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CH06: S [D03|1630] On shores of brighter tidings.


STARDATE 57654.84
APRIL 18, 2381
1630 HRS

[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @stardust @Pierce @Griffinsummoner @P.C. Haring

The lights were on.

Power, for the most part anyway, been restored to Main Sickbay. But the grander scope of damage hadn’t even been addressed, and would likely take days, if not weeks to fully repair afterward. The Klingon intrusion had wrought havoc of the utmost kind upon the facility, and in the process had caused the loss of many of Kate’s peers and colleagues. It would have been safe to say, that everyone was still reeling from what had happened, yet no one had dared to abandon their posts or the patients which demanded attention. A veritable flood of injured personnel had been coming in from all parts of the ship, and given the sheer number of casualties, it had dictated long haul shifts for any and all Medical staff, regardless of how exhausted they might well have been. In fact, many of the staff working in and about the confines of Main Sickbay had themselves been injured during the siege but had continued to work on through whatever pain or discomfort may have come as a result. For her own part, much of Kate’s throat had since bruised over to that of a nice shade of purple from when she’d nearly been strangled to death by one of the intruding Klingons. Coincidentally, it had matched the color of the lump that still adorned the side of her forehead, a token of her efforts from even earlier in the day.

Despite the ache of both injuries, she had remained active tending to the patients under her stead. Normally, as the Chief Surgeon, her presence wouldn’t have been nearly as prevalent as it was, but given the losses sustained, she’d opted to lend a hand where she could. This had of course afforded her the professional reason needed to justify two of her patients, whom she had wanted to look after for more personal considerations.

Thankfully, Commander Hathev had stabilized from the myriad of wounds she’d suffered at the behest of blade, and claw alike. Kate had only just come to know the Vulcan Chief Counselor at the onset of the day, during a dress-down that had turned into an impromptu session of sorts. But in the short bit of interaction she’d had with her, Kate had found herself surprisingly more at ease than she’d ever before felt in the presence of a Counselor. Then again, no other Counselor had ever given any credence to the emotional turmoil that Kate was suffering through due to her tumultuous relationship with her brother. There was also the matter of how Hathev had quite literally saved Kate’s life, shooting the very Klingon that had been so brutally trying to choke the life from her. In the space of a single day, a woman whom Kate had previously found intimidating enough to avoid with deliberate measure, was now someone whom she hoped to have a meaningful interaction with again.

Resting a hand on the unconscious Vulcan’s abdomen as she lay beneath covers, her wounds painstakingly attended to by Kate and her surgical staff, the weary blonde let out an exasperated sigh before leaving her side.

Just two beds over Kate stopped at the foot of another of her patients, whom likewise was still unconscious. Lauren, as Kate had finally discovered her name, had apparently stood vigilant at the side of the injured Lone Wolf ever since the battle had drawn to a close. Even when a member of the cybernetics staff had come to attend to the firery woman’s damaged synthetic hand, Pierce had requested to remain at Tessa’s side. It was an admirable trait that Kate had immediately picked up on, and which had endeared the Ensign to her. It was clear, that Tessa had meant a great deal to Lauren; that there had been a history of some kind there. Given the pleasant interaction that Kate herself had shared with Tessa, she could understand how others might have been attached to her. Approaching the opposite bedside of where Lauren stood, Kate afforded her a pleasant smile before touching Tessa’s hand. Her friend, someone whom she’d only just met a few days prior, and whom she sensed a potential deeper interest in, had been through the worst of her injuries under Kate’s care, but there would still be a road to recovery for her. The fractures to Tessa’s orbital, and the internal bleeding of a ruptured artery had been repaired, but as severe as her concussion had been, Kate knew it would likely take days, if not weeks for her to more fully recover.

“She’s doing well.” Kate commented to Lauren as her tangerine-gaze went to the bio readouts on the monitor at Tessa’s head.

Tessa’s improving condition would have to suffice for any positives that Kate could draw upon, as duty had thus far prevented her from fulfilling the desire to check up on other important people in her life. Sadly, there had been a few names that had appeared on the expanding list of dead, a few of whom that had struck a surprisingly painful chord in her. But Kate knew that she would have to settle on an absence of names like ‘Scruffy’ and even ‘Stellan’ as the only afforded measure of additional relief during this most disconcerting of times.

“Thank you, by the way.” She added, looking across to Lauren without expanding on the specifics of her acknowledgement.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift [Show/Hide]

Lauren stood nearby the ICU bed of her best friend, Tessa May Lance, who laid in probably the worst shape she'd seen someone in this side of living. Sure, she'd had her fair share of dead crewmen nearby, but this just felt wrong. Like somehow she felt responsible for this taking place even though that was farthest from the truth. She was lost in her head, still thinking about her own personal demons when footsteps broke her from her mental escapade into the abyss. It was the doctor who commented on Tessa's current status, which still was rough but at least not dead.

