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Topic: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10 (Read 482 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
"Working at warp 10"

STARDATE 57561.88
MARCH 12, 2381
1600 HRS.

[ Lt. Kaylon Jeen | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ]

"Damn, what have they done to you?" Kaylon pulled out a plasma coil from the console at the bulkhead. The plasma coil was burned out and only some fragments on it remind on its old usage. The Trill heaved it away to the other three coils which were laying beside the console.

"We should maybe stop squandering them if we want to use the warp engine again. Sir." Kaylon tried to spot the origin of the voice and discovered a young human hanging at the side of the nacelle. It was Petty Officer Zil Arex working at the upper side of the nacelle. "Have you been there for the whole time, petty officer? I've thought that I'm the only one of the Theurgy crew working at this nacelle. Anyway what have you done up there?" Kaylon took one of the new coils and heaved it in the place where the old one he removed was before. "Sir I was just hanging here to repair the hull damages from the battle."

At the moment when Kaylon activated the integration process of the coil the sidegates of the console began closing. Withdrawing his hand immediately he commented: "Seriously? Who came up with an idea like this? I mean what would have happened if my hand would still be there cause as far as I know this plates close with a power of more than 3 mega Joule." Kaylon looked quizzically to the Petty Officer.

"Why should I know that, Sir? Maybe it was Cochrane himself to make sure that only fast people work on his engines." He grinned at the Lieutenant and started continued to work at the demolished part of the hull. Kaylon shook his head, returned back to the console and said: "Seriously if that would be the case, Petty Officer, than would you be the hugest mistake ever happened in the Starfleet. I mean for how long are you now working on your task? Three hours?" Kaylon enjoyed making fun of him as a compensation for his comment: "The only reason why I was surprised to see you here was cause I've thought that you were finished two hours ago."

Petty Officer Arex stopped welding the part of the hull. He responded a little bit provocative: "We can exchange our tasks if you think that you can handle this better than I can." Kaylon realized that Zil was actually working on a chroniton-improved conductor. This would explain why it had taken him so much time, this conductors should better get treated with high precaution to not accidentally reverse the polarity of the warp field.

The Petty Officer perceived that the Lieutenant had recognized what he had worked on now for the last couple of hours and said: "No panics Lieutenant the conductor should be repaired now. When you are ready too we could test the system to see if it works." Kaylon nodded in the direction of the Bolian and stepped to the repaired console to launch the test: "I would start with seven kilo Cochrane to make sure that the coil doesn't receive any harm. Starting the program now." He pushed the activation button and the console sent a high energy impulse to the conductor. The device started glowing in a soft blue colour and also began began softly to vibrate. Petty Officer Arex used his Tricorder to scan the conductor: "Sir, it looks like the conductor works at a stable energy transfer rate of 70%."

"Good work Petty Officer. You can go back to the engineering room I'll take care of the rest of the coils here." He glanced at the wagon filled with at all seven more new coils. "I'll just hope they are enough to replace the demolished ones here."

"Thank you, Sir." The Petty Officer left the nacelle through the jefferies tube so only the Lieutenant and some klingon workers remained working in the nacelle. Kaylon moved to the other coils to bring the next one to its new workstation when the console behind him started an emergency lock of the nacelle.

Turning his head he saw the reason for this the conductor has taken noticeable damage and even started to break at some areas. Gas trod out trough some of the cracks and Kaylon knew that it was toxic but he saw no other chance to save the people in the nacelle than using the equipment of Arex which still hung at the hull to climb to the conductor. He was holding on hand against his mouth to reduce the amount of gas he could accidentally breath in and he used his elbow at the same arm to hold on to the rope. He needed his right hand free and calm so he also helped his elbow with his feet. With his remaining hand he took out his hand phaser and melted the conductor to close the cracks. Gradually he began feeling the effect of the gas and his hands started to tremble. Stay with you! Kaylon thought and with his last strength he was able to close the remaining cracks. Nevertheless some of the gas was still around his head and unfortunately he inhaled enough to lose consciousness. The last thing he thought before he landed on the ground was: Well I think I've handled it better than you, Petty Officer...
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Re: SD 57569.42: "Working at warp 10"
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[ William Robert O'Connell | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle Pylon Interior| Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ]   Atten:  @ DaValle. @Fiendfall

In the meantime, Master Chief Petty Officer William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell was taking the Theurgy's new maintenance chief, the newly promoted Chief Petty Officer Morgan Li Jie Song on a guided tour through the little visited sections on the ship.  When the USS Theurgy first fled the Sol system back in November, Master Chief O'Connell was the maintenance chief at the time, a position he held until finding himself promoted to the position of acting chief engineer last March.  Thankfully, the Theurgy had found friendly vessels during its exile and it had managed to pick up some qualified officers to fill the position since then including Lieutenant Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan the former acting chief engineer of the USS Resolve, Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen the former chief engineer of the USS Cayuga, and Lieutenant Commander Emelia 'Blue' Tiran, the former chief of the USS Endeavour, who now held the position of chief engineer herself. 

William O'Connell was a tall male human with dirty blonde hair and a wide square face. Despite his crooked smile and a large nose that had been flattened by numerous bar fights, he often referred to himself as 'ruggedly handsome'.  He was a broad-shouldered, burly fellow compared to the slender and wiry Morgan Song.  His pale pinkish white skin indicated that his ancestors hailed from one of the poles of their homeworld, in this case the northwestern parts of the continent of Europe on Earth. 

Morgan Song's ancestors came from the same plane as the master chief's but might have originated from perhaps an even cooler climate.  The epicanthic folds at his brown eyes indicated that Song's ancestors had faced large amounts of solar glare from sunlight reflecting off snow and ice but such an evolutionary development may easily have come from the glare from a shimmering desert.  His skin had a darker complexion compared to O'Connell's and his hair was jet black, as was the mustache and beard that graced his youthful features.

At this point of the tour, they were climbing the jeffries tube within the pylon that connected the dorsal warp nacelle to the vector one stardrive section known as the 'Helmet' since the nacelle was currently extended out from the hull.  They had had to wait as Petty Officer Zil Arex of Bolarus IX climbed down the interior of the pylon before ascending.  Currently the master chief was giving instructions that the younger man probably knew but a refresher never hurt.  

"Congratulations on makin' chief, Song!  Yer playin' with th' big boys now, one uh th' senior noncommissioned ossifers thet is," Billy Bob teased in his bellowing 'chief' voice.  "Uh chief, Ah say uh chief is worth his weight in latinum.  They git th' job done an' kin anticipate an ossifer's needs, knows whut needs tuh be done without bein' told, that is.  When uh hair brained ossifer dreams up uh mission uh chief makes shore nobody fergits any uh th' folks n' gear needed tuh git 'er done.  Ah know thet th' duties of 'Maintenance Chief' sound maighty intimidatin' when yuh look at 'em closely.  Jest about everythin' thet don't fall under somebody else's subdepartment falls square on yore shoulders.  If an isoliniar chip needs replacin', if a chair gets shot up in a gunfight, if uh hatch won't close raight, you an' yore people are responsible fur all'ah it.  Yore in charge uh the ship's handymen, that is.  Yew n' your people will probably be seein' more uh this ship then th' folks who built her!  And you, yuh poor bastich will be reportin' tuh three bosses until they choose someone tuh be th' ship's diagnostic ossifer, so Ah might ez well inner duce 'em too yuh one by one!  Check with Thea tuh keep on top uh thangs n' git yer jobs an' you'll have tuh organize yer people tuh git on the stick an' git her done, or it'll swamp yuh, overwhelm yuh that is.  Let th' li'l stuff git away, an' before you know it you won't be able tuh breathe!"

