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CH05: BL [D06|1110] Space Trash Rampage


[ Lt JG Alessia Garcia - Callsign "Angel" | Fighter Assault Bay | Squadron Briefing Room | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
@Nolan @Multificionado @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff 
Seated in her cockpit, with her Valravn powered up and ready to launch, Alessia was singing quietly inside the confines of her helmet. She didn't have any commlink open, merely doing it to still her nerves. She had stopped tapping her foot, at least, since she thought Fury - the RIO she flew with after her own as well as Devyrie Okhala were abducted - could hear it. It was not a good thing to make your RIO think you were nervous. He needed to have complete faith in her.

Angel turned her head in her seat, looking at his figure in the back of the cockpit with her peripheral vision. "How's the ache, better?"

Fury replied, the sound of his voice heard through the static of their link. [Took some painkillers this morning. Docs cleared me for duty. The aches I have left are really nominal. All good here, Garcia.]

Then, the Theurgy dropped out of warp, and the Fighter Bay's doors began to open. She had not heard anything from the SCO just yet, so she remained still in her seat. "Showtime?"

[This is Mission Ops,] came the voice of Cameron Henshaw from the bridge. [All fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared to launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy's position.]

[Showtime,] confirmed Fury, and Angel tapped the controls of their micro fusio thrusters.

The noise in the fighter bay was deafening when all the Lone Wolves filed up and launched into the Azure Nebula once more. Alessia saw her new pack vanishing by Elements through the bay doors and into this upcoming battle, which might just be the most deciding one she'd been in since the Dominion War. The doubts and the fears were there, of course, knowing how the old White Wolves had fared against the Rotarran. Other White Wolves had come aboard since then, and she couldn't help but think they might all die as well, since she'd experienced that in the last fray. She was, honestly, not sure she'd handle more losses at that point, even if it was the life in the pack. It was what they signed up for.

"Engaging launch thrusters," she said, and pushed the throttle forward when it was their turn, flying two fighter-lengths behind Daniel Havenborn in his old Gryphon fighter when they cleared the bay and entered the Azure Nebula once more. The launch flight patterns took them around, so that they faced the same direction as the Theurgy...

...and that's when she saw it. "Me cago en la puta..."

Klingon ships criss-crossing through a massive debris field, one that was ever expanding around the epicentre, which was a Borg cube. Flares of weapon fire lit the debris field from within, and allegedly, someplace close, there was supposed to be some kind of sealed subspace tunnel. No doubt the cube was defending it, so it had to be close. A quick glance towards her sensors showed her that their singular ally ship was not among the wreckage. It's signal was lit on her HUD, but it was on the other side of the debris field, being chased by the cube's relentless assaults.

"The Cayuga," she said, finding it to be the only thing in their favour at the prospect of what awaited them "It's still out there."

Then, came the orders from Thomas Ravon...

OOC: @Nolan posts next, then it's free for all to post their characters launching from the Fighter Assault Bay as well as their reactions to stuff outside, but my next post will come pretty quick, since the mission objectives begin right away. Those who don't manage to post before me can cover both the launches as well as the next development in their first posts in this thread, which will follow the Lone Wolves through the Battle of the Apertures. Here is the squad chart for those who need it, and please bear in mind that Walton's flight will be posting in a separate thread:

Squad Chart:
Me cago en la puta = "I shit on the whore", at the sight Angel sees.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | En route to Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan   @Multificionado  @Stegro88  @Fife  @Havenborn  @Doc M.  @Griff  @Kinvarus

Ten minutes before red alert.

Thomas had suited up and was making his way down to the FAB. His exosuit had been placed in his quarters after having found no time to change out of it during a system check on his fighter. He wasn't wearing his helmet yet as he stepped into the turbolift to head down to the bay. They'd be arriving shortly at their destination and it was vital that he'd be in the cockpit of his fighter when those bay doors would open.With a chime the doors opened of the turbolift. A woman standing in it already, yet he didn't recognize her or paid any attention to her. He was sunken in thoughts for the upcoming battle. A battle he'd probably not survive...

Zyrao leaned against the lift.  Wearing a pair of loose, but comfortable cargo pants and a form fitted black tank top.  The wealth of Cardassian, Kzin, Breen, Klingon, and El-Aurian tattoos covered her body various languages, images, and all of them unique in their own right for the most part.  Cool grey eyes opened as the turbolift doors slid apart to allow some sort of pilot into the lift.  Her eyes raked down his suit, the one that would likely protect him from the vastness of space and some of the attacks he could possibly face today.  Shifting up to his face, her eyes studied it before closing again

The grey pools snapped open again, and slid to the side where the man now stood.  She still leaned casually her body completely relaxed and loose but now her eyes, they studied that face, there were similiarities, but .. why

The pilot could feel the eyes of the woman staring at him. She didn't look like a Starfleet officer or crew member, civilian perhaps? Maybe in awe at the exosuit. He shifted his gaze to her slightly as he smiled faintly "Anything wrong ma'am?" he asked as he could feel the eyes of the woman look over his stature. He let his own eyes looked over the various tattoos that covered her, yet he looked back into her eyes as he didn't know her and figured awe was probably what overcame her.

Her body was muscular but thin and she held herself so casually it was as though she was only on the Turbolift to take a quick ride.  Still, he seemed to notice her gaze  ~Losing your touch, Natauna.~  blinking she looked to the side a moment, but Zyrao was not one to hide herself or her thoughts so she shifted her eyes back.  She had been, at some point, gifted a Universal Translator, and so she could understand the words but not the language

~Those eyes.  For sure those eyes.  The nose too...~.

"Do.. you happen to have a sister?"

Waiting idly for the lift to reach the desired deck, the woman spoke suddenly and he frowned slightly as he got to understand the words she voiced out to him. His stance changing as he looked back at the woman. Surprise evident on his face as he shook his head "No, I was a single child." he answered her as he frowned for a brief moment "Why do you ask?"

She tilted her head for a moment  ~Single child.  Odd, but the features are so.. similar.~  Zyrao shrugged*  "You look similar to a woman I once knew some years ago.  I haven't seen her in some time." she left it there, for now, as there was no reason to speak to him more, a single child, meant that Chloe was unrelated and yet... something... it just seemed too perfect

"Features? What ar-" The words of the pilot interrupted as the turbolift chimed. The destination of the FAB announced as he looked at the doors open and looked back at Zyrao. He had no time to ask any further questions or react as his feet moved forward. He looked at her with a confused look on his face before he stepped out of the lift and moved towards the FAB with a tinge of uncertainty and doubt in the back of his mind. What was this woman talking about?

[ Fighter Assault Bay | Wolf 01 'Kestrel' | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

After having walked up to his fighter, checking the ordinance and firing up the pre flight check list, Ravon couldn't still quite shake the feeling that had been itching in the back of his head. Why had the woman asked if heh ad siblings, who else was out there that shared similarities with him? He had never come in contact with any of his relatives. Perhaps she knew more?

In any case distractions were an issue in situations like this, they'd cause for slower reaction time, wrong judgement and eventually slip ups that could lead to death. He shook his head violently as if trying to shake the feelings before he looked out of the canopy. The rest of the fighters ready and eager to get out there. The bay finally looked a bit fuller then it was a couple of days ago and it somehow made a cold feeling sink into Thomas' gut as he hoped most of them would return. Regardless, they knew the risks of their job and the odds they faced. Death would come for them eventually, as Klingon's would say. What greater death would their be then to die in combat and with the idea that the future of the quadrant might be saved by one's small actions.

He drafted up a message to Walton informing her that her wing would break off post launch to provide escort for the Allegiant. A deal he had 'struck' with Dewitt a mere hour before the engagement. He wished her the best of luck and a fruitful hunt before the lights in the fighter assault bay changed and became flashing red. The engines began to throttle up and the bay was cleared as the bay doors opened.

[All fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared to launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy's position.]

With his bird rolling out to launch and taking the lead into the core of the Azure Nebula, Thomas looked in awe at the situation unfolding before them. Apocalyptic might the correct term as multiple Klingon ships were already in the debris field, the Cube being their primary target as the HUD indicated the position of the Cayuga. Thomas rolled his fighter around and waited for the rest of the squadron, seeing Walton's wing clip off before the last fighters were out of the Theurgy.

"Diamond formation on me. Listen up! We'll make our way towards the Cayuga through the debris field. If we can we'll make a pass on the Cube. Watch your fire and do not engage the Klingon forces unless fired upon. Borg is the primary threat here so save your weapons for that. Marking checkpoints on your HUD's now. These will be rally points in case we break up. Good hunting and give them hell."

He closed the channel and fired his engines up to full as he strode off at full speed towards the debris field. Hopefully they wouldn't become part of that field too soon. His focus on the battle now, thought the itch lingered. And so it began...

First part was established with @BZ  for a short JP.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Wolf 02 | Cockpit of AC-409 Valkyrie Winterbourne | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Kinvarus
[All fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared to launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy's position.]

Those were words that Rawley eagerly anticipated. She had long been ready for launch, her sidearms and souvenir Klingon blade holstered on her side. She and the Winterbourne were ready and armed to the teeth.

She followed Razor out of the bay and saw the hullabaloo stretched before her.

“Holy shite,” she said. “Look at the size of the hullabaloo.”

Swaths of shite was strewn around in a debris field in the now-familiar center of the nebula, with the apertures that could potentially spew out invading Borg. Klingon ships spewed disruptor fire themselves, and in center-stage was the Cube, looming almost like a small moon, as it were.

Well, looks like the Lone Wolves have arrived just in time to save their arses, she thought.

Positioned at Razor’s side, she took in the hullabaloo while she waited for orders. She noticed four of the Wolves breaking off and heading toward the Allegiant, all in Valvarns. Two of them she noticed were piloted by Walton and Jhoza, according to the readouts.

Well, with ol’ Walton leading the way, the Allegiant is in safe hands.

She typed a message to Jhoza. [Best of luck, Jhoza.]

After a moment, Razor chimed in.

"Diamond formation on me. Listen up! We'll make our way towards the Cayuga through the debris field. If we can we'll make a pass on the Cube. Watch your fire and do not engage the Klingon forces unless fired upon. Borg is the primary threat here so save your weapons for that. Marking checkpoints on your HUD's now. These will be rally points in case we break up. Good hunting and give them hell."

“Might be wise not to engage the Klingons at all,” said Rawley to herself, “considering how many arses the Borg handed to them.”

Razor’s fighter was moving in. Rawley started her engines and moved to follow.

“Once more unto the breach, then,” she said with a smile.

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Wolf 06| Debris Field] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Multificionado

"Diamond formation on me. Listen up! We'll make our way towards the Cayuga through the debris field. If we can we'll make a pass on the Cube. Watch your fire and do not engage the Klingon forces unless fired upon. Borg is the primary threat here so save your weapons for that. Marking checkpoints on your HUD's now. These will be rally points in case we break up. Good hunting and give them hell."

Hearing Razor's order come in, Angel rolled her fighter up into formation with the others already seeing the Klingon ships popping up on her HUD along with her fellow Wolves, the Borg and the rally point checkpoints.

The Borg were bad enough to deal with on their own as were the Klingons so the last thing she wanted to have to deal was battle both. Hopefully lady luck would be smiling down on them though and Klingons would, like them consider the Borg the bigger threat and go after them as well.

