says that's not a good fit? I never called you a knucklehead."

"Me neither. But you called me a great many things... as we both know." He smiled back as he finished coating Angel's smooth yet well-defined caramel-colored skin; even going out of his way to massage more intimate areas which were responded with low hums and occasional satisfied moans. Finished, Leon put aside the container and was ready to confide how much he missed Alessia as she stood and turned to face him-- only to find himself pinned as she had hugged him and pinned his arms to his sides, resting her breasts against his bare torso. Leon was astonished, but before he could react, Alessia pressed herself against him, letting her strength and element of surprise catch him off guard as she planted a kiss on him and fed him some of his own unspoken feelings and thoughts back into him. Both hummed into eachothers' wanting mouths for an electrical moment of sudden ecstasy.

"You're good." Leon remarked when she let go of him, before he could get a grip on her, but Leon still managed to stroke her face and notice the dilation of her pupils and erratic breathing. Marquez couldn't deny the power of that little ambush even as he caught his breath.

"I know." Alessia responded almost unconsciously taking off the multi colored sarong around her waist with one hand as her other found Leon's and pulled him in her pursuit to find a private corner of a warm pool, preferably one without fawning attention to anyone in particular. Neither of them was particularly fond of crowds or doting fans. Except eachother, of course.

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

It was almost amazing that he could be so calm about it, that this did not make him as afraid as it made her. Or maybe it did and he was just so much better at hiding it. She was scared of it all, scared of what it would mean for them. It meant that they were out in the open, that anyone could see them. And yet he seemed to delight in no longer hiding it. It seemed so much easier to be open about having no strings and just doing what she wanted, but she could not think that no one would have noticed she wasn't being as promiscuous as she had once been, at the very least the notches on her headboard had not changed in some time.

"Sorry I tricked you into coming here," she said as she pressed herself against him, resting her head against his chest. "I wasn't sure how you would react and I wanted you here. I wanted to do it here. And I wanted to soak, my muscles were killing me." She spoke softly, in little above a whisper. She ignored the comments from others in the baths, she already felt more exposed than she had in a long time, and it had nothing to do with her lack of clothing.

It was a source of frustration to Sel that sex was easy to her, but relationships were hard. She had avoided them and now was somehow in one. Part of her was so scared of it all she wanted to do was run away from it, another part dreaded the idea of even being separated from him for a full day.

Without even thinking about it she took his hand in hers and rested it on her now swelling abdomen. She had been able to maintain her figure through her usual work out routine, keeping herself looking less pregnant than she was, but anyone who reached out and touched her stomach or knew what they were looking for would see all the signs. She was growing a life inside herself, a life that was part hers and part his. And that alone scared her. It made her vulnerable, and she despised being vulnerable.
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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali ( | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 ] Attn: @Absinthe

People were talking, meeting, splitting off, pairing up, a dance of heat, steam and flesh, all mixed in a pleasant setting designed to relax and lower inhibitions. A brilliant idea of stress relief and mental health, Sarresh supposed. Not that he was paying all that much attention to everyone else around them. Even if he thought they were all watching him and Sel. Intellectually he knew that wasn't the case.

Sel's voice was a balm, even if it was odd to hear her form words of apology. Sarresh figured he was lucky like that. Which was to say she cared about him enough to apologize, and cared enough - loved, enough - to want him there with her. She nestled in and his arm drifted to rest across her back, his nose pressed into her hair, just humming softly, wordlessly as he listened.

The humming stopped with an abrupt sort of gasp, that swiftly mellowed into a low, almost purring noise. At least as much of a purr as Sarresh could manage. He wasn't very good at it as an Ash'rem, and human vocal cords didn't seem to lend themselves any better to the impulse. Oh well. It was funny how his thoughts ran wild, or jerked to a halt with a little touch. That little touch. The swell of life there, under his hand. Life he helped create.

"Nothing to be sorry about," he finally said, running his thumb in a circle over her stomach, under her hand. Why did his voice sound so breathless. Like he'd just run a mile in a minute. Because it was an awesome thing, he told himself. His lips curled into a smile. "There's no where else I'd rather be. You know that, right?" His brows furrowed up a bit as he asked, those artificial eyes expressing so much emotion. The terrors that haunted Sarresh from the moment he'd stepped on board the Theurgy seemed to balk under the feeling of life growing in Sel.
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Public Baths, Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]  Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan + Others in the Baths

Daniel smirked as his thoughts centered on both Riley and Faye in that moment, quick flashes of thoughts of what he'd like to do with both of them before he regained his composure and mental discipline.  Years of military training had given him the ability to focus his mind; his people had done it less for aliens trying to invade their minds but more to keep their soldiers from losing focus when they needed it the most.  He focused on the rules of baths themselves, specifically the Rank part, he was all about Rank and privilege and he had spent time as a Starfleet enlistee.  He kept telling himself that this was for Riley, she had wanted him here and he was not about to disappoint her.

As the three of them walked into the baths Daniel took a moment to look around, He immediately spotted Lieutenant Commander Ravon, Petty Officer Bremmer, Junior Lieutenant Efreya-Xan, Lieutenant Commander Marquez, Ensign Mariner, Ensign Tancredi, Junior Lieutenant O'Riley, Lieutenant Commander Natalie Stark, several Lone Wolves pilots that he recognized and various other members of the crew that he had seen around but hadn't officially met yet.  As the three of them walked along the outer edge of the baths, Daniel glanced over and made eye contact with Ravon and nodded to the man.  However he couldn't help but stare at the curvaceous form of Lieutenant Commander Stark as she dropped the towel she had been hugging onto and walked into the pool.  He had enjoyed the few talks they had shared about their mutual homeworld of Mars, and while they may have grown up in different parts of the planet, they still had plenty to chat about.  He was sure that Faye was picking up his thoughts as he identified people by their ranks in his head, he couldn't help it really as it was as much a part of him as his own arm was.

Taking his mind off that for now he decided to ask a question.  "Faye, now that we're here would you like me to make myself scarce so you can spend some time with Riley alone?"  He asked.  As alone as you could be in public he thought to himself; and while he wanted to spend time with both of them he also wanted to make sure that Faye wanted him there as well, after all he was an officer and a gentleman.
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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Nolan @Havenborn  + evesdroppers 

The tingle of the sonic's barely registered on Faye. The nude woman was entirely too eager to get into the baths proper and feel the sweet kiss of the warm steam. And she was certainly not disappointed. The doors ahead parted and she let out a pleased sigh as she stepped through, arm in arm with Riley. It really did remind her of home, and that was something precious. Since she couldn't share Betazed, or the colony at Budon, where she had lived most her life, sharing these baths with Riley would be as close as she could get to sharing home with her. At least for now.

And as an added bonus, she got to ogle and tease Riley's other bed partner.

Daniel Havenborn possessed a body worth looking at, and from a physical stand point it was very easy to see just what had attracted Nurse Patterson to the fighter pilot. Especially when Faye had been treated to a ring side seat of the memory of an encounter the two had shared in the Holodeck, not terribly long ago. It had been heated, and intense, and sent delightful shivers down Faye's spine.

But the lieutenant also possessed a very focused and disciplined mind, which intrigued Faye. Not so much that she'd deliberately attempt to try and breach it, to dig deeper beyond the surface. That was, at best, rude, and at worse, it could be criminal, depending on the situation. It was one thing to read surface thoughts, and quite another to go digging without permission. 

As it stood, Faye would get little flashes and impressions of stray thoughts, before Daniels mind seemed to hone back in on whatever he was choosing to focus on. Like his rank. The man took great pride in it, and Faye supposed she could understand it. She'd make sure to be extra courteous of that rank in the future. Outside of the baths. Here there was no rank for Mr. Havenborn to tote about, and he'd just have to deal with it. Luckily enough for Daniel, his thoughts weren't the only ones that Faye was skimming through, as the trio stood, looking about and getting their bearings.

There was a steady, throbbing unease from the direction of one large pool, and Faye could tell it came off of the Chief of Operations. She'd seen Ms. Stark at quite a few briefings at this point and could tell the woman to be quite anxious being naked. Not like she has anything to be worried about looking like that, the diplomat concluded, but swiftly decided that reassuring Natalie Stark would be someone elses job.

Beside, she was pretty sure the brunette operations chief was getting turned on by all the attention.

There were plenty of others that did not crave attention, secretly or otherwise. That Marquze chap, from the Resolve, a former first officer and now head of the Theurgy's Tactical Department, currently hoping, quite actively, that she'd stay out of his head. Way to light a beacon, dude, she thought, and turned to distract herself from Marquez' memories and hopes regarding one of the fighter pilots, by pressing her lips to Riley's cheek. Others thoughts and fears, hopes and desires seemed to bleed away from her with that one simple gesture.

Anchoring her mind in the warm, mental glow that she associated with her paramour, Faye allowed herself to turn and look at Daniel, really look at him, as he made a most generous offer. There was a part of her that was tempted to find one of the numerous pools that she could pull Riley down into, and get even for that little mental display the nurse had given her back in the locker room. But at the same time, that display had left her curious, in a few ways, about Daniel, and what the two of them might get up to with Riley's flyboy.

"Ever the officer and gentleman, Daniel?" Faye asked him, something sparkling in her eyes as she let her hand move down to rest against Riley's hips, her fingers drawing up and down the woman's skin. She drank in those small bits of contact, as if reminding herself that Riley was there with her. And she hoped it would draw Daniels eyes lower. Her own had glanced down a few times, after all. While Faye had a clear preference for women, and no nudity taboo's what so ever to speak of, she did rather enjoy those little sneaked peeks.

"I appreciate your gallant nature, Daniel," she continued, as she added just a bit of a sway to her hip, turning her - and Riley - off to the side. There was a nice, steaming hot inset tub just in reach, with no one else in it. "But I think Riley here would like us both to be friends, at the very least. Best way to do that is to at least spend some time together, after all." Left unsaid was what the trio just might get up to. She'd had her own plans for Riley Patterson, before the delightful addition of Daniel was added to the mix. This, she hoped, would prove to be very fun indeed - if he were game to act on some of those fleeting thoughts.

"What do you think, lover?" she asked of Riley, forcing herself to use the Federation Standard term of endearment, and keep the one of her native tongue in check. For now.
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[ Riley Patterson | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus  @Havenborn  

Once past the sonic showers the warm haze of dampness hit Riley's body all over as they entered the baths area. She closed her eyes as the humidity in the room was a whole lot higher then throughout the ship and she couldn't help but being reminded of a rainy day in a forest. Minus all the trees of course... She glanced over to Faye who was right besides her to see how she enjoyed the place and she could tell in a second that she very much enjoyed the place.

Patterson was blissfully unaware of all the stray thoughts Faye was receiving and she stood close against her, hips brushing against one another as she moistened her lips with her tongue and looked back at Daniel.The looking quickly became staring as she took him in from head to toe. That sight never got old really... Her eyes moving over the muscular build of his arms and torso, slipping down south further before she saw that particular trait that she really adored. He suggested to make himself sparse so Faye and Riley could have some time for their own and Riley looked at Faye who quickly played into it.

Faye's touch felt like enjoyable electric jolts over the parts of her body. The way she dragged her fingers over her hips made Riley shiver as she traced her own hand over Faye's back, running from the middle of her back down just above the swell of her rear. Once there she trailed her hand back up along the shape of her spine. Her head slowly coming to rest against her shoulder as she could feel her nipples slowly hardening by both the moisture of the room as the anticipation of what she and Faye could do here. The thoughts of the nurse becoming rampant as she listened to what Faye had to say otherwise.

They turned to an empty tub and Riley smiled as she didn't shoo Daniel away and seemingly wanted to know the man better. On what level though, was to be seen as Faye addressed her as her lover, asking for her thoughts. Riley straightened her head now as she smiled at Faye and she nodded slowly "I fully agree with my girl here..." she answered softly as she reached her hand out to Daniel "There's no need to go Daniel. Just join us..." she said softly before she looked back at Faye and ran her nose against her cheek, followed up by a kiss against her jawline.

In thought she thanked Faye for not sending him away, questioning her if she had anything else in mind for the pilot. After breaking away from kissing Faye's jaw, she looked at Daniel. Waiting for him to take her hand before she'd slowly guide him in closer. She broke away from Faye slightly, her hand slowly reaching down to cup her paramour's rear as she kissed Daniel's chest and looked into his eyes hungrily before she pulled both of them along with her into the warm water.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


There was something about swimming, the sensation of sliding through the water, that always seemed to set Lillee at ease. While her Vulcan siblings tended to be uncomfortable in the water, certainly more so than the humans, the Romulans had evolved over the millennia to fully appreciate the simple joy of swimming. Romulus had beautiful oceans, lakes and rivers, as too did Lillee's own homeworld, where she had spent many an afternoon stripping off and diving into the lake near the town during the summer. After endless hours in the classrooms or in the workshops, it was wonderfully liberating to simply swim with her friends, splashing and racing playfully.

This was a different context, of course. Lillee swam with a graceful, powerful breaststroke, sometimes switching to a more leisurely backstroke or a more aggressive butterfly stroke, revelling in the sensation of the water as she struck through it. The water was different to a lake or river, and it was even different to the pools on larger Romulan warbirds, which were typically scented depending on the day. This water was pure and sterilised, with only the pleasant scents of Lillee's surrounding crewmates there to distract her as she swam, her stylised swimsuit aiding her movement through the water. She kept at it for a good while, losing herself in the pleasurable exercise, soon losing count of how many lengths of the pool she'd swam, not able to hear anything distinct beyond the splashing of the water.

However, she was far from alone in the pool as, slowly but surely, more people filed into the Baths. After a couple of close encounters with nude bathers, one of which nearly ended in Lillee faceplanting directly into a rather large phallus, she decided that it was time to take a break. She aimed for the small bar that was set up near the pool's edge, and, with the water dripping off her skin and night-black swimsuit, she pulled herself up over the lip with comfortable agility. Standing up, Lillee sighed as she swept her damp blonder hair behind her back, feeling the inevitable chill upon her skin at getting out of the water.

"Rihannsu hen'om cocktail, ch'Havran blend," she said to the bar's small replicator, and soon enough, a violet-coloured cocktail fizzed into existence. Lillee smiled pleasantly at the other person at the bar, a particularly handsome human in a bathrobe, before looking out at the now-busy Baths. Natalie Stark, the shy (yet curvaceous) human, seemed happy enough in the warm bath. Then Lillee spotted a trio of people on the other side of the Baths, and she laughed at their naked intimacy, surprised to see it on a Federation ship. Oh, it was so lovely to see people having fun after recent events, without worrying about rank or etiquette. The man and woman were being led by their paramour to the water, and Lillee smirked, knowing full well what would happen there. Perhaps they would find a private corner for some privacy...or perhaps not. She'd hardly be surprised, given what kind of ship the Theurgy was.

"This place seems popular," she said playfully to the scantily-clad man beside her at the bar, wringing out some of the water from her long blonde hair. The fluffy white bathrobe concealed the more private areas, but he was clearly in peak physical shape, a veritable feast for the eyes. Oh...his eyes. They were intense, potent. Clearly not some dumb security jock then. There was intelligence there, a fierce intelligence.

"I am Lillee," she said politely to the man, bowing her head before sipping her cocktail with relish. "You are alone here?"
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

Having replicated himself a mai tai himself from the bartender, Ravon overlooked the activities in the baths. Stark was drawn in by the women at the pool and Thomas snickered as he just sipped from his drink while relaxing in the humid atmosphere. A lot was going on as Thomas emptied his first drink and traded it in for a glass of whiskey instead. He had seen Havenborn and Garcia enter the baths and he had nodded back at Daniel as he seemed to be in the lovely company of two women. One he didn't recognize, the other known to him as the current diplomatic officer aboard the ship.

Somewhere after that and now, Thomas had been daydreaming as he stared out into the distance in front of him. His muscles fully relaxed as for once due to the nice temperature inside and his mind not overthinking about things for once. As so he had no clue that the Romulan woman had joined him and had ordered a drink herself. It was only when she spoke up about the place being popular that he snapped out of it and blinked a few times before smiling friendly at her and nodding "Can't really be blamed... It's a great spot." he answered and he let his eyes run over the swim suit covered Romulan as she sipped from her own cocktail.

"Well, welcome to the baths Lillee. I'm Thomas." he introduced himself back to her a he bowed his head slightly as well before he nipped from his drink "I was here with someone but she's gone for a swim I imagine." he answered as he looked for Henshaw "What about you? Alone yourself?" he asked her as he turned himself more towards her.

The woman talking to him surely had a certain flair about her, his eyes following the moist blonde hair as she relished in her drink and his eyes sought out hers as he couldn't help but smile amused. Her body seemed in top shape at least and he couldn't help but appreciate the shape of it.
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Public Baths, Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]  Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan + Others in the Baths

Hearing Faye's comment about him being ever the officer and gentleman Daniel could only smirk ad nod as he watched her trace her hands over Riley and he brought his gaze lower if only for the briefest of moments.  He had grown up with co-ed nudity back home during his military schooling, although his instructors had strict rules on what was allowed in the bathroom and there had been some students who had broken those rules but he never had.  The punishment for breaking those rules far outweighed the risk as far as he was concerned but he pushed the thought of his childhood out of his mind as he focused again on Riley and Faye thinking some more about what he'd like to do with both of them as it seemed that Faye was onboard with him staying.  However he would respect Riley's wishes if she asked him to leave.

He didn't have to wait long to hear Riley's answer as she confirmed that she wanted him to stay as well and reached out her hand towards him as she kissed the other woman's jawline.  Daniel smiled as took hold of Riley's hand and placed his free hand on Faye's hip as Riley slowly guided them both into the warm water together.  "Well I guess that's settled then, do you have something special in mind Riley?"  He asked as he brought Riley's hand up and kissed it before lowering it again.
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[ Riley Patterson | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus  @Havenborn

"Something special?" Riley asked Daniel as she snickered at the fact he chivalrously kissed her hand. Her mind wandered to the times they had shared together, how their first union had gone on the holodeck and how he had teased her on numerous other occasions including with his skillful hands. Patterson was fully aware of the fact that Faye would undoubtedly pick up on these thoughts and memories, possibly even feel some of the things that came quite vividly back to mind in Rileys head.

The warm water felt wondrous against her skin as her body relaxed in the water and she scooted closer to Faye for a second. She pulled Faye on her lap, enjoying the feel of her rear nestled against her lap as she nuzzled her face into her neck "I'm good with whatever you two have in mind... I'm just happy to be here with the both of you."  she answered, passing up on the chance to suggest anything that either would think could be out of bounds. She had been close with the both of them, yet she was unsure how Daniel and Faye would mix together.

Riley did pull Daniel closer, to feel his presence close against hers, by doing so granting Faye or Daniel the opportunity to close the distance to the other. Riley kissed Faye's shoulder in the meantime, having missed her favorite diplomat during her shift. Her right hand slowly running along the prosthetic arm of Faye, seemingly checking it for anything that would be off on it, or she just enjoyed the feel of her skin against her digits.
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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: 

There was a lot of physical contact to distract Fayes mind for a moment, and she allowed herself to revel in the purely tactile delights she was feeling. The kiss on her jaw, the breath on her skin, and the warmth of one of Riley's hands in hers. Then the contrast of Daniel's touch. This too was warm, but it was new, and unfamiliar to the Betazoid. A simply hand on the hip, but she welcomed and cherished this new sensation just as she basked in the delight that was Riley Patterson. Different - male compared to female, stranger compared to lover, but each exciting and embraced in their own way. Faye knew no other way to be.

Of course, when in close proximity to two individuals that were thinking very loudly about each other, and herself, and all the varied combinations thereof, it was impossible to remain distracted for too long from the mental aspects of what was going on. Unless she wanted to tamp down hard on her empathic and telepathic abilities. And she could, of course, and in doing so still enjoy the moment. But that would not be nearly as fun. Especially since she knew, explicitly, that she had permission to venture into Riley's thoughts. After all, the girl was thinking directly at Faye and asking little questions. The nurse had pegged onto that trick pretty quickly in their relationship.

Daniels thoughts weren't as open to her as Riley's, and out of respect she basically only picked up what he was broadcasting. Not her fault if she heard him, but she wasn't going to dive in and poke around. She did give him quite the smile however, as they walked into the warm water, eyes flashing for a brief moment over her shoulder. She picked up a few desires, as well as a sense of hesitation from the past. The Betazoid wondered if this section of the baths, this smaller, steam filled hot pool, would be private enough for him. Or for that matter, if the good Lieutenant would enjoy breaking some of those rules he sententiously observed when he was younger.

Faye watched as Riley sunk into the water and sat, then let her eyes drift over to Daniel for a moment. Very male, that one, hard in all the right places. Mostly she amended, though, given the thoughts she was reading from her paramour, the Ensign knew that the third member of their little group could rise to any occasion. She decided she'd like to see that, as she felt delicate hands encircle her waist and draw her in.

"Well hello," she murmured aloud as Riley settled the lithe diplomat down. She took her own time wiggling from side to side, adjusting herself in Riley's lap, rubbing up against the girl, before letting one of her legs casually drift open, just a bit. Her foot would end up against Daniel's shin, just resting there. She glanced at him, and feeling he didn't mind, left the touch there, lingering as she shut her eyes and let her head tilt back. She purred just a little bit, listening to what Riley told her flyboy, and then what the nurse felt. Desire from previous encounters, pleasant and heated memories. Longing for Faye herself. Curiosity at what would develop. A desire for her two partners to get along. And concern for Faye. Always that tender care, that the Betazoid craved, even when it occasionally exasperated her.

So she let Riley discreetly check her arm, allowing herself to feel the feedback for the touch. She raised her other arm up, out of the water and curled it around Riley's head, gently stroking her hair and pulling it and away from the ear that was furthers from Daniel. She kissed that ear, all while watching the pilot and murmured so only her lover would hear. "Think about what you'd like to see, and I'll make it happen."

Turning her gaze then to Havenborn, she shifted herself in Riley's lap to better look at him, almost sitting sideways. Faye drew the leg closest to him up, out of the water, then stretched it out across his lap, carefully and slow. If he had an issue he could very easily deflect her with a hand - or a thought - as she spoke. "I've been told that you know my Riley very well, Daniel." She almost said Lieutenant, cause she knew he'd like it, but she liked the rules of the place. No Rank and was feeling impish to boot. "She's told me quite a lot about you." Shown, really. Allowed me to experience, she didn't say aloud. "I'll confess that I've been curious about meeting you for some time now. She paints such a vivid picture of you." Her eyes were locked onto the Martian's now, and knowing that both of them were watching, she very slowly licked her lips.
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Public Baths, Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]  Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan + Others in the Baths

Daniel smirked as Riley gave her answer, he was kind of hoping to see some of the other things that she was into but he supposed that would have to wait for a later date.  He watched as Riley pulled Faye onto her lap then a moment later she pulled him closer, he brought his hand to the back of Riley's neck and slowly traced his fingers along it the edge of her collar.  He paid close attention to what Riley did to Faye however, committing it to memory to possibly use later.

Daniel kept both of his eyes switching from Riley to Faye and seeing Faye lean in to Riley he could only wonder what she had said.  It was obvious that she had whispered something to Faye that he wasn't going to be privy to, but that was fine as he thought of ideas that he'd like to do with both beautiful women.  "There are a couple of things I've always wanted to try."  He said aloud as his mind thought back to his talks with Krissy and how they had always wanted to invite someone to join them in bed but never got around to it.  Krissy had wanted to be put in the middle, Daniel in front of her and the second woman behind her with a strapon.

Although as Daniel was about to begin thinking about the second thing he felt Faye's leg stretch across his lap and he stopped and looked into her eyes as she started speaking and listened to what she had to say.  "I don't know if I'd say that, but I do know her fairly intimately."  He said with a smirk.  As she said that she had been curious to meet him he placed his hand on her leg slowly massaging her.  "She's told me a little bit about you as well and I have to say seeing you in person is much better than seeing a manifest image." Daniel said as he continued to maintain his gaze with her his mind now solely focused on wanting to actually wrap his arms around her and plant his lips on hers.  Kissing Riley was something that he enjoyed and he now wondered what kissing Faye would be like, would she kiss differently than Riley or would they be more of the same.  He maintained his massage of her leg, though he kept inching upwards towards her womanhood, which was something else he wanted to feel and see how it differed from Riley.
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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Nolan @Havenborn 

She felt her breath catch ever so slightly as she got a peek into what Havenborn was broadcasting. Memories, of a woman she'd never seen, and had no real context for. Clearly, like Vivian Martin, and Havenborn himself, this girl was from the Resolve. Someone known, and someone lost. There was a pang of sympathy that was washed aside by the vivid memories, that mixed into fantasies about what might be done, with Riley. My Riley she thought, though not as possessively as the words might imply.

For a brief moment she took Daniels thoughts and shifted the picture. She could see Riley, pinned between them. Havenborn in front, or below  in this case, and Faye behind and above. Pressing her small chest to Riley's back, working her hips in time with the pilots. Spitting the nurse between them. Faye tasted the side of Riley's neck as she placed a sucking kiss to the skin, hearing Daniel moan as he bounced their shared lover between them...She found herself trembling just a little bit with desire in Riley's arms, a reaction she worked quickly to quell. At least for the moment.

There as, of course, the question of if the good nurse actually liked strap-ons. She'd never asked (though now she was very, very curious. She'd have to sort that out at some point in the near future. Not here in the baths of course. A quick look around told her that such an item was not readily on hand. And Faye had no desire to get up out of the warm water just then. Not as ran her fingers down, under the water, along Riley's thigh. No chance.

A quick glance back at Riley, and Faye smiled, wide, winking, before turning to Daniel again and letting her legs open just a bit more. An invitation of a sorts, and greedy as she was, she discreetly guided one of her nurses' hands down to her opposite thigh. See if she takes the hint she thought to herself. Aloud, she addressed the pilot next to them.

"I'm flattered to know I look better in person than my official manifest," she told him, with a coy smile. "I imagine that my state of dress helps." She knew she wasn't the most endowed woman on the ship, nor in the baths - the Chief of Operations had her beat, evenhandedly in that department, as did several other women near by - but she knew she looked good all the same.  Riley liked her, and she'd rarely had a man complain either. Especially once she got down to business.

Her grin grew a bit wider as she leaned forward in Riley's lap. This brought her face about an inch away from Daniels, as she murmured, very softly, "While I don't think we can play out everything running around in your head, Daniel, I can at least answer one question for you. " And then she closed that last little gasp - pressing her bum back against her lover as she leaned forward - and beat Daniel to the punch, kissing the flyboy herself, pressing those delicate lips to his, well aware that her paramour was watching.
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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

The world moved around them and Sel didn't care. She ignored as a few people left, stragglers who were there alone departed. She caught what looked like a J'Naii sneaking away and was mildly disappointed she didn't get a better look at whatever was in between that one's legs, but her primary focus was on Sarresh, was on his skin touching hers.

And yet she could feel a pang of a fear building inside her, growing as the new life within her body continued to grow. She had given herself completely to it. She had decided that she would carry their child and she would birth it when the time came, yet there was still the unspeakable fear that her life would be cut short, that at any time it would be over and when that happened it would not just be her who was cut down, it would be her child as well.

"I know," she breathed, her voice trembling ever so slightly. "I just..." She let out a breath and buried her face into his chest, holding onto him a little too tightly. "I just can't help but be a little... scared." She wouldn't have admitted fear to anyone else and the word was spoken at barely above a whisper. It was humiliating that of all things, this scared her. But she couldn't escape it. "Why did it have to be here? Why did I have to meet you here, why not somewhere else? Somewhere safe..." 
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[ Riley Patterson | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus   @Havenborn 

Riley simply watched the interaction between Daniel and Faye as they talked, wondering what the fair diplomat was picking up from the other party. Sometimes she envied the ability to hear what other people were thinking, the curious nature of Riley always wanting to know more and discover things she didn't know yet. She felt Faye's body tremble slightly for a moment, wondering if the water wasn't warm enough for her, Riley's hand ran over her back, stroking her skin lightly as she kissed her shoulder softly and rested her head against it.

In response though, she could feel the slender fingers of Faye run along her leg towards her thigh. he nurse's lips curling into a smile as she parted her legs just enough for Faye to venture further if she desired. The hand of Riley traveled down to Faye's rear, cupping her behind as she glanced over at Daniel, wondering what he would be doing to Faye, or thinking about what he'd do to her. The hand of the nurse was taken by Faye's free hand, being guided to her own thighs as Riley smirked and lead her hand up. Her thumb coming to rest against her paramour's sensitive clit. Her thumb began to roll against it, slowly, lazily, just enough to rile the diplomat up.

Faye decided to kick it up a notch as she addressed Daniel to his thoughts, she leaned forward as her body shifted in Riley's lap and the nurse leaned back a little as she let the girl settle in more comfortably between her legs. She looked up and saw Faye lean in to kiss Daniel on the lips. Riley's eyes widened and she bit down on her lip as she shifted her hand between Faye's legs. Pulling back yet sending it down her back, teasing her rear before approaching her womanhood from another side. She waited just long enough for Faye to get into the pilot's lips before she dragged a digit into the diplomat's core, pushing her finger deeper knuckle by knuckle. For the rest though, she remained silent.
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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali ( | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 ] Attn: @Absinthe 

The fears might have been washed aside for Sarresh - for the moment at least - but it was clear that for Sel, they were slowly bubbling up to the surface. Like a pot coming to a boil. A fitting analogy as the duo - trio - was currently curled up, nude, in a bath. The warmth kept him steady as the Bajoran woman in his arms laid out the darkness that was clawing up at her. He curled his arms around her, as if he could somehow shelter her and his child from the very things causing her fear.

"What would that be like, I wonder?" He asked her, not really expecting an answer. His mind tried to picture it and he couldn't. A small frown flowed over his face as he realized he couldn't imagine any other situation in which they would have met. Nothing with any real detail. Because his memory of his past was shadowed. Hidden and stripped away from him.  "it...I'm sure it would have been a far less stressful meeting but ....I'm not sure we could have met anywhere but here. Where else would a fierce warrior meet a frigid time traveler?"

Sarresh was trying to be humorous, to mask the sudden emptiness in his gut. The reminder, rearing its head again from the depths of his soul, that he was a man newly minted in so very many ways. He had no past that he could remember. No basis for 'what might have been'. Just a hollow point in his soul where the events that had shaped him were stored, locked forever away.

The counter to that was in his arms. And he pressed his lips to her forehead, just one kiss, at first. Then a second. A third. Following along the shaved portion of her scalp. Just trying to sooth and reassure.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


Thomas' attention did not go unnoticed and Lillee's eyebrow rose high, Vulcan fashion, as her smile grew enigmatic. "Yes, quite alone," she said pleasantly, sipping her cerulean-coloured cocktail as she rather brazenly looked him over again, from his feet up his powerful legs to his bathrobe, even his muscular forearms and broad shoulders, hidden as they were in fluffy white cotton. Oh, sweet, sweet temptation. Perhaps it was because they were surrounded by so many nude bathers, all so wonderfully beautiful in their own ways, in their varied species and genders, but this man being covered up only piqued her curiosity. Lillee had come for some exercise and for a nice soak, but forbidden fruit (especially in such a delicious wrapping, and with such an intriguing mind behind those green eyes) was a potent distraction.

"Baths on Romulan warbirds are much like this," she commented softly, looking around her and Thomas to indicate her meaning. "I was so surprised to see a place like this on a  Federation starship. You humans are always so conservative with your bathing, after all, forever being so private with it. But for my kin, bathing is a social activity. To talk, to laugh, to play. This place does not have the lighting, the scents, the feel of candlelight upon the water that a bath on a warbird would have, but it is a lovely substitute."

Her eyes went to the three bathers, the two women and their male plaything in the warm bath who were enjoying each other's company in one of the warm baths. They were just in view of her and Thomas, as well as many of the others in the Baths, but did not seem to care a whit. "Take them, for instance. It is all well and good to have a private bath, but with friends, it is just so much sweeter. Especially on the eve of battle, or after its end. Such things make us a real crew."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff 

The pilot could feel the eyes of the Romulan burn on his skin as she eyed him, yet he didn't mind the attention as he couldn't keep his eyes off the swim suit clad woman himself. He frowned as she started of Romulan warbirds and he straightened himself, his bathrobe sliding open slightly as it showed more skin, yet the tie around his waist held for now.

