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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

Panting, gasping, doing everything that he could to hold back his orgasm had Sarresh in a state of heated desire, nearly frothing with need for release. In time honored tradition, he was running - or attempting to run - equations in the back of his head, anything at all to stave off the explosion coiled tight behind his sack. And like the untold masses of the male half of numerous species before him, Sarresh found the method to be utterly lacking. By the time Sel began to call out his name there would have been no holding back anyways.

Thankfully, she had crested, and was crashing down around Sarresh. In turn, he allowed his grip to loosen up just enough so that the weight of the Bajoran woman fell further onto his hips, securely burying his shaft in side of her, the fully exposed, swollen tip curving up towards a point behind her belly, pressed firm against the barrier at the back of her core. A wordless growl accompanied the shock of her rippling walls teasing and milking his overtaxed rod, and by that point, resistance had shattered. His cock jumped deep inside as his tip flared and spat, and a deep, heated wave rushed out of him in powerful spurts. The growl became a moan, and he saw stars, vision blanking out for an intense moment in which he emptied out inside of his lover.

Warm and thick, his own personal offering to the goddess in his arms, Sarresh came hard - hard for a human, hard for an Ash'reem, heavy, heated and plentiful.  Sarresh was left light headed in the aftermath, his cock still thick, still encapsulated by her channel, keeping his seed trapped inside of her. The heat and steam seemed to intensify that hazy afterglow that settled, lending an almost angelic quality to what Sarresh saw as his vision slowly cleared. His forehead was pressed against Sel's, his mouth agape, as he was gasping in that thick, moist air. It felt nigh on perfect. and a grin tugged at his lips. He couldn't remember the last time he honestly smiled, and yet, here was one now as he looked deep into Sel's eyes. Then he tilted his chin up a bit, pressed ihs lips to the ridges of her nose, one after another, before stealing a slow kiss on her lips.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

The plateau that followed their nearly mutual release was one of a gentle haze of pleasure, a warm feeling despite the water, the infamous afterglow most species felt following intense sexual activity. For Sel it was usually time to catch her breath, let the man roll off her and recover, perhaps fall asleep in her arms, sometimes grab his clothes and slink back to his quarters, either way the moment was anti-climactic.

This time however, Sel felt like this was only the beginning, the start of the evening, a warmup to the begining of a good romp that would most likely last all night, if Sarresh could recover as fast as she hoped. His head pressed against hers, his own breath coming hard, her pulse still pounding a little, even this far into her glow, Sel felt different, strange somehow. ~Probably just the heated orgasm~ she mused, ~never had one quite as good as that, not in a long while~ she thought to herself.

Kissing Sarresh she whispered to him, "We both needed that Sarresh. The night is young though, and I don't want to stop." She smiled, kissing him, this time taking the lead as her hands held him close. She needed more, wanted more, and hoped he was willing to give her that night.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

Not for the first time, Sarresh found himself amazed by the situation he was in. Here was a woman that would easily garner attention from most males of any species, and some females. She could have her pick of bed partners. And from what he could glean out of her, out of the talk they'd had before, in her quarters in the wake of the mutiny, she had done that, more than once. And yet here she was with him, a broken man by most definition. Water pouring off their bodies, both breathless, smiling, happy for the moment in the aftermath of an intense coupling.

Asking him for more. Wanting more.

The time traveler let Sel guide him back in, let her lips banish the demons that hid within, push away that darkness inside with her kiss. He sunk into the moment, devouring her lips, slowly at first, gentle, building up to something passion filled and deep. Tasting her mouth, her tongue, with his. Feeling his shoulders relax further, pressing his body to hers, covering her with him as thoroughly as he had filled her with his seed. The moan that escaped as the kiss ended was heated, yes, but something more. Probably the heat and steam he thought, not realizing that he was mirroring Sel's own inner ponderings.

It would have made him smile to know that.

"Yes, Sel," he murmured, between a series of soft kisses, now more than willing to let her take the lead, for her to show him - or tell - what she wanted next. "I very much want the night to keep going." I don't want to think about time forks, betrayals, devoted fools. I just want this, us he told himself, falling further away from the horrors of the day and closer still to the Bajoran in his arms. He wanted to explore whatever this was between them - more than a one night stand, for certain. To explore the connection, and yes, her body, fully, to give it the appreciation he felt she deserved. "I'm not ready for this to end either, Sel."

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

"Good," Sel whispered, holding Sarresh close as the passion lingered, his cock still firm and deep inside her body. "Then this only ends by morning light," she whispered in his ear. "Make love to me, show me how deep the lust for my body goes, how much you love your Bajoran mistress." She honestly didn't know if that ever would become the case but in the heat of passion, anything, any words that'd spur her partner on were allowed. And in the morning's light, perhaps she might become his mistress, the lover of the time traveler.

Kissing him, her lips pressed against his, her tongue sought his, sought to merge their bodies as close as two might allow. Only later they would part but for now she was one body, one flesh with this man who stood impaled in her body. "Sarresh," she moaned as the kiss parted. "No limits. Tonight we allow raw unbridled passion loose. The Deltan may have unleashed it, and fear may have hidden it, but I want to go that deep again, that far. We share something more then just lust, you and I."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn 

Sarresh hung on every word that Sel uttered, there in the shower, just barely audible over the roar of the spray. No one else would have heard them, had anyone else been there with them. Though, had they not been alone, Sarresh seriously doubted what had come to pass would have happened. Or maybe not? Maybe she had an exhibitionist streak he was unaware of. Maybe he himself had one? The man had never really pondered it before, and the fact that his thoughts were running all over the place even as he took to heart what the Bajoran in his arms said was a clear sign that he was getting light headed from the heat and the delicious orgasm.