Right chica because our luck has been fantastic so far. She thought briefly before shaking her head to banish it from her mind as she glanced out at the debris field, carefully manouvering her Valravn around asteroids and other debris in her way while doing her best to keep in formation when she could.

"You ready for this Fury?"

"Yes Ma'am." came his short reply

Alessia smiled under her helmet and nodded, not that he could see either action as she hit the comm "Wolf 06 in formation and ready to kick some Borg ass, let's give em hell." she said as she followed the others in. 

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 03 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Fife @Multificionado @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Kinvarus

As she walked around her new warp fighter, Donna looked across the bay at her wingwoman as Isel did her own walkaround. They had been talking in Donna’s quarters when the call had come through that their craft were armed and ready. Using the remaining time they had, the two had showered, separately and donned clean clothes before heading back to the hanger to put on their exosuits back on. After confirming that they were in working order, they had both gone their separate ways to inspect their craft and the attached ordnance.

And boy was she loaded for bear. Two Mk I Hellhound cluster bombs, two Mk I Hellbore torpedos, six Mk Q-II Quantum torpedos and the twin mass-driver turrets. And that was just the external weaponry. The Mk3 came equipped with the usual phasers and micro torpedos like the Mk2 but it also had a Type I Tetryon Pulse Phase Cannon. And even with all of this, it was still faster and tougher than a Mk2.

Satisfied with her inspection, Donna climbed into the cockpit and secured yourself before beginning to boot up the warp fighter and going through her checklist. Looking around, other pilots were moving about their fighters while the ground crews were running about taking care of last-minute problems.

“Wolf-03 to Wolf 04,” Donna said over their element com channel. “You all set, Foxfire?”

“All set here, Chance! What about you? Do these new fighters make you all hot and bothered?” Came Isel's reply, her tone playful and teasing.

“They would if the impending Borg invasion wasn't such a downer” Donna replied, trying to stay calm and focused. As much as she enjoyed bantering with Isel, and always had, she didn't want to die today. Not now.

“Aw, don't be such a downer, Donna!” Isel fired back, her tone carrying a hint of worry beneath its cheerful sound. “Just don't go getting yourself assimilated. You won't be nearly as cute with all that metal plating and wires sticking out of you! Besides, I've got your six.”

“You always do. And I'll always have yours. So no dying on me either.” Donna said, smiling across the bay at Isel even if the Vulpinian couldn't see her. She considered saying that she loved Isel but was it too much, given the state of their relationship? "Fuck it" she thought. “Isel, I, no being assimilated either. I don't want the love of my life being all green and gnarly,” she managed to stammer our, not actually saying what she meant to say.

Donna didn’t reply to Isel’s final words as she knew she’d start crying if she did. Instead she focused on the task at hand as she saw Razor to her left performing a walkaround of his own craft before climbing aboard. Time was running out. Looking across the bay, Donna stared are Isel in her cockpit and wondered if they would both be here when the battle was over.

[All fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared to launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy's position.]

“Here we go,” Donna thought as she sat back in her seat and watched as Ravon taxied in front of her. Once it was her turn, she fired up her engines and moved off, turning to head towards the open doors and the Azure Nebula beyond. “Funny, it looks almost peaceful at this angle.”

Once clear of the bay doors, Donna advanced her throttles and brought her fighter up into a banking climb. And her entire view changed from peaceful to chaotic as the battlescape appeared. “Now that’s more like it.”

"Diamond formation on me. Listen up!” came Ravon’s voice over comms. “We'll make our way towards the Cayuga through the debris field. If we can we'll make a pass on the Cube. Watch your fire and do not engage the Klingon forces unless fired upon. Borg is the primary threat here so save your weapons for that. Marking checkpoints on your HUD's now. These will be rally points in case we break up. Good hunting and give them hell."

“Time to go to work,” Chance thought as she advanced to full power and manoeuvred into position as ordered.

“Wolf-03 acknowledges.”

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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire” Nix | Wolf-04 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Kinvarus
Seated in the cockpit of her new Mk III Valkyrie, Isel couldn’t help but grin like an idiot at Donna’s final remark. The Vulpinian was glad the helmet of her exosuit hid it from anyone who might see. The love of her life… Isel’s chest tightened at those words, her spirit soaring. They may very well be flying to their deaths in a few minutes, but just at that moment she was one happy little fox.

”You’re making me blush, Donna!” Isel replied, feeling slightly breathless. ”I…” Isel hesitated, unsure of what to say. She wanted to tell Donna how she felt, but she had never actually said the words before. ”I… you too…” Isel slapped the outside of her helmet with both hands in frustration, ”I mean…” Isel sighed and let her hands fall into her lap in exasperation. ”Fuck, you know what I mean!” Isel couldn’t help but laugh at her own awkwardness, shaking her head as she added, ”I’ll say it properly when we both get back without metal plates fused to our foreheads and tubes popping out of out asses….” Isel let out a nervous laugh, knowing that assimilation and death were both very real possibilities in their upcoming mission. Isel put her hands back to work, running through the final stages of her checklist in preparation for launch.

[All fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared for launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy’s position.]

Isel watched as the other fighters made their way to launch positions, setting her own to taxi into position behind Chance when the time came. Once Donna was clear and she got the green light, she sent her Mk III forward into the vast openness of space, free of the Theurgy once more. As she cleared the doors of the FAB and saw the swirling blue ribbons of the Nebula all around her, she couldn’t help but grin. The exhilaration of launch always brought with it a thrill, even if that thrill was quickly replaced by tension and fear. Those were the emotions that replaced her previous excitement as she followed Wolf-03 through it’s banking climb and caught her first glimpse of what lay ahead. She had hoped to never see a Borg cube in person, to never experience the fear that their simple shape of their vessel instilled.

Well… so much for that hope…

”Diamond formation on me.” Came Ravon’s voice over the comms. ”Listen up! We’ll make our way towards the Cayuga through the debris field. If we can we’ll make a pass on the Cube. Watch your fire and do not engage the Klingon forces unless fired upon. Borg is the primary threat here so save your weapons for that. Marking checkpoints on your HUDs now. These will be rally points in case we break up. Good hunting and give them hell.”

”Wolf-04 acknowledges,” Isel called as she brought herself into position in the formation. She saw the checkpoints pop up on her HUD, though her eyes were focused on the debris field ahead. Isel took a deep breath and let it out slowly, setting her jaw as she did so. Game time… She told herself, her expression serious for a change, I just hope the game isn’t pin the assimilation tubule on the fox…

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Kinvarus

[ All fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared for launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy’s position. ]

Wolf-07, Lieutenant (junior grade) Tessa May Lance, callsign Goldeneye, dashed out of the head down the corridor and out into the fighter assault bay where a hodge-podge collection of Starfleet fighter craft awaited her.  Why did she always have to relieve herself right before a battle?  It had to be combat nerves, the wait before a battle always got to her and gave her stomach pains that 24th century medicine had considered cured long ago.  Not for the first time since the Theurgy was forced to flee the Federation, Tessa wondered if she was cut out for space.  Who would they be going up against this time? she wondered.  The last time it was supposed to be the Borg, but they had ended up engaging the Klingons.  They were supposed to be fighting the Borg now, but Tessa wouldn’t be surprised if the Romulans or the Jem’Hadar was out there waiting for them.

Petty Officer First Class Adara Hussein helped Tessa into her fighter and handed the pilot her helmet before disappearing out of sight.  Tessa tucked her hair in and checked the seals on her helmet before closing the cockpit.  The other fighters moving out already but Tessa managed to get her fighter into formation in time.  There was an advantage to no longer being Wolf-03, even if Wolf-03’s parking space was right next to the door.  Her wingman, Petty Officer Third Class Lillee t'Jellaieu moved her fighter right behind her and the combined force of Valkries and Valravns shot out into the black.

[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie | Ithacae System ]

Well, it wasn’t all that black.  The white blue haze of the Azure Nebula was still present, giving the impression that they were underwater.  The dust and debris in the Ithacae System was so bad that it was best to rely on instruments; the view out the cockpit was too cluttered. 

Realizing that her wingman had formerly been an admiral’s aide rather than a seasoned combat pilot (and blissfully unware that Petty Officer t'Jellaieu was not only a seasoned combat pilot but had more flight hours than Goldeneye did), Tessa felt worried about Lillee and decided to call her.  ”Bloodwing, this is Goldeneye.  Don’t let the clutter shake you Lilliee this is exactly what we want,” she assured her.  She was cut off when she heard the voice of Lieutenant Thomas Ravon over the comms. 

”Diamond formation on me.  Listen up! We’ll make our way towards the Cayuga through the debris field. If we can we’ll make a pass on the Cube. Watch your fire and do not engage the Klingon forces unless fired upon. Borg is the primary threat here so save your weapons for that. Marking checkpoints on your HUDs now. These will be rally points in case we break up. Good hunting and give them hell.”

”Oh my gosh this is it,”Tessa gasped as the image of the Klingon ships engaging a Borg cube came into view.  ”This is real!  We’re actually fighting the Borg!”  For a brief moment, all of her training disappeared before returning like a familiar stranger.  ”Er uh, I mean this is Wolf-07, Goldeneye, acknowledging you, Razor!” she stammered as she moved her Valkyrie into position.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu (Callsign: Bloodwing) | Wolf 08 | Debris Field | Azura Nebula|] Attn: @Doc M.


There was something uniquely bowel-emptying about the build-up to battle. In the past few battles, the Theurgy had been constantly on the defensive, attacked constantly by the Asurians, the Klingons, the Savi, even Starfleet. All of the battles had arrived without warning, without time to prepare, and so Lillee had simply answered the red alert and done her job. There had been no opportunity for worrying, nerves or fear. Even during the Allegiant's desperate mission to seek out the Borg, the fear had been amorphous, unfocused, as they had had no clear idea of when, where or even if they would find the Borg.

Now, though, there was plenty of opportunity for fear, for worry and for nerves. The time of arrival was set, with the Theurgy's immense warp drive and four nacelles driving the starship to its next great battle, and so after ensuring that her own Valkyrie was as ready as it could be, Lillee allowed herself a brief time to herself to prepare for the coming battle. Fifteen minutes were spent in the Mess Hall, devouring a much needed meal.

Then the following half hour, in a quite undignified manner, Lillee sat on the head in her quarters and endured the relentless emptying of her bowels. Stars above, no matter how she might hide it, SHE WAS BLASTED TERRIFIED!. Meeting Tessa Lance had been a help, reassuring Lillee that she had a natural ally in it all, but the closer they came to 1110 hours, the worse she felt. They would be fighting the Borg. In all likelihood, they would be fighting the very same Borg cube that the Allegiant had tracked the previous day...the very same Borg cube that had survived battle with a dozen of Starfleet's finest starships. It was madness of the highest order. The Theurgy had been mercilessly battered over the past weeks, the Cayuga was little more than a wreck, and allies seemed few and far between. Wolf 359 had been a fair fight by comparison.

