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Day 01 [2330 hrs.] Making a Splash

Day 01 [2330 hrs.] Making a Splash

[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Temporal Observatory Lab | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

Sarresh blinked his artificial eyes - whomever had told him they couldn't get tired was a liar. He pinched the bridge of his nose and leaned back in the chair.  The wave-forms in front of him seemed to blur together more that was natural for such readings, and Sarresh took it as a sure sign that he was working too hard. Then again, he'd sealed the room off after kicking Dr. Nicander and the other woman - he couldn't remember her name - out of the labs. He'd spoken very briefly with Ives, and then dived right into his work. It was easier than facing the crew after what had happened, both on the bridge , and in the lab.

"That dammed fool," he muttered to no one - the room was empty after all. "What the hell was he thinking? That I wanted the Trill dead?" Sarresh didn't want to think about the implications. But that young officers face kept surfacing in the waves of the temporal graphs. "Dammit all." Sarresh pushed away from the master display board and stood up, stretching and feeling the bones in his body pop. A most disconcerting sensation, he thought. "Damn him, damn Nicander for this body. Damn Ives for it too while I'm at it. And Damn Ducane." He sighed, vestigial memories of the Relativity surfacing, and ghosts of freshly revealed facts boiling deep in his mental recesses. They call conspired against him, to give truth to what Ives had suggested before. "And damn me, as well."

This was getting him no where, and Sarresh knew it. Despite his head strong nature, he wasn't a complete fool. He understood the concept of diminishing returns - and right then his returns were dammed diminished. He wanted to check in on Sel. He wanted to talk to that brute of a Security Chief, about these damned fool crusaders. He wanted to pry every little detail from these machines and try to see what had happened, now that the timeline had forked. But he would get no where, with any of that, in his current state.

And yet he knew himself. He needed to relax before he crashed, or he'd never get sleep. His mind would keep tearing away at the problems. That wouldn't do him any good either. Frustrated, the former Ash'reem stalked the lab, rubbing the back of his neck. "Computer, what is the ships time?" He blurted out the question.

[The ships time is currently 2330 hours, Lt. Morali] the soft tones of Thea responded from the overhead system.

"Thank you," he muttered and stooped in place again, running a hand through his hair. It felt dry, brittle to his touch, but he knew it was the norm for humans. 2300 he thought, late. Much later than is good. He knew sleep was hours away, but work...was falling behind because of his exhaustion. It had happened many a time in his long life.

"Computer," he addressed the ship again, slower now. An idea was forming, a possible way to help him push away all the thoughts, and get him in the right mindset to sleep. "Where is the nearest swimming pool?" He knew there was a pool in the Neotin's quarters - his quarters, technically - but that wasn't what he wanted. Barely big enough to relax in, let alone actually swim.

[The gymnasium on Deck 12 is equipped with a standard sized swimming pool] Thea's voice replied, adding, [As well as locker facilities and available swimwear.]

"They really have thought of everything, haven't they? Er, thank you," he added, rubbing the back of his neck again. There really wasn't any reason not to, he concluded. Both in being polite to the ship - even if he hated it here that wasn't Thea's fault - and in taking a late night dip before bed. Perhaps that was what he needed to get his mind away from it all.

With one last look around the lab, Sarresh moved to the doors, dimming the lights and stepping out in the hall. From there, he manually sealed the room. Only Ives possessed the clearance to get in there now. After Sonja Acreth's little invasion of the observatory, Sarresh wasn't taking chances. And the Temporal Prime Directive gave Sarresh a lot of leeway in restricting access. Satisfied that he'd taken what precautions he could, Sarresh walked off, managing not to look like a fool, finally adjusting to his new bodies gait.

[Gymnasium | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy]

The dark haired man stood in front of the  floor to ceiling mirror in the locker room and scowled at it. After arriving, he had stashed his uniform in one of the various lockers (now coded to his voice print for the duration of his session) and attired himself per (pointless, in his view) regulation. His physique was toned, muscular, and filled out the standard issue swim shorts perfectly, or near enough. For a human body, Sarresh's was in solid shape, well defined and enviable, even. Nicander had done amazing work.

The problem was, it was the wrong body. The skin was too pink, too dry. Hair was brittle. There were no real gills. No proper pheromone slits, just the barest traces. And there was no need for the gel warp. Sarresh had never imagined that he'd miss that damnable thing, and yet, he did. More so he missed what it represented, than the actual feeling of it, but still. He felt...awkward in this body, even if he had mastered walking like a human might, and not an Ash'reem. Insecure might have been a better word. He'd ducked into the gym without a glance at who was there, but now, he would have to cross the whole thing to get to the pool section.

With a sigh, he grabbed his towel and tossed it over his shoulder, padding out barefoot from the tile locker room, onto the dimly lit foam matted floor of the gym itself.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus
(Sorry Brutus. I accidentally posted a different thread here and not sure how to delete a message accidentally posted so a reply should be forthcoming soon enough, hopefully tonight.)

