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PRO: S [D05|2330] Camisado

Prologue: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 2330 hrs. ] Camisado

[ LtJr. Khelleshar sh'Zenne | Day 5 | 2330 hrs.| Abandoned Corridor | The Versant ]
Attn: @Auctor Lucan

For I this day will lead the forlorn hope,
The camisado shall be given by me.

— The Four Apprentices of London by Thomas Heywood

Shar looked both ways down the dark corridor, before deciding to direct her steps in one direction. There were few things in the anodyne corridor that made her choose that particular route, the whole complex looked the same as the rest of the Savi ship, monotonous, bland, interchangeable in any of the corridors she had seen. Functional and soulless. Vulgar and gloomy. But unlike the rest of the ship she had seen, this section was in a state of semi-abandonment and that, however efficient its captors were, meant one thing: dust. Much less than she would expect in other kind of starship, it was hardly visible because of its thin thickness and mediocre illumination of the aisle. But still, the subtle markings of Ida's steps marked her path.

Ida had moved farther away than she expected, and before long Shar found herself stumbling through the darkness, her hands in front of her trying not to break her nose against a bulkhead. At first, she had tried not to make a noise, to approach the zhen with subtlety, to observe her attitude before approaching. She soon found herself just stumbling around the corridor, risking to forewarn their enemies with the noise of her errant feet. She sweared several times under her breath, teeth cletched. Another glorious entrade by the youngest Zenne. She was SO proud of herself.

When she was still mortifying herself for her clumsiness, she for her. Crouched like a predator about to jump on its prey, like a rayth female prowling in the ice. She felt in her antennae more than heard it, but an evil noise made her stop farther than she had intended. The ominous buzz of a ready phaser, humming its song of death. "Shelat," she growled through her teeth. Not only she must be extremely cautios with the conversation she foresaw it could twist to the point of ending up in the Sec-Officer giving her a beating. Now she could found herself with a point-blank shot in the middle of the forehead if she didn't take great care on her words. Just the best way to end that glorious day.

Shar sighed before she cleared her throat and lifted both hands to the sides of her head, palms facing the zhen, her head slightly tilted, her antennae politely bended pointing at the other female."Zha'Ida ..." she whispered softly, saving herself from addressing her as zh'yi, as she should do with her bondmate, but using the honorific prefix for a zhen. "I... I am Shar.. I'm only want to talk " She said, hesitant, risking a couple of steps closer, to show herself clearly before the zhen, but far enough to not be seem as a threatening. For the love of the Water Guardian, it looked like she was facing a wild beast and not her bondmate. But the story shared by their ch'te still resonated in her brain, and told her to be careful. Maybe she wasn't dealing with a wild animal, but with a wounded one, driven mad by the pain and hatred for those who had hurt her, even if they hadn't done it by their own will. That didn't seem to matter. So, holding her breath, Shar waited for Ida's response, mentally repeating that human saying that her classmate Eboh had reminded her so many times when her bad temper controlled her acts. You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. She only hoped that her short temper wouldn't turn the honey into bile too soon...

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Maintenance Bay Corridors | The Versant ]
Ida had chosen the spot because of the darkness that shrouded her, even though she suspected that these aliens had good eyes in the dark. Nonetheless, she hoped that it provided a bit of cover, along with the promise of the suit she wore, which allegedly kept her from being noticed on internal sensors.

For the brief time she had stood sentry, she had been examining the makeshift phaser pistol that Lieutenant Commander Blue Tiran had compiled in her hideout. She had noticed, of course, that the 'ally' of hers hadn't provided any kind of weaponry for them yet. This had a couple of potential reasons, most of them bad in her book. The ally wanted them toothless until the point he was prepared to utilize them for his own reasons. Then again, it was a mutual interest in them escaping the ship, but if the man was another Savi - regardless his ambitions - he couldn't possibly want them to start a killing spree on their way to whatever shuttles they could acquire. They had due cause for such retribution, given what the aliens had done to them.

Personally, she had been subjected to rape once more, and at that rate, her revenge upon the Savi knew few bounds. Given the chance, she would find the one named Sclergyn, and take her time with her. It was not just the offense upon her person, her mind, but upon the whole Andorian race. She was no patriot. Not any more. But to manipulate them with drugs, and to make them rut like animals in a lab?

Ida clenched her jaw, biting hard to control the shame-laced ire she felt.


Ida turned her eyes and antennae towards what she heard, but didn't otherwise move. If it was one of the Savi, she would try to kill it without firing her phaser. The suits were all well and good, but which starship would not pick up on weapons fire? She rehearsed a few hand-to-hand techniques that she could use in her mind, her muscles tensing underneath the gleaming suit...