Oh, Elements, Lillee winced as she remembered the news reports of that awful day. She had been on Romulus then, at the start of her military training, when the news of the Borg invasion had arrived. They had all watched the newscasts as the Borg cube flew through the Federation so fast that Starfleet couldn't even begin to catch up with it. The newscasters reported that the Enterprise, the hated, powerful flagship of the Empire's greatest enemy, had been swept aside by the alien Borg with contemptuous ease. Lillee remembered being in the barracks square that day, watching the night sky as fifty great warbirds gathered above in orbit to defend Romulus should worst come to worst. She remembered the instructors tersely ordering the trainees to stay put, stay disciplined and wait for orders.

She remembered the newscasts as the dumbstruck reporter read aloud a dispatch from the Tal Shiar, reporting that an entire armada Federation starships had been annihilated at Wolf 359 by a single Borg ship, and that nothing could possibly save Earth now from assimilation. A miraculous last-minute attack by the Enterprise saved Earth that day, but now, there would be no so extraordinary heroics. The Theurgy was it. It was a pointless gesture.

Yet, as she sat on the head, her uniform trousers around her ankles, Lillee also remembered seeing that horrible assimilated Vulcan woman back in the debris field, when she'd been flying the Allegiant as they hid from the Borg. The woman, standing impossibly in sheer vacuum, cybernetics erupting from her skin grotesquely, She had been looking right at the Allegiant, silently mocking the pathetic little corvette. Oh, Lillee had been terrified, but by Eisn, she was furious. No such monster would ever EVER go near her children. Her twins would grow up free and happy, and nothing, not even the whole fucking Borg Collective, could change that.

Thus, half an hour later, Lillee sat in her cockpit, ready for the coming apocalypse. The emptying of her bowels had emptied her fear, leaving a tight ball of cold rage in its place, spurred on by the mental image of her twins, of Askin and T'Lil, their happy smiles. The red alert came, followed by the launch order, and Lillee smoothly took her place in the formation on her wingmate's flank.

"Diamond formation on me.  Listen up! We'll make our way towards the Cayuga through the debris field. If we can we'll make a pass on the Cube. Watch your fire and do not engage the Klingon forces unless fired upon. Borg is the primary threat here so save your weapons for that. Marking checkpoints on your HUDs now. These will be rally points in case we break up. Good hunting and give them hell."

"Wolf 08, ready," Lilee acknowledged dispasssionately in turn after Tessa's nervous reply. She flicked her Valkyrie along behind Tessa with ease, a lethal protective shadow for Goldeneye. It was true that Lillee had only flown fighters in test flights in the past few years, and she suspected that she would not be able to fly as skillfully as most of the squadron, but she committed herself regardless. In that, at least, her past experience provided help: true combat depended more on blind luck than pilot skill. On a whim, she flicked her comm to her Element channel.

"I have your aft quarter protected, Goldeneye," Lillee reassured her wingmate quietly, since Tessa had just attempted to do the same, unnecessary though it had been. "Where you lead, I will follow."

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Wolf 02 | Cockpit of AC-409 Valkyrie Winterbourne | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Kinvarus
Her teeth bared behind the visor of her helmet, Rawley entered the debris field together with the other Lone Wolves - the battle begun.

The closer to the edge of the field that she got, she became more calm, all the fears bleeding out of her. That certainty that made people think she had a death-wish settled into her. The knowledge, that the only thing that made her fearful was that illusion of fear itself. It was the core of her daring attitude, dancing with death as she tended to do whilst in the cockpit. She took a deep breath, and then, she was ready. I've nothing to loose anyway. Let's fuck it up.

"Ghost to Razor," she said over the element channel, her words for Thomas alone while dodging debris and maintaining formation. "I don't know about you, but I fancy introducing myself to the bitch on that thing. Besides, the cube will suffer our first hits before it adapts, right? Might as well take a shot, since it's on the way to that Cayuga ship anyway."

She hoped Ravon would fancy straying close enough to the cube while they flew by, but if he didn't... it was no secret that she had a tendency to break formation and do whatever the fuck she deigned to anyway. It was what got her into trouble all the time, but she got some results as well. But a cube? She didn't think she'd be able to do more than scratch it in a single pass, and those bloody things were still operating when 80 % of their mass were blown away. She'd never fought the Borg, but it was one of those things you tended to remember from the Academy after being shown recordings and logs from Wolf-359 and those other times.

Inside the debris field, chaos reigned. Surface thoughts quickly vaporised in the heat. Like a celestial body, the cube loomed someplace just out of sight, like a great wall of deadly mass obscured by thorn metal and ignited plasma. Visibility was shit, and everything was moving in different directions, all at once. "Fuck," said Rawley when a spinning, burning bird-of-prey came down from on high - drifting by the inertia of the cube's high-yield gravimetric torpedoes. Rawley had to break formation out of sheer survival, and she ended up alone, cut off from the squadron. All it had taken was a slight deviation, a quick barrel role, and they were all gone. She bit her lip, used to fly solo, and knew they were all just a call away.

Green light reflected off the shrapnel that her deflector spared her from, and she saw that it was one of those polaron beams. Like a firewall of green light, only inches thick, it caused no damage, making a sweep over her Valkyrie and the surrounding wreckage. It passed over her exosuit and her flight controls, and she couldn't help the cold shiver that ran up her spine, knowing that the damn Queen that was supposed to be inside the cube - according to the Allegiant's intel from the day before - had just got to know her on a very intimate level. It made the ire rise in her, and she clenched her teeth together.

"You want to feel me up without foreplay?" she hissed, and armed her two Hellbores with her thumbs. Then she broke off towards that wall of metal and green lights. "Then have it your way, you cunt."

The reverberation that passed through her Valkyrie's space frame when she unleashed hell upon the cube was felt right through her exosuit, but there was no sound from outside the canopy. The bright light competed with the destruction around her set course. The flares of her two massive torpedoes was emphasised with the rapid fire of her pulse phasers. Even as the Hellbores were in flight, she jammed her thumbs down on her micro torpedo launch-buttons. From beneath the Winterbourne's nose cone, the flaring stream of rode the same path as her pulse phaser bolts, and she did not break off the last second, falling back into a course towards the rest of the squadron. Behind her, she had carved out a massive hole in the three kilometer wide hulking mass. The Academy had said the cube repaired itself fast, but between not shooting and shooting, the call was easy.

"This is Ghost, I carved her a fiery asshole!" she said over the squadron channel, "hurry and fuck it before its shield matrix adap- Woah!"

In such close proximity to the cube, the two gravimetric torpedoes it sent after her were right in her wake before she had managed to drop countermeasures. The detonation of the blast, it made her Valkyrie topple forward, and she was in free-spin through the debris, trying to level out. While off the squad channel, she was swearing louder by every second.

OOC: The Cayuga is only ten kilometers away from the cube, but the debris is more dense on that side. Husks of Klingon ships in every direction. Now, here are additional Battle Objectives to illustrate in your posts! Please check off one objective each, and you have full liberty in setting up details, like ship names or Klingon NPCs if needed. Change or adapt these objectives as you wish too, thinking of it as a writing exercise, as long as the overall intent is still to reach the Cayuga. Have a look! [Show/Hide]

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie “Hellcat”] Attn: @Nolan, @Multificionado, @Doc M., @Stegro88, @patches, @Fife, @Auctor Lucan, @Griff, @Kinvarus

Daniel had been sitting in the Pilot’s Lounge, after having finally gotten his quarters switched to Vector 2, the transfer of his gear didn’t take too long as he didn't really have much to unpack.  Once he had unpacked finally he had decided that he wanted to get to work on some tactical plans, he wasn’t really feeling all that tired given everything that had gone on.  So he made his way back to the Pilot’s Lounge.  He had been seated for several minutes when his RIO had entered.  “I got Hellcat all suited up for when we arrive at our destination.” He said. 

“Whenever that will be.”  Daniel replied as he looked up at his friend.  Knight stood there in front of him.  Knight looked around to make sure that the two of them were alone before speaking.  “Daniel, I know how you feel about NCOs serving as pilots.  I also know you and know that you’re probably planning something.  Let me offer some friendly advice, let it go for now, talking to Commander Ravon likely won’t yield any results at least not right now.  Wait until after things have calmed down and we’re not on a constant readiness alert.”

Daniel looked down at his PADD then back at his friend.  “Thanks for the advice old friend; I’ll keep it in mind.”  He replied.  Then a moment a silence as Daniel stood up, a moment later and the red alert klaxons began to sound off.  “Prep the figher, I’ll get into my flight suit and meet you there.”  Daniel said as he made his way towards the locker rooms.  It didn’t take him long to get into his flight suit, being an veteran pilot he had gotten into and out of his flight suit numerous times in a variety of different conditions.  As he stepped out of the lockers and through the corridor towards the FAB proper he could see the other pilots making their way to their fighters.  Knight was seated in their fighter as Daniel approached and climbed inside.  He brought up his weapons load out screen and smirked, Knight did know him well and he knew what he would have chosen.


Hearing the order to launch Daniel brought his engines to full power and moments later he was thrust out into space alongside the other Lone Wolves.  As he took in the sight of their soon to be battlefield, a single Borg cube was fighting off several Klingon vessels and he spotted another Federation vessel nearby which his HUD identified as the USS Cayuga.  As he received orders from Commander Ravon he made note of the rally points as he moved into diamond formation alongside the rest of his flight.  “Salvo acknowledges orders.”  He said into the squadron channel.

He personally would have a chosen a different formation, especially when going up against the Borg but he wasn’t in charge and he had to assume that Commander Ravon had some sort of plan up his sleeve.  As they flew through the debris of what were once Klingon vessels Daniel couldn’t help but feel a bit of satisfaction, Martok and his Klingons were getting exactly what they deserved for the bullshit that he pulled against the Sword.  On the other hand the Klingons weren’t exactly fairing well against the Borg, so much for Klingon bravado and strength he thought to himself.  Suddenly Knight broke the silence.

“Salvo I’m picking up a Klingon distress signal coming from an escape pod that is drifting towards the Borg cube, if we move now we can pull them to relative safety.”  He said behind him.  Save the Klingons or ignore them, the patriot in him wanted to ignore the Klingons, however the part of him that had been tempered by Starfleet Academy told him that saving the Klingons would be the right thing to do, even if they would fire on them none the less.

With a sigh he locked onto the escape pod.  “I see them, let’s go be heroes.”  He said as he broke from formation.  “Salvo to Angel, stay on my wing.”  He said as he sent her the coordinates of the Klingon escape pod as well as his engine speed.  “Knight, prep the tractor beam.”  He said as he powered his engines up to full impulse and made his way towards the Klingon escape pod.  As much as he hoped this would help smooth relations with the Klingons he sincerely doubted it would, they likely would only have a cease-fire until the Borg threat was dealt with.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Wolves 03 & 04 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @Nolan @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Kinvarus
Part One of Joint Post Between Fife and Stegro88
Wolves 03 & 04 entered the debris field with the rest of the squadron but it quickly became apparent that keeping any kind of squadron level organisation was going to be next to impossible to maintain. There was broken pieces of ships everywhere which was making navigation a challenge even before you threw in the combat manoeuvring that they would need to do.

“Stay close Foxfire,” Chance directed her wingmate. “Things are going to get pretty hectic real fast.”

“By hectic, you wouldn’t happen to mean things trying to blow us up and assimilate us at the same time now, would you?” Isel fired back, her voice dripping with a mixture of sarcasm and concentration as she maneuvered around yet another piece of debris.

