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USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths


[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]

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Not for the first time, Natalie questioned what she was doing here. She swept her thumb over the locker pad, and it slid open with a soft, almost inaudible hiss. She'd used this locker on more than one occasion, when going to the gym on Deck 12 ; though it was further away from her quarters, it was larger than the facility on deck 06, much larger, befitting it's berthing on one of the more sizable decks of the Theurgy. And as such, Natalie preferred to get her workouts in there. More space, more options. Some of which she had yet to avail herself of.

Until today.

Her lips were pursed as she pulled her hair up into a very messy pile atop her head, clipping it into place, keeping the strands off her neck. Her bare neck. She reached up and ran her fingers along the back of her neck, then down, across the expanse of her throat, to her equally bared collar bone. This is a mistake, she told herself. This was very much not her comfort zone. But she'd made the bet, and she'd lost, and now she had to pay the piper. And that meant going through with the deal struck.

In hindsight it wasn't the wisest of moves, but she thought she was a shoo in. Clearly she was wrong. And so, she sucked in a breath and let her bra fall away, into her hands, and gently folded it, placing it atop the pile that was her uniform, sitting on the middle shelf of the locker. Her boots were already tucked into the bottom of the metal cabinet. The small shelf up above , with roughly 6 inches of space from the top of the locker, bore her rank pips (two golden, one black), and her combadge. They would not be needed where she was going.

Another glance around the room confirmed that she was alone in the locker area. Quickly, lest someone come in before she was ready, she bent down, uncovering her bosom to hook both fingers into the standard grey panties she wore, and divested herself of those too. She hurriedly tossed them atop the pile of otherwise neatly folded clothes and with equal haste, wrapped an over sized, plush Federation Blue towel around her curved frame, tucking it up under her arms, with a fold to the side of her left breast. Only then did she turn to look at herself in the mirror, her cheeks already slightly flushed.

I cannot believe I agreed to this, Natalie quietly lamented. as she swallowed. The light caught the smalls studded earnings she still wore, simple cut sapphires her mother had given her. They matched her eyes, drew the gaze in and focused them. A small indulgence. It distracted the operations chief for a moment as she wiggled her bared toes against the heated floor of the locker room. Eventually though she settled in to the reality that she had lost her bet, and as such, would be - for the first time since joining the crew of the Theurgy - trying out the public baths.  Stark naked (pun intended). And allowing whatever happened, to happen. That was the bet, after all.

"What was I thinking?" She asked aloud this time, shaking her head and padding off, bare foot, towards the door to the baths.  Her locker had slid shut behind her, now bearing her name and rank on the LCARS interface. Yet another furtive glance showed that she was still alone in the locker room itself, but there were plenty of lit up lockers. Now, the 'owners' could be in the gym, or the pool that adjourned the baths. There was no guarantee that the baths themselves were occupied. Nor was there a promise that the baths were empty. Of course, Natalie could simply ask Thea if there were any occupants. But she realized she might be even more nervous, knowing, than not.

Really, at this point, as she contemplated her decisions, there was nothing else to be gained in putting it off. She turned to the left, and entered the small airlock like enclosure that would lead to the 'public baths' as they were known. Three steps in, and she felt the buzzing of a sonic shower kick in. Ten steps after that, the buzzing sensation faded, and Natalie knew she was now clean from head to toe. Yes, there would be the option to literally bathe, soap, scrub, the whole nine years, inside the baths, but hygiene was important, and as such anyone entering the baths (or the pool for that matter) would be subjected to a cleansing sonic burst. The doors stood before her, waiting for the brunette to reach out and press the activation pad.

"Now or never, Nat," she whispered and tamped down on her nerves. She'd heard thinks about the baths. And while some of the tales made her whole skin flush red, the common theme among them was that anyone that went to the baths enjoyed themselves, and came out far more relaxed. As far as a lost bet went, there were worse our comes.  With that firmly in her mind, she reached out and pressed her right hand to the door controls. A few quick button presses, and then they slid open into a warmly lit room.

Whites, blues and golds assaulted her vision, as warm air, with wisps of steam curled out and wrapped around her bare ankles. The faint scents of sage and lavender filled her nose, and enticed her to breathe deep. Caving to that desire, she sucked in slowly through her nose, with her eyes closed. She let the breath linger in her lungs for a few seconds, then exhaled, stepping forward through the door. Tile replaced the padded surfaces of the locker room, but the warmth was still there. Only when she heard the doors slide shut and seal behind her did Natalie open her eyes once more.

Her gaze was drawn to the stand of supplies near by as well as the heated rack for towels, each tucked in against sweeping columns that rose up to the top of the high raised ceiling. A few hung there already, telling Natalie that she was not, in fact, alone in the  baths. Someone else was out there. Who, she knew not. This wasn't restricted to just officers, for instance, so it could be anyone. Someone she worked with daily. A direct subordinate or superior. Or a crew member she'd never actually met. The Theurgy was large enough that such could be the case. She pondered a soap, and glanced over the rules, written on a display screen that seemed unaffected by the steam and heat, that swapped between Federation Standard and a few common galactic languages. Dignitaries had been known to visit the baths, after all.

With a sigh, Natalie forewent the sandals that were available, in all manner of sizes, and scooped up a tube of single use soap and a scrub. While the department head was unsure if they would get any use, she tucked them into the small basket all the same, and began to approach the bath proper, eyes darting over to the recessed alcove that contained a replicator and small wet bar, currently ready for use but unoccupied. Liquid courage, tempting, tempting, she pondered as she began to make a circuit of the main, heated bath, trying to see who was about.

OOC: if anyone wants to already be in the baths, have at. Other than directly at the bar (because Natalie's established its empty) characters can be wherever. Quick dip cold pool, private alcove, the jetted area, or just lounging about in the steam filled tubs.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Ravon & Ens Cameron Henshaw | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]

As the door hissed open at the entrance of the bath house, Cameron Henshaw stood up to peek from one of the well hidden warm jetted pools. Her face peeking from over the edge as she gazed at the covered up Natalie Stark."You'll never guess who showed up here." she whispered to her companion who had been sitting with her in the jetted tub for a while now. "Really? Can I make a guess?" was the response of a hushed Thomas Ravon as he honestly did admire the nude frame of Henshaw as she had stood up to peek over the wall. "Sure, but I'm telling you, you'll never guess." she snickered as she slid back down in the pool and looked at Ravon.

The pack leader gave it some thought before he guessed "Morali. I'd totally not expect him here." He smirked as Henshaw chuckled and laughed "Wrong again flyboy." she replied as Thomas tapped his hand on his chin "If not him... Oh! the Lizard!" Henshaw rolled her eyes "He has a name you know." she pointed out to him with a scowl to her voice "Either way, wrong again." Thomas rolled his eyes and stood up himself as the water cascaded down his body and Henshaw took the liberty to just behold the full frontal she got from the pilot. Ravon poked his head out from the wall that had kept them secluded and he smiled broadly "Fuck! Really Stark?" he exclaimed almost loud enough to be heard before he snickered "Heck, I should go buy her a drink! For once that I get to see her in an off duty outfit." he joked and Cameron shook her head "Sure, whatever you have to say to keep that excuse going." she teased him and Thomas shook his head as he got out of the jetted pool. "I enjoyed the conversation Cameron. We should do so again on a later occasion." he smirked before he said goodbye to his conversational partner.

Ravon hadn't bothered to wear anything as he figured that the bathhouse was more or less like a giant sauna either way. Either way as he approached the bar he did pluck a free bathrobe from one of the replicators that were strategically placed. He clasped the robe around him and tied a knot in the front which covered up his more private parts, yet still gave plenty of skin on his chest and legs. Once at the bar he greeted the hologram that acted as bartender and shouted out to Stark as he waved his hand above his head to catch her attention "Yo Natalie! Care to join me for a drink?"

