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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage, @Auctor Lucan, @Revan


It was a full blown party now, the kind of post-battle release that inevitably ended up devolving into an alcohol-fuelled celebration that would embarrass most Marines. Without even quite noticing, Lillee found herself already on her second bottle and sitting next to...what was her self-name? Alison? Alice? Alessia. The bold woman. Beautiful and fiery plus a capable warrior in the cockpit, but she clearly had weight on her shoulders and was releasing that weight, one gulp of bloodwine at a time.

Lillee could hardly blame the human since she was doing the exact same thing. The first bottle had been Andorian vodka, but the second was strange. There was Rihannsu script on the label, but it claimed to be made in Russia somehow, despite how impossible that was. But then again, was it impossible? Everything was made in Russia, after all. Lillee found herself snickering under her breath at her own poor joke. She liked the Russians.

Ah, she and Alessia seemed destined to be drinking buddies tonight, if not very sociable ones. Alessia seemed to be drinking to release her pain while Lillee was drinking to break her bone-deep weariness, but they were together all the same. Then another woman appeared, however, and Lillee flashed the newcomer a smile. She flicked back some of her blonde hair as Rawley spoke.

"There is much that you don't know about me, Rawley," she replied with a crafty smirk. "That's how I prefer it. And it is always a privilege to watch me fly, girl, but you were not too bad yourself. You have earned your callsign."

Then Alessia and Rawley bantered, and Lillee took the opportunity to down another glass. She felt an truly epic night coming on now, a night like such that she had not indulged in since before she'd been pregnant with the twins, but she didn't try to reign herself in. Nearby, the weird Klingon seemed to be being fawned over by the strange speaking redhead, and Lillee had to restrain a giggle at the ridiculousness of it.

"Ambitious are we, no?" Lillee then teased Alessia and Rawley, raising her own full glass of vodka in mock salute. The typically elegant Romulan made an odd sight in her comfortable grey sweats, her long blonde hair askew over one shoulder, but she didn't seem to care in the slightest for her visage. "But tonight, it is fair, because we've earned a drink. A lot of drinks." She grinned and downed a glass of vodka with relish that would shame any Russian before regarding her companions anew.

"Forget flying," she said, still looking at her companions with a smile. "When was the last time either of you really cut loose, hm?"

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

“I’m starting to think this wasn’t a good idea,” Donna thought to herself as she downed some more rum while Rawley replied to her. She’d had just about enough of meeting old friends. She was beginning to think that some of her old missions undercover were preferable to this. “At least when they were done, I could disappear and be forgotten. Not this time.”

“That’s about the measure of it,” Donna replied to Rawley’s supposition of the Black Wolves needing pilots. “Warlock was an ass though. Not sure who got him in the end but that’s one pilot I’m not sad to see go. He had the skills but not the mindset.”

“Is that even the right thing to say? Everything about this is messed up. We’re supposed to protect the Federation from its enemies. But what do you do when you no longer know who the enemy is anymore?” Donna wondered before downing that last of her rum.

“Reload,” Donna requested and once her second pint had arrived, the former/current intelligence operative moved away from the bay to stand in one of the far corners of the room, gazing out at the passing stars. She knew that this gathering was a way for all the pilots to bond and strengthen unit cohesion but at that moment, Donna didn’t feel much like bonding. She had too much on her mind.

That wasn’t to say that she would turn away anyone that came over to her, but she wasn’t in the mood to push into groups of people that she didn’t know beyond an intelligence briefing. 

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

Listening to the exchange between Rawley and Petterson, Alessia downed the rest of her glass of Bloodwine and refilled it, taking another succession of gulps. While she wasn't really saying much, the pilot was listening to some of the conversations around her just in case she was pulled into a conversation, it would be good for her to actually know what people were talking about. As she sat there however, she heard the Klingon say loudly something about having good taste and looked over at the man, with a grin and raised her glass in his direction. "Damn right I do big guy, you Klingons certainly know how to make good, strong drinks." she smiled.

After that very brief exchange of words with the hulking warrior, Alessia found herself quieting again for the most part, returning her attention to the aforementioned Bloodwine, although she would occasionally interject in the conversation with Rawley, although not too often as her mind wandered back to her friends and her losses. "War Is Hell" as the old Earth saying goes and she knew the risks, but to lose two of her best friends in one foul swoop on top of their whole situation were two hits she couldn't really take right now. Taking another couple of gulps, she sighed quietly to herself. Losing Leon was hard but it was something she probably would have been able to deal with, it would have been hard but she would have been able to deal, especially since her other best friend, Logan had finally come to his senses and joined them as he would have been the one she would have gone to instead of hitting the bar.

