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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

Jimmy clinked glasses and wet his lips, suggestively squeezing out lime at Meony."I know a spot in Blue Horizon. Ever hear of Da Vinci Falls? Without so many tourists, it's a great place to..." He kept the rest in a hushed whisper as he wrapped his hands against her hips and tickled one scar at random as he whispered the rest of his invitation into the redhead's ear. "... and practice some maneuvers while we're at it." he said a notch above an enticing whisper.

Jimmy was grateful for some of the recent memories during their voyage they had made in the holodeck. Yosemite Falls, Mount Seleya, Even an almost-exact replica of Risian islands were only to name a few, though an occasional holodeck visit to Australia was a nice welcome home. Being a documentarian's son had the advantage of homeschooling. "<Don't wanna close my eyes...>" he lightly whistled the notes of one of his dedicated tunes for her.

"They grow up so quickly, don't they?" Tarsi cast an almost endearing mock-endearing tone to Marquez as she finished applying lotions on her body and applying one to her partner, who platonically returned the favor. Warm water was one thing, but high temperature took some pleasant adapting. "Easy on the antennae, you're too rough."

"Scuttlebutt says that's how you like it." Leon couldn't resist an opportunity to snag a bad joke despite his almost unreadable poker face and tendency to matter-of-factly make humor. The two kept their distance but often did their best to hook eachother up with potential dates or excuses to exchange sparring maneuvers. Leon had time to wrap a towel around his waist, making no shame in hiding his sculped absominals and firm pectorals while waiting for Tarsi to do the same. He regarded one bottle that stood out. In gold labels almost to match the gold color of the wine itself, it read, "Chateau Picard, Watermelon Sangria Moscato. Leon smirked a bit "Impressive find. This ship's designers thought of everything when they programmed the replicator menu."
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01 ] attn: @Griff @CanadianVet @Nolan @Absinthe @Numen @Triage @Triton

Natalie's situational awareness was starting to fray around the edges. She could hear more bathers arriving in the secluded oasis built along side the Theurgy's gym, but she felt her focus bouncing from one point to the next. She was, for instance, still very aware of the occasional glance that seemed to fall her way from Bremer, the noncom from the Resolve whom had managed to both embarrass her and compliment her in one go. It had her toying with the edge of her towel, the internal debate of keeping it in place, or letting it fall being waged in the back of her mind. There were the less subtle looks of some of the men around her, and the politely amused gaze of Thomas Ravon (at least that was how she chose to precieve the smile he'd shot her while she endured her current predicament.

I may have to give up on joining him for that drink she thought to herself. At this rate, she would never get over there. And as if to prove the point, a new voice sounded from behind, and to the side, causing the brunette to jump and spin a bit. The accent was odd, alien and - sure enough, there was reason for that. A blond woman with sloping, pointed ears, and prominent brow ridges stared back at her - dressed, surprisingly enough, in a bathing suit of some form. The fact that she was dressed seemed to startle Natalie more than her sudden arrival, or the fact that she was most definitely a Romulan. There were more than a few in Starfleet at this point, and while rare, in and of it self, that was not a cause for concern.

"Are you alright, sweet one?" Lillee asked the girl gently. "I expect that the clothing standards hereabouts can be unsettling."

The term of endearment was - well, not unsettling, but unexpected. Still, Natalie was able to at least discern that the newcomer was trying to be comforting. And given that the woman sported a suit - flattering, yes, attractive if one were into women, Natalie noted - she was not bared as so many others were. The casual nudity didn't seem to bother the Romulan - how could you tell? - but at the same time, she seemed to posses no desire to place her assets on full display. A reasonable compromise, but one that Natalie was, unfortunately, denied by the bet she had lost.

Still fiddling with the towel wrapped tightly around her, the Ops Chief gave the Romulan her full attention for the time being. Until someone else showed up. Natalie was sure that would happen sooner or later, with the way things were going. "I'm just a little overwhelmed and a good deal out of my depth," Natalie confessed, offering the Romulan a weary, but gracious smile. "This first time down here, and I guess you could say its not exactly my comfort zone. But it was ahem, suggested that I try this for a way to relax. And so," she shrugged, " here I am. I'm Natalie, by the way." Rank did not exist in the baths, after all.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @Brutus @Griff

Having been all but abandoned in the baths, Eliska Bremmer stretched against the edge of the warm pool she had been lounging in.  Oh yes, that was, in some ways, much like home.  Well, entirely too much granite and metal and not enough cedar-analogue and smooth limestone for her taste, but it was nice all right.  Well, a party rolling in had disturbed the sensuous peace of the bathhouse, but she was working hard to ignore it for now.

So instead, she turned her attention back to Natalie Stark.  Eliska's comments had been meant to be gentle barbs as well as compliments.  The Chief Operations Officer might be more curvaceous than she preferred in women, but she certainly was easy on the eyes.  That, and she had a shy kind of innocence that was pretty endearing.  And then, there was a real surprise. 

A pretty little blonde, Romulan if she was a lifeform, walked towards Stark. And she was in... a bathing suit?  Really?  It was a very, very modest one-piece... and it really worked for her.  Oh, it really nicely framed her backside all right, and there was something really honest about how it skimmed her small breasts.  Yes, she was definitely more to the Nova Kosicean's liking all right.  But... she did look like she could loosen up a little.  And it did give Bremmer an idea.

"Nat?  And Lillee, right?"  There was a playful grin on her face as she regarded both women, who well might be complete physical opposites.  "I was wondering if you might be able to answer something for me.  Why is it people from core systems are such prudes?"

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[PO1 Lillee t’Jellaieu] | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Canadian Vet


When the bathing human called out her jibe, Lillee laughed, glancing sideways at the adorably embarrassed Nat. Oh stars, the poor woman was still clutching to that towel with such anxiety. She had clearly lost a bet, and as was often the case, the follow-through was proving beautifully torturous. At the very least, she wasn’t being dared to humiliate herself. There were plenty of other nude bathers around of various genders and species, so the dare was in good spirits, rather than malevolence. Given half a chance the shy human would probably enjoy herself, but not if put on the spot.

So, being the crafty devil that she was, Lillee flashed an evil grin at the sleeknwoman who’d asked the question from the pool. “And why is it that outer colony hicks have a burning need to throw your clothes off at every opportunity?” she called back, the laughter in her tone taking the sting from her words. Oh, that girl really was a beauty, relaxing as she was against the wall of the pool. Her black hair was wet in that lovely way, while her upper torso was equally damp, rivulets of water slipping down through the shallow valley between her small, rounded breasts, which were only half submerged in the water. What really stole Lillee’s attention, however, was the girl’s arms. There was muscle there, well defined, suggesting that the girl was exceptionally fit. A Security girl, perhaps, or a fellow pilot...

“Some of us have style, dear,” Lillee continued, still grinning diabolically. “Sometimes, imagination is so much sweeter than the quick and easy option.”

Then, quite without shame, she took a step forward and turned around, presenting the attractive human (and, indeed, everybody else in the bath house besides Nat) a perfect view as she stretched her arms up over her head, showing off her small but well formed rear end with the movement, as well as her long, sensual back. The swimsuit really did complement her form well, hugging Lillee’s Romulan body as she then casually bent forwards, touching her toes with her fingers, causing her derriere to lift up in the air. The skintight black fabric emphasised every aspect of her trim musculuture, and not for the first time, Lillee found herself grateful for getting back into fighting trim in recent years, no small feat for a single mother of twins.

Rising from her not-so-innocent stretch, Lillee winked at Nat. “If you want to follow through on that dare, sweetie, now is the time,” she said quietly enough that only Nat could hear.

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Numen @CanadianVet @Griff @Nolan @Absinthe @Triage @Triton

For a moment, Natalie found herself wondering if Romulans were telepathic as a general rule. She thought that was just the Vulcans, and even then, they were mostly touched telepathy. But somehow this...Lillee, Bremmer had called her, seemed to divine exactly what was going on. After all, Nat hadn't told anyone that she'd been here on a bet, let alone that the bet was more than just show up in the baths in a towel. Her bet would leave her stark naked (pun intended) and also involved Natalie actually getting in a bath at some point, instead of just standing around awkwardly. She'd agreed to allow that to happen, and to oh, how had it been put? Explore anything that happened to rise up from there that looked fun or potentially relaxing. So nebulous. And well....well. She was getting ahead of herself.

Regardless, the Romulan had given as good as she'd got, sending a barb right back to the lounging security officer. Natalie tried not to stare  at the bare, wet chest of Eliska, nor the toned form of Lillee as she bent down in front of her. Neither of the women were anything less than easy on the eyes, and given most Starfleet officers maintained a personal PT regime, truthfully none of the bathers on hand were anything less than delicious looking. Natalie failed, quite spectacularly, to avoid starring. It was simply impossible to ignore the sheer amount of flesh on display. Perhaps because she was so very rarely this exposed, be it of her own person, or in the presence of others 'al natural'. For her, it was like watching a train wreck and being unable to look away. Save that this was far more visually pleasing than a train wreck.

