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Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

Stardate 57669.17
April 24, 2381
0915 HRS

[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | First City | Qo'noS]
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Attn: @Brutus @Pierce

The day was still young –and the two Klingons who briefly slowed their pace to stare at Amanda in silent astonishment even younger so- but it was already a warm day in the First City. If there had ever been a battle for dominance over the Klingon Empire, which literally happened just a little under a week ago, the First City had clearly grown so accustomed to these kind of things by now that the resulting fallout hardly seemed to bother the civilian population. At least not in the Waterfront District.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby, the Resident Psychiatrist aboard the USS Theurgy, took a hold of the guardrail in front of her and closed her blue eyes before leaning backwards and tilting her head up towards the sun. There was a soft but nonetheless very refreshing breeze coming from the Qam-Chee River that caused ripples on the calm surface water, and the Klingon who had prepared their provisions for the day and brought them aboard their little sloop had made quite a show of swearing on the honour of his House that it was a beautiful day for a boating trip through the Waterfront District.

Standing on the boulevard just next to the pier, it wasn’t hard for Amanda to believe him even though she had yet to set foot aboard the small cabin sloop. This was going to be an absolutely wonderful day, and the blonde-haired Martian knew that the company would be even better.

It all began a week ago, when Lieutenant Commander Hathev had assigned her the routine case of Commander Natalie Stark. While there was nothing to indicate that the brunette Executive Officer was in need of mental healthcare, Amanda was assigned to build rapport and assess if the sudden burden of command wasn’t too straining on the young former Chief Operations Officer. The latter part of her assignment went rather well and Amanda had shared her findings with the Chief Counselor days ago, but the part of building rapport was… somewhat of a mixed bag, to say the least. Even though she had gotten along extremely well with Commander Stark, especially upon finding out that they’d been practically neighbours during the earlier parts of their respective lives, a series of miscommunications and unfortunate confusion had left them… somewhere, but it was hard for Amanda to really say where that was.

In an attempt to find out just where they stood, and to salvage what could possibly be a very nice friendship in the process, Amanda had invited the Executive Officer to a boating trip on the Qam-Chee River. While a part of her worried that Natalie would decline the invitation and request a different Counselor instead, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist was pleasantly surprised when the Commander actually took her up on the offer.

A third Martian, Ensign Lauren Pierce, was also invited to tag along at literally the very last minute. Amanda had met the red-haired Assistant Chief CONN Officer just the night before following a chance encounter at the Public Baths, and they had actually gotten along really well. A little under half an hour before she was scheduled to depart to the First City, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist had gotten the idea that it could be a nice surprise for Natalie to bring yet another Martian girl along for their trip and, as such, she decided to send Lauren an invitation as well.

And so it was that Amanda now found herself standing on a boulevard in the Waterfront District, enjoying the weather while awaiting the arrival of the two other Martian girls. As the sun warmed her face, the blonde-haired Martian was glad that Sarah’s invitation had mentioned wearing off-duty clothing for the day; wearing the regular Starfleet black would have been torture in direct sunlight, especially out on the water. Instead, knowing they would go out on a boating trip, Amanda had put a lot of effort into replicating herself a brand new sun dress just for this occasion. The cotton dress was gold coloured with an intricate white pattern and sparkling sequins, sleek and tight fitting around her natural curves, but at the same time remarkably light and extremely comfortable. Maybe it was a little on the risky side as well, given that it was definitely a little low-cut and only further accentuated the ample curves of her breasts –Amanda hadn’t failed to notice that she’d drawn a lot of stares since her arrival on the boulevard- but given that they would be out on the water all day long, the Martian Psychiatrist hadn’t really been overly bothered by it. Amanda’s outfit was finalized by a small golden purse which contained some personal items, including her combadge, and an elegant white sun hat that matched her dress.

Amanda didn’t know how much time had passed until she heard the movement behind her –according to the discreet golden chronometer around her right wrist it was exactly the time which she had mentioned in her invitation to Natalie and Lauren, so it couldn’t have been more than mere minutes- but when she turned around to the sound of heels clacking on the pavement she was met with the unexpected sight of two well-endowed women, a redhead and a brunette, who approached her with equally friendly expressions. Returning their smiles with one of her own, Amanda also took a step in their direction and opened her mouth to welcome her friends.

Only the voice that left her soft, pink glossed lips wasn't her own. It was a low, eerily soft voice, almost like a whisper, with an unsettling staccato echo.


That was when Amanda’s blue eyes opened and she awoke with a sharp, shivering gasp.

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Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

It was rather unexpected for Lauren to be invited to a public outing, especially without Tessa in tow. Around these parts, she'd been the lesser known individual lacking the many diverse friendships that her blonde friend enjoyed. However, when the invitation from Amanda Ashby met her personal console, she felt a wave of excitement hit her. She'd read in the invite that it was to the Klingon homeworld too. And not that she wasn't already familiar with the planet, this was different. This time, it was with the ship's executive officer and one of their counselors. She was the lowest woman on the totem pole so to speak. But all of them had one thing in common, and that was that they were all martians.

Her mind was buzzing about as she rushed to get to the predestined coordinates that her new friend gave her. Not wanting to leave a bad impression at all. Well, despite the impression that was given at the public bathhouse with Amanda, Tessa and herself all in the buff. Nevertheless, she'd gained a new friend and really enjoyed talking with Amanda whether Tessa allowed it or not. But this would be good she thought. A time to get to meet the XO and Amanda more personally without Tessa hanging about. Besides, Tessa was likely licking her wounds and level of drunken stupor from their holodeck adventure. Something that made her giggle slightly at the thought of.

Reaching into her closet, she pulled a silky white dress that hugged her curves in all the right places, leaving some of her top-half endowments rather open for public viewing. She didn't care though. It was more for comfort and if they saw, she could care less. After admiring her visage in the mirror, she dashed out towards the transporter, grabbing the nearest turbolift she could get her hands on.

The timing was running out and she hoped to meet her friend quickly and on time, but that wasn't always the case in her life. Time liked to screw with her. From meeting her descendent and Tessa's trauma at her supposed death, it was a cruel master. Finally the life opened and she ran to the transporter room and told the chief where to send her. With any luck, it'd be close by Amanda.

Stepping on the transporter pad, she waited for the dematerialization as it shimmered around her. The ship's deck now gone and replaced by a Klingon beach front area. Nearby was the Amanda at the Waterfront District in a gold dress. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Definite competition for her own but she wasn't trying to compete. She spotted nearby the ship's XO which was also a stunner. A brief thought made her wonder what she was hiding beneath her own outfit but also caused her to wonder what was in the martian water that gifted the three of them so well. Shaking her head, Lauren walked up to Amanda and then, she seemed to lose everything after that.

Lauren awoke and at first, couldn't seem to move. Her arms and legs felt heavy as did her body, but at the same time, rather light. Almost too light she thought to herself. She felt cold on top of that as she heard the words, "Wake". Although it wasn't her own voice it sounded as if it came from nearby. It was sort of eery to say the least. She opened her eyes slowly as her eyes adjusted to the room, which seemed rather bland. Steel like visuals surrounded her. She tried to turn her head and was met with excess effort to do so. But she managed and as she turned, she didn't see the source of the voice. What Lauren did see however was the naked forms of both of her comrades from the ship that she was due for a jaunt on the river with.

Attempting to grasp her faculties, she leaned forward finally with a startle as full awareness hit her. The source of the cold was discovered now. She too was stripped of her clothing and still unsure of what just transpired.

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Qam-Chee River Waterfront District | First City | Qo'noS ]Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan @Pierce 

Natalie Stark still wasn't entirely sure why she had agreed to this little outing that Lt (jg). Amanda Ashby had suggested. Not four days ago she'd had her first counseling session with the older woman and had come to the conclusion that her methods were not exactly what Natalie usually expected from the counselors assigned to Starfleet vessels. The jury was still out on whether or not this was a good thing. She did know the whole encounter had been rather embarrassing, a feeling only multiplied by the reactions of the one person that she had told, though in her defense the events could seem quite humorous from an outside perspective and it was not as if the person in question did not have Natalie's best intentions at heart, even if they found her predicament amusing.

Nevertheless, the unexpected invitation to take a private boat tour of the Waterfront district along the Qam-Chee river in Qo'noS' famous first city had come as a surprise to Natalie. She was still unsure if this was some thinly veiled counseling session or simply someone looking to blow off a little steam in the company of an officer that had the potential to be a friend and with whom they shared a similar background. It was true that Nat had not had much time with fellow Martians in her career in Starfleet, though there seemed to be a growing number of her planetary kin aboard the Theurgy these days. The very talented holographer and fighter pilot Daniel Havenborn came readily to mind, even if he came from one of the domed colonies that most other Martians tried to pretend didn't exist. She'd enjoyed touring his program of her home planet, and had provided input as she could about the town she'd grown up in after their little excursion in the holodeck. She'd also suggested Lt. Ashby get to know the man if she were interested in meeting more Martians.

However, as Natalie found out shortly before leaving her quarters for the river cruise, a different Martian would be joining them. Nat didn't know much about the ships most recent Assistant Chief Flight Controller, having been on the bridge only a handful of times with the redheaded ensign since they'd come aboard. She was fairly certain that she'd read a note that there might be some relation between her and one of the Assistant Intelligence Chiefs, though this was only because the other woman's file had been flagged due to the nature of her temporal displacement. She'd not known at all that Lauren Pierce was from Mars.

Seeing as this jaunt was clearly a 'Mars girls day out' sort of affair and strictly off duty, Nat had enlisted a bit of help from her girlfriend in picking out a dress that was suitable to the climate and sufficiently touristy. She'd eschewed the local garb, as Klingon casual wear still included quite a bit of armor plating and fur, and the days weather report from the planet below convinced Natalie that if she wore something culturally appropriate, she'd die of heat exhaustion. In addition to a wide brimmed hat to shade her from the Klingon sun, and a pair of relatively sensible heels (that still left her a few inches shorted than the junior lieutenant organizing the days events), Vanya had set Natalie up with a spaghetti strapped sundress made of cool, off white cotton fabric with black geometric patterns worked into the material. It was built to provide some support for her admittedly impressive bust, and then simply flowed down her body from that point, cutting to a fine line just below her knees.