“Something like that,” Chance responded as she pulled back on her controls to go up and over the neck of what looked like a K’tinga-class. Rolling over to reorientate herself, she caught sight of the enormous cube through the field, floating there like some strange sort of angel of death. “Any ideas for dealing with the cube?”

“Well there’s always the “someone else’s fucking problem” option,” Isel joked as she caught sight of the monstrosity between what appeared to be a floating Klingon nacelle and a chuck of god-only-knew-what, “though I suppose in this case we are that someone else... shit!” Isel put her new fighter into a steep climb to avoid a piece of wreckage that had drifted into her path, then quickly scanned the area around her until she caught sight of Chance’s fighter.

“Well, I have some cluster bombs and Hellbores with the cube’s name on them. What say we see if we can make a dent in that thing?” Donna proposed as she rolled around more wreckage. She saw Foxfire approaching and turned to match her course and speed.

“Roger that, Chance. We’d better hit them fast if we’re going to make a scratch before their shields adapt.” Isel acknowledged. Further words were cut off by a series of explosions along the side of the cube. Neither Chance nor Foxfire could tell who or what caused it but the mystery was solved  a moment later when Wolf-02 sounded off across the squadron channel.

"This is Ghost, I carved her a fiery asshole!" Ghost yelled out. “Hurry and fuck it before its shield matrix adap- Woah!"

“Shit, something’s wrong,” Chance called out, her voice concerned for her friend. It had been years since they had flown together but you always remembered your wingmates. At least, that’s what she had been told.

“How the hell did she get over there?” Isel asked, knowing she had lost track of the rest of the Lone Wolves but still not seeing how Ghost had drifted so far, unless she’s simply made a bee-line for the Cube. 

“I’ve no idea, Foxfire. But it looks like she’s out of control,” Donna observed, glancing down at her screens to try and pin down her location. But it was impossible inside the debris field; there was just too much interference. “I can’t pinpoint her location. We’re too far away.”

“Aw, hell.” Isel muttered, keying open a channel to the rest of the squadron, “This is Foxfire. Looks like Wolf-02 is in the shit. We can’t get a sensor reading on her, but we had a brief visual of her in an uncontrolled spin.” Isel reported as she alternated her attention between dodging debris and searching for any sign of Ghost, “Wolves-03 and -04 will try and draw the Cube’s attention. Does someone want to grab Ghost before she becomes one?”

“Thanks Foxfire,” Chance said in gratitude as she plotted out something that resembled an attack run through the debris. Although that was a generous description as they were going sideways as much as they were going forwards. Weaving to the left, Chance flashed past the wing section from a Vor’cha-class attack cruiser. “Shall we then?”

“Don’t thank me yet,” Isel replied as she squeezed between two large chunks of debris, “we still need to get through this shit, and then we’ll be dealing with the Cube. We might all end up ghosts before this is finished.” Isel grumbled, turning her head away from her sensors for a moment to try and locate Chance’s fighter. All around her, debris rolled and drifted, making it difficult to keep track of her Element Leader. Or anything else, for that matter. There was just too much movement all around them. Finally, after several moments of searching, Isel managed to spot the white form of the Mk III moving through the scorched and torn chunks of technological detritus and quickly altered her course to bring herself closer to Chance.

“I’ll go first then,” Chance said once Foxfire was back in formation. “Just stay on my ass.”

“With pleasure!” Isel acknowledged, a sly grin hidden beneath her flight helmet.

“That’s what I figured,” Chance chuckled as she brought her Valkyrie around to line up on the cube. Reaching down even as she rolled and ducked under debris, she armed her cluster bombs. “I’m leading with cluster bombs, Foxfire. Be a dear and drill a pair of Hellbores in afterwards, would you?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Isel said, her grin turning wicked under her visor as her hand moved to arm the aforementioned ordinance. She glanced up to check where they were in relation to the Cube. “You know I love it when I get to... fuck, break right!”

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Wolves 03 & 04 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Fife @Havenborn @Griff @Doc M. @Kinvarus

Part Two Of A Joint Post Between Fife and Stegro88

Chance reacted instinctively to the shouted command from her Vulpinian wingwoman as she rolled down and away as directed. Green weapons fire flashed past her port side, one bolt even smashing into her dorsal shields as whomever was firing tried to correct their aim.

“Shit, shields down to 83%,” Donna relayed as she checked her screens. “Where the hell did that come from. That wasn’t Borg weaponsfire.”

“I’m looking, I’m looking. Keep your panties on Chance,” Isel replied as she alternated scanning her screens and the debris field. Finally, something caught Isel’s eye in the debris field. There were enough Klingon vessels, or rather pieces of Klingon vessels, scattered throughout the field that it took the Vulpinian’s eyes a moment to track it down. Had she been wrong? No, there! “Chance, heads up. We’ve got a Klingon ship at our 2 o’clock. Lifesigns read as all Borg. That’s where the shots came from.”

“Great, even more to worry about,” Chance noted as she flipped into a corkscrew turn to take herself out of what she identified as a B’rel’s line of fire. In a way she had been lucky. If that shot had been from a K’vort, she’d be in a whole lot more trouble now as she glanced down to make sure her shields were regenerating.

“As if the Klingons and the Borg weren’t bad enough on their own!” Isel snarled as she rolled her fighter to the side, narrowly avoiding the B’rel’s second volley as it came around again. The disruptor bolts impacted the remains of a wing from another Bird-of-Prey, obliterating it and showering Isel’s shields with fragments of debris and shrapnel. 

“We have to report this, and what’s worse, we have to take it out,” Chance pointed out to her wingwoman as she dove down and away, trying to break free so that she could come about to take a shot at the B’rel. “You alright?”

“I’m ok,” Isel replied as she checked the status of her shields, “I got peppered with some debris, but my aft shields are holding at 94%.” 

“Good, see if you can get a read on its shield status while I report in.” Chance said as she adjusted her coms output. “Chance to all wolves. Be advised the Borg have commandeered at least one Klingon vessel and are using it against us. If there is one, there is probably more. Ravon, you might like to let Ops on the Theurgy know,” Chance called out over the squadron channel before flipping back. “What’s the news Foxfire?”

“Sensors show the B’rel’s shields are at 9 percent and climbing.” Isel called back, “10 percent. We’d better hit them fast if we want to have a chance.” "Not that our chances are that great to begin with," Isel added as a dark afterthought.

“Alright then,” Chance responded, her mind work as she dodged past more debris. Looking at her sensors, the B’rel was coming around again. "When it fires, break left. I’ll go right and whichever of us is not chased comes around and puts a pair of quantum torpedoes into its ass. Deal?”

“Copy that,” Isel acknowledged, rolling her fighter to port and weaving her way through the debris. She tried to manoeuvre so that any larger pieces of debris would be between her and the B’rel, hoping to take advantage of whatever cover she could find. A quick glance at her sensors told her that she was now the bait. “Oh good! Looks like the Borg have a thing for cute and furry too!” Isel said without a hint of enthusiasm, “Don’t miss, Donna!”

“I won’t,” Chance promised as she came around...something to see the Borg B’rel right in front of her. Swapping her weapon’s control to her quantum torpedos, Chance brought her fighter up behind the bird-of-prey. “14% shields, not enough,” Chance said to herself as she triggered off a pair of torpedoes, counting to 2 in between launches. Once they were on their way, she switched to her phaser cannons and bathed her target’s shields in light, draining their strength. 

The ship must have been pretty damaged from the battle already as the first torpedo’s detonation tore a large chunk out of the B’rel’s starboard wing as the majority of the blast penetrated the shield. The second torpedo finished the job as it impacted the ventral side of the Bird-of-Prey, right below the impulse drive. Chance was forced to flinch and break away from the explosion.

“Scratch one Borg B’rel, Foxfire,” Chance announced to her wingmate.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!!” Came the Vulpinian’s frantic reply as she raced to manoeuvre her fighter out of the way of the “head” of the Bird-of-Prey, which had been hurled by the explosion and was bearing down on her. She managed to bank to starboard and slot her fighter through a narrow gap between two large chunks of debris just bare moments before the bridge of the Klingon vessel slammed into the two rolling pieces of space trash, erupting in one final burst of fire and destruction as it’s chase of the Vulpinian’s fighter ended. “Next time you get to be the bait,” Isel grumbled as she brought her Mk III about and moved to link back up with her Element Leader.

“Only if you’re the one doing the pouncing,” Chance joked, adrenaline flooding her system. “And before you say it, I didn’t sign up for this either.”

“Oh, great! First you drag me out to fight Borg Klingons, now you’re stealing my snarky comments too!” Isel continued to grumble as she scowled at her Valkyrie’s sensor readouts, “What’s next? Are you going to make me fly naked?” Isel’s scowl turned into a grin then as she realized what she was saying. “Don’t answer that...” she quickly added, not wanting to give Chance any ideas.

“It would be a waste of a good view,” Chance shot back, unable to resist. After checking her own screen, she was able to pinpoint the location of the Cayuga as it dashed through the debris field. “C’mon, let's get to the Cayuga.”

“Lead the way, Chance, I’ve got your back.” Isel called back, her mouth curling into a lop-sided grin as she moved her fighter into position as best she could, dodging the floating pieces of space junk that made up this damn debris field as she did so. “Sensors look clear, though that doesn’t mean much in this mess. Stay sharp, lover.”

“You too, lover,” Chance replied as she focused on the battle around her once again.

OOC: Objective 4 Cleared.

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[LT. JG Alessia Garcia - Callsign “Angel” | Wolf 06 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ]  Attn: @Havenborn @Stegro88 @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Fife @Griff @Doc M.

As Alessia smoothly zipped her Valravn through the debris field, her eyes scanned the battlefield, spotting the large Borg Cube ahead of them, which to be fair wasn't exactly hard to miss as well as several Klingon vessels, her eyes briefly following the exchange of green weapons fire and red illuminations of Klingon Torpedoes as they streaked across space even as her eyes glanced at her HUD every few seconds.

Smiling under her helmet she already knew she wanted to take on that Cube and blast a hole in it however her excitement was cut short when Ghost's voice came over the Comm proclaiming she'd already done just that and cursed under her breath, how'd she even manage to get over there?. Well at least she could make the hole bigger, that was something at least, her thought interrupted when she heard Ghost curse, either something had gone wrong badly wrong or she had to dodge something, either way it sounded bad.

Looking out of her window she couldn't see Ghost and a glance at her HUD wasn't picking her up either, too much interference from the debris filed. "Fuck!" she cursed, knowing she was little she could do at the moment but hopefully one of the others would get a bead on her if she was in trouble. At least she could pick up where her fellow Wolf had left off and make that hole even wider.

However just as she was about to plot an intercept course Havenborn came over the comm and told her to stay on his wing. Glancing at her HUD when his coordinates were sent over she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "You've gotta be kidding me?" she muttered. Instead of going to punch a hole in a Borg Cube she was going to have to help rescue a Klingon escape pod???  With a sigh she hit her console as she moved her fighter into position. "On your six Salvo."

Following Salvo she kept her eye on her HUD, frowning when she saw two Klingon ships break off and head towards them on an intercept course. "Angel to Salvo, we've got a  Klingon ship inbound on an attack vector, you grab the Pod, we'll deal with them."

