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Day 20 [0945 hrs] Wakey Wakey Hun

[ Lieutenant JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt.zh'Ptrell or Zark) | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Galaxymind

Lieutenant Zark hummed as she made her way through the various beds of the Recovery Ward and part of her was frankly appalled at the number of mishaps the crew seemed hell bent on finding new ways of expressing their exuberance in experiencing life while they still could. She couldn't really blame them since she'd also ended up in the ward more than once during the ship's three week stand down. She was one to talk though as the statuesque Andorian took a moment to stretch and craned her neck from side to side, working out the kinks from not only her recent bout with the security Deputy, but also the night of frenetic passion that had followed the following night.  Remembering that night didn't divert the medic from her lighter duties of acting as a nurse for the day.  Normally she'd have been doing something security related, but with an injunction from the doctor's to let her injuries heal and the need to do something, Zark figured that taking time to help out in sickbay was a good form of light duty.

She stopped by a bed with a Tellarite engineer and checked on his vitals.  He complained about being stuck in sickbay, but Zark simply shrugged and smiled.  It wasn't her call to release him since the doctor had found something else while fixing his ankle. He was a Tellarite and complained about being held in sickbay. "Come on sir, Lieutenant Ryn needs me to run diagnostics on the ODN relays to the slipstream drive, and it's supposed to be finished by this evening.  I don't need my feet to sit down and run diagnostics. "  Zark smiled sweetly but was unmoved by the plea. " I'm sorry Mr.Rofrorr, but the doctor's orders were explicit, he found something in your leg he doesn't like the look of and till he's done running test on it, you have to stay in place.  Zark gestured at the door. "Of course, if you want, you can hobble your way out the door as well."   The Tellarite looked at the much taller Andorian suspiciously. "You'd really let me hobble out of here?" "Of course!" She replied sweetly. "After that, I'd definitely have to report you to Security for an unauthorized absence and since I am Security, I'd be happy to respond to a call of a truant patient, quickly followed by a tightly applied restraint that could result in the doctor having to examine other body parts for injury as well."  In one of her infrequent bouts of talking about topics other than engineering, the Assistant Chief Engineer had mentioned that Zark was more than capable of doing that. Still, he had to try to get out. "You're not going to harm me over something like this." He challenged. The combat medic tilted her head in total innocence as her smile grew wider and eyes grew brighter. "Of course not. I can't permanently harm you, but I can exercise all necessary force in the pursuit of police duties and cause huge amounts of pain the process."

Feeling like he was looking a psychotic in the eyes, the engineer paled and decided that the medical bed was a much better place to stay. Zark nodded at his change of heart and took down some notes on her PADD for the chart.

When she turned to head to the next bed, she didn't miss the Tellarite's breath of relief when Doctor Hernandez came back to give him the results and keep the crazy nurse wearing the wrong coloured shirt away from him.  Said crazy nurse continued to the next bed and took a moment to enjoy the feeling of her medical coat brushing against her bare legs.  In an unusual change, she'd decided to wear a skirt for sickbay duty, and it showed off a very impressive set of legs if the looker was of the right persuasion. Checking the PADD, she noted it as someone who had come out of surgery recently by V-Nine.  Hmm, one Lieutenant Verena Pax, former Chief Surgeon.  Injured in... Ooof, that is nasty, lots of shrapnel to remove there. Now about to be another walking medical miracle.   Smiling brightly, the Andorian medico playing nurse for the day approached the bed. "Good morning Doctor, how are you feeling today?"

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[ Lieutenant Verena Pax | Recovery Ward| Main Sickbay| Deck 11| Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker

Verena had been sleeping as she recovered from the anaesthetic that had been used during V-Nine’s procedure. That was, until she was suddenly brought back to the land of the awake and living by a rather grouchy sounding Tellarite complaining bitterly about being stuck in sickbay. Which was a little ridiculous in her opinion. If one was in sickbay it was for a darn good reason. Otherwise someone would have been along to start the discharge process. Especially the way he complained.  After a beat her pale blue eyes opened, and she blinked a few times to get her bearings. When she realised she had been asked a question she paused to take stock of herself. How did she feel? Exhausted, disoriented, and slightly tender. Especially around her abdomen, no sensors had chirped or screeched though so she was probably fine.

