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Day 01 [1300 hrs.] New Course

[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce  

STARDATE: 57656.99, DAY 01 [1300 HRS.]: NEW COURSE

Sabrina sipped her steaming coffee while she analyzed the information on the PADD she was holding in her right hand, taking various pauses to look out the viewport if only to keep herself alert. It had already been a long day for her with a nearly sleepless night due to her transfer and now she had much to read up on as Theurgy’s new Chief CONN Officer. Most of that reading was sitting on PADDs displaced on the table behind her.

She turned on her heel, Lail’s chestnut brown hair flocking through the air for just a moment before settling back into place, and dropped the PADD she was holding on the table. Not that anyone noticed, the Mess Hall was virtually deserted aside from a few people she did not recognize. Sabrina scanned the various PADDs with her eyes before picking out the one that she was looking for. It was the personnel file for Ensign Lauren Pierce.

This wasn’t the first time Lail examined the file. She looked at it, in brief, earlier in the day when she had sent a message to the ensign about reassignment. As she scrolled through the personnel file, her mind wandered. It hasn’t even been a day since I stepped foot on this vessel and I’m already changing how a department is structured. Isn’t that a little presumptuous? No, it’s better to make these changes now, even if it's only been hours since I arrived. Sabrina thought to herself.

Lail returned to facing the viewport, gently turning to face it, as she continued to read and sip her coffee. Something had caught her eye in the ensign’s service record. “Oh, what’s this?” Sabrina whispered under her breath. “We both served together briefly aboard the Enterprise-E,” she continued under her breath.

How did she end up on Theurgy, I wonder. Maybe I’ll ask her after the more pressing matter is dealt with. Lail thought.

Sabrina looked at the chronometer on the PADD, thirteen hundred hours; it was time for her meeting with Ensign Pierce.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hope [Show/Hide]

Lauren had returned to her quarters briefly after her meeting Crewman Samala. The people here were definitely gifted and unique. A crew of misfits and misfortune but glad to be amongst each other. She'd spent the past several years attempting to steer her life in new directions beyond her experiences in the Breen POW camp.

She sat up, crimson hair still covering her face as she attempted to wake herself more. The message relayed earlier in the morning had made mention of some sort of meeting with the new Chief CONN Officer on the Theurgy. She recognized the name in some regards but for some reason or another drew a blank on the face. Something Lauren figured would come back to her upon meeting.

Her hands placed on the table top and took a stand, straightening the hair, and her uniform before approaching the door. "Well, hopefully this is a good meeting." she spoke openly as if to someone else entirely, but more for her own reassurances.

The door swooshed before her as she approached the nearby turbolift to meet in the Mess Hall.

A short time later, Lauren approached the door of the Mess Hall. The familiar door sound aired as she entered the room. In one of the distant 4-person tables sat a Lieutenant with a PADD who she only could assume was the new Chief CONN officer. As she'd approached, the time just hit 1303 hours. Hopefully the three minute tardy wouldn't make the brunette woman think any less of her but it'd been a rough couple of days since she came aboard and well, they were all getting used to this new ship.

Nerves had tensed her up some, so she decided to stop at the replicator for a quick soda to calm the ol' nerves. Thankfully her one hand was the only one fidgeting slightly as the cybernetic one was distinctly calm. Sometimes she envied the Holographic personnel and android officers who didn't exert those sort of tendencies. Quickly she took a swig and carried the glass near the table of the bridge officer.

As she approached, she stood as close to attention as one could trying to appear relaxed and respectful. "Ensign Lauren Pierce reporting sir. It's a pleasure to meet you."

She directed a calm, warm smile towards her fellow colleague as she waited for the welcome to sit. Before being acknowledged Lauren decided now was the best time to speak up about the odd call. "Sir, may I ask what do I owe the pleasure? I was only brought aboard a few days ago as a Flight Control Officer. Did I do something wrong? Is this about my time flighing the Allegiant?"

The redheaded woman stood puzzled slightly as she awaited the reply.

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[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce  
Lail glanced across the Mess Hall as the chronometer read 1303 hours and noticed the crimson-haired woman matching the service record profile image had entered but returned to her reading on the PADD she had in her hand. She knew it would take a few moments more for Ensign Pierce to make her way to the four-person table she had elected to sit at offering an unobstructed sight of the viewport her eyes had been drifting between. Late, but excusable. Truth be told, I don’t even know how I found this place, Sabrina thought.

