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[ Deacon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Triage, Kaligos, Brutus, DocReno

"We obtained a hefty supply from the USS Harbinger when we were on Theta...well, when we were able to catch our collective breaths.  We may still have some stocks in one of the cargo bays. Cargo bay...4? Or 5. One of those," she'd said before letting slip another giggle, prompting Deacon to roll his ears back slightly, wondering if perhaps she'd seen through his hesitation and attempts at deflection.  Those devious female monkeys, they would be the death of him.

"Hello..this might be a bit strange but can I get something nice and hard along with a glass of water..I don't care what it is as long as it's not wine please."

Deacon turned to regard the andorian, wondering if, for a moment if this had been the one he'd assisted earlier.  As with humans, most andorians tended to look alike to him.  In truth, if not for the blue skin and antennae, the might as well be humans so far as he was concerned.  He supposed he would have to work on this culturally imposed aphasia or he'd end up spending the remainder of his tenure here calling everyone by someone else's name.  Ironic that he could know so many of their languages but so little of their people.

He looked over at the pair with the bottle of kanar.  "At the moment, that is likely the 'hardest' item available," he stated, before giving a sideward eye back towards the female called Stark, "until someone is able to get me access to cargo bay 4 or 5."  His attention remained on her long enough to see if she would outright dismiss the idea or not, before he finally turned to the replicator and produced a glass of cold water from the open receptacle and placed it, along with an empty glass for the kanar, in front of the new comer.

Standing back, he folded his arms across his chest and assessed the group.  "If I knew to expect this much activity this late, I would have examined the pantry tonight instead of waiting for the morning."  He found it gave him comfort to simply forge ahead with the belief that his position was assured, although he did continue to cast appraising looks back at Stark, half expecting her to cut him short at any second.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | Deck 28 | Below Decks  USS Theurgy ] Attn: Triage

"Oh it's less superstition and more the fact that on the Klingon side of this thing we set up a minefield during the hundred year war, and then we lost track of it. It was swallowed by the nebula due to the gravimetric shifts that occurred when... well near the end of the war." Jack shrugged slightly as he looked out across the haze of blue. It was pretty in a way, but also very deadly. As if the gas pockets weren't enough.

Taking up his glass he smiled though when Krystal spoke about her plans to protect the ship, and let him analyze the results. He got a chuckle out of that.  When she called the Andorian a blueskin he looked at Tancredi like she was a little bit crazy, i mean he already knew that part but still.

Clearly this was one of the people from the resolve, which was odd, and slightly out casting to realize that even though Jack was a part of the crew he was always going to be pushed aside. Not really part of any other crew. Only one other person aboard had been a member of the Starbase.

Needing a bit of a pick me up from that thought he slammed back the rest of the Kanar and poured himself another drink. What was more the Andorian never even so much as addressed him going for another woman, the one that had traded cuts earlier.

"Friend of yours?" He asked looking to Tancredi part of him wondering what their relationship status was. Not that he could really butt into that conversation and throw in his two cents.

"Hi." He said waving over at the new comer. "Names Jack."

He was trying his best to ignore Natalie and Deacon at the moment  if only because he didn't need anything more from the bar, and the woman was crazy. With the newcommer out of his way his primary focus once again became Tancredi. "So do you have your quarters set  up for the night? And if I can be blunt, can I stay in them cause I have already been told that junior officer quarters are gonna take a while, as the quartermaster needs to give signatures for those. I would offer my bed to you, if I had one."

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lt. JG Hi'Jak, Deacon, Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark & Lt. Keval ch'Rayya

“All raht, if dat's what ya want,” said Tancredi evenly, her tone and gaze a little unreadable, if a little affected by what alcohol was in her system. She turned and searched around for a glass, and poured out some Kanar from the bottle in her hand, then handed it to the Andorian, then filled her own glass. The stuff did grow on you.

“Well if that ain't lovely,” said Tancredi to Jack, “Ya Klingon sahd sure don't do anythin' half assed, do they?”

She grinned at Jack and shook her head as she resumed her leaning posture against the bar. “Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya,” she answered Jack's question, and spoke loudly enough to get the Andorian's attention. “Only one'a da best tactical officers this sahd o'th' universe. Lieutenant, meet Jack. Jack, meet da Lieutenant.”

Introductions were unnecessarily made, and Tancredi was done in that area. She smiled and turned her head to regard the half-Klingon consideringly. She liked him, and he seemed a nice fellow, but she technically knew him only half a day. It took her months to a year to fully open up to anyone on the Resolve.

Ah what the hell; he's cute and she's still wearing armour. If that wasn't a detterent...

“Ah do, an' ya sure can, sugah.”

Maybe she was a little drunk too. That helped.

“Sahds, Ah could use da company.” that was also true. She hated being alone, and she was not a fan of sleeping in the dark. Captain Kendrick knew her fear and insecurities and never forced her to put out lights even if power conservation became necessary. Risky but an appreciated gesture. But this new crew and captain might not be so friendly or tolerant. And they had a fuckin' sentient ship! No. She would risk the company if nothing other than the comfort of a warm body and safety in numbers.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark| Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @steelphoenix , @Triage , @Kaligos , @DocReno 

Natalie listened to the Andorian, and the Knzit, letting everything they said to her, and each other, bounce around - slosh around - in her mind. She staved off any reply as she sipped her drink and really let things brew a bit. The Andorian seemed quite used to the pilots antics, if a bit upset about them. She heard the shift in tone, the change of accent. Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya - tactical officer. Where, she wondered, would he end up? As Thea's new tactical officer, freeing up some of Trent's responsibility? Or some other position. She didn't know, but her gut told her she'd find out sooner or later. Probably at the staff meeting n the morning.

