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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| AC-477 Mk I Valravn | Wolf-02 | near USS Oneida] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Eden @Hope @Lathaniel @Luciain @P.C. Haring @Tae 
Logan abruptly pushed the control stick forward and then to the left. Using the Alpha-1 evasive maneuver, he tried to dive under the tlhapragh to avoid their fire. The power unit of his Valravn howled as Logan pushed his fighter to its performance limits. Only fractions of a second before that, he heard Reggie's frantic call to break formation and scatter.

Along with the Aerowing and a brave pilot in a Type 9 shuttle, they faced off against the two remaining Bird of Preys, hoping for an easy fight with the USS Oneida. But the small, maneuverable, space-capable companions had proven to be dangerous opponents for the Klingons in the last few minutes. Logan thought he was almost sure of victory when he had called out a formation moments ago to fly further attacks on the enemy ships, which also had to deal with the heavy fire from the Iroquois-class ship. So, the two Bird of Preys split up and pursued different objectives. While the bey'wIH rearranged its shields, heavily protecting its bow to take on the Oneida, the tlhapragh now pursued a different course and headed for the small group consisting of the fighter and the two shuttles.

Logan realized that the Klingons were now approaching things with a different perspective, as the tlhapragh followed him and Hunter in his rear seat. Obviously, they had realized that the Valravn posed the greatest danger. The pilot had to dodge volley after volley of disruptor fire, which was not easy at all, as the Oneida's shuttles, the Oneida itself, and the two remaining Bird of Preys were joined by the debris and wreckage of the other two Klingon ships.

"Attention! Another salvo from two-eight-three to three-three-one." reported Hunter, who had the overview, of the battlefield and the tlhapragh in view. "Hard starboard in!"
Her voice conveyed a clear analytical calm. She was just what Logan needed, even if he missed the nagging of his best friend. Logan jerked the control stick to the right and floored the pedals, sending the Valravn swinging into a tight right turn. It wasn't a moment too late, as Logan imagined feeling the heat of the disruptor rounds on the back of his neck.
"Whew, that was close."
"Almost too close, Lieutenant. The tlhapragh was hit by the Oneida. Her sensor array is down."
"Great shot." commented Logan, still trying to dodge debris. To make matters worse, the Oneida was now spiraling deeper into the battlefield, taking away more room for him to maneuver.
"Wraith, I can calculate an attack vector on the bey'wlH that will give us maximum protection from the tlhapragh and most possibly the bey’wlH itself. The debris will mask our drive track to the greatest extent possible."
"Great. Do that."
"Already done. Here, the path."
Logan looked at the holographic display. His eyes followed the long, winding path, and he realized that sneaking up on the bey'wlH was going to be a tough job. He took a deep breath before circling his head once through his neck to relax his muscles.
"Let's do this."
Logan pushed the thrust control forward, sticking to the path Hunter suggested. He had to change altitude and direction a few times to dart from one large piece of debris to the shadow of the next and from the one behind the Oneida to another piece of wreckage. Finally, he managed to get into position.
"I wonder if they saw us?"
"That remains to be seen."
Logan wasn't about to find out after all, and armed four more torpedoes. Then he pushed the thrust control to full one more time and gave it full throttle. When he was close enough, he pressed the trigger, and four photon torpedoes made their way into the bey'wlH's nearly unprotected rear end. For good measure, he sent another volley of micro-torpedoes after them. The pilot didn't have time to look at the explosions, as the Klingon Bird of Prey was already opening fire on them. So, Logan decided to leave and let the gods decide.
"Three heavy hits and multiple impacts from the micro torpedoes. Shields, weapons, propulsion, all crippled. The bey'wlH is incapacitated. Good job," Hunter reported.
Hm. The battle isn't over yet, Logan thought. Then he heard Captain Jackson's radio message to the remaining Klingons. Apparently, putting the bey'wlH out of action seemed to have turned the tide.
[This is Captain Jackson of the USS Oneida. Cease all combat operations immediately or you will be destroyed. There will be no further warning.]
Finally. Logan hoped that ended the fight.
"Wolfpack. Report.”

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[ Captain Gant'ech | Bridge | IKS bey wIH | Ker'Lah-class Bird of Prey | House Mo'Kai ]
What had seemed a valid tactic turned sour far too quickly for Captain Gant'ech, as the Oneida had no intention of running away - rather taking his assault head on.

[tlhapragh to the bey wIH,] came the hail from Gant'ech's comrade in arms on the other Klingon ship, [they have disabled our sensor array... Bah! Distances too great, and we can no longer target the small crafts.]