Though the last thing she remembered before being woken up in the recovery ward by her noisy neighbour was pushing a nurse out of the way of a sparking and smoking console, then excruciating pain and the sensation of being almost…fragmented. Now she was here. Being smiled down at by a pretty Andorian wearing the wrong colour and a strange gleam in her eye. All in all  there were definitely worse ways of waking up from what was likely a life saving surgery.

“Tender, but I’ll live,” She grimaced as she sat up, her abdominal muscles protested the change in position but she believed firmly in the advantages of early ambulation after surgery. It reduced the risk of clots forming, among other unfavourable outcomes. After a moment she pressed a button to change the slope of the bed she was in to be a little more comfortable, and pushed her long red hair out of her face. “You seem to know who I am, probably because you have my chart. But who are you, I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to you,”

At least she didn’t remember being introduced to the other woman, Verena liked to think that she would have remembered. She did try hard to remember faces and names, and she certainly didn’t remember hitting her head. Though there was a possibility, the whole incident was a blur. Her abdominal muscles twinged again as she shifted, whatever they had done it had been extensive, it was a grim thought. But she was probably lucky to be alive after a stunt like that. But she couldn’t have stood there and watched the same thing happen to one of her nurses. They had been a team, and a team looked out for one another. Even if it meant throwing yourself into danger to save them, she would have to check on her once all this was wrapped up and she was cleared for duty. Verena hoped she was ok.

“At risk of sounding like a copycat of my neighbour over there, do you have any idea when I'll be cleared? There’s probably a bit of a backlog of patients after the fight and if possible i’d like to jump back in as soon as possible,” She said, her brows knitting together in worry, sickbay didn’t seem too swamped at the moment but that would likely change as patients were triaged, treated, and sent to recover either in this ward or if it was something minor away to rest and recover. Verena knew she wasn’t likely going to be allowed to jump out of bed and start racing around, but having a concrete time for her to wait for would make her feel a lot better. 

It was suspiciously calm in there, after a battle like the one that had damaged the ship there should have been dozens of wounded recovering in the beds. In comparison it was…she almost didn’t dare even think it. But It was almost quiet for sickbay.

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[ Lieutenant JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt.zh'Ptrell or Zark) | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Galaxymind

As the doctor had delivered her own prognosis, Lieutenant Zark took down the notes and nodded along as she examined the chart.  Pulling up the surgery component, and post treatment, she hoped to glean an answer for the Trill of when she could get out. An eyebrow cocked as she saw there was symbiote inside her and she couldn't help it when she blurted out. "Oooh, another slug, make sure you talk to Azrin later, Ryn and Pax can get reacquainted." A bit of shrug followed. "Well, assuming you two are on talking terms at any rate."  It was then that the Andorian remembered her manners. "Sorry, we haven't been introduced, I'm Lieutenant XamotZark zh’Ptrell, Zark to most. I'm with security, but I trained as a special forces medic with the Marines, and at Starfleet Medical as a nurse, which is why you find me here helping out from time to time." A blue hand waved airily at the sickbay.

The next statement about being like the Tellarite did help keep the smile on the Andorian's face. In the end, that was just the way Tellarite were, and they meant well despite the attitude. The head did slowly come up though when Doctor Pax mentioned that there should be a back log of patients to which the medic looked around to make sure she hadn't gone crazy and was hallucinating a relatively empty sickbay. "What backlog of patients? We haven't had a mass casualty event recently...." While her mouth motored on, the Andorian's mind worked the problem and she chopped off her question and reasoning when the nugget of information that V-Nine usually worked on the worst cases that had been put in stasis, usually after after the ship's initial flight from Sol.  Zark went back to the PADD and she brought up the patient's history. It was thankfully quite short, and when she saw the date that the doctor had been committed to the stasis pod, Zark nodded in understanding.