Honestly, the ensemble was rather tame, compared to some of the outfits that the Romulan android preferred to wear - and occasionally goaded Natalie into trying on while off duty. The shorter woman was impressed at her paramour's tact and restraint. A quick parting a kiss and a promise to keep an eye out for something fun to bring back had found Natalie making her way to the nearest transporter room with a small bag tucked under her arm.

The transport down to the public transporter station had been utterly uneventful. Humans were no longer so uncommon that her presence was a surprise and it wasn't as if the entire population of the Empire was unaware of the Theurgy and what the ship had done in the midst's of the most recent would be Klingon Civil War. Natalie didn't have to go the extra mile to hide who she was as she'd had to do on Aldea, though a the same time she did not advertise that she was from the Theurgy either. Plenty of Starfleet personnel were on Qo'noS, and it was easily enough to tuck her communicator into her bag instead of attaching it to her dress.

Luck would have it that Natalie ended up beaming down shortly after one of the members of the planned excursion, Ens. Pierce, though the shorter Martian didn't realize that at first. She just noticed a redhead woman in a form fitting white dress ahead of her and slightly to the left. She managed to catch up and get a good look at the Ensign, recognizing her when the other Martian had slowed down to wave to Ashby. The blonde of the trio would always stand out in a crowd, Natalie mused, and rolled her eyes as she moved to join the other two. She could practically hear all the jokes about 'Martian water' that would be said by anyone who knew anything about any of them. They go so old after a while, even if they held true.

Nat opened her mouth to say as much (as well as formally introduce herself to the younger pilot) when the world seemed to grow fuzzy for Nat. Everything felt heavy, as if she were falling asleep after staying up for one too many shifts. The sound of the river roared in her ears, as her view seemed to tilt to the side, before sliding into blackness.

[Somewhere Else | Unknown]

Consciousness returned with a sudden cold snap, and a ragged breath from the Martian First Officer. Her eyes snapped open, and though the room was not brightly lit, she still felt a pain as she struggled to adjust. The words whispered in her ear had done the job, and Natalie had indeed woken. Taking stock of her situation did not come easy or swiftly, but when it did hit, the shortest of the trio thunked her head back against the surface she seemed pinned against. She could not see the force that held her down, but she could move nothing but her head. Which was probably for the best as she might do real damage to herself.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Not again! How does this keep happening? She almost glared over at Ashby, not that it was the Lieutenants fault, but this was the second time in less than a week that Natalie ended up unintentionally naked in the other woman's presence. This was compounded by the fact that both Amanda and the woman that had to be Laruen Peirce were also just as naked as Natalie. And just as cold, she noted absently, seeing that all three of them sported telltale signs that the temperature in the steel chamber was a bit too cool to be truly comfortable.

Natalie tried to cross her legs, cover the short, trimmed bush she sported and hide some of her nudity, but found all she could move was her head. She could do nothing for her current state, and desperately tried not to think about what happened the last time she'd been unwillingly restrained and forcibly disrobed. Those were nightmares she did not need right now. No, as the senior officer she could not afford to panic. Instead she shut her eyes, took a few deep breaths to steady herself and strained her ears, listening for any sign that they were not alone.

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Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Location]
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Attn: @Brutus @Pierce

It was a little over four years ago since Amanda had last suffered through this kind of splitting headache, and in that particular instance her distress was caused by an incredible hangover that resulted in her swearing off any future excesses of alcohol. That was the best comparison she could come up with and still, this was much, much worse. As the blonde-haired Psychiatrist struggled to regain her bearings in the blinding illumination of her surroundings, she tried to ignore the high-pitched ringing in her ears that only further added to her headache. For a brief moment she closed her blue eyes once more and took a couple of very deep breaths, both to prepare and mentally brace herself, before she made an attempt to bring up her right arm to shield her eyes. Her intention had been to slowly push herself up into a seated position to scope out her surroundings while covering her eyes from the bright illumination, but that plan was cut short because, as she attempted to raise her right arm, the entire limb tingled painfully as if asleep and simply refused to cooperate.

As she tried to move her other limbs, or anything for that matter, Amanda soon discovered that the only thing she could really move was her head. While a certain panic began to immediately take a hold of her, especially given that she was laying on this slab completely naked, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist closed her eyes again and repeated her tested-and-true method of taking a couple of deep breaths to stay calm. She knew that no one would stand to gain from panicking or irrational thought, and she’d have to look at her situation from an analytical and collected point of view, list like Starfleet trained her to do.

With one final deep breath, Amanda opened her eyes once more and she began to analyse the predicament she’d found herself in. The last thing she remembered was meeting with Natalie Stark and Lauren Pierce for a Martian Girls Day out on the Qam-Chee River, and now she found herself laying on a hard, crude kind of medical slab made of some sort of durasteel polymer. Her eyes were slowly starting to adjust to the bright illumination at that point, helped in no small part by the fact that Amanda had turned her head to the side and was no longer staring directly into the overhead lights, and the high-pitched ringing in her ears also began to subside.

Now she could slowly begin to make out her surroundings, Amanda began to look around the room and noticed a second slab to her right; it supported the equally naked -and apparently cold- form of Commander Natalie Stark, and the mere shock of suddenly seeing her companion was enough to almost give Amanda a heart attack right there and then. When the initial shock subsided, she breathed a sigh of relief and spoke up in a hoarse, Martian-accented voice. ”Nat? Are you alright?” Suddenly speaking up sent Amanda into a coughing fit however and, while she coughed, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist instinctively tried to raise her arm to cover her mouth. While the limb still tingled like it was asleep, it was no longer painful and she found herself able to slightly move her arm, albeit sluggish, as the effects of their tranquiliser began to subside. ”Where are we? This definitely wasn’t in the brochure.” The blonde-haired Lieutenant Junior Grade grinned in reply to her jape and it was at that moment, when she slightly raised her head in an attempt to see what else she could move, that she spotted Lauren Pierce on a slab on the other side of Natalie’s. For what it was worth, it forced a small sigh of relief from Amanda’s lips; at the very least the three of them were still together, and at a first glance none of them looked hurt. ”Is Lauren alright?”

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Qam-Chee River Waterfront District | First City | Qo'noS ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan 

Hardly one to call out the junior officer for skipping rank when there were no pips - or clothes - in sight, on what was supposed to be a strictly off duty affair, Natalie nevertheless wondered if she should insist on such adherence in a moment like this. Off Duty or not she was a full fledged Commander and it was her responsibility to do her best to see that she got the other two women (and herself, of course) out of this situation. She had to set an example for them to follow. Difficult to do when it felt like there was something holding her in place. Frowning, she tried to twist about on the bed, and found that she could wiggle her fingertips and manage to twist her right foot to the side, then back upright, but that was about it for the moment.

Probably some sort of biological agent induced paralysis, and nothing permanent, she decided, finding hope where she could.

"That depends entirely on your definition of 'all right,' but I am conscious, yes, if not exactly thrilled with our current predicament," she paused, then frowning, added, "a circumstance I am finding happening far too often lately. What was that old Earth Saying? 'Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action?' I think we might need to skip over coincidence..."

Mustering herself, Natalie looked around the bare room for some sign of where they were. It was the kind of white that most humans would define as 'clinical', even if many sickbay's aboard starships avoided such pure, impersonal tones in their facilities. It gleamed in a way that older Starfleet vessels hulls would shine in the dark of space, lit by their own running lights. Otherwise they appeared to be in a featureless chamber, rounded corners still giving the suggestion of a cube shaped enclosure, rather than a sphere. Frowning, the senior officer pushed herself up on one arm - or attempted to at least. She nearly rolled herself right off the platform she lay on and was only just able to stop from planting herself face first on the - yup - equally plain floor. Still she could see Peirce, the other woman flat on her back, chest rising and falling slowly.

"Ensign, its time to wake up," Natalie called out, unable to say for sure what the girls state was, other than still under the influence of whatever concoction was used to impair all three of the Martian officers. This is starting to feel like a bad holonovel.

No sooner had Natalie thought that, than a voice seemed to echo around the room. She could not pinpoint where the (obviously hidden) speakers were, but the words and tone sent a chill down her spine. Easy enough to do in the room that was too cool to be entirely comfortable without some layer of clothing on. But the temperature did not cause her to freeze up, simply the words.

"We perceive that you are waking earlier than intended. This is of no consequence," it began, in understandable Federation standard, but the odd inflections and tones reminded her of transmissions from a rather highly advanced species that the Theurgy had managed to make allies out of - or a faction of that species, because she was fairly certain the 'good Savi' would not have kidnapped her. Sure enough, the disembodied voice confirmed her suspicions.

"Your presence has been deemed necessary by the Scion High Council. You should feel honored that your last moments will be used to bring further enlightenment to our collectives knowledge and efforts to further correct imbalance in this sector of space. You will remain in your holding chamber. There is no means of escape, so you would be better off preparing yourself to meet and answer the questions of the Council, or making peace with whatever primitive notions of a higher power your species may have." With that, the words cut off, and the room was plunged into silence, as Natalie swallowed back the feeling of bile rising in the back of her throat.

She had been spared abduction by the Savi when the Theurgy first encountered them, by virtue of being too unremarkable to merit experimentation, and not of hybrid decent - which the Savi, operating under a false interpretation of their own Code, considered anathema - to require abduction and correction. Events had unfolded to the point that a revolution was sweeping the Savi people, pitting believers in the way of the Old Code (and thus, allies of the Theurgy, against hardliner adherents under the sway of the Scion High Council (themselves in turn controlled by the same parasites infesting Starfleet Command).

It seemed she could no longer claim to have that distinction of 'never kidnapped by the Savi.' The faction that was of gravest concern had just gotten their hands on Natalie. She could well imagine what they might want from her, but the other two..."You must let my companions go. They would not know anything of worth to the Council. It would be a trivial matter for you to spare them."