With those words, he reached the top of the ladder and the door into the dorsal nacelle slid open and his vision to see chaos in the interior of the nacelle.

[ William Robert O'Connell | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ]

Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen from Trillius Prime was currently poised on the duranium shielding in order to work on one of the long slender conductors that ran along the interior of the both the port and starboard interior walls of the nacelle.  Unfortunately it was cracked and leaking an azure gas that was obscuring the blue eyed Trill in a poisonous blue cloud.  Two Klingon warp technicians were scattering like someone had thrown a grenade and seemed to have forgotten their training, and no wonder.  Not only was the gas leaking out of the broken conductor toxic, but Jeen was trying to repair it with a hand phaser.  If he put it on the wrong setting the conductor would explode.

"Great Jumping Jesus!" the master chief exclaimed as he pulled himself into small control room within the interior of the nacelle and dashed to a small cupboard installed unobtrusively on the wall not a meter from the hatch he and Morgan had entered from.  "We gotta gas leak!" he shouted as he opened the cupboard and pulled out five breathing masks that were stored within for just such and emergency.  "Git yer mask on an' pass 'em out before somebody inhales the fumes!"

As he turned to hand the masks out to the others, Kaylon Jeen collapsed and bounced off the damaged conductors to tumble backwards onto the deck.

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Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[ CPO Morgan Song | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc M. @DaValle

Morgan hadn't really expected the promotion, or the new position that came with it. To be honest, it was more daunting than anything else -- he'd always tried to keep his head down, do a good job, work hard, yes, but never lead. The maintenance work he could do in his sleep. But having any sort of position with real responsibility? That was... new.

He'd been grateful when Chief O'Connell had offered to walk him around and show him the ropes. He'd gotten to know the Theurgy well in his two years aboard, but there was a big difference between figuring out stuff alone and getting a guided tour from a respected superior. As they had walked around, O'Connell pointed out all sorts of things Morgan had half-known but never paid much attention to, showing him just how much knowledge the higher-ranking officer really had.

It also helped to have the wisdom passed on in the man's jovial accent. Morgan had always respected MCPO O'Connell; it meant a lot that the man was taking the time to give him a hands-on overview like this. Morgan himself had mostly just stayed quiet and made appreciative noises when he felt like they were required; he was more than happy just to listen and take in all the other man's wisdom.

The whole thing was going pretty well, and being really pretty useful too. They had nearly reached the top of a ladder they had been hoisting themselves up to reach Vector 1 from inside a jeffries tube, when the door above them slid open and O'Connell stopped dead in his tracks. Morgan didn't notice until a second too late, almost braining himself on the Master Chief's boots; for O'Connell's part, he stayed stationary just long enough to let out a curse (one of the more imaginative Morgan had heard) before scrambling up and through the door.

Morgan followed him at a slightly slower pace, having to manoeuvre a little more to get up through the small space -- with his long limbs, it was a bit like playing cat's cradle -- but he sped up once his head had poked through the hatch and he could see exactly what was going on inside the nacelle. A gas leak, technicians running from the scene, and the Assistant Chief Engineer in the middle of it all? Great heavens, no wonder O'Connell had been concerned!

In the few seconds it'd taken him to climb up into the room, O'Connell had already grabbed gas marks from the emergency supplies. Morgan reached to take them and hand them out to any others still in the room -- he should let the Master Chief do more important things -- when a clatter from within the cloud of gas heralded even more trouble. Lieutenant Jeen had succumbed to the gas and was now lying unconscious on the deck. What on earth had he been trying to do?

With his own mask safely secured, Morgan passed the others around to the remaining technicians before hurrying over to the lieutenant lying prone and getting a mask on him as well. He wasn't a doctor by any means but it didn't take a genius to figure out that continuing to breathe this stuff wasn't a good idea.

Speaking of doctors... Jeen needed sickbay. Morgan knelt down to pick up the unconscious Trill, but he was heavy, too much dead weight for Morgan to shift on his own. He called to one of the technicians -- 'Give me a hand with him.' -- and together they moved the lieutenant away from the contaminated area.

'We need to get him to a doctor,' Morgan said as they lay Jeen back down again, rolling him onto his side in case any airways were blocked. Calling over to O'Connell: 'Is the leak contained, sir?'
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Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[ William Robert O'Connell | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ]  Atten:  @ DaValle. @Fiendfall

First things first; when there's a gas leak get your mask on before doing anything else.  The next thing you do is get a mask on everyone else who doesn't have one.  There's no point doing anything else, no point trying to stop the leak, no point trying to retrieve something you dropped.  Getting that mask on is your top priority and if there are no masks, it's time to evacuate.  If you can't breathe, you won't be able to do any of the things that you find so damn important now will you?

Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen had somehow forgotten this basic rule.  Apparently he spent most his time in main engineering where you could order containment fields to capture toxic fumes and keep the atmosphere at a proper nitrogen-oxygen mix during an emergency.

But the warp nacelles were another story.  Everything in there was designed to be extra rugged, and they had to be since they took the main juice from the engines and generated enough ungodly amounts of gravity to warp frickin' space enough to fool the universe into believing that a starship can travel faster than light without being propelled into the future, torn to pieces, or converted into energy.  That meant that there was no point installing those delicate extra bells and whistles like holo projectors, food replicators, or extra containment fields if those things will stop working the moment the warp nacelles generate the awesome power of gravity.

 Oh yeah, using the transporter to beam someone in or out of a warp nacelle can best be described in ancient days as 'a bitch and a half' which was a prewarp way of saying that if it isn't impossible it's so difficult to do that it might as well be.  Between the reinforced alloys and the extra shielding, transporting anyone in or out was a challenge, so a medical evac to sickbay was not in the cards. 

In the meantime Billy Bob had picked up a laser wielder to finish the job that Kaylon had started.  In the meantime, Morgan and one of the Klingons was moving the stricken Trill out of the way and placing a breathing mask over his face.  "We need to get him to a doctor," the newly promoted chief declared as they set the lieutenant down on the deck and rolled him to his side in case his airways were blocked.  "Is the leak contained, sir?" 

"Jest give me uh minute here Chief," O'Connnell called back.  "Ah got it plugged up but its uh temporary fix at best.  This here conductor will have tuh be replaced until we kin fix this one or it'll crack th' next time we put any stress on it; it's defective that is.  In the meantime how is Lieutenant Jeen doin'?  Afore you boys try tuh carry 'im down the pylon, better check thet cabinet on th' wall next tuh th' one Ah got these breath masks out of.  There ought'a be uh first aid kit with uh tri-ox compound in there tuh keep him alive if his lungs ain't workin' but truth tuh tell Ah cain't remember when th' last time anyone made sure thet cabinet wuz stocked.  Better check it out," he nodded in Morgan's direction. 