The next time Sabrina looked up she was being inquisitively greeted by the ensign and rightfully so given Lail had called the ensign to the meeting on a whim. Sabrina looked at the slightly puzzled woman, her eyes scanning Lauren’s face and body; deciphering her body language, and taking stock of the woman whom Lail estimated was several inches taller but around the same weight. Of course, she had a PADD which could confirm her intuition but it would have been impolite to not turn her attention to the ensign when she greeted. There was also something familiar about her and Sabrina was trying to reconcile what that was.

The brunette returned the warm smile and simply gestured for Lauren to take a seat. Once Ensign Pierce had sat down, Sabrina crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair. “The pleasure is mine, ensign,” Lail began. “You weren’t called here because you did something wrong, Lauren,” Sabrina choosing a touch of informality on the otherwise formal to put Ensign Pierce’s mind at ease, “or for your time on the Allegiant which I have admittedly not read yet,” Lail stated.

I’m restructuring the Theurgy’s CONN department to align with what I had done on the Oneida; a complete duty roster for whatever unknown that lies beyond the next star,” Sabrina added. “This ship has three independent vectors but currently only two CONN officers assigned - myself and a…” Sabrina grabbed another PADD, “Jaya Thorne.

Sabrina grabbed a PADD displaying Vector 03 and placed it on the table facing Lauren. “I’d like to reassign you to the position of Assistant Chief CONN Officer with a duty station of Vector Three,” Lail paused to gauge the woman’s reaction to the offer.

OOC: Vector 3 came from the Crew Manifest.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hope [Show/Hide]

Lauren's tension in her neck eased as she rolled her head slightly while sitting down. She fought the urge to be nervous and fidget with her hands or her hair. The calm, relaxed tone of the conversation definitely helped her to relax more in this situation. She'd never been promoted to a new position before, especially due to a staffing issue, but she could understand the need and her qualifications.

"Thank you sir."  Lauren stated in regards to the reassignment. "I will happily take on the position and new assignment. A feeling hit her as the realization of the position finally occurred to her. "I've not piloted an actual Starship since before the Dominion War. You see I was a Cadet still earning my stripes back then and transferred from the night shift on the Enterprise-E to MIMAS Station for training on the new Valkyrie ships. I...never really got that chance though..."

Her eyes glazed over temporarily as she fidgeted with her cybernetically replaced hand. The memories of that time flooded back as she fought back a tear. Regaining her composure, Lauren attempted to deflect the thoughts as her hand reached for the cup, slowly bringing it to her plump pink lips and drinking it. The liquid calmed her nerves again as she returned to the present.

"It was actually at MIMAS Station that I met a very meek Tessa Lance. I mean she's very outgoing nowadays but she used to have a lot of reservations. Especially when I made her go on a mission to survey Dominion ships in the Sol system."

The tendency to ramble hit her as she attempted to close her mouth but having someone to talk to was very much something she needed right now with Tessa walled up in sickbay recovering and being fairly new aboard, still getting her bearings.

"Sorry sir. I tend to ramble sometimes. I'm very appreciative of this reassignment. Although I've never flown a multi-vector vessel before. Have you?" Her eyes pleaded for more conversation as she sat back trying her best to behave.

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[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce  
Sabrina didn’t mind the rambling as she needed the conversation too. She may have appeared to have her composure but she had in reality just beamed aboard the Theurgy seven hours earlier and accepted the position of Chief CONN Officer a mere five hours previous. Lail was a new fixture to the crew and apart from Captain Ives whom she had met on the Oneida, she was still meeting this crew that would become her colleagues and friends for the first time.

At ease Lauren before you sprain something; it’s not crunch time yet,” Sabrina stated noticing Lauren’s nerves and continued stringent formality. “You can call me Sabrina if you would like. In fact, I much prefer you did,” Lail added. “I’ll let you know when it’s crunch time,” she continued.

Lail grabbed a PADD containing the updated duty roster and submitted the roster changes while grasping for her coffee mug and taking another sip of coffee. It was at that moment Sabrina’s mind connected the dots on why Lauren looked familiar.

The Enterprise,” Sabrina exclaimed. She wasn’t intentionally trying to ignore Lauren’s question, in fact, she intended to get to it but this was something that was gnawing in her stomach. “We served on the Enterprise together all those years ago; that’s why you have such familiarity about you. Somehow, all those years ago you managed to leave a lasting impression,” Sabrina said satisfied.

