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CH07: S [D03|1615 | Salt, sutures, and salves.

Lt. Arven Leux | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Hope  @Lathaniel   @Eden   @P.C. Haring    @Nero  @Luciain

Sickbay, after a battle, a chaotic assortment of sights and sounds that he never wanted to deal with again. And yet, here he was, Arven could have taken a medical discharge, but he had to be stronger than that, needed to be stronger than that. And so here he was, after a battle, this time without his ship getting destroyed and him in a mad dash for an escape pod. For just a brief moment, Arven felt like he was back aboard the USS Honshu, the gentle flickering of the lighting in sickbay not helping matters. A cold sweat breaks out as he remembers the screams and shouts of that day so many years ago now. Arven's eyes squinch shut, and he grits his teeth, thinking about having to abandon ship and then the aftermath... NO! Not here, not now. He needed to be stronger than this.

Taking a deep centering breath, Arven forces those memories down as he re-enters the present, not the pain-filled world of his past. He didn't have time for that. He could have that particular breakdown later. Right now, Arven had patients, so he forces his best smile onto his face and claps his hands, raising his voice so that the staff and various crewpersons could hear Arven through sickbay.

 "Congratulations to the crew of the USS Oneida; we've survived this battle and will live to fight another day. You can all be proud of that accomplishment; thank you all for your stalwart service in the line of fire, each one of you helped us to survive this fight!" He pauses then, wondering if he'd get some weak applause or not, but he did have more to say. Arven looks at the floor briefly and then to the rest of sickbay again.

"Those of you that have been treated are discharged back to duty.  The few of you with more severe injuries that have been treated are released from sickbay.  Please return to your quarters and return if necessary."

 Arven stands to the side, then allowing people to file out, and he surveys the sickbay. The remaining patients appeared to be receiving treatment by various medical staff, which met with his approval. Thankfully, most of the patients received during the battle had been the ambulatory sort, whose injuries prevented further duty. So the situation in sickbay wasn't currently the clusterfuck that it easily could have been.

Arven picks up his PADD and ticks off the names of the people that were leaving. He could tell at a glance who was who and in what category, the skilled Doctor keeping a running tally of just how he'd have to fill out the charts for his patients then whether they were released for duty or further rest. That was easy, though, with the spreadsheet function he was organizing people into. Once the last person leaves, Arven saves the list and sets the PADD down to finish the charting later.

Just as the last discharged patient leaves, in comes a new one, being carried by two security personnel. The man being supported by the others was in a rough state, which simply made him blink. The human patient, Petty Officer Kilbourne was ashen in complexion and barely holding on, it seemed. His left hand appeared to be hanging by a few muscles and strings of tendon, but his chest and torso were in worse shape. At a glance, it appeared that the downswing of a blade had caught Kilbourne, his clavicle shattered, and a few ribs were broken. Of more significant concern was the 8 cm gash leading down from his ribcage across where his liver should be.

 Arven immediately attends to the man, doing a quick triage of the man, he suints slightly and chuckles darkly.

"Did you really try to block a weapon with your hand Kilbourne? Well, good job, it saved your life!"

Arven had a brief moment of prayer where he desperately wished that he was right about that. He dearly hoped that he could indeed save Kilbourne's life. It was absolutely going to be touch and go.  "I need a trauma team over here, I've got severe laceration of the upper chest through the abdomen, and this man's liver is at least partly externally located! I'll help to stabilize and get him prepped for surgery."

With that said, Arven immediately gets to work administering the necessary anesthetics and more localized treatments to sedate Kilbourne and stem the bleeding. Arven focuses mainly on the bleeding and the broken bones, while the trauma team addresses the Security officer's abdomen sterilizing the area and making the necessary calls on what could be fixed. Thankfully, if Humans had any redundancy in their biology, it was their livers and kidneys, so Kilbourne would have most of his liver remaining at least.  The trauma team would quickly take care of the internal trauma, and they could be left to that.