In the meantime Cameron relaxed in the jetted pool as she laid back in the water and felt the bursts of powered water massage her back. A soft purr of enjoyment leaving her lips as she'd hit the saunas later on, yet for now she'd satisfy with the pulsing streams of water running over her body.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]

Having been stuck on Resolve for so long, there were a lot of luxuries Eliska Bremmer had not enjoyed in quite some time.  Like a real shower.  Or a bath.  Or even a soak.  Oh, sure, Resolve did have a pool.  A small one.  A very small one.  Mostly reserved for officers, at that.  And when they had been stranded in the middle of nowhere, it had been drained into the ship's drinking water tanks as a result of the emergency.  As for real showers, only senior officers had water showers, and even those were restricted in use.  Or at least so the ship's standing orders had declared.  But Eliska Bremmer did recall that until getting on Theurgy, her last shower had gone back ten and a half months, to her last birthday. 

But then, she discovered there was a pool on board.  Back home on Nova Kosice, swimming was one of those things done in the nude.  But Starfleet, well Starfleet was full of prudes and she had to replicate herself a bathing suit.  A regulation bathing suit, no less because that was all that was authorized in the ship's pool.  And while the one-piece design did hug her curves nicely, it was decidedly odd to be wearing one to swim. 

And, after a good set of lengths, for some reason she could not have comprehended, she came out of the pool at the end opposite she normally did, and there was a door there.  One marked 'public baths'.  Now, that was interesting...

The door led to a short hallway, one where an automated sonic shower was activated as she walked through, and at the far end, there was another panel, one that listed the regulations, and two of them did catch her eye.  Co-ed, and clothing optional.  And then, there was a third: that public displays of affections may be expected?  Now that was definitely interesting...

The space the bathhouse occupied was unlike anything she ever expected to see outside a holodeck.  Marble, and wood, and gold trim and graceful arches.  It was... heavenly. 

And the scenery was none too bad itself.  There was the SCO, standing there wearing nothing at all, and the Captain's own yeoman. And she too appeared to be wearing very, very little herself.  And also, there was the Chief Operations Officer, in all of her curvy, but sadly covered glory.  Speaking of which...

Bremmer had no hang ups about nudity.  In fact, she enjoyed being naked, and by and large she enjoyed being looked at.  Being leered at was another story, but as a rule?  Skin was good..

So, standing in the doorway, she pulled down her bathing suit.  She might not have the most voluptuous breasts; in fact, Eliska's were on the small side but she had nothing to be ashamed of.  And then it was her trim stomach, her hips, and the neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair between her legs, before she kicked it off entirely and strode fearlessly into the room itself.  

Oh, she was grossly outranked by everyone in there, but as the sign said, there was no rank in the baths.

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[ Lahkesis & Kleo Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]

Though she was not what most would call a prude, Lahkesis was not one for the idea of public bathing. The thought of being so exposed in front of people made her uncomfortable. If she needed to bath, she would do so in her own quarters, using the water settings as the Sonic settings had a hard time with her skin type and thus would cause irritation if used to often. The fact that to enter the public bath you had to walk through a sonic shower made the idea even less appealing to her. It was just better to stick to her personal shower in her own quarters.

Yet there was no convincing Kleo not to do a thing once Kleo had set her mind to it. For her part Kleo was not so much against the idea of bathing in public. She found the idea enticing and more than a little exhilarating. More than that she knew that if she dragged her sister along it would create a very interesting situation as without their uniforms on, it would be near impossible to tell the two of them apart by simply looking at them. That alone made the idea sound far too enjoyable to pass up. And it only took a little poking to finally wear down Lahkesis enough so that she agreed to go.

And as they sat in the warm mineral waters of one of the baths in the more private alcoves even Lahkesis could not say it was not a good idea. They sat leaning against each other, looking almost like mirror images of one another. Both with pale flawless skin, large full breasts that were mostly submerged in the warm water, and below that well rounded hips. Even their hair looked nearly identical, though Kleo's was a fraction of a shade redder. They had the look or sculpted perfection. And with no telltale clues, it was all but impossible to tell which of them was which. Yet to those who knew one little trick it wasn't to hard. Lahkesis had the smell of orange blossoms, while her sister smelled of Water Lilies. If one ignored the visual, they smelled and tasted quite different, if one got close enough to smell or taste them.

In the warm bath Lahkesis had relaxed to the point of resting her head on her sisters shoulder, closing her eyes and seeming to doze peacefully, Kleo having her arm around her sisters shoulders to hold her close and secure. Kleo was watchful of the people coming and going, making a mental not of them all, waiting to see if anyone worth calling over to them would appear through the doors. She knew how  much fun it would be to tease her sister in this place, and how the sheer naughtiness of it would attract some eyes to them. All the more enticing to do it really. But it was also just as interesting to wait and see if someone would come to them, after all from Kleo’s perspective one was nice, but two was so much nicer.

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[ Suq Reylin Efreya-Xan | Public Baths | Deck 12 ] @Absinthe @Brutus @Nolan @CanadianVet

To the outside observer, it would seem as if bubbles were rising in an unusual area of the pool. Not quite close enough to a vent to be that, and too far away from other people to be them. Soon, a mop of hyper-blonde hair began to float to the surface, followed by a wet face turned red-orange from the heated water. Suq's eyes were closed, but he had heard vibrations through the water. The pool was newly populated. It was his chance to make an entrance, so he rose steadily and slowly from the depths of the waters, like a hairy, mustachioed cryptid.
"Beware, denizens of the bath-room." He announced, using an overly theatrical voice, by now he stood up fully, the water came up to his chest. "Creatures lurk in the depths." His chest hair flowed in the water just like the hair on his head, due to it's length. He hadn't shaved in some time. He ran his fingers through his chest hair to straighten it out and shook his head like a dog to rid himself of water. Finally, he rubbed his eyes and took stock of the crowd. Ah yes, nobody he knew. He had just acted like an idiot for no reason at all.

"Hey guys, how's it going." He smiled at everyone, "Lemme know if you see my uh, my stepstool. It's red with black spots, like a strawberry. I was sitting on it here in the pool and I lost it a while back."

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[Ensign Chris Slayton, LT JG Cameron Ward, & Ensign Tallanyreen "Aria" sh'Kandros| Public Baths| Deck 12| USS Theurgy| Vector 01] ATTN: @Nolan @CanadianVet @Brutus @FollowTomorrow @Absinthe

Chris walked into the locker room that was attached to the public bath and headed over to a locker where he swiped his thumb to unlocked it before he shrugged out of his uniform jacket as he thought about how nice it was going to be to just sit back and let the stress flow out of him which was really needed after one of the longest patrols that he'd done thus far.

He quickly shed the rest of his uniform, tucking his boots into the bottom of the locker before slipping the rest of clothes in as well before picking up a standard issue towel and wrapped it around his trim waist but left the rest of his muscular, tattooed, and scarred body open to be viewed and the thought really didn't bother him because he was too tired to care.

He then placed his pip, com badge, and pendent in the top part of the locker before closing it with his name and rank appearing on the LCARS interface as he walked bare foot towards the door that lead to the baths and when he walked into the brightly lit and well furnished room, he couldn't help but smile as he took in the bright colors with its impressive columns which made him actually wonder how the designers of the ship actually managed to get actual marble onto a modern ship of the line.

That thought alone made him give a real smile.

Chris then undid the towel from around his waist and went through the walk-through sonic shower to help clean him off before he went over to the baths as he felt the heat from the room was already starting to seep into his tired muscles as he slung he wrapped his towel around his neck, not really having a hang up about nudity due to his time living on Andoria despite his toned and defined body covered in a number of scars gained from his time on Rue Penthe but it didn't take away from the fact that he was a handsome man despite the fact that he didn't think that way.

As he walked towards the baths, he walked up behind the dark haired woman and couldn't help but admire the nice ass of the woman before walking past her, taking in more of the brunette woman and nodding his head respectfully to her, happy that he wasn't the only one that a skewed the need for too much modesty but something distracted him and drew his attention towards a bath in one corner and what he saw made him smile.

There in the tub with her eyes closed and letting that familiar purr escape her lips was a completely nude Cameron which he couldn't help but admire the red-head's sinuous form as he leaned over the edge of the tube and didn't say anything for a moment as he saw how the rivulets of water flowed gracefully down from her body over the upper slopes of her shimmering creamy and beautifully formed plump breasts down to where her nipples were hidden by the water. "Hello Cameron, care for some company in there?" he asked respectfully in a warm tone.