His mistress, those words managed to filter in deeper, take a hold. Could he risk it, getting that close to someone again? After Amikris? For tonight I can he concluded as he returned the new kiss from Sel, his tongue curling as she pulled away, scraping along the top of her mouth, the back of her teeth, flicking feather light over her lips before the took a long, slow breath of steamy air, to clear his head. He was going to do this, with her, tonight. Really, truly explore, no holding back. She felt as he did, he decided. It was something more than just a lust for each other. Pressing closer, still filling her, still trapped inside, his chest to her chest now, his forehead against her's, Sarresh gave her his answer.

"No holding back. No limiting ourselves," he agreed. "No giving into fear. Just...just making love to each other." His fingers dug into the curve of her ass, steadying himself as he kissed her again, deeper, heated, passionate. Devouring her lips, her mouth, tasting her tongue, all of it in a moment of unrestrained desire. He could feel himself throbbing inside of her, but Sarresh wanted to enjoy her uninterrupted, and they'd already pushed their luck in the lockers. It pained him to move away, but he did, hissing softly..."My quarters are close. One deck up....Come with me."

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Ryuan nodded, accepting Sarresh's answer for what it was. She could feel him still buried in her core, holding her against the wall as the desire lingered, even if the moment of unbridled passion had passed, fleeting as orgasm ever was. The pull out, the feel of slick flesh rod leaving her body, leaving a white drool behind on her thigh as the excess drained from her body, Sel felt a strange emptiness, a separation from this man as their bodies parted. Both knew it would only be for a short while, long enough to change the venue, to find a more discreet place, but the ache was there as he let her down.

She kissed him passionatly, not wanting to lessen the heat of the moment and somehow, through the kisses and the passionate gropes they did find their way to the lockers, toweled dry, and changed back into their off duty clothes. Again it would only be for a short while but it pained Sel to do it. She followed him to his quarters, keeping a plain face in case they were seen in the halls but as soon as the door to his quarters closed. Sel looked at Sarresh, the smouldering lust she'd kept in check for the brief walk, bursting into flame again.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

A low, ragged breath escaped as Sarresh stumbled back towards the locker room. The showers cut off the moment he and Sel stepped past the sensor strip on the floor, leaving them bathed in steam, sending shivers all up and down the bare skin of his frame. These grew worse as the cooler air of the other room swept the steam away, cascading goosebumps over his flesh. Flesh that was warmed by the touch of Sel as she launched herself forward in his wake, fingers running across his wet frame, lips never far from his. Each kiss, returned with hunger, with the unnamed feeling that something 'more' was going on between them in that moment.

Their hands were everywhere as they changed: her's, palming his sack, his, fingers trailing between her cheeks. Pulling the clothing on didn't take too terribly long, after they'd rubbed one another down with towels. He'd wrapped his towel around her neck and pulled her in for another searing kiss. She'd helped him into his loose fitting pants that he'd replicated to wear on the way back from the pool. Both of their lips were swollen from the onslaught of kisses, but who would know?

Anyone in the halls, that's who, but Sarresh didn't give it any credit. To his folly, perhaps. More than one pair of eyes noted the duo, hair slightly damp, prowling towards the turbolift that swept them up a level, and then swirling around the curve of the vector, depositing them a quick walk away from the TAO's quarters.

[Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8]

Being of low rank and not in command of a department, Sarresh's quarters were like as not the same as Sel's, though perhaps slightly laid out in a different fashion. Perhaps a few feet of extra space, given the nature of his position. They'd shifted him from the shared quarters of the Neotins after his transformation, at his request. He desired it, not wanting the reminder, though the one request of a full shower had been granted. A small part of him missed the giant sleeping pool but now, in his new body, it would have led to his death, like as naught. This was safer, if utterly utilitarian.

And right then it didn't matter.

"Computer," he croaked out, his eyes meeting Sel's, matching her desire, "Lights, half," the illumination of the room dimmed, adding something to the ambiance, softening the stark, impersonal nature of the room. Swallowing, throat dry with need, he added. "Seal the door." A beep was the only acknowledgement, one that Sarresh's ignored as he reached out a hand to Sel, looping his fingers into hers and drawing her into his arms, to kiss, slow and deep. This time, they weren't being watched. He could take his time.

Treat her right.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Ryuan's quarters were far less spartan though that in part was due to the simple fact that NCO's on the Theurgy had shared quarters. Unlike the junior enlisted her bedroom was private but shared a common area with another NCO, one in engineering, whom she'd arranged to have opposing shifts so the place was essentially hers during her off hours. But even then, she prefered the privacy of somewhere other then her quarters for making love, and Sarresh's quarters were perfect.

Even sated by the first orgasm in the showers, Ryuan's need was strong, and she wasted no time as the lights dimmed, the door sealed from intrusion. This small cell, this sealed world apart from everything, just her and Sarresh until morning. She kissed him fiercely as their bodies pressed together again, the shared need evident in how their hands found each other's. Ryuan pulled him close, hand clasped to his ass as she pulled their bodies against each other, feeling the need in his body, the erection that hadn't subsided, even for a second as they made their way from the showers to his quarters.