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[ Ryuan Sel | Security Center | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus
The immediate aftermath of the fight has been one of organized chaos as the ship jumped to warp, the mission an abject failure. Her last real task before she could call it quits was the recovery and inventory of weapons, including some snagged in the transporters buffers while recovering crew from another Starfleet vessel that had been attacked and destroyed by the parasites.

Firstly though was the inevitable parade of crew through the armory, her domain. She could see it in the eyes of the boarding parties, the same defeated look she felt deep in her own soul. The cost was evident as she placed each weapon back in it's assigned slot, slots remaining empty as she tallied the inventory returning. Names assigned to each one, memories of past interactions with each person, flooding her mind as she inventoried the empty slot, confirmed the weapon was lost, marked it for replacement from stores when they had a chance.

And then there was the matter of what had been pulled from the transporter buffers from the new arrivals. An assortment of weapons, mostly fleet issued, some not, all deposited in a secure pattern buffer to await their fate. Materializing in a special area of the armory, the facility was otherwise shielded against transporters for obvious reasons, Ryuan had to match up the weapon with it's owner, tag & bag it until such time as the owner came to reclaim it, if the Captain permitted it that was.

It wasn't until later in the evening, almost 2300 when she finally got things sorted enough she could lock down for the night. The number of empty spots in the rifle rack, that was what got to her. Each one a death, a loss of life and for what? So a false message could be released? A fake sent to discredit the crew and their mission.

[ Gymnasium | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]

Her uniform stripped down to just her PT gear, Ryuan decided the best way to take out her anger at the abject failure that was the entire day, was to beat the living tar out of one of the bags hanging from the wall in a corner of the gym. Normally she might lift a few weights, do a few reps on the machines, run a few kilometers on a treadmill to relieve the tension but tonight, tonight was a night to work out anger on the bags.

Laying into the bag with several jabs, Ryuan could feel the blood rising, the anger coming to the surface. The loss of life, the dead officers on both sides. And for what? A message corrupted. Her mind started drifting back to the fight in the command center, the battle of hands and fists, weapons at short range. And that sickening thud, the crunch as Zaraq's own weapon split his Klingon head open like a ripe melon. Each punch of the bag reminded her of that moment, that sickening moment as a man died before her in such a horrific fashion.

It was half an hour later almost, and still punching the bags, lost in her own world, she barely registered Sarresh's presence in the room. Eventually the presence of another filtered to her conscious and she slowed down, wondering who on earth would be hitting the gym this late. She paused, looking around to see who it might be.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

Bare feet - almost utterly devoid of anything approaching appropriate webbing - padded out across those rubber mats, past a series of free weights where a few enlisted men - he thought they were enlisted - were pumping iron. Probably security, Sarresh thought, judging by the size of their muscles, like Sel. Thinking her name got him thinking about the Bajoran woman, the encounter with her during the mutiny, and...and after. But he shook those thoughts off. Now wasn't the time, not at all, he told himself - there was too much already on his mind. Too many he'd failed to save, a mission he'd dropped the ball on. She was alive and that would have to do. He didn't have time to sort out -

Fate was cruel.

It appeared, as Sarresh came to a halt much further down his path - that his musings and opinions on 'too soon' were moot. He could hear the triple count - smack, smack-smack - of flesh on canvas. The grunts, close to those he'd heard before, in more intimate settings, that accompanied them. And with just a slight lean to the side, he could see the rapid, jerky movements, the muscles testing, skin shining with sweat. Heart rate elevated, oxygen levels with in normal parameters - the data streamed before him, unbidden.  Sarresh felt his throat go dry. It was a most displeasing sensation. She remained a vision, as stunning and desirable as ever, which worried Sarresh. He'd thought the attraction simply a by product of the poor nurse, Eve Jenkins.

One more lost soul he could have given a damn about had things gone differently.

But when Sel's green eyes started searching out, and locked onto his, he was sure that Nurse Jenkins had nothing to do with what he felt then. The way he drifted, pulled towards the sweat soaked fighter. Like as naught it was a bi-product of the failed mission, the worry he'd been trying to ignore, the guilt over Acerth, the temporal breach, Rez, a cult, the loss, the deep, anguish that the vortex had dragged out of his soul. All of it. A good rationalization. But was it true? The analytical part of Sarresh Moralli's mind wasn't so sure any more.

He was starring at her as she stated at him, and he was in even less than she was. He felt a curious warming sensation in his cheeks, unbidden and foreign, as if a heat were building there. Sarresh was vividly self conscious of the fact that those shorts were revealing, and suddenly questioned the wisdom of regulations that allowed so little. The hypocrisy of that thought was not lost on him, and was what finally caused him to crack an exasperated smile.

Tightening his fingers around the towel in his hand, Sarresh ducked his dark haired head a bit, and simply said, "Hello, Sel."

