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Day 19 [1430 hrs] A Quick Course in Cardiovascular Acceleration

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Gyms on board the ship were hardly ever quiet places.  Equipment was constantly being dropped on the ground, people were grunting with exertion, someone was making an impact against something else. When more than one person got involved, it could become the combination of the above.  Despite having a gym in the Security Centre, Zark tended to frequent the other ones around the ship as a better way to interact with the rest of the crew. It didn't hurt that she had training in proper exercise techniques from her time in Starfleet Medical; and those that were willing to risk it, a good teacher in personal combat.  Given the misadventures the ship's company had gone through, Zark did find herself teaching impromptu courses after she'd made it clear that she had to complete her own exercises first. It also helped for many that the fearsome seeming Security Officer was well known to be friendly and for those of the right persuasion, easy on the eyes.

This did not mean that she went easy on her trainees, which Ensign Nikki Holland found herself in when she'd asked for Lieutenant Zark's help.  Whenever anyone stepped into the ring, a crowd would begin to congregate out of natural curiosity.  The Andorian tended to draw a larger than usual crowd, mostly because she was also entertaining to watch.  The same could not be said for her opponent as she tried to hit the Andorian with a pair of boxing gloves.  She'd gotten close a couple of times, but the punches had done little more than glanced off the Andorian's defences.  It really shouldn't be that hard, she'd thought to herself as she felt the sweat pour down her face.  She was the one pushing the attack, yet she was the one being tired out.  The lithe Andorian simply kept bouncing just out of range, or just close enough to seem like a tempting target, yet nothing the intel analyst did seemed to hit or stick.  Keeping her defences up was also starting to get tiring as she chased her teacher around the ring to a series of cat calls that reflected her lack of success.

Zark just came into range one more time and Holland threw a full on punch in frustration that missed the blue head, then the situation changed suddenly as the Andorian closed and a pair of leather hammers slammed into her soft gut and the crowd ooooh'd at the same time as the human oofed as the air was knocked out of her while her body tried to curl on itself.  The combo didn't end as her head was snapped to one side sending out a spray of sweat, then suddenly pain flared in on her chin as her vision went vertical and suddenly she crashed into the mat.  Nikki lay on the mat shocked at the sudden turn of events and breathed hard to replace the oxygen Zark had knocked out of her as she stared at the ceiling.  The blue head suddenly appeared over her.  "Nikki, you okay? You hit the mat pretty hard there.  Nod if you're okay." Nikki nodded back. "I think I'm okay, at least once my head stops ringing."

Zark smiled at this and helped to pick her partner off the mat as the hubbub died down around the ring after the knockdown. "Overall not bad, the main focus point for you really is a lack of aggression.  What we're doing in the ring doesn't necessarily translate to real life.  In those cases, you might as well go for broke and just try to beat the living daylights out of the person trying to kill or subdue you.  Now, take your gloves off, I'm going to show you Zark's quick and dirty guide to sudden physical violence." As Zark took her own gloves off, she noticed the familiar form of a different dark haired Betazoid get close to the ring and smiled as she waved at Lieutenant Suder before turning her attention back to Ensign Holland. 

Zark went back to giving her guide on Unlady like Combat as she began pointing out the soft spots that she could go for and the intel analyst was visibly aghast when Zark pointed out going for the opponents crotch was fair game. "But Sir! That's that's...."  Zark sighed as she gave a sympathetic grin.  "Nikki, We're talking life and death, this could give you the edge to run away or incapacitate your opponent.  They'll be in pretty rough shape after you hit them there anyway.  Would you like me to demonstrate? "  Nikki shook her head and still seemed aghast as Zark continued to try to impress the need for flexibility.  Zark had made it a habit to speak clearly and loudly enough to generally be heard and a brief thought did enter her mind wondering what Reggie thought about the improptu lesson being delivered.

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ 

Reggie stepped to the left, then right, and back to the left as she dodged the attackes from the training holo. With the third whiff, her opponent had left itself open and she capitalized as she swung for it’s lower back. The clack of the wooden bokken surprised her; the holo had swept back, deflecting her attack and leaving her over extended. The holo pivoted, swining wide in an overly telegraphed move. She ducked under the swing as she dropped into a roll. Returning to one knee, she struck driving the flat of her weapon into the back of her opponent’s leg. As he fell hard on his back, Reggie rose and drove the tip of the weapon at his neck, stopping millimeters away.

“I yield,” the holo said.

“End session,” Reggie replied.

The opponent disappeared, leaving Reggie standing over thin air, drenched in her own sweat, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. She was done, she decided. Her sweat drenched workout gear clung uncomfortably against her sweat drenched skin. She needed to peel these clothes off and clean up.

As she made her way to exit the gym, she notices a crowd around one of the boxing rings where Lieutenant Zark seemed to be holding court as she worked with another officer whom Zark identified as Nikki. The Betazoid couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between the two of them.

“You should listen to her,” Reggie said to the human as she made her way through the crowd. One of the crew offered her help, which she declined as she stepped up on to the edge of the canvas and then bent low to pass through the ropes into the ring. “Fighting fair is just fine,” she paused, “when you’re in this ring on this ship sparring with your buddies or your girlfriends. That’s exercise and training. But when you get out there,” she motioned to the door, “and are in the field, the rules of ‘fair play’ go out the airlock.”

She sensed the skepticism from Nikki and offered Zark a polite nod as she began circling the two of them, causally as she addressed the assembled crowd just as much as Nikki herself.

“I know,” she said. “You don’t believe me. So fine. Lets ‘fight fair’ and play out a little scenario.”

She set her eyes on Zark, her own sweat pulling her clothes tight against her shapely form. “You’re in the bar fight from hell,” Reggie said, directing her comments to Nikki, though also addressing the area at large. “Somehow you’ve managed to piss off an Andorian and her friends,” she motioned to Zark as an example of ‘an Andorian.’

“Typical Andorians don’t have as much stamina as the average human, but their emotions run deep and what they lack in stamina, the more than make up for in adaptability. Plus, Andorians know their limits and train to push them. You want to fight fair, but they’re going to make you earn every blow you land. Plus,” she added, “their antennae…I don’t pretend to know how they work but I’ve learned that they’re a sixth sense. Good luck getting the jump on an Andorian. She’ll sense you coming.”

