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Ch 4: S [D01 |1830] Second Station from the right and straight on till its over

   [Chreveran'ing"takmo qi Erudite | Crew Quarters | Hobus system| ATTN: @RyeTanker @Eden

   As the Erudite dropped out of Warp, it wasn't as if the Savi hadn't been hard at work there and elsewhere. The small group assigned to govern the Federation officers had sent another representative to speak to the Federation Officers. Information needed to be relayed, so Chreveran'ing"takmo was tasked with relaying the information. As the Savi walked into the officers' berthing units, they looked around the room before locating the required officers. The Savi was working 'with' the humans in only the most perfunctory fashion; maybe they would open up some and help the Starfleet crew out a bit? Probably not; to them, they were expendable; as soon as the mission was completed, that is what mattered. The resources "expended" didn't matter in the slightest. The Starfleet crew surviving their tasks wasn't even worth considering to Chreveran'ing"takmo.

   "You are pilots of your small craft, your Valkyries. You are required for a mission. The Infested Scions have set up a secondary facility. Take the data and review it. You must undertake this mission to save the local star systems." And with that Chreveran'ing"takmo shoved the Savi version of a PADD at one of the Starfleeters and turned on a heel to walk off and away. They needed to escape the air these Starfleeters inhabited and return to their quarters. The sooner they cleaned themselves of the shame imparted by being in the same area as them, the less Chreveran'ing"takmo, the sooner they could use these people to win their war the better.

[Ens Victor "Corsair" vanVinter]  Erudite crew quarters | Hobus system

   Victor stood there reeling at the terse, if not rude, arrival of the Savi that hadn't introduced themselves and spouted words at him, then shoved a PADD at him and walked off. So Victor sighed a little and sat down to read the information that he'd received. The PADD revealed quite a bit, and he had to find his direct commanding Officer. A fair few problems needed resolution. A hardened facility was buried in an asteroid field that wasn't nice and dispersed like the one in Sol, but an asteroid field formed in the last few thousand years when Hobus II was impacted by Hobus III, and both planets had shattered. The cataclysm that had shattered the worlds was theorized to be similar perhaps to the Impact Hypothesis that had formed Earth's Moon or a 'less' destructive version of whatever had destroyed the body that became the Asteroid belt in the Sol system.

    It was a cataclysm that could have destroyed civilizations if any had been present. But with both planets' cores and mantles exposed to space, it had allowed easy mining and processing of the rare metals deep within rocky worlds. The chaotic asteroid field, though, had made getting to those deposits impossible. And yet, the Savi had managed it. A small facility, barely a few hundred square meters of space, but with formidable defenses. Point defense systems to eliminate incoming rocks. Weapon systems capable of keeping even another Savi warship at bay. No ship more considerable than a fighter or shuttle could approach. They'd have to, oh damn, this wasn't good. And so Victor needed to find Callax immediately and share his plan with him. It was a crazy damn plan, but such plans needed to be crazy. The approach and controlling the battlespace would be hard enough, but they also needed to extract some tech and possibly a Savi spy to recover.

   Victor began talking to himself, mulling everything over. "Ok so we warm into the orbit of the ruined world on the far side behind the planet, burn at full impulse around, and stay as low as possible. Stick to whatever cover we can find. Go in hard and fast, aim to disrupt the power systems, take out static defenses, and let the shuttle land..." It seemed good, a solid plan. Lots of similar missions had been done like this in the past, such as air cavalry throughout the 20th and 22nd centuries; close air support was the name of this mission. At least the spy had provided known positions of most of the defenses and probable targets.

   "At least I have something to take to Callax, and Amissa will have fun with this, a nice hard mission and..."

   Just when Victor thought it couldn't get any worse, while rushing to find his Flight leader, he saw a line that stopped him in his tracks. His face went white, and a shock of fear shot through him. "Expected combat craft Initiator Class Interceptors x6," He blinked a few times, drawing in a short breath.

   "These are not good odds." And so, instead of continuing to wander about looking for Callax, Victor finally remembered his combadge. "Victor to Callax, grab Emerald and whoever else you can think of because the Savi just dropped a bomb on me, and it just keeps exploding. I'll be with the Valkyries."

   And just like that, Victor began running towards the launch bay; maybe they'd have some time, maybe they wouldn't. He didn't know, but any second could help. Sure, perhaps it would all be for naught; who's to say? But in his mind, they needed to launch as soon as possible. This mission would be like one of his dates with Enyd: fast, chaotic, dangerous, and leaving him with scars.

