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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Bridge | Deck 1 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: 

One minute the holodeck grid was pulsing a bight yellow that dampened the black walls. The next thing she knew, bright, sparkling motes of pure energy surrounded her as she felt her whole body seize up for a moment. There was just that slight, subtle shift in air pressure, and then the focusing beam released her and Natalie's vision refocused on the deeper blue glow of the Mission Ops table. They'd beamed right out of the Holodeck and onto the bridge proper, Cmdr. Trent deeming the alert a reasonable necessity for site-to-site transport.

The timing could have been far better, of course. Natalie was still something of a visual wreck, and took a moment, while she caught her bearings, to fix her hair into something professional looking. She raked her fingers through her waves, pulled the mess into a tight tail at the base of her skull, and pressed her hands to her cheeks, briefly. A quick glance in the reflective surface of an empty auxiliary console was sufficient to confirm that she was as about as well put together as she was going to get in the short amount of time she had. They weren't at red alert, so Natalie made no move to go to Ops until after the conversation over the comms cut off.

Instead she took the time to listen in - professional snooping  - and turned back to the Master Display table. Sure enough, there was a flashing indicator to note the un-detonated torpedo, and floating between the vectors was a tiny indicator for the worker bee. The holographic representation painted a nasty picture indeed of what the crew was going to be dealing with. Rubbing her finger against her chin, Natalie felt her frown deepen.

Only when the comms cut off and Trent began to speak did she straighten the hem of her skirt and make her way past the table, pausing at the threshold between Mission Ops and the wider bridge, turning her head back to stare blatantly at the first officer. Her brow furrowed for a moment, before giving a small nod.

"In theory, the impact from a mass driver would not ignite the gasses in the nebula," she concurred, for what her opinion was worth at the moment. The concept of just shooting the man out of the sky didn't exactly sit easy on her conscious. Then again, holding the whole damn ship hostage didn't sit well with her either. Swatting crew down like flies in the corridor didn't sit well.

None of this sat well with her.

With that in mind she sashayed down past the tactical station and moved in to relieve her Orion Assistant. Despite all of Trent's coaching in the past half hour or so, the fact remains that, in this state of alert, her place was behind the console unless, and until the Captain or XO ordered her elsewhere. As such, she settled down, in front of and to the right of Captain Ives seat, Natalie gestured to Zeshyr, having the woman pause and lean down. She whispered a few orders and the green skinned girl gave a tense nod before heading for the lift. From there, it was a quick reset of the console to her preferences, calling up a stored procedure to do just that, and Natalie then began compiling all the data she could on the situation.

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[ William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ]  Atten:  Triage

Why was it so gorram hard to get ahold of the bridge?  Were they dealing with another emergency or something?  It seemed like an eternity, but in reality O’Connell had less than ten seconds to wait.

"This is Ives, Lieutenant Commander Marquez will contact you immediately," Captain Ives’ female voice assured him.

“Aye-aye Ma’am, standing by,” Master Chief O’Connell acknowledged.  He glanced over his shoulder to look at Song; hard at work, but then a second female voice came over the comm system and broke his train of thought.

"O'Riley to O'Connell, we have a situation in the Warp Core, Deck Six, Vector Two. Lieutenant Junior Grade Suq has become trapped inside a burst plasma conduit, and it is on the verge of an explosion, with the man right on top of it. All safeties have been bypassed, and the final feature might attempt to close, cutting Suq in half. Can the conduit be shunted into another valve?"

“Say Whut?” Billy Bob sputtered.  O’Connell thought he had an idea what that second emergency was.  “Ah mean, Ah copy O’Riley, stand by,” he acknowledged.  “Dang it Suq, what kinda trouble you in now?” he muttered to himself as he turned and jogged back to the master systems display table to check the schematics for Deck Six.  “Hang on O’Reilly, Ah’m goin’ threw th’ Theurgy’s plans now!” 

O’Reilly was already one step ahead of him. "There is an unused plasma feed going through to line four-oh-five, and it leads to Deck Seven. I think I can safely siphon the feed momentarily there if you would override the ablative shielding and keep Suq from being dismembered."

“Ah read yuh O’Riley,”  he called back.  “You jest hang on an’ don’t touch nothin’ ‘til Ah give you th’ okay!”  He turned around and called out to his propulsion chief regardless of the probable damage the volume of his voice was doing to Morgan Song’s eardrums.  “Manfredi!” he barked in his deafening ‘chief voice’.  “Ah need yew t’ override th' emergency conduit hatches in in Jeffries tube B0636343!  If th’ ablative shielding seals it off it’ll cut Mister Xan in half!  In the meantime prepare conduit line four-oh-five to receive plamsa!  That’s where we’re redirecting the conduit flow, yuh get me?  Now move lahk you’ve gotta purpose!”  

"Aye-aye Master Chief!" the coffee colored propulsion chief shouted back before turning to a group of gold collared enlisted men.  O'Connell could hear the orders being given but he could see the men working at their stations.  Finally Manfredi turned away from his team and shouted back to O’Connell.  "Emergency conduit hatches have been overridden, we’re ready to go Master Chief!" 

“Good work!” O’Connell shouted back before turning away and tapping his combage.  “We’re ready on our end O’Riley, anytime you’re able!” 

"O'Connell, sir, I am siphoning the feed, stand by." O’Riley replied. 

Now there was nothing else for Billy Bob to do but pray.

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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Vector 02 Warp Core | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage

Sinead was strong. Of course, everyone in Starfleet had to have a level of strength, but when you're Starfleet, you sometimes forget about those sort of things. It isn't until you've got someone trying to pull you out of a cramped tube, nearly dislodging your shoulder in the process that you really appreciate the strength of people around you. That was the sort of strength Sinead had, a reminding sort of strength. She reminded Suq that she could probably kill him if she was inclined.

“I hope I have.” He admitted, when she commented on his weight, “The weight-gain program sickbay had me on—that's my shoulder!” He cried out as it twisted in a way that shoulders were not meant to twist. Relief washed over him when she let go, and sadness soon after. He could hear in her voice, and in how she used his first name, that she missed him. He could relate, though maybe, not as much as her. Maybe they Later, of course.
“Nobody's getting atomized. Or sliced in half.” He tried to console her, knowing that he had no right to promise either outcome. His ears were filled with the sound of plasma rushing in another direction, meaning Billy Bob and Sinead has successfully begun siphoning the plasma away. He thought he could feel the metal cooling under his skin, and he sighed in relief.
“It's working! It--”

But his voice stopped. Sinead had a good hold of his leg and began pulling again, but he heard a new noise. One that he should not be hearing. A whistle, high pitched and yet faint, it reminded him of a dog whistle. He's heard it only a few times before, when he was very, very close to a microfracture in a plasma conduit.
“She's cracked, get back Sin!” He shouted. It was a warning, but not a fearful one, despite the situation. Just outside the bend of the tube, near one of Suq's legs, the metal began to weaken substantially and glow with the sudden heat. In just a matter of seconds, the plasma flame bursting out from the microfracture in the conduit would melt through the metal and cause a jet of plasma to spray between the two.

He had to scramble, and he did not like the direction he had to scramble in. Instead of going backwards, away from the hot and bulging metal, he was pulling himself towards it. He had himself curled up uncomfortably, just on the incline of the bulge, and it burned. His uniform offered him maybe a quick second of protection as he scrambled over the swell, pulling the rest of his body over the bulge. He had to twist his spine and hips just wrong and when his hands touched the top of the bulge to pull himself forward, it hurt. It smelt like—no, he wouldn't think about what it smelt like.

“Pressure exchange, must've turned the microfracture into a not-so-micro fracture.” He called out, but he was no longer sure if Sinead could hear him. To Suq, the sound of rushing plasma was very loud, but he realized Sinead might not be able to hear those upper frequencies that Efrosians can. “Can you hear me down there? Are you okay?”
He spoke as he winced in pain, hoping it didn't show in his voice. He was over the swelled metal, he felt his hands and his thighs sting. If he thought about it too long, fear would rise up and take over him, and he'd do something stupid again, like pull himself through another damaged tube. No, he had to keep control, for himself, for Sinead...

“Okay, I'm okay Sinead, I just need to know you are.”

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[ Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez | Bridge | USS Theurgy ]

After his speech earlier that morning, Lieutenant Commander Marquez had systematically visited some of Vector 01's vital decks to evaluate what variables he had to work with. He was housed here, but there was more to see than he could bother anyone else for a tour for, so he switched seats with Lieutenant JG Arisaka as he made his initial evaluation, which was as much for his own sake as well as those he commanded; he wanted them to see he was one of them and wanted to personally encourage them to do their best without interrupting their at-hand missions. Content with what he learned on his inspection, he casually looked around every corner, somewhat on the hunt for potential Devoted.

A report in the Torpedo bay by the new chief had given Marquez the opportunity to visit Vector 02 to read about his new torpedo arsenal. Marquez internally grinned when LtJg Arisaka gave him a brief summary on the subject before informing Marquez that the incumbent warrant officer in charge of torpedo control had been recently replaced, so the Chief Tactical officer took the time to talk to the new WO, Hirrentz.

Striker hitched a ride on the first shuttlecraft to the second Vector, taking in the impressive signt of the "Sword"; the vector alone was an impressive vessel in and of itself, particularly given its strike carrier heritage. Over a decade ago, Striker would've loved to have been a Runabout pilot on one of these, but his helmsman days were over, even if he'd assimilated his callsign into his official name registry.

During the ride over, he didn't announce himself until he'd found the section tactical office, identifying Hirrentz, who was hurriedly busy issuing orders to the department noncoms.

