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PRO: S [D01|0715] A Thankful Breakfast for Three

[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce & Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] | ATTN: @P.C. Haring  [Show/Hide]

Alana sat back in the mess hall. She had already ordered her food but was waiting on the rest of the parties to arrive. She could see the steam of the heat releasing from the dish of scrambled eggs, crispy hashbrowns and crispy turkey bacon. The smell of it was appetizing to say the least as she looked at the clock on the opposing wall of the room. She felt slightly nervous for many reasons. The first was that she hadn't afforded the luxury to see her great granddaughter since the night of the karaoke night. She remembered one of the party with Tessa, Lauren and Scruffy was a medic and was killed shortly after that sadly. Same as Fisher.

Looking back she heard the door swoosh open and the other red headed woman who had a similar look to her own arrive. She walked over to the console and ordered quickly and glanced around the room to find her relative on the ship already seated. Lauren waved at Alana as she smiled and gave a faint wave back to motion her over.

"I hope you don't mind. I invited a friend of mine to join us. Who as a matter of fact without her, we'd not have met yet." She smiled hoping it was okay for an already odd situation.

Smiling back she shrugged. "No problem. I think it'll help us get to know one another better anyhow."

The two women glanced at each other's dishes and realized they'd inadvertantly ordered the same exact plate in the same style.

"Wait?! You like this dish too?" Lauren yelled in excitement.

"Apparently we have more than the gender and hair in common then." She winked with a grin. "So my friend actually is friends or a fellow Wolf with Tessa..." She choked on Tessa's name and took a drink of her juice. "But her name is Reggie. She actually helped me a week or so ago with an incident in the gym, and then on a covert mission...but I've said enough."

Glancing at the door, she saw the fighter pilot's arrival. Alana sent a mental message directed at Reggie since she figured the other woman was listening anyhow. "Hey Reggie. Get a plate and meet us over here." Alana sent over her own mind as she looked and nodded at the table before them.

"Oh! Hello there. I'm Lauren Pierce. Her...well...does she know?" Lauren whispered the last half.

Alana nodded and smiled. "Yeah, she does. Have a seat Reggie. Thanks for joining us."

Without missing a beat Lauren grinned and looked at them and smiled widely. "So...what else did you share with her? What did you help Alana with Reggie?"

Alana's face as red as her hair as she felt the embarrassment arise at the situation she was in a week before. "Nothing like that...." She pondered momentarily forgetting Reggie could read her thoughts that she found her friend attractive but also curious about her own physiology than anything else. "She helped me with a situation of oglers and a wardrobe malfunction of sorts..."

"Do tell!" She said in excitement as she shoveled some of the hashbrowns down her gullet.

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[ Lt. Reggie Suder | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] | ATTN: @Pierce‍   @Pierce‍ 

It was unlike Reggie to feel off center when it came to social engagements. Over the years she’d hosted more than a few barn burners and within a relatively short amount of time, she’d manage to establish a decent reputation for herself here on Theurgy. Maybe it was the way she’d met Alana. While not the most intimate of first meetings she’d ever had, it was easily a top five in the ‘most memorable’ category. Perhaps it was because she was about to meet Alana’s great granddaughter.

Or perhaps it was because she had left T’Less to have breakfast with the Pierce’s that made her feel worse. It wasn’t like she’d rushed out on her. T’Less had her own commitments that morning and they had shared a light breakfast. Still it felt weird.

The doors to the Mess Hall parted and she sensed a familiar voice.

Reggie… plate…meet us over here

It was more of an afterthought and for once in her life, Reggie wasn’t actively listening in, but she recognized the sound of Alana’s thoughts in her mind and the Betazoid looked toward where Alana was sitting and offered an acknowledging nod.

Ever the obedient subordinate, Reggie followed Alana’s non order and helped herself to a pair of crispy waffles, scrambled eggs with shredded cheese blended in, and a half dozen strips of extra crispy bacon. She slathered the butter and maple syrup across the waffles, grabbed a glass of juice and went to meet the Pierce girls.

“Nice to meet you, Lauren,” she said in response to the greeting from the younger of the two. “Reggie Suder. Feel free to call me by my first name or my callsign.”

She took her seat. “Any objection if I call you Lauren?”

Reggie turned to Alana. “Thanks for the invite. Love seeing you again.”

Reggie settled in and took a sip of her juice as Lauren asked about how she’d helped Alana.

“Weeelll,” Reggie replied in a drawn out sing song voice, “I’m not sure how much detail she’d like me to get into, but lets just say your Great Grandmother was having some trouble getting her ‘girls’ to behave.”

She threw a playful wink over at the Chief Intelligence Officer.


