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Topic: CH07: S [D03|1745] Hidden Raptor (Read 878 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: CH07: S [D03|1745] Hidden Raptor
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Lt. JG Callax Valin | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie | Wolf-11 | Near Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Nero @P.C. Haring @Havenborn @SummerDawn @Lathaniel

Once free of the Fighter Assault Bay, Callax had the chance to better get a feel for the Mk III in open space. Falling into formation with the other Wolves, his movements were initially somewhat imprecise as he slowly became more familiar with the flight controls and computer interface.

The fighter was undoubtedly impressive. Scanning through the computer readouts revealed the true depth of its firepower. In addition to the tactical specs, its other technical specifications were enough to make any pilot drool. Luckily for the ship's maintenance staff, Callax was far too preoccupied with flying and managing comms to drool. It would be one less mess for them to clean up; that is, if he returned at all.

Those thoughts, too, were luckily suppressed by his concentration on the mission. Beyond just becoming accustomed to the new fighter and surviving the coming engagement he had the added concern of not embarrassing himself in front of the others. Some he knew and had flown with on his previous mission but the others would be surely judging him more intensely.

Just don't make a fool of yourself and you will be fine.

[Wolf-02, this is Gemini.  I'm on approach to form up, eta 45 seconds.  Do you by chance have a flight designation for us?]

[Hey, Gemini, fancy vehicle. As for your designation, are you okay with Wolf-10? Archon, Wolf-11, Chaos, Wolf-12. We're going to catch up to our people at warp speed. When we get there, we'll get right down to business. Split up and find your targets, which our RIOs will give you. Focus on flying and fighting, let the RIOs survey the battlefield. Listen, I know you can do this, but these aren't brutal Klingons, they're shifty Romulans. Watch out for each other and we'll get through this in one piece.]

Callax keyed the designation into his flight computer. Wolf-11. It had a satisfying ring to it though he had no idea if it would be a designation he would keep beyond this mission. That would be a thought for another time as there was little time to think about the future when the present demanded everything of him. Moments later he was at warp...

...and exited onto a battlefield.

Flashes of weapons fire in varying shades of color lit up the darkness of space revealing the general state of events. A second later his targeting computer indicated that the Oneida had exited warp and joined the myriad of differently sized blips on his sensor readout. His fighter immediately accelerated to join the fray.

It was dogfighting like he had never experienced before. His computer screamed at him with a chorus of alarms and indicators as he piloted his fighter into the thick of it, narrowly avoiding oncoming weapons fire. Like a poorly choreographed game of cat and mouse, he would find himself briefly on the tail of an enemy strike craft before having to take evasive maneuvers as another enemy got on his tail. The sequence repeated itself until it became like a rhythm with neither side gaining the advantage.

Of course, it could not just be that simple. First a warning that the enemy possessed sensor dampening countermeasures--a fact Callax experienced firsthand just as he had acquired a torpedo lock. Second was the reveal that they were not only in pitched battle but also doing it within an apparent minefield. Had he been a smoker he was sure it would not have been a good day to quit.

[Wolf-11 to Wolf-10 and Wolf-12. We need to get creative. I have an idea.]

A fool's idea, perhaps. However, it was time to disrupt the status quo and turn the tide.

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