"Really? I've not been on any Romulan Warbirds myself to be honest..." he admitted as he smirked "Humans can indeed be rather... Private if it comes to nudity. Not all of them though..." he said with a smug grin "You could always ask the people in charge to have scents, or candles added to the area? I mean, I'm sure they'd be open for it."  he encouraged her.

He followed her eyes to Daniel and the two women. He nodded slightly "True, bonding does makes us more cohesive in a way. Greater morale and the sorts, ideal before or after battle. Although after battle, one needs to vent all that pent up energy... Or at least, that's the case for me."  He turned his gaze back to the blonde Romulan "Would you like to join me to soak in one of the other baths?" he suggested with a confident smile.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


Pent up energy, hm? And with that oh-so-smug grin of his? Despite herself, Lillee felt her skin growing heated, her green blood flowing hotter, the faint whisper in her ear that all Romulans (and Vulcans, though they'd never admit it) knew well. The temptation to stop worrying overmuch, to stop overthinking, and simply live. Passion was such a fiery thing, a hot thing, that it rushed through a Rihannsu's veins with a fire that was not easily denied when it flowed.

"The other baths?" Lillee said in a quiet, sultry tone that nevertheless carried easily amidst the gentle conversation and sounds of water around them. Truthfully, after the hard exertion of her swim, a pleasant soak in a warm bath would be lovely, and the thought of hot water on her heated skin sounded like exactly what she needed. That she could do it with this Thomas fellow was a delicious added bonus. Her words were, after all, true: to bathe with others was a social act, something that she had missed in her long years outside the Empire.

Thus she finished her cocktail, relishing the taste, before setting her glass down upon the bar and moving a strand of her long blonde hair out of her eyes. It was a curse, really, of having such long hair, that it took forever to dry, dripping all over the place, but now, Lillee didn't seem to mind. She reached out to take Thomas' hand, smiling softly. His hands were strong, but so were hers.

"Come with me, then, Thomas," she said, as she lead the tall, muscled human towards the warm baths. A faint haze of steam and haze greeted them in the room, as well as a measure of privacy from everyone else save the three communal bathers in one of the other baths, but they were not Lillee's objective. Instead, she lead her date (oh, so that's what he is now...) to the steam room.
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[ Lt. Cmdr Leon Marquez (https://url= & Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia (,_callsign_%22Angel%22) | The Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 ]
@Nolan@Griff @Brutus

The two lovers who had found an excuse to slip into the steamroom and had since opened their bodies to one another, as far as swimwear and decency would permit as they exchanged heated breaths. For the span of a momentary intimate eternity, they reminisced aboud their past and when and how they could pick up where they left off in the XO's quarters that night aboard the USS Hornet. Both of them remembered. Their night. Out of all the times before or since, Angel relived that night in her dreams as she reinforced those intimate memories about a future she would have earned and honored while Leon would have sworn every fiber in his being to a future spent in her presence.

Their lips locked, their blissful paradise was only complimented by fond conversation of better times they shared and were doing a fond job of recreating as his tight lips locked on her smiling full ones that occasionally nibbled his ear or a blood vessel on his neck that she herself let him know in the most intimate of ways that she liked as her calloused but smooth hands let his toned but chieseled and, ai, Dios such... a strong and warm body! The steam was clearing her breathing as her tight but smooth thighs vice-gripped his legs as the apex of her legs willingly and privately-devotedly grinded against the waterproof fabric that itself had been the only thing from Angel and Striker fulfilling their promises and willingness to surrender to eachother. Neither of them had spoken this much Spanish without the need to break from it to clarify whatever they had to say and to both of them, it was just so naturally wonderful. As long as they could neither of them felt the superfluous need to undress the other, despite the privacy some may have spent small fortunes to acquire.

They were a perfect fit to complement each other: Alessia didn't drink, and Leon wasn't a philanderer, even when he had the likes of Vivian Martin or some of the female senior crew interested, the former Resolve XO had made a promise to return to one woman before her thirtieth birthday, and with blessing from her parents, the Mexican officer would have married the Spanish Pilot if only duty hadn't stepped in and prevented their reunion. As they exchanged sweet nothings, the theme of an old shared tale of the Norse God Odin forbidding a Warrior and a Valkyrie to complete their love. Leon recited the title of this tale as he joked that, Odin had either a sense of humor or a surge in compassion in letting the Striker and the Angel reunite. The Warrior and the Vaklyrie.

Still atop her wartime paramour, Alessia placed back her bikini top before taking a 'who dares enter' pose or attitude matched by the broad-shouldered man at her side, who still managed to overlap his ankle alongisde hers as an excuse to keep their inner legs on one another. When the reaction wound up bein unnecessary, Angel grabbed the nearest towel to hide her now-relieved upper torso.

"Oh! Lillee. Hi." Angel spoke out of sudden familiarity with the Conn Officer she'd grown fond of. Angel broke the ice of the uncomfortable moment, with her million-bar-of-latinum smile beaming as innocently as the tomboyish Latina could afford her as she and Leon were having just the most wonderful of moments. Never one to withhold from sharing with her friends, she innocently spoke for both of them. "Don't be shy, come in, just lock the door if it's just you two, c'mon."
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Triton


If she was honest with herself, the last thing Lillee expected upon opening the steam room door was to see two people quite clearly caught in the act. Her first instinct was to close the door and leave the two lovers proceed uninterrupted, as they were quite clearly enjoying each other's company, but...


Still holding Thomas' hand through the doorway, Lillee quirked an amused grin at her friend as she straddled her paramour and Alessia hurried to cover her breasts with a towel. It was wonderfully sweet to see Alessia and Leon back together amidst the sweaty heat of the steam room. All the pining and regrets, all the erotic tension between the two old lovers...Lillee's grin at them was as honest as could be in how happy she was to see them now.

And it was about damn time, after all.

"Hi Alessia," she said back, moving to retreat back out, before Alessia invited them in. It was awfully tempting, Lillee realised, her free hand on the door frame. The steam room was private, blissfully hot, and offered the company of friends. Alessia obviously didn't mind, nor did Leon, whom she suspected didn't care in the slightest that Lillee and Thomas had interrupted them in an intimate moment. Nor, indeed, could Lillee blame him. By all the Elements, Alessia was gorgeous, fire made manifest and given flesh. Not, indeed, that Leon himself was lacking. The sweat glistened beautifully on his skin, and she suspected  that he was hard as a rock where Alessia's waist concealed his.

Oh, that was not helping. Lillee had been hot in more ways than one with Thomas' interest, the lure of powerful body concealed behind the white robe, the intelligence that burned in his green eyes.

Not. Helping.

Still, unable to resist, Lillee glanced back at Thomas, biting her lip. "What say you, Thomas?" she murmured under breath, so only he could hear, her hand still in his. They hadn't properly known each other before this, having only interacted on a professional basis, no first names...and there was no rank in the Baths. "A warm soak is lovely, it is true, but steam is so pleasant for relaxation, and I could use this after my swim. It is doubly enjoyable with friends, don't you think?"
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

As she quietly repeated his words to switch locations, it hadn't escaped him in what kind of a tone the Romulan decided to say it. His eyes sparkled with mischief as he watched the blonde finish her drink and reached out to take his hand. "Gladly..." he answered with a low toned voice as he finished up on his drink and followed the tempting Romulan to wherever she'd want to lead him.

As they made their way to the steam room, Thomas looked around in the baths, glancing over Daniel and his female companionship as well as to the main pool that was filled with various women. His sights eventually returned to Lillee as his eyes watched at her swaying hips as she walked them to the steam room. The warmth and steam greeted them both and it was getting pretty warm underneath the bathrobe quite quickly.

As they entered the room though it became quite clear rather quickly that they weren't alone. Alessia present in a semi state of undress along with the man Thomas only had known from meetings as Marquez. A quick glance over the two indicated that they know each other or were at least getting to know each other more intimate. It made Thomas grin widely as Lillee greeted Alessia, pleasantries exchanged as Lillee was guiding herself and Thomas back to the door. Garcia however told them that the two of them could stay and as Lillee asked her partner if he was up for it, the pilot simply nodded "Sure, why not." he smiled as he reached for the door to lock it.

With the door locked, Thomas gave a nod to Marquez and Garcia as he gave Lillee's hand a soft squeeze before he placed his other hand on her hip. He guided her to the couple, choosing to sit on a bench in front of them. The bench itself would allow room for the Romulan and the human to sit next to one another. Thomas sat down first and glanced up to Lillee as he guided her to take a spot on his lap. It wasn't obligatory, yet more of a subtle guidance for her to follow up on or neglect entirely.

The temperature quickly becoming too much for Ravon as he began to push the bathrobe off, letting it pool around his waist. His bare torso being met by the humid steam and warmth as it worked wonders on his muscles. Well aware that he wore nothing underneath the whole robe, he assumed that being seated he'd be able to cover up most of him with the robe just pooled besides him. He smiled teasingly at Lillee as he cast his eyes to Garcia and Marquez for a moment "I didn't know you two had history." he spoke up to break the ice himself.
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[ Lt. Cmdr Leon Marquez (https://url= & Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia (,_callsign_%22Angel%22) | The Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 ]
@Nolan@Griff @Brutus

After Leon had the first drink he'd had all week that wasn't springwater or Andorian caffeine, he couldn't have felt more as if he'd had the fullest extent of both. Just exchanging heated breaths and making new intimate memories, Leon's perspiring upper torso grinded against a certain caramel-skinned body of an Aztec warrior-goddess. In his aquatic briefs, Leon supported Alessia's grip and nuzzle, mumbling sweet nothings in their native tongue until their interruption. As if to cover up, he just chuckled; the human body was nothing to be ashamed of, particularly not for either of them, but lest she get any wayward ideas, he held her hip and stroked her navel.

"Commander." Covered fully again, Alessia stood somewhat at attention for her SCO, just out of a dutiful reminder that she was a good little officer. Pilots shared co-ed showers but ever since moving into Leon's quarters, she the amount of shared occupants in her showers went from her and her squad to just her paramour. A move that lately got her jeered at by her peers, of which she always had a comeback of still leaving the showers cleaner than anyone else. All in good fun, though she had as much a professional reaction to the newcomers as much as a playful one. Even despite this renewed loyalty to her friend, Angel replied to the pleasantries. "CTO Leon Marquez, this is my SCO--"

"Tom Ravon." Leon nodded as he explained, hardly bothered by the interruption. In addition to have seen him before if not properly met ouside of officer meetings. "We were more or less the same year back in San Francisco, but we haven't met socially."  Still formal to the other LtCommander in the room, but in a neutral way of letting him know he wasn't into men> Still, he wasn't rude to him or his date. "Jolan Tru." He greeted the pretty-faced and well-bodied Romulan in the same breath with the proper accent and formal birdlike head bow.

"I didn't know you two had history." Ravon had remarked as he disrobed. Alessia's eyes reactively glanced for just a moment just to excite her uninhibited imagination now.

Really? I would've figured Rawley would've... ooh, Leon.... mmm... Her thoughts of underestimating Ghost's discretion were cut off. She just smiled and indifferently let herself be hugged as Leon rested himself on her shoulder with his chiseled but warm face against her neck, as if her light moan was an answer when she felt more of him feel her body, exposed or otherwise.

"Dominion War. Those were rough days." Leon answered dismissively after a breath, only to have his modesty only slightly undermined as he heard Alessia hum continuously, as if agreeing. It was probably arousal at the sight of her superior officer disrobing and the thought that somewhere Lillee may have been either jealous or thinking the same thing at the sight of Leon's strong but careful hands roaming Alessia's muscular navel as she arched her back, cooing something in spanish as she lazily closed her eyes for a half minute.

Leon didn't exactly expect Alessia to have let her wild side return since they split over three years before. Alessia's friend Lillee was definately a looker, maybe, but Marquez until now hadn't thought of romance or intimacy with anyone but the Angel in his arms; evidently, he touched a nerve as she giggled a brief reply.

"Rough nights too." Resting her muscular but firmly round butt against her man and sighed as his held her lower tummy before sentimentally adding with a half-smile as her eyes opened, "We had a future planned out but victory didn't mean a life after the war." Her hands guided his to her top and stopped short, turning around and raising her eyebrow and with her eyes, glanced down and nodded at him to have a seat, turning from Ravon to Leon to guide him into having a seat.

Normally not one to take an order from a junior officer, Leon had no reservations, considering where Alessia was holding to guide him for a moment. 'Mm...hmm" he hummed in approval. After letting go, she sat atop him and resumed warming his legs within the grip of hers after swaying into a seat for herself. "How about you, Lillee? Getting your Romul-on?" baring a cute grin through heated passion, the busty and soon-to-be-topless Angel joked, having heard from Romulan women back in the war that one advantage to marching beneath the raptors' wings was the exchange of pon farr for a more... open approach to sexuality; T'zantha would have loved Lillee.

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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Triton


The human, Thomas, was remarkably bold in how he kept hold of Lillee's hand as he sat down, inviting her wordlessly to sit in his lap. It was an offer with a mountain of subtext. She could just as easily decline and sit beside him, a more tame stance, slowing down their heat that their flirting had sparked. They could sit in the steam room a while Alessia and Leon had their fun, flirt some more with each other, then they could leave. They could meet again the next day, or the day after that,  to build upon their flirting. Such things were how relationships began, a gradual procession of steps in which Romulans and humans were little different, save for the more elaborate nature of Rihannsu courtship.

But Lillee had been starved of intimacy for nearly a year. She was hot, the steam and the potent human scents driving her thoughts wild. And, there was no denying it, she was powerfully aroused, both by her partner and by the others' naked affection for each other. Her breasts were sensitive, her heart was thudding, her blood was on fire...and so Lillee was impatient.

So she accepted Thomas' invitation, sitting in his lap, her buttocks perched atop his muscular thigh with surprising comfort. Half turned as she was, Lillee's right arm and shoulder pressed against Thomas' torso, their sweat intermingling on their warm skin. The fluffy robe that he had let fall was a pleasant feeling on Lillee's bare thigh (although the night-black swimsuit wasn't especially comfortable now), but there was a vulnerability for Thomas. The fallen bathrobe pooled at his waist, concealing his manhood, but if it became erect...well, not even the white cotton could conceal that.

Thus, as Thomas and the other pilots chatted, Lillee traced a slender hand along his abdomen. She traced his sculpted muscles, his belly button (but no further...that would be cheating, after all), then up further, to his pectorals, gliding her finger over his skin, relishing the sensation. She even played with his nipples, lightly teasing them, tweaking them, all while her eyes followed the conversation. Her hand merely kept moving, an innocent idle gesture hiding nefarious intent.

Then Alessia unleashed that terrible pun and Lillee couldn't resist laughing, the sound seeming oddly loud in the small steam room, acoustically insulated as it was against the rest of the baths.

"Alessia, sweetie, that is the worst pun for my species that I've ever heard," she laughed. Alessia had her back to Lillee and Thomas now, straddling her soon-to-be lover as she was, and Lillee's laugh faded into a happy grin that was as pointed as her ears as she beheld her friend. Oh, that fiery grin that Alessia flashed back over her shoulder...she was a happy woman, and Lillee realised that by all the fires of Eisn, it wasn't just Thomas and Leon's powerful, handsome bodies that were sparking her. It was Alessia, too, that she found herself attracted too. The woman wasn't just beautiful objectively. She was genuinely affecting Lillee's arousal with that Spanish flair of hers, that cheekiness.

This could get very complicated, very fast, or it could get very wonderful, very fast.

"However, if I follow the idiom correctly...yes, I most certainly intend to 'get my Romul-on', my friend. It has been a very long time, you know..." Lillee stopped talking, simply focusing on breathing before she glanced back at Thomas. Her partner-in-crime, as it were, her teammate, whose thoughts, she suspected, strongly mirrored hers. "They are truly enjoying each other, are they not?" she murmured, her brown eyes looking into his green. "It is wonderful to see. In fact..."

With that, Lillee stood up, stretching her arms up into the air with languid grace. The sweat glistened on her skin, making the tight black swimsuit rather uncomfortable, but she ignored it as she moved over to the two lovers. She grasped Alessia's shoulders from behind, smiling.

"The door is locked and you are among friends," she said softly. "You need not restrain your passions. Embrace them, should you desire to." Then she planted a delicate, chaste kiss on Alessia shoulder before returning to Thomas, still smiling that mysterious, engimatic smile that none but the Romulans had ever truly mastered.

"Thomas, my swimsuit is not ideal for appreciating the steam," she said before turning around, showing him her back. "There is a zip at the top, at my neck. Would you be so kind?"
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff @Triton

The human was all too glad to see the Romulan woman plant herself down in his lap. While the gesture had been subtle and inviting, it seemed like the woman took the offer with both hands and clearly stood open for a more close and physical contact besides the flirting exchange of words they had shared at the bar earlier on. Thomas his hands moved over her back and came to rest on her hip, just out of reach of whatever butt came to sight as he placed the other on the opposite side resting on her lap, his warm hands able to feel up the muscular yet soft skinned legs of the woman.

As he talked to Marquez and Alessia, Thomas couldn't help but feel the heated body of the Romulan against his skin. The way their sweat mixed as her hands were a different story all together. Was she teasing him purposely as she felt up his torso, running over his abs before returning up to his chest and tweaked at his nipples. When she did so the pilot stirred lightly underneath her, giving her a heated look as he managed to barely keep the conversation going at a regular tone. "Alessia, baths don't hold rank so please do call me Thom." he smiled as he gave a nod to Marquez.

The man beat him to it to mention that the two of them met before, be it briefly during their academy days. Not much more then sharing certain classes or crossing one another on campus at the Academy. As they talked about the Dominion war, Thoma couldn't help but chuckle lightly and nod in agreement "Rough days would be calling it short frankly..." he listened to the two of them as they simply seemed to be made for one another as Lillee proved to be quite a distraction "Sorry to hear that the Fleet tore you apart in a way... Glad on the other hand that you've found each other again here."

When Lillee laughed with Alessia's cheeky pun Thomas saw it fit to get a feel of the woman himself. His hand tracing along her leg, sliding down to her knee with just his fingertips before sliding back up over the soft skin. He stopped short just at her thighs, only to switch leg and conduct the same slow move. He didn't get much further though as Lillee's words caught his attention. She hadn't been intimate for quite a while? How in the stars was that even possible?! A dashing woman like herself?

The eyes of the blonde glanced over at Thomas as she asked him that they were truly enjoying one another, Thomas could only nod in agreement "That they are... Though I have to say that I'm quite enjoying my company as well."  he whispered to the Romulan as he kept his eyes locked on hers. To say that he was truly enjoying Lillee's presence was rather obvious, underneath the Romulan pilot, the arousal of the fighter pilot had developed slowly. Not having reached a full erection though, the swell of his semi hardened member would undoubtedly be felt against the buttocks of the slender Romulan.

Just like that though Lillee raised herself off Thomas as she stretched herself which reminded him of the Terran species of cats when they'd wake up after a nap in the sun. He gazed at her form and watched the swimsuit sling onto her shapes in the humid room. His eyes followed her as she walked over to the couple in the room, telling Alessia and her lover that they had the privacy they required should things go further and that both Lillee as Thomas were friends in this regard. It brought a smirk on Thomas his face as he gave a nod and leaned back a little, watching Lillee kiss Alessia innocently (to a certain degree) on her shoulder before returning back to him with a smile that Thomas always considered to be a kind of wicked.

She informed Ravon of the inconvenience of the swimsuit in the steamroom and asked him to help her take it off. The pilot gave a nod and stood up with no objection or shame. While Lillee would probably not be able to see Marquez or Alessia might be able to. By standing up, Thomas left the bathrobe on the seat behind him, standing in his natural glory and with his semi erection on display. He wasn't ashamed about his body nor was he bothered by it for other people to see him naked. Having spent most of his career in coed locker rooms, nudity there became more of a way of life. Nothing more or less.

He walked up to Lillee and quickly enough found the zipper as he pulled it down slowly, hearing the audible sound of it as he lowered it all the way down. With the fabric splitting open and showing the nude back of the woman to him, Thomas moved his strong hand over her back, giving her a nice slow rub all the way up to her shoulders as he brought his lips next to her pointy ears "Shall I help you out of these miss t'Jellaieu?"
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[ Lt. Cmdr Leon Marquez (https://url= & Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia (,_callsign_%22Angel%22) | The Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 ]
@Nolan@Griff @Brutus

Even Leon had to chuckle at that old joke. When the Imperial Navy offered volunteers to observe Starfleet battle procedures during the Alliance, Ensign Mariner had been caught with a Romulan Uhlan in his quarters teaching her some visual reference material from a certain ancient book from Asia. Getting your Romul-on, Ensign? Have fun, just keep it in the Neutral Zone. Marquez idly ordered his protégé at the time, giving James Mariner 10 additional minutes to attend a routine security briefing; that particularly cute blue-eyed brunette Romulan's own senior officer came by just a minute later and summarily ordered her to continue her 'reconnaissance'.... for the rest of his life, Jimmy never took that word seriously again, given the nature of getting his own 'Romul-on' and having to at least partially giggle at that word to the inexplicable chagrin of other security officers.

Angel almost blurt out 'Aye, Sir' up until the moment and Leon gave her butt a light pinch, only enough to tickle, rather than to hurt, and she didn't mind granting the only man in the galaxy that privilege; as if he were giving her the order to stand at ease... or rather, whatever she was doing next in that wily mind of hers.

Alessia had been looking for a comfortable position in a most artistic manner, as if to slowly ease into one of her secret dances, she held her arms above her head as she rolled her hips around, for Leon to enjoy, but also to give Lillee some ideas for Tom, but her erotic routine was briefly interrupted by just the most subtle but identified skin contacts only another woman's lips could have offered. Alessia almost lost her composure at the surprise but didn't object. In point of fact, she cupped a hand and gave a targeted spank across the blonde's nearest cheek as most pilots did in the communal showers from time to time. She'd encouraged Tessa May Lance in particular to give it a chance more often for mutual morale. Alessia met eyes with Lillee and maintained a curious exchange of facial expressions.

Without stopping her movements, Angel snapped out of her aroused trance and regarded the Romulan woman with a surprised, wide-eyed and mouth-agape expression of sharp amusement as if telepathically telegraming Oh-no-you-didn't!.... Game on, Girl! The expression changed into a playful, 'challenge accepted' scowl. As if she was just challenged to a sprinting contest by a competitor who had just darted towards the last holodeck credit for the next month; her second expression was the same she would wear knowing she could outrun and win the ensuing race.

Leon warily made note of the blonde Romulan's proximity as she moved, out of habit and a sense of caution, especially if protecting Alessia was involved, no matter how, well, aroused, they -both- were.  Mind over body, even if Alessia was doing one of her favorite striptease routines, Leon was just cautious, but fortunately and as he'd hoped, she was in in the spirit of the reason he'd agreed to come down here... Alessia was just asking if not outright begging him to suck on her neck and massage her beneath that white bikini. And he'd do so once the illusive Romulan finished her maneuvers. Despite this, he kept a neutral regard even if he was in the most pleasurable state of mind as he could even remember, given their ship's adventures. If only Leon would have known Alessia would've been down here, she particularly loved having mistletoe in that wavy hair of hers.

The other woman was Tom's, and Leon was all too satisfied with his own company even as she made the slightest overture to the latin woman who was just beginning to peel off a bit of her garments before this, showing just the right amount of booty to him. Leon kept his eyes where they belonged, even when Alessia turned her back to him, letting him appreciate that butt of hers while experimenting with the strings holding her swimwear to her full, curvy body. If anything could give him any resistance to psionic effects, it was a memory like this.

Men. Why couldn't they ever handle women's garments without assistance? Or was it his intention to tie her bikini bottom to her top, to tie into something he'd gotten into while she was out? Unlikely, given how loyal he'd been to her-- and she really made inquiries, to be sure. She was just about to burst if she the steamy air of this chamber and her own arousal didn't let her just sate one exact need her flesh demanded. It was just the best substitute for even her, a so-called, girl gone wild, back in her junior academy years. Before her dramatic return to grace.

As a haze settled in her mind, she sat down atop her fleshy, warm and moist throne as Leon held onto her waist and she guided those calloused but curiously inquisitive fingers onto the now freed knots that she 'technically' still wore. Her pupils dilated as she grinned.

"Music?" They asked un unison as they both had the same idea, jinxing at each other.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Triton


The threshold, that invisible impalpable little line in the sand, had been crossed. They were all in now, all four of them, driven by passions deeper than thought, locked in that primal dance. Standing there, she felt Thomas hand on her back, sliding the zip down with such torturous slowness while Lillee locked eyes with Alessia. The human woman's bikini was loose now, and Lillee ached to see what was underneath in proper detail. Even so, she devoured the sight of Alessia and Leon as they were, she sitting in his lap, while Tom eased the swimsuit off her back. When Thomas' hands touched Lillee's bare back, expertly massaging her muscles, she couldn't resist a light gasp at the sensation.

It was all so hyper-real, as if every touch on Lillee's skin, every delicious sight of the others, seeing Alessia's artful gyrations atop her lover's groin, just wound up overstimulating Lillee yet more. She yearned to reach behind her to feel Thomas' body, knowing that he had to be naked now, but it took all her discipline to restrain herself just that little bit longer.

The feel of Thomas' breath on Lillee's ear, that whispered offer, made Lillee smile. It was then, at a tiny shift of her body, that she felt something press against her buttocks, which were still sinfully covered. Lillee's eyes flicked from Alessia to Leon, then back to Alessia, before she spoke.

"Please, Thomas, strip me bare," she murmured back to her partner, even as her eyes stayed locked on Alessia's. "I wish to feel the steam upon the skin. It is so very hot in this suit, and I desire relief from this heat..." Then Alessia and Leon made their offer of music, and Lillee's eyebrow raised, Vulcan-style, forming an odd counterpoint to her enigmatic grin. "But it is so silent here, save for you, and I wish to hear only you." There was no indication of who 'you' was, nor was Lillee of a mind to elaborate. "Do we truly need the aide of music to be happy? Silence...the sound of skin upon skin, flesh upon flesh, our voices in this place, the hiss of the steam...that is music of its own."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff  @Triton 

Hearing the lightest of gasps escape from Lillee was enough to make the pilot smirk behind her as he eased his hands up to shoulders to relax the muscles that were undoubtedly stressed by the ship's mission. There was however the distracting eye candy called Alessia as she rhythmically moved in front of Lillee before they both ended up in a stare off which was amusing to watch. However Thom's eyes slid over the bare back of the Romulan, still finding the buttocks of the woman covered in the tight swimwear. He felt Lillee change stance ever so lightly and as a result his arousal grazed against her rear as he grinned even wider.

She spoke up right after that, to bare her so the steam could settle down on her skin and the pilot replied with a low tone "My pleasure...." his hands pushed under the fabric at her shoulders and reached down to her collar bones. His wrists and arms pushing the swimsuit over her shoulders and guiding it further down as his own hands slid down further. The warm, calloused though strong hands snaked their way over her breasts. Feeling them up slowly as the bathing suit was lowered. His thumbs deliberately ran slowly over the sensitive nipples of the Romulan before the left her breasts all together to push the swimsuit down over her stomach.

The warm moist air would've greeted the skin of t'Jellaieu with kind, sweat and steam mixing together as Ravon had effectively stripped the top half of the Romulan for all to see. He himself couldn't gaze upon the prize, yet he imagined Marquez and Garcia would have perfect front row seats to the show. He leaned in to drops his lips tenderly on Lillee's shoulders, trailing his lips over her skin to the back of her neck as he made sure the rest of his body didn't connect to hers (besides his hands and arms).

He pushed the swimsuit further down, hands now reaching past her navel and reaching the lower abdominal region before nearing a more heated part of Lillee's body. His hands sprawled open, fingers touching an as large as possible surface as he ran his hands over her inner thighs, index fingers and thumbs running over that sensitive spot that human would know as a clitoris as the rest of his hands avoided contact with her womanhood as best as they could. With a final push, he lowered he bathing suit, feeling some resistance as it really stuck to her rear and skin before it flopped down and pooled at her ankles. He had given the company in the room a brief moment to have a look at the Romulan's private area before he took the courtesy of covering her up with his hand, almost cupping her private area with one hand yet increasing the friction against her body by doing so. With her entirely naked, he closed the distance from behind as his aroused state, which had turned rather erect by now planted itself against her buttock, his warm body connecting against her back entirely as he traced his single free hand over her abdomen.

"I like the silence just fine..." Thomas replied, his mind still on point despite the pleasant distraction he had been working with "I think miss t'Jellaieu is right... We can make a music of our own..."
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[ Lt. Cmdr Leon Marquez (https://url= & Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia (,_callsign_%22Angel%22) | The Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 ]
@Nolan@Griff @Brutus

Angel was cooing something into her man's ear which didn't really last long as she kept her eyes on the tall blonde and that body she could hardly believe was allegedly such a gray one by reputation. Alessia found Lillee more and more reminiscent of her onetime roommate. More good memories, and those were squarely why she'd followed her late friend's example and kept her inner womanhood bare. Leon's fingers had since fallen off as his hands strategically began to claim her previously-bare...details. Marquez's own ministrations picked up that much more energy

Their fellow guests were right, and she wasn't about to defy orders from her boss, even here, nor... dayum, Lillee had a nice rack, but she'd probably cheekily attribute it to Romulan superiority so Angel just lost her control through lidded eyes as she allocated her hands to fixing her wavy black hair from a ponytail into something sexier. Her body (and her mind) was already making its own tunes; Gypsy Kings' 'Volare'. Still grinding as Leon held her as only he could, she was just about ready to get him out of those briefs.  Her soft but equally strong digits had been likewise tickling her own partner's bare necessities, something he appreciated in kind by sitting up and peeling off his swimwear.

He was way ahead of her the next time her now-bare (and quite cute) behind made contact with him, she planted a musically noted kiss on him. He had nothing to be ashamed of, if anything, he made it quite clear through his movements of getting comfortable in the room's corner, with his legs on the seat next to them and Alessia now atop him. Leon was content to let his athletic soccer-player body be a plaything in what he could see was some sort of competition. For just a moment, he opened one eye to at once see that the Romulan's bare sex was exposed as Alessia's full mouth traced around his lips and slurped just a noticeable hum at the end of a building series of pants, moans and mewls.

Alessia was still locked onto Lillee from head to tow (and everything between), no matter how she tried to hide it, she was daring her friend into matching her own stamina and to boot, taking a provocative nibble on where a Romulan man's eartip would be, and Leon chuckled growlingly as Alessia finally found a 'comfortable' position. If anything, she was privately boast that she could write a check with her mouth that she could cash with her ass to her Squad leader and some squadmates and found perverse pride in that as she began to engage in her maneuvers.

At last, it was Leon's turn to join in on the duet as his hands guided Alessia's thighs atop him as he cupped her jawline to match lips with his. Having experience with her as he did, it was only a matter of dividing this encounter in terms of rounds, though this first one had only the slightest twist to it with their arrivals, and also twists and the turns she pulled between her slow but rhythmic bounds to let her fellow pilots see why she'd asked previously to cohabitate elsewhere on the ship. The now-fully-naked and carefree Alessia broke her kiss around the eighth bound of a minute to raise an eyebrow and make a kissy-lips facial expression to Lillee before arching back down to Leon and maintain her smiling regard to the other occupants as the passion in the room was to heat up.

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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Triton


As Thomas stripped Lillee down, she luxuriated in his touch. The press of his lips on her collarbone was powerfully erotic, sending tingles down her spine, and then he continued his work, slipping the night-black swimsuit down her torso. The briefest of touches over her erect nipples made Lillee purr in the back of her throat, and all the while, she watched Leon and Alessia move things on. She watched him sit up, and Alessia stand up, the latina woman's bikini falling to the floor to reveal her wonderfully formed breasts, soon followed by her other swimwear, revealing her bare womanhood. Lillee watched Leon, his throbbing erection straining against his tight swimwear, before he finally liberated it from its confines, and then Alessia returned to her perch atop her lover as he lay back down on the bench.

