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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Cockpit | SS Sabine NX-59846 | Azure Nebula ] @Triage @Vox @Fife @Stegro88
Pausing in her flying, Sera turned her head towards the Orion woman next to her when she shot off a storm of words that made little to no sense for her, but she got the gist of it nonetheless. Trickster phasers and shields, or something. "I knew you weren't just a waste of space aboard," she said with a grin, but had to look back to her tactical sensors to see where the two hostile Gryphon fighters were at. They were swinging around for another pass, and since she had decelerated, they would be able to intercept her unless she'd throttle up to the Sabine's maximum warp speed.

But she still didn't have any password, and she didn't get a reply from either of the two Gryphons that were - allegedly - on her side.

Instead, Donna was being attacked by one of the Valravn fighters, and she told Sera as much over comms, that she was about to be knocked out of warp speed. Meanwhile, A'vura wasn't done, saying that the two happenstance Gryphon escorts were going to need the Sabine's help as much as they'll need theirs. On top of it all, whilst the two hostile Gryphons were about to open fire a second time, still at warp speed, Foxfire - in the second ally fighter - gave an ultimatum regarding the password. It made Sera bare her teeth, but she was an old hand at hairy situations. She had a fiery temper, but she knew solutions when she saw them.

Still, why did she care? Even if she could return for the password, she was in it for survival, not to risk her life any more than she currently was. Of course, the Orion woman next to her would advocate that they'd go back and get that password. Sera followed the blips of the two Gryphons with her yellow eyes, and cursed under her breath in Câroon. They were about to enter weapons range soon, unless she throttled up and left them far behind her. The window of time was too narrow, and she was split between options.

"Blast it!" she said, and yanked her ship sideways in an evasive maneuver. A stream of pulse phaser bolts overshot them by mere meters, but Sera gave the Orion a fiery glance. "Tell me! Why is this so flaming important? Why should I go back there? You have twenty seconds to explain, then I jump to maximum warp again, and whatever message there was for Ives may burn for all I care. I won't risk my life on an ashen whim."

Yet she wasn't about to be idle for twenty seconds.

Besides the pulse phasers, she was just about to see what optional extras Melissa Wright had installed on the Sabine at Starbase 84. Whilst she had gotten out of worse situations than the present one when the Sabine had just been a rusty bucket from a last century Starfleet R&D boneyard, perhaps she had new advantages aside from her engines? The second Gryphon came, and at the end of her barrel roll, she set a course straight for the warp fighter, and pushed her fingertips against the heavy firing option on the console.

Mounted underneath her wings were two high-end heavy pulse cannons, and inside the Sabine, there was a loud whirr before searing, orange bolts began to cough out - soaring straight into the Gryphon's shields. The rapid, twain streams of energy slammed into the white fighter's blue shields - setting it off course. Sera's eyes swept away from the hit she'd scored and gave chase to the first Gryphon, the one that had already passed her. She throttled up the Sabine to give chase, opening fire at warp speed and trying to listen to whatever case A'vura was making.

The Sabine was no fighter, but small and agile enough to compete with their maneuverability. What was her advantage, she found, was the punch in her cannons and her more powerful warp engines. There hadn't been an entire task force of capital ships out there, and a full squadron of fighters to boot, she might actually had fun whilst she put the new Sabine through her paces.

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[ Lt. JG A'vura Zeshryr | Cockpit | SS Sabine NX-59846 | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Stegro88, @Fife & @Vox
A'vura wasn't sure whether to smile or scowl at the Câroon's remark about her being a waste of space, but she chose instead to maintain a deadpan expression. She'd already talked way more than she was used to on any given day, but she supposed today was a day full of exceptions. The circumstances of their situation, and the fact that Sera wasn't a Starfleet officer meant she would have to spell out in precise detail what she was doing or required of the pilot, lest there be any further misunderstanding. As it was, the Câroon was quick to judge, and much, much slower to forgive.

That aside, they had a very complicated battle unfolding around them.

The Gyphon-class superiority fighters were attacking of falling back to defend the Sabine, and there were at least two Valravns, who were still undecided in the precise location of their loyalties or to put it in another way, their general inclinations as to where they were leaning on. The Orion was not comfortable to say the least. She would have preferred working on the Bridge or personally coordinating in the Operations centre. But you just had to volunteer to be here, she reminded herself glumly.

She gave a start when Sera swore and then asked her rather angrily why she should risk her life for a message, pertaining to a struggle that was not her concern in the least. In many ways, A'vura felt sorry for Sera. This really wasn't her problem, and it wasn't fair for her to be dragged into it in the first place. Part of her wanted to tell her to do what she felt was best, she was the captain of this ship, and if she really wanted to do anything, the Orion had no real say or decision in it. She closed her eyes for a few seconds as she considered the options within the given twenty seconds, but she ultimately decided to appeal for Sera's sense of mercy, and perhaps a sense of duty, but above all of it, she figured, Sera would hold at least one thing with great value, from what she could tell of the fiery woman.

“How about your life, along with the life of every sentient in the entire universe being at stake, on account of what is in that encrypted message?”

Was that a good enough reason. She gazed unflinchingly at Sera. If the woman thought the Orion was just making that up, the tone in her voice, neither furious nor sarcastic, should say something, and the earnest intent in her eyes said that she at least believed what she said to be true.

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 07 | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Vox @Triage @Fife

Well, the kill order being automatically applied to her and Isel as soon as they were declared traitors wasn’t a surprise. Nor was the speed with which they were declared traitors. If the highest ranks of Starfleet had been infiltrated, it wouldn’t be hard to choose an Admiral that was amenable to your way of thinking to hunt down the ship and people that could expose the truth. Heck, for all she knew, Sankolov was already compromised.

But there was no way they could have gotten to every single member of the task force and Wolf-15’s message was proof of that. Not only had they initiated communications with a ‘traitor’ but they said they were going to disobey orders because something didn’t add up and they wanted answers.