As they kissed she bit his lip, tugging at it a little. In private she could be more forward, less careful as no one could see her, see the depths of lust she could sink to. Only her partner, and they'd never objected as Ryuan led them down paths of desire she enjoyed, did and had done to her. Only in the utter privacy of locked quarters and sealed lips could she let free a women she never let loose, a women that'd been shaped by the events and circumstances of life, the her when the facade was down.

Kissing him, she smiled, pulling him towards a bare wall, the need growing in her belly. She still thought some of this was brought on by the Deltan but perhaps the women had only unlocked a latent deep seated lust in them, desires that both her and Sarresh suppressed. Now, in the peace of his quarters, late at night when the morning shift was far off, they could explore this depth, find how deep it went. She kissed him again, biting and ear, enticing him to make love, but also let go and enjoy her body.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn

The kiss started slow, but it didn't end that way, certainly not with Sel's fingers digging into the curve of Sarresh's ass, kneading his flesh through the light cotton of his pants. Tan in color, and soft to the touch, the fabric left nigh on nothing to the imagination. Certainly it had done little to disguise the arousal he felt for the bajoran, which was now pressed in against her stomach once more, thanks largely in part to the demanding grasp the security officer had employed. Not, of course, that Sarresh was complaining. IN fact, as his lip was tugged away, Sarresh cracked a hungry smile.

They twisted and turned about, bumping side by side to the wall, then turning, until Sarresh was braced against it this time. He groaned out as she nipped at his ear, laughing lightly, tilting his head and attacking Sel's neck with his lips. He sucked till his cheeks hollowed, then popped off, nibbling his way down to the collar bone. "Too much clothes, all over again," he murmured, amused and aroused. Tension was fleeing out of his body with every word, every kiss. For the moment - for the night - there were no Devoted, save Sarresh himself, devoted to the woman in his arms, grinding against him.

He tore at his pants with fumbling fingers, stronger than the ones he'd had before his transformation. Denser muscle and bone gave him greater leverage, and he could hear buttons popping and then he was pushing those pants back down his hips. "Do you see what you do to me, Sel?" He gasped the words between heated kisses, kicking the pants away, standing bare before her again, as his hands moved to her hips. They caressed her, thumbs rubbing up along those sweet curves he'd enjoyed so far. Impishly, he ducked down under her arm  as he tugged her top up, and nipped at her hip bone.

Like Sel, Sarresh was allowing himself to let loose, to forget about everyone else, and take comfort in the privacy offered. And as such, he let his lips crawl around her lip, nibbling and licking till he could plant a kiss on her right ass cheek. And only then did he rise back up, having teased, having let her see his playful side, so long forgotten, and found himself staring back down into those smoldering eyes of hers.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

"Too many," she whispered as they twriled, kissing, pressing him against the wall, the kisses coming fast and varied, lips touching various spots as her hands found other places to touch and caress. She smiled at how eagerly he removed his pants, fasteners coming loose with some violence and it matched the need within, the desire to feel the heat within that Sarresh exposed and pressed his rock hard erection against her belly.

"I do," she whispered, "Now declothe me and we'll continue," she whispered huskily as they kept up the kisses, their hands moving across each other's bodies like a pair of drunken lust driven frat-house lovers seeing each other naked for the first time. She obliged his fingers as he slid her PT outfit up and over her shoulders, exposing her top, her breasts coming into his gaze again. Those pert little orbs, aroused by the evening, stood proudly against her silken skin, just begging to be touched.

But first they needed to remove her shorts, and that didn't take long as Sarresh was already down there, kissing her body as his fingers found her waistband. Sel finished it for him, her fingers slipping off the cloth, letting it fall to her ankles as she stepped out of it, looking up at the smouldering lust in Sarresh's eyes.

Now completely naked, Sel only gave Sarresh a few seconds to contemplate the depth of the lust in her eyes before she kissed him again. This time though she did something neither had contemplated in encounters before, she sunk to her knees, taking Sarresh in her hands, Silently she began to stroke the shaft as her lips and tongue caressed the head of his shaft. As much as she enjoyed the feeling of her lovers buried in her body, their long hot members buried between her folds, squirting up deep inside, there was a certain simplicity and joy about taking them like this, letting them watch as she gave pleasure, took them to the same place.

Her past life, the one on Cardassia she spoke little of, had taught her things about pleasure and while she was no longer under the thumb of a master, her own desires to pleasure and enjoy the men she was with still persisted. And while she sought her own pleasure first and foremost when she was with men, she had learned that giving often gave a return far greater then just taking, and with Sarresh she knew this to be true, that as she gave, he returned the favor in equally pleasureable ways.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Morali's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn 

Sarresh was still tasting Sel's lips on his tongue when she suddenly dropped down to her knees. He'd admired her beauty in the moment, as he'd peeled the pants away from her hips, exposing her folds again. Fold's that had already felt his cock once that night, a fact that made it twitch again. But this...there was something that he could not put into words, at how arousing she was just then, looking up at him past the length of his altered manhood. It was almost an angry red color, the gland swollen large, and full of need. And the cause was reaching up to caress him.

