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EPI: S [D03|2330] Recurring Measures


STARDATE 57655.58
APRIL 18, 2381
2330 HRS

[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @Griffinsummoner

Knees held tightly to her chest; Kate sat perched atop a chair she’d placed between bio-beds in which two people whom had become surprisingly important to her were now recovering from injures they’d sustained on this day of days. Weariness had crept in and was bone deep for the surgeon, who had tried in vain to retire for the evening on several occasions yet kept finding herself right back here in sickbay.

Tessa, and just an hour or so later, after she’d gone to see him, Scruffy, had been brought in at or near the precipice of their deaths, and it had fallen to Kate to wrestle them both back, and wrestle them back she had. She’d actually had to argue to be the surgeon to work on Scruffy, since he’d come in well after her shift had ended, and while she more than trusted Ensign Janteel, she knew she could never have forgiven him, or herself for that matter, had she allowed the Scruffy to perish under the care of someone else. Still, it was quite taxing on her to have witnessed the man in such a state of harm, just as it had been when Tessa was brought before her. It affected her greatly, though she was doing her best to hide it from anyone and everyone. And though it might have been cruel of her to admit, she was thankful that Commander Hathev was in no condition to further psycho-analyze her, otherwise Kate might have been forced to deal with the emotional shitstorm swirling around in the back of her head, instead of letting it brood. No, Kate was consciously content to let herself deteriorate if it meant she could spend the night, watching over Tessa and Scruffy as they slept.

Sipping at the silver tumbler in her hand, she let the warm red leaf tea sooth her nerves as it ran down her throat and settled into the pit of her stomach. She’d actually lost count of how many cups she’d had tonight, but knew it was a personal record, and that she’d likely pay for it at some point.

“Wake up.” She said softly, barely audible as her tangerine-eyes shifted their gaze from Tessa to Scruffy and back.

Desperate for someone; anyone who could drive away the demons haunting her, Kate’s grasp on her outward appearance was tenuous at best, and she knew that at any moment she could quite literally break down into a fit of tears. But if Tessa or Scruffy were there, then Kate knew that she could stave off her melt down for at least another day, maybe longer. Sniffling as a hint of her fractured defenses slipped free from the corner of an eye, it streaming down to catch on the edge of her jawline, Kate gently set the side of her face down against her knees so that it would be absorbed into the fabric of her duty slacks. Utterly and completely adamant in her decision to wait until either, or both of them awoke to her, Kate didn’t care if even the Captain himself came down to order her back to her quarters. It didn’t matter that she’d even managed to get new quarters situated next to someone that wasn’t her abusive brother, there was no way she’d sleep a restful wink if she didn’t figure a way to quell the squall besieging her nerves. No, this was right where she needed to be tonight.

“Please...” she whispered softly again, gritting her teeth in an effort to stonewall herself again. “...wake up.”

Sitting bolt upright, kicking her legs down from where they’d been nestled at the edge of the chair, Kate quickly ran a finger across both of her eyes to hide any evidence of tears as the door to the ICU opened. In through it walked Janteel as he seemed to go about reviewing the progress of another patient. Clearing her throat audibly, she hoped he hadn’t noticed how frazzled she’d been just an instant earlier when he came in.

Reaching for a PADD, she stood up, wanting to appear busy reviewing notes rather than appear vulnerable to a subordinate.

A minute later, Janteel went to leave the ICU, though he stopped to cast a concerned glance at Kate when he saw her. Noticing the delay in his exit, Kate peered over at him as if to say sorry, but there was also a sternness to her expression which she hoped would pre-emptively disarm any effort he’d make to try and send her off again. Feeling her heart beat a little quickly out of worry he’d not give up, and that they’d get into another heated exchange over her unwillingness to call an end to her shift, Kate let the expression on her face soften in a show of vulnerability. Hesitation held Janteel in place as he debated whether or not to bring it up, but with a sigh she could hear across the distance between them, he simply shook his head in resignation of the situation and exited. Once the door closed behind him, Kate felt so weak from strain that her legs buckled, and she nearly collapsed to the decking beneath her. Catching herself on the edge of the bio-bed in which Scruffy lay, she brought a hand to her face as she let a hint of sobbing escape for the faintest of moments.