"Move it, people, you heard the CTO! Forth! Onward! And secure the warheads, we don't want any of these cult of whackos getting ahold of the ordnance-- what are you doing, new guy, there's a situation here, grab a toolkit or get the hell outta here."

Marquez' back was turned as he faced a wall panel with a readout of the worker bees and shuttlepods between the vectors. When called out, he casually turned around,"Sorry." Marquez turned around to face the Warrant Officer. "I'm new here." His accent was identifiable at once. Hirrentz tried to compose himself and apologize, but Marquez instead offered handshake and received a quick one. "I'm Striker Marquez, Chief Tac. You're doing a good job, Mister Hirrentz, and time is currency. You'll find I'm a greedy sum'bitch in that regard-- but I share with everone."

"Aye sir, how can I help you." Hirrentz stifled a chuckle at his new boss's blunt sense of humor, but was all business.

"From what I gather about these torpedoes, they may be vulnerable to sabotage or theft. In case you haven't been informed, we've received multiple reports of mutineers loyal to Lieutenant Morali. They're cultists, so they can't be reasoned with. I don't know if you've ever taken a counter-terrorist course, but please understand that ordnance safety is a top priority during threats like this. The opposing force might have an endgame to spite our attempts to stop them." Marquez was neutral but clear, he knew this was Hirrentz's first job on the assignment, but had to act in the ship's interest. "Report anything out of the ordinary immediately: Suspicious crew, unauthorized access, even vandalism-- cultists love graffiti."

"Understood, sir." The Warrant officer affirmed-- when just then, there was a sudden rocking of the vessel with the faint sound of what could only be the audible equivalent of a thunderclap.

"What the hell!?" Marquez at once got to a monitor and reviewed the external sensors, seeing only the aftermath of some sort of detonation and a fluidic mass of energy blanketing the ship. A torpedo detonation? Striker rewound the footage and noticed an explosion in the nebula and magnified as effects of the detonation seemed to spread a cloud over Vector 01; he grimaced at the thought of several vulnerable crewmates, some of them likely to be Resolve survivors out there, and more than that, if the explosion had been detected by any of their pursuers.... but the next minute happened more suddenly than he expected.

The Yellow Alert had been activated, and the alarms in the office went off. "Hirrentz. There's no time, just get me your torpedo reports; I gotta rule out this was one of ours-- if it -was- a cultist, this may have been to get our attention." Striker stated while the Warrant officer got to work at once, producing the most updated information about the Theurgy torpedo manifest and report. Still witnessing the explosion from the ship's external sensors, Marquez nodded when the ranking Torpedo officer provided him with the padd at the same instance the ship's computer summoned him.

[Lieutenant Commander Marquez,] said the ship's A.I. in a disembodied voice on the intercom, [Captain Ives has requested your presence on the Main Bridge.]

Marquez reactively responded, [Acknowledged, Computer. Lock onto my location and energize when ready.] Marquez concluded his observation, tucked his padd into his arm, adding "Carry on, Warrant Officer." before he pinged Thea on his combadge.

[Acknowledged, please stand by,] replied the A.I. [Transporter protocol initiated. Establishing transporter lock. Energising.] The transporter beam hummed a high pitch as the transporter beam collected the Chief Tactical Officer out of Vector 02 to the area outside Vector 01's second deck, from the indicator outside the nearby turbolift, which he strode into as soon as the diamond-like transporter beam subsided.

A moment later, he was in the security checkpoint outside the bridge, passing Arisaka and a Bajoran security officer. He had only a moment to make note of them as they strode past in a hurry, but nodded to Arisaka, adressing the lieutenant by his surname as they passed; Arisaka returned the favor.

Marquez arrived on the bridge and made his way to Captain Ives' side overhearing the statements made to the CO. In the moments following his beam-in, he made a note of Hirrentz's reports (and those of his predecessor, who seemed to be plainly disorganized for someone of such an important role); but the suspicious discrepancies had been highlighted in orange, rather than the otherwise-uniform blue font, making it clear something was afoot. The orange discrepancies were moved squarely to the top of the torpedo manifest. As he feared by looking out on the Tactical display, which replayed the same grizzly blast earlier, there were too many lives out there, and Marquez wondered how many could get beamed out if the explosion had been detected by someone else.

Those people and vessels could be picked off for sport if one of Sankolov's ships appeared-- unless of course Striker were to leap over to his seat and engage if so ordered. For now, the imminent threat stemmed from the voice outside.

"Captain." Marquez reported to her in the tone of a murmur so he too could hear the saboteur's claims. If it were up to him, Striker would've triangulated the speaker and beamed him somewhere to have this discussion where he could get answers instead of threats. Clenching his jaw as he listened to the Devoted representative, there was a part of the CTO who wanted to simply send a statement to the devoted with the tap of a phaser console, but the Padd in his hand contained a more effective weapon against them, or so he hoped: information.

[Lieutenant Commander Marquez, there is a channel for you from Master Chief O'Connell in Engineering.] Marquez responded to the Ship's A.I. by responding from his workstation, opting for an earpiece than a full screen.

"Striker here, what's going on?" Earpieces were practical, and could be just as soon configured to various frequencies and channels. The appreciacion for the device lasted only the moment it took Striker to activate it before O'Connell briefed him.
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[ Jaya Thorne | Runabout USS Thames | Above Vector 01 of the Theurgy ] Attn @Auctor Lucan , @Striker N7 , @Doc M. , @CanadianVet , @Jm Von Cat , @Brutus , @MasterRat

Jaya felt like hell.  She attributed this to the copious amounts of alcohol she'd imbibed the evening prior, but she rarely got hangovers.  Even if this was a hangover, her symptoms were all wrong.  Sure, her head felt like it might explode and her eyes kept blurring up on her, but her fingers were all tingly too.. like they were on pins and needles.  That was definitely not normal.  And a hangover usually lasted her a few hours.  This, whatever this was, had been going on since she woke up. 

Actually, now that she was thinking about it, she'd had a headache the night before.  She'd also had a pretty bad concussion.  What had that nurse said about symptoms?  Something like 'come back if you have a headache'? That couldn't possibly be right.  Jaya always had headaches.  She was told it was from frowning too much but she didn't believe it.  Happy people got headaches too, they just chose to suffer alone behind their mask of a smile.  Well, whatever it was that she was supposed to do, Jaya could always ask Thea later.  Right now, there were more important matters to attend to.  Like work.

0800 hours came entirely too soon for Jaya's liking.  Thankfully her shift had been exceedingly dull.  She had been cleared for flight duty as of this morning, and sent to the USS Thames straightaway.  While the repair crews risked their lives walking the surface of the Theurgy to repair the ship, Jaya's job would be to keep them safe by 'vaccuuming' away any sirilium gas pockets that ventured too close.  Technically, what she was doing out there was way more specific than that, but in spirit, she was on space clean-up duty.

But hey, at least she was flying again.

So of course she didn't mention to her CO that she had a headache or her vision was mostly blurry.  Of course she kept it to herself when her fingers began tingling, and then her toes followed suit sometime later.  She didn't want to risk the chance of her wings getting taken away.  She already knew what would happen.  She'd be sent to sickbay, the docs would check her out and send her home with instructions not to work until her symtptoms cleared up.. oh and every few hours Thea or some other medical holo-program would check up on her.  Boring!  She'd rather be out here, flying and doing her part, than stuck inside following some doctor's orders.

As far as runabouts went, the USS Thames wasn't bad.  It was a fairly standard little ship with all the necessary bells and few extra whistles, if any.  And her work could hardly be called work.  Jaya was literally flying at slow impulse around the Theurgy and using the Bussard collectors on her runabout to collect and disperse the gas pockets.  Which meant, to the naked eye she was just flying a ship around that happened to have glowy red bits on it, much like tiny red nacelles.  In reality, the Bussard collectors were expending a tremendous amount of energy to collect the volitile gasses and turn them into useable fuel and resources that would be stored in the holding tanks of the runabout.  Hooray for chemistry doing all the work!

Jaya's shift was a little more than halfway over when the flare burst into life above the Theurgy and swept it's way down her glistening, battle-worn hull.  She hadn't made it to that bit of space yet because there were other pilots out in workbees doing essentially the same thing.  "Shit."  The curse echoed in her cockpit as Jaya sprung into action.  There was nothing she could do about that fireball, but she could fly over and clear the gas pockets in that area.  She was on her way when the first alarming news was heard over the coms.

["Master Chief Kamil here, all ships report towards Vector 01, now. Crewmember Neyah, is in jeopardy. She may be injured and adrift in space. Here's that chance to be a hero.  I'm now reporting to the bridge, over]

She wasn't trying to be a hero.  Jaya was just doing her job.  She hadn't known that a crewman's life was at risk when she headed over initially, but it definitely altered things.  Jaya opened a channel.  "Master Chief Kamil, this is Petty Officer Thorne in the USS Thames.  I am closest to the crewmember's position and already en route.  Recommend that the other ships nearby prioritize gas pockets surrounding crew members on the surface."  Her voice was steady because despite the blood pumping faster through her veins, this was something she'd done a million times before.  Granted, those were simulations and holo programs and this was real life where a woman's life was at stake, but she had trained for this very moment a hundred times over.  That and if she didn't stay calm, her vision would become so blurry that she'd be unable to see.