A meeting she was not looking forward to. Not after all they had been through. With that souring thought in her mind, she took another long pull of her drink and, to the Andorian, finally answered. "I'm Lieutenant Commander Natalie Stark. Theurgy's Chief of Operations. Welcome aboard, and my condolences," she tried to keep her tone pleasant, offering her right (and undamaged) hand to the Androian, curious to see how he'd respond to that. And at the same time, she shot the 'bartender a long look, contemplative. It was easy enough to do - they were both in front of her.

"If you'll give me just a moment, Lieutenant," She began, "Mr. Deacon," she finally addressed him fully, mulling over the storm of feelings in her gut. She hadn't been involved in replacing Rory with Edena Rez. But it appeared that she was going to be involved in replacing the slain Trill. For a moment, she could picture Edena, collapsed on the back of the bridge, before being whisked away in a swirl of light. All of that passed in the barest of pauses as Natalie continued. "It is clear that you have set up shop here, and have an interest in seeing the lounge well run." Thats it Nat, keep your head cool, nice and slow, don't trip over your own words,

"As it stands, we have a vacancy, as you've likely noticed," One last pause, then, "Computer." A beep from overhead, "Grant access to Cargo bays....Four and Five, to Mr. Deacon. Additionally, log him as current proprietor, Below Decks, under provisional status. Authorization Stark, Two-Beta-Sierra-Zero-Nine." Her throat suddenly dry, she took another pull of the wine. It made her head a bit fuzzy, but settled her nerves.

"There. That should be sufficient. Consider yourself on a trial run, Mr. Deacon," she glanced around the room, "I'm sure that I can get plenty of feedback from my fellow customers, as needed." She gave him what she hoped to be an easy going smile, then turned her gaze slightly to the right, back to the Andorian.

"Now, where were we, Lieutenant?"

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[ Deacon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage , @Kaligos , @Brutus , @DocReno 

"Mr. Deacon, it is clear that you have set up shop here, and have an interest in seeing the lounge well run," the one called Stark said, addressing him in the midst of greeting the andorian.  Mister Deacon?  What was this monkey fascination with affixing 'mister' in front of anything that seemed to be a name, whether it was or wasn't?  Should he take to calling her Miss Lieutenant Commander?  The thought was vaguely amusing, but only passably so. 

"As it stands, we have a vacancy, as you've likely noticed."  He had deduced that much when he happened to find one crew member downing multiple bottles of alcohol within mere minutes of his having boarded the ship.  Without someone to enforce some level of control, it seemed most likely that the crew would drain the lounge of all vital resources within the week, and then they'd be starving, sober and surly... three things that never seemed to suit any species well, let alone one so haggard and bedeviled by their own kind.

"Computer, grant access to Cargo bays... Four and Five, to Mr. Deacon. Additionally, log him as current proprietor, Below Decks, under provisional status. Authorization Stark, Two-Beta-Sierra-Zero-Nine."  Provisional?  Did she expect that he might somehow fail at this task?  Or was she, perhaps, hoping for someone more desirous to come along and usurp the position from him?  Trying to understand a female -- especially a monkey female -- was maddening to say the least.  She seemed conflicted and yet did her best to remain professional and detached.

"There. That should be sufficient. Consider yourself on a trial run, Mr. Deacon," she stated, adding, "I'm sure that I can get plenty of feedback from my fellow customers, as needed."  She then flashed her teeth at him.  He folded back his ears.  Was that a threat?  Was she mocking him now?  It would have been easier if she'd just gone along and allowed his assumption to remain intact.  And now she bared her teeth?  No... no... that's a human thing.  They call it a smile.  It was intended to show pleasure.  So did that mean she was pleased with him?  Was she attempting a mating display?  Stop... stop... he was overthinking again.  She had complied with his wishes, whether provisional or otherwise.  Anything else was superfluous.

"Your... confidence in my abilities is noted," he said, as sincerely as possible, despite the maelstrom of confusion in his thoughts.  He considered attempting a smile of his own, but on reflection, there was no way he could make that look anything less than awkward and risked an incident of miscommunication in the process.  No, best to remain stoic.  "Thank you," he added, realizing that some sort of conclusion was necessary, and a statement of appreciation seemed proper.

He was truly thankful, though, when she she turned her attention back to he andorian.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | Deck 28 | Below Decks  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix  , @Triage , @Brutus  , @DocReno  

Jack couldn't help the smile that came across his face as Meony seemed to accept the offer of escorting him back to her quarters for the night. He had to admit that he was a complete sucker for a lady in armor, so this was probably going to end up being rather fun. To celebrate he tipped his glass of Kanar back and finished the lot of it sending a shiver up and down his spine as he drank.