“Wake up.” She repeated after again wiping tears away, her back to the both of them as she sought to return to the support of her chair, and the tumbler of red leaf tea settled just beside it on the floor.


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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griffinsummoner @Swift [Show/Hide]
The sound of the environment was calm, but the humming of the sickbay was soothing the mind of Tessa. Her inner mind was at peace and felt the relief of rest before her. Although she had slept for hours already, she could sense there was something going on outside of her mind in the physical realm. The familiar scent of Kate was nearby her, and the smell of grease, likely Scruffy.

She heard Kate and from what sounded like the struggled ot stay away. Fighting her eyelids, they eventually opened revealing the golden eyes beneath, peering into the face of Kate. "Ugh...hi Kate. Miss me?" Tessa turned her head to see Scruffy in worse shape than she was mere hours before.

"What's going on? Are we...are we out of danger?" The look of concern in her eyes as she gazed into the eyes of her friend. She exhaled the first deep breath she'd been able to take without pain in hours. Boy did it feel good she thought. Slowly stretching out, she sat up with the help of the biobed.

"How's he doing?" Lt. Lance inquired before looking back at Kate. "For that are you doing? You look tired. You should get some rest bestie." The blonde said with a wink. The dermal regenerator had done the trick although some of her internal organs were still in a state of healing, they were for all intents and purposes ready for release back in the ship. At least as far as Tessa was concerned. Whether Kate let her leave was another story, but she was amused at thinking of Kate wrestling her to stop her from leaving sickbay.

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[ PO1 “Scruffy” LeBlanc | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift  @Pierce

Searing Pain.  A long drop.  Bouncing off multiple ledges.  Once again, the trauma of a near-death experience left Scruffy struggling with fragmented and incomplete memories of the immediate precedence.  He had been on a mission to save Qo’nos from what remained of Praxis being used as a weapon.  The plan was solid, but they had run into resistance.  He just hoped the mission was successful.

Once his mind caught up with him, all he felt was pressure.  It was as if a bulkhead had been laid across his whole length, but he knew it was just the weight of his own body, suddenly beyond his ability to support.  After that, there was crisp air, the light of a bright room through his eyelids, and the sounds of footsteps.  He drifted out of it again, hearing whispers at the edge of consciousness…

And then he heard the scraping of metal and a pair of feet stomp onto the deck.  After that there was near-silence, but another set of footsteps.  Through this time, Scruffy struggled to wake up.  Whatever had prompted the screech had a sense of importance, of something he needed to respond to and fix.  Then there was a pair of voices, voices he liked the sound of, and his breathing picked up a little as he pushed aside the instinct to escape into unconsciousness.  Slowly, his temples protesting with the effort, Scruffy opened his eyes, revealing a hint of the blues within, as they swept around, trying to gain focus.

His hearing coming back into focus, he recognized the voice of Tessa Lance coming from his side, accompanied by the hint of movement in his periphery.  Then his eyes landed on the familiar form of Kate Foster, her back to him.  His mind formed the words of Walking away from me again?, but his mouth just wouldn’t follow suit.  His mouth felt very dry all of a sudden, and he became again aware of the crushing pressure throughout his own body, letting out something between a grunt and a moan of discomfort.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @Griffinsummoner

Sniffling slightly as she wiped the last of the tears that had strayed down from the corner of her eyes, Kate was about to reach for the tumbler of tea resting on the decking near the foot of her chair when she heard the soft stirring of fabric behind her. Spinning round, she detected the movement coming from the bed to her right, in which Tessa was seemingly coming out of her slumber.

“Tessa...” she said softly, no small tone of gratitude detectable in her voice in reaction to the desperately wanted company of her friend.

Hastily, she strode over to stand beside the beautiful lone wolf, one of her delicately slender hands reaching out to find her wrist and enrapturing it for comfort and support as she glanced down into those eyes of blue and gold. “...hey!” she whispered gently, a broad smile stretching across her face as all the worry and pent-up frustration she’d been feeling a moment earlier seemed to melt away. Chortling in reaction to the silliness of the question, Kate followed Tessa’s gaze as she sat up a bit to spot Scruffy in the bio-bed to her right. While she didn’t like seeing either of these two souls in any state of harm, she was more than grateful to be in the here and now, where they were both in such proximity. “Yeah. We’re umm... condition green.” She answered, swallowing hard in an effort to try and not relive any of the harrowing events which had preceded the all-clear declaration from the Bridge. “Scruffy was... banged up. But... he’s umm, he’s doing okay now.” She said with obvious relief, not yet intimately aware of just how fond Tessa and he had managed to become in their brief interaction. “He’s pretty tough, for an Engineer.” She acknowledged, having pieced the man back together twice now.