As she continued to circle, Reggie noted a Vulcan in the crowd.

“But the Andorian doesn’t get up. You’re not worth her time. Instead, she turns to her Vulcan friend. Now, Vulcans as it turns out are quite a contradiction if you think about it. Three times the strength and stamina as the average human. At least twice the speed. Their society was once ruled by violence and aggression towards one another until they learned to control it. But for as physically imposing as a Vulcan can be, Vulcans don’t fight. They defend. He’ll avoid, block, and deflect every attack you make and once he gets close enough to you, his hand will clamp down on the nerve cluster at the base of your neck. You’ll feel a searing pain for about a second and then you’ll drop to the deck like a sack of tribble shit.”

Reggie continued her pattern, as she selected her next example.

“But today you’re lucky. The Vulcan finds this fight illogical and choses not to participate. So the Andorian lets her Betazoid friend take you on.” She paused and made a show of displaying herself as an example. “This, you decide, is a fair fight. Strength and stamina are on par with an average human. Plus, Betazoids are too ‘in touch with their feelings’ to want to fight, right?”

She spun the Bokken in her hand, emphasizing her point.

“Wrong. We’ll fight. If you ever doubt that, ask us how we pushed the Jem'Hadar off our homeworld during the War. But while we’re going toe to toe with you, you’ll have no idea if we’re in your head telepathically and if we are, we know every move you’re going to make before you make it and maybe, we’re pushing our influence back on you, encouraging you into actions you would otherwise not take.”

She resumed her pacing, throwing a playful wink at Zark.

“But I’m drunk and am not going to fight you. So I yield the honor to our Klingon friend. He’ll fight you anywhere any time and he’ll fight you in what he considers to be an honorable way. But,” she paused turning back to Nikki, “he won’t hold back. For the Klingon every fight, every battle is a moment of glory and honor. Songs are not sung for the warrior who pulled his punches. Forget his weapons, forget his fists. All he needs is one good head butt. One good strike and he’ll break your nose. But that’ll be the least of your worries because a split second later, your skull will snap back so hard you’ll neck will break as well.”

Reggie paused to let that sink in. “And those are just our ‘friendly’ races. I haven’t even gotten to those who tend to be hostile to humans; Orions, Chalnoth, Gorn, Nausicans.”

She turned away from Nikki. “So…do you still want to fight fair…”

Reggie flew into action as she spun around, drawing and twirling her Bokken in a dramatic downward spiral. The assembled crowd gasped as she training Katana stopped a mere centimeters from the base of Nikki’s neck.

“Or do you want to survive?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Zark didn't mind Reggie's adding on to her lesson. If anything, she's hoped the information coming from another person would reinforce the need to utilise any means for survival. Given the list of opponents had chosen as the friendly races, Zark had to nod along with the probable responses. At the end  of the day, Nikki couldn't really pick a fight with all of them except the Klingon, and as Reggie implied, only because the Klingons loved to fight. While Reggie wasn't wrong about a Betazoid's willingness to fight, the passion she felt about it was bit surprising and Zark did end up arching an eyebrow at the Wolf's heated display. Nonetheless, it wasn't something to worry about, so she let the pilot continue with her demonstration.

Which could have backfired badly if it was anyone else. If Zark hadn't seen Reggie in action, she would have most likely gone beyond the simple gasp and moved to tackle and subdue the pilot as soon as she'd brought the wooden sword up. Despite the apparent non lethality of a wooden sword, most people forgot that it was the user that was lethal. If Reggie hit Nikki in the neck with the wood, or even if Zark had used her bare hands, Nikki would still be severely injured or dead. Instead, Zark just stood there and trusted Reggie to stop before she caused harm.

Nikki on the other hand looked like she was about to pee herself, and Zark decided a little soothing was in order. Stepping forward, she pushed the blade away from the pale neck. "As Miss Suder just demonstrated, she got the jump on you and the result would have been lethal. She's alive, and you, at least notionally, aren't." Zark gave Reggie a grin before continuing. "Remember, there's always a moment to stop and think. You have advantages, at least here on the ship. You know the layout better, you know where we store the arms lockers, at least I hope you do. You know what can be used as a club.". The security officer put the Wolf in a ready looking position. "if she's coming around the corner, or through a door, she's hoping she's ready for what's on the other side, but she can't cover all the angles, so if you get the correct side" Zark moved to the area that didn't have the sword, then gently swung her arm out like a bat and stopped it in front of Reggie's face. "then you can take her unawares and get your hit in first.  What you do after that is up to you.  I'd incapacitate or kill.  You can run or stun if you have the means."

The thought of not having to kill someone seemed to soothe Niccole's mind as she worked her way through the experience she'd just had with the security officer and the pilot. Zark gave Nikki a warm smile before lightly punching her in the shoulder before offering a final piece of advice. "Just remember, hit hard and hit often." Holland thanked Zark and the Andorian went back to her corner to grab her gym bag.  Sliding under the ropes, the Andorian quirked an eyebrow as PO1 Leonard Todd nodded in her direction then held the rope open for a nervous looking human female of Asian descent. Todd was trying to re-assure the woman who entered the ring with him. "Don't worry Fen, its just a refresher so we'll go easy." Oops. I wonder if we scared her. Oh well. Todd will have it sorted out.

Catching site of Reggie again, Zark made her way over to the sweat matted pilot.  "You swing a sharp blade, but we already knew that from that other time."  The Andorian smirked knowingly to the Wolf.  "Do you have anything else planned for the day?"  Zark pulled her sports bra and looked down at it for a moment while frowning slightly. "At the very least, I think we need to get cleaned up."  The Andorian looked up. "See  you in the showers?"

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ 

Reggie did not mind in the least, when Zark put her hands on her and posed her.  She had, in fact, crashed this training session so it seemed only appropriate that she allow Zark the courtesy of addressing the intrusion in whatever way she felt most appropriate.  She remembered the Andorian’s hands on her when she spun her around on Qo’Nos, and again, later when she’d patched up her wounds.  Given what they’d gone through together just a week ago, Reggie’s respect for Zark had only deepened.  She did not flinch when Zark pantomimed swinging out at Reggie face.  She trusted the Andorian as much as the Andorian apparently trusted her.