Now that Morgan was a chief, he was a big boy now.  In a pinch, the enlisted men would be looking to him to know the answers.  He better get used to it.
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Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[ CPO Morgan Song | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc M.  @DaValle

Morgan was an engineer, not a healthcare professional, but he had helped one to revise for her finals (every night for a month; Theresa had always been a perfectionist) and he remembered a couple of things from that time. Lieutenant Jeen would need a proper doctor, but with the emergency locks engaged and no way to beam in or out of the nacelle, Morgan's rudimentary, half-forgotten knowledge would have to do for now.

Inhaling that much gas could've damaged Jeen's throat and lungs; Morgan knew that much. Symptoms would range from shortness of breath to all sorts of really, really nasty things. Considering the lieutenant was already out cold, they had to act fast.

Under the mask, Jeen's breathing was laboured and wheezing. Morgan didn't have to be a doctor to realise that wasn't a great sign. But there were no signs of choking, and no chest rattle, so if there was fluid in the lieutenant's lungs it hadn't yet built up to a dangerous level.

It took a second for him to find the man's pulse, although that was probably more down to his ineptitude than anything else. He thought it felt a little weak when he found it, although he didn't remember the Trill section of Theresa's xenobiology course so he could only really judge it by human standards.

O'Connell was still wrestling with the leak, shouting over at Morgan as he did so. Of course, tri-ox was standard issue in med kits; it hadn't ocurred to him, just going to show how much he still had to learn. Tri-ox was usually used pre-emptively to combat carbon dioxide poisoning, but it'd do in a pinch to stop the early stages of asphyxiation, and they were certainly in a pinch right now.

'On it, sir!' Leaving the technician watching Jeen, Morgan crossed quickly to unhook the medkit from its seating in the cupboard. When was the last time this had been used? Tri-ox wasn't regularly needed, hopefully even if the kit wasn't being maintained there would still be some in there...

'The lieutenant is choking, sir!' a technician called.

Morgan's heart jumped in fear, hands shaking as he searched through the medkit. It had to be here, it had to, this couldn't be happening...

Got it! Thank the heavens, just in time.

He turned quickly back to Jeen, calling out to no one in particular with a confidence he didn't feel: 'Administering Tri-ox now!'

Morgan fiddled with the hypospray to get the right amount, and added a small dose of epinephrine to help with lowering inflammation and get the lieutenant back on his feet. He hoped the amounts were right; there was no time to second-guess himself.

Once administered, the compound was fast-acting, spreading through Jeen's system and easing his breathing almost immediately. Morgan sat back on his heels, relief evident on his face. The lieutenant still needed sickbay, and badly, but at least now he wasn't going to die on the deck on Morgan's first day as a chief.

'Lieutenant Jeen is stable, sir,' he updated O'Connell. 'He should be waking up in a moment.'
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Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[Lt. Kaylon Jeen | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy]
Attm: @Doc M.  & @fiendfall

It was not the first time that Kaylon has faced a situation like this. He was still able to remember about a situation during the Dominion war when he have saved two crewmen but why did this situation remind him on the war. It was just a gas leak and why has he jumped in the gas cloud without a gas mask? Why has he forgot about the rules of engagement during a gas breakout?

When the Trill opened his eyes he perceived the bunch of technicians and the chaos in the nacelle. It looked like O'Connell was working on the crack now and the new CPO Morgan Song was here at the nacelle.

Have I been unconscious long enough, so that the captain or the Lt. Commander would have sent a repairing team to the nacelle? Kaylon thought: Very unlikely. I would have woken up on the sickbay in that case.

He tried to straighten oneself and every muscle in his body started to ache. A normal side effect of the gas he inhaled. "Well, at least I'm not dead." It was more an unintelligible, deep and smoky sound that came out of his mouth than a real sentence. His body felt still queasy and it was like his lungs worked for ten Trills.

The Trill attempted to get a clear overview about the nacelle. The word chaos would be to kindly to describe this place now. Not that O'Connell wasn't able to deal with the conductor but the rest of the people in the nacelle still scurried around. Some even continue to wonder why someone shot with a phaser here.

I can't blame them on that, since I have used my phaser. Kaylon thought when he glanced at the engineers: Why? The laser welder has laid right next to the other equipment. Not even my or their lifes were in any kind of danger. I have rather put them in danger with my action. Kaylon stuck for a few seconds with his thoughts. One of the crew tried to talk with him and brought him and his mind back to the nacelle.

Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[ William Robert O'Connell | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ]  ]  Atten:  @ DaValle. @Fiendfall

"Yew okay there sir?" Billy Bob called out as he deactivated the laser wielder and jumped down from the low rib that ran along the interior of the nacelle that both he and Kaylon had stood upon to make repairs.  "Ah don't know whut's more bad fur yuh, breathin' in those fumes 'r bouncin' off th' bulkhead..."  He really didn't expect an answer it was just a hope that Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen would hear him.  A girl he had met on Risa once told him that his voice could raise the dead and he was hoping that it could revive Jeen.

To his credit, Lieutenant Jeen opened his eyes.

The master chief knelt down beside the fallen Trill and heard the injured officer rasp out a "Well, at least I'm not dead."  That's what Billy Bob thought he said anyway.  He could have said "Smell, fat yeast om thought Fred."  Truth to tell, Lieutenant Jeen was hoarse, quiet, and hard to understand right now.  To be honest, he really didn't look like he had the strength to talk.

"Now you jest hold on sir, an' let th' tri-ox compound do its thing," O'Connell said gently in the quietest voice that Morgan could recall Billy Bob using.  Usually the master chief's voice only came in two volumes, loud and extra loud, but right now it was real soft, as if he was trying to calm a nervous cat.  He looked up at Morgan.  "Song, better git uh stretcher and deactivate th' gravity in th' pylon.  We're gonna have tuh git th' lieutenant outta here ourselves if we want tuh git him tuh sickbay.  Getting a transporter beam through a warp nacelle is nigh on impossible." 

O'Connell could have called gravity control or climbed down the pylon to the bottom of the ladder to turn down the gravity himself but this was an opportunity to see how the new chief operated.  Every enlisted man from petty officer on down would be looking to him for answers during an emergency so it was time for Chief Song to demonstrate what to do in a crisis.  First order of business was getting a stretcher to carry the lieutenant out of the nacelle so he could be beamed to sickbay.  Unfortunately the closest stretcher was in a disaster medical supply kit stored in an access panel out in the corridor at the bottom of the ladder leading down the pylon.  Every corridor on the starship had wall mounted access panels that concealed various emergency support packages.  Emergency atmospheric and power supply modules, firefighting equipment, disaster medical supply kits, and environment suits were all stored in hidden compartments in every hall on the ship.  Unfortunately the tiny cabinet that stored the tri-ox compound was too small even for the collapsible stretcher that could be folded into the size of a coat hanger.  There just wasn't a lot of room for anything that didn't harness the incredible power of gravity in a warp nacelle.

OOC:  It took me forever to find out where the nearest "official" first aid kit that would hold a stretcher is stored aboard a starship.  According to page 83 of the Star Trek the Next Generation Technical Manual written by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda and published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster in 1991, the corridors of Federation starships are covered in equipment lockers hidden behind access panels.                
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Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[ CPO Morgan Song | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc M.  @DaValle

Morgan felt a wave of relief as Jeen stirred and attempted to lever himself up into more of a sitting position. The danger wasn't over -- Jeen's chest sounded like it was full of smoke, and he looked like he'd been run over with the business end of an engine thruster -- but at least he was less likely to die instantly while Morgan looked on uselessly. Whatever the lieutenant had tried to say was almost unintelligible, but that he was trying to speak at all was a good sign.