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

And of all the people onboard the Theurgy, he would be the one who was here late. A former lover, if one could call him that. She wasn't sure what she'd call him, but between the forced copulation the first time under the influence of that Deltan, and later the lingering influences of the same, she'd made love to this man. But that said, he was a familiar face, and she could feel the lingering desire in her veins. Slowing her pace she watched him, in part both prey and predator, waiting for him to make the first move.

And she got that as he finally addressed her, a simple hello to break the silence between them. "Sarresh," she responded back in greeting. "Couldn't sleep either?" she asked, wanting to make some small talk, cut the tension between them, at least until certain topics came up. "Security is locked down and we're in the Nebula so safe for now. Well, safe enough to exercise and work off the energy before sleep."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

"Something like that," Sarresh admitted. She'd taken a casual stance, there by the bag, her eyes on him. Borrowed eyes told him about her heart rate, breath rate, even the levels of perspiration - facts he didn't need, but had all the same. What would he do with that knowledge? Ignore it for now, focus on her words. She was off duty - clearly - and wasn't at all ready to sleep. So they had that in common, he concluded. "I...came here to swim. To try and quiet my mind." Unsure why he did it, the 'mostly' human man raised two fingers to his head and lightly tapped this temple. " a data dump earlier, I guess is a good way to put it. Now it won't shut up enough to let me sleep."

It was a long way around saying 'yes,' but then something about Sel allowed him to be a bit more talkative than he might be with others. Perhaps simply because of their shared experiences, intimate as they were, allowed him to be more comfortable around her. Or perhaps his one time lover simply had that affect on a lot of people. Sarresh wouldn't have the first clue, as reclusive and insular as he was. He was still struggling with the idea of admiring he had been worrying about her, during the assault on SB-84, and processing the fact that they were now apparently hidden in a nebula. IT seemed he'd already missed a lot, trying to deal with the aftermath of the temporal fork.

"Is it working?" He asked, gesturing to the bag, "Helping with the energy, I mean." Even as he lead in with the question, a part of him was thinking of offering other options, if beating the bag wasn't helping Sel. And maybe even if it was.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

"Information overload. Yeah, that'll do it to you." She remarked, She'd not really pegged him for a swimmer, and never really thought of swimming as a way to get calmed down but each person had their own thing. She attacked a bag, he swam. Even as he spoke, she found herself glancing a bit at more then just his face. The truth was she'd never really stopped to really see what it was she was bedding, she'd been driven by pheromones and pent up lust to take him into her, twice, without really thinking it through.

She had to admit though, as he stood there, that he was not a half bad looking man, easy on the eyes, not what you'd expect of someone who spent all day in a lab pouring over whatever it was he did. And what exactly did he do? He was with Temporal affairs but what did he really do? Even as that passed through her mind, memories of the last time with him kept coming back, kept intruding. And it was in the midst of one particular thought that his question percolated through to her mind and she came back to her senses.

"It what working? Oh, pounding the bag?" She sighed in frustration., "No. No it isn't. Just these damn memories of earlier keep coming back. Faces of people we lost." She reached over and grabbed a towel, wiping her face a little. "I suppose I should hit the showers and go find some way to distract myself, at least try to get some sleep before morning."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

Sarresh found himself listening with great interst to everything that Sel was saying. He found himself....caring.Not an entirely alien concept to the man displaced in time. He had, after all, had friends on the Relativity that he cared about. He was certain of that even if he couldn't remember their names, and only just barely had the glimpse of the occasional face.

It was just people in this century he didn't give a damn about; With two glaring exceptions. One was the woman before him. Ryuan Sel. coiled muscle, curves, pink sink, wrinkled nose, light colored hair, sweet tasting lips, all of her. Enticing. Enrapturing. He was a fool to think the lingering attraction to her was from the mad nurses pheremones.

And the other exception...Amikris. Sweet, innocent girl, her red hair, bright and flaming, a sharp contrast to her ocean cool aqua skin. His would be mate. Forever lost, like his whole species, dying with her, or so he feared.

She was gone to him. Sel...perhaps not.

"I understand," he told her quietly, and to his surprise, he did understand. The sense of loss. Not being able to put those gone to rest. A rueful smile ghosted over his lips, "Trust me.I do understand." Then he reached out a hand to her, his other drifting out from his body, pointing to the right.

"You need to blow off that steam still. Come to the pool with me. Maybe it will help? Or hell, maybe the company will." Who was he kidding? He was crap company, But he didn't want to let her just leave yet. He was drawn to her, memories surfacing for him, as they seemed to be for her. He just couldn't figure out a way to approach her that didnt make him look crazy.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

Sel huffed. As much as she understood that everyone had a role to play, and not everyone could be placed in the same situation as her, some had to remain behind, especially men like Sarresh who's skills were not suited to this away mission, who's skills were better utilized aboard ship, it still irked her when those who remained behind told her they understood.