"Oh I should probably say this before someone accuses me of being dishonest or something. There's another woman I started seeing earlier today as well, and come morning I'll be telling her about you. It's simpler if everyone just knows I'm poly rather than accusing me of having random affairs."

In such matters it was often better to ask forgiveness rather than permission, but it was also proper to inform the people you were with. In this regard Jack usually had a few rules set up, or at least that had been the way of things back in the academy, during his stay on 84 he had practically been a monk for how celibate he had been.

Of course agreeing to spending company didn't mean that there was an emotional connection, he had no way of knowing how Krystal actually felt about him, and his thoughts didn't extend past the fact's he knew about her. Atractive, fun to drink with, and good in a fire fight, perhaps a little crazy, but that crazyness had some cuteness  woven into it.

Oh and a damn sexy accent. Even if he couldn't exactly understand every word she was saying he could get enough to know that he liked her way of articulation.

So yeah he liked her, but he wasn't really sure where that would go. "Anyway, if your good with that you can imagine I don't come with strings attached. Whenever you're ready to lead me to your place I will be ready to follow."

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos, @steelphoenix, @Brutus & @DocReno

"Poly...?" She bit her lip before she could add a "What?" to the end of that sentence. Because she was sure it meant something to him. But damned if she knew. "Well if ya ain't just the cutest boah Ah met!" She covered it up with a room brightening smile and a quick adjustment of her hat. Besides, he'd given her his own thousand-watt smile when she accepted and invited him to bunk with her.

"Ya don't need t'tell me, sugah," said Tancredi, "who you wanna be with is no business o'mahn."

Basically true, but that didn't mean she didn't appreciate his candor, as her smile and the tender look in her eyes said. The wild-eyed look returned shortly after, and she fished out the steel spork she'd replicated earlier, twirling it skillfully between her fingers a moment, before slipping it back into a sheath of sorts where one of her knives used to go into. She finished the Kanar in her glass, and placed it on the bar, leaving the bottle there for anyone to grab. "Honesty's a good thing...sometahms," it wasn't clear if she was saying that to Jack, or to herself, or to no one in particular, "but fibs have them uses too...sometahms...c'mon sugah. Ah've got a fancy place."

She tossed the others a casual salute, giving the woman who cut her hand a sharp, but brief, look, before leaving. Once they were at the turbolifts, she started practicing her pronunciation, "Dieck aight. Duck ape. Dehck ay-et."

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[ Deacon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage , @Kaligos , @Brutus , @DocReno  

Deacon watched the encounter between Jack and the female as he made his confession regarding his interest in yet another.  When the female questioned the term he'd used to describe his romantic proclivity, Deacon nearly opened his mouth to offer an explanation, but opted instead to remain silent until the two went to part from the lounge.

As the door closed behind them, he turned and looked back and the andorian and the one called Stark, his expression skewed slightly to the side in thought. "I must ask," he began at last, "if it is normal for so many amorous encounters to be initiated in this place."  He folded his arms, tilting his head in the opposite direction, his gaze vaguely on Stark as he continued.  "Moreover, is this a behavior that I should be encouraging?"

He paused and then focused solidly on those present.  "Don't misunderstand.  Male kzinti with the honor of breeding often keep harems to carry on their family line.  The rest... well... the rest find other methods to work out their issues.  I suppose it's better than needing a pit in the center of the lounge for ritual dueling."

Another awkward pause filled the room.  "That is to say, I suppose that human females are considered equals and can initiate mating if they so choose, but it would seem there are times and places for such things... unless human females are slave to their cycle?

His golden eyes had unintentionally settled directly on Stark as he spoke, subconsciously assigning the question of whether certain activities should be encouraged or discouraged as part of his duties, but instead coinciding with his thoughts on menstruation.  Somewhere beneath his fur, his skin flushed, and he turned quickly to face the opposite direction, his numb hand nearly slapping him soundly in the face as he rushed to obscure his embarrassment.  "And on that note, I shall be over here..."

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attention: Everyone/Anyone

Keval actually couldn't help but to wince when he heard that the Kanar was at present the hardest drink available as he didn't have a taste for it like his fellow sibling in Baal (he still wondered why people laughed at his brother for his name) had for the Cardassian drink.

"In that case, may I request a jack and coke please?" Keval asked respectfully before he turned back to the human officer.

But before he could say anything further, she spoke with the Kzinti and mentioned something about him being on a trial run for running the bar that they were presently in before turning back to him.  "Just introductions, ma'am. You'll have to forgive some of us, we went from being in one exodus across the 'verse and into another one so some things became slightly.." he said.

Keval then picked up on the small details of the human that he was talking with originally and saw that one of her hands was damaged slightly and while his eyes did track it to make sure it didn't come to harm in case she had a little to much to drink, his grandshen did teach him properly after all,  and gave her a bit of an honest smile. "So, has it been as busy for you all as it has been for us?" he asked in a warm and honest manner.

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak & Drauc T'Laus | Crew Quarters | USS Theurgy ] Joint post with Auctor Lucan. Attn: @Brutus @DocReno @steelphoenix Anyone

Silim Parnak was about ready for bed. It had been a long day so far and the experience on Theurgy had left much to be desired.