O'Connell wasted no time in issuing further instructions, level-headed and practical as always. Maybe one day Morgan would be like that; for now, though, he was happy to let the Master Chief direct him.

'Yessir,' he said, bobbing his head, and crossed quickly back over to the pylon ladder. Leaving the Assistant Chief Engineer in O'Connell's more than capable hands, Morgan made his way down the ladder to the maintenance hatch in the corridor below. Gravity was easy, he liked gravity, there was no need to bother Control over something as simple as the metaphorical flip of a switch.

It was only after he'd turned the graviton matrix to zero that he realised it might have been smart to get the stretcher out first.

Nevermind. He was comfortable in zero-gee, moving hand over hand to the emergency access panel. It did take him a second to get the stretcher, although that was more down to the fact that it was almost unrecognisable in its collapsed form than because he'd done things in a silly order.

He clipped the stretcher to the back of his belt and pulled himself up the ladder. Climbing back out into the nacelle was a bit like pulling yourself out of a swimming pool, as the surrounding gravity started to affect him before he was fully up the ladder. It was an odd sensation.

Still, he made it up and out safely, and returned to O'Connell's side to report.

'Stretcher, sir,' he said. 'Gravity in the pylon is off, we should be fine to get the Lieutenant down there now.'

If they'd attempted to manouevre the dead weight that was Kaylon Jeen down a ladder and through the pylon's jeffries tube while Earth gravity was still in effect, it would've been an absolute nightmare that could have done more damage to Jeen's delicate health. Now the pylon was in zero-gee, they could essentially float Jeen down the ladder and along the corridor to safety.

That was the idea, anyway.
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Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[Lt. JG Kaylon Jeen | Primary Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Doc M.  & @fiendfall

In the moment Kaylon has heard the Master Chief ordering Song to get a stretcher, he tried to say that he can go for sure on his own feet, since the gas has only affected his voice and some muscles. In that moment the part of his brain that remembered on biology remind him what his leg needed to move the parts of it.

Nice, you just need to get poisoned to start thinking about what you say. He thought and again tried to get in better position. It was still a painful act to move his upper body but it was more comfortable than the position he was in before.

The Master Chief still commanded the crew in the nacelle and so Kaylon had the time to rewind the situation. He had stood in range of the gas masks to get them before working on the lack, he had also forgotten about the other workers in the nacelle. If he would had followed the rules then he had to help them getting a mask before doing something else, like using a handphaser to melt the conductor. A handphaser? Why wore he a handphaser during some standard repairs? The problem was that he can't remember when he have took the phaser. Did it get common for him, during the last time, to be armed during his shifts? Kaylon got more and more panic by this thoughts. We've not survived this damn dominion war so that you can now get paranoid. He tried to hide his panic but it was very though to look like you're alright when you're actually quite close to start crying.

The trill just hopped the other crewmen mistake his impression with pain. The last thing he want to have was that someone else got suspicious about his mental condition. If his voice wouldn't have sounded like his throat had a very close and intimate contact with a piece of sandpaper, he would say now something funny to divert the others.

At least the most of the personal in the nacelle haven't recognized his expression and the only one who've seen it was O'Connell who luckily for Kaylon has understood it as pain and not as panic. He asked the Lieutenant if he had any problems and Kaylon was not pretty sure if the Master Chief actually want to have an answer from the guy with the voice as rough as steel wool. He tried to make a doubtful expression with his face but in the end it looked more painful than doubtful.

Fortunately he got saved by Song who came back with the stretcher. He and the Master Chief had a short talk and then they heaved Kaylons body from the ground on the stretcher where he got additionally fixed with some tapes.

Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[ William Robert O'Connell | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle |  Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  @ DaValle. @Fiendfall

"Careful there gittin' on thet gravity shelf there Chief," the master chief muttered, despite the fact that Chief Song was taking every precaution moving from the zero gravity environment of the pylon into the normal gravity environment of the nacelle.  It was an unnecessary admonishment, but to saying it every time someone moved through a doorway separating two different gravity levels, stepping over the 'gravity shelf' to use the somewhat archaic term, was as much of a ritual as playing the bosun's pipes when a flag rank officer came aboard a starship.  It was just something you were supposed to do, a safety precaution to prevent accidents very similar to the one that afflicted Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen.   

"All righty now, let's unfold thet stretcher an' show our guests how to do it in case there ain't no one around tuh show 'um next time," O'Connell added as Morgan unfolded the coat hanger sized framework and turned it into two poles with a synthetic canvas slug between them and straps for securing a patient.  "While we're at it Mister Song, we maight ez well demonstrate how tuh git un injured man on uh stretcher an' move it down uh vertical shaft," he added, indicating the Klingons.  "Now pay, Ah say pay attention boys, it never hurts tuh have uh bit uh crosstrainin,'" he added as he looked at the Klingon warp technicians.  "Now maybe you've got some emergency trainin' yerselves, boys, Ah ain't sayin' nothin' good 'r bad about yore people's trainin' programs, all Ah know iz thet it's a chief's job to train his juniors an' pass on his knowledge every chance he gets, you know whut Ah'm sayin'?" 

With those words, he knelt down on one side of the semiconscious Jeen while Song placed the stretcher snug on the lieutenant's other side.  "Okay, first thang's first," O'Connell drawled as Song stepped gingerly around the coughing lieutenant to kneel down and join him.  "Uh lotta these emergency stretchers gotta neck brace but this one don't have one 'cause it had to fold up tuh fit small enough tuh fit in th' emergency compartment with allah th' other thangs, an' it ain't got no antigrav system like th' fancy ones they got in sickbay neither," the master chief added.  "Pay, Ah say pay attention when Ah'm talkin' yuh boys, this might come in handy when there ain't no chief around tuh tell yuh what tuh do."

"Don't yew worry none Lieutenant," O'Connell murmured to the prone and gasping Trill on the deck.  "Song an' I'll take yuh down.  Those Klingons are nice mannered boys, but jest a little on the dumb side," he added quietly.  "Ah know, Ah say Ah know yer hurtin' sir, but there ain't no use tryin' tuh pass out.  If yer stayin' awake thet jest means th' tri-ox compound iz workin', an' Ah'll bet raight now you kin tell thet pain is uh natural stimulant.  Don't worry we'll git yuh outta here jest iz soon ez Ah turn these warp technicians intuh paramedics."

He looked up at the Klingons and spoke in his loud 'chief voice' again.  "All righty then, we're uh gonna do uh somethin' folks from Earth call th' 'logroll,'" the master chief announced.  "It's uh l'il maneuver we use to move uh patient without flexin' the spinal column none.  Basically we stretch th' patient's legs, un then one of us holds his head so's that his whole body turns et th' exact same time.  We jest roll 'im on his side, slip th' stretcher unner neath 'im an' then roll him back on his back, quick ez you please so tuh dew this raight we're gonna need some volunteers, don't be shy jennel'men, step raight up.  Two of us will turn his body, one of us will turn his head and the other one will slip the stretcher unner neath him and then we'll strap 'im in place and move 'im out.  Pay, I say, boys, pay attention when I'm talkin' to ya, boys.  Ah want ya'll tuh do this today."