She did her best to keep her voice calm and collected, and surprised herself to hear that she had managed just that. Less surprising, but infinitely more disappointing, was the complete and total lack of response from their captors.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Sitting up again at Natalie's comment to wake up she attempted to speak and her vocal cords appeared to work this time as did her body. She rolled and fell to the cold metallic flooring, bare skin feeling the brunt of it, partially cushioned by her rather large chest. "Oomph! Sorry sir. I was awake but...couldn't quite get any words out yet." She pushed herself up off the floor as she heard the Commander's comments to the Savi who abducted them. Words that the Savi had no intention of listening to.

Glancing downward as she stood, she took note of the cool air that brushed her nipples in the room. Positioning her head the other direction, she saw the naked forms of Commander Stark and Lt. Ashby standing up nearby. "Looks like whatever they wanted, it was a full examination." She said wryly.

"What did it mean by our presence has been deemed necessary? What possible reason could they need us specifically? Is it the Martian bloodline?" She chuckled briefly but realized it really wasn't a laughing matter. "Sorry sir. Can't help it. It's a coping mechanism."

Taking a few breaths, as the breaths began to accelerate faster, she peered around the room to look for an out. The room was a large cube of sorts, with very little aside from some controls, doors, and the medbay beds they'd been previously sedated to. "And what the hell are these things? I've never met Scions before! I've never even heard of them!?" Tears began to form in her eyes.

The fright was beginning to take hold. Flashbacks in her mind of the P.O.W. camps from the Dominion War were flooding back to her and taking her down a terrible road she wasn't sure she could handle again. Her hands clasped her head as she backed into a corner, crouching down and holding over her bent legs and burying her face into them. She couldn't handle this, she just couldn't she thought. A slight bout of courage hit her however as she remembered her ancestor and Tessa. What would Tessa do? Or Alana? She pondered it as she held her eyes closed. Terror still holding tight as she tried desperately to get her faculties back in order to help. Afterall, she was with two of Starfleet's finest and had more of a chance. Especially with Natalie around.

Sniffling and fighting back the fear and tears she looked back up. "What do we do? I can't be captured again! I j-j-just can't!" She cried in anger at the air. Tears flowing down her bare skin as she felt the heat of embarrassment flood her face knowing she should be handling this better than she was currently. "W-what can we do from in here? There's nothing here unless someone can read their language and computers. We're locked in here."

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Location]
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Attn: @Brutus @Pierce

Always the optimist, Amanda was glad to see that -despite everything else- neither Natalie nor Lauren had suffered any serious injuries. At least none that they could feel or see from the outside. So even though Ensign Pierce chose to roll off her slab and Commander Stark voiced their collective displeasure in an annoyed tone that hit a little bit too close to home for the blonde of the Martian trio, especially considering what had happened the last time she’d gone out with Natalie, the most important thing for now was that they were alright. It gave them something to work with, at the very least.

It was at that moment, just as Amanda began to feel confident enough to make an attempt at getting up, when a voice suddenly began to echo through the room. As she listened, the blonde-haired Martian kept laying on her back to be able to give the disembodied speaker her undivided attention, but what she heard genuinely scared her. While the words were concerning enough, it became especially disturbing in combination with the cold, calculated tone of voice that spoke them; it was obvious to Amanda that these were no idle threats, and that the disembodied speaker wasn’t bluffing or trying to mentally break them.

The most scary part of the entire ordeal wasn’t the disembodied speaker though, nor his disturbing tone of voice. To Amanda, the one thing that downright scared her the most was the reply of Commander Stark; her willingness to sacrifice herself for her and Ensign Pierce right from the start.

Knowing that she would need to make a strong response to strengthen her words, not just towards Natalie but also towards Lauren, who was starting to panic about their downright disturbing predicament, Amanda made an attempt to push herself up onto one arm. Her first attempt failed and she flopped back onto the slab but, after taking a couple of deep breaths and gritting her teeth, the blonde-haired Martian made another attempt and now succeeded in pushing herself onto one arm to face Natalie. In doing so, her ample 34E-sized breasts jiggled proudly in defiance of gravity, and in full view of the Executive Officer as well. They were perked because of the rose pink-coloured areola, which were roughly three inch in diameter, and the obviously hard nipples at their apex left little question to the fact that Amanda was cold. ”No.” As she spoke, Amanda’s Martian-accented voice further stressed the determined look on her face. ”I’m not leaving you. We managed to get into this together and we’ll manage to get out of this together.”  Amanda managed to make her voice sound a lot more determined than she actually was at that moment, but she knew that keeping up their morale and supporting Commander Stark was the best thing she could do. It was what she’d been trained to do, just never under these extreme circumstances.

Amanda carefully tried to move her legs and, after discovering that she was able to somewhat move them again, slowly slipped them off the slab in an attempt to sit on the edge. It was small steps at a time and even though it allowed both Natalie and Lauren an unrestricted view of basically everything she had, from her jiggling breasts down to her cleanly shaved lower lips, the blonde-haired Martian simply didn’t care at that moment. After taking a couple of deep breaths to mentally prepare herself, Amanda hopped off the slab and onto her feet; almost instantly, her knees buckled beneath the weight of 143lbs of blonde-haired Psychiatrist and Amanda fell forwards. The only thing that kept her from falling to the floor was Natalie’s slab, which was directly in her path. As she was holding on to it and tried to regain her balance, Amanda managed to get a very close-up look of the brown-haired Martian in the process and her blue eyes very briefly glanced at the other woman’s ample breasts and the short-trimmed bush. In those brief moments before Amanda turned her blue eyes towards Ensign Pierce, her own ample breasts had firmed up a little more at the view.

”Don’t worry, Lauren!” As she spoke, Amanda’s voice had its determined tone once again and her friendly smile only further accentuated her words. ”Look at it from the bright side! You’re locked up with us, and there’s definitely worse company to have, right?” While it might’ve come off as a joke, which only seemed more obvious by Amanda’s cheesy grin and her shaky thumbs-up, that was exactly how the Martian Psychiatrist had intended it. They would be alright, and Lauren had actually hit extremely close to home with her comments about reading their computers. After all, when she was assigned to monitor and guarantee the mental wellbeing of Commander Natalie Stark just four days earlier, she had read everything there was to read about the younger brunette’s Starfleet history. Amongst the things she’d learned was that the woman was a living prodigy in terms of computers and programming language; Natalie Stark could turn a sonic shower into a working shuttlecraft and still finish with spare parts, so if there was one person that could at least get them out of this holding cell it would be their Executive Officer. Saying that out loud would only lead to their disembodied captors separating them from Natalie, and if that would happen then there would be no chance of escape.

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan 

As a Starfleet Commander, Natalie was not used to being ignored when she spoke, or attempted to negotiate. Even the Klingon's had listened to her and at the very least bothered to give her some sort of response, even if that had been to call her a p'taq and open fire on her ship in recent days, or snarl and question her wits. She had managed to come out on top of both such encounters in recent days. Being flat out ignored irked her however, and a scowl darkened her face. A reaction a long way away from the meek Lieutenant she'd been when she first took a posting aboard the Theurgy.

Ire would likely do her no good, save as a motivator to try and press on. Shouting at the walls would not get another response, and standing there, naked and pouting at invisible jailers was hardly going to help her cause. Never mind that she had not expected to make much headway, she had still thought that their captors would continue to engage a bit longer. And she was duty-bound to make an attempt at getting her subordinates set free, their security ensured. There was nothing for it now but to focus on them, and seeing if the three of them could find a way out of this mess they found themselves in.

All the while she had to remind herself not to glare at Lt. Ashby. There was no way the young woman could actually be responsible for the ill fortune that continued to befall Natalie's state of (un)dress in her fellow Martian's presence.

Barely containing a groan at the redheads poor joke - one she had heard so many times it had long since ceased to be amusing - Natalie nearly scolded the junior officer.  She thought her younger, for a moment, until she remembered that they were of a similar age. A realization that knocked her slightly off kilter, given the gross disparity in their rank and position. Certainly enough to take the wind out of her sails for a moment, and temper any response she had for the junior pilot. In the time it took her to shake herself out of her own thoughts, maters had deteriorated for the buxom young officer, and Natalie was seeing the end result of years of repressed struggles that she had little to no context for dealing with.

Thankfully that was what Amanda Ashby was for. Of course the first thing she did was contradict Natalie, undercutting her position with the Savi - not that they were paying any attention. She supposed it was noble of her, and Natalie was sure she would have said something similar if the roles were reversed and she was the junior officer trapped in a room with someone like Anya Ziegler or Captain Ives themselves, bound and determined to protect her commanding officer. Except now these two her her responsibility. Funny how uncomfortable the shoe felt on the other foot. She watched a tragedy of comedy unfold as the blonde tried to maneuver herself into a position to provide proper care and comfort for the Ensign, getting entirely too far into Natalie's own personal bubble, but there was little for it, as the brunette Martian slowly tried to get her own body back under control.

Deftly ignoring the sheer amount of appealing flesh on display, Natalie sucked in a breath and slowly let it out. "Lt. Ashby is right, Ensign. You could have far worse companions for company. I've been in a few unpleasant circumstances such as these before. As long as we keep calm and work together we can make it through this and get back to the ship."

Tabling the notion of reprimanding Ashby for her well placed disregard for Natalie's attempt at securing the other women's safety at the cost of her own, the ships first officer slowly moved away from her own table, on shaking legs. Hardly a picture of dignity, she reached out and managed to interpose herself between both women, one hand on a bare arm of each of hte other. This was as much for mutual comfort as to keep herself from falling down, but hopefully they would not pick up on that.

"Look at me, each of you, she instructed, waiting until she had their attention, and keeping her eyes fixed on their faces, darting back and forth, holding their gazes (and not looking at other sights, delectable though they may be). "Slow, deep breaths. We need to take stock of what we know, and then we can decide how to proceed forward. Someone will notice we are missing soon enough and come in pursuit. We were out in the open after all. Our duty now is to do our best to hold it together and escape."

For a moment she debated what to tell Ens. Pierce about the Savi. The pilot clearly had not been briefed on them, and for a moment Natalie could not be sure if the counselor had been informed either. Bugger, she thought, closing her eyes, centering herself and taking a deep breath. "You have not heard of the Savi before, Ensign, because you are new to the ship and have missed our prior interactions. Their mere existence is highly classified and not well known outside of our crew. They are a highly advanced species with an iron clad code of ethics that they adhere to. They are also undergoing their own civil war over that code, and some of them have allied with us against the greater threat of the Infested that darken our galaxy with total annihilation as their end goal.

