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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn   

She noticed the pilot only smiling, not even laughing at her attempt to joke.It was peculiar, like the man was still on edge despite being in a friendly space. Than again, he might consider this space as not friendly as he only just got on a so called renegade starship. Riley wouldn't hold a grudge as she simply was too tired for it and that there were numerous reasons for the man to be less happy about everything.

When she heard where his quarters were stationed she smiled "Oh, sweet! I'm bunked down on Vector Two myself, need to be in proximity for Sickbay." she answered "Deck 14." she completed her sentence as the waiter arrived for the order. Riley ordered herself another tea and the same meal like Havenborn did. She thanked the waiter as he left with the orders and looked back at Daniel. "Oh, the replicated stuff isn't as good as the real thing, yet it's far from the worst." she snickered.

When the pilot opted to not tell the story to her at this given time, she nodded understandingly "Sure, no problem." she took her tea once more and finished it off completely now as she looked back in Daniel's eyes. "So, what's it like to be a fighter pilot? I mean, I heard some of them say that nothing beats flying through the vacuum of space." she asked him softly.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @

“It’s always good for our medical personnel to be near sickbay.”  Daniel said with a smile.  He kept trying to relax but his training kept forcing him to sit straight up.  He figured that within the next couple days once he’s had time to settle into his new life onboard the ship he’d be able to relax again.  Although he definitely sure that he’d have to set a good time during both the morning and evening when he could go work out, keeping his genetic enhancements in top physical shape was an utmost priority right now given the current situation he was in now.

He smiled as she placed her order then spoke about the differences between non-replicated and replicated.  “I haven’t really had that much non-replicated food since joining Starfleet.  It always strikes me as odd that there are people in the Federation that don’t eat replicated food.”  Daniel said as he thought back to his home.  His people didn’t have replicators; they had protein resequencers which while similar in function were vastly different in operation.

Hearing her agree to waiting for him to be ready to talk about his previous life made him relax a little more.  Her question about what it was like to be a pilot slightly confused him.  There wasn’t much option for him to be anything else.  “I don’t know really.  I suppose you could say it’s what I was born to do.”  Daniel said as he remembered when his father first told him that he was to be groomed as fighter pilot in the Ouranos Military Police/Aerospace Forces.  “I excelled in Flight Control and Tactical during my academy days and graduated as a fighter pilot.  I’ve never really thought about what it’s like though.”  Daniel said honestly.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn

Riley could tell the pilot was trying to relax more, yet seemingly failed to do so entirely. She gave it no further attention or thought as she figured there wasn't a point for him to be called out on it. She had to laugh a little at his comment about medical staff being near Sickbay "Increases the chances of survival." she answered him with a wink.

"Oh really? I love cooking actually. Not anything too difficult or experimental... Just like the things that you think replicators can't produce. Which is a lot actually... I don't know, I think if you cook your own meal that you still have that extra touch to it." she thought out loud as she voiced her own opinion. She shrugged eventually "If you ever feel the dire need for something sugary and desert like, just let me know." she answered with a softer tone.

Patterson kept her eyes on the pilot as he imagined that he didn't really know. She smiled a bit broader "Well... I'd be a disaster behind the flight stick I imagine." she snickered "Too complicated and I don't think I have the muscle mass to survive in a cockpit." she smiled "But... Like in the Nebula we're in now, I do wonder what it would have to look like when in a shuttle or cockpit... All the lights and such... I'd just hover around for the scenery." she giggled before she shook her head "Sorry if I'm rambling."

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

Daniel smiled at her comment about the increased chance of a patient’s survival.  “Always a good thing.”  He said in return still smiling.  In his society unless you were married or under the age of 15 there were barracks for people to live which were generally in the same building as their occupation, he had spent five years in a barracks during his schooling; when he had went to Starfleet Academy he felt very out of place only having a single roommate rather than having a baker’s dozen.

“Well I’ve never said no to something sugary and desert like, especially when a beautiful woman asks me.”  Daniel said with a smile.  Daniel had never really had much sugary deserts growing up, his people had them but he had spent most of his time on campus and their selection for deserts was very limited so he decided that he didn’t need it.  When he left his people he found that most women enjoyed having deserts when on a date or just whenever.  “Do you have a specific preference when it comes to sugary and desert like?”  He asked her.

“Well it all depends on who your flight instructor is and as for muscle mass, that’s partly what the flight suit is for, it helps out a lot.”  The exo-suit was definitely something he had to get used to when he had joined Tactical CONN, his people relied more on genetic enhancements instead of mechanical ones.  “No need to apologize for rambling, I don't mind it.”  Daniel said with a smirk.  “And if I can swing it with whomever the new SCO is going to be maybe you could get your wish and see what the nebula is like from the view of a cockpit.”  Daniel replied.
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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix @Brutus @DocReno @Havenborn @Nolan 
The reply from the felinoid brought a smile instantly to Silim’s face. It appears that this cat was no dullard and that excited Parnak. Too long had he been burdened by Federation mediocracy. Finally, here he could find someone to converse and spar with on an intellectual level. First though, he had to reply to the Kzin’s question. 