Meanwhile a moment later two more of the pack in the forms of Cameron "Witch King" Ward and his RIO with Cameron's lean yet toned figure on full display without any form of modesty as he strode into the bath with a smile on his face. "Ah, just the thing !" he said as he stretched out his arms till there was a loud popping noise. "What do you think Aria?"

Ensign Tallanyreen "Aria" sh'Kandros otherwise known more commonly as "Aria" simply rolled her dark blue eyes as she crossed her arms under her modest chest. "If you say so." the shen quipped lightly.

Before Cam can say anything else, he noticed the dark haired woman which actually caused his attention to be drawn to her as there was something about her and how she was standing so confidently, her bared yet beautifully bared breasts flowed with every breath against her sleek frame in a way that  made her both enticing and lethal at the same time.

But this only seemed to draw a hint of confusion as he moved away from where he stood next to Aria and gave the dark haired woman a warm broad smile as he walked over to her. "Hello there, my name is Cameron Ward." he said honestly to Eliska.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @DocReno @FollowTomorrow @Brutus

Eliska was not known for being indecisive.  Just about under any set of circumstances, she was one to act.  Whether it be out of instinct honed to a fine edge by grueling training, or in a deliberate and reasoned way, or just plain improvising, she was not one to stay flat-footed for long.  But, even after shedding her bathing, suit, even after walking well into the luxurious room?  It was another story.

But this time?  Between the splendor of the baths, and of its current occupants, she really did not know where she stood, where to stand, or soak for that matter, or how to act.  And the water erupting in the middle of one of the pools certainly didn't help.  In fact, she was actually startled and, despite her nudity, she aggressively stepped forward with her left leg even as her right hand shot to her right hip... where her state of undress definitely did not permit the presence of her pistol.  Reylin.  Of course he'd be one to do something like that.  Especially shaking himself like a wet dog.  "Do kurwy nędzy1, Suq!"

In her heavily accented voice, the words were flowing far better than Federation Standard ever did, and there was no doubting she was not exactly pleased.  As she recovered, she shot the engineer a dark look, one made even darker by the permanent makeup around her eyes.  "You know better than do pull that shit, you fuzzy Romulan midget čurák2!"  There was no doubting she was less than pleased, but as her heartbeat slowed, the Security Petty Officer noticed new entrants.  She'd seen them before, but never talked to them.  But she did recognize them as being from the fighter squadron on board. 

The first one, built and scarred, didn't even try to hide he was checking her out; well, there was something to be said about honesty all right.  And he moved well, maybe a little too well, and he didn't waste much time in joining the Captain's Yeoman, who was a right looker in her own right.  But hey, each his own. 

But she was soon approached by one of the other two, one who had gone into the water with a really nicely put-together blonde but came out to speak to her.  Nice smile, Eliska thought as he made his way over; and, to his credit, he didn't try to hide he'd been looking at her breasts; Bremmer was hardly the best-endowed woman in existence. In fact, with those for whom larger bust was a requirement tended to dismiss her without a second thought.  But with the frankness he looked her over, she did very much the same; not bad, not bad at all.  And he wasn't the shy sort either, so that helped.  "And I'm Eliska Bremmer," she replied automatically.  "So, with your friend ogling me from over there, how about we get into that water before the eyes bug out of her head?"

With that said, the Nova Kosice native started to make her way down, but she took a wide curve, going by the Chief Operations officer in the process.  And she made a point to sashay her way over, her hips swaying and imparting what movement she could to her own diminutive breasts.  And, as she neared the more curvaceous woman, she 'accidentally' brushed her hip against hers, and stopped.  "Nat, right?  You know, you're a little overdressed for the occasion.  And look at you, if I don't think I got anything to be ashamed of, you should be begging to show off what you've got."  Then, she turned her head to give her a devilish smile.  "But if you're the shy kind and you prefer just watching, that's fine too."

And only then did she follow Cam Ward into the pool.

1"For fuck's sake", in Polish
w"Dickhead", in Czech

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Leon Marquez | Ens James "Jimmy" Mariner | CWO Tarsi ] | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ]  @triage @Even Angels Cry

The whole thing had been Jimmy's idea. Leon was understandably reluctant to join in on some R and R under the ever-present circumstances they were in, even though the former XO was a firm advocate in crew, officer and noncom alike participating in equal opportunity recreation time. Still, when Tarsi had made a similar notice of concern and tension in her leather-skin friend, the Andorian shen appealed to even a commander's human needs in order to function at peak efficiency. "Oh allright, Tarsi." very hesitantly, Leon took his leave and permitted the recently-hibernated Denobulan, Klex to take his position at Vector 01's bridge. Behind his back, Klex and Tarsi exchanged winks at getting their friend to finally unwind.

On the Resolve's voyage, difficult decisions had to be made, placing crew survival over the recreational needs of limited resources. Reliance on replicators and holodecks was rationed, but when these obstacles were eventually overcome, the pool's reopening was a milestone of morale-boosting, to Mariner's (and admittedly, his own) excitement. Marquez loved swimming, apart from staying in shape, the sport reminded him of Earth and his promise to return home. No other planet in the galaxy, except perhaps Risa provided a place to swim without fear of a microbe or sea-dwelling predator ruining the day. That's why Leon brought his favored swimming trunks of choice (Green with a Lion guarding a soccer ball and 7 stars under the coat of arms), wearing a bathrobe to keep his shoulders and lower half warm, as his legs and pectorals were nothing to hide.

Tarsi had been uptight and frustrated for several months now, having done little with her free time besides practice her martial arts in her quarters and playing complex Andorian strategy games on her PaDD. She was as much a bookworm as she was a soldier, but as an individual, she wished she could indulge in some more personal desires besides her fondness for singing and karaoke. She of all people mourned the chance for some starved shore leave on Starbase 84, but the loss of life, material and her home eclipsed the selfish need to unwind. Even a trip to the lovely beaches of Earth's Alaska in the holodecks would've made her day if not her year. Still when Jimmy came to Marquez with the news that he'd discovered a Jacuzzi room, her mind at once attuned to the potential to take an invigorating cool bath, and possibly meet another of her species to play with. She'd almost entirely gave up attempting to make advances toward Lt Ch'rayya, her department chair and a man she'd long had feelings toward. She donned her purple-pink camouflage swimwear and stocked up on her Andorian Ale obtained from the lounge.

It was here where she bumped into, unsurprisingly, Ensign Mariner, who was filling up a replicated version of a lightweight metal. "Striker doesn't drink beer," Tarsi noticed, finding a few well-meaning but redundant six-pack of several Earth regional drinks, before spotting a replication of that odd-shaped bottle Marquez kept for decoration behind his desk. "... Ah I see. I don't think she drinks much anymore... but I'd like to see you try. She seemed composed recently." the Andorian smiled and filled the cooler with her addition and helped Jimmy wheel the device to their meeting place near the Bathhouse.

Jimmy was surprised he'd gotten his longtime friends and war buddies to let loose, but not nearly as excited as he was when Meony had made the time to go along with him too; he hastily returned to his quarters to find a family heirloom, privately named 'Pinocchio' to wear to his event.  In a hurry, Jimmy stripped and put on his navy-blue trunks that had a camouflage pattern, with the Australian flag on his hip and the outfit's namesake on his groin, a timeless emblem of a smiley face. Jimmy often smugly wondered how long that had been on his family crest before his star-faring ancestors scanned the original into replicator buffers. One more reason he was glad to have saved the datarods from Resolve's destruction: He was able to salvage the patterns for a wheelable ice chest. The bare-chested athletic Australian surfer-jock wore a blue beach towel with his nation's flag around his waist when he met up with his crew, with a PaDD tucked into his waistband, its speakers playing something off his 'showtime' playlist.

"Watch, as our brave hero" Jimmy exxagerated his Australian accent (which usually sounded slightly 'americanized' unless he got into character or emulated his father the documentarian) "Embarks on a steamy adventure, a trek through the leisures of the stars, in a pack of noble heroes, as he delivers a token of affection for the female of his species...". Tarsi rolled her eyes as she walked ahead of him with her grip on the foregrip on the beverage cooler, standing next to Marquez, mouthing, 'This guy.' to the CTO who mouthed back, 'Ah, jut humor him.'  "Watch out, buster, this here's a Texan thoroughbred: She's got the face of an angel, the color of a red devil and the kiss of a Rattlesnake! You'd better be a snake charmer to give us all a happy ending." Jimmy tried to hold her hand, in such a way where he wouldn't fall out of his robe (Which was on, but not wrapped, showing of his bare chest and blue trunks) "Lucky, for our hero, he is." Jimmy concluded the documentarian voice with his normal accent.