A train wreck that Natalie was about to contribute to herself. She sucked in a bit of a breath, and then, very slowly, took the advice of the pilot who had just put on such a delicious little show. Pretending that this was the most natural thing to do in the world, Natalie let the towel part at the middle and then pool, catching it in the crook of he left arm.  Her skin had a soft sheen to it, from the steam of the baths, as she revealed the pale expanse of her chest, with her plump breasts sloping forward, the darker skin of her areolas contrasting the paler flesh of the orbs. Her body was not slender, her hourglass figure accented with curves in all the right places. The cut of her hip slice down to the join of her legs, mostly hidden by the towel and the way she crossed herself, but enough was visible to display a trimmed triangle of curly pubic hairs, showing an attention to detail and personal grooming.

Anyone that had the pleasure of being behind Natalie would see the equally rounded curves of her bum, just as slick as the rest of her from the heat. This too was larger, and more round than either Lillee or Bremmer, and at the moment she found herself envying the two more svelte non-comm's. Then again, in the baths, no one had a rank. That was the rule.

This past in but a scant few seconds, and yet Natalie felt, right or wrong, that every set of eyes were on her at the moment. Especially those immediately around her, she could feel their gaze like a heavyweight, dragging her down by the neck. She swallowed and met the Romulan's eyes, hoping that the blush on her face hadn't reached down to her chest.  And she quietly whispered a thank you. The Romulan woman's show made Natalie feel like at least a little of the pressure and attention from her had bled away, if only for a moment.

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[Ens Cameron Henshaw | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Numen  @CanadianVet  @Griff  @Brutus  @Absinthe  @Triage  @Triton 

Enjoying the warmth of the hot tub, Cameron could hear some more distinct talking and a minor commotion occur at the entrance of the public baths. Ravon was already there to enjoy the show it seemed yet Cameron had no idea what was going on yet. Sure she had seen Natalie Stark enter, yet besides that she wasn't up to speed. She raised herself out of the hot tub as the water ran down her smooth skin. Her pink nipples hardening against the cooler air as her smooth shaved nether region dripped off the driplets of water that still made their way down whilst the rest ran down her legs. Cameron pressed her hair together to get most of the water out before she shook it loosely giving her a rather wet hair look. Once done, she stepped out of the hot tub entirely and made her way over to the group of women who were standing around Stark.

Henshaw seemed unashamed about her body as she came to a stop between Bremmer and t'Jellaieu "Ladies, what seems to be going on here?" she asked with a coy smirk on her face as she looked at Stark first, her eyes glancing over her before she looked at Bremmer next and finally at Lillee. The blonde gal still dressed in her swimsuit, though her curves were very well accentuated by the swimsuit in all honestly. Bremmer's toned body on the other hand was on full display as much as the water would reveal. Natalie just seemed to sink through the floor. Cameron nodded at Natalie as she placed her hand on  on Lillee's back "We're all girls here hun, noting to be ashamed about." she tried to assure her.

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[Lt.JG Khorin Douglas| Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01 ]
Attn: @Brutus  @CanadianVet  @Griff  @Nolan  @Absinthe  @Triage  @Triton

Khorin watched with satisfaction how Stark finally got rid of the towel, while he brought a broad grin to his face. Part of his father's culture was based on the demonstration of strength and physical superiority and bragging about it was not only the norm but highly expected. That the brunette had been so shy so far had not sense to him, especially when her voluptuous figure was pleasing to the eye. Obviously she was too timid for his tastes, but still with he couldn't find a reason to be ashamed. "See? You don't need to worry, we don't bite" he thundered with his deep voice. Sudenly, Douglas raised an eyebrow and scratched his beard thoughtfully and hurried up to add. "Well ... actually, I do." He accompanied his words with an impish smile.

He left her behind without waiting for an answer and carelessly threw the towel that was tied at his waist to the side while he stretched his tall figure completely. The little commotion around the Chief Operations Officer had diverted him from his initial purpose of relaxing his muscles after training and now he felt them stiff. However, a phrase made him turn around again, raising his eyebrow. "We're all girls here hun, noting to be ashamed about," said another brunette, trying to encourage Stark. The hybrid doesn't hesitate a second to approach the women again and place his paw on the shoulder of the girl who had talked last. "I dunno what you consider a girl, missy, but I can assure you that I'm not one" he said with a serious tone refuted by his teasing smirk. "As far as I remember, the baths are co-ed"

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @Brutus @Griff @Nolan @Numen

When Eliska made her crack about prudishness, she had been grinning diabolically.  She was planning to have some fun with the decidedly shy Nat Stark, who struck her as needing little more than just a nudge to realize she indeed did have the confidence to drop that towel with no malice afterthought whatsoever.  As for the blonde in the bathing suit?  She was moving with the kind of grace and confidence that always drew the Nova Kosicean's eye when it crossed her sight.  And, to be brutally honest, that bathing suit was leaving very little to the imagination, not that she still wouldn't mind seeing what was there to be seen.  And that demonstration of hers?  Absolutely gorgeous! 

Bremmer let herself sink under the warm water and came right back up before standing and making her way out of the water, revealing all of herself, having decided to let the water that was slicking back her hair, draining off her skin and from the tip of her braid to naturally emphasize her body.  She was not heavily built, but she was not slender either; sleek would definitely be the more appropriate term.  As she walked out of the water, the sway of her hips would become obvious, as would the neatly trimmed tangle of dark hair between her legs.  Oh, she did have a crack to respond to herself.  "I know I look good, and I get looked at.  But you really think I walk around like this for their benefit?"

But that was all, for Nat Stark had decided to drop her towel after all.  As expected, she was curvy all right.  A little more than Eliska preferred, to be honest, but still a good, honest shape to her.  And it was no wonder she was eyeballed all right.  And, just to make things more interesting, a petite girl, fully shaven, decided to join in with her own words of encouragement, and asking if there was a problem.

Looking first at this newcomer, and then at the lovely blonde, Bremmer grinned.  "Just having a chat about nudity taboos with my absolutely lovely new friend here."

But then, there was an intrusion.  A male intrusion.  And what a male, at that!  Big, strapping, half-Klingon.  Were she in a different mood, Eliska might even give him a crack at some point.  But not right now. 

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[PO1 Lillee t’Jellaieu] | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Canadian Vet, @Nolan, @Numen


Surrounded by a feast of nude, highly attractive (and quite wet) shipmates, Lillee couldn’t help but grin. Oh, she’d been in similar situations back in the old days (Romulan warbirds could become quite rowdy, especially before and after battle), but it was still a pleasant experience for the eyes. The Klingon hybrid was rather well-groomed for his species, and his body just looked so...well...powerful. The broad shoulders, the muscular forearms, the perfectly toned abdomen, his well-formed buttocks. Not to mention, of course, his very impressive member, and suddenly, while Lillee had always borne a hearty disgust of Klingons, she rather understood why so many Federation species dallied with their brutish neighbours.

The other women standing next to Lillee and Natalie were equally spectacular, of course. The newcomer was petite and outrageously cute, while the other was drop-dead gorgeous out of the water, her lower half just as fit and slender as her top half had been in the water. And then there was poor Natalie, who for all her nerves, had a truly beautiful body, all curves and form.

It was almost enough to doubt Lillee’s heartfelt belief in Romulan supremacy.


“What is it about being fugitives that makes you all nudists?” Lillee said with a grin, teasing the whole group. “You’re free of the Federation, so you think that you might as well be free of all clothing? Or is it that you spend all that time exercising, so you wish to show off your hard work in your full glory to your comrades in arms?”

Before anyone had a chance to respond, Lillee laughed, shaking her head. “Oh, never you mind, I really don’t care. As gorgeous as you all are, my friends, I came here to wash, not ogle at your admittedly wonderful forms. Now,” she said, turning and walking backward to the pool, “if you don’t mind,” she continued, stopping at the lip of the pool, still facing the others, “I am going in.”

And with that, still grinning, Lillee allowed herself to fall backward into the pool without even a hint of trepidation, dunking into the water with a great splash. “And the swimsuit stays ON!” she called upon emerging from the water, merry laughter in her voice.

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Atten: @CanadianVet @Numen @Nolan @Griff

The smile on the half-Klingon's face was actually somewhat reassuring - even if at the same time, it was a tad frightening. She had no doubt that he would bite. She could, in fact, picture him doing just that to her. It was a very stereotypical Klingon thing to say, and nothing about Khorin's attitude lead her to believe he was anything but truthful. It left a heat in her cheeks  - both those above her shoulders, and below.

No sooner had Natalie divested herself of her towel than another figure walked up to the group, joining the Romulan, Natalie, and Bremmer, whom had just stood up from the bath, water running all over. Nat did a bit of a slow blink as she connected the dripping wet, clean shaven body the newcomer sported to the cheerful face of the captains yeoman, Cameron Henshaw.

While she saw the slender ensign fairly frequently on the bridge of the Theurgy (daily for the most part) Natalie had never seen, nor even pictured her quite like this before. And yet, now she took a long, healthy look, and had detailed knowledge of what the young junior officer looked like naked. There was no denying that she was attractive, and Natalie felt a very slight heat rise up.

Just as with Lillee and Bremmer - Eliska, she mentally reminded herself - Cameron was of the sleek and slender build that Natalie found quite fetching. Unlike herself, with her rounder proportions. She clutched the towel a little tighter and tried for a smile that would make it seem like she wasn't quite so anxious. "Oh I'm fine," she tried to reassure the yeoman that she was just dandy. "Never really done something like this is all." And that was very much the truth.