"No you do not Sarresh. You do not know what it is like to watch a man lose his life in front of you, powerless to intervene. That thing killed him Sarresh, slaughtered him like he was cattle, a mere animal to be put down. I watched him die, watched his head collapse like an over ripe melon. There was no honor in that, a fallen warrior slaughtered without mercy." Sel took a hard swing at the bag, landing a good blow before she looked back at Sarresh. "Zaraq was not a number, a statistic. He didn't deserve his fate, he deserved to be here, honoring the other fallen."

She turned and began to walk towards the showers. She didn't expect Sarresh to follow her after that outburst but he did and in some ways she was grateful he'd followed her. At least she'd not pushed him away, at least that was her hope. Stepping into the shower she began to take off her clothes, not caring if he got a eye full of her body. They'd had sex on two occasions so she wasn't exactly stripping in front of some random man she'd never met before. It was only once she got her clothes off, that she turned on the water and began to shower, wanting to wash off the grime of the failed mission, cleanse her body of the failure that had been the Simulcast mission.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

Her words hit like a knife slid in-between the ribs, sharp, painfully, from behind. Unseen, unexpected but just as torturious. He didn't know? Senseless loss? Oh, he knew. he knew so very, very much. He didn't see her turn and leave, not at first, his eyes wide, lost in memory. Memories left to him, the ones that the engrams hadn't removed - the ones that had happened since he came to this godsforesken time, this ship of the damned upon which he'd cast his soul.

"I have watched a man that would be my father, if he'd had his way, whipped from a scaffolding, falling, falling with a soft wail and an impact heard even among a crowd, and held his daughter back, away from his broken body as blood and brains seeped into alien soil. A seneless death of a man better than I, who deserves to be here among the living." Sarresh began, as he followed in her wake, feet padding softly across the floor. She was already in the shower. Desire conflicted with anger, with loss, with sorrow.

"I watched a woman I loved - such an innocent girl - eaten away, bit by bit as water boiled and acid fell down upon us, soaked into her very skin. Betrayed by our nature, her bones turning to mush. The last sight I saw as my own eyes were eaten away from the inside, was her face, falling apart, calling out my name. Because some soulless monster decided she had to die. That I was a threat and she was with me and she had to die, so that we would all die. Slaughtered, as you say, like cattle."

The lights were low in the room, and her body glistend with sweat and fresh water. He wanted to run his tongue - his native tounge, the longer one lost to him - over her body. But all he had was this foul human one, too short, not as sensative. Yet he craved her taste. He'd seen her naked before, but here, now, in a mix of deep, heated emotion, it mattered more, oddly. Her despair and anger called to him as much as the cut of her hip, the swell of her breast, the ridges along her nose, rivulets running off of her as she stepped into the spray.

"A young man, a boy almost, that I never met before, killed Edena Rez in my name for some perceived insult. Brushed right past me, raised a phaser, and struck her down on the bridge, managing to kill the Cardassian woman, the pilot, S'iti. For me. I never asked him to. I never knew who he was! Senseless, pointless loss, on a day filled with failure. Failure to get the message out. Failure to learn who was listening. Failure to save all of us, to keep the time line from forking out, every moment, every loss wasted!"

It was pouring out now, like the water from above, spraying across their bodies as he reached, perhaps foolishly, and placed his hands on her, turning her gently, so gently to face him. Spray soaked his skin, as deep, soul crushing guilt worked over his features. "And whats truly, maddeningly confusing to me is that through all of this travesity of a day, I kept thinking 'is Sel ok?' Because you're the only person on this damn ship thats treated me like anything other than a tool to be used."

Swallowing, throat dry again - always dry, everything too dry - he croaked quietly, "So let me help."

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

Sarresh's words drove deep, the same verbal knife she'd stabbed in his back in anger now turned against her as his pain, equally as raw flowed out from his lips. She didn't face him at first as the water flowed over her back, the grime slowly washing away though the emotional hurt still lingered, most likely would for some time as she came to grips with this new reality. She wanted to leave, get away from him, from the embarrassment of thinking her pain was the only pain that had been given, that those who remained aboard had not felt the raw emotions of defeat and failure as she had.

She however didn't, and when his hands touched her back, turning her to face him, face the man she'd attacked, her only move to get away from him, was to lean up against the shower wall, a futile gesture and perhaps not even an attempt to get free as she could have easy brushed him off. Loving into his eyes as he professed concern for her, his gratitude that she'd treated him as another humanoid being, not a tool to be used and discarded, she found her resolve, her anger tempering.

Her own expression softened, to what she could not be sure though the mixed emotions of pain and hurt, mingling with anger and hatred, joined with desire and loneliness were raging through her like a maelstrom she could not control. He had been there for her, willing to talk after the incident with the Deltan, even though that had devolved into a lust filled encounter, and here he was again for her in her moment of weakness.