"Unfortunately for us, the Scion Council of the Savi have been thoroughly infiltrated by the infested. So we are going to have to buckle down and find a way out of this room sooner rather than later. Whatever this ship is up to, we cannot allow it to reach the Council. Anything we can do to throw a wrench in their plans will ultimately help our over all mission.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Lauren began to feel better, or at least her mental state. Her physical state, she was cold, and felt very vulnerable. Not that there was much she could do about either with the creatures that locked them up. Now, it was up to the commander to help get them out of this mess. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she looked at the commander and at Amanda. "'re right..." She sniffed placing her hand on her knee to stand up again. Her torso feeling the brunt of the cool air once again.

Pierce took in the words of Commander Stark as she took them to heart. Nodding in agreement with the commander's words. She took a deep breath and worked up the energy she needed to think rationally. What would Alana do if this were her? Probably be pissed off but use it as fuel... She thought to herself. Lauren closed her eyes and refocused and then opened them.

She glanced around the room, looking for anything that could be of use. Nearby she saw various control panels lit up and operational. Tilting her head an idea struck her. "What about commandeering one of those." She pointed at the panels.

Still unsure whether she had a good idea, she walked, bare footed to the controls and saw them still aglow with what appeared to be spacial coordinates. "I think the voice was right in that they are taking us to their leaders..." She chuckled and went back to reading it. "The coordinates are in a otherwise indistinguishable area. We might be in need of either a way to interact with the controls or comms. But I'm unsure what I am looking at. Maybe you would be more familiar with the controls commander?"

She paused leaving the inquiry for the ranking commanding officer. Walking over to the door which was momentarily open at one point, she touched the various controls and attempted to get them open. It failed of course but she was interested in the options they could do to possibly overload the console and get out. Motioning over to where she now was, she hoped they had an option. "Hey guys! Here appears to be a console of some sort for the doors. Do we have anything we can maybe destroy it or overload it around? Then we might have a fighting chance of getting out of here."

Peering at her synthetic hand, she knew there was an option but wanted to wait and see if she had to commit to destroying her arm before she needed to to at least. Afterall, two hands were better than one. Then again, so were three women with nothing to lose and all to gain in their current predicament. "I mean, I can short circuit my synthetic hand but I'd rather wait if we can find another way. Anyone have luck with power systems?" She inquired not realizing the XO had the know-how with working in Ops previously.

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Location]
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Attn: @Brutus @Pierce

[[OOC: Written with Brutus' approval!]]

As she watched how Commander Stark began to move away from her own table, albeit on legs that were as wobbly as her own, Amanda couldn’t help but to be at least somewhat grateful. While their situation was downright abysmal, there were still at least some things that were working out for the three of them; no one seemed to be in any lasting physical pain and, at least at a first glance, no one seemed to be harmed while they were unconscious. It were only little things, but the situation could still have been worse. Somehow. Either way, focusing on the positive side was just about all that Amanda could do to keep herself from feeling even more anxious about this entire predicament; Klingons could be very unpredictable, and the sheer fact that they were unharmed right at this moment was no guarantee that it would stay that way.

When Natalie reached out and grabbed both her arm and Lauren’s, Amanda instinctively reached out to place her free hand on the Executive Officer’s bare back to stabilize the woman a little better. It was at that very moment, despite the fact that they had so preciously little going for them aside from their physical health, when the brunette proved herself to be a true Commander by rallying their spirits with a firm tone of voice and a matching no-nonsense look that successfully managed to captivate Amanda’s blue-eyed gaze. In all honesty it was a good thing that it did too, because the message which Natalie had to brief them on wasn’t easy go digest; being told that some kind of race known as the Savi were responsible for their entire ordeal instead of some rogue Klingons was a serious blow to Amanda’s resolve. At least with Klingons Amanda could anticipate what was in store for them, but with Savi there was absolutely no way for the blonde-haired Psychiatrist to know just what would await them further down the line.

At least Lauren seemed to live up after hearing that news, and it also strengthened Amanda’s own resolve to watch how the woman began to take the initiative. ”That sounds like a pretty good idea, Lauren!” As she spoke up in response to Lauren’s idea, the blonde-haired Martian of the trio turned her attention to Natalie for a brief moment. It wouldn’t be difficult for someone like Natalie Stark to work her magic on that console, regardless whether it was locked or not, so all they had to do now was wait until the tranquilizer was completely worn off and the former Chief Operations Officer could get to work.

Anything else Amanda had wanted to say was cut short when Lauren suddenly began to walk towards the console she’d mentioned earlier. Feeling how Natalie began to wobble following the sudden loss of support, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist took a hasty -albeit somewhat shaking- step forwards in an attempt to grab the Executive Officer’s vacant arm and compensate for the sudden loss of balance. It technically worked, but while the Executive Officer didn’t hit the deck or anything as drastic, Amanda worried that she wouldn’t be unable to support Natalie her own without having at least something to lean against. As a result she leaned against the only thing she could, and that happened to be Commander Natalie Stark herself; squishing her own ample breasts against the soft flesh of Natalie’s equally ample globes in the process. The blonde-haired Psychiatrist could feel how her own hard nipples rubbed against those of Natalie, and as she bit her lip Amanda deliberately averted her gaze to avoid any deadly looks which the other woman would undoubtedly give her over this noble attempt to keep her from falling.

A gaze which would have been all the more deadly because, after several seconds of balancing Commander Stark like that, Amanda began to realize that the tranquilizer had worn off enough for them to keep their own balance just like Lauren had demonstrated by walking towards the console just moments earlier. ”Wait Lauren, let’s not do anything drastic.” As she spoke, Amanda let go of Natalie and took a quick step back; allowing her breasts to jiggle in proud defiance of gravity once more now they were no longer squished against those of the brunette. ”I think I have a better idea.” Still averting Natalie’s gaze, Amanda gestured towards the Executive Officer while she carefully began to make her way over towards the red-haired Martian and lowered her voice just to make sure that their captors wouldn’t be able to overhear them. ”The Commander is a prodigy when it comes to computer systems, if there’s anyone who can hack this console it will be her.”

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan 

Wondering how she had missed the panels in her first look around the room, Natalie could only blink and stare as she followed the line of sight from Lauren's outstretched arm to the glowing controls in question. Get a grip, Nat. You're supposed to be the leader here, and you're missing the bloody obvious right in front of you! Having scolded herself, she bit the side of her lip for a moment as she watched the redheaded Martian make her way over the panel. The part of her that had recently developed an appreciation for the female form once again began to conclude that her appreciation on a physical level was not wholly restricted to her current (first, only) girlfriend, Vanya. That part was mildly embarrassed to admit that the view of Pierce walking away was aesthetically pleasing, and mildly horrified to have long-standing convictions about herself questioned, yet again.

The rest of her was more upset at missing the interface to begin with, and worried that the ensign was going to get herself hurt poking around an alien console she knew nothing about.  Processing what the girl had said, Nat wobbled a bit, to regain her balance, as if her body had just now noticed it had lost part of its support. This in turn pulled Lt. Ashby into her, resulting in what could only be described as an embarrassingly pleasant muddle of bodies, leaving her bust snuggled firmly against an equally plump pair of breasts belonging to the counselor. Another time, another place, and with an altogether different person, Natalie would have truly enjoyed that feeling. As it was, she was mostly mortified, partially aroused (there was no denying that the other woman was fit in many of the same ways that Natalie's girlfriend was) and mildly exasperated all at once.

At least I didn't land on my ass, or get smothered and die of asphyxiation by Martian tits, she thought bitterly, trying to find that metaphorical bright side, while dismissing her frustrations and bottling them away with her anxiety and desperation to get out of there and away from the Savi at all costs. She had a duty, and as the two women managed to find their balance and detangle themselves, Nat found herself going through the motion of smoothing out a nonexistent shirt. Habits are habits, I guess.

"Yes, hasty is the last thing I want to be right now," she muttered, once again biting her lip before padding over to the controls. "I think that it would best if you keep your artificial hand as intact as you can for now, Ensign," she continued, having been previously unaware of that particular facet of Lauren Peirce's medical files. Then again, she didn't make it her habit to read the medical details of subordinates when there wasn't a genuine duty based need. And going on a river cruise did not a medical crisis make. She'd behaved herself and didn't snoop, and only now was presented with the possible asset that had she given the girl's record a thorough pass, she would have known going into this.

From now on, I read the full jacket of anyone I go on shore leave with. Period, she decided as she crouched down in front of the panel. "I do know a thing or two about EPS grids and ODN systems. Presuming the Savi power infrastructure is even remotely similar...hmm," her voice trailed off as she began to press buttons in the console, one at a time. She cycled through the whole set, taking note of how the system reacted. No alarms went off, so she took that as a good sign, and shut her eyes, repeating the process, and listening to the variance in the tone. She then worked through the cycle backwards. Forward again. Then began to alternate, working her way through a variety of patterns, increasing the input speed. Soon her fingers were flying across the device, seemingly at random. There was a sudden spark, and she pulled her hand away, fingertips slightly singed as she shook it violently.

"That packs a punch," she groused, sucking on one fingertip and waiting for the tingling pain to subside. A wisp of acrid smelling vapor wafted up out of the panel, and then with a sudden hiss, the doors sprung open. Pleased with herself, she rose to her feet - throwing her uninjured hand against the wall for balance and setting herself jiggling in a distracting fashion - and grinned in triumph as the doors did not immediately close. "I honestly can't believe that worked. Nice to see that some things are universal."