“Exchange? Of sorts. As to how Diplomatic it’ll be? Well, that’s something we just have to wait and see” Pausing to take a sip of the Kanar, Silim appreciated the choice and quality of the drink he had been offered. The viscosity of the beverage was perfect, a wonderful taste of home.

“This bar of yours. Seems that there is a mass of pairings going on.” Parnak indicated to the others, stretching a finger from a hold on his glass. Firstly, two humans and then, a human and an Andorian. All were opposite genders. Well, the Andorian was definitely opposite. The quad gendered nature of the species fascinated Silim. He pondered momentarily about hyper-fertility experiments before returning his mind to the topic at hand. “Are you here to offer me more than just a beverage? Perhaps a secret menu?” The joke was a bit obvious, insinuating that in fact the Kzin had converted a Starfleet lounge into a makeshift brothel. However, looking at the offerings on show, Parnak certainly wouldn’t say no.

“No matter.” He said. Vocalizing the end of the thought train. It was a fevered dream, no more and Silim pushed the thought from his head. Instead he would find out more about mysterious barkeep. From the way he spoke, it sounded as he was new to the ship as well. “If you are out here, stuck on his ship with me. You must have done something to earn yourself a name. Or am I forced to call you ‘Pourer-Of-Drinks’?”

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[ Deacon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista , @Brutus , @DocReno , @Havenborn , @Nolan  

Deacon regarded the cardassian, feeling the shift in his mood, likely impressed that he wasn't speaking to the average kzin.  Cardassians, as he recalled, did place a certain level of value in intellect, and his training had ensured a regimented education above and beyond that of the rank and file of his race.  Were he inclined to place a wager, he suspected this particular patron to be of the more scientifically inclined members of his species, rather than those preoccupied with more militaristic agendas.

He was hard pressed to decide if he was more impressed that this new patron had an understanding of kzinti naming practices or insulted that he had chosen one so blatant, but he was hardly in a position to adequately demonstrate his true profession and any semblance of straakh was lost the moment he set foot aboard the starbase.  "Had I earned a name," he replied, "I would be accompanying a warband and likely feasting on the flesh of the crew rather than tending to their recreational needs."  Casting a glance back at the others in the bar, he squared his shoulders slightly.  "And I have nothing to do with their baser instincts.  This is meant to be a social gathering place, but some have partaken of pre-coital relations."

Turning his attention back towards the cardassian, he continued, "I would ask that you not encourage such activities."

"As to what you may call me," he said after a moment, reflecting that his attire was wholly unsuitable, still nothing more than uncomfortable civilian garb that he had managed to secure from one of the colonies before betraying his people, "I am Deacon.  Before coming here, I was a member of the Black Priesthood."  His casual admission was almost the same as someone randomly blurting out that they were a member of the Obsidian Order, or the Tal'Shiar, but the kzinti did not hide the existence of the Black Priests.  In fact, they were feared, respected, and most importantly, held the ear of their ruler in a way that even the High Priests did not.  In more ways than one, they were the true power behind the throne -- at least, if the rumors were to be believed.  "And you are...?"

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[ Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix & anyone else
When Devyrie had finally managed to get quarters assigned to her, having stood in the line to the Quartermaster for quite some time, she did naught more than use some of her allotted replicator rations to make some clothing. Then, after she had a couple of duty uniforms to spare, she donned denim trousers, boots, a black tank top and a Tactical CONN hoodie, she left her quarters behind. Vinnie Ferris, her RIO, had said he wanted to rest, so for the first time, Devyrie had roamed the corridors of the Theurgy alone.

She had spotted a few White Wolves now and then, stopped to chat a bit, before continuing her slow exploration of the multivector dreadnought. Yet her in her thoughts was neither the size of the ship nor what accommodations could be found around the next intersection. No, in her mind, she tried to recall - word for word - what her father had written to her. She remember lifting the encryption while using their own secret key word, and then stared at the glowing words on her screen back on Luna base.

Sweet Devyrie,

I got your message about the Orcus, and your squadron's new assignment. Please, child, be careful. Remember my last message about Auroto and Aidoaan. If you are to hunt for the Theurgy together with the rest of Task Force Archeron, remember that you need to look for both of these individuals, because the people hiding behind these code names are both involved in the attacks against the outposts. If you find one of them, you will likely find the other as well.

There are two possibilities, Devyrie. Either Aidoaan is on the Theurgy, and the correspondence with Donatra's fleet is conducted from there. Or, Aidoaan is not on the renegade ship, but somewhere else along the RNZ, which puts the claim of Captain Ives being a traitor to question. Of course, it should not be ruled out, but something is not right. Not even Ives has the clearance to know the coordinates of some of the hidden facilities.