"Sarresh," she said back to him, her voice barely louder then the noise of the shower. "I am sorry." Pulling him in close as her hands went to drape over his hips, she kissed him passionately on the lips, knowing full well the inevitability of what would come.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

He hadn't expected her to apologize, but she hadn't given him anytime to respond to it either, before wet arms snaked down, across his hips, enfolding him. Pulling him towards her, towards the wall of the shower. Strong. So very strong, as her lips crashed into his. Heart rate increasing, blood flow - he shut his eyes, stopping the deluge of information, as he his lips parted, tongue darting out. Tasting the water on her skin, lapping at it as he'd wanted to, pressing in, delving her mouth, exploring. Dancing along, sliding over her tongue, he invited her back into his mouth with a playful, eager flick.

Sarresh's hands moved to brace against the shower wall, his fingers spread wide. His nose flared and he sucked in a breath, before pushing the bajoran beauty back with the same hips she held onto, his swim trunks tight to his skin. They left very little to the imagination, a tight, dripping wet impression of his manhood rubbing against her soaked stomach.

 Devouring her lips now, he ground against her, water pouring over him. Sweet, perfect water, slicking his hair back, running over over his shoulders, pooling around his toes. A pause for breath, as he whispered her name, "Sel." Barely audible over the roar of the water in his ears, he dove in again, this time pressing her whole body against his, pinning her to the wall. He could smell her desire, even under the spray.

And it fed his own.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

Sel responded in kind, a sigh barely audible above the sound of water as he licked her, his tongue running over the velvet skin of her lips before diving into her mouth. She parted her lips as they kissed, an unspoken invitation to explore, her own tongue responding, seeking his, tasting him, exploring him as he explored her. Humanoids were all alike for their differences and Sarresh felt exactly like the last time they'd made love, not that she'd expected him to change.

The need between them was unspoken but Sel knew his desire for her was great when she felt him press his hips against hers. That nearly universal male organ, swollen as it was through his trunks, pressed hard against Ryuan, the pressure of his flesh pressing against her mons and belly, throbbing beneath the cloth as she felt his need, his arousal and desire for her manifest in that moment. Her fingers leaving indentations in his buttocks, she made sure he pressed against her, grinding their pelvises together as they sought to arouse each other.

It didn't take much, and her name on his lips for hiim to press himself fully against her. Naked as Sel was, the press of his now wet skin against her bare chest, flattening her breasts, those orbs now sensitive, or rather the pert little nubs sensitive as he pressed his firm toned chest in against her. She kissed him, wanting him, needing him to take her, to strip down as she was to impale her on his flesh. "Sarresh," she whispered back, "Take me."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

"Herngh," a wordless noise of need and desire was all that he could managed at that moment, his artificial eyes snapping back open, meeting her heated gaze. Steam swam around them, water coated his body, made him feel alive. And so did Sel - alive with his desire for the Bajoran woman. "Sarresh. Take me." The former Ash'reem kept repeating her words in his mind, like a chant, a mantra, as he let go of the wall with his hands, rocked his hips back. He hated to lose the contact of her skin on his but he needed the room to bend, to rid himself of the tight fabric clinging to his hips, designed to provide a semblance of modesty and stability even while drenched. Created to not simply slide off at a moments notice, but requiring effort.

Effort that had the man bent over as he tugged them down his thighs and past his knees. Impulsively he pressed his lips to her skin - her stomach in this case, just below Sel's belly button. A nigh universal trait shared among humanoids that gave live birth. From there, his tongue darted, lapping the runoff of the shower as he stepped out of the damned trunks. Lower, lower, just a taste, a quick lick, his hands on her hips now, steadying himself. Running his tongue over her sex. That which made her a woman - the woman he desired so very much. With that on his tongue he stood up, reveling in that quick, impish lick, and stepping back, giving Sel a full on view of him.

His length stood tall and proud, a defined curve arching upward, the swollen glans visible, pushed past the foreskin already, water running down around it, dripping from the sack hanging between the legs. The skin was an almost angry red, so very different from the deep, mottled blue it would have been before he'd been remade, but as long as it had been, average for his previous species, above so for his current.

"Sel," he said again, closing the distance and pressing that hot flesh to hers, rubbing it against her, her stomach, and lower, where he'd stolen that swift taste. She wanted him to take her, she'd have to help with that. His lips moved, kissing her jaw. Her lips. The ridges of her nose, then her ear. Groaning into it, "Legs up, now..."

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

Sel knew he was in agreement with her request as he reluctantly stepped back to remove his trunks. The water had made the fabric somewhat clingy and while he seemed to have some issue taking the clothes off, Sel knew to let him have his space, to not offer him help unless he asked, leave his innate male desire to do it himself intact. He did seem to get them off though in the process was brought to his knees.

His touch on her skin, lips against water slicked flesh was arousing and Sarresh seemed to relish the touch as his lips found her belly button, only to drift down, down the centerline of her body, towards, then across her mons, the shaved patch of flesh glistening in the showers light. She shifted her legs a little to give him access to her petals, to allow him to open and explore her femininity with his lips and tongue. The lick was brief, no doubt because her desired the main course, the same dish that Sel desired in this moment.