He plastered his hands against the wall, fingers splayed and let out a nigh on worshipful moan as her tongue darted out. Amikris had done this, behind a set of cargo containers. But the memory was...faded. There was none of the pain that should have been there with the memory, and hardly any of the detail. Not that he needed the details there, not with the way that Sel's tongue felt on his heated shaft. Do I still taste like her? he wondered, not at all saying it aloud. He didn't want to take away from the moment, the wonder that he felt.

Fingers glided over the velvety smooth skin of his prick, pulling, tugging teasing. His head was fully exposed now, and swelling all the more as her tongue lavish affection across it. He would swear it seemed to gleam in the low light of his quarters, as his cock jumped again when her tongue caught the join between foreskin and helmet. A tremble ripped up his leg and he pressed his head back against the wall for a moment, unable to watch her as he gasped in pleasure.

But there was no way he could not watch, and so he forced himself to look back down at her, to see his Bajoran lover as she moistened his tip, teasing out another moan. "Oh....oh Sel," he spoke up, not able to risk more words that that. What more was needed though? A rough romp in a shower was one thing, but this was something else entirely. A step she didn't have to take with him, but did because she wanted to. She wanted to do this to him. Without a second thought, he ran his thumb across the ridges of her nose as his fingers gently, gently caressed her hair. He twisted his palm, and dragged his knuckles across her jaw, gently, as she lapped at him. Sarresh had no idea of her former life - they'd never really discussed the details of their pasts.

All he knew in that moment was that Sel was coming rather close to blowing his mind and binding him deeply to her. The lust was unrestrained, and whatever was happening between them seemed to grow deeper for Sarresh by the minute.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Experience told Sel where she could safely nip, safely caress, where she could stroke and where she could tug to induce pleasure in Sarresh's shaft. Humanoid males, no matter the species, all seemed to derive pleasure in having a women (and sometimes a man) work on their most sensitive of organs. Sel knew the places she could drive a man wild with, and the places she could inflict pain if he'd raised her ire. Some however enjoyed a little pain but that was not tonight's road, tonight she intended to leave Sarresh in a state he could barely move come the first light of morning.

Her finger's danced along the shaft, her lips wrapped around the angry red helmet that covered the end of his shaft. She could taste the co-mingling of their lust, the salt and sweet of their bodies left on his shaft from earlier. It was a taste she'd learned to accept, and in time to take pleasure from, as it was part of the whole experience. Popping her lips off the helmet for a second, she surveyed her handiwork as Sarresh ran his fingers along her nose ridges, sending a little shiver of pleasure down her spine.

In time her delicate fingers found the twin orbs hanging from the base of his rod. These small orbs, so delicate and so exposed, were the strength and weakness of men. They held the power to create life, the deposit in women leaving a child in her womb, and yet could be so easily damaged, so easily taken away from them. Sel had sometimes wondered if she would ever find a man she was willing to take the risk with, would be willing to bare herself so utterly and let a man impregnate her. She did not know but as she gently caressed them, and the spot at the base of his shaft that many men found pleasurable, Sel didn't care to dwell on things of the future, now was just her, Sarresh, and their pleasure.

She smiled up at Sarresh, taking his shaft in hand once again as this time she sunk down on the helmet, intending to drive Sarresh either to orgasm, unloading into her mouth as some men enjoyed, or him inside her, feeling him fill her with the lust he had for her. Either way, it would be another peak in a night of climaxes, an evening o passion.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Morali's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn 

"hhhhrrrnggg," the rolling, guttural moan burst forth of its own accord. Every time she pulled his foreskin down, ever time her teeth scraped over his sensitive prick. A tremble rippled across his spine, till his toes curled into the carpet  and his hips jerked as she fondled those heavy orbs, full of promise, that hung between his legs. "Ohhh, sweet Sel," he spoke up, just briefly. All he could manage at the moment, with the wave of pleasure rolling up at her caress.

So often those get neglected he thought to himself. So rare was it that someone knew what they were doing Sel knew what she was doing, and it made his cock surge more, leap and pulse with desire and need. As her fingers danced along his sack, the skin tightened up, and those potent glands begged for release. By now Sarresh could practically smell their mutual arousal, and it just added the the desires coursing through him.

He wanted this woman. He wanted her there and then, wanted to let her finish him with her mouth. When was the last time someone had taken him to completion like that? He literally could not remember - if it had happened, it had happened while on the Relativity, and those memories had been robbed of him. Before Theta Endrani, before the acid that was the catalyst for his transformation, he had been Ash'reem. And while the Ash'reem were a passionate species, playful and indulgent, they were also a species driven to mate with another Ash'reem. To sow their seed on the rare chance that they might conceive. So desperate was their need that it was genetically and socially ingrained in their very being. Male release was only for the chance, the sweet, siren chance, of procreation.

Oral gratification, for a male, was seen as wasteful.


But now....With Sarresh transformed as he was, his former species doomed with nothing he could contribute with Sel? My Sel? He could indulge. With that freedom in mind, he gasped out her name again, like a sweet prayer, letting his hands both run over her head, sinking into her hair. He'd let it happen, let her take him all the way, to that sweet, sinful release he craved so deeply. And then, head swimming in lust, he wanted to lavish attention on her as she'd done to him. Before once again sating their mutual need. Maybe bent over the table. Maybe curled together in each others arms in his bed.

