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EPIL: S [D06|1910] Cutting Down the Workload

[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix @Cosmos


Having taken a few minutes to wind down after the senior staff meeting, Vivian had somehow found herself back in her office, and working through a large stack of PADDs, all filled with reports that supposedly she needed to read. Following their first encounter with the Versant, Vivian hadn’t been able to take the time to read the reports as she needed. Following reintegration of the three vectors, she had been given a stack of reports, fresh from the scientists who had been aboard the Stallion and Sword. Sighing she swallowed the last of the coffee in her mug, then shook her head in disgust, it was never as nice cold.

She stood and made her way to the replicator. She had consumed far too much coffee in the past few hours. It probably wasn’t good for her, but she was yet to see any negative side effects. She pressed a button on the replicator, and watched the old mug vanish, and get replaced by a new, steaming one, full of that glorious brown liquid. She picked it up, and turned back to her desk. At the sight of the mountain of PADDs occupying her workspace Vivian felt her heart drop. This would be much easier to work through if she had an assistant...or two.

She knew who the logical choices were. Vael Kaeris had been Chief of Science on the Endeavour, and Vanya had led the team on her brothers old ship. All that she needed to do was make it official, and give them some of the stacks of PADDs that cluttered her desk. Taking a sip of her coffee, Vivian took her seat again. The magic liquid gave her a warm feeling, and all the colours seemed slightly sharper and more focused as energy returned to her. Tapping her combadge Vivian gave the summons. Lieutenant Commander Martin to Lieutenant Commander Kaeris and Lieutenant Vanya, please report to the Chief Science Officer’s Office.

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[Lt. Cmdr Vael Kaeris | USS Theurgy | Vector 01 | CSO Office] Attn: @The Ostrich , @Cosmos 

It had taken him at least 60 seconds to find the proper motivation to move, although he struggled to pinpoint the exact cause of this uncharacteristic breach in his personal punctuality.  It might have been the hours of surgery and service he'd given to sickbay following a considerably less than standard shift on a foreign bridge in the heart of a battle.  It might have been a sense of relief of having, in some part, avenged those of his former crew that had been killed or assimilated by the Borg.  Possibly, some level of irritation at the reliance on a so-called 'omega device' that he, here-to-fore, had never heard of.  And there was the now unresolvable irritation he had held towards the so-called captain pro-temp who, by now, had sacrificed himself to possibly end the Borg threat.

He recognized that his underlying fatigue was still a factor and one that he had to admit he looked forward to resolving at earliest opportunity.  But it was not yet time, and he recognized the dangers of further complicating his sleep schedule when so much remained uncertain.  And yet he could not force much more productivity out of himself lest he risk mistakes.

Standing before the office door, he brushed his hands along the edges of the white coat he wore over his uniform -- a habit that he retained from his time serving in the medical corps during the war with the Dominion.  It provided him with a subconscious level of comfort.  Once the door opened, he entered, inclining his head towards the Theurgy's CSO, and moving towards the nearby wall where the replicator awaited.  "Gao Shan, hot," he stated, claiming the cup that materialized and inhaling the rising steam, suddenly realizing that he had, in fact, managed to go the bulk of the day without eating.  Were he at home, his wives would likely have waylaid him with pestering reminders to do so.  Regrettably, their attentive care was sorely missing under the circumstances.

"My apologies," he said, moving to take a seat opposite the desk, taking a sip of the tea, allowing a moment to appreciate the flavor as it settled across his tongue.  "I have not eaten since this morning."  His gaze slowly settled on the various PADDs piled on the desk, one eyebrow rising slightly.  "How may I assist?"

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[ Lieutenant Vanya | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector: Combined | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @The Ostrich  @steelphoenix

Vanya heard the call and rose from her spot at a computer in the Xenozoology lab. Moving to the door she made her way to the CSO office. Down the proper hallways and what have you to the door. As it wisked open she stepped into the room.