When he stood again, she could see the angry red monster between his legs, a decent size for a human male, and very pleasureable as she well knew. The glans that poked through, so much different from Bajoran and Cardassian men, both of whom she had some knowledge of. But the end result was the same, the end achieved the same result in the moment of climax. She smiled as he stepped close again, his hot flesh pressing against her mons and belly, ready to do what they both desired.

So little persuasion was needed when Sarresh rubbed it against her folds, the desire and need explicit. She let out a gentle moan and sigh of pleasure as he kissed her jawline, lips, nose, all her sensitive spots. Whith barely a nod she complied with his request lifting a leg up as his hand helped her hold her thigh. The need was great between them and she didn't have to wait long as Sarresh didn't linger, didn't tease her with the helmet. The feeling of hot warm slick cock burrowing into her pussy, long and deep send a groan out of her lips as she stood against the shower wall, lost in the moment with Sarresh.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

That smile, he thought to himself, that wicked smile will be the death of me. He liked the way it curved, tugged at her cheek, curled and inviting. He liked that she let it out for him. She'd been mostly stern and stoic whenever he'd seen her on duty around the ship (limited though that was). And yet here she was, playful and inviting, as their bodies moved as one. She bent to his desire - their desire. Fingers curled over bare skin, holding her up, squeezing her thighs, grateful that he had the strength to do this on land.

Hot spray ran across his back as a different kind of wet heat, a more primal one, brushed his cockhead, eliciting a deep groan of want. Artificial or not, his eyes flared with unrepentant need for Sel. He didn't drag it out, didn't make her beg, he gave what she asked, and took her for himself. Heat parted over him, as he stretched the Bajoran woman around his girth. A hiss escaped from his lips, parted for her as he parted her, sinking slowly in as he eased her down. The darker haired man reveled in the sensation, the tight squeeze, the wet channel fitting him like a glove. Her heel rested against the swell of his ass, that one leg arched over him.

Deep, deep he delved, filling her with himself, sinking half way in, stilling his hips and savoring the moment. "By the gods," Sarresh groaned, remembering to stick to Federation standard. Those mutated vocal cords could no longer manage his native tongue. That didn't stop him from tangling the fingers of his other hand into her hair, nor keep him from gripping it firm, pulling her head to the right angle so that has he pulled back, then thrust up, he could cover her mouth with a kiss, breathing his moan of pure lust into her. Once again he claimed her mouth as his in that moment, just as his shaft claimed her core.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

Sel didn't have long to wait as Sarresh took her ass in his hands and lifted her up, still kissing as she went, not letting a single moment of their lust go unsated. She knew the drill, spread her legs a bit more as his cock sprung free, scraping along her sexy little ass, slapping once against the wall before rebounding into the perfect position. Then the lowering as his cock head pressed against her wet and needy folds. The parting as the helmet spread first her outer and then inner lips, following by the filling as inch after inch of sweet human cock burrowed deep into her belly. Sarresh was longer then most and Ryuan knew what to expect from the last two times, his girth would fill her full almost to a feeling of bursting, and his length would probe the inner most depths of her body, finding the sensitive spot that held the entrance to her most sacred of sanctums, her womb.

It was the way he held her though as she rode him, his cock moving deep within her body that Sel enjoyed most of all. The one leg still supporting her, her other held him close, made sure he remained deep inside her belly where he belonged. A gentle little moan escaped her lips at the moment his cock helmet caressed her cervix for the first time that evening, the feeling was always arousing, even if there was no risk given she was on the shot. "Sarresh," she whispered into his ear, "Lover. Fuck you feel good like this."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

What excited him more? Sarresh had to wonder in a moment of clarity that flushed through the haze of desire. Was it the pressure he suddenly felt against the tip of his cock, and the deep seated knowlege that he was taking Sel as deeply as could be done? Or the noises she made, the moan for him, the way she called him 'lover'? Truly, it was a hard, hard call for the former Ash'reem. Either way, he was near blissful for the first time since... since they had last lain with one another.

"As do you," Sarresh confessed. For the moment, there was no crisis of time, no ship full of loss to worry about, just the woman in his arms. He rolled into her again, adding more force, pushing up on the tips of his toes to feel, eager now, that pressure on his swollen glans. A shiver ripped down his spine as his cockhead met her cervix again, the resistance there a delightful feeling, as much as the knowledge of simply being able to manage such feet. And with such a beautiful woman as well.

The leg kept him nestled deep. Each thrust was short, but forceful, never more than a few inches slipping out, and had plenty of rock hard length to spare. Gripping her hair tighter, he flicked his tongue over the tempting ridges of her nose, before tugging her head the side and working his way up her jaw, to her ear. From there he let out a deep throated groan, sinking  into her depths, filling her with that which made him a man. "Take you," he whispered the words, "Fill you up."  He promised, as steam built and swirled around them, blocking out the world beyond the showers. Sounded better in his head but in the heat of the moment, Sarresh did not care if he came off as stupid.