She shook her head as she thought about the hotshot pilot. Originally, she had hated that he hadn't joined them...joined her when they had defected during the battle at the Starbase but had been relieved when she saw him during their briefing before the last battle. She hadn't gotten to talk to him before the fight and find out how he managed to be there and the next time she saw him, he was barely conscious and badly wounded in his equally broken Valravn after the battle.

After getting the news about Leon she'd gone down to sickbay to find out how he and his RIO Zeke were doing only to be told that they had both been put in stasis due to their injuries. That was it. That was the blow that had, if she was being entirely honest with herself not broken her but at least beat her down enough to bring her down here to drown her sorrows, after all what else could you do when you suffer a tragedy and the only person you wanted to confide in was damn near dead as well. "Todavía está vivo, idiota" she thought to herself before taking another gulp of her drink.

Alessia wasn’t entirely sure when the other person had sat next to her of if she had actually been there and Alessia had been the one to sit next to her, which was entirely possible given how inside her own head she had been when she stepped in here, but glancing out of the corner of her eye at the female Romulan, she immediately noticed the woman knocking back her own drinks much in the same way she herself was. Evidently if things continued the way they were on the flight path to being drinking buddies tonight, albeit not very talkative ones.

When the woman started talking to Rawley, Alessia glanced over at her and narrowed her eyes slightly as she tried to recall the woman’s name…Lacy…Laurel…she knew it started with an L and was very human sounding for a Romulan but she couldn’t put her finger on it…Lilly? Yes Lilly that was it, although she was pretty sure that wasn’t how the Romulan spelt it but that’s definitely what it sounded like.

At Lillee's comment about how it was always a privilege to watch her fly, Alessia couldn’t help but chuckle, that level of jovial confidence/arrogance while certainly something a lot of pilots shared had sounded exactly like something Logan would say which the Latina found quite funny.

“You sound like Wraith saying that, the two of you will get along great once he eventually gets his ass out of stasis.” She said with a grin. If he ever gets out of stasis a little voice in the back of her mind said, causing her to shake her head in an attempt to banish the thought, instead turning her attention back to the conversation and glanced over at Rawley.

“She is right though about the whole earning your callsign…or at least keeping it anyway.” she replied before taking another sip of her drink and turning her attention back to Lillee. “Although what about me hmmm? Have you seen me do something to earn my callsign?” She asked with smirk.

Alessia raised her own glass of Bloodwine in mock salute with Lillee and nodded in agreement “That we certainly have my friend, that we have.” as she too knocked back another shot of Bloodwine, while watching the Romulan down her glass of vodka in a manner that would make a Russian hang their head in shame in comparison, which was impressive.

At Lillee’s question about when was the last time they either Rawley or herself had really cut loose, the Latina smirked “Well that first depends on what you mean by really cutting loose now, doesn’t it?”

OOC: "Todavía está vivo, idiota" = He is still alive, Idiot

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[Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy | In transit to Aldea]

Att: @Triage @The Ostrich @Griff  @steelphoenix  @Auctor Lucan  @Stegro88 @Revan

When Meony hugged him, Khorin felt he was at home, somehow. The redhead was one of her oldest friends and they had shared many things in the Academy. Besides, at the end of the day he was a real hug-monster and she knew it. However, that moment was short-lived, since at his suggestion that the loudspeakers in the lounge should play a little Klingon opera, the Texan rushed to cancel the request. "Hey," he barked with an offended expression, "Those are two of the best pieces ever written!" he assured. However, before he could continue with his protest, Krystal brought up a rather unepic event from their shared background. One that rather fell into the category of shameful and embarrassing.

"Ok, ok, missy, save the gunnery for later," he tried to appease her, his hands in front of his body as if he were trying to tame a wild animal. But his defensive stance was in stark contrast to the wide grin on his face. "Even though you have to admit that you HAD SING an aria of Shevok'tah gish with me some time ago... no matter how much you hate to remember it..." He bantered with a shit-eating expression etched on his angular face. He didn't keep teasing her for long, as a new glass of milkshake appeared in front of him and Khorin interrupted it all to taste a quick gulp. Unfortunately the tantalizing pink liquid hid a salty, acidic taste which, mixed with the everlasting earthy flavour, contorted his face in a grimace of disgust. "What kind of veQ is this?" he grunted under his breath, pushing the glass back to the waiter. The pixie-looking hologram appeared quickly to take the discarded shake, replacing it with a new glass of a more colorful tone. Khorin looked at it with some hesitation before approaching it slightly, but without tasting it. He would need a few minutes to take away the disgusting taste of the previous one from his mouth.