After the battle she’d borrowed a friends sonic shower and gotten cleaned up. Her own dark green Romulan blood had been washed off from the wound she’d substained in battle with the Borg on the bridge. As well as the blood and ‘fluids’ that had sprayed her when that same Borg’s head had come apart at the end of the confrontation. She’d been a bit of a mess. After bathing and the replication of a new uniform though she had been back into it and at her station. Helping with repairs in the science department and getting things back in order.

Vanya had actually been awaiting a call from the CSO, and now it had come. Stepping into the office she gave the woman a nod and dark green Romulan eyes flickered to Vael as well. The android stood an imposing 1.88m tall, her glossy dark hair pulled up and back in a high pony tail. The fall of hair, even clasped in the pony tail as it was, fell to her waistline. A single obsidian wave so dark black that it seemeed to have a dark green sheen to it. Pointed ears were there to be seen as well as the soft and delicate brow ridges. Her uniform was designed to her specfications and unique build. The ‘standard’ uniforms in the replicator buffers fit like tents when you got to her height, so long ago, in the academy even, she’d learned to custom tailor the programming so she got a good fit. One that would take into account her height, length of arm and leg but not tent out incorrectly over her ample curves. The uniform was dark and crisp. Clean and the pips on her dark teal color gleamed as she entered the room.

If she was tired the Romulan showed no signs of it. There… was reasoning for that, even if not super well known. After the nod was offered to Lieutenant Commander Martin, and acknowledgment to Kaeris she raised a slender pointed Romulan brow. Curious as to the contents of the meeting. Those same dark green Romulan eyes fell on the padds on the desk, her mind already cataloging the displayed contents and arranging them in her mind for priority actions, primary, secondary and tertiary.
Lieutenant Vanya - Science Officer - Zoology/XenoZoology

Lieutenant Junior Grade Zark – Security Officer – Combat Medic

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Cosmos @steelphoenix


The two requested officers had turned up promptly, that was good. Kaeris had helped himself to the replicator on the wall, and Vivian had no problems with that, any meeting went better if everybody felt comfortable. Kaeris had also helped himself to a seat, while Vanya remained standing. ”Help yourself to the replicator if you wish Lieutenant, and take a seat. I’m tired and not overly bothered about standing on ceremony at this point in time.”

Once Vanya was seated, Vivian leaned back in her own seat and regarded the two officers before her. Both had been Chiefs of Science on their respective vessels before finding their ways to the Theurgy. They were perfectly suited for what she needed. Vivian picked up her coffee mug and inhaled the aroma of the drink before taking a sip.

”To cut a long story short, I need help from the two of you. You can clearly see the amount of PADD work I have waiting for me. Without assistant chiefs...” She let the sentence hang, they knew what she was implying. ”You two were chiefs on the Endeavour and Cayuga, you both already know how this all works, so there is no better choice. Lieutenant Vanya, you will be assistant chief assigned to Vector 2. Commander Kaeris, you will be assistant chief on Vector 3. I will be remaining as Chief of Science on the main bridge of Vector 1.”

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[Lt. Cmdr Vael Kaeris | USS Theurgy | Vector 01 | CSO Office] Attn: @The Ostrich , @Cosmos 

Was this a promotion?  Demotion?  Transfer?  Truthfully, he was unsure how to take this sudden posting.  He hadn't even fully decided whether he planned to remain on this ship.  He took a certain level of issue with the manner in how he and his fellow refugees had been tricked aboard in the first place and that seemed a matter that we elude his sense of satisfaction, especially in the absence of the Bajoran he saw as the focal point of that deception.

As he quietly took another sip of his tea, his eyes shifted side-wards towards Lt. Vanya in an effort to get a read on her reaction.  Did she find this posting one of promise or disappointment?  Was this all truthfully in an effort for the CSO to simply rid her desk of some excess reports and assignments?  He had to admit, delegation was a reasonable method of addressing such things and it made sense to capitalize in two others of similar rank.  There was no flaw in her reasoning, no matter how much he took personal issue with the concept.