Moreover, the damnable Oneida Federation ship was small enough for a manoeuvre so nimble Gant'ech doubted he'd be able to replicate it with his own Bird of Prey. With eyes widening, his Bird of Prey shook violently from the assault of the ship, and the small crafts had joined their base ship as they added to the barrage against his aft sensors. He had lost track of the smaller ships, confident the tlhapragh would handle them, but instead, they had made his ship the focal point of their attack, and right where he'd thought the shields wouldn't be needed. A chain of explosions cut through the bridge, and Gant'ech lost his footing, getting thrown into the bulkhead along with others of his bridge crew.

When he lifted his bloodied cheek from the deck, teeth bared and eyes black with hate, he could hear the voice of the Oneida's Captain. [This is Captain Jackson of the USS Oneida. Cease all combat operations immediately or you will be destroyed. There will be no further warning.]

Picking himself up, he directed a sharp look towards his surviving crew, all whom spoke of catastropic damage to systems. Propulsion lost. Multiple hull breaches. Casualties. They were dead in the water, and the tlhapragh was blind. "What about the Oneida?"

"Sensors state that the EPS grid was overloaded," said his weapon's officer, uniform scorched by plasma, "and I've seen what that kind of damage can do to Federation propulsion systems. It will take them quite some time to reach Qo'noS. By then, Gorka will be the new Chancellor... and House Mo'Kai can finish what we started here."

Gant'ech strode over to his command chair, and struck the button that would relay his answer to the Oneida with his first. "Lower shields and we will beam back our boarding parties... yet you will be too late.... and you will learn that it's a long way to the Empire's border... so I suggest you limp your way back before Gorka, son of Margon, becomes our new Chancellor. House Mo'Kai will remember this day. bey wIH out."

The Captain of the tlhapragh heard the same message, and the unspoken surrender was plain. He set a course to the bey wIH to aid in repairs, leaving the Federation ship and its small craft to decide what to do. Dared they head for Qo'noS in the condition their ship was in, or would they make for the Empire's border? Gant'ech didn't know, but either way, he would remember the Oneida well... and claim his revenge one day.

OOC: Thank you for your patience and also for the awesome reading here! Feel free to bring closure to this thread with one final post each (or two, if you so wish). Needless to say the destination ought to be Qo'noS next, and the damages to one or more nacelles from the EPS grid overload will curtail the warp speed of the Oneida just enough to have her appear over Qo'noS after the Theurgy has arrived there, which was 1725. The Oneida will reach Qo'noS at 1750, and I will include it in my next post in CH07: S [D03|1725] Praxis Crucible. I suggest you all read up on what has happened there so far, and I will notify you when my post comes up there, allowing for a transition into concurrent Chapter 07 events. I have a great idea for how to spin it, involving CH07: S [D03|1745] Hidden Raptor, so read up on that one as well and stay tuned!

Oh, since this battle lasted about 15 minutes, give or take, it means writers with characters on the Oneida can start up one-on-one supplemental threads that cover the time between 1615 and 1750, which could be spent in celebration over the victory, if you guys want, or any other shenanigans you prefer. The naming convention for Supplemental Threads is CH07: S [D03|XXXX] Insert Title.

At 1745, Captain Jackson will issue a Yellow Alert in preparation for the arrival at Qo'noS. Worth saying here is also that comms with the Sabine is down, and the Oneida doesn't have subspace transponder frequency of the Theurgy, so they are more or less going in blind beyond that their long range sensors tell them that the Theurgy covered the distance between the Battle of the Houses (as it will come to be called) and Qo'noS in just 25 minutes, between 1700 hrs and 1725, which is metric fuckton of warp speed to achieve. Praxis Crucible will tell how that happened, in case you missed the information in the Newsletter. So, keep in mind that Jackson gives the order to head to Qo'noS to support Martok without knowing that the Theurgy will get there too.

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Lt. Arven Leux | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn:  @Auctor Lucan  @Luciain  @Nero    @Eden  @Hope  @P.C. Haring @Lathaniel

Arven got the message that he wanted to hear and heard the faint sounds of the Klingons beaming out. The sound of the transporters so nearby sent a chill up his spine. They'd come closer than they'd like to an altercation with Klingons to defend their patients. That would not have been good in any possible scenario. The Doctor breathes a sigh of relief, saying a quick prayer under his breath, thankful that he didn't have to be in a hand-to-hand combat situation again.  The seasoned Doctor takes notes of the flickering of the lighting and some of the various wall panels that had to be the EPS grid being shot, right? So long as they wouldn't be working in darkness, he could deal with that. Poor lighting conditions weren't his favorite, but he'd survive.

