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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Security Lounge  | Security Center | Deck 7| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

It was true, Faye threw herself into the next session, working her way through the actions that Zark demanded of her after handing her her own ass in such a thorough fashion. All in front of L'Nari. She was half-hearted in some of it,, ducking out of the way last minute, going through the motions, but when asked to lash out, some of the darker emotions - the ones she was uncomfortable even having, the doubt, the embarrassment, the frustration and even that little hint of rejection and anger did manifest. It was why such feelings tended to be anathema to Betazoids. They hated feeling the more disturbing spectrum of emotions in others, lest they dwell on them in themselves.

If that meant that Faye was striking out at a target that was willing to take it, that had caused part of the maelstrom of discontent, well, it resulted in harder hits than might be expected. She couldn't physically beat herself up for her part in the 'misunderstanding' but she was being offered a perfect target of opportunity. A part of her subconscious had hoped that, once letting it out in such an out of character fashion, she would feel better. Relieved.

Instead she just felt tired and empty. Not a place she wanted to be in. Still battling her own frustrations she rubbed the back of her glove against her chin and leaned against the ropes of the training ring, watching Zark as the other woman seized her up post fight. She pursed her lips, waiting to be verbally dissected in the similar fashion to her physical take down at the start of all of this, under the gaze of her least favorite diplomat to boot. Faye tried to pull on some of her professional skills, but was unable to make herself seem personable. Blank was the best she could manage in the moment, as sweat dripped down her neck and stained the gym clothes she wore.

Zark's idea of a post spat lecture was a little more hands on than Faye had expected, and the Betazoid tried to ignore the twinge of pain in her back, and the traitorous spark of interest that the Andorian's touch seemed to ignite as her hand was manipulated into a fist. She could hear L'Nari shifting about behind her, to get a better look, though the Cait was an emotional beacon, broadcasting a mix of sullen satisfaction that raised Faye's hackles. Not exactly conducive to her learning anything from the Lieutenant, though her own mess of a mental state wasn't going to help on that front either. Coming from a background that focused on discussion, understanding, and finding a common ground through truth and the art of compromise did not lead Faye to naturally think in terms of 'dirty fighting.' But what followed was a pointed explanation, with her fist being positioned in various points along Zark's body.

What the hell is she playing at? The Betazoid wondered, tempted to push past the surface level impressions she was occasionally picking up. But unless in the line of duty, such a breach was at best bad form and at worst, a violation, and thus Faye remained in confusion. The hands on demonstration had her placing her hand all over the Andorian's body, including feeling the firmness of the breasts under the tight sports bra the security officer wore, against the knuckles of Faye's hands, though the Andorian didn't quite shove Faye's own hand between her blue legs. The point got across all the same, and Faye worked her thumb across the knuckles of her still curled first after, nodding with a frown on her face.

"I'll keep that in mind. I can't imagine it would be fun to have a knee shoved up there with ill intent," she managed, her voice hesitant as she thought back to how she was positioned earlier, and how Zark had the presence of mind to maneuver her in such a way to lock down any counter attack she might have had. I was in the hands of a master class fighter and not in a fun way, she concluded. Denying that Faye found the control and force that Zark could bring to a moment hot was pointless. Equally pointless was imagining them tumbling about on the same mat without any clothing on and sans one spectator. Feeling heat rising in her cheeks, warring with that lingering anger, Faye started to turn away but found her gaze captivated by Zark's own, their eyes boring into each other. There was a moment of connection dashed away by a hurried end to the impromptu demonstration.

[color=red"Right,"[/color] Faye responded, dragging the word out and giving a short, terse nod as she turned her face away, less something - desire or disgruntlement - betray her. "Thank you, Lieutenant," she tried for crisp professionalism with a mixed result as she turned and left the ring, avoiding L'Nari's eyes as well. She bent down and slid between the ropes with more grace than her tired body should have been able to manage, and stalked over to where a water bottle lay. She drank half of it in one go, water trickling down her neck and under the hem of her bra, before she upended the rest of it over her sweat soaked head, drenching herself.