As the two Klingons came forward, something on the floor caught Billy Bob's eye.  It had been out of sight while the concerned Klingons had been blocking his view, but now that the extraterrestrial duo had moved forward and knelt down the offending object was now visible, just over the right one's shoulder.
And from the master chief's reaction he certainly found it offensive.  "Great jumpin' Jesus!" he roared in his 'drill instructor voice', heedless of the pain he was inflicting on the Klingons' inner ears.  "Iz thet what Ah think it is?  Take over here Chief," he nodded at Song before getting up and marching around the prone Lieutenant Jeen in order check to see of what he saw on the deck was really what he thought it was. 

Yup.  It was a Mark I hand phaser that Starfleet wags had nicknamed 'the cricket' that vaguely resembled an automatic shaving razor and was small enough to conceal in a pocket.  What it tarnation was it doing in a warp nacelle?  The idea of a phaser being left in a warp nacelle when the ship went to warp was enough to give him nightmares.  The notion of a phaser being left on the deck where any Tom Dick and Harry could get it was likewise unsettling.  Glancing at Song and the confused Klingons, Billy Bob wondered where the tiny sidearm had come from before remembering:  It was Lieutenant Jeen's phaser.  

As an officer, Jeen could check out a hand phaser whenever he wanted.  He had probably been carrying it on his person ever since he left the Cayuga.  It was uncommon for a Starfleet officer to carry a phaser while aboard a starship but it wasn't unheard of, particularly when the ship was at war the way the Theurgy seemed to be with everybody but the Klingon Empire these days.  It had been the quickest thing the lieutenant could use as a hand tool with the conductor started leaking, an impromptu power tool just as the weapon smiths had designed it back in the day.  In any case, O'Connell wasn't going leave a lethal weapon unattended, particularly in a warp nacelle where interior sensors wouldn't be able to record a discreet murder or a bomb that could shatter every grav conductor in sight.

OOC:  @Fiendfall, here are some links to Wikipedia pages that deal with evacuating a casualty if you choose to make the same mistake that I did and add too much detail.

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Re: SD 57569.42: Working at Warp 10
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[ CPO Morgan Song | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc M.  @DaValle

Morgan hadn't expected Master Chief O'Connell to turn this of all moments into an opportunity for teaching, but he supposed he shouldn't have been surprised -- the man was a natural leader and instructor. That was the whole reason they'd been out on this little jaunt in the first place: to help Morgan get his bearings, both literally and figuratively. And O'Connell was a walking encyclopaedia of experience and expertise, the younger officers around him lucky he was so happy to share that. Morgan for one meant to learn everything he could off the man. Even if the timing was a little odd, Lieutenant Jeen still injured as he was.

Following the master chief's instructions, Morgan helped perform what was apparently called a 'logroll'. He thought he vaguely remembered it from his first aid course in the Academy, although that felt like it was about 700 years ago now. He was a little daunted at being left in charge as O'Connell left to look at whatever it was he'd seen, but he had enough presence of mind to instruct one of the junior technicians to prepare the stretcher properly. He wasn't as authoritative or as knowledgable as the master chief -- and he certainly wasn't as loud -- but the time to work on all that would be later, once Lieutenant Jeen was safely in a bed in Sickbay. For now, he had more important things to focus on.

He directed the two Klingons to prepare to turn the barely-conscious Trill, mostly just following O'Connell's residual instructions. He'd take the position at the head himself, leaving one technician to manoeuvre the body and the other to slide the stretcher into place beneath Jeen. Ideally there'd be two turning the body but with their strength and size one Klingon positioned around the lieutenant's hips should be more than enough, and in any case O'Connell was taking care of-- great heavens, was that a phaser?

The master chief was dealing with that situation. It was Morgan's job to deal with his.

It took some preparation -- stretching the lieutenant's legs and positioning his arms to his sides, briefing Jeen that he would need to keep still and to tell them if anything hurt, and wrangling the technicians who had been more than a little alarmed by O'Connell's discovery -- but in the end the actual manoeuvre took only seconds to complete. The stretcher briefly caught on Jeen's trousers, but the technician was quick-witted enough to smooth the loose material before Jeen could be jolted out of position. Luckily the lieutenant in question allowed them to move him without fidgeting, and moments later Morgan was applying the stretcher's straps with the help of the two technicians.

'How do you feel, sir?' he asked Jeen. He'd been careful not to strap him in too tightly but it was still worth checking in, even if he didn't expect to get much more back than an unintelligible mumble. With that done, he turned back to the master chief, who was holding the phaser somewhat gingerly. Lucky that the man had spotted it; it could've gone unnoticed for far too long, plenty long enough to cause some serious damage.

'Lieutenant Jeen is ready to be moved, sir,' Morgan reported. The next part would be the difficult bit: getting over the gravity shelf was tricky enough on its own, even without manoeuvring a patient on a stretcher at the same time. Not to mention that, no offence, Klingons were often not the most graceful of individuals in zero-gee. A lot of it would be up to him and O'Connell to see everything went smoothly -- although, really, everything had been down to them. And it would continue to be, with Morgan's new role.

Heavens. It'd take a while to get used to this.

OOC: Thanks for the links Doc!
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Re: Day 05 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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[ William Robert O'Connell | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ]  Atten:  @ DaValle. @Fiendfall

"Lieutenant Jeen is ready to be moved, sir," Morgan Song reported.

"Acknowledged Chief," O'Connell nodded as he concealed the tiny phaser in a hidden pocket in the back of his uniform.

He cleared his throat and spoke once again in his loud bellowing 'chief voice'.  "Alrighty then, the instructional part of this exercise is over, but Ah still need one uh yew two tuh git yer tail down that ladder n' prepare tuh help Lieutenant Song when he gits down tuh Deck Three.  We're uh gonna be movin' th' patient th' old fashioned way."  One of the Klingons entered the pylon to climb down the ladder and the other one simply stood there, unsure of what to do with himself.  Master Chief O'Connell gave him a hint.  "That means 'git outta mah way' son," he clarified before stepping past him.  "Smart boy, got uh mind like uh steel trap - full uh mice," he murmured in Morgan's direction before sticking his head through the doorway and shouting down the pylon.  "Be careful when yew leave th' pylon there boy; we gotta sayin' in Starfleet:  'How do yuh break yer leg in no gravity?  In three easy steps!  That's a joke, I say that's a joke son!  I made a funny son and you're not laughin'!" 

He turned away from the doorway to kneel next to Morgan.  "That boy's about as sharp as a bowling ball," he muttered before speaking more clearly (translation:  loudly) to Morgan and moving to the side of the stretcher that supported Kaylon's head.  "Okay, Ah'll take his head an' yew take his feet ," he instructed.  "We'll want tuh keep him horizontal as long as we can, until he's in zero g.  Then it don't matter.  No extra strain on th' back or neck right?  Let's see... how we wanna do this?  Ah reckon we kin pivot him so his feet ur facin' the hatchway.  You stand in the doorway on the rungs with yer waist at floor level...  Wait a minute, it's zero g.  You up on yer zero g trainin' Chief?"
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Re: Day 05 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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[ CPO Morgan Song | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc M.  @DaValle

Morgan felt a little like a spare part in the face of O'Connell's loud capability, floundering a little and falling into the old habit of just following directions. Zero-g, though? That was something he could handle.

