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Re: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ]
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[ Captain Ives | Through the Barracks | The Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ]
Attn: @Nero @chXinya @Stegro88 @SaraKnight
As the motley Sabine crew had progressed through the barracks of the Great Hall, they had faced two altercations, both threatening the lives of the Chancellor and the group of Starfleet officers.

In the first, even though they got aid from Klingons loyal to Martok, House Mo'Kai had ambushed them in a conference room. Jien had stayed close to the Chancellor, drawing her blade in his protection, and the fight had been brutal and much longer than she'd preferred. In the end, injured as some had been, the Klingons loyal to Martok had stayed behind to hold off the assassins, and Jien had shook the blood from her blade - pushing on through the barracks with her jaw set and her eyes affixed to the path ahead. If asked, she'd be hard pressed to tell how many Klingons she'd killed.

Next, two more Klingons loyal to House Martok appeared, but Gorka's followers had opted to use crude beasts to guard the Council chamber proceedings. Martok slew one of them, Mickayla another, while the last two went for Jien and the Klingons that they'd just encountered. The vicious animals had carried a momentum that knocked the two brothers off their feet, one of them mauled in short order. Jien had drawn her blade in a rising arc, cutting the second jackal's neck. It's hide was thick, however, and Arashi did not dig as deep as she had meant it to, leaving her open for the beast's fangs. With the full force of it's jaw around her left forearm, Jien's mimicked nervous system made her hiss through her teeth, and her form shimmered since her morphogenic matrix tried to compensate for the abuse. The jackal yanked its head back and forth, unbalancing Jien, but since the pain was superficial, she dug her feet in... changed to his male form instead just so that he got more leverage... and drove his sword into the creature's torso.

After he'd skewered it, hoping to hit the heart with the blade, the hilt of his weapon was torn out of his grip by the thrashing of the beast. It let go of his forearm though, freeing him long enough to let him find his footing properly. He glanced at the savaged remains of his forearm, being reminded of the abuse suffered at the hands of Semathal. With that dark memory in mind, Jien bared his teeth at the wounded animal. He stepped up to it, grabbed the hilt with both hands, and twisted the curved blade around inside the jackal's skewered torso. It grew limp with a whimper, and Jien tore the blade free, eyes already trained on the last creature.

It lay there, together with the two dead Klingon brothers, too wounded to rise. Jien walked over, checking on the status of the group, before he dealt a double-handed strike unto its neck - severing the spine of the creature below the skull. With all four jackals dead, and the Sabine team having suffered wounds from the fighting, Jien saw a figure at the far end of the barracks. He wore the emblem of House Mo'Kai, and he'd just witnessed the demise of his loved jackals. In a howl of grief and hate, he ran towards Martok with his bat'leth raised. Jien was not about to leave the Chancellor's life to chance, so he stepped past Martok to intercept the Klingon - sword coated with the blood of the Klingon's well-trained beasts. With the memory of the Scion's Nest in mind, Jien's calloused fingers curled around the hilt of his weapon.

He side-stepped the Klingon weapon, and dealt three consecutive cuts. One across, followed by a rising slice along the back. The Klingon had then fallen to his knees, doubled over, so the last strike claimed the head. In Jien's mind, he imagined it to be Semathal's four eyes looking up at him from the dusty stone floor, but he knew he'd never have that satisfaction. He stood tall, looked at his mangled forearm, and shifted his form so that the wounds and the torn fabric of his drab attire was whole again. He felt weakened, however, since his morphogenic matrix could not sustain much more abuse of that degree. Jien looked towards Martok. "How much farther?"

"We're nearly there. Come, this way."

Leaving the bodies where they lay, Jien sought the eyes of the survivors, now being down to just himself, Chancellor Martok, Selena Ravenholm, Deputy RraHnam, Lieutenant Amissa and Chief MacGregor. Most were hurt in some way, and the rest of the Oneida officers had fallen to the blades of House Mo'Kai.

Gorka, son of Margon, had a lot to answer for, just as the Houses that had sworn themselves to him.


Running through the firelight and shadows of the Great Hall, K'Tal's sworn men raced the stairs that led to the southern landing platform - ordered by the Head of Imperial Intelligence to save the Theurgy officers that were being ambushed at their shuttle. They would be late, they knew, but they would not willingly grant House Mo'Kai's assassins any spare time to finish what they'd intended. It had been an educated guess on K'Tal's behalf that an ambush had been laid, for why else would House Mo'Kai have granted landing clearance to a Theurgy shuttle? The 'fat glob fly on the wall', as as their master was called, was more clever than he looked, and the sight that met K'Tal's men when they emerged on the platform showed how right he'd been.

Mo'Kai assassins had beset the shuttle Rosalind Franklin, and they were making a run towards the door that the four House K'Tal warriors emerged through. They saw how the Theurgy crew fought back, or rather fled for their lives, whilst the black-clad figures of dark leather and black-painted steel cut into them. The advantage that the Starfleet officers had was that they had phaser weaponry, while the Mo'Kai warriros did not carry any disruptors because of the dampening field that permeated the air of the Great Hall's interior. Perhaps that's what may have saved their lives in those crucial moments of leaving the airlock, but K'Tal's men would not let them fight alone. With a thundering roar, they ran out on the platform to fend off the attackers still alive. What ensured was a brief yet bloody fight, which left them standing victorious and facing the remaining Theurgy officers.

"I am Tavek of House K'Tal," said the leader. "We will bring you to safety, where you will be able to correspond with K'Tal. He has to be present in the Council chamber, however, but the line of communication has been prepared. This way."

And down they went, heading straight for K'Tal's office, which was more or less adjacent to the council chambers... in which new development were to be witnessed on K'Tal's surveillance feeds - displayed on his computer console.


[ K'Tal, son of Machi, of House K'Tal | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | Qo'noS ]
Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan @Brutus @Ellen Fitz
When K'Tal returned to the Klingon High Council... Gorka was there.

He could almost sense it as he passed into the chamber. The hushed atmosphere that had come to lay over the council. The large Head of House Mo'Kai, who's grandfather had been much smaller when he attacked K'Tal on that balcony the day before, thankfully did not notice K'Tal slipping into the chamber again. The mountain of a Klingon warrior paced the open chamber, his shaved head glinting in the firelight - eyes ablaze.

"Our Empire has been built for greatness, and while some of you find it a weakness to dabble in politics and treaties with the Federation, that is actually a sentiment I share with Martok, even if he has proved to be a traitorous coward. For like you all, I was misled in thinking he believed in the Kithomer Accords. It turns out he is colluding with the Romulans. With the Praetor, and give full aid and hiding to the renegade Starfleet ship called the Theurgy. A ship who's captain has split from his own fleet and killed thousands of his own in his service to Tel'Aura. Or perhaps it was Donatra, whom Martok has recognised as challenger to Tel'Aura. Bah, does it matter?" Gorka made a dismissive gesture, the firelight catching the weapons he carried on him. "Either way, Martok has shown his traitorous nature. Whatever the Empire was to be gained by siding with the Federation may just have been lost, since he was never the leader we believed him to be. His kin is slain, by a bastard son of his, and even though the Theurgy crew bear responsibility for his late son, Drex, son of Martok, still the scum in our Empire's seat of power value whatever deal he has made with the Romulans - siding with his son's murderers. He has no honour!"

Normally, K'Tal would be silent, and not interfere. Watching from the wall. Yet he found the words leaving him before he could stop them.

"You merely speak ill of our Chancellor because his bastard son, Morjod, killed your father," he offered quietly, yet in the silence of the council chamber, his voice still carried, and Gorka rounded on him.

"Like you killed my grandfather, K'Tal, you fat cur!" bellowed Gorka, drawing a mek'leth.

"Merely in defence," K'Tal found himself hissing, even if the presence and promise of violence that Gorka emanated was overbearing, even at a distance. He raised his chin, and his voice. "Because you conspired with Councillor Kopek to have your grandfather killed by my hand, knowing I would see him coming, so that you may claim House Mo'Kai for your own, and even claim the Chancellery in your grandfather's stead. Now, who is without honour?"

"Insolence!" boomed Kopek, looking even more murderous than Gorka despite his age. "Falsehood! You lie before the Council! I will have your head for this!"

"Of course you would. The fly knows to much, doesn't he?" K'Tal's smile felt stiff on his face. "That's why you picked me for this farce of yours."

That was when a set of double doors slammed open at the side of the council chamber, and in stroke Martok, along with Starfleet officers that must have been on the shuttle with the Chancellor. Seeing them, K'Tal feared less for his life, and the relief in knowing that the Sabine shuttle's crew had made it spread through his portly frame. Martok, at the head of the group, levelled his one-eyed stare at all the Councilors present.

The deafening silence was brittle, like glass carrying too much weight.

"House Mo'Kai," he said, his booming voice rising to the vaulted ceiling, "House Kopek. You have both conspired to slay me. Openly, and by intermediates, like the craven Targs you are. I have personally spoken with Rov, son of Pekdal, and he attest to your commitment in having me killed aboard the Theurgy."

That name made the Councilors stir, remembering the role Rov had played years before. Martok wasn't finished, however.

"Rov killed loyal men of mine, meaning to kill me as well. Before he named you both, he had infiltrated my men, and run his blade into a hologram that had taken my place. Today, Gorka and Kopek, the future of both your Houses hang in the balance... at my mercy."

Gorka drew himself up, eyes dead calm, the ire a cold flame. "I will kill you before then, for this Council will not recognise a traitor who collude with the Romulans. Your house has no future, and it will die with you today, so that the Empire may stand proud again."

K'Tal noticed how the appearance of one of the figures in Martok's company shifted... suddenly wearing a Starfleet officer's uniform with four pips in the collar. Captain Ives?

"Ravenholm, if you would be so kind?" said the Chameloid, directing himself to a female figure with cybernetic arms and legs, before he turned to the present Klingons. "The rumours about our Romulan ties have been greatly exaggerated by a common enemy. An enemy, one of which is present even in this very room... the only question being whom among you it is that represent them."

At this point, the Klingon Councilors were all upset, and K'Tal could barely hide his amusement, before he looked at the data tablet in his hand, which was connected to his office. He read the message from the other team of Starfleet officers while the spectacle unfolded in the council chamber.

OOC: So, @Brutus , @Nesota Kynnovan and @Ellen Fitz, finish up the fight, and in the end of your upcoming posts, it would be awesome if you had your characters in K'Tal's office, witnessing the development in the Great Hall above, and type a message to K'Tal so that the preparations with the anyon emitters can be completed. Once that's done, in the next posting round after this one, it is time to make a grand entrance to the Klingon High Council Chamber and - perhaps - voice the accusation that Kopek is an Infested, another stating that House Martok does have a future in a grandson that Gorka conspired to have abducted by House Torg, for example? :) Feel free to NPC Tavek too, of course.

@Nero @chXinya @Stegro88 and @SaraKnight, end your posts inside the Klingon High Council Chamber. I have a couple of ideas and suggestions for your characters, all optional, and perhaps they are best discussed over PMs or DMs for this phase, since there is a lot of detail to this situation. :)

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Re: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ]
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[ Lt. RraHnam | Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @SaraKnight @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz

The Caitian woman passed through the large portal into the main hall only moments later than the Klingon chancellor. Her weapon, uniform, and fur, especially her muzzle was stained with blood of various species. The walk through the large building had been exhausting and brutal. The soldier had been forced to take lives, but unlike the corpses they had encountered in the barracks, her opponents had at least had a chance to earn their honor.

Now they had reached their destination. She had kept her word, but they were not yet safe. There were always some scurvy individuals who wanted to throw a spanner in the works on the last few meters. RraHnam therefore kept her eyes open, and her other senses sharpened. Every step she took was now well calculated and planned. Her feline physiology now suited her. She became the dangerous hunter in the shadows. RraHnam deliberately kept a low profile and almost disappeared into the darkness of the diffusely lit room. Many dark corners provided plenty of cover and anonymity for possible assassins.

Conversation fell silent for a moment as the chancellor entered the meeting chamber, eliciting a surprised, and in some cases relieved, sigh from all present. Among a few, however, were well audible disapproval. Everyone was now suspect. Everyone could immediately draw their d'k tagh and charge at the chancellor. But they would not count on the Caitian, who moved silently behind them. In case of an emergency, she would jump forward and defend the Klingon chancellor. Even with her life if necessary.

RraHnam looked at the partially astonished facial features of those present, and she kept an eye on Martok's greatest challenger, Gorka. She recognized the man she had previously only seen on a holographic recording. In person, he was quite impressive. He was tall and seemed extremely strong. But he also seemed proud and arrogant. Actually, typical character traits of Klingons, but in this one they seemed especially pronounced.

Captain Ives, who changed back into her familiar uniform, ordered the cybernetically enhanced Ravenholm forward. She was to demonstrate something to the gentlemen, and RraHnam was also interested to learn what it was.

Re: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ]
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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Shuttlecraft Interior| Rosalind Franklin| Southern Landing Platform/Corridors | The Great Hall | The First City of the Klingon Empire | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz 


Venting gas out into the landing zone wasn't quite as deadly as the plasma Sarresh wanted to shunt, but orders were orders and they didn't seem to have the time to properly suit up. Sparing naught but a passing glance at the diplomats - no one had ever accused him of being diplomatic - he strode up to a side access panel and typed in the commands, dragging the sword along with him before slinging it onto his back, drawing the phaser pistol as the Lieutenant gave the order to rush out. 

