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Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika liked the fact that there was some leeway during her first couple of days back on duty.  Given that she was in charge of vector 3, she needed to spend some time refamiliarizing herself with the vector in her charge.  She’d spend the morning going over the four decks worth of computer core and the afternoon going over the storage areas in her care.

As she stepped up to the deck 12 entrance to the core, Thea’s voice came through the door controls.  “Please state your name and input your identification code.”  Nothing to be worried about, Reika reminded herself.

But at the moment, she didn’t feel like there was nothing to worry about.  This was the first time she had entered the computer core since the day that she ended up on ice.  And since it was her being in the computer core that directly resulted in her stint in stasis … it felt like a little bit of panic was warranted.

But her tactical training kicked in - at least for the moment.  When she was under fire - simulated or real, it didn’t matter how much internal panic she had felt under pressure.  She did her job.  This is no different.  “Lieutenant Reika Sh’laan,” she said before entering her access codes into the door. 

Access granted,” came Thea’s very humanoid voice.

Reika took one step inside the room.  Just enough for the door to shut behind her, and instead of walking directly in, she sidestepped and pressed herself against the bulkhead. Deep breath.  One trip to the cooler after stepping inside here doesn’t mean a second trip.

But somehow between her last experience in the core and her news from Doctor Kobol that morning, she was unsettled. Her antenna drooped low.  How can my emotions go from such a high of elation after my evening and subsequent night with Kino to such despondency between Kobol’s news and now entering the computer core?  Banging her head backward against the bulkhead twice, she took another deep breath, opened her eyes, and forced her feet forward.  “I’m stronger than this,” her voice seemed to contradict the words, but nevertheless, she started walking toward the core.

As the stately Andorian walked across one of the catwalks to the center of the core, blue eyes looked over the handrail down the four decks the computer core spanned.  It was nowhere near as ‘beautiful’ as the thrumming cobalt of the warp core, but it still held a mechanical elegance that few other locations aboard could speak of. 

Inputting her code into a keypad, a core interface popped out, and she began typing in some commands to look at the various computer system statuses.  Her eyes scrolled down the list that she had called up.  Yes.  Uhuh.  Check.  Okay.  Um … No.  Processing speeds in a subsection of the core dealing with environmental controls looked off - performing nowhere near the computations per second that were expected.  “Suppose I should check that out.”  Returning the interface to its locked position, she headed to the nearest lower-level access port.  What she was looking for would be found on deck fourteen.

Five minutes later, Reika was laying on her back with her head inside a panel.  Having narrowed down the processing speed issue down to a well-burried mechanical error code that she was trying to determine exactly what was failing so that she could contact engineering so they could do the mechanical repair.

But keeping her mind focused on the task at hand was becoming more and more strenuous as her mind kept being drawn to a console on the other side of this deck.  The console where those months ago she had been working to thwart the Federation's attempts at a communications and tracking incursion.  The one which lead her to the device located near the deuterium tanks - which, when found, initiated a microfracture in a tank that caused her genetic unspooling - unspooling that she was told that very morning, was showing signs of flux again.  The comparitive silence of the computer core did nothing to deafen her perspective on what happened to her months ago or the possibility that it was still happening to her or would happen again. 

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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Vector 2 Engineering | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold turned his neck form side to side as he listened to Lieutenant Kala Marika talk about the ODN relay retrofit the crews were doing on the connection between Vectors 1 and 2.  The discomfort wasn't from his deputy talking as she pointed out the changes that had been made to the connection ports.  That part was actually pretty interesting since they did a better job of re-aligning and connecting as the ship came together from multi-vector mode.  The main issue with his neck was that it still felt strange to have that other half-pip on his collar. 

