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Topic: STAR TREK: THEURGY | PARALLEL UNIVERSES INFO (Read 950 times) previous topic - next topic

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This board serves as a place where all our writers are can write scenes that never happened in the official Theurgy story. The threads here are not canon to the events depicted in our storyline, but imaginative scenes which holds no bearing on other events

These scenes could, for example be:
  • Scenes in different universes, where characters may meet whenever, and wherever imagined. This includes the stone age and the 29th century, as well as universes concurrent with the canon story.
  • The above of course also includes scenes set in the future, after the Infested are defeated, and the Theurgy crew is declared innocent.
  • Scenes in which something different happened in the story, or didn't happened as it should. What if the Niga Virus spread over the Alpha Quadrant? What if the Borg won? What if the right Simulcast was sent at Starbase 84?

The naming convention for threads on this board is simple. Just write the location and the title of the scene. No need to bother with stardates unless its very important to the scene in question. Example:

USS XXXXXX: Insert Title Here

You should also write a header at the top of the post, which situates the readers to the What If scenario you have in mind for the scene. Like this:


Threads on this board may be started at any point independent of the main story-line, but it is expected that all members participate on the regular boards too.

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
Game Moderator
  • Last Edit: June 14, 2019, 03:31:19 PM by Auctor Lucan