“I could use a few of those myself,” Donna said to herself as she considered her options. She couldn’t take a Valravn in single combat. There was just too much of capability difference between the two ships. She had every confidence in her own abilities to out pilot Wraith, but not while he had a Valravn and she only had a Gryphon. But what to do?

Flipping her fighter over 180 degrees, she accelerated directly at Wolf -15 before cutting her engines and targeting her entire payload at the Valravn. Then she opened a channel.

“Wraith, this is Chance. If your intentions are honourable, feel free to pull up right in front of me and we’ll have that chat,” Donna sent as her thumb hovered over the button that would make Wraith’s life hell if he twitched the wrong way.

As she waited for his response, Donna thought of Isel and hoped that she had managed to get away safely.

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"Pull up right in front of her? She seriously thinks we're gonna do that?" Zeke said almost with a chuckle before noticing that Logan was already swinging the Valravn around and heading towards her. "Oh great you're really doing it? What the hell?"

From the pilot seat in front of him Wraith nodded with a little smirk "What? You heard the lady if our intentions are honourable to pull up in front of her and our intentions are honourable are they not?" He replied.

"Well....yeah but going nose to nose to someone who might just want us real close for an easy shot leaves us a sitting duck. Especially when said someone has her entire payload aimed at us!"

Logan hit a few keys on his controls, arming the Valravn's entire payload and aiming it at Chance while also rerouting some power to the forward shield, bolstering it's for some added protection "There you go, now our entire payload is aimed at her and we have a stronger forward shield in case she does just that, you happy now?"

"No I'm not happy now!" Zeke yelled back "What would make me happy is for you not to put us nose to nose with her in the first place!"

"You know buddy I remember when you were a lot more fun than this, what happened to your sense of adventure?" Logan asked with a grin. "Besides even if I did want to back out of it, it's too late now, we're here." He said as he throttled down the more advanced fighter, both ships almost nose to nose.

"I tend to lose more of it the crazier you become with your daredevil antics in this ship."

Before Logan could counter he heard Zeke press a few keys before speaking again "Channel's open, say something nice so that we can avoid getting blown out of the sky please."

"Relax Zeke you know I'd never let anything bad happen to you, it'll be fine." Logan said to his friend before hitting a button and tapping into the comm system.

"You know Chance while I do have honourable intentions I don't appreciate people inviting me to a "friendly" chat while aiming their entire arsenal at me so you'll forgive me for doing the same to you, especially when from my perspective you're technically the enemy here. Regardless here I am, so let's talk."  

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 07 | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Fife @Auctor Lucan @Vox @Triage

Donna didn’t even try to hide the smile that spread across her face as she listened to Wraith’s words. When the warning about Wolf-15's weapons locking on to her had popped up, she hadn’t panicked. She had been expecting it. Either as preparation or insurance. She wondered how Big Zee was reacting to Wraith’s decision to meet her ‘face to face’. Did he support it or was he going crazy in the RIO’s seat. Her own RIO would probably have tried to kill her by now; hence the reason to sedate him. She could understand Tank’s point of view. He had lost friends at Starbase 84. But his history conflicted with Chance’s mission and so he was removed.

She was about to respond to Wraith when two contacts appeared on her sensors. They were on opposite bearings with one approaching from 060 and the other from 240. The one at 240 was also much closer than the other which allowed Donna to determine who it was sooner. Wolf-08, Isel!

Donna was simultaneously annoyed and overjoyed that her wingwoman had come back for her. She didn’t know why; wouldn’t even let herself consider the reasoning. That could wait till later, if there was a later. 

“That Vulpinian is going to be the death of me,” Donna thought as she gazed at the sensor screen. “But what a way to go!” It was as she looked that she realised that Isel was pointed directly at Wraith. “Not good. She is in attack position.” Keying over her comchannels, she connected to Wraith.

“Wraith, Chance. I never said it would be a friendly chat. And I’m not insane enough to just sit here without some insurance. And neither are you,” Donna pointed out. “Now, you wanted answers. So ask away. And while you’re at it, if that is Blizzard and Trixie approaching from my 060, call them off. I’ll do the same for Wolf-08.” Not waiting for an answer, Donna switched channels.

“Foxfire, this is Chance,” Donna called out to her former lover. “Hold Fire! I repeat, Hold Fire. Wraith wants to talk.”

So, the fighter approaching from Chance's 060 may or may not be Wolf-16.
And I tagged Triage even though she gave up A'vura in case she wants to see how the thread turns out.

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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire” Nix | Wolf-08 | Azure Nebula ] @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @Vox @Triage

Forxfire held herself back from opening fire the moment she dropped out of warp, instead assessing the situation. What she saw in front of her surprised her, to say the least. After Wolf-15 had fired on Chance and forced her out of warp, Foxfire had feared the worst. Now she saw both craft ahead of her, stationary and nose-to-nose. A quick glance at her sensor readings told her both fighters had their weapons charged, though neither were firing. Relief flooded through Isel as she continued her approach, the new emotion washing away some of the rage she had felt earlier, as well as her intent to kill Wraith in any way possible. Donna was still alive, and seemingly safe for the moment. Regardless, Foxfire kept her Valkyrie heading in on an attack approach, ready to unleash everything she had on the Valravn facing Chance’s fighter.

[Foxfire, this is Chance. Hold fire! I repeat, hold fire. Wraith wants to talk.] Came Donna’s voice over the comms. Foxfire kept her weapons armed as she halted her approach and maneuvered herself into a position off the flank of the two fighters where she had a good vantage on Wraith. Sensors showed another inbound signal coming towards them. If Foxfire had to guess, she would bet it was Wraith’s wingman, though she had no way of being certain. It could very well be more fighters sent by Warlock to take them out.

”Roger that, Wolf-08 is holding fire. Don’t get your panties in a twist, Chance, I’ll hold here and cover you.” Foxfire said over their private channel, the comment bring a grin to her features as she spoke. The grin vanished just as quickly as it had come, however, as she continued speaking. ”This might get hairy if that’s another Valravn coming in, though. I’ve got no idea if the Sabine is coming back for us or not. We may be on our own here.” Concern was evident in Isel’s tone a she spoke. ”Though if they want that fucking password, they had better get their asses back here!”