As for Auroto, the indications I have is that he - or she - is a Romulan, and the messenger. Knowing the Tal'Shiar, having defected to Donatra or not, this operative likely has some means to cross the Neutral Zone. Veherr, but I dare not speculate further than that, not without seeding potential falsehoods in your mind. Remember what I always told you. If the only tool you have is a disruptor, then you will treat everything a target.

Keep your mind open, and stay sharp.

Glohhaasi' mnekha,

Aurum Okhala
Now, she was on the Theurgy, but she had yet to verify anything. The briefing in the Fighter Assault Bay had been compelling, and on its own, it had offered a lot of facts... but her father had not offered her nothing so profound as parasitic usurpers. The eerie feeling she had, however, was that she had gleaned the truth... and the reason someone in Starfleet had tried to arm Donatra's fleet was because this enemy wanted a galactic war. Supposition, she thought, blinking with her green eyes, Not good enough. It's like I have two halves of the puzzle, but I have yet to make them make a whole image.

She wanted to believe her father had been right, but she also believed that the Theurgy's crew knew what they'd seen.

Devyrie stepped into a lounge, and saw people she had not met before there. As far as she could see, there were no White Wolves there, and considered to leave in search for them. Yet her white hair and her faint Romulan ridges had already drawn the eyes of a few that were present, and should she turn on her heel and leave... it would not be constructive to her ambition to blend in.

To try and learn more, before deciding on her next action aboard the ship.

She did not challenge those who stared at her ridges with her sharp, green gaze, but ignored them all lest she'd been spoken to. She stepped up to the bar, and seeing a large felnoid bartender having left the counter to speak with a guest at one of the tables - a Cardassian - she waited until she had the proprietor's attention before making her order.

"Kali-fal, please," she said in her Alpha Centauri accent, leaning against the counter with one arm. It was what she'd drink with her father when they'd meet, once she'd come of age. Perhaps the taste would spring her memories of his cautionary words... and she'd know what to do next.

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn 

A slight flush colored Riley's cheeks as Daniel replied with never saying no to sugary deserts, the part about her being a beautiful woman was the part that made her blush a bit more. She giggled a little before she shook her head and looked more deeply into Daniel's eyes. His next question made her think her response over. There were so many sugary deserts that she likes, some more delicious than others. "Well, you have the classics from Earth... Ice cream with various toppings, creme bruleé, warm bread sticks with cinnamon sauce draped over them...  Otherwise you have Ktarian chocolate puff, I'danian spice pudding or Sweet leola root tart... There's really a lot to explore." she smiled "Depends what you're really into though. Flavors are very variable." she concluded as she folded her hands together after placing her cup back down.

"Oh right, flight suits... I always wonder what you guys wear under that. I mean, isn't it too hot in there during space flight? Or is it too cool at times?" she asked him straight forward. she leaned in now, resting her elbows on the table as she studied the pilot's face. She had to laugh when he mentioned that she might get to see the nebula for herself if he could swing it with the next SCO. "Really? you think the new flight leader would let you do that?" she asked with a bright smile on her face. It would definitely be one of her ideas that she could scrape of her bucket list if so.

"I mean, aren't there regulations or something against it?" she asked laughing as she shook her head "I don't want you to get in trouble because of me. The sight from one of the side windows is just as breath taking at times you know. Even more so on an observation deck." she mused as she finished up her drink. It was just in time it seemed as their orders came through for the pie. Two plates presented in front of them as Riley grinned "Dig in Daniel, let me know what you think of it."

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

Daniel listened as she listed off the different types of deserts.  As she giggled he smiled and managed to relax a little as he stared back into her eyes.  “Well I’ve had ice cream before and I’ve had cakes but I’ve not really had anything else.”  He generally didn’t eat deserts as his diet required him to eat specific types of foods and unfortunately deserts weren’t high on that list.  “As for what I’m into, I don’t really have a favorite type of desert.  Maybe we could try a variety of them sometime?”  Daniel asked her with a smile, he also wouldn’t mind spending more time with her.

Daniel smiled when she mentioned the flight suits.  “Well I usually wear an undershirt and pants or my physical training gear underneath my flight suit.”  He explained as he paused for a moment.  “The flight suit itself is temperature controlled allowing you to keep it at a temperature that is perfect for you.”  He explained.  “I don’t know but I doubt there’s any harm in asking.”  Daniel said as he thought back to when he was an SCO himself and he’d taken his then girlfriend at the time, Krissy Williams, out a few times; but then he had been the SCO and thus could bend the rules a little.  “Don’t worry if there are regulations against it I won’t be breaking them.  Regulations exist for a reason after all.”  He replied as he saw the waiter bring their deserts over to them and place them down in front of them.