Of course, that was when Khorin reminded them that not everyone present was female. Not that Natalie could forget, but she turned and looked over at him, eyes going quite wide indeed. He too had discarded his towel, when he'd gone walking off, and as Nat turned and looked, she got quite the eyeful of....flesh. Quite a bit. That's as big as - oh boy, she swiftly snapped her eyes up, and then away, turning a bit to look to the side. It was easy to have her attention drawn away tough, as Lillee made her crack and dove into the water.

Covering her mouth, Natalie giggled at the playful banter. "Good on you, Lillee," Natalie managed to say between giggles, shaking her head. She reached up and swept a few strands of hair back behind her head, ducking down again with a small smile there on her face. Her eyes darted about and she bit her lip, before rolling her shoulders back a bit and taking a slow look around the room. There were a lot of naked women immediately around Nat, but sure enough, the rest of the room was a much more co-ed mix. Not too far off, she could see some of the other bathers sneaking glances in their direction. Some she served with quite regularly, most she didn't even recognize.  The Chief of Operations had always seemed like a fairly shy woman, often kept to herself. Having her there in the baths was an occasion in and of it self.

"I do think Cameron meant in the immediate circle," Nat pointed out after a moment, to Khorin, not quite trusting herself to keep her eyes above the waist. Just a quick glance, then back over to the bathing pools. She raised her free hand and then wiggled the finger between a few of the various areas.

"So um....which one's are the hot baths?" She quickly asked, shifting her weight from side to side, not realizing how it popped her hips and made her bum jiggle. It wasn't really a thing she thought about. And she was still clutching onto her towel, almost like a security blanket, save that it was covering nothing now.

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[Lt. Daniel Havenborn & Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers & PO Riley Patterson | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Nolan @Havenborn

Ens. Eloi-Danvers hummed to herself as she placed her rank pip in the locker she'd selected, near the middle of the gyms locker room. She even made sure to use her recently replaced arm as part of an effort to adjust to the artificial limb. She'd been inadvertently favoring her "real" arm and had been called out on it.  Making the effort to use the other one was just that - an effort. And today was less about effort and more about relaxing. It had Faye bobbing up and down on her bare feet.

The young diplomatic first found the baths months prior when she been originally stationed on the ship. They reminded her of the Casual easy-going communal baths on Betazed, that she'd visited with her family years ago. Though these lacked a proper mud bath and were only water, they were still a welcome reminder of the home she had left behind. And she was looking forward to taking advantage of them again. She'd even convinced her lover to bring along that pilot she'd been shagging.

A grey and black jacket was tossed into the locker quickly followed by a red undershirt. She just dropped them haphazardly into the narrow container. Faye could not be bothered to fold them up. What was the point, she asked herself. The telepath had always hated how constricting her uniform felt. So drab and boring. It was why she was wearing a tight pink lace bra under it. Something flashy and fun to make up for the dull colors of official attire. Betazed should have been in charge of the uniform design. We'd have come up with much more colorful and comfortable options, she thought, facing the entrance to the locker's as the doors slid open, her hands behind her back in an effort to unclasp the bra.

They were on the final approach to the public baths now and Riley could feel her heart skip a beat as she saw the entrance to it. Daniel had just done his work out and Riley had come to watch him as she was planning to head to the public baths with Faye. The handsome pilot of course had caught her eyes and she had talked to him during his exercise and tried to convince him to join her. It took a lot of convincing and some minor teasing to change his mind yet in the end the pilot was finally giving in to join her and meet her paramour Ensign Faye Eloi-Danvers.

Guiding Daniel to the entrance whilst holding his arm she teased "Really, she's an officer so you shouldn't have any trouble to talk to her right?" Riley was wearing her teal decorated uniform as her shift in Sickbay had just come to an end. The doors of the locker room swung open and the two of them were greeted by Faye as she stood there unclasping her pink lace bra. Riley smirked and let go of Daniel once the doors closed behind him.

"Well, hi there," she grinned to Faye as she waited for her to unclasp the bra before she hugged her and kissed her full on the lips. Her body lining up with her and pressing lightly against her before she broke the warm welcome and stepped aside. "Mmh, Faye, meet Daniel Havenborn. He's a lieutenant flying with the Wolves. Daniel, meet Ensign Faye Eloi-Danvers, I know she's a mouth full..." she joked whilst rolling her eyes before continuing. "She's our acting Senior Diplomatic Officer."

She stepped back so the two of them could share welcomes and what more as she started to open up her uniform and began to undress herself as well. She had been looking forward to this moment all day! A chance to relax in the warm water and with the perfect company of Faye. It was just an added bonus that Daniel had showed up as she figured it might get really interesting with Faye and him. She stored the vest in the locker, folded neatly unlike her paramour before she worked herself out of her pants. Her maroon blue thong and bra on display for both parties, yet she wasn't ashamed considering both of them had seen more than that. She silently continued to work herself out of her bra as she looked over her shoulder at the other two.

Daniel still wasn't sure why he had agreed to come to the baths, everyone was considered equal there with rank having no bearing.  He had worked hard for his rank, he had enlisted in Starfleet and then he attended the Academy and spent four years working to get his commissioned officer status.  It was something that he was incredibly proud of and partly where his no fraternization of NCOs had come from, though Riley had changed his mind on that, at least when it concerned her.  Although that was in part because Daniel felt that she should be an officer and almost wished that he had the authority to give her a field promotion.

"It's not that I have problems talking to NCOs, I just don't generally have the kind of relations you and I have been having."  He said with a smirk.  Daniel was wearing his workout clothing, but had brought his duty jacket with, his original plan after hitting the gym was to head to the Spearhead Lounge and relax before going to the holodeck to work some more on his holonovel.  Riley had changed his plans though and she had convinced him to meet her lover.  As she introduced him to the half naked woman in front of him Daniel smiled.  "A pleasure to meet you Ensign."  Daniel said, he had wanted to say comment on Riley's joke but the disciplined part of his brain had buried that thought as quickly as he had come up with it.

Once the introductions were out of the way Daniel walked over a locker and began to disrobe, not that he was really wearing a lot to begin with, a white shirt with the TacCONN logo, black pants and his duty jacket.  He placed his jacket into the locker, hanging it up before removing his pants, revealing his pink boxer shorts.  He folded his pants neatly before removing his shirt and folding it neatly as well.  Then came his boxer shorts which he also folded neatly, he grabbed a towel from inside the locker and closed it throwing the towel across his shoulder.  He looked back towards both women and smiled.  "Well I'm ready, shall we?"

There was little subsitute for the arms of someone you loved, and to Faye it felt like coming home, when Riley sauntered over and wrapped herself around the telepath. The embrace was relatively new still, but welcome and familiar, as was the mental mindscape that the diplomat allowed herself to sink into, savoring all that was Riley Patterson, albeit in a brief moment.

The kiss was pretty damn good too, if she did say so herself. Tongues danced, again, briefly - they had company after all! But it was still a welcome respite from the day, and the topless diplomat turned to face the newcomer with a smile on her face and color in her cheeks. "Hi yourself," she said over her shoulder to Riley, hip checking her playfully as introductions were made, before focusing her attentions solely on Lt. Havenborn.

"Likewise, Lieutenant," Faye could be good, she told herself as she replied. She didn't say anything at all about the hint of a joke she sensed in the back of the pilots brain. She was, after all, trying to make a good impression, for Riley's sake. Hyper Aware of her lovers actions, it was easier to ignore the impressions from Daniel and give him (and the others around them) more mental privacy. "Though, you'd best get used to calling me Faye. At least past those doors," She hitched a thumb over her shoulder at the tunnel that lead to the baths. Giving him one of her brightest smiles - and seemingly perfectly at ease with having her chest on display to a complete stranger, she added. "I hope you'll enjoy it. Both of you," she turned to Riley and walked over to her locker, running a finger right up the girls spine.

"Let me help," she playfully said, quick and easy as you please, unlatching Riley's bra. "It's so much easier with a second set of hands, isn't it?" She asked her paramor, before pressing a kiss to her shoulder. Even just being here in the lockers was clearly relaxing Faye. Stress was bleeding off by the moment, replaced by the comfort of the nurse, and the excitement of meeting new people - chiefly the fully displayed Daniel Havenborn, who was most certainly easy on the eyes.

As she bent over and took are of her pants - and panties - in one go (also matching pink) she wiggled a bit for Riley, because she couldn't and tossed the mess into the bottom of the locker. "He's quite the looker," she whispered and winked, conspiratorially. "I trust you had no issues convincing him to tag along?"

The hip bump of Faye brought Riley a bit out of balance yet not too much to have her tip over. She shot Faye a smirk before continuing as the two strangers went over the introductions. It seemed to go well enough and for a moment it felt like Riley was bringing home a boyfriend during her teen years. Not like Faye was anything like her mother, yet it had that kind of vibe to it. This made the petty officer laugh silently as she worked herself out of her thong and after Faye's delightful help she stood there completely nude as she looked over where the towels would be.

The simply teasing of Faye had already riled up Patterson a little. The soft touch of a finger along her spine along with a kiss to her shoulder. Riley turned to face Faye as she slid her hands over her bare skin, feeling up the sun kissed smoothness as she bit her lip and shook her head in response to the question of the diplomat. With Faye wiggling herself out of her pants and panties, Riley couldn't help but shoot Faye a mental image of what Riley would do if they truly were alone, though she imagined Daniel wouldn't mind. It involved finger slipping between Faye's legs and kisses trailed along her spine.