That...didn't go as well as it could, one of the security guards taking a devastating blow right off the bat. What ensued was a mess. Combat always was. Sarresh was hardly the first to fire, surprising him. He was far from the last however, bringing his own weapon to bear and snapping off burst shots, trying to keep the fire over the heads of his colleagues. He was sure of one hit, a warrior some meters back from the fray, reaching up to hurl a tri tipped bladed weapon of some form at the scrum, only to take Sarresh's burst in the face, slamming him back into the ground of the landing zone.

Sarresh was not given long to bask in the glory of a spot on shot, as more snarling, black clad warriors seemed to pour out of the mist, as the crew of the shuttle made their attempt to break past and cross the relatively open killing field. Or Shuttle Port, as it were. He had no time to think, not time to plot, nor plan, he simply rushed out doing his best to protect the others. An...odd and disconcerting impulse to be sure. None of these people were friends of his, nor, if he were to be bluntly honest, of key import to the grand mission he'd been given.

Yet instinct took over, training he never remembered taking exerting himself, and he moved with a grace unbecoming his normal mannerisms. At one point he found himself body checking a Klingon half again his size, his shoulder digging up and into the would be assassin and sending him stumbling back enough to bring his phaser up and blast a salvo into the warrior's gut. A blade whipped past where Sarresh's head had been as he staggered back, and nearly took his nose off his face. Before he could retort, another blade flicked out of the darkness and took the assassin's hand off at the wrist, spraying a burst of lavender blood that coated Sarresh from shoulder to stomach. 

A Klingon in more traditional armor nodded in respect to the scientist, before turning to face another of the black clad hitmen, leaving Sarresh a blessed moment to catch his breath before lining up his next shot. He did not question his luck, correctly chalking it up to Klingon politics, and in short order, he was standing next to Lt. Madsen as Tavek made terse introductions and ushered them through to the Great Hall. Sarresh fell in line toward the end of the group, acting as something of a rear guard along side a few of the house of K'Tal's finest. The security guard that had managed not to be wounded stuck to the front, and Sarresh was pleased to see that the warriors assigned as their protective detail were doing their best to herd the diplomats near the center. 

Soon, he thought to himself, gripping the strap of his equipment bag. They wove their way through the corridors of the heart of the Klingon Empire, making their way to whatever redoubt K'Tal had prepared for the Starfleet team. Soon enough he would have his hands on a console and then, he'd to get personally strike back at the enemy that was responsible for all the suffering in his life. There up ahead were the doors, two guards in the colors of House K'Tal placed near the junction, blades drawn, watching for any intruders.

Sarresh never noticed the savage smile that split his lips, nor the answering grins from the warriors around them. The grouping pushed into the cramped confines and Sarresh split from the others, alien eyes darting about. Turning to Tavek, he clipped off a terse query. "Where are the emitter controls? Here, or do I need an escort elsewhere?"
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Re: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ]
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[Ensign L'Nari | Southern Landing Platform | The Great Hall | The First City of the Klingon Empire | Qo'noS]
Attn: @Brutus @Ellen Fitz @Auctor Lucan

In all honesty, L'Nari didn't really knew what she disapproved of more; of Lieutenant Madsen's words regarding the use of 'cowboy diplomacy', to hear that Lieutenant Morali was allowed to shunt pressurized gas out onto the Landing Platform, or the sheer fact that she had little choice but to jump headfirst a dangerous situation once again. At the very least they wouldn't be walking out into plasma but nevertheless, as the airlock door hissed open and the away team began to emerge from the Rosalind Franklin, it wouldn't take the black-furred Caitian a very long time to reach a conclusion.

It happened fast. Before L'Nari even properly realized it, a tall Klingon Warrior emerged from the pressurized gas and attacked the lead Security Officer just as the man stepped onto the Landing Platform. As the man crumpled to the floor, the young Diplomatic Attaché momentarily froze as her green eyes stared at the spraying blood in a mixture of shock and pure horror. Within mere moments Lieutenant Madsen quite literally pulled her back to reality however, as the woman unexpectedly reached out and quickly pulled her down to the deck of the shuttle. At that moment, between the anguished screams of the critically injured Security Officer and the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer's growl that there wasn't any time to help the poor man, L'Nari grit her teeth to hold back on a comment before drawing her own type-2 phaser from its holster. While doing so however, her green eyes briefly came to rest upon Lieutenant Madsen and as they did so, there was little doubt about the contempt she began to feel for the woman; instead of ordering her, as a Diplomatic Attaché who already voiced her concern about fighting in the first place, to stay behind and save the life of the Security Officer, Lieutenant Madsen condemned the poor man to death for the sake of cowboy diplomacy.

Despite her own personal concerns however, L'Nari knew that there was absolutely no room for argument in these kind of dangerous situations. As such, when Lieutenant Madsen ordered them to go, the black-furred Caitian did so without looking back. It was done, the decision had been made.

Just as she was about to take off however, L'Nari saw how Lieutenant Madsen slipped and fell down onto her knees. Maybe it was the adrenalin that was now rushing through the black-furred Caitian's veins, most likely in combination with the newfound contempt which she felt for the other woman, but instead of helping her ranking Officer L'Nari instead overtook her as well; leaving Lieutenant Madsen behind to fend for herself while she rushed out into the open. As the Diplomatic Attaché stepped onto the landing platform, she immediately double-backed and pressed her back up against the hull of the shuttle. Knowing that she at least wouldn't have to worry about getting attacked from behind anymore, the Diplomatic Attaché dropped to one knee and assumed a firing position as taught at Starfleet Academy before opening fire at anyone not wearing a Starfleet uniform.

She wasn't quite sure how much time had passed until a thundering roar signalled the arrival of Klingon reinforcements. It felt like an eternity had passed at that point though, during which she'd managed to stun one of their assailants and, as she tried to provide him with covering fire, almost accidently shooting Lieutenant Morali, but upon discovering additional Klingon reinforcements L'Nari's resolve immediately began to waver. Just as she was trying to decide whether to make her stand at the shipping crates or to make a break for the shuttle, she discovered that the Klingon reinforcements were, in fact, their reinforcements.

From that point the battle went quite fast and remarkably bloody; one of the Klingon Warriors made his way to L'Nari and quickly shoved her towards the center, where the black-furred Caitian also found Lieutenant Madsen, and between Lieutenant Morali, the remaining Security detail and their new Klingon friends, L'Nari didn't even had to fire her phaser anymore. Which, in all fairness, was safer for their protection detail as well while they were ushered towards the safety of K'Tal's office.
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Re: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ]
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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Chancellor K'Tal's Office | The Great Hall | The First City of the Klingon Empire | Qo'noS] Attn: @Brutus  @Nesota Kynnovan  @Auctor Lucan

When the leader of their reinforcements introduced himself as a member of Counciler K'Tal's house, Enyd holstered her phaser, wiped her hands on her pants, and made quick work of pertinent introductions on their side. They wasted no more time with pleasantries, which Enyd appreciated, and quickly fell into place, heading towards a safe area for direct communication with K'Tal. Looking over to L'Nari, she inwardly sighed. The woman's disgust with the previous orders had not escaped Enyd's notice. Despite her misgivings voiced in the shuttle and displayed in her body language, L'Nari had performed well under fire. While not aggressive as Morali and purposefully positioning herself into a place to take a life or risk her own, the Ensign had not crumpled under pressure. Enyd had actually respected the Ensign's choice to move past her when Enyd fell. She had told them not to waste time and good on the woman for following through entirely.

Enyd made a mental note to commend the woman's performance later, first to Rutherford and then to L'Nari herself. No doubt, until they could clear the air between them, and perhaps even after, the Ensign would not appreciate the sentiment. But again, that came with the pips. You rarely had the time or luxury in the field to explain the method behind the assumed madness. Enyd just hoped that L'Nari was mature enough to sit down in the after-mission debriefing with Rutherford so they could get everything out. It would be a very frustrating and soul-grating posting for L'Nari if she allowed her disgruntlement with Enyd to fester.

Enyd glanced at Morali and thanked whatever deity he ascribed to that he'd been here with them. Where L'Nari had exhibited reluctance to assume the potentially violent defensive position, Morali had not displayed the same hesitancy. Worth more than his weight in the fight, even with the Klingon reinforcement's late arrival. He had been quick, efficient, and deadly, and most appreciated for this part of the mission. Enyd had no doubts that his next role would be just as effective in accomplishing the more covert part of their being here. When she glanced over her shoulder, it did not surprise Enyd to see a smile touching the man's lips. From what she'd been told of him by Rutherford, the excitement of being in action against a foe was to be expected.

The smells and lighting of the corridors they traveled through reminded Enyd of the Kajunpak't, and, unlike some of her peers who also transferred from that ship, the reminders brought a half-smile to her lips. She was curious if she'd meet her Klingon friends here once this was over, and they weren't all already dead. If dead, then, if they died well, maybe they'd meet up for a drink in the afterlife.

They passed a magnificent display of some sort decorating the hall before turning and seeing a heavily guarded door. Enyd would love the freedom to explore this place, to get to know the warriors and people of this world as more than just caricatures of their race. But Enyd swallowed the questions that dared to touch her throat regarding the meaning behind the display and instead mutely followed their escorts into a chamber adjacent to the room the other fierce guards defended.

Once they arrived at the aforementioned area of safety, Enyd quickly interjected after Morali's question with a directive of her own. She should've made this demand as soon as the escorts arrived at the landing pad. However, the relief of being able to get her still standing mission members into safety had momentarily overrun her heart and mind. Turning to the remaining security officer and glancing between him and one of the Klingon escorts, Enyd pointed back the way they'd come.

"We have a gravely wounded crewmember in the shuttle," she explained to the Klingon warrior staring at her. Enyd knew, in truth, the security personnel could already be dead if he hadn't managed to tourniquet his wound, which his Starfleet training would have taught him to do in a crisis. Turning her eyes back to the security officer, Enyd gave a quick nod. "Please, return to the shuttle to see what can be done. We are secure here." She indicated the rest of their escorts.

Looking away from the security officer, her eyes fell on the surveillance feeds on a computer console. It was clearly showing the council chamber, and already she could see the movement of those individuals within the chamber. No doubt they'd see K'Tal soon enough. Taking another look around, Enyd surmised this was Councilor K'Tal's personal office. Safe indeed. She trusted Morali to take care of the emitters as ordered, and Enyd kept her eyes on the console screen as she spoke over her shoulder to L'Nari.

"Do what is necessary to set up communication, Ensign L'Nari." She glanced at one of their escorts. "How do I tell the Councilor that we are here?" Her understanding of their written language was rudimentary at best, and without guiding insight, she'd likely hit an alarm button instead. He leaned forward and showed the area on the console she was to use, and in an added gesture of goodwill, he hit another button, and the display changed to Federation standard. Giving him a thankful nod, Enyd quickly typed out, "We are here. Safe. Thank you for the escort. Owe you blood wine."

Enyd didn't want to send a dissertation worth of information and further distract the Councilor, but she felt the need to quickly add a few more items. "Infested is assumed to be in House Kopek. Also, General Martok has a legitimate grandson. Have evidence for both." Enyd knew her definition of evidence and the average Klingon's may differ, but at least she had enough proof to satisfy some.

Enyd nibbled on her lower lip as she waited for a response, be it via text or through the surveillance cameras.
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Re: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ]
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[Lt JG Amissa, Callsign "Emerald" | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | Qo'nos ] Attn: @chXinya @Stegro88 @Auctor Lucan @Nero
Amissa struggled to stay on her feet. Between the blood loss - albeit slight, thanks to her exosuit - and her Orion sleep cycles, she was starting to feel the exhaustion. Things had been happening at a breakneck speed and she was still struggling to make sense of it all.

Like the fact that she had now seen Captain Ives change forms twice. One male, one female. So what was the correct pronoun there? He? She? The most appropriate for whichever form was in use at the time? And how was that happening anyway? She knew there were such beings out there that could shapeshift, but this was the first evidence she had ever seen of it.

Someone - she thought it was the Klingon Chief Petty Officer - had killed a number of targ along the way, and they had been joined by several Klingon warriors loyal to Chancellor Martok. Most of them had stayed behind to battle opposing warriors so that the group could affect escape to the High Council Chambers.

She felt bad as she watched the Captain skewer two of the jackal-like beasts that had also been sent after them while taking a severe looking bite on the arm. At this point, it was about all she could do to stay alert and on her feet. And the worst part was, phasers were still inoperable due to the nadion field in the area.

This is why I am a pilot. Fighting a horde of Klingons is not what I was trained for. I sure hope I can get back in a fighter when this whole thing is over.

She looked over at the one called Ravenholm, who was apparently some kind of cybernetically enhanced individual, and was impressed. She seemed to have taken quite a beating in the fight with the jackals, but was still functional. Sizing up her injuries, Amissa decided that if this person could keep going, so could she.

Finally, they had reached their destination and silence fell over the hall as Chancellor Martok made his entrance. She did hear a few grumbled protests at his presence, but that was to be expected. In fact, give all that they had just been through, she would have expected more objections.