Daniel smiled as he sliced a piece of pie with his fork and brought it up to his mouth taking his first taste.  He chewed it then swallowed and smiled.  “It tastes good, I can’t really place what it tastes like though but it is really good.”  He said with smile as he sliced off another piece and ate it.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn  

"Cakes can be nice, especially with different toppings." Riley answered before she nodded "Sure, we can try something out, if you want we could even cook up something ourselves." she snickered "Cooking is always fun and well... It's always bound to get messy." she answered the pilot with a subtle wink. She enjoyed the stoic character of the pilot, even it was to flirt with him and see how much of his stoicism he could retain in the end. Yet in the end, she didn't want him to feel uncomfortable or bad, so she decided to ease down a little.

"Well, we don't have a new SCO yet... Considering you were one before, maybe you'll have a chance to become the new one as well?" Patterson asked, suggested it even as she didn't know who the hell was in charge of the wolves after the death of Renard. "Either way, let me know if you get any sort of clearance for it." she smiled vibrantly as she looked at the Larish pie being presented.

Riley sliced off a piece for herself as she tasted it and she chewed on it before swallowing it "Mmh, a bit staler than I remember, but it tastes pretty good though. I'm glad you like it!" she exclaimed while she started eating her first real solid meal of the day "So do you have any other plans for tonight? Or can a pretty girl like me keep you company for the rest of the evening?" she asked, daring him a bit yet testing the waters herself.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

“I’d like that, maybe tomorrow after my duty shift ends and if you’re free?”  He asked her as he noticed the subtle wink.  He wasn’t quite sure where she was going with her statement but he liked to think he had the right idea.  He’d have to see if it turned out he was right, though he realized that if something were to happen he might have to propose a courtship with her as he had with Krissy Williams on the Resolve.

Daniel nodded as he remembered his conversation with Lieutenant Ravon earlier, and he figured that the SCO list was probably between him and Ravon.  “I can only hope, although if it ends up being someone else that will definitely be one of the first questions I ask.”  Daniel replied.  He assumed that if he wasn’t chosen as SCO he’d at least retain command over what was left of his squadron which was more of a Flight now; at the very least he could hope for a position as a Flight Leader.

He watched for her reaction as she ate the pie and it seemed that the replicator had not done the pie any justice as she commented on the staleness of it.  Daniel took another bite himself but since he had no comparison it tasted just fine to him.  “I’m meeting up with a friend from the Resolve later tonight but until then I’m all yours.”  Daniel said with a smile as he stared into her eyes.  “What did you have in mind?”  He asked her.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn  

"Sure, I'm pretty positive that works for me. Seeing you're an officer though... Would you mind if we did so at your quarters? I have shared quarters so, unless you want someone eyeing you out while cooking..." she laughed a little and took another bite from her pie. Riley seemed to relax a bit more around the pilot as she rested her head on her hand as she leaned against the table. She looked to be more tired now that she had gotten a decent meal and she only managed to eat half of it before she pushed the plate aside and drank some of the newly offered tea. In the meantime she nodded as Daniel spoke of hoping for the SCO position.

"Mmh, all mine huh?" she snickered before she sipped a bit more from the tea. She gave his question some thought about what they could do. Considering the pilot would still have to go out later on she narrowed her ideas down. "Well, the options are possibly..." she paused as she looked around and laughed a bit to herself "You could always show me your best dance moves..." she dared him "Otherwise, we could go for a walk and I'll have you show you around a little to the most important stuff, or just keep here and have some more drinks." she suggested as she looked at the pilot, her eyes searching his for what might strike his interest.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Daniel smiled and nodded.  “My quarters are pretty bland right now but if that doesn’t bother you then you are most welcome to come to my quarters.”  Daniel said, though depending on who her roommate was that could be pretty interesting.  He continued eating his pie enjoying the taste of it as he began to notice that she was looking a little more tired now.

He smiled as she snickered to his comment about him being all hers for now.  When she mentioned dancing he thought back to his schooling, they had been given courses in dancing but only with a partner and it’d been awhile since he’d done that.  “To be perfectly honest, the only dancing I’ve ever done was with a partner and that was a long time ago.”  Daniel said as he took another bite and listened to the other choices.  He wouldn’t mind a personal tour of the ship led by her.  The drinking option however wasn’t something he wanted to go back to for awhile.  As much as he loved the taste of Vat 69, he drank more of that brand of scotch today than he had when he had graduated from the Academy.  “I think the tour sounds like a good idea.”  Daniel said.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn

"Doesn't bother me at all to be fair... You're not the type to decorate? Or just because you got the quarters?" she asked, wondering if he had a bit of a spartan attitude. She had seen a couple of people do it, maintaining an almost bare room to keep their head in the game and have them on edge all the time. She nipped more from her tea and finished the cup this time before placing it on the plate with the pie on it. She scooped the last bit from the edge and sucked it off her finger before she leaned back a little.