As Jaya raced to Crewman Neyah's position, another disturbing thing happened.  Her feet went numb.  She tried willing her toes to wiggle within the confines of her shoe and even banging her feet against parts of the ship, but nothing worked.  For all intents and purposes, it was as though everything south of her ankles on both feet no longer existed, or more appropriately, no longer supported any weight.  This wasn't a huge problem, so long as crewman Neyah was able to maneuver herself into the shuttlecraft.  If she needed help, that is where the trouble would arise.  But Jaya couldn't see the crewman, not yet.  All she could see was a hurling ball of fire....
"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
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Re: Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

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[ Sinead O'Riley | Warp Core | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
It happened so quickly. One moment, O'Riley was pulling at the Efrosian, and she could hear the elation in his voice, matched by her own relieved smile, not that he could see it, but went so horribly wrong. When he yelled at her to get back, she loosened her grip around his legs for an instant, and the diminutive man took the opportunity to pull himself further into the hole, SUQ WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? She reached out frantically to grab his ankles, and as he moved, his motion caused the backs of her fingers to brush against the metal and she cried out, releasing her hold on him completely.

Her fingers burned!

Suq was lying on this and he was going further in. “I can hear you, Suq, I am all right, but you are not.” She paused to listen carefully to what he had to say, and then she frowned, feeling a welling of annoyance borne out of her concern for her friend's well being. He was not making sense with his statement. The heat was probably getting to him. “That is lie, Suq. This conduit is burning, and you are directly on it. I can get you out quickly, but you need to stop going further inside.”

Time was running out for them. She slapped the badge on her breast, “O'Riley to O'Connell, Suq just pulled himself further into the conduit. The pressure exchange exacerbated the fracture of the structure significantly. He is burning!” She couldn't keep the panic quite completely out of her voice, “Can Thea perform a transport? I do not think I can dislodge him without causing greater harm any more.”

She looked at Suq's feet, “I will get you out of there, Suq. Do not die.”

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[ William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ]  @FollowTomorrow @Triage @Absinthe @MasterRat @Hastata-Nerada

"Striker here, what's going on?"

Stryker?  Who the hell was Stryker?  Why wasn’t Commander Marquez, the chief tactical officer available?  Blissfully unaware of Leon Marquez’ history as a fighter pilot aboard the USS Hornet, Billy Bob assumed that he was speaking to a member of the Resolve’s tactical department who was now serving aboard the Theurgy.  He was technically correct, even if he was totally wrong.

“Well Mister Stryker, we got ourselves an armed torpeda’ stuck in one of our Jeffries tubes that we gotta disarm,” Billy Bob drawled.  “It’s a mark, what is it again Song?” he asked as he looked over petty officer’s shoulder to read the label at the top of the schematics.  “Mark Twenty-five,” he continued.  “Hold on there, Mister Stryker, Ah’m a gonna transfer yuh t’ the feller at th’ scene.   Won’t be two shakes of a lamb’s tail,” he informed him as tapped his combage.  “O’Connell to Sithick, Ah’m patchin’ a feller from th’ tactical department through, with a little luck he kin talk yew through this,” he said before tapping his combage again.  “Okay, Stryker, yew should be talkin’ t’ Mister Sithick.  Good luck, an’ break a leg.” he finished glumly.

He glanced down at Song and clapped a fatherly hand on his shoulder.  “Well, it’s out of yer hands now Mister Song,” he sighed.  “Ah guess yew kin relax.”

At that moment a female voice was heard.  "O'Riley to O'Connell, Suq just pulled himself further into the conduit. The pressure exchange exacerbated the fracture of the structure significantly. He is burning!"

“Understood O’Rielly!” O’Connell yelped before tapping his combadge yet again.  “O’Connell t’ transporter room three!  Kowalski, I need yuh t’ lock on Lieutenant Xan’s combadge and beam him t’ sickbay!”

At that moment a shout was heard across main engineering.  “I’m having a hard time getting a signal,” a male voice replied.  “There’s something shielding him from the internal sensors.”

“The conduit he’s on must be shielded,” Billy Bob muttered.  “Git Thea t’ help you, we gotta git him outta there.”

“Will do,” Kowalski’s masculine voice replied.

“All right, everybody freeze!” a male voice cried from the warp core.  O’Connell turned to see two young men in gold collared uniforms standing at the warp monitoring station, the workstation closest to the warp core.  One of them was Petty Officer Sirch Karmak of Andoria, but the other fellow took a second for Billy Bob to recognize.  It was Ensign Sean McGee, an engineer from the Resolve who was as human as Billy Boby was.

“Karmak, Ah say, Karmak, jest whut in Sam Hill do yuh think yore doin’?”  O’Connell demanded.  “And McGee, yer supposed t’ be part ‘a Suq’s team!  Yer not even suppose ta be in Vector Three at all!  Whut the hell do yuh think you’re doin’ here?” 

”I’m uh, putting in some overtime,” McGee muttered weakly.

“Mister McGee, don’t make me angry,”  O’Connell warned him coldly as he marched in the direction of the warp monitoring station.  “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” 

“Belay that Master Chief!” the young Andorian shouted back as he stepped aside to reveal that a disk shaped metallic device that appeared to have the circumference of a dinner plate was sticking to the warp core.  “We got a plasma charge attached to the warp core and unless Captain Ives relinquishes control of this ship to Sarresh Morali we all go up together!  And there’s no point shooting us, because McGee has got it on a dead man switch!”

Billy Bob froze in his tracks.  “Now hold on boys,” he drawled as his face lost most of its color and he raised his placating hands before him in a belaying gesture.  “Y’all don’t want t’ do anythin’ rash now…” 

”Oh yes we do!” McGee called out as he stepped away from Karmak and held up his fist to reveal the dead man switch.  ”For starters, you can contact the nearest Starbase and negotiate your surrender!”

“McGee, what are you doing?” the Andorian bawled.

”I’m getting out of this nuthouse!” the ensign retorted.  ”This farce has gone on long enough and I’m not having any more of it!  Starfleet Command being taken over by parasites?  A time traveler from the future turning into a god?  Every single person on this ship is completely insane and I want no part of it!  We didn’t survive three years out there just to betray the Federation and everything it stands for!  I want to go home!  Now get away from me you nutcase!  I only agreed to help you because when I came aboard you crazies beamed my phaser away!  Now that we’ve attached the explosives, I don’t need you anymore!  Get away from me, right now!”

“ I got, I say I got t’ say, this boy is as fidgety as a bubble dancer with a slow leak," Billy Bob muttered.

[ Doctor  Maya | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tube 213166AA | Vector 02 ] Attn:  @Kaligos

In the meantime, in a cramped and darkened service hallway on Vector Two, a short figure in an environmental suit materialized in a shower of sparks.  Lieutenant (junior grade) Maya of Vulcan, M.D. checked the equipment she brought with her before she started in the direction of the great behemoth wearing what appeared to be a Starfleet uniform hunched over a torpedo casing in a damaged section of the Jeffries Tube.  The heads up display in her helmet identified the creature as Petty Officer Sithick, or at least something that wore Petty Officer Sithick’s combage.  A gloved hand tapped the combadge that was permanently attached to her suit.  “Maya to sickbay, I am in Jefferies Tubes 213166AA.  I see the patient and am heading towards him now.”  She said as she moved closer to the creature that was apparently some kind of reptilian hulk whose scaly clawed feet were exposed to the deck.  It was unwise to surprise someone tinkering with the insides of a photon torpedo, so she revealed her presence immediately.  “Petty Officer Sithick, I am Doctor Maya, I am here to help you,” she announced as she approached him. 

OOC:  I added Kowalski’s line about interference so FollowTommorow and Triage could decide exactly how and when Suq gets rescued.   I decided that the odds of a Resolve officer making an ultimatum at the same time the Devoted were was astronomical but then I realized that since the Resolve officers had their weapons beamed away meant that they wouldn’t have access to weapons or explosives and would need help obtaining them.   McGee just piggybacked his act of desperation onto the Devoted’s act of terrorism and is making his play now because this is the only time he can.

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[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
With her oaken eyes remaining on the tactical display hologram in front of the Ops and CONN stations, Jien heard Marquez on her right side, establishing communications with Engineering. She also heard Trent and Stark, suggesting that a mass driver weapon wouldn't ignite the gas. Indeed, it could be used to neutralise the threat that the Devoted posed to the ship.

Instinctively, she wanted to dismiss the option, knowing what kind of repercussions it might have for crew morale and the chain of command if she would condone such measures. Still, the Devoted were not giving her any options. She liked to think that the majority would understand the situation, but she did not know enough about those new in her crew. Regardless who would replace her, there would be some who would think she'd do anything to keep her captaincy instead of acquiescing to the demand of her stepping down.

Using her armrest, she was playing the recording of the blast several times, rewinding and repeating the display - the shuttles moving backwards and then normally once more. Her eyes were trained on the area above Vector 01 as she pursed her lips. "Let's hope it won't come to that," she said quietly, then turned her head a little towards Yukimura behind her. "Mission Ops, do we have any wolves in the air, and how far out are they?"

"Five minutes, ma'am, at emergency warp speed. Two Valravn fighters." He made the addendum since they had mass drivers as standard armament.

"Order them back here," she said, then she raised her eyes. "Thea, do we have anyone from security on the hull of Vector 01?"

[Yes, Captain. A single officer. Petty Officer Varder is our there with Lieutenant Arisaka. They just cleared the airlock.]

"Still no Transporter lock on anything out there?"

[Negative, the detonation of the sirillium gas is still causing too much interference.]

"Can you beam something out?"

[Yes, Captain.]

"Then I want you to coordinate with the Armory and have an Accipiter rifle beamed out to Petty Officer Varder, and if he's not had any training with it, I want someone from Security to talk him through it. He has no designated target yet, however, and must stand by for my command. I repeat, only on my order may he open fire."

[Acknowledged, Captain.]