Blinking as the proverbial spotlight was shone back unto her, Kate tried to wipe any evidence of her mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion from her face, but knew it to be a futile effort. Instead, she nodded in abject acknowledgement of just how difficult the previous few days had been for her, tilting her head to one side before actually answering.

“I’ve umm... I’ve been better. But... I’ll be fine.” She smiled sweetly to Tessa before glancing at Scruffy a second time. “I mean, I’ve got you two here to keep me company, right?” Running her free hand through her hair, she giggled again before continuing. “I uhh... had a bit of a time trying to finagle the bed arrangements around so that I could get the both of you next to each other.” Blushing once she realized what she’d just said, and the implication therein, Kate’s eyes went wide before she stammered to explain it away. “I mean, so that I could watch the two of you together. Erm, I mean... keep an eye on the two of you at the same time.” Peering down a ways to the private rooms that had been afforded to Commander Hathev and Commander Fisher, Kate had tried to acquire the more private accommodations for Tessa and Scruffy, but seniority of the other Officers had dictated otherwise.

Clearing her throat nervously, she glanced back to Tessa in realization that she owed some sort of an explanation for why she’d wanted both Tessa and Scruffy in such close proximity, and without it sounding obviously desperate for the companionship of the both of them. “Y’know, I umm... I figured since you two seem to be such frequent customers in sickbay, might as well keep you near one another. Makes it easier for me to... umm, keep a keen eye on you both. I already said that didn’t I?” To an extent, it was a lie, but to another extent, it was the truth, the haphazard way that only someone as disjointed as Kate could explain. She just wasn’t entirely comfortable expanding on the intricacies of how she had been feeling a deeper connection to both Tessa and Scruffy, though she was certain she wanted the both of them involved in her life in one way or another.

“I’ll umm, go and get some rest in a bit.” The pleading in her voice evident as she squeezed Tessa’s wrist. “I just, want to stay here a little longer.”

An instant later, she heard a groan from nearby, her gaze shifting to notice the readout of elevated vitals spiking on a monitor just above Scruffy’s head, prompting Kate to take one step closer to where those noises had originated. Her hand not leaving Tessa’s as she leaned over, Kate could detect a notion of discomfort the engineer’s face. “Scruffy?” she asked with a hint of concern to her tone, compelling her to finally withdraw the embrace of Tessa, she then reached out to touch at the controls on the other bio-bed. Whereas Tessa had previously been in a state of consciousness following her injuries, this was the first hint of awareness that the systems engineer had made. Immediately, she grabbed for a nearby hypospray that had been pre-programmed with a commensurate dosage of analgesics, and without warning she pressed it against his exposed deltoid. The telltale hiss of an administered medication sounded, and Kate leant in closer to watch him for a reaction, hopeful that it would alleviate the pain he was evidently experiencing. “Scruffy? Can you hear me?” She asked aloud, resting a hand against the left side of his bared chest in an attempt to further stir him away from his unconscious state, and into one of consciousness.

“Scruffy? It’s me, Kate!” She offered, glancing back at Tessa for a second.

“Tessa’s here too!”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griffinsummoner @Swift [Show/Hide]
Tessa's smile was infectious as she laid out comfortably on the biobed. "You know that this bed is mighty comfortable. Not that I want to end up here often. Well, aside from your lovely faces." The twinkle in her golden eye's sparkled as she kidded with them. She smirked when Kate mentioned their status of repeat customers and their consequent placement in the sickbay due to that fact.

"Hey doc, we know what we like." A wink escaped as she laughed. Now audibly better than she had been in past hours due to the battering she took. Scruffy on the other hand looked worse for wear but was in good hands as she knew herself. The concern of close, closer?, friends was on Kate's face as she could tell that Scruffy meant a lot to her as well as herself. The man's awakening told Tessa that he'd likely not been conscience prior to this moment and that this was a vast improvement. To which she was glad.

