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CH03: S [D06|0915] Escaping Chimera

Chapter 03: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0915 hrs. ] Escaping Chimera

[Ensign Six | Waiting Room | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Triton @Nolan @Stegro88 @FollowTomorrow @Absinthe @trevorvw @TWilkins

Six entered Sickbay, her injured opponent in tow. She had split from the rest of the security detail to take him to Sickbay a few minutes previously, feeling that she would appear as a good sport to bring him there. She was confident the rest of the detail will handle the other group of survivors as they brought them to the cargo bay nearby on the deck, now that the Helmet connected with the rest of the Theurgy. Six felt a rush of irony, given that the entire time Seven of Nine stayed on Voyager, her living accommodations were in one Voyager's cargo bays.

Six figured she wouldn't be long with taking an injured survivor to Sickbay, she would be back with the detail.

But judging from what's going on in Sickbay, in her opinion, it seemed like it was a matter of time before it escalated into "Standing Room Only."

"Excuse me, is there someone available to treat this man?" She called out.

A voice called out, one that was startlingly familiar. "Just a moment, Ensign, if the case doesn't look to serious, it won't take long."

A doctor squeezed through to reach the new patient Six had...and Six gaped in surprise. She realized why the voice was familiar. She knew that voice, that face, ever since she was taken aboard with Icheb and a few other Borg children.

"Doc?" she said in surprise.

"I beg your pardon?" said the EMH coolly. "I do not have any familiarity with you, Ensign."

Six berated herself. It wasn't "Doc," the EMH she got to know on Voyager. It was, however, an Mark One EMH, as Doc was.

"Sorry about that, doctor," said Six, with more respect. "I thought you're a different Mark One EMH, I gather? I'm on good terms with your counterpart from the Starship Voyager."

"I'm not surprised to hear, if he was that ship's only source of medical needs," came the answer. "Frankly, I'm not here to make friends, I'm just only on call because of this emergency. And quite the emergency it is, the Mark Two is also on line. Now if you will permit me to examine this patient? I'm a doctor, not a babysitter."

Six pursed her lips, but said nothing. Much as she wanted to stay with this EMH as much as possible, it wouldn't be so. He was, after all, available only in emergencies; they were called Emergency Medical Holographic Units for a reason.

The EMH examined Six's opponent for a moment.

"Hmm. Plenty of lacerations, bruises...was he in a fight?"

"He was," said Six apologetically. "I had to stop him breaking out; he's from a ship chasing this one."

"Much as it's a pity to hear, that's no excuse to keep him in line. I tend to frown upon fisticuffs at the best of times. Now, he may need to spend the night in Sickbay while he gets treated."

"Okay, but please don't be in any hurry to release him," said Six. "And please make sure he's restrained, this one's trouble."

"I can believe that," came the retort, and he took the injured man away.

As soon as Six left Sickbay, she tapped her combadge.

"Ensign Six to Petty Officer Rivard," she said. "How are our 'guests' doing? Are they settling in?"

[Thank God. I was about to call you, Ensign.]

Judging from the sounds of his voice, something clearly went wrong. "What happened?" asked Six.

[Our "guests" broke free just a few minutes ago. We barely reached the cargo bay when a couple of big lugs fell behind, pretending to be ill. They overpowered us, seized our rifles, shot the rest of the detail. Nothing too serious, but they're now loose!]

Six cringed. Crap. I leave for a moment, then they break loose. They must be bolder than they looked, if it was the same rabble I met and escorted momentarily.

"I'm on my way down, Petty Officer," she said. "I'll call for any officers available to help."

As she walked, she tapped her combadge again. "Six to Security Ops. A situation's arisen..."

[This is Ensign McArthur. We know, Ensign. Petty Officer Rivard just informed me. As if we don't have enough going on, what with a hostage situation in Cargo Bay 13.]

"What?" Six said. "Are there any Security personnel available in the Security Center?"

[Ensign Mariner is available, along with Chief Petty Officer Keyah and Petty Officer Hildebrandt. Petty Officer Bremmer is handling the hostage situation with her team.]

At first, Six couldn't believe she was going to be roped with Ensign Mariner again. But then, she realized...this was the same man who stopped an Asurian boarding party a few days previously. Surely rounding up some escapees can be beneficial.

"Those three officers will be more than enough," said Six. "Have them meet me at Deck Twelve, at the cargo bay. We'll start our search from there."

[Of course. I’ll see if there will also be other Security personnel who can come to help. I think Petty Officer Cardamone will be available. They may also be Petty Officer Benmual from the Cayuga. Maybe Ensign Ruyan Sel, if she can make it. I’ll send them your way, Ensign.]

“I met Petty Officer Benmual on the way to Sickbay," said Six. "She was going on ahead to make sure things don't get out of hand. Might be one person short, some Security personnel may be needed to make sure Sickbay doesn't fall apart. But in any case, whatever help I need will be especially beneficial."

[True, true. I'll see if I can get our acting Chief of Security, Lieutenant Akoni, in touch with you.]

"Thanks so mu…”

Six wasn’t paying much attention to where she was going, and bumped into somebody. Somebody particularly big and strong; she actually stumbled, despite her enhanced strength from her Borg implants. She looked up to see a big and pale alien. A Reman.

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[Tesserarius Lorad | Outside Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Lorad was pretty certain he was now lost. He had meant to speak with Sera regarding their previous night together, something that the Câroon didn’t seem to remember very clearly but when he had turned to look for her, she had disappeared among the suddenly crowded Upper Shuttle Bay. Resolved to find her eventually and discuss what they had shared, Lorad had instead chosen a different, and perhaps more important task. He went looking for his sister.

He had managed to retrace his steps to the sickbay where he had had some of his injuries treated before an incident had brought about his departure. When he had asked for directions to where Samala was being kept in stasis, someone had shouted at him about a sickbay on deck 11 and told him to go there as they would know.