Gasping for air after, she flung her head back and swept her hair away from her face, having put on her unintentional show, and moved over to refill the bottle in the nearby replicator, watching the ring again without trying to disguise her confusion over what she was feeling, and the mixed signals she was getting. The truth was that aside from her apparent gaffe, she had performed well. Much better than she would have expected given her line of work, and apparently much better than Zark had thought she would. Not sure if that was a compliment, as she strived to find peaceful resolutions to all things in life, she nevertheless knew she should find some comfort in the fact that, for better or worse, she could likely keep herself alive long enough for someone that knew what they were doing to come to the rescue.

Someone like Lieutenant XamotZark zh’Ptrell.

But that satisfaction wasn't there. Even watching the bout unfold between L'Nari and Zark didn't give her any sort of dopamine boost. She was just left in confusion, pondering a situation she'd clearly misread and wondering how she'd gotten that wrong, and if that confusion had manifested in a better than expected performance.  But as the Cait landed on her ass in a similar fashion to Faye, the Betazoid refocused on the bout in front of her and frowned, watching L'Nari's temper get the better of her. No surprise there, she thought, nearly mouthing the words.

Put in her place, L'Nari sullenly resumed the test, striking as ordered, struggling to find a proper rhythm. Faye wasn't sure what that said about the Caitian. The more she watched, the more she thought to herself that if her rival could just get out of her own way, she'd be performing much better than Faye herself had. After all, the Caitian had a natural grace and probably the instincts, buried in there deep, to perform well at this. Instead she got to watch as L'Nari's ears were boxed in by the pads, wincing in a surprise bout of sympathy for the other diplomat. With ears that big, getting her bell rung had to hurt.

But other than that, the Cait performed...well enough? Faye realized she just wasn't qualified enough to judge what counted as sufficient in this situation. In a real conflict, the only judgment would be if she (or L'Nari) got out alive, and in how many pieces. By the time the rapid fire glove match was wrapping up (longer, to Faye's perspective than her own training session a short while ago), L'Nari looked about as ragged as Faye had felt.

What troubled the diplomat was not her own performance, or how she fared compared to her rival, but what Zark had mentioned in her moment of egging L'Nari on. Just what did the Tactical Awareness test entail?

Re: Day 10 [1000 hrs.] Hard Feelings, Harder Heads, Hardest Fought

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Brutus

Having been set straight for the time being, Lieutenant Zark got Ensign L'Nari to go through the remaining requisite tests with a minimum of fuss, but with extra doses of sullenness. For all her intelligence, the security officer came to the conclusion that L'Nari was one of those people who's world views were inflexible and hadn't learned that a certain flexibility was required when it came to dealing with other people and societies.  The Andorian chalked this up to inexperience since she was young.  On the other hand, the Caitan may have chosen to see what she wanted to see. A difficult task on a place like Qo'nos with such a rough and tumble warrior culture, but it showed how stubborn the furry attache was. The train of thought was brought to an end when Zark had L'Nari complete a set of kicks and swipes against the body pad she was holding.  There were a few instances where the Andorian had to show how to do certain moves by guiding or in some cases, grabbing a a black furry body part and physically moving it.  The Caitan was visibly uncomfortable with this, but Zark was running low on patience at this point and was making huge allowances for the attache. At a few points, the Caitan also did show reluctance and Zark had decided to demonstrate the consequences of tardiness by dropping the Caitan on the ground with impacts that were loud and embarrassing, but didn't really hurt. L'Nari didn't know it yet, but there was already a note being formed in the Andorian's head that would tell Enyd that the Caitan should only go off ship if the area was deemed to be secure.  What had happened in her last run off ship could be written off as luck in the medicos mind.