Losing too many new and old friends over these past several months had been hard on the crew, including herself. Thankfully, she'd surrounded herself with many good, experienced but important individuals to help pad the blow should something come her way. Well, so long as they didn't perish in the firefight the Theurgy has been known to enter into on a consistent basis.

"Hey Scruffy! It's a me a! Tessa! Can't forget about little ol' me and my busted ship." She chuckled and reached over to him, nudging his shoulder and holding her palm there to show her concern in a friendly and comfortable way.

Turning her attention back to Kate. "Once he's stable, you need rest, my dear. Schedule us for some Holodeck time and get us an adventure. Call it a prescription if you have to. I know I can't order you, not that I'd try with a face like yours, but I think we could all use the R&R."

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[ PO1 "Scruffy" LeBlanc | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift  @Pierce

Scruffy’s eyes drifted out of focus again as Kate gave him the analgesics, but as the relief washed over his body he became a bit more alert and focused his eyes on her face.  At her prompting, he tried again to speak, but found his tongue sticking to every surface.  He managed to croak out, “water.”  While Kate got him some to whet his whistle, he turned his head in Tessa’s direction, eyes locked on hers as she lay her hand on his shoulder, and smiled back at her. 

When Kate helped him sit up and take a few sips, he held the last gulp a moment, breathing through his nose, before swallowing it.  He looked up at Kate with a shaky version of his trademark grin and said, “I knew you were a tall drink of water.”  Turning to Tessa, he responded to her with, “And of course I haven’t forgotten you OR your ship.  I did say she was in good hands, after all.”

Turning his attention back to his own body, he gazed down at it.  “I have GOT to stop waking up like this.  Feels like a shuttle landed on me.”

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @Griffinsummoner

Casting a quick wayward glance back at Tessa after she had teased them about the relative comfort of the bed in which she lay, Kate narrowed her eyes for just a faint moment as the implicit intent behind the comment piqued interest in her thoughts. An intent that was only further confounded upon by Tessa with a quick and quirky addendum, eliciting an intriguingly wry grin from Kate in reaction. They knew what they liked, Kate mused over for a second before her attention went back to the man as he was slowly starting to rouse himself from unconsciousness, her awareness, or rather what piece of it still remained with her in the wake of this exceedingly trying day, was split between the strictly serious approach that Kate espoused in her profession, and the burgeoning interest she’d expressed in Scruffy as part of her personal life. All the same though, and with Tessa quite literally at her back in a position of support, Kate’s immediate focus was fixated on the systems engineer, and the readout of vital data displayed on the viewer attached to the head of his bio-bed. Sensing upon a very visceral need which almost everyone had when they awoke from a daze in sickbay, she retrieved a nearby transparent plastic vessel of water with the Starfleet delta emblazoned on it’s side and passed it on to Scruffy to sate away the dryness in this throat.

“Tall?” She slanted a sharp eyebrow over a tangerine orb in confusion, the pate of her face tilting to one side as she beckoned him into a more upright position, a comforting hand still placed gently at his bared left pectoral, once more peering back over a shoulder to Tessa, who had herself perked up in response to their mutual friend having stirred awake once more.

With a warm smirk, Kate felt as though a substantial weight had been lifted off from her shoulders, the burden of being alone to her thoughts alleviated by their pleasant company, wherein she could so comfortably nestle herself between them, figuratively anyway. The relief in her was even evident by how her posture had shifted, exemplified by a wavering exhale which escaped her nostrils a little more visibly than she’d have liked. Still, this was what she’d been hoping for just a few scant moments earlier, when she’d nearly been overwhelmed by all of the harrowing thoughts flying circles around her head, vultures ready to descend upon and pick at the carcass of her psyche. She’d been granted a reprieve by fate, and just in the nick of time. Though, when the attention returned to her, Tessa reminding Kate of the obvious imperative need for rest, a surge of anxiety welled up with immediacy that sent a slight tremor through her jawline. “I umm... I will. I will.” She answered the prompt, casting a sweetly serene glance at the Lone Wolf, an obvious plea to remain for just a little while longer evident in her face.

