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7 Year Anniversary Post


After seven years running, the Star Trek: Theurgy sim is still growing. If a tad belatedly (since the beginning of May was the time we started so many years ago) we celebrate today not just our longevity, but with this montage below, we celebrate our characters. For over the years, the continuity of our story had been unbroken in all its detail, and the story would be naught without it's characters.

Above, you have seen the toil of seven years in character depiction. Character images made for all of you who have been willing to participate in the telling of our magnum opus.

Our story may be dark, and without certainty of the crew prevailing, but a story thrives in adversity.

May we continue to live long and prosper.

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
Game Moderator
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Re: 7 Year Anniversary Post
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I'm at a loss for words at how awesome this is.  Its been a hell of a  7 years.
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Re: 7 Year Anniversary Post
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So much work, love and stories put here. Hope this 7 years were only the first of much more. And that i'll be here for write It :)
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Re: 7 Year Anniversary Post
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I'm new here. So I simply say, here's to at least 7 more.
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Re: 7 Year Anniversary Post
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This is fantastic @Auctor Lucan!

I second what @Stegro88 said!
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Re: 7 Year Anniversary Post
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May Theurgy Live Long, Prosper, Bad-ass and Foreward!
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