Breaking away slightly from her position, she placed her ship between Salvo's fighter and the approaching Klingons, her finger hovering over the trigger of her controls.

"Fury open a channel to the Klingon ship."

She could hear the beeps from his console behind her as he worked the controls "Channel Open, can't promise you they'll respond but they will hear you."

Nodding Alessia took a breath before speaking "This is Lieutenant Alessia Garcia to approaching Klingon vessel, we're attempting to rescue one of your escape pod, call off your attack run, I repeat we're attempting to rescue your people, stand down."

After several moments of silence with no reply even as the ships advanced, Alessia muted the comm so that she could speak to her RIO "They can still hear us right?"

From behind her Fury glanced down at his console and nodded "Oh yeah they can hear you, they're just...ignoring you...but they are Klingons sooo...." He replied.

WIth a half sigh, half growl Alessia unmuted herself as her finger lightly started squeezing the trigger on her phasers, just incase she would need to start shooting. "There's no honor in attacking someone trying to aid a fellow warrior even if they are on opposite sides of the battle. So if you want to shoot us then go head but if we all die here I know I'll be making it to Sto'vo'Kor with my honour intact, could you say the same?"

Another brief moment of silence passed before Fury's console beeped and he chuckled. "Well that got their attention, they're responding, audio only."

"This is Captain Korrvis of the IKS Black Fang, you talk a big game petaQ...but you speak the truth nor is there any challenge in destroying your puny little fighters, not where there is a bigger threat to destroy. Instruct your fellow pilot to tow the pod into transporter range and we will beam the survivors aboard but do not think this makes us allies Starfleet Dog only a temporary truce, Korrvis out."

"Yeah whatever you need to tell yourself Pendejo." Alessia muttered as the channel closed before opening another one to Salvo "Angel to Salvo, I managed to negotiate a somewhat truce with the approaching Klingons you're free to rescue the pod without having to worry about them, they want you to tow the pod into transporter range and they'll beam the survivors aboard...but that doesn't mean they won't open fire the second they have them so be ready, we've got you covered incase they try anything." she said as she made sure to keep her fighter between them, her weapons trained on the Klingon ship, much like they still had their trained on her.


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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie | Ithacae System ]

Goldeneye and Bloodwing dodged the floating detritus, bobbing, weaving, rising, and falling in an attempt to stay in formation and close the distance between them and the Borg cube.  So much information on obstacles were coming through the Heads Up Display in Tessa’s helmet, that she decided to ignore the hazy blue view out of her cockpit window and concentrate on her instruments.  They were still in formation as they reached “the front lines” the cluster of Klingon ships in various states of functionality, identifiable by their power signatures.  Coming into clarity was the power signature of the Cayuga; apparently the Iroquois-class starship was still intact and functional.  All they had to do was get through the decimated Klingon battlegroup and go around the corner of that massive Borg cube to reach it and…

”Augh!” Tessa cried as a the burning wreckage of what used to be a B’rel class Bird-of-Prey came out of the debris field.  Evelyn Rawley, callsign “Ghost” had already managed to dodge it and now it was Goldeneye and Bloodwing’s turn.  The diamond formation was broken and now it was every pilot and their wingman for themselves. 

There was just so much to avoid!  Tessa didn’t know how she was going to make a difference out here, there was just so much out there, even with a computer that was faster than a RIO.  Sooner or later she was going to…

She jerked forward in her seat, pushing against the flight restraints holding her in place despite the inertial dampeners installed in her cockpit.  An eerie green light filled her cockpit and illuminated the exterior of her Valkyrie.  ”Eep!  What’s going on?” she squeaked as she glanced about helplessly before noticing the warning on her Heads Up Display.  ”A tractor beam?  Oh no!  They’re going to take me alive!” 

Blinded by panic, Tessa overrode the safety overrides and set her thrusts and impulse drive to maximum.  Nothing.  Not even an increasing vibration. She was being pulled through the debris field at a leisurely pace and there was nothing she could do about it.  At least the tractor beam seemed to be clearing a path for her. 

Grasping at straws, Tessa decided to call for help.  ”Goldeneye to Bloodwing, I’m caught in a tractor beam and I’m stuck fast!  Please if there’s anything you can do, help me!”

OOC:  Objective Six, check!

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Kestrel | Heart of the Azure Nebula | Debris field ]
@Auctor Lucan

As the flight formed up on Thomas' wing he looked around and just gazed over the shitstorm they found themselves in. The debris would provide enough cover if they flew smart enough and keeping up with the formation in the field would be suicidal. Gritting his teeth Thomas looked at the cube and at the Cayuga in the distance "Razor to all elements, break formation and continue to work your way to the Cayuga. If you spot anything that you can kill, disable or save, take it. Good hunting." he voiced out before he watched the fighters peel off in groups of two. He looked at Ghost yet before he could actually say anything to her she already voiced out her plan and broke away.

Ravon shook his head as he was forced to follow his wingwoman yet he kept a distance from her to make sure she'd be fine from any hostiles in her wake. He could see some logic in her words yet he warned her "I think we're better off hitting her as a group then alone." though it was of no use as the woman was as stubborn as a brick. He kept up with her flying and evaded the oncoming debris before he had to break away as Rawley got closer to the Borg cube. "Fuck... Razor to Rawley, I'm no longer on your tail." he saw Klingon warbird pieces all around him now and his HUD showed a warning as he came close to undetonated ordinance of the warbird. He hightailed it out of there as he looked at the cube that was awfully close now. He could see the signal of Ghost closing in before the explosion of her strike became apparent. It made him smirk slightly, yet left him with a bitter taste in his mouth as the cube launched torpedoes onto Rawley.

He rushed his way to her position before he got word from her. It was a typical Rawley response yet she cut out and he saw the two hefty explosions of the Borg's gravimetric torpedoes. He cursed as he began to fly more dangerously, pieces of debric scraping along the hull and lighting up his shield as he finally got eyes on Ghost. Her fighter spinning out of control and barely hitting any debris in the way. "Got yourself in a pickle again eh?" he called out to her on a private channel before he roared over her fighter and cleared a good way ahead of her with his phasers.

"You'll never learn will you." he scolded at her as he locked on to her before using the tractor beam as a tow to help her regain control in his wake "I can't save your pretty ass every five second Ev. I expect you to be better." he answered her, knowing it would undoubtedly piss her off yet hopefully get her head more into the game. "Now form up and follow my lead. We need a bigger hole."

It was a chance they had to take now before the cube would adapt to their fire. Rawley had already given it a taste, so they had to strike now while they had the time. Any longer postponing would result in a negative outcome to whatever they threw at the cube.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu (Callsign: Bloodwing) | Wolf 08 | Debris Field | Azura Nebula] Attn: @Doc M.


The flight through the cluttered battlefield was a chaotic, terrifying ordeal, and it was driving Lillee to her limit as she flew up, over and around in a wild evasion course. She was barely able to keep an eye on Goldeneye, never mind the rest of the squadron, and worse, Lillee was learning her fighter as she flew. The Valkyrie was twitchy, its controls oversensitive to her touch, its impulse engine more worn than the Valkyrie she had flown in test flights all those months ago, not quite capable of the same acceleration. There were so many variables that Lillee's mind soon simply switched off, flying by sheer instinct in the awful morass of battle. She barely avoided a photon torpedo more from luck than judgement, not even knowing whether it had been fired by the Theurgy or the Klingons.

The burning wreck of the Bird of Prey finally did it. Seeing the threat far too late, Lillee could only flick into a desperate roll as she accelerated, flying blindly right through a flaming hole in the shell of the broken Klingon warship, bursting out the outside like a bullet. She instinctively glanced at her shields, saw that they had been depleted to 34% under the barrage of superheated fire and smaller debris, and hissed in frustration as she continued the insane obstacle course before finally passing into relative safety outside the worst of it. The immense mass of the Borg cube still hung barely five kilometers away, firing weapons relentlessly from all sides, seemingly invincible, but that was fine; Lillee didn't want to go anywhere near that thing again, instead aiming at the much smaller USS Cayuga.

Then her comm activated, a familiar voice crying out in a mix of fear and desperation.

"Goldeneye to Bloodwing, I'm caught in a tractor beam and I'm stuck fast!  Please if there's anything you can do, help me!"

Lillee jerked in shock, realising that she'd lost her wingmate in the close call with the Klingon wreck, and she instinctively flipped her bird around to begin accelerating back the way she'd come, back towards the Borg cube, trying to find Goldeneye. But where could she...there!

"I see you Goldeneye," she muttered, too deep in her battle trance for emotion to cloud her voice. She briefly considered trying a lone strike on the cube itself, to destroy the tractor emitter, but realised that such a precise strike would be impossible in this cluttered mess of a battlefield. Even hitting ten meters to either side of the emitter wouldn't be enough to destroy it, even assuming her weapons did anything to that monster. So...

Taking a deep breath, Lillee felt her focus laser in as she descended yet further into her battle trance. She opened her impulse throttle as wide as she dared, zooming back through the maze with insane speed, trusting to luck, instinct and skill to keep her alive as she navigated the lethal maze of debris, phaser beams and torpedoes. However, Lillee's objective wasn't her captured wingmate. Instead, she aimed her Valkyrie much closer to the Borg cube, only a kilometer away from the monster.

"Goldeneye, go to max accel now," she muttered in her helmet, the debris and bright weapons fire almost a blur outside her cockpit.  Closing near the base of the shimmering green tractor beam, so much more dense and narrow that close to the cube, she flew right through the tractor beam at an obscene velocity. The impact of sudden deceleration was brutal, causing Lillee's vision to darken at the huge G forces as her inertial dampeners struggled to compensate, but she flicked to starboard blindly anyway, away from the cube.

The feeling as her Valkyrie responded to her touch, its impulse engine throbbing mightily, confirming that she'd been going fast enough not to get caught in the tractor beam, made Lillee scream in wild ecstasy, her battle trance broken by the insane, exhilarating maneuver.

"Goldeneye!" she called out as she flung her bird back around through the debris field, aimed again at the far off Cayuga. "Are you free!?"

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie | Ithacae System ]  Attn: Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Griff @Kinvarus

”Goldeneye to Bloodwing, I’m caught in a tractor beam and I’m stuck fast!  Please if there’s anything you can do, help me!” Tessa squeaked.

Her gloved hands played over her control panel.  ”Forward thrust, inoperative, warp drive not responding, safety interlocks preventing torpedoes from firing, shields…” she blinked beneath her helmet as she saw her shields drain away right before her eyes.  Her training left her as she closed her eyes and waved her hands before her and let out a panicked scream.  ”Aaaah!”

[ I see you Goldeneye, ] Lillee’s disembodied voice mumbled almost too quiet to be heard.

”Huh?” Tessa blinked.  ”Bloodwing!  Quickly, you’ve got to hurry!”

[ Goldeneye, go to max accel now, ] Lillee instructed.

”What?” Tessa’s mind was momentarily blank.  ”All right!” she gasped as she ran her fingers across the LRCS panels in front of her.  ”Putting everything into forward thrust now!”

This was the moment.  Any second now Lillee would use her tractor beam to push some debris into the tractor beam and Tessa would…

But that wasn’t what Lillee did at all.  Incredibly, Tessa saw a metallic blur zip behind her and then she was pushed back in her chair as the Valkyrie’s inertial compensator tried to account for the sudden thrust.