Still, if he was to be damned for his actions, best to excel at them than be considered a failure on all fronts.  He reached forward and took one of the PADDs from her desk and regarded the contents to determine if there was some rhyme or reason to the pile.  He supposed, in the end, it made very little difference as he and Vanya would need to come to terms with the totality of the ship, even if given specific vector assignments.

Lifting his dark eyes from the PADD, he looked towards the CSO.  "Commander, there is another matter I would like to request you bring to the Captain's attention."  This was the second raw nerve that he needed to tend, if the first could not find relief.  "It is my understanding that the... parasite research was being conducted primarily by the former chief medical officer... the very same officer who was demonstrated to us to be compromised by such a parasite.  I would propose that his research be moved from the medical division to the larger science division.  Medical has quite a bit on their hands as it is and given Lt. Vanya's and my fields of expertise, I would propose that the two of us initiate a new taskforce to review the previous data for any discrepancies and initiate some new testing procedures and protocols."

This time, as he spoke, he gave the Romulan a respectful nod, hoping his suggestion might spark something in her.  He had to admit, the opportunity to explore these so-called parasites would well be enough to hold him here.  "That is, of course," he added, holding up the PADD, "once order has been restored."

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[ Lieutenant Vanya | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector: Combined | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @The Ostrich  @steelphoenix
Listening to the woman, Vanya nodded quietly.

Commander Martin's decision about her and Commander Kaeris made sense, and for a ship the size of the Theurgy - not to mention the experience of having it split up for a longer duration - two Asst. Cheifs in any Department would make sense, and Vanya suspected that might be a correction made for all departmental organisations on the ship. Also, with her - however brief - experience running the Science Department on the Cayuga, it would be a matter of conforming to a new ship and a new crew, but her duties would largely remain the same.

Before she could speak up, the former Chief from the Endeavour spoke up, and he mentioned the Infested and whatever it was that inhabited those hosts. How ironic, and devious, that the one leading the research into the parasites was infested himself. No wonder there hadn't been any progress made.

"Agreed," she said, running a hand through her imitation of real hair, which was just as real to herself as that of any organic being, she took a deep breath. She might not need to breathe, but as an infiltration unit, some bodily expressions were automated to create the illusion of being flesh all-through. Her digital mind derived several options and opinions about the development, but as Commander Kaeris said, the ship had barely come out of the fray. "I look forward to furthering this research, since the key to solve the crisis in Starfleet is to not only identify the enemy, but find a way to expel them from the host bodies they inhabit."

She paused, and returned to the initial point of the meeting. "Also, I look forward to serving under you, Commander Martin. Do you have any initial orders at this stage?"

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @steelphoenix @Auctor Lucan


Vivian nodded as Kaeris gave his proposal for research regarding the parasites. It was logical and made more sense that the science and medical departments collaborate with this project than each try to work their own sides. ”Of course Commander, I already have plans to move some of that research to our department. Counselor Ejek has plans to interview Doctor Nicander in the near future, I have informed her that I would like to be present for this interview. If either of you wishes to attend also, I will make the appropriate arrangements.”

She took a long swallow of her coffee, the warmth of the drink restoring a modicum of energy to her tired limbs, before answering Vanya’s question. ”Initial orders? Rest, recover, eat, and tomorrow we can get started on working through this mountain of PADDs. You’ve both been department heads, so you know how running a department works. I would like the three of us to have a very open working relationship. If you have any problems that you cannot resolve alone, be they with the crew, the senior problems at all, I hope you will come to me so that we can work through them and come to an optimal resolution.”

She smiled kindly ”Do either of you have any further questions? If not I would suggest you get some rest and we can tackle this stack with rested eyes tomorrow.”