Having gotten to their destination, Amissa decided all she could do now was try to remain erect and watch the proceedings play out. The Captain, who was once more in the female form, gave a gentle nudge to Ravenholm and Amissa was curious about what the woman had to say.

As the humans say, I guess this is where the shit hits the fan. This should be extremely interesting.
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[Selena Ravenholm | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | Qo'noS] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @SaraKnight @Nero @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz

The last leg of the march on the Council Chamber was more of a limp for Selena.  The list of caution and warnings in her HUD was one of the longest she'd ever experienced, and the damage wasn't just internal.  Where the jackal had bit down on her leg the outer sheathe was crushed with pieces torn out, exposing the dark grey artificial musculature underneath.  Even that was showing some marks, a few of the coils had been snapped letting eagle-eyed observers get a glimpse of the framework underneath.  If it wasn't for the fact that she could disable the simulated pain signals the woman probably wouldn't be able to walk.  There wasn't much she could do about her head though, a quick wipe of some cloth cleaned up the worst of the blood but there wasn't anything that could be done for the headache until she got back to the Theurgy.  Selena just bore the pain though, there was a job to do, and Klingons would never tolerate a whiner.

When the goal was in sight, Selena opened up a little compartment in her arm and pulled out a small isolinear chip, one of the many copies that she'd handed out in the shuttlebay before they left.  This was it, history was about to be made and she was in prime position to record it all.  Martok wasn't one to wait for though, she almost missed the way he just burst through the double doors like an ancient linebacker.  A step or two behind the Captain, Selena's glowing eyes scanned the room quickly, face scans marking the scowling Councilors's names for her in her augmented vision.  Gorka didn't need any introduction to her though, and with the look on his face right now it was clear that he wasn't going to be happy until someone's blood was on his hands.

Chancellor Martok was an impressive sight in a fight, and he was clearly up to the battlefield in this room as well.  The stunned silence from his sudden appearance was the only opening he needed and he didn't mince words.  Instantly the gauntlet was thrown, but as far as the Chancellor was concerned, he'd already won.  Gorka didn't take it lying down though, and his counter-threat was quite cold for a Klingon.  Ives took it from there though, their shift to their male form caught Selena's eye and she knew it was time.  The Captain made their own statement, and the woman held up the chip waiting in her hand.  At the same time she sent a mental command to a special compartment in her leg, prepping the special device hidden within.

"Councilors, Chancellor," Selena nodded to each group in turn, "this is a message Captain Ives has prepared, detailing the current galactic situation facing all of us, Federation, Klingon, and Romulan alike.  With your permission Chancellor Martok?"  With a quick nod from Martok Selena confidently walked over to a data port and slipped the chip in, conscious of all the eyes staring at her.

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @SaraKnight @Nero @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz

"I must look quite the sight," Mickayla said to herself as she looked down at her armour and tried to imagine what her face and hair would appear like to match. She was covered in blood, both Klingon and Jackal, and some of it was even her own from cuts and slashes she had received on their journey. The worst was a moderate slash across her chest and up onto one of her breasts that was continuing to bleed despite her physiology's best efforts to the contrary. "Stupid design," Mickayla thought, being careful not to verbalise her thoughts. "Who creates armour with such a glaring weakness?" She growled mentally, trying to forget that she had chosen this version of her armour and not the one that would have granted her more protection.

Following along, she heard the announcement that they were close, and she tightened her grip on her weapons in preparation for any remaining opposition to their advance. But none appeared and they had reached the last set of doors baring their way to the council chambers. Without being ordered too, Mickayla stepped forward to assist in their opening and moments later, the doors slammed open, heralding their arrival as Martok strode forward, leading them into the hallowed hall that was the Klingon High Council Chamber.

"This should be fun," Mickayla told herself as she took up a position near enough to both Martok and Captain Ives, ready to defend either of them if it was needed.
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When the human with the odd eyes addressed Tavek with his question, the Klingon could answer readily since he had taken part in the preparations that the leader of his House had made. With a gruff gesture, he indicated the large computer console at the desk. "The Head of Imperial Intelligence has enabled access to the emitters through that. There will be no need to crawl around the old ventilation shafts like rodents. We did that already."

It hadn't been the most rewarding assignment K'Tal had given Tavek and his men, but apparently the emitters had been important enough. Tavek wasn't entitled to the details and grander picture, but apparently the emitters were supposed to kill this new enemy that had infested the ranks of the Council. The science of it was, of course, entirely beyond him.

The female human spoke next, and the request was sound, it a bit belated. With decades of experience working in and out of the shadows, leading small units for the glory of the Empire, Tavek made a dismissive snort, and his soot-covered ridges barely caught the overhead lights of the office. "I already left men behind to see to your fallen and protect your shuttle. You likely didn't notice them." There was no need to say it in a derisive manner, so he didn't. The Federation had a habit of underestimating Imperial Intelligence, thinking him and his warriors brutes playing dress-up as spies, and he was content if they kept thinking that. Made his duties easier. "If his life can be spared, it will be. I suggest focusing on the mission ahead and worry about the losses afterwards."

Once the three officers had started working at K'Tal's computer console, which had multiple screens, Tavek watched the message typed up and sent to the Councillor.


While higher strata of politics were beyond Tavek, he knew that if the Infested were of House Kopek, and Martok's bloodline wasn't at an end, the next few minutes could potentially lead to an honourable victory. That was, of course, if Chancellor Martok survived...

That was when Chancellor Martok appeared on the surveillance feed from the Klingon High Council Chamber, and Tavek reached past the shoulder of the Caitian female to unmute the feed. They heard Martok speak, challenging both House Mo'Kai and Kopek. That suggested that the Chancellor may be aware of Kopek's involvement, but judging from what was being said by the shapeshifting Captain of the Theurgy, the newly arrived did not know what the human female had written to K'Tal, that House Kopek held one of these Infested.

The eyes in the Great Hall had to be off K'Tal at that point, because the Head of Imperial Intelligence managed to respond.


When K'Tal had replied to the message, the cyborg woman had started to play something to the upset Council.

OOC: 1/2 of the post is up! So, @Brutus , @Nesota Kynnovan and @Ellen Fitz, this brings your group's space-time up to be concurrent with the scene in the Great Hall, where Martok & CO have appreared! :)

Tomorrow, I will post again for the scene in the Great Hall and illustrate what Ravenholm's recording says, since I am not quite happy with it yet and the hour is late here. If you three manages to post before I do, that's all good, but you may as well also wait for the next part of my post here since there will be more meat to sink your teeth into. Needless to say, the time it takes for Ravenholm's recording to play will also be enough time to have L'Nari and Enyd escorted to the High Council chamber. Stay tuned!
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[ K'Tal, son of Machi, of House K'Tal | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | Qo'noS ]
Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan @Brutus @Ellen Fitz @Stegro88 @Nero @chXinya @SaraKnight
After he had replied to the Theurgy crew that were in his office, K'Tal wondered how they could know there was an Infested in the House of Kopek. Was this because of that Doctor that Martok had mentioned over the past couple of days? The Infested that had been severed from whatever bound the enemy together in their common efforts, now held in the Theurgy's bridge? Yet if he was severed from that unknown entity... how could he be certain?

Regardless, the cybernetically enhanced human began to play the prepared message, and an emitter in the ceiling projected a large image of Captain Ives, standing in full uniform and with his hands behind his back. [I am Captain Jien Ives of the Federation starship USS Theurgy. After returning to base in San Francisco, on Stardate 57277.16, at the end of a long diplomatic mission to Romulus, my crew managed to pick up transmissions that revealed how officers in Starfleet Command were impersonators of the people they once were - possessed by a new enemy to the Federation and in fact, all intelligent life in the Galaxy.]

Gorka interjected, his voice filling the pause in the message. "Bah! Where is the evidence of this? There is none I have seen that can't be conjecture. In fact, this is a waste of time, and hold no relevance in this hour!"

"This is what was supposed to have been sent from Starbase 84, and you all should listen well," growled Martok in response.

The message continued, even if Councillor Kopek was moving towards the woman and the dataport, slowly navigating the throng of other Councillors to reach her. K'Tal, ever the watchful fly, saw it, and he began to move as well, meaning to intercept the other Councillor. While this happened, the voice of Captain Ives detailed what had really happened.

[Before the truth came out, my crew's secretive efforts to deal with this threat was compromised, and we had to flee Earth in order to save ourselves and protect the truth we learned. Since then, we have been hunted by our own fleet, our pursuers merely following orders and whatever fabricated truth Command had given them about me being a Romulan defector. Admiral Ian Sankolov is one of the enemy behind what is happening, leading Task Force Archeron and giving specific instructions to not accept our hails, saying that the A.I. aboard our ship will gain access their computers via the subspace frequency. He has also claimed that my crew is long dead, and that the A.I. is manning the ship with holograms of my crew. At every turn of these past months, the Federation News Network have inflated these lies, and failed to report how in every engagement with Sankolov's task force, we have been on the defensive, fighting for survival.]

"Bah, end this. I still hear no proof," Gorka said derisively with a brusque gesture, but Martok barked for quietude. Meanwhile, K'Tal was almost at Kopek's side, while the recording continued. Both Kopek and him were obscured by the other Councillors, treading the outer edge of the chamber.

[More importantly, they had neglected to mention how we never opted to cross the Romulan Neutral Zone, even if we've had every opportunity to do so. Surely, if we reported to Romulus, we would set a course for there and not linger in Federation space? If our ship was the prize to hand to the Star Empire, why would we remain here, beset by our own fleet?] the projection of Ives said. K'Tal pushed past two Councillors so that he might be in the way for Kopek. [Starfleet's operational authority are no longer themselves, including the Commander in Chief, the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Starfleet Operations. These three individuals, along with an unknown number of others in the organization, are just a few of these Infested. We have learned that they are victims of parasites from beyond our own dimension of reality, and included in this message are recordings of them speaking amongst each other and from the confines of our brig, alluding to their nature. These parasites do not appear on tricorder scans, and while my crew is still investigating their nature, we know they exist in a state of flux. It is evident that the parasites are of chaotic origin, meaning to tear down the structure of all societies - actively trying to dissolve the Federation and all other galactic powers from within.]

"I think the Council needs to hear this," K'Tal said quietly and stepped in Kopek's way. The stare Kopek gave him was disconcerting - a shiver running up K'Tal's spine. He never saw the hand that went for his throat. He just felt the pressure around his neck building and his lungs being bereft of air. He fumbled for his mek'leth...

[The diverse fauna in the Galaxy have a multitude of examples wherein a parasite controls its host, and in principle, these seem no different in that respect.] The throng of Councilors obscured what Kopek was doing to K'Tal, whom finally reached the handle of his mek'leth. He couldn't make any sound with Kopek's hand around his neck, but he struck nonetheless, burying the blade in Kopek's gut... yet still the grip around his throat remained... and Kopek didn't even flinch whilst he stared into K'Tal's eyes. That was when he realised what he was facing.

The message... It has said there was an Infested in House Kopek, but it was Kopek himself that was one of them!

[Yet these parasites are linked somehow to their origin; an apparent gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space at the centre of the Laniakea Supercluster, in the Zone of Avoidance, which is impossible to observe in visible wavelengths due to the obscuring effects of our own galactic plane. It is a concentration of mass... thousands of times more massive than our Milky Way. It is observable by its effect on the motion of galaxies and their associated clusters over a region hundreds of millions of light-years across.] K'Tal wasn't listening anymore, the grip was hardening, and he felt his vertebrae giving in. He tried to claw at the fingers, kick and thrash, but his feet were off the floor and he had no air left. [A nameless darkness that is devouring everything.]

With his eyes clouding over, K'Tal reached for the handle of his mek'leth, and he pulled it out of the Infested. In panic, he then went for the wrist of the hand around his throat. He had no strength left to sever it... but he laid the edge on the wrist... and began to cut at the tendons with jerky motions. He didn't know how many seconds it took, oblivion claiming him, but next he knew, he was on the floor, looking up at Kopek. The Infested was smiling, as if it enjoyed the pain. It was looking at its Host body's fingers while it tried to make a fist - the digits not working properly any more.

[This simulcast is a call to arms against this enemy, which means to destroy us all and everything we have accomplished. We have yet to find a means to free the Hosts from the hold of these parasites, and they can be anywhere...] Kopek stepped over K'Tal, and as he laid there on the floor, neck swollen, he couldn't warn the woman at the dataport. One of the Councillors had noticed that K'Tal was down, and he moved to help him, but K'Tal couldn't even tell him to stop Kopek. The recording was coming to an end. [Heed us, and let us fight back before they have turned us against each other. Please, see the evidence we have so far, and heed the truth, regardless the cost. This is Jien Ives, signing off.]

With eyes red with veins, K'Tal wheezed at the back of Kopek, whom seemed to hesitate, no longer heading for the one Ives had named Ravenholm. Perhaps there was no point to end the recording any more, it being at an end. Instead, the Infested seemed conflicted about either attacking Ives or Martok. A Councillor that tried to help the fat glob fly back on his feet was mocking him quietly, not noticing the bloodied mek'leth on the floor.

Instead, it was Gorka's loud voice that held the collective attention of the council chamber. "Martok! I will not have these false claims shroud the eyes of this Council! You seed preposterous lies to try and justify your actions, and House Mo'Kai will not have it. I have already announced my challenge, so fight me, or stand down as the craven you are! It was a long time coming, but today, your years as Chancellor come to an end, for the restored honour of the Klingon Empire!"