"No, it was rather easy..." she smiled mischievously before she looked over Daniel who was pretty much full on display. Her eyes moved over him before the next mental barrage for Faye was unleashed. The passionate moment she had shared with the pilot on the Holodeck came to Riley's mind and she could vividly feel the things the pilot had done to her. A grin appeared on her face as she wondered how Faye would manage with that image and she spotted the towels at last and walked over to them. She brushed her fingers along Daniel's abdomen as they were stacked by his side of the lockers and she gave him a wink before she returned to Faye with two towels. "I think we're all set right?"

Daniel nodded as Riley had commented that it had been rather easy to convince him to join her in the baths.  The upside to the baths would be that he would get to see those members of the crew that he had wondered what they would look like outside of their uniforms, he was currently looking forward to the experience.  Daniel would let either one of them lead as he took a moment to look over both of them, the small patch of blonde on Riley still made him smile, he was going to have to try to convince her to go back to her natural hair color but he would come to that another day.  Daniel had always preferred blonde women over other hair colors, he wasn't sure where it came from really but all of the women that he had courted had been blonde.

"Lead the way ladies."  Daniel said as he fell in line behind them, he was fairly sure that Faye was able to read his surface thoughts but at the moment he really didn't mind.  His thoughts primarily centering around the kind of fun the three of them could have but he doubted that the young Ensign would go for him she seemed to have her eyes solely set on Riley which he could understand why as she was quite the woman.

Faye felt the attentions of both of her companions for the evening. From Daniel - she would take delight calling him that she thought - she felt the impressions of desires, preferences in relation to her lover, and she would have smiled, had she been able to bring herself to look at him just then. But she was getting a mind full from Riley, and it took her a moment to get herself collected. When she took the towel from the nurse, the petty officer would have seen the blush in Faye's cheeks, and the unrepressed heat in her eyes. Once again, Faye wished, truly, that she could show Riley what she thought in turn. She'd heard rumors, of course, that if a Betazoid got close enough with a non-telepath, it could happen. But Faye douted they'd had nearly enough time to form That kind of bond.

Still, she schooled herself and turned, fully, to look at Daniel as she tucked her towel under her arm. He;d be able to see by the small strip of trimmed hair (more trimmed that a few day ago, she was experimenting to find out what Riley liked) that Faye was natural brunette, and a dark haired one at that. But she could always add some highlights just to tease him. Riley would enjoy that, she bet. And she let her glance linger a bit below his waist, as she said, "oh, I think we're ready indeed, Lieutenant." Last chance to use his rank.

Her heart was firmly in Riley's care, but Faye was hoping to show the good fighter pilot that he was in for a surprise. She tucked her arm into Riley's and headed straight through the sonic shower archway, making a beeline for the doors to the bath - and adding a bit of a wiggle in her step, since she had an audience.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy | Vector 01 ] @Brutus @Griff @Nolan @Numen

At Lillee's words, Bremmer could not help but burst out in joyous, genuine laughter.  "Sweetheart, where I'm from, nudity taboos aren't really a thing.  And besides, I worked hard for that body; so way I see it, if you've got it, flaunt it.  And feel free to ogle all you like, but at some point I certainly wouldn't mind if you returned the favour."  The Nova Kosicean girl was grinning broadly, and gave the Romulan a wink as she headed off into the baths.  Damn, she did have a nice sway, thought the Security Petty Officer.  "As for keeping that suit on... all I can say is 'promises, promises'!"  And once more, Eliska laughed before returning her attention to Stark and Henshaw.

The Yeoman was cute all right, and assuming she was interested, Eliska certainly wouldn't mind getting a feel for her all right.  But, for now, she made no secret of checking her out.  After all, someone with that kind of confidence in her good looks just had to be looked at and have her beauty appreciated. 

And finally, Natalie dropped her towel to show the full expanse of her pale skin to the whole room.  Oh, she was curvier than Eliska preferred, and perhaps a little pale, but she definitely was good looking.  She wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, that much was certain.  But still, she looked somewhat uneasy, so she walked up to her, and just touched her arm.  "Well, I came out of the warm bath.  Over there is the hot bath and the steam room, that way is the cold bath for a quick dip."

It might have been Bremmer's first time in the ship's bathhouse, but such facilities were still plentiful back on Nova Kosice, and she sought them out everywhere she went, so the layout elements would be obvious to her practiced eye.  Which meant now, she could address the shy girl next to her.  "Hey, Nat, relax," she started with a smile.  "You want to know something? I was a late bloomer.  You see these?"  As she spoke, she cupped her breasts, which were not nearly as ample those of many other women on board, let alone Natalie Stark, but still nothing to be ashamed of.  "They mostly didn't grow out until after I got out of boot camp.  Same with the hips and the ass.  In fact, I'll bet I, and maybe even Cameron here, have something you've never had.  That is, having been turned down by someone we had an eye on because they thought we had the body of twelve year old boy."  Again, she grinned.  Sure, it had been unpleasant to get turned down because she lacked obvious curves, but she'd learned to live with it.  Besides, she had still managed to land some lovers in the meantime, including her ongoing relationship as friends with benefits with Kino Taer.

"You?  There was never a doubt in your mind or anyone else's you were ever anything but all woman, was there?  You know, I envied girls like that."

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[ Ens Cameron Henshaw | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen   @CanadianVet   @Griff   @Brutus   @Absinthe   @Triage   @Triton 

Cameron had to smirk and snicker as Eliska pointed out that she might've been left hnging by boys at some age due to her boyish virtues. It was a truth in fact that boys didn't really chase her around, though that was partially Cameron's fault as well. She had been close to her step sister and more interested in books and the sorts rather than the opposite sex. The brown eyes of the yeoman ventured over the Nova Kosicean as she sure didn't hide her assets from sight.

Looking back at Natalie Cameron smiled as she ventured further into the water, walking over to Bremmer. She put her arm around her and bumped her hip playfully against hers as she looked in Nat's eyes "Come on Natalie, just join us, the water is nice and so is the company." she encouraged her. The body of Natalie was surely nothing to be ashamed about. The curves she had were plenty and a feast for the eyes, for male and female crew members alike. Cameron turned her head to Eliska as she whispered in her ear "Maybe we should encourage her with some love our self?"

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Numen @CanadianVet @Griff  @Nolan @Havenborn  [Show/Hide]

The touch was light,  but friendly, and Natalie didn't shy away from the contact with the non-commissioned officer. Again, she reminded herself that there were no ranks in the baths, which made things somewhat easier on the brunette. She wasn't Lieutenant Commander Stark, Chief of Operations for the USS Theurgy. She was just Nat, out for a soak in the water, relaxing with friends and strangers alike. Completely nude. For anyone to see. Okay, so it wasn't the lease stressful thought ever, but still, the gentle touch is nice, she decided as she listened to Cameron and Eliska.

For instance, it was good to know about the various temperatured bathing pools about the room. She didn't fancy taking a dip in a cold bath, that was for sure. The heat of the room was delightful, and that was her idea of relaxing. Warm - or steamy hot water. She sucked her lip under her teeth, biting down in contemplation. To the far side of the girls (and Khorin) the doors to the baths opened again. She could just make out a trio of bare bodies walking in. She recognized, or thought she did, Lt. Havenborn, a fellow Martian that had come over from the Resolve. They'd chatted once or twice about growing up on Mars. It had been a delightful distraction.

Accompanying him was the newly defrosted diplomatic officer (Acting Head of Diplomacy), the betazoid. Eoli....something..Danvers? Yes. She didn't know the girl very well, as Ops didn't interface with the Diplomatic contingent assigned to the Theurgy for the mission to Romulus, and in those rare moments that she had, it had been with the girls predecesor. But as then ACOps, there really wasn't any call for a chat. Now however, Nat had seen the slender girl at a few briefing's in the Observation Lounge. The girl was as slim as Bremmer, with a subtle chest and a wide set of hips, and an Oriental cast about her, for all that she was a full blooded Betazoid.

Nat didn't recognize the other woman with them, but the trio seemed to be just that - a triad. I wonder...nope, not my business she firmly concluded, well ware that the Ensign was a telepath. Last thing she wanted was the girl picking up stray thoughts about what those three might be up to.

"Hey Nat, relax," she heard the security PO say softly, bringing Nat's attention back to the hear and now. She blushed a bit as she listened to Eliska try to put her at ease, talking about being a late bloomer. She ducked her head and let her bangs fall forward, hiding her face somewhat as the blush grew on her cheeks. Her thighs squeezed together, hiding the curves of her mound, though not the triangle of trimmed hair above it, as she gave a small nod, her eyes darting between Eliska and Cameron.

"You're not wrong," Natalie finally said, in a soft voice, embarrassed. She smiled a bit, her toothy, awkward grin, and gave a little nod of her head. "That's one thing I never had to deal with. I was um...early bloomer." So the opposite of the two women talking with her. It had lead to some interesting times, when she was younger. And that had been directly responsible for her self consciousness, something she hadn't rid herself of, despite being a grown woman. Perhaps it was because she'd come so very late, to sexual encounters? She didn't want to go down that path in her mind, but it was too late, and she began to wonder...