Brown eyes met with brown hues as Lail contemplated how to respond to Lauren’s question. “When I was an ensign, I served aboard the Enterprise-D. It had saucer separation capabilities and while not entirely the same as Multi-Vector Assault Mode it’s the closest I came. I’ve only served on three starships: the Enterprise-D and E as well as the Oneida. Theurgy will be my fourth ship and only one equipped with Multi-Vector Assault Mode,” Sabrina confessed.

Placing her work on the table, Sabrina decided to give her full attention to Lauren. “You haven’t piloted a starship since before the Dominion War. Are you certain you’re up for this? In the event that Theurgy has to separate for an extended period of time, you will essentially be the ranking CONN officer for Vector Three,” Lail stated. “If you need to reacquaint yourself with flying a starship, we can schedule time on the holodeck even if it’s just for Multi-Vector Assault Mode,” Sabrina continued.

Beyond that, tell me, how did you end up on the Theurgy?” Sabrina asked. “And this Tessa Lance you spoke of, is she onboard too?” She leaned forward inquisitively while folding her arms on the table.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hope [Show/Hide]

The tension left Lauren as the formalities of the situation melted away to a more casual conversation. Sure she could amp it up and ignore her personality quirks that didn't allow her to express herself fully in situations. Sabrina's call to calm herself did work. "Thanks Sabrina. Just...being new and back on a Starship is both thrilling and frightening. But I feel safer here than I did after leaving the Enterprise."

She watched as her senior officer looked at a PADD. The look of recognition on the face of the brunette in front of her told her that she realized something about Lauren. Or at least she thought so. That was when Sabrina let the information come forward.

"Wait? You served on the Enterprise too? I wasn't sure anyone even took notice of me there since I wasn't there very long." Lauren thought about it for a few moments before speaking up again but now it had made sense and she did sort of recognize the other CONN officer.

Listening to the tales of Lt. Lail aboard the Enterprise-D was certainly entertaining as she explained the differences in saucer separation and Multi-Vector Assault Mode. However after she finished her story of the various ships she'd personally piloted, the questions returned to Ensign Pierce about her own career. Was she ready to tell though? "Well, might as well rip off this bandaid," she thought to herself.

"Well, when I say that I haven't piloted a starship since before the Dominion War, I meant like a full ship. I can totally do this or they wouldn't have sent me to MIMAS to learn the Valkyrie's. Granted, I didn't exactly get to do that..." she said, voice trailing off as she glanced at her cybernetic hand that looked and felt like the original, yet wasn't. Shaking the crimson hair, she passed that hand over her hair to tuck it behind her ear before returning to the conversation.

"I can most definitely do this sir. Thank you. I did actually just fly the Allegiant through Praxis during the altercation the other day. I felt so....alive piloting a ship again. Not to mention I was able to fly against all odds to safety. The ship had some scraping but it was still in one piece." A chuckle escaped her lips as she was asked another question about her presence on the Theurgy.

"Well my story kind of starts with Tessa. You see, back at MIMAS, she was new and I had been there a few months already. I sort of talked her into escaping our lockdown procedure to pilot some shuttles. She took a ship meant for training and I took a shuttlecraft. We sort of broke protocol but in doing so, I learned a valuable lesson. One that cost me my hand..."

Shaking her head again to get back to normal after the feeling of pain she suffered attempted to rear it's ugly head. "Because I talked her into it, we followed some Breen in the Sol system to around Mars which we scanned several vessels and their schematics. I was able to transmit that information to Tessa who took it to Command to repel the onslaught on Earth. I appeared to be destroyed which created a trauma for Tessa and I was taken to a Breen P.O.W. camp where I lost my hand. They froze it off to try to get information out of me. I didn't think I was going to come home ever again."

Taking a break for a moment to drink from her glass, she swallowed and looked back up again ready for more. "So after the Dominion War was done and the treaty signed, I was released to the Federation. After that I resigned and took a few years to recoup with various counselors and what not. I always kept tabs on Tessa despite not being in arms reach of her to let her know I survived. Then the new broke of the Theurgy going traitor and I just knew there was no way Tessa was one of them. I rejoined Starfleet at a starbase managing communications when I stumbled on events of the Endeavour and something about infested. So I was reassigned here by a high ranking Admiral."

Carefully she placed her hands in her lap and waited for her supervisor to respond. She wondered where else this conversation would go.

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[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce  
Yes, I served on the Enterprise as well up until the Oneida was commissioned. I have a tendency to notice things; people - however subtle; however, short their time may have been,” Sabrina said. She had let Lauren continue to recount her piloting of the Allegiant through Praxis. When she paused, Sabrina raised her right hand in an indicated stop gesture. She had heard all she needed to in order to be satisfied entrusting the responsibilities of Vector Three to the ensign which she had done. In a calm and soft tone, she simply said “fair enough, Lauren” before resting her raised hand back on the table.