Foxfire used her maneuvering thrusters to shift her angle, maintaining her ability to fire at Wraith if he tried anything while at the same time allowing her to be able to react to the incoming sensor blip if it became necessary once It got within range.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Cockpit | SS Sabine NX-59846 | Azure Nebula ] @Triage @Vox @Fife @Stegro88
While Sera had been chasing that first Gryphon, she had listened to the thief aboard her ship, telling her about what they needed to do, and how seemingly all of existence was pinned on that message getting to Captain Ives. Sera didn't believe a word of it, of course, thinking that the Orion's opinion was coloured by blind loyalty to this Chameloid. On top of it all, Sera considered how poorly the Starfleeters had treated her and Zy, being questioned by security and them about to confiscate her flaming ship for their 'holy' mission. No, she was quite done with the Federation patriotism and how they thought their ends justified their means.

But for some reason...

...she just couldn't act on her every impulse to just bolt. To leave all of this blasted, nonsensical crap far behind her. She supposed she'd have to kindly ask the Orion to don the helmet of her EVA-suit and step out the airlock, unless the woman had planted some kind of bomb on the Sabine to make sure she'd comply with Trent's scheme. In truth, she didn't think it beyond the Starfleeters at that point. They were not like the Federation people she'd met before. They seemed cornered, afraid, and desperate. She really didn't care to know just how desperate they had become... so she'd give them the benefit of doubt.

Moreover, where in the storms was she supposed to go? She doubted she'd have this much excitement elsewhere.

"All right, Starfleeter, suppose you're right. You'd say I should go back to the two girls back there and kindly ask for the password, or do you suggest i threaten to kill them lest they don't?" she asked, her lips thin as she made the Sabine barrel roll in pursuit of the second Gryphon, having driven away the first far enough - shields all but gone.

"No, no, we can't kill them!"

"Burn me, I sure can. You mean I shouldn't?"

"Yes!" said A'vura, frustrated with her at that point, "You shouldn't! They might be allies! They might want to help us!"

"That's two 'mights'," said Sera, shaking her head as she keyed up the micro torpedoes she'd found before, and sent five of them after that second Gryphon. "To me, that's just winds and words. You don't trust a word of shelter from the sun with just two 'mights'. I need your flaming guarantee I am better off not forcing them to give us the password."

"I swear, you..." A'vura took a deep, frustrated breath, her fingers white around the armrests of her chair as Sera set after the first Gryphon again, the second spinning and seemingly adrift. "They wouldn't go out of their way to give us the damn message unless they had any interest in Ives actually reading it!"

"Fine, have it your way then," mumbled Sera, her shields flashing against her face through the viewscreen when the Sabine was being fired upon. In reply, she opened fire with her big cannons again, deterring the Gryphon and making him break off. "This was getting boring anyway." Said and done, she lay in a course towards where Dounna - Do-NA? - had dropped out of warp, and without hesitation, she set the Sabine to go there at her maximum warp capacity, which ought to give her and A'vura a smidgen of time to speak with the pilot-girls since the two damaged Gryphons would be slower.

The nebula-shrouded stars elongated, and like that, the Sabine sped back to the coordinates. It didn't take more than a couple of seconds, and then, they arrived - seeing the two Gryphons and the Valravn from before. The second Valravn was approaching as well, yet to arrive. There seemed to be some kind of conversation taking place, and before A'vura had a chance to speak. Sera tapped the mass-hail button, thinking that she'd had quite enough with the he-said/she-said and trust/no-trust games.

"This is Sera vers Aldnoah on the Sabine, are you flaming listening?" she said, her heavy accent filling the audio channel, and she he even projected a vid-feed with the hail. "Burn you all, I need the password for this top-secret, blasted message that is supposed to be delivered to Captain Ives of the Theurgy. Now, I don't bloody well care where your true or hidden allegiances may be, but this fox hunt serves no flaming purpose!"

Sera was not quite angry. Oh, she could get a lot more angry than she was, being a Fire Regioneer, but she was quite fed up with all the bloody tip-toeing around the bloody truth, and the truth was something she did believe Ives and his crew had on their side, given all that she had been through since she came aboard the Theurgy. "Do-Na, if there is any wick in your flame, you better show me and this Starfleeter next to me that you really mean to join forces with the Chameloid, and that goes for your girlfriend over there too. As for you, who-the-burning-bush you are - attacking and then not - you better believe that those other Valravn pilots from Starbase 84 were right in leaving the rest of Starfleet behind. They did so with good reason, and blast you, so should you. All I heard from them was 'Oh, burn me, I wish I could have made them understand, but now they hate me, even if I'm right'. Enough already! Can't you all see how this is not the Starfleet you used to know? Even I can bloody well see that, and I am not even one of you!"

Having lectured the bunch of them properly, she jabbed a thumb in the direction behind her. "Now, there are two pissed Gryphon fighters back there who I doubt will get this message through their thick sand-skulls, so I suggest we blast out of here, and try to find the Theurgy. Burn me, but I think they need fighter support right about now."

Having said her piece, the silence lingered for a long time, until there was a chirp. A reply. From the other Valravn.

[This is Blizzard,] said the woman, audio only, [I need to think about it. I'll fake that this damage I have is worse than it is, and... I might try to talk to the others White Wolves. Wraith... Whatever you decide, I'll break off now. Watch out, Wedge and Frost are just seconds away. Godspeed. Wolf-16, out.]

At that point, A'vura just stared at Sera, clearly having feared she'd just lit the fuse of the situation with her words.

Sera, on her end, couldn't help but smile. Perhaps there was hope yet for the Starfleeters.

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 07 | Azure Nebula ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Fife @Triage @Vox

“Who said I was wearing panties Foxfire?” Chance teased her wingwoman. Despite their current dynamic, she found herself falling back on old habits. “I hope you didn’t threaten them.”