"Come on Natalie, just join us, the water is nice and so is the company." Ens. Hensahw - Cameron - called out, before whispering something to the other woman, and Natalie surrender to the inevitable, and gave another nod and a shrug. She walked forward and left her towel at the edge of the baths, watching it pool into a clump, between her and Khorin. Chuckling wryly to herself, she walked toward Eliska and Cameron, allowing the warmth of the water to seep into her. It wasn't as nice as a steaming hot bath - and she promised herself she'd go there next - but the Yeoman was right about the company.

"I can't every well argue against any of that, Cameron," she said as she continued forward, inch after inch of her legs slipping under the water line. She was acutely aware of a pair of eyes, lingering on her from behind, but refused to look around and see who it was. If she gave any notice to the person staring at her ass, she'd start to over think things and try to cover up again.

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus
It had been 12 weeks since that morning.

12 weeks since she had started her new life and kept it a secret. She knew eventually the truth would come out, and it wasn't like a few select people didn't know. But she had done her best to keep it from becoming common knowledge. Eventually, it would come out, but she hadn't even told people about her relationship with Sarresh. She had made it a point to keep that a secret. But, and mayhaps this was more her hormones than any logical part of her mind, -but today she decided was going to be the day that secret came out into the open, and more than likely both secrets were going to come out, especially if her plan went the way she expected it to.

She could deal with that. They had planned and talked in the wee hours, cuddling together in one of their quarters before the other would quietly make their way through a quiet path back to their own quarters. Sel was cautious, overly so. She would purposefully walk different paths if her and Sarresh were going to the same spot, so they didn't show up at the same time. She all but acted coldly toward him when they had to interact in public.

She did it all to quell rumors, but it was time to let some rumors fly.

It had been 12 weeks and anyone who knew what they were looking at would be able to see it clearly on her abdomen. She was starting to show, her stomach beginning to swell. It wasn't a lot, not nearly as much as she was certain it would be before the end. And more than that she had shaved her head for the last time that day. Over the last 12 weeks, she had only kept it trimmed, leaving it soft to the touch. She had even finally replaced her earring. She had gotten the last one, made from iron from her blood and metal found in a holy site near the Fire Caves of Bajor. The new one had been made by melting the metal and adding her blood, Sarresh's blood, and blood synthesized from the genetic code of their baby.

As she stepped into the locker room she began her plan. it was pretty straightforward, she would lie. She would lie to Sarresh and he would most likely immediately forgive her for lying once he realized why she lied. She opened a locked and stripped, she did it without hesitation. She'd been in combat showers and she'd been in slave pits, being nude in public was not something she wanted to admit she had gotten used to, but she couldn't say she was ever not used to being treated like meat.

As she put her uniform in the Locker she snatched the combadge from the top pice and hit the button. "Ensign Sel to Lieutenant Junior Grade Morali, I'm having some difficulty with this report you sent me," it was a code for she wanted to see him and if he was free to join her asap, "can you meet me on Deck 12 Section V02 J-15."

She clicked a switch on the back of the combadge deactivating it and set it on her uniform. He would now be expecting a private meeting in a discrete location, but Sel hadn't planned a discrete location. She'd planned something better than that.

With a smile, she closed the locker and pressed the thumb pad to lock it to her DNA signature. With that done she made her way to the sonic showers. She'd gotten used to living with only sonic showers during the war and it was a lot easier to clean slaves for the market by forcing them into a sonic shower than by wasting any water. As such, she hated the things, but for what was coming she could put off with them. She let the vibrations knock lose all the dirt, sweat and, funk from her body, leaving her clean but not exactly smelling fresh. It was the cost of using less than perfect sonic emitters.

Once she was done with the sonic shower she made her way into the bath proper. She grabbed a towel and slung it over her shoulder. Her body was far from perfect. She had many scars, though none that were so noticeable as to distract from her beauty as a whole. She had learned to be proud of her body, that it was an elegant machine. More than that anyone who knew to look and what they were seeing would see her body was changing, that she was pregnant.

She made her way to the small line of tubs sunken into the floor, almost like hot tubs only the water did not seem to churn as much. She picked the perfect one, one visible from almost everywhere in the bath. Today was the day she blew Sarresh's mind and changed the way some people saw her.

Setting the towel down by the side of the large tub she climbed in, slowly sinking her body into the warm water.  She took a seat on the tile of the bench in the tub, letting her shoulders sag into the water. And she waited, knowing it would not be long.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | roaming the ship | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Absinthe

Sarresh Morali roamed the corridors of the USS Theurgy, first of her class, with an advanced looking, modified tricorder in his hand. The device clearly started life as a standard, sleek tricorder. Though it was equally clear that the same device had seen some heavy modification. It had a bio sensor built into the grip, its case had been taken apart and put together again to provide a slightly larger display screen and a faint ring of emitter nodes around said screen, casting a three dimensional holographic map as needed. There were more lights along the side of the case, blinking in and out in an alien pattern that only the man holding it seemed to understand.

The device had been purposefully retooled for temporal work. Highly attuned, discrete sensors, bits of technology that probably shouldn't exist quite yet  but now did, in the hands of a man who had lived untold years in the far flung future, and been sent back with a mission to protect and correct that future from tampering by a powerful, nigh on demonic race of parasites bent no nothing short of the eradication of existence itself.

No pressure.

Right then, Sarresh was scowling as he loped along in that odd, shuffling long gait of his. It wasn't as bad as when he had been a full Ash'reem - his bones weren't as flexible, nor his feet as wide. Shoes cushioned him now, not the distribution of weight. And as time passed (5 months, 14 days, 12 hours, 27 minutes..._) his gradual acceptance of his body had grown. He still took over long strides, but it was not nearly as comical.

And in that moment it was quite helpful as Sarresh chased down a stray chroniton that he had detected in his lab. Which should not be possible. Chornitons did not, in fact, exist on their own in nature. They were always in groups, tiny clusters of time particles. Harmless and rarely encountered outside of a lab in small concentrations. But never a lone particle on its own. The laws of temporal physics were shitting themselves all over the ship.

What frustrated him was the eventual realization that the stray particle had been, in fact, generated in his lab. he had just realized this, and began to let out a stream of profanity that sent a few more junior non-coms scattering, when his combadge went off.

"Ensign Sel to Lieutenant Junior Grade Morali, I'm having some difficulty with this report you sent me. Can you meet me on Deck 12 Section V02 J-15." Sarresh stared at his temporal tricorder, and wondered if the gods of time were mocking him. He sighed, looked at the wall to confirm where he was and did some quick mental math. Sel would not have called him without good reason. And he was so frustrated at his own stupidity right then that any distraction would be welcome.

"Acknowledged, Ensign," he crisply replied, trying to keep his voice professional and hide the anger underneath at his abject waste of time. "I can be there in," a bit of mental calculus, "four minutes." Three minutes, 46 seconds, but who was counting? "Morali out." He killed the channel and glared at the offending device in his hand, and the holographicly magnified representation of the stray chroniton that floated between the device and himself.

Long, tapered fingers danced across the controls and the particle winked out of sight, sucked into a specialised container built into the tricorder. He'd return it to his lab later. It was afe in the storage device for now.

"Stupid damned foolish..." he muttered as he stalked swiftly to the turbolift. He tried not to let his anger fester, nor his worry grow. Sel hadn't used the code they'd come up with (late one night as the lay in each others warm embrace, catching their breath and contemplating the enormity of their future together, the growing life they had started) for an emergency. She was not in danger. Nor was the Baby.  So there was no need to rush, no need to worry.

And yet....and yet...

[The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01]

"What the actual fuck?" Sarresh blurted out as he walked, not into a small conference room or secluded lab, but an expansive locker room. He spun around, stepped promptly back out, and looked over the panels on the wall. Sure enough, he was in the right place.He walked back in and looked up a the sign on the wall, explaining where he was, and the rules involved.

"Seriously. What the fuck?" he asked the empty locker room. His eyes narrowed, and he addressed the thin air around him. "Computer. Location of Ens. Ryuan Sel?"

"Ensign Sel is in the public baths. Further information is restricted by privacy protocols. Do you wish to page Ens. Sel?" the dulcet tones of Thea, the ships AI, asked from his combadge.

"No," he replied in a huff as he looked around for her name on the lockers, finding it not to far away. "No, That will be all." He sighed and strode over, opening the locker to the left of hers. It was empty, and Sarresh began to methodically strip down. He wondered just what Sel had worn into these....baths. Had she come prepared? Or had she done this on a lark and strolled in nude as the day she was born.

What is she thinking? he asked himself, shaking his head and stripping bare, securing his combadge and the temporal tricorder behind a dna lockout. Anyone with half a brain in there, would know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Bajoran was with child. And if she were taking him into that room - she had summoned him after all - then at the very least, someone would begin to suspect...

Crossing the distance from the locker to the door, Sarresh came up short, feeling the intense tingle of a sonic bombardment from a concealed shower unit. He shut his eyes and hesitated as the feed cut off, leaving him clean and slightly vibrating. He could just turn around. After all, that code between them was supposed to be for a private meeting.

"The Public Baths," he read aloud again, pursing his lips. Clearly this would not be private. Not wholly anyway. But knowing Sel....if he turned back, she would be hurt. Sarresh would not do that to her.