The queue for rooms had been insufferable. For hours he stood, between two rather unruly members of Resolve with a need to try to speak through Silim to each other. He had joined directly after leaving the meeting in the Fighter Assault Bay. Having seen the video footage of that human – Acreth, for a second time, he knew his plan was perfect. He’d just need to enact it.

When it came time to get his room assignment, Silim had been happy to tell the Quartermaster of who he was and the level of his status, only to be met with a dense stare in return. It had taken too long to explain to the pakled in human form that he was not from Resolve or Orcus and that he was not a Starfleet officer. Eventually a room assignment was given, and alongside a PADD with directions, Silim had been issued a new Starfleet combadge.

All in all, he was looking forward to getting in, dimming the lights, turning up the temperature and just enjoying a relaxing evening in his own space. Federation facilities were always too bright and too cold.

At the threshold, Silim took a breath and allowed himself a smirk. It was time. This would be his home for the however long he remained on Theurgy. His study, his haven, his shelter, his sanctum. The excitement was almost palpable. He pressed the button on the side panel and when the doors parted, he just could not believe what he saw.

It was a small room, by any standard, and the space was occupied by a small work station, a miniscule sitting area, two doors. Where there might have been promise in that, it was clear that only one of the doors were for Parnak. The other belonged to the figure seated in front of him, backlit by the Azure Nebula, with pointed ears and dark, red hair as dirty as his threadbare cloak. Had not the surgical scars on his forehead belied it, one might have thought him Vulcan, but they knew each other. It was a Romulan seated there, dominating the small, shared room with his presence more than with the fact of his physical body. His name was Drauc T'Laus, and he did not stand to greet the snake that had entered the room.

"So you managed to stay alive," he rasped, only his lips moving - eyes unblinking as they stared at the exobiologist through the tresses before his eyes. Unsmiling, there was no amiability from Drauc, just a statement of a fact, and a trivial one at that. The only small gratitude in the aftermath was that the snake was likely keen to mask his mind from Drauc's cursed abilities, allowing the Romulan the respite of not knowing the Cardassian's petty schemes. "It seems they have grouped us by previous affiliation... and the two of us came aboard from Starbase 84."

“Apparently so.” Silim replied, ensuring his mental defences were, in fact, in place. He had no desire to let this broken little Romulan run freely through his mind. Silently he cursed the quartermaster. Apparently, the gormless look on their face when Parnak explained his needs was not just an expression, but a sign of the quality of mind that lived within. Oh, how he would like to wring their neck right about now. Not only did the company leave much to be desired, but the room was nothing like what he requested. Drab, tiny and completely and utterly Starfleet. If Silim wasn’t one of the self-proclaimed scientific geniuses of the Cardassian Union, he might have been tempted to end it all, there and then.

“Don’t get up.” He told Drauc. He wouldn’t be long, just enough to ensure the room was completely ill-equipped. Silim stalked from the center room across to one of the bedrooms and peered inside. It was just as he feared. Suitable heads needed to roll and Silim’s mind whirred through calculations on how to get what it was he desired. Meanwhile, as he returned towards the entrance, his new ‘Roommate’ continued to blather.

Drauc still didn't rise, but not out of disrespect. He was resting his limbs from the battle, since the patch-work of dermal regenerators did not necessarily treat the soreness, each blow still felt from the strikes he'd sustained whilst fighting Captain Hawthorne. He still wore his own blood from the fight, dried into his cloak. "Considering how different our accommodations must have been on the base... I need not read your mind to see the disappointment in your face." Sitting as still as he was, only his eyes moving to follow the snake, Drauc's damaged voice was all that seemed to indicate he was alive. "For me, this is better than Lietuenant Dotnhil's brig, so I have no complaints... I don't mind sharing, as long as you take no interest in my condition, and try to treat me like that solus bat you lost. That would, mildly put... be quite unwise."

Ignoring the obvious rise the Romulan was trying to get, Silim finished his circuit of the room. Once by the door, he turned and stared back at the figure holding the centre of the communal area.

“Of all the wonders this ship and crew possess, believe me when I say this. You do not even grace the middle of my list.”

With little left to say, he left.

[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ]

The search for space had been fruitless for some time. Initially he requested for a list of social and relaxation facilities from the computer. The list had been short in comparison to Starbase 84, there was no cafés, no theatres, no bowling alleys, but there were lounge rooms. He had attempted to enter one labelled ‘Spearhead’ but although interesting sounding, he had been denied entry. Another thing to add to the catalogue of grievances and slights.

In the end, the arboretum had been sufficient for his needs, a quiet place in which he could collect his thoughts and plan. Which he did just that. In the serene surroundings, he managed to put things into order, twisting and moulding schemes to fit his desires. All it would take was a message and a message he had created, meticulously planning to try to ensure it be of interest. Now he need just wait and see if the pieces would fall into place. Hopefully, he would get Ives eating from his hand.

Now, it was time to celebrate. Or at least, congratulate himself on a plan well-conceived and to avoid going back to see what Drauc had been up to with their quarters in the meantime. He wouldn’t be surprised to find the Romulan playing with environment controls and changing all the panels from Federation standard. He shuddered at the thought, living within Starfleet’s bland grey boxes was bad enough, certainly a splash of green would not help.