Leon opened the door to the bathhouse room and let the breath of the room glide into his lungs and sighed blissfully as he led his friends into the bathhouse. He noticed some familiar faces of his new crewmates from the crewmates, despite the amount of skin they decided to show off.  He broke off from his pack as he noticed the Ensigns find a corner to themselves and Tarsi hang her robe somewhere and procede to unashamedly take her top off as she hummed the Andorian Imperial anthem and hung up her robe and garment, taking two cans of Andorian Ale from Jimmy's cooler before letting the Australian and the Texan find a pool to dabble in their Pink-skin fraternization. Tarsi noticed Eliska Bremmer in the pool and considered greeting her fellow Resolve noncom officer. The two were friends, but Tarsi didn't click well with the Nove Kosician except for holodeck competitions or the phaser range; besides, she found companionship already.

The Shen inspected the room of its occupants, hiding her irritation at the temperature of the bathhouse. She hoped the moisture in the atmosphere in the damp room would cool down the shen's body temperature down a bit, but rather she caught herself perspiring just a notch. Next to her, Leon followed suit and hung up his robe and drink in the ambience of the room. "Enjoying the view, Leather-skin?" She looked his form over, curling an antenna downward as she regarded him while he stretched himself out and freed more blood through his vessels. For a human, he didn't have a terrible body by any means. Part of her wished he was Andorian.  

"The humanoid body is nothing to be ashamed of, Tarsi... unless you have insecurities." Leon replied, stretching his arms and flexing his arms, letting the shen regard him as he pretended not to care. The two had grown up together when they were younger but simply kept eachother on their toes. Her anatomy and his respect for her father kept them from becoming an item. "Why, are you showing your arsenal to the jealousy of the female crew again?" He almost-sarcastically asked, making eye contact with the busty Andorian, acting as if he didn't notice the Andorian's cultural indifference for their anatomy. Her gaze and antennae indicated Leon to look over his shoulder to spot someone for each of them. Leon was glad he didn't have a drink in hand as they appeared.

Meanwhile, Jimmy had scooted into a pool and fidgeted with the settings as he cast some friendly greetings to other members of the crew, keeping Tancredi in his personal foreground as he rolled his cooler, whistling to the beat of his music before he turned it low as he eased in to an unoccupied corner of the bathhouse, sighing contentedly as the temperature agreed with him, snapping open an El Sol beer as he applied salt and lime to the ice-cool synthehol. The stuff may have been artificial and the buzz just as much so, but it had a placebo effect that would keep his body hale and hearty should there need to be some swimming about in these pools; The islander was nobody's silver medalist in that particular sport, and he had Meony to impress.
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ Suq Reylin Efreya-Xan | Public Baths | Deck 12 ] @CanadianVet

He was greeted with yelling in a language he didn’t understand. That was all it took to trigger the feeling of...not fear, per se, but work-mode. He splashed about stupidly looking for a phaser at his hip that didn’t exist anymore for a good thirty seconds, his eyes trained on Eliska without necessarily understanding what he saw. Finally, he realized that he was safe, nobody was going to be hurt, and the tension in his body loosened. He hadn’t realized how terrified he was. Good thing he used the bathroom before he got here, too, because he would’ve voided himself if he hadn’t.

“Sorry ‘Liska.” He smiled, even though he wasn't sorry at all, and in spite of the insults. In reality, he savored them. “You honor me with your insults, ma’am.” He laughed a little, and then he began to sink back into the water just as slowly as he rose. Nessie, returning to the depths. As he did so, he mumbled the weird words she used, just because they sounded fun. He could mimic the sounds exactly, but had no clue what they meant.

“A čurák, čurák, čurák...” He sang to himself, right up until his mouth and nose were underwater. There, he stopped, and he began to move about the pool to find another spot to soak the water and be weird, where he wouldn’t scare Eliska. As he moved, his hair swirled in the water behind him, only disturbed by the occasional bubbles the man blew into the water.

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[LT JG Cameron Ward & Ensign Tallanyreen "Aria" sh'Kandros| Public Baths| USS Theurgy| Vector 01] ATTN: @CanadianVet @Nolan @FollowTomorrow @Brutus @Triton

Aria had been too busy admiring the dark haired woman's ass to notice the by play between the two of them until she was referenced at which point he shen's head snapped up and a blush started to brighten her cheeks just a little bit as she watched the two head down to the water.

As Aria started to make that way, she heard a familiar little tune that made her antenna twitch hard as her head jerked to the origin of the sound to see a fellow Andorian walking into the room with two human males, one wheeling some kind of strange device behind him and speaking with an accent that she really couldn't place as one of her pale white eyebrows went up before she drew her attention back to the other Andorian, bowing her head respectfully at the other Shen and said "That's a cute outfit you have on" before turning to follow Eliska and her partner.

Cam on the other hand had sunk into the water and was enjoying how the heat from it was already seeping into his muscles when he turned to say something to Eliska when he noticed how sleekly she moved through the water, each measured step with only the barest of hints of the neatly trimmed patch with every step.

Needless to say the "Witch King" was struck for a loss of words as Eliska approached.

As the security officer slid into the water to sit next to him, Cameron couldn't help but smile broadly at her but not in the manner common to "cocky fighter pilots", but something much more warmer and friendly but didn't say a word.

Aria on the other hand had shed her short robe and was now sliding into the water comfortably next to Eliska, her body tensing up a little bit because of the heat but it was something that she was willing to deal with to be close to this woman because something about her seemed like it would be fun. "So tell me, that accent of your's marks you from Nova Kosice, yes?" she asked in a light purr into the brunette's right ear as she reached out and with her hand under the water, lightly ran the fingers of her left hand over Eliska's bare stomach, feeling the firm muscles of the woman which felt impressive to the Shen who then stroked the lower half of her stomach just a little bit. "However I do sense a good amount of tension, Eliska. Perhaps we can help you with you relaxing?"

Cam nodded in agreement, "I concur, it would be the polite thing to do." he mused to Eliska as well.

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[ Lt.JG Khorin Douglas | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

Khorin entered the locker room, ignoring any potential passerby or other people who might be around. There were a lot of luxuries he wished to enjoy after his rigorous calisthenics program. One of those things was a bath. And it just so happened that there was a public bath aboard the Theurgy. Granted, he had never had the luxury of checking it out himself, but today that would change. Khorin strode into the locker room, ignoring any passerby and other occupants.

Khorin started at the end of the locker room, where an automated shower cleansed him of any outside filth or contagions. At the other end, Khorin's gaze alighted onto a panel listing regulations, saying that they were entirely co-ed and that clothing was optional. He grinned. This was good, he was going to have a fun time indeed. He strode past the sign and entered the baths themselves. They were certainly something, but something that Khorin disliked. As much of a luxury that the baths were, he felt that the interior was too ostentatious, too bright, and too expensive and unnecessary for a starship.

Inside, there was already quite a few people inside, many of which were wearing nothing at all. Khorin himself was clad in naught but a towel covering up his manly bits. His tall muscled physique lay almost completely exposed in the cool air, his Klingon ridges and spines on his back completely out in the air, and a small trail of hair lead from his navel to below his white towel, hinting at what lay beneath. Indeed there was a slight bulge from beneath the towel as he walked, something he couldn't hide even if he wished to.

Khorin looked around, and spied the ship's chief of operations, sadly alone and covered up. With a grin appearing and just as quickly disappearing on his face, Khorin strode over proudly and set himself down beside one Natalis Stark. "Hey," He said, gruffly. "I noticed you've still got your towel covering you up, don't you want to join in the fun?"

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[ Lahkesis & Kleo Saugn | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] attn: @Masorin

As more people entered the baths Kleo found herself growing impatient. She wanted something fun, something unexpected, or at the very least something that would kill a couple of hours. Yet thus far no one had made their way over to their private little alcove to provide that for her. This was annoying, but not altogether unexpected. It was clear she was going to have to summon someone, and if she was already plotting to do that she figured she may as well make it as amusing as possible.