Donna wasn’t sure if Isel replied or not as her scanners finally were able to identify the approaching fighter at 060 as a Valravn Warp Fighter. This was quickly followed by an identification as Wolf-16; Blizzard and Trixie. Now it was potentially two Valkyrie MKIIs against two Valravns. And Donna did not like those odds one bit.

“So, what’s it going to be Wraith? You going to ask a question or start shooting?” Chance asked the pilot directly in front of her on a channel that Isel was also a part of. Checking her systems, she noticed that her warp field was re-established. “Decide quickly because Foxfire and I have places to...what the?”

The cause of her broken speech was the arrival of the Sabine to the party. Barely a second passed before a mass-hail began to sound out to all present.

"This is Sera vers Aldnoah on the Sabine, are you flaming listening?" she said, her heavy accent filling the audio channel, and Donna looked down to see a red-helmeted figure on one of her screens. "Burn you all, I need the password for this top-secret, blasted message that is supposed to be delivered to Captain Ives of the Theurgy. Now, I don't bloody well care where your true or hidden allegiances may be, but this fox hunt serves no flaming purpose!"

“Fucking hell, did this woman not know the meaning of TOP SCRET!!!!!” Donna raged mentally. She had just told to potential enemies that they had a message for Ives. If Sankolov or others found out, questions would be asked about where it came from.

"Do-Na, if there is any wick in your flame, you better show me and this Starfleeter next to me that you really mean to join forces with the Chameloid, and that goes for your girlfriend over there too. As for you, who-the-burning-bush you are - attacking and then not - you better believe that those other Valravn pilots from Starbase 84 were right in leaving the rest of Starfleet behind. They did so with good reason, and blast you, so should you. All I heard from them was 'Oh, burn me, I wish I could have made them understand, but now they hate me, even if I'm right'. Enough already! Can't you all see how this is not the Starfleet you used to know? Even I can bloody well see that, and I am not even one of you!"

“Is this chick a pyromaniac or something?” Donna wondered as she listened. “Every second phrase is about fire.”

"Now, there are two pissed Gryphon fighters back there who I doubt will get this message through their thick sand-skulls, so I suggest we blast out of here, and try to find the Theurgy. Burn me, but I think they need fighter support right about now."

Donna couldn’t exactly disagree with what the fire obsessed woman had said over the comms. She hadn’t made any further demands for the password and had instead offered to lead them back to the Theurgy. Win-win as far as Chance was concerned. She listened as Blizzard announced that she was going to feign damage so as to be able to speak with the other White Wolves. She didn’t know how effective that would be but she didn’t know the squadron either. 

Sabine... er... Sera, this is Chance in Wolf-07,”
Donna said after opening a response channel. What she was about to say could change everything or nothing at all. But it needed to be said regardless. Would they believe her? Would they throw her in the Brig? Would Isel keep following her or peel away now that she was headed to the Theurgy? She had to take the chance. “Lead the way.”

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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire” Nix | Wolf-08 | Azure Nebula ]

Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @Vox @Triage

Isel’s heart seemed to skip a beat, a sly smile spreading across the Vulpinian’s face as Donna made a cheeky reply regarding her panties. Oh, Isel had hardly forgiven Donna for what she had done, but she enjoyed the mental imagery conured up by the comment nonetheless. Donna interrupted Isel’s enjoyment as she voiced concerns as to whether or not Isel had threatened their new “friends” in the Sabine. Isel remained silent on the matter, neither confirming or denying the legitimacy of the concern Donna had voiced.

The Vulpinian pilot listened as Chance began speaking to Wraith, never taking her eyes off the Valravn fighter in her sights. The Valravn was a superior fighter craft, but Foxfire had every intent of fucking it up as much as possible the moment it made a hostile move toward Donna.

Then the Sabine had arrived, and the shuttle’s pilot began her tirade, cutting Chance off.

[This is Sera vers Aldnoah on the Sabine, are you flaming listening?]

Oh, I’m listening… Foxfire thought as she listened to the heavy accent of the woman called Sera. The woman’s voice continued its audio bombardment of them, using terms that Isel found strange such as “wick in your flame” and something about a burning bush. Regardless of the words, Isel couldn’t help but giggle softly, both at the fact that her play against the Sabine had paid off, and the fact that Isel found this Sera vers Aldnoah’s exotic accent intriguing.

I don’t know who you are, or where you’re from, but keep talking lady! Isel thought as the rant continued, basking in the strange notes of the woman’s voice. Finally the rant ended, and the comm system carried a new voice to her ears. It was Blizzard, announcing that she would break off and claim damage to her fighter. Then she heard Donna’s voice speak.

[Sabine… er… Sera, this is Chance in Wolf-07. Lead the way.]

The words were to be expected. Chance had committed treason in the eyes of Task Force Archeron, a fact made clear by the presence of both the Valravns and the other Gryphons in the area with them. She had little choice but to go with the Sabine. Neither did Isel, for that matter. If she returned, she would be charged with Treason at worst. Aiding a fugitive at best. Then there was the fact that they had gassed their RIOs into unconsciousness. That would be difficult to explain away...

Well, you see, sir. My girlfriend found out I used to be a member of the Orion Syndicate, and then she slept with me and blackmailed me into helping her defect to the Theurgy Isel chuckled to herself as the thought played through her mind, wondering how a tribunal would react to the ridiculous explanation. The giggle stopped abruptly as she realized she had thought of Donna in those terms.

The Vulpinian turned her gaze to Chance’s fighter, unable to make Chance out from this distance but knowing she was there. She still had unfinished business with the Human woman, and she couldn’t bloody well go back to the Dauntless after everything they’d done.

Nor did she want to.

”This is Foxfire. You aren’t going anywhere without me, Chance. I’ll take up position on your six.” The smile returned to her face, though she was well aware no one could see it. With cheekiness seeping into her voice, she added. ”I always did like the view from back there.” Part of a giggle could be heard before she cut off her comms, leaving the incoming audio open but muting her mic.