Silim had consulted the computer again and had been given the location to a lounge where not only he would be able to enter, but there was also alcoholic beverages present. The doors parted with their usual hiss and inside there seemed suitable signs of activity. With no desire to cause a ruckus at the bar, Parnak headed over to a table and took a seat. Please, oh please, let there be table service.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @DocReno @steelphoenix @Arista


Tracing her finger around the bottom of her wineglass, Natalie gave a small nod, and whispered a quiet, "You're welcome," to Deacon. She could only hope that she wouldn't come to regret assigning the man to Edena's old post - to Rory's bar - but the fact was they clearly needed someone there, and he was the first to volunteer. Whether or not he would remain would, of course, depend on his performance, as well as Commander Trent's approval.

Her most recent annoyance seemed to be leaving in the company of the pilot from the Resolve which suddenly have her evening looking up. Why the redhead was holstering a ....spork? was a bit beyond Natalie, and there was a small part of the Ops Chief that wondered did I really see that? Or have I had too much to drink? She knew she didn't imagine the biting look that the pilot shot her direction, and Natalie's expression went blank. Just a small dip of her head. So be it. The pilot was wary of her. Natalie couldn't decide if it should matter or not, and in the end, she chose not to care. The pilot had poor taste in bedfellows but she was getting that twit out of Natalie's hair, so really, she could dismiss the look.

Besides, it looked like the Tactical officer cared far more about this than she did. Natalie picked right up on the way the Andorian's hand slowly curled into a fist, and her mind began to race, swerving from one thought to the next. Was he simply over protective, or did he know something about the scientist worth worrying over? Was he jealous? Did have have feelings for the pilot? Did he not trust Klingons? so many reasons why he might act that way.

He has a nice smile though, she allowed as his antenna swung back a bit, and he returned his gaze to her. Giving as good as she got, Natalie smiled right back, as if a weight were lifting from her shoulders. The duo had left. "The past few months, perhaps. Before that...busy in different way's, I imagine." For all her disdain of the past few minutes, she certainly sympathized with the Resolve's crew, by and large. They'd been lost in space for 3 years, a horribly long distance from home, and while not as far as the fabled USS Voyager had been, the Resolve had an enemy empire standing between them, and home.

However before Natalie could elaborate on what had passed, or begin to ask some of the burning questions that had cropped up over the past half hour or so, Deacon was leaning back in, drawing her - and she assumed, Lt. ch'Rayya's attention. He clearly looked perturbed, and so Natalie took the opportunity to indulge in another mouthful of the wine, intending to savor it as she listened. But when he began to elaborate upon his confusion, delving into the details of Kzint mating habits and then his golden gaze fixed completely on her, asking about humans and cycles and....

Needless to say, that mouthful of wine proved to be a horribly embarrassing mistake, as her eyes went wide and she sputtered out a fine spray of the sweet Risan blend. Thankfully, most of it caught in the glass itself, but all the same, she'd made mess of things. Cheeks flaming red, she grabbed at a nearby napkin,covering her mouth as she coughed, choking down the last of the wine she had managed to retain.

By the time she looked up, mortified, the bartender had fled across the room, and the doors were sliding open again. She buried her face in her hands, dragged down a small breath, and then swept her hands back over her hair, pushing the long, loose locks back behind her ears. The brunette fisted her wavy hair, embarrassed to the bone by the question and her poor reaction, and shut her eyes tight, before forcing them open and glancing over at the Andorian, who sat there, patiently.

"I'm sorry," she quietly apologized, "You haven't exactly caught me at my best either, Lieutenant." He must think me as much a fool as the others did, she surmised, missing the passing of the tall Cardassian that slid into the bar, working his way past them to one of the many tables scattered about the lounge.

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[ Deacon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista , @Brutus , @DocReno  

Deacon tensed at the sound of Stark's rather abrupt, if somewhat expected, reaction to his unintentionally verbalized chain of thought.  For once, he was thankful at the sudden, unannounced arrival of another patron in the lounge, if only to allow him some time to recollect a small amount of dignity.  Casting a glance at the new comer, he noted the distinct cranial sculpting and scales of a cardassian.  Truly, this ship did seem to be a refuge for damn near every species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, but at the very least, he was confident he finally had something to offer that wouldn't warrant complaints.

Grabbing the second bottle of kanar that the others had opted against, he took hold of another clean glass and strode across to the table where the cardassian sat.  On the plus side, he was alone, which meant that he didn't have to worry about coming to grips with yet another unscheduled mating attempt.  Well, he supposed the andorian and Stark were still at the bar if the cardassian was game enough.

He placed the bottle on the table alongside the glass.  Unlike its companion, this vintage was a pale blue -- likely the result of a different fermentation process, at least that was something he'd heard once.  Truth be told, he had no way to know the difference absent some research, and while he could possibly ask his latest patron, judging by Stark's response to his last question, the Black Priests had the right of it: Never ask what you can observe.

"Unfortunately," he stated, removing the stopper from the bottle, "the hour is late and I've not had the opportunity to prepare any meals, so if you want something to eat, it will need to come from the replicator."  He was scarcely able to hide his disdain for the device as he spoke.  "And this is the last bottle of kanar until I have a chance to review the reserves."

He gave a passing glance towards the bar where Jack and the female had been.  "There was another vintage, but I suspect that may have been emptied by now."  Really, he just wanted an excuse not to have to go back to the bar to get the other bottle and see as it was a little too close to Stark.