With the exercises completed, Zark didn't say a word as she left to drop all the equipment then turned towards a very nicely drenched Faye and and a surly L'Nari.  Sizing up the two, Faye was pretty much close to passing for her role on the ship, while L'Nari might actually flunk.  There was one more test to do and Zark decided maybe, just maybe, the two of them could help each other and make it through.  There were a plethora of red flags with this approach since the rivalry seemed to have gotten more puerile with time and didn't seem to have abated at all.  On the other hand, maybe, just maybe  they could overcome their adversity to each other and some out on top.  Crossing her arms under ample chest, Zark tapped a finger on an arm and weighed the pros and cons before committing.  "Come with me."  Zark commanded as she made her way back to the firing range where she began explaining.  "The tactical awareness test is fairly straightforward.  You have an objective from a superior officer and you complete it.  How you complete it is up to you, but it amounts to don't do anything that'll get you killed.  This is a watered down version of what security officers have to go through and don't even think about the Marine version, that's a special sort of hurt." After entering the holodeck range, Zark turned to face the two women and she linked her hands behind her. "I know you two are tired and you don't particularly like each other, but you two are ship mates and have the expectation to back each other up. It's no different from the rest of us. Keep aware of your surroundings and remember breathe and think. There's usually time for at least that. Make your way to the diplomatic council like you normally would and the simulation will start from there. Good luck.".

Lieutenant Zark gave the two attaches a final look then made her way to the control panel to begin loading the program. The Andorian soon disappeared as the world fuzzed and blacked out around the two Ensigns then lit up again with them standing next to each other in a turbolift.

[Ensign L'Nari]

The Caitan was weary.  She'd been forced into a series of activities that had been degrading for being of refinement and understanding.  This was not how a diplomat conducted themselves and once again confirmed that Enyd Madsen was superior in rank but totally unqualified to actually execute the diplomatic dance.  She would have to bring this up with Commander Rutherford, a real diplomat of refinement.  At least she knew how to put up a good face for the crowd.  When she got out of stasis. The so called wisdom from the security officer meant nothing.  Just one more onerous item she had to check off for this farce.  As for Eloi-Danvers, she would get in the way and having to be paired with this furless hedonist, oh yes, she knew about this Betazoid's proclivities and extra curricular activities.  Far outside the norm for even a Betazoid the Caitan thought to herself. If she spent a quarter as much time actually focusing on her duties instead of desperately finding people to fuck, she might actually accomplish something useful.  The fact that Faye was excellent at balancing work and pleasure was a non-starter for the black cat, especially since she was descending into a particularly nasty mood.

The mental spat carried the Caitan up to the facsimile of deck 2 and the Caitan didn't wait for the Betazoid to get moving as she moved quickly and pushed passed Faye and knocked her to the side with a black furred shoulder.  "You should understand the importance of punctuality and consideration for others Ensign Eloi-Danvers." L'Nari told Faye in a tone that held a hint of condescension as she moved through the familiar corridors without the need to look at her rival.  Reaching the council doors first, L'Nari took a moment to groom herself even though she knew it was holographic simulation.  Proper a presentation as possible was a necessity.  Stepping through, she nodded to Fen Chao who was acting as receptionist.  L'Nari quickly schooled her features to one of neutral non-expression as she spotted Lieutenant Enyd Madsen, the acting CDO, talking to Abel J'olan.

Seeing the two Ensigns. she waved them over and the Caitan made her way over to the hologram of her current boss. And nearly lost her footing when the deck suddenly shook and a series of bangs enchoed throughout the ship.  The red alert claxon immediately bathed the council room in a crimson hue and L'Nari stared dumbfounded at the sudden change in the situation as a console exploded and colandered Kass Loudes' head while charring it to a crisp.  The telltale signatures of transporter beams could be heard and Madsen quickly snagged a phaser and shot the party just as they dematerialized.  Several Romulans fell to the ground, surprised at their sudden fate.  Another trio of transporter beams sparkled to life and they were too close for Madsen to swing her phaser at.  J'olan flew back as he took a disruptor to the chest, but the other two suddenly found themselves contending with an outraged human female who began pummelling her nearest assailant.  Enyd's upper hand didn't last long as another boarder cracked his fist across the human's face and drove another one under her jaw.  The one that shot J'olan quickly shot Fen Chao as she was coming to investigate the noise, then tackled the acting CDO to the ground and slammed a fist into her belly causing the brunette to curl after crying out.  Emerald green eyes locked with the green and charcoal. "Get to the security centre!"  She yelled before another fist smashed her head and blood smeared her nose and mouth then another series of fists quickly followed.