”Oh Donna… what the fuck am I going to do with you...”

Isel wondered what would happen to them if they actually made it back to the Theurgy. She hardly expected them to be welcomed aboard with open arms. The Brig was the more likely option, at least until the Theurgy’s crew figured out what to do with them.

Maybe they’ll let us share a cell… Isel mused, that sly smile playing across her lips again and she prepared to follow Chance and the Sabine off into the Azure Nebula.

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Lt. JG Logan ‘Wraith’ Hale | Wolf 15 | Azure Nebula ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Fife @Triage @Stegro88

Staring through his cockpit window at the other ship, his finger lightly resting against the trigger on his controls he wondered if he was doing the right thing, he had a pretty good shot right now and maybe he'd be able to take Chance out before she could fire on him....but no he wanted answers and this might be the only way he was going to get any.

"I only have the one question and it's a real easy one from where I'm sitting. Why?" He asked "Why are you and so many others turning on the Federation and joining the traitors on the Theurgy?"

As he finished asking his question he glanced at his own instruments and saw several other ships warping in and cursed under his breath, this was about to get interesting, hopefully Chance would indeed get her friend to not shoot at him otherwise this was going to south very quickly.

Hitting his own comm he opened a channel to Blizzard.

"Blizzard, Wraith here, hold your fire, don't engage either Wolf 07 or 08, if Chance is true to her word, we won't have any trouble from her friend either."

"Acknowledged, Wraith, I'm still gonna keep an eye on her when I arrive though." Blizzard replied.

Wraith couldn't argue with him on that way, nor did he want too, after all they all swore to protect the Federation and honour the uniform and yet here they were now, betray that oath so he didn't really put too much faith in anybody's words nowadays.

Before anybody else could reply to anyone however another voice popped up over an open comm for all of them to hear. As he listened he couldn't help but smirk at some of what she said "Burning bush? What is this woman's obsession with fire?" He muttered under his breath, thankful that his comm was closed and had to admit she was right that Starfleet certainly didn't seem like the one he'd known before but that doesn't justify betraying your friends and stabbing them in the back either just because you don't like the way things are looking.

Something he would have said were it not for the fact the other fighters who were definitely not on their side were about to arrive. Making matters even worse, at least for him was when Wraith spoke up and told them all what she was about to do.

"Uh did he just say he was abandoning us? Cos it sounded like he just said he was leaving us here with potential hostile enemies around us." Zeke said from behind him.

"Yep that's what it sounded like." Logan muttered in almost disbelief, even if it did look like they weren't going to fire on each other it still could be seen as abandoning your partner, not that he wasn't used to that by now. Instead he opened a private channel to Blizzard.

"Fine but watch your ass and if it looks likes nobody is on your side, you get to your Valravn and get the hell out of Dodge, find us if you can and if not lay low and try to get a message to me and I'll help get to us."

"Sure thing, Wraith," came Blizzard's reply "You stay safe and watch your own arse." The Andorian woman added before closing the channel.

Hitting a key to open a channel for everybody to hear him he decided to speak. "First of all Sera I am aware that Starfleet isn't the same as it used to be but that doesn't mean you stab your friends in the back, turn tail and run just because you don't like how things are currently going..." He said before taking a breath "She does have a point though so unless we want to fight those two and potentially bring in Warlock and the others as well, we should get out of here, just as long as we can all agree to not blow each other into space dust, agreed?"

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Cockpit | SS Sabine NX-59846 | Azure Nebula ] @Triage @Vox @Fife @Stegro88
Hearing the male voice over the channel, Sera vers Aldnoah smirked and glanced towards A'vura. She closed the channel and said the obvious. "I think it's time you give them the sales pitch, Starfleeter. You know, the dreary tale about those bugs-up-them-arses that started this mess. Burn you, you really need to make a pamphlet or a intro-vid at this point."

A'vura rolled her eyes at Sera, but before she got a word in edge-wise, Sera had a reply for the flyboy with the attitude, since he'd addressed her personally. "Oh, I don't plan on blowing anyone today, hot-shot. I got my ashes hauled last night, so I am good. Have a little faith, will you? There is no smoke without a fire, so rest assured, you're doing the right thing. Show Captain Ives you mean business, defend the ship, chat with your former squadron, and I'm sure this will work out fine."

Clearing her throat, A'vura cut the hail and frowned at Sera. "You do know that Captain Ives has been abducted, right? There is no one for these people to hand over the message to, since they said their orders were to deliver them to Ives specifically."

Sera shrugged at the green woman, eyes ahead. "Burn me, I don't even know if any of the Theurgy pieces are still out there, to be honest, but I am not about to pour my water out before I get to shelter." She smiled, perfectly content with leading the Starfleeters on so that she might stay alive, and perhaps even save them from themselves. With Hi'Jak being a traitorous sand-flea, Sera just hoped Zy was still alive. Zy and Lorad, come to think of it. She hardly knew anyone else aboard. "Whatever storms may come tomorrow, we'll wheather them then."

Not being entirely satisfied, A'vura clenched her jaw and cleared her throat, resuming the transmission to the three fighters in their wake. "This is Junior Lieutenant A'vura Zeshryr, second in command of Operations on the Theurgy," she said, looking like she was collecting her thoughts, "I know this will sound absurd, but the Simulcast that was sent out at Starbase 84 was a forgery meant to perpetuate the lies told by the Starfleet Command and Federation media. What the Theurgy is trying to reveal is a conspiracy that might stretch beyond the Alpha Quadrant. Since years back, an enemy has infiltrated Starfleet Command, much like the Founders did during the Dominion War. They are insidious, cunning and patient. Unless I had seen what I have witnessed sinc-"

"Hold that thought, m'dear," said Sera, since the two damaged Gryphon fighters just dropped out of warp in front of the small convoy she was leading. She could see them clearly enough, both on sensors and with her bare eye, but they seemed to hesitate, as if waiting for something. They were observing, as if to verify something, and while Sera had no idea what it was. She wasn't about to find out. She spoke to the three fighters behind her.