“Well,” Reggie said after Zark came back.  “I try to be decisive when I can.”

She slipped back through the ropes of the ring and hopped down so that she was standing level with Zark as she made her way to the locker room and when Zark suggested that she would see Reggie ‘in the showers’ the Betazoid found herself momentarily off guard unsure as to whether or not Zark meant that figuratively or literally.  Then she remembered there were only private shower stalls down here, so she assumed it was a more figurative statement than anything else.

“Yup.  Headed there now," she said.

Reggie considered whether or not she should actually shower in her quarters.  Given the rigors of the past few days, todays was the first she’d had completely off since coming aboard.  Yesterday should have been her day off, but the need to train Mr. Van Vinter on the exo-suit had pretty much put the nail in that proverbial coffin.  Returning to her quarters for a nap did have a certain appeal, yet she felt as though she needed to stay away from her bed and make use of the benefits the ship had to offer.  So, she fell into stride with Zark as they made their way back.

“I’m actually glad I ran into you,” she said.  Then she fell silent, pushing the rest of her thoughts to Zark telepathically so no one else could overhear and potentially learn about their classified operation.

I wanted to apologize for my actions down on Qo’Nos.  I realize that my suggestion to use you and Nyseri as we did might have come across a bit specist.  It wasn’t intended that way.  I saw an opportunity since you both are of the same species and one that the Klingons might consider ‘exotic’.  It just seemed like the ‘right’ call.  Had it been me and another Betazoid woman, or Alana and another Human woman, I probably would have made the same suggestion.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Zark nearly jumped as she gave Reggie a sharp look when the Betazoid began talking in her head, and she had to reign in the urge to tell the Wolf to shut up and get out of her head.  Part of the Andorian understood why the pilot was approaching the conversation this way.  It was all highly unusual and the two of them along with Nysari and Alana Pierce had barely gotten out intact.  Zark herself had taken a battering, while Reggie had needed some significant repairs after being shot.  The psych courses taught at Starfleet Medical and the self study that followed allowed the Andorian to understand that this was part of the healing and reconciliation process. 

So Zark pulled her ire back and listened to Reggie's views on how a particular part of the mission had come to pass.  The Zhen smirked at the explanation and the line logic that had led Zark and Nysari to pretend to be sisters or girlfriends as a distraction. Being in unknown territory for a non telepath, Zark figured she'd just take a stab at how to communicate with Reggie. Do I just think about what I'm saying?  The Betazoid gave her an affirmative and Zark tucked her lips in while nodding back. It's fine Reggie. Unless you really know what you're looking for, most other species don't really know what the quad dynamic really is, and we're in good shape that Nysari would play along.  At that point, Zark's more salacious nature couldn't help but bubble to the surface as she smiled and bubble of laughter escaped suddenly. It can't be helped really.  Four genders, two that look like guys, and two that look like gals at the end of the day.  Threesomes, foursomes, guys only, girl on girl, all in a days work for a quad.  Besides, we looked good together, though that was a really ridiculous premise.  Good thing he was so blotto he probably had no idea what was really going on.

While Zark had been 'saying' all that to Reggie, the quick overview of the sex combinations that Andorians would routinely go through left a slight ache between her own legs that she didn't mention.  Upon entering the change room, Zark went straight to her locker and wondered if she should ask someone to help take care of the urge, or if maybe a toy back in quarters would do the job.  There were benefits to both.  On the other hand, she really should clean up first and she began stripping our of her sports bra and shorts.  Gathering the necessary toiletries in a basket, Zark piled it all on top of her towel and stopped by a mirror to give herself a once over.  The Andorian's gaze turned serious as she looked the reflection and ignored her voluptuous figure.  It was the litany of injuries she'd suffered so far and how none of them showed up on her skin, but she could see them in her minds eye and it reminded her how lucky she was so far.

Shaking her head, Zark gave Reggie and several others an appreciative glance then headed over to the showers and selected a stall then shook out her white mane before turning on the water and habitually lowering it so she didn't get scalded.  A though struck her as she began to shampoo her hair.  "Hey Reggie, before yesterday, I hadn't seen you around a whole lot, and I'm guessing you joined during the Klingon scuffle.  How are you finding it on the ship and if you don't mind me asking, where did you learn your blade work?"

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

I appreciate that, Reggie thought as she ‘heard’ the Andorian’s response.  Even so, it wasn’t ever my intention to objectify you two. And yeah… the minds of drunken Klingons are surprisingly mailable if you can be subtle enough they don’t sense what you’re doing.  The downside is that if they do figure it out you’re fucked.  I’m just glad we all came out of it in one piece…more or less.

She pulled back from Zark’s mind at that, content to leave the telepathic conversation there unless Zark had something more to say on the matter and as the two of them walked into the locker room and separated for their respective gear, she sensed the Andorian’s near sudden change in mood as the Betazoid now sensed a certain energy about her.

Reggie did not notice Zark’s appreciative look, but she did notice the sway of the Andorian's naked hips and the tightness of her ass as she head for the showers.  She turned away, her own shame and embarrassment tempering any more salacious thoughts she might have.  Not only had she used Zark and Nyseri as sex objects but she had also completely forgotten the quad gendered structure of the Andorian family.  Both were mistakes she vowed she would not repeat. 

Despite her desire to get the hell out of dodge, and put some distance between her and Zark she lingered.  She could shower back in her quarters, or, worst case in the squadron’s locker room.  But she was just so sweat drenched that the idea of putting on her warmups with this much crap all over her was unappealing as hell.

"Hey Reggie, before yesterday, I hadn't seen you around a whole lot, and I'm guessing you joined during the Klingon scuffle.  How are you finding it on the ship and if you don't mind me asking, where did you learn your blade work?"

She sighed despite herself and as she put her warm-ups back in her locker and hung up her practice sword, she couldn't help but wonder why she was so insistent on getting out of there.  Yes she was embarrassed.  Yes she was mad at herself, but if Zark had seen fit to forgive her shouldn’t she forgive herself too?