Peeking her head out the door, she looked up and down the corridor. There were several other doors spaced evenly in either direction, the hallway curving out into the distance such that she could not see terribly far down in either path. "Looks like the immediate coast is clear. I guess they thought that primitives like us wouldn't be able to get out. Arrogant pricks," she muttered, hardly professional, but understandable in the situation. "Come on. Let's see if we can find a directory somewhere. Stay close, stay quiet." She gave the order, her voice firming up, as she took the first steps out of the cell, and into the passageway beyond.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Unknown Savi Vessel ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Lauren waited as Amanda advised her to stand down at the terminal. Sure she had some hacking skills too but having a previous chief of operations and hacker on staff as the ship's XO was a much better option. She lifted her arms and backed away in a joking manner which only served to accentuate the two large orbs positioned on her chest. Her mind wandered a little as she remembered how Tessa the night before fondled and weighed in her palm the large breasts of Amanda and herself. Today wasn't supposed to be a continuation but here they were. Another species experiment on the female anatomy.

Looking at Commander Stark, although her superior, they all shared that genetic trait from the Martian homeworld. Beauty and large busts which she didn't understand the joke until arriving at the Theurgy and meeting several others with well-endowed chests. She admired Amanda's having seen them before but was as mesmerized by Starks as she could imagine the Commander was. As unique and odd of a situation as this was. She bit her lip slightly as she looked at the two beautiful women she was with. Not having really given it thought before but she was interested.

Shaking the thoughts from her mind she knew she needed to focus on the mission at hand. Natalie gave Lauren the okay to not damage her artificial hand quite yet. There may be a need later but for now, it wasn't required. The commander clearly knew about the EPS grids and the power structures no matter the ship.  Stepping to the side as the commander walked to the console, and began hitting what appeared to be random keys which in actuality was setting the console to overload and release control to the automation in the room. As she was about to speak, the doors wooshed open and she laughed at her joke about things being universal.

Leading the charge, Natalie took point and Lauren followed close behind. Peering around the corners and watching for possible adversaries. "The coast appears to be clear here commander. If we can manage to find a ship, I can fly us out of here before these cretins know what hit 'em." She said matter of factly. Truthfully she hoped that they could find another ship or at the very least a rescue ship to board.

Luckily their feet didn't make much noise if any on the cold deck plates since they were completely out of uniform. Although it caused her skin to show goosebumps as her body felt the cold as did her nipples at the cooler temperatures of the halls. She shivered as she attempted to jog in place only to be reminded why that wasn't a good idea when her breast slapped her chest and caused a slight moment of pain. She rubbed the breast to soften the blow. "Yeah, not a great idea if it can be helped. Was merely trying to warm up some." She smiled with a shrug.

They walked onward in what appeared to be a large circular hallway. Eventually running right back towards the room they started in after passing multiple doorways that appeared for all intents and purposes, the same. "Okay this is crap. I'm marking this door so we don't get back here." She stepped onward until she arrived at a door that was distinctly different. "The ship is definitely smaller than expected. Must be a scout vessel."

Lauren pulled at part of her fingertip and splitting a portion open, she zapped the door controls. Placing the synthetic skin back over the nail, she motioned for them to follow her. "I think I found something..." she said as the door swished open.

Peering inside, she saw what appeared to be a control room. One that had a few lone Savi crew members guarding and communicating inside. They looked at the doorway as it opened and then ignored it as it stayed open. Lauren motioned for them to slow down and stop just short of the door frame. She whispered, "Okay, what now? The door is open but we need a way to overpower these bugs if we're going to send a distress signal and get out of here."

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel]
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It was always nice to be proven right and, as the doors sprung open following some creative tinkering by Commander Stark, Amanda couldn’t help but smile; not only because of the rather distracting jiggling of the woman’s large breasts, but also at the fact that the brunette Martian really was a prodigy when it came to matters of technology. As long as Natalie was with them, Amanda was confident that they would have a fighting chance. When the Commander peered around the corner of the doors and subsequently gave them the all-clear, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist quickly fell In behind Lauren as they began to make their way out of the holding cell. Up until that very moment she hadn’t even considered the possibility of running into one of their captors, given as how she preferred to focus on one problem at a time, but now they were quietly making their way through the circular hallway Amanda nevertheless couldn’t help but feel a little anxious over that possibility. After all, they didn’t have anything to defend themselves with when things would inevitably lead to a confrontation.

On the bright side, Lauren was with them as well and -as usual- the woman didn’t fail to lift Amanda’s morale by doing one of her Tessa May Lance impersonations. Contrary to Tessa however, the red-haired Martian was just a little more top-heavy so hopping up and down came with… uncomfortable complications. Uncomfortable to Lauren, at least; as it was, Amanda couldn’t help but softly chuckle about the sudden antics and just briefly forgot about her anxiety as a result.

As long as people like Lauren Pierce wouldn’t change, the Theurgy-mission truly was one worth fighting.

When Lauren arrived at a door that was distinctly different and stepped forwards to mark it, Amanda took up position right behind Natalie and turned her attention back down the circular corridor just to make sure they couldn’t be surprised by anyone sneaking up behind them. That particular stroke of tactical insight evaporated almost immediately however, right after Lauren spoke up about having found something interesting. In a combination of curiosity and anxiety, Amanda turned her attention to the now-open doors and moved past Commander Stark to peer inside; unintentionally blocking the brunette Executive Officer from doing just that.

What Amanda saw inside the room -it appeared to be some sort of control room- shocked her. The two aliens she could see in the room, whom she assumed were the beings which Natalie had referred to as ‘Savi’ were tall; definitely towering over them by at least a foot. It wasn’t their height what shocked Amanda however, but rather how slender the two being were. She squinted her eyes, now thoroughly missing the glasses which had been in her purse, but while she wasn’t familiar with Savi physiology and had trouble focusing, it wasn’t hard to see that the two beings were almost emaciated. One of them, the Savi which was standing on guard, even appeared to be sickish. It was leaning against a bulkhead rather than properly standing guard and, while that could have been misconstrued as simply boredom, their emaciated looks gave enough reason for Amanda to suspect that the two Savi were sick.

”I don’t know how strong they are, but they appear to be sick. Look at how thin they are.” As she spoke to share her observation, Amanda switched her attention between Natalie and Lauren. ”As it is though, we don’t have weapons. Should we distract them somehow?” While she whispered, Amanda carefully peered back into the control room once again; while she did so however, she had to blink several times and squint even harder to focus properly. When she leaned back into cover again, still a little wobbly from their capture, Amanda found herself bumping into Commander Stark once more as she turned around to face the other woman. ”Orders, mum-… ma’am?” After fumbling on her words, Amanda closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths in an attempt to regain her bearings. She had been doing fine until just now, but the blurred sight, lack of coordination and the numbness in her mouth and extremities were slowly starting to return once again and somewhere, deep within the back of Amanda’s mind, there was a voice shouting a warning which she couldn’t quite place yet. 

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 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan  

Glad that she had at least relieved some of the tension and gotten them out of their cage, Natalie managed to summon up some confidence. Success had a habit of building upon itself, and she reasoned that if she could get them out of the room then the trio stood at decent chance of finding a way off the Savi ship. Sure the odds might not be great, but they'd already achieved the first part of the needed goals, and privately she hoped this would instill confidence in the other two women under her care. After all, it was easier to follow an officer that looked as if they had half an idea of what they were doing and the skills to back it up. You could put your faith in that kind of officer, take a measure of hope from their presence. 

Unfortunately for Natalie, she had to be that officer, and lacked one to lean on herself. So she simply did her best to emulate a former Theurgy XO, Anya Ziegler. Wherever the captain of the Cayuga had ended up stashed away, she hoped the woman was alright, and reckoned she wouldn't begrudge Natalie borrowing a bit of her example to bolster her companions. 

Given the certainty in Ens. Pierce's voice, Natalie allowed herself a small, encouraging smile. She was about to voice some more encouragement when the ensign made the mistake of jogging in place. Resisting the urge to palm her own face, she offered up a sympathetic smile instead. "Sorry Ensign. We're all cold, we'll just have to deal with it. Caution trumps warmth. Or calisthenics."

Now was hardly the time to focus on the way the redhead had pleasantly jiggled after all. They had more important things to do, and one more Natalie summoned up the image of her former XO and did her best to mimic the other woman, taking the lead again. In short order they had lapped the deck and marked their room, and found themselves with a conundrum at hand. Clearly there were Savi in the room that Pierce had managed to find, but Natalie couldn't get a great view as she was blocked off by Amanda. Taking a calming breath to tamp down on a flare of irritation at the whole situation in general, and in being cut off by the junior officer in particular, Natalie crossed her arm under her bust. This was her usual placement when crossing her arms, but usually she had a top on and didn't have to worry too terribly much about the effect her arms had. In this event she completely missed the implications of bunching her breasts up and focused on the situation at hand. 

Shaking away what felt like cobwebs dragging across her mind, Natalie blinked and focused, reaching out and steadying Lt. Ashby. "Easy Lieutenant," she murmured, in a soft whisper, as memories of briefings bubbled up in her mind. "We have to be careful. The atmosphere in here isn't like back on the Theurgy." She was kicking herself for not remembering before. Closing her eyes she muttered a soft oath under her breath, before forcing a slow, steady intake of air through her nose. 

"Less oxygen here. Must have provided a better mix for us in our cell. Hardly any Nitrogen. They use...Neon...We have to be careful. If they really are sick....then tackle them. Take them down hard. Its rude but it's all we have. Mass," she almost started to giggle at the thought, and attributed it to the lower oxygen content of the Savi ships general atmosphere. Still gripping Ashby, she gently turned the other woman and pressed her to the wall behind her, before letting go and sliding forward to get her own look into the room. 

Sure enough, even for the Savi that Natalie had seen up close and on view screens, those two looked off. She pursed her lips for a moment and then shrugged. There wasn't much for it. "Ensign, if you can, take the one on the right. I'll go for the left. On three," she ordered, and held up a hand.

She counted up, flicking one finger, then a second. When the third popped up, she bodily pulled herself around the door jam with her other hand and flung herself across the room, bare feet padding on the cold deck plates. The Savi looked up, too little, too late, as 58kg of Martian slammed into it, sending the two sprawling to the deck in a clattering collision of human and Savi flesh. As she swayed and bounced, the room spinning, Natalie tried to remember if she knew anything about how resilient the Savi normally were. With little recourse and the beginning effects of oxygen deprivation making themselves known, the Martian sucked in a ragged gasp, and straddling the Savi did the only thing she could think to do: she brought both of her hands up, lacing her fingers above her head, and slammed them down on its bulbous head. 