"Thank you. She paused momentarily as she looked as if trying to recall information. Her red brow furrowed. "Your name is Dr. Foster...right?" Letting the other woman respond before going forward with her thoughts only this time audibly.

Before she could continue, she heard Kate's quiet thanks erupt from the silence of biobeds beeping in the background. "For what? If you're talking about in there, well, I was just doing my duty. Not to mention I've had a pretty traumatic time in Starfleet." She pulled a chair up close to Tessa and stayed opposite of the doctor. "Tessa and I served at MIMAS Station during the Dominion War briefly. I mean really briefly. I was there a little longer at first but I sort of got Tessa into trouble. Which led to me getting in a Breen P.O.W. camp til the end of the war. It was a long couple of months as you can imagine."

She waved her synthetic hand with a slight smirk. "Tessa's first brush with danger was honestly my fault. I talked her into leaving her quarters when in lockdown and we stole shuttles. Got some great intel back to HQ but I was made to appear dead for a while." She breathed deeply. "So I think Tessa has been living with that for years and I had no way to contact her until I re-enlisted in Starfleet. I poked around a little too much and got noticed which is why I'm here now. But I hoped for our reunion to be on a lighter note than this." Her hand brushed Tessa's arm and she was just in awe of the Lone Wolve's resolve before her. Despite it all, she fought to live.

Lauren shrugged off her apparent dark thoughts and brought a lighter glow to her face. "I'm sorry, I'm Ensign Lauren Pierce. I actually am the great-granddaughter of a Starfleet officer who disappeared back in the tail end of the 23rd Century. My family always feared me joining due to that incident in family history. Couldn't keep the excitement away of exploring the stars I guess."

As she smiled at Tessa, her face looked at Kate. "What did she mean to you? How long have you two been friends?"

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

“That’s right. You can... umm, call me Kate, if you’d like.”

Casting a thoughtful glance back down upon the still unconscious lone wolf, she listened as Lauren began to go into some detail of her history with Tessa, the blonde surgeon gradually starting to understand what it was that had tied the two of them together. Kate had assumed that they were close friends, but the way Lauren had made it sound, there had been something of an extended break in whatever dynamic existed between them, caused by the Dominion War and her prolonged stint as a Prisoner of War. Thankfully, Kate’s own service during the war had been devoid of any capture or imprisonment by the enemy, though she’d not exactly made through unscathed. The story though, of Tessa getting into trouble because of a friend, reminded Kate of her own time spent with the pilot a few nights earlier, wherein she’d similarly led Tessa into a troubling situation during what was supposed to be a simple and fun night out to the holodeck. A smile soon crossed the features of Kate’s face as she remembered how their misadventure had unfolded, and that there would hopefully be a second one thanks to Tessa’s survival. “I guess it seems Tessa has a knack for knowing people who get her into tough situations.” Kate admitted, not necessarily going into the details of the matter just yet. “But she’s tough enough to get through them.”

A delicate yet still green and red stained hand gently placed on Tessa’s shoulder, Kate offered a reassuring smile to Lauren as the Ensign continued on with her story. “I mean, I know it might not be under the most perfect of circumstances, but it sounds to me like Tessa will still be happy to see you again.” Turning back to watch Tessa as she lay there, Kate took a deep breath of contentment. The moment of calmness, a respite from all the crisis and disaster that had occurred over the course of the previous day, and even before that, Kate found an almost serenity as she stood in silence beside Tessa and across from Lauren. It was an oddity, how a sickbay could at one instant be a place of hurried movement, panic, and desperation, then in another be one of peace. It felt almost relaxing, and given her own still neglected injuries, Kate hoped to take solace in it all. A chance to just let her mind be at ease, and not worry if even for just a brief moment of time.

“Hmm?” blinking her tangerine-hued eyes a moment, she returned from whatever aloofness had overtaken her as Lauren posed a question.

“Oh... I met Tessa a week or so ago. She’d come to me for a check-up. To be cleared back to full flight status.” Kate touched at one of the controls on the bio-bed’s consoles that ran along either side of the unconscious woman, calling up the command interface. “We talked a little. Y’know, just general small chat, and getting to know each other a little while going through the standard process.” Putting in an order for the bio-bed to run another diagnostic of Tessa’s vitals, even though it had just run one a minute earlier, Kate found herself obsessing over the progress of her friend, and realized it was an unnecessary measure to take. “I umm... well, so I then invited her to hang out, since it was the end of my shift. I have a few holodeck programs I like to frequent, and one in particular that I thought she’d get a kick out of.” Exhaling as she crossed her left arm over the teal under shirt clinging to her lithe form, Kate left her right hand where it had settled on Tessa’s exposed shoulder. “I guess the program was a little... corrupted... and we wound up in this kind of surreal clusterfu--” catching her use of profanity, feeling it wasn’t appropriate for the setting, she reclarified. “...umm, mix-up of a bunch of other programs that had bled into the holo-matrix. There were cool cars. Gangsters. A villa with a Boss. It was... intense. But it was also fun, in a thrilling sense.”