OOC note: For medical staff or anyone injured on the USS Oneida, feel free to post in as necessary here!

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Lt Sabrina Lail | Sickbay | Deck 1 > 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Tae @Nero @P.C. Haring @Lathaniel @Luciain @Eden  
Ordered by Captain Jackson to have her minor left facial burn treated, Sabrina had traversed the debris and hanging wires to make her way to turbolift two which happened to be waiting on deck one as when she pushed the call button the turbolift doors opened to a swoosh. She stepped in, looking at the flickering screen that indicated the location of the turbolift in relation to the turboshafts on a cross-section of the Oneida. The doors swooshed once more as they closed behind her and she turned around to face them. “Deck seven, sickbay,” the brunette stated to the computer.

The turbolift started its normal humming sounds as it made its way through the network of turboshafts throughout the ship finding a route to the closest egress to sickbay. Lail simply waited patiently until the turbolift finally arrived on deck seven. The doors opened and Sabrina was greeted by a chaotic mess. She had read the damage reports but this was the first time she walked the ship since. Fires were being extinguished, injured were leaned against the bulkheads lining the corridors, and debris laced the path towards sickbay. She had never seen the Oneida in such a state of disrepair.

Sabrina continued out of the turbolift and made her way down the lined corridor until she reached the entrance to sickbay where she slid between the stream of discharged personnel to gain access to the reception area. The damage to the Oneida wasn’t much better in sickbay though to Lail’s eyes it was spared any fires from what she could tell. She crossed her arms and leaned back against the wall nearest the entrance but in the viewing of reception to wait.

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[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder |Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Oneida] attn: @Tae  @Hope  @Lathaniel  @Eden  @Nero  @Luciain

Reggie pushed away the arm of the nurse taking the scan of her head and pulled her head back as she made to get off the bio bed.  The nurse was fast and his hand found its way around her waist and across her back, bidding her to remain where she sat. 

“This would go a lot faster, Lieutenant if you would sit still.”

She caught his surface thoughts and tried not to laugh.  She was far from Tomophobic.  Far from it, but she really didn’t understand the point.

“I’m fine, Ensign.  It’s just a bump on the head.  You can’t possibly tell me I’m a priority case.  I know for a fact you’ve got others more severely injured.”

Her thoughts returned to Kalil.  She hadn’t had the time to take a good medical scan, but even without a tricorder or a medical degree, she recognized the injuries.  Burns and inhalation related injuries were common among the corps pilots.  Those were the real priorities.  Not some stupid bump on the head she got only because she had been caught off balance.

“Everyone is stable or being tended to, Lieutenant, and frankly we need the space so we’re taking care of the low hanging fruit and get as many people out of here as quickly as possible. Now hold still.”

[[Security to Sickbay.  Standby to receive casualties.]]

“Or not.”

“They’re at least a minute out still.  Hold still and I’ll have you out of here before they get here.”

Reggie followed the instructions, allowing the nurse to finish his work and after just the briefest of moments, her head felt right as rain. 

“Go.  Get out of here.”

She pushed herself off the bed and stood. 

“I’d like to see my RIO.  His name is Kalil Daik.”

The nurse shook his head.  “Can’t allow that right now.  With another wave coming through, I need you out.”

She pressed the frustration.  Having just spent that last few minutes telling them to treat others before her, she couldn’t just ask for special treatment now.  Nope.  Not going to happen.  Kalil might be her world inside the cockpit, but for the medical staff he was another patient in a triage setting.

“I understand.  I’ll get out of your way.  Thanks for help.”

She didn’t wait for the response, making her way towards the exit.

The doors opened before she could get there and calls for her to stand aside and make way heralded the arrival of the next wave of casualties.  She stepped towards the reception desk, giving a clear path for those coming in.  The receptionist stepped in to help, pushing Reggie to the side almost knocking her off balance. 

Indecision took her as she considered her options.  She knew she shouldn't get in the way, but at the same time she had to know.