Just then, Krystal hit him right in his new ridges. It wasn't a hard blow, the Texan had always been more known for her determination to destroy something than for her physical strengthto do so. After all, Khorin was the brute force of the duo..... so Tancredi was the brain. Or something like that. Even despite the faint force of the blow, his previous 'meeting' with Micka sparked a burst of pain across his forehead. "Easy, missy, easy, this ridges are brand new, don't screw them up," he complained, half kidding as he took the redhead's wrists away from her aching head. Despite this, he straightened his back and looked at his friend with a slightly more serious expression. "Okay, okay, okay, we'll see what we can do. But I refuse to go through more labs. I've had more than enough with those bulb-heads' ones, Ginger," he said uncompromisingly, with his loudest tone. The one of making promises or declaring that more sugar was needed in a breakfast. To emphasize his phrase he gave a drink to his new milkshake. It tasted... better. Infinitely better than the previous one. Khorin felt bold enough to have a second sip... and the earthy aftertaste came back again, as acute as the first mix. The Klingon sighed in frustration and, with a sudden impulse, threw the glass at the hologram. The cup passed through the waiter and crashed to the floor at his back, shattering into a thousand pieces dyed bright pink. "Hey! Stop bringing me shit and pour me something edible now!" he barked.

Taliesin hastened to bring a new glass, so quickly that it was clear he must have prepared it beforehand, and deposited it in front of Khorin. The pilot looked at the glass cautiously. Then he stared at the hologram, which shrugged with a sly grin on his lips as he pointed at the felinoid in the other end of the bar. Khorin exchanged a look at him, frowning his thick eyebrows even more... and gave the milkshake a swig. The earthy taste was still there, but it was so faint that it was almost tolerable. And there was a very light, sweet tone in that concoction, something he had been afraid he would never be able to enjoy again in his life.  "Ha! Qapla!"  he eagerly exclaimed, just before he swallowed the beverage in one long gulp. It was a small victory, but a victory after all.

veQ → garbage

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lounge Visitors
Ah, so the Romulan with the fair complexion was a secretive one? Be that as it may, Bloodwing had more than earned her respect as far as Rawley was concerned, and merely chuckled when the compliment was returned. "Truth be told, I earned my callsign since I should be dead already. I have the scars to prove it. Yet here I am, still shooting wankers in my way."

Angel, on Rawley's other side, had admitted to not being in great shape, and that she needed no help finishing her bottle. Still, she wasn't opposed to sharing, which was a sign good enough for Rawley to stay rather than piss off and let Garcia drink her laments away. "Who cares about the end result? That's woes for the morrow, not tonight," she said with a lopsided grin at the mention of mixing scotch and bloodwine. Still, she let Alessia keep her bottle for the time being, rather preferring the challenge offered next. "Oh, you may judge me by my height, but this liver earned my callsign before me. You'll find me here all night lest something lures me away."

While Lillee and Alessia spoke of Wraith from the White Wolves and about Angel's callsign, Rawley had glanced around the lounge to see Khorin being unhappy with his drinking, but paid little attention to it. The women closest to her drew her interest, and the Romulan had the right sprit, saying they'd earned to drink. "We bloody well ought to, right?" said Rawley after Garcia had agreed with the sentiment, chuckling before she sipped her whiskey, leaning a bit back in her chair. "We smashed a Borg cube from inside and lived to tell the tale."

"Forget flying, when was the last time either of you really cut loose, hm?"

Angel might have asked what Bloodwing meant, but Rawley sure had her own interpretation. "Holo-shoreleave for me, a couple of weeks back. Almost the whole bloody crew was taking the opportunity when we could. Got totally pissed on high grade alcohol. Fucked the Chief of the Deck, woke up next morning with little to no memories of what happened next. My wingmate found me in my quarters and I think I might have had at least one more bedfellow in there, but I still have no bloody idea who they were. Guys or girls, they'd already left, leaving me feeling real good aside from the bloody headache. Memories still surface from that night now and then. Songs and smiles. Dancing and careless joy. Hell of a ride."