He'd never really thought about getting the actual title of Chief Engineer.  Rightfully that position still belonged to Blue Tiran in his head, but she was gone, and he was still adjusting.  Another supposed victim of a curse that came with the post.  The Chief Engineer was paying attention, so he didn't snort as the familiar thought came up again.  His nostrils did flare as he raised a hand and drew a line along the connections that Bajoran had just pointed out.  Pressing a button on the console, he watched the computer model of the system work and there was a noticeable improvement in protection for the ship's data access lines, and the ability to communicate across the ship. The Chief nodded his approval at the whole process.  "Looks good Marika.  Let me know if anything comes up during the refit.  Last thing we need is for the bridge to suddenly lose contact with Engineering because someone forgot to plug the ODN conduit back in."

The Bajoran engineer looked offended at the prospect and was about to get defensive when she realized the Chief was teasing her and gave her boss a tight smile.  Frank wasn't fazed by this as he turned his grin on her and she eventually shook her head and her smile became more natural.  "Thank you sir."  "Don't mention it."  If there was anything worse than plugging the holes in the ship, it was getting her ready to go on what promised to be another hair raising adventure, but repairs were effectively complete, and the crew was figuratively tightening down the final bolts putting the shine back into everything. 

An automated message caught his attention indicating someone was accessing the computer core and this piqued his interest, especially since he was getting tired of organizing people for the moment and missed getting his hands on a problem and working it over.  The computer core was mainly an Operations matter, but when something was broken on it then Engineering would be called in. "Okay Marika. You keep at it. On your way." He made a shooing motion and the other engineer nodded and took off.

Frank stared at the computer code again and pressed it on the LCARS screen, then accessed the details.  His head tilted to one side as he didn't recognize the name of the person doing the maintenance aside from the fact they were probably an Andorian.  But why were they physically working on the computer core?  Arguably the most important component next to the warp core, especially since it constituted a major part of Thea's data matrix.  Crossing big arms, he tapped his fingers in his biceps for a moment before shrugging.  Maybe he was being immature about it, but he really wanted to play hooky from the no doubt long list of planning and personnel problems he had to look over, so with a smile and twinkle in his eye, Chief Arnold grabbed his tool kit and headed to the nearest turbolift.

"Computer Core, Deck 12, Vector 3" he ordered after the lift car had arrived.  He hummed a short ditty as the car moved quickly to it's destination and deposited him at the nearest exit where he made his way out.  Smiling impishly as he made his way to the door nearest to where the other person was working, Frank took a moment to compose himself before pressing the button and stepping through.  Aside from the massive bank of processing power and bioneural gel packs in front of him, the computer core didn't look all that different from Engineering and his head turned left and right to see if he just managed to find the right area where the panel was open. 

This turned out to be moot as he spotted a pair of blue legs sticking out of the core.  Eyebrows dipped in curious amusement as he stopped for a moment, then used his knuckles to knock on the side of the core as a warning.  He could only really claim to know a couple of the Andorian's on the ship.  Neither one would make it a point to be tucked into the computer, so this one was new.  Seeing as how he was being irresponsible, Frank decided he'd carry it as far as he could just to change things up a bit and "Ware! Adventurer!  You've entered the dark data caverns of the great flying space tub!  You are now under the gaze of the great grease monkey guardian of the hallowed slimy data packs.  Show thyself and be recognized!"

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika was both buried in the bowels of this part of the computer as well as in her own mind.  Between the loudness of her thoughts and the thrum of the computer core, she didn’t hear a thing until there was a nearby knock.  If it hadn’t been for her arms over her head, she might have banged her head against the innards of the sub-processing unit she was entrenched in.  As it was, her head banged into her arms which banged into a microprocessing converter housing after which an, “Uhf,” was clearly heard. 

It took a moment to untangle blue fingers from the crevices into which they had found themselves, and as she did, she heard, “Ware!  Adventurer!  You’ve entered the dark data caverns of the great flying space tub!  You are now under the gaze of the great grease monkey guardian of the hallowed slimy data packs.  Show thyself and be recognized.” 