With that thought, she peeled the sweaty sports bra from her skin and slipped out of her undergarment, tossing both on the floor of the locker before grabbing her caddy of soaps and giving the door a push closed.

She selected the stall next to where Zark had set up and turned her own water on, ticking it over to the hot settings.  It was enough to steam the area but not so much that it would scald her.  The proximity would facilitate conversation.

“I did,” she confirmed.  “I was on board the Oneida following an incident back home.  The ship diverted to rendezvous with Theurgy and my RIO and I transferred over when I heard there was a need for pilots.  As for the blade,” she paused as she herself soak in the water and she let out a small moan as the muscles in her back started to loosen.  “I acquired it while on a trip to Kyoto my first year at the academy.  Ever since I’ve been working with it either on my own or with an instructor.”

For the moment, she was content to soak.  Her wet hair had matted to her scalp and she ran her fingers through it as she teased out some of the biggest tangles. It was, in a word luxurious.

“What about you,” she asked over the shared wall of their stalls.  “When did you decide you wanted to go into security?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Zark listened to Reggie and nodded along as she made mental notes about the pilot in her head. She never knew when these tidbits would prove useful. Not knowing anything about this Kyoto place, the Andorian resolved to do more research about it, especially since they appeared to make very fine blades. This did set the gears in her head turning for ideas before she heard Reggie's question.

It did take a moment for her to bring that story back to her, but she did smile at what could be considered a younger more innocent time. "I think I was about 15 when I came to that decision. My Zhavey, or birth mother's ship was stopping at Andoria for a while and I ended up staying on the ship for a while." "It was a fairly easy decision in some ways after that." Zark started as she lathered her long white locks. "I think as a percentage of the population, Andorians have a more martial attitude towards life compared to the rest of the Federation. Maybe it's in our DNA or something like that. Anyway, I enjoy doing the military stuff, but I also have a wide streak of wanderlust. Hard to really go anywhere interesting in the Guard since the ship's tend to stay home as it were." she took a moment to dip her head under the warm water to begin rubbing the suds out.

"So Starfleet it was and well, it had been noted that I did have a bit of bent for fighting, so security it was. Not the greatest at police work though, but for some reason, I did well in the medical courses,maybe it's a balance against the ability to do harm. So here I am as a combat medic. Zark flipped her head back and felt her waterlogged hair whip back releasing most of its wet load over the shower stall. "Personally I think it's a way for Starfleet to put some people who primarily know how to fight and can teach it to others." The twisted her hair to squeeze out some of the excess water. "Anyway, the combat training has had it's uses." The Andorian's lips curled in uncharacteristic hate before she shook her head. That was a long time ago. "The combination of willingness to fight and being good with medicine proved a boon I guess since I ended spending most of the war fighting the Jem'Hadar on Kalandra."

Pulling the luffa out and applying just the right amount of body wash, Zark first gave the nylon ball a squeeze and watched it bubble then started rubbing to cleanse and exfoliate her skin. This was a cover for her next question for which she was somewhat uncertain, but pressed on anyway. "I was wondering why you chose to become a fighter pilot? What drew you to that part of the fleet?"

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ 

Reggie sighed with content as she let the steaming water course through her hair and down her body.  She caught herself peeking over the partition where she could see Zark’s antennae and random locks of her white hair as she washed.  A small shelf at about shin level ran the length of the stall, presumably for bathers to put their soaps and shampoos, but Reggie suspected that if she wanted to, she could probably use that as leverage to push herself up so she could peer over the partition.

If she wanted.

The Betazoid listened quietly, realizing she didn’t know nearly as much about the Andorian social structure as she thought she had; a notion that embarrassed her even more.

“I had no idea you were in the Kalandra sector,” she said as she soaped up a washcloth of her own and began lathering up, paying close attention to her chest.  The Girls weren’t too bad today, but she always took care to give the under side extra attention.  Afterall sweat in the folds of her skin was never fun.  She then worked her way down her belly, towards her midsection, and crotch.

"I was wondering why you chose to become a fighter pilot? What drew you to that part of the fleet?"

That question caught her off guard in more ways than one.  Not only had she not been expecting it, but Zark had asked just as she was bent over, her legs spread giving her space to wash her inner thighs and crotch.  Her foot slipped, and she sloshed in place before throwing her arm out to steady herself.  Once she regained her composure, she stood up so fast, her hair flipped sending water everywhere.

“The Corps,” she asked as she caught her breath.  “That,” she paused, “Is a long story.”

She adjusted the water temperature so she could soak.

“I was a JG Lieutenant and posted as Chief Conn officer of the Terracotta when the Borg attacked Sector 001.  Towards the end of the battle, we were hit,” she paused as she pushed the bile back down her throat. 

This was not a story she relished telling.  Not because of what had happened as much as why it had happened.  Picard, that sanctamonious arrogant bastard.  Sweeps in to save the day on the mighty Enterprises, then hesitates, gets good men and women killed, and is lauded for his valiant efforts.  Why Starfleet let him fight against the Borg after having been once assimilated by them, Reggie would never know.

“I can’t say, I saw what happened next.  I’m told the torpedo took out half the froward hull.  I was also told I was the only bridge survivor.  That much I know was true as I couldn’t sense anyone telepathically.  As for me, the explosion destroyed my eyes, blinding me.  Somehow, don’t ask me how, I had the presence of mind to activate the tactile interface.” 

She paused there.

“Did you know that every station has an option to set the interface for tactile differences so visually impaired people can feel their way around an otherwise flat console interface?  You should test it sometime.  It’s an interesting experience.”  She stopped herself from getting too far off track.

“But I digress.  Picard,” she tried not to spit his name out of her mouth, “called for a coordinated strike.  We were in no condition to assist.  Somehow I managed to limp the ship out of the combat zone just before the cube went up.”

She let out another sigh, as she moved on in her mind, realizing she was spending a little too much time on this story.