“Tessa kind of carried me through it. I umm... I’m a Doctor, not a Secret Agent or whatever. Y’know?”

“But we made it through to the end, and we...” stopping again, Kate refrained from mentioning the kiss she’d shared with the other blonde, clearing her throat audibly as she sought a different means of finishing her story. “...anyway, we had fun. She’s... umm... just a fun person. I like to think we’re friends now.” Kate bit her lip as she seemed a little unsure about something, or felt a reservation running through her thoughts. “I don’t... I don’t have a lot of them. I mean, I’m making some. But... I don’t have many of them from before...” conflicted about going into further detail, Kate averted her gaze momentarily.

“...and Tessa was kind to me from the get-go. I guess I’m not used to that anymore.”

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CH06: S [D03|1630] On shores of brighter tidings
[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift  [Show/Hide]

[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" [Show/Hide]

Lauren's intrigue with the woman before her left her puzzled into what type of relationship her friend and the doctor had. Tessa clearly having left some sort of impression on her, much like what had happened to Lauren many years ago. She sighed as she closed her eyes, still sitting next to her comatose comrade who she desperately hoped would wake up.

She shook her head sending crimson-colored hair into her face. Chuckling Pierce thought about the adventure Kate and Tessa had in the holodeck. "I can imagine that was a fun experience despite it all. Sounds like Tessa came to the rescue. Just as you are for her now." She smiled at the doctor with a slight look of being tired on her face. Shooting an arm over to touch Tessa's forearm, she felt a slight tremor in the blonde's arm muscles. Her eyes bulged open as she stared at Kate and then at Tessa.

"Tell me you saw that!" Excitement and panic hit her simultaneously. "Is she waking up already!?" Lauren looked in awe as Tessa began to groan as her black and blue face began to have life coming back to her eyes.

A fog was in her brain as well as difficulty moving. She could move an arm but most of her body seemed like dead weight at present. Her head felt the heaviness of drugs and what one could have thought of as pain, had they not been under the influence. But Tessa began to wake herself from her medical coma. She looked forward, squinting her eyelids to get a more focused look. She could have sworn she saw two of her best friends in the universe before her. One dead, one alive. Holy smokes, I must still be dreaming. It couldn't be her. But as she kept her eyes open, the more they began to focus on the two before her.

"Kate?" a raspy-sounding voice came from her sore vocal cords. "Are we the only two here or am I dreaming? I swear I can see an old friend before me but it can't be."

A huge smile struck the face of Lauren as she realized her friend and her were reuniting despite rather shitty circumstances. "Tessa! It's me! It's Lauren!" She reached over and hugged Tessa as tightly as she could without causing further harm to her friend. Tears of joy hit her hard. "I've missed you so much to explain....but I can tell you more later." Lauren motioned to Kate in hopes to give her a chance to reunite as well with the pilot who almost wasn't anymore.

Still weakened from the battle, she tried to sit up some to get a better look. "Holy is really you. I...I look forward to talking about your adventures soon Lauren. You don't know how great it is to finally see you again. Hathev told me you were aboard but, I just couldn't believe it...and I had to fly..." A sheepish smile pursed her lips.

"Of course..." She stood up and decided to let Kate and her talk for now. "Well, in the meantime, let the doc take a look at you. You look like shit Tess. But glad to have you back. I've got to run and check in with the others but I'll be back to visit later. I promise." A look of relief at her friend's awakened state gave her the energy she needed to go on with her day now that things were for the most part calmer, at least for them. She waved to the two of them and stepped out into the halls as the door wooshed behind her.

"I...I just can't believe it's her." Tessa shook her head slightly but only because she felt pain from doing so. "So Kate, how do I look?" She smiled with as much fun as she could muster despite the situation they'd all been through.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @Griffinsummoner

In a relative instant, Kate had relived the impromptu misadventure she’d shared with Tessa in the Holodeck and began to feel an unmistakable sense of fondness for how she and her fellow blonde had interacted. They had been surprisingly good together, playing off of one another as they went through the strange scenario that the computer had concocted for them, doing their best to roll with the punches as they came. It shouldn’t have been as fun, and as exhilarating as it had been, yet Kate couldn’t deny how neat it was to stand beside an actual fighter pilot, and to an extent have held her own. There was something about Tessa, that had brought a different side out of Theurgy’s Chief Surgeon; a something that Kate hadn’t experienced in quite some time. It had been the sort of an altercation that had allowed her to feel more like the woman she was before she had so nearly screwed it up beyond reproach.