She sipped her scotch again with a grin. "As for cutting loose, I think that ought to qualify, right? At least for me."

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Griff + Lounge Visitors

Alessia knocked back another of glass of Bloodwine and poured herself another one, noticing that she'd downed almost a third of the bottle at this point and she was certainly starting to feel the effects. Not entirely drunk by a long shot but she definitely had that slight buzz feeling going as she listened to Rawley talk about her last shore leave and nodded. Of course she'd ended up getting laid and with potentially more than one person it might have seemed.

While Angel was certainly getting a buzz going, it hadn't yet started killing the internal pain she was feeling which was the whole point. She'd definitely lost one important man in her life and she might well be losing another. Physical pain was one thing, Alessia could deal with that, emotional pain however was something else entirely so the sooner the alcohol started doing it's job and killing those feelings the better. Chugging down the contents of her glass to speed up the process, she reached for the bottle of Bloodwine and picked it up before freezing.

"What the fuck are you doing? The smarter part of her brain said as she stared at the bottle. "You're a recovering alcoholic remember. The drinking, the partying, the almost getting kicked out of the Academy...all because of the drinking. You went to rehab, got sober and made a vow never to drink again, for Jonas. Any of this ringing any bells? Her inner monologue continued.

Remaining silent for god only knows how long, the pilot stared at the bottle. Her inner voice was right, she had had a problem and it had nearly got her kicked out and she did indeed didn't want to disappoint her brother. But her reason for drinking now was the same reason it had been then, the pain of losing someone she cared about. First her brother and now Leon and Logan, at least for now with the latter and that pain just like with Jonas was too much for her bare right now. With a shrug she poured herself another glass and chugged it down.

Ignoring the part of her brain telling her to stop drinking before she fell off the wagon even more than she already had, she smirked and looked at Rawley and Lillee "Well if that's what you meant by really cutting loose then I've got plenty of those. I was quite the party animal back in the day. Booze, parties you name it. There was one night I had that was so great I don't remember it to this day, just remember waking up in the morning tangled up in bed, naked with four guys, three girls and coated in dried cum. My first eight way, shame I don't remember much about it but given the state of my body and the fact it was a little hard to walk after I know it was really great time." She grinned. "That ought to qualify I'd say." She added as she gulped down a few sips of her Bloodwine and turned to look at Lillee.

"What about you Chica? We've spilled the beans, I'd say it's your turn now."

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage, @Auctor Lucan, @Revan


First Evelyn happily talked about her drunken tryst from two weeks past, and Lillee giggled in her belly as she took another deep swig of her...whatever it was. The weird bastard fusion of Earth vodka and Rihannsu canlo grape ale was surprisingly smooth, and Lillee enjoyed the sharp, aromatic drink with relish. Evelyn was a rough-and-ready sort, and as coarse and uncultured as the girl was, Lillee giggled all the same.

And then, as if to top her, Alessia talked about her own adventures in the distant past. Lillee stared at her fellow pilot in disbelief, her half-empty glass frozen halfway to her mouth. What kind of sexual insanity did this human engage in!? It was impressive in a way, but! A part of Lillee recoiled at the barbaric rutting, but after so many drinks, she didn't care.

And then the question was flipped, and Lillee grinned as she finished yet another glass of amber ale-vodka. "I don't know if I can match you two!" she joked. "I have had little time for such ridiculousness since my children were born. When I was with the Navy, though...the Romulan Star Navy, you understand. Oh, we partied, girls!"

As if to emphasise her point, Lillee started to fill her glass again and then immediately took a sip, smiling at the taste. "On warbirds...well, most warbirds, not all, there's always some fool commander with his brain in his ass...there are facilities, yes? Recreational facilities, bars, large baths, much like this ship. But we Rihannsu have traditions as well. Before a battle, we celebrate. We spar, we drink, we release our tension. On this one night before we struck a band of Klingon pirates, we pilots and some engineers were in the gymnasium. We were all far too drunk, fighting and wrestling in the ring, sometimes two versus two, three versus three, shouting, drinking, was a wonderful night."

She paused, considering, then flashed an amused grin at Alessia. "I am no different to you, am I? I was with two people that night too, in the gym showers. My wingmate and I had been at each other's throats for weeks, so we fought it out in the ring that night to release our tension. Afterwards we were washing off and an engineer walked in...a beautiful dark-skinned Rihannsu, a wonderfully strong man, and he guided me into such glorious orgasms that night."