He had taken a turbolift there and was rounding what the computer told him was the last corner when a crewmember he did not recognise bumped into him. It appeared to be a woman and although he did not recognise her species, he did recognise the distinctive Borg implants that were on her face around her left eye. He had seen similar implants on dead drones before.

“I sorry,” Lorad apologised as she stepped back from the woman. “I not see you.”

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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Despite the day's good start, reuniting with the Vector didn't go as well as he hoped, which was something readily routine for this vessel. Reunions usually were their own rewards or sweet victories.

Mariner would have honestly loved to have had Sharky handy to have taken a bite out of anyone who'd have brought a firearm to sickbay that he didn't personally know of. When it came to taking a bite out of crime, few were better than those two in his time aboard Resolve. Protecting Meony's immediate safety? Mariner could take some orders to heart. She'd lived this long but what to do next regarding her was why He'd asked to see to personally see to sickbay while the teams he'd help organize were working hand in hand with tactical situations, but it was clear that Security was in command.

With two other officers in tow on his way to sickbay, he had to try out some greetings for Six on the subject of Party Crashers. "Tell you what, Sixy. I'll be good cop, and when I say 'I'm gonna get some coffee,' you show up, take over and make some kind of creepy Borg threat." It was just a nod to who else was out there rather than posing it as a serious idea; they'd need to team up at some point. Too bad the Bellerophon crew and the Klingons hadn't been good guests. Fortunately, Jimmy knew whose faces were goldshirts who worked for him, so no partycrashers could infiltrate, as far as he could detect; his instincts were good in that regard, at least. Partycrashers. A bitterly-revived jargon for a hostile boarder who just needed some convincing to work for the same side. Enemy-of-my-enemy, and all that.

"Trust me, that'd scare the shite out of many unsuspecting officers when I come back and bust a robotic routine." Now that the customary 'psyching up' bit of pleasantry had been accomplished.  Mariner had entered sickbay and spotted Six chatting up with someone who looked like they slept upside down from rafters or in a coffin. "Who's the Count, Six?"

Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sel's Quarters | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ]

This was not what Sel wanted, she had just peeled herself out of the damn security exo-suit and was in the mood for a nice sonic shower to get the sweat off herself when the call came in. of course, it was never a simple thing. She had to go, if there was as big a problem as it sounded like, and she had shot that poor survivor not that long before. She needed to make sure everything was taken care of and she needed to be sure that it was done right.

So she went. She smelled of sweat and body odor, she was in the undersuit of the exo-suit with just her uniform jacket pulled over it, like hell she was going to put the damn thing back on again after finally getting it off, but she was going. She decided against getting her Accipiter again, and instead just attached a hand phaser belt to her hips. No need to bring out the big guns, she could do enough damage with just a standard phaser pistol to really mess someone up if she had too.

The trip back to sickbay took only seconds as she used her security override on the lift to take her as close as it could and then ran the rest of the distance. She arrived and looked like someone who was 150% done with the shit of the world. Her eyes were tired and had deep bags in them. Her hair was a mess and sweaty. The undersuit did not go well with the jacket and the fact she wasn't wearing shoes made the whole thing look almost comical. However, her expression showed the most how done with it all she was.

"Right, what's the emergency you fuckers are calling me down here for?' she asked as she folded her arms across her chest.

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[ Y’Lev | Upper Cargo Bay | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado @Absinthe @Triton @Stegro88 @Auctor Lucan

Y’Lev slouched broodily over one of the many containers in the cargo hold of the USS Theurgy, his odd-coloured eyes furrowed in concentration as he attempted to use a particularly shiny container buckle as a mirror to tend to his disheveled hair, ruined following the explosion that had blown out a bulkhead on the Bellerophon about twenty feet from him. He’d quietly managed to slip away from the rest of the rabble who had been rescued from the fallen vessel, secreting himself away behind some particularly tall cargo crates whilst everyone else was too preoccupied listening to one of the senior officers bellowing at the Theurgy security team keeping guard over them. Meanwhile, Y’Lev had gained a few valuable moments to drop the facade he’d adopted since boarding the Federation ship, and to take some time to ponder upon his objective.

Being aboard the Theurgy was a delightful stroke of luck for the Orion, whose mission had been to gain information on the USS Theurgy and the reasoning as to why it was being so vigilantly pursued by Starfleet High Command and their allies. He’d managed to develop something of a picture from being aboard the Bellerophon, noise about the Theurgy’s Captain being a Romulan defector, and having a rogue AI in control of the ship. Whilst the rest of the Bellerophon’s crew were happy to believe Starfleet’s indoctrination, Y’Lev was a natural sceptic; the Bellerophon’s story certainly didn’t paint the full picture.

Scoffing lightly to himself, Y’Lev straightened up, running his slender green fingers along his neck, his sensitive skin gravely irritated with the way the high yellow collar sat around his throat, almost choking him with every movement. Had he not still been so desperately reliant on maintaining his cover as a member of the Bellerophon’s crew as long as it continued to suit him, he would have stripped out of the cloying uniform on the spot. Yet, being an innocent Orion yellow-shoulder had its perks, for the moment… 

Of course, time was hardly on the Orion’s side. Y’Lev relied on a short-term pheromonal suppressant to keep his natural aphrodisiac in check. His traditional dosage lasted around about eleven Human hours, after which his pheromones would start to kick in once again, which meant a slow but significant behavioural change in everyone around him. Keeping a vigilant track of his dosage on deep-cover missions such as his current predicament, Y’Lev knew that he had less than four Earth hours before he would start smelling delightfully sweet to those around him, following which the entire cargo bay would start to experience heightened arousal, lightheadedness and a subtle lack of inhibitions. And whilst that would certainly make his captivity more entertaining… He imagined that perhaps it would not go over too swimmingly with the Security guards watching over them like cattle.