...but then the figure came into view.

In a way, she had preferred one of the Savi, just to be granted an outlet for her anger. No, instead, it was the last possible person she wanted to come after her. The Shen, who's intentions were obvious. The mere thought of what the final step entailed, and what it would mean for her as Zhen for months to come, it made her stomach turn. She was revolted by the prospect of it all, and even more, how could the other Andorians she had been holed up with even consider following it through?

Still, there was a sliver of hope that Shar had come to her senses, after all, and that she had come to say that they had abandoned the idea of breeding now that they were out of captivity. She noted the honorary title for her, but she was a Starfleet officer first, and she had been so since her exile.

"Junior Lieutenant Shar," she greeted quietly in the darkness, still not moving a muscle where she crouched in the intersection of the corridor. "Just keep your voice down. I have yet to see any of them here, nor have I heard anyone before you came... but I don't wish to take any chances."

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[ LtJr. Khelleshar sh'Zenne | Day 5 | 2315 hrs.| Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]

Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"You never make things the easy way, right Ida?" Shar thought somberly, that the other woman used her rank to keep the distance between them, hurted her like a whiplash. Firstly because having ascended to the position she had held in the Endeavour was something that she secretly prided. Next because the zhe'd stated clear enough that Shar hold a lower rank, and that ultimately, her only option left would be to follow the chain of command and obey, folding her wishes to the injunction of the Sec Ops woman, which in all probability they clashed frontally with what she had come to ask. And finally because Shar had always hated that people reminded her that she was inferior, even if only in rank. One of her antennae lashed agains her skull before she could control it and forced herself to bend them again towards Ida.

Letting the air escape from her lungs through clenched teeth, Shar squatted beside the other woman, hugging her long legs with her slender arms and leaning her back against the wall. "Remember Shar, no pain no gain ... and this zhen could be a real pain in the neck," she reminded herself bitterly, as she tried to find a way to start the conversation in the most neutral way possible. How if that were a a children game.

"I doubt that this is a part of this vessel that they visit regularly, it isn't in bad conditions but it seems as it hasn't been used for a time. Except for no-so-Blue, you know what i mean" she whispered, dismissing Ida's concerns, but complied with her orders. " The maintenance of this area shows that it stays ready for use, in case it needs to be used, but I think that except routine checks or if we cause some damage that their inner sensors could detect and they decide to send a repair team, we are mostly safe". The ops officer knew what she was talking about, throughout her career in the Fleet she had spent more time in Jefferies tubes than outside them and she knew the maintenance protocols of unnused decks or ships. In spite of how their captors were alien to everything she knew, there were things that were more or less the same everywhere, regardless of the species they belong.And maintenance operations were one of them. The technology could differ, maybe the timing in which this or that was made, but the protocol was equal all around.

That brought to her mind something that she had noticed during the attack to the holographic engineering, something she simply couldn't ignore. And maybe could allow her to get to the point she wanted to discuss with Ida. "<You are.. were...are a  Imperial Guardsman>" she hissed in their native language, her voice heavily accented a strong thonolanian purr. "<If you're going to continue with all this cock-and-bull story, always vigilant stance and never trust the enemy that is taught in the Chekthora, at least comply with all the rules. No guardsman alone, no uncovered spot,>" she continued, turning her back to the senior officer and facing the corridor through which she had come.

It was a risky move. She left herself at the mercy of Ida's anger, unable to defend herself after having uncovered part of the zhen's past that she surely didn't have much interest in remembering. Also it exposed her face to face with the language of tjeir people, which was possibly a simple provocation from Shar's side to make her react and forget her ranks momentarily. And at the same time, it showed that Shar trusted her and the protocols of the Fleet, which would restrain a hostile act on the part of Ida. Or that hopes the shen. Maybe all that act could be seem as reckless, and would end with Shar returning escorted to the cargo bay, a kick in her ass and a reprimand in the ears.

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Maintenance Bay Corridors | The Versant ]
Hearing Shar remind her about the training in the Imperial Guard suggested that she had some experience of being a Guardsman as well. Ida turned her eyes and antennae in the Shen's direction. Of course, she shared the other Andorian's assessment about the area, but indeed, she would remain vigilant.

"I might have been a Guardsman once," she said quietly, looking back down her end of the corridor, "but that was a long time ago. I am a Starfleet officer, and while I learned a lot on Andoria, my training was completed by serving in the fleet. I don't comply with the Chekthora any more, and nor should you. It is not constructive to hold on to the past. Better to evolve."