Besides...baths. Water. He longed for it.

He stepped into the baths and felt the heat wash over his bare body. A sigh escaped his lips, feeling the moisture of the steam sink into his skin. To his right were a rack of towels. He reached out and tugged one off the stand, sweeping it around his waist with practiced ease. Then he padded forward, looking around. There were a lot of faces he didn't know, or knew and didn't care about. He was only after one he found not terribly far away in a smaller sunken tub. Not one meant for a large group, but that would accommodate a few bodies, if they were close.

Walking as deftly as he could without seeming to be too much in a hurry, Sarresh strode toward her. He came to a rest at the edge of her tub and looked down at her, hands on his hips. She was sunk into the water, but he saw that she was likely unclothed. A towel lay at the edge of the tub already and he glanced from it, to her, cocking an eyebrow up on his head. Low light was catching the earing she'd crafted from his blood (and that had been a weird conversation) and drawing his eyes to her face.

"You had a question about a report, Sel?"

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

She could not help herself but smile as she saw him. She could not be certain about what he thought of her plan, or if he had even caught on, this was public after all, and she had, thus far at least, insisted on keeping things strictly private. But things were changing, and with the change, she knew she could not hide the details very long. Soon it would be clear from her expanding waist that her body was changing and that she was pregnant, and it wasn't like people weren't going to ask about how that came to be. She wanted that information to be found out on her own terms.

"Yes, about the report," she said with a wide smile as she moved toward him. "You didn't send me one." Her abdomen and breasts had grown increasingly sensitive, so now in the warm water, she moved slowly, her delicate movements seeming more graceful than anything else. When she was close she reached out of the water and began to run her fingers of his feet. "And I wasn't expecting one from you." She didn't want to move too much out of the warm water, so she kept her back up against the wall and instead leaned back to look up at him. "And you knew you didn't send me a report," she went on, her tone playful and coy. She was building to something and taking her time doing it. "And now you are here and the water is so very nice."

"Now come in and join us," she said flexing a finger at him, beckoning him toward her. She emphasized the last word.


Because everywhere she went it wasn't that she was alone anymore, it was her and the child inside, her and his child. In some ways, it was like he was with her. She wanted him with her more. She wanted their relationship out in the open. She wanted to ask the quartermaster to assign them bigger quarters so they could share. She wanted to be able to walk with him and meet him in the mess hall for lunch. She wanted it all and she had been denying herself it because she was afraid of what it would mean.

She had held it back and he had let her. She had denied him again and again, and he had stayed with her. Now she wanted all of it and she didn't care who saw or who asked. And it didn't matter, they were all going to find out sooner or later anyway.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 ] Attn: @Absinthe

Ryuan Sel had a look about her, as she drifted slowly in the water of the bath. Sarresh knew that look, and a trickle of anticipation ran down his spine. He flexed his toes on the stone floor, the only sign that he had realized something was up, the only notation of his tension. He was as tight as an ancient bowstring. They were in public. Very much public. And she...

A shiver ran up Sarresh, from his foot, all the way to the base of his skull. Her fingers were wet and warm and delightful against his skin. Sel was damn near crooning to him. Anyone could see. He could feel eyes on him. Some dark haired girl, looking at him from the company of another woman and a man, none of whom he recognized. But he knew she was watching. Other faces, sneaking glances. They all knew who he was. What he was, and what he represented. How could they not?

And here was Sel, laying back, staring up and capturing his gaze. For weeks, all he'd had were furtive moments in the privacy of their quarters, one or the others, sneaking about. A few tense trips to sickbay for check ups. No one knowing. Arriving at different times. Snatches of precious contact with the mother of his chid.

"Join us," he heard her say, like a deafening roar that drowned out the sound of everyone else around him. Drove their presence from his mind. Something swelled in his chest, threatening to burst forth. Speechless, and no longer caring about anyone around him, Sarresh mutley nodded. His hands slid down and he untucked the towel from around his waist. Someone let out a whistle, but he didn't listen. Didn't register a sarcastic crack about suddenly understanding all that Devotion. It seemed someone liked his butt, but Sarresh was stepping to the side, and lowering himself into the bath.

"Come here," he whispered, softly, extending his hands towards the Bajoran. Not an order, almost a plea. He knew now what was going on. She was taking them public. No more hiding. No more scampering between one room and the next. He was worried - of course he was worried, how could he not be worried. But he was happy too. No more hiding. No more spending hours alone, wishing he were with them.

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

There was no way she could stop herself from smiling as she rested her body against his. She could see people looking, and for a moment she felt a jolt, that pang of being seen. For a moment she felt the urge to flee, to pretend she had not done what she was doing, but she fought it. She wanted this, she wanted to be seen with him. She was done with the hiding and she was going to let him and their child be seen with her.

"There, this isn't too bad," she said, doing her best to relax against him. Her tone was clearly nervous. In truth, she felt like she might explode. She had focused so much on surprising him that she hadn't really prepared herself for the moment. And now she was there. She had jumped in and was trying to convince herself she was fine. Her nervousness showed, she made no real attempt to hide it.

She did her best to focus her attention on him, to ignore the eyes on them. She knew that now they were going to be the talk of the baths, at least a little bit. She wondered how many had noticed her state, how many would now put two and two together. She wondered how quickly this news would spread. She wondered how the people who she worked with, who she had not told yet, would react to it. This was big and she knew it. Part of her regretted keeping it a secret for so long. She knew this day would come, but living on the Theurgy had taken away her ability to really make plans for the future. She had seen so many people she knew come and go, so much pain. She didn't want to plan and then watch it all fall apart.

"Sarresh, it's okay to be nervous, okay?" she said softly. "I mean this is a big step for us. So like, you don't have to play it too cool. I just... I love you and I am tired of not being able to show you. Of having to hide it. So it's in the open now. And we can deal with it together. Okay?"

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 ] Attn: @Absinthe  and anyone else inthe baths to continue their plots ;)

With her in his arms, Sarresh could tell that Sel was a skittish as a spooked Pluakar, one of the pet fish that he had kept as a child. That he remembered this was something of a surprise, another one of those little memories, cultural idioms that neither the engram coding he'd endured nor the genetic transformation he'd gone through had managed to strip away from him. The analogy was quite app - he could feel a small tremor of nerves rock through her as he listened, holding her close.

Warmth seeped into his skin, from the water, the sweet, life bringing water he constantly craved, and from the skin of his lover. Leaning his head in a bit, he pressed his lips to kiss her atop her wet hair. "Not to bad at all," he managed to murmur the interjection as she settled in against him.

Sel spoke, and Sarresh listened, stretching an arm out along the edge of the bath as they floated their, intertwined. He thought about all the long nights, and early mornings, darting between quarters. The lonely lunches. Occasionally, they had arranged to be in the lounge at the same time. Sitting at tables next to one another, back to back. Quietly talking, while they ate and pretended to ignore each other. He hated it and craved it.

But this wouldn't be an issue any more. He smiled a bit, and snuggled closer, forcing himself to relax. "I'm not trying to be cool," he admitted softly. "I'm just letting it all sit in. The idea that the next time I go to lunch on my break, I can go with you. That i don't have to pretend to barely know you, let alone hide that I love you." Oh gods, when did I get so sappy?

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[ Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 1 ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @Havenborn, @Blue Zephyr & @Multificionado

Alessia had been in the gymnasium, practicing her roundhouse kicks and lunge kicks after having lost to an old sparring partner and felt she had been out of practice, and spent most of her free time now working on maneuvers to come out on top. That was when Sehl showed up. "I hope you have something besides your charm holding that towel up." she glanced at him once and over upon noticing that Sehl looked like he was on his way to the showers.

"My species' anatomy is known for its versatility." the bearded Andorian teased in his usual ambiguous humor. Not one to distract his aggressive pilot from her physical need to release energy, it hadn't gone unnoticed that the sheen of perspiration on her impressive toned body was glistening. Being posted together and sharing co-ed showers, the two had seen eachother naked, but never got intimate. It was taboo among some pilots, and Sehl knew and respected the fact that Alessia preferred alien women over alien men anyway; but that she only ever would permit true intimacy with human men. Sehl well knew furthermore that it had been quite some time since she'd done that. She'd been throwing punches, kicks and routines at least an hour by the looks of things. "Look. I know I said once owe you a big favor if you humored me for one? I've got a particular favore to ask, and trust me, you'll want to pay me back for this one." That got Alessia's attention; her RIO knew her well.

"That's right, yeah. Nothing big. And no mating dens." She reminded him as she panted and stopped to take a breather, waddling her behind as she stepped away from Sehl to get a towel to clear the perspiration off her brow, moving her bangs aside as she regarded him, leaning against the water dispenser as she hydrated, listening to her RIO, whom she caught marveling her body. She rolled her eyes, well mindful of Sehl's bisexuality, which she often teased about. Nothing wrong with looking, so long as he kept his antennae-- all of them, including the one she suspected of holding up the towel-- to himself.

"Well. Think of it as, a crew hobby I've just discovered. I don't go into enemy territory alone." apologetically, the Andorian leaned nearby, but Alessia had already rounded the corner into the lockers to change out of her gym wear. "You won't need a shower, Angel." He called after her, but alessia instead had emerged wearing a white bikini with a cultural multicolored sarong around her narrow waist. Sensing the nature of the visit, however seemingly bemused, Alessia presumed they were going to a holodeck involving a beach. She hoped whoever orchestrated whatever Sehl was up to had picked a good one.