[ Goldeneye! ] Lillee’s voice exclaimed over the comm system.  [ Are you free!? ]

As Tessa’s fighter zoomed on an erratic and nearly out of control course through the debris and the battle raging in the Ithacae System, the only reply Lillee got back was a high-pitched ”AAAAAAAAH!”

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie “Hellcat”] Attn: @Nolan, @Multificionado, @Doc M., @Stegro88, @patches, @Fife, @Auctor Lucan, @Griff, @Kinvarus

“Tractor beam prepped Salvo.”  Daniel heard from behind him, he was closing in on the escape pod when he heard Angel inform him of a Klingon ship that had vectored towards them.  It seemed that the Klingons would be living up to their reputation of being barbarians; hopefully Angel would be able to delay them long enough so that he could rescue the escape pod.  As she broke from his wing to confront the Klingons; Daniel throttled his engines as best he could to try and get closer to the pod that was drifting towards to the Borg cube.  Although it occurred to him that he’d have to slow down to lock onto the pod, so he quickly did the math in his head and calculated what he needed to do, then he input the information into the ship’s computer.  “Knight, keep an eye on the power.”  Daniel said as he got an affirmative from his RIO.

They were gaining on the pod, another hundred meters and they’d be there, and that was when he received another communication from Angel.  “Understood Angel.”  He replied as he locked onto the pod, seventy-five more meters.  “Knight, prep the thrusters for tractor tow.”  He said as they closed in.  Fifty meters left.  “Got it Salvo, thrusters prepped and ready on your mark.”  Knight said from behind him.  “I do want to remind you that this is how Apex was killed.”  Knight said.  “I know.”  Daniel said as he remembered the incident.  He had studied the maneuver a thousand times since Lieutenant Grant’s death and he knew for a fact that it was pilot error.  Daniel would not make the same mistake that his former SCO had made and he would succeed where his mentor had failed.

Only another twenty-five meters until Daniel reached the escape pod.  He could see the Borg cube and his HUD continued to display the other Lone Wolves as they maneuvered around the battlefield.  As he closed the distance with the escape pod he activated the tractor beam, he watched the bluish-white energy beam connect with the pod and he immediately throttled his engines to full power, He could feel the ship tremble from the maneuvering turn he just pulled and the added mass of the escape pod that he was now towing.  “Power steady, tractor beam holding.”  Knight said behind him.  He set his course for the Klingon vessel that Angel was watching.  “Salvo to Angel, as soon as I disengage my tractor beam we’ll head straight for the Cayuga and rejoin with the rest of the squadron.”  He said, hopefully the Klingons wouldn’t give chase and worry more about rescuing their comrades.

Daniel heard Angel’s confirmation and kept closing in on the Klingon Bird of Prey.  “Think the Klingons will fire on us?”  Knight asked him.  “For their sake, I hope not.  Hopefully they’ll recognize that the ordnance we’re carrying could seriously fuck them over, ordnance that we mean to deliver to the Borg.”  Daniel replied.  “Let’s hope so.”  Knight said.  Daniel began to calculate how far the escape pod he was towing could drift; he began to slowly make small course corrections.  His goal was to aim the escape pod so that it could drift towards the Klingon ship giving him and Angel enough time to withdraw and avoid a confrontation with the Klingons.  As much as he wanted some revenge on them for their bullshit, first with Drex and then with Martok; he knew that the Borg was a larger threat and they needed to be dealt with immediately.  He didn’t want to have to waste his ordnance on the Klingons, ordnance that he meant to deliver to the Borg as soon as he got the chance.

As Daniel closed in on Angel’s wing he turned ever so slightly and disengaged the tractor beam.  He watched as the escape pod drifted towards the Klingon Bird of Prey and opened a channel to Angel.  “Salvo to Angel, our work here is done.”  Daniel said as he turned his fighter towards the Cayuga and the rest of the squadron, hopefully now they could deal with the Borg and worry about the Klingons later.

OOC:  Objective 3 complete.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Cinsaj's Cockpit | AC-507 Mk I Reaver | Heart of the Azure Nebula ] Attn:
@Nolan @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Doc M. @Griff @Kinvarus
Father, this can't be real. Green eyes blinked behind a black visor. I heard what those on the Endeavour said, but I couldn't believe their words. Not truly... Of course I didn't think they lied, but at the same time... hearing about something and seeing it with your own eyes is never quite the same, is it?

Despite what they had seen on the Cinsaj's advanced sensors a minute earlier, Devyrie Okhala could hardly credit her eyes when the AC-507 Mk I Reaver dropped out of warp in front of the nightmarish debris field. She sucked a breath through her teeth, seated between PO Mickayla and Lieutenant Drake, confirming all that which their sensor array had told them. Lone Wolves in the field, the Theurgy lambasted by Borg disruptor fire and gravimetric torpedoes.. Several Klingon ships in orbit around the monolithic cube, their weapons fire useless since the cube had already adapted. Countless more shredded and tumbling through the particle clouds of the nebula. And somewhere, on the far side, another Federation starship, designated the USS Cayuga.

Devyrie, she imagined she heard her father say. You must keep moving.

Father, I... have not flown this ship before. And Laurel. She... I am sorry.

Keep moving. Aurum's words always helped her focus. Even then. Save your tears.

Devyrie clenched her teeth together, and wrapped her gloved grip around the impulse throttle. "Keep moving..." she hissed silently, and she rammed the throttle forward. Her emerald eyes were slits behind the visor, and she overshot the Theurgy by a mere fivehundred meters as she engaged the cube. She was not about to let Terror, Sniper, Catscratch or Angel die out there. Nor the rest of her new pack. Not when she was in a cockpit. "Mickayla, Gideon. I can't have you in here if I am to fly this thing properly. I am going to request a beam-out from the Theurgy, understood?"

While the Reaver was a large bird, the armoured cockpit was not quite made for two additional passengers, and she didn't have full range of movement. Whatever they might say, she had to announce her presence to the pack and to Mission Ops. "Reaver-Zero-One to Mission Ops, over! This is Dragon, Lieutenant Okhala! Two abductees and I have reclaimed this Reaver from the Savi, and I am rejoining the Lone Wolves. Status on the Savi ship, unknown. Copy?" She switched the frequency to the Squadron channel, one which was already installed in the Reaver since the Battle of Starbase 84. "Reaver-Zero-One to Wolf Leader. Commander Ravon, do you copy? This is Dragon, and I'm engaging the Borg cube in wait for further orders, over!"

There were replies, but the fight on the Savi dreadnought's shuttle bay might have done something to the comm array, since there was too much static. She could barely make out anything. "This is Dragon. I have audibility zero here, over!"

The next thing she saw, while speeding into the debris field, was the IFF:s of Valravn fighters defending the Theurgy's scoutship on the port side of the debris field, but they were not IFF:s from White Wolves she expected. Meerkat? Scylla, Wraith and Blizzard? They never came aboard the Theurgy. What is going on? I can see Angel out there, but what about the rest?

She was still alive. Alessia Garcia. Whatever may have happened, Angel was alive. It irked her to no end that she couldn't make out what anyone was saying out there.

Keep moving, she heard her father say while she tried to find a direct link to a ETS channel Transporter Room on the Theurgy. Her green eyes spotted something directly ahead, however, and she had to abandon the attempt. Even if she couldn't hear anyone, she had to continue talking in case it was only on her end. "This is Dragon, that Negh'Var battleship was just caught by one of the cube's tractor beams! I have a clear trajectory, so I will break it free, over!"

She had a kilometer to go, and she armed her strange weapon systems, hardly even knowing which was which. Bargherst, something. While she still could, she spoke to her present company in the cockpit. "I can't reach the Theurgy right now, so you're in for the ride. Hold on and try not to get in my way in here, okay?" She prepared to lay waste to the area where the tractor beam emitter was at... only something completely unforeseen happened.

All of a sudden, as if flipping a switch somewhere, something happened to the cube's adaptive shield matrix. Because without explanation, all the ordnance that the surviving Klingon ships sent towards the cube bit straight through its shields. Soundless, fiery clouds burst from the immense surface of the cube, and the IKS Negh'Var battleship was freed by one of its own ships before Devyrie could. What just happened?

"This is Dragon to all Lone Wolves. Your audibility is still zero, but did you all see that? It seems the cube's shields are down, at least for now. Razor, I suggest any available fighters concentrate fire on the cube now, over."

Said and done, she took a deep breath, and pushed her thumbs down, making her Reaver carve deep furrows into the cube, her speed and flying keeping her just ahead of the disruptor beams.

And she never stopped moving.

OOC: Devyrie can be heard, but she only gets static back, being unresponsive. In your next posts, should your characters try to fire on the cube prior to the IKS Negh'Var being freed by a fellow Klingon ship, they would have found that the cube's shield matrix had adapted. However, after Devyrie's squadron announcement about the effects of the Soup Sandwich virus fallout (see Storm Glass, CV's posts with Trent) they will find the cube entirely unprotected, and the Klingon fleet is biting chunks out of it for the time being. The Cayuga is still ten kilometers away from the cube, and the debris is more dense on that side. Here are brand new Battle Objectives to illustrate in your upcoming posts! Again, please check off one objective each, and you still have full liberty in setting up details. Here we go! [Show/Hide]

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie | Ithacae System ]  Attn: Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Arista @Stegro88 @Fife @Havenborn @Griff @Kinvarus

”AAAAAAAAH!” Tessa screamed as her fighter zoomed on through space at speeds too fast for the debris filled Ithacae System.  She managed to soar over a huge chunk of rock, dive underneath a damaged K’vort class cruiser, dart to the port to avoid a venerable K’tinga class battlecruiser that had been refit to serve as a destroyer, and jink to the starboard around the wreckage of a B’rel class scout.  She had to slow down or she’d collide with a something in this cursed system, natural or Klingon made.  Desperately, she activated her braking thrusters, hoping that she wouldn’t cause her Valkyrie to go into a lethal spin. 

Incredibly, she managed to stop herself, only rotating one hundred and eighty degrees as she did so.  From out of the brown and bluish haze came a brilliant light.  Tessa screamed as her Head’s Up Display revealed that the Borg cube had fired a salvo of gravimetric torpedoes right towards her!

There was no time for shock or disbelief; Tessa had to react now.  In desperation, she fired her tetryon pulse phase cannon while using her tractor beam to jerk the flaming wreckage of the B’rel class in front of her so that it would take the brunt of the impact.  The explosion sent her fighter spinning out of control and straight towards the main hull of the USS Cayuga, the starship the squadron had been trying to reach in the first place.  

A tractor beam shot out of the Cayuga’s saucer and reduced her momentum to zero.  It then released her and Tessa watched in numb incredulity, as the long range explorer passed over her and revealed just how tiny her Valk was compared to the Cayuga’s hull.  The Borg hadn’t been firing at her; those torpedoes were meant for the Cayuga.  Somehow Tessa had ended up directly on the torpedoes route and between her tetryon pulse phase cannon and her tractor beam she had caused enough of the debris floating through the Ithacae System to bounce around like billiard balls and intercept the gravimetric torpedoes and make them detonate prematurely.  It had been a trillion to one shot, and somehow Tessa had made it.  She hoped if she survived this battle no one asked her how she had done it because there was no way she could give them an answer.

