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[2380] USS Eagle - Memories in Time

Stardate: 57262.13
November 13, 2380
1030 HRS

LOCATION: Starfleet Museum

[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Starfleet Museum | Earth][Show/Hide]

Being on leave had it's perks. One of which was unexpected for her. Time was a fickle bitch that seemed hell bent on attacking the heartstrings of Lt. Pierce. Her mind still raced from the various changes, the testing, the counselors, the adapting to her new form, her clothing, and the list went on and on. When she'd done some digging into her past, she lost track of Cadet Craig. No idea what had happened to her in the slightest. Of course, all of her own relatives were long dead by this point. But one thing remained. The ship.

The USS Eagle still remained. Oddly as it were, she'd been through her own share of hell since their parting. Some of which Pierce was uncertain was due to her own misfortune or due to not getting to see the various future missions through. Then again, she might not likely be here either by this point had she herself stayed aboard her. After all, Cartwright was bound and determined to kill her back then. Something he assumed he managed but failed ultimately.

Her transport shuttle bus finally landed nearby the Fleet Museum, which was massive. She'd never seen anything that large before. Granted, most fleets didn't place their old, dated ships in a museum on their home world either. Kind of awe inspiring when you thought about it. Pierce stepped out of the platform and walked up to the kiosk near the door.

The ship listings were present. Various starships she'd heard of at least by name and others she hadn't. Among them were the USS Excelsior, USS Enterprise B, USS Enterprise D Saucer, USS Voyager, USS Eagle and a few others she was unfamiliar with. Amazing the legacy the Enterprise held on history.

Nevertheless, she was here to see the USS Eagle. Her home. Last vestiges of her past. Something familiar... Tapping the console, she was transported to the starship's transporter bay. It was almost exactly as she remembered it. Despite some recent upgrades no doubt. Upon materialization, she was greeted by a person who no doubt worked at the museum. Supposedly knowing all of it's past, to which Pierce could correct elements before her own disappearance. But she waited.

"Hello miss! Welcome to the USS Eagle! Have you been on this ship before?" The woman asked excitedly almost ready to burst at the seams.

Pierce glanced around and looked at the young woman before her. Slightly irritated by the miss statement, but she had to deal with that now. Regardless how she felt. Smiling back, she looked at the woman and spoke. "Yes, but it's been...a long time." She finished the final part rather slowly as if remembering her past more vividly.

"Very well, there's no one else scheduled for this tour presently so, follow me miss and we'll get under way. The transporter room as you can see here looked very similar to how it did back in the 23rd Century however it's since been upgraded with..."

The woman continued to speak as Pierce glanced around, touching the consoles and feeling the life in the bulkheads as she walked around the room admiring the place she beamed in and out of so many times. Deep down, she wondered if her old pattern was still in the buffer but shook the thought briefly before she asked. "Quick question, do these pattern buffers still have the crew manifests, as in their biometrics and other aspects still on file? I used to know of someone on this ship and was interested to finding them."

The woman paused. "Actually, Starfleet wipes these systems remotely on a weekly basis to prevent the wrong hands from getting the data in them. I'm sorry, but the library computer might still have personnel files you can look them up like in one of those old books they called..."


"That's right! So as I was saying, they wiped the medical and transporter databases and all other primary functions to prevent the ship being commandeered by the wrong people. Safety first!" She said piping loudly. "Right this way mam!" Walking out the doors of the transporter room to the corridors.

Well, that was a bust. Maybe they'll have them somewhere else. Might as well buckle up and enjoy the tour. Not sure what I'll learn about the old girl but I'm sure she's lived a long and dutiful life. She thought as she followed the brunette woman out of the room.

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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Starfleet Museum | Earth][Show/Hide]

The corridors were scrubbed clean. Something she wasn't used to seeing. But that wasn't the only thing. The instrument panels were a new design. A sleeker design. Not that there were many in the corridors but the ones that were, clearly were different in style than what was here her last visit. It felt odd that the Eagle had managed to survive this long. Longer than her various crews and now, it was just the two of them left. Likely the Eagle would still outlast herself despite the advancement in time.

The tour guide continued prattling on about this and that with the ship. All aspects Alana already was aware of despite the time jump. She served here for almost 8 years and so the fact of the matter was, this girl knew the history of it, but not the ship and crew. She was mentioning herself now and that was a subject she knew greatly.

"Lt. Commander Alan Pierce was a strong willed, stern first officer who could be difficult to work with. Sadly he was killed by entering Klingon space and..."

Pierce stopped the woman. "Actually, Lt. Commander Pierce was a kind, welcoming first officer who was willing to listen to his fellow crewmembers to get a task accomplished. And he wasn't difficult to work with, he was an intelligence agent who also happened to be the first officer. And he wasn't killed by Klingons and entering Klingon space!" She said, irritation boiling over.

"Excuse me mam, but I have read the history tapes on everyone here and there is no way you could..."

Pierce sharply cut off the know-it-all woman."Could know what he was like? I can know what he was like nimrod because he was me! I was tossed through a temporal anomaly and sprayed with a compound that changed me after being transported! I can tell you more about this ship's past and her crew than you could even imagine!" Red heat hitting her face as she seethed with anger. The fiery red hair matching her level of frustration at this guide's idiocy.

The brunette guide took a look up and down at Pierce and snorted. "I'm sorry mam, but there is no way you could possibly be him. Plus you're a bit young don't you think? Even with that I have a degree in..."