Kalil, can you hear me?

There you are, came his voice through their telepathic link.  He sounded tired but otherwise strong.

You in one piece?

More or less.  Minor burns and smoke inhalation.  They have me on a tri-ox mediation and once they’re sure it’s doing what it should I’ll be out of here.  Probably a half hour tops, all things being equal.

They won’t let me visit you.

I know.  It’s all right.  Go and decompress.  I’ll find you when they cut me lose.

Don’t keep me waiting.

She turned and exited the sickbay as she considered what to do while she passed the time.  Then it came to her.  That pilot from the Theurgy.  Wraith, was his call sign.

“Computer, locate Lieutenant JG Hale.”

[[Lieutenant Hale is in the shuttle bay.]]

Of course he was.  Where else would a pilot be right after an engagement? 

The doors to the turbolift opened.

“Main shuttle bay.”

OOC - This is the only post I'm going to put in this thread.  Reggie's story continues in Coffee Break

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Tae @Hope @Lathaniel @Nero @Luciain @P.C. Haring

Of all of the sins that Callax possessed, pride was perhaps his most heinous and he had no illusions otherwise. Much of it he chalked up to his upbringing. As the privileged son of a notable family in the historically ruling caste of his planet, pride was practically bred into him and reinforced for much of his life thus far. It was really only once he was admitted into Starfleet Academy that he began to see himself in a more objective light. That said, he still felt a guilty sense of satisfaction seeing so many others injured in the corridors leading to sickbay. Oh, of course he didn't want them to be injured--serious or otherwise--far from it in fact; but, there was still a small comfort in knowing he was not the only one to appear vulnerable at that moment. That the walk to sickbay was not a walk of shame he would have to endure alone. 

With a satisfying swoosh, the doors to sickbay opened to reveal a scene of organized chaos; though, perhaps that was a fair assessment. It was simply busy with a myriad of injured crewmembers and medical personnel occupying the space. There was a line in either case and the young tactical CONN officer made himself comfortable on the periphery of the room. He leaned against the wall and did his best not to put weight on his injured leg.

Blue eyes surveyed the room taking a quick mental tally of those present. The Klingon attacks did not appear to discriminate with representatives of all departments present seeking medical aid. Unsurprisingly, very few wore the white of his own.

One individual that did stand out was a human in command red standing just a meter or two away. The two gold pips on her collar necessitated the respectful nod of his head before he spoke. He recognized the woman even with the burn but the opportunity to introduce himself had not yet arisen until now. "Lieutenant Lail? Archon. Err, Cal Valin. I owe you some thanks," he said with a warm smile, extending a hand and yet again doing his best not to put weight on his injured leg. "That was some fine maneuvering by the Oneida. Thought I might have seen my last orbit a few times there but you have an impressive ship. How did it fare altogether? You know, beyond..." Callax gestured to the various injured occupying sickbay. "The Aerowing got beat up pretty badly and we had a few injuries but nothing life threatening, luckily. I do think I owe your captain an apology for scratching the paint though," he added with a good humored laugh.

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Lt Sabrina Lail | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Tae @Nero @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring @Luciain @Eden  
With sickbay bustling as an influx of new patients entered, Sabrina hadn’t even noticed the man in Tactical CONN white except for the nod of respect when she glanced his way. It wasn’t until the man had called her name that she gave it any thought.

"Lieutenant Lail? Archon. Err, Cal Valin. I owe you some thanks.

Sabrina looked the man that caught her attention over for a moment as he extended his hand and warmly smiled at her. She didn’t react immediately to the gesture. A few moments passed as she wondered where the man learned her name - whether it was at some point when the Oneida had rescued the survivors of the Iota Eridani Starfleet Aerospace Command training facility or during the battle with the Klingons. The man’s gesture didn’t go unanswered however, as Lail extended her hand to meet his as she stood up from the wall she pressed against.