"If they go back to warp, they might reveal where to find our warp trails. If you don't neutralise them, I will," she said, no humour in her tone anymore. The Starfleeters might opt to disable them, but Sera had no compunction about killing in order to stay alive, and you didn't stare into the fire that might burn you.

Worst of all, after the beating she had already given them, they were not likely prone to listen to the sales pitch either...

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 07 | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Fife @Vox

“This day just keeps getting better and better,” Donna thought to herself when her sensors detected the arrival of Wolves 03 & 04. Their little rendezvous was now up and they had to make some fast decisions. Even as her mind laid out all the options, Sera on the Sabine, chose one.

"If they go back to warp, they might reveal where to find our warp trails. If you don't neutralise them, I will," the woman said in a flat tone. Donna’s mind continued to race as she sort out other options. But none were coming up. Any response that allowed them to live meant that they could expose them for future pursuit. And that was unacceptable.

And yet, despite the cold logic of it, Donna wasn’t sure she could take a killshot. Her mind was in two places. She would protect Isel at all costs, that she knew. The others as well. But could she take the shot when no one was directly threatened? Warp trail pursuit was an abstract threat compared to a photon torpedo. But they had to do something.

“Wraith, may I suggest you take the Sabine's wing. We can pincer attack Wolves 03 & 04,” Chance advised over the channel. Sabine, Wolves 07 & 08 will form up on your port side. Foxfire, lets turn and burn."

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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire” Nix | Wolf-08 | Azure Nebula ] @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @Vox

Isel had seen the two Gryphons drop out of warp, their arrival on her sensors having been immediately accompanied by her uttering a few choice obscenities.

If something could just go right with this whole shitshow of a mission, that would be fantastic! Isel thought bitterly as she listened to the voices coming across the comms from the Sabine. The one calling herself A’vura had spoken of a Simulcast, Starbase 84, and something about the infiltration of Starfleet command. It was all a bit long-winded for the Vulpinian pilot, as her only motivation for being here in the first place was the result of Donna blackmailing her.

And watching Donna’s back.

The feelings of anger and betrayal aside, Donna was still hers, and she’d be damned if she was going to let anything happen to her. If she had to kill a couple of Starfleeters to keep Donna safe, well, Isel could live with that. She’d done far worse in her old life, and while she was genuinely trying to leave that old life behind her, old habits died hard.

Sera was speaking now, warning of the Gryphons possibly giving away the location of their warp trails if the two hostile fighters got away. Isel knew the pyromaniac with the sexy voice was right, and that the circumstances of their defection would be further complicated if the two Gryphons were allowed to escape and return with backup.

Isel’s ears perked up at the sound of Donna’s voice coming over the comms as she advised the Sabine that they would form up on her port side.

[Foxfire, lets turn and burn.] Chance’s voice said as Foxfire brought her Valkyrie into position off Chance’s wing. The Vulpinian wore a smile on her face, unseen beneath her helmet.

”Roger that, Chance. I’m with you.” Foxfire acknowledged. ”Wolf-08 is in position off your port wing. Let’s take care of these guys and get the hell out of here!” Isel couldn’t help but add another cheeky remark for the other woman’s benefit. ”The sooner we make it to the Theurgy, the soon you can start working on your apology, lover.”

And it had better be a good one, after making me deal with all this shit! Foxfire thought to herself, her expression darkening in anticipation of the fight to come.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Cockpit | SS Sabine NX-59846 | Azure Nebula ] @Triage @Vox @Fife @Stegro88
Sera wasn't sure what she had expected when she posed her ultimatum to the three Tac CONN pilots. After she did, A'vura had begun to chastise her.

"You do know that you are asking them to kill their fellow Starfleet officers, right? No, even worse, you've asked them to kill their own squadmates. How do you live with yourself? Can you imagine what position you have put them in? Do you really think they will just take my word for it, what I said about Starfleet Command? Why would they believe my word, a complete stranger to them, and then just open fire a-"

"Oh, shut up, burn you," said Sera and rolled her eyes, not even looking in the Orion woman's direction. "I said 'neutralise', right? They might as well disable these idiots, even though they kind of had it coming. I mean, I just beat their all over this Nebula and they still come after me? The sand-fleas just won't take a flaming hint."

"They came here because they thought the ones behind us would help them!"

"That just proves they're moronic, not that they deserve it any less," said Sera, thinking that there was no more time, and the ones behind her were stalling. "If they are not prepared to fight for your truth, then what good use are they to Ives and his crew? No, I'll spare the morons their lives, and go to warp instead, and if the one called Wraith tries to catch up with me, I suppose it's better to just destroy one fighter instead of two."

"Y-You... you posed your ultimatum without the intent of following through?" said A'vura, incredulous.

"Yeah, I don't fancy killing people unless I really have to. What's the point? I'm no monster, blast you."

"But you are! You're making them kill the-"

[Wraith, may I suggest you take the Sabine's wing.] It was Doun-Na. DO-na? The talkative girl, anyway. Sera's eyebrowes rose a little, and A'vura put her face in her hand, hearing the Black Wolves turn on their fellow squad. [We can pincer attack Wolves 03 & 04. Sabine, Wolves 07 & 08 will form up on your port side. Foxfire, lets turn and burn.]

"Well, fancy that," said Sera, and shrugged, taking the development in stride. "Seems to me Ives will be getting a few loyal fighter pilots."

"Yeah, but you... I... " A'vura just gave up, it seemed, shaking her head. Sera leaned forward and spoke, opening the channel.

"Don't make your new Commanding Officer look bad to the fleet that's just not enlightened yet. Disable them if you can. I softened them up for you a great deal, so go easy on them. Wraith, I'll let you handle this, since I haven't really practices precision shooting. I just tend to blow things up."

[Thanks, pyromaniac,] came the voice from the male pilot, who charged past her, going straight for one of the damaged Gryphons. Sera throttled up the Sabine, following him. She could see the moment the two unlucky fighters realised that they had put their latinum on the wrong bet, how they turned to flee, only to have the three former Black Wolves have at them. Sera took a back seat, letting them handle their own business, and waited for it all to be over.