Slowly he turned his attention expectantly back to the cardassian.

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attention: Everyone/Anyone

Keval's expression softened as he watched Stark almost spray him with the wine that she'd been drinking before reaching for a napkin as he handed her another one. "I think that none of us are at are best today, Miss Stark." he said with a hint of a smile on his face that wasn't teasing but in fact simple, honest, warm, and friendly as his antenna dipped forward with concern. "Sometimes when we are not at our best, we find our ourselves to be at our best being ourselves and not the roles that we have to play."

Without realizing it, he'd just quoted the man who'd been in charge of "Wonderland" almost a decade before and that made his antenna shift slightly with an inward concern.

"The point however is still the same and if you wish to grab and table to talk a tad more quietly then I am all for it if you are?" he offered up respectfully.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 - Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @steelphoenix

Daniel had visited his quarters which he found a PADD letting him know that these were now his permanent quarters, which in all honesty he was fine with, not that it really mattered he didn’t have much to put up in them anyway.  At some point he’d have to get a weapons rack to place his pistol in when he wasn’t carrying it with him when he went out on sorties.  For now though he’d leave it in his tactical soft case along with his other equipment.  He changed back into his duty uniform and decided that to go rest back in the lounge he had been in before.  It seemed to be a good place to meet with other members of the crew and since he was still winding down from the adrenaline rush from his workout with Commander Martin, stretching his legs would do him some good.

On his way to the lounge however he had to stop and ask for directions a few times and wait in line a couple times for the use of the transporter since his quarters were on Vector 1, Deck 16 and the Below Deck Lounge was on Vector 3, Deck 28.  It took him about twenty minutes to finally arrive and by then he was thinking that it wasn’t worth it anymore, but now that he was here maybe he’d grab a drink and rest a bit before heading back.  He walked up to the bar and ordered a shot of Vat 69.  While the bartender went about putting the order into the replicator Daniel took a look around the room, he spotted some of the Resolve crew; Lieutenant ch’Rayya, was at the other end of the bar conversing with what he could only assume were some Theurgy officers, plus that Cardassian they had picked up from Starbase 84 was here as well.  However it was the brunette sitting at the table he had first sat down at when he had came in before.

As the bartender returned with his shot he downed it and then put the glass down and walked towards the brunette in teal.  “You seem to be sitting in my seat ma’am.”  He said with a smile as he approached the table.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn

It had been a long and busy working day for nearly every medical staff member. The teal uniformed brunette had been up for far too long. She had started her shift while they were on approach to the Starbase, supposedly her shift was to end just before the engagement began. The heavy losses and new injuries from taking on other ship's survivors had decided otherwise. Her head had been pounding, not only from the work yet also from the lack of food or hydration. She felt rather tensed up and she was enjoying her own cup of tea with a light crispy snack.

"You seem to be sitting in my seat ma'am." Came a voice suddenly as the nurse snapped out of her mind drifting session. "Oh, uhm, sorry..." she started as she looked around, seeing several other places available to sit at "I didn't..." she looked up at the officer and didn't recognize him as one of their original crew. She knew she had no right to deny an officers place, so she nodded apologetic. "I'm sorry sir, I'll move elsewhere." she answered with a vibrant smile of her own. She was however too tired to realize if the pilot was kidding or if he actually did want the seat.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 - Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Daniel shook his head.  “Slow down Petty Officer, I’m not serious.”  Daniel said with a smile.  “I was actually wondering if I could join you at the table.”  He asked her as he motioned at the seat across from her.  She had some beautiful blue eyes though she looked like she was pretty tired, Daniel could only really imagine what it had been like for the Medical staff onboard the ship.  As a fighter pilot his battles were fought and won, or lost, in a matter of minutes.  He’d heard of surgeries taking hours depending on the level of treatment required.  Of course he was assuming she was from the Medical department, he wasn’t really sure to be honest but she didn’t strike him as a scientist.

He hoped that she’d allow him to sit down and even more he hoped that she’d stay and chat with him.  He figured since this was his new home that he’d have to start talking to people eventually, why put off the wait, especially when there was a beautiful brunette here that he could start talking to.  “I’m Lieutenant Daniel Havenborn, who might you be?”  He asked her, that way if she didn’t join him at least he’d know her name and could try again later.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn 
Just as the petty officer was about to rise up from her seat did the lieutenant mention that he was only kidding. She smiled faintly and tried to relax a little, cursing at herself for not saluting the officer. "Apologies for not saluting sir." she said under her breath before she looked back into his dark orbs. "Feel free, the seat is not occupied." she answered as she gestured at the free seat. The pilot introduced himself and she smiled and nodded slowly "Petty Officer Riley Patterson. Nice to meet your acquaintance sir." she answered as she took the teacup to her lips and sipped from it.