She answered Alessia's challenging look with a daring smile of her own as Thomas finally worked the swimsuit down to her ankles, and Lillee lightly stepped out of the wet fabric, picking it up with her toes and flinging it away. Watching Leon and Alessia, her breath short with sensual excitement, Lillee grinned devilishly as Alessia found her place and Leon guided her atop his shaft. The quiver of Alessia's spine at the entrance of his large member was telling, as was the speed with which she accepted his manhood, not even pausing their fevered kissing as she bent down to him. They clearly wanted each other with profound, unstoppable desire, and it wasn't long before Alessia began her first rhythmic movements, gliding him in and out of her. Lillee and Tom had a magnificent view of Alessia's rear as she moved up and down, the carnal dance finally starting.

Then Lillee felt her own partner draw closer, and she gasped anew at the feeling of his hard body pressed against her back, his own manhood making its size plain through its weight atop her buttocks. As his hand went down to cover Lillee's moist lower lips, she instinctively traced his arm with her own hand with a long, sensual touch, until her hand covered his atop her most intimate area. With a barely audible "Hmmm..." of satisfaction, Lillee noted that Thomas, just as much a gentleman as a lover than as a squadron leader, didn't touch her. Not yet. She admired his restraint. It was taking every ounce of Lillee's self-control to not reach back and explore his shaft, so hefty was it on her skin. If their roles had been reversed, she'd have lost control long ago.

Instead, still smiling devilishly as Leon and Alessia began that gradual acceleration of their congress, she pressed down on Thomas' hand, pushing it onto her wet womanhood. She moved his forefinger up and down each lip, even letting it make the briefest of entrances, before lifting his hand back out as she turned around. With a deliberate motion, gazing into the human's eyes the entire time, she drew his moist forefinger into her mouth, licking her vaginal juices from it luxuriously.

"You do seem so very aroused, Thomas," Lillee teased, licking his finger again before glancing down at his still-erect manhood. She'd been right; it was very impressive. Not the largest she had ever had, but certainly in the running for the top three. Unable to resist any longer, she reached down with her other hand, running her knuckles down its length before gripping it lightly. "I think we can do something about that."

And then, finally, she released his hand to cup around the back of his neck and bounced up on her tiptoes to kiss him. It was light at first, exploratory, but soon it grew passionate, a wild, hungry kiss that was nowhere enough to sate their desires. It was only during a pause for breath that Lillee looked back at their companions to see Alessia's teasing look back as she energetically bounced atop Leon, even making a 'kiss' motion with her lips. Laughing freely, Lillee merrily returned to kissing Thomas, finding that he tasted truly delicious.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff  @Triton

Thomas' attention had been quite focused on Lillee as he hadn't seen the carnal enjoyment Alessia and Leon were starting to get into. Once the Romulan had been stripped of her clothes she had given him a sultry yet barely audible sound as his eyes shifted from her to the couple in front of them. It wasn't anything new to see, yet enticing it was nevertheless. He could feel his own manhood harden and throb lightly at the sight of the couple making out in a rather fiery and passionate way.

It made his restraint to unleash himself on Lillee only that more harder as he wouldn't mind to dig in just as fast with her in a dance of lust and need. The blonde however caught him off guard as she guided his fingers into her womanhood. The eyes of the pilot switching back to her as he could feel the warm heat between her legs, the smooth velvet walls of her sex pressed against his fingers as he did allow himself some exploratory motions with his fingers. The Romulan woman however guided his fingers back out of her as she turned herself around and blessed the man with a full frontal view of her beautiful body.

His eyes were drawn back to hers though as she gazed deliberate and deep into his. He smiled faintly as she brought his fingers to her mouth and began to taste her own sex's taste as she proved to him what she could do with her tongue and some suction. "How can I not be aroused with a beauty like yo and our lovely friends in the background?" he fired back at her teasingly before his eyes fluttered lightly as she run her knuckles over his manhood before griping it "Though, you seem to be in an equal state..." he groaned out.

His eyes darted to Alessia who was watching them, yet his attention was captivated entirely by Lillee as she eased in and kissed him full on the lips. The pilot answered in kind and met her passion and heated emotions as his one hand trailed down over her chest swiftly, running over her breasts once more before he slipped his fingers back into the warm cove of heat between her legs. His other hand came to cup her rear and gave it a soft pinch before he ran it back up her spine to ruffle through the back of her hair as his hands began to dig back and forth.

He grinned at Leon and Alessia as Lillee laughed and turned her gaze to them. Yet it didn't take long for the both of them to get back into one another as Thomas brought Lillee back to one of the benches and sat her down on it before breaking free of the kiss and laying her down on her back "Allow me to have a taste of you myself..." he offered with a wink.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Triton


The taste of the human was swiftly proving addictive as Lillee kissed him, her tongue boldly tickling his own. Ravon didn't kiss like the other humans that she had known. He was stronger, more impassioned, his lips hot against hers. Famished, Lillee's hands travelled hungrily across the man's powerful body, from his shoulders to his rock-hard manhood, taking in as much of him as she could.

Oh, he was impressive. Lillee had had her share of humans since her husband's death, of both genders, but somehow, this pilot was proving remarkable, his technique causing Lillee to groan against his lips. He could not and would never match Jiang...

The thought, rising unbidden, caught Lillee short, startling her out of her erotic excitement for a moment even as she kissed Thomas, teasing the tip of his great shaft with her finger. Strange that she should think of her long-dead husband now, of their brief but wondrous romance; after all, she didn't usually think of him while having sex, even less so in such spontaneous encounters. Still, she didn't want to stop what was happening, what Lillee most desperately needed, and what she believed that Thomas, Alessia and Leon needed as well. It was wild, it was insane, and it was incredible...they deserved Lillee's full atttention, not her distraction.

Thus, Lillee thought back to her most memorable nights with Jiang, of his powerful body unleashed upon hers in their bed, in their shower, on their kitchen table, as, back in reality, Thomas guided her back to the bench. Lillee was panting now, her eyes alight with need, her blonde hair askew as she sat. Then Thomas pushed her to lie down gently along the length of the bench, and realising his intent, Lillee grinned devilishly, her pointed ears adding a nefarious edge to how she looked down at Thomas.

"Taste me, hm? I should warn you, human...we Rihannsu are far spicier creatures than most..." With that, Lillee spread her legs to either side of the bench, exposing her damp womanhood to Thomas. With nary a whit of shame, she reached down and began lightly playing with herself as she glanced to the side at Alessia and Leon, the two lovers' groans growing louder as Alessia rocked back and forth, building to that inevitable climax.

"Hey, Alessia!" Lillee called out breathlessly as she watched their sexual congress, feeling her arousal reach new heights. "Do you mind if I...if I have my fun as well? I do not wish you and Leon...with what Thomas is doing to me..."
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[ Lt. Cmdr Leon Marquez (https://url= & Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia (,_callsign_%22Angel%22) | The Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 ]
@Nolan@Griff @Brutus

Biting her lip as she rode roughly, Angel dizzily replied, beyond caring about any challenge now, she was too lost in her activity, but her tirelessly sassy attitude couldn't say no to Lillee. "3-times-stronger... yeah right! Ai, Leon! <3" she panted before edging him on in their native language for more than half of an intense minute before replying sensibly, "Ah! Hahaha,... Sure, just don't--oh...mmm-- brag that Romulans-- Ah!-- invented... Hmm!... coming before.... *Panting* anyone... else...!" She shut her eyes as she began to find her womanhood losing  control of itself as she answered.

Angel continued to aggressively but carefully grind her bare, puffy passage to house leon's wide, hot and -- ai!-- wonderfully-long member, which managed to still curve and match the rest of her athlete's body, fitting as perfectly as he did when they were originally together. Once again, as cohabitants, they made a happy and spirited couple to accent eachother, as if their hearts had attuned to one rhythm.

After a series of micro-squats onto his shaft, she held herself onto him as she shut her eyes and her lush lips formed an o-shape as she arched her back and lowered her upper torso and her 32B breasts onto Leon's chest. Angel's juices began to overflow as she writhed at his tightening embrace and her taut, sensitive thighs encircled him from her cowgirl position. Leon held one of those fleshy aroused peaks between his lips and moaned into it rhythmically with every thrust or lunge by either of them. It wasn't long before both of them felt a pending surge in the torrid exchange. She seemed like she was going to win  this round atop. Angel placed both her hands around his head while raking his hair and massaging his neck sweetly, just a dozen short erratic breaths were enough to pant increasingly in a preclimatic adagio.

Marquez had other plans as he embraced her waist after moving his free hand tightly around her moist, pulsating excitement, securing a good grip on one half of that firm but voluptuous ass of hers that she all too happily gripped and rewarded with a shift up as he raised his mighty soccer-trained legs to form a grip for her to lean into. Alessia thrashed her head about and leaned onto him, letting her wavy black hair drape around her lover as she touched her forehead to his.

At this mind-numbing surge of ecstasy, Alessia released her legs' grip on him as her butt settled on what she thought was the final move. She was mistaken as Leon abruptly thrust upward in concert with a loud kiss that was enough for him to seize the upper hand as he thrust once into her, and Alessia's coherent thoughts vanished in a final explosion of passion; her navel felt as if it was a experiencing warp core breach as her moans of bliss were caught in a blood-rushing kiss that had them both moaning into eachother. Marquez spent the next few final moments thrashing in to her enough to nearly drown out some disembodied voice breaking up their shared climax. She didn't care who spoke their way, but Angel wasn't done yet, not after that thrill.

A few breaths later and a blissful giggle, Angel sat up and came to her senses as she cleaned herself off with a towel and got a drink as Leon did the same, leaning naked against the steamroom's bench and wall.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff  @Triton

Thomas grinned as Lillee warned him that she might taste spicier then other races he'd have tasted. The pilot gave a slow nod before the Romulan spread her legs for him. He could see her warm, moist womanhood being presented for him before Lillee's hands began to toy with it. Ravon knelt down as he edged closer, his lips kissing Lillee's legs, trailing his way up with more kisses, slight licks and a spot to apply suction on. He took his time, yet didn't let the woman wait too long for her pleasure. With a few long laps he got a first taste of her sex and he drew back for a second with a grin as she indeed wasn't lying.

He leaned back in as he grazed his teeth over her nether lips, grazing them upwards before he licked her clit. His hands moved over her legs yet eventually gathered at her sex as well as he began to roll his thumb over her clit while he pushed his tongue inside of her sex to get an actual good taste of her. His tongue delved deep and began to roll in a circular motion as he looked up to see the reaction from the woman.

His free hand slid up to grab on to one of the breasts of the  Romulan as he massaged it and toyed with it as he greedily moved his tongue back and forth, licking and sucking up any fluids she'd lose in the process. Thomas could hear the ever nearing climax between Alessia and Leon in the meantime, yet he had no time to look over as he was occupied himself.
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Public Baths, Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]  Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan + Others in the Baths

"Yes your state of undress does help, but like Riley I think you look perfect in uniform as well."  Daniel replied with a smirk.  He was a little taken back when she leaned in and mentioned what was running around in his head and for a moment he had forgotten that she was telepathic and could read his thoughts, he was about to comment on that when he was completely surprised at Faye's initiative but he quickly returned the kiss and even slipped his own tongue into her mouth; he wasn't about to waste the opportunity that was right in front of him after all.

As he pushed his tongue into her mouth and found her tongue he began to massage it slightly with his tongue.  The way that Faye kissed him however wasn't as different from the way Riley did, Riley's kisses were slightly more intimate than the Faye was kissing him; not that he wasn't thoroughly Faye's kiss.  Daniel continued to trace his fingers along Riley's neck but slowly snaked his fingers into her hair before he started to twirl it around his fingers.  He continued until his hand had softly met her head then slowly brought her head towards them and then he broke the kiss from Faye and leaned in and kissed Riley, slipping his tongue into her mouth and massaging her tongue just as he had Faye's.

After a moment or two he broke the kiss and smiled at the both of them.  "You both are definitely wondrous at kissing, and I couldn't even begin to decide who is better."  Daniel said with a smile, he really couldn't decide which of them was better and he honestly wasn't going to.  However his body was slowly starting to react to the closeness of the women, he could feel his manhood becoming erect but made no attempt to hide it or stop it, he was looking forward to what would happen next between the three of them.
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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Nolan @Havenborn  

Contact. She thrived on it, be it mental or physical. She was a being of thought and sensation and she was getting both right then, much to Faye's impish delight. She'd made that first move on the flyboy, taken a bit of his thunder and some liberty, knowing that her paramour - their shared bed partner, she surmised - would enjoy seeing this as much as she and Havenborn would enjoy feeling it.

Light touches down her spine. Feminine grace. That was her Riley. The thighs were wider apart and with a bit of a wiggle Faye let that hand cup the prize she loved so much to feel under her finger tips. It was warm and soft and helped along with the heat of the baths.

Oh yes, delightful. she thought as she wiggled and squirmed, feeling fingers teasing her body. There was a thumb on her clit before she'd leaned forward, and now  - Oh, Fuck~ she groaned into the kiss, the noise swallowed as deftly as her own sex blossomed around the intruding finger.

Counterpoint to all of this was the roughness of Havenborns lips. Not his actions, exactly, but the texture of his skin. The martian man was a contrast in sensation and thought to her Riley, masculine in a way that was to be appreciated and enjoyed for the simple pleasures he brought to her table. This was not a man to refuse a gift so freely offered, and his tongue danced in her mouth as her hips danced on Riley's hand.

Heady from the kiss, Faye realized she was able to breath again, as she pressed her free-er hand to Daniels chest, sandwiched now between her lover and the pilot. She could feel him kissing her Riley, and how much each enjoyed the other, and she pressed her forehead in against the very male shoulder, letting out a rumbling purr of delight. She nipped at his skin before he pulled back, and watched him drink them both in.

Coyly, she leaned back in against Riley, wiggling her hips under the water line. This was moving fast, but Faye hardly minded, not in the slightest. "Your pilot is very good with a compliment," Faye noted to the nurse, her voice heavy and a bit strained. After all, she had a finger deep up into her, as she lay her back against the nurses chest.

"And you're quite good with a kiss too." She added for Daniels benefit.
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]
It'd been a while since she'd had a chance to go for a swim, a proper swim, not just a dip in a holodeck and Kala was looking forward to it. Opening her locker, Kala stowed her boots , feeling the warm tile beneath her toes, knowing this was real, not the fantasy of the holodeck. She paused, glancing around a little as she began to inzip her uniform jacket. She pretty much lived in this uniform, or one of the other three she kept hanging in her quarters, so taking it off aside from in the privacy of her room or holodeck felt a little weird. She'd also never been in a rank free, clothing optional facility before, at least not a Starfleet one, there were some civilians ones on earth she'd been in before, tho never gone full nude. She'd never really felt comfortable baring everything around everyone, the comfort of her own quarters maybe, and when she had a boyfreind over sure, but around strangers in public, not so much.

Shrugging out of the uniform jacket, Kala hung it up on one of the hooks, placing her combadge down beside her boots. She was looking forward to the few hours she had. She was a fan of staying in shape, the various outdoor sports she participated in demanded a high level of physical fitness, and being on the shorter side, Kala worked extra hard to ensure her body was up for the task. And it showed, or would when she was free of the uniform, she still had the undershirt and skirt to shed before she was ready for the baths. It didn't take her long, everything was mostly zippers and a few clasps, so easy enough to slip out of. And soon enough, she'd slipped into a replicated issue bikini. It seemed a little odd that Starfleet had a uniform standard for swimwear, despite most people completely ignore the regulation outfit, using their own. Unfortunately Kala's favorite bikini was left behind on her last posting, her gear hadn't caught up to her (nor would it she suspected), so she'd replicated a issue outfit for her downtime.

She'd also been a bit surprised by the relaxed fraternization and PDA rules. Starfleet was usually pretty conservative in that regards, so a ship allowing for relaxed rules, usually meant that couples wound up making out, sometimes even discreetly having sex, while in the baths. Kala honestly didn't care as long as couples were discreet, and what happened here stayed here. It was when it spilled over into the corridors it became a problem in her mind.

Stepping into the shower area, Kala could hear a few going, seeing silhouettes behind the  privacy screens. As expected, one had what looked like two bodies, but aside from the hazy outline, the activities inside could not be heard thanks to the sound proofing of the chamber. A quick turn and she stepped through a cleaning arch based off sonic shower technology. A quick tingle as it washed her clean. The main area beyond was dominated by the lap pool, a shorter one but she wasn't about to complain, not with at least one lane free for swimming.

Putting her towel down at the head of the lane, marking the lane as in use, at least for those who knew what that meant, she slipped into the pool. Sinking beneath the waves, getting her hair wet, enjoying the warm water against her skin for the first time in a long time. Popping back out of the water, brushing her blond tresses from the front of her face, pushing them back behind her ears, Kala took a moment to just enjoy being in the water. She was here to do laps however, and soon enough pushed off from the wall, starting with a slow breast stroke to warm her muscles up.
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @Nolan @Brutus @SummerDawn

It would seem that the curvier woman was indeed coming out of her shell, but from where she stood, things were getting a little too much for the Nova Kosicean.  Now, she didn't mind if people were getting it on around her.  Lord knew, she'd been pretty immodest in her time, and she certainly was no prude.  But if she was any judge, she wasn't going to get lucky just now, so she'd let others enjoy themselves.  "Well, I'll leave you ladies to your fun.  I think I'll just shower and head back for some sleep." 

With that said the sleek Security NCO turned on her heels and made for the doors, where she recovered her discarded bathing suit an draped it over her shoulder before heading out the way she'd come. 

Going through the pool area, a ripple in the water caught Bremmer's attention and she stopped.  Blonde hair made dark by the water flowed from the head of a shorter woman.  A woman whose shape, at least viewed from the back, was enticing enough to draw the human's eyes to it.  Pale skin, with the play of muscles that weren't quite as accustomed to hard work as many others she'd seen, let alone her own.  With a smile, the woman walked around the pool to the far end and, selecting the lane adjacent to the current swimmer, she launched herself into a shallow dive. 

Eliska Bremmer had grown up in a gravity well that was significantly heavier than Earth's, which happened to be the standard on Starfleet vessels.  In fact, she'd felt practically weightless on her flight from home to the Academy to be trained, and when she had gotten there, she had been underestimated by many.  And that was when she learned first-hand what kind of a difference her very active lifestyle in her native 1.13g truly meant.  As her legs uncoiled, she covered much distance and upon impacting the water her arms and legs began their rhythmic movement and before long, she had caught up with the blonde who, as it turned out, was wearing a bathing suit. 

But one thing for certain, Bremmer had not bothered to put her own back on.

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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Swimming laps had been a routine activity for Kala when she was based at Utopia, the primary starbase that was the administrative hub of the facility was large enough to rival some of the bases in orbit of Earth, and like most large bases, there was a large gym facility that could accomodate all manner of physical activities. And like most bases, it was a hive of activity at all hours, so while finding a lane was easy enough, having the pool to oneself almost never was. It meant that for Kala, she was used to having a partner in a lane beside her, and the entry into the lane beside her of the petty officer, a lady she didn't recognize, was of little importance to her.

As Kala kept of her stroke, she paid little attention to the women at first, more assessing the women' swimming rhythm so she could gauge how much turbulence she'd have to swim though as she did her laps. She was also focused on her technique, her rhythm in the water as she warmed up, that she paid little attention to the time passing, only counting time by the laps she'd done. It was only after about 50 passes down the 25m lane that she finally paused at one end, stopping to rest her muscles for a minute before she changed up her stroke for another 50 laps. Feet against the side of the pool, she held onto the edge with one hand, scanning the pool, really glancing around for the first time.

And that was how she noticed her lane neighbor, a human by what she could see from the overall body shape, or at least humanoid as she could't see any dermal markings, or identifying features to suggest she was anything but human. As the women came up the lane, strong powerful strokes propelling her, Kala could tell from watching the women swim, Kala was certain the women was human. She also noticed the women wasn't wearing any clothes, swimming in the nude which she knew was allowed here, but also seemed a bit strange to Kala on a Starfleet facility. Regardless, Kala wasn't about to complain, and the women seemed to enjoy the water as much as Kala, her swimming was natural, like she'd grown up accustomed to water.

Pulling off the wall slightly, Kala tread water a little, her toes barely reached the bottom of the pool near the shallow end, and they were at the deep end of the pool, meaning she had to tread to stay afloat. She did dip below the water briefly, popping back out with her hair wet again, it tended to dry fast out of the water and she preferred it wet when in the pool. As she came out she noticed the women pausing as well and she smiled over at the women. "Good day for a swim?" she asked the lady conversationally.
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Oh, she was going to regret those extra laps comes morning.

Before she'd made for the baths, Bremmer had already done a more than respectable sixty, and that had been following a ten-mile run under her native gravity, and a core workout.  All in all, already a good bit of exercise for the day.  But no, that sleek blonde in the water had to get her attention, and had the concentration to keep going for a hundred bloody laps.  But at least, she didn't have to haul herself at more than 1g,

But for all of her athleticism, love for exercise and outstanding physical fitness, Eliska Bremmer was glad enough to see it come to an end, though where the lovely blonde, who proved to be Bajoran, given her nasal ridges, threaded water, the Human went to rest against the wall, her arms extended from her shoulders to hold herself up.  She was breathing a little harder the she ought to be, and she could feel the burn of intense exercise in her muscles, but it was a good feeling all right. 

When the ice was broken with a simple statement, Eliska grinned.  "When isn't it?" she replied lightly.  Oh yes, swimming was good exercise.  And a good way to give her joints a break after a good run, too.  "And you swim like a fish."
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
"Been swimming most of my life." Kala remarked. She did notice how the women moved the wall, a slight tiredness in her arms. She wasn't too surprised given the women's technique which seemed less efficient then her own. Not that it mattered, they were both enjoying the water. Brushing a strand of hair out of her eye she moved to the wall, taking a proper break. "Nothing competitive, I never could get my lap times down enough to pass trials."

She looked down the lane briefly then back at Eliska, glancing over the women as hers eye came back. She was fit, lean and trim, not muscular but from her swimming, Kala had no doubt she was strong. She couldn't see much else as they were both up to their necks in water, but she could imagine a little. "I don't think we've been introduced. Kala Marika. Engineering department."
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

"Same here," she answered with a smile.  "But never in a pool before I joined Starfleet; always been in lakes and rivers before."  Such was the life on Nova Kosice.  The descendants of the members of the nearly failed colony had held on to the return to basics their ancestors had been forced to.  Food coming from crops and cooked the old-fashioned way; ores extracted from the ground with explosives and shovels.  Clothes made from fibers harvested from fields and then processed.  And why build pools, when there were perfectly good bodies of water available?  Sure it was a little chilly early or late in the season, but that was part of the fun. 

"And this is the first pool I've seen in... I think the last time I saw a swimming pool, it was before I got on Resolve.  I missed swimming.  Real swimming."  She smiled.  Oh, the blonde could swim all right, better than Eliska could herself.  But it was the nature of the beast for someone whose fitness regime had to cover a number of eventualities; one could never get perfect form with everything.  Or really with anything for that matter.  Except for her other hobby, of course... "It's a good exercise, and easier on the knees than just running, you know?" 

As the woman came to the wall and introduced herself, Eliska pulled herself closer to the floating divider that segregated their lanes.  As she did, the muscles in her arm stood out.  Not hard, bold bulges, but sleek and taut, like steel cables beneath her tanned skin.  "Well hello, Marika," she replied with a smile.  Perhaps she was not nearly as cosmopolitan as those who'd been raised within the mainstream of the Federation, but she did know that for Bajorans, the given name was the second... like a very small portion of her own people, for that matter.  "Eliska Bremmer, Security."

And with that, she extended her hand across the divider. 

Now, she knew her own accent was pronounced, what with Federation Standard being not even a second language for her, but truly a fourth given her own native tongue, Silesian, was a pidgin of what would have been called Polish, German and Czech back on Earth, and she could not quite place the blonde's.  "Now if you don't mind my asking, that's not a Bajoran accent I'm hearing, is it?"
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala listened as Eliska spoke about her swimming growing up. "Real swimming? Like lake? Not pools?" she asked. She paused, "It certainly is easier on the knees. I do a lot of swimming in the fall before the snow starts falling. I Snowboard and that's hard on the knees. Swimming let's me stretch and build muscle without hurting my joints."

She hadn't expected Eliska would be familiar with the Bajoran naming convention so calling her by her given name was unexpected. She took the women's hand in her own. "Eliska Bremmer. I like the name. And thank you. Most people just call me Kala which I'm okay with, but is technically incorrect." She motioned over to the sauna's with a nod of her head. She was done enough laps for now, she could come back later if she wanted, but it'd give them a chance to talk a bit as the sauna was usually quieter. "Call it a day for laps? Steam sauna looks quiet right now."
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


Lying down on the bench, Lillee felt her stomach clench in sweaty anticipation as Thomas steadily climbed up her body, kissing her legs as he went. She watched him move up with a hungry gaze, even as her hand slowly stroked her bared nether regions. By now, the blonde Romulan had been driven to a ferocious primal lust, focusing on her lover as he continued his sensual assault. The sensation when he finally reached her waist and touched her searing womanhood with his lips was overwhelming.

The distinctly cheeky grin as the human pulled back only irritated Lillee, but the anger only fuelled her arousal yet further, leaving her paralysed atop the bench at Thomas' touch. His teeth gently grazed her folds, eliciting a lustful groan from Lillee as she clutched the bench over her head with both hands, a willing prisoner of the human's skill. The tongue followed next, delving deep, and the Romulan groaned anew, her feet pushing on her tip-toes to push her ravenous womanhood further up and the tongue further in.

"Yes!" she cried, shuddering as the Tongue rolled inside her folds, causing a powerful reaction for such a small movement. Far gone into the ravages of the Romulan sex drive, she endured it, shaking with pleasure at each new touch of Thomas's lips, his hand on her breasts, her skin slick with sweat in the heat of the steam room. Lillee was building to it now, driving to that climatic moment, and her long abstinence from sexual contact mixed with her Rihannsu passion left her powerless to control it. She vaguely registered the loud passionate groans of Alessia and Leon as they reached their own potent orgasm, and a few moments later as the couple left, her skin prickled at sudden cold when they opened the door.

But then the door was closed, and wondrous heat returned to surround the lovers. "Ie," Lillee muttered senselessly, reverting to her native language in her erotic excitement. Her eyes closed, her hands gripping the bench above her head tight enough to splinter the wood.

"Ie, ie,!"
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Marika seemed surprised that Bremmer's swimming experiences involved natural bodies of water.  But then again, she could not know her native colony had spent a few decades on the ragged edge, and their utilitarian mindset had endured even as they were reconnected with the Federation as a whole.  But snowboarding?  That was not something Eliska was familiar with.  But then again, she knew there was much that made little sense to her.  She'd heard of it before, but she'd not much cared for it.  Back home, snow meant work in the fields slowed down dramatically, and farm work meant maintenance, building, and preparation for the upcoming spring. 

With introductions made, the blonde offered thanks for actually using her given name.  To that, Eliska smiled.  "First time dealing with a Bajoran, he was some rich guy with his head firmly up his ass and a sense of entitlement you wouldn't believe.  No one ever told me about the naming convention, so I'll let you guess how he took to a Crewman First Class on the customs inspection party that boarded his ship calling him by his given name... especially since he knew damn well half the containers in the hold that were his on the manifest were loaded with enough drugs to float a heavy cruiser, and the Syndicate wouldn't take kindly to his getting caught."  At the memory, the Human couldn't help but laugh.  It had been in her first six weeks on the Grainger, and the first time she'd been on an inspection that turned up more than very minor contraband.  "So you could say the memory stuck in my mind." 

Another smile, the Human flashed.  And then, a brilliant suggestion was made.  The steam room?  That indeed sounded like a very good idea.  "I think that is probably the best suggestion I've heard all day," she replied before turning to face the wall and bringing her hands closer together.  She extended her arms, lowering herself just under the water and she pulled herself up even as her legs scissored in the water to propel her upwards.  As her arms reached full extension, her legs kicked to one side and she planted her foot, and wasted no time in driving herself out of the water altogether and on the edge of the pool.  That was something she would not have been able to do so swiftly or smoothly back home, but in standard gravity?  It was almost child's play.  And then she extended her hand to the blonde.  "Would you care to lead the way?"
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
"That would definitely be an unforgettable way to remember the custom." Kala remarked. After Eliska had propelled herself out of the water, Kala herself exited the pool, not as powerfully as the human women, but gracefully, a quick kick and twist, slipping out, sitting down on the edge. She glanced up at Eliska, admiring the strength, the poise of the women, and not muscular, but she looked strong, coiled energy ready at a moments notice. The women was also a good several inches taller then Kala, about the same build though harder, where Kala had soft curves, Eliska had more tone and dentition.

Kala took Eliska's offer of a hand, grasping the women's forearm as she stood. She did notice the steam room was occupied but the dry sauna was free. Kala preferred the damp heat, the dry heat often led to frizz in her hair, but either would be fine for now, and her hair could be tamed. "Sure," she said to Eliska. "Looks like the dry sauna though, I think the steam room is occupied."

Leading the way, the walk was short, Kala couldn't help but think about how her and Eliska had to look so different. One tall, lean, toned, and naked. The other toned but not defined, a half a head shorter, and still at least partly clothed. When they stepped in, Kala could feel the dry heat and almost immediately began to sweat. She glanced over at Eliska. "Mind if I strip? Just us girls and I find my bikini gets sticky when I sweat."
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Drawing the blonde back to her feet, Eliska had a chance to take a much better look at her.  Where she was tanned and sleek, Marika was pale and gently curved.  Shorter, and definitely not hard on the eyes.  And that bikini, it was hiding just enough to make it very interesting...

The announcement the steam room was in use sounded somewhat displeased.  But then again, Bremmer understood why.  Public baths were very much a part of the culture on Nova Kosice, and the lack of nudity taboos often made visitors uncomfortable, and unfortunately had led to some degrees of unpleasantness at times.  There was a reason there were some bathhouses that catered more to offworlders, and when there were some who took the lack of modesty in those the locals patronized for license, things tended to escalate quickly, and the facts of life would be explained in no uncertain terms.

"I can live with the dry sauna.  I need the heat more than I need the steam right now," she replied with a smile.  But that smile turned into a grin when Marika asked if she'd mind if she stripped down.  And that grin turned to laughter, pealing and good-natured.  "Drahousek1, you probably noticed I'm not exactly dressed myself.  Of course I won't mind if you strip."  Then, there was a twinkle in her eye.  "In fact, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of so far as I can tell, and I wouldn't mind being able to tell for sure."

1Drahousek: term of endearment, in Czech
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Eliska's remark tha she didn't mind if Kala stripped was enough for her, but it was the women's remark that she herself was already naked that pointed out to Kala that her asking had been a bit silly. Of course Eliska would be fine with Kala stripping., she was already naked. Kala's face flushed a little as she realized her mistake. "Of course you'd be okay with. Force of habit I'm afraid, asking before I strip." She began to remove the bikini top, the string style was never suitable for doing laps, it was at best a sexy style for wearing on a beach, or when you wanted another person to undo it. This one had more sturdy straps despite appearing thin and flimsy, and Kala reached behind her back to undo the clips. After a second though she realized on clip was bent and she couldn't get a proper grip to loosen the clasp.

Part of her blushing had been Eliska's comment about her body, her figure and how the human women would love tell for sure. Turning to Elsika she grinned. "Your lucky day then. This bloody clasp is bent and I can't seem to get it loose, at least not easily." She paused, "At least I can get the bottoms off." She blushed when Eliska stepped over to help her, "I'm not used to this nudity thing, at least outside my quarters. Topless is one thing, completely naked in a place where random folks can walk in, yeah not as comfortable with it."
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

"Don't worry about it," Eliska replied.  "Back home, we don't have much of a nudity taboo.  I'm told we're a lot like Betazoid and Risians that way, but I've never been there, I've never met a Risian, and the only Betazoids I ever met were Starfleet, and officers, so I didn't really get to ask; so really I wouldn't know." How uptight were Bajorans about nudity anyways?  She'd seen some of their religious types, and they tended to be well-wrapped, but regular folk weren't as uptight, but barring the odd entertainer, they tended to dress modestly enough.  Where did Kala Marika fall withing the spectrum?  Obviously, she wasn't exactly an uptight prude, given her choice of swimwear, far less modest than the standard-issue suit Eliska herself had been restricted to replicating for herself. 