Jien would take the full responsibility of giving such an order. "Captain Ives to all shuttles," she said next, opening a channel to the all the auxiliary crafts out there, suspecting that some of the Devoted might hear her too. "Weapons hold. Do not open fire under any circumstances. If you do, you may ignite more of the gas. Take care of the wounded." Having said this, she rose from her chair and stepped forward, coming to stand behind Stark's right shoulder as she watched the holographic image of Vector 01 at the moment of the gas detonating. She looked towards where Work-bee 09 were at... and then towards one of the Runabouts.

"Stark, check the sensor log. Immediately prior to the blast, was there any spike in nadion particles in that area?" She said this as she leaned down beside her quite young Chief of Operation, pointing towards the holographic image. If there was, Stark would be able to confirm that it was not the work-bee with the Devoted that ignited the gas... but the Runabout USS Tigris.

Then, it was only a matter of verifying who was aboard it with the duty roster, and they would know who were the real threat. The young officer in the work-bee was only bait, and it would explain why he sounded so frightened. She turned around to look at Commander Trent. "Brief the inbound Valravn fighters about the situation. Weapons tight until I say otherwise."

[Be advised,] said Thea suddenly, [a request to remove the shielding around a ruptured plasma conduit near my Vector 02 warp core had been issued. While measures have been taken to mitigate the risk, should my conduit rupture, the core is too close to the blast. The request was made in order to extract the two individuals repairing the conduit, Officers Suq and O'Riley. The risk of rupture is lowered, but still currently estimated to 29,453 %. If the core is compromised, the damages to all my Vectors would be catastropical. Should I lover the shielding, Captain?]

Clenching her jaw, Jien knew that if she denied the request, it meant the two Resolve officers at that conduit might be lost. "Stark, evacuate the immediate area and override the hologrid's security protocols. My authorization, Ives-Beta-Two-Niner. Thea, assist directly if needed be. You have full access to the hologrid, and I want forcefields in place immediately. The lives of the officers are, however, the priority for your projection. Understood?"

[Aye, Captain, such a request has already been made. There is also a situation in Main Engineering developing as we speak. Ensign Sean McGee and Petty Officer Sirch Karmak has taken my warp core hostage, threatening to detonate a plasma charge, yet they seem at odds on what their terms are. The Petty Officer is repeating what Crewman Fok has demanded, that you relinquish control of this ship to Sarresh Morali, but Ensign McGee is the one in control of the plasma charge, and he is demanding you contact the nearest Starbase and negotiate our surrender.]

Jien glanced towards Leon Marquez, knowing the Ensign was from the Resolve, but there was no reason to think the new CTO was involved. She knew she should be phased by the dire development, with threats on several fronts, yet after all they had been through, there was only so much surprise left behind the fortifications she'd raised around her heart. "Security to Main Engineering," she ordered via comm, easing her hand open after she'd made it into a white-knuckled fist. "Thea, inform Lieutenant Commander Wenn that he is to deal with this personally, and brief him on the way there."

There was a chirp of acknowledgement, before another voice was heard.

[Doctor Nicander to bridge, Doctor Maya has visual on the engineer.]

"Acknowledged, Doctor. Keep us posted," said Jien quietly and seated herself in her chair, trusting that Marquez would inform them about the development with the torpedo, and that Cinn would give her an accurate assessment of the situation in Main Engineering. As for the Devoted on the Tigris and in the work-bee, she wanted to know that Petty Officer Varder was armed and ready, meaning to use every second of the fifteen minutes she'd got. "Has anyone reached Junior Officer Morali yet? I want him here immediately. Thea, beam him here if he's not on his way already."

[Aye, Captain. Establishing transporter lock.]

The imitation of a heart in her chest beat hard as the seconds passed. Clenching her jaw, Jien watched the tactical display, seeing how someone had already set a timer in the corner of the viewscreen.  Thirteen minutes left.

[ Thea | Plasma Conduit Adjacent Auxillary Warp Core | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
Behind Sinead O'Riley's back, Thea materialised in her golden chameleon bodysuit, and she answered her directly instead of using the intercom.

"Negative, the rupture is a security risk and has been shielded - preventing transporter lock," she said in her British accent and stepped past the woman from the Resolve, crouching down as she looked down the conduit. As she spoke, she was raising more layers of forcefields to contain a potential rupture. Briefly, she turned her brown eyes to Junior Lieutenant O'Riley. "He will need medical assistance. Request the EMH while I assist Junior Lieutenant Suq. As soon as he clears the turbolift, his vital signs may need to be stabilised."

Her eyes returned to the sole emitter installed above the hole of the conduit, knowing that it might an inferior projection angle, and that she might not reach Suq. With her uninhibited access, however, she might be able to aid him in his repairs. If only her new mobile emitter had been assembled, then the task ahead of her would be more simple. The emotion chip was feeding fear to her, for the lives of the officers that were evacuating the area, and for the two present ones. She feared for herself too, for what might happen to her Vector, but her projection was not at risk. It was the sole advantage of not using her mobile emitter, not risking having a second one destroyed.

"I'm going down there, please stand ready to extract him, Junior Lieutenant O'Riley," she said, and without futher a due, she dropped into the conduit - her projection made by the overhead emitter as she vanished into the dim light. Once down, she looked around, getting visual on the Efrosian officer, and called out to him.

"Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan, I am under orders by Captain Ives to extract you. Forcefields have been raised to contain the rupture, and more will be up as soon as you are out. Retract your movements to me, and I will aid you. There is nothing more you can do here. Please, if you remain, you will not survive."

If there was... she was not sure she could help him given the limited angle of the emitter over the conduit.

OOC: Here goes:

@Arista , Wenn Cinn is ordered to Main Engineering to deal with the mismatched officers by the warp core's main duty station. Ejek could be asked to come along as well by Cinn, since she might reach through to Resolve officer Sean McGee?

@SummerDawn , if you read above, you will see that Ryuan Sel has orders relayed to her by Thea, where she needs load a battery into an Accipiter in the Armory and watch it being transported out to the hull by Thea. She also asked by Ives, via Thea, to instruct Petty Officer Varder Ridun how to use the weapon, especially the mass driver firing mode. I figure you might only need to post once in this thread, but its a great way for Sel to aid in the current situation, right?

@Jm Von Cat , you post after SummerDawn, getting the Accipiter and the instructions, but not much more in terms of briefing, so use Arisaka if you need to coordinate communication with the bridge or with Thea as you see fit. Does that work?

@Kaligos , if Hi'Jak is on the USS Thames with Jaya Thorne, he might see Rihen Neyah tumbling through space through a viewscreeen. She is flailing, her suit is on fire, and there is only a small airlock on the side of the Thames runabout if they are to catch her with it. Bear in mind, however, that if there is air added to the airlock after she is caught, not only will the burning pockets of air in her suit flare up, but her oxygen supply might detonate as well - killing everyone on the Thames. Let @Even Angels Cry  do the fancy piloting after your post, before she is inside the airlock, if that is what you decide to do. There might, however, be more solutions than the airlock. :) Oh, and remember that you are up with Sithick as well.

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[MCPO Nolak Kamil | Outer Hull | USS Theurgy | Vector 03 ]  Attn:  Even Angels Cry

The oxygen warning light indicating his O2 tanks were low in his EVA suit had been on for a while now prior to the explosion, began to flash. He’d had lollygagged a bit too long working on repairs. Now with a crisis at hand with the crate filled with repair tools along with of him, he had to slowly walk across the outer hull of Vector 03 heading towards the nearest airlock his eyes rarely leaving Vector 01 looming above.  He while he scanned the surrounding space around him everything was still a bit too far to focus on the whereabouts of Ensign Neyah adrift in space, but he did see the much larger runabout as it did its standard routine gas clearing run.

He was about to open a channel to that runabout when his own communication com sprang to life, “Master Chief Kamil, this is Petty Officer Thorne in the USS Thames. I am closest to the crewmember’s position and already en route. Recommend that the other ships prioritize gas pockets surrounding crew members on the surface.

Nolak Kalmil smiled to himself as he responded, “Excellent news Petty Officer Throne, focus your attention solely on rescue of the crew member if possible. However, also be on the lookout for the renegade Work-Bee that may have been the cause of this explosion. Don’t engage the craft with your conventional weapon platform, because of the nature of this Nebula. If you do get a sensor lock on the craft relay the information to the Bridge and continue from there. I’m running out of oxygen and heading towards the airlock. Stay safe up there PO Thorne. Over and out.

He closed the channel to the runabout, and then opened a channel to all monitoring ships. “Chief Kamil here, USS Thames is focusing on the endangered crewmember. The rest of you continue to do your gas sweeps and minimize the danger around Vector 01. Good work guys and stay safe. Over.

The warning light for his CO2 levels turned on as soon as he closed the channel to the surrounding ships. Damnit I thought I had more time, he thought to himself as he continue towards the airlock still some distance away.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tubes 213166AA | Vector 02 ] Attn:  @Doc M. @FollowTomorrow @Triage @Absinthe @MasterRat @Hastata-Nerada

Sithick had done his first visual inspection, and then the second. All the while he had been noticing just how much heat was being emitted from the lodged torpedo. He had found the cracks along the casing where the warmth and radiation was coming from the small cracks at the head of the torpedo. His first visual inspection had been to confirm that he was in fact dealing with a photon torpedo, the second was to see if there was anyway to remove the casing without using a cutting tool.

He didn't want to use a cutting tool to crack this thing open for fear of cutting too deep and causing an explosion aboard the ship. So finding the lines where he could try and get into the Torpedo took a moment. Working his claws along the thin lines and cracks he was able to remove the casing slowly one flake at a time as he cracked it around the outside edges, like one would peel away an egg, before there was a loud split and the two sides cracked open.