"How do you live with yourself?" asked A'vura, looking sick.

"The point is that I do."

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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson & Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Wolves 07 & 08 | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Triage @Vox
Joint Post Between Fife and Stegro88

"Don't make your new Commanding Officer look bad to the fleet that's just not enlightened yet. Disable them if you can. I softened them up for you a great deal, so go easy on them. Wraith, I'll let you handle this, since I haven't really practiced precision shooting. I just tend to blow things up," came Sera’s voice over the comm channel. First, she wanted them neutralised and now she wanted them disabled. 

“I wish she’d make up her mind,” Donna thought to herself. Although, thinking about it, Donna realised that neutralised could mean disabled. “More than one way to skin a cat, Donna.”

“Thanks, pyromaniac,” Wraith replied to his new wingmate and Donna looked across to see the Valravn pulling ahead of the Sabine to take the lead. Not wanting to be left behind, Donna advanced her own throttle to match the Valravn’s velocity.

“That one’s a bit pushy, isn’t she?” Isel said over hers and Chance’s private comm line as her Valkyrie pulled into view off Chance’s port wing and matched speed. The Vulpinian’s voice carried a hint of amusement as she continued. “She’s got a sexy accent though...” She added in the hopes of getting a rise out of the other woman.

“Or a fox...” Donna added, adding to her previous thought. “A sexy voice doesn’t mean much if you can’t back it up,” Donna reminded her wingwoman. 

“Who’s to say she can’t?” Isel countered, a broad grin gracing her features inside the cover of her helmet. “What’s the matter Donna, you getting jealous?”

“YES!” Donna screamed mentally, the ache in her breast returning from where the fox had bitten her 3 night’s prior. “Foxfire, I’d suggest you focus more on the task at hand. I doubt those Valks are just going to roll over and die. And try to avoid using your ordinance. We don’t know if the Theurgy can resupply us.”

“Ok, ok! Let’s get this shit over with.” Isel said as she directed her targeting sensors at the damaged Gryphon fighters, the teasing note in her voice having been replaced with a down-to-business tone. “I think I’ve been shot at enough for one afternoon. Let’s deal with these fuckers and get the hell out of here!” Isel set her fighter’s phasers to full power as she grumbled the last words, then glanced at the data on her TVD to confirm their quarry’s heading. Her’s and Donna’s AoT was practically zero while their closure rate put them in effective weapon’s range in 20 seconds.

“Looks like the Sabine really did a number on them,” Donna noted as she looked down and checked her screens to verify the situation. Her shields were fully charged as were all her phasers. She had fired 4 Mk27s leaving 16 in each magazine while she still carried her full external load of ten Mk XXVII Photon Torpedoes in two external pods as well as a pair of Hell-Hound cluster bombs. “And if I’m using them, its overkill,” Donna mentally noted. “Or they are luring us in,” Donna pointed out as she swapped comm channels again. “Foxfire, Wraith, recommend we take a T-formation with the Sabine behind.”

“Roger that. Moving to T-formation.” Isel confirmed, adjusting her spacing off Chance’s wing. “Wolf-08 in position off your port wing.”

“Confirmed, Wolf-15 on your starboard wing,” Wraith responded. Donna heard nothing from the Sabine and she didn’t get a moment check as her screens lit up with a torpedo lock. Looking up, Wolves 03 & 04 had flipped over and were now facing them. Seconds later, almost a dozen torpedoes were ripple fired at them from the two wolves who then flipped back around and began to accelerate away again. 

“Shit, open fire!” Chance called out as she mashed her fire controls. Her phaser cannons lit up as energy pulses were discharged at the incoming torpedoes. She was trying her best to aim at the rapidly closing torpedoes but they made for hard to hit targets and Donna quickly realised she wouldn’t get them all. Adjusting her shield power to reinforce her forward shields, Donna prepared to take a hit. Of the 4 torpedoes aimed at her, she managed to shoot three of them down before they reached her but the fourth and final one slammed straight into her shields, rattling the MkII with the detonation. 

Isel cursed violently as the incoming torpedoes lit up her HUD like a fireworks show, the fighter’s audible alert only serving to add to her annoyance. “Shut up, shut up, shut up...” Isel growled at her fighter as she fired off an ECM package in the hopes of throwing the torpedoes off their scent, while at the same time opening up with her Valkyrie’s forward-facing pulse phasers. She managed to hit two of the four torpedoes targeting her Valk, reducing the incoming ordinance by half. The ECM detonation halfway between her fighter and the remaining two torpedoes managed to break their targeting lock, with one detonating in the debris cloud left by the ECM. The last torpedo, as though hellbent on pissing her off to the utmost extent, passed through the ECM’s debris field and regained its lock on her fighter, which brought about another bout of foul language from the diminutive Vulpinian, the swearing continuing long after the torpedo impacted her Valkyrie’s shields.

“Hey Donna, care to share your “no ordinance” rule with those assholes?” The Vulpinian growled over the comm as she adjusted her targeting sensors to their prey’s new heading. “I don’t think they got your memo.”

“I’ve got a memo for you Foxfire,” Donna fire back without thinking. “I took one on the nose. No damage. You alright?”

“Oh, I’m just peachy, lover. I’m having a great time.” Isel replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Just one more thing to add to the very long list of apologies you’ll be making.”

“Any particular way you want those apologies made Foxfire?” Donna baited with a grin under her helmet. She had missed this.

“Would you two knock it off already,” Wraith requested politely. “By the way, I’m fine too. Now can we get on with this before I change my mind.”

“It’s a bit late for that, Wraith.” Isel’s voice carried nothing but the sweetest of melodic tones, making it all too clear that she was less than impressed with the Valravn pilot. “Need I point out that these assholes followed you here in the first place?”

“Alright then everyone, let’s just calm down a little and deal with this situation,” Donna requested of her fellow pilots.