"By the gods you're driving me crazy, Sel," he whispered - whimpered, in truth, letting his pleasure be heard, freely moaning, gasping. He almost told the beautiful Bajoran that he was putty in her hands, but there was nothing in that rock hard rod that could be considered putty. His eyes stared down at her, the servos dilating the artificial pupils, allowing him to bask in her glory, the swell of her breasts, the pert nipples that topped them. The way her legs spread as she bent on her knees - the curve of her ass behind her. Those ridges - so fascinating to him. the sensitive peaks of her nose. And those sinfully flush lips, pulling back along his shaft as her head bobbed.

Pre was budding on this tip, likely washed way along her tongue, and even that thought, that sensation made him ache all the more for this woman on her knees. When he was with her, Sarresh realized, he could simply be.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

The relative quietness of the room, only broken by the sounds of Sarresh's moans and the occasional slurp as her tongue and lips worked his member, was surreal in some ways but also peaceful. In this quietness, away from everyone else, Sel could feel at peace, the sounds of fighting a distant memory, only the tastes and smells of their lust lingered in Sel's senses as she gave Sarresh this gesture of pure pleasure, gave without expectation in return.

She looked up a little as his hands tousled her hair, her name on his lips. Her lips left his helmet, closing with a sigh of pleasure as she pulled off briefly. "Sarresh," she quietly responded back, "Lover." She continued to gently stroke the shaft, keeping him erect as she looked up into his eyes. "Let it out," she said simply, quietly, her lips going back to the fleshy rod she's lavished so much attention on. She could taste the pre, the silky clear fluid escaping the small slit at the tip of his member. It was the vanguard of a milky white load to come and she wished to taste it, wished to taste her new lover, taste the lust he'd deposited in her these three times before.

Experience told her how, his own body told her what as she kept up her attention. She could feel him stiffen a little, legs tensing, small spasms in his thighs that betrayed an impending release. Now she needed just that little extra and she could let go of the erect shaft, her mouth bobbing along it's length. Her hands sought other places of pleasure, places along the base of a mans cock where the right caresses could push him to the edge and she made good use of them, silently pushing Sarresh to where he could not stop himself. She didn't want him to, she wanted to feel his release in her throat, feel him empty himself into the second of three orifices she could offer a man.

The third, that would come perhaps later, when they grew bored of the first two. Few men had ever taken her that way, she could count on the fingers of one hand how many, and Sarresh, this man would be amongst an exclusive club if he chose to take her that way, to take his Bajoran Mistress completely

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Morali's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:

Every tiny lap of her tongue, every stroke of her fingers, brought Sarresh closer and closer to that undeniably desired point of release. The trembling of his leg grew more pronounced under Sel's attentions, the muscles tensing over and over, causing an almost ripple effect in his thighs. Toes curled against the soft carpet that Starfleet out fitted all of its quarters with, trying to desperately find some kind of purchase.

Balance became an issue and Sarresh let himself sag back against the wall behind him, feeling the coolness of the surface caressing the clenched cheeks of his bum. The pressure was buidling, that tell tale heat just behind the base of his cock, coiling in the bit of his stomach and in the heavy, hot testes that clung to his pelvis now, tight and ready. There would be no turning back, as his mouth hung open and his eyes locked onto Sels burning orbs.

Lost in her gaze, he barely even heard himself whimpering out the needy, "Just like that lover, just like that." The shaking grew more and more pronounced and his grip tightened in Sel's hair. He didn't take control,, but he did thrust forward, just once, as the pleasure became more than he could control. With a gutteral groan of her name - of course it would be hers, none other now, all the rest driven from his mind - Sarresh came, and came hard. It was a searing hot rush of liquid fire that singed his cock, spurting out into her mouth, coating her tongue, pooling against the back of her throat. Powerful surges, from balls full of need. Perhaps not as thick as the load he'd left in her during their romp in the shower, but a sheer testament to her skills and his refactory period. The former Ash'reem indulged in a cultural taboo for his people, but a welcome pleasure that his lovers species had no qualms with. And as he pumped his second climax of the night into Sel's mouth, his head swam, his vision blurred, until all he could see was her, with lips wrapped around his spasming shaft.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Sel could feel him getting closer, much closer as she kept up her caresses on his member. The little twitches, the stiffened legs, how he told her she was on the right track. She knew a little about his former species, the body he'd been given, the unorthodox way his life had been saved but for now, what mattered was this moment, his pleasure, her pleasure at taking him to this place. She wondered as he came closer, if the Deltan's pheromones had longer lasting effects, if part of the desire for him was driven by that, or just amplified a latent desire in her this man.

Those thoughts however, were pushed aside as he groaned out her name, the trademark stiffening of his thighs and groin. His member stiffened, swelling a little under her fingers as the first pulse could be felt rippling from the base to the tip, warm silky semen spraying inside her mouth, the first spurt hitting the roof and back of her mouth. Unlike girls who might swallow at this stage, Sel didn't, letting him paint her mouth and throat, breathing through her nose as she took the climax, savoring her lovers taste, the saltiness of his cum a familiar taste to her.

His first was followed by two more powerful spurts, painting the rest of her mouth in his lusty offering. Only once the last of the spasming had slown down, his cock gently twitching beneath her lips did Sel finally swallow. How many times had she done that, how many men had she taken like this in her short life, and for some reason this man, this human she felt differently towards, like she belonged to him, like she was meant to be here, be at his side, taking him as often as they both desired it.