And Y’Lev knew all too well where his next dosage was… Behind the third layer of wiring, inside the second panel after the first junction of the Jefferies tube that led off of the hydroponics bay on the Bellerophon… He knew how to make the suppression himself, given the right chemicals and equipment, or it might have even been something that their Medical team could help with. But he wasn’t entirely sure how he would best approach asking for access to the Theurgy’s facilities, to stop himself from making a cargo bay full of prisoners ludicrously horny… Y’Lev scoffed softly once again, before sighing and rubbing his thumb and forefinger against his temple, running them up through his thick, dark hair. He was truthfully exhausted. 

He’d spent three days now in deep cover, and though he did have forged documentation detailing his transfer to the Bellerophon, he’d instead opted to just keep his head down on the vessel. Y’Lev had been counting on the crew’s belligerent desperation to hunt down the Theurgy to make them overlook things like an Orion crewman they hadn’t noticed before. He had been right in his assumption. And seeing as no self respecting Starfleet Officer would dare accuse an Orion as not having his paperwork, lest they risk receiving a write up for Xenophobia, Y’Lev had managed to go relatively unbothered aboard the Bellerophon.

He had exhausted most of his time aboard the ship in generally unoccupied sections, the cargo bays, jefferies tubes, botany lab… He used the uv lighting in the hydroponics bay to revitalise the chlorophyll in his cells, made a few late evening trips to the mess hall to secret some small meals, and managed to sneak in a couple of cat naps inside one of the scarcely used Jefferies tubes. It was the polar end of a glamorous existence, but in the three days he spent aboard, he barely attained any attention from the crew, which wasn’t a huge surprise considering that their obsession with apprehending the Theurgy was driving them to almost ignore all else.

However, Y’Lev was very aware that his situation was no longer looking quite so clandestine. He was a figure of little consequence amongst a crew complement of one hundred and forty preoccupied Starfleet personnel, but trapped in a cargo bay with twenty-or-so angry Bellerophon officers did not bode well for the Orion; it was only a matter of time before the rest of the captives realised that nobody knew who he was…

Yet a new cacophonous sound reached his ears, one that stole his attention and made him glance up. Phaser fire. Solid thuds against the floor.  Y’Lev returned to character on instinct, his posture immediately slouching pathetically, spitting heavily on the back of his hand and rubbing it against both of his eyes, smudging his dark eye-liner and making his face appear especially traumatised. He heard a few joviant exclamations from the Bellerophon prisoners, the clattering sound of phasers being handed out.

Y’Lev scoffed again.

A breakout.

How delightful.
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[ Dyan Cardamone/Sar-unga Neleo | Hallways | USS Theurgy ]

Dyan didn’t have time to play around like she’d wanted. A certain Romulan had her attentions, but she wasn’t able to drop her duties and hunt him down...yet.

She’d finally been allowed to leave, seeing as the prisoner situation  was wrapped up. Her superior officers knew she had a cruel streak in her, and when she got that look in her eye and twitch in her tail, it was just safest to send her off. It was just as well—she was craving something else right now. She was prowling the hallways, nearing closer and closer to Drauc’s quarters, thinking she’d jump the sexy strange man’s bones.

She was intoxicating. She’d been called that before plenty of times, but somehow the way Drauc meant it was different. She had power over this man. She could make him suffer or pleasure him as she pleased. This power, this control was also intoxicating.

Dyan continued to wander on her own, fresh off her shift, not yet aware of the breakout. No one had yet contacted her.

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Triton @Stegro88 @FollowTomorrow @TWilkins @Absinthe @trevorvw

“That’s okay, I didn’t see you coming,” said Six apologetically. “Are you heading for Sickbay? It’s just down the corridor.”
She gestured down the corridor. She figured the Reman was heading for Sickbay; it’s the only significant place of note on the deck.
She was just about to continue when a thought occurred to her: Remans were known to be warriors, professional soldiers, and she needed all the help she can get in dealing with the breakout.
“Excuse me, but can I ask something of you?” she asked. “I need some help with something. A breakout has occurred; survivors of the Starship Bellerophon have broken loose from the cargo bay that they are to be detained in. I need some people on hand to help round them up. There will be some security personnel, but if you can lend a hand, I appreciate it.”

In no time at all, Ensign Mariner joined in with Petty Officer Hidebrandt and Chief Petty Officer Keyah. Then came Ensign Ryuan. The Bajoran seemed bad-tempered, but Six can understand. She seemed to have come in a hurry, to come without her boots, but it will suffice.

“The emergency, as you so put it, Ensign Ryuan,” explained Six, “is that a breakout has occurred in Cargo Bay 1. Survivors of the Bellerophon are loose, and it’s up to us to stop this rabble. We’ll need as much Security personnel as we need. On that subject…”

Six remembered: Petty Officer Cardamone. She tapped her combadge.

“Petty Officer Cardamone? This is Ensign Six. We have a situation. Survivors of the Bellerophon have broken out of their confinement in Cargo Bay 1. I have a security team assembled at Deck 11. Report as soon as possible.”

Turning back to the group, she replied, “The count, Ensign Mariner, includes us, maybe Petty Officer Cardamone, if she shows.”

She tapped her combadge again. “Petty Officer Rivard,” she called. “What can you tell us about the situation. Besides the phasers, did the escapees take anything?”

[Well, they’ve taken anything that’s not bolted down, but they’ve particularly gone for engineering and first aid kits.]

“That makes sense,” said Six. “Combat-wise, tools from engineering kits don’t have as many restrictions as phasers do. First aid kits will have painkillers that can, depending on the dosage, can either knock people out or kill.”

[Those are good points, Ensign. With just our phasers, they won’t get far, with access restrictions preventing them from firing. It’s inevitable that they’ll use the phasers as clubs.”

“I see, Rivard. Thanks for the information.”