The sound was...less than pleasant, and caused her stomach to curl in upon itself in a mild moment of nausea, exacerbated by her bodies need for more oxygen than was strictly available at that moment. This sent the room spinning again for Natalie as she fell forward with her whole weight behind the blow, and felt her hands bounce off the oblong grey skinned skull. There was a nasty thus as the Savi's head bounced off the plating, and the creature stilled, making a noise akin to a low groan. Woozy, Natalie sat back up and blinked a few times, before blowing hair out of her face and looking around, to see how Lauren had done, and if Amanda had followed them into the room or not. 

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Corridor | Unknown Savi Vessel ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

The air was thin and there was certainly less of it in the corridors. Lauren could feel her mind numbing to some degree of some coherent thoughts despite the arena they now found themselves in. But what Amanda and Natalie had stated was true, the Savi were sick and weak looking. Likely worse off than they were with the limited air supply and lack of clothes. She had to blink several times and shake her head of crimson to wake up her mind again. Noting Amanda's difficulties with it too. But she remembered when she was captured by the Breen and Jem Hadar in the Dominion War, where they had her was lacking the air she was used to as well. So she'd learned to adapt to the lower breathes.

Shaking her hands and moving her arms as she attempted to build heat and feeling back into her extremities, Lauren moved out of the way so Natalie could survey the area properly and give them a plan of attack, which didn't take the commander long. She saw the smile of the Theurgy's XO as she spoke to her after the jumping jacks incident. She took note of Natalie's chest as it bunched up under her arms and stared briefly as she realized what she was doing and that it might not do her well presently to do so.

Pierce took note of the commander's words of the atmosphere. It wasn't just the lack of air but something else about it as well. "Aye sir. I've had experience dealing with this sort of thing when I was captured during the Dominion War. Except...I had my clothes...mostly." She smiled wryly as she turned her gaze back at the sickly beings before them.

Natalie's command to take the one on the right was her queue to action as she nodded and smirked before gripping the corner of the wall tightly for a quick shove forward. After the third finger went off, she rocketed herself forward in a face paced run, slightly painful to her chest but wouldn't be much longer once she hit her target. Her feet tapping the floors as she dashed forward and leapt into the air and landed on the back of the Savi she was assigned. The brute fell to the ground in it's weakened state and her chest thankfully, from the martian soil, cushioned her crash landing. She truthfully didn't know what to expect never having seen one of these creatures before but it was exhilarating to her. The adrenaline and attempting to keep her breathing down only added to the excitement.

The sickly creature flailed about like a wild bull beneath Lauren as she grabbed it by the neck to hold on. She managed to kick it in the head which allowed her to not be thrown off the Savi before she saw Natalie clasp her hands to do the Kirk fistfight maneuver. One she was familiar with from her school days and in the P.O.W. encampment. She did likewise and blasted it in the head knocking it out to the ground. The sound of the head clanged on the ground with a crunch as it bounced off and landed with a sickening thud.

Placing her feet on the ground, a dizzy spell hit her and she fell on her hind quarters back on it and then pushed off to standing again to rejoin Amanda and Natalie. "That was wild! Never done that before." She said with a big grin. She wiped her own crimson hair from her face and walked nearby the control panels. It was as odd as it was similar to the Breen and Jem Hadar typed navigation systems. Not totally unfamiliar with it but not quite able to fly it...that she thought.

"This control panel reminds me of the Dominion's shared console. Wonder if our friends here gave them pointers ages ago." She scratched her head and placed her fingers on it to attempt to break the navigation controls. She hit it with her cybernetic hand, denting the offside of the console. "Shoot! It's locked into a set coordinates with no way to break it."

Looking at the console she could see it blinking with some sort of signal but to what, she didn't know. "Commander, there is some sort of signal coming from the nearby console. I'm not sure what it is. Are you familiar with it?"

It was then that something shiny in the corner of the room caught her eyes. They opened wide with excitement. "Is that? It is! I think I found our combadges!" She ran across the medium sized room and collected all three Starfleet combadges into her palm. She pressed her own badge and it lit up with a chirp. "And they work!!" She yelled back as she walked them back to the other two senior officers. "Do you think we can call the Theurgy for help?"

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel]
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Attn: @Brutus @Pierce

Before she knew what was happening, Commander Stark had reached out to steady her. Amanda felt how the brunette gently turned her around and pressed her to the back wall while murmuring and, while doing so, managing to fill in the blanks.

There wasn’t enough oxygen in the air!

As the Commander let go of her and turned her attention to Lauren instead, Amanda closed her eyes and rested the back of her head against the bulkhead behind her while her mind was racing. If they had been exposed to low environmental oxygen from the moment they broke out of their holding cell, they were at serious risk of developing hypoxemia. They were already starting to show the symptoms of oxygen deprivation, or at least she was, and if the symptoms worsened then these aliens were no longer their biggest concern. In an attempt to figure out just how long it had been since they broke out of their holding cell, which Amanda quite frustratingly couldn’t recall anymore, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist tried to list everything they had done since; it only resulted in more confusion however, as she found herself having difficulty differentiating between everything they had done since their breakout and everything else that had crossed her mind since that moment.

The sound of a scuffle drew Amanda back to reality and, as she opened her blue eyes, she noticed that both Natalie and Lauren had rushed into the room ahead of her. Careful to maintain her balance, Amanda crossed the width of the hallway and leaned against the doorframe to peek inside; noticing how the two busty Martians were taking care of the aliens inside. Weakened and most definitely surprised as they were, neither of the aliens were much of a match for the two Starfleet Officers, and a grim smile appeared on Amanda’s face as she briefly watched it happened. In a macabre sense of humour, she couldn’t help but admit that there were definitely worse ways to go. She quickly turned around and began to scan both sides of the corridor however, mindful that they wouldn’t be jumped by any of the other aliens while Natalie and Lauren were taking out those other two.

When the danger had passed, which was announced by one of Lauren’s cheerful quips, Amanda quickly turned her head for a moment to look at the two other women. By then, Lauren was already standing near one of the control consoles and, for a very brief moment, Amanda actually hoped that the woman would be able to access the environmental controls. Judging by the redhead’s reaction however, it wasn’t meant to be. A deep sigh escaped Amanda’s lips in reply while she leaned the side of her head against the doorframe; keeping a watchful eye for any movement in the corridors.

And that was the moment when Lauren thought it was a good idea to yell. While Amanda had heard Lauren’s enthusiastic exclamation about having found their commbadges, Amanda initially disregarded it and focused on her task. When the redhead began to yell in excitement, startling Amanda and most likely everyone in this ship along with her, the blonde Psychiatrist turned around and faced the two other women. ”Lauren! Keep your voice down.” Her own voice was just a whisper as she spoke, and she noticed how she began to wheeze softly. ”If we can’t use those consoles, we have to get back to our holding cell right now.” Amanda turned her blue eyed attention towards Natalie and locked eyes with the other woman’s blues. ”We’re fighting a losing battle right now, and we’re all at risk of becoming hypoxemic. If that happens, those aliens are no longer our biggest concern.” To make her case, Amanda took a step in the direction of Lauren and put her right hand directly onto the soft flesh of the redhead’s ample left breast. She could feel the woman’s hard nipple and the tight areola beneath the palm of her hand as she did so but, most importantly, she could also feel the elevated heartbeat between her thumb and index finger. ”Your heart is beating like crazy, Lauren. Look,” As she turned her attention back to Natalie, completely forgetting to remove her hand from Lauren’s breast in the process, Amanda spoke up once more. ”The symptoms are there already, and at this rate it won’t be long before our heart and brain functions are affected as well. Whatever we need to do, we need to do it right now and head back to a place where we can breathe normally.”

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 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan  

As her vision seemed to cloud for a moment, Natalie swayed, twisting atop the downed Savi technician, looking over to see the Martian Ensign hop up to her feet and jiggle in a pleasing fashion. Pierce was clearly ridding an adrenaline rush from her efforts and successes (judging by both the downed captor that reminded motionless on the floor, and the enthusiastic way the redhead scampered over to the control panel). It took Nat a moment to realize that the girls voice was rising higher and higher in volume the more she worked over the advanced consoles spread across the room. It was then that Natalie realized she herself had managed to get back up to her feet, but could not remember doing so, nor stepping away from the unconscious enemy she had felled. That was a very worrying revelation, and a scowl manifested across her slightly flushed features. 

Carefully she picked her way over to the other side of the console, her expression dark and worried, as her hair floated about her head in a messy bush. As the pilot explained the familiarity she was seeing with the controls, Natalie took a closer look and nodded in slow agreement. "I'm not quite as familiar with Dominion Technology, as I didn't get much first hand access to it during the war," she confessed, nearly jumping when Lauren's displeasure manifested itself in a dented tabletop. "We need to remain calm, Ensign," she cautioned, before pushing herself away to analyze the signal, only to get distracted by the latest series of revelations from the Ensign, and the admonishment from the junior lieutenant, whom had up to that point held back while the two command division captives had done what they could to secure the control room. 

Raking her hands through her hair - and leaving it just as messy, if not in her face any more - Natalie turned to look at the two women, blinking rapidly, flushing in the cheeks. Amanda was still bodily palming Lauren's chest and she had to wonder just what that was about, having not seen the initial grasp and only half hearing the concern over heart rates. Clearing her throat, she licked her lips, and realized she was stalling. Decisions had to be made. "Lt. Ashby is right. We need to keep quiet, and we need to act fast. Given the helm controls are locked out, we cannot easily change the course of the ship."

She paused for a moment, forcing herself to take a slow breath, filling her chest as much as she could with the thin air. She couldn't allow herself to being to hyperventilate. "From what little I can glean from this," she gestured back to the console bank behind her, "We are on some kind of scout vessel. Fast, swift, lig crewed. I'm sure there are other Savi aboard, but for the moment they don't appear to be active on this deck. Maybe they're already passed out in some other chamber." Swallowing, she turned around and forced herself to give her attention to the signal that kept repeating quietly from the controls she'd stood before. She had to bend over and squint to work her way around what she was seeing. 