Grinning, this time at the pleasant memory, Lillee swept her blonde hair back behind her shoulder. "The ship surgeon treated us all the next morning, of course, with no questions asked. It is tradition. And we slaughtered those filthy pirates without a single casualty the next day. Those were good times."

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lounge Visitors
Oh, it certainly seemed like the two other women at the bar counter knew how to cut loose. While Angel and Bloodwing recited their adventures, Rawley had been chuckling and laughing, enjoying herself thoroughly in imagining the two occasions respectively. Was she imagining it, or was it getting a bit hot Below Decks? She wasn't the kind to blush. She rather made rueful sounds at the base of her throat at certain parts of the adventures described.

When Lillee mentioned showers, Rawley couldn't help but give a knowing glance towards Garcia - their post-battle massage in the sonic waves on her mind. Since the woman had been a bit down upon arrival to the bar, Rawley thought she might have lost someone in the battle or something, so she bit her tongue to keep herself from saying something unwanted. Instead, she just turned her head to Lillee instead.

"Can't say I've had the privilege to make a full inspection, but damn, if I were a mother I'd kill for your figure," she said with a grin and realised that if the fair Romulan had kids, they might be young, and that meant they were back home somewhere - unaware of their mother's innocence. It was a bloody fucked up thing, what the Infested had put them through, and the way the Federation News Service made monsters of them all. She'd lost her own parents when she was young, and she could but imagined what it would be like to learn that they were traitors instead... Question was, was it a topic she wanted to subject Bloodwing to? No, better shift back to something lighter.

"I hope the squad can unwind tonight. We sure need it," she said, and turned back to Angel with a grin. "Can I have some of that Bloodwine? I'm fresh out of scotch."

She nudged her glass over to Garcia, and then found herself, looking at Lillee again, wondering what it might take to get a full inspection... Perhaps she might have looked a bit too long, because she felt like she had to say something more. "Never had a Romulan man before, shower or not. Nor a woman." She grinned to the woman. "Have I missed anything?"

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel”  | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Griff + Lounge Visitors

Alessia had watched Lillee's reaction to her story and could help but smile as she told it and how her glass had frozen half way towards her lips and had stayed there throughout the whole tale. When the Romulan started regaling them with her own tale, Alessia listened intently and had to admit life on a Warbird was something Alessia could probably get used to, it kind of sounded like her kind of place from what her sister wolf had described. Fighting, singing, dancing all sounded like fun to her.

She watched as Lillee flashed her an amused grin and told her that she was no different to her and smiled, giving the woman a nod of agreement but remained silent to avoid interrupting the woman as she continued speaking. At the mention of showers, she couldn't help but glance over at Rawley, who had glanced over at her at the same time. The two women sharing a knowing glance considering their own encounter in showers earlier that day, the Spaniard giving her a sly grin before returning her attention to Lillee.

When she had finished speaking, the talk of the three women's....relaxations of the past had her mind drawing up some mental images she didn't exactly object too. Taking another few sips of her Bloodwine she chuckled. "Fun party, fun fucking, some glorious orgasms and winning the fight....sounds like a great time to me." Alessia said, raising her glass to her Romulan sister. "Also for the record that 8 way was the only time I've ever done anything like that, if I hadn't been so drunk I wouldn't have done it... she added before pausing for a moment and grinning. ...Probably."

The Latina went quiet again, listening as Rawley chimed in and had to nod in agreement at the woman's comment about Lillee's body. "I would have to agree. she said as she glanced over at Lillee "I hope that if I ever have kids one day, my figure holds up like that. Might have to call you and get your secret." she added with a grin.

At Rawley's comment that she hoped the squad could unwind she nodded "Here, here, that was a....rough one." she muttered, her eyes on her glass. When Rawley asked if she could have some Bloodwine she looked at the woman, then to the bottle and back again, returning her grin with one of her own "The bottle isn't empty yet." she said and reached for is as Rawley nudged her glass towards her.