“Yes darling...” Isel chimed in sweetly as she armed her Valkyrie’s torpedo launchers, well and truly fed up with playing nice.

“Wraith, could you pull a Sierra-1 and get them to break down and away from you?” Donna asked the Valravn pilot. “You’re faster than us. Foxfire and I will intercept when they break. Aim for their nacelles and we’ll see if we can’t disable one of them. That ought to slow them down but not kill them outright.”

“Roger that.” Wraith acknowledge as he pushed his Valravn to greater speed, adjusting his heading to bring him into position to make a run on the dorsal plating of the fleeing bandits.

“Isel, when Wraith opens up, break down and prepare to intercept,” Donna advised her wingmate.

“Roger that.” Came the Vulpinian’s reply, her tone all business once more. “Wolf-08 standing by.”

“In position,” Wraith called out and Donna could see him, with the Sabine following behind, above and to the right of the two fleeing Black Wolves.

“Execute,” Donna said, locking her eyes on the wolves and preparing to intercept. The Sierra-1 attack manoeuvre called for a swooping attack down at a target, or targets, from an aft dorsal angle. And Wraith executed it perfectly. His attack run brought him down on the fleeing wolves like a swooping eagle looking to pluck a fish from the water. Wedge and Frost had no choice but to evade him. “Alpha-1 starboard!” Donna exclaimed when she saw them dive down and away to the right to avoid the attack from above. But it just exposed them to Donna and Isel.

Isel aligned her Valkyrie with the bandits as they dove, unleashing a long stream of fire from her fighter’s pulse phasers, showering the two evading enemies with a hail of phaser fire as they tried to escape Wraith’s line of fire. At the same time, she targeted each of the evading craft with a torpedo and fired, sending a pair of Mk 27 micro torpedoes streaking forward to impact their dorsal shields.

As Wedge and Frost pulled away from Wraith’s flight path, Donna adjusted her course and locked her sights on the starboard nacelles of both fighters. Triggering her phaser cannons, she sent bursts on pulse fire into their dorsal shields. Shields that were already weakened by Wraith’s pass. She never saw the torpedoes fired by Isel until it was too late and all she could do was watch as they impacted the buckling shields of Wolves-03 & 04.

“Isel!” Donna chastised her wingmate as she looked ahead to see if their targets had been destroyed.

“I guess I didn’t get that memo either,” came the Vulpinian’s voice over the comm in a tone that carried no hint of remorse, “Looks like we’ll both be apologising later. Some of us more than others...”

“Does she have an off switch?”
came Wraith’s dry tone over the comm, exasperation heavy in his voice.

"Not that I have found yet,” Donna responded, grinning from ear to ear. “Did you want to know if I can find one? I promise to search thoroughly.” 

“Promises, promises...” Isel teased. Wraith could be heard making a defeated sound but said nothing more. As Isel spoke in the background, Donna watched as Wedge and Frost reappeared; limping away from where they had been hit.

“There they are,” Donna called out as she checked her screens. “Their dorsal shields are down to 2% and they have engine damage. Time to finish this,” Donna declared before adding. “Phasers only please lover.”

“Killjoy...” Isel muttered as she powered down her torpedo launchers, making sure she spoke loud enough to be heard over the comm.

“I’ll thank you later,” Donna remarked as she selected her portside phaser arrays. “You take Frost and I’ll take Wedge.” 

“Copy that.” Called Isel, adjusting her heading accordingly as she vied for a better angle on her target while at the same time powering up her Valkyrie’s forward phaser arrays and targeting Frost’s port warp nacelle.

Angling for a lateral pass, Donna triggered her arrays as they came to bear. The sustained beam they emitted, one after another as she passed, did the job; slicing through what was left of the defensive shields over the starboard nacelle and then carving a long gouge along its length. Pulling away, Donna once again checked her screens and was relieved to see that Wedge’s fighter no longer had a functional starboard warp nacelle. He would be going nowhere fast. A quick check of the other bandit’s status told her that Isel had had similar success with her own target.

Sabine, this is Chance. Targets neutralised as requested,” Donna reported over the comm channel. “Reforming with you. What now?”

“What now? What a loaded question that was,” Donna thought to herself as she brought her fighter around. “I am, in their eyes, a traitor to Starfleet and the Federation. All I have left is my mission,” Donna remarked to herself before catching view of Wolf-08 alongside of her. “And Isel. Maybe. If I can somehow make it up to her.”


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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Cockpit | SS Sabine NX-59846 | Azure Nebula ] @Triage @Vox @Fife @Stegro88
The thee fighter pilots put on quite a show, and Sera was in the frame of mind to enjoy it, falling back behind their formation while they dealt with their squadmates.

A'vura, on her end, looked a bit ill about it, likely thinking about what the three would do when they learned Captain Ives was abducted, and how their new ship was split in three, scattered across the nebula, and how two of them might as well be destroyed already since they hadn't appeared during the last two Rendezvous. Moreover, the third RV was due to be over soon as well, and they didn't have any indication towards the Sword or Stallion showing up yet. The three fighter pilots that proved their allegiance to Ives by attacking their own squadmates had just put all their money and their lives on a dying, limp horse, and she likely thought Sera was to blame for it.

She might have played a small part, true, but Sera lived in the moment, for there was no time like the present to burn and feel alive. Why lament bygone woes and fear those to come? Was it not better to take the things the storms threw at you and be grateful you are still alive?

When the dogfight was over, and they were hailed, Sera gave the Orion a grin. A'vura looked away from her, making Sera shrug and tap the button that answered the hail. "This is the Sabine, burn you, but you do seem to have proper wicks in your flames. The Starfleeter next to me has the coordinates, and we'll keep our eyes out on the way there. Let's hope no more of your squad decides to jump us."

Having said as much, A'vura typed in the coordinates that had been given to her, and Sera lazily swivelled the Sabine towards the new direction. "Follow my lead, Lone Wolves."

That was what the Theurgy's fighter pilots called themselves, right?


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