“I spent six weeks at Starfleet medical, received ocular implants and rehabilitated.  But for as traumatic as that experience was aboard the Terracotta, there was something about it that spoke to me.  That interaction and physical contact with the controls made me feel like I was doing more than just pushing buttons.  Let me put it this way; when you sit on the bridge of a starship, and you execute a hard turn, you don’t feel it, you barely even sense it.  Of course the inertial dampeners are in play, but essentially you push a button and the ship does.  After the Terracotta, that type of piloting didn’t really appeal to me anymore.  But when you get into a smaller ship, there’s a deeper connection between ship and pilot.  So I looked at my options.  I knew I didn’t want to be a shuttle pilot and at the time Starfleet was just starting to roll out the Peregrine fighters.  The Terracotta had carried one of the pilot squadrons aboard and I’d known them all well before the battle.  So, I transferred and the rest, as they say, is history.”

She let out another sigh as though she were expelling the tension of that story, and let the silence hang for a moment before adding. 

“Sorry… told you it was a long story.”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Zark listened as Reggie poured froth a story that was not at all what she was expecting.  The usual route for many pilots was for something new and exciting.  A chance to move ahead quickly in the completely new division of Starfleet with new ship types was an opportunity not to be missed for those looking for quick career advancement.  This was tempered by the fact the fighters themselves had been relatively fragile and losses had been fairly severe.  On the other hand, as Zark had just found out, you got those who were just looking for a new challenge and as for the length of the story, the Zhen didn't care as she stopped what she was doing to listen to the pilot create a story with drama, sorrow, and hope; all rolled into one.  Reggie's telling was so interesting that Zark forget herself for a moment and much as she'd done with Talia, gone up to the divider between the two stalls and mushed her chest against the solid material while leaning on the edge and listening.  The fact that Reggie was showering wasn't lost on the Andorian, but her interest lay in the story.

When Reggie mentioned her eyes were artificial, Zark's curiosity was piqued.  Her patience lasted only till Reggie stood up and the Andorian stood up and leaved over the divider to turn the Betazoid towards her.  Zark ignored whatever confusion the pilot was feeling as she practically tried to lean over the divider in an attempt to get closer to the Betazoid's face and her eyes narrowed as the antennae aimed directly at the Wolf's face.  Zark's eyebrows scrunched in concentration as she took in the details of the eyes and blinked a few times to make sure what she was seeing.  Yep.  There it was.  There were straight lines in the eyes and they were radiating from the centre instead of flowing around at random.

Nodding, she let go and pushed herself back into her own stall.  "Well, I'm very glad you made it out and are here now since you are woman of many talents."  Zark smiled across the divide having quite forgotten about her spontaneous bout of curiosity as she grabbed her long white locks and running water through them.  "To be honest, I'm not really sure how our uhmmmmm adventure would have gone if it was just either one of us, so it's good to know you're as dangerous as you are talented."  The Andorian pushed her hair over her front, then whipped it back, letting the water fly in all directions before straightening up. 

The statuesque Andorian did pause for a moment as she looked in Reggie's direction and considered asking what her and Chief Arnold has been doing when they'd all run into each other in the FAB's locker room.  The temptation didn't last too long since she expected to hear about the aftermath from Talia at some point, so it was better for the Andorian to wait.  Instead she moved to another topic that people used when getting to know each other.  "Have any plans for later?"  Zark asked as she shut the water off and welcomed the feel of cool air rushing back on her blue skin.

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ 

Reggie might have been uncomfortable with the way Zark was was leaning over the divider trying to get a look at her, or the way the Andorian’s antennae seemed to reach for her, but she didn’t mind being looked at and with the way her blue breasts pressed against the plexi-glass, Reggie was offered a view of her own in exchanged.  Not exactly tit for tat.  More like tit for eye.  Didn’t have the same ring to it.

“Thanks,” she said in response to Zark’s affirmation about her presence on the mission.  “I’d like to think that I can hold my own outside the cockpit. Too many people have looked at me, seen little more than a pretty face, and gone on to regret…”

The water splashing in her face stopped her in mid-thought as Zark’s hair flip sent water everywhere.  Odd that a splash to the face would surprise her while she was standing in a shower spray.  Wiping the water from her eyes, she stepped back into the cascade of water and gave herself a final rinse off before cutting off her own water supply.  She noted Zark was also finishing up.

She opened the stall door and pulled the towel she’d hung and did a quick dry down of most her body before tossing it into the used into the laundry bag to be recycled into the replicator later.  Her hair remained wet, of course, as did some of the crevasses of her skin.  But she was not dripping, so she wouldn’t leave a wet trail behind her as she padded back to her locker dressed as if she were attending a wedding of her people.

“I’m clear until 0600 tomorrow.  Did you have something in mind," Reggie asked with a tease, when Zark asked her about her plans.  

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

The buxom Andorian shrugged as she also turned off the water and moved to wrap her towel around her then grab the various toiletries.  "I don't really have anything planned. There isn't a whole lot for me to do at the moment.  At this point, I spend most of my time training others, writing, or reading.  Klingon security has been passing along local concerns, especially with House Mo'kai being fragmented and going taking the opportunity to take swipes at targets of vulnerable targets."  Zark shrugged.  "Luckily for us at any rate, they regard the Klingon government to be their main enemy, so they go after them mostly."

Despite the outward appearance of calm regarding the security situation, it still galled her that the rebels still had their successes, especially with the brutal attack on Lieutenant Commanders Fisher and Rutherford.  With the former dead and the latter in stasis, there was a burning coal of desire to strike back at their attackers.  Unfortunately the hunt for them was slow going as KDF forces had arrived in time to only retrieve the bodies.

Zark shook her head to stop the rage from the event from bubbling to the surface.  Unfortunately, it had also distracted her and she missed the pair of boots that someone had left just a bit too far out.  Her feet were still just a little slippery and it was enough for the Andorian to yelp as she tripped over them and stumbled right into Reggie.  The Zhen wasn't at all mortified by the collision, but she was acutely aware of her own body pressing against the Betazoid's.  There was a brief flash of temptation to take off her towel and press further into the bare skin, but she stepped on it automatically before apologizing.  Still thinking like someone wasn't a telepath, Zark pretended it just an accident as she pushed off and headed for her own locker.  "I was thinking of grabbing a bite to eat.  Usually there's something different and local at the Below Decks and the Arboretum.  Would you like to join me?" The naked Andorian asked as she pulled her clothes out.