The delivery was in a calm, almost detached voice, since her focus was not on the conversation, but the potential threat to her crew. Her's and the Endeavour's as it were. Since there had been no mentioning of what they had been subjected to in that pen, Ida wondered if, indeed, Shar had come to her senses, and abandoned the notion of following through. Perhaps there was hope yet, that Ida would not have to be the one to stop the conception. It would feel a lot easier, if that was the case.

"I have reasons for not holding on to the past, just like I have reasons to loathe what we were subjected to on this ship. The two are connected." She said this under her breath, the eerie detachment remaining, her phaser still at the ready. "My Thaan father sought to ship me off as a brood mare without my consent, to form a Keth with a bond group of choice candidates, as a political enterprise of his. Against my wishes, he would have me do this, and I challenged him to the Ushaan. He chose a champion for himself, and picked the one in the Imperial Guard I would like to form the beginning of a bond with."

She didn't have to tell Shar the ending. the Ushaan was to the death. The memories flashed before her eyes. She was so young, yet she had feigned her own fatigue, and earned her freedom in the spray of blood from her lover's jugular.

"I went into exile after that, and eventually, I ended up in Starfleet," she said quietly, eyes still locked on the corridor. "Yet as far as consent goes... I have been unwillingly subjected to... the things we did, only in ways far worse. I need you to know this, Junior Lieutenant. You are not at fault for my revulsion. Had the circumstances been different, in another life, I might have felt differently. I can evolve, but I can't forget either."

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[ LtJr. Khelleshar sh'Zenne | Day 5 | 2315 hrs.| Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]

Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Shar snorted without amusement, and shook her head, her silvery hair brushing her temples. "You're not Guardsman anymore, neither I've been fully one, but there are customs that are impossible to get rid of. We are both Starfleet officers, that's true Lieutenant, but we andorians are creatures of habits, and there are some so ingrained in us that it's almost impossible to get rid of them. So don't tell me bollocks, i know better than that” The shen bitterly lectured her superior officer. The ops woman had heard the telltale of leaving the past behind, evolve and move forward with the lesson learned a thousand times, and she had found that, while it was something in what humans excel, it was not so easy for her. Not for many others she had meet.

In spite of everything she remained silent while Ida narrated her reasons for being more reluctant about their shared situations than Shar or the others. She remained motionless where she was, her blue eyes fixed on the shadows of the corridor. Only her wringing antennae belied that feigned indifference, demonstrating her discomfort at the shared history. She cringed slightly, and a grimace twisting her features at the mention of Ushaan. All Andorians knew that that only had one possible result, one than noone wanted for a beloved one. Even so, Shar offered no comfort to Ida, no kind word, no pat on the shoulder. It didn't make sense then, so long years after that happened. Attempting to reconcile her with it was counterproductive, and unrelated to the nature of the thonolanian, no matter how much empathy she felt for what the security officer had to suffer.

When she finished speaking, Shar let the silence thicken between them. The immobility of the two women and the stillness of the corridor was such that only the hum of the starship's engines seemed to resonate in the empty halls. "You know why I'm here." There was no point in hiding the obvious. "In bonding or shelthreth even the andorians who are not been subjected to ... what happened to us, have much choice either. All we as individuals have a duty to our people, for the survival of our specie." The youngest of the Zenne Clan stiffened her back as she crossed her legs and rested her slender hands on her knees. "I won't impose this duty on you, zh'yi, least of all after what you have shared about the actions of your thavan and your ... misadventures aboard this vessel and others. But I would like you to reconsider your position taking into account this obligation that weighs on all of us and what your negative supposes for the rest of our kelthreh." Using the terms she was using, giving legitimacy to their twisted bond was risky, but it came closer to the shen's view of the whole situation.

Shar's shoulders fell slightly, as did her antennae. She was a proud woman and wasn't used to showing her weaknesses, but there was little point in hiding them at that moment. "I've been marked as unsafe to bond due my ... anger issues". It was a statement for an Andorian, to be considered so out of control that her participation in fulfilling one of the most basic duties of their people was forbidden. "No matter how wicked was the method in which this egg has been conceived, I would try to give it a chance to develop, no matter how small, because it's possibly the only egg I could conceive ever." The shen rested her hand on her hip, feeling the muscles of her abdomen under her fingers. "If I could, I would look for other ... alternatives, another zhavey for this unborn child knowing what i know now ... But given our situation i have no choice but beg you to..." Shar couldn't continue the phrase, her voice broke with emotion.