When they arrived on Deck 12 and the doors opened to the baths, she partially whispered, partially hissed, "You told me no mating dens." Alessia whispered semi-grouchily, feeling as if she'd stepped into a surprise birthday party. But Alessia had to pause when she made eye contact. Her reaction stopped her in her tracks for a moment hoping who she spotted didn't notice. He did. ".... or nothing big. Oh... que la... Chiiiin….ga...da.... <oh.... "tabarnack", loosely translated, diverse swear word. Used here, expressing surprise.>"

"I know." Sehl grinned almost idiotically then replied. "Nothing big, either. But I figured you'd forgive me, the way you talked about him. That look of stunned surprise assures me I'm right."

Sehl knew that Alessia often quoted and spoke about her former XO during the Dominion War. She left out the torrid details of their friendship, at least to Sehl (so as not to make the Andorian jealous, but he figured out what she meant), but she'd spoken of Leon Marquez to Dev, Tali and T'zantha, during reminiscing of what Tali called 'conquests', a euphemism for personal sexual relations. Despite the rank gap difference and the possibility for emotional compromise of command, Marquez had pointedly been impartial and objective when it came to ordering Alessia into dangerous situations, and they somehow managed to keep work and personal lives separate. If only Leon could only ever perfect his small talk. "That was a long time ago, Sehl. And it was..." Passion? Love? A need to have a secondary source of strength, motivation and, well, admittedly exercise. "Those were rough days."

"Rough nights, too, I'd wager. Even Tali wished she had someone like--- By Lorvela's stalks... who is -she-?" from across the room and through the steam and chatter among the pinkskins, Sehl was already exchanging a form of sign language with his Antennae with Leon's companion. A creature with skin as azure as a freshwater lake at dawn, the features of an Andorian goddess. Sehl blushed a shade of azure upon receiving a pearly-white smile and an exchange in antennae replies from the beautiful Andorian with a pretty face and an astonishing body, as unshy about showing it off as he would be once he found a place for his towel.

Alessia recognized her former shipmate: a friend that in fact. Alessia's captain had been her former CO, at that, and his daughter was a particularly aggressive sparring partner. "Wow. That's Tarsi, Hornet's Torpedo specialist and Captain Zaarin's daughter. Yes, -the- Captain Zaarin. Que milagro<what a miracle>, I almost didn't recognize her, she grew her hair out. Great singing voice-- -- hey, where are you going?" That didn't seem to phase the two Andorians from walking toward eachother as Alessia stepped a few paces after Sehl, but he was already conversing with his new friend in their native language on a way to one of the room's colder-temperature pools before Tarsi could so much as look Alessia's way; someone else apparently needed to greet the Spanish beauty.

[ Lt. Cmdr Leon Marquez | The Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 ]

"Perhaps I should play some Tchaikovsky?" A familiar voice rumbled from the nearby temporary lockers. Alessia only ever heard that voice now in occasional dreams and lucid memories. "She's still more fond of '1812', but looks like the romantic suite is in the air."

Leon had seemingly himself frozen as if he were the one stepping into the icy pool when Alessia first entered the room. In a private niche in his office, he still had a picture of the two of them in color-coded wingsuits during one of their first dates aboard the Hornet. Only Jimmy, Meony, Tarsi, Kendrick and Daniel had ever seen it and knew that Leon was capable of smiling broadly. Marquez hadn't seen Garcia since two weeks after the Treaty of Bajor was signed. Leon had accepted Alessia's invitation to spend his postwar shore leave in Spain to meet her family and shop around for a home. Unfortunately, the day Leon was going to seal the deal was the same one where Admiral Ross himself had dropped in to issue Leon his transfer orders to the USS Resolve and assigned to the Romulan sector, effective-at-once. Leon never bothered to check in on her and until now seeing her in that outfit she wore when they went to Gibraltar, he wished he had. If only Resolve hadn't had radio silence orders or gotten lost-- Leon might've resigned for a happy civilian life with her if he would have known what happened.

Alessia replied, without facing her former lover. If people weren't watching, she might've given an impassioned litany of poly-lingual remarks. If she went in that direction, though, she might start this unexpected reunion off on the wrong foot, so she just played along, despite feeling a certain warmth in her blood. "They'll have their fireworks." She turned to face him and caught herself glancing him from his feet upward, and barely contained a giggle when she realized he'd done the same. Their eyes met after a deliberately slow moment. Alessia almost even lost her footing when she locked eyes with Leon.

"They will. Ordnance and Fighter ordnance." Leon's face turned a shade of pink, but indifferently continued his banther. "That'd be one fun wedding." Oops.

"I'd plan a much more... fun one, if given the opportunity: Holst, instead of Tchaikovsky." Alessia remarked neutrally, but seemed to have her attention on their Andorian colleagues, who were already laughing and smiling to eachother with Andorian ale in hand and antennae waving around in patterns known only to those who could read the blue-skinned species' emotional indicators.

"Not Placido Domingo?" Leon replied, remembering how fond both his mother and Alessia's each were of the Spanish opera legend who emigrated to Mexico. Alessia smiled, rolled her eyes and shook her head in response. She avoided answering as she sat next to the shirtless CTO and rummaged around to see what he had brought. "That's not mine. Jimmy's idea." In something of a role reversal, Leon behaved somewhat like his Australian friend when contraband was discovered in his possessions. Alessia wore a quizzical look, but didn't say a word. Leon turned as he looked around for his lotion to offer the caramel-skinned Garcia.

"Not even if he sings the Klingon rendition of 'My Heart Will Go On.' Or if you bring in one of those photonic..." Alessia's breathing calmly slowed as she felt familiar calloused but strong and unforgettable hands massaging her shoulders and neck as Leon applied lotion for the water. It was more of an overture and they both knew it. Alessia's ripped muscles relaxed as she sighed, letting him continue massaging her neck and shoulders as only he could. ".... characters. -- Ai... que... <Oh! how...>" she relaxed and trusted her former boyfriend to set the mood. Former? She had to play that card. Internally, she crossed her fingers, wondering whose ass she'd have to kick to get him back.

Leon hoped Danvers wasn't overhearing his memories of Alessia Garcia back when he wasn't running the somewhat tight but laidback USS Resolve or other ship, where he permitted such pairings of young and restlessly passionate behavior. If the Betazoid girl heard or could 'see' what went on in the Hornet first officer's quarters, she'd probably get ideas. It was best not to think about her while Alessia leaned back against the shirtless Leon, who didn't resist or object when he felt her smooth skin against his abdomen, reactively thinking of the long nights that made life possibly sane for him in the days of the darkest time in Starfleet.

Alessia hoped there weren't any Betazoids in the baths. While she had no qualms about showing some skin, particularly when she applied lotion on her legs, thighs, arms and front, she arched back, letting Leon reach wherever she 'missed.' If anyone could read the thoughts in her mind, she wouldn't want to be responsible for triggering an outbreak of Xanthi fever, or a lesser form of it, given her passionate emotions... or memories. She behaved herself. They weren't in any hot water yet, figuratively or otherwise, but she did feel the slightest buzz when she faced him. "Jimmy Mariner's bottles, hmm? Sure, blame Jimmy for bending the rules. We all know the great Leon Allan Marquez could do no wrong." Alessia 'acted' as if she hadn't heard that one before, she was pointedly unconvinced Jimmy would have specifically picked a brand name from Leon's home nation-state.

Leon had to try to protect his reputation "Of course. He meant well, thought I'd have a drink and relax. After our last three years, anyone still together has been through a lot as a team. I helped the kid with his current senorita. Word has it you saved her life. Thanks." Alessia followed Leon's gaze as he trid to hide his blushing expression while indicating Ensigns Tancredi and Mariner who were clearly enjoying themselves and their company. In a sense, Leon almost felt proud of his protégé. "Good fit for eachother. Pilot and a knucklehead."

Alessia remembered it was indeed Jimmy who wolf-whisteled at her when Captain Ives unveiled the starfighter from the future. She thought she recognized him, unsure if he recognized her, given that her mind was out of her pants during that briefing. "Who says that's not a good fit? I never called you a knucklehead."

"Me neither. But you called me a great many things... as we both know." He smiled back as he finished coating Angel's smooth yet well-defined caramel-colored skin; even going out of his way to massage more intimate areas which were responded with low hums and occasional satisfied moans. Finished, Leon put aside the container and was ready to confide how much he missed Alessia as she stood and turned to face him-- only to find himself pinned as she had hugged him and pinned his arms to his sides, resting her breasts against his bare torso. Leon was astonished, but before he could react, Alessia pressed herself against him, letting her strength and element of surprise catch him off guard as she planted a kiss on him and fed him some of his own unspoken feelings and thoughts back into him. Both hummed into eachothers' wanting mouths for an electrical moment of sudden ecstasy.

"You're good." Leon remarked when she let go of him, before he could get a grip on her, but Leon still managed to stroke her face and notice the dilation of her pupils and erratic breathing. Marquez couldn't deny the power of that little ambush even as he caught his breath.