"Well, would it make you feel more comfortable if I were to be your partner in that case Daniel?" she asked teasingly and laughed a little "I'm an okay dancer, but nothing too formal." she admitted and shrugged. The pilot however opted for the tour and she nodded "Alright, that works for me." she answered and waited for a few more seconds "Let me know when you'd like to go."

Once the pilot had finished his meal, the nurse stood up and gestured the pilot to follow her as she lead him out of the lounge and into the multi vector dreadnought's corridors.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

Daniel shook his head.  “I just haven’t had the time honestly.  Most of my belongings went with the Resolve and I haven’t really had a chance to replace everything yet.  I suppose once everything gets settled that I’ll speak to the quartermaster and begin requisitioning stuff to decorate my quarters with.”  Daniel replied.  He had always decorated his quarters, he viewed his quarters as his home, it was the one place where he could truly relax and not worry about anything.

“I only know my people formal dances, I don’t really know how to dance casually.”  He said with a smile.  He had taught Krissy a few of his people’s formal dances and the two of them had danced in either his quarters or hers on several occasions.  Daniel nodded and picked up his last shot then downed it and stood up.  He had planned on reviewing the ship’s directory tomorrow but getting a personal tour from a beautiful woman was far better.

“I’m ready whenever you are Petty Officer Patterson.”  Daniel said as he followed her lead out of the lounge and into the ship’s corridors.  “So where are we off to first?”  He asked her with a smile.
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LT JG Alessia Garcia, Callsign "Angel" | Vector 3, Deck 28 - Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan, anyone else

To say that today hadn't gone as planned would be an understatement.  It was an emotional roller-coaster riddled with information overload and a fair bit of self doubt.  Alessia thought she'd rationalized everything away, but at 2130 hours her mind was still replaying each pivotal moment and questioning her reactions.  Had she made the right decisions?  She thought she had.. so why couldn't she sleep?  Restless nights weren't uncommon, but there was something nagging at her brain.  Guilt?  Disappointment?  Failure?  Loss?  She shook her head.  Her brown eyes slowly opened and stared at the ceiling.  "This isn't working."

Maybe she should have gone out with Sehl.  He had offered an hour or so ago, but she didn't drink and wasn't really feeling up to the 'bar scene' on her first day aboard a new ship.  Now though, she was having second thoughts.  The company would be welcome and she was certain they served more than just alcoholic beverages.  Besides, the Orcus' lounges had been nice on occasion.

A little after 2200 hours, Alessia entered the Below Decks Lounge in her off-duty attire, fully intending to join her Andorian RIO for a bit of socializing and relaxation.  But as she scanned the room, she didn't see him anywhere.  Instead, to her surprise, her friend and flight-mate Dev was amidst the crowd and seemingly alone.  Since Sehl didn't seem to be there and Alessia didn't want to sit by herself and sip her horchata, she crossed to Dev's spot by the bar counter and seated herself there.

"Hey chica!  ¿Que Pasa?1"  It was common for Alessia to ask 'what's up' in Spanish.  Either Dev would remember the phrase and it's meaning or she wouldn't and Alessia would rephrase in English.  "I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd meet Sehl here, but I don't see him anywhere.  Have you seen him?"  It was entirely possible that Sehl had not come at all, but in all likelihood she'd simply missed him.  Not that it mattered now, since Alessia had found Dev instead. 

"What a loco2 day, eh?  If you had asked me this morning to guess where i'd be right now, this would not be my answer.  But what can you do?"  Alessia watched Dev as she spoke.  Her friend seemed.. tense?  On edge was more like it.  As if she was focused on something just out of reach.  "How are you holding up?  And where's the waiter?  I want to see if their horchata is any good or if they need my abuela's3 recipe."

1.) ¿Que Pasa? = What's Up?
2.) loco = crazy
3.) abeula's = grandma's

"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attention: @Brutus

"I think that would be a good plan, Lt. ch'Rayya. Let's see if we can find a spare seat?"

Keval offered her a very warm smile, "Very good then, I promise to avoid any topics like who's currently the best baseball player of the Pikes Pioneers or who is the better Betazoid fashion designer." he said in a warm tone as he got up from his stool and looked around the room, finally seeing an empty table neat to the viewports with a nice beautiful view of space.

Plus it was far enough away for them to talk in private easily.

He then motioned at said table, his smile still honest and warm. "Will that table work, Miss Stark?" he offered up.

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[ Jaya Thorne |  Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn @Kaligos , @DocReno , anyone else

"Well, this is the place."  Jaya lingered in the corridor outside the lounge. She wondered if she should remain in the hallway for Sithick to show up, since he was guaranteed to see her there.  If she entered and found a table, there was a chance he might miss her in the crowd.  Granted, it was a slim chance, but still.. she had invited him out because she was making an effort to get to know the lizardman.  It would be hard to make small talk if he decided to leave because he couldn't find her.  But there was liquor inside and not outside, so she entered.