What in the world?  Before her accident, the Andorian’s attitude had usually no-nonsense when on duty.  She had prized her work ethic and her business-like demeanor.  So for a moment while still entangled in computer parts, she wasn’t sure if a greeting like this intrigued her or irritated her.  As she pushed herself partway through the opening, she reminded herself that this was her second chance.  And while she should do things to the best of her ability, lowering her guard and not taking herself or others quite so seriously when protocols could be more relaxed would make it easier to reintegrate herself into the crew and give her a better rapport with them.  Making a conscious decision, she opted to let the greeting intrigue her.  She wiggled herself partially out of the small space that she had shimmied into in the first place.  When she was almost extracted, her eyes lighted on a solid set of legs clad in Starfleet issue pants, and as she finally squirmed the rest of the way out of the hole, she sat up taking in a burly, bearded human wearing gold.  Offering her hand to the stranger to help her up, she waited until she was on her feet.

Brushing her grimy hands off on her pants and then dusting her back and backside  off as best as she could while chuckling.  “Aww, I’m sure you speak to all the pretty girls that way,” she winked at him figuring if he were relaxed enough to jest with her in his greeting, he’d likely enjoy at least a bit of repartee.  “So by great grease monkey, I take it you’re an Engineer?”  Then looking at the number of pips, she corrected herself.  “Or Chief Engineer?

Upon hearing his response, she offered her hand, this time to shake.  Giving his hand a firm grasp and a solid up and down, she said,  “I’m Reika Sh’laan, the newly thawed yet former OPS officer currently assigned to vector three.  I thought I’d start my day by refamiliarizing myself to the section under my charge, and found some sluggish processing speeds for the environmental controls.”  She gestured to the open panel.  “Hence the position you found me in a moment ago.”
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Main Computer Core | Deck 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

The Chief Engineer chuckled as he saw another gold shirt wiggle her way out of the computer space. At least she had a good sense of humour at being pulled out of her work like this. "You're right. A person does have to be pretty effective at their job before I even consider using that line of greeting."  Frank's large paw seemed to swallow the smaller blue hand as he mentally sighed in relief that it wasn't actually the security medic he'd run into. If Zark had been caught surprised in bowels of the computer systems, there was no telling which end of devilry she'd opt to use. Though when this new Andorian winked at him, he was starting to wonder if there was a mischief streak on all of the female shaped Andorians. On the other hand, he didn't have a large sample of data to draw one, so he was probably imagining things. 

"To be honest. I'm still getting used to the rank, but Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold. Chief Engineer, and it's a pleasure to meet you Reika Sh’laan." He let the hand shake for another moment before letting go. "I'm not exceptionally big on the whole rank thing since I only really use it when I'm issuing orders, but since this is more of a shared cooperative experience, you can call me Frank, or Chief of it makes you feel more comfortable."

Frank tried to think up something else to say, but his mind went black for the moment, so it was time to crack on and he looked at thr open panel. "Usually when it comes to hardware maintenance, Engineering would take care of it, but since you've already cracked open the core, I might as well help take a look." Frank kneeled down and opened his own tool kit, the took out a PADD. Pulling a couple of cables, he reached into the  compartment and hooked them to a data node, and an ODN line. His hands started moving about the UI, running various diagnostics. "I hope you don't mind me running my own tests, but tell me what you've found so far. Hopefully it's nothing major." Frank's face turned slightly stormy suddenly. "but if we find another silicone phallus in the wiring, I'm gonna have my assistant run a DNA test on it so I can beat the owner over the head with it. "

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika nodded twice slowly.  “Yeah,” she said.  “I heard about Blue.  Knew her … well ... before.  It’s usually a good thing to get a promotion, but sometimes the circumstances are hard to swallow.”  And silence prevailed.  She understood it.  It was hard to lose a comrade.  What she didn't say was it was harder to lose a bunch of them at once - or at least feel like you have when you wake up and only a handful of the people you knew are still around.  And even to those who died while she was thawed - to them, she was likely as good as dead.  The whole situation is hard to wrap a mind and heart around, and the Andorian felt for the Engineer.  His rank was always a reminder of who he lost - even if they were just co-workers.

Usually when it comes to hardware maintenance, Engineering would take care of it, but since you’ve already cracked open the core, I might as well help take a look.