Desire for Ryuan Sel drove him on, made his thrusts hard, deep. Kept his fingers digging into her, moving from her thigh up to the swell of her sweet ass, squeezing it, spreading her further as he plunged deep. And again. And again. The newly minted human could feel water running down his frame, grateful that the gym showers offered both options, and not just a sonic shower. It added to the moment, his wet chest pressed to hers, feeling her nipples catch his bare flesh."Perfect..."

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

"Please," Sel whispered back between moans, Sarresh's short hard thrusts sliding her a little up the slick wall, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. She could feel his helmet bottom in her, pressing against her cervix with each thrust, limited his stroke. The relaxed pace, the chance to enjoy Sarresh as a lover and not a quick fuck made the world of difference and Sel found herself enjoying the touch and caresses as they made love to each other.

Time seemed to stand still as the rhythm of Sarresh's thrusts became almost hypnotic, her world melting down to just the two of them and the shower. "Give me your love Sarresh," she asked him, almost begged him. Her leg remained wrapped around a thigh, holding him close, ensuring her stayed buried inside her warm, wet, silken, tight walls. "Everything." she said, her body moving with his, egging his arousal, forcing him closer to orgasm with each thrust. Her own bodty responded in kind, the fire in her belly growing by the minute as her walls began to clamp down around Sarresh's buried member. "Sarresh," she moaned again, getting ever closer.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

The fact that Sarresh could take his time to fully enjoy Sel mattered, deeply to the former Ash'reem. He wasn't against the swift fuck, in principle, and his speices - former speices - often indulged in the concept of a "quicky" (a term he'd picked up among the time traveling crew of the Relativity, one of a few facts still left to him). And it was apparent to him, through the haze of lust, that it mattered to Sel as well. The words the beautiful Bajoran began to use, the way she coaxed him on, betrayed what the temproally displaced officer believed to be a deeper meaning on what was going on, than simply a romp in the shower. She was, after all, begging him to love her there, to give her everything he could.

Not even a man as callous as Sarresh had the potential to be, could refuse such an enticing plea. Not from the woman he'd been worrying about the whole day.

So he didn't speed up his thrusts, instead Sarresh kept them steady, despite the way he panted with passionate need. His toes spread wide across the tile floor of the shower, his knees bending slightly to add more force to each thrust of his hips. Again and again, those tight balls smacked into her thigh, full of need and release, as his cockhead probed her deepest core.

"Ahhhh, Sel....sweet Sel," he wondered if anyone had called her that before as he gasped it out, followed with a wordless noise of kneening need, feeling her clench onto his shaft. Back behind the base of his shaft, nestled deep inside himself his own heat built, causing every inch of his rod to ache with anticipation. He wanted to drag it out for her, but at the same time couldn't bare to leave her depths and buy himself time, as his lips clamped down on hers again.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Brutus

Sel had never concerned herself much with what men called her, talk during sex was just that, talk to arouse and push your partner closer to orgasm. Different species used different words, but 'sweet' was certainly a word she'd never heard used to describe her during sex. She'd also rarely had sex with a man more then once, so Sarresh was an odd case, and one she wasn't sure exactly what to do with. Well, she knew what to do with him, his cock driving deep inside her body, reaching the depth of her core, the final barrier preventing entry pressed and stretched a little with each thrust.

His constant rhythm of thrusts, driving her up the slick wall pushed her ever closer and Sel moaned, kissing Sarresh as he wished, letting him kiss and pleasure her neck elsewise. "Sarresh," she moaned back, as much feeling the ever increasing arousal in her body as he felt in his. They were close, close enough Sel could feel the first little flutters of the impending storm, the feeling of tightness in her core as her body held onto Sarresh, demanding his offering, the expression of lust he would deposit inside her.

She also knew this was only the first time this night he would do this. She wanted him, needed him to fill her again, and this next time, only the comfort of his bed would do. The pace slower, taking their time, making sure every last ounce of pleasure would be drawn from the other. A climax of passionate exhaustion, both unable to part as they collapsed together to sleep in blissful slumber. But that was only a dream and right now she could feel Sarresh moving, thrusting, driving his cock deep into her body, pace faster, the need urgent as she herself felt the passion mounting.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

Soaked hair pressed to the tiles behind Sel's head as Sarresh rocked himself deep into her again, stretching her cunt around his curved girth. His cheek rubbed against hers as he arched his back, slapping up in again, and again. Groaning into her ear, Sarresh plowed on, each thrust coming a bit faster than the one before him. He might have been prone to keep babbling on, but the way she whimpered his name stole the words right out of his mouth, and left his jaw a gape. His hand shifted on her ass, finding a better grip on her ass, and he rolled up onto his toes, to force that more more of himself into her, applying sweet pressure on her core.

With their bodies pressed so tightly together, Sarresh could feel her heart thudding in her chest, and wondered if she could feel his in turn. It was amazingly intimate for a man that was anything but, and yet he reveled in the moment. His lips slid away, down to latch onto her neck and he began to suck hard on her skin as his body shook with need. His short thrusts came faster and faster, forcefully so, deep deep in her core. His peak was right there, just out of reach, but not for long.