“...and yeah, like, yeah... we definitely could.” She acknowledged, rolling her head around as the suggestion of another impromptu holodeck misadventure was made, the smile which had left Kate’s face returning with far brighter luminosity than previously. Glancing back to Scruffy, she turned in her stance so that she was in an open manner to the both of them, her left hip resting against the left side of his bio-bed. “Yeah, there are far better places to wake up than in a bed next to Tessa and me.” she giggled, not really catching onto the double-entendre hidden in what she had said until a short silence had persisted afterward. “I mean, there are worse places to wake up than in a bio-bed next to Tessa and me. Umm... wait, no, that’s not right, I mean... there are better beds to wake up in, than this one, with me and Tessa.” Shaking her head in order to clear the amusing and clearly confusing web of words she’d spun Kate felt a little flush in her face as the hair usually tucked behind her hair slipped free.

“I mean, umm... you know what I mean. Just like, stop letting shuttles land on you.” She teased, clearing her throat.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griffinsummoner @Swift [Show/Hide]
The looks and glances from teasing Scruffy was amusing to Tessa as she watched intently on the interactions between close friends. She couldn't help but wonder if there was something else going on between the two of them but for that matter she was kind of in that trio too. Her head still had some slight irritation to it from the impact but overall, Kate had fixed her up rather nicely. Nice enough she could prop herself up and just eavesdrop not that it was hard to do being on the other side of Kate, with her in between the two of them.

Tessa stifled a giggle when Kate began discussing better places to wake up than in a bed next to the two of them. With each attempt, her grin and golden eyes grew brighter and more ready to burst from the seams. Her friend's frustration with each Freudian slip only made the point she was attempting even more funny but true nonetheless.

When Kate finished finally stating to him not to drop a shuttle on himself anymore, Tessa lost it and burst out laughing. Tears ran down her face as she laughed so hard her face turned beet red. "I'm sorry Kate. I just couldn't help it anymore. You're delirious at this point. I'm sure you could just nap right here with us." Tessa winked. "Or beside one of us. Or between us." Another wink came off rather steathily to Kate and Scruffy alike.

"Anywho, when am I discharged? I know it's been a little bit but I feel like I can get up and move now. Head still is a little painful but it's probably because I banged my head. Or laughed too hard just now." That contagious smile continued to show to the other two officers. Decidedly, she figured now was as good as any to change the conversation.

"Are you both going to the party on board in a few days? I'm looking forward to it. Just better keep the synthehol away from me or weird things happen to ol' GoldenEye here." She smirked at the two of them waiting for their response as she admired their personalities and their appearance despite some light scuffs or in some cases shuttle landings.

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[ PO1 "Scruffy" LeBlanc | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift   @Pierce

Scruffy gave a tired smirk at Kate’s confusion. “Turn of phrase.  Just means you’re a refreshing sight, Doc.”  He nodded along with Tessa’s suggestion of rest.  Even in his semi-aware state he could tell Kate was exhausted.  He only just caught the phrasing of her admonition before Kate did, his blue eyes opening wide, only for the twinkle of amusement to grow with each attempt she made to find a phrasing that wasn’t filled with double-entendres.  Then Tessa decided to join in, adding to the amusement in the air.  “Yeah, Kate.  Let’s all take a nap and wake up somewhere better together,” he said with more of his trademark smirk directed at both ladies, feeling more like himself again.

But then the chuckle at the situation grew a little too fast for his weary chest, and he curled up on his side, coughing momentarily before getting his breath again and relaxing.  He winced as he lay back against the bed again.  “Yeah, I’ll agree with laughing too hard, Tessa.”  When she asked about the party, he nodded.  “Assuming Kate takes good care of me,” he said with a tired wink, “I’ll absolutely be there.  It sounds like a great time.  My grandparents practically raised me on music of that era.”  Scruffy propped himself up briefly on his side so he could look at the two of them in the eyes.  “Don’t worry, we’ll be there to keep your golden-eyes safe,” he smiled, the smirk turning into genuine warmth, before lying back down on the bed.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @Griffinsummoner

As soon as Tessa starting outright laughing, Kate felt the nervousness in her dissipate entirely, the levity of the moment having overwhelmed any presiding sense of worry in the presence of these two people whom she cared for. It didn’t take long in fact, for Kate to feel her own need to let out a bout of chuckling, her head shaking from side-to-side at the absurdity of it all as an accusative finger pointed at Tessa.