"Gorka, son of Margon," said Martok, levelling his remaining eye on the usurper, "because of the dishonour you and your House have displayed, throwing the Empire into civil conflict on the basis of ignorance and hatred of me, I call for you and your House to be discommended, and as I hold the power to distribute assets of discommended or dissolved Houses, what used to be House Mo'Kai will be allocated under someone else. Councillors! Heed me. Gorka's late grandfather had a brother, Nenkor, whom has a child in Mac'mon, son of Nenkor. His daughter is here today, and until Mac'mon is found, she will act as the acting holder of all assets that belonged to House Mo'Kai. I put to the Council now, to vote, in favour of your discommendation and the formation of the House of Mac'mon."

"Fight me, you old coward! Your House will die with you!" roared Gorka and towering over all other Klingons in the room with his height, he moved towards the Chancellor. The end of the Martok bloodline was brought up, but even if K'Tal had learned that it was untrue, he couldn't speak of it. Still struggling to breathe, and trying to see where the Infested was heading, he still saw how Captain Ives moved between Gorka and Martok, his hand on the hilt of his sword in quiet warning. Martok continued to speak, as if Gorka had said naught.

"Before I move to have the Council turn their backs on you, I will ask Mickayla, daughter of Mac'mon, to speak, as she and her father will inherit all that you will loose. She, just as all Houses who stand by me, know the truth of the enemy we face, as she has served aboard the Theurgy."

The Chancellor made a gesture with his open hand towards the Klingon beauty that he'd arrived with, but K'Tal couldn't afford the time to listen. He saw Kopek moving towards Martok, circling around the council chamber behind the backs of the other Councillors. He wheezed again, hoping someone could hear him, and see his hand as he stretched it towards the Infested Councillor.

The next turns of events would determine the fate of the Klingon Empire, and K'Tal couldn't even speak. Wheezing, he dug out his data tablet and began to type out the activation code for the anyon emitters with a shaking hand... but he feared he would be too late.

OOC: A suggested posting order to deal with this climactic scene! 1) @Stegro88, you post next with Mickayla, and please leave your post open-ended, alluding towards some commotion starting in the council chamber?

Next, the commotion! 2) @Nesota Kynnovan and 3) @Ellen Fitz , can you have your characters speak up/arrive dramatically with some words about Kopek and the Martok bloodline? This ought to draw the eye to Kopek, whom is going for Martok.

Then, 4) @Nero 5) @chXinya and 6) @SaraKnight, I suggest your characters somehow move to interject themselves between Martok and the Infested, Kopek, as he mean to kill the Chancellor? For the effects of the fighting, feel free to NPC Kopek's actions, as the Infested will be a force to be reckoned with as he mercilessly strike his way through to Martok.

7) @Brutus , clearly, it would be time to activate the anyon emitters, the activation code being sent by K'Tal, hopefully stopping him from killing Martok, whom you can NPC through what Sarresh sees on the surveillance feed. I will then post the outcome for when the anyon emissions spread through the chamber and reaches Kopek, and the subsequent outcome with Gorka and the ending of the Chapter! :) We're nearly there now!

Looking forward to your posts, everyone!
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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nesota Kynnovan @Brutus @Ellen Fitz @Nero @chXinya @SaraKnight

As Mickayla stood just behind both her Captain, and the Klingon Chancellor, she had a clear view of the proceedings between Martok and Gorka. When it came to Klingon warriors, her second cousin was an exemplar. She couldn't be accurate, but she guessed that Gorka had at least 15-20cm on her, along with at least 40 kilograms of bulk to go along with it. His head was bald, the light of the rooms open fires casting dancing shadows across the ridges that adorned his forehead. Idly, Mickayla wondered how much Gorka looked like his father and grandfather and if the same blood was strong in her own father and grandfather. Maybe after this, if she survived, then she might try and track down images of her ancestors.

Ravenholm activated the Klingon's systems and a large hologram of Captain Ives appeared in the centre of the room in full uniform. After a moment, he began to speak and Mickayla, like most of the other Klingons she imagined, heard for the first time what she had heard was the true version of the message that should have been transmitted from Starbase 84. The Chief listened to the broadcast while keeping a watchful eye on the gathered Klingons that formed the High Council. Gorka tried to interject, his raucous tone in stark counterpoint to the projected Ives' own measured tone, but he was quietened by Martok's own voice.

Movement at the back of the throng distracted Mickayla for a moment but her view was obstructed, and she couldn't see the cause. Her attention was drawn back to the middle of the room as Gorka shouted again, demanding proof before being quietened by Martok once more. The broadcast continued to be displayed until the recording came to an end and Gorka bellowed once more, demanding that Martok cease with his false claims and lies and to fight him or stand down. Mickayla had to admit, Gorka was both persistent and determined. And then Martok responded.

"Time for you to make a decision Mickayla," the Chief told herself silently as Martok spoke, detailing what he wished to do to the House Mo'Kai before beginning with details of the branch lineage that lead to the Chief. The situation was spiralling, and it would only take a single incorrect phrase or motion for it to descend into a melee. Gorka had drawn himself up to his full height, but Martok refused to be intimidated as he turned slightly, gesturing at Mickayla to step forward and to speak on behalf of the father that she had never met. "Shit. Here goes nothing," she thought as she stepped up beside Martok, her hands resting on the hilts of the weapons that Captain Ruzaxo had given her.

"I am Mickayla, daughter of Mac'mon, of the House Mo'Kai. And I stand here before you as a witness to the truth of what you have just watched. I have fought against these parasites. I have lost blood due to their actions against the Theurgy and to the Federation. And today, I have lost blood due to their actions against the Klingon Empire," Mickayla proclaimed, her voice raised and firm. "You have been deceived cousin, and your blindness and hatred has clouded your mind until all you can see is the opportunity for personal gain. You seek power and you care not who or what you have to sacrifice along the way. That is not honourable." 

"You behave like a rabid animal in your drive to become Chancellor without care for the consequences of your actions. Of what will happen to the Empire if it is plunged into war, be it from without, or within. You call Martok a coward and yet it is you who have acted with dishonour. I am ashamed to call myself a Klingon if you are an example of the potential of the blood that flows through my veins,"
Mickayla went on, trying to gauge how the Council was taking her words. She hoped she sounded serious enough. "If Martok doesn't banish you, then I will gladly remove your blight from my House so that we no longer suffer from the dishonourable appetites of a fool."

"Tha am bàs air a thilgeadh,"
Mickayla told herself as Klingons began to move around.

OOC: 'Tha am bàs air a thilgeadh.' = 'The die is cast.' (Scots Gaelic)
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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | The First City of the Klingon Empire | Qo'noS] Attn: @Brutus  @Auctor Lucan  @chXinya  @SaraKnight  @Nero  @Nesota Kynnovan @Stegro88

Enyd nodded her appreciation to Tavek's explanation of men presently checking on their fallen comrade. While she would still not count herself an expert on Klingon body culture, Tavek was an efficient man weary of individuals who got their feelings hurt easily or who were quick to misunderstand Klingon manners. But Enyd didn't voice her understanding as a responding message came through the monitor that immediately drew her attention. K'Tal wanted them in the chamber, already armed with the evidence. So be it.

Speaking over her shoulder while pointing towards the console the man was already well aware of, Enyd called out orders, "Morali, you're to stay here to activate the emitters when the time is right." Turning, Enyd managed to stare down the taller Caitian woman. "You and I are going in there with the evidence for Martok's grandson and the Infested primed and ready to be shared. Most likely at a very loud and rapid level." Enyd moved towards the door, knowing that Tavek and his men would arrange themselves as necessary. "You blast them with evidence for M'ven's existence and I'll take care of the Infested."

The move from office to chamber was swift, yet Enyd was horrified to find that it wasn't swift enough. In a quick succession of events through the throng of council members, Enyd saw the last moments of the altercation between K'Tal and Kopek before the latter moved from the fallen Councilor towards Chancellor Martok. And none of the other Councilors seemed aware of the mayhem lurking under their very noses. Gruesome and terrifying as it was to witness, at the same time, the process of elimination of whom among the House was the Infested had effectively been brought to one: Kopek himself.

"Ensign L'Nari," speaking softly to her diplomat associate, Enyd nodded towards K'Tal, "Councilor K'Tal is over there, and we may yet need his assistance in our claims. Let's split up here."

There was no opportunity to say anything directly to the council, at least not yet, for as soon as the recording ended, Martok launched into a discommendation appeal to the Council against Gorka. All the while Kopek moved closer to Martok. Enyd made a decision then. Called into diplomacy though she may be, she was also a Starfleet officer, and their best bet for effectively fighting against the Infested required Chancellor Martok alive. Covertly unsheathing her tik'leth, she moved along the edge of the chamber parallel to Kopek, doing her best to outpace him and assume a position of authority from which to reveal the truth of his Infestation.

By the time she was within a few paces of Martok, an eye still on Kopek, Mickayla had been thrown into the limelight. The Klingon woman had not disappointed her shipmates or House with her bold response. If possible, the woman glowed far more beautiful here amongst her people, promising death to an enemy, than all previous times Enyd had seen her on Theurgy. As the overall mood of the council room shifted and murmured in response to Mickayla's vow, Enyd pushed her way forward. She held the tik'leth unsheathed at her side; the tip pointed to the floor, her body was angled in such a way that only those close and observant could see she held a weapon at all. And unless he could see through human flesh, it was unlikely Kopek had seen it.

"Chancellor Martok, honorable Councilors," Her voice echoing back from the opposite wall, Enyd was thankful she'd learned long ago how to project otherwise, this would not work, "I am Lieutenant Enyd Madsen. I serve under Captain Ives on the Theurgy." Enyd felt the stares shift from her face to the blood on her uniform, and she stood straighter. "Though Mo'Kai assassins proved a slight delay in our arrival, my team has valuable data to share. My associate Ensign L'Nari," Enyd nodded towards where the Caitian stood in the chamber, "has evidence that Chancellor Martok's line will NOT die with him." Her eyes shifting to Gorka, Enyd did her best to mimic a Klingon sneer. "Despite what some within this chamber may have claimed."

Enyd quickly continued, speaking over the stir this admission caused. "And the threat of the Infested does not lay at the door of the Federation alone. It is already here, in this room!" She pointed to Kopek. "It is within this body."

Perfectly happy to edit out the last bit on the Infested if we want to pace this out further.
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[ Lt. RraHnam | Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @SaraKnight @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz
On silent cat paws, the security officer strode through the main assembly hall. She circled the cluster of Klingons and off-worlders, trying to keep an eye on them all so that she could intervene immediately if necessary. It was to RraHnam's advantage that the attention of those present was focused on Gorka and Martok, who were engaged in a fierce battle for leadership. Thus, the Klingons were distracted from her and would not pay further attention to her. This in turn gave her the opportunity to take a closer look at the reactions and body languages of those present.

As usual, one quickly spotted the lickspittles in such gatherings, swimming with the flow and twisting like flags in the wind. These worried her the least. The opportunists, on the other hand, were those whose facial expressions never gave much away. They usually pursued their own agendas and did not shy away from violence to achieve their goals.

A movement among the whole council caught her attention and the Caitian realized who the real enemy was. She recognized the man from the pictures in the file she had read in preparation. He was leading one of the houses that sided with Gorka. It was council member Kopek. He was choking another Klingon, whom she unfortunately only saw from behind and could not recognize. RraHnam wanted to throw her spear to stop the man, but they were standing out of reach on the other side of the crowd. The possibility of hitting someone else and thus starting a war was just too great. They were in an awkward position and the former Vra'shan professional now had to act quickly and ran. On silent soles she circled the group of Klingons. She kept an eye on Kopek and soon saw that an unknown human woman had also set out to stop the Klingon council member. The unknown woman, who shortly thereafter introduced herself as Lieutenant Madsen, deftly positioned herself between Martok and Kopek and spoke of evidence that would show that Martok's bloodline would not end with him. She also spoke openly that Kopek himself was one of the infested. Excited murmurs were heard and a sickening, gurgling laugh.

Kopek showed his bloody teeth in a sickening smile and walked on unperturbed. Whatever was going on in his head, the next thing he knew he was lunging to strike at the Starfleet officer. Rra saw him raise his arm and clench his hand into a fist. There was a lot of energy behind the punch, and it would have surely knocked the lieutenant in the red uniform to the ground immediately, but the security officer managed to intercept the Klingon's blow. It had been close. Awfully close. Lieutenant Madsen certainly felt the wind on her face. But RraHnam felt its power. It was indescribably strong, and it took enormous effort on her part to hold it. Fortunately, it seemed to irritate him enough that he now turned his attention to the Caitian security officer.

"Out of the way, Kitten." he grunted, baring his teeth. Under the tremendous effort, the former professional athlete managed to maintain a facial expression that showed effortlessness. Inwardly, however, she was screaming, and any empath nearby would feel her effort.
"Let's go!" said RraHnam finally under her breath, letting go of the Klingon's arm as she realized he was now lunging to strike at her with his other hand. She was able to duck under his blow, and the sudden break in tension in his other arm caused him to lose his balance for a tiny moment. Rra wanted to take advantage of this. In a normal fight, that would already spell the end. The opponent would be lifted off his feet after a quick sweep and lie on the ground where he could be controlled.