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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce & Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] | ATTN: @P.C. Haring [Show/Hide]

Alana watched as Reggie began to eat and smiled at the woman who saved her hide days earlier. And helped her be more comfortable in her own skin. She thought back to that time not really realizing that she was lingering on the thoughts a little too much. Shaking her head she came to, taking a drink of orange juice before biting into her own piece of crispy bacon. She heard the audible sounds of Lauren and Reggie darting comments to and fro.

Lauren smiled warmly at Reggie. "Alrighty!" Some of that bubbly tone of Tessa's clearly had rubbed off...or maybe it was the other way around Alana thought.

"No objections here Reggie. It's nice to meet a friend of Alana's. Sorry....just feels weirdish to call you my grandfa...grandmother...." She shrugged quickly stuffing her face to prevent a foot in mouth scene from developing.

"It's fine...I get it too," She chuckled back. Looking at Reggie she smiled again at her friend and gym partner who recently she'd gotten to know better from a recent covert mission. Her cheeks warmed somewhat as Reggie's mention of loving to see her again.

"Glad you could make it. I figured I'd ask you to breakfast to visit...and you'd maybe want to meet my descendent." She winked recollecting herself. Knowing she wasn't totally keeping it together. She had to admit, she had a slight crush but wasn't sure what to make of it presently. She shielded it partially, especially since she knew that Reggie was seeing someone. But she was truly glad to see her friend. Really the only one she'd spent some time and bonded with on the ship aside from her XO Amarik in Intel and Hirek the liaison.

When Lauren heard that the girls were the problem, she grinned and nearly spit her drink out on the table. "Really?! That's hilarious! I'm sorry Alana but yeah, I've just dealt with them for years. I know you're still learning though."

Shrugging it off, "Yeah well, I wasn't born this way and have 30 plus years of catching up to do." She winked back at Reggie despite the ribbing she was receiving.

"So...what do you guys like to do for fun? I like spy work obviously but I also enjoy physical activities like sporting, swimming and working out...well as Reggie already knew." She smiled back after taking another bite of her food and watching the two.

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[ Lt. Reggie Suder | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] | ATTN: @Pierce‍ 

Reggie couldn’t help but enjoy the experience.  Not only was she enjoying the freshly made breakfast but also the reconnection of Alana and Lauren.  She sensed Alana’s attraction to her, but she tried to shut it out.  Alana Pierce, attractive in her own right, had more than a few things to sort out for herself before Reggie would consider acting on those kind of feelings, even if she weren’t already seeing T’Less or the fact that her consummation with the Vulcan not even twelve hours prior carried an expectation of exclusivity.  Even if it didn’t, Reggie wouldn’t do T’Less dirty like that.  She cared too much for her.

“Well,” she said by way of response to Alana’s question.  “You’ll find me in the gym, the pool or on the holodeck practicing.  I’ve been training for years with the Katana, a sword of human design and I dare say I’m pretty damn good with it.  Also music, though I think you both know that already since you came to the concert night program.  But for the most part I’m usually up for anything social, with the exception of reading.  That, oddly, is the one thing I prefer to be alone to do, or at the very least in a room with just one or maybe two others as long as it’s quiet.”

She held back from ribbing Alana any further.  Obviously, Lauren knew the story but for now, at least, Alana was still a bit self conscious about it.  Instead she turned back to her breakfast and directed her attention at the younger Pierce.

“What about you, Lauren?  What gets you going every day?”

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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce & Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] | ATTN: @P.C. Haring [Show/Hide]

Alana smiled at the thought of her gym partner at the pool. She wasn't thinking immodestly but rather how she herself would respond. While she enjoyed swimming, it was typically on her own time and with no one around that she did it as embarrassed as she might be at the prospect of someone seeing her there as odd as that was.

Lauren however spoke up before the elder Pierce could reply. "Well, I too enjoy being at the pool, although never go with Tessa or there will be nudity involved." She grinned. "Long story there..." She said waving her hands off. "And I remember your last party. I met Alana here." She winked at her ancestor who turned a shade of red.

"Yeah...that was an interesting night to be sure." She said thinking back at it.

"But I don't really care for reading. More active type activities and sleep...or the holodeck."

Perking up she mentioned her own favorites, "I've enjoyed those as well but I do like to read in my downtime. Used to do some acting too but that was a long time ago...." She thought back. "I mean I've done some in the holodeck but otherwise too. That being said, I can be found in most active situations but depends on the activity. Katana's sound like an interesting sport to learn though." She said thinking intently at how that'd work.

Taking a bite of her pancake and turkey bacon, she smiled as she thought of how new this situation was. Her descendent and her more or less, best friend. "So Reggie, anything in particular that strikes your fancy as far as reading goes?"

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