“It’s your fault I’m like this. Yours and his!” she protested, pointing a second finger at Scruffy who had joined in with Tessa in poking fun. “If I didn’t have to spend every waking hour stitching the two of you back together...” she digressed, a bright beaming smile on her face until Scruffy’s own bit of laughter resulted in him doubling over in apparent pain. Her sensibility as a caregiver returning, Kate reached out to touch at the mildly suffering man as he coughed, a genuine concern for him running through her mind as she held a comforting hand against his bared right bicep. Part of her really did want to heed Tessa’s teasing, settling down for the night between the pair of them so that she could keep watchful care over them in the process, though she knew she’d likely wind up suspended from the active-duty roster if she didn’t eventually leave Sickbay to rest. Lieutenant Kobol was understanding, but there were limits to such leniency, and she doubted he’d be so willing to let her lack of sleep affect her ability to act as Theurgy’s Chief Surgeon, especially given the state of affairs aboard. No, Kate would indeed have to call it a night at some point, sooner rather than later she bet.

“Umm, I’ll see if I can get you discharged at some point in the next day or so, but... I think we want to keep you for observation for at least a little while.” Her gaze shifting back to Tessa, Kate of course hoped to help facilitate her friend’s wants, but she knew firsthand the sort of injuries the pilot had been through, and how very close she’d been to death as a result.

“I’ll make sure to give you some more to laugh at though, to keep you entertained. The both of you, for that matter.”

With another deep exhale of contentment, she nodded and smiled as Tessa made mention of a party, and her penchant for synthehol compromised inhibitions, which to a certain extent she’d already witnessed. “Yeah, I imagine I’ll wind up there.” She admitted, not really sure which party Tessa was making reference to, and entirely oblivious of the fact that her name had in fact been attached to it by the enthusiastic Lieutenant Suder. A party which she and Reggie had theorized just an hour or so prior to Kate having come back to check up on Tessa and Scruffy. All the same, she felt a modicum of excitement at the prospect of getting to hang with her friends in a more personable affair than the one afforded them by the Intensive Care Unit. “I’ll get you there, no worries.” She reaffirmed to Scruffy, missing his mention of music of the era, which would’ve been a dead giveaway of the concert that Reggie had proposed. “Yep. Scruffy’s got it right, we’ll...” her words interrupted by a sudden loud yawn, Kate shook her head after in a moment of daze. “...sorry, umm, yeah, we’ll take good care of those eyes, Tessa.”

Off at the entry to the ICU, Kate saw Janteel step in, his gaze immediately finding her still there, and a look of concern evident. It reminded Kate that her welcome in Sickbay was running short, and that she needed to get going otherwise there’d be a heated argument over it. That was something she really didn’t want to go through this late in this day of days. “I umm... I guess I really need to get going. Let you two get your rest and what not.” Tracing finger down the side of Scruffy’s arm, it was clear that she didn’t want to leave, but was compelled to out of necessity. “So, yeah, y’know try and get some sleep, yeah? I umm... I’ll be back in the morning to stop in and say hey... and to check-up on you and what not.” Her hand finding his for just a moment to give it a gentle squeeze, Kate then left him be, and stepped over to touch Tessa’s hand too before backing away. “Ooof... umm, oh shit... I umm, it’s fine!” she explained, having knocked over the tumbler of tea she’d set down unto the floor, and very nearly having tripped over the chair that had been situated between the pair of their bio-beds.

“Sleep tight you, guys! Umm... and sweet dreams!” She said, spinning away to make a delayed retreat from the ICU, turning round one last time to wave good-bye to them before she disappeared through the door.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift [Show/Hide]A JP with @Griffinsummoner
Tessa laughed as she heard Kate's retort regarding her condition being the fault of herself and Scruffy. She couldn't help but feel for her friend since the reason Kate stayed so late was due to two friends patch job. Despite her physical appearance looking better than it had in recent days, she knew that on the inside she was still broken. At least the company of her recent trip to the medical bay helped her regain her morale and physical qualities. Thankfully, she would be discharged soon.

Scruffy smiled at Kate as her finger trailed down his arm, returning her welcome squeeze.  When she tripped over her tumbler of tea, he leaned over slightly to look at it, lying back before watching Kate retreat and giving her a wave of his own.  Then he gave an audible sigh.  “Well, one good thing about being in here: I’m not going to have to clean THAT up tomorrow.”