But what appeared so easy in her mind turned out to be an extremely difficult undertaking. She let herself slide to the ground in one fluid motion and used the momentum to sweep Kopek off his feet. He just didn't care. He stayed where he was and laughed. Kopek lifted a leg to kick at his opponent and RraHnam only just managed to dodge him. When she stood again, the expression on Kopek's face had changed.

"I told you to get out of my way, Kitten."
This time she couldn't dodge his punch. He was quick. His fist hit her in the face long before she could raise her hands to defend herself. Rra staggered back. She rubbed the spot he had hit and put some distance between herself and him. She felt the blood seep through her lips and spit out a few teeth shortly after. Fortunately, she was able to keep her spear with her. She now brought it between her and Kopek. A little more protection couldn't hurt. She had completely misjudged this man and now realized that he was just playing with her. His whole behavior so far, that he had his punch blocked, or that he let himself get off balance... It was all just an act. RraHnam had made a mistake. A serious mistake and for that she scolded herself inside. She had underestimated Kopek. She had underestimated the infestation.

It wasn't the first time she had fought a stronger opponent and it definitely wasn't the first time she had had to stand up to a Klingon. Especially not on this day. But Kopek was in a completely different league. His entire demeanor changed from one moment to the next. His posture, his charisma, everything was different. He seemed dangerous, even by Klingon standards. The grip on her spear tightened. Kopek and she began to circle each other. In one impossibly swift movement, the Klingon reached for her weapon and effortlessly wrenched it from her muscular arms. He threw it away carelessly. Then the real fight broke out. RraHnam was caught in the role of the underdog, as Kopek made it difficult for her to land a blow unless she wanted to land in one herself. His constant swings and kicks ensured that Rra was in a constant defensive struggle. Dodging, defending, and taking blows. There was no thought of dishing it out. With every blow he pushed her further and further back. Finally, she managed to find a gap in this seemingly impenetrable wall. The Starfleet security officer didn't want to miss the chance and jumped right at him. She tried to sink her fangs into his neck, but with his free hand he grabbed her and effortlessly lifted her up by the long arm. Helplessly, RraHnam hung in the air. She swung back and forth, generating momentum that she used to wrap around his arm. She clasped his body with her legs, trying to overstretch and eventually break his arm. The loud, ugly crack was clearly heard and suddenly the tension in his right arm dropped. He let it go and RraHnam fell to the ground.

Kopek looked more amused than pained and seemed to really enjoy the pain. Then he showed the Caitian that they were far from finished with each other. He showed her that the broken right meant nothing to him and continued to beat her as if nothing had happened. RraHnam was in pain, it was difficult for her to stay upright and avoid his blows, which found their target more and more often. At the same time, Kopek didn't seem to lose a bit of stamina or mobility. RraHnam hoped that someone would be able to stop this fighting machine, because she was clearly unable to do so. She had made a mistake and underestimated the infested Kopek. And now she paid painfully for this mistake.

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[Selena Ravenholm | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | Qo'noS] attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Stegro88  @SaraKnight  @Nero  @Brutus  @Nesota Kynnovan  @Ellen Fitz

Staying near the data port Selena stood by with crossed arms, watching both the long-delayed Simulcast and scanning the gathered Council for their reactions.  When Gorka tried to shout out holo-Ives she had to suppress an eye roll.  The blowhard can bellow all he wanted, Martok clearly had the authority behind his voice and he easily shut up the challenger each time.  Moving her attention away from the Chancellor and Gorka, Selena's eyes slowly shifted over the small crowd, most watching the broadcast with various forms of interest.  Something in the back caught her steel eye though, it looked like two were moving but with so many bodies in the way she couldn't see just what was going on.  Subtly shifting up to her toes she tried to get a better look but no luck.

Gorka managed to pull Selena's attention back to the fore when he managed to yell coherently for once, issuing something that she guess was supposed to be a final challenge.  Martok had none of it though, one-upping the upstart with the news that Mickayla herself was worthy of holding the reins to a Great House.  That rose her eyebrow in an almost Vulcan-like manner and Selena couldn't help but watch the Klingon woman step up to the plate.  Her speech was pretty good, plunging a verbal dagger right into the heart of it with a promise that if Martok doesn't win, she will.  The Council murmured in minor personal debates, giving a new arrival her chance to push up and make her statement.  Selena hadn't met this Lt. Madsen yet, but she was all business.  Curiously, she seemed to be staring at one Councilor in particular so she turned to see who she was trying to signal.

What she saw next was a blur.  Before she could recognize who the Klingon was RraHnam was in action, grabbing his arm mid-swing, one so fast it was a literal smear of motion to the woman.  Everything from that point made the cyborg feel like she was moving in slow motion: her arms untangled themselves from each other in the time it took for the Caitian to take a fist straight to the mouth, right hand dropping to the special compartment in her right thigh as soon as it was free.  A mental command popped the seal letting the side of her right leg just slide open to expose the grip of her Paralyzer, the one projectile weapon that would work in here.  By the time her fingers had wrapped around the weapon and started to pull the security officer was unarmed and they were circling, blocking her line of sight temporarily.

Lt. Madsen was still close to the fighting, at complete risk of getting knocked around by an errant fist, or worse.  Acting as quickly as she could Selena jumped forward to grab her arm and pull her back, her own augmented strength impossible to ignore.  Without a word she simply pulled and almost-literally threw the other woman towards Captain Ives and the others, turning just enough to make sure she survived the surprise trip.  That was all the time the brawl needed to result in that horrific crack that seemed to echo off of the walls.  Turning back to the fight Selena was in time to see RraHnam on the ground with the first of the Infested's blows already raining down on her.

"Hey!!" The enhanced human shouted, time snapping to normal speed at last as soon as the Paralyzer was pointed right at her target.  Kopek had just enough time to tilt his head up before a pair of razor-thin wires with very sharp barbs in the ends buried themselves into his face.  The Infested Klingon roared in shock and whipped his head back, nearly wrenching the weapon out of Selena's hands.  Struggling to keep control she brought her other hand up to grip the muzzle so that she can send the energy pulse, but that was all he needed.  Forgetting his earlier target Kopek rushed forward like an old linebacker.  Oh fuck me! she screamed internally, mechanical legs working instantly.  She jumped straight into the air, right over the Klingon's head with less than a moment to spare.

That was when something insanely strong grabbed her ankle.

Red warnings lit up on her HUD warning of extreme pressure on her left ankle and she could already hear the casing cracking.  That was the only warning Selena got before Kopek slammed her straight into the ground, right onto her back.  The wind getting knocked out of her lungs was the least of the pain.  Ribs shattered under the impact, she could feel something buckle in the back of her head and she couldn't move a muscle.  Barely rasping out something that was between a gasp and a wheeze, Selena was helpless as Kopek's face filled her view, a predatory smile plastered on a face twisted into something more akin to a Fek'lhr than a Klingon, wires still dangling from his cheeks.  With full-on glee a boot hovered in the air above Selena's chest ready to drop straight through her.

Between them, the snapping sounds ended with a final click: the gun now looked more like the hilt of a sword, and it was still held tight in Selena's mechanical hands.  A fraction of a second later the air between the two was bathed in fuchsia light and Kopek screamed in agony as far more volts than even a Klingon's nervous system could handle surged through his face.

Below him, Selena was smiling in her mind.

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[LtJG Amissa, Callsign "Emerald"|Klingon High Council Chamber|The Great Hall|Qo'noS] @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @Nero @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz @chXinya

Amissa listened as the Councilors debated the merits of what they had heard. They apparently were not convinced by the recording and Chancellor Martok had to inform them that what they had heard was the correct version of a transmission from Starbase 84. Amissa did not know the full details of what was going on, but based on what she was hearing, the Council had received a doctored version of the recording they had just heard. One of the Council members, she didn't know his name, seemed to be the most disturbed by the recording and was making the most fuss about it.

And then came the challenge from the one identifying himself as Gorka. That challenge had been met with Martok's declaration that Gorka was now discommended and the Mickayla was now the heir to the House. That surprised Amissa, as she was not aware the Chief had any kind of connection to that House.

And then a Lieutenant that Amissa had never seen before stepped forward and addressed the Council, declaring that the Chancellor had an heir of his own and that one of the Klingons, the loud one, was actually one of the Infested.

The Infested. This was still rather new to her as well. She'd heard something about this on the Oneida, but hadn't really caught the full gist of it. But it could also explain some things that she had seen on Sapphire Station.

The Klingon didn't seem too happy with this and very shortly, a succession of people were attacked and neutralized by him. First was another Klingon, then the Caitian, RraHnam, and finally Selena Ravenholm. All had fought bravely so far, but all had failed to stop the enraged Klingon.

Amissa looked around and realized she was the next line of defense between this Klingon and Chancellor Martok, and even as Selena discharged some kind of device that lit up the space between herself and the Klingon, causing him to scream in agony. That act had saved her from sure death, but Amissa could see she was down and the Klingon far from done.

Damn it all. If they can't take him down, how am I supposed to?

Still, she was wearing her exosuit and had her combat knife. It wasn't much, and she was already injured, but she couldn't let this brute get to Martok, the Captain, or apparently Mickayla or the Lieutenant with evidence of Martok's progeny. Nope, it was now up to her.

Drawing her knife, Amissa quickly crossed the distance between them as the Klingon recovered from whatever had just been done to him. She drove the blade deep into his belly, hoping to take him out of the fight quickly, especially since he was already wounded. But, while the blade bit deep, it also snapped, leaving the blade in his belly and the handle in her hand.

Sonuvabitch! I'm fucked, and not in a good way!

Amissa ducked as the large Klingon turned his gaze on her, murderous intent clear in his eyes. As an Orion, she was lithe and nimble, but with the exosuit on, it slowed her reflexes just enough that he was able to snatch her hair, yanking her back and off her feet. But before she hit the ground, the Klingon amazingly snatched her throat in a vice-like grip.

Instantly, she felt her windpipe crush and her ability to breathe was cut off. In an act of pure desperation now, she drove her nearest knee up into his groin, hoping to cause enough pain to cause him to release her. Instead, his snarl of rage turning into a maniacal laugh and he raised her above his head, still gripping her throat tightly.

Puny Orion whore! You think you can stop me?! You are nothing but a green pest. A mosquito to be squashed.

Amissa was starting to see spots now and knew it wouldn't be long before she lost consciousness. Growing increasingly desperate, she began flailing with her legs hoping to land a kick somewhere - anywhere - even as she pounded his arm with her fists. In reward, he took his free hand and grabbed her right arm, twisting it up and behind her so that she felt it first pop out of her shoulder then break in several places along its length. She tried to let out a scream of pain, but with her windpipe closed off, nothing came out.

Apparently tired of her, the Klingon tossed her several feet away from her comrades and turned his angry glare on the next person in his path.
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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Offices of Councilor K'Tal| The Great Hall | The First City of the Klingon Empire | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @Stegro88 @SaraKnight @Nero @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz 

Sarresh could feel his heart still racing in his chest, even as they stood in the secluded room, no longer under the immediate threat of being slaughtered on the spot . They'd come through the battle, and while the former Ash'reem was sure he would never forget the smell of Klingon blood (being coated in it), he easily managed to keep the last meal he had where it belonged - in his stomach. Now he was eager to get to the next part of the mission. There was a deep, burning need to strike back at the parasitic monsters that were, quite literally, his mortal enemies. And now he had that chance, in a very direct way. 

The savage need wasn't very Starfleet of Sarresh. But he imagined his current Klingon hosts understood it perfectly well. He flashed a toothy smile to the Klingon aid - Tavek - who informed him that the hard part of setting up the emitters was done. So much the better.

Sarresh had come up next to Madsen for the moment his gaze flicking from the the controls for the emitter arrays, that had been configured into the desk before the bank of monitors, and watching the displays themselves, as if he could pick out the infested agent visually. The council chamber was the focus of the displays, which seemed perfect to Sarresh. If that agent was going to be present it would be here, in the Great Hall's main chamber. The doors to the chamber opened and a tension that he hadn't realized he'd been holding eased off of his frame. Oh, he was still nearly vibrating with the need to lash out, to hurt their enemy, but the worry he'd been harboring (for the state of the mission, he'd claim) abated at the sight of Martok and Ives.

Familiarizing himself with the set up of the controls for the Anyonic Emitters, Sarresh watched what was unfolding, seeing the response sent back from (he assumed) K'Tal himself. Where the head of house was in the chambers below, Sarresh could not tell. His  position was not being readily captured by the sensors. All in all, the former Ash'reem let out a snort. Of course someone would have to stay behind, and that was his job. He tilted his head up and over to look at Lt. Madsen and cocked an eyebrow up, silently asking if it needed to even be said that he'd remain.

Apparently it needed to be said, but he nodded at the woman whom had looked over his shoulder to him, all the same. She was issuing orders, while the drama was unfolding on the screens before them. Squaring off his shoulders, he immediately dismissed the mission lead from his thoughts, focusing entirely instead on his own task. When the moment was right is a matter of debate, he thought, perfectly happy to trigger the emitters now and rid the universe of at least one more troublesome parasite. 