Turning back to the team, she added, “Judging from what they’ve picked up, you’d best expect melee combat conditions. Pick out as much as possible with phasers on stun, but be prepared for close-quarter combat. Once Petty Officer Cardamone arrives, we’ll proceed a deck below and start at Cargo Bay 1. Ensign Ryuan, will you be requiring coffee?”

She asked Ensign Ryuan of that because the Bajoran looked downright fatigued. In fact, Six felt similar fatigue with her enhancements draining her bodily energy; this was why she offered coffee. She may need to find a replicator en route to get some.

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[ Y’Lev | Corridor Outside Upper Cargo Bay | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado @Triton @Stegro88 @FollowTomorrow @Absinthe @trevorvw

Deft green fingers danced across the wall-embedded console just outside of the cargo bay he had been imprisoned in, the Orion having gone completely unnoticed by the Bellerophon captives during their belligerent ransacking of the cargo bay and foolhardy charge out into the main body of the ship. What they hoped to accomplish with their brash little raid, Y’Lev couldn’t fathom. With nothing but a handful of phasers and phase rifles, and a medley of engineering equipment to use as clubs and bludgeons, the raiders had no hope of gaining any ground. And even if they did, the Therugry crew could easily vent a deck and the little escapade would be concluded. Still, it had worked well in Y’Lev’s favour; he’d been given a delightful distraction.

He was using the console to view a schematic of the USS Theurgy, his odd eyes scanning for the computer core and the best route he could use to reach it. In truth, Starships weren’t his forte; he didn’t find the schematics particularly easy to read, nor were they designed to be especially user friendly. Y’Lev knew that he’d need to be using the Jeffries tubes to get to the core, suspecting that his tactic that had saw him stay inconspicuous on the Bellerophon wouldn’t have worked aboard a rogue ship like the Theurgy. He imagined that the rogue ship that had been evading Starfleet would have been much more vigilant about stopping infiltrators than the late Bellerophon had been… 

An amused smile slipped up onto his face suddenly, realisation dawning across his features. It seemed as though the USS Theurgy had three main computer cores. One seemed to span from decks one to five, the second, six through nine, the third, twelve through sixteen. The third was undoubtedly the closest to the cargo bay, but Y’Lev was concerned that the Bellerophon escapees would have flooded security personnel throughout this, and the adjoining decks. The second computer core seemed to be the safer choice.

Six decks up, towards the centre of the ship… Y’Lev grimaced at his realisation that the Jefferies tubes weren’t being displayed on the ship schematics; he knew he’d have to wing his journey and hope he chose the correct route. If he could get onto any of the decks containing the main computer, he wagered finding it from there wouldn’t be particularly difficult. However the warren of tubes that ran throughout the ship wouldn’t have been difficult to get lost within. And unfortunately he didn’t have any breadcrumbs.

Y’Lev’s goal however was nothing akin to sabotage or subterfuge; his efforts would not damage the Theurgy or its crew in any immediate way. He had a detachable implant embedded in his jaw, in the place of a back molar. When connected to a database, it would quickly and immaculately duplicate any information contained within the database. It would clone all logs of the Theurgy’s activity as recorded, flight path, crew manifest, personal logs… It would take the information exactly as it was, with it all encryption and failsafes, but that wasn’t anything Y’Lev was concerned about; the Syndicate had a team of codebreakers ready to deal with that particular issue.

His only worry was getting the device integrated with the main computer.

And finding it…

Without missing a beat, Y’Lev disregarded the console displaying the ship schematic and strode across to one of the Jeffries tubes access ports a few metres to his side, hooking his deft green fingers underneath the latch and opening it with one smooth motion. The Orion swiftly slid himself inside the access port, cursing quietly as the oppressive confines of his Starfleet uniform impeded his movements. How he longed to strip down to his harness and tight legwear, where his movements would be fluid and unimpeachable by scratchy Starfleet fabric…

He pulled the access port closed behind him, and began crawling along through one of the passages, the jewellery on his hands making a considerable clunking noise as his palms pressed flush against the inside of the tube. His rings were incredibly sentimental to him, one worn on each of his middle fingers, the design atop them featuring a metal shape akin to two kite-shaped protrusions joined at the shorter tip. Both tipped were engraved with revered markings from a shrine located in the city of Kinarvon, representing Orion values of pleasure and enjoyment.

At least, that was what he told people.

In reality, when he flicked the rings around so that the protrusions were inside of his fist, they would automatically extend a telescopic rod about five inches in either direction, resulting in a roughly twelve inch shaft with a keenly bladed point at either end. Dancerdaggers. He’d trained in the use of them since he first joined the Syndicate, and amongst all of the weapons he had trained with, they had been his favourite to use.

As sturdy as a Bat-leth, the weapons moved as fast as lightning whilst being sturdy enough to deflect blows from larger weapons, whilst unusual enough to be greatly unpredictable to defend against. In a fight against Y’Lev, his foe would have to defend against strikes and stabs coming from all directions, blurs and twirls of his body and his weapons, along with whatever other tactics he chose to employ at any given time. Such as the dermal pouch on his wrist containing a virulent powder that reacted with the moisture in the eyes to result in temporary blindness, or the small needle inside his boot that contained a potent memory inhibitor…

He’d never been a good shot with a phaser… But he greatly enjoyed the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with a foe in close-quarters death-dancing.

Y’Lev’s green hands gripped the middle rung of the first ladder he found, looking up it and ascending immediately, mentally taking note of the number of decks that he passed. His smile returned to his face as he climbed.

It looked as though reaching his target wouldn’t prove to be quite so troublesome after all… 

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Re: Chapter 03: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0915 hrs. ] Escaping Chimera

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[ Lt. Kai Akoni | Security Centre | USS Theurgy ] @TWilkins @Multificionado @Triton @Stegro88 @FollowTomorrow @Absinthe

Kai took a sip of his coffee and sat the mug down on the coaster at his console. Being appointed Acting Chief of Security of a ship like this had presented Kai with a daunting yet familiar job. Security was security no matter where it was happening, however with the amount of shit that happens aboard the Theurgy presented a slightly more stressful situation for Kai as well as stretching his Security teams to their limits.