His celebration was short lived as he gently lifted the he casing away, and put it aside, as he was hit with a wave of heat, and nausia, his tricorder let out a beep and then died. Oh that's not good. Petty officer song's voice came in over the radio.

"If you can remove the casing there should be a grey wire near the primary firing sequencer, if you start by cutting that it should disable the connection between-"He paused for a moment wanting the full instructions, and was rewarded for his patience.

"Wait, wait, WAIT, not that wire!"

"Not that wire, the blue wire, blue!"

"That should disconnect the ODN relays that it uses to assess targeting information... I think..."

Sithick blinked as he thought about it. His own ordinence training was far too away in the back of his mind. Despite having helped in the development of new weapons for the Federation he was a little lost on the older photon torpedo. He sort of wished that this one of the valkyries micro torpedo's both because he was more familiar wth it, and he could have also kicked that out into space.

Sithick did his part to disconect the wire, and then pause as he examined what happened next. "Sithick to Song, I have disconnected the wire, and now I have a blinking orange light. Is the blinking light good or bad?"

He had to admire his com badge, his tricorder was fried, but his com badge and translator were both still working. He himself however was getting hot under the collar, normally outside tempatures didn't affect him too much, due to him being cold blooded, but this was starting to feel like being boiled alive.

When sithick heard a voice he turned towards it. He had ordered forcefields put around this thing so that he could avoid destroying the ship if he messed up, however now he had a doctor, he was glad that the doctor was small though as he needed to fit himself this torpedo, and her into this room. He was less pleased that it was a woman, and a little pang of regret in his stomach made him wish it had been Lahkesis. Still a vulcan would do fine.

"Greetings doctor,  I advise standing back, this torpedo is still armed, and dangerous." As he spoke he moved towards her.

"This is emmiting deadly radiation, and hot, I suggest monitoring the situation from a distance." He used the the junction to turn around in the jefferies tube his face coming around to face hers. Most would have described him as monsterious in appearance, and in the small dark passage of the jefferies tube it was even more so, his yellow eyes practically glowed in the dark his green scales and sharp teeth glinting. He moved closer to Maya. Offering her one of his long arms, that ended in three rather viscious looking claws. "Please vaccinate, and then monitor my vitals I will need someone to pull me out if the radiation spikes past the point that transporters are inoperable."


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[ Doctor  Maya | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tube 213166AA | Vector 02 ] Attn:  @Kaligos

“Very well,” she said as she handed Sithick a pair of thick oversized goggles.  “Put those on and extend your hands please,” she added as she pulled out her hypo and adjusted the setting so that it could administer medication not just through his uniform, but through his incredibly thick skin.  She pressed the hypo against his wrist and it made an audible hissing sound.  “Please place these on your hands,” she said after she put her hypo back into her medical pouch and she handed him a pair of oversize gloves of dull metallic color.   She then removed the bulky package that she had strapped to her back.  She unrolled it and revealed that it was some kind of oversized vest that was the same color as the protective gloves she had given him. “This will protect your torso,” she informed the Gorn as she handed it to him.  “I have a spray that will protect your face,” she added as she removed a canister from her belt.  “It will eliminate the necessity of your wearing a mask.”

OOC:  Maya is providing the basic minimum for safety gear when it comes to working with radioactive materials.  She is in an EV suit but poor Sithick is practically naked!

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[ Ryuan Sel | Security Center (Armory) | Vector 2 | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jm Von Cat

[Then I want you to coordinate with the Armory and have an Accipiter rifle beamed out to Petty Officer Varder, and if he's not had any training with it, I want someone from Security to talk him through it. He has no designated target yet, however, and must stand by for my command. I repeat, only on my order may he open fire.]

Down in the armory, one of the most secure places on the ship aside from the bridge, the drama playing out around the ship and outside was one more of watching and monitoring using the display that she'd installed on the wall. Mistress-at-arms was one of the less exciting duty stations on the ship, Sel rarely if ever was assigned to escort VIPs, patrol the ship, or generally put herself in harms way, but it was still important in the grand scheme as her lockers, this room, contained the single greatest concentration of handheld firepower on the ship. This was what Sel guarded, shepherded, and generally babied every day. Without these weapons, her comrades in Security could not fight the good fight on behalf of the ship. And that was what Sel had sworn her life to protect, and in spare moments for training, practiced and planned for potential breaches of the weapons lockdown area. But in moments like this, she would just watch and wait.

So it was the message from the Captain, relayed directly via Thea to her, that changed up the pace of the afternoon. "Understood." she responded back through the comms. So the captain wanted that weapon readied. Given the power of the Accipiter, she wondered what he had planned that needed such a powerful weapon brought out of storage. Orders were orders and while it would take a few minutes to prep the weapon for Varder, she had some time to mentally go over procedures for use, making sure that she could give him the rundown on the use of the weapon.

The weapon itself was actually two weapons, both an energy based weapon designed primarily for disabling shielding, and a kinetic energy weapon that could effectively damage anything short of a heavily armored target, most Federation equipment and facilities were not so armored. In tests she'd run on the holodeck, basically simulations as she couldn't risk discharging the weapon, the device could at full power, push a kinetic energy round with enough force to penetrate the hull of a starship, three inches of duranium and various alloys melting and spraying through like molten shrapnel in the process.

Aiming the weapon was easy enough, the tetryon discharge coils had aiming logic built in much like the phasers did so even slight off aims wouldn't prevent the target from being hit. The railgun component however, did not have the same aiming subsystem but given it's apparent intended use, that was not really a concern, it's targets weren't fast moving.

Keying her code into the locker, Sel pulled the weapon off it's rack and set it down on the table, prepping the weapon for Varder.

@Jm Von Cat Feel free to jump in at this point and receive the weapon via transporter.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | Runabout USS Thames | Above Vector 01 of the Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry & @Auctor Lucan

Jack leaned back in the cockpit of the Thames. His enviromental suit was partly off with the helmet between his legs. His punshment was to be a lackey for the engineering department. Ever since he had stepped out of Trent's office with a confused understanding of the man he had been running tasks, and when the Thames had started to act as a transport he had climmed aboard to get taxi'd.

It wasn't all bad his company was one of the cutest pilots he had seen in a while, though she seemed to be nursing a headache, because despite his prying he had only managed to get her name, rank, and a few basic questions out of her. He wasn't exactly looking for a repeat of yesterday and his own head would probably prevent him from taking a romantic partner for a little while, but the girl was charming to look at.

When the sky ahead of them lit up like fireworks he blinked. Hearing that someone was in danger he got that look of 'okay what can we do to help' and when he realized that it was to be suspended in Zero G, well he wasn't going to let someone die but it was on his list of things that he could very easily complain about.

"Can you get us to the woman?" He said getting his environmental suit on. "Here's what we do, You fly us as close as possible, I step outside and grab her. Bring her into the decompressed airlock, shove the burning parts back into space, Compress the chamber and then we revive her after exposure to space."

When he lined up the tasks needed to accomplish the task it almost sounded easy,  but things like this never were. A lot could go wrong when someone talked about swapping out their air supply in the cold midst of space.

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[ William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ]  Atten:  FollowTommorrow

Billy Bob O’Connell wiped the sweat off his forehead as he tried to process what had happened.  Why didn’t things ever run smooth?  

“Dammit, McGee, what about the cause?” Petty Officer Sirch Karmak of Andoria bawled.

”What about it?” Ensign Sean McGee, formerly a propulsion officer aboard the USS Resolve retorted.  ”Did you think for one moment I believed some guy I never heard of was the chosen one?  You’re all crazy, every damn one of you!”

Somehow the cult worshipping Sarresh Moralli calling themselves the Devoted had gotten ahold of a plasma charge and attach it to the warp core as part of a coordinated effort to convince Captain Ives to relinquish command and let the man from the future call the shots.  To complicate matters, Ensign Sean McGee, one of their newest converts, wasn’t exactly converted and had merely gone along with them in order to find a way off this ship.  Deep down, Billy Bob couldn’t blame him.  After spending three years parsecs from nowhere it was hard to accept that a conspiracy of alien parasites out of H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmares had taken over Starfleet and were plotting against both the United Federation of Planets and all of sentient life as we know it.

What to do?  Not a lot of options.  With that deadman switch in McGee’s hand, any attempt to subdue him or beam him to the brig would interrupt the signal and cause the bomb to go off.  Even if it didn’t destroy the Theurgy, it wouldn’t do anyone in main engineering any good.  And now that Petty Officer Karmak found himself alone and betrayed, he was liable to be a random element in an already volatile situation. 

“Now hold on here gents," Billy Bob drawled as he held his hands up in a placating gesture.  He was halfway between the master diagnostics display table and the warp core, too far away to get physical with either one of them even if that was a good idea.  “Let’s not git ourselves too riled up now…"

”Stow it O’Connell!” the ensign snapped.  ”And Karmak, you back away from me!  Get the hell away from me right now, that’s an order!”

Hesitantly the Andorian complied, but neither Billy Bob nor Ensign McGee liked the look in his eyes.

O’Connell cleared his throat.  “McGee, mind if Ah ask…"

”Call me ‘sir’ Master Chief!” the ensign snapped.  ”I’m an officer, and you will address me as such Mister!  Why the hell is an enlisted man the head of a department anyway?  Lieutenant Xan should be the chief engineer!”

“Yuh got a point there sir," Billy Bob acquiesced as he glanced nervously from McGee to Karmak and back.  “Before we proceed yuh mind if Ah ask yew a li’l question?"

”Make it quick, Master Chief,” McGee growled.

“Yes sir," O’Connell nodded.  “Petty Officer Karmak, is he still part of yer team sir?" he asked delicately as he nodded at the Andorian.  “‘Cause iffen he ain’t Ah’d lahk yore permission t’ remove him from th’ equation afore he does somethin’ rash an’ gits us all blown up now."