'Yessir,' he said in answer to O'Connell's question. 'Had my refresher in November.' Not that it had been necessary; if there was one aspect of life in space he was confident with, it was low gravity.

Moving with new purpose, he helped manouevre the stretcher and its occupant into position, with Jeen's feet close to the hatch leading down to the pylon so the whole piece of equipment could be fed into the pylon without momentarily turning the patient upside-down. First, though, Morgan had to get ready to receive everything on the other side of the gravity shelf.

He lowered himself through the hatch carefully, still ungainly in the half-gravity where his lower body floated weightless while his upper half was still weighted, dragged by the gravity of the nacelle. He would've liked to get it over quickly, but he had enough experience to know rushing wasn't the best idea. Instead, he lowered himself carefully, keeping himself tethered to the ladder and walking himself down it, hand over hand, until he was fully submerged.

There might not have been any gravity to worry about down here, but the force of the stretcher being pushed towards him would propel him backwards down the pylon unless he was anchored, so he hooked his feet into the rungs of the ladder to keep himself steady. There were more official ways of doing things of course, among them a rope and pulley system not unlike the ones used for rapelling, but the stretcher wouldn't be reaching him with any real force and so there wasn't really a need for any of that. If someone was going to be dropping a piece of machinery on him, zero-g or not, then he'd think about a proper anchor. For such a short trip it was hardly necessary.

'Ready to receive the lieutenant, sir,' he called up to O'Connell. 'Easy does it.'
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Re: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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[Lt. JG Kaylon Jeen | Primary Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @fiendfall  @Doc M.

Kaylon felt like he was a barrel on a transporter when the others started to move him with the stretcher. He recognized how they heaved him from the ground and moved him to the pylon. He immediately remembered the first time he was in such a pylon. You've puked in the face of your CO and I'm pretty sure you were able to miss him.

Now they tried to reach him through the pylon to Morgan. In the very second his feet were in the pylon he had a queasy felling in his stomach. Down to his feet he saw the human and before he would repeat here the same situation he had during his first time, Kaylon warned him down there: "Morgan, you should be careful down there cause I've got a bad feeling about this!" Even he was surprised about his voice now, since it was clear and only a little bit deeper than normally.

The pitch of his voice had it own benefits, since the warning he said before sound now even more serious than it would sound without. You should probably ask one of the Docs on the sickbay if they can modify your voice that you'll sound this way for the rest of your life. It was a funny thought and at least it distracted him from the fact that he was still pushed down the pylon. The CPO down responded to him and continued to move Kaylon down the pylon.

Slowly Kaylon began to feel his body again, starting with his shoulders and arms and ending with his feet. When he reached the end of this tube, he would insisted to walk on his own legs to the sickbay. But before he would went anywhere or insisted on anything he had to survive this pylon. There was this one trick Commander Tallios told you on the academy. If you are again in a Zero-g area then think about something huge and steady like the Ocean or the Horizon. But on the other side was Tallios the guy you've hit durring your first time so I'm not so sure if it was meant serious.

Something was wrong now and it wasn't the operation to get him down the pylon nor his stomach. He missed something. Searching for it he checked his pockets but it wasn't there as well. Then it overcame him like a cold shower. O'Connell took it. He has founded it on the ground when you weren't able to move. Your phaser. Kaylon glanced at the top of the pylon where O'Connell stood.

You should talk with him before you end up on the sickbay with some tranquilizers in your blood.

OOC: Sorry for the stop I was busy but I hope this slightly getting mad Kaylon made it up for it.
Thanks Doc M.
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Re: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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"Ready to receive the lieutenant, sir," Chief Song announced.  "Easy does it."

"Acknowledged Chief," O'Connell nodded as he concealed the tiny phaser in a hidden pocket in the back of his uniform. He and the remaining Klingon knelt so they could were pivot the stricken Jeen so that his feet were pointing towards Song.  "Okay, we'll want tuh slide him over so's his feet are stickin' through th' entry hatch," he instructed before growling a reprimand.  "Don't push 'im too far yuh idgit!  Yuh don't wan'tuh knock Chief Song offa th' ladder now do yuh?  Last Ah heard, th' Khitomer Accords was in full effect boy.  Mister Song n' Ah kin take it from here.  Yew jest pack up yer tools an' git this toxic gas pumped out."

The master chief then addressed Song.  "Okay Chief, Ah'm uh ready tuh go if you are.  Proceed at yer own pace, go at yer own speed that is.  Th' two hardest parts will be gittin' 'im into th' pylon an' gittin' 'im out again." 

Once Song started down, O'Connell rose to his feet to hold his end of the stretcher before crouching back down and climbing over the gravity shelf into the microgravity conditions of the interior of the pylon.  Lieutenant Jeen surprised them both by offering a word of admonishment and sharing some wit with Chief Song.  When Song reached the bottom of the pylon the master chief decided to add his two cents worth.  Once again, the warning was probably unnecessary but better safe than sorry.  Lieutenant Jeen was an ample demonstration of that.  "Careful steppin' out  uh th' pylon there Chief.  Normal G kin sneak up on yuh real fast.  Yew don't wanna throw yer back out." 

Re: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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[ CPO Morgan Song | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle Pylon Interior | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc M.  @DaValle

Morgan stood (floated?) on the ladder, braced to receive the lieutenant as the stretcher was fed through the hatch, inch by inch. Slowly, he made his way down the ladder with the precious cargo. Then the pace started to quicken, and Morgan found himself struggling to keep up, bowed backwards by the force. A jerk, and the stretcher was lowered what must've been a foot in one go; Morgan yelped slightly as he was almost pushed clear off the ladder, one arm windmalling uselessly as he attempted to catch his balance in a place where balance no longer existed. He only just managed to cling to the ladder by wedging his foot into the rungs and walking his hands up the stretcher to right himself.

'It's all good,' he called breathlessly, squinting up at the faces peering through the hatch. O'Connell's sharp reprimand had the over-enthusiastic technicians looking suitably sheepish, and thankfully the stretcher's progress had halted guiltily when Morgan started to come off the ladder. No harm, no foul. Still, he was glad when the Klingons switched out for O'Connell, who was, predictably, a much steadier hand. Once Morgan was confidently situated on the ladder once more, the Master Chief began lowering the stretcher smoothly, keeping pace with Morgan's own movement as he slowly proceeded down the ladder.

His relief was shortlived, however, as apparently it wasn't just Morgan who'd been unseated by the quick pace of the stretcher. Jeen took this moment to warn him that his insides were playing up. Honestly it was to be expected, although it hadn't really occurred to Morgan until now that he was directly in the firing line if the lieutenant did decide to hurl. Though that was a problem for later. He'd probably need to go through decontamination anyway after exposure to the gas, and though he'd obviously prefer Jeen to keep the contents of his stomach to himself, if a bit of vomit on Morgan's lapels was the worst to come out of this whole thing they could count themselves lucky.