L'Nari stared horrified at the carnage being visited upon her boss.  She might dislike Enyd Madsen, but she never wanted that sort of violence visited on anyone. What sort of hell hole was the Andorian insisting on inflicting on them.  L'Nari didn't know but she knew how to end it.  "Computer end program!"  She called with a quaver in her voice.  "Simulation in progress.  This program will end when specified by evaluator."  The computer tonelessly replied as the holographic representation of Lieutenant Madsen grunted and yelled while being beaten to death. "Computer end program!!"  L'Nari called again not quite understanding that events were now out of her control and Zark had ensured that there was only one way out. "Simulation in progress.  This program will end when specified by evaluator." "Lieutenant zh’Ptrell!  I demand you end this vile travesty at once!" the attache practically screamed. The only sound that replied was one of fists smashing flesh and explosions.  It didn't matter in the end as one of the boarders pulled a knife from his belt and plunged it into the acting CDO's chest where she jerked slightly before spitting out some blood, and her ruined head rolled to lifelessly to face L'Nari and Faye.  With their bloody work complete, the three blood covered Romulans turned to face a Caitan and a Betazoid.

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Simulation Control | Security Centre]

A fully uniformed Lieutenant Zark frowned as she watched the simulation unfold.  She'd already talked to Madsen about this, especially so close to the placing of Commander Rutherford in stasis, but Enyd had emphasized that this was a distinct possibility in their line of work and it was a fate of life that one couldn't deny. 

Ensign McArthur sat next to her as he worked the parameters of the program to make any adjustments that were necessary.  "That's really rough on them Lieutenant." 

The Andorian nodded in agreement.  "It is, I'm hoping it acts as a wake up call for L'Nari that not everything in the world revolves around a set of words on paper.  At the same time, I need to see how Eloi-Danvers takes something like this. If they can get out of the room the right way, they may not need to deal with anything more traumatic."  Lieutenant Zark twisted her lips as she crossed her arms over her chest.  "They've both got more spine than they think.  The question is, will they admit it to themselves in time to save their own hides."

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Security Lounge  | Security Center | Deck 7| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Pursing her lips, the Betazoid reluctantly fell into step next to L'Nari as the duo followed Lt. zh'Ptrell, leaving the boxing ring. Both Ensigns were very sore at this point, and while Faye was certain she looked damn good, hot and sweaty, she didn't feel it in the least bit. Which was certainly demoralizing to the somewhat (considerably) vain Ensign. Listening as she shuffled along, aching from head to toe, she felt a frown pull at her face, only to see it mirrored on the Caitain's. No surprise there. Neither attache's were particularly keen on working together. Never mind that countless centuries in their collective past, the one species was the predator of the other. The irony of which was not entirely lost on Faye, who felt an uncharacteristic bout of hysteria bubbling up in her gut, which she had to swallow down lest it manifest and completely ruin the Andorian Lieutenants' opinion of her. The last thing she wanted to do was come off as having finally cracked under the pressure and lost her marbles.

(L'Nari's opinion of Faye had been ruined many moons ago).

Supposing she aught to be grateful that she had not gone into the Marine branch of Starfleet's Security personnel, troops trained for the harsh realities of kinetic encounters of the more military kind, forged in the lessons of the recently fought Dominion War, Faye pulled herself upright and blew some of her sweaty strands of hair away from her face. They just had to get to the Diplomatic Council room. Home sweet home in the stars. And then face whatever was going to happen after that. With her luck it would be even more Klingon's. At least these wouldn't be real Klingon's (she allowed herself a second to consider the possibility that the Lieutenant might pull in some of her fellow officers for this fiasco, so that she might find herself in combat with Mickayla MacGregor, but at the same time, holograms would just be...easier).