”Sure,” McGee nodded as he cast a suspicious glance at this one time partner.  ”I don’t care."

“Thank you sir," O’Connell nodded.

“Say what?” the rogue Andorian protested.

“Yew heard ‘im Karmak; he don’t give two smegs about yuh," the Master Chief drawled as he tapped his combage.  “O’Connell to Transporter Room Five.  Lucas, lock onto Petty Officer Karmak’s combadge and beam him directly to the brig," he called out.  “Ah’ll take full responsibility."

“Aye-Aye Master Chief," the voice of Chief Petty Officer Curt Lucas, formerly of the starship Harbinger replied.  “Locking on him now," the transporter chief reported.

Karmak sputtered in disbelief as his role in the Grand Plan of the Devoted collapsed around his antennae.

“Energize,Chief," O’Connell ordered.

Too late, Petty Officer Karmak’s hand reached for his combadge as a quiet electronic hum was heard and the Andorian vanished in a shower of sparks.

“Okay now Mister McMgee," O’Connell said in a conciliatory manner as he raised his hands so that the palms were facing the ensign.  “Ah’m well aware thet beamin’ yew aout would break th’ signal and detonate the…"

”Step down Master Chief,” McGee ordered.

“Say whut sir?" Billy Bob blinked.

”Step down,” McGee repeated.  ”From now on the engineering department is going to be run by a proper Starfleet officer or I take this filthy pirate ship down right now.  As of now, Lieutenant junior grade Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan is the chief engineer.  And you better hope that your ship full of crazies didn’t do anything to him and that he’s still in one piece.”

The blood rushed out of O’Connell’s face as he thought of poor Suq trapped by a damaged plasma conduit.  He didn’t know if Suq was breathing, let alone capable of talking McGee down.  Heck, he wasn’t even sure if the addled Efrosian wouldn’t take his ensign’s side.  But it wasn’t like he had a lot of cards to play with.  Sean McGee didn’t trust Billy Bob any more than he’d trust a drunk Klingon with his penis and a pair of scissors. 

“Understood  sir," the master chief gulped.  He tapped his combadge.  “O’Connell to Xan, this is an emergency, please respond," he said weakly.

OOC:  It’s possible that FollowTommorrow and I might need to JP the dialogue between Suq and McGee.

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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Vector 02 Warp Core | Deck 06] Attn: @Doc M. @Triage @Auctor Lucan
Sinead was talking. He's pretty sure that was her voice. It sounded like burnt flesh. Wait, no, that's not it—she sounded like Sinead, worried and concerned. He smelt burnt flesh. And he heard a whistle, he was sure of it, but Sinead, she said it was a lie. Did that mean there was no hairpin crack...? But he heard it, he heard burnt flesh—no no no, a whistle, that's what he heard. A whistle, plasma leak, he could hear it clear as day.

Maybe she was right though, and the whistle he heard was something his mind made up. He slept not at all last night, nor the night before, and it wouldn't be the first time that he, in his panic, had began to suffer from illusory sensations. Momentary flashes of light, whispers in the silence, high pitched whistles, the smell of burnt flesh...

”No, don't think. Don't think at all. Thinking is bad.” He thought, staying very still in his cramped, bent up Jeffries tube. His hands and thighs ached. His hips too. It was all so dull and distant though, as if it was happening to another body that he didn't own.
”I won't die Sin. It's going to take more than a plasma leak to kill me.”. He called back, still sounding unafraid. He had many emotions right now, fear was one of them, but if he could ignore the source, he could bury it again.

Now that he was over the bulged metal, he was effectively stuck, and the plasma leak would block the way out. If he listened close, he thought he could hear the whistle coming from right below where his crotch rested a moment ago. Spirits were guiding his hands today, and he was grateful for them. They helped him swallow down the smell, the fear. For a moment, he felt back in control.

"Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan, I am under orders by Captain Ives to extract you...”

His breath hitched. He knew who this was, just by looking at her. It was the ship. The entire ship, right here in front of him, talking to him and telling him things. She wore engineering gold on the strangest suit he had ever seen. She was terrible, beautiful, all in one, because he knew just how much information the ship had on him at any given moment, and the great power she wielded over every single living individual on this glorified hunk of metal.

He remained in the cramped area, his face draining of blood and leaving it a weird muted brown. He was suddenly very aware of himself, his body. The open, raw flesh across his hands and thighs, his uniform stuck to the new wounds and the sensation made all his nerves scream. But worst of all was the smell, the smell of the dead and dying, he was dying, right here in this tube. The ship would kill him. He was already dead.
“No...” He managed to croak out, before being interrupted by a sound that made his heart jump into his throat.

"O'Connell to Xan, this is an emergency, please respond," He thumped his chest immediately, his eyes would not leave Thea but he would not address her further than that. He regarded her with the same look one would regard a 20 foot long alligator.
“I'm responding, boss." He tried to summon more strength to his voice, but he couldn't. His secondary voice crackled and provided his main voice nothing in the way of support. It was the polar opposite of what his voice sounded like not five seconds earlier. “What do you need of me?”

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[ William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy ]  Atten:  FollowTommorrow

“Suq!" Billy Bob gasped.  “Thank Gawd yore still in one piece!  Lissen’ we got a situation here, an’..."

”Boss it’s me!” Ensign McGee called as he tapped his combadge to join in on the conversation.  ”Sean McGee!  Boss this is our chance to get off the pirate ship…”

“Megee’s got a plasma charge attached tuh th’ warp core!" O’Connell interjected.  “He’s threatenin’ t’ detonate it lessin’ we give ourselves up and turn ourselves over at th’ nearest Starbase!"

”Captain Ives stepping down and letting Commander Marquez take command will do!” the ensign interrupted.  “Anything to stop these maniacs and get us back home!”

“Suq, he won’t lissen t’ me!" Billy Bob explained.  “Personally Ah don’t reckon McGee’s taken a shine t’ anyone who ain’t served on th’ Resolve, so it’s up t’ yew Suq.  Ah cal’culate thet yew know ‘im best!"

”Darn right he does!” McGee snapped.  ”I was his propulsion officer; we kept that ship going for three years with everything in the cosmos trying to tear it apart!  Boss, this is our chance to get out of here!”

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Bridge | Deck 1 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: 

Working through the data backlog on her console, Natalie began to bring up the replay of the last few minutes, during the time that she and Cmd. Trent had been down in the holodeck. She wanted a better view of what had occurred to bring them to this point. It was fortuitous that she had, as she felt Captain Ives step right up behind her. She felt the (currently) other woman's hand press down on the back of her seat as the Captain bent forward ever so slightly, clearly directing her words at Natalie. With the comm channel down there was no chance of a devoted hearing - anyone on the bridge at this point, Natalie assumed, was either loyal to Ives, or not stupid enough to make a move. She hoped they weren't that stupid, in any case.

"Stark, check the sensor log. Immediately prior to the blast, was there any spike in nadion particles in that area?"

"Aye aye, Captain," the COps replied, never once letting her eyes drift from the logs already in play. She readjusted the playback point, out before the explosion of gas that swept across the vector. Further back than her original query. Natalie allowed herself to lean forward, pouring over the data, tuning out other conversations on the bridge, while still being aware of the presence of Captain Ives. Now what all is going on here... she started to ponder, before the Captains voice cut through again. She knew that Thea had let out an alert, but focused as she was, Natalie had missed most of it. But with Ives hovering over it, it was impossible to ignore the Captain.

"Stark, evacuate the immediate area and override the hologrid's security protocols. My authorization, Ives-Beta-Two-Niner. Thea, assist directly if needed be. You have full access to the hologrid, and I want force-fields in place immediately. The lives of the officers are, however, the priority for your projection. Understood?"

Oh dear, she thought to herself. The Operations chief opened up a second channel and began ordering evacuation protocols. At the same time, her fingers flew across the surface in front of her. Between her own authorization codes, and the verbally acknowledged code from Captain Ives, she was able to release the safety interlocks for the hologrid. With these barriers removed, Thea's avatar would have full tactile access to assist in the retrieval of Lt. Suq.

"Access restrictions revoked. Thea," Stark murmured, just loud enough for the Captain next to her - and the ships ever present AI - to pick up. "Full access is yours. Godspeed." Another look to confirm that the evacuation protocols had been properly enacted. Satisfied that personnel were out of the immediate threat zone, Natalie resumed her playback and analysis. She saw the cloud of fire wash out over the vector. No i need earlier, she thought, punching in a few commands, pulling it back again. Focusing on the worker bee....nothing. Now that was damned odd.

"Captain," Natalie spoke up again, turning her eyes upward to glance back at the dark haired woman. She kept her voice low, quite low. She figured the conn officer next to her would hear her, and the Captain would as well. Doubtful anyone else would - including any open comm channels.

"There was a spike, ma'am," Natalie confirmed, drawing a line with her finger over the logs. The visual representation on her screen confirmed her initial shock. The pulse did not originate from the worker bee. "Regretfully...the USS Tigris is the guilty party. The runabout triggered the explosion, Captain. Not the worker bee." She frowned, softly adding, "The poor man in that bee is just...bait, sir." It was a lot easier to sympathize with someone thrust into that situation, even if she were personally furious that the Devoted could be so brazen as to attempt to over thrown the Captain.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun & Jonas Arisaka (NPC) | Vector 01 Hull | "Helmet" Exterior | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn
It seemed like an age, but in reality very little time had passed since Ridun and Jonas had cleared the airlock en'rout to locate and hopefully save an as yet unknown to him crew-member. The brief thought flicked through his head that zero gravity was probably not what the medical staff meant when they said "Light" activities only, he probably would have let out a possibly insane sounding laugh had Jonas not stopped and spoken.