He reached the bottom of the pylon without any further mishap, acknowledging O'Connell's warning with a quick 'Yessir'. Zero-g was something he was familiar with, comfortable in, even, but the reminder was still welcome. He stepped down off from the ladder gingerly, one foot at a time, joints going to jelly as he moved from the treacle floatiness of zero-g to the almost magnetic pull of his foot to the floor. Gravity shelves were always so weird; the one part of this whole thing he could really live without. Half his body was weighted down by lead while the other half was weightless and billowy as hair in water.

As O'Connell continued down the ladder to join him, Morgan slowly walked backwards down the Jeffries' tube, keeping time with the Master Chief just as O'Connell had done for him before. He had a better view of Jeen from this angle, the sharp verticality of the stretcher slowly softening to a diagonal as O'Connell came closer to Morgan's level; the lieutenant was definitely green around the gills but much of the earlier blotchiness was already receeding. Morgan gave the man a smile that was probably slightly shaky with relief.

'Looks like that was a false alarm, sir,' he said of the man's earlier warning. 'You'll be right as rain in no time.'
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Re: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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[Lt. JG Kaylon Jeen | Primary Warp Nacelle | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy] @Doc M.  @fiendfall

The stretcher made it way down the pylon and Kaylon tried to thought about something else than the phaser or the zero-g area he was in now. The second one was easier to forget than the first one. Should he be concerned about this? The stretcher made his way down the pylon and Kaylon had more to do with his own mental problems than with his physicals and luckily for him and the two other officers didn't his body tried to arouse attention, in the one way or the other.

The stretcher reached the end of the pylon and Kaylon felt like surfacing out of a sea. With the difference that he came up first with his feet and then with the remaining body. Definitely not helpful if you've already problems with your stomach. Still even this was just enough to remind Kaylon again on his body and so he forgot about the phaser and O'Connell.

Slowly the stretcher, and more or less Kaylon too, began to stabilize and in the end he was back in a more comfortable position than hanging with the half body in zero-g and with the rest in a normal-g area. The CPO meant that Kaylons warning was a little bit useless and that Kaylon will be okay. The Trill replied to the officer: "Right as rain? It would be enough if I could stood on my own feet." His voice was still deep but again a little bit better.

Since they were now out of the Nacelle and the pylon was the beaming option open again and so the both officers prepared them and Kaylon for the transportation to the sickbay.

Re: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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[ William Robert O'Connell | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ]  Atten:  @ DaValle. @Fiendfall

"Looks like that was a false alarm, sir," Chief Song assured the injured lieutenant.  "You'll be right as rain in no time."

"Right as rain?" Lieutenant Jeen snorted hoarsely.  "It would be enough if I could stood on my own feet."

"Yeah, I'm sure th' folks in sickbay kin git you back on yer feet afore th' day's finished Loo-tenant," O'Connell added as they exited the pylon and lowered the stretcher to the deck.  He then stepped away and murmured in Song's ear.  "Poor feller is probably gonna need uh biosynthetic lung; Ah shore hope we got some from Black Opal."  He then tapped his combadge and spoke at his normal 'I'm making an announcement' volume.  "O'Connell tuh transporter room:  man down, we have a man down.  Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen has inhaled some nyocene gas and needs tuh be beamed tuh sickbay toot sweet![color] 

"Roger that, O'Connell, locking on his combadge now." a female voice replied.

Down on the deck at O'Connell and Song's feet, the prone form of Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen disappeared in a shower of sparks as a soft but familiar electronic hum was heard.

[ Maya | Primary Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

In the meantime, on Deck Eleven in the primary surgical bay connected to the chief medical officer's office in main sickbay, the injured Trill materialized on the biobed in the center of the circular chamber.

"The patient is Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen," a short brunette woman with a long pallid face announced briskly.  "The subject has inhaled nyocene gas and must be stabilized before we begin pulmonary regeneration.  Ten milliliters of pulmozine Nurse Jones."

"Yes Doctor Maya," a young coffee colored woman replied before taking a hypospray and injecting the medication into Kaylon's neck.

Kaylon spent the next hour getting treatment.  Unfortunately he remained awake the entire time.  When he was finally taken to the recovery ward, Doctor Maya addressed him directly for the first time.  "You were quite fortunate Mister Jeen.  The pulmonary damage was minor.  It is highly likely you will be able to return to duty in a few days."

OOC:  Doctors always take the cautious route when estimating recovery times.  There is nothing to keep your character from being hopelessly macho and checking himself out early. (Particularly if Kaylon Jeen needs to be in a different scene after 1700 on Day One!)
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Re: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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[ CPO Morgan Song | Primary Hull Warp Nacelle Pylon Interior | Vector 01 | Deck 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc M.  @DaValle

With the lieutenant safely out of the pylon, O'Connell lost no time in having him beamed to Sickbay. Morgan barely had time to give the officer a reassuring smile before he disappeared in the familiar hum of particles. Alone with O'Connell once more, Morgan couldn't help hoping the man's diagnosis had been wrong -- they'd gotten to Jeen quickly, and the Tri-ox Morgan had administered seemed to work. Nyocene was nasty stuff at the best of times, but between their quick acting and the expertise of Medical, maybe the damage had been contained... He could hope, anyway.

And to think, barely twenty minutes ago he'd been having what had been quite a pleasant and relaxed tour of sorts. Things happened so quickly aboard the Theurgy; you never know what you'd round the corner to find.

With that crisis averted, and Jeen safely being treated in Sickbay, Morgan took his leave of O'Connell and returned to the pylon to re-engage gravity and oversee atmospherics control inside the nacelle. In a few minutes, once the gas had been safely purged from the area he headed back up to check out the damage that had been done to the ship and get to work fixing it. He found time to pop in to Sickbay a little later to check on Jeen, but the man was being treated and Morgan was bustled out unceremoniously with the reassurance that the lieutenant would be fine.

He spent the rest of the day -- heck, the rest of the week -- hopping from accident to crisis to malfunction, although none were quite as dramatic as this, thankfully. No rest for the wicked, huh? He wouldn't have it any other way.
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Re: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Working at Warp 10
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[Lt. Kaylon Jeen | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Doc M. @fiendfall

Almost immediately after his materialization on the biobed injected one of the nurses something in Kaylons body. They didn't even gave him enough time to analyze the area around him. One thing was clear it was the main sickbay and he'll spent now his first time as a patient in it. Not, that he was ever before here, but he's hoped his first visit would have something to do with engineering and not medicine.

The next hour was one of those events you'll never talk about. Kaylon laid in his biobed and was able to fell the medicine working in his throat and lung. He felt the pulmozine doing its job, a painful but effective job. Nevertheless, this was just the physical pain Kaylon went trough on this biobed. He was now facing a problem, he was able to flee from successful, till now at least. Kaylon saw faces now, old faces of his past. A friend aboard the Sarek, a lost face. His CO during the battle of DS9, just another one for the list of losses. The young ensign, he dated a couple of times before the war. They all were lost but Kaylon never thought about them, till now. He went on the Cayuga to get away from them. An exploration ship somewhere in the deep space, this was exactly what he wanted, but it was obviously not the clever way to deal with his problems. Hiding them in the past, in the hope they'll stay there till he's dead. Unfortunately, they didn't and now they're haunting him. The drug in his body probably intensified the thoughts of Kaylon but now those faces were all he could thought about, at least till the pulmozine effect wore off. His mind has settled down and Kaylon came slowly back from the previous phase he was in.