She gingerly disentangled herself from her sister, who opened her heavy lidded eyes as she did so. "Are we leaving?" Lahkesis asked stretching a little.

"No, not yet, you just rest, I need to go do something," Kleo replied as she got to her feet and smiled down at her sister, leaning in to gently kiss her forehead.

"Kay," Lahkesis breathed tiredly as she positioned herself to soak in the warm water.

Kleo stepped from the mineral water bath and made her way from the main baths. Being a bit of a natural exhibitionist, she walked without any shame or desire to hide her body. She was beautiful and she knew it, if any wanted to look it would only stroke her ego a little bit more. She didn't bothering with grabbing a towel as when she walked through the sonic showers on her way to the dressing room it would knock all the water off of her body.

Once in the changing room she made a beeline for hers and Lahkesis's lockers. Kleo had insisted that they share a locker, saying that it made things simpler, and it did, it made it quite simple for Kleo to reach in and grab Lahkesis's combadge. With their nearly identical biology it would take a more detailed scan than the combadge did to confirm identity to tell the two of them apart.

She clicked it and leaned against tha lockers with a smile on her face. "Lahkesis to Sithick, do you think you could meet me in the Public Bath? I really need to talk to you," she did her best to make her voice sound like Lahkesis's. And then, before she could get the answer back she put the combadge back into the locker and closed it. It this didn't stir the pot a little she did not know what would.

Then with just as big a smile as she had ever had, she mad her way back to the baths, hurrying through the sonic showers before they could start to sting at her skin to much, and entering the baths once more only a moment later. She paused by the mineral baths, leaning against a dividing wall to wait for the appearance of a certain Gorn, when he arrived she would wait until he spotted her and then she would sink into the bath again with her sister.

This was going to get interesting, one way or another.

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[ Suq Reylin Efreya-Xan | Public Baths | Deck 12 ]

As he made it to his alcove and looked around, he noticed something. Everyone was fussing over the girls. Of course, the girls were all lovely, he noted as he looked each one over, but so were the gentlemen. Nobody fussed over them.  Or, more precisely, nobody fussed over him.

Back on Efros, men and women would lavish attention on one another regardless of their sexual attraction. It was considered polite to do so. After all, everyone wanted a chance to feel sexy sometimes. He had learned the hard way that nobody in the Federation would even think about doing something outside of their attractions, and although he had come to accept that, he still felt...ugly, he supposed.

He looked down at his chest, he kept his skin soft and his hair clean. He liked it, but he felt so insecure all of a sudden. He pushed his abs together to make a facsimile of cleavage, like the ladies before him. There, much better.
“I look fucking fantastic.” He mumbled to himself, slowly sinking below the waters to conceal his body.

“Absolutely sexy.” His words made bubbles in the water as his head sank below the waterline. Just like that, he was submerged once more.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01 ]

There was a lot of flesh already on display. A lot. Oh so much Natalie thought as she tried to figure out where to let her gaze settle that wouldn't have her face red as a beet. She first caught sight of a flash of bare leg, male, very much male, as a toweling robe was wrapped around the built figure of what turned out to be Thomas Ravon stepping out of the steam. Water ran down his body and for just a moment, Natalie felt her throat go dry. I should not be in here, not at all not at all nope this was a bad idea. Barely did the thought surface before she saw him give her a wave.

He spoke, but Natalie felt like the ancient, proverbial deer in the headlights. It was ridiculous and she forced herself to settle down. The were doors opening behind her, and new voices, more people leaking into the baths. A glance to her side showed that the main baths had occupants as well, not just the steam filled whirlpool to the right of the wet bar. She shut her eyes, breathed the steam in, and managed a smile, and a careful wave towards the CAG officer. She didn't get to answer, however, before a fewpeople drew her attention away.

The first distraction was in the form of a shout, rising up from the depths of the main bath, that made Natalie jump slightly and clutch her towel tightly to her chest. She spun, landed, and stared, seeing Suq rise up out of the bath. The hair billowing out around him, his words echoing about. The childish cry was something of a tension breaker, albeit it a momentary one, as her attention was pulled away from the jovial assistant Chief Engineer, and to someone giving him an earful in turn.

She must be from the Resolve Natalie concluded as she watched the unfamiliar woman take Suq to town, who then turned and moved in the wake of some other newcomers to the baths. They seemed to chat each other up for a moment,  one already in the tub and one talking to the shorter brunette. Natalie just turned her attention back towards Thomas, to answer his greeting, when she felt a bump against her hip, causing her to once again jump and turn around to see -

To see the same woman from before, but up close and personal now, addressing her it appeared. A slender, taut woman whom was, quite readily, naked and appeared to be already wet, or at the very least damp. Completely so. Sleek was the word that came to mind, as her eyes inevitably dragged over the subtle curves and muscles - nothing that stood out entirely, but when taken as a complete package on the whole, easily able to be called attractive. Pert breast, trim hair at the triangle join of her legs that Natalie just barely caught a sight of when the figure stopped by her, eyes glancing ever so slightly downward.

It appeared the woman - Bremmer ....Eliska Bremmer, Security, she recalled belatedly - had about an inch on Natalie in height. The Chief of Operations got the distinct impression that she was being checked out. And she knew beyond a doubt that Bremmer's were not the only eyes on her just then. She found the scrutiny from the woman odd - she wasn't used to being appreciated by the same sex. And she was almost certain thats what she was picking up on. Physical appreciation.

The blush began, and the words that followed did nothing to help.

"Nat, right? You know, you're a little overdressed for the occasion. And look at you, if I don't think I got anything to be ashamed of, you should be begging to show off what you've got." Then, she turned her head to give her a devilish smile. "But if you're the shy kind and you prefer just watching, that's fine too."

Between the teasing tone, the implications, and the flattering compliments, Natalie's skin went from being slightly warm to set afire. The senior officer stammered back a bit, mouth agape, never feeling so out of place before (at least in recent memory). She'd been caught completely off guard, to say the very least, and felt like a raw cadet all over again.

Where do I even begin? she thought, stammering out a "Esli - I um - that isn't - why should - oh." But the petty officer - but Bremmer, there were no ranks here - had already walked off, her tight butt swaying as she descended her way into the bath, leaving Natalie there to stammer and try and compose her self. Implying that she might be the kind of person that liked to! A...a what? A Bathing Voyeur?

It didn't help that the bet that had been placed would have her dropping that towel soon enough anyway. For one, she couldn't lounge in the water wrapped in the towel. For two, 'Stark naked' were the words used in the agreement. Which meant that she really should give up the ghost and shuck the towel. But she wasn't ready...not really....she let it slip a little as she forced herself to turn back to Ravon. She still owed him an answer. So the towel dropped a bit, not quite uncovering her bosom but showing how the red had crept into her skin, that far down.

But the other distraction surfaced at that point, walking up behind her.  She felt him towering over her and she turned jumping (again!) and nearly spilling out of her towel as he down by her side. Even seated he was hardly shorter than her now. Unlike the brunette that had also implied that perhaps she should allow herself to go naked, this ridge-headed officer (whom she did not recognize) was almost a good foot taller than her when he was standing. It was disconcerting because it set his proud brow'd head right at the level of her bust. She clenched the towel tighter.

"Hey," He said, gruffly. "I noticed you've still got your towel covering you up, don't you want to join in the fun?" She noticed the way that his towel barely covered his waist, as he sat, legs apart. Her own was doing a poor job at the moment of keeping her breasts from view, though it had slipped down enough so that her bum was at least slightly more covered. So none would see that the blush - which had started on the cheeks of her face and had been steadily spreading around, coloring her neck and shoulders, was now getting to the point where it might be brightening other cheeks. Save that none could now tell.

Those blue eyes darted over to Ravon, and she found herself rather wishing for a drink - then over to where Bremmer, whom had first complimented her form now lounging in the waters, her own subtler curves hidden, and back to the Klingon-Hybrid seated before her, jauntily looking her over. In less public circumstances, the scrutiny might have been welcome. But she knew Ravon was watching her and as with before, she felt others were too.