["Change of orders, Captains having a Accipiter Rifle beamed out for you. Stressed that you have no target yet and may only fire on hir order"]

Varder was quick to respond, unconsciously inclining his head towards Arisaka as he spoke. Force of habit, nothing more and not that it particularly mattered. If the man would normally notice there was plenty of reason he might be distracted from such invisible details now. Especially those hidden behind an EVA suit.

["acknowledged, stand by for weapon and hold fire until explicit order"]

The train of previous thought derailed, and vanished into the void as it was quickly replaced by new thoughts surrounding this most recent change, one key thing bugged him, but only for a brief moment before Jonas spoke once more. It seemed rather clear now that he was repeating instruction from someone on the bridge. A deep breath seemed to echo in Ridun's helmet, much to loudly, it seemed there was a lot more going on than he had expected.

["Do you know how to operate the Accipiter?"]


The name in itself was foreign, never mind the usage of such a weapon. The fact he did not know of the weapon was something he found strange, clearly it was nothing Starfleet issue. Unless it was something top secret on board or some higher rank fluff like that, whatever the real reason it seemed like it might cause an issue out here now.

["Another security officer will talk you through once the weapon is out here"]


Brief answers, no need to waste words. Not when things are getting heated and just one word could decide everything relevant to the pair at this precise moment, all that they needed to do was keep calm, and keep moving. The pair continued to move, if only to gain distance from the airlock. Although Varder was constantly looking up, or what he considered to be up as he scanned for shuttle craft and work bees. It was not to hard to guess exactly what his target might or might not be. Out here though distance really ate time, soon Thea's voice echoed in both men's helmets.

[Weapon is ready for transport, are you ready to receive?]


[Beaming now]

The weapon materialized only a bare few inches away from Varder, well within arms reach. A reach he promptly used to secure the weapon, although it may have been a rather uneasy hold he now kept upon this unfamiliar piece of equipment. Now for the next part, Varder quickly knelt before speaking once again.

["Varder to armory, requesting instruction"]

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[ Commander Trent | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

From his position at the rear of the Bridge, the Executive Officer was absorbing all the information as it was being sent his way.  Yukimura was filling him in, and with the recall order of the fighters, he had brought up their return course onto the plot over the Mission Ops table, along with icons to represent the various auxiliary craft out there, the crewman going Dutchman, and the Runabout going after her.  And over course, there was the offending worker bee as well.

On a separate screen, he was watching the sensor picture that Stark was analyzing and deconflicting, but he was not interfering with it, save simply changing points of view and some filters in a purely local mode, not affecting at all the data the Chief Operations Officer was massaging to yield actionable intelligence. 

And at the same time, he was relaying the Captain's orders to the fighters as they had been recalled, but with the tactical picture getting cleared up, the XO would start taking some initiative that would still fall within the limitations Captain Ives had outlined; and besides, it would be good training.  "Commander Marquez, start tracking the Tigris and calculate firing solutions for minimum round count bursts from the fighters for a soft-kill that would prevent them from igniting any more of the gas, and updated every twenty seconds; then send the data to Mister Yukimura.  Lieutenant, you will send the information to the fighters along with necessary course corrections so the incoming fire will not risk hitting us or any assets we have out there other than the intended targets.  And I emphasize, re-state that the fighters are to be Weapons Hold until the Captain gives the word."

And, with that said, Trent brought his attention towards the issue of live ordnance where there was supposed to be none.  Normally, he would call for selective forcefields to be raised, to create a path of least resistance for the blast so some of its destructive power could be channeled out of the hull.  But the risk to the crew out there, and to ignite more of the gas, was simply too great.  So it would mean redirecting it within the hull itself... it would be costly if it came down to it, but it would beat losing the whole Vector, or the whole ship if it came down to it.  "Commander Stark, start working on a backup plan if disarming will not work.  I need you to raise forcefields and reinforce structural integrity in such a way as to create a channel through the hull to try and redirect and contain the blast if need be.  Evacuate all affected sections and bring in additional damage control and casualty relief teams from the other vectors to augment currently available personnel."

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[ PWO Rihen Neyah | Vector 01 Hull | "Helmet" Exterior | USS Theurgy ] Attn: 1) @Even Angels Cry 2) @Kaligos
Tumbling through space by the inertia of the blast, Rihen Neyah suffered a waking nightmare.

She was on fire, already beyond panic, her blood-curdling screams for help heard on whatever frequency she was patched into. Desperately, she was failing at the liquid flames that ate the air in the layers of her suit. Even if the suit was compartmentalised and there was a chance that the many holes that were being burned it would not kill her immediately, that rational part of her brain was shut down in her fight and the searing pain. Vaguely, she did recognise that the flames might just as well enter her oxygen supply, and then it would be all over.

In the mental rictus of her terror, she saw images of Suraya Bay and Paradise City, the flames that licked her helmet reminding her of the burning blades she used to juggle in her father's circus. All she had wanted to do on Nimbus III was to recreate her home, missing Risa in her exile. Instead, she might die in the worst possible ways, either burned alive or spaced, this while fighting a battle she did not chose, against an enemy she didn't understand. Faces of her family flashed in mind, of Lin Kae, O'Connell, Tovarek and Vinata Vojona, of Eve Jenkins on the hull crane, trying to save her. The Calamity hologram, killing everyone in the Theurgy's shuttle bay.

Little did she know that the USS Thames was on an intercept course.

OOC: Waiting for @Triage to reply with O'Riley to Thea's request, and for @Brutus  to have Sarresh Morali get beamed into the bridge or walking in on his own. Then I will reply with Thea and Ives again. :) @SummerDawn , you are up in replying with Ryuan Sel to Varder Ridun's request too. @Striker N7 you are next with Marquez too, right?

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[ Sinead O'Riley | Warp Core | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow, @Auctor Lucan, @TrexelCat & @Doc M.
Although she had been briefed about Thea, the ship's self-appropriated name based on the name of the Theurgy, to see the AI materializing the way she did was...jarring, to say the least. Her right hand had momentarily gone for her missing pulse phaser pistol when she thought she heard the sound of someone beaming in. It was too much like some of the close encounters she'd had back on the Resolve. Once she got over the shock of Thea's appearance, and how she had chosen a particularly beautiful form to be her representative avatar of self, she could process what the ship was instructing her to do, and she agreed with the sound logic. Likely the ship had far greater strength and control than even O'Riley did.

“Okay,” said O'Riley, and she slapped her combadge, “O'Riley to medical, requesting the assistance of an EMH, Lieutenant Junior Grade Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan is in need of immediate attention.”

She then returned to watching as Thea moved in and attempted to extract her friend from his precarious position. And then of all things, O'Connell contacts him. Frowning, she strained her ears out of curiosity, to listen in. She thought she heard Sean McGee's voice interjecting over the Theurgy's chief engineer. What was that about getting off this ship? Marquez take command? What had gotten into that man's head? She had her palm halfway to her combadge, getting ready to jump in on the communications, but she kept her eye on Thea and Suq. She wanted to make sure the Efrosian was safely extracted first, then she'll see about McGee.

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[ Thea | Plasma Conduit Adjacent Auxillary Warp Core | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] 1) @FollowTomorrow 2) @TrexelCat 3 ) @Triage
All Thea got from the Efrosian in the conduit was a 'No', denying her to carry out the orders to extract him. She could not reach him physically either, to forcibly grab his ankle and pull him clear. The emitter overhead, in the area Junior Lietuenant O'Riley was in, would not allow Thea to reach farther. If her mobile emitter hadn't sustained a phaser blast in the reactor room of Starbase 84, she would have been able to move in without restriction. Options were limited, Thea quickly surmised.

"Listen to me, Lieutenant," she said, her emotion chip instilling a degree of urgency in her tone. "I have been given the authority to lift the shielding on this conduit so that I can beam you out of there, but if I do, my auxiliary warp core might be caught in the potential blast, and the chain reaction would kill everyone on this Vector and severely damage my other two. It is your life or a current minimum of 349 other officers. You only have two options. Either you are able to preform the repairs now, immediately, or you retreat back to me so that you may be extracted from this area."

Thea did notice how O'Connell requested aid from the Efrosian as well, and she could but advise and hope he understood the priorities set before him. "I am monitoring the situation in Main Engineering. It is less critical than the repairs you need to make. Do you understand, Lieutenant? Focus on the task at hand, or come back to me so that you may aid O'Connell."

Tilting her head back, Thea looked up at O'Riley. While the digital urgency she felt she sought alternative options. "You need to evacuate this area now, but may I have your assistance in speaking with the aggressor in Main Engineering? Unless he decides to come out, the Lieutenant needs to finish his repairs. May I can beam you to O'Connell side?"

While she spoke, she thought she could see the shimmer of the EMH materialising close to O'Riley.

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[Lt. Jg. Suq | Vector 02 Warp Core | Deck 06] Attn: @Doc M. @Triage @TrexelCat @Auctor Lucan
In the bowels of the Sword's warp drive, the injured Efrosian could hear the harried voice of his propulsion officer Ensign Sean McGee.

"I was his propulsion officer; we kept that ship going for three years with everything in the cosmos trying to tear it apart!  Boss, this is our chance to get out of here!"

Sean McGee was supposed to be in working in the Theurgy's secondary stardrive section, the part of the ship referred to as the "Sword" or Vector Two, under his superior officer, Lieutenant (junior grade) Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan. Nearly all of Suq's team were former engineers from the Resolve; it was thought that if they worked alongside their familiar shipmates none of them would break from the others and do something desperate. That was a nice theory but reality had other ideas.  Unwilling or unable to accept what had happened to Starfleet during the Resolve's star trek, Suq's friend and shipmate Sean was rejecting his situation and holding the third stardrive hostage.