Pouring her a glass, she filled it most of the way up figuring the shaved headed woman wouldn't have it any other way and slid the glass back and chuckled at the woman's comment about never having had a Romulan man or woman before and turned back to Lillee, an almost matching grin on her own face. "Me neither, although I have had a Vulcan once but I imagine there are some difference there least I hope so." Garcia said with a smirk.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Steelphoenix, @Griff, @Stegro88, @Numen, @The Ostrich & @Revan
“Don't Ah know it...” said Meony dryly as she rubbed absent-mindedly at her throat, remembering the effort she had to put out to match the vocals truly needed to sing a Klingon Opera. She never appreciated the raw power in true Klingons until that day, especially when the term "everything's a battle" was found to be no lie where Klingons were concerned. Even their songs took effort and a struggle to successfully achieve. Maybe that was the whole point. It couldn't be because the songs sounded melodious to them. Maybe the whole point was to see who could tear their own voices apart without losing it to see who won?

She patted Khorin on the shoulder when he expressed a lack of desire to be subjected to any lab again, and she could sort of understand. It wasn't like she didn't get her share of being used as a lab rat by hostile beings in Hell Sector. Half of them seemed to have torture labs where they experimented and uncovered new and more brutal ways to inflict suffering. How could any society or culture thrive on such activity?

“Be nahs, Khor, we only got 'em for Lord knows 'ow long,” said Meony with a roll of her eyes at her friend's antics trying to find something he could enjoy. “we'll fahnd ya somethin' ya cain enjoah...”

And at his shout of success in Klingon, she looked at what he just drank, and swiped the concoction out of his hands. Just how strong did it have to b...? She took one sniff and exclaimed, “YEEAOW!”

Her eyes went crossed and she shook her head from the sheer sensation of diabetes. She thought he was bad before, but if it took this much sugar to suit his taste, she could go into anaphylactic shock just from being around him. But his elation still made her smile and she sat down near him, blending herself into the group, enjoying their company and the conversations that flowed around. This was as close to happiness as she could get, and she would take it.

PS: Last post for me with Meony here, but this thread remains open for everyone else who wishes to continue. Thank you for writing here. Peace, and long life!

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[Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy | In transit to Aldea]

Att: @Triage @The Ostrich @Griff  @steelphoenix  @Auctor Lucan  @Stegro88 @Revan

Khorin laughed loudly when, after stealing that shake that his taste buds somehow didn't hate, she yelled out in manifest displeasure. She deserved it. After all, whatever that was, it was the only sugary thing he had been able to taste since his Correction. By the Texan's expression, if he had his sense of taste as he should, he would have adored it. It must have been worthy of a Sugar Sunday, one of those days when he skipped his protein and sugar diet and simply took pleasure in consuming as much sugary food as he was able to manage. What it was... an impressive amount. More than once, those Sundays had ended with a sugar rush and a very angry Krystal trying to stop a Klingon running amok through the Academy corridors, unaware of any obstacles that stood in his way. Basically passing over or through whatever stood between him and his target.

This memory only made the Klingon laugh again and pass a thick arm over the tiny figure of his friend. "Well, Ginger, lemme tell you about this girl..." he began to say, in a conspiratorial tone.

The rest of the evening went by amid laughing, jokes and confidences. However, when Khorin finished the third round of whatever the felinoid had replicated for him, the pilot realized that his head was more in the plans of what he wanted to do, than at the present time. At the end of the day his move to Zephyr's quarters was half done and he still had a lot to prepare. And he really wanted to be alone with the betazoid. He was excted and afraid of the perspectiv, and how she would react to his proposition. Khorin was a social animal but, at that time, his heart longed for only one person. So, at a time when the attention of the pack was focused on another wolf, Khorin left the lounge discreetly. Or as discreetly as a Klingon of almost two meters could be.

OOC: This is Khorin's last post in this thread, it has been a pleasure :D

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Inebriated as she was, it took Lillee a few moments than it should have to catch on to how the other two women were looking at her. Her cheeks flushed green and she grinned again, amused (and more than a little flattered) at the attention. With a conspiratorial grin, she leaned in towards Alessia and Evelyn.

"Vulcans are fun," she explained quietly, "but they don't really have an off-switch. They're so passionate in bed but most of them are so clumsy too, and they can never just go slow. It always has to be hard and quick, direct to the finish and that can be good at times, but they just don't have any control." Lillee abruptly glanced around the threesome, checking that nobody was eavesdropping before returning to their impromptu huddle. "We Rihannsu, though, we learn to use our passions, not restrain them. It varies by who you are with, but when you find someone who really knows what they are doing...someone who knows all the right spots, who can really work the ears and hands...that, girls, is a divine experience. The Rihannsu have had two thousand years to perfect the art of sex, and we are fantastic at it! Far superior to any Vulcan!"