"I think this is an automated message. Distress signal possibly. Its...' her vision swam again and she swore under her breath, forcing herself upright, bouncing back onto her heels. "Its on a Savi wavelength that I recognize. Ensign, grab the communication gear.  Lieutenant, I think that Savi," she pointed to the one that Lauren had downed, "Has some kind of control panel interface on its arms. Gather that up fast. We need to get back to the cell we were in. Where's a Savi graviton pistol when you need one," She groused, looking around the room, and nearly falling as she turned, dizziness hitting her hard. Her ass ended up planted on the console she'd been overlooking. Thankfully the Savi were smart enough to design touch controls that could tell the difference between the targeted, controlled actions of prehensile digits versus the unintended impact of significantly heavier mass.

Pushing herself up, she stumbled back toward the door and the corridor they had come from. "Let's move people. We can try and piggyback on that signal, or ...or hack into the computers from a room with the  proper....proper oxygen nitrogen mix..."

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Lauren noticed the air was getting thinner and her heart rate was racing but despite it all, she was able to sustain herself. She was getting more adrenaline from Amanda touching her breast still. Reminding her of the late night visit in the public baths some. Just missing Tessa's wild behavior.

She listened to Stark and ran for the communications gear off the felled Savi soldier, pulling it close to the other two since she seemed to have the most air in her lungs for whatever conditioning she had at the hands of the Dominion. Taking the equipment with her, she helped guide Stark and Amanda keep their balance as she ran with them back to the room, which thankfully was lacking Savi soldiers.

Upon getting back to their room, there was another area of the room she'd discovered that meant she could to a computer system. "Commander, we have an access panel we can splice. I have a access port chip in my synthetic arm that I can tear out to create an interface for you to connect the communication device with."

Reaching into her lower arm, she tapped the flesh which opened up a chamber inside with the mechanical components before plucking out some of it and handing it to Stark. "Who can we call if we can even make a communication? Are we even in range of Theurgy or a Klingon vessel?"

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel]
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Attn: @Brutus @Pierce

Amanda’s attention was briefly diverted towards Natalie as the brunette Martian leaned forward over the console in an attempt to figure out where they were. She knew that it wasn’t the time nor the place to ogle the physique of the Executive Officer, especially not given how this entire mess started in an attempt to make amends for what happened the last time she went on a trip with Natalie Stark, but her blue eyes nevertheless took in the sight of the other woman’s shapely behind and her large, softly swaying breasts. After all, why waste an opportunity when it presented itself?

The opportunity passed again within mere seconds, when Natalie began to issue orders and Amanda found herself standing over the unconscious form of a Savi in an attempt to pry the control panel interface from its arm. While it would’ve come off easily enough under the normal circumstances, the blonde-haired Martian discovered that she was fumbling with the device and really had to focus -by closing an eye and holding her breath- before the interface finally came loose. When it did, Amanda firmly held onto it with both hands and followed both Natalie and Lauren towards the door.

Minutes later, which actually felt like a whole lot longer to Amanda, the trio finally stumbled their way back into their holding cell. Once they did, Amanda briefly closed her blue eyes and took a couple of deep breaths; savouring the ability to finally breathe normally again. While she did so, she leaned against the edge of the door and listened to Lauren as she began to speak up about who to contact. The question was actually directed towards Natalie but, never too worried to voice her opinion, Amanda spoke up as well. ”I think we should throw out a general distress call. I mean, I don’t know what these Savi have in mind for us, but given how they got rid of our clothes it can’t be anything good. Everything is better than that, I guess.”

As she spoke, she switched her attention between Natalie and Lauren. In Amanda’s mind her logic made sense but, given how Natalie clearly had a lot more experience when it came to dealing with the Savi, the Commander might have an entirely different opinion on the matter. ”We sho-…” When Amanda spoke up once more, she suddenly caught movement from the corner of her eye and turned her blue-eyed attention down the corridor. Much to her shock, two Savi had just rounded the corner and were approaching the holding cell. What little hope Amanda still had that they’d gone undetected vanished when she locked eyes with one of the Savi as it pointed in her direction, and she quickly stumbled away from the door. ”We’re getting company!”

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 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan  

Unsure of just how long her luck would hold out, Natalie was grateful that the other women complied with her orders. Given her rank relative to the both of them, it was certainly not without some expectation that this should be the case. It was hard to feel like one projected one's rank and role without the pip's visible. Or without any clothing at all whatsoever. Uniforms gave a lot of authority to a person. Nudity...not so much. All the same, they obeyed, which was important, and the trio found themselves moving back down the hall. 

The fact was not lost on her that Ens. Pierce was in considerably better shape that either Natalie or Amanda. The Ensign had some conditioning - perhaps from her time as a guest of the Dominion - that allowed her to perform better in the atmospheric mix that was less than ideal for the standard human (be they Martian, or otherwise). She wondered, briefly, at the 'young' girls rank, before reminding herself that they were the same age, roughly. That incongruous fact messed with her whole perception of the dynamic between the two of them, but Natalie could not afford to dwell on that. 

Stumbling back into the room, Nat bent full over, hands on her knees, gasping for breath. The cool air was rich in the gasses she needed to thrive, and she felt her head clearing after a moment. Quietly thanking whatever deity was out there that the Savi had configured this room to be ideal for their captives, instead of pumping in a mix that would leave them impaired (let's hear it for Savi overconfidence), Natalie forced herself to stand straight, stretching, and not at all realizing she was putting on a show. For all her musings on her nudity earlier, now that her head no longer felt like it was in a fog, she put thoughts of her bare state aside, in an effort to address the predicament that the trio of kidnapped Starfleet officers now faced. 

"Lt. Ashby is right. Just about anyone that would answer a call we put out is going to be better than our current hosts. This ship isn't traveling so far or so fast that we've passed out of Klingon space. I didn't get a good fix on the readings from the console earlier but we might not even be that much beyond the patrol range from the Theurgy." She was trying to crunch the numbers in her head but even as she was now breathing the proper oxygen/nitrogen mix, she was having a hard go of it. "Be careful with making any modifications to your arm. I don't want you to damage it to the point that it loses functionality, but good thinking Ensign. Get on that,"

Having given the order, she turned back to Lt. (jg) Ashby as the blonde was starting to say something, only to watch her gaze dart out the door, and her whole body freeze. It was odd, watching the not-quite-panic set in over the counselor as surprise and fear flitted across her features, before the other Martian announced they had inbound. 

"Dammit. We should have closed the door behind us," Nat observed bitterly, looking around the barren room with its three 'beds' for the prisoners, the exposed panel, and the two other women in there. No real weapons on hand. Still.

Natalie reached out and grabbed Amanda, pulling her back from the door. She pulled her into her arms, their bodies smacking into each other, before she turned and gently pushed the woman toward the beds. "We're in the right room for this. Ensign, with me; Lieutenant, if you see an opportunity to act do so. But if their crew is falling prey to some illness, we have the advantage here."

Getting into another fight with an alien of sufficiently superior technology base and advancement of society was not something that Nat looked forward to. She wasn't a security officer. Her hand to hand training was - well, in all honestly it wasn't nearly as bad as she was about to think. She had, after all, been training multiple times a week with Captain Ives, when the captain was available, always in their female form. Natalie was not some prodigy, but she was better than she had been during the Niga incident. Remembering the lessons taught her, she took one more deep, calming breath, and then counting on the Savi to expect their naked captives to be hiding back in the room they had managed to open, she threw herself forward, half way out the door to grab one of the Savi as they came into view, and throw them back into the prison room with her, falling backwards and yanking, hard.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ] Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Lauren looked on at her compatriots and fellow Martians as they scampered along the room barefoot. Feet sounds could be heart clapping the metallic flooring as they ran from direction to direction.  Briefly did she stare at Amanda and Natalie as she admired their physique before going back to the directive at hand.

Thankful for the oxygen depriving torture she had to endure with the Breen during the Dominion War now for helping her train and continue to train herself on low oxygen situations as the air returned to the room. Seeing Natalie and Amanda regaining their composure as they took in the new air refueling their lungs.

Should could tell there was a twinge of thought on Natalie's face as she looked at each other in the eyes briefly. Not sure what it was, she wondered if it was the lack of clothing or something regarding age or rank. Likely something she could further explore with her XO if they made it out of here alive.

Shrugging it off, she saw Nat stretch and her eyes went wide at the show and her face went crimson like her hair with embarrassment for staring and so she turned to look at the console

With Natalie's mention of her arm modifications she nodded. "I assure you I can spare some parts since we don't have our combadges to send a homing beacon. I learned about the tech in these a while back and I can still use it with the redundancies in place. Just a little more limited range of motion."

She opened it up and began taking out the few components she knew could be used for communication purposes. A few of the positronic computers in it and servos should do the trick. Just the backups were going to be gone until she got ship side to replace the parts. She could always short circuit it if needed to create a taser like device like she did with the Gorn a few days prior.

Hearing the mention of weapons she lit up. "Commander! I have used my prosthesis to short out my hand during the boarding party and the Klingon/Gorn battle. I can use my hand as a taser should the need arise. That being said, if I do that, it will be junk until we get back to the ship to repair it. So there is that option too unless we can find our gear somewhere in here."

Lauren peering at the corner of the hall and the beady eyed Savi outside that caught a glance at them inside, she knew shit was about to go down as Amanda announced it to the trio.

Running to the Commander's side, she darted across the room in hiding near her before jumping too, grabbing the 2nd Savi that was entering just as Nat took the first. Lauren caught sight of a weapon of some sort on the Savi that walked into the room unsuspecting. Each had one but she didn't know how she was going to get to it.

"Amanda!" She yelled pointing to the sidearms of the two Savi. "Take what you can!" The crimson haired woman yelled as she proceeded to strangle the Savi she happened to tackle. She attempted to Vulcan nerve pinch the brute but that was a failure as it only fueled hers into a deeper agression.

"This one has to be infected Commander! It's got some crazy strength!" Yelling again as it proceeded to grab and throw her off. Not realizing that this was just the sheer strength they exhibited. Tucking and rolling, her breast slapped hard into her chest causing a loud smacking sound to emanate into the room as she yipped. Her flesh gaining a "rug" burn on the cold steel leaving a red welt on her back which only added to her scars from the Dominion War POW camp.