With Commander Trent being confined to VIP quarters and having posted guards, along with Dr. Nicander being in the temporary holding cell, Kai realized he had barely enough people to do regular security jobs aboard ship nevertheless deal with their Dauntless and Bellerophon guests. 

Kai stared at the console in front of him while pondering his options in regards to security when his thoughts were punctuated by Ensign McArthur informing him of a developing hostage situation in Cargo Bay 13 and reports of the Bellerophon guests breaking out of their Cargo Bay.


Kai turned on the personnel locators to see where his people were in regards to the ongoing situations.  He quickly rubbed the bridge of his nose before deciding on a course of action. He issued orders to go into full security lockdown. Kai wanted forcefields around key locations aboard the Theurgy as well all turbolift and Jeffries tubes to be locked down or forcefield protected as whatever the case may be.

One of the downsides of being Chief is that he had to get used to looking at the bigger picture and directing things from afar rather than being ‘boots on the ground’ so to speak. He realized that he needed a report from people that were down there to see what was actually needed.

He tapped his combadge, ”Akoni to Ensign Six, I need a report. What do you need?”

He knew his people were busy, but he needed to know the best way to support his people and resolve all the situations unfolding as peacefully as possible.

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Dyan Cardamone/Sar-unga Neleo | Hallways | USS Theurgy ]

"Petty Officer Cardamone? This is Ensign Six. We have a situation. Survivors of the Bellerophon have broken out of their confinement in Cargo Bay 1. I have a security team assembled at Deck 11. Report as soon as possible."

Oh, how she hated to be interrupted, but oh how she loved situations. Just as her hand was on Drauc's door, she was called away, and for as temperamental as she was, she could not say she was very upset about this. Drauc would be alive later, hopefully. If not, well, she'd never done with a dead body in all her 200 years. It couldn't kill her to try, right?

So she grinned wickedly and ran towards the turbolift. She thumped her combadge to respond back, “Acknowledged! They won't last!” She cackled, and thought about the spilling of blood that would soon follow. Her tail shivered in delight. She hoped she'd be the first one there

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[Tesserarius Lorad | Outside Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Multificionado

Lorad didn’t know what the Human meant by ‘the count’ but he knew the phrase was directed at him. Disliking the man’s tone and words, despite not knowing what he meant, Lorad simply growled in his throat.

Ensign Sel’s arrival was a different matter. This was someone who Lorad was familiar with, unlike everyone else present, and he believed he knew where he stood with her; at least as much as he stood with anyone on board. But seeing her now, she looked worse than when he had sparred with her two days prior. She, to him, looked exhausted and it was not just from the morning’s activities. Had she slept at all?

Lorad was about to respond to the woman’s request for his help when she began to call other using her combadge. Following the conversations as best he could, he gathered that the prisoners had escaped their confinement and were using whatever they could get their hands on to create weapons. But words he did understand quite clearly were melee and close quarters combat. That he could do.

“I help,” Lorad declared simply in Standard. “I Lorad, what name?” the hulking Reman asked the Borg woman. “I need weapon. Stick or staff. Or want dead?”

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Triton @Stegro88 @FollowTomorrow @TWilkins @Absinthe @trevorvw

Six blinked upon hearing Petty Officer Cardamone’s response. Enthusiastic, wasn’t she? Could easily be half-Klingon, like Jack…except Jack didn’t seem to sound as bloodthirsty.

Hearing the Reman, Six nodded. “My name is Noor, Mister Lorad, but I prefer to be called Six.” She felt it a little more prudent to start with her original name before requesting to be called by her preferred name. That way, nobody would wonder what the heck she’s sixth of what in the Borg Collective.

“We don’t want any deaths if we can help it,” she added as she handed Lorad a spare rifle. “Set for stun only, but there’s the possibility we’ll have to get into close quarter combat.”

"Akoni to Ensign Six, I need a report. What do you need?"

Six heard the call from her combadge and tapped it.

“This is Ensign Six, Lieutenant Akoni,” she said; she figured out the name of the acting security chief once the vectors united. “I have a team assembled, ready to head down to Deck Twelve. We’ll see about intercepting the escapees. Ensign Mariner is on hand, along with Ensign Ryuan and one Mister Lorad. Petty Officer Cardamone is en route to our position. We’ll move out once she arrives. I’ll have a destination by then.”

She approached the nearest terminal and turned to the rest of the team.

“Pardon if this scares most of you, but I need to uplink with the ship’s systems from here to find the escapees,” she explained as she extended a hand and injected tubules into it. “I’m not really assimilating anything.”

And she wasn’t. Within a moment, she was linked into the systems. She tapped some buttons on her ocular implant.

“I’m in. Now to find our ‘guests.’ Computer, send real-time footage of Deck Twelve to my ocular implant. Display anybody not on the Theurgy manifest. Display also ship schematics into a secondary window.”

The footage pulled up. With the ship’s schematics displayed in a secondary window, she will be able to determine the location of the escapees. And she found them.

“Found them. They’re heading for Transporter Room 3.”

Tapping her combadge, Six reported to Lieutenant Akoni. “Lieutenant Akoni, this is Ensign Six. I found the escapees. They’re heading for Transporter Room Three. I’m requesting forcefields to cut off access to it, and Transporter Room Four. They’ll likely try going that way, and that’s where will intercept them. Oh, and see if you can get a force field around the access to Vector Two’s auxiliary deflector, just in case. I think it’ll be all for the moment. I’ll let you know what else I’ll need. Six out.”

She tapped her combadge again and withdrew the tubules. She turned to her team.