"Okay, I think I can see where this is going.  First, I'm going to need to check the areas where the shrapnel was removed and everything put together, and the hand is still one of the most useful diagnostic tools, so I'm going to life your gown up and feel the area while I make observations." Zark took a quick second to decide on the next course of action. "Now, you haven't met me since I came from the USS Cayuga a couple of months ago and it's been maybe six months since you were injured."  As Zark focused on seeing how the healing was going, she left the Doctor a moment to digest that fact. "If you don't mind me asking, what happened when you were injured, and what do you remember so far?"  The Andorian asked as her hand gently pressed the abdomen to see if there were any anomalies while watching the Trill's face to see her reactions.

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[ Lieutenant Verena Pax | Recovery Ward| Main Sickbay| Deck 11| Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker

“I am indeed a joined Trill, yes. I’d be careful how you refer to the symbionts. Some people might get offended at you calling them slugs. No matter how much they do in fact resemble one another,” she chuckled, her muscles were becoming less stiff and sore as she moved around which she took to be a good sign. Though her abdomen was still a little tender, the surgery she had undergone must have been quite extensive.

At her comment about getting reacquainted she arched a brow she had actually met Azrin Ryn face to face a handful of times, the engineer was a little elusive and Verena didn’t tend to go crawling through the Jeffries tubes like an engineer. Well not anymore. But it had been nice to see an old…Friend. Once upon a time on a different ship Nazir Pax had been a bit of a cryptid in the tubes, and the things he and Zarin had done in them was enough to likely piss off the whole engineering department. But Verena was keeping that to herself, their relationship hadn’t been a secret exactly. But it also hadn’t been broadly advertised, the commission frowned on such things and the joined tried to rise above things like romantic entanglements.

She settled back and let the lieutenant lift her gown up, modesty was not something she was worried about. Especially not in a medical setting, though she shifted a bit. The andorian’s hands were cool against skin that had been bundled up under the blankets, and she didn’t really find the sensation of her organs being palpated to be exactly pleasant. Especially with tender muscles between, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. She felt normal after all, if a little tired. But she played the part of the good patient, and let Zark do what she needed to in order to determine that everything was ok.

Then it was mentioned that she had been injured six months ago. And she closed her eyes, as her heart rate jumped up a few notches. “The ship was under attack by..Starfleet. One of the consoles overloaded, and one of the nurses was trying to fix it. I pushed her out of the way so she wouldn’t be hurt because it was going to explode I thought. It’s all blurry from there, but I think I was injured pretty badly. I was put in stasis I assume until someone could help me?” She asked, her brow furrowing as she tried to recall more details. This was quite a lot to take in at the moment and it was stressing her out a little.

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[ Lieutenant JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt.zh'Ptrell or Zark) | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Galaxymind

Lieutenant Zark smiled unrepentant when Doctor Vax had offered her humurous correction on the nature of the symbiote.  It was more an internal joke for the Andorian anyway since the organism seemed to sap the laziness out of their hosts, and she said as much. "Take is as a compliment doc, it's the only lazy sounding thing I can find about joined Trills." The security officer in her decided to let the evasion on seeing Azrin again go.  She had her own reasons for it and it wasn't a security risk yet to start prying.  Simple curiosity wasn't anywhere near good enough.

There wasn't really a whole lot to feel, which was a major plus in the medic's mind as mentally matched the surgical points against the smoothness of the Trill's skin.  A few spots caused her to wince, but all in all, she wasn't sure there was any easily identifiable physical reason to do so.  As Lt.Zark heard out the doctor recount her last memory, she pulled a tricorder off a tray and gave the recently repaired areas a more through scan and her face was a study in concentration as she took the in the readings.  The cellular signs of active repair were still there, but they were almost too small to be seen.  A frown did form when blue-green eyes saw some of the repair points and how close they'd come to the symbiote itself.

The medic closed the tricorder smoothly and placed it back on the trolly. "That sounds about the gist of it.  When the ship hit the Jupiter perimeter, the torpedo volley was more than the ship could deal with and the shields were overloaded.  There were multiple hull breaches and power feedback was pretty wide spread.  I know casualties were quite bad, all the diplomats bar one were killed, and you saw the rest of it.  The rest of the crew aren't as bad off. The ship has been on the run for about six months." The Andorian paused for a moment. "There's a summary file on the ship's activities since you were put in stasis."