Reika watched Frank kneel down.  “It was a processing speed issue.  I just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t something physical causing the problem before I tackled it from a programming standpoint.  And if it wasn’t or it was an easy fix, I didn’t mind doing it myself.” 

Reika watched as his pale hands maneuvered around inside the space with ease - almost as if his fingers had their own eyes.  “Nope,” she responded. “I don’t mind you running your own tests.  Always better to verify.

Would you prefer I don’t even take a look at the easy stuff if it comes up?  I don’t want to step on toes, but I also don’t want to bother engineering every time something slight happens either.

As to what I found, I just that the processing speeds slowed down in regards to the part of the core controlling life support, and I wanted to check it out.”  The Andorian turned and leaned against the console table above with one hand on each side of her while her eyes were trailed on the engineer.  “See or feel anything of note in there?

I’m sorry, did you say a silicone phallus?  People have been stashing those?  In the computer core?  Please tell me you’re kidding?
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Main Computer Core | Deck 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Chief Arnold shook his head at the question of who should be looking after the computer core. "I was just teasing you, and it really doesn't matter as long as nothing gets damaged or someone goes beyond their abilities in making a repair that could endanger the ship.  Haven't encountered that too many times thankfully.  Though I do remember this one braggart that insisted it was a good idea to cross the deuterium and anti matter feeds.  The Chief had him kicked off the ship in record time.  Dumped him onto a quartermaster job at some really out of the way never ever gets visited supply post towards the galactic core."

At the Andorian's question of if he found anything, Frank frowned at the results and began typing more.  "You're instincts are good, there is something.  Except it's a little strange.  I'm running an analysis program on it to extrapolate what it is I'm seeing here.  As for the toy, who knows?  My Assistant Chief, Azrin Ryn, and one of the other ops people, Alistair Leavitt I think, heard of him?  Anyway, they found a dildo on deck 28 while trying to track down a noise in the Jeffereies tubes.  Azrin said she found it in a coolant line near the warp core.  I didn't know whether to be thunderous or laugh when she told me.  I understand that Mr. Leavitt didn't take the finding too well, but that's understandable."

The PADD had beeped with the results somewhere in his story, but the Chief liked to finish talking if the situation wasn't life and death.  He turned the PADD towards Reika so she could get a better look at the results and and another window popped to the side to show the affected areas of coding. "This is strange. It's almost like someone buried a program within the environmental controls.  For what I can tell.  It almost seems encrypted.  What do you think?"

OOC: Shout outs to @rae and @Griff for story material. Full story here.

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Ha!  Deuterium and antimatter feeds? You’ve got to be kidding me.”  She let out a quiet snicker.  “Let’s see how many stupid ways we can blow up the ship, shall we?” 

So … Okay,” the Andorian said, cocking her head slightly.  “Are shenanigans common on the ship?  Deuterium and anti-matter feeds - a dildo in the warp core coolant line?  Naked Romulans posing for a couples painting night?  Or is it that we’re just currently between crises and the crew needs creative ways to blow off steam?   I haven’t been awake for that long this time, but before, we seemed to manage to go from crisis to crisis.

But during the conversation a beep emitted from somewhere below where Reika was leaning.  When the timing was right, Frank handed over the PADD, and V3 COO looked over the information.  “That does look like a separate program embedded into the system.  Damn, that’s odd.”  Tapping a couple of details on the PADD, Reika looked it over in a little more depth.  “It is definitely encrypted, but the encryption looks … I dunno.  Familiar somehow?” 

She handed the PADD back over to Frank and stood up from her perch.  Then walking a little ways around this part of the core, the Andorian pulled out a stowed keypad, typing some things into the computer interface.  She pulled the encrypted program that Fank had found and started analyzing it. Her antenna just as fixated on the program as her eyes were.   “Okay.  It looks like we have binomial signatories.” Nodding as she made some notes on the terminal. “But it’s combined with trilaterial nomenclature.”  Typing and a pause followed by an, “Oooh!” and more typing.  “And I think that’s augmented with a simple string computation.  So knowing that,” she glanced back toward the CEO,  “I’ll be able to run an algorithmic decryption of each of the component parts.  Might take a few minutes for Thea to work through though.