Flustered and scared, she ran back at the beast yelling determined not to be taken captive again. She reached with her cybernetic hand and gripped it's throat as she swung back around to ride it like a bucking bull. Using the servos in the hand she began to crush the throat of the creature tighter as she yelled in anger. It's arms flailed wildly as it tried to throw her off, and her legs dug deeper into it's back as she gripped harder. Truth be told, she wasn't exactly sure how strong the hand was or how much it could take but she was determined not to see anyone die today.

Strength slowly ebbed from the beast as it's arms slowed a little at a time before she squeezed as hard as she could it's windpipe or the object at least appearing to be that. And it dropped to the ground allowing Amanda easier access to it's projectile weapon.

Lauren rolled off the beast and laid sprawled out as her hand attempted to compensate for the extreme use, and her breathing left her tired from exerting so much energy attempting to hold on. She looked at Natalie who was holding her own against the 1st Savi.

She started to climb back up and head towards the computer console to see if there was a way to communicate.

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel]
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Attn: @Brutus @Pierce

One minute she was looking directly at two Savi that came rounding the corner and the next, before she even knew it, she was pulled out of the way and directly into Natalie. Under normal circumstances she (and honestly everyone else) would have enjoyed the feeling of their boobs pressed together as their limbs briefly intertwined in the chaos of the moment, but this wasn’t the time nor place for those kinds of things. The two Starfleet Officers quickly parted ways, with Natalie giving out stern commands before she threw herself halfway out of the door to grab one of their attackers.

And then it went fast. While Natalie was grappling with the first Savi, Lauren threw herself at the second one while Amanda… just stood there, not really knowing what to do. It wasn’t until Lauren yelled her name and pointed in the direction of one of the Savi, the one Natalie was wrestling with, and it dawned on the blonde-haired Martian that it might be a wise idea to go after one of the weapons. Just as she picked up the weapon, she heard a commotion right behind her and turned around; just in time to see how Lauren went sailing through the room. Before she could even look down at the weapon in her right hand in an attempt how to use it, Lauren was back on her feet and threw herself at the Savi once again.

Unsure of what else to do, Amanda quickly made her way towards the door and kneeled down in the doorway; aiming the weapon towards the end of the hallway just in case other Savi would come through. Ages seemed to pass like that though and, when no Savi came down the hallway anymore, Amanda turned her attention towards Natalie who, at that point, had her Savi restrained on the floor. ”I don’t see any other Savi coming through the hallway, ma’am.” While she spoke, Amanda quickly turned her blue-eyed attention back towards the hallway. She reasoned that, if the Savi were aware of them breaking out, they would’ve sent enough crew down on their location to overwhelm them by sheer numbers; it meant that there were either no more Savi left on the ship, or they still had the element of surprise on their side. After spending several seconds in awkward silence, Amanda turned her attention back to Natalie once more. ”So… now what do we do?”

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 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan   

A bolt of pure liquid nitrogen lanced through Natalie's chest, coiling into a frozen ball beneath her ribs as she threw the Savi she had engaged into the room, slamming it up against one of the sleek 'beds' that the trio had awoken upon into their naked captivity. She prayed that the Ensign was wrong, that she had misheard, or simply that the redhead was over worrying about a Savi that had not yet succumb to whatever was plaguing these creatures. The one she herself grabbed seemed suitably disoriented, to the point that Natalie found herself flowing through the motions of a combat form she had learned not long prior, using the creatures gangly size against it as it tried to recover and took a swipe at the darker haired Martian. 

Whatever the case, it was clear that the redhead was giving into her own bottled rage in the moment, channeling it into the fight with the Savi she had taken on. Natalie could not afford to do the same. Her anger, she shoved aside, just as she did the frozen fear that a greater threat loomed in the room with them. She could only focus on what she could manage in the here and now, tossing the addled Savi back over her shoulder in the opposite direction from where they had been facing a moment prior. She thanked whatever powers that be who happened to be watching over them that she had recovered from the oxygen deprivation as fast as she did, and promised she would hit the gym more when she got back to the Theurgy.

In truth, seeing the bulbous headed alien sail thru the air and smack into the far wall was a kind of satisfaction that Natalie would have to worry about and discuss with her couneslor later. Though, considering her counselor was the one that invited her on this trip, and where that had led, she was less than sure it was a topic of conversation she ever wanted to address again. Giving an after action report to Ives was going to be the single most embarrassing moment of her career to date, and that was saying something. Bent over, hands on her knees, she sucked down the fresh, full air that the room created, as she watched the being she'd tussled with lay there in a still heap, its chest barely rising. Not dead then, she concluded as her mind caught up with the words she was hearing. 

Standing up straight and ignoring the sudden ache when she rotated her left arm about at the shoulder, Natalie looked to Amanda, weapon pointed down the hall, crouched by the door, and then over to Lauren, who moments before had been splayed out on the floor (a sight to see, that she did not want to think about then) had gotten up and was fiddling with the busted console by the door. Sweeping her messy mane of hair back, Natalie moved over to the unconscious Savi, giving it a pat down. Smirking, she slid something off its wrist and gave a sharp whistle. 

"Heads up, Ensign," she warned, before tossing the band at the redhead. "I think that one has a communicator on it. See if you can put it to use with those exposed wires. Maybe we can give it a boost and get a call out. Lietuenant," She stepped back from the alien, having pulled a rubber fiber free from its tunic, and was using it to tie her hair back into a messy tail that was at least better than falling about her face. 

"Good thinking on watching the hallway. Keep your eyes peeled. If we can get a call out, we can hunker down here. Neither of these seem to have a tricorder, or anything like it, unless I missed it." She spun around slowly, not noticing the way she jiggled, as she tried to see if something had fallen free in the scuffle and managed to scatter itself about the stark confines of their cell, or perhaps back out into the hallway.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ] Attn: @Brutus  @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Energy flowed through Lauren as the adrenaline continued to course through her veins. The energy alone from taking down the behemoth was exhilarating and she couldn't come down quick enough from the high of it all being the adrenaline junkie she was...used to be...still was...

Seeing that Natalie had downed her own Savi, she could tell that this one was alive yet, or at least for now. She was interested in some of the moves the commander used to drop that beast. Something to note for later in any case. But thankfully Amanda had the pistol aimed and ready should it rise again or something else come their way. Likely a better take down than a phaser to them too.

Brushing the sweat from her face along with the hair, she noted how she glistened and likely the other ladies did as well but she shrugged it off. Realizing that she looked like a oiled up bikini model at this point, sans the outfit. Definitely would need a dip in the lake or in the sonic shower when they got back to clean up.

Hearing Natalie signal her from the cold, echoing room, she turned in time to catch the communicator from her downed Savi. "Thanks commander! I'll get to work!" She yelled back at the duo behind her.

Pierce was thankful for her time on the starbase getting acclimated to the communications relays and learning how to work with different tech. Granted some of it she learned trying to fashion one when in the POW camp during the war. The one where she lost her hand and forearm.

Diverting her attention back to the console, Lauren tapped several controls and was able to interface the Savi communicator but lacked a Starfleet transponder. Glancing around the room, she looked and saw nothing of their gear which was likely gone now. Uniforms included. When a stroke of genius hit her. She remembered having one in her arm should something go amiss. Something she kept stocked for safe keeping since the war.

Tapping her forearm, the flesh-like panel opened and revealed a series of circuits and relays as she dug in further to pull a servo out of the way to get to the transponder. After pulling that from her arm, she replaced the components and latched her arm back up before going to the computer again. Attaching the transponder and hitting in a code, she was able to translate the console.

"Commander! I got it working! I...didn't think it would work?!" She stated confused at her idea that turned out to work as hoped for.

"Sending in the SOS now to the Theurgy and allied Klingon vessels! Now, if only we could navigate this thing closer." She muttered the last half of her statement.

She rubbed the sweat from her face and chest, which jiggled bountifully, before she tied her hair up behind her. Placing her hands on her hips, she smiled knowing they'd be going back to the ship safe, and soon. Turning to face the other women, she smiled and accidentally stared a little too long before turning back around with a blush on her face.

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel]
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During the ongoing scuffle between Lauren and the Savi, Amanda made sure to keep her attention on the hallway. It was difficult to suppress the urge to help her friend, but Natalie had given her the job of keeping the hallway secure and the blonde-haired Martian knew only too well that they would be in even bigger trouble if she’d abandon her post to help Lauren, only to get jumped by more Savi because the hallway was no longer covered. As such, she kept her blue-eyed focus directly on the empty hallway while trusting that Lauren would get the situation under control. With Natalie’s help, if necessary.

It turned out that it wasn’t necessary, because Lauren -thankfully- managed to end her fight with the Savi before Natalie had to intervene. Throughout those few seconds however, Amanda’s gaze remained anxiously fixed on the hallway; she half expected that a new team of Savi would rush up on them at any given moment and, especially at that point, she wasn’t all that confident in her skills with a weapon anymore. Their luck seemed to hold though because no other Savi showed up, not even after Lauren decided to repeat her earlier mistake of loudly yelling to them. Amanda briefly turned her attention towards the red-haired Martian to throw her an annoyed stare while she gestured towards the empty hallway, and turned her attention back to the task at hand mere moments later. In all fairness, she was pretty convinced that the Savi they had just taken out were the last Savi on this ship, but Amanda really wasn’t willing to bet her life on that guess.

”So, what do we do now?” As she spoke up, Amanda turned to look at the two other Martians once again; only to realize that Lauren was staring at her. Raising her eyebrows in surprise, but not willing or able to do anything about it, Amanda just shook her head with a grin and turned her attention back to the hallway again. ”You’re staring, Lauren. Did you see anything you liked?” Amanda laughed to accentuate the teasing tone of her slightly Martian-accented voice and shook her head once more before addressing Natalie instead. ”The hallway is empty thus far, I’m not entirely sure but we might very well be the last people aboard the ship. Is there any way to access the internal sensors to make sure? I’d feel a lot more confident if I knew how many of these Savi were still crawling around out here.”

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