Lieutenant Zark paused for a moment before continuing. "As far as the doctor's here are concerned, you're physically free to be discharged today if you'd like." her lips twisted in thought for a moment. "I do have to wonder though. Some of the surgery came pretty close to the symbiote. How does, I guess, it feel? Normal? Everything there? No memories missing?"

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[ Lieutenant Verena Pax | Recovery Ward| Main Sickbay| Deck 11| Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker

“We are an…industrious bunch but I think that is the rigorous training they put us through, also the lazy don’t tend to apply to the commission I don’t find. Usually it's those who want to stand out of the crowd,” She explained with a shrug. “It is an honour to receive a…slug as you call the symbiont, you have to prove yourself worthy of it,” She explained, as Zark pressed, poked, and prodded the smooth skin of her abdomen. “I don’t really hold too much reverence for the whole process, ah don’t go repeating that though. I hold great respect for the information contained within the different symbiotes. It is like a fragment of history being passed down each time. But there’s a lot of…spirituality? I guess that would be the word. And I don’t always agree with it.”

She frowned as the medic recounted what had happened to the ship, a torpedo volley. She didn’t remember that, she remembered the red alert thought. It was frustrating to her to have such a patchy recollection of the events leading up to her current awakening. But it would ease with time. Probably. But she felt for those that had been injured, and those that had been lost. What a fine mess this whole situation had turned into, but they were fighting for the right reasons. Or so she hoped.

“I’m glad I don’t have to linger as a patient for too long, I try to be agreeable because I know what it’s like to have patients who don’t want to be here and refuse to cooperate, it’s aggravating and I don’t want to reach the point where I inflict that you. So far you’ve been far too kind to deserve that,”
She chuckled, giving Zark a genuine and warm smile.

“Do you think you could help me to stand? I want to see just how wobbly I’m going to be after six months on Ice. but I don’t want to embarrass myself by faceplanting in the middle of the recovery ward,”

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[ Lieutenant JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt.zh'Ptrell or Zark) | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Galaxymind

Lieutenant Zark smiled again. "Of course Doctor." The Andorian picked up the chart once more and quickly scrolled to see if there were any notes on special recovery exercises, and her eye brow arched as her mouth twisted into a concerned frown.  V-Nine had left a note and the medic took a moment to select it for more details and the other eyebrow joined the first as her antennae unconsciously went straight up. She took a moment to look at the doctor and then looked at the chart again while her face twisted into confused doubt.  Looking up, she gave the doctor a confused smile. "Give me a minute." and walked off to find walker.

The Andorian returned a moment later with a walker and chair set that was usually given to more geriatric age patients.  She martialed her thoughts before explaining. "V-Nine left a note in your chart that you'd been given something called an Electro Neuro Musculature Protein Treatment after you came out of surgery."  Blue lips twisted in further thought. "It's supposed to cut down on your physical recovery time.  She'd used it on several other patients who came out of stasis surgery."  Zark gave a grin.  "At least that explains the quick bounce back time a lot of the crew have had."

Zark moved next to her patient and gently placed one hand in her own and wrapped the other around the opposite shoulder. Smiles of reassurance were aplenty as she turned Doctor Lieutenant Verena Pax towards the walker and let her legs fall over the side of the bed. "You go ahead and I'll catch you if this treatment isn't all it's cracked up to be." she explained while hoping that it worked just as advertised.

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[ Lieutenant Verena Pax | Recovery Ward| Main Sickbay| Deck 11| Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker

At Zark’s concern her own concern rose, was something wrong? She knew being in stasis for long periods of time could have complications, had something gone wrong? When Zark excused herself she took a breath, and leaned her head back. Whatever was going on she would work through it, it would just be another thing to deal with. And they had the tech and support to sort it out so long as it wasn’t the symbiont, she felt fine in that department. Nothing like the odd fragmentation she had felt briefly while she was conscious after the accident.