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[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Lt. zh'Wann or Ida) | Aerodrome | Erudite | Hobus System] @Tae @Eden @ob2lander961

Lieutenant zh'Wann was irate.  She didn't like last minute changes.  Her cold demeanour matching her blue skin didn't show it, but her frustration was nonetheless keenly felt as she digested the news from the rather brusque Savi.  She adopted her favourite thinking pose with arms crossed under her chest while she weighed the ramifications.  The ship didn't have that many people to call on and she'd cherry picked what was she hoped some of the best since they were going to be on their own.  Now, she had to split up her already extremely limited resources to take on another high risk tasking.  She pursed her lips as she stared at the deck while in the middle of an officer group between herself, her exec, Lieutenant Zark, and their third, Ensign Dubois.  Zark summed it up the best as she held her hands in front of her. "So, who goes for the main station and who's going for the secondary objective?"  The red headed Ensign looked like she was going to volunteer something, but her mouth closed quickly after opening and looked at the soft faced Andorian, then the hard faced one expecting a decision from a superior officer.

It wasn't easy.  The Ensign was a non-starter despite becoming quite proficient at her job since the ship had started running.  From the Deputy's perspective though, the human simply hadn't been at the job long enough and despite being in a few scrapes, hadn't seen serious combat the way Zark and herself had.  She didn't know if the Ensign would drive the mission through to success.  Her own lips twitched as she considered Lieutenant Zark.  There were a large number of reasons to send the other Andorian.  She had determination in spades, had seen combat not only on Qo'nos, but also during and after the Dominion War.  She was pretty quick on her feet and if it did come down to a fight, she was quite capable.  it was her action on Qo'nos though that started leaning the Deputy against sending her.  She'd held the crash site against ridiculous odds and there were a lot of people who simply weren't qualified for any sort of combat, so if someone was going to bring them back long enough for the doctor's to get a hold of them, it was going to have to be a a trained medic.   Ida mentally looked around at the rest of the mission crew and that tipped the scales against the medic.  They needed her.  From what she'd seen, if her mission orders were to hold a place, she would hold it till the sun blew up.

Ida nodded as she came to a decision.  "I'll take Vansen, Hughes, and Lewis with me to the station.  Hopefully you can just infiltrate the place and finish the job, but if necessary, fort up and hold out till the rest figure out how to secure control of the computers or blow the place."  Lieutenant Zark nodded at this.  Ensign Dubois couldn't hide the look of relief on her face, but quickly nodded as well.  Ida rattled off the names of a few more science and engineering types that she was going to take to solve any issues along the way along with a medic.  At this point, the medico looked somewhat rebellious and the Deputy gave a small smile of amusement.  At the end of the day, Zark couldn't help who she was and wanted to be where Ida was to provide care if necessary.  The look smoothed itself out quickly though and she nodded her affirmative. "Lieutenant, you can handle the update to everyone else."  Ida paused for a moment then offered "Good luck."

Zark beamed at this and Milly looked surprised that the cold Deputy would offer anything of the sort.   "Look after yourself and see you on the flip side." Zark replied as Ida nodded once more and turned towards the collection of pilots.  She stopped just at the outer edge of the pilots, though she was quite amused with one smaller and quite loud pilot.  She was technically senior to all of them, but getting her team in was all up to them.  What did give the Deputy pause was what to call all the pilots. "Pilots."  She nodded then gazed at each one.  When she was sure she had their attention, she continued.  "I don't think I've met all of you, but I'm Lieutenant zh'Wann and I'll be leading the boarding.  What are your plans so far to get the shuttle onto the station and how long do you think you'll be able to hold space open for an exfiltration?"

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Crew Quarters | Savi Precept Ship Erudite ] Attn: @Tae @RyeTanker
The crew quarters of the Erudite were efficient. That was as nice a descriptor as Cal could manage applying to the berth he had been assigned without veering into the realm of insult. Sleek minimalist was certainly a valid design choice, it was just a design choice Cal found dreadfully boring and lacking in personality. Even the music was shit as he discovered tapping around one of the electronic displays in the room. No wonder they were all uptight assho–

His combadge chirped just as he was about to test the replicator and see if it could even brew a proper soup. "Victor to Callax, grab Emerald and whoever else you can think of because the Savi just dropped a bomb on me, and it just keeps exploding. I'll be with the Valkyries."

Oh fun.

“This is Archon. I am on my way.”