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ 

The telepathic dint of anger hit Reggie as she was slipping her underwear back on, and it took the Betazoid a moment to understand the flash from Zark was not directed at her but rather the Klingons.  Reggie had not been with the ship until the end of house Mo’Kai’s attempted coup so other than a scant engagement with the Romulans of all people, she had not experienced firsthand what the rest of them had.  Though, given their shared experiences on the surface of Qo’Nos, the Betazoid suspected she had gotten but a small taste.  She’d heard that the main sickbay had gotten pretty torn up when the Klingons had boarded and it left her wondering just what kind of honor there was in attacking a medical center.

She dwell on that as she slid her leg through the warmups and adjusted as the fabric pulled tight over her curves and as she stood to retrieve her bra, she lost her balance as she was knocked to the side and before she could account for what had happened, she stood there her arms wrapped around Zark, her leg planted behind her as she braced and stopped the towel wrapped Andorian from falling.

Even through the towel, she felt Zarks plump firm breasts as they pressed into her own.  The warmth radiating from Zark’s skin not just from the residual heat of the hot water, but the transference of body heat between them where their skin touched reminded the Betazoid just how much she missed being in the embrace of someone physically stronger than herself.

Zark offered an apology, one which Reggie readily accepted, but the Andorian’s inner feelings were almost an open book to the Betazoid and Reggie sensed something more coming from Zark, and despite the Andorian’s efforts to push it down, the Betazoid knew the sense of desire and temptation when she sensed it.

“No,” she said in response to Zark’s apology, a welcoming softness edging into her voice.  “It’s all right.  Really.”

Nevertheless, Zark pulled away and despite herself Reggie let her, but watched as she took her towel off and stepped to her own locker.  She had never seen a naked Andorian before now, she realized, and while she intellectually knew that their blue skin covered the entire body of an Andorian, there was still something about watching the seductive sway of Zark’s blue hips and the movement of her blue butt that Reggie found tantalizing.  Back on Qo’Nos her intentions had been innocent.  She knew that… right?  She had only suggested Zark and Nyseri play the seduction route because they were species matched.  It was like she’d said to Zark just a bit ago; had they gone down with another Betazoid instead of a second Andorian, Reggie would have suggested she and her fellow betazoid serve as the distraction.

But even as she justified it to herself for the third time, she could not help but wonder if that was just a convenient lie she told herself because well…she was shallow and liked the exotic nature of a curvy Andorian for herself. 

She tried to push that thought out of her mind as she turned back to her own locker and Zark offered an invitation to Below Decks or the Arboretum for some food.  She still sensed a certain desire coming from her and, truth be told, she was failing miserably at pushing her down her own salacious thoughts.  Maybe she was misreading the entire situation.  She didn’t think she was, but she would never find out by dancing around it.  She needed to make a move.

Reggie reached for one of the many bras she had hanging in her locker, but instead of grabbing the sports bra she had worn on her way to the gym, she changed her mind and allowed herself to pull the black lace with the plunging line.  Turning away from Zark, she slipped it on and did the needful as she made sure the girls settled in properly, and the fabric did it’s job to properly support, plump, and show the girls off.  She might have also teased her hair a little bit, but she was too distracted to know for certain.
Turning around, wearing little more than her underwear, curve hugging warm up pants, and her bra, she approached Zark’s locker and gently placed her hand on the small of the Andorian’s back.

“We could go and eat if you’d like,” she offered, making sure to keep her voice warm and inviting.  “But I get the sense there might be something else on your mind.”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Zark had only had a chance to get her panties and bra on.  She was reaching for a pair of leather leggings when she felt Betazoid approach and she gasped anyway when the warm touch on the small of her back permeated her mind. The Andorian straitened and bit her lower lip.  A very sure sign she found the subtle cue exciting.  Zark was pretty straight to the point so a brief image of a pair of hands massaging her chest and another one going into her panties flashed through her head.  Having been brought up in polite company, she didn't purr at the thought, but her legs did unconsciously rub together a bit before she cleared her throat once more.  Tossing her head back, she affected to not notice the sensuality that was holding on to her at the moment.  Girl had to have a little fun in hard to get.  It'd defineilty be different with a telepath and Faye hardly counted as a reasonable sample of experience.  From what Zark gathered about the diplomat though, she was was a bit of an outlier for even the sensuous species.

Still, one couldn't just give in.  As Scottish classmate had put it, There were appearances to be kept, even if you always intended to fuck their brains out.  Thus Zark took a breath and stopped to turn around as she heard the tone Reggie was using. She didn't have telepathy, so she fell back on her security training and smirked as she gave the Betazoid face a once over to make sure that touch hadn't been by accident after all.  Generally it was the eyes of any species and whatever Reggie might have been trying, the smouldering black coals were hard to miss. Zark snaked an arm out against the locker door while she grabbed the opposite locker frame and pressed herself back into the joint between the two.  The deliberately poor attempt to appear demure was offset by the Andorian dropping her head slightly and looking through her white lashes at Reggie.  This had the effect of squishing her breasts somewhat and closing her substantial and deep cleavage for the other woman to see.  One shapely leg stuck out and the other stepped out in front, raised as if she was wearing a pair of high heels.

With her eyes slightly hooded now, Zark looked more like a cornered seductress and she gently delicately clicked her upper lips.  It might be too much of a response, but the Zhen wasn't really known for her moderation in these matters and she quirked one shapely eyebrow. "I don't know Reggie. Was there something else you'd like to devour instead?" Zark replied huskily, letting Reggie make the next move.

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

The Betazoid caught flashes of Zark’s direct thoughts, but her emotions were something else entirely.  Something about stopping herself from purring, a sense of desire, not wanting to just give in, thoughts about being with a Betazoid, and a longing.  In that moment all uncertainty was gone.  No longer a matter of if, but more like where and how.

And with her pressed up against that locker, that deep blue cleavage offering an invitation that just begged to be accepted, Reggie felt her own skin flush and in that moment she knew she wanted it too.  Zark’s question about what she might want to devour was such a loaded question, that the Betazoid could not come up with an appropriate answer that would have the right amount of whimsy.  Instead, she fell back on the adage that actions spoke louder than words.