The Below Decks Lounge was everything Jaya expected in an off-duty establishment.  The place was roomy and filled with tables, some vacant and some occupied.  It had a lovely view of the nebula and a space where performers could play or sing or dance.  The bar swept one entire side of the room, and it's vast array of spirits caught her eye.  Oh, there were other sights to see: the decor, the lighting, the placements of doors and replicators.. but only one place called to her.  Jaya gave the room a final sweep before turning toward the bar.  Yes, there were open tables.. but that vacant bar stool called to her.

Jaya was all too familiar with bars and the trouble she could get into here.  Plus, she had plans later, which had taken serious effort to create, so she couldn't allow herself to become too wasted.  But it would be rude to sit at the bar and NOT have a drink..

Jaya hoped up into a bar stool and glanced at the bartender.  The next question on her mind was of course: what to order that she could drink her fill of and not be too tipsy when it was time to go.  The answer to that was easy.  Jaya waved her hand at the bartender to get his attention. 

"I'll have 2 Romulan Ales, please.  And I'm waiting for someone.  A Gorn.  I doubt it but.. has he been by here already?"  Sithick was someone you definitely didn't miss or forget.  He wasn't currently in the lounge, but just to make sure he hadn't arrived early and left, she figured asking was prudent.
"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
 - Jaya Thorne, Asst. Chief CONN Officer, Ensign [Show/Hide]

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attention: @Brutus, @Even Angels Cry

The andorian over heard the question and turned to regard the speaker and found himself caught by the figure in question, his antenna moved just enough to indicate interest in the curvy woman in question. "I've seen a lot of things in the last couple of days, miss." he admitted freely with a smile on his face. "Ranging from the last ride of my late ship in an epic blaze of glory to this bat shit crazy conspiracy of shadows and bugs to being told that Kanar is the hardest stuff in here at the moment."

The andorian's antenna then flexed in a strange pattern, an andorian way of laughing silently as his smile took on a slightly silly look. "None the less, let the 'Verse have it's twenty seconds of darkness because in the end we'll be the ones with the last does the Earth that was saying go again.." he mused as he took on a thoughtful look before he spoke again, his voice sounding taking on a bit of a Northern accent as he spoke;

'When can their glory fade?'
'O the wild charge they made!'
"All the world wonder'd.'
'Honour the charge they made!'
"Honour the Light Brigade,'
'Noble six hundred!

He then looked upwards in thought as if he'd forgotten something and then shook his head. "I hope that's the right one, but the point of the matter is that all of us here collectively have survived a lot to get to this point and thus we can survive anything!" he said with a simple, honest smile. "Besides, I still owe one hell of a pilot an entire round of drinks..out flying an entire squadron of interceptors like that in a captain's YACHT of all that takes skill and finesse."

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[ Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix & @Even Angels Cry 
Even though she had made her order across the room to the bartender, it seemed he was busy with speaking to the Cardassian, so Devyrie sighed and leaned on the bar counter, lost in her thoughts again.

That was, until suddenly Angel appeared at her side, and it made Devyrie smile - turning to face her sister wolf from the old White Wolf Squadron. She was a bit difficult to understand at times, though, her accent and some of her words foreign to her since she had grown up on Alpha Centauri. Then again, perhaps that was true of herself as well, when those from Earth heard her speak. She did know the phrase in question, though.

"I am slowly trying to come to terms with being here, truth be told," she said to Alessia, and the dark-haired pilot seemed to be of the same mind, talking about how crazy of a day it had been. While she spoke, Devyrie's green gaze picked up the arrival of another woman, and as if he knew her, an Andorian stopped talking with the human at his table in order to speak with this new woman, as if he'd completely forgotten that he was talking to the first one. Devyrie raised her eyebrows, thinking that on Alpha Centauri, such a slight would not have gone by unpunished. It seemed men of all species behaved like canines that thought all females around them were in heat. It was none of her business though, turning her back to whatever may happen next there - eyes returning to Angel's.

"The waiter is over there, talking to the spoonhead," she said, not keen on Cardassian due to personal experiences, "Don't know about food, but I have tried to get a drink. If he doesn't return, perhaps we should head to another lounge, or go use the replicator ourselves."

Pausing, she answered the second question - her smile gone. "I keep asking myself if I did the right thing," she admitted in a quiet voice, clenching her jaw. "I know you vouched for this Thomas Ravon, but I don't know the man. I... find myself here, on this ship, on the word of others, and while I am inclined to believe what we saw in that recording. I just feel that there is more to all this than meets the eye. I have no definitive certainty..."

Looking up to Angel's eyes again, she raked a hand through her white locks. "I... just wish there was a way I knew for sure. That I didn't come her half-cocked, as they say. Tell me. Why do you trust Ravon's word, or Ives', for that matter?"