One of two that she’d been through since arriving aboard Theurgy, the other having come in a similarly impromptu occasion with a scraggly systems engineer.

‘I wonder what he would think about how Tessa and I managed our Holodeck shenanigans.’ Kate wondered for a moment.

“Hmm? Oh! Yeah, I saw it!” She acknowledged Lauren as she pointed out that the Lone Wolf was coming to. There was a surge of endorphins and adrenaline which sought to overwhelm the petite blonde, yet she fought the urge to react as overtly excited as Lauren had. “Yeah, I think she is.” Reaching for a nearby medical tricorder, Kate flipped it on and began waving it over Tessa’s midsection to check for increased vital signs which would have confirmed their suspicion, yet before she could voice it, the pilot began stir from her unconscious state, and even seemed to appraise both Kate and Lauren. There was an almost quizzical sense in the bruised yet still alluring features of her face, and Kate cocked one of her own sharp eyebrows higher than the other.

“No. You’re not dreaming.” She said, a tone of glee and amusement betrayed in her voice as she touched a hand against Tessa’s forearm in a supportive manner, a wholly instinctive gesture meant to espouse the fondness that Kate had begun to feel for her friend.

“It’s really Lauren.” She confirmed, peering with a warm smile to the red-haired girl to her right.

She felt her own heart melt a little at the display of pure emotional catharsis that Lauren went through as she gave into her joy, something that Kate never got tired of witnessing as a Surgeon. Her profession was often fraught with moments of pure sadness and sorrow, but there were also times where utter and pure happiness could be found, like when a friend was reconnected with someone, they’d not seen in so long a time, who had very nearly succumbed to her injuries and wounds but had survived despite it. Moments like this one, and Kate very nearly let herself be consumed by the warm moment being shared by Tessa and Lauren but managed to stonewall herself just enough. “Lauren here saved your life.” She explained. “Even helped to save mine too. She hasn’t left your side yet.” She nodded sweetly to the Ensign as the latter motioned to her to have her own moment.

More reserved due to her need to remain professional, at least for the moment, Kate simply let her hand idly find Tessa’s and grasp it firmly as she leant in and smiled to her friend.

“Feel free to come and go as you want, Lauren. I’ll make sure the receptionist knows to admit you. You’re welcome here anytime.” Kate knew that standard procedure dictated a certain modicum of lockdown for the ICU during certain hours, but given the debt she’d owed to Lauren, and how she knew it would be beneficial to the recovery of Tessa, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to bend the rules just a little bit. “...and thank you again, Ensign. For... well, for everything.” Breathing softly as Lauren then disappeared into the main corridor, Kate turned her attention back to Tessa, her free hand going to touch at one of the controls displayed behind her, ordering an active scan on Tessa’s condition. “Yeah, she’s really real.” Kate re-confirmed, offering something of a little giggle at the disbelief evident in Tessa’s expression. “You seem to have some really good friends.” She winked.

“Well...” she paused, tilting the pate of her head just enough that the tuft of blonde hair she kept pinned behind her ear slipped free. “...I’d be lying if I said you’re winning any beauty competitions today. At least any that I’m not judging.” She playfully winked, then peered at the readings that began to show on the monitor, making note of a minor irregularity in the chemical analysis of Tessa’s blood. “But in no time, you’ll be back on your feet and turning heads as you walk on by.” She had been about to release her gentle grip on Tessa’s hand so that she could administer a medication which would correct the irregularity she’d detected, when there came a smile which elicited a pause in Kate.

“Important question is, how do you feel?”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]

Seeing Lauren leave left Tessa slightly saddened but she figured they'd meet again soon. Although with everyone going off on different missions, she wasn't sure when that would be. She knew she would be staying put on the ship for some time to recoup. The smile was still strewn on her face as she listened to Kate's responses to her. A slight chuckle made her shake some much to her dismay as the pain in her head and chest felt a little more painful than it had moments before. The comment about not winning any beauty pageants hit her funny bone.

A flicker of concern showed on Kate's face with some reading. Tessa herself wasn't very concerned. She felt given the circumstances fine. Especially with the feeling she had as their hands were clasped together on the biobed. The warmth of their hands stuck together gave her an interesting sensation in the pit of her stomach that elicited a slight shiver but in a welcome manner. Decidedly she looked up into the eyes of the good doctor who had shared an exciting holodeck adventure with her recently and felt a charge wash over her.

"Well Kate, I feel fine. Or as fine as one can be after crashing her Valkyrie into the fighter bay to avoid a real explosive way to take me out." She smiled and concern came over her, eyes flickered as she met the gaze of Dr. Foster once more. "How are you doing sugar?"