“Okay, people, let’s move to Deck Twelve!"

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[ LT Korbin (NPC) | Cargo Bay 1 | USS Theurgy | Embarking on a Search for Answers and Escape ]

The Vulcan Conn Officer and A-CTO Of the USS Bellerophon was among the last survivors on the bridge when he ordered all hands to ‘Abandon Ship’ and to take spiteful countermeasures against the hated crew of traitors and terrorists. Or so Starfleet Command had claimed. The dutiful Vulcan and Dominion War survivor or Project Eagle had never questioned orders outright in his professional career, but knew how to raise or cast perspectives into light. It was not his place to do so during their months-long hunt for the Prototype Dreadnought.

Lieutenant Korben had previously infiltrated the Maquis up until the first overture of of the Dominion War, when the Jem’Hadar arrived to assert their presence in the badlands and over Cardassia. He was posted as a weapons and conn officer for his talents as an undercover arms runner sympathetic to the Maquis movement and his combat experience against the Cardassians, but he was in actuality sent to arrest or locate key leaders, such as Cal Hudson and Michael Eddington, but never got the chance before the movement was categorically snuffed out and their worlds, moons, caves and bases were obliterated or overrun. Korben felt a sense of genuine pity for many of the families who were killed, and an uncharacteristic sense of vengeful justice became one emotion that seemed to strengthen who he’d become when he returned to Starfleet Headquarters.

When he was debriefed and cycled back into service with a promotion to Lieutenant after two years, Korbin was assigned to the Nebula-class T’Kumbra when Project Eagle was formed and later the Bellerophon when A diplomatic summit was held, and word came from a source on the homeworld that Korben was in truth the son of a Romulan sympathizer of Ambassador Spock’s unification movement, and that his identity had been hidden and his features surgically altered at infancy to protect him from the Tal Shiar by his Vulcan father, also a Unificationist believer, explaining his origins as an orphan on Rigel, where he practiced what Vulcan faiths and schools he could under the circumstances of living on the gang-occupied world, where martial arts and gunplay were a way of life for anyone with the necessary survival traits.

When the escape pods were away and the Intrepid-class was in its death throes, Korben, despite being injured and somewhat emotionally compromised, however, had ordered Security to join him in a spiteful bid to seize control of the ship and turn it over to the Task Force, even if they would shoot it on sight, Logic demanded justice, or answers. But in the state of mind he was in when he hastily coordinated this effort without properly being ready to beam in and shoot in the right direction, he beamed into the path of a punch by the same man who destroyed his ship. A fellow Eagle Project survivor. Perhaps Korben’s recognition of the human, Marquez, was such an illogical twist that he hesitated, or simply was misfortunate or the transporter beam was damaged. Whichever happened, the human got the upper hand, then got ahold of Korben’s gun and their bid failed.

Korben awoke upon being treated, disarmed and corralled into a Cargo Bay. Sooner or later, one of his Conn Officers, Jaesa, an unjoined Trill, had awoke the Vulcan with a hypostim.  “Hey, Lieutenant. Get up! This is a jailbreak!” After a groggy start and a cringe as Korben stood up as if to join the others before staggering as the stim’s effects were still purging the effects of the stun bolt by his own sidearm. Fortunately, Jaesa had thoughtfully managed to procure one as Bellerophon security brought in a few officers and their sidearms. Hostages. Though the Ship’s security could seal them in, space them or beam them away, or any of the three combined. The movement at his goldshirts was telltale they were already making their move continuing his orders to the mixed survivors of both crews, though the Dauntless personnel were already rallying behind their ranking Security official, who'd managed to ambush a patrol and take their weapons and the patrol themselves as prisoners.

Sure enough, the surviving Dauntless and Bellerophon crew were indeed preparing a revolt. “Don’t take any weapons than we need. Use their toolkits to conduct sabotage.” He admonished to the ranking security officers, though neither was higher than a LtJG. “They’ll track them where fired and transport us into a trap. We must take the sensors and transporter beam offline, then we’ll sabotage this craft from within. Then we can route EPS cables into the replicator and cause a brown-out. Ops! Get to it!” Korben had studied the vessel’s blueprints and his Vulcan mind had committed some of the details and deck listing to memory, enough to know where the support craft could be launched from. Even a lone fighter or a runabout with a powerful transmission could reach Sankolov and the fleet. If the reports were true and the Klingons  had pledged their support, a single life was irrelevant if it meant a swift end to the hunt for Theurgy.

There had been just one detail that Korben had noticed during the Simulcast during the battle of Starbase 84. He had replayed and reviewed the transmission sent on the same signals to warn of an Imminent Romulan Invasion. He’d never voiced this, even to Jaesa, who he was close to, but the Transmission had been doctored. As certain as Vulcan’s lack of a moon, Theurgy’s message was a FAKE. If there was any way to know what really happened at the Starbase or why so many Pilots defected. Either Romulus or another Species was influencing itself over Theurgy’s personnel and the Vessel could be saved if the crew were dealt with, or as he suspected, this was the work of something beyond the philosophy or mortal humanoids.

Korben’s doggedness was about to find out as he joined his Security officers, phaser in hand and had been calling out tactical formations and orders when Theurgy Security appeared. Korben reactively shot first, firing stun bolts in rapid fire. He needed to mind meld with an officer to make his next move, whether to sabotage the ship or find evidence and a way back to the Task Force.
“Sir!” Someone procured a datapad from a stunned Theurgy noncombatant. “They’re onto us.” Korben calculated what he saw as ‘Security Alert’ warnings, which called for the containment of any related decks to the security breach.

“Damn.” The Vulcan-Romulan cursed. Captain Solok detested such vulgar speech for its conveyance of emotion, but Korben didn’t really care about emotion when he’d reverted back to a prior plan: “There are replicators on this deck. Get to one, and we can cripple this ship’s auxiliary and give Archeron a blood trail. Move!”