When Zark returned with the walker and Chair her heart sank, great. Rehab. She hated the idea of it, having seen so many patients go through it. But as she listened to Zark’s explanation regarding the treatment she had received, her spirits rose significantly. “They all bounced back fairly quickly then, that is a good sign. Here’s hoping I’m not an outlier,”

She accepted the andorian’s help to move to the edge of the bed, her core protested the change but she ignored it. That was residual stiffness and inflammation, it would dissipate over time. Especially if she could get moving again, after a deep breath she pressed her feet flat on the cool floor of sickbay and pushed herself up to stand. Her knees felt like jelly, and nearly buckled but she quickly took a step to correct her position and balance which was all over the place. Verena felt like a baby deer, all legs and no coordination. But after a few experimental steps with the walker everything began to come back to her, and her body remembered what it was meant to do. After a few more steps she let go of the walker, and began to try to walk independently.

She was a little wobbly but eventually she found her stride, though her body was really beginning to protest the physical exertion she was putting it through. She had been hurt badly, then put in stasis for half a year, then healed with experimental alien techniques. No wonder she was feeling tired already, the bed seemed quite far now. But she was stubborn, and pushed herself to make it back and sit. “Well my stamina leaves much to be desired, but I can walk ok enough, how fast do people usually bounce back with this treatment, do you know?”

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[ Lieutenant JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. zh'Ptrell or Zark) | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Galaxymind

It wasn't especially taxing for the medic playing nurse to keep the doctor relatively upright while she worked her way from immobile, to wobbly, to merely shaky.  The Andorian's lips twisted when the patient had to settle herself into the walker and she watched with interest as red head made her way back to the biobed and insisted on sitting.  Lt. zh'Ptrell frowned a bit as she entered the information into the chart and an eyebrow arched as a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark popped up.  Mentally shrugging, she pressed the symbol and read the text box that appeared.  She considered the information for a moment before turning her attention back to the Doctor Pax.  "True enough." she agreed on the stamina statement.  "The usual recovery time is within a day or two.  The musculature protein treatment is lactic acid activated, which I'm sure you're feeling now after you walked around for a bit.  It'll bind to the protein synthates secreted through your muscle tissue and begin fortifying the fibres."  The Andorian smiled at the explanation. "Probably explains how I got back into shape so quickly after I was shot."  She shrugged once more and took a moment to scratch her nose before continuing.

"The process did mention that you will need to eat and soon since the repairs will begin consuming protein at significantly accelerated rates in order to provide the musculature building materials.  Also, since this has been used several times before, there's no need to monitor the repair process."  Zark shrugged her shoulders in doubtful acceptance.  "So I'll just go find another doctor to sign off on the release and we can get you out of here."  The Andorian bent down on the side cart and pulled out a drawer which held some clothes.  They were blue and loose and looked like scrubs, though much updated material wise for comfort, durability, and sanitation.  "I'll close off the curtain and take your time getting changed.  I shouldn't be too long and if you have any issues, let me know okay?"  The nurse offered another smile and pressed a button that closed a curtain around the bio bed.

Leaving to find a doctor, she found Doctor Hernandez looking through another chart in an office and handed the PADD to him.  He quickly looked it over and made a dubious grunt before thumb printing the release.  "Modern medical miracles eh Zark?" was his learned observation and she nodded in agreement before thanking him and taking her leave.  She made her way to another terminal and requested a vid call with the quartermaster. "Ah Lieutenant, what can I do for you?"  Zark smiled back. "I have a patient, one Lieutenant Verena Pax being released to today, and does she have assigned quarters?"  The harried looking enlisted man grumbled for a moment then began searching his records.  "Pax, Pax, uhm, Lieutenant Verena Pax right?" confirming he'd heard correctly looking up and back down when Zark nodded.  "uh, yeah.  Says her quarters are empty and I'll send someone to move her stuff to her quarters. Do you have a PADD nearby?"  The Andorian nodded after looking around a bit and seeing a stack of them.  "Okay, sending the information now.  The PADD beeped with the room and door combination. "Was there anything else?" he asked in the tone of the very busy. "Nope. That's it.  Thanks!"  Zark replied offering a brilliant smile and the quartermaster nodded before killing the link.  The Andorian's smile relaxed to a grin and she made her way back to Verena's bed with PADD in pocket.  "Doc, you okay?  I have your room information here, and uhmmm, where did you want to go to get food?"

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