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @Griffinsummoner

Casually running her free hand over one of the controls attached to the bio-bed wherein Tessa still lay, slender and delicate fingers dancing over the reflective surface in a practiced manner, Kate made hasty note of the irregularity that she had detected in Tessa’s blood chemistry, very much determined to administer a corrective hypospray as soon as possible. For now though, she decided to wait as she’d not wanted to interrupt the relatively relaxing moment that she and Tessa were sharing by leaving to retrieve said hypospray. In a very real way, this instance had been the first chance afforded Kate, where she could just breathe and relish in the reassuring notion of the pleasant company that she in. In fact, here and now with Tessa, Kate found herself feeling more akin to what was normal for her, or rather, what was normal for the person she had been before screwing everything up in such a monumental way.

Smiling sweetly as Tessa spoke again, Kate’s tangerine-hued eyes went back to focusing on her fellow blonde, admiring the features of her face, even if they were a little swollen and bruised at the moment.

“Yeah, I’d heard you crashed pretty hard.” She didn’t release her hand from Tessa’s just yet. “Also heard the deck teams are going to be pounding out the divots and dents you and your Valkyrie made for the next week.” Winking, Kate betrayed the manner in which she was teasing, as she’d not heard word one from the deck crew, just knew it was something amusing to poke fun at, and which might ease some of Tessa’s stress. “But like... if you asked me, I would say you were just doing your part in keeping them employed. I mean, like... what else are they going to do, right?” Smirking playfully, the Chief Surgeon shrugged her shoulders wryly so as to emphasize her point. “I guess by that token, you’re also keeping me employed, huh?” Raising one of her sharp brows higher than the other. “And while I appreciate the increased workload...” She narrowed her eyes this time, offering another playful tease at Tessa. “...I think next time I’d rather you land a little more safely, if possible.”

“I mean, there are better ways to get my attention.”

As the topic turned round, and Tessa posed the inquiry back at Kate, the blonde surgeon was suddenly reminded by the fact that she still hadn’t had her own injuries looked after yet. Too busy running all around Sickbay, tending to one injury after the other, Kate had been so absorbed in her work that she’d actually forgotten about the persistent ache in her neck, and the still throbbing bump on her forehead. She’d not even taken the time to replicate a replacement duty jacket for the one that she’d sacrificed when treating Commander Hathev, instead still only wearing the teal undershirt which clung tightly to her lithe figure, it still stained with splotches of dried blood. Bringing her free hand away from the console, she instinctively rubbed at the back of her neck to assuage the phantom ache which had so abruptly returned thanks to it being present in her mind once more.

“I umm...” she hesitated a moment, her smile fading as she had a flashback to when she had been so violently thrashed against a bulkhead by the Klingon that had sought to, and very nearly choked the life from her. “...I’m fine.” She lied, not wanting to worry Tessa, since she knew that her friend likely had plenty on her mind as was. “Just a few bumps. Nothing to umm... worry about.” Wanting to turn things back to Tessa, she shook her head visibly as though to wipe the unpleasant memory from her consciousness, the tuft of blonde hair she so liked to keep pinned behind her ear slipping free in the movement. “Nothing compared to what you went through, anyway.” Knowing she was rambling, and in fact hadn’t drawn attention away, but rather to herself, Kate tilted the pate of her head to the side. “I’m fine. Really.”

“So umm...” stopping, her mind caught the no-so-subtle sweet-talk name tossed her way, and a bright beaming smile soon overtook her. “...wait, did you call me sugar?” Giggling loudly at the absurdity of it, Kate felt a catharsis of relief wash over her.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift [Show/Hide]

Tessa laughed almost a little too hard for her chest and head but it was well worth it. She loved the lines of keeping the deck mates and Kate employed. Even if it was a poor reason for crashing. It at least made it sound more fun than a simple wreckage on the deck plates and her face. It almost reminded her of an ex boyfriend who was a Klingon. How the Klingon's in battle over exaggerated the outcomes to sound much more spectacular in nature. She was about to remark about it when Kate dropped the line, "I mean, there are better ways to get my attention."

Her eyebrows lifted as she perked up slightly wanting to know more but she'd already sent a battalion of responses towards Kate and wanted to hear how she was doing during all of this. Of course she could sense that the response was a front. Secretly she hoped to get to know more about Kate but didn't want to press the matter, at least not this early. Just being here with her was a comfort in of itself.

The initial question that included her pet name for her friend wasn't something she expected her friend to respond to. At least not right now. A smirk came across her face as the heat of the situation flooded her cheeks but due to the trauma, didn't register there as intended but made her ears turn beet red and warm.