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix @Auctor Lucan @Even Angels Cry @Brutus @DocReno Anyone

As if it wasn’t already possible, the smile on Parnak’s face deepened, to what he had once heard described as a ‘shit-eating’ grin. Who would have guessed in a small bar within the Federation’s rogue ship, that there would be a fallen member of the black priesthood? It was almost as if it was part of one of those mystery action holonovels. He would need to keep an eye on this one. Who knows what possibilities could present themselves?

“Parnak.” He retorted by way of introduction. “Doctor Parnak, should you subscribe to the nomenclature of prefixes.” Pausing to take a sip of the Kanar, Silim continued. “Professor at University of Cult and member of the board of Xenobiology in the Cardassian Science Ministry.”

“I guess I should be glad. Cardassian flesh is not described as the most enjoyable for the warband on the prowl, nor if I were in your stomach, could I enjoy this treat.” Silim drained his glass before rolling it between his fingers. The cloying syrup had the perfect amount of burn. Just enough to tingle. Soon, the Kanar would start to lose its viscosity and would turn sour as it spoiled. Silim pondered if he should just ask for the rest of the bottle as shouts for drinks came from across the room. From the corner of his eye he caught new attendees at the bar.

“Yet another Romulan…” He casually observed, vocally. This was truly starting to turn into a summit of alpha quadrant powers. Silim knew his time for pleasantries would soon be over. If there was one thing that seemed apparent, it was not to get between this crew and their relaxation. “I imagine duty, such as it is, calls.” He said by way of dismissing the bartender. “Come find me again when you are free, Kzin. I would like to hear how you ended up here.”

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[ Deacon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista , @Auctor Lucan , @Even Angels Cry , @Nolan , @Havenborn , and anyone else needing the proprietor

Deacon gave a nod to Parnak, pausing long enough to leave the bottle of kanar at the table.  It wasn't a practice he would ordinarily undertake with the others but he figure the cardassian may well enjoy it and he seemed disinclined to be the sort to abuse such a privilege, and Deacon did appreciate the more intellectual approach to his presence as opposed to the more visceral reactions of some of the humans he'd encountered -- even those that had struggled to maintain their hard-won diplomatic facades when dealing with him.

He turned to look back at the growing assemblage of patrons that had taken the late hour as an opportunity to seek camaraderie and food, despite his expectations that the long day and promise of longer hours tomorrow might otherwise dissuade so many from straying from their newly assigned beds. Rolling his shoulders and silently cursing the persistent numbness in his hand, he passed the table where a male and female human seemed so enraptured in their own conversation that the whole of the lounge around them may otherwise be caught in some delayed timewarp around them.

As he moved back to the bar area itself, he noted the the holographic personnel may well prove advantageous in future.  But he couldn't bear the thought to random, anonymous servers simply appearing and disappearing at random with no accountability or long term connection.  The very idea seemed overly haphazard and impersonal.  If there were to be holograms, he would need to give them distinct identities and see if he could have them serve a more long-term purpose in the lounge, as one might expect of any employee.

Passing before the replicator, he made a quick request before grabbing the glass of faint blue liquid as it appeared and placing it before the female romulan.  "You requested kali-fal," he stated, thankful that his keen hearing and ability to mentally multitask was not something wasted in such an environment.  "Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to refresh our supplies tonight so this is replicated."  He disliked the need to give such an advisory as often as he was; the habit of making excuses was not one that earned the practitioner any straakh.  He would need to tend to these deficiencies as soon as he awoke it seemed -- presuming the Lounge cleared at anything close to a reasonable hour to allow for sleep.  "However," he said, his tone taking a faintly more serious tone, "I realize that not all species have a care for one another, I ask that terms such as 'spoonhead' be left beyond those doors.  In this place, we are one pride."

Turning his gaze to the human female beside her, picking up on another matter he'd clearly not been present to hear, he confessed, "I'm not familiar with the term 'horchata'.  I assume that is a terran delicacy?  I will endeavor to familiarize myself with it for future reference, but for now, I can request that it be replicated if that is your desire."

As a third female approached the bar and requested Romulan Ale and the presence of a gorn, he turned his golden eyes towards her replied, "I regret that we do not have any Romulan Ale.  It is my understanding that it is considered contraband within the Federation."  He tilted his head, the whiskers above one eye taking an inquisitive arch.  "As to the gorn, unless this vessel has more than one, he and I have... met... when I first came on board.  I have not seen him since."  The thought of the large reptilian barreling at him in zero-G in the midst of a damaged bridge caught in the middle of a space battle came to mind, forcing Deacon to repress it with some effort. 

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[ PO2 Sithick | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry , @Arista @Auctor Lucan @steelphoenix @DocReno

Sithick was always so nervous when it came to entering any establishment in which he would eat in front of other beings. He had seen looks of various kinds over his years when he ate. Some looked to him as if mortified like he may end up devouring them along with his meal, others had the odd fascination one would get from watching a 21st century train accident. Once, and only once he had been looked upon with what he had to assume was arousal.