[ ENS James "Jimmy Mariner| Outside Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

The Count? NO! Mariner realized when Six had taken his Bram Stoker reference literally. Ironic that the Borg had no concept of Vampirism, which was probably all to the better, but the Tall, almost-scary looking Reman was someone to be chummy with in case the lights went out. “You’re not Ula, are you, by any chance? Drac Ula? Big guy, wide open smile, bit of a hometown legend… Nah, it isn’t you. You look like the guy though. Sorry.”

Jimmy wondered what best moniker he could privately issue the Bat man. As good a nickname as any if this guy could fight as well as any Romulan shock troop he’d seen take the brunt of Breen and Jem’hadar fire during the war, notably how many blades the Bat people kept on their uniforms; he wished they would’ve let him fire one just once, their disruptors looked quite fetching for his virtual collection.

Darkness was quite the possibility as Jimmy saw security footage of Deck 11 and the ambush these party-crashers had set, intent on escape and sabotage, juding by the way their apparent ranking redshirt was shooting out their surveillance cams. In reality, Mariner would be doing the same thing. “Mister Lorad. Might I suggest a big stick to go with that inspiring voice?” Jimmy’s pre-battle grin didn’t seem mutual.

When they were on their way and on the move, an idea crossed Mariner’s mind just as a prospect did: “We can’t just gas the poor devils?” Jimmy suggested. “Anesthazine gas and a lullaby over the speakers oughta thin the herd, no?” Jimmy noticed as the escapees were splitting up in two equally strong groups and branching off as they tried to force entry to replicators or consoles. Many of them were goldshirts but Jimmy spotted one blueshirt make sure she rounded up Theurgy personnel. Hostages. “If they get to the checkpoint on V-3’s battle bridge they can override command of key systems. Six, can we lock them out or trick their transporter coordinates to beam them back into custody?” Jimmy asked as he characteristically preset his phase for rapid-fire automatic output at high stun setting in case this wasn’t an option and they had to go in with intent to stun or kill more Federation personnel for the greater good.[/color]
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

Re: CH03: S [D06|0915] Escaping Chimera

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[ Lt. Kai Akoni | Security Centre | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

"Lieutenant Akoni, this is Ensign Six. I found the escapees. They're heading for Transporter Room Three. I'm requesting forcefields to cut off access to it, and Transporter Room Four. They'll likely try going that way, and that's where will intercept them. Oh, and see if you can get a force field around the access to Vector Two's auxiliary deflector, just in case. I think it'll be all for the moment. I'll let you know what else I'll need. Six out.”

Kai quickly acknowledged the new information and moved swiftly to do what the boots on the ground told him needed to be done.

His fingers flew across his console faster than they had in a long time. He prioritized bringing the forcefields up around Transporter Rooms Three and Four first. Once he pressed the buttons and received confirmation that the forcefields were in place, he moved on to securing Vector Two’s auxiliary deflector with forcefields. 

The large man tapped his combadge,"Akoni to Six, security measures in place. I'll standby for more info"

Kai sighed as he wished there was more he could do from where he was, but it was tough as the security teams were still stretched out and there needed to be someone to coordinate the ongoing security efforts. Lucky for Kai, that was him. It was something he hadn’t really needed to get used to aboard the Endeavour as he liked getting his hands dirty, but this…this was a whole different can of worms.

Kai was looking at the personnel locators and monitoring internal sensors to try and follow the progress as best he could. He just had to have some faith in the experience and training of the people he was putting in harm’s way.

He had a surge of nervous anticipation as he waited for this to progress, one way or the other…

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Triton @TWilkins @FollowTomorrow @trevorvw @Absinthe @Stegro88

“Anesthazine and a lullaby?” said Six with an amused scoff at Jimmy’s suggestion. Jimmy had a strange sense of humor that she never got at the best of times. Sometimes she ought to have felt insulted by his jokes, but she had better sense than to take offense.

She had realized earlier that Jimmy was making fun of Lorad when he asked about “The Count.” Six hoped Lorad wouldn’t be insulted by the comparison.

“Well, I don’t know about a lullaby,” said Six, “but Anesthazine is a good idea.”

Tapping her combadge, she called Lieutenant Akoni again. “Lieutenant Akoni? Ensign Six. If there’s a chance to bottle up some of the escapees with force fields and administer Anesthazine gas, could it be effective? Thanks for sealing off the transporter rooms, by the way, I’ll see what’s going on.”

She pulled up the footage of the escapees. They had been cornered at one point, but one of the captives took them down. God forbid that she didn’t see that earlier. Well, this she was looking forward to busting out some Tsunkatse against her…

Suddenly, Six stopped cold. She just saw that the woman with moves had reached a replicator and was gesturing for her fellows to come.

“Oh crap,” said Six with shock. “They’ve reached a replicator. If they try to get inside it, detonate the…”

She rushed to the nearest console and attached her tubules. Linking with the systems, she found the replicator on Deck 12 and deactivated it. She then sent a message: NICE TRY.

“Two can play this game, biatch,” she said. Tapping her combadge again, she said, “Lieutenant Akoni, Ensign Six. They’re trying to get to replicators. I request for forcefields around crew quarters and any place with a replicator. Oh,” she added, remembering what Jimmy mentioned earlier, “seal of Vector Three’s battle bridge and its proximity; they might try to override command or key systems that way.”

She then looked down for an access point and found one. She opened the hatch, peeked in, and dove in.

“Down we go, people!”

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[ Ryuan Sel | Corridors | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

She moved more on instinct than anything else. War had taught her to survive in the halls when you didn't really know what you were facing. She didn't know when or if the survivors on the ship were armed. She knew that she was, but all of the strain of the last couple of days made her want to pound someone. She wanted a fight and she was going to make it unfair.