Feelings of deeper thoughts washed over her as she relished in the presence of her friend. Sure the feeling of seeing Lauren again sparked extreme happiness in her heart, it gave her closure on the situation from way back when. Kate was another story. A healthy, young doctor, much the age of Tessa and very attractive. Something she noticed more about while they had their holodeck adventure. Her bare hand reached forward and grasped the hand of the stumbling doctor who had just laughed at her for the pet name. She felt...happy. "Well, you did say there are better ways of getting your attention. So how'd I do?" Laughter followed her comment to the other blonde. Her hair fell in her face some as she continued into a low giggle.

"Just remember, don't do anything I wouldn't do." She said in with a wink.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon @Pierce @Griffinsummoner

Kate couldn’t help but allow a broad grin to cross her face once Tessa let out a hearty bout of laughter in response to her teasing, since in a very real way she had hoped to elicit just that kind of a reaction from her friend. In relatively short period of time, Tessa had come to be an important part of Kate’s life, which spoke to a deeper developing connection between the two of them. It was something that the blonde surgeon hadn’t really found the requisite time to explore in recency, mostly due to her own faults. But here and now, she was starting to understand that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to let someone in and become something special once more. Sure, Kate had made some other friends since coming to Theurgy, Vinata immediately came to mind as one whom Kate had felt a strong mutual comradeship with, and whom she could trust implicitly, but there hadn’t yet been anyone that she had considered to be something more, save maybe one other.

Blinking a little in surprise at how ‘he’ had come to the forefront of her thoughts for a second time, Kate realized that she was splitting a personal part of herself between Tessa and Scruffy and began to worry that maybe it would come to hurt one or both of them.

Would she ultimately need to choose between one or the other?

Then her mind snapped back to, as Tessa’s bruised but still alluring facial features perked up in such a way that elicited her total attention once more. Her fellow blonde was an absolute stunner, as Kate had personally remarked upon previously, and when combined with an utterly fun personality made Tessa one of the most intriguing people Kate had come to know. “I like seeing you smile.” She commented simply, shifting her weight a little so that she might sit on the side of the bio-bed beside the wounded pilot, still facing her as she peered into those heterochromatic eyes. They made Kate want to reveal a little more of what was troubling her, and as she bit her lower lip bashfully, her own tangerine orbs trailed away for a faint moment. In due time, she knew that she would do just that; that she would spill he guts to Tessa and explain how she had frozen up when she saw her in such a banged-up state. How she had very nearly lost every last shred of her wherewithal to act as a Doctor, and more importantly as a concerned friend.

But not now.

For now, she wanted to just revel being in Tessa’s pleasant presence. “I’d say you were trying too hard.” Kate giggled in response to Tessa’s cheeky prompt, any sense of trouble that had momentarily bubbled to the top once more simmering back down below the surface. “But I guess in the long run, I’m not necessarily complaining. I mean, you’re here after all.” Winking wryly to Tessa, Kate crossed one of her long legs under the other as she scooted around on the bio-bed so that she could be a little more comfortable. Reaching out with one of her delicate hands, she carefully brushed the stray hair that had fell over Tessa’s face back so that it didn’t obscure her, then let the hand rest at the periphery of her ear for just a moment until she let the pilot’s advice sink in and do as she might. Leaning in, Kate hastily brought her lips to bear and pressed them gently to Tessa’s own in a show of affection, not really caring if anyone else tending to other patients might have noticed.

After a few seconds of sharing the serenely sweet lip lock, Kate pulled back a few inches so that she might peer more closely into Tessa’s eyes, once more letting a little giggle escape her as she was momentarily overwhelmed.

“I hope that wasn’t something you wouldn’t have done.”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift [Show/Hide]

The feelings that Tessa held most dear currently were to do with her friends. Kate being paramount of them right now, but to some extent Lauren too. Just knowing she'd brightened the good doctor's day despite all the carnage she has had to witness is all that had mattered to her. The more she thought about it, she realized that she'd not had a...normal friendship in quite sometime. Not that the influences weren't there for something more than just close friends. Something made her want to explore it further but she held back to not startle her friend, and scare her away.

She hadn't had a real relationship in some time. Something she had blocked out mentally among her other interpersonal issues that arisen over the years from the disappearance of Lauren thru Aldea. But she just felt, at ease with Kate near her. Even when they weren't speaking to each other, there was this...feeling.

Caught staring at her friend, she was slightly startled back to the here and now as Dr. Foster mentioned how she enjoyed seeing the other blonde's smile. Tessa could tell there was something else buried beneath the look she received as they locked eyes momentarily taking in each other's unsaid thoughts. The time spent on the holodeck was some of the most fun she'd had in sometime. Not to mention how unprepared she was for all the encounters, changes and action, but also of the times that Kate ended up very close to her body.