But, that rosy colour that rose to her cheeks was definitely pleasing to the eye. 

But, she did indeed start to strip, and after a brief struggle, she asked for help to deal with the clasp at her back.  "All right, let's see what we can do here."  Stepping up behind Marika, Eliska ran her fingers over her shoulder blades.  "You have very nice skin," she said even as she noticed her blush getting a little deeper.  Then, her strong and deft fingers made for the bent clasp and wasted little time in getting it unhooked and then she reached for the Bajoran's shoulder and slid the straps down her arms.  Then, a hough crossed her mind.  Marika had nothing to be ashamed of, but she was hardly the bustiest woman alive; if she'd wanted to, she could have simply pulled that top over her head without much difficulty; therefore, she she'd asked for help, there had to be a reason for it.  But it didn't mean Eliska was going to just go around and take too many liberties.  As such, when her hands guided the straps down, she reached a little bit further around her new friend and cupped her hands, ever so gently, over her breasts and gave them the lightest of squeezes before pulling the top away from her and letting it fall to the deck. 

Very nice indeed.  "Look, I told you I wouldn't mind seeing for sure, and if your skin is this soft all over, and just as firm in all the right places I'd certainly love to get friendlier all right, but I'm not going to just jump your bones."

"Back home, even though just about every house has running water and its own bathrooms, we still have communal bathhouses.  They were part of the culture of our ancestors, long before the space days, and that tradition came across with us.  But at first, it was also out of necessity; they lost a lot of their supplies and capabilities on the trip over and in the landing, so bathhouses were just more resource-effective at the time.  And, well, we really don't have much of a nudity taboo.  If it's warm and we feel like it, we'd just strip down and jump in the nearest lake, you know?  And after, we'd just dry off in the sun.  Now, doesn't mean we don't look, especially if we like what we see, but it's not taboo to us."

Then, from behind the Bajoran, the Human smiled.  "And tell you what, if it makes you more comfortable, I'm sure I can find a way to stop anyone from walking in while we're in there, though you might want to bring a towel for after, no?"
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Eliska's comment about modesty back home didn't entirely make sense, her remarks made her sound like she wasn't human yet clearly she was. Then it dawned on her, human colony during the expansion era of the Federation. Independent colonists often bent Terran sensibilities in the distant worlds, changing those customs to match their circumstances. This must have been no different.

She shivered in the slightest when Eliska's hands went to her shoulders, mostly just the touch of warm fingers on her skin, the cool air having chilled her in the slightest. The touch felt nice, she'd not had a touch like that in a while, let alone a women's touch and it felt good. She blushed a little more at Eliska's comment about her skin, Kala liked to keep herself in good shape and attractive, but to hear that from another women, was unexpected but not unwelcome. She didn't however know exactly what to do when Eliska, after unclasping her strap, didn't immediately take hands away, instead going to cup her breasts giving them a feel and a gentle squeeze before she let go. She'd said she wanted to touch, and a single touch like that wasn't innocent, and Kala had to admit it felt good, feeling another's hands on her body, even if the fabric lay between Kala's breasts and Eliska's finger.

When she let go after a brief time, letting the fabric fall to the deck inside the sauna, Kala stood quietly as the other women explained she'd wanted a feel, and that if what she'd felt of Kala was like that all over, she'd want to get friendlier as she put it, a euphemism for intimate as she'd learned from Terran friends. She listened as Eliska went on to explain her colony's lack of a nudity taboo. It made sense her colony might do that, even it wasn't a Human norm. Monkey modesty a caitian in University had once called it, while he was in bed with Kala after a rather exciting evening.

"I'm sure a lock would suffice," Kala remarked. "Though regardless of what does happen in here, I'm sure we'll want towels when we are finished." She turned to face Eliska, blushing a little as the lady got a good eyeful of her pert small breasts. "I'm not usually one for casual hookups with strangers, but I think if we were to get acquainted then we wouldn't be strangers would we?" In a bold move, Eliska had done it first so couldn't object if Kala reciprocated, she went up to Eliska and placed a hand over the other women's breast, her small hand cupping the orb that like her's stuck out straight from her chest, not hanging down as women of larger statures tended to. "I think I would enjoy that."
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

The moment the word about a lock came, Eliska's hand went for the dry sauna's door.  It was an old-fashioned, muscle-powered door of a composite made to look and feel like wood.  And it did have a privacy lock that she engaged without even looking.  It was, in keeping with the appearance and smell of warm cedar, a thoroughly low-tech affair that just involved shooting the bolt home.  "Lock?  Done."  And that drew another smile from the Human.  One that got even wider as the Bajoran turned around.

"Very nice indeed," she said as she examined her new acquaintance.  Smaller, softer in her contours, but her breasts were small and pert.  Eliska herself was hardly well-endowed herself, but she wouldn't see herself any other way; she was slender, sleek.  Breasts any larger would unbalance her.  And besides, she loved the freedom of not needing a bra if she felt like not wearing one.  And while the overall sizes looked to be roughly similar, Marika's looked a little fuller than her own.  Not that she was jealous, though. 

"Believe it or not, neither am I," replied the Human when there was a mention of casual hookups.  Oh, Bremmer did enjoy meeting others, and she was not shy about having many sexual partners.  But she was no slut, for she was choosy, in her own ways.  Physical attractiveness was only one facet of that decision process, but there were other factors. She was fit and determined, hadn't been fazed by having a naked woman swimming at her side for a hundred laps, let alone chat with her afterwards.  And she was open-minded.  All in all, a great start. 

And, as it turned out, had a little boldness in her even if she was still visibly shy.  A small, soft, uncallused hand came to rest upon her breast, and a low hum escaped Eliska's throat at the contact between that white hand and skin, that while paler than her own hands and face, was no stranger to the sun and took well to a light tan.  Under that unmarred palm, her nipple stiffened to press against it, and Bremmer brought her own hand over top of Marika's and gently squeezed it to her breast.  And she knew what the engineer would feel: a hand that wasn't particularly large, but was strong, and callused by a lifetime of work, exercise, and weapons handling.

"I know I'd like that a lot too," she said with a smile.  Still trapping the blonde's hand, she stepped a little closer and her free hand caressed her cheek as she leaned forward, and just short of kissing her lips, she spoke very, very softly, barely above a whisper.  "Have you ever been with a woman before?"
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala had been unsure if she'd made the right move, if Eliska would brush her off for being so bold. But when the other women brought her own hand up to Kala's, placing her own hand over Kala's, holding Kala's hand against her breast, she knew her gamble had been the right one. This whole thing seemed a little crazy, getting intimate like this so soon after meeting Eliska, but what happens in the baths stays in the baths, and she wasn't about to turn down a chance to be sexually active with another women. She could feel the pert nipple beneath her palm and she gently moved her hand, her palm gently caressing the pink flesh beneath.

Kala didn't make a move to stop Eliska, anticipating what the women might do as she stepped up to Kala, getting close, close enough Kala could smell the lingering scent of the conditioner used in her hair. She turned into Eliska's hand as the women ran her hand over her cheek, her eyes going to the hand. As Eliska moved in close, she expected the women would want to kiss however Eliska stopped short of kissing Kala, instead speaking in a whisper, asking her if she'd ever done this before. "Not with a women, no." Kala whispered back, before she leaned in to Eliska, her delicate lips caressing the human women's lip and cheek. "I would enjoy the chance to however."
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Well, it would seem someone had an idea of what to do with a breast.  But then again, when it came to that sort of thing, one tended to fall back on what they found pleasurable themselves.  And if Marika was reacting quickly to the touch, that was a good start.  But there had been a degree of hesitation there, one that definitely had warranted her question... 

And when she answered, she knew her initial assessment had been correct, as he answer was breathed against her face.  Lips brushed softly against Eliska's lips and cheeks, smiling as she expanded on her answer.  She was willing to try?  That was very good.  And, truth be told, hardly unexpected at this point in time. 

The Human herself leaned forward, and planted a short, delicate kiss on the Bajoran's lips and pulled back.  "Well then, that does change things a little," she said with a smile.  "Now, that means we are going to back up a little bit, all right?"  Gently, she pulled the blonde's hand away from her breast, and planted a kiss on the palm before letting the limb go.  This was not the first time she was with a virgin, so to speak, and it always paid to take one's time when it came to such things. 

"I know it can sound a little weird right now, but the last thing we need is you not really wanting this, or having a bad first time, right?  How about we have a seat, and go from there?"
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala hadn't expected Eliska would pull back a bit like that, the boys she'd been with would have taken that as a signal to go ahead full bore, but Eliska was no guy, and it seemed this wasn't her first time with another women. Of course given the relaxed approach to public nudity, she expected it wasn't Eliska's first time. She did feel a little disappointment as Eliska kissed her, saying they'd back up a little. Then she kissed Kala's hand and let go, leaving Kala bracing for the letdown, a moment that never came, instead Eliska offered her to sit down beside her on the sauna bench.

"Okay." Kala remarked, a little disappointed but also grateful on some level that Eliska was taking her own emotions and feelings into account. Kala had had the odd bad relationship, nights ending in disappointment and regret. She didn't seem to want that however. Going to the bench, sitting beside Eliska, she placed a hand on the human's leg as they sat down. "Thank you. I mean, I am new to this with a women, but this is something I want. I've never loved a women that way before."
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

The room smelled as though the wall paneling and the benches were made of good cedar, but on a starship, it was more than a little unlikely it was the real stuff.  It was a very good copy, though, but it lacked some of the springiness of real wood and didn't quite flex right under her weight, not that it was considerable.  But she could tell it was only very well textured polymers rather than the real thing.  If only because it was entirely too seamless to be real wood, wood that would warp in unpredictable ways in the heat. 

For a moment, Eliska expected to find real dejection from the Bajoran; she'd seen it before when she slowed things down, and she wasn't so naive as to expect it to never happen again.  But sit down next to her she did, and a small, pale hand landed on her tanned and powerfully muscled thigh.  Things were going well, and if she could keep an open mind and not be too impatient, it would definitely be a good thing. 

And while Marika had a phenomenal body and incredibly smooth skin that Eliska was dying to explore in detail, she knew she too would need to be patient.  This was a woman who appeared to be curious about being with another woman, who wanted to try it, but was just hesitant enough to want to take it particularly slow, at least at first.  "So, first we need to talk a little," Bremmer said as she wrapped her arm around her companion's shoulders, her fingers coming to rest just about right between her collarbone and the upper slope of her breast.  "So, never been with a girl before?  We can change that.  But first, how long have you been attracted to other women, or did seeing me in all my glory just make it happen at the spur of the moment?" 

White teeth flashed in a grin; after all, humour was generally welcome, and Kala Marika needed to be relaxed, comfortable, with plenty of chances to back out lest she face regrets, and make sure she would enjoy as much of this as possible. 
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala felt Eliska wrap one of her muscular arms around her, holding her close as they sat down on the bench. She looked at Eliska, a little unsure before she spoke. "I haven't no. I never really found a girl I wanted to explore this side of me with before." She blushed a little at the question of attraction. "I don't know. I've always found both guys and girls attractive, but figured that was natural, we are are attracted to others, just because I felt attraction to women didn't mean I was interested sexually." She paused, "But I've found myself curious from time to time, wondering what a girl might be like in bed."

She looked at Eliska, her hand gently stroking the human's thigh, "I'm guessing this isn't your first time. It seems logical a colony with relaxed nudity laws was also a bit more liberal about sex." She blushed a little as she said that, hoping she'd not overstepped some sort of boundary.
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Eliska listened carefully to what Marika had to say.  Some would refer to her past as promiscuous, but generally that was from those who did not understand her, or from individuals she had found wanting and she had rejected as possible sex partners.  And really, not too many really understood that when she was attracted to someone, looks were not even her primary concern, or confidence, or gender, or even species.  One had to appeal to her on a deeper level than just good looks; not that those did not help, of course. 

"Now, in case you're wondering if you're entirely normal, yes you are.  Whoever you find attractive is perfectly normal.  Men, women, both, neither and have no interest in sex, nothing wrong with any of that.  And wondering what it's like to be in bed with someone other than what everyone says is normal?  That's normal too."  Eliska smiled warmly.  This was a time to put the blonde at ease. 

And her next comment about the sexual mores of Nova Kosice brought a peal of laughter from her.  "Oh you'd be surprised.  My mother and her family were very conservative.  Never went in orbit, never had a replicated meal, would have to be physically dragged to get real medical attention, lived the so-called proper Nova Kosice way either on the farm, in the mines, or in a trade supporting he farms or the mines since the founding.  And they had some pretty strict ideas about what was proper, even with the more relaxed nudity traditions... which they weren't entirely too keen about and tried really hard to quash in the younger generation.  Worked with some of my cousins, but not all.  My father was much more easygoing about this, and he's the one who encouraged me to join Starfleet when I was old enough.  Said I had to find my own way.  And he believed the same about sex, and all he made sure was that I understood no meant no, whether it was said to me, or I was the one to say it... and he made damn well sure that if I said 'no', I could back it up."  For a moment, her eyes flashed with something ancient, something primal, and her grin turned just a little feral; she was a woman who loved a good fight now and again. 

"But yes, overall Nova Kosice is pretty easygoing, and no, you're definitely not the first woman I've been with.  Or my first virgin, for that matter."  As she spoke, Eliska let her hand drift down a little until her fingertips just barely touched where the Bajoran's skin started to slope away from the flat plane below her collarbone and where her breast started to swell. 

"So, your first time with a woman.  You want to know a little secret?  It's not that different from your first time with a guy either, beyond the plumbing obviously.  Or with a new lover.  There's always a learning curve.  And right now, my job's to make sure it's as gentle as possible, so you can decide if you really enjoy this, or just trying it once with some strange woman in the baths is enough for you."
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala was a bit relieved to hear Eliska say that. She knew it was true, but deep down inside she struggled with the notion from time to time, especially when she found another girl attractive and was curious how they'd be in bed. And when she explained her colony's morals around sex, and how even in an open culture, some took a more conservative approach, she had to smile. "Bajorans are a lot like that, culturally conservative, but even among them there's some that take a more liberal view. But I am glad you found your way, as we're here right now, exploring in our own ways."

Kala glanced down to where Eliska's hand was touching the  top part of her chest, where her breasts, small and pert as they were, began to swell from her chest. "My first time, yes." Kala said, a bit distracted by Eliska's touch. Her own hand had been roaming up the women's thigh, towards the cleft between her legs, the spot every girl knew well. "I suppose if it's like a new lover, the talk gives way to touch in time, and then gives way to even more pleasurable things?" She looked up into Eliska's eyes, "Perhaps we should stretch out on the bench with our towels, make the eventual exploration easier as we talk."
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[ Riley Patterson | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Attn: @Brutus  @Havenborn 

Watching the two of them making out made Riley smirk slightly as she watched Faye commit to the kiss as she was being teased under the waterline by the nurse. The kiss quickly deepened and Riley observed how the two of them seemed to enjoy the contact. Faye's muffled groan was something Riley had been waiting for and she giggled slightly as she rested her head against the back of Faye's shoulder. Her finger teasingly moving further in before dragging back slowly.

Daniel's touch however came into play as well as his hand began to curl around Riley's hair and slowly moved closer to her scalp. The pilot seemed to be willing to get a taste of the both of them in rapid succession as he brought Riley's head closer to the both of them. By doing so, it became harder for the nurse to maintain what she was doing. The finger inside Faye slowly slipping out, yet the breasts of the nurse pressed against Faye's back. Riley didn't object to the kiss though and answered it fully as she closed her eyes. Enjoying the way the pilot kissed, though being reminded at how different it was from Faye's.

As the kiss broke off, Riley leaned back a little so Faye wouldn't get crushed between them. The nurse couldn't help but laugh as Faye pointed out that the pilot was very good at handing out compliments. The nurse simply thinking 'You should see what else he's good at...'  It was a teasing thought, one only to gauge the reaction of the diplomat as Riley enjoyed the way she nestled her against herself. Riley had after all taken the liberty to continue teasing the girl again once back into her previous position.

She looked at Daniel as he was complimented as well and Riley's feet ran along Daniel's legs and calves as she looked at him, while slowly planting soft kisses on Faye's neck and shoulders. She wondered who would be taking the initiative here and how it would turn out. It'd be hard to believe that the pilot wouldn't be aroused by this point.

[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

The Romulan woman seemed to be enjoying herself as Thomas' actions eventually claimed her body. His eyes looking up to take in her reactions and well... They didn't disappoint in the least as she groaned and arched her body into his touch and work. The steam room causing for his sweat to roll down his body as he kept his head between the Romulan's legs. His tongue darting back and forth at times, though also switching up to a slower pace to get a really good taste and feel of the woman as he rolled his tongue as deep as it would be allowed.

His hands kept toying with the chest of the pilot as he switched from breast to breast, trying to equally divide the attention given. His focus however was on the prize in front of him. His own body yearning for touch as his arousal was present yet untouched for now. The combined water and sweat droplets running along the shaft before dripping onto the steam room's floor from this head.

The departure of Leon and Alessia only registered with the pilot as the cold sting was felt against his body. The sting only causing him to groan into Lillee's sex and causing him to pick it up a notch. His lips enveloping as much of her sex as he could as he began to suck hard and hungrily. His tongue lapping into her slit as she rattled in her native tongue before her body seemed to tense, his eyes looking over at her hands as they gripped the bench behind her head. He didn't stop though as he sucked harder, determined to see where this would lead to.
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

"Easy, Tiger," Eliska all but purred as the blonde's hand was getting rather adventurous along her inner thigh.  Now, she'd never seen a tiger with her own two eyes and had no idea what one was until she'd first heard the word used in this very expression and looked it up.  And she had been the one to advise for slowing it down, too. 

Not that she didn't want to see what she could do with those oh-so-smooth fingers... 

"And with any new lover, you have to find out what makes them tick, no?  And that's always such a fun process, if you're willing to make a bit of an effort at it."  As she spoke, the Human leaned in a little closer to the Bajoran and nuzzled the base of her neck before pressing a kiss there.  "Now, the idea is to stay comfortable, right?" Oh yes, Marika was very new at this, but she did have the right idea, that of laying down on the bench. 

"Now you're talking," replied Eliska and she gently guided her new friend down to lay on the ersatz wooden bench, and she followed her down along her back, but also slightly over her as to gently pin her in place.  This would keep her in control for now, let her set the pace. 

Settling up against Marika's back, she placed one hand as low on her leg as she could reach, and started to let it slide up along her thigh, and then over the point of her hip and across the smooth curve of her side, and then, she let it slide forward a little, letting just her fingertips caress the side of her breast.
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[ Lt. Kala Marika ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala knew she'd been getting a bit eager, perhaps too eager, demonstrating just how new she was to this, enjoying carnal pleasure with another women. Eliska had noticed and was guiding her, hinting to slow down, enjoy the build up. She bent her neck a little, exhaling softly as Eliska nuzzled and kissed her neck. "Yeah. Having a partner who understands how also helps."

Kala let Eliska guide her onto her back, the human coming down with her as they moved to the more comfortable position. Kala could, from where she lay, see what Eliska might do, but also could herself reach out to caress her new freinds body. For now though she'd let Eliska lead, showing her how it was done. "Much better," Kala remarked, feeling Eliska's fingers run along her leg, going up her side to her breasts. "And what makes you tick Eliska? What things pleasure you the most?"
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

A peal of laughter escaped Eliska's throat, but it was hardly derisive or condescending.  In fact, it was as real a laugh of enjoyment as it came.  "Now, if I tell you it won't be nearly as much fun as you finding out on your own.  Besides, you might surprise me with something I didn't know was fun."  As she was speaking, she was punctuating every few words with a kiss, starting at the base of Marika's neck and working her way along the collarbone and all the way to the point of her shoulder. 

In the meantime, she let her fingertips just barely brush at one of her breasts, ever so carefully staying clear of her nipple.  That would come later, when she would be reasonably certain the Bajoran was getting sufficiently warmed up to shift up one gear or more. 

"Now tell me, what is it you find attractive in a woman?"

Talk, talk was important.  And a question like this was, in some ways, a discreet way to find what, in her own words, could make a lover tick in all the right ways...
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


Thomas proved masterful in how he played Lillee. Lying flat on the bench, the wondrous moist heat of the steam room suffusing her body, Lillee felt the rising surge build from within her as Thomas assaulted her heated sex. She moaned louder and louder, her hips bucking, her hands clutching the hard bench over her head tighter and tighter, Thomas' devilish tongue and fingers driving her on and on...

"Ie ie ie IEEEEE!" The orgasm was powerful, Lillee's entire body quaking, her wet core clamping tight in ecstasy. It took her a few seconds to come down from that high, shaking and sweating, panting as if she'd just sprinted a mile. Still panting, Lillee clumsily sat up, gripping Thomas' shoulders and pulling him up to her lips, making him sit astride the bench, just like her. The kiss was sloppy and passionate, Lillee's breath hot and spiced as she greedily kissed him, her hands running over his muscular body; his hair, his chest, his arms, his buttocks, his legs. Finally her hands found his erect manhood, but finally Lillee found her wits, only stroking it with a finger.

"That was...incredible," she whispered, looking almost feral as she gazed into Thomas' eyes. "It is your turn now, is it not?" She glanced down between them at his shaft, biting her lip as she very gently treated it. Then, quite deliberately, her touch became less gentle, her hand stroking it with purpose. "You have been so generous...and so skilled..." At that, Lillee shuffled back a little and bent down. "And generosity deserves a reward..." She then licked the shaft from base to tip, sensually, with relish, then again, returning Thomas in kind for what he'd done to her.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

Ravon continued his relentless assault on Lillee's sex, lips pressed tightly against her nether ones and his tongue probing deeper and swirling around. His cheeks hollowed out as he sucked at her womanhood. It felt and looked like the petty officer spiraled out of control. She lost it along the way as he heard her cry out and he could feel her muscles contract. He kept working her during and after the high, only decreasing the intensity slowly before completely coming to a stop. 

While she panted, she sat up somewhat awkwardly before she gripped onto him and pulled him up for a sloppy kiss. She would be able to taste herself on his lips and tongue. He shifted slightly in position and was brought onto the bench with her as he answered her hungry kisses. He enjoyed the touch of her hands on his body, feeling it spark electricity so to speak through his muscles and nerves. She was however, quite aware of what she did. Instead of grasping his member just as hungrily as she was kissing him, she teased it with a single finger, causing the other pilot to groan.

As the kiss broke she whispered that he had made her feel incredible. He smiled as he met her eyes with his own, gazing into them and noticing something different in hers. She glanced down to look at his own arousal and as she had suggested it to be his turn he shrugged "Maybe... No obligations here."  he whispered. Her initial teasing turning more deliberate as she began to stroke him more firmly and with purpose.

He could only smile as she praised his oral skills, he winked at her and bit his own lip. Lillee in the meantime shuffled back before she bent down and offered him a reward for his delivered skills. Thomas closed his eyes and let out a soft groan as she licked the shaft sensually. The pilot could only spread his legs more for her to settle in as he reached down to caress her back as she kept licking his manhood, enjoying everything she did to him.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


Fully lost in the sensuality of the experience, Lillee let that familiar old fire consume her. It was fierce, almost animal, simply relishing in the pleasure that she could share with another. She licked and stroked tactically, remembering the human phallus from long ago, knowing just how to provoke Thomas into powerful ecstasy.

Lost though she was in her task, Lillee groaned as she felt her tender womanhood rub the hard wood of the bench, eliciting quite unexpected pleasure despite (or even because of?) her orgasm of just a couple minutes past. She tried to focus, changing tack by taking Thomas' impressive girth fully into her mouth, lavishing attention with her tongue and lips, massaging his sack intermittently, but she couldn't help pressing her core down on the bench, the pleasure of the hardness in her mouth and under her damp groin distracting her.

On another day, Lillee might have slowed down, asked Thomas if he wanted to go all the way. She might have considered the the logistics of him erupting in her mouth, the salty taste which was nice at first, but could linger. She might have considered that when they'd left, Alessia and her lover might have forgotten to lock the door. Instead, lost in the fiery clutches of the far-rhipon, Lillee simply opened her eyes and looked up at Thomas, intent on watching on him as she drove him to the edge and beyond, her lips locked around his shaft, deaf to anything he might say save groans of pleasure.

far-rhipon: the Romulan equivalent of the pon farr, when sexual desire builds to a level beyond the norm
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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Samala had heard whispers about the public baths on Deck 12 ever since she had come aboard the Theurgy but until now had avoided it. Now though, her curiousness was getting the better of her and she had resolved to discover if the rumours she had heard about it being true. The ship's intranet had a list of rules regarding the area and she had found them to be a curious read in how 'openly' they could be interrupted, despite how they aligned with what she had been told. She just couldn't believe that there could be an area on a Starfleet vessel that would allow people to be so completely brazen. Still, she had replicated herself a standard issue one-piece swimsuit in a rich red that she had liked and prepared herself in her cabin.

Upon reaching the baths, Samala stripped off to her chosen suit and stashed her outer clothing into a locker. This was it, the moment before finding out if everything that she had heard about was going to be true. She considered leaving, wondering it living in ignorance was perhaps a better choice. But she didn't. Instead, she took a deep breath and entered the bathing area.

"By the stars!" she stammered to herself when her eyes adjusted to the interior. The décor was nothing like what she had expected with arching columns, blue stone and private alcoves dotting the edges of the room. There were multiple pools and as Samala began to wander, so did her eyes. There was so much to see. The majority of the room's occupants were nude with some engaged in activities more widely considered to occur in private. Solo, pairs or groups, nothing seemed to be out of bounds and Samala found her innocence being tested as her body reacted to what she was observing. 

She was so distracted that she missed one of the steps and stumbled into a pool, crashing into the back of a woman who was herself slowly entering. Her hand brushed the bare rump of the woman and Samala pulled back in embarrassment before realising she had overbalanced. Trying to stop herself from falling, she instead threw herself forward, back into the woman, who had now turned around. Luck, fate or irony's cruel twist ensured that Samala's hands ended up cupping the largest, softest pair of breasts the young hybrid had ever seen. Her simmering arousal exploded, her nipples trying to drill holes through her suit as she stood there, afraid to move and not sure what to say. In the end, she said what was on her mind.

"Wow! So soft."
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Stegro88

Heat worked its way up the back of Natalie's calves, her feet padding on the stone tile floor of the pool, its gentle slope heading toward deeper waters. There was a roughness under her feet that let her grip and left her without worry about slipping. If she ignored the fact that she was in a room full of her fellow officers, and naked as the day she was born, on display for more eyes than had ever, ever set upon her form like this, it would be quite lovely. The air was heavy and warm and she could easily ignore some of the more raunchy antics unfolding in other areas of the baths (she wasn't totally naive, she'd seen Lillee wander off with Thomas, and had noticed some of the others as well). In short, it was lovely, and she had just about started to allow herself to relax, and make a bit more headway into the heated pool.

So of course that was the moment someone knocked into her from behind.

What ensued was something out of a comedy themed holo-novel. There was a body pressing in against Natalie's back, a hand on her rump (which was quite a handful in its own right) and a series of startled yelps emitted both from Natalie and the person that had tumbled into her. The brunette ops officer nearly face planted into the pool; if the tile she'd remarked on just a short moment ago had been smoother, her foot like as not would have gone out from under her. As it was, she pinwheeled her arms, bent forward but managed to keep her feet. Pressure gone, she spun, just in time to hear another exclamation and collision.

Natalie felt the firm grasp on her chest, and meeped. An actual, honest to god meep. Heat folded her face as she braced herself, a few steps from where she had started, the water now around her knees, having been pushed back by the whole ordeal. She'd managed, on instinct alone, to catch the other woman that had fallen into her, and found herself starring back into a pair of eyes that were alien and unfamiliar to her, framed by dark brown hair not dissimilar from her own. Lips were moving and it took a moment for the Maritain woman to hear the words. She felt her face color even further, and she bit her lip. Certain now that this was not some assault, but a simple accident, Nat took a deep breath (ignoring how that caused the pressure on her chest to build) and moved her hands up. 

Curling her fingers around the other woman's wrists, Natalie very calmly, and very collectedly (and only slightly higher pitched than normal) suggested, "Perhaps this is the part where you let go of me, Miss?" and at the same time, applied pressure. She had no way of knowing that she lacked the strength to actually move the girls hands if the other woman wanted to make an issue of it. Natalie was roughly an inch shorter than the girl in front of her, and curvy where the other woman was slender; but Nat carried herself with an air of maturity and experience that the other girl seemed to lack. At least, Natalie liked to think she did. It was hard to feel any of that when she was stark - ha! - naked. 

There were simply too many people aboard for Natalie to know everyone's name, or even their faces on sight. She couldn't place the younger woman currently copping an uncomfortable feel (uncomfortable in the sense that it was unexpected and embarrassing - not that it felt bad, a line of thought the officer was ill equipped to consider currently). "How about you take a moment and look around while standing still, yes, miss...?" There was a more noticeable pause as the rather shy officer waited to get a name and tried to tamp down on the urge to run as fast as she could back to the locker room.
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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

"Umm, hi," Samala responded, lamely she noted, to the woman's unfinished question of who she was. "My, ah, name, is Samala," she introduced herself, her mind distracted by the pair of positively massive orbs currently beneath her hands. It dawned on her that the woman before her had asked her to remove her hands and the hybrid slowly, and deliberately, released the breasts she had been holding and withdrew her hands, holding them against her stomach in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry," she apologised, not knowing the other woman's name, nor recognising her. "I, ah, was distracted by everything going on and I slipped. Thank you for breaking my fall," Samala acknowledged, glancing around to see if anyone had noticed before blushing a little as she caught sight of a male slowly entering a female from behind. It was in one of the private alcoves but her eye line was magically unobstructed at that moment. 

"It is, a lot, to take in," Samala observed, turning back to look at the nude woman before her and trying not to be distracted by the breasts she had just been holding. Inexperienced though she was, Samala knew enough about herself to know that she had no preference one way or another when it came to companionship. At least, she didn't until she experienced it for the first time. Something that hadn't happened yet. "I haven't been down here before and wanted to see what all the talk was about."
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Stegro88 [Show/Hide]

A name as a start. It was slightly familiar sounding. Natalie was sure that she'd never spoken to the young woman before, but she had seen the name crop up in a report or two, around about the time the woman found herself aboard the ship, and again, when she enlisted. Gently increasing pressure on the girls wrists seemed to be enough to remind the crewman to take her hands of Natalie's breasts. She did so, fingers splaying wide in a careful fashion that Natalie found curious. Reaching up, she brushed her own bare breasts off, rubbing them gently with the palms of her hands, mostly just trying to get them into a more comfortable position again. Ideally no one was paying any attention to what had happened.

Realistically...well that was a different matter entirely, and Nat decided to just ignore realism for the moment. 

It was with a critical eye that she observed Samala, her gaze flicking up and down. Perhaps a bit curvier than some of the other women she'd been talking with, but only just with an air of youthful vitality that Natalie perhaps lacked. Nearly 10 years of service (if you counted the Academy) would do that. She seemed just as out of place in this chamber as Nat herself had, when she'd walked in wearing a towel. Samala was driven by curiosity and disbelief - Natalie was driven by an obligation to fulfill a lost bet. The similarities were outweighed the differences as far as Nat could tell. 

"It's my first time here too,"Natalie said, in response to Samala's notions about being distracted. "I'm glad neither of us ended up face first in the water. It's lovely, but that's not exactly how I intended to try this place out. Much better to ease yourself into one of the pools then be plunged in." She had one arm wrapped up over the top of her bust, covering most of it, and another tucked in just below her breasts hugging her midsection. She felt particularly exposed at the moment, considering Samala was still wearing a suit. That, and Nat had noticed the way that Samala had looked her over, and how she kept trying to avoid looking at the Operations Chief's bare chest. Natalie bit her lip, looked around again, and shivered slightly, having nothing at all to do with the temperature, which was still pleasingly warm. 