"I could give a damn what you have a degree in. I'm telling you as someone who lived in this era that you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. I was there. Follow me and I'll take you to the bridge and then my original quarters."

The woman clearly not impressed rolled her eyes and attempted to belittle Pierce again as Alana balled her fists in anger and popped her in the face. Causing the brunette to get knocked on her hindquarters rubbing her face in shock. "I...I....I'll call your superiors!"

Pierce leant down and smirked. "Do it. Just try me." Fist still balled up and ready to pop her again.

Looking at Pierce the tour guide glanced at her fist and then her face before realizing there must be some truth even as farfetched as it was. "I'm sorry mam. I...I didn't mean to offend but that's what I was told. Would you at least care for a tour of the ship and more of her recent history...instead of her past?

Nodding Pierce acknowledged the woman and stated a year. "Could we cover 2293 and up? Those are the years I am unfamiliar with due to my accident." Leaning down, she helped the woman up off the floor and helped dust her off before turning to look at the ship once more.

The brunette woman smiled albeit with a bruised ego and red in her face from the fist punch. "I think I can accommodate. As I was saying...."

Turning to the corridors as they traveled to the bridge area, it still more or less resembled the ones on record from the late 2280's and early 2290s. Militaristic and dark but with a certain appeal of gravitas to it.

"In 2293, the Eagle was assigned a colony resupply mission. The ship was named on a Starship Mission Assignments chart on the USS Enterprise-A bridge. Later that year, the USS Eagle, along with the USS Excelsior and the USS Potemkin, was selected for the primary operational phase of the abandoned rescue mission code-named "Operation Retrieve", which would have rescued Captain James Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy from Rura Penthe in 2293. According to the plans, the Eagle was to provide protection on the Potemkin's port flank as this ship retrieved the two Starfleet officers."

"Wow, that was an incredible feat. Did the Eagle do anything or...?"

"The Enterprise retrieved them on their own once they learned that General Chang and Admiral Cartwright conspired to assassinate the Chancellor and tried for his daughter. Framing Kirk and McCoy was the diversion. Once retrieved they discovered the Klingons had a Bird-of-Prey that could fire while cloaked. The Excelsior with Captain Sulu also helped apprehend Cartwright and kill Change before saving the Chancellor's daughter and the president of the Federation."

Alana smiled knowing Cartwright got what was coming to him. She was just sad she wasn't there to witness it. "Interesting. Glad to hear about Cartwright. Please, continue."

"So, the rest of the history is a readers digest version. One day I'll have to figure out what that means but The Eagle was scheduled for deactivation shortly after the end of the Federation-Klingon Cold War in 2293 as part of a mutual disarmament treaty. Also it was due to its age and inability for further refits. The USS Eagle was decommissioned in 2296. However, it was reactivated following the Tomed Incident of 2311 albeit briefly, when it was believed that war with the Romulan's was eminent. Then the Eagle was serving as a training vessel for decades to come until it was given experimental upgrades to bring her back into service for the Battle of Wolf 359. That was the first time the Federation and Starfleet encountered the Borg. She was badly damaged with over 80% of the crew killed and multiple hull breaches. The starship was then towed into Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards to be repaired for the Memory Alpha Fleet Museum as you see her here. She lays in remembrance of her life long record along that of other starships of yesteryear; such as the Enterprise-A, Enterprise-B, Enterprise-D Saucer section, Excelsior and Voyager."

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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Starfleet Museum | Earth][Show/Hide]

Pierce listened as the young woman explained the history of the ship and how she got to the fleet museum among other legendary greats of course. Oddly enough, the original Enterprise wasn't present but at least three other versions were. Nevertheless, she was intrigued by the data.

"Do you mind if I go and visit my old quarters?" She said with a hopeful glint in her eyes. Something of familiarity. Despite the fact it might not even look the same with several future executive officers beyond herself.

The woman looked at Pierce and smiled, still showing the reddish shiner on her face. "Oh, of course. Technically, I am not supposed to let you or anyone else navigate beyond the tour. And they have to be scheduled. So lucky for you, you have the ship to yourself. But if I accompany you, then I am not breaking any protocols either in my duties." She paused noting that she never asked if it was okay with the redheaded female. "Is that cool with you?"

Taking a look at the brunette, she smiled disarmingly and nodded. "Sure, why the hell not. Let's go."

They walked side by side as Pierce instinctively walked through turbolifts, and corridors until she had gotten down the hallway she so remembered living in. Something else that would no doubt be different... "By the way, what's your name? If we're on tour here, I might as well get to know you. After all, I did deck you rather nicely." She winked chiding the woman.

She chuckled and looked back, "Well, I am Ensign Denielle Quinn. Nice to meet you. And...sorry about that with your history...I...I...didn't know." She said looking dejected before Pierce grabbed her chin and looked at her eyes to make it through to her.

"Really, it's fine and don't feel bad. I should, I hit you!"

The two shared a laugh as Pierce opened the door to her old ship-based home. The interior was lit by older lighting, nothing like the starbase and the appearance was much the same as what she had remembered. A sonic shower, a bed, a terminal, and some memorabilia. From the looks of it, things that would have and would not have been there if she'd been aboard.

"C'mon in. Interesting how much it appears the same, yet different. Especially for me. I was just here a week ago."


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