Drawn back to the present, Kate's words resonated in her. "I'd say you were trying too hard. But I guess in the long run, I'm not necessarily complaining. I mean, you're here after all." Tessa smiled gently back at sweet but tired doctor's face. She wanted to reach for her and hold her close and comfort her too, but her arms just didn't have the strength yet. Nor did her body to move that far up and bend on top of it all.

The feeling of Kate's hands brushing the hair from her face was something unexpected. She leaned into her hand a little more than she had noticed initially. The touch of fingers caressing her ear felt pleasant to her. The silence started to grow as Tessa wondered what was going to transpire next. That was when she saw the approaching face of Kate, meeting hers in a tastefully beautiful but gently placed kiss on the lips. Her eyes closed as she leaned into it further, savoring the moment before their lips parted. Her pulse had quickened at the stimuli of it all as their heads separated a few steps back and again their eyes locked into each other's souls.

Kate's giggle was sweet and cute at the same time. Tessa couldn't hold back one of hers from her either. "I hope that wasn't something you wouldn't have done." the good doctor stated. Without missing a beat she joined in too.

"Actually, I would." She leaned back in and gave her another quick peck on the lips. Their plump lips still wet as they broke again. "" Tessa being slightly blushing from the experience and warm attempted to see if the interest was still there for another escapade. "What would you wanna do if I wasn't here, bruised and battered? Could always go have another fun adventure..." She said with a wink and smirk breaking the corner of her lips. Not entirely being specific enough as to whether she meant them together or another holodeck experience.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon @Pierce @Griffinsummoner

Peering into the beautiful features of Tessa’s face, seeing reflected her own eyes of tangerine in those of a greenish-gold hue, Kate began to contemplate about her personal priorities were gradually shifting in a way she hadn’t previously considered. It was a curious thing, how crisis could cause something to happen in someone. A few days ago, the petite blonde wouldn’t have considered that which was developing between herself and the Lone Wolf to be little more than innocent and playful flirting among friends. But now she found herself wondering if maybe there really was more going on between them. Truthfully, she had been struck to the very core when a broken and dying Tessa had been brought before her for care, and the reaction it had caused went beyond that of a cursory friendship. Kate had felt a certain coldness to a future existence which didn’t include Tessa as a part of it. It was a surprisingly strong feeling, and Kate deeply feared experiencing it again. Whatever shape or form Tessa took as a part of Kate’s life, she knew only that she was desperate to have her there.

Naturally, she worried that perhaps the sentiment was one-sided, and that maybe her faculties had simply been compromised by circumstance. But when Tessa seemed to reciprocate the forward advance made, leaning into Kate’s kiss, the tension of concern disappeared entirely, leaving Kate to feel only happiness and joy.

Unable to contain her elation when their lips finally parted, Kate let out a soft giggle as her hand gently caressed the side of Tessa’s face.

“Yeah... umm...” she repeated teasingly, shifting in her stance so that she was a little more physically comfortable, and so completely leant across Tessa. In truth, there had been a thought to push for a second such display of affection, surrendering any hesitancy that might have prevented her, but it didn’t seem to be entirely appropriate given their immediate confines. Even if Kate didn’t give a damn about professional acumen, considering she was Tessa’s caregiver, it felt like it would have been rushed, or even forced if she gave into such a predilection. Instead, she just allowed herself to be in a more relaxed state and enjoy the pleasant company before her. “Well, when you put it that way; if you weren’t so bruised and battered?” Kate teased Tessa, a wry little grin crossing her face as she narrowed eyelids around tangerine orbs. “I can think of a few things, after all, I have quite the imagination.” She trailed her hand down the periphery of the left side of Tessa’s jaw, her index finger tenderly tickling at the underside of her chin before she withdrew it. “But... for now, I think you’ve had enough undo excitement for one day.” Kate found Tessa’s hand and clasped it softly between both of her own.

“You need rest. Really. I know this because I’m a Doctor.” She winked again before beckoning Tessa’s hand to her lips, kissing the back of it.

With a sigh, she knew that any time which was spent here and now with Tessa, was time in which she really didn’t have. There were so many other hurt people that still needed her attentive care, and even though Kate felt like she’d earned the right to a break, she knew that it was a disservice to herself, and Tessa if she were neglectful of her personal duties.  “Before I get back to it, was there anything else I could do for you? Anything you want, or need?” Naturally, she knew there was an open-endedness to the dilemma she had just posed for Tessa, especially given the feelings they were clearly having for one another, but at the same time, she assumed that her counterpart would understand the necessity of timing, and stave off any requests which Kate herself would admittedly have trouble denying. They were treading a line together, which was difficult to clearly discern, and were they not careful, they might plummet over it together.