The Ardanan grabbed his gear and bid his Marie Kondo-approved berth a not too fond farewell. As he stepped out into the hallway he saw Emerald emerging from her own cabin, gear also in hand.

Good. She had heard some part of the communication.

“With me, Emerald. I trust you found the accommodations sufficient?” Cal asked the Orion.

“Oh yes. Very sufficient.” The tone of sarcasm was just barely audible in her tone as she fell into step beside her flight leader. Cal cracked a slight grin.

“Apparently the Savi dropped a bomb on Corsair and he needs some help with the rubble. What that means is anybody’s guess.”

“Let’s go dig him out then,” Emerald said with a sigh.

[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Aerodrome | Savi Precept Ship Erudite ]

The two pilots arrived in the aerodrome in very Maverick and Goose fashion, confidently marching down the flight deck whilst tossing grins and head nods to the ground crew they passed. The Savi ignored them but to any Starfleet personnel, they probably looked very cool.

Not far into the aerodrome he saw Corsair and walked over in his direction. “Corsair, what entertainment do our lovely hosts have for us today?” Cal asked as Emerald came up beside him.

An unfamiliar voice disrupted their mini-conference and both Cal and Emerald turned their heads towards the approaching voice. Lieutenant zh'Wann was not one of the Theurgy crewmembers he was particularly close with. In fact, he did not think they had ever spoken before. Not the worst thing considering her role as deputy chief security officer. Cal just chalked it up to his good behavior and staying out of trouble.

"Pilots." The blue skinned alien said, nodding and gazing at each of them. Cal would have preferred she refer to them as Wolves, but pilots worked too. "I don't think I've met all of you, but I'm Lieutenant zh'Wann and I'll be leading the boarding.  What are your plans so far to get the shuttle onto the station and how long do you think you'll be able to hold space open for an exfiltration?"

“Lieutenant,” Cal said in a polite greeting before introducing himself and the flight. “Lieutenant Junior Grade Cal Valin, callsign ‘Archon.’ This is Lieutenant Junior Grade Amissa, callsign ‘Emerald’, and Ensign Victor vanVinter, callsign ‘Corsair’. Apologies if you are already familiar with them but I like to be thorough.”

Pleasantries out of the way, Cal began to review his own PADD with the details that Victor had relayed moments before. “The Savi report several spatial anomalies in addition to strong defenses and enemy fighter presence. It will be a difficult run but we will get your shuttle there.”

On the PADD, he zoomed out the screen to reveal a chart of the asteroid field. A red line through the field mapped their intended route. “My plan is to take advantage of the spatial anomalies the Savi reported to mask our approach. We can reroute power from our shields to the sensors to mimic the field resonances of the anistrophies and quantum fluctuations. To them, we should appear to be nothing more than static. Downside is to make it work we will need to go in without shields and keep in tight formation.”

“A diamond formation, with the Valkyries forming the tip of the spear and the shuttle at the rear will allow us to layer our sensors and complete the ruse. If any ship falls out of formation, we risk exposure so perfect formation flying will be necessary.”

He continued to run through the route on his PADD. “Once through the main section of the asteroid field it will not matter as we will be in visual range of the station defenses. Reports indicate the station is well fortified but if we move fast enough, we can get the jump on them and knock out their primary defense batteries before they realize we are on top of them. From there it is on you and your team to secure the objective.”

“For exfiltration, I cannot give you a timeline for how long we can maintain superiority in orbit.” Cal said, sparing a quick glance in the direction of one of the Savi fighters. “Reports indicate at least six Interceptor-class fighters docked in the station. We can hold them at bay but the quicker you can get in and out, the better. From there, we high tail it out of there as fast as we can.”

“Thoughts or comments?” He asked the group, closing the PADD.

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[Ens Victor "Corsair" vanVinter]  Erudite crew quarters | Hobus system ATTN: @RyeTanker @Eden @ob2lander961

   Victor sighed heavily as all of the mission details ran through his head. This wasn't a cakewalk, and it was a hell of a mission for his first combat mission as a pilot. However, Victor's love of history and aircraft had scratched an itch somewhere in the back of his mind. It was a high-threat mission with very few craft; this wasn't a standard mission. Going in, taking down a Savi station, and recovering data had special operations all over it. And after a moment, it finally clicked, and he didn't like where this was going, but it was similar in levels of ballsiness.