The major part of the damage was healed after an hour and one of the nurses brought him to the recovery ward. Kaylon didn't recognized if the nurse was the same that injected him the medicine earlier but he'll find it out, on the one way or other. Not that she would get away without of a proper compensation. Gravity plates could get "malfunctions", especially those in showers or under the beds. Kaylons revenge plans were stopped by the doctor, who treated him before. She mentioned that Kaylon should be able to return to duty in a matter of days and by this sentence Kaylon almost jumped off the biobed he was on. "Well, doc, then I guess it's not necessary that I'll lay here or is it important to be around the sickbay instead of my one quarter or... well... anywhere else? If not then consider this as a thank you and good bye."

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"But lieutenant, you need time to recover and we need to run more tests to make sure that you have recovered before we can release you," the little Vulcan replied.  She then proceeded to give him a blank catlike stare that seemed to be the one that Vulcans use when they wish to convey the impression that the non-Vulcan they are talking to are being stupid or irrational without having to be actually rude enough to say so.  It had a dollop of curiosity mixed with the tiniest, tiniest hints of both amusement and frustration, and would be very easy to miss if Doctor Maya wasn't standing so close to the prone Kaylon that she gave the impression that personal space was as alien to her as passionate emotions were. 

One unexpected benefit to Maya's proximity was that it gave Kaylon an excellent opportunity to compare her to Cir'Cie, the young Vulcan who Kaylon had spent the night before last night with and subsequently missed his chance to return to the Cayuga before the battle with the Borg.  Ensign Cir'Cie was quite young; Doctor Maya's age was difficult to determine but it was obvious that the greenblooded physician was older, despite only being one rank above the younger woman.  Ensign Cir'Cie was taller, about eighteen centimeters (seven inches) taller than the shorter Maya.  Cir'Cie's bright green eyes was usually half shut, while Maya kept her large hazel eyes wide open giving one the impression that she was always surprised.  Cir'Cie's hair was dark brown and cut in the Vulcan pageboy haircut while Maya had allowed her onyx tresses to grow out just enough to hide the tips of her pointed ears and for the banks to almost cover her slanted eyebrows.  In addition Maya's colorless countenance was significantly more pallid than the olive-skinned Cir'Cie, and at such close proximity Kaylon could see a slight greenish tinge to her skin.  The woman was almost an albino.

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[Lt. Kaylon Jeen | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Doc M.   @fiendfall 

"Alright, doc. If you wanna make some tests, fine, do them, but don't expect me to lay here and stare at the walls." The Trill realized that he was harsher than he wanted to be. He would normally not even thought about to talk with other crew members in such a way. He shacked his head and added: "Sorry that wasn't a nice way. Let me try it again. If you'll insist on it, you can do every kind of test you want, but I would prefer to spent the time, in which I can't work, in a more entertaining area." It wasn't a lie, just not the full truth, but no lie. Kaylon had no desire to stay here any longer and as long as he knew was this Vulcan woman not his therapist nor someone he would told about the flashbacks.

It was a strange situation now and therefore Kaylon decided, obviously under the influence of the pulmozine, to make a joke. "I guess, if you want to convince me to stay here, you'll have to make this area more entertaining. Give me some minutes and a few holo-emitters and we'll be able to enjoy an episode of Captain Proton." The Trill smiled, but he was not so sure if the Vulcan actually knew that it was just a joke and that he had no intentions to upgrade the sickbay with a holosuit. Nice work you idiot. There are so many species in the Federation, which would understand your stupid jokes, but you were able to find the only one with no sense of humor and told her a joke. Kaylon wasn't pretty sure, but he thought that Cir'Cie has understood his jokes that day... or was just drunken enough to laugh about everything.

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[ Maya | Primary Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Maya blinked twice and stared at the Trill with her large hazel eyes open wide.  The little Vulcan believed that this informed whomever she was speaking with that they had her undivided attention, but in reality made her look strange.  The next thing she said was probably the last thing that Kaylon expected.  "Captain Proton?  The leading character from the Terran Common Era 1938 serial by RKO studios titled Captain Proton vs. the RoboZombies?  You are familiar with Terran 'movies?'" she asked as she made finger quotes.  "I had assumed that I was the only one."

With those words she grimaced strangely for a moment before subjecting Kaylon to one of the fakest, most disturbing smiles that had been seen in Terran history outside of the 2036 production of The Stepford Wives.  As quickly as that unnatural smile had appeared it vanished again when the little Vulcan used her face for speaking once more.  Although her face remained as unreadable as a cat's her eyes shone and she seemed more animated than was usual for a Vulcan.  "Are you a student of cinematic history? " she asked as she steepled her fingers and craned her head forward in order to close the distance between them.  "You can learn a great deal about a culture from the stories they tell, but I find that the dramatic arts are the most helpful for determining psychological 'tells'," she commented as she made 'air quotes'.

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"It was written during the prewarp era? I've thought it was written during 24th century in a reference to the movies from the 20th century." It wasn't a joke, Kaylon had actually no real idea about the Captain Proton backstory. He has started playing the Holonovels, since a friend aboard the Cayuga had told him about them. A lost friend. Nevertheless has never asked himself when the Holonovel was written, but he knew that Paris has written it. So if the gas hasn't burned some synapses in his brain, he remembered that the Human was born during this century.

He glanced curiously at the Doc, when she performed something only a Vulcan could call smile. She asked the Lieutenant about the topic and the Trill realized why a Vulcan would have played this Holonovels in first place. Still it was actually not an uninteresting idea to look at them in this way. It would definitely offered him an intelligent description, if he was going to recommended it in the future.

Still it was nothing he actually wished to do right now. Maybe he would revisited the Doc in the future to talk about Captain Proton, then he would have probably checked if they were talking about the same novel. "I'm sure you can, but to be honestly I've enjoyed them more as a mind candy." He glanced around the sickbay in search for the exit and added with a smile: "I guess we can talk about the sociological and psychological aspects the Holonovel shows eventually in future, but then probably in a more... nonsterile area of the ship." And with this he tired to make his way up to the next exit.

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[ Maya | Primary Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Atten:  @ DaValle

"I guess we can talk about the sociological and psychological aspects the Holonovel shows eventually in future, but then probably in a more... nonsterile area of the ship," Lieutenant Jeen quipped as he manage to squeeze past Doctor Maya and head for the door.  The greenblooded physician's blank catlike stare coupled with her feminine gait as she accompanied him made it appear as if she was hanging on his every word.

Kaylon's luck was both good and bad.  On the plus side, he had managed to get out of bed and make his way to the exit.  He managed to get out of the recovery ward; now if he could only get past the nurses' stations, get down the short corridor to waiting room and exit sickbay entirely he would be home free.  The Vulcan doctor was following him, but she no longer exuded the cold air of authority.  Instead she almost exhibited an innocent curiosity.  So far so good.  

On the minus side, it seemed as if Maya had almost entirely misinterpreted his polite but dismissive remarks.  It was possible that she was one of those people who thought the phrase "let's just be friends" was an actual offer of friendship rather than a polite rejection.

"Really?" Doctor Maya asked as she followed him with quick little steps that made it seem as if she was wearing an invisible hobble skirt.  "When would that be?  Lieutenant Jeen, are you asking me out on the social ritual known as 'the date?'" she asked as she again made air quotes.

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