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[Lt. Cmdr Vael Kaeris | USS Theurgy | Vector 01 | CSO Office] Attn: @The Ostrich , @Auctor Lucan 

There was an efficiency in this meeting that Vael could appreciate.  Little by way of unnecessary pomp or circumstance.  A simple statement of necessity and a reasoned proposal of resolution.  Further, he received some satisfaction as far as his own interests were concerned.

With a nod, he acknowledged the CSO's offer to attend Counselor Ejek's session with the subject.  Although he had somewhat less curiosity as to the psychological why's and wherefore's in comparison to the hard numbers he was certain a parasitic infestation would have on any biological organism, discounting any element out of hand was unwise and ill-suited to a proper research project.  Taking another sip of his tea, he regarded the PADD in his hand before replacing it once more on the pile that crowned the commander's desk.

"No further questions," he replied, inclining his head once more to both Vivian and Vanya.  "Until the morning, then."

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Lieutenant Vanya | CSO Office | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kinvarus @steelphoenix

Vanya remained silent, observing the exchange between the two Lieutenant Commander's, both of whom outranked her despite all three holding the same position on their respective ships until now.

From a scientific perspective there was no reason for her to be present for the interrogation of the former chief medical officer, whatever the man may or may not say would have no impact on their research or what said research would tell them. However Vanya was always interested in learning more and having an opportunity to witness a conversation with one of the parasites, or at least the host of one would at the very least be an interesting experience for her personally. Professionally it was possible that her more spy like subroutines would allow her to spot something that ordinary people may miss that could give them an advantage, slight changes in breathing, body language, pupil reaction to name but a few.

As far as the meeting had progressed it was very efficient, almost Romulan like in comparison Vanya thought. Not that she would not make that observation vocally, that kind of comparison might not go over too well based on her past experiences with certain things when it came to her people.

"I would like to be there for the interview." she said "Any information he could tell us, regardless of overall scientific significance could aid us in our research and it is always possible that one of us may think of something to ask that another might not think of." she added before glancing between the two. "No offence intended of course.

After the Lieutenant Commander had  asked them if they had any questions the tall woman shook her head. "No questions either Lieutenant Commander."

As far as rest went her systems were fully functional and her power levels were well within operational standards, she could very well get started on the pile of PADDs on the desk before her right now if she wanted. In fact she could do them all before the two Lieutenant Commander's had woken up in the morning and still not require "sleep" for the next day and a half, but that would certainly raise some questions. Questions that Vanya had no intention of either being asked or answering.

"Until the morning." She repeated with a nod to both Kaeris and Vivian. The meeting seemingly over all that was left was for them to be officially dismissed and she could return to work. 

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]  Attn: @Jesaya @steelphoenix

Vivian listened and observed her two new assistant chiefs and they considered what she had said. As scientists she would understand if one or both of them wished to be a part of the interview. However given what said individual was and her own experience with their former CMO she would understand completely if either of them didn't want to be anywhere near the man, forcefield or not.

She couldn't help but give a brief smile when Kaeris nodded and agreed to be a part of the interview, allowing her to shift her focus to the very tall Romulan woman beside him. Unlike Kaeris who had silently acknowledged her, Vanya had decided to vocalise her answer, listing her reasons for wanting to attend, not that Vivian required reasons, she had made the offer after all. Still the raven haired woman had some valid points and smiled when she told them that she meant no offence with her comment.

"None take Lieutenant, especially when you make a valid point. We are all smart people here but that doesn't mean we know all the answers...or questions in this case. Speaking of which, if either of you do think of something to ask during the interview please feel free do so you as long as Counselor Ejek doesn't object, it's his show after all. As far as I go however I don't require you to ask my permission first." She replied, although that last part was for both of them.

When neither of them had any follow up questions she gave them both a nod and a smile. "Well then I'd say we're done here, enjoy the rest of your day and get plenty of rest. I'll see you both in the morning." 


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