"Yeah, a few thoughts, Lieutenant, this is a 'Dam Buster' operation. Something From Earth's Second and Third World Wars: the first time The British tried it against the Germans, and how it played out for them wasn't great. The aircraft came in low and fast and used an ineffective ordinance, disrupting operations and drawing attention. The second time the Americans tried, it was more effective; if I remember correctly, it involved the use of a stealth aircraft loaded up with fuel and nuclear warheads against the Three Gorges Dam. It was effective then due to shoddy construction, the dam being on a fault line, and overwhelming firepower. But it was still a distraction for the more significant push of the airborne landings in Beijing. This is a mix of the two operations, Sir. Our part as pilots for this is to disrupt and attract attention; we're bait."

"So we must make a fast insertion, drop our payload, and keep burning thrust to draw attention. The goal is to buy as much time for the shuttle to get in and out. We don't have exact real-time positioning data for our targets, so we must come in fast and keep going. We must divert full power to engines and target whatever explosives we carry with us. After getting their attention, we have to engage and keep them covered until they can escape. Attacking the facility isn't likely to be a minor operation; this will get very bloody exceptionally quickly. If I have permission, Lieutenant, I know how to override the safeties on the engines and make the inertial dampeners more efficient; the engines are going to get hot, and we'll need every ounce of power we can get so we don't turn to jelly on the initial attack run. Spaceframe And Structure was my field with these, but I worked closely with engines and even helped write the specs. I know what I'm doing."

Victor sighed heavily at that, already thinking about what he'd have to do to give them every edge possible. The Valkyries weren't even in the same ballpark as Savi Fighters, so every small advantage that they had would add up. And even then, it wasn't about providing an advantage; it was about drawing attention. The look on his face was thoughtful, even as fingers danced with the necessary calculations and rewiring he'd have to do to hack their fighters. After a moment of muttering equations and technical details to himself, she shrugged.

"I can overcharge the engines by fifteen percent past safety margins, and Structural integrity to eight percent. We'll actually feel some pretty heavy G forces even then, But it's that or shields, and we can't stand up against that kind of power even with a few extra gigawatts going to them. Your choice Sir."

Victor was in his own element but still nodded to Thanalda, giving her a polite smile and doing his best to look reassuring. However, with his mangled visage, it wasn't liable to come across properly. When a ghoul grinned at you, it wasn't comforting. "Ensign vanVinter callsign Corsair, Formerly Chief of Spaceframe and Structure for our birds. I know this sounds scary, Lieutenant, but I helped give the Valkyries their final shakedown before they went into service." That last bit was directed to both Callax and Thanalda; the truth, though, is Victor only expected the shuttle to make it out, and even that was a hell of a risk.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix |Erudite crew quarters ] Attn: @Eden  @ RyeTanker @Tael

It had already been a few hours since Via settled in her bunk on the rather "spartan" Savi vessel. Laying back on her rather uncomfortable bed made her consider that she had been taking her quarters back on the Theurgy for granted. At least over there she managed to make her room just the way she liked it, replacing nearly everything she could to her liking. "Hmmm..." she groaned as she adjusted herself into a better position to play some video game on her PADD, but that only lasted so long.

"Fuck this". She sat up on her bed in frustration and stretched looking at the wider room. Via was bunking with Corsair which she soon noticed was talking to one of those Savi. Paying attention only briefly, the young woman took note of the rather, in her own words, "bitchy" attitude the Alien had with her counterpart and little of anything else he said as she was still occupied with playing her game. When the Savi left she rolled her eyes and retained her focus. Then Corsair started talking to himself which prompted Via to begin teasing him.

"You talkin' to yourself old man. My ass gotta find a doc for you now?" she chuckled but didn't receive any reaction. The half Bajoran seem to be distracted himself, muttering something about orbits and defenses. She looked up "Hey! Somethin' going on?"

No response. It seemed like he didn't hear her but Via didn't like being ignored. She observed Corsair contact the other two Valkyrie pilots on board which only increased her paranoia and then he bolted off out of the room.

"Hey wait!" Via said calling after him to no success. Not wanting to be left out she grabbed her flight jacket and ran after him, following him until she realized she probably should've got Chaos in on whatever was going on. It took a few minutes since she got lost on the way but both Via, him, and his RIO made it to the launch bay coming right in the middle of the meeting.

Panting Via walked up to the group of pilots and began to speak. "Dixiebee- Chaos- and uh...who the fuck are you?" Via said referring to his RIO but soon dismissed him. "Whatever. Y'all's asses better not be plannin' a mission without us! Be leavin' behind all the squadron's speed and firepower." Via said proudly and smugly before extending her arm to the side for a fist bump from Chaos.

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