Slowly, but deliberately she stepped towards Zark and gently pushed her hand between the Andorian’s stomach and the locker.  She pushed with enough insistence to show her intent, but not so much that it would be read as intrusive but enough that there was intent and once she pulled Zark as far off the door as the Andorian would permit, Reggie looked into the deep eyes.  The Betazoid stood shorter than the Andorian and relished the idea of being wrapped up and consumed by her. 

Raising herself on her toes as she gently pushed into Zark, Reggie offered a light kiss on her cheek before whispering into the Andorian’s ear.

“I don’t mind if you purr.”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Zark delighted as the warm arm reached around her and all the movements indicated interest in the interaction between the two of them.  It was also delightful that Reggie had given her 'permission' as she let the pilot bend her off the lockers.  It came out in a long "Mmmmmmm" as she went ahead and pressed herself into her potential partner.

The Andorian drank in the warmth from the contact and she deeply breathed in the pheromones coming off the Betazoid before even touching her.  It was all terribly exciting and Zark closed her eyes before she even made contact as a pair of slender blue arms wrapped themselves around the Wolf's neck.  She could already feel the pressure building against her bra and she had to resist the temptation to just strip so she could get the troublesome clothes out of the way.

Still, Zark made contact as she pressed her chest into Reggie's body and planted her head against the dark mane before leaning her face towards the accommodating ear. "I'd ask you to take me her and now, but we could be interrupted." The Zhen purred breathily. "Did you want to to go somewhere where we could continue this conversation?"  Zark's mouth turned into a wicked grin. "Or should we just dive into the Jefferies tubes and find a private junction?"

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ 

Reggie opened her mind, inhaling the Zhen’s thoughts and feelings telepathically like a vacuum cleaner.  They warmed her soul as the larger woman’s arms wrapped around her body, and Zark’s breasts pressed into her, warming her skin.  It was a shame that non telepaths could never know this level of sensuality and, for a moment, Reggie considered pushing her own emotions into Zark’s mind. 

The Betazoid decided against it, however, though not for reasons of selfish greed.  To perform such an act without permission was a violation and, in this moment, the Betazoid could not determine how best to obtain the Andorian’s consent without ruining the mood.

As Zark plunged  into her neck and shoulder, Reggie’s long fingers found their way to the back of her head and gripped her white hair, finding the balance of gentle force enough to show she was there without trying to inflict pain.  Her other hand found the small of the Andorian’s back and pulled her in to her as she felt herself start a gentle rhythmic motion of her hips.  Her breath deepened, the warmth of her body grew and she found herself acting more and more on instinct and less on a pre-planned track. 

Before she knew it, the hand that had been holding Zark’s head found one of her antennae and she gently stroked it, fingered with it, and teased with it, much as one might do with a male penis.  She did not, could not know how Zark would react to this, so Reggie tried to keep her activity gentle and light, and would take her cue’s from Zark’s reactions as to whether or not she should continue.

Then came the Zhen’s question about their venue.  Already, Reggie was drowning in the sensuality between the two and she could not think clearly enough to make a decision.

“Lady’s choice, ZamothZark,” she said, her pronunciation of the Andorian’s full name influenced as much by the thoughts and emotions she picked up from her partner as anything else.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

When Reggie gripped the back of her head, the Zhen let out a gasp followed quickly by a moan of delight that made its way into the Betazoids neck as she brushed kisses along the tantalizingly soft skin. As soon as the Betazoid gently gripped her antennae, her mind blanked in near psychic ecstacy and there was nothing stopping Zark from gripping on to Reggie as she pushed the pilot into the lockers with a loud bang.  The Zhen's substantial chest heaved as she held on to Wolf for support lest her legs collapse out from under her. 

She couldn't remove her head from it's position since she knew it could cause Reggie to inadvertently pull on the antennae and that would be a major mood killer.  Zark just stood there, eyes closed breathing heavily.  Her left hand was still free and it brushed down the Betazoids arm and slowly intertwined her fingers.  Blue hands guided the tanned ones slowly up her smooth side and gently under her bra.  Both hands pushed aside stretchy material exposing a blue orb.  With a breast free, Zark moved Reggie's hand on top of her erect nipple and used the Wolf's fingers gently squeeze and pull on her.

Zark gasped and her breathing deepened as she quietly moaned. "Reggie." The deliriously excited Andorian breathed.  "We should.." gasp "Mmmmmm really go" Another moan of delight. "before ahhhh we make ahhhh scene....."

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Lower Gymnasium Locker Room | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ 

Never before had Reggie seen such a response in her partner this early into their play and through the erotic senses, it thrilled her that she had her found her way into Zark’s pleasure.  She gasped as much from the momentary loss of breath as her back slammed against the locker, as from the unexpected, but welcomed aggression from her partner.  She felt the firm Andorian hand guiding her and did not hesitate when her fingers were invited to play with Zark’s breast. 

Her head swam with incoherent thoughts, but she heard enough to understand Zark’s wish to do this somewhere else.  Gently she let go of the Andorian’s antenna and reached up over her head, fumbling for her combadge which she had left on the shelf of her open locker door.  Her hand clasped around the delta but released it just as quickly, her head throwing back and a low but distinct moan escaped her lips.  She felt the Andorian on her and willed Zark to impose her dominant strength on her and take her for her own. 

Reaching again for her combadge she lost her balance, their weight shifting.  Suddenly the tension of the bra strap over her right shoulder released.  Whether the strap had broken, or simply come undone, Reggie neither knew nor cared.

Through the soup of feeling and emotion, she found enough coherence to activate her badge.

“Site…to site transport…for two”  she gasped through ragged uneven breaths.  “Jeffriees tube junction…” she gasped again as her own sense of self began to slip away.  “Twelve alpha….  Energize.”

Somewhere, in the recesses of her mind, she knew Twelve alpha… a six way junction…two vertical, four lateral, ladder, and enough room to stand or lay as the mood struck them.

Her last coherent thought left her as the transporter beam took them.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Jefferies Tube | Deck ?? | Vector ?? | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

The familiar singing shimmer ended and it was suddenly more cramped and quiet except for the occasional beep of some equipment or the steady thrum of the EPS conduits.  None of that mattered though as Zark gently pushed Reggie against a wall and closed her eyes to lock lips.  It was very familiar yet different as she pressed her blue lips into the tanned ones and squished their warm bodies together.  The Zhen still had control of the Wolf's hand and she moaned delightedly as her own tongue crossed into the Betazoid's and she went ahead and enjoyed the sensation.