He had eaten fairly recently as three hours had passed from his encounter with Lahkesis. Everything about that still left him feeling so very odd. He had no idea what to think about what had transpired,. From the affectionate touching with the doctor, to everything else that was now causing his legs to shake slightly. There was also the point that he could crawl into his bed and sleep for an eternity, but he had told Jaya that he would make an attempt to follow her to this lounge.

Which of course put him into the nervous position he was in now. He  had never spent any time in an off duty lounge, he had never drank before. Once upon a time in his life alchahol had been something for slave owners, a simble of status and wealth. Then when he had come under the ownership of the Klingon Empire the drinks had flowed freely. He had never seen a ship that didn't have at least nine kegs of blood wine somewhere in it's station, and yet he had never partook in it. Klingon ale had been offensive to his sensitive snout.

When he had joined the Federation pretty much any replicator could be used for the stuff, getting Margarittas and other earth drinks had been a common passing on the Eldarado, and he had usually been the one to fix something after the drunks of the ship had broken it.

So this place was... not his usual location. Sithick waked steadily through the crowd, his muzzle twisting and turning in the air as he followed a scent rather than using his eyes. Walking up behind Jaya, he placed one large powerful claw on her shoulder in a gentle patting motion, before sitting down at the bar next to her. His translator was on, allowing him to speak with a gramattically correct voice, if a little fragmented, and of course turning his normally deep horrific voice into something he had picked to hopefully be a little disarming, the feminine voice of some actress from many years ago. "Hello, did I keep you waiting?" As he spoke his yellow eyes did a quick one eighty around the room, his head darting around as he felt uncomfortable.

The creature he had tackled from earlier this day was here as well. Sithick's yellow eyes hardened for a moment wondering if there was going to be some trouble, but instead of an insult or a fight, the large lizard let out a loud, yawn. Too much work, too many shifts, and it was all going to start again tomorrow. His jaw unhinged for a moment stretching to it's full amount as his red tongue on display before it snapped shut with the force one would expect of such a creature.

"Tender, I would like a chocolate that is hot please." Though the translator was an actual device that rested on sithick's lower jaw it had to struggle for a moment as he seemed to almost balk in his language, apparently whatever tongue he was using originally didn't exactly have words for what he was ordering. He felt confident drinking in front of a crowd, but he would never, never eat in a place of this size.

He would probably die of embarrassment from the looks.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten:

He has a certain amount of charm, I have to admit, Natalie decided as they stood and began to make their way from the bar towards one of the numerous tables. The doors to the lounge were opening more and more often, as shifts ended and new faces poured themselves into seats and ambled up to the bar. It made her think of the stark contrast to the Spearhead Lounge the night prior. She imagined she might spend more time there in the future. Less memories of the departed, and as it was an officers lounge, less crowded.

But tonight, a crowd had been part of the draw. No close intimacy with Dr. Nicander and Lt. Cmdr. Wenn. The ability to drown in a sea of living people, a reminder that she had survived. And so she would spend it with the charming Andorian from the Resolve. Perhaps form a connection with the new comers, help them adjust. Help me not make even more of an ass of myself than i did with that idiot science officer. Baby steps.

Of course, she had to actually get to the table. And it seemed the former CTO of the Resolve had been distracted by another pretty face. Natalie turned to observe and felt her eyebrows rise slightly. Facial scarring? she thought to herself. She knew that plenty of people kept the scars that they'd earned throughout life. It was a practice she didn't understand, but she knew of it. She'd had plenty of first hand experience when dealing with the former Wing Commander of the Harbinger, Lt.Cmdr. Kilinvoss. Never the less, there was just a small, wine coated part of her that became somewhat jealous at the sudden about face from the Androian.

She glanced around as he spouted off some kind of lyrics and delicately sat, letting her gaze pass over those around her.

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attention: @Brutus, @Even Angels Cry

Keval's eyes were ever alert, taking in everything around him as was usual before seeing the arrival of said gorn and then nodding to the young curvy woman before heading over to the table where the commander was waiting, the smile he had slowly disappearing from his face as it took on a more thoughtful one.

"Sorry about me sprouting off an old poem like that, Miss Stark, I used to be one of the people that would keep my fellow senior staff members focused and I guess that feeling of responsibility hasn't gone away quite yet." Keval offered up in an honest tone as he sat down across the table from the human. "Plus I wanted to make sure that I heard that right and in fact there is a gorn on the ship..I was actually curious if it was a female, they are some of the toughest and most fighters among that speices..rare to encounter off world since they tend to be high ranking officers."

Keval then ran a hand through his short hair as he studied the human for a moment before nodding slightly. "Tell me, Miss Stark, from basic observation what can you tell me about three people in this room?" he asked but then he gave her a ghost of a smile. "Not about their service records or anything but from just looking at them can you tell me one thing based on how they move, walk, talk, or the like?"

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