OOC:  Battle Objective Seven, Check!

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Kestrel | Heart of the Azure Nebula | Debris field ]
 @Auctor Lucan @Triage @Havenborn @Doc M. @Stegro88 @Fife @Griff @Kinvarus

Once Rawley recovered from her sticky situation she was all too eager to form up on Razor's wing to sink her fangs into the cube once more. The two fighters moved almost in sync as they evaded and closed their distance to the Borg cube. The eyes of Ravon narrowed as they closed in on their target before a Bird of Prey soared past their front, moving away from the cube "What the fuck!" Rawley cursed out as she had to maneuver herself out of it's flight path. Both pilots followed the ship and it's trajectory onto to realize it was heading straight for the Cayuga.

"Fucking hell..." Thomas muttered as he peeled off the attack pattern that was set for the Cube and began his chase with the Klingon ship. Scans showed zero non-Borg life signs and he opened a link to Rawley "Ghost, if you'd be so kind to pepper that ship with some ordinance. She's heading for the Cayuga, probably assimilated." Rawley confirmed and lead the chase as Thomas followed on her tail. He multi tasked and checked on the whereabouts of his fellow pilots. All of them miraculously still seemed alive and perhaps this was a turning point. The shields of the Bird of Prey lit up as Rawley opened fire and it didn't take long before it returned fire. Rawley managed to peel away the last layer of the aft shields before she had to break off and Thomas got a clear shot. Two well placed quantum torpedoes were launched out of the torpedo boxes and the impact caused for a rain of debris a few dozens of kilometers short of the Cayuga.

"You stole that kill from me Razor, you better pay up when we get back!" Was Rawley's semi aggressive comment to him and the SCO could only chuckle and laugh "You should've finish up when you have the chance Ev." he teased her before he turned his ship around and sped off back to the cube "Come on, lets go do what we were here for in the first place." he grinned as he had his eyes on the prize once more.

On his way over to the cube he suddenly heard a crackling static on his audio feed and when he could tune it slightly more he heard the voice of no one else then Devyrie Okhala. "What the..." he muttered before he listened closely.

"Reaver-Zero-One to Wolf Leader. Commander Ravon, do you copy? This is Dragon, and I'm engaging the Borg cube in wait for further orders, over!"

"Dragon this is Razor. Proceed with caution and form up on me as I'm doing a run on the ship myself. Do you copy? Over."

None of it seemed to get through as he heard her not confirm to his request and it didn't take long before he heard why. "This is Dragon. I have audibility zero here, over!" Razor had experience with that problem far too often and he looked at the Reaver as it finally popped up on his sensor feed. He warned Rawley that they'd take a slight detour to try and catch up with the Reaver in order to visually get contact with Devyrie. Perhaps low band Fm, yet they needed to get closer.

As they closed in evading and firing their way through the debris the battle kept raging on at full speed. Explosions on multiple Klingon ships were seen as well as the destruction of them by ships of their own which were undoubtedly assimilated. It could be the other way around as well though as Klingon ships might have wiped out lost ship in order to keep their ranks from diminishing.

Ravon and Rawley noticed the strange phenomenon as well though when the Klingon fleet's weaponry suddenly seemed to get through the adaptive shields of the Borg. Which was odd, yet perhaps a gift from whomever was out there. The explosions and chunks of the cube were real and Dragon reported it in as well.

"This is Dragon to all Lone Wolves. Your audibility is still zero, but did you all see that? It seems the cube's shields are down, at least for now. Razor, I suggest any available fighters concentrate fire on the cube now, over."

It was a good suggestion and it took Ravon a split second to react "All wolves, divert all attention to the Cube. Weapons free. It looks like she's down on shields so make every single shot count! Lance, you seem like you're pretty much on top of the Cayuga, maintain position and cover it from there. Razor out." he opened up a link to the Theurgy as well "Ops for Razor, Borg shields seem down. Wolves are moving in for a full engagement. Any support would be appreciated."

Rawley and Ravon raced to the cube as if it was the finish line of a ten legged race. Their weapons arming up as their quantum, photon and hellbore torpedoes were just itching to widen the hole which Rawley had already made.

OOC: Objective 1 and 2 checked.

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[LT. JG Alessia Garcia - Callsign “Angel” | Wolf 06 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ]  Attn: @Havenborn @Stegro88 @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Fife @Griff @Doc M.

Alessia's fingers hovered over her controls, as she watched Salvo begin towing the ship out of danger, her gaze occasionally glancing over to the Klingon ships wondering if they were going to be true to their word, although she was a little skeptical it wouldn't be honorable for them to go back on their word so she probably didn't have anything to worry about.

"Salvo to Angel, as soon as I disengage my tractor beam we'll head straight for the Cayuga and rejoin with the rest of the squadron." came the message from her fellow pilot. After acknowledging his instruction, Angel plotted a course for the Cayuga and prepered to take off towards it once Salvo had released the ship.

Once the ship was safely out of danger and Salvo had joined her on her wing she smiled under her helmet "Great job Salvo, heading towards the Cayuga now."

As she and Salvo headed towards their objective she observed the battle through the window as they went, watching the phaser fire being exchanged between familar Federation, Klingon and Borg weapons and silently hoped that all the people on their side were doing okay. As they manouvered through various debris and the odd bout of weapons fire, Alessia noticed a new contact pop up on her HUD and frowned.

"Now who or what is that?" She wondered mostly to herself as her ships sensors eventually tagged the target with a Federation signature, although given her current status along with the rest of the Theurgy unlike in the past a Federation signature in a battle didn't necessarily mean a friendly, although hopefully that would be true in this case, as they already have enough to deal with as it was. She would get her answer pretty quickly however when the comm came to life with a voice she most certainly wasn't expecting...

"This is Dragon to all Lone Wolves. Your audibility is still zero, but did you all see that? It seems the cube's shields are down, at least for now. Razor, I suggest any available fighters concentrate fire on the cube now, over."

"Dev?" Alessia whispered softly in surprise before chuckling and shaking her head, relieved that her friend was not only alive but had managed to escape from her captors, not that she was completely surprised by that, Dev was a strong woman after all.

"I knew she'd make it!" Fury said from his spot behind her and Alessia nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I did too, the fact she can't hear any of us though is less good though but she can handle it and we'll deal. Great news about the Cube's shields though, we're going to have to hit it with everything we have and the sooner the better." Alessia replied as she continued to manouver the Valravn through the battlefield.

No sooner had she said it that Razor issued the order for all Wolves to close in and give the Cube all they had. Altering their course with a sharp turn, Angel danced her fighter through more debris and keyed up her weapons, the Hellbore's on her wings were ready to go, torpedoes were loaded into the tubes, phasers were primed and ready and the targeting computer was locking onto the Cube and several of it's secondary systems.

After dodging several green phaser streaks from the Cube, she pulled the trigger, unleashing her Hellbore's towards the cube, each missile detaching from her wings and whizzing across the black of space towards their target, impacting against the larger ship with two massive explosions, the orange/red/yellow firey mix of colors a vast contrast to the dark grey and green combination of the Borg.

Banking to her right, Angel switched her weapon systems to her torpedo launchers and programmed them for a high yield detonation, planning on sending the torpedos right into the spot her Hellborne's had hit, but had to curse under her breath and bank hard to the left in order to avoid one of the Cube's torpedoes that had been fired her way.

Turning the fighter around she kept one eye on the battle outside her window as the other watched her HUD, waiting for the ship's systems to confirm their target lock and fired her torpedos the second the HUD turned green and couldn't help but smirk under her helmet when her torpedos hit their mark, the hole her Hellborne's had tore into the Cube now twice as big as it had been a second ago. Her celebration was short lived however as Fury spoke up from behind her.

"Angel we have a problem, sensors have picked up an assimilated Vorcha class, no non-Borg's right on Devyrie's tail, from the looks of it she hasn't spotted it yet." Fury said.

"Fuck." Angel cursed as she glanced at the sensor readouts on her HUD. "Angel to Razor, Dragon's got a hostile on her ass that she hasn't spotted, I've already unleashed my heavy payload on the Cube so I'm going to break off and give her a hand." She informed their leader over the Comm as she broke away from the cube, plotting an intercept course for the Vorcha class.

"Fury any ideas on how we can contact Dev so that she can hear us?" Alessia asked as her fighter danced through the battlefield.

Fury remained quiet for a few moments as he thought before speaking up "We could try using a low band FM frequency instead of subspace, it's possible that whatever is causing her problem is only affecting high band subspace frequencies. There's no way to know for sure if it will work but it's the only thing that springs to mind."

"It's worth a shot, do it." Angel said as she saw the Reaver class ahead of her, her own Valravn heading straight towards it, almost as if the two ships were playing a game of chicken with the other.

"I'll need a few seconds to recalibrate." Fury replied as his fingers danced over his console, keying in the necessary commands. "Got it, give it a try" He announced after several more seconds as he opened a comm channel to Devyrie's ship.

"Angel to Dragon, I hope you can hear this chica because you've got an assimilated Vorcha class right behind that pretty ass of yours." She said with humor in her voice "Don't worry though, Fury and I have you covered." she added as her Valravn shot over the top of Dev's Reaver, beginning a straifing run on the now Borg controlled Klingon vessel.

OOC: Objective 6 checked

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 03 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Fife

The Cube hung like a looming angel of death above everything happening around it, wreckage and debris both shielding it from direct attack while also preventing it from easily attacking the craft harrying it. No simulator or training mission at the academy could prepare you for flying through the area around the aperture.

“It’s getting messy here Foxfire. Stay close,” Chance called to her wingwoman as she rolled around the remains of a K’vort. As she straightened up, she had to instantly break to the right as a Vor’cha soared past, its disruptors firing at the cube. “Fuck me. Now the friendlies are a danger. You ok four?” Chance asked. When no reply was immediately forthcoming, she looked down at her screen while calling out again. “Foxfire, respond?”

The channel was still open but something was blocking or interfering with the signal. Looking around, Chance could see no sign of her wingmate; not that she had time for an extensive look as the dodged and weaved her way through the debris.

“Foxfire, if you can hear me, rally at the Cayuga,” Chance directed as she adjusted her heading. They had been headed for the starship when they had been separated and the pilot could only continue with the mission; searching for her Vulpinian lover would be next to impossible at this time. “Fuck!”

"Reaver-Zero-One to Wolf Leader. Commander Ravon, do you copy? This is Dragon, and I'm engaging the Borg cube in wait for further orders, over!"

“Reaver? Dragon?” Chance wondered, splitting her attention ever so slightly as she listened to Razor try to reach Dragon, who apparently could send but not receive transmissions. She remembered a pilot with the callsign Dragon from the intelligence briefings. She was a Romulan/Human hybrid.... “Hybrid! Weren’t all the hybrids from the Theurgy kidnapped? Where’d she come from?”

"This is Dragon to all Lone Wolves. Your audibility is still zero, but did you all see that? It seems the cube's shields are down, at least for now. Razor, I suggest any available fighters concentrate fire on the cube now, over."