"If you don't mind me asking, are you from the other ship?" she asked curiously as she held the cup in both hands to warm herself. She didn't seem to be bothered by the presence of the lieutenant and certainly didn't seem to mind to conduct a chat with him. Her eyes went over him, taking in his figure as she figured he was a pilot. She knew two other pilot squadrons had joined them one from the Resolve and the other from the Orcuss if she got the name right "Also, would you like something to drink or eat?" she asked with a warm smile.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

“No apologies are necessary Petty Officer, I’m off duty.”  Daniel said as he sat down across from the young woman.  “The pleasure is all mine Petty Officer Patterson.”  Daniel said as he watched her take a drink from her cup.  “I am indeed from the USS Resolve, I was the Squadron Commanding Officer of the Grey Wolves, not that it can really be called a squadron anymore.”  He said as he thought about his pilots, two pilots and a RIO, he barely had a Flight.  “Although my Grey Wolves are going to be integrating into the Lone Wolves soon.”  Daniel said.

“I could definitely eat something.”  Daniel replied as he thought about what he’d like to have.  He wasn’t really sure what he wanted but maybe she had some ideas.  “Is there something that you would recommend?”  He asked her as he waved for a waiter to come over.  He saw one who noticed his wave and nodded, he was currently helping another table so Daniel assumed that they’d have a minute or two before he came over.  Daniel tried to relax more but the thoughts about his pilots kept cropping back up and he tried to hide his discomfort, she looked like she had a long day herself and the last thing he wanted to do was to add to it.
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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix @Brutus Anyone
It took all of Silim’s effort not to scoff there and then directly in the felinoid’s face. Not only did he have no desire to eat from a replicator, but the fact that this waiter had the sheer audacity to assume that because Parnak was Cardassian, the only drink he would desire would be Kanar was nothing short of contemptuous.

The truth in the matter was that in fact, Silim could do with a taste of home. After all that had happened, his world had been turned upside down. Not only was he away from Cardassia, but also, he had had to leave all his personal belongs at Starbase 84. The thought of some Starfleet petty officer going through and cataloging his belongs was sickening, almost as much as having to share quarters with that broken little Romulan. Perhaps then, a glass would help soothe his frayed soul. With saying anything, Parnak nodded his acceptance for the choice in beverage.

There was something unusual in the server, it took a moment for Silim to realize. His initial estimation of Caitian or Ferasan was off. This felinoid had a larger cranial bulge, although it could have been down to styling of his fur. Parsing his eidetic memory, he came to another hypothesis. Kziniti. Another passenger, so far away from home. It piqued Silim’s curiousity and before he could come up with a plan, the words came from his mouth.

“Well, Kzin, come all this way to serve drinks? Or perhaps it was the chance to enjoy more…” he paused to look over the room, choosing the correct word. With a small smirk, he continued. “...intellectual female company?”

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn

The nurse looked at the pilot as he introduced himself and she nodded as he addressed her by her name and rank "Oh please, call me Riley." she smiled and tucked away a strand of hair behind her ear. She didn't know the losses to his squadron were that severe and she looked with a rather shocked expression on her face "Oh my... That's horrible..." she nodded understandingly as he mentioned the squadrons would merge "Well, a new pack might be good for everyone. I know our ship has taken some big losses too."she said a bit gloomy before she sighed and shrugged.

"As for a meal... I could eat some Larish pie... I've not had that in ages." she smiled "Unless you prefer something different? I mean, I couldn't have the whole thing... So I'd gladly share if you have a knack for something." she smiled as she clearly didn't mind to share her meal with the newly acquainted pilot. She noticed how Havenborn had flagged down the waiter to come over, yet she could also see his own thoughts stray away. As much as he tried to hide it, the nurse was somewhat trained to see when things were bothering people.

"So lieutenant..." she paused for a second as she doubted where to steer the conversation to "Are you Earth born? Or from one of the colonies?" she asked him softly, yet friendly enough as her blue eyes rose up to look him straight in the eyes. Riley herself looked to be more relaxed than when he had shown up. It seemed she already enjoyed the company of the pilot at her table. A welcome change instead of sitting alone.

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[ Deacon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista , @Brutus , @DocReno , @Havenborn , @Nolan  

He cast a glance in the direction of the new male and female that had come to sit together, thankful under his breath that the generic holographic staff had manifested to tend to their needs.  As he watched, he considered the artificial expressions, their relative dismissals -- these were not proper representations of the Lounge that he wished to project.  There was new management, after all, and such demanded a refinement of atmosphere, presentation and perhaps even what passed for staff.  It was a thought he filed away for later consideration.

He looked back to the Cardassian as he made his inquiry into Deacon's purpose and tilted his head, for a moment sensing a vague impression of indignation, layered with irritation, and as usual, the ever present arrogance that Cardassia seemed to impress into each of its citizens.  Of course, were he not so accustomed to the feelings of his own people, the very same might be said true of the kzinti.  But at last there was a faint acceptance -- of the drink, he suspected.

"My reasons for being here are hardly so banal as to involve drink service or the comparative sapience of females," he replied coolly, suspecting there was a chide in the question perhaps intended to bait him into a more heated reaction.  In truth, were he any other kzin, the cardassian might well be tasting his own blood rather than a glass of kanar over such an insinuation. 

"I have agreed to perform this duty to support the better functioning of this crew."  It didn't hurt that it also ensured he would have private, if admittedly small, quarters to himself, control over the majority of his food, and kept him from getting spaced for being a burden.  "To that end, as I recall, Cardassia and the Federation were at war not very long ago.  Brief but messy.  Involved some shapeshifting aliens and an invasion from the Gamma Quadrant?  I trust the recovery is going well.  Are you here as some sort of... diplomatic exchange?"