Sighing heavily, Arven gives a sympathetic look to Nurse Locke and favors her with a polite smile. "Alright, we're going to be alright then. Good to know, isn't it, hmm? Now, we have patients we need to discharge and beds we need to clear. Now that we're out of danger, we have to set up and get ready for everyone that stayed at their station, as well as whatever trouble the Fighter jocks got into." He wasn't excited about this, but his voice had a professionally pleasant tone to it. Arven was a man that knew what he had to do and when to do it. he gives another look to Nurse Locke and smiles softly at her. "If you need a few minutes to compose yourself or anything, feel free to take them. This job can be rough in these situations. Let's just be glad that I didn't get this ship shot out from under me." The last words he spoke had a distinctly different tone to them, almost as if he hadn't meant to say the and hoped that Locke wouldn't be commented on. But they were out there and fair game.

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[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder | Oneida Aerowing Shuttle | Oneida Combat Zone] attn:  @Auctor Lucan  @Hope @Nero @Tae @Eden @Lathaniel  @Luciain

Reggie winced under the throbbing pain in her head.  Somewhere in all of the fighting, she had lost her footing and had hit her head against the bulkhead.  She brought her hand to feel the injury and was surprised when her fingers came back bloody.  It didn’t hurt that much, and she knew it was a minor thing, that head wounds just liked to bleed.  She’d pay the Oneida sickbay a visit when they docked back up and get it tended to, but she knew it was minor none the less.

[Wolfpack, Report]

That had come from Wraith.  She had Ops so Reggie took the liberty.  She took a look around the cabin, giving Valin, and Morgan a quick once over.

“Aerowing reporting, a few bumps and bruises among the TacCONN aboard.  Ensign Trevik is injured but not severely.  Ship status is operational, though we have damage.”  Reggie checked the engines and life support systems.   

“Propulsion and life support is green.  We should be able to dock up without issue.”

[This is shuttlecraft Downey, callsign Athen.  I have severe systems damage, and need assistance.]

Khalil sounded like hell and from the alarms blaring in the background of his comm call, it did not sound like the shuttle had much time left.

“Standby Athen.  I’ve got you.  Lowering shields and engaging transporters.”

She keyed the sequence and pulled him out before raising the shields once again.  On the pad, Kalil materialized only to collapse on the pad.  Reggie turned to him, but the Aerowing rocked suddenly calling her back to her console.

“That was the shock wave from the Downey’s core breaching.  Minor damage to the shields.  We’re fine boys.  I suggest we get ourselves back to the Oneida.  We have injured who are going to need medical attention.”

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Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nero @P.C. Haring @Eden @Lathaniel @Tae @Luciain  
[Lower shields and we will beam back our boarding parties... yet you will be too late.... and you will learn that it's a long way to the Empire's border... so I suggest you limp your way back before Gorka, son of Margon, becomes our new Chancellor. House Mo'Kai will remember this day. bey wIH out] Captain Gant’ech’s voice rumbled over the subspace audio channel.

“Commander Ikthan, lower shields,” Captain Jackson ordered.

Just as quickly as they have boarded, Klingon troops were beamed off of the Oneida.

“All intruders have been beamed off the ship,” Lieutenant Commander Ikthan stated, “raising shields” he continued.

Sabrina breathed a silent sigh of relief having not realized how tense she had been in the moments of the Klingon surrender. Having presumed that Captain Jackson would want to retrieve the support craft as quickly as possible she tapped a few buttons on the LCARS display and brought the Oneida to a full stop.

“Captain, shuttlecraft Downey has suffered a warp core breach. The survivor appears to have been beamed to the Aerowing,” reported Ikthan.

“Let’s get our people. Open the shuttle bay doors for Lieutenant Hale. Sabrina, dock the Aerowing,” Captain Jackson restlessly stated.

Lail began to manipulate the roll, pitch, and yaw of the Oneida carefully, firing only the maneuvering thrusters to align the Oneida with the Aerowing docking port on the ship’s lower saucer section. With both the Aerowing and the Oneida saucer section aligned, Sabrina fired the remaining functioning dorsal maneuvering thrusters to propel the ship towards the Aerowing. [We’re at fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten - docking sequence initiated,] Lail exclaimed over the ship’s intercom and to the Aerowing. [Bridge is five by] Sabrina continued before closing the simultaneous audio channel.

“Wraith is also aboard,” Ikthan noted.

Captain Jackson walked back to his command chair and sat down. “Stand down red alert. Lieutenant Lail, set course for Qo’nos, maximum warp.”

As the lights returned to normal illumination levels, displays returned to normal, and red lights stopped flashing, Sabrina turned around and stated “Captain, we don’t have the ability to go to maximum warp. Engineering reports that damage to the upper starboard nacelle’s plasma injector has taken that warp engine offline. I can give you warp seven.

“Take us to warp seven, engage,” Captain Jackson ordered.

Sabrina selected Qo’nos from the navigational database, tapped the key for warp seven, and selected all available engines before tapping the engage button.

The Iroquois-class ship banked to the right as all but one of its turquoise engines began to light up the surrounding space brighter while the warp coils charged. Aligned with Qo’nos, the warp engines discharged as the ship jumped to warp seven; limping its way towards its destination.