But the typing continued for a little bit.  “Any idea why someone would add an encrypted packet to the environmental systems?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Cause it’s likely that whatever’s in that packet is clogging and up the computing power slogging the speed.”  She walked back over a few step to where Frank had been embroiled in the guts of the computer.

Reika crossed her arms under her chest only half listening to Frank as blue fingers or her right hand tapped against her left arm while staring off into space for a moment.  It was obvious from her eyes and the way that the expression on her face slowly changed from contemplative to content and further onto something akin to merriment.  When suddenly, the capricious statement,  “So Frank, what would you consider to be the most romantic spot on the ship?” flew out of her mouth.
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Main Computer Core | Deck 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Frank grunted in agreement at Reika's general assessment about how the ship seemed to be a magnet for shenanigans and the ludicrous.  "I think you're right.  The universe does seem to have a special spot in it's heart for the crew.  If nothing else, it seems to keep everyone on their toes.  There are times I think it's actually safer to just stay in my quarters, in fact....."

As soon as his PADD beeped and he handed it over, it was clear that Reika's brain went into overdrive as she began to parse the information.  It was good thing that Frank kept general sense of truisms in his mind when it came to the gold shirts, if it was a person problem, call Security.  If it was a physical problem, call Engineering.  If it was a software problem, call Operations.  Since his own specialty was material sciences, that left him somewhat less capable in the programming area, and he would readily admit it, but that's why everyone worked as a team, and Engineering and Operations were generally very closely linked to each other in their fields.  As his mind finished that run on sentence, he stood patiently for a moment before he grabbed his tricorder and crawled into the space that the Andorian had just vacated.  Punching several buttons, an light blinked indicating a good wireless connection tot he data junction.  Typing some more, the Chief began to setup a tracker program on the secretive errant data packet.

Frank's mind was only starting to get engrossed in his work, so he didn't slam his head into the top like Reika had done, but it did cause him to pause and he blinked in surprise at the Andorian's question.  Why in the world would she be asking about romantic spots? The chief's eyebrows furrowed together as he took a look out in the Operation's woman's direction before shaking his head and going back to his tricorder. "Really can't say. Usually one of the lounge's is a good place to go.  I'm pretty sure the first impression that people got when I went into the Whetstone was that I was having a date with Reggie, one of the pilots."  There was a pause. "Okay, that was a date of sorts, since we did do something silly yet very fun afterwards."  Frank pressed several more buttons.  "Lemme see the PADD for a moment."  Frank took the PADD and gave it a quick scan for series of coding lines that he thought were pretty unique to the packets and transferred them over to the tricorder, then handed the PADD back to Reika so she could keep working. "Next to that is the arboretum.  Somehow it's still managed to survive all the holes and cracks that get punched into the ship.  Only thing I would recommend avoiding there on a date is the Remembrance Wall.  It's gotten pretty long, and is only going to get longer."

That morbid thought was cut off as the tricorder beeped then flashed red.  The Chief quirked an eyebrow as this was a result he certainly hadn't expected.  "Reika, I tried to set up a blood hound program to see where these packets are going, and it just hit a wall." A bit of fancy finger flying and a swipe saw the whole program and history transferred over to the PADD. "What do you make of it?"

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Words once spoken can’t be taken back.  Reika noted Frank's original surprise at her question about Romantic spots, but the engineer's original seeming surprise gave way to a very nonplussed attitude.  Still, Reika, shows where your mind goes when not focused on work.  Get back in the game, girl!

But Frank seemed to take the question in stride.  “Reggie” was a new name for her, so it didn’t mean much to the Andorian, but she could hear - maybe not affection in his voice, but enjoyment of his time with whoever this ‘Reggie’ was.   But she listened in case he dropped any useful tidbits for a future time that maybe she could surprise the Trill with.  Admittedly, she was a bit disappointed when all she got was ‘the lounge,’ but that at least did get her thinking in the direction of some research that she would do later. 