However that wouldn't play well with the locals, and he had to take their political game into account. Letting out a sigh of repressed frustration, he began to call up the controls, readying the sequences for a simple toggle activation. The waiting, he knew, would be the hardest part for him. That irony was not lost on him, given he delt with time in all its glory every day. He lacked a certain patience now, ever since he'd come back to this forsaken century.

Ives recording ended. The speech that should have gone out to the galaxy months ago, at Starbase 84. Another of his failures, Sarresh supposed, internalizing the responsibility for the actions of a man he had no desire to have as a 'follower'. That mess still woke him some nights. Though now he had the amusing memory of Samantha's reaction to hearing about his own personal cult to counter some of that guilt. He hoped she appreciated his coming along on this, but time would tell. Having a friend was...difficult.

Time would tell. 

It was telling now, on the screen, as a frown passed over his face. "What is she up to?" He asked no one in particular, not really paying attention to whom was left in the room with him, as his eyes tracked Enyd through the crowd, now that she'd arrived. Didn't want to interrupt whatever was going on in the center of the chamber, he guessed. The frown remained in place as he tapped a finger on the console, next to the activation toggle. It sounded important, some blustering between Martok, Gorka, and some woman that looked vaguely familiar. A security chief that had been assigned to Ives' team, Morali realized, as she seemed to (verbally) lash out at Gorka. 

And there was Madsen, speaking up, and despite himself, Sarresh let out an amused chortle. "Gorka didn't like that being aired out right in his face," he noted dryly, leaning an elbow on the edge of the desk. He glanced down at the console, to see if the signal had arrived. Before it did, however, Enyd made a bold accusation as ever, accusing Kopek of being infested, drawing attention across the room. 

"Oh hell, this isn't going to go well." She was, as far as he could tell, going to get herself killed doing something like that. Why are diplomats so bloody frustrating, he groused. Sure enough, the moment he thought it, things went to hell, and Kopek attacked. He struck out, nearly taking off Madsen's head, though another Stafleet officer he didn't know got in the way. It had to be time. Yes, it needed to play out a bit, but all the same...He began the start up protocols, to narrow down and aquire the proper anyonic variance needed to rid the world of this particular parasite. Despite having memorized the process and the input sequences, it wasn't as easy or quick as he'd like, and he was forcing himself to try and remain calm. Too much haste and it might not work.

Watching a Klingon fight with a clearly broken arm, unbothered, was mildly sickening, but Sarresh couldn't know if that was normal for Klingon's. Would they see it as out of character? Beyond Kopek's abilities? Another figure entered the mix, the cybernetic officer from the Theurgy that Sarresh had seen from time to time on the bridge. Ravenholm, he thought, frowning as the fracas escalated rapidly. It was almost too much to follow, and even the other Klingon's in the room with Sarresh swore oaths right along side him when Ravenholm was snatched out of the air and brutally smashed to the floor below, only to see Kopek light up  like a warp core on overload a moment later.

There it was, the trilling, three tone notification, the flashing light. The go signal. Even as Kopek shook off the electric assault, and manhandled an Orion in a Starfleet exo-suit, Sarresh reached out...

Martok surged forward at that moment, even as Sarresh moved from the controls. Everyone was trying to stay between the Klingon Chancellor and the oncoming threat. And of course, Martok instead moved to meet the threat head on. He barked something coarse and goading in his native tongue, something that pulled a smile onto Kopek's face. But even as the other man tossed the Orion aside to face the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council head on with an alien laugh, everything changed.

Beneath the fingertips of Sarresh's right hand, the controls for the Anyonic emitters, strewn throughout the council chamber, had been depressed. The activation sequence queued up. There was a soft hum in K'Tal's office, and a smattering of letters in Klingonese script that scrolled across the main display screen as a light filled the room. Martok watched as the wretch that was Kopek seized up on the spot, and as the light faded, so too did the strength of the Head of the house of Kopek, crumpling before the Chancellor like a puppet whose strings had been cut, an odd reflection of the glow that had suffused the room, lingering in the shell's eyes.

"Huh. So that's what happens," Martok grunted, taking the moment in stride, as he walked forward to kick Kopek onto his back with the toe of his boot.

OOC: Apologies for letting this linger. Couldn't find the post where we see the effect of an anyonic scan on an infested or anything like that so, kinda winged it. Lemme know if that needs updating.
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[ Captain Gorka, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | Qo'noS ]
Furious at the craven Chancellor, who refuted his challenge, Gorka wasn't entirely oblivious to the existence of his extended family. In fact, he'd had Rov specifically try to kill Khorin since he knew he served on the Theurgy. What he hadn't anticipated was the presence of Mac'mon's daughter, who dared say she'd kill him if Martok didn't. He'd bared his teeth at her, ready to close the distance and put her in her place, yet the seething ire he held for Martok made his anger towards her a mere flame compared to a roaring bonfire. It was an anger that seared reason from his wit, even though he knew that with both Rov and K'Tal having tied him to Kopek, it would be too difficult to make the Council see the merit in his actions, even if they included having conspired to slay his weak grandfather.

"Will you all rather have the Empire fall against Romulus, by the aid of a traitor, than having a strong Chancellor, who will do anything to defend it?" he roared, refuting to believe that he'd come to the end of the road. House Mo'Kai still knew him to lead it!

The end of his proclamation, however, was lost to the sound of battle, and the raised voices of those newly arrived. Another Theurgy officer, a female, proclaiming Kopek to be this alleged 'enemy'. Kopek had been a trustworthy asset, his House having swayed many others to side with House Mo'Kai, and paved the road for his ascension up until that point. Though even as his roaring hatred clouded his mind...

...what he saw Kopek do inside the walls of the Great Hall, it gave Gorka pause.

Captain Ives caught Lieutenant Madsen when the cybernetic female pushed her out of harms way, and the Commanding Officer of the Theurgy made sure she kept her footing, his order to her simple after seeing the sword she carried. "Stand ready to defend Martok."

As if disembodied by the realisation that there might be merit to the claims about these Infested, seeing how Kopek preformed feats no Klingon a third of Kopek's age could, Gorka wasn't able to move. What he believed about Martok's guilt was cast in a new light, but he tried to squint at it - blind by his need for revenge. If Kopek had fooled him, used him when he'd arranged for him replacing Martok, then... the Council would see him as weak. No...

Gradually, as the Theurgy crew fought against Kopek, Gorka began to realise that he'd lost. House Mo'Kai would cease to be, and he'd suffer the worst kind of dishonour. As he stood there... all hope turned to ashes in his mind.

Kopek, the Infested, broke the arm of an armoured Orion as if the protective metal was mere tissue paper, and tossed her aside - Martok being next in line. "I have killed your kind before," Martok said to Kopek, upon which the older Klingon merely laughed - the sound seemingly coming from some eldritch existence beyond the Great Hall. Though the Infested never reached the Chancellor. A strange machine sound was heard... and Kopek fell heavily unto the dusty floor. Neither Ives nor the Lieutenant with the sword had to defend Martok before it was over, and Martok turned the body of Kopek over to make sure he was dead.

Only... that wasn't the case.

When Martok next to the the Infested, Kopek's eyes flared open, and he drew a gurgling breath. A sense of panic spread through the council chamber, the imminent death of the Chancellor expected, because of the grip Kopek had formed around Martok's ankle.

Though it was clearly a weak hold - the broken arm shaking.

"I.... am free..." came the rattling words of an old warrior's charred features. "Th... The darkness will know of this.... That I failed... That the thing inside me... failed. Heed me... Heed me!"

Was this the voice of the host, Gorka wondered numbly. The real Kopek? Martok crouched down next to the dying Councilor. "Speak."

"Praxis... Praxis will shatter, and hit the planet... One of them... is up there." Kopek swallowed, wizened face pale. Gorka, however, had stopped listening, for he realised that Martok had his back turned towards him, and that there were few - if any - eyes lingering upon Gorka where he stood in destitute honour. He was past the point of no return, about to loose everything, and that knowledge made him begin to move, while Kopek continued to speak - the faint words filling the silent council chamber.

"Another one... leads a Romulan ship, cloaked and bound... for this city... Thalaron blast..." Kopek coughed, as if his insides were mush, though perhaps he lingered because of brak'lul. "Listen, if either fail... the other will succeed."

The rage of Gorka's shame prevented him to hear much more, his blood boiling in his ears. He was completely alone. Without allies, and soon without a House. His failure and pending loss of all standing, and the possibility that he'd been wrong all the time about the Infested and Martok being a traitor... it drove him to claim whatever he still could. He would die fighting to his death in the Great Hall so that he - at least - would be in Sto'vo'kor. And he would, at least, have avenged his father's death before he died. So with his D'K'tahg quietly drawn, he made for Martok's unprotected back.

"Chancellor..." Councilor Kopek said with his dying breath. "Save... our Empire."

Gorka stalled the roar in his throat as he descended upon Martok's crouching figure, even though he wished to let out all his rage. He held it in check so that he wouldn't alert his nemesis, and he put all of his weight behind the strike, the blade meant for the back of the one-eyed Klingon's neck. See me now, Father...

Only when he drove the sharp dagger into flesh did he cry out, eyes squinted in blood rage. "Die!!"

He had trouble to draw breath into his three lungs after that, and when Gorka opened his blood-shot eyes... he found another set staring into his own.

It was Captain Ives, having intercepted the stab and standing there with his feet braced wide, and with Gorka's dagger embedded in his chest. The Chameloid's figure was rippling, as if wet and changing, unable to retain its form. "You... first."

Only then did Gorka realise... that the Captain's long sword had skewered him as well. That long and curved blade. A fatal wound, perhaps... but he was still alive. He would still die fighting. In a rush of adrenaline, he tore his D'K'tahg from the Chameloid in order to strike again, and to reach Martok.

Only a Captain was seldom without a crew.

OOC: Free posting! My suggestion is that those who have characters still on their feet and can kill Gorka, they post first, and I want to see that it is a joint effort instead of one writer stealing the honour of the kill. @Nesota Kynnovan , @Stegro88, @Ellen Fitz and @Nero , you guys chat and decide how to coordinate this!

Once Gorka is dead, it would be time to contact the Theurgy about what they just heard from Kopek. Hope you like the development! It was a complete rewrite from what was originally the plan, writing out of Gorka's viewpoint instead of Ives'. Have fun writing your replies!

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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz @Nero

Her challenge delivered, Mickayla stood there, her jaw set and her body resolute as she waited for Gorka's response. But it never came. Instead, a commotion to the side erupted as other Starfleet officers arrived, quickly followed by a brawl breaking out. Standing there, watching the Klingon perform feats of strength beyond anything that his biology would be capable of, Mickayla's mind flashed back to the Aerodrome aboard the Versant and the Savi that she and the others had fought there. It struck her in that moment, despite knowing about it earlier, that she was now the only survivor of that encounter. Of the three that had escaped the aerodrome of the Versant aboard the Reaver, she had killed Gideon Drake during their escape from the Azure Nebula and Devyrie Okhala had died when a bomb was detonated in the Spearhead Lounge less than 48 hours earlier.

Snapping out of her flashback and chiding herself for it, Mickayla took in the situation again, this time finding the Infested Klingon was down, his breathing heavy and laboured as he spoke to Martok. Mickayla only followed along with some of what was said but it was enough to bring a fresh wave of concern to the young Klingon security officer that was feeling particularly out of her depth. It was only with the Infested's host's dying breath that Mickayla noticed the renewed threat to Martok. Fortunately, she was neither the first to notice, nor the quickest as Captain Ives intercepted Gorka's assassination strike, the D'k tagh piercing deep and sending a ripple across the captain's form. But Mickayla saw that her captain had also struck, skewering Gorka on his blade. But it wasn't enough.

Mickayla moved on instinct, stepping up next to her captain even as Gorka wrenched his blade free and moved to strike again. Without thinking, Mickayla intercepted the strike, diverting the knife blade into her own shoulder, growling at the wave of wave that suffused her body. But behind the pain, was adrenaline, as her physiology reacted to the injury. Growling anew, Mickayla reached up and grasped the taller Klingon's arm and wrenched it downwards, trying with all her might to tear it completely off. And while not succeeding, the now horrendously dislocated limb was useless and no longer a threat.

Not that she was sure Gorka noticed as she was not the only member of the Theurgy crew to react to his assault.
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Re: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ]
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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | The First City of the Klingon Empire | Qo'noS] Attn: @Brutus  @Auctor Lucan  @chXinya  @SaraKnight  @Nero  @Nesota Kynnovan

Enyd had been through terribly rough times on Cardassia, and even during her training, she'd faced down more than a few training exercises gone horribly wrong, but nothing could really prepare a person for being used as a projectile for the second time in one day. No sooner had she revealed Kopek's Infested nature, an attempt on her part to stall him from his nefarious intent against Martok, than a Caitian officer Enyd had yet to meet intercepted a punch meant for Enyd's face.

The force of the near-hit carried a breeze that ruffled the bits of hair that had come loose in her earlier run. But before Enyd could unsheathe her short sword to aid the Caitian, a foolish feat but one she felt called to do, Enyd was suddenly airborne. The world spun out of focus, and instead of thinking of unsheathing the tik'leth to fight, Enyd instead refocused her attention to landing in one piece wherever it was her "savior" had thrown her.