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| AC-477 Mk I Valravn | Wolf-02 | near USS Oneida] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Eden @Hope @Lathaniel @Luciain @P.C. Haring @Tae 
It had been a surprise to him that the small Type-9 shuttle had even survived the confrontation with four Bird of Preys, but it was a testament to the uncanny skill of its pilot. Logan recalled his last flight in this class of shuttle and how it had stranded him upside down on a barren moon. Someone who could hold his own against Klingons in such a shuttle was already among the elite of pilots for Logan, and he felt a certain pride to have flown alongside him. Then the status reports came in and he learned that the Type-9 was about to suffer a warp core breach. The crew of the Aerowing managed to beam the pilot out of there quickly, because shortly after he saw the shuttle inflate through the transparent aluminum of his cockpit and disintegrate into a myriad of tiny particles in a violent explosion.

[Wraith, this is Commander Ikthan. The shuttle hangar is standing by. Come back aboard.]
Logan surveyed the battlefield leader for a moment, then opened the radio channel for a reply, "Roger that. Coming home."
One last time, he pushed the thrust control forward and flew a long, drawn-out loop to give the docking Aerowing a bit of escort. Then he pushed the stick farther to the left. The pilot created enough space to avoid colliding with the Iroquois-class ship and made another long loop to land in the hangar, which was small compared to the Theurgy. Logan slowed down enough for the ship's tractor beams to do the rest. There was a slight, yet noticeable jolt in the cockpit as the Valravn was caught by the tractor beams. But eventually the fighter was landed gingerly. Logan watched as heavy hangar doors closed behind him.
"Off to Qo'noS."

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Aerowing Shuttle | near USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Nero @Luciain @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring

An exhalation of relief escaped the young Starfleet officers lips as the stand down order was relayed. The Aerowing was less maneuverable than the fighters he normally piloted but what it managed to do during that engagement was a surprise. Remarkable even. Despite pushing it nearly to its limits it managed to stay in one piece... mostly. What damage it had sustained would be easily repaired by the Oneida's technicians and engineers, he had no doubt.

With the Klingon threat essentially nullified and the Type-9's pilot safely aboard, Callax brought the Aerowing around to commence docking maneuvers with the Oneida. The shuttle slowed and held position as the larger vessel repositioned itself. Through the viewport the lower saucer section came into view and held its position. After a quick systems check, the docking procedure began though little input was needed from Callax himself. After bringing the Aerowing to a halt, he was essentially an observer as the Oneida did all the work. It was only then that he leaned back in his chair and slouched his shoulders with exasperation.

[We're at fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten - docking sequence initiated. Bridge is five by.]

With a soft thud the Aerowing successfully docked with the Oneida.

"Powering down systems. The paint is definitely chipped but she's one hell of a bird," Callax exclaimed with a grin that quickly turned sour as he lifted himself up from his chair. That is, tried to lift himself up from his chair. Glancing down he found the source of the sharp pain. 

A rip in his pant leg revealed a small but deep cut that seemed to have mostly clotted itself. He grumbled, more at the prospect of returning to sickbay so soon after leaving it than the pain itself. At least this injury would not require days of recovery. Once it was clear he could put his own weight on the injured leg, Callax limped with as much dignity as he could muster to sickbay.

OOC: Thanks all for the thread. Continuing in CH07: S [D03|1615] Salt, Sutures, and Salves.

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Lt JG Sorek Morgan, Callsign “Chaos” | Oneida Aerowing Shuttle] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Luciain  @Nero     @Eden  @Hope  @P.C. Haring


Sorek kept his attention up and his hands close to the console until the docking maneuvre was completed. After what they had just witnessed and considering other confrontations he had with Klingon individuals over the time made him nervous. Yes, they were ordered to stand down and the Klingons were factually defeated, but who guaranteed that there was not a single Klingon who disobeyed his orders, took a shuttle and tried for revenge? Nobody guaranteed that.

When the docking clamps secured the Aerowing, Sorek finally leaned back in his chair and exhaled a deep sigh. That was one interesting adventure, something he would surely remember for a long time. "What a ride. Thank you, everyone." He mumbled while watching the others leave the cockpit. Sorek took another look around, got up with another sigh and followed the crew. As he reached the exit of this brave, little ship, he turned around again and smiled. For something that was not even remotely designed to take on Klingon warships, this cute masterpiece did an amazing job at keeping them alive and fooling the enemy. His right hand reached up and slowly patted the hull before he turned again and trotted behind the other, the med kit on his back the smile still engraved in his face. Ready for the next adventure, hopefully in a real fighter this time.


OOC: Please forgive my absence, real life has been crazy. This was my last post in here. @Auctor Lucan , thank you for reminding me. ;-)
Lt JG Sorek Morgan
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