Lillee giggled at her own boast, now thoroughly tipsy. She merrily poured another glass, the amber liquid flowing noisily, then scowled as the bottle emptied. Taking another long, hearty drink, she sighed in appreciation before refocusing on her new friends with a content smile. Now, the blonde Romulan didn't say any more. She simply gazed at the two women; Alessia, passionate and fiery...Evelyn, coarse and rough. Good drinking partners. Good pilots. Good women.

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Deacon watched as the concoctions he'd proposed for the Klingon had been sampled, noting with a critical eye how each was received and how readily Taliesin proceeded to the next.  The third seemed to meet with some initial skepticism but ultimately what appeared to be success -- at least as far as the Klingon was concerned.  His human companion seemed less impressed, but it wasn't a puzzle for her.  She'd likely be able to tolerate the standard drink and that was of no particular challenge.

But he had seen the opportunity presented by the Savi tampering and he'd overcome it.  It was a small victory that no one in particular had placed before him, but it was one to which he was particularly suited and he had to admit, it was one that, under the circumstances, gave him an immense amount of pleasure to overcome. 

Looking down at his hands, wrapped as they were, he took a deep breath.  They may be monkey hands underneath, but at least the doctors had been able to restore his claws to a limited capacity.  Retract, they would not, but he would not be as virtually defenseless as he had felt in the Savi simulation.  He'd been taught to rely on his claws in combat when necessary, so if he could have nothing else, he had the weapons at his disposal to feel secure.  And K'Ren, despite her wounds, was back in the care of the pride-- people who seemed to care for her well being in a manner less as a matter of scientific curiosity and more of general well being.

Leaning forward, he took another sip from his glass, before slowly sliding it away and sliding down from his seat.  Accomplishment clashed with fatigue.  It had been a long day... a long several days... and he was fighting what his body was naturally inclined to do.  With a nod towards Xenia, he headed towards the path that had become most comfortable to him in his short time on ship.  "Turning in boss?"

The inquiry was met with a nod and a lazy wave over his shoulder.  In the morning, they said he could remove the bandages.  Frankly, he couldn't wait, but tonight, he couldn't be bothered to concern himself with whether he slept his is clothes or not.  Tonight, he just wanted to sleep.

OOC: Deacon heads to his current quarters and retires to bed for the night.

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Given the length of time it seemed to take Lillee to actually notice the fact that both her and Rawley were looking at her, Alessia was starting to feel a little like a pervert and that maybe she should break her eye contact, even if it was just briefly. Before she could actually make a decision on that however, the Romulan woman's face blushed green in what Alessia assumed was a blush and grinned at them both before leaning in with a conspiratorial grin which instinctually made Alessia lean forward slightly towards her as well, not that she probably needed too had the pilot given it any thought.

The first thing Alessia noted was that Lillee had been with a Vulcan before and couldn't help but wonder when that had happened and how. While Vulcan's and Romulans shared ancestry, it wasn't a secret that the two species didn't always see eye to eye, although thinking about it the same could said for Romulans and a lot of species in the quadrant too. The second thing Alessia noted was that she was nodding her head in agreement at everything her sister Wolf was saying about Vulcan sexual habits as that had been her experience as well.

 However before Alessia could say anything, Lillee glanced around their little trio as if to make sure nobody else was listening in before returning her attention to them and launching into a mini-speech about how Romulans use their passions in sex and how focussing on the hands and ears could really do something to them, something Alessia didn't know, having never been with a Romulan before, but filed away in her memory banks just in case. However that quickly ended when Lillee finished with a not so humble brag about how great Romulans were at sex.

Remaining silent, Alessia watched as Lillee giggled before pouring herself another glass, clearly tipsy now, possibly more so than either herself or Rawley but felt bad for the woman when she ran out of booze based on the scowl she gave the bottle, as if it was the bottle's fault, poor bottle. Then, like how Rawley and herself had stared at her, Lillee returned the gesture and ended up gazing back at them.

"Uh... Alessia muttered, glancing over at Rawley for a second before turning her attention back to Lillee "Well damn girl, now I'm going to have to find myself a Romulan one day and experience this fantastic sex based on that!." she exclaimed as she reached for her glass of Bloodwine and downed it.