Now I just need a distraction and a giant rock. Worked last time... As much as she hated dwelling on that mission (and as much as she dwelt on it all the same), Faye did have actual, legitimate field experience. She tried her hardest to drum up the feelings from that moment, the confidence from Rutherford, the edge her own fear and anxiety had given her actions. And yes, that mixed in with the emotions coming from the Caitian - stubborn pride. So she'd borrow some of that, and try to tamp down on her own disdain.

L'Nari clearly felt enough of that for both of them.

Zark faded from view, and a turbolift manifested around Faye and L'Nari. Here we go, she thought, unable to keep a frown off her face. She knew she was still being watched after all. Just because she couldn't' see the combat medic didn't mean that her every action wasn't under scrutiny from this point out. Just like it had been since she'd walked into the Security Center what seemed like an age ago.  She drew in a sharp breath through her nose and forced herself to find some calm. Like she would before waking into a particularly difficult negotiation. She'd had more experience in that than she would have liked, and the last big one, she'd had someone she trusted far more at her side than her current colleague.

A paw pressed into her shoulder and shoved her back into the side of the lift, startling Faye, eyes going wide. "Hey!"

Of all the petty.. Pushing off the back of the lift Faye swept her hair back from her face and snarled for a moment. It was not a pretty look for the diplomat, anger bubbling up that was as much her own frustrations as L'Nari's. "If you're going to be closed minded about everything at least be closed mouthed while you're at it," she hissed the words in a low whisper, remembering that first, they were being watched, and second, this was a test, so something stupid and violent was likely to happen. Sulking behind L'Nari, Faye nearly lost her own footing when the deck rose up with a great shutter. In other circumstances, their mutually mirroring actions would have been hilarious.

Given the way the Diplomatic Suite erupted into a blaze of transporter beams, disruptor blasts, and cruelly calculated violence, there was nothing funny about the situation. Faye allowed herself to fall to the floor, flattening and rolling out of the way. She heard, more than saw, the facsimile of her boss getting the stuffing beaten out of her, the sound of something breaking - a nose, a jaw? And the order given. And then L'Nari bawdily ordering the computer to end the program?? Of all the asinine things...

Before she could chastise her companion, the body of Enyd Madsen dropped to the floor, giving Faye a front row view of her smashed and beaten face, blood splattering on the deck, the and the lifeless stare from bruised and swollen eyes. The knife stuck up from her chest. Faye retched, barely keeping the bile from rising in her throat and spewing out onto the floor. Her 'hiding' place was anything but, though it at least gave her cover. "Don't just stand there you stupid bint!"

Shouting at L'nari might not have been the smartest move the Ensign ever did, but it got a reaction which was what Faye needed. She didn't pay attention to what the Cait did, she just lunged forward from under the console and grabbed the blade. It came out of 'Enyd's' corpse with surprising ease, though the sickening squelch would haunt her, and she spun, jabbing it into the nearest target - the leg of a Romulan who was raising his disruptor at L'Nari. That hologram screamed in anger and pain, dropping his weapon and falling to side, as Faye rolled away, knife in hand.

Putting the falling invader between herself and the others, she reached up and grabbed L'Nari by the tail (and the screech at that was something she'd treasure later) and yanked her back, out of the way of a flashing beam. "Run damn you, run! I know you can do that!"

Her order might have had more effect if she didn't then trip over the body of J'olan. In hindsight this was for the best. As Faye went spilling ass over teakettle across the floor, she was spared the shock and impact of a nasty green beam that - had it not been a hologram - would have seared a hole through where her head had been moments prior. Hardly noticing, Faye made a mad scramble to the door, barely rising up onto her hands and feet, staggering forward. She bounced off the wall next to the door and then spilled out into the hallway, red light flashing along the panels of the wall as acrid smoke filled the air from a burst conduit near by.