But McGee wasn't the only voice in Suq's head.  He could also hear a second one, this one belonging to the ship's artificial intelligence, the sentient program known as Thea:  "Listen to me, Lieutenant," the heavenly hologram implored him to come with her now, the situation with McGee wasn't as important as the situation here. The whole ship risked death. She was right, and he knew it.

As he heard them both out, processing two voices at the same time, he felt even more fear. It was like one of his nightmares. He was trapped, the spirits loomed over him, he was to die here, a miserable cur in an EPS conduit, cowering. A miserable cur that someone wanted to stage a rebellion for, why am I talking down to myself like this?

"Good spirits, McGee, you're taking the whole ship hostage. You know that, right? The whole ship...just for me? Spirits be. I'm so proud to wear your color, Ensign." He was still spooked, the Thea in front of him making his voice shake, but the situation was starting to become totally unreal now. He wasn't even sure if he was still in reality. Boy, was he the wrong person to talk anyone down, especially since he was just so flattered that anyone would want him back in the CHENG saddle. "McGee? You're still with me? If you've got a few moments, I'd like to, well, chat, I guess. Over comms, not in person, I'm a little stuck where I am, but you know what I mean."

"Do they got you at gunpoint Boss?" McGee asked in concern.  "'Cuz I swear to God, if they do..."

Back at the Vector Three warp core O'Connell drew in a ragged breath and the look of alarm on his face would have been comical if not for the danger they were all in.

“No no, not gunpoint. Just...stuck. In a conduit. Long story, you'll get the full story when we have some time to sit down, but basically, even short people get stuck sometimes. Just...just hold on a moment.”
He adjusted himself, so that he could face Thea more fully. She was the embodiment of all his fears right now. She was the ship, she was fate, she had a great power and he could not trust her with it, or anyone else deemed 'Theurgy' for the time being. He wasn't sure if he was strong enough to face her, but right now, he had no choice.
“L-look, T-Theurgy...” He stammered, having no idea how to address the embodiment of the entire ship. His voice felt like it wouldn't work at full strength.
“I...Sean McGee is one of my men. I...I have a...a duty to him. Right now, h-he needs me. Look, if I...if I somehow don't make it out of this,”
He tried to put strength in his voice as he spoke. He had no guarantee that Thea would listen to him as it was, so he had to convince her. To do that, he needed to focus on the here, the now. His fingers dug into the burnt palms of his hands, the sharp pain jolted him back out of the nightmare and into the waking present.

“I'm sure McGee will, ah, take it very hard, if you understand what I mean. If..If I...actually, you know, l-listen to you, y-you have to understand, I need to be the one to talk h-here...Sinead, she's wonderful, but this, this is just...just my time. I'll work and talk. The core—it's not hard, really, once you know how.” Even as he spoke, the procedures came back to his mind easily. Leaks were common, enough, and though severe, their frequency almost brought him to a point where he didn't appraise them with the right amount of seriousness. Thea already had force fields raising, they were probably almost done by the time Suq spoke. All that would be left to do would be to shut down plasma flow to the area, remove excess plasma, replace the conduit, and start it back up again. ”Let me work and talk to McGee. Then I'll..I'll go with you.”

He finally managed to lift his eyes up at her and stare at her. It was hard to make that sort of promise. She terrified him, and it took skills that Suq didn't have to hide that sort of terror. Right now though, one of his own needed help. The drive to do what is right was stronger than his fear.

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William Robert O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ] 

”Do they got you at gunpoint Boss?” McGee asked in concern.  ”‘Cuz I swear to God, if they do…”

"No no, not gunpoint. Just...stuck. In a conduit. Long story, you'll get the full story when we have some time to sit down, but basically, even short people get stuck sometimes. Just...just hold on a moment."

There was good news, bad news, and worse news.  The good news was that Suq was still alive and still capable of speech.  The bad news was that his life was still in danger.  And the worse news was that his friend and shipmate, Ensign Sean McGee was still holding the Stallion’s warp core hostage with a plasma charge and a deadman’s switch.   Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan was busy preventing an explosion on Deck Six, so it was up to Master Chief William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell to stall.

”Ah kin tell yuh th’ full story,” Billy Bob chimed in.  “Well maybe, Ah say, maybe not th’ full story,” he corrected himself when Ensign McGee cast a withering glance in his direction.  “but Ah kin shed some light on Suq’s sitiachion Ah kin tell yew that.” 

McGee gave O’Connell a blank look before asking “Do I gotta beat it out of you?”

”Well sir, it seems thet Mister Xan is dealin’ with a crisis of his own raight now,” O’Connell drawled, ”an emergency, that is.  Seem’s he gots hisself stuck repairin’ the main EPS conduit an’ he needs tuh keep it from explodin’ and disablin’ the Sword’s warp drive… an’ blowin’ up a significant portion of the Sword, an’ the people in it, includin’ hisself.”

“Don’t you have someone else to deal with it?” McGee asked impertinently.

”Beggin’ the ensign’s pardon sir but that wouldn’t be much help,” Billy Bob retorted.  ”Mister Xan has got hisself trapped an’ he can’t git out, not even with a transporter.”

“You’re making this up,” McGee snorted.

”No sir, Ah ain’t,” O’Connell shook his head.  ”Why else did Ah have Chief Manfredi override th' emergency conduit hatches in in Jeffries tube B0636343?  As fur havin’ somebody else handle it somebody else should’ve handled it, only his propulsion officer decided t’ go AWOL sir!” O’Connell snapped.  ”So now Suq is in danger of losin’ his life to a risk that someone else should’ve took!”

“Wait a second, are you saying it’s my fault?” McGee protested.  From the tone of his voice O’Connell had struck a nerve.

”No sir, Ah’m jest sayin’ thet Suq’s in an awful fix and it sure would’ve been real nice if he could depend on everyone on his team, all hands to the battle stations that is,” the master chief replied.  ”With such an emergency in the ship’s secondary warp drive he could’ve really used yore help that’s all.”

It was then that Billy Bob realized that he didn’t know the ensign’s endgame.  Sure he said that he wanted the Theurgy to surrender itself at the nearest starbase or let the crew of the Resolve flee but did he really expect to get those things?  Or was he just not able to take it anymore and was looking for someone to talk him out of committing suicide?  Yesterday Suq had been in such sorry shape that O’Connell could see the Efrosian taking such a desperate measure himself and so it shouldn’t have been a surprise for any of his shipmates to do the same.  And getting confrontational wasn’t exactly making things better.  For all Billy Bob knew, his bonehead move may have been all it would take for McGee to talk himself into setting off the explosive.

”Um, that is, what Ah meant tuh say sir…”

“It’s not my fault!” McGee shouted.

”Ah’m shore it ain’t sir…”

“I didn’t abandon him!” the ensign cried.

”Ah know yew didn’t sir…”

“How was I supposed to know that he was going to need me?” McGee shouted.

”There wuz no way tuh predict thet sir,” Billy Bob assured him.  ”Boy do Ah wish there was a counselor here,” he muttered under his breath, ”in danger uh gettin’ blowed up instead uh me…”  He tapped his combadge.   ”Suq, Ah don’t mean, Ah say Ah don’t mean tuh interrupt but do yuh have a moment tuh chat ol’ buddy?”

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali Trubolift | In Transit| USS Theurgy | Vectr 01 ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada @Auctor Lucan 

The grinding of his teeth were almost audible at that point, in the narrow confines of the turbolift. The car was swiftly ascending from Deck 07, where the junior Lieutenant had been in the middle of a ...heated discussion about the sheer stupidity of members of the crew, and the galling belief that he could do something about it. This had been carried out with Simon Tovarek, playing the role of mediator, and (at least in Sarresh's mind) the other occupant of the turbolift car, Lt. Cmdr. Vivian Martin. His new superior. For what little that matters, Morali thought darkly.

Oh, he was fairly certain that Martin was competent. She wouldn't hold the rank she had if she were anything less that useful, or so he'd hoped. She was an unknown, but then, so were most people on the ship. She was attractive, for a human woman, but Sarresh barely paid her any mind. He had eyes for one woman at this point, a realization cemented the evening prior. Just the thought of that curled his lip into a wry smirk, that he suppressed reluctantly. He didn't want to appear in a good mood the second he walked onto the bridge on Thea's summoning. And he certainly didn't want to seem like he was amused at Martin. He understood her issues with the ....the cult.

Bunch of fucking idiots, he thought darkly, crossing his arms tighter. They had attacked the new Science Department Head. That would make anyone bitter. What he took issue with was her lumping the whole damn thing on his shoulders. I never told them to go form a fucking cult around me. Of all the stupid ass, illogical - His train of thought broke as the turbolift arrived at its destination.

[Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 |  USS Theurgy]

Moments later Sarresh stepped onto the bridge of the Theurgy and let his eyes dart around at the scent unfolding. He picked up various and sundry readings from the crew, all fo them tense. On the screen, the tableau of the nebula spread out before them, and the scientist in Sarresh took a moment to enjoy the view. Something that he had not done nearly enough of, since coming to this ship of the damned. And here I am, damned right along side them, while trying to save them all. He felt eyes on him, disdain, that put him on the defensive as he stepped out of Martin's way. He started to cross his arms defensively, then stopped and instead snapped one fist hard into the palm of the other, behind his back.

"Lt. Morali, reporting as ordered." Crisp. Professional. Academic almost. No hint that he felt the anger coming off of some of the staff, placing the blame for this situation h his shoulders. Fucking try and pin this on me he thought.

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