She smiled up at Saresh as she sucked the last of his seed off his cock, gently squeezing the member to ensure every last drop was in her mouth. Her lips finally parted his helmet and she sighed in pleasure. "Sarresh."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Morali's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:

It was hard to deny that, like almost any male of a large majority of the know species in the Galaxy - getting ones manhood brought to peak by a well trained mouth did wonders for the junior Lieutenant's outlook on life. It wasn't a universal constant, or even a galactic one, but it was a well known phenomenon, and despite the sudden change in species, it seemed to be that Sarresh Morali was utterly susceptible. Much to his delight.

 His cock twitched in the air, glistening and wet from his lovers attentions, and he could see, through the haze of his orgasm, Sel, smiling up at him, mouth empty. He blinked a few times, checking to see if she had spat it out, and then realized she'd swallowed the whole load. Well, he had to admit that it was pretty arousing a thing in its own right, despite his currently drained condition, and he let out a pure, lustful groan.

"Sel," he murmured, his hand moving slowly, untangling from her hair, to smooth it back, then cupping her cheek. His thumb played across those delightful ridges, wondering if that was something Bajoran men did for their lovers, or if it was more a fascination that non-Bajorans had. He was fascinated by it, for certain, and by her.

There was no denying that Ryuan Sel was the most fierce woman he had ever met. Arguably the one most capable of taking care of herself, and he had faced off with Ives in their Female form, so he had a hefty measuring stick to compare to. And yet it was this self same woman there on her knees with that beautiful smirk on her face, for him.

It was her, that he had feared for, desperately, despite not wanting to, during the assault on Starbase 84. The only person he found himself worrying over the entire time - not even his own person. A ships counselor would be utterly aghast at how little sense of self worth Sarresh had left. Mostly it was just self loathing, save for the one bright spot that was growing deep in his consciousness - the desire to be worthy of affection.

Sel's affection.

Between one thought and the next, Sarresh found himself doubled over, bending down. Both of his hands were on the womans face now, drawing her up, and in as his lips crashed down on hers. He didn't care that he might taste himself on her lips - the more the better, perhaps. He just needed to kiss her in that moment, to try and put into action what he could not put into words, his feelings for her, his fears from before, and his utter delight in what they had. Did he know he would find her, when he looked into the time stream? Or was this entirely a result of his actions, changing the course of history?

Regardless, her craved to make this woman feel the way he felt about her, to show, and yes, to claim her, all for himself, in every way imaginable, as he'd not desired another. He nipped her lip as he pulled away, ran his tongue over it, murmuring, "I need...I need to make you feel as good as I, Sel. God's above what you do to me...."

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Sel gave it one more slow kiss, teasing his helmet and the twins orbs hanging beneath before she stood up, pulled up by Sarresh's kiss. She returned the kiss, tasting his sweet lips on hers, his hands caressing her face. Standing, she pushed closer, feeling little words needed expression for the moment as she pushed herself closer. Her breasts pressed again his chest, her hips pressed against his as her handiwork lay between them.

Sel broke the kiss somewhat reluctantly, nodding as he murmured. She wanted him, needed him as much as seemed to desire her. A part of her told her this was madness, that the events of the past were conspiring to make her want more, that the real Sel would fuck, suck, and duck away but another part of her told her that there was more to life, more to sex then a quick fuck, that it could go deeper, that she could give her heart to a man, something she'd never done before and wondered if she'd ever be able to truely ever do.

The reasoning, the sanity however was warring against passion and emotional needs, driven by desire and deeper seated needs she couldn't explain. And it was losing as Sarresh told her he needed to make her feel as good as she had him. "Put me in your bed Sarresh, " she whispered back, "Lay me down between the sheets and make love to me how you wish. My body is yours to do as you please."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Morali's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn 

"Oh yes, Sel. With pleasure." With her in his arms, telling him that she was his to do with as he pleased - this was nigh on unbelievable to Sarresh. Something in the way that she spoke told him that this was not an offer that Ryuan Sel made often, or easily. For all he knew, it was not one she'd willing made at all. He was, admittedly, still in the afterglow of her oral talents, and his brain was more than a little fuzzy. Quite a bit fuzzy, were he being honest.

His quarters were modes, compared to the family suite the Neotin's had shared with him, back when he was still an Ash'reem. Back when they were still alive. That didn't matter to him now - in fact, he welcomed it. He crashed his lips down onto Sel again, and then put his newly developed muscles to the test. Breaking his lips away, Sarresh bent, and lifted, sweeping a hand behind Sel's knees, and one beneath her arms, and rose back up, lifting her. As an Ash'reem, he like as not would have failed. Muscles designed for swimming, anchored to a cartilage frame, would not have supported the weight of the Bajoran, lithe, yes, but full of ripcord muscles as well.

A human body, however, with solid bones and the appropriate supporting structure, was more than capable of the task. He carried her across the short distance, padding barefoot from where they'd planted themselves to the bed. Simple, standard issue, a snug fit for two - provided they did not mind being close. And right then, Sarresh was going to be very, very close to Sel.