"Why does everyone seem to think I should be prancing about naked in here?" She asked softly, both of her hands clasped to her chest. Those dexterous fingers were worrying about with the edge of the towel. A little tug, and at the very least, she'd reveal the curved, heavy forms of her breast to the warm air. It wouldn't take much, not at all, not truthfully. It would have to happen soon enough. Bare breasts to match the long line of her bare neck, and just as flushed. It would seem to be the order of the day, judging by the parade of flesh on display.

Was she, perhaps, standing out more for her lack of nudity, and as such drawing more attention than she wanted? Or was she simply succumbing to social anxiety. Wasn't this supposed to be relaxing?

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[ PO1 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01

Lillee Jellaieu, the Theurgy’s latest sleeping beauty to have been awoken from slumber, needed a wash. It was a simple, basic organic need, but by the Fires, she needed to feel truly clean, not whatever awful torment she felt like right now. It was probably psychological, some strange reaction to having spent so long in cryostasis, but no matter how many sonic showers Lillee had, she simply could not get clean. That same unpleasant, dry sensation seemed to linger on her skin, that sterile chemical scent lingering in her nostrils, and nothing would banish it. Lillee had asked around, of course, but naturally, only the senior officers got showers with a water setting. Such blatant elitism was bizarre in the egalitarian Federation, but Lillee supposed that it was hardly to be unexpected. In an odd way, it was nice to see that the oh-so-high-and-mighty Federation shared some qualities with her own people. Still, out of options and distinctly uncomfortable after two days of feeling unclean,  she resorted to simply asking one of her fellow NCOs where she could go to get a good, proper wash. The petty officer had been polite enough in his response, but Lillee had nevertheless caught his devilish grin as he turned away.

An hour later, inside the locker room for the ship’s baths, Lillee found out why as she skimmed the list of rules. Clothing optional, she thought with a scoff. Really. No wonder that man had been so amused. Perhaps he had known that Romulans were reputed (falsely) to be overly prudish, an odd counterpoint to their famous ferocious natures. Or perhaps he was just chuckling at the thought of introducing someone else to whatever lay beyond the locker room doors. Either way, Lillee thought wryly as she disrobed, she was hardly the type to be embarrassed at seeing other people in their pure nude forms. Admittedly Lillee herself wasn't inclined to bare all here, either, not onboard a Federation ship where such things could be misconstrued, but hey, the sign said clothing optional, not banned.

Thus after neatly folding her uniform, Lillee took out the night black swimsuit that she had just replicated and began putting it on. The suit was a rather flattering design for Lillee’s figure, exposing her trim, faintly muscled physique in a one-piece design with only a thin black strip connecting the top and lower halves at the front and back. The design didn’t do Lillee’s breasts any favours, keeping them thoroughly concealed, but given their unimpressive size, Lillee didn’t mind that. She was appreciative of the way that the swimsuit showed off her sides and toned stomach, not to mention her well-formed posterior. The design should prove comfortable for swimming, and besides that, as Lillee pulled the swimsuit on, she both felt and looked good. She was a Romulan, after all, and she always enjoyed that simple sensation of feeling sexy as could be.

Of course, even with her potent imagination, Lillee could not have imagined what lay in the baths themselves. The layout could’ve been Romulan in its design, and part of her ached for home, but then again, the baths were rather too sterile and artless by comparison to the baths back home. Lillee couldn’t help but allow her eyes to wander as she slowly stepped further inside, from the relaxing identical twins to that gorgeous Efrosian to...oh wow, is he a Klingon!? Lillee had never really thought of Klingons like that before, but she had to admit that he was frightfully impressive in every respect.

Still, Lillee’s attention focused on the nervous young woman in front of her, clad in only a towel and seemingly holding onto it for dear life. Curious, and feeling a little bit sorry for the poor soul, Lillee quietly walked up to the human until she was next to her, smiling compassionately. Oh dear, she was blushing fiercely. Then Lillee heard the woman’s last remark and it all slipped into place.

“Are you alright, sweet one?” Lillee asked the girl gently. “I expect that the clothing standards hereabouts can be unsettling.”

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan, @CanadianVet, @Absinthe, @FollowTomorrow, @DocReno, @Triton, @Hastata-Nerada & @Griff
Meony would be the last person to admit that she was pensive, and more than a little wound up, lately. Three years of hell on board the Resolve and never once did she lose it like everyone kept thinking she would have. She defied all expectations of her sanity being lost after the innumerable torments and horrors that had been visited on her. Then again, things seemed to happen a lot faster on board the Theurgy.

She'd become increasingly withdrawn and quiet whenever she wasn't in her Valkyrie or in armour. Her eyes always darted left and right whenever she was not able to see past corners, and she even jumped if people like Sinead approached her silently from behind. She'd also become a little more clingy than usual to Jimmy, acting terribly afraid of being alone. She never said anything about it but the attack on her by members of the Devoted had terrified her more than anything she'd faced in Hell Sector (the region of space that the Resolve had been lost in). Because unlike the horrors she'd faced, these enemies looked like friends, fellow crew, and allies. Her distrust for strangers was stronger than ever.

Jimmy had the insight to know something was seriously wrong and when this outing was suggested, Meony was reluctant to go in without some sort of armament, but she settled for sticking close to Jimmy, Leon and Tarsi, once she learnt that many familiar faces would be there. And knowing Suq, he very likely would be there too. The Efrosian would be frolicking around for sure. In a rare moment of insecurity, she had emerged from her quarters in a red beach outfit which exposed the disfiguring scars on her side and most of her back, as well as the scars on her legs. She wasn't the shapeliest girl to ever live, but Meony always put on the air of not caring for her looks. She was in fact a little insecure and low on self-esteem.

Jimmy in typical Jimmy fashion, tried to lighten the mood between them on their way into the pools when she got hit by the sonic showers and her top which was loose flashed her breasts for all to see, to say nothing of the loose flowing skirt...considering that she came out in it to begin with, and that there was more nudity here than she'd seen anywhere else on the ship or on Risa (so she thought), she supposed one more full frontal wasn't going to make a difference, but did anyone consider those scars hideous? Maybe it was time to get them removed, since they were such a source of contention for her.

Meony heard what Leon said and her plastic smile faltered, before she gave Jimmy a smirk as he finished his narrator monologue and she playfully smacked him in the arm, then headed for the pools, pondering whether she wanted to get in or not yet. Instead, she settled down outside behind Jimmy, one hand on his shoulder, her knees drawn up to her chest with one hand securing them against her. “Nice 'n' wet, sugah?” asked Meony, with a mischievous grin.

[ Lt. JG Sinead O'Riley | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan, @CanadianVet, @Absinthe, @FollowTomorrow, @DocReno, @Triton, @Hastata-Nerada & @Griff
Sinead had heard about the public baths, and was highly intrigued by the notion. It was rather remindful of what the Bringloidi did back home, and she felt nostalgic for something that reminded her of better times. So, she took to the place with some enthusiasm, her blue eyes flashing with eagerness. She stored her belongings in a locker and wrapped only a towel around her body. She had no issues about showing flesh, as that was common in Bringloidi baths too, but some people weren't as open to such behaviour, so she would approach this with caution first.

But she was struck by the heat first of all. Uncertain about how Andorians could take it considering that they came from a planet that was even colder than Bringloid V's caves, Sinead could not take heat for long before she would run the risk of passing out. The sonic shower blew the towel right off her, and only her lightning reflexes allowed her to crasp the tip of one corner of the cloth before it would have been out of reach, but she didn't bother covering her breasts or loins with her free hand, since she felt no need to do so, yet as she moved on inside, the towel hanging in one hand, with her swaying a little from the combination of body heat and the room's own ambient temperature, she looked upwards and away for a moment of consideration.

“No.” was all she said ultimately, and she turned and left, intending to escape.

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[ B'Nila Skai & Petya Narrith | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] attn: anyone

The locker room was cold. Or maybe it was that he was cold, honestly Petya couldn't be sure. He had been hiding in front of one of the lockers in the corner, out of the way and not in view of the majority of the room. He had taken off his uniform and under shirt, standing now, back to the room, in nothing but his skin-tight boy-shorts and sports bra. Though he didn't really need the sports bra. Being J'Naii it was not as if he had especially large breasts, but they did exist and they were pert and the cold air had caused his nipples to react.