"That was some fine maneuvering by the Oneida. Thought I might have seen my last orbit a few times there but you have an impressive ship. How did it fare altogether? You know, beyond...

Releasing from the handshake she led Callax further into sickbay and out of the way of the influx as she listened to him recount his recent battle experience. Sabrina couldn’t help but give off a hint of a smile at Callax’s compliment. “All things considered,” Lail began as she surveyed the surroundings, “the ship held up pretty well even with the odds stacked against us.” Sabrina put her hand on Callax’s left shoulder; brown eyes meeting with blue as she continued, “even so, during my tenure on this ship we’ve never been in such rough shape. They hit us pretty hard and the next few days are going to be tough. But we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

"The Aerowing got beat up pretty badly and we had a few injuries but nothing life threatening, luckily. I do think I owe your captain an apology for scratching the paint though.

A smile came across Lail’s face at the thought of having to explain to Captain Jackson why there was scratched paint on the Aerowing. “If it wasn’t for you fighter pilots in the Aerowing, we probably wouldn’t be here right now,” Sabrina noted. “I imagine this is not how you expected things to go once we answered your distress call at Iota Eridani, was it?” Lail asked.

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Tae @Hope @Lathaniel @Nero @Luciain @P.C. Haring

"If it wasn't for you fighter pilots in the Aerowing, we probably wouldn't be here right now,” the woman said, a hand still on his shoulder.

I am glad we were able to pitch in then. Chipped paint aside,” he said with a tone of sincerity, accepting the compliment with an appreciative inclination of his head. “At least for my part it felt like the least I could do. Were it not for you and the Oneida I would certainly be dead and my novel remain unfinished,” he mused. “As far as I am concerned this ship was my guardian angel. That is the human phrase, yes? ‘Guardian angel’?” The man sounded out the phrase more slowly the second time, the words clearly foreign on his tongue. Even having learned Federation Standard all through his formative years, some phrases he still found difficult and unfamiliar. “A mythological creature whose mission is to protect mortals. We have something similar in our own mythology on Ardana...” Cal stopped himself before he went further along with that tangent.

The fighter pilot’s gaze broke for a brief moment from Sabrina’s brown hues as he noticed the injury on her cheek. A unique face made all the more unique by the minor injury. An injury not too dissimilar from the ones he had sustained before first being brought onto the Oneida. Memories far too fresh and painful to dwell on.

Not wanting her to think he was staring he quickly turned his face away to focus on an NCO who was being less than cooperative with the medical staff. A third nurse arrived to assist and once the crewman was on the biobed the sedatives kicked in quickly.

I imagine this is not how you expected things to go once we answered your distress call at Iota Eridani, was it?" the woman asked and Cal returned his gaze towards hers. “That would be putting it lightly,” he replied with an exhausted exhale lowering his voice. “Classmates and instructors dead. Me comatose in sickbay. Starfleet Command compromised. From Starfleet officer to fugitive. It has been a year…

The man shook his head. “I am not sure which would be preferred. My family to think I died at the training facility or for them to think I am a traitor to the Federation. They are quite traditional. Duty. Honor. The ‘virtues’. I wish I could let them know the truth. Maybe they will learn it one day,” he said with a slight hint of hope in his voice. "It is something worth fighting for."

Cal let out another long sigh and met the woman’s gaze again. “Do you have any family? You know, that do not know.

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Lt. Arven Leux | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Hope  @Lathaniel  @Eden  @P.C. Haring    @Nero  @Luciain

Arven did what was necessary to stabilize the current patient before he began making the Sickbay rounds. Since the emergencies were under control now, he took his time to tend to the walking wounded and the less seriously wounded crew that had come in. Arven's expression was firm and polite. He'd noticed a medical tech tend to Lt. Suder, and she was pretty much ok. But Her RIO had gotten banged up.