She was enjoying it so much that her free hand caressed it's way down her back.  It was smooth and tantalizing the whole way down and long blue fingers traced a pattern the entire way.  She moaned happily as her pert nipples rubbed gently against the taut body.  Waves of pleasure encouraged her onward, especially since her partner wasn't making any signs to stop.

This did elicit a sense of chariness in the Zhen though since she felt like she was doing all the enjoying and Reggie wasn't responding as enthusiastically as she could have.  This caused Zark to pull away for just a moment and a thin trail of saliva linked the two as lusty blue green eyes looked on into dark brown on where to go next.

She didn't know why she got the sense that she should just continue, but Zark wasn't going to ignore it and she planted another quick kiss on Reggie's lips before helping to remove the interfering top and tossing it aside.  "Enjoy." was all she whispered into the Betazoid's ear, letting the warm air caress the tanned skin. Blue lips and tongue travelled down the exposed collar, teasingly brushed against dark nipples, planted marks of passion along the very fit belly, stopping to place a much more intense kiss on the belly button.  As she reached the narrow set of hips, strong slender fingers hooked on to both the pants and panties, and pulled them down in one smooth motion, leaving the delicate folds for her to admire.  Zark looked up once more for confirmation with a salacious smile before leaning in as her lips unerringly guided onto the nub at the top of Reggie's sex.

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[Lt Reggie Suder | Jeffries Tube Junction 12 Alpha | Deck ? ? | Vector ?? | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ ‍ 

Reggie’s bare back slammed on the bulkhead and her entire nude self convulsed involuntarily as Zark went to work between her legs.  A gasp and a moan escaped her own lips and she grabbed a fist full of the Andorian’s long white hair and tugged as she wrapped her legs around the Zhen’s hips. 

Don’t fucking stop.

Her sense of self continued to slip as she fell into the moment and the feeling between her legs.  She was only barely aware of lifting her partners head off of her, and slipping her arms under the blue skinned arm pits of her partner as she pulled her up her body.

Her next moment of awareness found her laying prone on the deck, a beautiful blue vixen on top of her.  Their breasts pressing against one another as she leaned down to kiss her and their sweat began to mingle.  Instinct and desire took the Betazoid, her mental connection sensing Zark’s still growing state of arousal.  For as intensely as she sensed it, Reggie knew there was far more for the Andorian to go.

From under the Andorian Reggie shifted her hips, hooking one leg around the Andorian’s, before making her move and putting Zark on her blue back.  She slid down, laying herself across Zark, cupping the Andorian’s breast like a chalice inviting her to drink.  She accepted and pressed her lips to the Andorian niple, letting her mouth and tongue go to work.

Her mind swam and as she let her tongue explore Zark’s breasts, her left hand slid down the blue skinned abdomen, pressing into it gently as she worked until it found the Andorian sex and her long slender fingers began to dance.

As she played, the right hand slid gently up the Andorian’s neck to find her lips and mouth, playing with both before her longest, middle finger slid inside her mouth to serve as a playful gag for her tongue as her remaining four fingers gently  clamped down on Zark’s chin and cheek bones.

With the Andorian literally under her thumb, Reggie went to town on her, enjoying every wiggle, writhe, twitch, and convulsion of her Andorian partner.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Jefferies Tube Junction 12 Alpha | Deck ?? | Vector ?? | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Everyone tasted different.  Whether it Faye, or Ryzit, or anyone else, it didn't seem to matter, no two pussies were the same.  Each had something subtly different.  In Reggie's case, it seemed more intense since she hadn't quite cleaned up after her workout session and Zark took it all in as her blue tongue flicked while her lips closed around the delicate pedals.  The Betazoid responded well as there was a dull thud of a body hitting a bulkhead while the sounds of intense arousal drove the Andorian on to continue servicing her partner.  It must have been a while for the Betazoid since she couldn't keep herself up and quickly became a puddle of desirous goo.  This was old hat for the Zhen though as she let Reggie fall while giving her clit a last suck before her legs finally gave out.

Zark slithered up the tanned body and used her arms to hover over the pilot for just a moment, drinking in the look of lust written on her face before returning one of her own and closing her eyes to lock lips. Her sensitive nipples let the Zhen know their chests were pressing against each other and Zark moaned lightly into Reggie's mouth as her tongue sought out the Betazoid's to dance and play in the closed space between them.

There was a time to be in charge, and a time to let go.  If Zark were less experienced, she wouldn't have recognized the signs of the shifting of momentum.  Also, since she had a Shen who was more aggressive than she was, Zark could feel it as the Wolf's body encompassed her own in the erotic wrestling match and she felt Reggie pull away which Zark gave protest to with a mewl.  The mewl gave way to a moan of delight as she felt a mouth close around her blue mound while others began to massage them.  Blue lips parted in a gasp as she felt her pleasure centres become stimulated.  The hands began to wander and her own anticipation felt like it was going to go through her head as the fingers made their way along her flat stomach, a brush against her hip.

Zark's eyes flew open and her mouth dropped open in a gasp as she gripped onto Reggie's shoulders.  She could feel the fingers pushing, and pressing against her sex.  A wave of warm pleasure rolled through her, with a pleasant intensity at her sex.  A loud moan escaped her lips as her eyes closed, head lolling to the side.  The Andorian's deceptively soft arms straightened along her head and her head rubbed against them for a moment.  The motion soon carried to the rest of her body as she subsumed her being into the sensation, body rocking in rythm with the ministrations between her legs.  "Ooooooh Reggie."  Zark groaned out between pants of pleasure. "Fuck me, you're amazing."

Zark had no idea how long the dexterous Betazoid had been working on her, but as her moan and pants got closer together, her arms whipped out and pulled the pilot in to lock lips once more.  One arm kept Reggie's head in place while the other one quickly made it's way down between Reggie's legs and the Zhen could feel a warm wetness that soon encompassed her digits as they ministered the other woman's sex with every dirty trick her fingers knew to bring the two to climax as close as possible.

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