"For me it was less disbelief and more being prodded into checking it out. Something about avoiding a good time for too long, and not knowing how to properly relax. Which...I suppose it is a fair criticism," Natalie was paraphrasing, but the gist of the discussion she'd had was communicated well enough to the other woman. Sighing softly, Nat looked back, seeing that the others whom had been goading her up until that point had all wandered about, leaving Nat to deal with the newcomer on her own, in a fashion quite similar to how she had been 'encouraged' when she'd first shown up. Remembering again the rules of the bet she lost, she gave her shoulders a shrug. 

"Well, you're here, I'm here, neither of us are really familiar with the place. So lets just...go find a spot to sit and soak. I'm Natalie, by the way." She held out a hand with a little hesitation, to shake. The girl wasn't human so she wasn't sure if the gesture would go over well. Given that she seemed as out of place as Natalie felt, the Martian couldn't just leave her to her own devices, not in good conscious. Besides, misery loved company; or perhaps this was simply a case of socially awkward like recognizing socially awkward like.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

There certainly was no denying that Lillee knew how to stimulate him perfectly. Ravon found himself sagging back a few times as she hit just the right spots and produced some louder gasps and moans from the pilot. However, he wasn't the only one moaning as he could feel and hear the blonde petty officer as well. He tried to figure out why, noticing how she was stimulating herself on the bench.
Before he could react, she took all of him in and he gasped loud and was cut off air for a second.

He could feel the warmth and slickness of her mouth as her dexterous tongue lavished his girth in attention, her hands stimulating his sack, toying with the orbs inside. His member throbbed lightly inside of her mouth, his hands grasping onto the bench, knuckles tuning white. He could manage to open his eyes as he was met by the stare of the Romulan. Her efforts increasing and her intent clear.

"Fuck Lillee..." he groaned out in pleasure before he couldn't help it any longer and laid flat on the wooden bench. Fists clenched and trying not to grab her hair, he felt his back arch and his hips give way as they bucked up slightly. She could feel the end of his resistance coming, the taste of pre filling her mouth as his member only throbbed harder and harder. The inevitable end closing in fast now.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


Lillee felt Thomas lie back, the throbbing of the shaft in her mouth, and feeling him react to her only drove Lillee on further. She moved up a little more so she could keep her lips locked around his manhood, her tongue treating him ferociously until she was half-sat on the bench, her chest curved up to reach him, her tiptoes on the floor. The heat of the steam room was overwhelming, Lillee tasting Thomas' sweat, one hand gently cupping his testes as the other rapidly pumped his hardness...

Finally it happened, the surge of white-hot wetness in Lillee's mouth, and she groaned in contentment at making her lover reach his climax. She pumped his shaft some more, licking the tip sensually, easing Thomas down, her breath shaky and hot as she kept him in her mouth the entire time. Finally Lillee let him go, licking the spent manhood at the last before settling back onto her bottom. By now the Romulan looked truly wild; her long blonde hair was messy, her eyes feral, her skin slick with sweat and hued faintly green with exertion. She smiled at Thomas, giggling before getting to her feet. His seed was still thick and hot in her mouth, and she licked her lips as if to savour it.

"Hm," she hummed simply as she looked at him, plainly enjoying the sight of a spent Thomas Ravon on his back, his own muscled body slick with sweat. Lillee looked around, spied some water bottles on a shelf and walked over, grabbing a couple, before returning and handing one to Thomas. She was still shuddering slightly, her chest still rising and falling, but Lillee didn't seem to mind as she took a hearty swig of water, rinsing her mouth out.

"You taste wonderful, Thomas," she said softly, her brown eyes twinkling. She glanced at the door, sighing. "I wish Angel could've stayed to see that. I had no idea how much fun you could be, Commander."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

Lillee gave it quite hotly to him as he could see her reach slightly over his manhood as she pumped him hard, and worked him even better with her mouth and tongue. There was no way he could hold back now and he spurted his sticky reward into her mouth. The Romulan kept stimulating him, jerking him off further to seemingly get every last bit of it as her tongue played sensually over his sensitive tip. It made the pilot squirm and shake a little as his fists slammed into the bench due to the pleasure.

He watched her now as she left his manhood to rest and sat down on the bench. She looked wild, even hotter than before if that was possible. He bit his lip as the steam in the room only added to more sweating for the both of them. Watching the Romulan spin off to get some water, he sat up as well now and traced his eyes over her body. He appreciatively took one of the bottles to rehydrate, drinking eagerly and sloppy from the bottle as a two streams ran down his face, chin, neck and torso.

He smirked as she complimented his taste and he put the bottle down from his lips answering her "You taste quite good yourself Lil." His eyes followed her to the door and he nodded slowly "Yeah, shame she had to go..." I sigh before smirking again and standing up "Mmh, well now you know... Want to stay here a bit longer or do you want to head to the pool to cool down a bit?"

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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

At the mention of the water, Samala looked around, wondering which pool was the safest to enter, what with all the 'friendly' behaviour going on it all of them. She never would have believed that Starfleet, or the Federation as a whole, was this liberated. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, the hybrid turned to look back at Natalie, forcing herself to gaze at her face and nothing lower. Something that was altogether harder to do than she had imagined it would be.

"That sounds like a good idea Natalie," Samala acknowledged the woman's suggestion to go and sit somewhere. "I came dressed for a swim, but it seems that I overdressed so enjoying a soak to relax is a much better way to pass the time at present." Moving through the room while keeper her eyes focused was hard to do and she soon found herself glancing at some of the more amorous groups as she passed. Shaking her head, she looked ahead to see a small spa bath that was presently empty and just big enough to comfortably hold Natalie and herself without needing to entangle limbs.

"This looks good," Samala observed as she stepped up to the spa. "You look uncomfortable. Would it be better if you put on a suit or if I took off mine?"
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" (,_callsign_%22Goldeneye%22) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  [Show/Hide]
[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 |  ] Attn:  [Show/Hide]
Tessa was always curious about the public baths on the ship, but she'd never really heard what exactly happens either. Something about it to her was alluring but she also wasn't one for so much of a public appearance either. Tessa entered the room in a sexy red bikini, but as the doors parted, she saw sights she wasn't exactly ready for. There were officers of varying degrees in the spa, in the pool, and some showing more skin than expected around the small room.

As she stood there dumbstruck, Alana came in the door next to her, slightly overdressed by comparison. Likely trying to cover more up than to reveal the goods she'd acquired thanks to a transporter malfunction. Tessa glanced over and gave her a kind smile before welcoming her to join in the festivities. "Not going to lie. I am new to this experience too but I wasn't expecting this."

"Hell, I sure as hell wasn't expecting this either. I might take off." She mentioned as she began to cover back up with the towel and Tessa grabbed her arm.

"Come with me then. At least then we can sit down and talk someplace nice. I wanted to pick your brain after all."

Pierce motioned for Tessa to go on and she'd follow, secretly hoping she didn't have to endure too much talking as she actually came to unwind and relax. "Fine then, lead the way."

The two ladies stepped inside and climbed down into the pool. Their skin began to glisten from the heated pool that wet their sensual bodies. Tessa while climbing in at neck-level noted the various stages of undress and wondering if she should join in or stay clothed for Pierce's sake. Pierce on the other hand was secretly hoping to ditch Tessa and go off somewhere quiet to relax as she too dipped down to her neck, allowing her hair to get wet behind her.
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Stegro88  [Show/Hide]

Yes, public displays of hedonism did not, as a general rule, define the Federation as a whole, not Starfleet in general. This was something that might be more common on Argelius, or more likely Risa. Plenty of rumors about Risa. She'd heard that there were some places on Betazed as well, that something like this would not be all that out of place, though if Natalie's memory of long ago conversation was accurate, that involved copious amounts of mud, not water. Ancient Greeks on Earth might have frolicked about in such a fashion, and the 'roman baths' were a famous analog as well, though again, Natalie could not be sure as to the promiscuous nature of something nearly three thousand years old. Outside the Federation, all that she was deftly trying to pretend was not happening would have been most at home in some Orion establishment, she decided. All in all it had a somewhat jarring affect on her when she'd walked in before, and it was clear to see that Samala was adjusting about as well - or poorly, take your pick - as Natalie had.

How did I end up being the one giving guidance? She thought, still feeling a bit of her own 'deer in the headlights' vibes from earlier. Still, a soak was what she'd agreed to do (well, never mind, it was in order in any event) and once the younger woman agreed, Natalie turned about and surveyed their situation, setting off. Nat gave a little shrug at the comment about overdressing. "There's uh, an over abundance of nudists in here apparently, though not everyone started out like this." She herself had begun with the towel she now carried tucked in one arm as a full wrap around object, for instance, and she knew Lillee had practically mocked a few of the others while refusing to shed her own suit. Though what state that was in now... Nat just rolled her eyes as they settled upon a small tub, comfortable enough for two. 

Because this isn't going to be weird, she thought. It was in a collection of small such sunk in tubs, merrily bubbling with warmth. Samala picked up on her general unease with the whole situation and Natalie laughed a bit. "It would be quite the trick for me as I didn't come with a suit. My uniform's back in the locker room but those aren't aloud in the baths. No uniform. No rank. No role or position." she mused wryly. A smart rule, all in all, for a place like this where rules on fraternization were...well, non-existent. 

Shrugging her shoulders, she paused, catching a glimpse of a pair of women that had entered that she somewhat recognized. As with any new arrival, anyone not in the middle of ...more pressing matters, turned to take note and then resume their previous activities, whatever those might have been. Nat thought she recognized the one in the red suit, one of Ravon's Lone Wolves. Less sure about the redhead with a bust as big as her own. She chortled at that and turned back to Samala, shrugging and began to step down into the spa with a sharp hiss, the heat soaking into he instantly. "Oh hello there, er wait...right. Suits. I don't have one, so that options out. If you'd feel more comfortable shedding that to uh, fit in? I've got no stones to throw to try and stop you."
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" (,_callsign_%22Goldeneye%22) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  [Show/Hide]
[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 |  ] Attn:  [Show/Hide]

The view around the room was filled with many officers of whom were barely clothed if they were at all. Surprised to see so many magnificent nude bodies in her vicinity, Tessa immediately began to peel the tops and bottoms off as she stood in the pool. Gracefully she placed them on the edge of the pool and felt the cool feeling of her flesh floating in the waves that bobbed around her. "So this is what goes on here." she said to Alana as they stood beside each other. She peered at Pierce who was staring in utter shock at the beautiful woman naked before here but didn't make a motion to take off her clothes.

"You can leave yours on if you feel more comfortable with it. I just feel more comfortable sans clothing." She smiled cheekily.

Pierce still in shock and awe, noted that the rest of the room looked in acknowledgment at Tessa's sexy body which she had to admit was pretty beautiful to behold. The others nodded and went back to their business as if not surprised at the nudity around them. Alana felt however that this was some sort of weird alternate dimension. Not that she didn't love the look of the female form, but she herself was now female and this just made things a little...weird to her now.

"Uh...yeah. I think mine is staying on thank you very much. By the way, why are all the officers here naked? Is this normal?" She said as her voluptuous body stood accenting her large breasts at the top of the waterline. She was utterly confused.

"No idea. But it's off duty and rank is left at the door. Just fun times ahead!" she said smiling back at her. "Now, about that person you remind me of..."

"Yeah, what do you want to know?" Clearly looking a little perturbed at the other woman but humoring the conversation until someone either relieved her of Tessa's presence in some form or another.

Reaching over, Tessa pulled Alana closer and hugged her before releasing her and standing face to face again near a corner where they could rest their elbows on the edge. "Well I knew someone at the Academy who had the last name Pierce. I was wondering if you'd heard of a Lauren Pierce? I believe she is related to you but I wanted to see if she was your sister or your..."

Pierce abruptly cut off Tessa in a rather harsh but calm tone, "Look woman, I have no issues with you but I came here to relax. I'll answer this question, but please, leave me alone to relax. Sound good enough for you?"

Taken aback by the sternness of Pierce, Tessa whimpered a little before straightening up. "I uh...didn't mean to bother you Alana. I just wanted to you know, be your friend since you're new here. I'll leave now..." She said as she slowly made her way off the edge, heading towards the ladder when Pierce stopped her.

Sighing loudly she stopped Tessa's advance to leave. "Look, I'm sorry. Please don't go on my accord. I just have been dealing with a lot that I'd rather not discuss right now. Plus, I wanted some R&R." Rolling her eyes, taking a deep breath that seemed to show off more cleavage, she rested again and began answering her new friend from the Daqchov mission. "Well, I can say she is related but I didn't know her. I realize it's a shock meeting someone of the same family line but I never knew her if that helps. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet her though from how you seem torn about losing her."

Tessa now happy again was happy to get at least some answer from her new friend and motioned to Pierce again, "Thank you and I know I can be a bit much at first but I just find sometimes I'm lonely. If you ever want to talk, you know where to find me. I'll leave you be for now though. Have a good night bestie!" She smiled again with the last sentence and grabbed her suit and scooted out to find someone else to pester as Pierce relaxed in the pool with her head and elbows still on the corner of the waterway.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


Standing there, Lillee pondered Thomas' question, glancing at the door. "A dip in some nice cool water does sound amazing," she sighed, closing her eyes briefly as she imagined the sensation. "My species evolved on a desert world, but even we do not like to spend all our time in the heat. Sweat is just so...sticky, yes?"

All the while, Lillee openly eyed Thomas up and down, drinking in the sight of him and enjoying him shamelessly. She still craved him, craved the feeling of him, of knowing what the softening manhood might feel like inside her once it was returned to attention, but Lillee could wait. The ravenous rihanna lost in the ravages of her biology was gone. Now, what replaced her was a sultry predator, confident, patient as it waited to trap its prey. The wait was relished rather than avoided, raising the heady feeling of anticipation.

"Come," Lillee said, holding out her hand to Thomas to help him up. Still, unable to help herself at the touch of their hands, she pulled him in for a lingering playful kiss, her tongue dancing with his before she finally released him. Finally, reluctantly, Lillee quashed the desire to take Thomas then and there, instead glancing at her swimsuit, discarded on the wooden floor, Thomas' fluffy white robe resting on the bench.

"There is no way I'm putting that swimsuit back on when I'm this sweaty," she sighed. After only a moment's contemplation, she picked the night-black swimsuit up and tossed it into a recycling vat along with her empty bottle. Lillee checked her hair with her hands, but quickly gave it up as a lost cause. They were in the baths, after all. Who cared if she looked a little wild? Alessia hadn't looked any better after the energetic sex she'd enjoyed with Leon, although Lillee had been a touch too distracted with her own man to properly see her as Alessia had left.

"Do you have any problem with being naked out there?" Lillee asked Thomas, although with an air of flirty mischief. She remembered full well how he had been quite nude underneath his robe when they'd met beside the pool. Then, truly wanting to cool off, she took his hand once more and led Thomas out of the steam room into the comparative coolness of the Baths proper.

There were more people now, Lillee realised, and with her hearing, she could discern the faint sound of various pleasures being enjoyed in more secluded areas, beyond the sounds of muted conversation and water. Lillee was conscious that she was nude, covered in sweat and leading a similarly naked and sweaty man behind her, but she found herself not caring a whit about who noticed and drew the natural conclusion. The Theurgy had this place for a reason, along with an (unspoken) rule: no judgement. Fugitives trying to save the galaxy needed a place to cool off, after all, even if it was somewhat unconventional for a Starfleet vessel.

Well, most Starfleet vessels. Lillee couldn't imagine what starships crewed by Deltan and Risian crews were like. The thought brought an amused smile to her face as she slowly padded away from the steam room, looking around. She saw Natalie Stark in an alcove, barely in view and apparently with company, and Lillee gave the nervous human a subtle wave, wishing her well. Lillee then glanced at Thomas, a distinctive eyebrow raised.

"What now?" she asked innocently.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

Thomas couldn't help but laugh a little when Lillee informed her that whilst her species was native to heat and thus desert temperatures, she didn't quite enjoy the sticky sensation of sweat "Well this room is quite different from what I expect a desert world to be like. More humid if not overly humid." On a sidenote, Thomas could think of other things that might be sticky, wondering what the Romulan might think of that. Regardless, he saw her eyeing him, shamelessly and he didn't quite minded it for one single bit.

In turn, Thomas did eye up the Romulan before she took his hand and pulled him up from the bench. The pilot got on his feet and got perhaps a bit too close to the Romulan woman if they'd meet in an on duty scenario. However, this all felt quite different, especially after they worked each other up to a climax. The kiss that followed felt natural, playful and rather enticing. Thomas kissed her back, biting gently on her tongue before she managed to pull back. She gazed at her swimsuit and the pilot shrugged lightly at her reply that she wasn't going to put it back on "I don't think I'd mind if you left it off Lillee." he answered her, letting his hands trace along her abdomen and hips before just faintly tracing his fingertips over her hind.

She asked if heh ad a problem with being naked out in public and the pilot shook his head. Having seen how Lillee tossed away her own bathing suit in the replicator, his eyes took the time now to take a real good look of her. When she returned to him he couldn't help but feel slightly aroused and tempted to have her. However, he figured that they had plenty of time to enjoy one another later on. She took his hand and Ravon followed with a smile as the Romulan lead the way. The air of the public pools was a bit chilly at first and it sent a shiver down his spine for a second before he adjusted to the temperature slowly. He knew that jumping in the pool would cause some cold shock, the wheels in his head turning as he looked at Lillee's bare back.

They padded further away from the sauna and eventually Lillee came to a stop, turning around. He looked into her eyes, smirking a little as she raised her eyebrow. He glanced around them, seeing a few new faces and some familiar ones. His eye landed on the big pool that they were standing next to. His eyes burning with mischief and playfulness before he stepped closer to Lillee. He kissed her, openly for all to see on the lips, hands holding her by her sides. It all was part of a distraction of course, kissing her deeply before he pushed himself off the edge with her.

They topple to the side, his eyes opening slightly to catch Lillee's reaction as he broke the kiss, inhaling the air before they crashed into the water of the pool. The splash would likely draw attention, yet Thomas held on to Lillee. The water felt cold, almost freezing due to the change in temperature. They came from a hot steamy environment and the cooler water. The water wasn't cold though, it was agreeably pleasant once someone would linger longer in it, yet right now, it felt like they plunged into an ice water. Pulling Lillee back up to the surface with him, Thomas inhaled the air again, pulling the Romulan close, offering her some warmth from his body as he grinned and looked into her eyes after shaking his head slightly to get the water a bit out of his hair like a dog would.
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Anyone

The locker closed with a metallic clang and Rhys took a deep breath he needed this. Just some time to relax and soak away his troubles. He had heard rumours there was a public bath on the ship and well he had to check them out. Rhys loved the water, sailing it, swimming in it, bathing in it.  Showers were nice but there was nothing like wallowing in a hot bath.

He stepped through into the bathing area and felt the pulses of a sonic shower run over his skin. Once inside he stood for a moment open mouthed. Who ever had designed this place had designed it to help its occupants forget where they were It reminded him of Bath in England. The non-slip footwear slapped on the flooring as he headed to the main large open bath. It certainly seemed popular; he could see people of all ranks enjoying themselves. Some were not clothed and that only served to make Rhys feel red faced.

Rhys had opted to wear a pair of Blue board shorts, the freeness with which some were nude was a little alien to him. Nevertheless, he was determined to enjoy himself. As such he slipped into the water, and a satisfied sigh escaped his lips. He swam around for a few minutes; it was not really a place designed for that, but he could not help himself. In the end he picked a quiet corner and lent back against the side. His head lent back, and his eyes closed, his feet making gentle kicking motions in the water. Water droplets clung to the crags and bumps of his muscles. He wished he had brought some music with him. Opening his eyes, he looked around to see if there was anyone he knew or didn't know. Maybe he could do something he almost never did and try and make friends.
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Tessa wandered closer to the hot tubs as she was carried her things with her. Slung over her shoulder, her towel and suit carefully covered her round rump that swayed with every step she took. She wasn't sure who she might encounter but with the multitude of officers around her, the pick would be plentiful. Maybe this could be a fun day after all, she thought to herself as she gave everyone a once over.

On the opposite side of the room, Pierce continued to relax, her head leaned onto the edge of the pool. She felt a shimmer in the water as someone new had traversed into it, creating waves as they swam. She almost thought it was Tessa but realized the other woman was not near her as the incessant talking wasn't present as well. Somehow, the feeling of the water around her every curve helped to relax her. Also, it took a much-needed weight off of her chest, both figuratively and physically. Despite her being a woman now, she still wasn't comfortable in her own skin yet. She had taken the opportunity to wear a decently covered swimsuit when she made her way down to the area to not show off too much skin, which was hard to do for a female with such a voluptuous form.

The sound of someone else resting in the corner not that far from her, she lifted her head, wet slicked hair peeled off the edge as she opened her eyes to see who it was in the pool nearby. It was a male whom she was unfamiliar with but not entirely bad looking for a man, not that she was into that, or that she was aware of. Not wanting to seem rude for borderline staring while in thought, she introduced herself.

"Hey. I'm Alana Pierce. Welcome to..." she struggled for a moment before cracking a smile. "Whatever the hell this is. I came down her to relax and had no idea obviously what I was getting myself into. So I've been kind of lingering over her to avoid any unwanted attention. Plus, finally ditched Tessa. Not sure what I think of her yet, but she's an overly talkative one."

Pausing for a moment she waited to see if he decided to reciprocate the pleasantries. She was mostly friendless on this ship, with a few that could be considered so if she'd open up more. Despite it, she thought this might be an opportunity to make a friend without the sexual aspects tied to it."So what's your name and what do you normally do around here?"

Carefully, she had brought her arms back into the pool being somewhat careful at her movements to not try to give the wrong impression but wasn't doing such a good job at it yet. She had despite her best efforts worn an almost skintight black swimsuit that despite covering everything, was still as sexy as if she had simply worn a bikini with the slight slits in the waist of it. She crossed her arms underneath her breasts and over her perky nipples, which accentuated her magnificent bust more than she realized. The water running down her partially wet hair slung behind her.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce

Rhys' felt a disturbance in the water next to him and turned to look.  There was a beautiful woman reclined against the side looking at him. She initially seemed to be at a loss for words to describe their location, then she smiled. He smiled back. He was a handsome young man, but the smile displayed a certain awkwardness. It demonstrated that Rhys was clearly not self-confident or assured in social interactions.

It all felt a little ridiculous. He was a Counsellor on board the Theurgy, one who had run the counselling department on the Cayuga. He ought to have been good at this. However, for some reason out of a professional situation his ability to socialise vanished quickly.

It did not help that Alana (as she had introduced herself) was attractive. Rhys was Bisexual and found interacting with people he was sexually attracted to made him feel even more awkward. On top of that she was approaching him, which if anything made him feel more uncomfortable. True he had thought about coming to the baths to meet people, but on his own terms. Building up the courage to approach someone. However, if he was honest, he knew the possibility of him actually doing that would have been low. "Um Hi." He responded to her. It was not a phrase that was going to make it in the annals of most amazing first words spoken to another person. 

Alana mentioned the name Tessa, and that went over his head he was not sure he knew anyone by that name. However, something she said caught his attention. "What sort of unwanted attention?" He looked at her with a serious wide-eyed innocence. He realised she asked him his name and role and he suddenly snapped out of his thoughts. "Oh right... I am Rhys Williams; I am Assistant Chief Counsellor." His hands always seemed to be moving or fidgeting, clearly a nervous habit. He was also looking at her in a 'not looking at her kind of way'. He looked a little bit over the top of her head or over her shoulder, in the reflection in the water, at her feet. Very rarely because he felt he was permitted he looked directly at her. However, any eye contact resulted in the poor fellow's face going red.
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Alana Pierce was out of her depth, or so she thought as this young male was standing there, clearly nervous at her beautiful form before him. Clad in less clothing than he was probably used to from his office. She smirked a little when he stammered high out while trying desperately not to stare at her. She knew she was hot, and hell, if she'd been male still and saw this body, she probably would be eyeing her herself, thinking thoughts that would make her blush now.

The namedrop of Tessa and lack of response must have meant this individual hadn't had the opportunity to meet her...yet. Makes sense if he was a transfer officer. He looked confused at the unwanted attention comment. She thought best to clarify in lamens terms. "Well, the unwanted attention I was referring to is that..." she said pointing to various officers in stages of undress and fucking each other's brains out. Watching his face turn beet red, she could tell he wasn't quite comfortable in his skin either, but at least he was born with his.

She chuckled a little at how he seemed to miss the comment on the name question. She saw his hands fidgeting and his nerves were high which was surprising for someone of his position. "Nice to meet you Rhys. So you're a counselor... That's gotta be a tough job at times hearing everyone's issues, not that I'm asking to unload. I work in Intel, you know, the sneaky shit."

The brisk air was making Pierce a bit chilly with the lack of modest clothing, so she dipped a little more into the pool up to her chin. Her hair now completely soaked and body completely wet, but warm now from the heated pool. She could tell the poor fella was painfully trying desperately not to check her body out while they talked. She met his eyes though and could tell he was at least attracted to her visage.

"I can tell you want to check me out..." she said abruptly catching him off guard but didn't want to scare him off either. "It's okay if you want to take in a look. I get it." She looked at him after standing back up and putting her arms on her hips, further showing her curvaceous body and then posing with her arms slightly outward on either side. "Look, I'll have you know, I happen to notice things now that I'm a woman. I used to not exactly look like this not that long ago prior to, well, it's a long story I won't get into here. But I can sure as hell understand what you're feeling right now."

She watched him to see how he took this gentle regard that otherwise wouldn't fly under normal circumstances, especially with a man.
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce

When Alana made it clear what kind of 'unwanted attention' she was referring to, somehow Rhys; face got redder. There was a fair amount of activities going on in various corners of the room. Rhys was uncomfortable but jealous to an extent. A little part of him wished it could be as carefree as some his colleagues clearly were. Its not that Rhys had not had any sexual experience, its just that most of his experiences had been really awkward. He was the kind of person who struggled to switch of his brain, and when your brain hated you that was a problem.

"I see." He nodded in response. It was all a little much that was defiantly true. "I can understand that." He nodded.

She then started referencing their respective roles. "It can be a tough job. Though I am sure being in Intelligence is trickier." Rhys knew his job was challenging, fortunately he was the kind of person good at listening. Of course, he also had his own issues which tended to provide a helpful perspective on other people's problems. He could never imagine working in Intelligence or security. It was always obvious by his face what he was thinking. As this exchange was demonstrating.

When Alana met his eyes and he realised it was obvious he was attracted to her and that she was offering him a chance to look. Well his already impossibly red face glowed brighter. He was honestly surprised that it was not shining out a red light that would blind everyone in the room. His eyes did traverse her body a little, but he gulped and focused instead on her face. It was then she made a comment about having been a man. He did not really understand what she was referring to. Perhaps she was transgendered?

He had to fight the urge to be constantly saying 'I'm sorry' for looking at her after all permission had been granted. However, he also did not want her to come away with the impression that he was some kind of letch. "You are very beautiful." He said simply.
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" (,_callsign_%22Goldeneye%22) | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] [Show/Hide]

Pierce could tell that Rhys was trying very hard to be polite which she had to admit was a rarity for anyone even mildly attracted to someone. An even harder job to actually succeed at not eye raping someone too. Especially with the present company going on. She wandered back to the edge of the pool, not far from him, but not in the corner either. Taking in the compliment she simply replied while smiling softly, "Thank you."

As Rhys made it clear by the bewilderment that showed on his face about the 'once a man' bit, she knew where his mind was heading already. Despite not really wanting to dive into it for various reasons, she thought it best to come clean. "Actually in reference to being a man, I had a transporter accident on a particular mission a while back. Let's just say the materials I was transporting had an unfavorable effect on me after it spilled all over me before the pattern buffer began transport. The damn transporter combined it with my DNA. As a result, it basically...altered my biological gender at the cellular level."

Her eyes stared down at the water as she went deep in thought for a few moments. Seemingly on some sort of personal trip to hell, she could hear someone approaching she was hoping had found someone else to bother for the night. Tessa strolled back in the scene and was at least partially dressed again, but that didn't help either of the two having a conversation before her.

"Hey! What are you two doing?" She said in jest at Alana as the two still stood in the pool and stared at Tessa who was still topless but wearing bottoms again.

Pierce slapped her forehead, which with the water made a louder smack than expected possibly drawing some attention. "Why me?" she muttered under her breath. Leaning back towards Rhys, "Sorry, I met her on the mission that brought me aboard and she's sort of clung to me ever since."

Tessa conveniently eyed Rhys over and raised an eyebrow in appreciation as she bit her lip giving him a once-over. She leaned into Alana at the edge of the pool, her breasts dangled overhead of the redheaded woman. "So..."

Alana looked up at Tessa and was still in awe of the other woman's breasts despite now having a larger and very sizeable pair of her own. "No, we're not doing anything. We're just talking and getting to know each other." Her hands doing air quotes over doing before she waved her hand off at the blonde as if shooing her away. Tessa took the hint and wandered back off again smirking as she left, still teasing Alana with various motions.

Her breath sighed a sense of relief as the other woman left them and Pierce attempted to relax again. She took a few deep breaths, her chest raised up in the waters of the pool, and then exhaled before speaking again. "As you can tell, something about her bothers me. Not entirely sure what yet, but something bothers me. It's not that she's not friendly either but she just irritates me. Maybe she'll grow on me. I don't know." She said throwing her hands up and facepalming.

The look on his face was that of concern but also of many questions she could tell he wanted to ask. "As you can possibly tell, I've had a weird bunch of scenarios as of late to deal with." She decided to take the attention off of her. "So, what do you do to unwind on this gargantuan ship?"
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce

Rhys listened attentively as she described the circumstances in which she had gone from being male to female. Listening was one of the the skills even Rhys could recognise that he had. Alana's accident had of course been caused by a transporter. That technology along with Holodecks had always made him feel wary. It seemed in his view that one or both of them went wrong on ships. He wasn't a luddite, but some technology did make him uncomfortable. Being reduced to his constituent particles and then reformed elsewhere did little to ease that feeling.

He watched her reactions as she divulged some of what had happened to her. He was sure there would be more than what she had said to the story. Certainly, Alana seemed upset about this transformation. He knew of people who would have yearned for such a transformation for themselves without out having to resort to medical technology. However, he could only imagine the shock and disorientation that it could do if you did not want it.

He was about to say something when a new arrival interrupted them. Rhys was shocked, though he shouldn't have been, to see that she was topless. The tension between the two of them was incredibly obvious. So much so Alana had smacked her own forehead. Rhys could not avoid looking at her breasts, they were just present, and it seemed as though their owner was more than happy for them to be seen. He could only assume this was the Tessa, that Alana had referred to earlier.

Tessa seemed to imply that there was more going on than the conversation he and Alana were having. Well that was guaranteed to ensure the blushes returned to Rhys' cheeks at the very notion of that.  "We're just talking." Rhys said quietly.

Eventually with a hand gesture, Alana was able to get the other woman to wander off. "I did notice that you were... uncomfortable with her." Said Rhys. It was clear and obvious. "I can tell a lot has happened to you recently. I would offer my services, but I am currently relieved of duty." He said looking more than a little shame faced at revealing that to her.

Eager to accept her change of conversation he was more than happy to talk about how he would unwind. "Oh, I read a lot, play music. I love swimming and sailing so I am often in the holodeck for that." He had an affinity for water that was certainly true, his mother had once joked she may have been given an Antedian baby instead of a human one at the hospital. "What about you?" He asked genuinely interested.
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 |  ] Attn: @Juzzie

Alana heard from Rhys during her altercation with Tessa his notice of discomfort around the other female officer. She caught wind of his next statement, "I can tell a lot has happened to you recently. I would offer my services, but I am currently relieved of duty."

She smiled softly a little and frowned slightly, but not enough to create an awkward moment with him. "That's okay. We've all had a rough life it seems. From the reports I've read of Starfleet nowadays, it's not surprising. I appreciate the sentiment however and am glad you felt open enough to tell me." She again smiled albeit larger this time and put a hand on his shoulder as a friend would. Her hand shook him by the shoulder a little before she released him and spoke again.

"Ahhh, so you like some interesting things not usually heard of by a Starfleet officer. It sounds like you enjoy some secluded time alone to think. I can respect that." Her head nodded in agreement. Well, as much as she could with the heaviness of her wet auburn hair plastered against her back.