Laying her on the fresh linen, he pressed his lips in for another kiss, slow, and long. When this one broke, without missing a beat, Sarresh began to kiss down her neck, savoring the moment. She'd said her body was his to do with as his pleased, and right then he pleased to taste her, to make her buck and writhe before he took her. It would give him enough time to recharge. To his credit, he stopped thinking about that the moment his mouth closed over her nipple and he began to suck.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

She was small of stature and easy for a man like Sarresh to carry, and man for that matter if he was of avaerage size of better. Sel usually however hated to be carried, prefering her own feet to the realtive helplessness of letting another carry her but for Sarresh, for the man her heart was falling for, she'd let him, would trust him. Holding onto his neck, kissing him, she let him sweep her off her feet and carry her the short distance to the bed.

His touch was tender and soon Sel found herself laid out on her back, the feel of fresh sheets beneath her as Sarresh planted tender kisses along her neck and chest, only imflaming her passion, her lust for this man. And when his lips touched the pert little nubs atop her breasts, she let out a low moan of pleasure. She wanted to pull him down, force him atop her, make him love her, fill her with his lust and need but she'd also promised him her body, his choice, his pace.

It didn't stop her however from grasping at the sheets, reacting to his firm but tender ministrations as he gave her the same selfless love she'd given him earlier. "Sarresh," she called out softly, "Love me, make me beg you for release. Tease me until I cannot take it any longer." She needed release, wanted release but also knew a lingering build would make the passion all that more intense. One hand however did respond to her need, her own fingers, slipping between the slippery pink lips that heralded the entrance to her sanctum, seeking out a small spot of flesh that crowned off the entrance,

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Morali's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn 

Feeling her hand slide down her body, Sarresh rolled his hips slightly to one side, and ground in against her leg, trapping his girth on her thigh, rubbing it back and forth in a motion that was as sinuous as he could manage, with solid bones. Far be it from him to stop a woman from pleasuring herself while he partook of all she had to offer. Especially not this woman. He doubted if he could stop her from taking anything she wanted at all, or doing anything she wanted for that matter. Despite her allowing him to carry her in the heat of the moment, Sarresh Morali was under no illusion as to how much control Ryuan Sel could bring to bear at a moments notice. Should she so chose.

Nor was it lost on him that she so chose to allow him to set the pace. To trust herself with him. Gods, you're a sucker for her, as the Terran's would say, the temporally displaced man noted, drawing a wry grin from his lips as he  popped his lips up and off her delicious tit. And it was with her words in mind that the brunette drug his tongue across her chest, painting a wet trail to her other nipple. His eyes flashed up to look at her as he flicked his tongue, rapidly. By the gods, thankfully those doctors did not destroy motor control! He was pleased to see that, though his tongue was considerably shorter now (though quite long by human standards), it was still as ready to obey his mental commands as the previous one had been. As such, he was able to lash the tit with his tongue, tease it , flick it, curling the muscle around her fleshy pebble and leave it a darkened, taut estimate to his skills.

Skills he intended to use elsewhere shortly, he acknowledged if only to himself, as he bit down on the nipple he'd been teasing, pulling it with his teeth, before letting go and soothing the marks with slow wet kisses. A groan of pure, unrestrained desire bubbled past his lips as he moved them along the underside of her breast, lavishing attention there as well, before running his tongue down along her ribs. A nibble here, a kiss there, as his cock firmed up on her leg. His tongue flicked out over her belly button, as his eyes darted down, watching her fingers work.

"So beautiful," he murmured, not realizing he'd spoken a tall. Louder, he added, "Just like that. watching you rub...its invigorating. Delicious," he moved his head over as he pulled his hips away, his cock heavier again, and opened his mouth. Tenderly, he bit down on the join of her hip and moaned, before tracing kisses a cross her thighs. "Moan for me, Sel," he spoke into her skin as his hands pushed her legs furtehr apart, squeezing down on teh muscles he felt under her soft skin. And then he started working right back up the inside of her right thigh.  He nosed closer and closer, drawing a slow, deep breath into him.

Sarresh could smell her, and the remains of himself, from before, the seed nestled inside of her. His cockhead swelled with the scent, and another lustful groan escaped his lips. There was no point in denying the truth - the former Ash'reem had fallen, hard, for the Bajoran fighter, and he would make her his own. He opened his mouth, and breathed across her folds, as she teased her hidden pearl. Unable to help himself, he again whispered, "Moan for me, sweet Sel," before his tongue darted out, demanding a taste. If flicked just below her folds, to the space between her slit and bum, and then lapped up, long and slow, teasing, and yes, tasting, that sweet fruit with a broad, long stroke across her petals.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

"Oh Sarresh," Ryuan moaned in reply, as much responding to his request as her own desire. His ministrations were devine, the man that knelt before her pleasureing her in ways that few other men did. It seemed to her that unlike many before him, he cared about her, about her pleasure, not just seeking his own in the moment. His tongue running over the petals of her flower, the feel of warm wet flesh teasing her own pleasure centers caused her to moan again, releasing her hand on herself, moving her hands to hold and caress the head of the man who sought her pleasure.