A soft whoosh of air left her lungs, and her teeth jarred in her head when Enyd slammed into warm flesh. Or warm, powerful hands somehow caught her and pulled her down to a standing position in a smooth and confident move. It was only when the mass of flesh that broke her fall spoke that Enyd realized it was Captain Ives, his order to defend Martok quickly snapping Enyd's mind out of the spin of her earlier flight.

Kopek lay dying by now, Enyd's brief affair with defying gravity having caused her to miss how he'd ended up in his present state. He spoke of another Infested, on Praxis, and on a Romulan ship headed their way. Something, a bomb no doubt, would shatter Praxis, and a Thalaran blast would destroy this city. How lovely.

Enyd felt more than saw movement from her side and shifted on her feet in time to see Gorka's attempted attack on Martok. Her mouth dropped open in shock, horror more like it, when Ives boldly stepped in front of the attack, taking the blade directly into his chest, his features constantly shifting.

"You first," he'd said to Gorka, speaking as if getting knifed in the chest was the norm on a mission.

Ives' confident words charged Enyd's nerves back into action from the temporary inertia brought on by shock. Ives had been her captain for a matter of hours by this point, and she was uninterested in
1. Losing him, or
2. Letting him die unavenged.

This was assuredly a moment where the only diplomatic solution was to eliminate the threat altogether. The fiercely beautiful Mickayla seemed to think the same thing, falling into the fight with swiftness and skill as she diverted Gorka's secondary blade swing into her own shoulder. While the Klingon woman courageously distracted Gorka with her assault, Enyd decided it was prime time she fed the tik'leth its due amount of blood from this fray. Pa'Qis would be disappointed otherwise, and it seemed there would be no better time than the present to give the blade some "story-worthy" action.

Enyd unsheathed the short sword in one smooth gesture as she dropped to a crouch. With a slicing motion, she cut against the back of Gorka's right thigh to hamstring him before tucking into a roll behind him, and as she righted herself on the other side of his body, she cut against his left ankle to sever his equivalent to an Achilles tendon. She heard growls and yelps of pain but didn't pause to see if they were from Gorka or Mickayla as she stood, holding the edged tip of the blade against Gorka's leg as she stood, pressing in with her weight in a further attempt to slice through the length of his thigh muscle. Once she was back to her full height, Enyd pivoted out of attack range, or what she hoped was attack range, and waited.

Her eyes momentarily darted through the crowd to find her fellow diplomat, L'Nari. She knew already that the woman's face would likely hold an expression of 2 parts horror and 5 parts judgment at the turn of events and Enyd's actions. Saving Martok or avenging the captain, or drawing out the Infested, would none of them be excuses big enough to do what she'd just done. But then again, Enyd didn't exist to please the preferences of a younger diplomat, and she had been under direct orders to protect Martok. She'd just decided to interpret said orders to mean slice and dice the Klingon trying to attack Martok, thereby pleasing Pa'Qis if she ever saw the engineer again. And pleasing a gruff Klingon engineer seemed a more preferable option given the current state of affairs, for at least that route meant a higher chance of survival for all parties involved.
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[Ensign L'Nari | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | The First City of the Klingon Empire | Qo'noS]
Attn: @Brutus @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @SaraKnight @Nero @Ellen Fitz
Mention: @stardust @GroundPetrel

Even though she should have seen it coming, probably should have mentally prepared herself for the inevitability of more violence, it nevertheless caught the black-furred Caitian completely by surprise to hear Lieutenant Madsen blatantly accuse Kopek of being infested. All of her training at Starfleet Academy and her experience as a Diplomatic Attaché at various Federation Embassies had taught her how extremely valuable it was to stay calm and exercise the delicate form of art known as de-escalation. This was the second time she'd witnessed a direct accusation being voiced however and, almost as if events repeated themselves, Kopek displayed a sincere lack of appreciation which she'd also experienced aboard the IKS Maysiq earlier. Things escalated rapidly from that point and when Kopek struck out and went for Lieutenant Madsen's head, which he narrowly missed because another Starfleet Officer came to her rescue, it still caught L'Nari by surprise; drawing a sharp gasp from her lips while she took a step back to increase the distance between herself and any danger.

As things escalated further and, on Captain Ives' order, more people came to Martok's defense, L'Nari kept standing there as if nailed to the floor while she watched the situation unfold before her. She was still carrying the small diplomatic briefcase in her left hand, which kept reminding her of the important mission entrusted to her by Lieutenant Commander Rutherford, and as the entire situation became increasingly disturbing L'Nari knew she had little choice but to abandon her fellow officers in the Great Hall. With all the people already coming to Martok's defence, they could do without a rather unskilled and definitely unwilling fighter getting in the way so, deep down in the back of her mind, she knew that they probably wouldn't even miss her.

Still... it felt bad.

Tightening her hand around the briefcase, L'Nari took another deep breath before she turned around on her heel and began to march away from the fight at as fast a pace as her dignity allowed her to under the circumstances. Right before she reached the doors through which they'd initially entered, the black-furred Caitian turned around for one last time to watch the unfolding scuffle. It was just in time to see how Captain Ives got stabbed, which genuinely caused L'Nari to waver in the doorway for a brief moment; once again, it dawned on her that she was really abandoning her crewmembers in the middle of a fight, if only to carry out her own mission and save Lieutenant Commander Rutherford and her team from their possible demise. At that moment her green eyes came to rest upon Lieutenant Madsen and, for the briefest of moments, their eyes locked. If the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer had any opinion on watching her direct subordinate abandoning her in the middle of a fight, it wasn't directly visible though as the short brunette Lieutenant only presented her with a grin.

Despite everything that happened thus far, it was that grin which burned itself into L'Nari's mind and disturbed her most of all. The image of her direct superior officer, a Diplomat at that, caught up in the middle of a fight while wielding a sword and grinning like a woman utterly possessed was downright shocking and prompted the black-furred Caitian to take a step back in the direction of the doorway. By now convinced that Lieutenant Madsen had become completely mentally unhinged at this point, L'Nari replied to the Lieutenant's grin with a look that could best be described as downright disturbed; the kind of look one would give someone if they genuinely couldn't care any less if they would live to see the end of the fight.

And with that, L'Nari turned around on her heel once more and walked through the doors. There were empty offices nearby, similar to the one of Councilor K'Tal, and the black-furred Caitian quickly made her way towards the nearest one. She was still legitimately concerned that there were more assailants lurking nearby and, even though she'd just abandoned her crewmates in the middle of a fight, part of her knew that they would still defend her if she'd came running back to them with danger hot on her heels. Once inside the office, L'Nari locked the door behind her and quickly made her way towards the desk before opening her briefcase; revealing the equipment which she'd received from the Intelligence Department. It was designed to create a looped distortion in outgoing signals, making it appear as if someone was trying to communicate, while at the same time allowing Lieutenant Commander Rutherford and her team to piggy-back their own communications onto the signal. Doing as she was instructed to (albeit just once), L'Nari rushed to set up the equipment and connect it to the console inside the office. Within minutes she was ready and, after closing her eyes and silently hoping that this would work, the black-furred Diplomatic Attaché switched it on and began to establish the communications that would grant the Chief Diplomatic Officer her much-needed piggyback signal.
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[ Lt. RraHnam | Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @SaraKnight @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz
The muscular Caitian with the gray fur had fallen back a few steps and thanked her creators that the others present had managed to wrestle Kopek to the ground. RraHnam breathed heavily and felt the pain tremble through her body. Large sections of her fur were soaked with blood. Much of it was a dark pinkish color but dark red was also underneath. She wasn't sure how much of it was her own blood, and she didn't want to find out. At least not so quickly. The next wave of pain made her realize that she had taken a good beating. Some of her ribs were certainly cracked, if not completely broken. Kopek had been an extraordinary Klingon. However, the security officer of the USS Oneida doubted that Kopek could be even half as dangerous to her if he had not been infested by this parasite. His insane look would surely cost her one or the other sleepless night.

RraHnam tensed her paws and checked if her claws were still intact. To her relief, they were. Her duratanium implants still shone as they had on the first day. No blood had adhered to them. With her tongue, she checked the fit of her teeth, and again was relieved to find that they were all still in their usual place. But the dizziness that was now slowly making itself felt worried her. She grabbed her head and noticed that blood was coming out of one of her ears. That was not a good sign. One didn't have to be a medical doctor to understand that. Still the fight wasn't over yet and her job was still to make sure nothing happened to Martok.

She straightened up again when she saw how Gorka now wanted to make his move and dishonorably and cowardly stab the chancellor in the back. Slightly uncertain at first, then more and more composed, she put one foot in front of the other. Her tail tried to compensate for her insecurity with balance, which it succeeded in doing to a certain extent. She now had to stop Gorka. He was not allowed to reach his goal. Then a moment of shock that astonished her: Captain Ives threw himself into the attack of the Klingon usurper. It was a testament to devotion to his or her word. RraHnam wasn't sure anymore what gender the captain was right now.

The d'k tahg bored deeply into the Federation captain's chest. But the captain had another surprise in store for the attacker. The captain's sword bored into the Klingon's torso and seemed to paralyze him for a moment. A moment that did not go unused. The Klingon woman who had accompanied the group and bore a human name threw herself at Gorka to bind him. But that brought the Klingon back to the here and now, and he began to lash out wildly at her. The human woman, whom RraHnam spared the heavy blow from Kopek, also intervened, and attacked Gorka with her short sword.

The Klingon cried out in pain and slumped to one knee from the force of the weapon, but his will to fight was undiminished. Whether he still saw a chance to win and kill Martok, or whether this was just a last stand, the soldier was unable to say. However, despite the injuries, he managed to keep the two Federation members in check and occupied. RraHnam had to help them. She had to stop him. Holding her flank, she staggered toward the aggressive Klingon and grabbed his free arm, which was flailing wildly against the two women, trying to break away from them. She felt his still raw strength and will to achieve his goal. He was not going to let anything, or anyone stop him either. RraHnam took a deep breath against the pain in her chest that she needed to keep Gorka pinned down permanently. The Klingon fought back fiercely. The former Vra'shan professional had to use considerable force to subdue the usurper, despite the help of the other two women.

Finally, she used her claws. She felt many of them catch in the leather of his clothes and provide a better grip. Her implanted duratanium claws however cut through the heavy leather like a hot knife through butter and into his flesh. She could feel the blood seeping through the cracks in the leather. He roared bestially and tried to break free. RraHnam resisted strongly and after a few moments felt the Klingon's resistance weaken. The severe wounds inflicted on his body by the swords had caused considerable blood loss, and his efforts to free himself from the women kept his heart pumping faster. With each act of strength, he unintentionally squeezed more and more of the precious lifeblood out of his body, at least until his strength left him and his body began to disobey him. His limbs weakened; his resistance diminished. Gorka seemed to slowly realize his situation and stopped resisting, but this did not prevent him from spitting one or two biting comments in the direction of his opponent.

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[ Captain Ives | The Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ]
Attn: @Nero @chXinya @Stegro88 @SaraKnight @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz
The brutal damage dealt unto Jien's form had disrupted his morphogenic matrix, preventing him to retain cohesion. He held on to the hilt of his sword even though he could barely feel it in his calloused hands, preventing the Klingon usurper from reaching Martok. With teeth bared, he struggled to solidify his own frame, to make his mimicked nervous system convey his will to his limbs, and force his grip to remain true - to keep Gorka where he was. With his two-handed grip on the hilt of his blade, Jien's body shook from the effort of keeping the Klingon right there, and not let him tear the long hilt out of his hands. With that singular purpose on his mind, a sole focal point for his thoughts, Jien knew his crew was right there to do the rest.

Shivering from the nausea of trying to retain a failing physique, and straining that body to the edge of its ability, Jien closed his eyes to focus on the essential functions he needed. Skeletal linkage, tendons and musculature, leverage and force. These were things his Chameloid nature granted him without conscious effort, but not now, when he most needed it. So he willed himself to remain intact, and not feel the glancing strikes the usurper dealt unto him in the commotion that followed.

Until, eventually, Jien could feel the trashing of the Klingon abate - the pressure loosening against his blade.

Jien opened his eyes then, his features not fixed, and saw Mickayla close next to him, having seized one arm of the assailant. He could see Lieutenant Rra there, claws embedded deep into the Klingon's armour and flesh. Gorka was on one knee, and Lieutenant Marsden stood not far off, blade bloodied and ready to strike anew. Breathing laboriously into lungs not fully formed, Jien then looked into Gorka's dark eyes, and heard him spit his last words through his reddened teeth.

"QamvISHeghqaq... law' torvISyInqaqpuS...." he rasped, blood pooling below him in thick rivulets down his armour. The hate withered in his eyes only when his life bled out of him - his head falling forward.

With legs barely supporting him, Jien stepped back, twisted his grip, and tore his long blade free - the edge grating against the armour. The mountain of a Klingon fell limp in the grip of the two female Starfleet officers that held him. Jien swayed where he stood, and clenched his jaw, making his face regain its normal features. "HeghneHchavqoH..."

"Ives!" Martok barked, but Jien raised a hand to stop him.

"I just need a moment," he said hoarsely and sank down on one knee, supporting himself with the tip of his sword. "The Romulan ship, and Praxis..."