She put her arm up over her chest and rested the other atop of it to use as a makeshift table. Her hand reached up to her cheek and she seemed to caress it in thought as she pondered what she felt like relaying enjoyment of. The amount of time conversing alone surprised her as usually this was a rare occurrence to talk with someone for this long. "Well as for me, I enjoy History, Holonovels, Exploration, Pizza, Acting, Hacking, Swimming, and uh...Hockey,"

Wondering if this all was too much or not, she thought she'd ask anyway. "So since we both enjoy swimming, want to go for a quick race?"
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce

Rhys was glad that she did not press him on details about his being relieved. Not that he had expected her to after all the she had wanted the same from him when talking about her transporter accident. It was only fair. There were very few people on the ship who had not had in rough in one way or another. Everyone on board was considered a traitor by much of Starfleet. There was little that could be done about that.

She had noted that most of the activities he enjoyed were very solitary. Rhys was not opposed to company he was just an awkward and very shy guy who had no idea what to do when interacting with other people. It was interesting that his job was a very social one, but that socialisation was something he struggled with. In truth he supposed focusing on other people's problems meant the whole time the other person was really leading the conversation. Getting things off their chests meant they were talking about them and not him. 

In contrast many of the hobbies that Alana indicated she liked were much more social activities than he would have gone for. He did raise an eyebrow for a moment at hacking. However, given her role it was not too surprising that that one would be up there. "I mean all of those sound very fun." Acting would be very tricky for him... all those people. Even though he liked music he never performed it in front of anyone.

Alana then surprised him by suggesting that they have a swimming race. He looked out across the hot tub. It was doable if they did a couple of laps. He smiled broadly. "You're on. Three laps?", he suggested, pointing to the far side of the baths.
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Alana could tell that Rhys had very low self-esteem of himself, lacking much in the confidence department. While she was very competitive, something in her felt for the poor sap. She couldn't place why she had the empathy for him but she was still going to do her damndest to win.

The gauntlet had been dropped and all of a sudden, Alana could see a little confidence boost in Rhys spirits as he was ready for a race. "Oh, you're on. Three laps, the loser has to...hmm. The loser has to do something for the winner! Anything they ask. Got that?" She felt overly proud. Granted she'd not raced anyone in some time but that didn't mean anything.

She waited for approval from Rhys before deciding to race. As she waited, her hair was still a little messy behind her, and not wanting to create the added drag, she tied her hair back again. This was going to be fun she thought to herself with a sexy smirk on her face. Carefully, she straightened the straps to her swimsuit to make sure that she wouldn't be putting on a show, and also to prevent her top from taking in extra water.

"Let's do this! On the count of three!" She held the edge of the pool, her legs pulled in ready for the kick-off of the side for an added speed boost. Her body tilted and leaned forward as she looked over at Rhys who was at the ready.

"Three! Two! One!" she yelled and the two bolted off the edges. Pierce's heartbeat quickly as she drove her face into the pool and lifted it only barely enough to breathe. Her strokes were long and quick. She didn't have much chance to look over at how her challenger was doing though. So she had no idea how quick he was in the water. Especially having less clothing to drag him down.

Within moments she tapped the side and was headed back. After each pass they made, she eventually hit the 2nd one with ease, but that third one, she began to feel it a little. Her limbs burned but she pushed on. Her hair slapping the surface of the water behind her like a wave. At last, she made it back to the starting point. Did she make it back first, she wasn't quite sure, and her heart thumped hard scared if she didn't.

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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


The kiss was distracting. Very distracting, in fact. Even setting aside that Thomas was a remarkable kisser, there was something about doing it openly, for all to see, that excited Lillee all the more. She wasn't typically the exhibitionist type, one to flaunt her lovers openly, but for now, right now, it just felt fun. She tasted him, enjoyed him, sensing that it would just be shameless fun between them. No strings attached, just how Wolves were fond of "engaging" each other. Perfect.

She was caught completely off-guard when Thomas pushed them off the edge, screeching in alarm as they fell into the pool. The screech turned into a scream of mixed shock and joy, Lillee scrambling at the sudden cold shock on her body.

"IEEEEEEE!" Lillee cried out, clinging to Thomas, shivering. Eventually she laughed as the shock wore off, splashing him playfully. "You beast! Do you treat all women this way?" she teased, rubbing her eyes, grinning. She clung on tight still, sharing body warmth before planting a merry kiss on his lips. With that, she allowed herself to drift away a couple of meters, her body starting to acclimatise in the water. There was a profoundly liberating feeling to being in a pool naked, especially among others, one that Lillee had forgotten. She exulted in the feeling for a moment, enjoying the unencumbered sensation of water on her breasts, buttocks and womanhood.

It was then that she and Thomas were interrupted as two swimmers, seemingly in a race, rocketed straight at her. Caught by surprise Lillee yelped, and reacting instinctively, she dived down deep, only looking up to see the two shapes shoot past above. Bemused, she swam back up to Thomas, emerging from the water beside him. This time she took a careful look around, checking that she wasn't about to be run over again.

"They're in a hurry," she commented to Thomas. Without a whit of shame, one of her hands drifted down in the water to stroke one of his well-formed buttocks even as Lillee kept watching the racers. "Who do you think will win?"
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce

She slipped in that whoever would win their little swimming competition would get something from the loser. That made him nervous. He was not sure what to ask for if he won, probably that she just stay and talk to him more. He wondered what she would want him to do. That was what intimidated him a little.  Rhys was not by nature competitive, certainly not in terms of career. He was the kind of officer who would probably be satisfied with being a Lieutenant all his career. However, sport was a very different matter in that he could be quite competitive. So, despite his apprehension and not really feeling brave to ask for anything significant in return he was always going to agree. "Ok." He nodded to her and took his place on the side of the pool, his arms spread behind him and feet on the side.

He noticed Alana's smile everything she did intentional or not seemed to be directly calibrated to turn him on somehow. He tried to focus elsewhere for the moment. On the count of three he pushed off with all his might. He rocketed through the water quickly. He turned and on the final lap he caught some a glimpse of Alana, behind or just close by.

Ae he tried to redouble his efforts; it was then he was interrupted by the sight of another bather. One a very attractive half or fully naked woman it was hard to see with the water in his eyes. Either way he was on a direct collision course for them. He tried to slow down or redirect himself. Fortunately, she dropped below the surface of the water as he rocketed over her. He looked ahead and the moment of delay had cost him a fair amount of distance.

Rhys managed to make up a lot of it but in the end Alana finished before him. He resurfaced and brushed some of the water of his face with his hands. "Looks like you won. What do you want from me, oh champion of the baths?" He said this jokingly but was a little nervous what she might ask him to do. Though he was reasonably sure it wouldn't be anything too horrible. 
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 |  ] Attn: @Juzzie

She wiped the water from her eyes as she stood on her tiptoes on the bottom of the pool's edge. Before she could finish her thought, she heard Rhys behind her state that she'd won the race. That at least was a relief to her. She exhaled and relaxed again knowing she'd done her best but couldn't help believe fate had prevented her from least this round.

What do you want from me, oh champion of the baths?"[/i] She chuckled more cutely than she expected to but it was a funny and sarcastic quip.

She thought about it for a moment, her hand holding and caressing her chin softly as if puzzled what to do with him now that she'd won. Something in her was disappointed she'd lost, but she couldn't fully understand why that was. Must be the female hormones screwing with her head and emotions. Nevertheless, she was in the clear and he was hers to do as she pleased.

"For starters," she smirked. "As Champion of the Baths, I declare you must give me a shoulder massage. Believe it or not, these breasts weigh a ton and kill my shoulders. Something I'd never thought I'd hear come out of my own mouth...ever. Also if Tessa comes around, please intercept her and make her leave me alone. I'll talk to her when I'm ready." She climbed out of the pool and headed towards a lounge chair and laid face down on top. Her back was open as were her shoulders from the back of the swimsuit.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

Lillee's scream had been quite deafening but utterly worth it. Thomas couldn't help but keep laughing as the Romulan called him a beast and he shrugged at her question if he did this to all the women he was with. The smug grin on his face was washed away though when she leaned in to kiss him merrily. She did break free after that kiss and Thomas watched her drift off while he floated around by the side a bit and just enjoyed the water. His attention drawn away from the peace and quiet when he heard the distinct sound of water splashing.

He stood back up and saw two swimmers compete, though one seemed to be on a collision course with Lillee. Thomas couldn't quite reach out to her and drag her out of the swimmers way, yet the Romulan adapted and dove underneath the swimmers before she emerged and returned to his side. Lillee seemed quite comfortable with touching him, he noticed as he found her hand running against his hind.

He gave her a nod as his eyes followed the two swimmers and hearing Lillee's question he shrugged "The girl seems like she has a proper lead... The guy is catching up though, but I think he'll be too late." he answered her, his own hand trailing along her back before just holding her on the ridge of her hip. The redheaded woman won the race in the end and Thomas smirked before he looked back at Lillee "You might've costed that guy his win."
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

Rhys awaited the judgement of his swimming colleague. He knew this was all in good fun, and if he was asked to do anything that made him feel very uncomfortable, he could walk away. He doubted she would mind if he did that. However, he was still feeling very nervous about what he might be asked to do. What was the forfeit going to be. 

Alana, seemed to take a little bit of time to think about it which did nothing to ease his nerves on that score. Eventually she responded.

"For starters," she smirked. "As Champion of the Baths, I declare you must give me a shoulder massage. Believe it or not, these breasts weigh a ton and kill my shoulders. Something I'd never thought I'd hear come out of my own mouth...ever. Also if Tessa comes around, please intercept her and make her leave me alone. I'll talk to her when I'm ready."

At her mention of her breasts, Rhys again tried not to act like the shy, strange, sheltered teenage boy he was at heart. A massage would probably not be an issue, although he had never given one before and the prospect of touching her made him nervous. Intercepting Tessa however, was a far greater challenge. If she was as talkative as she appeared and by her demeanour when he had briefly met her. That could be awkward and embarrassing. "I'll do my best."

Alana, arose from the pool and walked to a large lounge chair. Rhys responded, the water cascading down of his body and running in little rivulets over his skin. Rhys waited for her to settle, then awkwardly got to his knees at her side. Unsure where to really start, he opted for the safe ground of her shoulders. His hands were the calloused hands of man who sailed and played guitar. He was gentle though, perhaps a little too gentle depending on her tastes. He tried not to think about the fact that he was touching an attractive woman, that would only lead to issues.
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Pierce somehow felt a little strange admitting what she just did to Rhys considering she was mentally still a man, at least she was mostly. This was just sort of being influenced by her female hormones as much as it was her male brain trying to have fun, let loose but not necessarily enter a situation that she wasn't prepared to follow through with the results of. She could see the apprehension on Rhy's face as he was a bit surprised at being told to massage her back suddenly.

The lounge chair was comfortable surprisingly enough despite her large chest swelling beneath her on the padding. Her swimsuit was slightly more constricting on her front than she expected and although it was tight, she wasn't totally ready for a bare-it-all scenario. So as she laid on the surface, she turned slightly watching as Rhys moved closer and was a little red in the face from the mention of her breasts being a bit heavy for her back. Finally, relaxation hit as she rested her face in the cushions of the flat lounger on the deck. The water that hadn't already run off her backside, was stuck in portions of her back dimples, swimsuit, and what remained coursed over her curvaceous form.

Slightly giddy with anticipation and scare to death washed over her as she wasn't sure how the hell this would feel in the grand scheme of things. The unknown to her womanly wiles were at work as the body seemed to know what it wanted despite the brain not necessarily understanding what it was. She could sense Rhys drawing closer and settled on his knees at her side. The feeling of released tension washed over her back as his hands met her shoulders and neck. The strong hands grasping her nape and working the wet shoulders left her breathless and like putty in his hands. In some instances, he was forceful upon her while others were gentle. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt pains washing away. "Oh wow...yeah... that's the spot Rhys."

The feeling was overwhelming her and she had a strange feeling welling up within her that she wasn't quite familiar with as the pleasure of the massage hit her in full force. Her body moved slightly into the motion of the massage on her shoulders.
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce

One thing was for certain despite clearly being an amateur at the ancient art of massage, Alana seemed to be enjoying it. She had seemed rather excited to him when he had agreed to her forfeit. Rhys was still trying to get a read on her personality. To determine the kind of person she is. Excitable or serious. He had assumed based on her interaction with Tessa that she was a much calmer person. However, she was positively giddy at being massaged by him.

Rhys, had swam and played a little rugby so he had had massages before in a very sports science kind of way. It was about reducing the risk of cramps and a like, and loosening things up after an injury. He'd never really given one before. So he had been nervous but the more he touched her  the more relaxed about it he was. There was no screaming, or ominous cracks so he assumed he was not doing her body any harm.

In fact, when she moaned, he was surprised and honestly more than a little turned on. He tried not to concentrate on the feeling tightening in his shorts, but that was a tough ask. His hands rubbed and pressed deep into the skin of her neck and shoulders, before working along her back and between her shoulder blades. He knew that that area, for him at least, was often a place that felt strained so he hoped it would help her. His fingers sometimes brushed down her sides along her ribs as he went.

"Oh. Good. I am glad." He responded to her. He still felt awkward in this situation but at least they weren't quite up to the same kinds of things as other people around were.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Pierce, @Juzzie


Drifting in the water with Thomas and still relishing the feeling of liberation that came from being naked, Lillee nodded as she watched the swimmers go. They were going at quite a clip, enough that even with her Romulan strength, Lillee doubted that she could've swum as fast as them.

"I think you're right," she agreed in response to Thomas' assertion as the man finished, not commenting on Thomas' hand on her hip. Lillee watched the two racers for a short time, her fingers lazily tracing the contours of Thomas's submerged posterior, before the swimmers moved to leave the pool. Bedeviled with curiosity, Lillee mulled whether to stay with her companion or learn about those strangers. They were remarkably attractive; the man's physique was lean and streamlined, more athletic than muscular to her eye, while the woman's body was so exceptional, accentuated by her swimsuit, that Lillee found herself briefly astounded. Between them, the man and woman could've held top ranking for "Ideal Humanoid Bodies" onboard the ship. Lillee didn't know either of them...a thoroughly unacceptable state of affairs.

"You're definitely right, I lost him that," Lillee said to Thomas with a light of mischief in her eyes as they floated in the water, the mischief only emphasised by her alien ears and forehead ridge. "I think that I'll go apologise to him. It is only polite, yes?" She hesitated, gliding closer to Thomas, wrapping her arms around his neck and without a whit of shame, captured his mouth in a deep kiss, her tongue teasing his. "Come with me or stay, you are free to choose," she said quietly, her tone sultry amidst the sound of lapping water and voices around them. "But don't fret. We have unfinished business, you and I, and if you don't come now, I shall certainly find you later to finish it."

Even the thought of that set a familiar fire alight deep in Lillee's stomach, but she ignored it. Reluctantly letting Thomas go, she turned around and swam slowly towards the far edge of the pool, eventually reaching the steps and climbing out. It only took a moment to find the two strangers again on a lounge chair, with the man giving her a massage that Lillee could only assume was her reward. Moving closer, she smiled, stopping a respectful distance away from them. In the mood Lillee was in, it never occurred to her that her state of undress and wild blonde hair might prove distracting given that both of them were quite properly attired. Her own body was lean and clearly well taken of, her breasts quite small by comparison to the woman lying on the lounge hair, water running down her skin.

"Hello," she said politely. "I was the person who got in your way earlier and lost you your race, I think. I apologise, I should have had more awareness of my is easier in a cockpit than the pool, it seems." She paused, adding, "I am Lillee. Speaking true, I was very impressed by you both. You are wonderful swimmers for humans." Lillee reached up to her blonde hair, straightening it out behind her into something a little less untamed. Glancing down at the rather impressive back of the woman as the man massaged her, Lillee gently asked, "May I assist you?"

OOC: Just to say it: you are absolutely free to tell Lillee and Thomas (if he follows her) to go away, if you two prefer. This is me being evil by torturing Rhys. Sorry! I just couldn't resist.
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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

With Natalie now having descended into the small tub they had chosen to share, Samala now had a significant height advantage on the Terran woman. And the view from where she was standing was a particularly nice one as she looked down on Natalie and the generous amount of flesh that was on display from this height. From her position, she could truly appreciate now why so many of the males she had seen were known to look down at the females around them, instead of at their faces. 

"Well, uh, if you have no objections, I think I will join you," Samala said, not being a stranger to social nudity at least. The bunk rooms and showers on ship like the Apache were communal in nature. "I'll at least blend in a little bit better that way. Bringing a hand up, she pulled the strap of her swimsuit off first one shoulder, and then the other before hooking her thumbs into her suit below her arms. With a smooth motion to disguise her nervousness, Samala drew the suit down her body, exposing first her less than generous bust, then her toned abdominals before finally revealing the apex of her legs. Releasing the suit, it fell to the floor around her ankles and she took a moment to step clear of it, using a foot to flick it off to the side where no one would trip over it.

"There, much better," she announced, taking a step into the tub. Shuffling around Natalie, her body scant inches from the Terran's, Samala lowered herself into the water until the water was up around her shoulders. Sighing at the delightful warmth, she stretched out her legs and looked up at her companion. "Did you want to join me down here?" she asked, not sure which of them was the more nervous and uncomfortable.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff @SummerDawn 

Lillee kept idly moving her hands over Ravon's hind and the pilot couldn't help but smirk. The Romulan agreed that she might've been the cause to the lost race for the male swimmer. Ravon didn't quite recognize the two crewmembers, not having seen them before. The suggestion of his current partner to go an apologize was met by a courtesy nod of the pilot "I think that is a right thing to do. Perhaps they could do a rematch? But yes, I'd be the polite thing to do."

He thought about joining her and shook his head after careful deliberation "Nah, I don't want to impose on them. Or keep you distracted from apologizing properly." he grinned as he gave her rump a soft squeeze. He kissed her back when she leaned in for a long kiss, letting her go and watching her swim off to eventually push herself out of the pool. Ravon traced her with his eyes before she was out of sight. He relaxed lightly in the pool before he swam a few tracks back and forth.

After a while he simply hauled himself out of the water, stepping over to one of the replicators to produce himself a bathrobe to cover his wet body up. He didn't care or mind the glances and looks that he'd have when his nude frame was on display. When the robes were produced, he shook them open before slipping his arms in and tying a knot around his waist. He didn't opt to reproduce a pair of swim shorts and walked over to the entrance of the baths. He was feeling quite thirsty and instead of going to the replicator for a drink, he went to the impromptu pop up bar that had been installed by the pool.

He order himself something fresh and quick on the go before his eyes glanced over to the entrance when he saw an all too familiar face stepping inside. He smiled widely when he saw the Caitian called K'Ren enter the pools. With the drink in hand, he walked over to her, waving to her from afar. "K'Ren! Fancy seeing you here!" he said happily to see a familiar face. as he waved, his robes slightly opened up, not enough to give people the full frontal, yet enough to show there was nothing underneath.

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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
Her clothes stowed in a locker in the change rooms, the now naked K'Ren stepped out into the main pool area of the ship's public baths. She'd heard of the place, but until this moment hadn't ever set foot inside it. The warmth and humidity seemed to soak into her fur but despite the slight dampness, it felt good. Her species liked warm, coming from a world that was mostly tropical or sub-tropical, warm and humid was normal. It felt good to shed her clothes as well, her species had little use for clothes, the human notion of modesty was foreign to her species, 'monkey modesty' someone had once called it.

She saw Ravon wave over at her, a drink in his hand and he wound his way towards her, snaking alongside the pool. She smiled, purring as he came up greeting her. "Firrst time forr everrything Thomas," she remarked, noticing how his robes seemed to cover him, or didn't cover him as the case may be. Not that she minded, she saw her squadron mates in their undergarments often enough, so what was a little more? "I see this is wherre crrew go forr downtime." She'd noticed as she stepped in, several couples discretely engaged in what she knew to be human mating rituals. The scent of mating was almost heavy in the air, and she also knew, or at least suspected a few weren't seeing each other outside this room, so it seemed one could engage in various pleasurable activities without consequence, a notion that seemed at odds to how human's normally treated their sexuality. She grinned, "They seem to be enjoying themselves, letting off steam."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

The fellow pilot had chosen to show up without clothing, which in al fairness was a normal thing to expect from a species that had fur to cover them up. Then again, Thomas didn't mind a streak of nudity as he had been walking around in the baths rather nude himself. He felt the cooler breeze slip through the robe now and peered down only to readjust it and cover himself up out of habit. "Fair point." he smiled as she told him there was a first time for everything. He looked around and nodded "Great place for downtime too."  he answered her with a shrug "I suppose it is the right place to blow off some steam."  he smirked lightly before motioning to the bar "Would you like a drink or shall I give you a tour of the baths?" he asked as he let his eyes move over her.

He offered her his arm with a grin and a wink, human chivalry so to speak. He wondered if she'd catch on to it or not, unsure how well she was acquainted with human rituals. Curiously though he looked over at her "K'Ren, is this the same type of humidity that your kind is used to? Or are you used to more humid temperatures?" he asked her. Depending on her answer he'd either guide her to the bar or to any other place she'd like to explore.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
"If a drink is customary while partaking of the baths, I would enjoy one Thomas." She noticed him adjust his robe, apparently he felt a bit too bare, though given the levels of nudity on display, he seemed almost overdressed. She took his arm, she was part human and recognized the gesture as a human thing, an outdated but still customary gesture, one rooted in old terran beliefs about gender and behavior of each sex toward the other.

As they walked she looked up at him, smiling, purring as her tail gently twitched. "Our homeworld exhibits many of the same climates as earth, though temperate and cold regions exist only at or near the poles. Most of the planet is covered in lush jungles or wide open savannahs, similar in many respects to Africa. And in fact our ancestors were much like the great cats of your world, though unlike them we evolved, much as humans did." She paused, sometimes she'd been known to ramble a little. "In short, this sort of environment is comfortable, and my fur, thin as it is, doesn't get damp or sticky, oils on my furr repel water quite well."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Their stroll towards the bar proved to be insightful to Thomas as K'Ren explained how her home planet looked like. It did sound to be rather lush and dry at the same times as it would seem that the world she lived in was covered with jungles and savannahs alike. He stopped by the bar and ordered the Caitian a drink after letting her decide what she'd like. "If your fur repels water, meaning that unlike the feline creatures on Earth... You like water?" he asked carefully, trying to not sound too blunt or disrespectful about it. Genuinely though, he was curious if she'd enjoy a good swim or a hot tub for that matter.

He nipped from his own drink now, the robe inevitably falling open again as he had failed to tie the knot of the robe properly. This time though, he didn't mind to adjust it as K'Ren stood in front of him. Thus shielding him somewhat from most people. The fact that he didn't cover himself up in front of the Caitian pilot was because they had shared locker rooms down at the fighter assault bay. Like her mindset, he had seen her in underwear or nude on various occasions when they changed into their flight suits or gear. He made no problem about it and he figured she'd tell him if she were bothered by it.

"Was there anything in particular you wanted to try in the Baths?" he asked her furthermore now.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
"I would not say we like water, swimming does not come naturally to Caits, our bodies do not float, though most Caits have learned the basics of swimming. Our world has many bodies of water and so we've learned to overcome our discomfort with it. I don't have nearly the same aversion to it owing to my human side." K'Ren remarked simply, her tail still twitching as they came to the bar. She ordered a drink, a non-alcoholic beverage as Caitians, even half-breeds like herself, did not react well to it. Why Cait's avoided beverages made from fermented fruits.

She noticed how he didn't adjust his robe the second time, letting it hang loose, exposing parts of his body to her gaze that she'd not seen before. He was handsome for a Human, most of the pilots were, it almost seemed to be a requirement to fly fighters. she wasn't bothered by it, in fact given the state of undress of most here, she was in fact curious why he remained robed. "Well, the pool doesn't interest me, but some time in either the steam rooms or the sauna would be nice, very reminiscent of home." She paused, "Would you join me Thomas?"
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

He nodded as he sipped from his own drink, it was a mocktail as he didn't want any alcohol in his system right now. The fruity punch of the drink making it all the more refreshing and easier to gulp down as he did feel quite thirsty. He sucked at the straw and eyes the Caitian as she told him what she thought about water. He nodded understandingly an drank further, this time emptying his drink and handing it back to the bartender who simply took it along to clean it up for another use.

He didn't catch on to her checking him out, nor would he mind if he did notice. He looked back to her and turned his eyes back onto hers as she expressed no interest in the pool. He nodded and looked over his shoulder to the steam rooms. His mind only reminding him that he came from there moments ago with the blonde Romulan. He smirked, finding it rather amusing before he nodded "Sure, they're quite spacious and a tad more humid than the pool here. Nice and warm though." he commented to her before he instinctively took her by the hand.

He lead her over to the entrance of the steam rooms and opened the door for her to get in. He followed her en suite and once inside he got rid of the bathrobe as it was just too much in the far superior warmer setting. He walked over to one of the replicators and recycled it before producing a new water bottle for himself to hydrate a bit more. He could still smell the scent of sex hanging in the air, be it ever so faint, or he just imagined it. He could see his shorts still hanging one one of the benches and he wondered if K'Ren would notice it too or not.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren took a sip from her drink, watching the pool area briefly, before her attention turned back to Thomas. She was checking him out, there was no doubt about that, and her gaze settled on the man, smiling a little, purring as he agreed with her that the steam room would be a nice place to go. And if the rumors were true, she could find herself like the others, enjoying carnal pleasures with her fellow pilot. "Spacious, and prrivate?" she asked, purring, taking a sip of her glass before handing it back to the bar.

She followed him towards one of the steam rooms, her arm in his as before, purring away, enjoying his closeness to her. Stepping inside, she could feel the steam and humidity wash over her, a reminder of what home felt like. Breathing deeply, she took in the steam, but also the scent of sex which didn't surprise her, but also aroused her. Seeing Thomas strip down, she purred as she went up to him. "Is it true that what happens here stays here?"
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

"They're always open for people to come in, but it does shield you off from the main pool area."  he informed her as they made their way over to it "I've been in there earlier and there have been very few to no visitors in it."  he added for her with a smile as he looked at her over his shoulder. He looked around in the meantime, taking note of who was still in the baths area before the two of them vanished out of sight.

Once inside he had found himself smiling, liking and enjoying the way K'Ren had been purring on their way over to the steam rooms. Once he had disrobed and produced himself a bottle, he popped open the cap. He started drinking, almost downing it in one go before he heard her ask him a question that was one of the written laws of the baths. He turned around and saw her approach his now equally naked frame. "That is true. No ranks and whatever happens here stays here."  he smiled at her and took his own time to check her out now "Why do you ask?" he asked, feigning ignorance or innocence while he reached out to her once she had been close enough, reaching out for her to take his hands.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren nodded, so private but not entirely so. Given how open people seemed to be about making out and mating, she supposed that was not something to worry about, nobody would be shocked if they came in on them both in some state of sexual congress. And if the rumors were true, it would never leave this place anyways.

She gave him a sultry glance, taking the hand he offered in her paw. She stepped in close, moving the hand to her waist. She'd have just as happily placed it on her breasts but she didn't want to come across as desperately eager despite the feelings of arousal and need welling up inside her. "I think we both know Thomas. You are a handsome strong male, and I'm a healthy fit female. Mating seems a foregone conclusion given where we are."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

He watched her intently now, spotting the sultry glance she gave him as she placed her paw in his hand and stepped in closer. K'Ren did make it quite clear what she was after as she placed his hand on her waist. The feeling of fur against his hand a new sensation to Thomas. He smiled faintly as she spelled it out for him and he slowly nodded. His hand moved along her waist to her hips, feeling up her skin and fur in the process.

"I'll admit K'Ren... I have never had the pleasure... Or honor, to be intimate with one of your kind." he said softly. His free hand traveling up along her other fore arm, arm and shoulder before he reached up to push some strands of hair out of her face. He looked into her eyes deeply now. His own arousal starting to form more evidently now as he surely got to a semi erect state. He stepped in closer as well, his manhood brushing against her furry thighs while he leaned in to kiss her full on the lips while keeping her cheek cupped in his hand and pulling her in closer.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
She wasn't sure if she'd been too forthright with Thomas, some species enjoyed the pursuit of the female as much as the actual conquest. She looked up at him, her ear twitching, her tail nervous, waiting to see what he did. She didn't have long to wait however, as his hand never left her, instead of pulling away, his hand moving to her hips. She purred as he told her he'd never had the pleasure of intimacy with a Cait before, she was okay with this, she was just glad he was willing to make love to her, to mate with her.

Her face leaned into his hand as he stroked her cheek, brushing stray hairs from her face as he looked into her eyes. They both knew what they wanted, and both were willing to give it to the other. She felt his hardening erection press against her thigh, evidence of Thomas' aroused state. Males were so easy to read, their bodies betrayed them every time. She pressed against him as they kissed, his lips touching hers, and she purred into the kiss. Her hand went to his hips, another to his growing arousal, taking it in her paw, lifting it before she pressed her hips against his, the hand now going to his waist. "We're very much like human women," she said softly once the kiss broke, "Or at least I am, being half human."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Whilst Ravon did enjoy a hunt for a female, he wasn't too fussed with willing partners for that matter as well. He could see her ears twitch slightly. His eyes darted to her tail for a second before he focused on the matter at hand. He could feel her press into his frame as they kissed, careful at first yet quickly developing a passion between them as their lips tried one another out. He bit her lower lip once to see how'd she react to it, sucking the lip before letting go. A soft groan escaping his lips whilst her own paws had found his aroused state. She pressed herself full against him now and Thomas found himself grinding his hardening state against her body and his own.

He listened to her as she told him she was very much like human women and he nodded slowly. His eyes piercing hers before he ran his hand from her cheek into her hair and raking through it. He found his thumb brushing against one of her cat like ears, rubbing it gently before continuing to play with her hair. He kissed her again, this time deepening the kiss to see how she'd french kiss and wanting to get a taste of her as he pulled her closer. His both hands now moving over to her hips before reaching over to cup her rear cheeks. He positioned them so that he could lift her up, or give the hint for her to jump up an d straddle him.

When the kiss broke he rested his forehead against hers and whispered "Want to go to a more comfortable spot?"
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
She'd been with her share of human males to recognize when Thomas bit her lip, squeezing the delicate flesh between his teeth. She knew this to be a form of human foreplay, but couldn't reciprocate, her teeth were too sharp and would draw blood. But she took it for what it was, purring as Thomas let go of her lip, the soft bruising and slight taste of blood expected, and not unpleasant in her aroused state. She looked into his eyes, passion evident as his hand went to her face, stroking her ear as they kissed, a purr deep in her chest as Thomas caressed her.

She cocked her head as the kiss deepened, opening her lips to let his tongue enter her mouth. Her own tongue, raspy as it was, sought his own tongue, desiring to taste her lover. She felt his hands on her rump, cupping her petite ass cheeks. She didn't recognize the hint about straddling him, letting him lift her so she was closer to his height. When they broke the kiss, K'Ren was breathing a bit heavier then normal, and nodded when Thomas suggested they find somewhere more comfortable. "Let's go to the bench," she said.

Once there, she sat on the bench, purring as Thomas sat down beside her. She placed her paw on his hand. "Before we go any further, you should know that I'm in season Thomas."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Their eyes met and he could feel the slight rumble emit from down her chest as she purred for him when he had brushed her ear. They kissed further and deeper. It was a slight surprise to feel how raspy her tongue was, yet not an unwelcome one as he toyed around with her tongue before breaking the kiss once more. Whilst she didn't seem to get the hint to jump up, Thomas had to put in a bit more effort to raise the Cait of the floor. Nothing too difficult though as most fighter pilots were in excellent physical shape.

K'Ren suggested the benches and Thomas walked over to the bench besides the one he had used earlier on with Lillee. Setting the Cait down carefully first before he took his seat besides her. His erection evident now as at stood up like a flag post now while he sat there seated. He looked at K'Ren as she placed her paw in his hand and he looked down at it and heard her admit that she was in season. If anything, it did let some bells of recognition go off in the back of his mind as she tried to remember the biology classes he had taken in the Academy. Specifically those of alien species.