A shadow loomed up out of the smoke, a wicked smile on its elfin face. Scared stiff, Faye let out a shout and lunged forward, catching him off guard. Adrenaline overrode the logical portion of her mind, that knew this was not real, and instead, she found herself staring up into Alien eyes that looked back with shock. Green blood sputtered from the lips, splashing her face. She'd shoved the blade still in her hands - how had she not lost it - into the Romulan's lower abdomen. On a human that would have been a painful, but slow death. To a Romulan, it was nigh on instantly fatal. She'd gutted his heart, which was kept on the lower side of the torso in Vulcanoid species.

"Oh, fuck," she stepped back, the blade once more sliding free, its edge sharpened to the point of imperceptible wickedness, and backed right into L'Nari. "Fuck...fuck.....The lift way," she saw an access hatch open to the Jefferies tube, automatically released when the conduit nearby blew. Spitting something out of her mouth that had a nasty copper taste to it, she staggered forward, dropped to her knees and pulled herself into the Jeffries Tube, heading back to the Security center, trying desperately not to piss herself in fear, or lose her last meal all over the deck plates.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Brutus

Lieutenant Zark watched dispassionately as the pair watched a representation of their boss get butchered.  She wasn't even watching that brutal murder.  Her entire focus was on the pair of diplomats.  Her mind recorded her impressions of the two as the simulation progressed and the words she was going to have to use when she compiled the final report for Enyd to read over.  After the Caitans performance on Qo'nos, she honestly expected much better.  The black cat was having something akin to a panic attack, which made the Security Officer wonder if she'd been pushed to the absolute limit of what her mind could cope with.  Not being able to deal with a situation diplomatically on the surface and now being forced to once again take the same confrontational approach appeared to be straining the attache's sense of reality.  Maybe she was too much of a realist since she knew she was on a holodeck and was acting accordingly, but not with the parameters that had been laid out.  Maybe she was too much of a fantasist then.   The Andorian didn't know, but all she could evaluate was the reality in front of her as she mentally took notes, and sad to say, strikes against the Caitan that were going to end up in the report.  So far, it seemed like she would do better on an assignment that was perhaps more sedate.  In the end though, it was her senior's decision on whether they let the Lieutenant's report affect their choices on how to utilize this Ensign.

The other Ensign though proved to be full of surprises and Zark's eyebrows did arch as the Betazoid acted quickly and decisively if somewhat inelegantly in dealing with her assailants.  I wonder if Miss Eloi-Danvers is hiding something under that sexy demeanour.  Spirits!  Did I just think that? The Zhen sighed mentally with a huge dose of honesty about her situation that amounted to.   Ugh I need to get laid. came the rambling thought though she gave no outward sign of her own internal turmoil.  Her utter lack of expression almost broke when Faye yanked on L'Nari's tail to get her going as she felt the urge to crack up, but through an exercise in sheer will and discipline, held it to a silent grin.  Ensign McArthur was less discreet as he let out a chuckle.  "Good technique for an amateur." he concluded and Lieutenant Zark nodded her agreement. "Especially when she stuck the Romulan with the blade.  She's fast on her feet, but that's no surprise after her last encounter with the Klingons." The two quickly returned to focusing on watching the two notionally escape for their lives with the Betazoid cursing the Caitan, and only slowing down to spit out a blood equivalent from time to time as they traversed the ship's innards.  Lieutenant Zark did think about throwing a few more problems at them, but she'd seen enough satisfy the requirements of the examination.  "Alright.  I think it's pretty much over.  Go ahead and terminate the simulation after they exit.  I'll meet them there."  The Security Ensign nodded his understanding and returned his attention to the screens while pursing his lips in appreciation.  Though he probably shouldn't think of her that way for the amount of harm she could cause him, Lieutenant Zark's swaying ass really was a great way to end the day.  Looking at the screen Ensign McArthur also had to admit that Faye Eloi-Danvers was presenting quite the sight as well.  Before he could stop it, the man's appendage demonstrated how much it agreed with his assessment and he groaned as he leaned forward to relieve the pressure.