She moaned again, "Ask me if you wish. I will do anything for you, my body is yours, yours to enjoy as you wish." His continued pleasuring, the ministrations between her legs were getting intense again and her hands went to the bed sheets, taking handfuls of the silken cloth in them as she felt the heat rising within. She understood devotion, knew the twisted sense of devotion the cult had for this man but only she could truly claim devotion to him, devotion born of true desire, true care. The others were mere men, devoted to an ideal, a twisted disturbed ideal that could never appreciate this, this depth of love.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Morali's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn 

Devotion had almost become something of a dirty word on the Theurgy, but it was the best word for what Sarresh and Sel seemed to feel for each other in that moment. Devotion, and something deeper, far more pure than the misguided faith that so many were putting in the time traveler. The feelings that Sarresh harbored for the bajoran were blossoming as surly as her own flower spread wide at his attentions. A new, lower groan, hungry, bubbled up from between his lips as his tongue lavished her sex, curling around one side, and then the other. Long and curving, it flicked and lapped, pushing those folds wider apart, before dipping deep between them. The tip narrowed slightly, and he pushed in, fucking her hole with his tongue, worming it deeper than most could manage.

Shudders rippled down his spine, forcing his back down, and his rear up, wiggling side to side in anticipation as she scraped at his head, then clenched his sheets. So help me she says she'll do anything I ask.... He thought of all the various ways he wanted to take her, to explore her. To taste her, to feel, to penetrate. Or be so in turn. Later. Get to that later, focus on the task before you. Make her yours over and over, make her wail for you he told himself as he dove in, pushing deeper with his tongue, squirming from side to side. He pressed his lips flush against her folds, ensuring his tongue could pleasure her as best it could. His nostrils flared and he groaned, lewd and loud, and very much on purpose, damn near vibrating his mouth as he swallowed with his throat. All the while, those eyes shone up at her, watching her writhe.

Eventually he needed more air than he could manage like that and pulled back, sucking in a deep lungful. "I'm going to fill you again," he groaned out, his head pressing in against her thigh, hands moving up her hips as he caught his breath, and took stock of the effect he'd had. Low lighting was no barrier to Sarresh's enhanced eyes, and there was no hiding how open and inviting Sel looked. He ran his tongue lazily over her again, tickling both holes this time, before focusing on that pearl she'd been rubbing earlier. He wanted - needed her to feel as good as she'd made him feel.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Sarresh Morali's quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Sarresh never wavered as his tongue drove deeper inside her, deep inside Ryuan and the heat she felt building within just kept on rising. Ideas, ideas of what Sarresh could do to her if she let him crossed her mind, the various ways a man could derive pleasure from a women's body crossed her mind as he kept up his ministrations with his tongue, pushing her closer and closer towards climax. She wanted this, wanted to be taken to a glorious peak on nothing but the man's tongue, wanted to have a man pleasure her solely for her own selfish desire.

But it seemed even the best men had their limits, needed to put their hot angry rod in their girl, bury it deep within, the biological need for a man to deposit his lust inside a girl, leave her with a warm dangerous present deep inside. So it came as no surprise to Sel when Ryuan announced he was going to to fill her. She of course enjoyed that as much as the next girl, biology drove a girl to want her man inside her, wanted that dangerous offering. Her body knew what it wanted, even as conscious minds fought the urge with modern technology, assuring the risk was minimal, the biological imperative frustrated, and only the pleasure left to enjoy.

He surprised her though, driving his face back into the cleft between her legs, caressing both holes with his mouth and fingers, before attacking her little pearl with his lips and tongue. That unexpected continuation of his pleasuring only served to arouse Sel more, inflaming her passions as her eyes closed, whimpers escaping her lips, hips arching a little as she held onto the sheets tightly. For a man out of time, a man in another's body, Sarresh knew how to use his own body to make Sel feel beyond good. "Nnngh." she groaned as his nip at her pearl send a rush of pleasure radiating through her entire body.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Morali's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn 

there it was! That was what he'd been after. Sarresh felt her body tense up as he attacked her nub, teased free of the hood it had hid under. His thumbs caressed the points where her hips and her legs met, rubbing along those deep cuts and muscled thighs. He closed his eyes and burrowed in, losing himself in the moment. For him, time stood still. He'd caught his breath, lungs full of air - Sarresh could stay at this for a while - long enough at least. He lashed and flicked, sucked and nibbled, and over all revealed in his assault on his lovers pearl. He longed to taste her climax, and felt his throat constricting as he swallowed.

And Gods help him, he knew she was close. Ash'reem, Bajoran, the differences weren't so great as to eclipse the similarities. The taste was different - different biology's lead to different flavors, and Sarresh found the taste of Ryuan Sel to be addicting. The motion of her hips though....His hands snaked up her body again, reaching to cup her breasts. Squeezing up along the orbs until he could pinch her nipples, he twisted the captured nubs as he felt her tense and release. He'd done it! And the groan he let out spoke volumes for how much he loved what he'd just accomplished for his lover. His Sel.

Eventually the former Ash'reem pulled up and away, rising back to his knees, his lips and cheeks glistening. The low light made those false eyes shine bright, drinking in the sight beneath him, his lover, spent, chest heaving in naked glory. He didn't even notice the ever present scroll of statistics related to heart rate, blood pressure and the like. Instead, he eased himself closer between her legs, leaning down to kiss her lips long and lingering. There was something sweet in the act, not just sheer passion. He found himself doing that a lot that evening - mixing passion with something more, deeper.

Then, in a move that was pure bravado, he rose back up and wiggled till he was able to place his swollen shaft against her belly, his sack nestled against her wet folds, admiring how it came to a stop just below her belly button. The unspoken question was there - how much of him would fit in her this time?

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