He had been spending the last few minutes debating on whether or not he would actually go out into the bath or not. Being J'Naii his biology was a little bit different than most of the other races on board the ship. He looked quite feminine, but when his anatomy below the beltline was considered he looked more masculine. It did make things a little awkward.

Finally with a deep breath he grabbed his uniform and pulled it out of the locker. To hell with it, he would take a shower in his quarters, he didn't need a soak that bad.

"Chickening out, huh?" came a voice from behind him and he almost jumped a foot in the air.

B'Nila Skai walked up and opened a nearby locker and began to undress. Barely seeming to notice or care that he was there.

"Huh- Wha?" Petya asked sheepishly.

"Well, you haven't gone in yet and you appear to be putting on your uniform to run away," B'Nila said as she pulled off her own uniform. She undressed with purpose and without any shame. Public bathing was very common on Elsaria, there were pools of heated water near the steam vents and from the ancient times her people would gather there. It was even a custom to spend the first night of a marriage near the pools, for good fertility.

"Um... Well..." Petya replied, frozen. He had been called out and was afraid to make any real move.

"You can run away if you want," B'Nila replied as she folded her uniform and placed it in the locker. "Or you can buck up and go in. Either way, you're gonna feel awkward about it. The difference will be that one option you do something new, and the other you run away." She pulled her under shirt off and put that in the locker too.

"Well... erm... I guess..." Petya said as he put his uniform back in the locker and began to pull his sports bra off, exposing his lime sized breasts.

"That's the spirit," B'Nila said as she peeled off her underwear, which Petya noticed was not standard issue. B'Nila set her panties and bra in the locker on top of her stuff and closed it, pausing only to run her thumb across the lock to seal it.

Petya stood for a moment before he took a breath dropped his boy shorts and set them along with his sports bra in the locker. He locked it and, hands in front of him to cover his groin, he made his way toward the sonic showers.

He entered the line of showers as B'Nila stepped out of the shower area and into the baths. B'Nila walked with no shame and made no attempt to hide her body. She moved to a rack of towels and grabbed a large beach towel before making her way toward one of the steamer chairs that was near a steam vent. She laid the towel on it and then laid down on top of it.

Petya emerged a moment later into the baths and stood awkwardly near the door. He held his hands still over his groin and looked around, lost.

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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01
[Show/Hide]@triage @Even Angels Cry @Brutus, @Nolan, @Absinthe, @FollowTomorrow, @Hastata-Nerada & @Griff[/i][/color][/size]

Before Jimmy started his Starfleet Career, steamy, sexy scenery like this was nothing new to him, from Las Vegas to Risa to the Trill Hoobesian Baths. Still, a real bathhouse was just the place to unwind, to enjoy the scenery and provide some of his own; personal experience had led him to believe only a Trill or perhaps a Risian could've designed this chamber. Unlike past experiences, this time, it was different, he hardly considered himself a bachelor; much less one who was young, dumb and full of... enthusiasm anymore, at least in a particular sense. With Meony at his side, Mariner was more keen on entertaining someone else rather than himself.

Mariner was keen on giving the hotshot space jockey a good memory to relive whenever she-- or he himself for that matter-- needed a moment to relive in the heat of battle or a near-death situation. Whistling Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss a Thing as he he conjured himself up an ale and scouted out a good area... to stretch out and lay back, he rolled his eyes and tested the waters, giving Meony her semblance of decency while he found a good spot that wasn't too crowded or too lonely; he wanted to socialize with some of the new crew.

Jimmy had a moment to casually inspect the others. Tarsi and one other female Andorian had been present, but he figured that if he'd seen one blue body, even in a co-ed shower, he'd seen them all, but they had competitively-fit bodies. Human diversity was renowned throughout the quadrant, and he spotted that mousy-looking, but that-much-more-attractive-now yeoman. She had company, but Jimmy considered that guy a fortunate man... then again when Meony got here, so would he. Of course, it wouldn't be a party if Suq hadn't made a splash.

Get anywhere near my sea monster, Suq, and I'll send ya to the briny depths. Jimmy jokingly thought, disguising the thought through the catchy tune of his whistle. Not meaning to, a two-toned wolf whistle hijacked his melody when Meony appeared in,-- crikey, that outfit. Jimmy was no stranger to those scars. At some point, he made a private narration of her topography. "Watch as our beauty graces the waters with her sweetness." Her attire, or lack of, made it impossible to keep eye contact with Meony, but he did his best as he held her hand until she settled in.

Meony meant a lot to Jimmy: during many near-death encounters, it was the memory of a night with her, or a thickly-accented date together in Resolve's forward-bay lounges, not the adventures at his dad's side, or other close-encounters with the Jem'Hadar, or even his hardened military training that had snapped James Mariner out of otherwise-doomed situations. He didn't doubt that he liked her, on account of their time together and the happy hours they'd spent building sidearms together to pass the time, but it was moments like this that made Jimmy Mariner's disposition a perpetually-sunny one. The promise of holding Krystal Tancredi, protecting her and enjoying a pleasant time. Naturally, of course, he hid all this behind a smirking poker face as he held her against him, reinforcing her belief in his security.

"So...sweetwater" the Australian flirted with her in Texan jargon, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" the oldest pick-up line in the book was also incidentally the first ice-breaker he'd used on Meony when they first met at Resolve's first meeting, back when only certain Hornet crew were transferred together.
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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan, @CanadianVet, @Absinthe, @FollowTomorrow, @DocReno, @Triton, @Hastata-Nerada & @Griff
“Don't ya think ya know better'n ta ask dat?” said Meony mock-reprovingly, remembering their first meeting, though probably not the way Jimmy might be thinking. She'd nearly unmanned him while in her power suit. But his refusal to back down showed significant character and courage, something Meony could respect, and it went on from there. Something beautiful. Something worth living for. Worth dying for too, if it came down to it. She decided to slip in the water after all, and though she was technically free to drink at the moment, she refused to touch anything alcoholic. She wanted to keep her mind alert and at one hundred percent.

She leaned on Jimmy and rested her forehead against his shoulder, “Jimmy, what wouldja say if Ah said Ah wanna get mah scars removed?”

She raised her head to gaze at the man, her hazel eyes boring into his. She was oblivious to the presence of the others. It was a social event, and people were mingling around, getting to know one another without the hindrances of rank or position. Here everyone was bare, not just in skin, but for some, in soul too. Meony's soul was more bare than the flesh that her two piece bathing suit did not cover. Even so, she did casually cast a glance around to see Suq trying act like the cutest sea monster to ever swim through the large pools, Tarsi, Leon, Eliska...Sinead actually showed up for a moment, then left. Ah, not a fan of warmth. Meony thought, remembering the Bringloidi's low tolerance for heat and warmth that didn't come from bodies. Her attention returned to Jimmy after a moment of thought.

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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01
[Show/Hide]@triage @Even Angels Cry

"Helluva waste." Jimmy knew better than to fall for that with a straight answer, instead he held Meony around her waist and felt around for some of her scars he'd 'named'. Mariner had since gotten rid of his own disfiguring scars out of a jaded emotional detachment towards some of his own injuries; willing to let exercise and synthehol brush those away. 'He didn't need scars to remind him of his mistakes.', He'd defied Counselor Zelosa Ejek's advice to have them as badge of honor back on the Resolve, around the days when a few of Security crew didn't make it for the long-expected parade.

Losing the scars was him wiping his slate clean, as it were, in case survivor's guilt had to be chaptered.

Dr Lynn used dermal regenerators to help bury most those scars; but he tried to purge any memory of his survivor's guilt. It gave him anger issues on rare occasions, thanks to Project Eagle's Vulcan combat meditation lessons. Evidently Sinead had something similar. They helped to get over the cruel memories of his hours of tempory hell as a Dominion POW. Of course, when he won Meony's heart-- or at least her instincts, then he'd found motive enough to appear attractive enough now that the memories had faded away on the Resolve... Besides, the two were kindred spirits in a physical sense.