“I’m sure I could pull some favors if you’re looking for an extra pudding-cup in your next meal?” she teased.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift [Show/Hide]

Tessa sat back relaxed on the biobed. Her body still aching something terrible from the shock of crashing in that flight deck.  But she was happy from the kiss she received and held that feeling close to her heart. The warmth and taste of the doctor still fresh on her lips, she licked them. A stirring held deep in her for that spark of something more she felt when around Kate. Something that the two of them just seemed into place. The feeling was definitely mutual as she could feel the energy of the room and the giveaway on her friend's face.

Giggles erupted from her lips however as her personal doctor had mentioned, 'a few things' they could do and how she had quite an imagination. Tessa smiled and winked back at her as she felt the warmth, soft, and gentle hands of a doctor caress her face. The kiss to the back of the hand was only an added bonus in her mind and Tessa blushed slightly but with a knowingly happy smile in return.

Feeling that their encounter was about to end for the moment, she listened to Kate in a partial daydream before realizing that Kate had to leave to tend to her other patients. The anything else she 'wanted or needed' comment piquing her interests. After a brow raised, her golden eyes twinkled before she spoke up.

"I can think of a few things...but a raincheck perhaps?" She smirked, stifling a giggle. Her arm raised slightly as she waived Kate off. "It's fine. I think I'm okay for now. Thanks. I need my beauty rest anyhow so I can meet you somewhere else a little more...private. After all, I need to look my best for you and you do have other patients besides me."

She leaned back and glanced at Kate left to tend to other patients. The blonde hair bouncing and distracting her as she closed her eyes to finally rest.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @Griffinsummoner @P.C. Haring

Taking a step backward, Kate felt a visceral ache to stay with Tessa just a moment longer. A part of her subconscious screamed at her, telling her that she’d more than earned the chance to take a break, and be with her friend. However a more rational voice soon spoke up to remind Kate, that she’d already given herself a moment of respite, and that there were still yet others who were counting on her and her care. Gently, she let Tessa’s hand slip free from her clasp, and offered another sweetly serene smile to the bedridden pilot. “Raincheck works.” A wink escaped her, and she spun round on heel once, about to stride out of the ICU, but stopped another step or so later, and turned back as Tessa giggled again. “I like the sound of something private, yeah.” Grinning broadly, she swung her hands out in an awkward arc, nearly toppling over an instrument table in the process. “I’ll uhh... get you that extra pudding cup all the same.” Reaching the door, she backed out it, but again turned back before it could finish swooshing shut behind her, shooting Tessa another broad grin.

“With whipped cream and a cherry on top!” she said simply before disappearing back through the door.

Slowly and steadily striding as she left Tessa to her rest, a feeling of warmth and happiness resonated throughout Kate as she replayed the sequence of events over in her mind, focusing on the tenderness of their shared kiss. It felt so wonderful to care for someone like this again. To allow herself the chance to open up to someone else, after having been so completely cut off from everything and everyone over the course of the previous three years. It was an odd thing to think, but despite all of the calamitous and terrible things that had happened to Theurgy since she’d arrived aboard it, Kate’s life was somehow brightening up in a way she’d doubted it ever would. A thought came to mind, that Stellan would have found it absolutely hysterical and typical of Kate to find hope amidst a proverbial end of days; and while Kate normally would have been annoyed to no end at having even thought of him in the immediate wake of such pleasantness, for the moment she wasn’t. Kate simply shook her head, and dismissed her brother from her thoughts, finding him and his presence replaced by the lingering warmth of Tessa.

“Doctor Foster!” rang out a voice, and Kate spun round to find Nurse Ellison approaching her with a PADD in hand.

“What is it, Kitty?” Kate asked.

“We’re getting some anomalous readings from Commander Hathev’s bio-scan. I’m having trouble working my way though it, maybe you can take a look?” she held out the PADD to Kate, who accepted it with a nod.

“Sure thing.” With that, Kitty smiled and stepped away to take care of other patients, leaving the PADD and the anomaly to Kate’s diligence. Scrolling through the data, it seemed for the most part consistent and within normal parameters for a Vulcan, but there were some outliers that were indeed concerning. Furrowing her brow, Kate altered her course and made way for another Intensive Care Unit to run a diagnostic on the bio-scanner, and or conduct an additional test of the Chief Counselor in an attempt to remedy this quagmire. “Kitty, can you keep an eye on Tess-- I mean, Lieutenant Lance, and contact me if anything changes in her status? Thanks.” With a sigh, she ran a hand through her blonde locks, noting to herself that they were starting to grow long as she tucked them behind her ear and started off once more, a stray thought crossing her mind that she remembered another important person she needed to look in on. “First Commander Hathev, then we can take a moment and find Scruffy.” She whispered to herself, needing to verbally re-focus and retrain her thoughts.

Still, in the back of her mind, the glint of Tessa’s blue and golden eyes lingered.


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