"I do have to agree with you when it comes to the Vulcan's though, my experience was similar. she said with a nod before smirking "Then again they do only do it every seven years, so I guess I can't really blame them for being so...enthusiastic, especially the men, seven years of blue balls is quite the build up." she chuckled. 

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While the two women in her company talked, Rawley had poured herself some Bloodwine from Angel's bottle. She grinned when Lille boasted about her people's shagging skills, which made Angel say she'd have to try it with a Romulan some day. That comment got Rawley thinking, and she smiled ruefully when she drank, looking towards Angel first, and then to the Romulan in their very midst.

"Well, I think you should put your money where your mouth is," she said and grinned towards Lillee, before he bit he lower lip a little, lazily toying with her glass of bloodwine on the bar counter. "Better yet, I would not mind celebrating this fine victory with having your mouth prove it's worth."

Of course, she'd let the Romulan off the hook if she wanted to, adding her comment in a mock-teasing tone while she shrugged. "Then again, the night is young, and I totally get if such a bold claim was just meant in jest... given the topic of conversation. Winds and words..." She looked over towards Angel, knowing she had been a bit down when the conversation began, but she didn't want to exclude the fine pilot if she was still in the mood to take things a bit further. Grinning she raised her eyebrows. "What? I mean, you heard her, right? She's said as much, and I just felt like if she was being earnest and not just tempting us, why not take the chance when we have real fine Romulan right here? I'm game, are you?"

She put her hand on Alessia's thigh and leaned in speaking into her ear just loudly enough for her to hear. "I totally get if don't feel up for it. Whatever happened, you know best how to deal with it," she said, her lips close to her ear. Then she leaned back again, turning to Lillee, and grinned, raising an eyebrow at her. "So, what say you? Keep drinking, or should we get the hell out of here?"

What better way to get to know the new squad than really getting to know them?

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Under other circumstances, Lillee's answer would've been regretful but firm. She was older now, her carefree days long gone, those nights of hopping from bed to bed left only to nostalgia. Her scant romantic experiences since the war had tended to be memorable, passionate and impactful, fit around her flying and her children whenever Lillee could manage it. They were, however, anything but casual. She just wasn't interested in such senseless sex any more, having had far more than her fill in days past.

And yet the way that Evelyn challenged her couldn't be denied. The look in the strange human's eyes, a mix of boldness and naked attraction, stirred Lillee's blood in response. Her skin tingled, her heart pumping slightly harder. Very, very slowly, her lips slipped into a devious smirk as she contemplated the two humans. Even quite drunk and wearing sweats, the blonde was like a bird of prey arrogantly surveying her food before she devoured them.

The challenge had been made. It had to be answered.

"Lead on," she said back to Angel in a silky tone, her other hand subtly moving to Alessia's other high as her attention focused on the Spaniard. "To your quarters, Angel? We'll need the space..."

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Alessia downed another glass of Bloodwine as she listened to Rawley and Lillee go back and forth, definitely feeling the buzz now and gave a nod of approval to the bottle of Bloodwine. Glancing between the two women on either side of her as Rawley issued the blonde haired Romulan the challenge about putting her money where her mouth is and grinned, glancing back at Lillee only to snort when the woman behind her followed the statement up with that mouth proving it's worth comment and shook her head. From their encounter in the showers to now the woman was clearly insatiable it seemed.

She caught Rawley looking at her out of the corner of her eye and turned her head back to face the woman and listened as she explained herself, smirking Alessia gave a nod and a shrug "Can't argue with that logic." she said. While she hadn't exactly been in the best of moods, the company and the Bloodwine had helped a bit, not to mention her massage with Rawley earlier in the showers had left her more than a little it would technically count as team bonding....

While Alessia had been lost in her thoughts, she was pulled out of them when she felt a hand on her thigh and looked down at it, following the hand and arm up to it's source, already knowing it was Rawley's considering the side the hand was coming from, only to see the woman leaning in towards her. Alessia gave her a smile and an appreciative nod "Thanks" she whispered back.

With Rawley glancing back over at the woman behind her, Alessia glanced over too just in time to see Lillee looking at both of them like they were food she was about to eat. The next thing she knew the blonde had accepted the challenge and had placed her hand on Alessia's other thigh and smirked, wondering why she was the one getting all the attention currently, not that she minded.

Evidently it was Alessia's quarters that were volunteered to be the staging ground for their threesome. Reaching out, Alessia downed the last of her Bloodwine and glanced between the two women, grinning at them both. "My quarters it is..."


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