The matter was simple, at least to Sel's way of looking at it. If they were after replicators, give them none. She knew the repair team was already overworked, but a few fewer replicators wouldn't really hurt and she was in no mood to wait around. So she worked on a trap. She ran down a hall and stopped at each door, using her security code to enter, and then she'd shoot the replicator a single time in the control panel. It was an easy fix, but it was not one the escaped rescued survivors would have the time for.

After a handful of rooms, scaring only a couple of unaware crewmen in her methodical process, she turned to see a few of the survivors entering the hall. She quickly tapped in the keys and darted into a set of enlisted quarters. Her eyes moved over the, thankfully empty, room. There was a desk she could take cover there, but there wasn't much she could do. She had her Accipter, but she knew better than to use it's higher settings. She'd keep it on stun. She wasn't sure the survivors would be so kind in return. But she wasn't yet going to move into a kill or be killed position. If she had to, she'd reduce them to a fine red paste, but it wasn't time for that yet.

So she took up the only defensible position and waited. Waited for them to check the other rooms and find only broken replicators before coming to this one. Then they'd find her. It was a shitty plan. But it was the plan she had, so she was going to stick with it.

She wondered what Sarresh was doing. If he was even still alive...

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[ PO Dyan Cardamone/ Sar-Unga Neleo | Outside Cargo Bay | USS Theurgy ]

When Dyan was asked to do a job, she liked to do it. The sensation of ‘watch out everyone, here I am.’ That’s very much the presence she exuded as she arrived at deck 11, at the scene of the action. She came to a skidding halt, her tail whipping about to balance her. In front of her, she saw people. They were not Theurgy.

“On the ground! Hands where I can see them!” She started, pointing her phaser rifle at those escapees from the cargo bay. If they did not comply, they were shot from the stun setting. She also wore a blade on her wrist, her sindt. Goodness knows how fast she hit the armory to get ready in time, but she was exhilarated. She would stun them all if she was allowed, kill them if she had to.

She didn't care.

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[Tesserarius Lorad | Corridor | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] [Show/Hide]

OOC - Auctor has asked me to NPC Mariner and Korbin following Triton's departure.

Lorad’s descent to deck 12 was, to put it simply, a short step and an almost shorter drop, barely fazing the burly Reman as he landed on the deck, his knees easily absorbing the impact of his 120kg frame. He had pushed in front of the other Starfleet personal and followed immediately after the former Borg drone, his supplied phaser rifle coming up to cover one of the 3 passages that met at the junction they dropped into. Taking a step forward to clear the descent point, Lorad considered his options and the situation.

“Unknown hostiles, familiar with the technology and works of the ship but not necessarily the layout. Crudely armed, desperate and wholly convinced that this ship’s crew are traitors that have allied themselves with the Romulans,” Lorad judged silently. “And I’ll just be further proof of that,” he added. Behind him, the man that had been addressing him dropped to the deck.

“Whatta we got?” he asked as he stepped forward and looked around. “Looks clear,” he observed. “Where to next?”

“We should split up,” Lorad responded before Borg, Six. “I will take this one and go that way,” Lorad stated as he pointed down the hallway in front of him.

“Whateva ya say my lord,” Mariner replied as he brought up his own rifle. “Lead on, sir knight.”

Lorad merely grunted as he began to walk away, not even waiting to see if Six agreed with him.

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Stegro88 @FollowTomorrow @Absinthe @trevorvw

“Excellent suggestion, Mister Lorad,” said Six. “Either one of us will be more than a match, should we encounter our…’guests.’”

It made sense, for Six to take one half and Lorad to take the other. Both of them were strong enough that they’d be able to last fine.

She had noticed Ensign Sel broken off beforehand and went on ahead. Six monitored her through her ocular implant and noticed she had destroyed as many replicators in her path that there were before setting up an ambush.

“Huh. Ensign Sel certainly knows what she’s doing,” she said. “Although plenty of engineering personnel will have plenty of choice words for her on those replicators.”

Seeing Mister Lorad had just departed with his half, Six tapped her combadge.

“Mister Lorad, Ensign Sel has gone on ahead. She’s gone in your direction, and there will be escapees heading her way. Provide assistance to her as much as possible but stay out of her crossfire; she has a surprise for them.”

Adjusting her ocular implant, she looked to see another bunch of escapees…and she realized that somebody has a rifle pointed at them.

“There’s somebody who’s stopped them,” she said. “She’d best watch herself, that crowd looks bloodthirsty enough to kick some asssssURIAN!”

She zoomed in on the figure and flinched in shocked surprise. It was one thing to unexpectedly discover a newcomer, but what shocked Six was that it was an Asurian. Her first impulse told her that there was an Asurian boarder who was hiding, but the zoom showed her clothing. A Starfleet uniform. Six has stopped herself in time from calling for an alert of a loose Asurian.

But luckily, she had a cooler head and a sense not to panic, and a better once-over made Six realize something about this Asurian: Where the information about Asurians in the Theurgy database depicted primarily huge, savage creatures with great horns, this woman seemed different. For someone from a warrior race, she was small, perhaps petite, and it was saying something because she was taller by Six by a good deal. Her horns were also small, as opposed to the freakin’ huge ones most Asurians display. Maybe she came from some sort of tribe or species variant…or both.

But the question to beg was…what was she doing on this ship? Was she a defector? Or a spy?

She pushed it aside. Asurian or not, Six needed help, but in any case, with an Asurian to add to their numbers, it should be more than enough to subdue the escapees, especially with Lorad on hand.

Another look at her uniform told Six of the Asurian’s rank: Petty Officer First Class.

“Is that Petty Officer Cardamone?” she asked, almost to no one in particular. She then tapped her combadge to make contact.

“Petty Officer Cardamone, this is Ensign Six,” she called. “I’ve detected your position with the escapees. My team and I are on the way to you now to back you up.”

- Fin

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