"I know." Alessia responded almost unconsciously taking off the multi colored sarong around her waist with one hand as her other found Leon's and pulled him in her pursuit to find a private corner of a warm pool, preferably one without fawning attention to anyone in particular. Neither of them was particularly fond of crowds or doting fans. Except eachother, of course.

Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

It was almost amazing that he could be so calm about it, that this did not make him as afraid as it made her. Or maybe it did and he was just so much better at hiding it. She was scared of it all, scared of what it would mean for them. It meant that they were out in the open, that anyone could see them. And yet he seemed to delight in no longer hiding it. It seemed so much easier to be open about having no strings and just doing what she wanted, but she could not think that no one would have noticed she wasn't being as promiscuous as she had once been, at the very least the notches on her headboard had not changed in some time.

"Sorry I tricked you into coming here," she said as she pressed herself against him, resting her head against his chest. "I wasn't sure how you would react and I wanted you here. I wanted to do it here. And I wanted to soak, my muscles were killing me." She spoke softly, in little above a whisper. She ignored the comments from others in the baths, she already felt more exposed than she had in a long time, and it had nothing to do with her lack of clothing.

It was a source of frustration to Sel that sex was easy to her, but relationships were hard. She had avoided them and now was somehow in one. Part of her was so scared of it all she wanted to do was run away from it, another part dreaded the idea of even being separated from him for a full day.

Without even thinking about it she took his hand in hers and rested it on her now swelling abdomen. She had been able to maintain her figure through her usual work out routine, keeping herself looking less pregnant than she was, but anyone who reached out and touched her stomach or knew what they were looking for would see all the signs. She was growing a life inside herself, a life that was part hers and part his. And that alone scared her. It made her vulnerable, and she despised being vulnerable.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | The Public Baths | Deck 12 | Vector 01 ] Attn: @Absinthe

People were talking, meeting, splitting off, pairing up, a dance of heat, steam and flesh, all mixed in a pleasant setting designed to relax and lower inhibitions. A brilliant idea of stress relief and mental health, Sarresh supposed. Not that he was paying all that much attention to everyone else around them. Even if he thought they were all watching him and Sel. Intellectually he knew that wasn't the case.

Sel's voice was a balm, even if it was odd to hear her form words of apology. Sarresh figured he was lucky like that. Which was to say she cared about him enough to apologize, and cared enough - loved, enough - to want him there with her. She nestled in and his arm drifted to rest across her back, his nose pressed into her hair, just humming softly, wordlessly as he listened.

The humming stopped with an abrupt sort of gasp, that swiftly mellowed into a low, almost purring noise. At least as much of a purr as Sarresh could manage. He wasn't very good at it as an Ash'rem, and human vocal cords didn't seem to lend themselves any better to the impulse. Oh well. It was funny how his thoughts ran wild, or jerked to a halt with a little touch. That little touch. The swell of life there, under his hand. Life he helped create.

"Nothing to be sorry about," he finally said, running his thumb in a circle over her stomach, under her hand. Why did his voice sound so breathless. Like he'd just run a mile in a minute. Because it was an awesome thing, he told himself. His lips curled into a smile. "There's no where else I'd rather be. You know that, right?" His brows furrowed up a bit as he asked, those artificial eyes expressing so much emotion. The terrors that haunted Sarresh from the moment he'd stepped on board the Theurgy seemed to balk under the feeling of life growing in Sel.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Public Baths, Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]  Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan + Others in the Baths

Daniel smirked as his thoughts centered on both Riley and Faye in that moment, quick flashes of thoughts of what he’d like to do with both of them before he regained his composure and mental discipline.  Years of military training had given him the ability to focus his mind; his people had done it less for aliens trying to invade their minds but more to keep their soldiers from losing focus when they needed it the most.  He focused on the rules of baths themselves, specifically the Rank part, he was all about Rank and privilege and he had spent time as a Starfleet enlistee.  He kept telling himself that this was for Riley, she had wanted him here and he was not about to disappoint her.

As the three of them walked into the baths Daniel took a moment to look around, He immediately spotted Lieutenant Commander Ravon, Petty Officer Bremmer, Junior Lieutenant Efreya-Xan, Lieutenant Commander Marquez, Ensign Mariner, Ensign Tancredi, Junior Lieutenant O’Riley, Lieutenant Commander Natalie Stark, several Lone Wolves pilots that he recognized and various other members of the crew that he had seen around but hadn’t officially met yet.  As the three of them walked along the outer edge of the baths, Daniel glanced over and made eye contact with Ravon and nodded to the man.  However he couldn’t help but stare at the curvaceous form of Lieutenant Commander Stark as she dropped the towel she had been hugging onto and walked into the pool.  He had enjoyed the few talks they had shared about their mutual homeworld of Mars, and while they may have grown up in different parts of the planet, they still had plenty to chat about.  He was sure that Faye was picking up his thoughts as he identified people by their ranks in his head, he couldn’t help it really as it was as much a part of him as his own arm was.

Taking his mind off that for now he decided to ask a question.  “Faye, now that we’re here would you like me to make myself scarce so you can spend some time with Riley alone?”  He asked.  As alone as you could be in public he thought to himself; and while he wanted to spend time with both of them he also wanted to make sure that Faye wanted him there as well, after all he was an officer and a gentleman.
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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Nolan @Havenborn  + evesdroppers 

The tingle of the sonic's barely registered on Faye. The nude woman was entirely too eager to get into the baths proper and feel the sweet kiss of the warm steam. And she was certainly not disappointed. The doors ahead parted and she let out a pleased sigh as she stepped through, arm in arm with Riley. It really did remind her of home, and that was something precious. Since she couldn't share Betazed, or the colony at Budon, where she had lived most her life, sharing these baths with Riley would be as close as she could get to sharing home with her. At least for now.

And as an added bonus, she got to ogle and tease Riley's other bed partner.

Daniel Havenborn possessed a body worth looking at, and from a physical stand point it was very easy to see just what had attracted Nurse Patterson to the fighter pilot. Especially when Faye had been treated to a ring side seat of the memory of an encounter the two had shared in the Holodeck, not terribly long ago. It had been heated, and intense, and sent delightful shivers down Faye's spine.

But the lieutenant also possessed a very focused and disciplined mind, which intrigued Faye. Not so much that she'd deliberately attempt to try and breach it, to dig deeper beyond the surface. That was, at best, rude, and at worse, it could be criminal, depending on the situation. It was one thing to read surface thoughts, and quite another to go digging without permission. 

As it stood, Faye would get little flashes and impressions of stray thoughts, before Daniels mind seemed to hone back in on whatever he was choosing to focus on. Like his rank. The man took great pride in it, and Faye supposed she could understand it. She'd make sure to be extra courteous of that rank in the future. Outside of the baths. Here there was no rank for Mr. Havenborn to tote about, and he'd just have to deal with it. Luckily enough for Daniel, his thoughts weren't the only ones that Faye was skimming through, as the trio stood, looking about and getting their bearings.

There was a steady, throbbing unease from the direction of one large pool, and Faye could tell it came off of the Chief of Operations. She'd seen Ms. Stark at quite a few briefings at this point and could tell the woman to be quite anxious being naked. Not like she has anything to be worried about looking like that, the diplomat concluded, but swiftly decided that reassuring Natalie Stark would be someone elses job.

Beside, she was pretty sure the brunette operations chief was getting turned on by all the attention.

There were plenty of others that did not crave attention, secretly or otherwise. That Marquze chap, from the Resolve, a former first officer and now head of the Theurgy's Tactical Department, currently hoping, quite actively, that she'd stay out of his head. Way to light a beacon, dude, she thought, and turned to distract herself from Marquez' memories and hopes regarding one of the fighter pilots, by pressing her lips to Riley's cheek. Others thoughts and fears, hopes and desires seemed to bleed away from her with that one simple gesture.

Anchoring her mind in the warm, mental glow that she associated with her paramour, Faye allowed herself to turn and look at Daniel, really look at him, as he made a most generous offer. There was a part of her that was tempted to find one of the numerous pools that she could pull Riley down into, and get even for that little mental display the nurse had given her back in the locker room. But at the same time, that display had left her curious, in a few ways, about Daniel, and what the two of them might get up to with Riley's flyboy.

"Ever the officer and gentleman, Daniel?" Faye asked him, something sparkling in her eyes as she let her hand move down to rest against Riley's hips, her fingers drawing up and down the woman's skin. She drank in those small bits of contact, as if reminding herself that Riley was there with her. And she hoped it would draw Daniels eyes lower. Her own had glanced down a few times, after all. While Faye had a clear preference for women, and no nudity taboo's what so ever to speak of, she did rather enjoy those little sneaked peeks.

"I appreciate your gallant nature, Daniel," she continued, as she added just a bit of a sway to her hip, turning her - and Riley - off to the side. There was a nice, steaming hot inset tub just in reach, with no one else in it. "But I think Riley here would like us both to be friends, at the very least. Best way to do that is to at least spend some time together, after all." Left unsaid was what the trio just might get up to. She'd had her own plans for Riley Patterson, before the delightful addition of Daniel was added to the mix. This, she hoped, would prove to be very fun indeed - if he were game to act on some of those fleeting thoughts.

"What do you think, lover?" she asked of Riley, forcing herself to use the Federation Standard term of endearment, and keep the one of her native tongue in check. For now.

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