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Maintenance Bay Corridors | The Versant ]
" an incubator for this child of rape?" hissed Ida, the vehemence of her statement unfiltered aside from the fact that she hadn't raised her voice. Now, she was not looking at the corridor any more, her eyes flashing in the darkness as she nailed the Shen to the wall with her stare.

"To bear a child I don't want, in my womb, because of some kind of obscure obligation I don't recognise as my own? To allow you to fuck me," she asked, her voice almost turning shrill at the outrage of it, "...against my consent and better knowledge, since the whole Galaxy is descending into war? So that I can't protect my crew any more, because I carry another life inside me? To be unfit for duty for months, while the three of you can just go on with your daily business as if nothing happened? By Lor'Vela, you don't have anger issues. You are a schnarzzed klazh, and if you ever get the idea that you can speak back to me like that again, Junior Lieutenant, I will make sure it remains a permanent stain in your file."

That was, of course, if they even made it off the ship they were on in the first place.

"And don't you dare remind me that you drank from me, and that the egg bears my genes as well," she said then, more quietly, but her stare nonetheless laced with vitriol. "You came to me, while I tried to maintain composed, and I would have been able to restrain myself if you hadn't been so weak. It is you who are a disgrace to the Andorian race, not me, for I would have remained where I was, unmarred by the shame of giving into these Savi and their experiment. To have us breed like animals, and compel us to go through with it by chemical injections. Do you know what else, Junior Lieutenant?"

Ida paused, working her jaw in disgust, her eyes slitted, and the revulsion of it making her stomach turn. "No, I will not go into the details of it, but suffice to say, what happened in that pen was nothing compared to what the real enemy subjected me to, the invasive act infecting me with a virus that made me turn on my own crew, who in turn spread a pollen to the rest. No, I am done with being the object of sexual abuse, done with being manipulated into doing things I don't want, so you can take that egg, and shove it up someone else!"

Then, Ida quietly turned back to her end of the corridor, her breathing shallow, and she blinked away the blurriness that obscured her duty as a sentry, eyes along the sights. "I suggest you leave now."

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[ LtJr. Khelleshar sh'Zenne | Day 5 | 2315 hrs.| Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]

Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Shar felt as the bonds that kept her temper under control began to break, the tidal wave of her unleashed emotions running wild again. For better or for worse, Ida had played the right strings, until she'd found the song that broke the shen's narrow self-control. The right point of shame, outrage, despair and frustrated hope. The threat and the just amount of contempt so that all the composure that could keep Shar whole was thrown down the drain.

Like other times, a part of her stayed out of herself, watching from the ouside of her body, full of self-deprecation as she jumped to her feet, without a word, and flung herself at Ida, an animal snarl in her throat, a primitive reflection of what she was but try to hide under a thin layer of restrain. Converted, precisely into what she feared most and of what Ida had accused her.That part of her shaked her head and looked away, unable to observe at the develop in front of her eyes. Unable to stop it. Unnable to take back the control of her body.

But the main part of Shar, the part that managed her body didn't think at all. As soon and the last words left Ida's lips, she simply pounced from her sitting position against the other woman, anxious hands searching for the zhen's neck, seeking to silence her as she might, to see how the blood washed the offenses she had pronounced. Shar looked almost frail, tall and long-limbed, but her sinewy body hid a disproportionate force, exacerbated by the lack of boundaries in her outrage.

Soon, both women rolled on the corridor floorplates, wrestling with each other in a sinister parody of what had been their previous encounter. One of the ops officer's hands avidly searched Ida's neck and face, her nails trying to tear her face and eyes, while her other hand was balled in a tigh fist, seeking again and again to crush the temples of the other woman, her antennae, anything that was within her reach. Anything that was painful and lethal. In that body crazed with anger and shame there was little left of the Starfleet officer, it was little more than a wounded and cornered animal, struggling with claws and teeth looking for compensation of its misery.

A quick jab managed to penetrate Ida's defense, and a stream of indigocolored blood stained the bulkplates next to them. A savage smile lit Shar's crazed features, ready to give Ida another blow. She leaned back, putting all her strength into a blow she expected to be terminal. The air whistled by her fist, but it didn't reach its target, being stopped in the air by one of the hands of the sec officer. Shar hissed her frustration, trying to break free of the other woman's trap, without success. Obsessed as she was with free herself, she didn't realize what Ida had prepared for her.

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Maintenance Bay Corridors | The Versant ]
Shar's nail had gashed Ida's temple, but she hadn't been able to scratch her face. The Shen was strong, but not skilled enough. Ida was defending herself on pure instinct, without thought wasted or lingering on the surprise she'd felt about the attack. She wasted no time on trying to understand how the provocation might have struck too close to heart, instead having dropped the makeshift phaser, and managing the development of the fight with consummate control. The laceration across her temple had been unforeseen, but soon enough, Ida had Shar where she wanted her.