The woman sitting across from the brunette continued, discussing the intertwined relationship between Tessa and herself dating back to the Dominion War which fascinated Lail. Even so, Sabrina wasn’t one to pry into personal trauma from the war unless she had to and a quick glance at the crimson-haired woman’s hand told a story that Sabrina would have left unsaid but Lauren wasn’t vague in her retelling of events. Sabrina just listened to Lauren, not interrupting her as she concluded with her resignation from Starfleet.

As Sabrina took a sip of her coffee, Lauren got to more current events: how she ended up on Theurgy. In truth, based on what she’d been briefed on aboard the Oneida, the story didn’t surprise Lail, but for the sake of the mission, she decided it was best to drop any further questions about it as she did not know how much Lauren was briefed before coming to the Theurgy. It was, in Sabrina’s mind, the most prudent thing to do given it was her first day aboard.

Sabrina changed the subject. “You know, the more I hear about the Allegiant mission the more interested I am in reading the report,” Sabrina said. “I was going to hold a staff meeting of the CONN department today but I am still getting my bearings on this ship,” she continued. “Any advice?” Lail asked.

While you have me do you have any questions? Personal; professional? I served on the Oneida for five years - give or take, it was like a tight-knit family,” Sabrina stated.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hope [Show/Hide]

The look of pride lit up her face as she heard how interested Lt. Lail was in the Allegiant mission. Something that Lauren herself was fairly happy with in how it played out in the end, despite the scarring on the vessel. She listened intently as her superior informed her about the staff meeting she had for the CONN department. What really surprised her was the inquiry for advice. Something most never bothered to do when she was present. It felt...empowering to her.

Now more relaxed, her personality appeared as if an excited dog out to wander an open field to play in. Or a kid flying a kite with only the sky as the limits. "Well Sabrina. I would suggest maybe postponing it a few days. With people still onboarding and many grieving it just might be better served later on." The redhead paused thinking some more as she placed a carefully placed hand under chin, resting the elbow on the tabletop.

"And sir, thank you for asking for my advice. As an Ensign, often I have been passed up on that aspect. I've also just transferred aboard a few days ago and it's all new to me. I guess, just be friendly, approachable and willing to show confidence in your team. Like every person...matters. You know?" She said surprised by the inspiration she was letting come from her mind to her mouth and to the openness of the conversation.

Lail's question for personal and professional questions were not lost on her however. Having a ton of baggage, she wanted to overcome it all with this new adventure, no matter how difficult it may prove. She would bleed Starfleet red.

"Well, now that you mention it, I haven't really be a part of something really since those days on the Enterprise. I wasn't there really long but had fellow officers I would be accustomed to hanging out with but no such luck here yet. I have managed to meet Lillee in the cargo bay, as well as Tessa again. Ooh ooh, and Dr. Kate Foster in sickbay during the whole fight before I went on the Allegiant. But I guess i just want to know how to matter and become part of a group, even outside of Tessa. What makes for a good team when you serve longer than a year on a ship?"

The excitement of the situation was overpowering Lauren a little but showed she was beaming with enthusiasm and love of the job. She looked at the other woman before her at the table as she peered over at the cup in her hand.

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[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce  
Seeing the enthusiasm in Ensign Pierce’s demeanor had brought a faint warmth to the brunette’s facial features as she was delighted to see her subordinate feel comfortable with her. Sabrina thought for a few moments at the suggestion of delaying the departmental meeting that Lauren had made, her head tilting slightly to the right as she wondered. “I never considered the grieving. This crew went through a lot more than we did and coming from the outside looking in you can forget that. I suppose it's only proper to give the crew time to grieve, we can have the departmental meeting several days from now. We should be relatively safe in orbit of Qo’noS,” Sabrina stated softly with consideration in her voice.

Lail continued to listen as Lauren appeared appreciative of just being asked for advice which she seemed willing to provide. “Well, I want you to be prepared to speak up more often, ensign or not,” Sabrina said in a more direct tone. “While command isn’t a democracy and ultimately there will be some decisions that have to be made unilaterally, having the viewpoints or perspective of the officers serving under you to make an informed decision can and does make all the difference. You are an Assistant Chief CONN Officer now with all the responsibilities that entails. Understand?” Lail was more pointed in her tone. This was perhaps due to her time on the Oneida where she had spent nearly five years as Chief CONN Officer and built the department in a way that conceivably operated in a similar manner.