"I wont last much longer," he found himself admitting, unwilling to fess up but unable to keep from warning her all the same. The truth was Sarresh didn't want this to end, and he could only hope that his suspicions were correct. They were, but he had no way of knowing for sure. All he knew was his burning desire to take Sel, here and now, fill her to the brim. And hopefully do so again. And again.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Her own short tresses stuck against the wall, her body sliding up and down the slick tile surface as Sarresh kept up his assault on her core with his long thick man flesh, Ryuan moaned, kissing the man pressed against her, her current lover. Sex to her was entertainment, a diversion to pass the time, but with Sarresh it seemed to have become more then just a roll in the hay, an orgasm, the feel of a man emptying his lust into her. There was something else there that Sel couldn't place, a feeling that she'd never felt before with a partner. What it was she didn't really know but it seemed to drive her desire for this man.

She tilted her head, enjoying the press of flesh on flesh, the feeling of his lips against her skin as he kissed her in her erogenous spots, pushing her towards the pleasurable inevitability. The night was young and this was the first time tonight she'd make love to this man so the hunger, the need came out in her reactions. One leg became two as she placed the weight on his hips, holding him inside, ensuring he plunged as deep as his body could go. The feeling she wanted inside could only be felt deep in her core, deep inside her belly where the helmet of his manhood lay kissing and caressing the entrance to her most sacred chamber.

Another moan escaped her lips as Sarresh admitted his lust was peaking, his body ready to offer her that most pleasurable and dangerous of fluids every man possessed. She groaned a little, her body aflame. "Just a bit longer Sarresh," she moaned back, "Just a little longer." Of course her body had other needs, the desire to prolong the pleasure weighed against her bodies natural desire to feel that which Sarresh had to offer, the physical manifestation of his love, lust, and procreative need. The last of course was moot as her body was infertile, the drugs she took every month rendering her body that way, leaving her safe to explore the other two aspects of this moment with Sarresh.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Gymnasium | Deck 9| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

Just because the potential for procreation was nixed by the drugs did not stop their bodies from feeling that urge, that need, to make the attempt, to consummate the rutting with that biologically driven end result. Release, buried deep inside, two as close to being one as could be. It was a powerful urge, especially for the Ash'reem, for which the chance to actually procreate was rate, due to all the genetic issues that came along with their species. The drive was overwhelming, and despite everything that had been done to Sarresh, to make him more like the humans that dominated the spectrum on the Theurgy in an effort to save his life, somethings had not changed. And that included the gut level desire to fill up his lover, to make that {futile) attempt.

Added in to the mix was the fact that whatever was going on with Sel felt different, special. Not an after effect of pheromones. Certainly no longer a one off kind of thing, as this was not their first encounter. Too new to to be called any one thing, but more than a casual fling, for Morali, at the very least. His teeth scrapped the junction of her neck and shoulder, groaning deep with need, the noise ratcheting up an octave as she pulled her leg around his hip. Now fully supporting her weight on his crotch, the now human male tossed his head back, artificial eyes shining with deep seated need in the low light of the locker room showers.

Water cascaded down his face, his mouth agape again, as pleasure rocked him. The angle shifted, his cockhead scraping her walls with each thrust, punching its way towards her belly, probing deeply again and again. "I'll hold, I'll hold," he whispered the words, babbled almost, acquiescing to her demands, for just a little longer. But with his sack so tight against his pelvis now, and his cock buried nigh on to the hilt inside of Sel, throbbing and angry, aching for release, Sarresh had no idea at all how much longer he would, in fact, hold out.


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[ Ryuan Sel | Gymnasium | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

Sarresh's pause gave her the necessary time to catch herself, catch up to his impending release and Sel took full advantage of the breif fleeting moment she had. His touch, the thrusting deep in her core, it all led to this moment, this glorious release that she stood upon the precipice of. She couldn't stand for long and as the edge crumbled, her body falling into the release she so craved she called back to Sarresh, his edge crumbling as well. "Sarresh..." she moaned back. "Now...."

It was hard to describe the moment but as she fell, her body plunging into a raging torrent of pleasure and ecstasy, Sarresh's forceful thrusts up that buried him in her core, the warm feeling that filled her every fiber, a wetness deep inside as his life giving offering was deposited, all came out as Ryuan cried out in pleasure, calling Sarresh's name, lusty profanities as her very core squeezed and spasmed, milking her lover of that life giving essence.

As as fast as it had happened, the moment began to fade, her body coming down from the intense high, whether a few seconds on many tens of seconds she was orgasmic she didn't know but she could feel everything Sarresh had given her. Still impaled on his rod, legs still wrapped around his waist she closed her eyes, panting as her body slowly came down, Ryuan could feel the warm afterglow settle in, giving her a dreamy smile as she looked at Sarresh through half open eyes.

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