"These threats are known," shouted K'Tal, face and neck still red from the altercation with Kopek, but on his feet still. He raised his datapad. "The Theurgy has destroyed the Ta'rom, and the Liaison, Zyrao Natauna, say that Commander Stark has already deployed your crew to deal with the situation on Praxis as well as the warbird. Apparently, it has lost its warp capability and is presently hounded by your warp fighters, as well as the Freedom Sentinel."

Trying to collect himself, and for his form settle, Jien nodded, and then glanced towards Martok. "Show it."

It took the Chancellor a moment before he answered. "Your crew is wounded, and so are you, old friend. Let's call the physicians..."

"No... Show it," Jien swallowed and shook his head, glancing towards the confused Councillors. "Unite them."

It could not wait. What had been seen might be forgotten, the attention lost. Grimly, Martok nodded once. Solemnly, he stepped away, back to where Kopek lay on the stone floor. There were no words with which he might heal his Empire. Only action. Kopek, for all the years of rivalry and bickering in the High Council, had done the right thing in his last moments, so Martok crouched down and gently brushed the old Klingon's eyes open, looking deep into them. Then, he raised his face to the vaulted ceiling and roared, long and loud, a warning to the dead in Sto'vo'kor. They ought to beware, for a Klingon warrior was about to arrive. And in respect towards this act, the Councillors in the Great Hall joined him.

Though as the air ran out of Martok's lungs... he drew his dagger and violently carved Kopek open. The shock swept through the room, and it didn't dissipate as Martok rammed his gloved hand into the bared innards. Only the truth laid bare before their eyes would silence them, as the Chancellor seized the fused remains of the parasite and thrust it high into the air in his bloodied grip. Joined with ichor and organs, a demon-like serpent unlike which the galaxy had ever seen.

"This, is the enemy!" Martok roared into the faces of the High Council, who stepped back when he shook the beast in display before them. "These spawn of darkness infest our flesh and turn us against each other! Like Gorka, son of Margon, whom they made made heir to House Mo'Kai in order to divide our great Empire! Look at it! Remember it! For this is what we fight! The unseen! Beasts from beyond what we know! They have claimed the Praetor! They have claimed Starfleet Command! And yet these past days we have fought each other! House against House instead of an Empire as one, against demons of the dark!"

Gradually, the atmosphere in the Great Hall shifted from confusion, uncertainty, scepticism and scorn...

...into a unifying hatred against a common foe. These were warriors whom had just heard a call to arms.

"Heed me," said Martok, and threw the remains of the parasite to the floor, "and spread the word to every world, every fleet and all lesser Houses not present here today... that the Klingon Empire will stand ready. These demons can hide no more, because this hour, from here on, our eyes are open! 'ang'eghQo' quvHutlhboghjaghneHghobtaHvISghaH! "

Martok stomped the parasite with his heel, and the Klingon High Council roared in assent - fists raised to the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Jien - weary and weakened - looked towards his harried crew, seeing equally weary faces looking back at him. He inclined his head to them, for it was the acknowledgement he could muster. A 'well done', before he straightened, shook the blood from his blade, and sheathed it at his side.

OOC: Everyone are free to post again here for sake of closure and reaction, should you all feel so inclined. Please let me know if you prefer to not post with your character in this scene. My idea is that Brutus posts last, in reaction to what is happening on the Theurgy, so please let me know your preferences as soon as you have read up here. Next, I will be setting up both the Epilogue and Interregnum 01-02, where the Theurgy will have a couple of week so of relative respite... before the Romulan Star Navy invade Klingon space.

- QamvISHeghqaq law' torvISyInqaqpuS. = Better to die on my feet than live on my knees.
- HeghneHchavqoH. = A fool's only achievement is death.
- 'ang'eghQo' quvHutlhboghjaghneHghobtaHvISghaH! = Only an enemy without honour refuses to show himself in battle!

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[LtJG Amissa, Callsign "Emerald"|Klingon High Council Chamber|The Great Hall|Qo'noS] @Nero @chXinya @Stegro88 @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz @Auctor Lucan
Amissa lay in a heap as others swarmed the Klingon who had just tossed her like so much trash. She gasped for air as her crushed larynx finally was able to allow a small amount to pass through, but oh it was so difficult to get that precious air. And to make matters worse, her twisted and broken arm lay at an awkward angle producing copious amounts of pain which only added to her body's need for air as she struggled to cope with that pain as well. She couldn't scream, she could probably not even whisper right then. All she could do was lay there and watch as the fate of the Klingon Empire was decided by others.

I came all this way, survived being hunted by the Syndicate, and now I am going to die on the floor of the Klingon High Council. But at least this death will have meant something.

And indeed it had. This kind of death she could accept. The kind the Syndicate had planned for her, not so much. That death was a waste, pointless. This one had meaning, it had value.

And who knows, someone just might save me yet.

Not that she held much hope of that. There were bigger and more important things going on than the poor Orion girl dying on the floor. As far as the Klingons were concerned, her death, if it came, would be an honorable one. And the Starfleet officers? Well, they had concerns of their own at the moment. Still, there was a small chance.

From her prone position on the floor, it was difficult to tell what exactly was happening, especially given the growing number of Klingon boots between her and the Infested Klingon. But, as if in a dream, enough boots parted to allow her a clear image of an impaled Captain Ives, now rapidly shifting through their forms, driving a weapon of some kind that she couldn't quite make out, through the body of the foe.

Then Lieutenant RraHnam leapt into the fray, tearing and gouging through the Klingon as if a wild animal, shredding her enemy. Finally, he succumbed to his injuries and fell to the ground and it was over.

She couldn't quite hear the words spoken between the Klingon Chancellor and the Captain, who had finally settled his form, but whatever transpired between them, she watched as Martok rose, moved over to the body of the fallen Klingon and lifted his eyes to the ceiling, a low rumble building to an intense roar issuing from within him.

And then every Klingon in the room followed suit and the roar so deep and loud, she thought her body might literally be turned to jelly from the vibrations. When it finally stopped, she could barely hear, so deafening was the brief silence to her.

Still struggling for air, she watched Chancellor Martok dig something out of the fallen warrior's body and hold it up for all to see. Even from her vantage point on the ground, the thing was clear to her, though with all the blood and gore dripping from it, she was hard pressed to categorize exactly what it was she was seeing.

"This, is the enemy!" she heard Martok roar. "These spawn of darkness infest our flesh and turn us against each other! Like Gorka, son of Margon, whom they made heir to House Mo'Kai in order to divide our great Empire! Look at it! Remember it! For this is what we fight! The unseen! Beasts from beyond what we know! They have claimed the Praetor! They have claimed Starfleet Command! And yet these past days we have fought each other! House against House instead of an Empire as one, against demons of the dark!"

She had heard something about this briefly on the Oneida, but she hadn't really gotten the whole story. Now, it appeared the infestation ran deeper and wider than she had known.

Could this be the thing that they were trying to conceal on Sapphire Station?

It seemed like a reasonable conclusion to her, and she just hoped someone would tend her wounds before she died and was unable to tell anyone about it. If it was true, then a major tactical station had been compromised along the Romulan Neutral Zone and the Federation was at risk.

Martok said more, but her Klingon was not so good and her breathing was so ragged that she finally passed out from the lack of air and the intense pain that was wracking her body.
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[ Lt. RraHnam | Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @SaraKnight @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz
Even though Gorka was her opponent and his dishonorable act of trying to stab another Klingon in the back had secured him a place in the eternal ranks of the dishonored in Gre'thor, RraHnam treated his corpse with respect. It was different for her to fight Klingons than the Jem'Hadar, who were all just trained and cruel monsters. Klingons had a moral code, a concept of honor, and this was reason enough for the Caitian not to simply let this stray fool fall to the ground, but to lay him down gently. RraHnam closed his eyes.

As she sat up again, she nodded to McGregor, now remembering her name. A brief gesture of recognition and thanks. Together they had overcome this threat, and Ives pressed Martok to make clear to the assembled council members what it was all about.

The Klingon chancellor intoned the wailing cry that would announce to the gods that a brave and honorable warrior was on his way to them and that they should open the gates to Sto'Vo'Kor for him. The bloodcurdling roar filled the entire council chamber and RraHnam joined in as well, as far as her damaged chest would allow. As a child, she had learned much about Klingon culture and language. For her it was a sign of respect to mourn someone who gave his life to protect others. Kopek, despite the power that befell him, earned back his honor with his last breaths. He revealed to those present those attacks on the Klingon home world had been and were being prepared. Fortunately, another Klingon, whom the security officer could not see clearly, explained that the crew of the Theurgy, with the help of a ship known as the Sentinal, had already taken care of these problems.

Then, when the cry of lament had died away and driven by Captain Ives, Martok cut open the body of Kopek. A wave of horror followed which turned to outrage as the council members realized who the real enemy was out there. Martok held this snake-like creature in the air so that everyone could see it clearly, and RraHnam also memorized the image carefully. She heard the Chancellor's words and hoped that all the skeptics were now convinced. She was.

RraHnam gathered her belongings, which she had lost in the fight against the infected Kopek and went to join her people. Now that it was time for the soldier to wait for new orders, it was time to lick her wounds. Time that RraHnam immediately used to catch the fall of Amissa, who was temporarily assigned to her. The young Orion woman had fallen unconscious. Her exosuit looked badly battered. Probably she had several broken bones. The Caitian stayed with the fighter pilot until medical help arrived, which she could also use.

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Enyd had been so elated to see L'Nari still with the case of equipment in hand, the look of determination on the young diplomat's face evidence of the Caitian's intention to complete the rest of her mission, that Enyd couldn't help but smile. Obviously, the woman was not cut out for the front lines, yet L'Nari had kept to the mission and was using this scuffle as a diversion so she could slip out and make that communications link Rutherford had ordered. That fact had distracted Enyd from the fight and filled her with an overwhelming sense of pride in her fellow diplomat, leading to her smile of encouragement for the young woman's efforts. However, the smile of encouragement Enyd shot L'Nari only caused the look of determination on L'Nari's face to quickly shift to a more troubled one as she backed away, then turned on her heel and disappeared from the room. Uncertain of what had disquieted the Caitian so keenly, Enyd mentally noted another commendation to pass on to Rutherford concerning the Ensign before shifting her attention back to Gorka and the others.

In that split second of inattention, another Caitian had surged forward into the fray. In her movements, she was fierce, merciless, shredding Gorka's armor and his flesh with her claws. Gorka growled out Klingon insults to both the Caitiain assailant and to Captain Ives, but there was no stopping the inevitable. He was just steps away from death, and yet the warrior refused to submit. Enyd watched in a mixture of fascination and concern as the Captain, his body still struggling to maintain form, ripped his long sword from Gorka's body. Gorka fell, and slowly Ives' face returned to his normal male features. He spoke in Klingon, his body swaying from the wound and the exertion it took to keep his sword buried in the thrashing body of Gorka.

Enyd lowered her sword and shifted closer as K'Tal shouted out more truths to the High Council. Ives was still kneeling on the ground when Enyd stopped just shy of his side. She would not offer assistance unless it was obvious he needed it. She knew enough of the Klingon culture to respect that such an offer would only work against Ives, and not for him. She jerked in surprise when the room suddenly filled with the bellowing of Klingon voices. She'd momentarily forgotten their rituals for the dead and the entrance to Sto'vo'kor. Her eyes widened as she listened and watched the cultural display.

It was a testimony to her training that Enyd didn't wince when Martok abruptly dropped to carve open Kopek with his dagger. She knew Klingons felt no particular respect towards a corpse and yet seeing it so openly acted upon differed greatly from a mere textbook discussion had on another planet years before. The sight of the parasite Martok removed from Kopek's gut had Enyd shivering in horror and disgust. That something so small could cause such destruction!

She had not met Doctor Nicander on the ship, yet seeing these last moments of Kopek and how he'd come back to himself in contrast to how he'd been while under the parasite's control had Enyd's heart hurting at the same time that it hardened. The real Kopek had still been there the whole time, paralyzed to stop himself from all the killing and sabotage. He'd sought redemption in the end, allowed those precious few moments to offer something good to the world before passing into the next. If there was no way to render these parasites a non-threat within the Infested, if there was truly no way to remove them without killing the host, then there would be a potential bloodbath. A bloody Inquisition.

Martok spoke well to his people, calling to his cause the unified voice of anger against the parasite from the High Council. He then crushed the parasite's head under his heel for added measure, and Enyd had to mentally applaud his antics. Beside her, Ives had stood and sheathed his sword. Mimicking Ives' movements, Enyd ensured her blade's cleanliness before sheathing it as well.

She shifted her weight to lean closer so Ives could hear her over the din in the room, "I'm assuming the grandchild gift basket will have to wait," she nodded towards the door L'Nari had disappeared through, "Ensign L'Nari is establishing the piggyback communication Commander Rutherford needed." Enyd allowed her gaze to travel quickly up and down the captain, before she spoke again, "Do you need assistance, Captain? Thanks to your timely catch, I'm unharmed and can help if you need it." She smirked then, her eyes darting to his hands, then back to his face. "And about that catch, do you, by any chance, play the Terran game football, sir, because you're quite good with your hands."

Only after the words left her mouth did Enyd realize just how easy it would be to misunderstand them. However, she had learned long ago that bringing attention to a verbal gaffe only made it worse, and so she remained resolutely silent, fighting against the irrational desire to giggle like a schoolgirl whilst covered in blood and surrounded by death.
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