She caught the fist that came for her face, and with her center of gravity just so, she was able to wrench that arm behind Shar's back. With her hip, she shoved the Shen across her leg, and slammed her down into the deck plating. Without mercy, she pushed Shar's arm so far up her back the seams of the suit creaked. To stop any cry from reaching the Savi that had to be out there, Ida's other hand clamped hard across Shar's mouth, careful to keep her from biting her. She merely wished to muffle any scream of pain. In the end, she was straddling the Shen's lower back, applying her whole body weight on keeping the other Andorian down, and that arm-lock firm.

"This," she said roughly, not the least keen on being assaulted by a junior officer, "This! This is what it feels like to be helpless. To be taken advantage of. I can do anything I want to you now. You have nothing to offer in challenge. It doesn't matter if you fight or cry for help. There is no one that can stop me from violating you. Do you understand?"

Ida pushed the arm even higher. "Do you understand, Junior Lieutenant?"

Regardless the answer, Ida held the arm there, to drive her point through the Shen's conditioned mind, this woman who had come to think their people mattered more than Ida's consent. "I was like you are now, and I had slithering, alien vines ravaging me, filling my womb with pollen, and twisted my mind into making me a vector; to make others suffer the same fate. Next, another alien entity compelled me to have sex with a man I loathed, blinding me to my own wishes. Know this, as you demand me to spread my legs for you, just because you might not have another chance to bear a child. My pity for you will never equal the cost upon myself."

Only then, did Ida release Shar, and stepped away. She picked up the phaser again, but she didn't turn it against the Shen. She merely resumed her previous position, her eyes upon the corridor. "I am sorry for calling you weak. That was unkind of me. You are not, but the fact remain. You will never make me bear a child inside me."

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[ LtJr. Khelleshar sh'Zenne | Day 5 | 2315 hrs.| Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]

Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The little quarrel ended as fast as it had started and Shar found herself pinned under Ida's knees and hands, hitting the ground hard with one of her arms was painfully twisted in her back and the other forced over her head. The posture was so unnatural that the tight suit she wore complained at the seams. The shen herself tried to protest, but the strong hand of the zhen quenched any complain she could emit. Shar struggled against the iron claws for some seconds, trying to free herself, but in the end all her efforts were useless. Finally, she could only stand still at the mercy of the sec officer, trembling with suppressed anger and blood roaring in her eardrums. But in spite of everything, she was totally powerless.

The excessive fury that had seized her was knotting little by little in the pit of her stomach, transformed into a mixture of frustration and impotence. And a healthy dose of apprehension. When Ida spoke again, her words were like a throw of cold water over her anger, which cooled suddenly until it left only embers of fear. She tried to argue uselessly again, but didn't move the other woman or a millimeter. When the position of her arm was forced further, Shar could only exhale an embarrassing whimper, where frustration and pain mingled. She understanded. For sure she did. But the pride kept her silent for a few moments, biting the inside of her cheeks. The metallic taste of cobalt flowed her taste buds. A treacherous tear slipped down her cheek that hadn't been crushed against the floorplates, fruit of frustration and fear in equal parts.

Finally she loosened her muscles and stopped fighting and just kept herself there, alike a puppet to which the strings had been cut. Few later, she nodded, but didn't say a word. She just stood still, shivering under the outrage she was suffering, unable to scape, unable to stop listening. Loathing Ida for the treatment for the shame she was subjecting her to. Hating herself even more because of her inability to do anything to avoid it. Hating each and every one of the confessions that the zhen spilled over her ears and even more now that she understanded perfectly the feelings that permeated under them. Shar clenched her teeth until they squeaked.

When Ida released her, she stood up quickly, moved away as fast as she could. She hugged her aching arm, rubbing it gently, her head bent over her chest. Her shoulders shaking shlighty, she was unable to fully control the tide of mixed feelings that engulfed her. The apology and the final sentence of Ida washed over her without giving any sign of having heard, she was too altered to give an immediate response. She blinked her tears away and straightened her posture, but didn't turn to look at the zhen.

When she answered her words they were pregnant with bitterness and a hatred hard to hide. "I'll remember this." She didn't say  if her words related about what Ida's shared or the rest of what had happened. "I assure you, I will NEVER forget it," she hissed through clenched teeth, without turning. What she didn't say, but was clearly implied was that she wouldn't forgive either.


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