He swallowed slightly before he squeezed gently in her paw and looked into her eyes "In season... That means you are fertile right?" he asked her, double checking to be sure that he truly meant what she was saying. His mind wondering if it was a warning of her to tell him to use protection, his eyes darting over to the replicator "Do you want me to use protection? Or..." he paused now, knowing what the other option would entail. He wasn't quite adverse to the notion of it.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
As she sat there, she watched Thomas, unsure what his reaction would be to the revelation she was in heat. It had to be said, had to be asked, before they got intimate with the other. She was prepared to explain her peoples customs, how she'd not hold him responsible for the offspring of their union. Some men were off put and bailed, some seemed aloof or didn't care, and some seemed to like the idea. Which one was Thomas, she couldn't tell, not until he spoke and they talked could she determine it. In the end, it didn't matter if he rejected her, there were always other willing men out there, but K'Ren preferred to find a man she respected, trusted, and knew would be a good sire. That was the mothering instinct rearing it's head.

She nodded, "It means that yes. I am fertile." She noticed how he glanced at the replicator, no doubt considering if a condom should be replicated. She didn't want that, but would respect his choice, would respect his decision to use protection. But then he asked her, asked her if she wanted him to use protection. "No, Thomas," K'Ren said, slowly shaking her head. "I do not want one to be used. I know that almost certainly means we'll produce a child together, but this is normal for females of my species." She squeezed his hand, "Are you okay with that?"
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

K'Ren confirmed that she was in a fertile period right now and Thomas moistened his lips now as he let the train of thought follow in silence. His question about having to use protection was met by a shake of her head and a well vocalized no. She continued to break things down for him as she told him he'd father a child with her if he chose to lay with her. She said it so casually and made it sound so normal, he just kept looking into her eyes as he felt the squeeze in his hand and he smiled again, a bit more nervous now.

"Am I... I..." he tried to formulate a question before he nodded "Just... If I father a child with you. Human standards dictate I'm responsible for it. I'm not sure what the Cait way is. What your people's standards and culture say about it?" he asked her. He could've jumped right in and agreed with it, not caring about her people's traditions and what else. Just knocking her up and seeing what the future would bring. It'd be a rash action to take, an action Thomas would be repulsed of. Alternatively he could have just opted out of this.

He remained seated and didn't heading off like a rocket, nor did he jump into the action like a reckless horny guy would. He squeezed back into K'Rens paw instead. Looking into her eyes and smiling faintly "I mean, I have too much respect for you to just..." he let the words hang in the air, his voice calm, almost soothing as he was serious about it. "Tell me more."
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
That was a common enough question, and that he was asking it only added to K'Ren's opinion of him. He could have easily said yes, knowing that she'd not come after him outside the baths, or assumed her species didn't concern themselves about parental responsibility, but he asked, and she would answer. She would have to gloss over the intricacies, but she'd give him the truth. She gave his hand a soft squeeze. "If I had a mate he would be responsible much like your culture Thomas. But a female in season without a mate, can chose a suitable male to mate with her, and he will not be held legally responsible for the b'rrel, the cubs he sires. He is encouraged to participate in his cubs lives, but the clans do not force him to do so."

Using her lithe flexibility, she moved to kneel on Thomas, straddling his waist, looking into his eyes. Talking about this, and his honorable behavior towards her, not wanting say yes or no without knowing the full picture, as if they were outside the baths, not in them, not taking advantage of her and the rules to enjoy some carnal pleasure, only made her want him more. She could feel his erection pressed up against the soft furry flesh between her legs, the thick shaft she desired inside her pressed up against her. It would take a simple lift, and lower, and she'd have what she wanted, but consent was a cornerstone of Caitian life, and she wasn't about to take it without his permission. "It is your choice Thomas," she said softly.
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff  @Juzzie

While Alana was not typically a down to earth, calm individual, this time at the bathhouse had calmed her spirits. She was still getting acclimated to her new body, especially around a new crew, and that made things a bit more difficult for her at this time. With her female pheromones and hormones pushing her in directions that she normally wouldn't partake if she was of sound mind. But with all the rampant escapades ongoing in the baths, she was starting to feel the effects as well. Despite the male brain, the female body was slowly taking over some of the emotional states and that could be a dangerous prospect for Pierce.

She could tell Rhys was enjoying the massage as well, feeling his hard member bumping into her side as he pressed firmly into her shoulders. Like it or not, this was very relaxing for her. She felt his hands gliding down her bare back, rubbing the contours of her spine and her shoulder blades. Even feeling the occasional slip of his hand and feeling the side of her ribs and by proxy, her breast flesh. Secretly she was a bit scared, but at the same token, she was getting more aroused by the minute as her body relaxed like putty in his hands.

Moans escaped her mouth as she just melted there on the lowered pool chair. She breathed softly with the occasional stirring of heavier breathing depending on her level of arousal. Not wanting to put the man into a position he was uncomfortable, she simply enjoyed where things were and let him make the moves. Oddly enough, these emotions felt more like a Tessa move than they did for Alana. At least that's what she thought to herself.

In what seemed like some time later, despite not being, she heard someone approaching them, and from the sounds of the footsteps, it was a female of some species. Alana couldn't be sure as she was still facedown enjoying the massage.

"Hello," she said politely.

Alana leaned up and saw that it was a Romulan female who she hadn't met yet. "Oh, hello. I'm Alana Pierce, and you are?"

"I was the person who got in your way earlier and lost you your race, I think. I apologize, I should have had more awareness of my is easier in a cockpit than the pool, it seems." She paused, adding, "I am Lillee. Speaking true, I was very impressed by you both. You are wonderful swimmers for humans."

Pierce admired the blonde woman as she was stunningly beautiful. Despite being Romulan, she was still entirely attractive and Pierce whether male or female was enjoying the view, mouth open almost staring before she realized it and closed her mouth again. She tried to recover, "Thank you Lillee. We were just having a friendly competition there since we didn't know what else to do here. Now, I'm enjoying my reward for winning. Don't know what he would have asked for had he won, so thanks I guess."

Lillee reached up to her blonde hair, straightening it out behind her into something a little less untamed. Glancing down at the rather impressive back of the woman as the man massaged her, Lillee gently asked, "May I assist you?"

Alana laid her head back down on the chair and thought about it. "Go for it!" she yelled from under the bench as her voice was muffled from the smashing going on to her back as Rhys continued. "The more the merrier." She said, not knowing Lillee's intentions for coming over here but either way, she was fine with it at this point and wouldn't put up much of a fight.

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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

The Cait laid it out to him what her people's customs were and Thomas nodded as he kept looking at her. He wasn't K'Ren's mate thus he figured he'd fall under the second category. A willing male that was willing to mate the female in heat. Legally it seemed like that in the eyes of the Caitian, he'd not be held responsible for their further care. He let the thought sink in, finding it hard to imagine cubs growing up without a father. He licked his lips as he saw K'Ren move over now, straddling his hips and bringing herself close to him.

His eyes gazed deeply into hers and he slowly nodded "Okay." It was a rather short response. He probably should've thought this over more, spend a night on it. Yet he was required it seemed for a split second decision, the kind of decision he'd be making when behind the stick in his fighter. "Whilst I don't know much about Cait culture, I'm sure you can teach me." he whispered against her lips, eyes never leaving hers. She voiced out that the choice was his, and his erect state was probing between her legs as it was.

He didn't give her any vocal confirmation about what he decided, instead, he figured that actions would speak louder than words. His hands rose up over her legs towards her petite hind. He eased her closer to him, lifting her slightly for him. Slowly he closed in towards her lips, kissing her fully once more. At the same time though he pushed his hips up, channeling his erection towards her heated nether lips. Slowly and with the utmost care did he push himself inside of her, only moving himself about halfway in before he pulled her closer against him. Their mating call seemingly coming to a start with the action of the pilot. He let out a stifled moan into the kiss as he felt the insides of the Cait's channel press against his human shaft.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren didn't need a verbal answer to know Thomas' decision. Their lips not parting as they kissed, his hands went to her hips, urging her hips upward. She lifted herself up, she could feel the tip slide down between her legs, tracing a path along her nether lips, moving towards the warm damp place they both knew it belonged. She felt the slight shift in his hips, the head sliding the final inch as he found his mark. The head lined up, she could feel it wedged in the entrance, he rocked up, spearing her, and she sank down a little, ensuring that he made entry to her body. Even as he moaned into the kiss, and K'Ren purred, the first moments of their of their union, K'Ren was content. Highly aroused but the part of her that needed to mate and breed was satisfied as their bodies began to merge, his head sinking deeper into her, slowly filling her.

She pulled away from his lips, breaking the kiss, smiling at him, her purr at full throttle. His hands on her hips, she gently traced a finger of her paw along one of his pecs. "I'll take that is a yes Thomas." she said, starting to slowly rock her hips, wanting to work every last inch in that she could. The heat could only be sated by the climax of their union, and the first time between a female in heat and her mate was always a passionate and vigorous affair. "Do not be afraid to let your passion rule," she said, "Mating in heat is always a vigorous and tiring affair, pleasurable, but tiring."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Holding onto her tightly, Thomas inhaled sharply through his nose whilst his hips kept rolling upwards. He slowly but surely worked his girth deeper into her. The way K'Ren moved back against him was only making the whole sensation feel better. They were both willing, perhaps she had been a bit more eager and inclined to meet that need. Thomas could feel her break the kiss ever so slowly. Her purr only making the whole sensation more erotic for Thomas. He could feel her stretch slightly around his member as he sank in deeper until he felt her fur rest against his hips.

He was fully submerged inside of her now and he matched K'Ren's movements while they consumed their union. He had to smile as her paw traced a finger over him. He simply nodded to her words, he heeded her other words. Hearing he didn't have to hold back on her. He licked his lips and his grip on her hips grew tighter. He seemed to be taking slightly more control now. Each time she would roll down onto his frame, he would use his hands to pull down just that bit further. His hips would buck up harder right in that moment. His cock twitched lightly inside her, every vein and bump grazing against her slick warm walls. His eyes fluttered shut slightly for a second, his hips picking up in speed now as he bucked more into her.

"Lay down with me on the bench." He groaned into her ear. Wanting to be more in control, wanting to be able to truly slam his manhood inside of her.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
The way Thomas' erection filled her, probing the depths of her core, K'Ren's purrs became soft moans. Her tail twitched behind her, excitement and pleasure giving it a mind of it's own, while her ears remained perked up. She arched her back as they rocked together, hips moving in a sinuous rhythm, the give & take of partners making love. She could feel him inside, thick, firm, the large bulbous head scraping along with each thrust in a way no Caitian male could match. Cait males weren't nearly as thick, and had spines which while not uncomfortable, did not caress her inside the same way Thomas did.

She heard him say they should lay down on the bench together, and had she been in bed with him, enjoying a casual evening of making love, she'd have gladly lay down on her back, spreading her legs for her lover, letting him take her as they gazed into each other's eyes, and perhaps later they might, but now, now K'Ren needed a powerful male to breed her, take her body and claim it as his, make her 'his' female, the vessel for his offspring. K'Ren ran her finger along the line of his cheek as she leaned in close, almost whispering as she spoke in his ear. "Caitian males do not merely lay with a female in season. They take her, make her theirs, claim their female." She nuzzled his ear, whiskers tickling his skin, "I'm going to kneel on this bench, and you are going to, what is it terrans say? Fuck my brains out."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Whilst his suggestion was meant for intimacy and exploring just how K'Ren would feel against his whole body, the Cait informed him that it would not be the general thing to do when a female were in heat. Ravon cocked an eyebrow yet quickly seemed to understand what she was after. She wanted to be taken hard and as she colorfully phrased it... Get her brains fucked out. The way her whikers tingled against his cheek made him want to scratch instinctively, yet he fought back against it and simply pressed his cheek into her face when she whispered into his ear. The pilot couldn't help but smirk at the wording though nodded nevertheless as he gave her one last buck before slipping his hands off her. He allowed K'Ren to get off him, parting his lips and groaning as he felt every inch of his cock slipping off her before he broke free.

He panted heavy and watched her take her position on her knees. He was granted a perfect view of her pink slit as it was soaked by the earlier intrusion of his manhood. His eyes followed the movements of her tail, getting somewhat distracted by it. It didn't stop him however from doing what he was destined to do. He positioned himself behind K'Ren and felt up her ass cheeks again, spreading them before giving them a subtle yet firm tap. Once positioned to his liking he lined himself up again. Teasing the Cait (as it was stronger than himself) by rolling his bulbous head through her lips. Without further warning though, he lunged himself inside of her now.

His jaws clenched together now as it felt like he was going deeper than before. One hand remained on the hip of K'Ren while the other reached forward to hold her by the back of her neck. Pushing her face lower to the bench as his hips slammed into her now. He could feel his thick girth being massaged by her walls each time he pushed himself back inside of her. Over and over again did he pull back, nearly vacating the Cait entirely before he slammed himself back in. Each time just with a bit more force than the time before, every next buck also coming in faster than the one before. He could feel something nudge against his tip the more he kept bottoming himself out inside her warm inviting sex. He wasn't sure what it was exactly and he did feel curious about it. Each slam aimed to feel that soft tissue against the tip of his cock over and over again.

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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren crawled off Daniel, standing, looking down at him, purring. She knew exactly what position she wanted, wanted to be mated in, and it didn't take long for her to move to the free spot on the bench, climbing up onto it, her tail flicked to one side, her legs slightly spread, bum arched up in the air for Thomas. She was, for all intents, presenting herself and a female feline might before a willing tom, and K'Ren knew she'd get what she wanted, Thomas seemed eager to enjoy her carnal pleasures while they made cubs together. She didn't have long to wait before Thomas came up behind her, kneeling, his erect member bobbing a little She felt his hands cup her ass cheeks again, spreading them a little before giving them a playful slap. She looked back over her shoulder as he moved up, pressing himself against her, but only teasing her as he ran the head along her cleft.

She was thinking, wondering if he was going to tease her, make her beg for him, and in that moment of distraction, he lunged forward, spearing her, driving deep into her. K'Ren mew'd a little, the unexpected thrust the slightest bit uncomfortable. But soon, as her body registered him deep inside, she relaxed and her mew became a purr again. The way he started to breed her, good hard thrusts, holding the fur of her mane, was close enough to how a Cait male might. As he kept it up, she moaned louder, rocking her hips back as he drove into her. She could feel him kiss her cervix with each thrust, the bumps softening her body up for the final act of breeding.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Hearing K'Ren mew in such a way had been something new. Heh ad heard her purr, both in the cockpit through comms as now in a more intimate setting. The pilot kept holding her in place as he worked her body with his. He could feel her body tense up at the rougher intrusion he had made with her. He had understood her words as if she had wanted a rougher mating call, that it was the Cait way. He felt a bit of worry boil up, though fade once more when he felt her body relax in his hold, her purring returning once more. Her moan turned louder and louder as he kept driving himself into her.

Her own hips rocking back eagerly into his bucks, he still probed his tip against her cervix, still unaware that he was actually at the doorstep of her womb. The sound of his hips slamming into her fur and hind caused a smacking sort of sound, a sound that soon enough could be heard to the both of them. The hand holding the fur of her main tightened up, making sure to get a good handful of her in his grasp and thus maintaining a sort of dominant grasp over her. His moans grew louder whilst his hips picked up the pace, pounding hungrily into her. His cock now putting more pressure into the her final barrier that kept him from breaching into her womb. The soft obstruction causing for a great amount of friction for Thomas, slowly but surely edging him closer to a climax.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
She was being bred, there was no question of that, and as Thomas pounded into her, each thrust battering away at her inner gates, the last barrier before her fertile womb, K'Ren felt the barrier soften, but also her body's response to his scent. For Cait's the sex in heat was not just about breeding, but for her species a bond of sorts formed, an addiction to the other's pheromones that would drive them both to need the other in this season, the urge to mate again and again strong, strong enough that a female in heat would be given time off work, as concentrating on anything else became impossible. She knew Thomas wouldn't feel this, Terrans didn't have the same deep reactions to scent and pheromones that Cait's did, they were less driven by them.

As he kept up the pace, K'Ren arched her back more, moaning and purring as she made love to this man. She could feel the last barrier soften, knew it would not be long before he breached the barrier, the climax of their union. Between moans she called out his name, panting as he drove her closer and closer to orgasm, to the release she so desperately craved. She knew it would be temporary, she'd need release again, the heat was only sated for a time by sex, only in a week after repeated breeding, would the need be fully met and her body return to normal.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Thomas had developed quite a sweat, the sauna only making him sweat more than usual. Some of the drops of sweat landed on K'Rens fur, more so when his hips smacked into her body hard. His groans louder with each smack as he felt the pressure building in his body. His hand clenched into a fist against her neck as his eyes kept looking at her furry back. Mouth slightly agape and inhaling through his mouth as much as he was inhaling through his nose, he breathed loud.

She moaned out his name, purred and arched her back, all things that only increased the lust growing inside of the man that was breeding her. The desperate need to be bred by her being fulfilled by the willing pilot. His eyes drift shut slowly, his body just giving in to the pleasure. He tilted her slightly further onto the bench by her neck, allowing just that slight more depth and angle for him to thrust into her. It was in that moment that he thrusted himself into her deeply, the tip of his swollen cock now pushing through that final gate. Thomas let out a loud cry as he felt the tip slip in, as if he had penetrated her again. He stiffened up as he bucked harder into her, pulling back less yet trying to go in deeper. He wasn't able to hold out back any longer now his head falling back as he groaned out loud "Ngh! Fuck!! K'Rennnn!!! I'm cu--" his sentence never finished as he felt his cock pulse, throbbing along her tight warm walls before the tip erupted and unleashed his thick, potent and warm seed right into her womb.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren was close, her body ready to accept his seed. The way Thomas har fucking her, his hand holding firmly to the base of her mane, his other hand on her hips as he did as she'd asked, mercilesly pounding himself into her body. This was what she needed, what her body needed as she responded deep inside. She heard him cry out, felt the final thrust inside, punching past that final barrier between them. She moaned out loud, her back arching a different way as he entered her innermost part.

Her body responded, that final penetration sending her into an orgasm. Kneeling like this meant, that as she fell headlong into the orgasm, that she could not harm him as her claws dug into the wood of the bench. "Thomas!" she cried out moments after him, as the first  pulse, the thickest and most potent of his seed rippled down the length of his shaft and painted the walls of K'Ren's womb. In that moment her cervix, the gatekeeper of her womb, clamped down around Thomas, ensuring he could not pull away until the deed was complete, until both of them had climaxed.

And deep inside, her body responded, Cait's were stimulated ovulators and needed orgams, needed the male's penetration to complete the act of procreation, of producing cubs in the female. The biological reasons were both subtle and complex, but as K'Ren yowled out in pleasure, her body did what nature intended, releasing a pair of eggs that would with a little luck, in time find his seed, and new life would form inside her.
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

This particular orgasm would be one Thomas would remember. As he had planted his girth into the sacred place of K'Ren's womb, he felt her cervix clamp down on his cock. He was used to slowly pulling back after his first rope was shot, only to buck in again. Right now though, he found that when he tried to pull back he felt, stuck. He groaned as it caused for a specific feeling inside the warm Cait and he held onto her now as he tried bucking deeper again.

In turn the female pilot cried out his name as her own orgasm had hit only moments after his. Only now did it register with Thomas and he laid himself slightly more onto her, putting more of his weight on her. It also caused for his warm wet body to press against her back and her fur. His hips didn't stop moving, just bucking needy as he couldn't pull back. His cock being milked for what it was worth. His semen trapped into her womb.

"Fuck K'Ren... This... It feels so different..." he whispers to her and lets his hand from her hip roll over her fur, along the side before tracing along the side of her breast.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
While she wouldn't go so far as to say the sex was mind blowing, the first mating of her season always felt powerful, primal, better then outside her heat. Perhaps that was by nature, a way to ensure the female bonded with the male, but whatever the reason it felt good. And as Thomas kept thrusting, tied to her deep inside, her insides gently spasmed, milking him, ensuring that every last bit she could get was deposited deep inside, a fertile minefield.

As he pressed into her, pinning her down, holding her in place, she was panting a little, her heart pounding in her chest as she began to come down from the climax of their lovemaking. "Mating in heat is always so much more raw, primal Thomas." She could feel him still inside her, tied for at least another few minutes. "It is unlike human mating." She could feel him massage her flanks, which felt good, her partner caressing and pampering her a little after. "And it lasts a week, the season."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Ravon kept laying against K'ren, body relaxing slightly while he was left little choice to remain inside of her. He kept panting and nuzzled his face against her back, smelling her pheromones and scent now, be it in a much lesser degree than how other Caits would smell her. He found her tail against his arm and one hand reached down to trace it and stroke it along with the way her hairs on it flowed. His hips eventually came to a stop as he tried to look down at what was going on.

His attention drawn back to her when she explained how mating was different from the usual. "Quite different than what I'm used to indeed."  he answered her truthfully. He continued to trace along the side of her breast with the hand that wasn't toying with her tail and he tried to get a bit higher as he planted a few kisses down her neck and whispered softly "This means... You'll be coming back all week for me to mate?" he asked her, trying to paint himself a picture of what he had to expect. He wondered how he'd be able to get it all organized before he asked her further, curiously "Also, what happens after that week?"
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren purred as they shared the Cait equivalent of a post-coital cuddle, forced on them by the tie. "But certainly pleasurable." And it certainly was that, as he stroked her breast and tail, making her purr all the more loudly, the relaxing bliss settling in. "It means that I will desire to mate with you often throughout the week yes. Most females need to mate two, sometimes three, times a day while in season. It is partly why pregnancy is a foregone conclusion."

She didn't say much after that for almost a minute, letting the amount of sex she'd want sink in, that this would go on beyond the confines of the baths. "After the week, well, sometimes the mating pair affirm the bond and take each other as mates. Sometime they do not. There is no stigma either way."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

"Most pleasurable for sure."  he snickered against her neck while she answered him that she'd in fact might be seeking him out to mate more. Up to the point where she might be able to seek him out twice or even thrice a day. He was a bit surprised by it though saw some humor in it "So uhm, does that mean you'll be residing in my fighter whenever we need to be out on patrols this week?" he teased her.

He listened to her about that after that week the mating pair would either affirm the bond as mates or if they'd go take their separate ways. He let it sink in for a moment and he gave it some serious thought. He licked his lips and still felt that need to take responsibility if he fathered cubs with her or children. He kept tracing his fingers over her nude frame in the meantime and eventually whisper softly  "Well... We've gone this far... I mean... As a human, I guess I wouldn't be able to live with the fact that... I fathered kids and not be around for them."
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
"It means Starfleet has a policy to permit me to request the week off in my season. You may have to ride patrols, but when you get back to the ship," she purred, smiling, "you'll have to ride me too." She paused a second, feeling him soften just enough her cervix spat him out, and she flopped forward, rolling onto her back, looking up at Thomas. She felt her body tighten up again, holding onto the seed he'd given her, ensuring the best chance of a cub. He followed her down onto the bench still caressing her, and she pulled him into a hug. "Caits raise our cubs among family, perhaps here on this ship, alone I might desire their sire to be with me, but on Cait I would have sisters and cousins, my clan to help raise the cubs." She kissed him again, "If that is what you wish Thomas, once my season is over, and I know I am with cub, then I would not refuse you, but do not make that choice based on human customs and morals."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

"A permit I need to approve?" he laughed and nodded as she purred on. He suddenly felt the clamping feeling on his manhood release and he slowly slipped himself out of her sex. He glanced down to see if she'd leak but to his surprise there was nothing that oozed out. It had been a very different thing to witness and he watched the Cait turn around and roll onto her back. She pulled him into a hug and he fully embraced her as he closed his eyes for a second and felt his mouth feeling rather dry.

The exertions in the sauna had certainly caused for some dehydration. He glanced over to the replicators once his eyes opened. In the meantime she told him about how cubs would normally be raised in a family. A smile graced his lips when she spoke of her desire of her sire to be with her if she were to raise the cubs aboard the ship. He gave her a nod again when she told him that she'd not refuse him if he were to be with her after her season. The key point of her explanation did rest on the fact that he did not have to make this choice based on human standards and customs. He gave it some thought while he ran his hands over her fur and eventually through her hair. He made sure to take extra care when he brushed along her ears.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren purred softly as Thomas ran his hands over her face, and through her hair, gently caressing her ears as they lay there together, close, intimate, and looking into the other's eyes. She ran her paw along the lines of his face, looking up into the eyes of the an she'd chosen to sire her cubs, one of her pack, one of her family on this ship. She didn't want to say anything to try and sway him one way of the other, he would have to chose of his own accord. "You do not have to decide now Thomas, we have a week of this to think it over, and even then, the choice does not have to be made until we know I am with cub."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

She placed no pressure onto him to decide whether to commit himself to her or not. He figured that she was perhaps right to let some time go over it and let him think things through. Ravon did figure he'd be rather biased on making a choice if she'd be returning to him daily this week to mate. The sheer amount of sex involved would have him thinking about nothing else but her. He let the thoughts run through his mind as he enjoyed the close intimacy with the Cait, turning his face slightly into her paw and kissing her wrist before laying his head down on her chest.

His hands moving along her body now, twirling the fur in his fingers and watching it as he listened to her heartbeat and enjoyed laying there against the swell of her breast. "If I do manage to..." he paused as he looked for the right word "How many of them would you have normally? One cub or more?"
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
How many? That was the question wasn't it. She hugged him as he lay against her chest, head pressed against her breasts, holding him almost like a cub. She honestly didn't know for sure. Caits had litters anywhere from one to four cubs, though twins was most common, followed by triplets. Quads were unusual, one cub almost always turned out a bit smaller then the others, and a single cub usually meant one was lost in-utero. But for pairings with humans, as K'Ren was, one or two was more normal, she'd been born alone, as had her sister.

As he stroked her fur, she enjoyed the moment before answering. "Impregnate me? You will, that is almost certain. As to how many, really depends. Twins and triplets are normal in Cait pairings, though a pairing with a human is unpredictable, though one or two is normal I guess. Females ovulate more when stimulate by a cait male's barbs. Humans do not have barbs so it's not as much then."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

The motherly instincts of the Cait seemed to be getting put to use as she held him while he lay there on top of her. His words hung in the air and K'Ren seemed to be thinking about them for a little while before she answered him. She addressed the first part by calling it what it was. Impregnation. He looked up at her, his chin resting on the valley between her breasts as he nodded and was confirmed that it'd be a certainty. She explained how Cait males would stimulate the body of a female more with their barbs. Something that made Thomas shudder.

"Doesn't that hurt for you in that case?" he asked softly before he nuzzled into one of her breasts and kissed the bare nipple. He did keep looking at her and let go of her breast before asking "So if we are to be expecting cubs. Seeing you're half Cait, will they look more human or more Cait? Or just like you?" he asked her curiously.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren had slept with a Cait or two before in the academy so while she'd never mated with one, she had some idea of how it felt. "It's hard to describe Thomas. It doesn't hurt, females wouldn't want to mate outside the heat if they were. They scrape and drag along inside, but they're more to induce ovulation in the female at orgasm." She purred a bit when he suckled at her breast like a cub. "They'll be a mix of us both. How human they'll look I don't know. We won't know until they're born and we see them for the first time."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Seemed like there would be a lot of unknowns for them if she were to carry his offspring. Thomas simply nodded again and crawled over K'Ren to rest on top of her now. He kissed her on the lips again and looked into her eyes before he looked around and asked her "You want to stay here a while longer?" he waited for her answer before he slowly moved off her and went over to the replicator station to produce himself more bottles of water, he glanced over at her and smiled "Want one too?"  He waited for her answer and leaned against the replicator station before he uncapped the first bottle and began to drink from it to quench his thirst.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
There would be unknowns, that was for sure, but there were always unknowns when having children. She returned the kiss, sitting up as he climbed off her. "I enjoyed the time together Thomas. If you wanted to stay a bit longer, cuddle, chat, whatever it is humans do after sex, I am willing." When he went over to the replicator to grab a bottle and offered her one she nodded, "Please."

She grabbed the bottle he tossed her way, taking a sip from it. "Probably not what you expected when you came here today was it?" She grinned, "A little fun, blow off some steam, breeding wasn't on the list was it?" She patted the bench beside her, "Sit with me while we talk?"
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn [/i

His Cait lover agreed on wanting a bottle of water and he tossed it over to her. She had Furthermore agreed to stay a bit longer to chat, cuddle or whatever he needed. He had to smile a little and nodded, even more so when she asked him if he had imagined his day to go in this particular fashion "Quite not what I had been expecting for today."  he admitted to her as he leaned against the replicator and dissolved the empty bottle. I did produce a full one right after it though and saw K'Ren pat the bench beside her with the request to take a seat next to her. I walked over to her smiling and nodded before I took my seat and bumped into her.

"Did the day go like you expected it to go?" he asked her curiously "Oh and do Caits do any sort of aftercare? Or do they just mate and part ways?" he followed up on a question he had forgotten to ask earlier on.
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
"Not what I was expecting either," K'Ren admitted. "I knew I was coming here in heat, and fully expected to mate and breed with someone, but not one of my own as it were." She took a sip from her bottle, looking Thomas over as he downed hers. Caits did need water but they didn't sweat do didn't lose as much moisture as Humans.

When he sat down, she placed her paw on his bare thight, gently rubbing it. "Caits do practice aftercare as you call it, grooming a partner's fur is pleasureable and a way of showing one's care for the other. Human's have no fur, and I did not bring my brush with me. I was going to have a sonic shower, and brush later in my quarters." She glanced down at his free hand, taking it in her free paw, placing it against her stomach, right above her womb. "In three weeks I will know Thomas. But a week together will ensure I do."
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn 

He kept looking at her as he was seated besides her now and he smiled as she placed her paw on his thigh. He listened to her as she spoke of aftercare. How grooming was particularly pleasurable and a way of showing care. She pointed out that she didn't bring her brush and that she'd be grooming herself later in her quarters. Thomas looked at her and placed his hand on her paw as he smiled, wondering if it would be the same kind of thing like he had seen women do when they combed their hairs.

I felt you take my other hand though when you placed it against your stomach. I look up at you and smile a little as I gently push my fingers through the fur on your stomach. I keep looking in your eyes and whisper "I can come over to your quarters later if you'd want."
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[ Ens. K'Ren ( | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
K'Ren looked up at his, holding his hand against her stomach where she hoped cubs would soon be. "I'd enjoy your company, whenever  you want." She leaned into him, feeling his free arm curl around her side. All was well in her world, and while this wasn't the original plan, there hadn't really been a plan to start with, this was the best outcome. A good healthy sire, a man who was willing to help her raise the cubs on this ship, and a freind who'd stand with her. She softly purred as she curled into his side. "Thank you Thomas, for everything."

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce @Griff

The moans that Alana was giving off certainly affected Rhys. On the one hand he certainly wanted her to enjoy the massage he was giving her, though he wondered fi she was enjoying it on a different level than he was intending. Of course, it was also possible the noises she was making were simple enjoyment and that Rhys' subconscious was putting his own feelings on it. Feelings that were not really come from his brain but from an entirely different head.

He was so engrossed in what he was doing and the thoughts swimming through his mind that he did not notice the approach of Lillee. He was so unaware of her that when she spoke it startled him completely. He gave a jerk and then looked incredibly embarrassed. He did not initially recognise her until she made it clear that she was the one he had almost crashed into during their swimming race. When she praised their swimming abilities Rhys knew it was going to be one of those days. One in which he spent his time red faced and embarrassed and unsure of what to say or do. So, most days when he interacted with someone out of uniform.

When Alana said she had no idea what Rhys would have asked for if he had won their little bet. He shrugged "I am not sure what I would have asked for either to be honest." He often thought Awkward should have been his middle name. When Lillee asked if she could assist and Alana agreed Rhys shrugged. She had won the bet after all it was up to her. It did occur to Rhys that he was now in close proximity to two very attractive women, but he tried not to think about that. He was in a weird enough place mentally as it was. He wasn't sure where their new friend was going to place her self perhaps on the other side of the lounger to him.
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Stegro88

Looking back up at the young woman, Natalie tried to pretend that she herself was clothed in a tactful bathing suit. And that her nudity was not being quietly observed and cataloged by the person who would be sharing the small, but reasonably proportioned bath tub with her. Hot tub might have been a better word for it, once Nat gave the notion some thought. Though she knew there was a variety of soaps, sponges and other such materials available for use in some sections of the rather palatial arrangement. The baths were fully functional, an equivalent to older establishments from Roman times on Earth, or even more modern inceptions on the notion, from places like Risa or Betazed.