"... of a topographic map of that pleasant land you're from." In characteristic form, he deflected the question of the point of so many pillow talk coversations. "But it depends on how ticklish they make you-- mine were. Wouldn't wanna reopen any old wounds, would we?". In truth he admitted how fun it was for topographies to 'clash' in their more private moments, but added in an exaggerated American accent, "Still, most girls'd die for a bod like that... or at least get mighty scratched up for."

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Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @DocReno @Brutus

Natalie Stark's stammering followed Bremmer into the pool, and a mischievous grin graced her face, thankfully away from the Chief Operations Officer, as she made her way towards Cam Ward and his friend.  When she sank into the water, she let the warmth seep into her muscles and her bones.  Just in time, in fact, for that tall, curvy and muscular Andorian woman.  Though, which of the two female-analogue genders she was dealing with, that was beyond her ability to tell.  But the body on her! 

However, before she could address her new acquaintances, some older ones did make their way in.  Of course.  Trust Mariner to bring a party wherever he's going whether it's wanted or not, and drag others along the way no less.  Bathhouses were still common back on Nova Kosice, an artifact of her people's origins back on Earth.  All were open to both genders and various degrees of closeness were to be expected.  But some were raucous places where heavy drinking, singing and celebrating were to be expected; others were far quieter.  And Theurgy's baths hardly struck the Petty Officer as the kind of place where one would hold a kegger.  But, of course, trust those two to just barge in somewhere and decide to have a grand old shindig...

However, she decided to ignore them and instead focus on that first pilot, Cam.  Oh yes, he did have a nice smile. And he wasn't trying to hide the fact he was checking her out.  And, most importantly, he wasn't leering; but he was obviously appreciating what he was seeing.  And that was pleasant enough.  As for the Andorian?  She wasn't making much of a secret about it either.  Not that it mattered, because she too was being looked at. 

And, before she knew it, Eliska had fingers, decidedly female fingers, on her stomach, and she regarded her blue-skinned companion, who not only knew her name, but recognized her accent.  The name was easy to figure out.  Ward had gotten there before Bremmer, so he probably told her.  But recognizing her accent, that was impressive.  "Now you've really got me at a disadvantage," the Human started with a grin.  "First, you know my name, and I don't know yours.  And you pegged my accent right; how did you recognize it?  My people aren't really known for doing a lot of traveling." 

But then, she chuckled.  "And yes, there is some tension there.  Tends to happen when you've just swam 3 miles.  But if you want to relax it, usually people buy me dinner first.  Or at least a few drinks."

But, as if to reinforce the playful nature of her tone, she reached out and landed her hand on top of the Andorian's thigh.

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[LT JG Cameron Ward & Ensign Tallanyreen "Aria" sh'Kandros| Public Baths| USS Theurgy| Vector 01] ATTN: @CanadianVet

Aria listened to the other woman's words, smiling as she found her attitude refreshing. "I'm Tallanyreen sh'Kandros...or simply Aria which is my callsign." she said with a smile before leaning close enough to whisper "of course only a small handful get to call me Yreen.." in a light but very warm whisper.

Aria then leaned back as she thought about how to best answer Eliska's question, her respectable yet plump breasts bobbing lightly in the water as she leaned back against the side of the tub, "To put it simply I wasn't always in the fleet, I was apart of a crew that ran cargo to planets like yours. I have to say that I enjoyed the air on Nova Kosice as it was crisp and had a strength to it that I could respect."

When Eliska mentioned that she had been swimming which was the source of her tension and how one could start to fixing it, Aria's face turned into a little bit of a quiet smile. "Well I think dinner could wait...but drinks most certainly." she said with an honesty.

Aria then tilted her head to look at her counterpart who was quietly watching, a private smile of his own on his face. "King?" she asked in a very respectable tone.

Ward's right eyebrow raised slightly. "Yes, Aria?"

"Do me a favor, go over to the bar there and see if you can't find something old and gold, we don't want our dear new friend here to catch a cold do we?" the Shen said with a faint tone of amusement in her voice.

Cameron bowed his head respectfully towards Aria and then smoothly pulled himself out of the water and headed over to the bar as Aria's face then turned a very dark shade of blue as she felt the other woman's hand on her muscular thigh, a light moan escaping her mouth which caused a blush that turned her skin a color from her face down to the valley between her breasts a deeper shade of blue. "sorry...been a while since I've had a gorgeous woman touch me." she admitted in a very soft tone to Eliska, her fingers idly stroking the other woman's bare stomach.

[Ensign Chris Slayton| Public Baths| USS Theurgy| Vector 01] ATTN: @Brutus

Chris heard some of the comments and turned to see the subject of the conversation was a nervous looking woman and he decided that his question for Cameron could wait as he quickly went over to the wet bar, looking for something in particular and after finding a couple of items, he poured them into a shaker and started to shake the shiny metal canister before grabbing two glasses before moving from behind the wet bar again.

He politely walked up to the young woman and politely coughed, "Excuse me, Miss Stark?" he asked, his voice was a very warm and husky sounding. "I was curious if you would care to join me for a couple of drinks and a talk about art?" he asked in a very respectable fashion, his light green eyes focused on her face.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triton
“......” that hadn't been the answer Meony was hoping for, and now she wasn't sure whether asking Jimmy was the best idea. Her smaller fingers wrapped around his when he reached around her waist, and she looked away, her face uncertain. She was beginning to make changes, but perhaps it was all too much and too soon. The man didn't seem to care one way or another, or maybe he thought she was entrapping him somehow. That would of course justify his dismissive response.

His follow-up confused her, but she shook her head slightly, and just leaned against him, eventually resting her head on his shoulder, letting her long tresses trail down over his form, “Ah hope dey won't,” said Meony at his last remark, “ain't worth th' pain an' hell dat came with its makin'...” she looked up at him and smiled wanly, “...still, thanks.”

Her eyes drifted over to Leon, then Tarsi, and then Eliska Bremmer. The woman seemed to be having fun. Meony's mood was souring for some reason, and she decided to do something about it before she became completely unsuitable for socializing. “Think Ah'll have a drink after all...” she twisted around without leaving Jimmy's side to grab herself the nearest alcoholic beverage, and drank quietly, not looking at anything or anyone.

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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

"You know what they say," Jimmy smirked, stepping out of the pool, regretting the cold but kindly offering his services, incidentally to get himself something. "Beauty's only skin-deep. So you're purdy on the inside.... with a tough exterior." 

Curses: no Foster's. He blamed his American half for any fondness he had for that brew, instead having himself some Mexican beach lager, expertly preparing one for Meony before returning with an effortless slide into the pool, holding both bottles over the water. Tarsi was even thoughtful enough to have packed lime and salt (which he expertly applied before handing it over to his Texan counterpart.), even though she herself avoided warm temperatures, she tended to remember the passions and subtle details of her friends. "Who isn't afraid to show it." He hoped that'd give her something to mull over concerning her scars. To show that he was in fact just kidding, he added,

"They also say that the sweetness of booze is one flavor." It meant that women everywhere were desirable and intoxicating in their diverse, unique ways, but in his case, it implied his loyalty for one label. Truth told, he borrowed from something Marco Polo had once said when asked a difficult question pertaining to women.
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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triton
“Well bless mah liberties,” said Meony with a small smile, “ain'tcha jes th' epitome of gentleman.”

She pondered privately at what he had to say on the matter. It still wasn't really what she wanted to hear, but perhaps it was too much to ask of Jim in the first place. And a loaded subject as it were. So as he filled a drink for her, she decided to let it be, and just enjoy his company, as well as the company of her friends, her family, as they surrounded her and filled her once more with life and vigour, just as the intoxicants would fill her with a whole load of other shit that was gonna fuck her up, and Jimmy too, all in the awesomest of ways. In fact, Meony was already getting ideas.

And all that too, before she'd even drunk it. Yeah baby.

“Ah guess Ah cain live with dat.” said Meony, and she took hold of her drink, then with her free hand, she wrapped it around the back of Jimmy's neck to pull him closer, and planted a generous kiss on his lips, a promise of things to come. She leaned her head to whisper into his ear, “When ya get done socialahzeen, what say you 'n' Ah hit th' hay? Reckon we got lotsa explorin' o' landscapes t' be doin'.”

She pulled back and settled down comfortably beside him after that. Enjoying her drink.

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