Waving off her friend as Tessa saw Kate take her leave of them, she laid back and proceeded to relax as the sound of the tumbler, well, tumbled loudly about, spraying the contents of the bottle across the floor. She turned to look at Scruffy as she looked onward towards Kate. She smirked and laughed. "Yeah, I can totally agree with that sentiment." Seeing Kate finally exit through the double doors, she sighed. "So, Scruffy, how long have you known Kate? Has she always been this caring with her patients?" She winked at him alluding to the actual meaning.

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Scruffy turned his head when Tessa addressed him, but momentarily averted his eyes at her question.  "Well, we've only known each other a couple weeks.  We met in the aftermath of the Spearhead incident.  But no, I get the impression she isn't this attentive with all her patients."

Life was certainly full of irony. For as many friends as she'd lost over the years, she'd gained more than that in recent weeks. Even regaining an old friend whom she thought was dead. Now she was contemplating her current developing relationship with Kate, uncertain where things were going especially with Scruffy in the mix. It made for an interesting dynamic. She would have to get to know him better however before their next excursion. "The Spearhead you say? I remember that going on. It was mere hours before I had to head off on the Daqchov mission. I met her a few days before the incident."

"Yeah, I got caught in a plasma discharge nearby where I was doing some maintenance inspections.” He looked back up at Tessa, a bit of a smirk showing.  “Glad to know I'm not the only one just getting to know her.  I could tell that she really needed friends, especially in such a stressful time."  Scruffy gave Tessa a warm smile, showing his appreciation for her.

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"Well, you're definitely a good friend for her too. I can see the way she lights up when you're around. I could tell she needed a friend when I met her for my physical to return to duty after Aldea. I'd been a heap before hitting Aldea." She pondered how in such a short time how much of her life she'd gotten together. She smiled back at Scruffy happy that Kate had some good friends right here who thankfully didn't die on her.
"I just try to give her a reason to smile and believe in herself.  Seems like too long since she's had someone on her side.  Not to mention, her friends are becoming friends, which is always nice."  He threw her a wink.

"That's true. I mean I know that her brother is on board too and from what I hear, he's overly protective of her. Basically doesn't like anyone near her from what I've heard. I'm just happy she's feeling more confident and just, having some fun." Tessa smiled as she leaned back. "You know, being in sickbay isn't all that bad. But, it's nice to relax too and not be on duty."

Scruffy’s expression soured a little at the mention of her brother, something that he hadn’t really had the chance to talk with her about, yet.  He tried to recover his playful expression when he looked back as Tessa mentioned being ‘stuck’ in sickbay. "Yeah, once Kate's gotten through with you, this place isn't so bad, especially with such good company.  And the dress-code is more relaxed."

Tessa laughed. "It most certainly is!" Sleep was starting to overtake her little by little. "I don't know about you Scruffy, but I'm starting to feel tired. Must be drugs to pay us back for sending her away, so when we wake up, she's back again." She winked and exhaled. "In all seriousness, I know she wouldn't but still funny to think about."

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"Nah, she just wants us to dream of her when she can't be here," Scruffy said with a smirk. He lay back against the bed. "Yeah, I should probably give in and let things keep knitting.  Well, not the greatest of circumstances, but at least I get to wish you a good night and sweet dreams."

Blushing some, Tessa realized that she wasn't immune to Scruffy's charms either. "Thank you Scruffy. Now dream of something fun for our future holodeck adventure and yes, I am inviting you if you weren't already." She stuck out her tongue playfully as she laid back. "Agreed it's not the best of circumstances but it is going to be a good night just knowing I have friends like you and Kate and Lauren with me." She turned to look at him before she closed her eyes while yawning again. "Good night and sweet dreams to you too."

Scruffy blushed a little when Tessa invited him to the holodeck adventures she shared with Kate, but he reigned in his conscious mind from going too far down the rabbit-hole of ‘something fun’ for the three of them.  Especially with the look she shot him.  Once she had wished him a good night, he smiled for a moment before saying, “Computer: Lights,” plunging the room into a low ambient light that would help them sleep without being too much of a hindrance to any medical personnel that came into the room.


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