Arven takes a moment to assess the man's injuries with a medical tricorder and nods emphatically. Looking to one of the medical techs, he speaks in clipped tones.  "Looks like the Petty officer here has some minor burns, smoke inhalation, as well as his left shoulder and elbow having mild contusions. Administer a low dose of Tri Ox for the smoke, and apply analgesics for the burns and contusions. Get him out of here. After that, he's fine."

Taking up the tricorder again, he gives a polite nod to Lt Lail when she comes in. Taking a quick look over her, easily noticing the burn on her cheek, he sighs after the scan. "Looks like Captain Jackson is a bit of a nervous nanny today, hmm?" He smiles then, handing the Lieutenant a packet of burn cream after going over her cheek with a dermal regenerator. "You'll be ok. Apply this cream if it starts hurting. That won't leave a scar. Just don't sleep on that side of your face tonight."

Turning to Lt jg Callax Valin, he points to a medical bed. "Ok, hop on up there, flyboy. Let's get a look at that leg. also, thank you for not trying to pull that thing out by yourself." He knew that he was interrupting Lail and Valin's conversation, but they were both here for a reason. He had a smile on his face, but there was a little bit of concern on his face then. He knew how lousy shrapnel and similar wounds could be. And he didn't want to see the injury aggravated or become infected. "So, out of personal curiosity, just what in the hells kind of mess did the two of you get into out there?" Right now, he was trying his best to keep Valin's mind off the treatment by using one of the oldest tricks in the book, conversation about a topic that the patient might enjoy.

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Lt JG Sorek Morgan, Callsign “Chaos” | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn:  @Hope @Eden @P.C. Haring  @Nero @Luciain @Tae


Sorek was on his way to sickbay, but not to be treated for any injuries. The few bruises he received from the rough ride at the end of the battle as well as the superficial burns on his right arm, which were administered by the damaged console in the Aerowing, were no reasons for concern. Sorek had hurt himself worse while brawling with his rivals back in school. No, he intended to return the medical kit he had received earlier from Doctor Leux. He was not quite sure why this seemed urgent to him, but it did. Maybe it was the slightly scolding attitude the Doctor presented when Sorek asked for the kit? Hard to say.

But Sorek had other, more pressing internal puzzles to solve. Just a few moments ago he was partaking in a high risk space battle, mastering the tactical console of an Aerowing Shuttlecraft to his best knowledge and now he was asking himself what on Earth and all other habitable planets he had actually achieved. He knew that his deep-rooted self-doubts were triggering those thoughts, but somehow this was different. Different, and yet familiar.

With a sigh Sorek entered Sickbay and took a step to the left, clearing the main entrance for potential casualties and granting himself a moment to observe what was going on. He had barged into a different sickbay some years ago and involuntarily disrupted an important medical surgery. Ever since this happened, he tended to enter such facilities with more care and less noise.
Sickbay was well visited after this battle. Something Sorek had anticipated just as much as the fact that Doctor Leux was busy with saving lifes. The young Fighter Pilot nodded to himself and turned towards a counter, carefully placing the medkit onto it. As he turned, he recognized Lieutenant Suder and Lieutenant Valin. He smiled and tipped his non-existing hat in their direction, wishing them well with a silent nod of respect and empathy before turning around and leaving the room. Soon he would be reporting back to the SO in order to receive new orders. But for the moment, Sorek took his time to find his quarters and change his uniform.

Still pondering thoughts of self-doubt, the Officer reached his quarters, changed into a fresh uniform and wrote a short text message directed at Doctor Leux. [Dear Doc. I returned your medkit to sickbay upon my return to the Oneide. Thank you for your service.]

He rose and left his room, making his way to find the Second Officer. Let's see what's next.
Lt JG Sorek Morgan
PO2 Kino Taer

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Lt Sabrina Lail | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Tae @Eden @Nero @P.C. Haring @Lathaniel @Luciain
Sabrina listened intently to Callax as he tried to use an Earth phrase to describe the Oneida. “Guardian angel,” Valin sounded out; the words seemingly foreign to him in the eyes of Lail. “Yes, that’s a human phrase - and in a way, you may be right but I like to believe…” Sabrina’s voice trailed off as she thought about how to put into words what she believed. She wasn’t certain what to say and a momentary silence lapsed between the two. The silence was broken by Valin’s continued thought as he began to describe a similar role in his planet’s mythology. Callax didn’t complete his statement but said enough for Sabrina’s curiosity to set in. She made a mental note to look it up in the Federation cultural database at a later time.