Minus the mud, of course. That was not an option here, though now that she thought of it, at least the mud would have granted her a modicum of decency. Not that there is anything wrong with being naked in a room full of strangers.

While that notion was easier thought than acted upon, the brunette Martian nevertheless smiled up at Samala and managed to stop herself from averting her gaze as the girl stripped out of her own attire. It seemed foolish to the bustier woman to look away when they were going to be lounging naked in a tub together, attempting to relax. Sure, they were complete strangers but that was part of the charm of this place, or so she'd been told. No rank. What happens here stays here. Meet someone knew and be equally uncomfortable and shy together. Well, it could be fun she supposed, and allowed herself to give the girl a discreet once over.

Natalie wasn't exactly the best judge ever of the female form - having been chastised for her own body issues in a friendly fashion not 15 minutes prior by some of her fellow officers - but she could compare Samala to the other women she'd seen strutting about naked in the baths, and decided that while she wasn't as slender as say, Bremmer had been, she wasn't as curvy as that one top heavy red head, or Nat herself. Not that this was a problem. Some old saying about fun coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes, or was it packages, danced around the back of her mind but couldn't quite shift itself out as the Martian worked hard not to blush.

"Yes, wearing something in here does seem to make one stand out," Natalie agreed as the girl finished up, and watched her set the garment aside. Though kicking was a far more accurate term. Nat was pleased to see the girl had pretty decent aim at least, and judged that no one would be at any serious risk of an unintentional face plant due to getting their limbs tangled in the suit. Nodding her approval, she turned her head back in time to see Samala moving toward her. The two orbited each other, nearly touching, before the more limber female was on the other side of the tub, easing herself down.

Chuckling softly, Nat reached up and set about putting her hair into a messy sort of bun, to keep it out of the way. Until that point it had lain flowing down her back, loose about her face. "It would be silly of me to just stand around with the water only up to my knee's, wouldn't it?" Easy enough to joke at herself in that situation. Reaching out, she grabbed the sides of the tub as she went down, letting her legs slide out before her. Despite her best effort, as she planted her bum on the tile, the foot of her left leg grazed up against the inside of Samala's right calf. "Er, sorry about that," she apologized swiftly, readjusting her positioning a bit better. It was going to be a little hard to keep from getting tangled up. Considering the activities going on throughout the baths just then, Natalie had to wonder if that was accidental, or a design feature.

Likely the latter, she concluded. Clearly this place was planned out by a Risan. Or maybe a Deltan, she concluded, albeit silently. Aloud, she said, "I'd say the water temperature is just about perfect though. This is lovely."
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Pierce, @Juzzie


Sure enough, Lillee stood on the other side of the lounge bed. She was in a dangerous mood, a frame of mind where her inhibitions and good judgement were fading into memory, when Lillee simply surrendered to the more wild part of her nature, living completely in the moment without forethought or retrospection. Nevertheless, enough of Lillee's self-awareness remained to notice Alana's friend's nervousness. His innocence was understandable, adorable and more than a little intriguing, but even so, Lillee scolded herself to be gentle.

In any case, Lillee noticed Alana's rather startled reaction to her, along with what it implied. The human (she seemed human, at any rate) was stunning, so Lillee appreciated the flattery of Alana's brief speechlessness. The human's moan as her masseur got to work were indicative of just how much the woman was enjoying her massage as well, although Lillee hesitated a moment, observing her  fellow masseur for a moment.

"Press just a little harder," she said with a warm and inviting smile. Slowly she laid her hands on top of his and, very carefully, pressed his fingers down slightly harder, rewarded with a somewhat deeper and throatier moan from Alana. "Good," Lillee said, her eyes lazily shifting up to his, her wet hands still on top of his. "You are good at this, it seems, to provoke such a reaction. May I ask your name, if we are both to treat Alana so?"

With that, Lillee's hands moved elsewhere, lower down Alana's body towards the small of her back. She noticed the strain of Rhys's trunks and she smiled at him, her eyes flicking down pointedly. "That looks uncomfortable," Lillee said in that same sultry tone, knowing full well the effect she could have on men and women with that voice, especially when naked. Shame was so far gone that it might as well no longer exist. "Truly, Rhys, if you wish to remove your swimwear to be more comfortable, nobody would mind, least of all me. I did much the same thing earlier with my swimsuit; it is wonderful when swimming, but less so elsewhere. Many others in the Baths have made the same choice. Do you protest to this, Alana?"

All the while Lillee continued massaging, her strong thumbs exerting strategic pressure to Alana's back, from where her own swimsuit covered her perfectly formed buttocks upwards. At that point, pleasantly warm despite being naked and still damp amidst the Baths' heat, Lillee wasn't even thinking. She was just relaxing into the moment, heedless of where the moment might go from there.
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff @Juzzie

The feeling of both Lillee's hands and Rhys were pushing Pierce to new heights. She was enjoying the sensations of her flesh being rubbed in such a manner to add the extra pressure on her back. "Ooohhh..." she moaned louder yet. Not realizing this was creating a wardrobe issue with a certain male masseuse.

She heard some distinct questions being lobbed at Rhys from the Romulan woman now working her hands closer to her lower back. The woman's soft hands gliding just above her sizable rump was shooting added pleasure into the her despite not realizing that she was really turned on right now. As she thought about it, her inhibitions were slowly fading away as she heard Lillee pose a question to Rhys about removing his shorts. At this point, Alana didn't care anymore.

"Do you protest to this, Alana?"

Alana thought for a moment and shook her head slightly before groaning, "No...". She herself was about ready to shed her clothing too as she almost couldn't stand it anymore. The feeling was overwhelming her as she felt the Romulan hands working on her at the same time as Rhys.

She sat up slightly and slid off the shoulder straps and held her bathing suit in her hand before lying back down. Her hands slowly guided the suit down her body as she continued to hide her most impressive of features as it stuggled to come over her rounded bottom. With the last flick of her smooth and silky legs, she kicked the swimsuit on the ground next to her bench. Now exposed, she let the two of them continue to massage her. Despite her earlier thoughts, she was in the mood and her female mind had taken over.
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce @Griff

'Well this is happening.' Was all Rhys could think at this moment in time. Being who he was Rhys was going to be permanently red through the entirety of this situation he just knew it.  He did wish he was not quite so susceptible to embarrassment. However, it seemed to be an eternal affliction he would always have. From what he could remember his parents had never been the kind of people to be easily embarrassed by anything. He had no siblings, so he wondered where this feeling came from.

Soon Lillee had her hands on his and was showing him how to do a better massage. Her touch caused him to jump for a moment. However, he had decided that what was going to happen was going to happen, so he allowed himself to be led over the other woman's body. "Oh I am Rhys, Rhys Williams." His voice had a breathy and slightly sing-song quality to it that displayed he was from Wales. Though of course a Romulan might not have noticed the subtle differentiation between human accents.

It was then that he noticed that she had seen his 'difficulty'. He broke out in a little cold sweat that fortunately with his still slightly damp body would be difficult for the others to notice. He felt his heart beating more vigorously as she asked Alana if he could remove his shorts and if she would mind. Her answer did not help matters.

He was reluctant, but he had made a promise to himself when this encounter began to be more spontaneous. To let what would happen, happen. He looked around him, and to be honest he was one of the few with anything on at all. He made a mental not to examine the effects of peer pressure later. Slowly he slipped the shorts off, so now he was naked in front of two people he did not know very well. He saw Alana was doing the same thing. For now, he would follow Lillee's lead, she seemed to know what she was doing with a massage.
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff @Juzzie [Show/Hide]

As much as Pierce wasn't originally wanting to do any of this after stepping foot in the public baths, it was somewhat comforting to her to have this all transpire as it had. Her backside lies naked, facing both Rhys and Lillee's warm, soft hands that continued to rub every curve and angle of her back, neck, and shoulders. Secretly hoping that Lillee would touch a little more than that, she continued to relax. She figured that Rhys was a little reluctant, but got no such feelings from Lillee who just came from a hearty romp across the way.

Alana turned slightly seeing that Lillee and Rhys were back there, in the buff and seemingly enjoying themselves. She could just tell that Lillee was a bad influence for Rhys but also for herself as she felt some hands copping a feel around her side now, barely grasping some skin near her side-boob. An electric spark shot into her breast at that and she shook a little and moaned, unable to hold that sound back. "Ooh..."

Realizing what had happened, she buried her face into the towel on the bench and hid the red face she knew she felt burning her ears. She mumbled softly with her face still planted down in the towel, "Sorry, it ahh...startled me a bit. No worries."

She had absolutely no idea where the hell this was going but she had a distinct feeling that someone was getting lucky and she wasn't sure how any of this was going to play out.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Pierce, @Juzzie


It was quite accidental when Lillee's hand grazed the side of Alana's breast, and so Alana's powerful reaction took Lillee by surprise. It was a remarkably pleasant surprise, though, and looking up at Rhys, Lillee giggled. In that moment, with two beautiful and aroused people with her, she felt a rising excitement, her green blood starting to burn anew. It was just as well that the Baths were so warm, matching Lillee's inner heat so perfectly, even bared as she was.

"There is no need to apologise," she said softly, her hands continuing their gentle rhythm down Alana's back. "We are here to feel good, yes? With everything we must endure outside, it is so important to have relax, to enjoy life without shame or consequence, at least while we're in here." Lillee's hands dipped lower, to Alana's bare buttocks, and looking up at Rhys (and shamelessly enjoying the sight of his nude form), she continued her massage. "I learned how to massage humans during the war, from the other pilots in my squadron. We had no holodeck on our ship and few facilities for rest, so we often took care of each  other after a hard battle or long sortie. I learned much about human physiology to make a human feel good...the right places to press..."

At the last word, Lillee squeezed Alana's buttocks with an expert touch, her eyes locked on Rhys's eyes the entire time with a lazy, sultry grin. Without missing a beat, her hands then dipped lower to Alana's powerful thighs, first the outside than the inside, but Lillee didn't touch Alana's more tender areas. All in good time.

She was quiet from then on for a few minutes, strategically working lower and lower down Alana's legs, looking up at Rhys intermittently. Lillee didn't have a plan, as such; naked, wet, her blonde hair wild and unkempt, Lillee looked every bit as primal as she felt. She only had an intention: to bring pleasure to her companions, and to find pleasure for herself in turn. It was a potent state of mind that the Vulcans feared, and therefore could never control, but something that the Romulans had long ago accepted and mastered, with all the wonders and dangers that lay therein.

Lillee took special care of Alana's feet, her strong fingers easing the stress of her soles. "Do you feel good, Alana?" she said softly as she finished, her eyes flicking up to Rhys's in shared amusement. "You can turn over now, if you wish."

With that, Lillee stepped lightly over to Rhys's side of the table...and then moved behind him. "I hope you don't mind, Rhys," she murmured, and acting entirely on instinct, her hands moved to begin massaging the small of Rhys' back, just above his own bare muscular buttocks. Her hot breath tickled the back of his neck, so close did she stand. "It is only fair that you are treated also..."
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff  @Juzzie [Show/Hide]

Lillee's words about being here to relax and have fun that one might not otherwise have had were intriguing to her psyche as she laid still face down on the bench. Her breasts pressed tightly against it too from the pressure of hands massaging her back and her backside. She felt hands rubbing her buttocks tightly and those same gentle hands worked her thighs and admittedly it felt rather nice, even a bit...erotic? The skill and ability the other woman possessed of the human anatomy was interesting as she was certainly astute at it.

The comfort hitting her legs as Lillee's hands worked down the softened flesh was like no other she'd felt before, if ever since her predicament. Delicate fingers touched her heels and rubbed the tension out in places her feet had been stinging since being off base. The words asking if she felt good woke her from her pleasure induced stupor. "Yes...that felt great...thanks." She said grunting back down into the bench.

The next words spoken by Lillee surprised Alana a little as she thought about it. "You can turn over now, if you wish." What should she do in this situation? Under normal circumstances this would have led to her taking a run for it, however, here she felt at ease and borderline looking forward to the adventure of it all.

"Sure. Why the hell not." Pierce said taking a little time to acclimate to moving again. She reached forward, pushed her hands against the bench, and sat up. Her large, heavy breasts dropped like melons in front of her chest as she twisted and stretched her arms into the air. She felt a little groggy from the massage but was willing to help Lillee and massage the poor man sitting on the bench now. Alana watched as Lillee expertly rubbed the muscles and protruding bones of the man who moments before she'd been chatting it up with prior to the race and massage.

"I guess it's only fair..." She said as she approached Lillee's side, gave her a rub across her back, carefully rubbing some sideboob as she kissed the other woman with a warm, wet kiss. She let it linger long enough and pulled away as she stood next to Lillee and began rubbing the strong back of Rhys.
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Public Baths | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Pierce @Griff

Both Rhys and Alana were under Lillee's spell by this point. There was no other way Rhys could think to define it. Alana and Lillee both made him feel nervous as did most people he was attracted to. However, Lillee certainly knew how to intensify that feeling. Rhys was shocked at how Lillee was perfectly fine with massaging Alana's bare backside. Rhys was certainly not brave enough to without a clear and obvious invitation from her.

What made all this more impressive was Lillee's amazing knowledge of massage. Certainly, it seemed that way to Rhys who knew nothing about such things really. On top of that was the fact while she happily allowed her hands to drift between the other woman's thighs for a moment, the whole time she seemed to be staring at Rhys.  It made Rhys feel a little like he was a very tasty dessert or something. He was not sued to people looking at him like that, or rather never noticed if they did. This, however, was too hard to ignore.

Soon however, it became apparent he was to trade places with Alana. He swore that he almost felt his hardness jump, as he felt first Liliee and Alana's hands on him and then her breath on his neck. Neither seemed to be giving him the opportunity to lie on the bench, and if he was honest with himself, he did not want to do anything that would stop them touching him even for a moment.

"IF you say so." he mumbled, shyly when Lillee said it was only fair for him to get this treatment to. Alana, was not naked, well they were all naked. Rhys was naturally, or at least naturally very red faced at this developing situation. Alana, had kissed Lillee before settling her hands on him to. He had watched in surprise for a moment, and that had certainly done nothing to aid the situation hanging between his legs.
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 [PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu ( | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Pierce, @Juzzie


The kiss was a surprise, but a welcome one, and Lillee luxuriated in the taste of the other woman's lips upon her own. They were not the first lips she'd tasted that day, nor, she reflected upon looking at Rhys's strong back, would they be the last. The impish thought elicited a merry giggle as she let Alana go, before marveling at the human's body. Lillee was no telepath, but nevertheless she could sense the erotic anticipation building within Alana, and indeed Rhys...although for the latter, that was no secret. for anyone watching.

That prompted a thought that slightly woke Lillee up, her conscious mind reasserting itself. She glanced around the Baths, which seemed as full as ever as crewmen passed back and forth. There was still no sign of Thomas, but Lillee spied Natalie Stark and Samala in their own little alcove, enjoying a small tub. Moving on, Lillee tried to gauge if anyone was watching the developing situation with judgement, irritation or dismay, but she found nothing. Most of the bathers were either minding their own business or enjoying other company, and none seemed to mind the erotic massage showcase by the pool. Some might watch whatever occurred next for other reasons...and what of it? On another day, Lillee might've opted to be less of an exhibitionist, but now...oh stars, she just wanted to keep having fun!

With that, Lillee relaxed once more, smiling lazily at her playmates, damp blonde locks falling over her eyes. She noted that Rhys still seemed embarrassed even under Alana's touch, and she duly took a gentle approach. Lillee took one of Rhys's hands, encouraging him to straddle the lounge chair as she straddled it too, facing him. She was so close that her knees touched Rhys's, their skin in distant but sensual contact all the same. Lillee looked over Rhys's shoulder at Alana, smiling at the buxom human who had succumbed so beautifully and was now treating Rhys much as he had treated her. The competition was long forgotten, the "prize" now irrelevant; they were all about to be winners.

"Do you feel good, Rhys?" Lillee whispered in deliberate echo of her previous words, and as she spoke, a hand dipped down between them. Carefully, gently, she raked the back of her hand up and down his throbbing shaft, her knuckles grazing the sensitive skin all the way from the tip to his warm testes. Lillee looked into Rhys's eyes then, her words soft. "Know that whatever happens, you are safe. You are comfortable. You are free to do whatever you wish without consequence. I am sure that Alana would agree to the same, yes?" Her eyes flicked up to Alana with shared mischief before returning to Rhys's more innocent eyes, and then she spoke the final words.

"Do you want this, Rhys?" she murmured, sweat still dripping off her crennalated forehead, her blue eyes fixed on his, her knuckles still grazing his hardened manhood.
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Lillee was certainly a skilled individual she thought to herself. Meanwhile, her hands seemed to have a mind all their own as it brushed the back flesh of Rhys. The heat was burning in Alana's loins as she stood there in a situation she never expected nor thought she would be in since her transformation. But something about how Lillee intercepted seemed to have...altered the deal.

She peered over Rhys and around him to see Lillee reaching for his manhood and giving it very gentle, yet subtle teases that if she were still a man, it would have made her grab the Romulan woman in lust. The look on the woman's face told Pierce exactly what was going down and while she stood there still massaging his back, she wanted to lean into what the two were clearly about to endure.

Disturbed from her reverie, Alana heard Lillee ask a very pointed question on whether she was up for participation or not. "...I am sure that Alana would agree to the same, yes?" was all Alana heard and nodded. "He's safe, I feel safe, and we know you feel safe Lillee." She chuckled sweetly which startled her at the sound. The suggestion was planted by Lillee for Rhys and she could tell he was down for whatever came next. "Careful Lillee or you're going to get bit by that..." she smirked knowing full well what Lillee was planning.

Alana reached around Rhys chest, holding him close to her flesh. His body was incredibly warm as she held on to his back, breasts smashed against him tightly creating a somewhat awkward hold on him. She held him a little tighter not sure what angle she was headed yet as she watched Lillee go for it.
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Rhys allowed himself to be directed. One of life's natural born followers he was content to be told what to do by the two women who he was sharing in the company of. He did look all about him at the other people in the baths, however he was surprised that they seemed to not be noticed for the moment. Or they had been noticed and the other crew around them just didn't care that much. However, considering some of the things he had seen in the baths he should not have been so surprised.

So, Rhys was straddling the lounger, with Lillee in front of him and Alana behind. Lillee's knees were touching his own, and Alana, had her arms around his body from behind. On instinct he found himself leaning into her, feeling the softness of her breasts at his back. Lillee started to speak, but Rhys found it very hard to respond as her hand had dipped to brush teasingly over his shaft. Her eyes focused on his shockingly blue ones as she reassured him. His heart only thudded harder. Lillee seemed to have misunderstood his apprehension. It was common people often did. He was not afraid of her, Alana or sex really.

The fear was always directed inwards, he was afraid of messing up, of them finding something substandard about his body. Really, of being some sort of disappointment. He blushed and tried to get the words out but he was not good at that. So Rhys placed his hand on Lillee's cheek, lent forward and kissed her. He was tender and gentle, but the undercurrent of sexual desire was there. He reached back and squeezed Alana's thigh affectionately.
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Pierce was uncertain what she felt comfortable doing. On the one hand, she had zero ambition to be with a man, having been one. On the other hand, she was a woman and this body was definitely wanting to have sex from the sign of her heavy breathing, and wetness growing between her legs. She felt very, warm, and turned on right now, and Lillee was not helping matters any for her present situation.

Trying not to be weirded out, Alana decided to go with it however Lillee was doing it. She seemed rather sure of herself and while Alana wasn't, she could fake it as well as she needed to until she was ready for the encounter. The feeling of Rhys's hard, muscular back on her chest and how warm and comforting it was made her felt...okay with the way things were turning out. Her hands continued to caress his chest, rubbing her way down to his stomach area. Her chest beat heavily as she pushed the limits of her own comfort level. Soon she'd be entering the land of no return as lust would overtake them all and there would be no stopping it until all were consumed.

Slowly her fear and inhibitions left her as she decided to just go for it. As she began to reach slightly lower, she felt his strong grip, squeezing on her thigh carefully but with the intent of interest for her. Despite the weird history she'd relayed to him, they both surprisingly felt comfortable with this as Lillee continued to brush his manhood. Pierce's excitement at the hand on her thigh made her tremble slightly as she moved her hands lower yet to also rub on his thighs around his groin area.

The point of no return was coming quicker than she thought.
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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Samala reclined against the tub, watching as Natalie pulled her hair back into a messy bun. It exposed her neck, which Samala found she liked the look of while the motions of restraining her hair made her unrestrained chest move delightfully. Averting her eyes before she was caught staring, Samala shifted slightly as the Terran began to lower herself into the tub. She felt the brush against her leg but ignored it as she tried to get her imagination under control and stop thinking about what Natalie's body would be doing as she lowered herself into the tub. When the Terran spoke again, Samala turned back to face her, hoping that the blush on her face would put down as caused by the heat of the water.

"Yes, it is," Samala agreed, taking a deep breath and enjoying the heat of the steam in her lungs. The two of them were in such proximity now that any movement she made would bring her skin into contact with Natalie's. Which was fine for the moment, positioned as they were but soon enough, one of them would want to change position which would make things interesting. 

The other interesting thing that Samala noticed, was that unlike her own body which sunk under the water quite willingly, 2 significant parts of Natalie's were resisting that force. And she found herself commenting on that before she realised it.

"I wish mine could do that."
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So the tub was not the largest in the room, and thus Natalie found herself in very close proximity to lithe young woman, both sharing a state of mutual nudity that in other circumstances would have made Natalie's skin crawl in an unpleasant fashion. However, the saying 'When in Rome', came to mind, again, and Nat forced herself to continue to relax. Not that this was such a great hardship. Despite brushing up against Samala as she readjusted where her legs were to lay under the surface of the water, the pleasingly hot bath did exactly what it was designed to do in a right proper fashion, and Natalie could feel tension bleeding out of her body and into the gently bubbling mix surrounding herself and the other woman. 

Brave new worlds aren't always outside the hull of the ship you're serving on, nestled on some alien world. Sometimes those new horizons aren't at all distant. Clearly she was feeling reflective at the moment (a known hazard of lounging in a bath), and was easily letting her mind run wild. This was not exactly a problem by any stretch of the imagination, save that she had company in her tub - odd as that felt - and Natalie knew it would be rude of her to ignore the young woman for too terribly long.

Thus, she turned her focus back toward Samala, letting her gaze flick over the woman now submerged in the bathwater. She'd retuned her attention just in time to hear Samala's off hand comment, and felt her eyebrows shoot up on her forehead. For a moment, the Martian had no idea what her bathing companion was speaking of. Then she glanced down, seeing her bust floating and snorted a bit of laughter. Heat colored her cheeks, perhaps more that could simply be accounted for by the heat. "You really don't. Trust me."

That clearly confused the other woman and Natalie sighed softly, thinking back to an earlier conversation in the tubs, shortly before she had met Samala. While she didn't think she could do Henshaw or Bremmer's arguments justice she tried all the same. "There are upsides and downsides to every build. I imagine you have never had back pain from an ill fitting bra that failed to properly support you after a long day of work. And these things constantly get in the way, just so you know. Jerfferies tubes can be quite the challenge." She flashed the other woman what she hoped was a reassuring smile. She couldn't help but remember the other comments about never having to worry that someone would mistake her for a boy by her bust size. That she supposed was a plus.
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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Samala was, admittedly, puzzled by the Terran's reaction to her comment about her breasts. She hadn't even meant to say what she had been thinking but her mouth had opened before she had had the presence of mind to stop it. And yet Natalie did not seem to be offended by her comment. There was a reaction, Samala had seen her cheeks redden, but her response was not angry. Rather, to the hybrid, it seemed sadder, or perhaps, wistful. It seemed that her confusion was clear on her own face as Natalie began to explain some of the downsides of having a larger bust and while Samala could understand and even agree with the reasons, she still felt like some of the bonuses would be worth it.

"I can see your point," Samala began, sitting up slightly and lifting her own bust free of the water. She had lost her modesty back in the shared showers of Bacury III. "But to someone like me, who has only ever had a 'handful' to deal with, the idea of having more is appealing. To feel them move on their own, if only a little would be nice. To be able to, well, other things with them that I cannot do with what I have now. Even just not being able to feel the muscle under them would be delightful."

Samala wasn't disappointed with what she had; they were well proportioned to her body without being small. But she had wondered, from time to time, what it would be like to be able to enjoy her own without feeling the toned muscle underneath them. To only feel softness under her fingers. To have her tongue reach her own... 
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Bathing with another person - well, lounging in a tub really, as Natalie wasn't currently trying to clean herself or Samala - was an odd experience. Just swimming and playing about in a pool somehow seemed less intimate than reclining in a heated tub in close proximity to an objectively beautiful stranger where small points of physical contact were practically unavoidable. This, of course, was not even factoring in the state of undress both women found themselves in, nude from head to toe, submerged in the warm waters. Odd yes, but enjoyable. She could not deny that. 

Her bathing partner had been embarrassed by a personal lapse, baring some inner thoughts aloud to the world around her. Natalie had done that more than once in her life, and wondered if she herself had looked much like the lithe woman did in her own embarrassment, with red darkening her cheeks. Though if she were to be objective, she doubted it had quite the same effect on her own paler skin tone than on Samala's tanned flesh. Porcelain pale meant that red showed up quite a bit, and Nat had never been able to hide when she felt shame, humiliation or embarrassment. Perhaps Samala suffered the same, but somehow Nat doubted it was as obvious.

Natalie tilted her head as she listened and pondered just what the girl might mean by 'other things.' A few rather lurid images flickered across the forefront of her mind, quickly shoved aside, less her own musings on the nature of blushing and pale skin made an empirical display for comparison. Of course her skin already had a rosy pink tone to it, thanks to the heat. Surely any further blushing could be passed off as a reaction to that. "Having been uh...well-endowed pretty much since puberty hit, I suppose I can't exactly say I relate to what you are saying. As I noted, each building has its own benefits and hindrances. But you are objectively quite pretty all the same, so you can take that to heart at least, even if you're uh...only sporting a handful, as you put it. There are plenty of people out there that feel that anything more than just that handful is a waste."

Easing herself back in the tub a bit, Nat draped her hands along the side, elbows poking up and fingers dipping back down into the water. The gesture put her bust all the more on display, but despite having just talked about her tits, and the other girls slightly more humble offerings, Natalie didn't really think about the implications, of how the water ran down between the swelling valley of tit flesh, or how her nipples poked up above the water. She simply settled for a more relaxing pose and gave a shrug of her shoulders. What else was there to say on the subject? Her own oblivious nature sometimes got the best of her.
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[ Crewman 3rd Class Samala | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Forcing herself out of her imagination and back to the moment at hand, Samala looked around the room, gazing at all the different groups relaxing or enjoying themselves as she listened to Natalie talk about herself. It was interesting to listen to another's point of view about both of their respective body shapes, be it Samala's lither and slenderer form or Natalie's fuller and curvaceous figure. Samala found her eyes wandering across the Terran's skin, enjoying the rosy hue it was taking on from the heat of the water surrounding them both.

When she moved, adjusting her position in the water to a more relaxed one, Samala found herself spellbound, watching as Natalie's bust rose slightly, water running across her chest and down the valley between her generous mounds. The Terran's nipples had also risen above the water level, exposure to the air seemingly making them stiffer and Samala found herself unconsciously licking her lips as she looked at them.

Without thinking, her hand reached out, seeking to feel the warm Terran flesh beneath her own but the young hybrid managed to catch herself before she made contact, pulling her hand back so rapidly that it was impossible for Natalie to not have noticed. Blushing deeply, Samala looked across the short distance between them.

"I'm sorry," she apologised. "I just, ah, I'm sorry," she went on, sitting up slowly and making ready to leave when the Terran would surely ask her too.
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The moment that Samala's gaze shifted from the surrounding bathers (for lack of a better term) and back to Natalie, the Martian felt it like a warm, heavy weight settling onto her chest. Even as socially and yes, sexually dense as Natalie liked to pretend that she was, the brunette could not deny that she was aware that she had become the focus of the other girls attention once again. Which she supposed ought to be flattering, considering how many very distracting scenes were playing out around the two of them. Though they had picked a mostly secluded smaller tub to relax in, Natalie could still hear certain less than professional noises bubbling up out of the hazy steam that seemed to cling around the collection of tubs, and could just make out a trio of officers indulging in what looked to be a very hands on personal massage.

At least she thought it was just a massage. The angles were all wrong for her to be sure and in truth, she wasn't exactly trying to suss out the specifics of what anyone else was doing just then, which was probably not only polite, but the best for her nerves. What wasn't going to be good for her nerves was the way Samala was licking her lips like Nat was a piece of prime rib just taken off the grill. That made the pale skinned woman blush and wiggle a bit, though not exactly in an uncomfortable way.

Of course she never expected the other girl to reach out and try to touch her breasts. But that was clearly what was going on and Nat's eyebrows shot up high on her forehead. She even let out a little squeak as she pulled back slightly, just about at the point that the other girl became aware of just exactly what it was she was up to. If she were to be objective the moment was quiet comical, but no one seemed to be laughing at them, so perhaps it had gone unnoticed. Natalie herself was far too surprised to appreciate the humor in the moment as felt herself breathing faster and taking on a bright, deep red tint that blossomed in her cheeks and seemed to radiate out and down, all the way to her bust - which she had finally though to cover up, draping a hand over her bosom.

"Whoa there, easy, easy," she held out her other hand, palm down, motioning to the other girl to ease up on her apologies and apparent retreat. "Let's just take a minute and breathe here okay?" Trying to take her own advice and not crawl right out the back of the tub - it was really nice in the tub - Natalie took a deep breath, keeping her cleave corralled for the moment. She watched Samala, not quite like a cornered animal. Again, Natalie remembered why she had ended up here and the particular rules of the bet she lost. Blowing that breath back out in an almost huff, she lowered her arms back under the water and sunk down low so that the rippling surface came up just short of her chin. 

"You haven't really done anything like this before either, have you?"
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Permission had been given, and Lillee seized it without mercy. She leaned into the kiss, exploring his mouth with her own, her tongue tasting him. Meanwhile her hands drifted from his throbbing shaft, exploring his body more intimately; Rhys's powerful thighs, his stomach, his pecs, his nipples, drifting down around him down to his buttocks. Lillee's touch was soft, sensuous, enjoying his damp skin, the scent of him as they kissed.

Nevertheless, she hadn't forgotten about their other paramour. Lillee finally released Rhys, but only to scoot a little closer, her chest very nearly touching his, his erect manhood standing between them. She embraced him, kissing the side of his neck, before gazing at Alana. With one hand, she beckoned for Alana to kiss her in turn, and soon enough they too were locked in a kiss just as deep and passionate as the one she had just shared with Rhys.

It was building to something, something that was now inevitable, and Lillee found herself loving it. She knew, distantly, that the three of them should retire somewhere else, a private alcove, one of the warm tubs. Nevertheless, she simply didn't have the self-control to wait, not anymore. She had two beautiful humans with her, humans who were just as aroused and lustful as her, humans who were also in desperate need of each other. Nobody was stepping up to ask the three of them to stop, so surely nobody seemed to mind...what was the harm?

The kiss broke, and keeping her eyes locked on Alana's, Lillee instinctively began licking and suckling Rhys's ear. She didn't know if he'd enjoy it like a Vulcanoid did, but the intake of breath she felt suggested that he did. Still gazing hungrily at Alana, Lillee's hands continued their unorthodox massage of Rhys, his skin hot and wet to her touch. Her own body felt like it was on fire, her groin damp and warm, the pressure from being seated on the bench like so only fuelling her arousal.

"Do you want him first?" Lillee whispered as she treated Rhys's ear, her eyes fixed on Alana, knowing full well that he could hear her too. One hand moved to Rhys's groin, gently fondling his testes and the base of his hard shaft. "It is only fair, you saw him have every right to claim your prize..."