So you’re still a new face around here too? Well, I’m glad I’m not alone in that regard,” Sabrina said returning to a more relaxed demeanor. She listened as Lauren passed along some helpful advice to the brunette even if the crimson-haired woman had only been on the Theurgy for a few days by her own admission. Sabrina listened closely as Ensign Pierce described her situation aboard the ship and was asked a question she never really considered before.

Contemplating the question, Sabrina placed her right elbow on the table and her right hand on her chin. She thought about what Lauren had asked for more than several moments. She finally rested her hand on the table. “Be bold. Be courageous. Be brave. That’s how you matter.” Lail paused for a moment to think about her demotion from Lieutenant Commander, not wanting to give the ensign the wrong advice. “That’s what’s worked for me at least. What works for you could be entirely different.

Sabrina sat back in her chair while she watched her words sink in.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hope [Show/Hide]

The empowerment with which that Lt. Lail had given Lauren was uplifting and made her feel better about speaking up as well as her decision-making process. She was a wounded duck, but when push came to shove, the training did kick in rather quickly to reassert herself. "I will be sure to speak up more often, although in the right moments." She smiled back at her superior. "And I do understand sir. I plan to be a beacon of inspiration for those around me."

She was told to, Be bold. Be courageous. Be brave. That's how you matter. The thoughts sank into the confines of her mind as she allowed the quote to infest the innermost parts of her soul. "Thank you Sabrina for the kind words of advice. It really is quite helpful."

Sitting back again, she wondered what else could be said at this meeting as much as she enjoyed getting to talk with a fellow officer, especially who shared past experiences aboard the Enterprise. Taking a drink once more she swirled the glass and spoke once more. "Thank you for the advice and I look forward to getting to know you more both in the line of duty and outside duty." She paused again. "Actually I think there's a party in a few days to let loose. Maybe we'll catch up there." the redheaded woman said with an air of excitement.

OOC: We can wrap the next turn if you want to. I think they've gotten some groundwork going now to further their connection both in and out of duty.

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[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce  
Sabrina had sensed that she may have let her own needs for companionship on a new starship get the better of her and prolonged a meeting that needn’t been as long as it was. Although she continued to listen to the redheaded ensign as she spoke, she knew she had to get back to work, and likely so did her counterpart across from her.

Perhaps we will,” Lail responded to Lauren in regards to a party she was just now being told about. “If not, I’m sure there will be plenty of other moments to catch up with each other both on and off duty,” Sabrina continued.

Lail eyed her subordinate with her brown eyes letting her mind drift to see if anything else needed to be said. She reached for her coffee only to realize she had finished it and merely rested her right hand on the table. The slender brunette instead refocused her attention on Lauren while contemplating anything else that needed to be said. Her mind drew a blank - there was nothing else in her eyes which needed to be said of importance which couldn’t wait until a more appropriate time such as when they were off-duty.

Well, Lauren, to say this hasn’t been informative would not do it justice. There’s only so much you can learn from a PADD,” Sabrina said as she grabbed a PADD and waved it before resting it on the table. “I think you are the type of officer - type of person, I was looking for to fill the open position,” Sabrina continued.

If there isn’t anything else,” Sabrina stated, “dismissed.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hope [Show/Hide]

The new commanding officer for her and her recent promotion to CONN was welcome. It meant to her the world that she was finally moving up again and away from the tragedies of her past. Although she would have to swap some stories about the Enterprise at some point but that could wait for now. She nodded towards Sabrina as she mentioned their possibility of it in the future off duty moments.

She leaned forward and picked up her glass, finishing it off and before she stood, she listened in to what was being relayed. Clearly this meeting was at it's end and she was happy to have met her acquaintance. "Yes, there is only so much a PADD can tell you haha." She had a slight chuckle before returning to her relaxed state.

And now she was dismissed. "Thank you sir, and I look forward to serving with you." She smiled as she stood up, slid her chair in and began the walk towards the door. Her thoughts swirled as she approached it, almost taking her glass with her. She paused almost instantly in place to the point it appeared robotic. She placed the glass on the counter, and walked once more to the door. Her red hair swaying to and fro as she exited the room. The swoosh of the doors before her as she headed towards her old assignment for the moment before it was completely official. Either way, the excitement was in her and she just couldn't stop thinking of how this was now her home. The place where she could make a difference again. After all, the sky or space rather was the limits.


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