Lail noticed Callax’s gaze shift somewhat although she couldn’t be certain if it was to look at the soft burn on her face or the ruckus that was being caused by an uncooperative patient. She turned around to see the nursing staff sedate the NCO on a biobed. Sabrina thought to herself that casualties could have been much worse as she watched the realities of the battle with the Klingons. On the bridge, it’s just words and pictographs on a display but in Sickbay they were more. After briefly sighing she turned her attention back to Callax.

"That would be putting it lightly," Valin replied to Sabrina’s question. "Classmates and instructors dead. Me comatose in sickbay. Starfleet Command compromised. From Starfleet officer to fugitive. It has been a year..." Valin recounted.

It hadn’t occurred to Sabrina that the man she spoke to now was the man they had found comatose at the Iota Eridani training center. She was a little embarrassed that she did not put that together and hoped that it did not show on her face. The man continued as he described his family as ’traditional’ and wondered which was worse - them thinking he was a traitor to the Federation or that he died at a training facility. She asked herself that very question: was it worse to be thought of as a traitor to the Federation or to be believed dead.

"Do you have any family? You know, that do not know,” Callax asked. Sabrina paused for a moment as she realized that Callax didn’t know what they had done to deceive Starfleet. “Yes, yes I do,” the brunette said softly. “Family, friends; I suppose they all believe I’m gone. This ship too,” Sabrina added.

It was at that point Lieutenant Arven Leux interrupted the conversation. "Looks like Captain Jackson is a bit of a nervous nanny today, hmm?" the doctor asked. “On a day like this one, can you blame him, my dear doctor,” Lail stated with a hint of sarcasm in her tone at the end.

Leux treated Lail, gave Sabrina instructions for post-operative care, and handed her some burn cream. Before she was ready to leave Sickbay, Lail turned her attention to Callax and asked, “are you going to be alright down here?” showing concern for her newfound comrade.

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Lt. Arven Leux | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Hope  @Lathaniel  @Eden  @P.C. Haring    @Nero  @Luciain

Time Passes

Arven was glad to have finished with the patients remaining in sickbay, and it seemed that a few were still sitting around chatting. Right now, he didn't have the heart to tell any of them to vacate. The whole crew of the USS Oneida was going into an Unknown. Qo'nos was a turbulent world at the best of times, but going there in the midst of a likely battle was more than most crews could handle. The crew of the Oneida was different, he'd gotten to know them as part of the crew and had a strange love for the varied group of people. He dearly wished to see them all again some day.

So it was with a smile that Arven had collected his essentials to transport over to the USS Theurgy, the things he always wanted to keep with him. His journal that he so infrequently wrote in, and some trinkets that he carried with him from home and family. Looking wistfully at the Sickbay that was his domain, had been his domain, he smiles to the officer seated next to him. The elderly man that was confined to a hover-chair. "Looks like you'll be taking my position sooner than later Doctor Merkwürdigliebe, take care of the crew while I'm gone. I want to come back to them some day."

"Yes Herr Doktor, I'll make sure they're in fine health for you. Don't cause too much trouble vhile you're gone." The raspy voice of Doctor Merkwürdigliebe had always made Arven think he was out of time and place. But still, confined to a chair or not, malformed spinal cord or not, the man was one of the best Doctor's he had ever served with.

Arven moves over to the transport site in Sickbay and smiles to Nurse Locke taking the spot next to him. He taps his combadge and speaks in a wistful tone. "Doctor Leux to USS Theurgy, two to transport."


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