"All wolves, divert all attention to the Cube. Weapons free. It looks like she's down on shields so make every single shot count!” came SCO’s orders a moment later. “Lance, you seem like you're pretty much on top of the Cayuga, maintain position and cover it from there. Razor out." 

“Well, orders are orders and hopefully Isel heard them too,” Chance thought as she banked around a K’Tinga to line up on the cube. A B’rel dropped down in front of her and Chance decided to accept the help, intended or not. “I’ll just follow in your shadow, Mr Klingon. Your shields are better than mine. And if you can fit through the gaps, so can I.”

The B’rel opened fire a moment later and Chance switched over to her Hellbores. As the B’rel levelled out again, Chance dropped beneath it, clearing her line of fire long enough to launch both of the oversized torpedoes at the cube. As she pulled back up behind the B’rel again, her sensors beeped and she glanced down to check them.

“Sirillium huh, and headed right for the cube,” Chance noted as she stayed behind the Bird-of-Prey. “That ought to make quite the sizeable bang.... SHITT!!!”

Directly ahead of her, a Borg gravimetric torpedo collided with the B’rel and detonated. With no choice, Chance had to fly through the rapidly expanding wreckage of her recent ally. But there wasn’t enough space. Her port wingtip clipped something and multiple warnings began to chime off in her helmet.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Chance cursed repeatedly as she worked at her controls. The collision had knocked out her port impulse drive and jammed her starboard one, sending her into a flat spin through space. Unable to adjust it, Chance shut the jammed engine down as well before attempting to restart both. “FUCK!” she screamed again when neither would activate.

A shadow fell over her cockpit and Chance looked up to see the Cube looming ever closer; she was headed right for it. And she had lost track of where that sirillium cloud had gone. What if she drifted through it? Or was already in it?

“Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is Wolf-03. I have lost main power and am adrift on a collision course with the cube. Requesting assistance,” Donna called out, hoping at least someone in the squadron would hear her call. 

What she didn’t realise, as she worked to restart her engines, was that she was still transmitting on her element channel.

Only one person would be able to hear her.

OOC: Objectives 3 & 4 Completed.

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] Space Trash Rampage

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu (Callsign: Bloodwing) | Wolf 08 | Debris Field | Azura Nebula] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Doc M., @Stegro88, @Triage,


It took a good few seconds for Lillee to find her wingmate again amidst the clutter of the battlefield, even as she herself tried to stay out of trouble. That was no small feat when an entire Klingon fleet, a Borg cube and the not inconsiderable Theurgy were all firing weapons in a mad frenzy of destruction while the Lone Wolves tried to thread the chaos. Finally, Lillee found her stricken wingmate: zooming on a collision course with the Cayuga, completely out of control.

Lillee was too far away to help her wingmate, the entire battlefield and the cube between them. She was reduced to watching, helpless, before seeing a tractor beam momentarily flare out from the Cayuga, snaring Goldeneye's Valkyrie and stopping her dead. It all happened in a matter of seconds, and Lillee let out a breath that she didn't know she'd been holding. That had been far, far too close.  The blossoming explosions behind Goldeneye hinted at just how close she and the Cayuga had come to destruction.

Lillee was only just starting to flip her fighter into a turn, to race back through the gauntlet of the battlefield to rejoin her wingmate at the Cayuga, when a sudden alarm on her HUD caught her by surprise: an incoming warp signature. An incoming Federation warp signature. An incoming Federation warp signature that was passing right by her.

"Fires burn me, what is that?" Lillee muttered to herself in disbelief as the mystery fighter decelerated out of warp and zipped past her, aimed right at the cube. It was an ugly beast, lacking the clean elegance of a Valkyrie or a Romulan starfighter, but it was clearly a Starfleet fighter. Then her own Valkyrie's computer seemed to catch up, attaching a label to the ugly brute: 'Cinsaj', Reaver-class. Friendly.

"This is Dragon to all Lone Wolves. Your audibility is still zero, but did you all see that? It seems the cube's shields are down, at least for now. Razor, I suggest any available fighters concentrate fire on the cube now, over."

"All wolves, divert all attention to the Cube. Weapons free. It looks like she's down on shields so make every single shot count! Lance, you seem like you're pretty much on top of the Cayuga, maintain position and cover it from there. Razor out."

Lillee's HUD updated, changing the mystery fighter's callsign to 'Dragon', and in her cockpit, Lillee bared her teeth as she flung her Valkyrie around to chase after Dragon at maximum acceleration, finally settling on Dragon's flank as she caught up. There was no time for a lengthy debate, no time to settle back into her calm battle trance, no time to rejoin Goldeneye. Dragon needed a wingman and Razor had given an order: the Borg had to be hit now and hit hard before their shields recovered.

"This is Bloodwing, taking Dragon's wing," she called into the squadron channel while she warmed up the phasers, lowered the tetryon cannon and armed the six photon torpedoes in her launchers. It was a meager payload given what the Valkyrie could carry at maximum, but given the Theurgy's dire supply situation, she hadn't been in a position to be picky. A woman's voice began talking over the comm, offering tactical advice from the Theurgy while behind her and Dragon, Lillee was vaguely aware of other Wolves shooting past, firing at something.

But there was no time left.

With heartstopping speed, Lillee followed Dragon right at the immense monstrosity that was the Borg cube, slipping past and around weapons fire, debris and green-hued tractor beams with suicidally insane maneuvers made all the more suicidal by the sluggishness imparted by the deployed tetryon cannon as they charged the enemy head on. Moments after Dragon unleashed her weapons upon the cube's surface, Lillee pulsed her own triggers, firing phaser cannons and glowing red photon torpedoes right where Dragon had struck through the Borg hull. There was no time to see whether their combined weapons fire had hit home, though, as Lillee followed Dragon with obsessive, dogged determination.

OOC: Objective 3, AKA FIRE EVERYTHING!, complete.

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] Space Trash Rampage

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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire” Nix | Wolf-04 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88

[It’s getting messy here Foxfire.] Came Donna’s voice over the comms, [Stay close.]
Messy is a bit of an understatement… Isel thought to herself as she threw her Mk III into a steep dive to avoid colliding with yet another large chunk of debris. That large chunk of debris seemed unwilling to let her escape unscathed, however, as it exploded in a burst of green disruptor fire a moment later, raining smaller pieces of debris down onto her dorsal shields. Those shields took a beating, and were quickly depleting. Alarms blared in Isel’s cockpit as she swore loudly while struggling to reroute power to the dorsal shields. She was too slow, and several pieces of debris managed to impact her fighter before she could get the shield’s bolstered. More alarms, more cursing.

[Fuck...  friendlies…  danger… four?] came Donna’s voice again, though this time broken up by static. Isel was wondering what Donna had meant by friendlies when she saw the Vor’cha class KDF vessel soar into view, it’s disruptors firing at the Borg Cube through the debris field. ”Friendlies my ass! They almost fucking roasted me!” Isel roared as she pulled her Valkyrie’s nose upwards to climb past yet another chunk of space-crap that was floating into her flight path.

[Foxfi… he…ral… yug…] There was a sharp, high-pitched noise that cut through the static for a moment, then the static died as well.

”Chance, come in. Donna, do you read me?” No reply. ”Fuck…” Foxfire began trying to run a system diagnostic, though the process was slow going as she had to continually glance between her console and the debris field around her. Finally the diagnostic came back, showing damage to power distribution to her comms system. Of course! Isel fumed inside her head, Why wouldn’t my comms go down! Who needs fucking comms? Or a clear fucking flight path? Isel’s jaw clenched as she raged internally, all the while trying to fly as clear a path as possible to give her battered shields a moment’s reprieve to regenerate. After dodging a chuck of Klingon ship that was slowly rolling it’s way through the void, Isel took a quick glance around. ”Oh, for fuck’s…”

There was no sign of Donna.

”Chance, this is Foxfire, do you read?” Nothing. ”Shit shit shit shit shit!” Isel spat the curses through gritted teeth as she went to work trying to redirect power to her comms from another system. She wasn’t entirely sure it would work, but frankly she didn’t have much else she could do to try and remedy the problem. She was flying deaf, so any change should be an improvement. Another piece of space junk avoided, another few commands entered into the computer, another visual sweep searching for Chance. Where the hell had that woman gone?

Isel pushed the thought from her mind as she concentrated on the comms. For a moment she missed having an RIO, someone to help her deal with these sort of issues while she concentrated on not crashing them into the debris all around them. As it was she was having a hard time of it. A moment later the return of the audio signal told of her success, though not in the manner she had been expecting.

[…ay, mayday. This is Wolf-03. I have lost main power and am adrift on a collision course with the cube. Requesting assistance.] A quick glance told Foxfire that she was still on the Element channel, and that no one else in the squadron could hear the distress call. What the hell, Donna… Isel thought to herself as she began her search for her Element Leader anew, It’s not like you to make a mistake like that. Pushing the thought aside, she keyed open her mic and called back to her Element Leader.

”Chance, Foxfire. You’re on the fucking element channel! No one can hear you!” Isel called to the other woman and she pushed her fighter faster towards the cube, her eyes dividing their attention between avoiding obstacles and desperately searching for Donna. The Cube loomed closer and closer, it’s simple shape filling the small Vulpinian’s chest with fear as it dominated her view. ”Chance, I can’t see you. Where… wait!” Her eyes had just caught sight of it, a fighter in a flat spin, it’s engines powered down. Isel altered her heading and punched it, sending her Mk III streaking towards the twirling fighter in a desperate race to reach Donna before Donna reached the Cube. Isel worked quickly as her Valkyrie sprinted towards her wingmate, bringing her fighter’s short-range tractor beam emitter online and targeting the spinning Mk III Valkyrie with her sensors. She would have to wait until she closed the distance before she engaged the tractor beam to pull Chance out of the spin and away from the Cube, and so Isel stared with wide, unblinking eyes as the range indicator rapidly counted down the range to target. ”Almost there, Donna, almost there…” Mentally she counted down the as her eyes watched the range drop. 3… 2… 1…

Isel activated the tractor beam emitter, feeling a jolt throughout her fighter as her inertial dampeners fought to compensate for the change in speed as her Mk III crossed the path of Chance’s Mk III, catching hold of Chance’s fighter and dragging it on a new heading as it went. The jolt may have caused some discomfort, but the knowledge that Chance was no longer about to spin headlong into one of the Borg Cube’s face was a massive relief. Isel let out a long breath as she keyed open the her mic on the element channel again. ”I’ve got you, Chance. I’ll pull you clear.” Foxfire glanced at her sensors, scanning the status of Donna’s craft. Impulse engines powered down, damage to the port wing. Shields regenerating after taking damage. More importantly, Chance’s life signs were strong, the other pilot appearing alright as far as she could tell. ”You work on getting those engines back online. I’ll get you somewhere out of the line of fire.” A slight grin spread behind the visor of Isel’s helmet as she found herself unable to resist another comment.

”You know, Donna, I’ve heard of throwing everything you’ve got at the enemy, but I think you’ve taken it a bit far…” The comment was delivered in a light, teasing tone, a tone that failed to convey the overwhelming sense of worry and relief the Vulpinian had been feeling. This bloody Human is going to be the death of me… Isel thought to herself as she looked for a large piece of debris to shield Chance from the Borg Cube as the other pilot worked to get her systems up and running.

OOC: Objective 5 complete.

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