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy 01 ]Atten: @DocReno @Arista @steelphoenix 

Graciously taking the offered napkin, Natalie dabbed the rest of the wine from her dark lips, praying that the lower lighting of the lounges would help hide the flush in her cheeks. It took her a moment to work through his words, before she found herself nodding in agreement. Wise words that a fool like me could learn from, the Chief of Operations quietly chastized herself. Sighing very softly and setting the napkin down, she took the glass of wine and reached over for the bottle the bartender had left. Refilling the spilt portion - or spat, she supposed - of her drink, carefully, Natalie then turned, glass in hand, and swept her gaze down the bar, before returning to Keval. The shadows of the room played with the contours of his face, and with the way his antenna curled in she almost wondered if he were feeling pensive, or perhaps devilish.

The smile on his face kept hist countenance from taking on a truly demonic cast, and perhaps due to the wine, Natalie felt herself relaxing again, despite her embarrassment. Seeing as the bartender - as Mister Deacon, she told herself - was away, and more people were filtering into the bar, Natalie decided that the chance to step away to a more private table might be welcome. She'd not come down here looking for anything or anyone in particular. Just a chance to de-stress and forget about the horrors of the day. Forget about Aisha being blasted from behind. Forget about the Orcus a drift in space, flames of plasma bursting among the battlefield. Unfortunately the bar itself had proven to be anything but stress free. Perhaps the table might.

"I think that would be a good plan, Lt. ch'Rayya. Let's see if we can find a spare seat?"

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

"Oh please, call me Riley."  Daniel smiled at her as he watched her tuck a strand of her hair behind her head.  “You have quite the beautiful name.”  Daniel said and since he was off duty he supposed it couldn’t hurt to relax and let her call him by his first name as well.  “Well since I’m off duty, you can call me Daniel.”  He said as she commented on the horrible situation; though in his mind the word ‘horrible’ somehow just didn’t quite accurately convey the correct feeling.  “Hopefully the integration goes well; I know it would do wonders for the morale of my pilots.”  Daniel said.

“I don’t think that I’ve ever had Larish pie before, but I’d be willing to try it.”  Daniel said as he thought about what it would taste like.  He hadn’t tried that much of non-human food so this would likely prove interesting.  "So lieutenant...  Are you Earth born? Or from one of the colonies?"  Daniel thought for a moment about how best to answer that question.  “Well to be honest, I’m not from Earth or any of her colonies.  I was born in an isolated part of Mars.”  Daniel said as he looked into her blue eyes, her posture was very relaxed now which in turn helped him to relax some more.  He felt awkward not sitting as straight as normal and he could still feel the phantom pain from the drill instructor’s baton whenever he tried to slouch when he was younger.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Vector 3 | Deck 28 | Below Deck Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn  

"You're name isn't too bad yourself, Daniel." she answered as a light flush had covered her cheeks. She couldn't help but remark with a playful tone "So, how should I call you when you're on duty? Just lieutenant or Lieutenant Daniel?" she leaned in a little and smiled broader before she nipped from her tea again.

Morale was indeed something that needed lifting, especially after the mission failure. It would probably weigh through in the next couple of days and Riley could only imagine how gloomy and down people would be. Especially in sickbay where people would feel useless while laying there in addition to the already extensive damage most departments had taken. "Well, I hope your integration will go without too much troubles. Did you get your quarters yet?"

"Oh, if prepared correctly, Larish pie can be quite good!" she mused as she waited for the waiter to arrive. She had noticed the Kzin earlier on as well and wondered why he had taken place behind the bar. It wasn't like Edena had told him to do so... That made her think about the current state of the former XO. Comatose in Sickbay after she herself was rumored to have botched the mission as a whole. What was she thinking?

"An isolated part of Mars?" Riley asked as her eyes widened and she leaned in closer as she was a sucker for good stories "Tell me more! Please." she smiled as she seemed to be fascinated about the origin story of the pilot. Seemingly hanging on his lips already to hear the story around him.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 - Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Daniel smiled at her compliment about his own name and the joke about how to address him when on duty.  He knew that she was joking about it but the part of him that would have laughed openly at it was kept in check due to his training.  The painful memory of being beaten by a drill instructor's baton for making a stupid joke and laughing about it flashed through his head and he stopped smiling for a moment while she took a sip from her tea.  Even though he had graduated from his primary schooling it was hard to break the habits that had literally been beaten into him.  When she had asked him about his quarters he nodded.  “Indeed, I’ve been assigned to quarters in Vector 1, Deck 16; near the Fighter Assault Bay.”  Daniel replied.

Daniel was about to respond to the comment about the Larish pie when the waiter arrived.  Daniel ordered the Larish pie, another shot of Vat 69 and a pitcher of cold ice water and two glasses.  The waiter nodded at Daniel and then looked to Riley and waited for her to place an order, and then once she had he left.  Daniel smiled at her.  “Well let’s hope that they prepare it well.”  He said looking to her blue eyes and when she asked him to tell her more about his home he looked down to the table and tried to find the correct words.  “It’s a long story and a painful one at that, another time perhaps?”  He asked her as he remembered that he was no longer welcome amongst his people and the pain that brought with it.
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