Lieutenant Zark re-entered the holodeck that had part of the Security Centre and faced the facsimile of a wall with Jefferies Tube hatch.  With nothing better to do for the next few moments, she linked her hands behind her and waited.  The wait was indeed short as a sweaty and dishevelled Faye first emerged from the door.  The Andorian quickly moved to help the Betazoid out, then held out her hand to help the Caitan out.  There was a muttered thanks from the shocked cat as she climbed out more quickly then moved to stand beside her rival.  Her head wouldn't come up though and she bounced slightly on her feet while processing her experiences this far.  The Andorian gave a quick glance over the two exhausted Ensigns before beginning.  "And that concludes your evaluation.  I still have to review some of the data before I come to a final conclusion on your suitability, but we can agree that it was an learning experience for everyone."  The Caitan's head came up slowly and her eyes narrowed on the Andorian who looked back blankly.  "Ma'am, that was horrific, and, and........."  Zark tilted her head. "Yes Ensign?" The cat took a moment to with formulate her response or screw up her courage, Zark couldn't decide which.  "Unnecessarily barbaric. To see Lieutenant Madsen mutilated in such a fashion... she spat out.  Zark held up her hand.  "Lieutenant Madsen agreed it was necessary since it's a possible fate for any us, especially when we decided we were going to wear this uniform.  I will also remind you that war is the continuation of diplomacy by other means.  You'd do well to remember that."  Frankly, this line of argument was starting to get tiresome, and as unfortunate as it was, Faye was now going to get splashed with the shrapnel from the Andorian's temper. "The evaluation is over.  Lieutenant Madsen will inform you of my findings at her convenience. Dismissed and good day."  She finished succinctly before turning to leave and finding a terminal to start writing her report to Enyd, leaving two sore and sorry looking diplomats behind her.

[2230 Hours | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03| USS Theurgy]]

Zark blew out some air as she stared at the PADD in front of her while resting her chin on the bar, the perfect image of perplexed deliberation.  The Andorian was relieved that most of her day was over.  It had certainly been a wild one with roller coaster evaluation of the two diplomats followed by a brutal boxing bout with Talia in the afternoon.  The Andorian took a moment to rub the tip of her nose and was thankful that the Wolf hadn't broken it, especially since the escalation had been her own idea.  On the other hand she was now physically and mentally sore from the day's exertions.  On the balance though, she did have a new friend and that one seemed a but more relaxed with who she was.  Which didn't help her current issue.  Even with the tall shot glass of Andorian Ale in front of her, she wasn't sure what to make of the letter on the PADD. At least it wasn't for L'Nari who'd she'd passed, somewhat against her will. It did include the caveat that she was to be accompanied at all times with a combat certified person.

No, the letter was for Faye Eloi-Danvers. She liked the Betazoid's courage, tenacity, ability to improvise, and to be honest, allure. Zark knew she had it as well, so it took one to know one. That really decided it, she was sure the two of them had gotten off on the wrong foot and they should have a chance at rectifying that. The Zhen also felt that she'd been the source of most of the problems and she should be the one to own up and start to repair relations.  She was taking a chance though on choosing an activity that would either make the attache very happy, or offend her mightily. Hopefully it was the former. Sighing, she hit the send button and left the rest to fate.

The security officer had decided to talk to Enyd about the evaluation over drinks and get her views. She was part way through a Bolian chocolate souffle when her friend walked in and Zark quirked an eyebrow.  Enyd was dressed airily, yet elegantly tailored to her form where as Zark's was casual, but quite form fitting. They were still in the early stages of getting to know each other better, but her friend looked like she'd also had a raucous day and was still deciding on what side of the scale it had been. Smiling and waving emerald eyed brunette over, Zark ordered another drink to lubricate the deliberations that were to come.


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