Reika took back the offered PADD.

Then the arboretum was mentioned and Reika noticeably colored and held the PADD up in front of her face.  Aloud, she said, “No remembrance wall, got it.”  With barely a pause, she said, “I can see why that’s a spot to avoid.

As her face began to return to its normal blue instead of it’s previous lilac, she heard her name and looked over at the Chief.  As he transferred the the program and the history to the PADD, her brow creased as her eyes slid across the lines of coding.  “It’s acting like it hit a firewall of some sort, but I’m not seeing anything that looks like what I typically would call a firewall.  I wonder if there’s some sort of ghost element written into the program.”  The Andorian set the PADD down and looked at the chief.  “Would you mind if I used the terminal?” she asked waiting for him to step over, so she could interface with the PADD and work on the problem from a keyboard - which was much faster. 

Thanks,” she said as she slipped into the spot that Frank had previously occupied and her fingers flew across the keys as she ran different permutations on coding fragments that would pick up elements of a ghost firewall program.  After her fingers finished dancing, it didn’t take much more than a moment before the terminal beeped at her.  “Okay,” she said, pointing at a couple of highlighted fragments.  “If we put these together,” she moved those fragments, and we run a trace for secondary injunctions on the tertiary threads, we might ….” her voice trailed off for a split second.  “Yes!  Here,” she pointed, “Do you see those?
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Main Computer Core | Deck 12 & 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Chief Arnold waited for Reika to process what she was seeing and he watched as her fingers flew over the PADD to isolate the spurious data fragments that were part of the jumble.  The Chief Engineer couldn't help but grin as he saw the enthusiasm in the Operations woman as she showed the PADD to him.  She'd highlighted the scrap code and his mind mulched over it.  "That is very strange.  Taking the PADD for a moment, he began running a trace on one of the scraps and seeing where it bounced around.  Both eyebrows arched as the scrap began to snowball all over the ship.  It wasn't much, just a few extra bits really, but there was additional data definitley being processed.  The trace died for a moment and the Chief tapped his finger on the PADD. He replayed the code on his first data wall they'd hit and cycled it in action several times so his mind could logic what he was seeing before typing again to introduce a polymorphic decryption algorithm.  In essence, the trace program would hit one of the data walls and quickly duplicate itself over and over as it brute force slammed its way through wall till the encryption gave way.  While it was doing that, there was a watch for any warning being transmitted along the data lines with a hound program set to track.  Seeing as this was damned odd, Chief Arnold used his authorization to tap a higher level diagnostic protocol to increase the speed at which the computer would work on the problem.

"Can't say I've seen someone to go to all this trouble for scrap code before, but it's definitely going somewhere in the ship.  It does look like something that did get introduced very early into the life of the core. I'd even say it could have gone as far back as possibly even the initial installation when Theurgy was being built."  Frank blew out some air as he considered the implications of having something like this inserted into the construction process and what else could be compromised.

The main processors were pretty quick about demolishing some of the initial firewalls and Frank added a record function that he tied to Thea so she could keep an eye on the process for further study and defence. While the system worked, Frank kept talking.  "So, how do you find being thawed?  I know of a few others.  My main deputy, Lieutenant Azrin Ryn is one of them.  Seems to be trying to make up for lost time that one.  She's quite happy working on the Quantum Slipstream Drive, especially since propulsion was her specialty to start with."  The Chief emphatically did not mention that the Trill Engineer was having trouble coping with waking up from cryo sleep and seeing the world change around her.  "Another one is one of the Wolves, Ensign Talia, Talia, Al........Ibrahim. I think she got pulled out of stasis and restored around the same time.  A very determined woman.  Just got out of cryo and pretty much went to a boxing match being hosted by Lieutenant Amarik in Intel. The two beat each other senseless. Couldn't tell afterwards though since my odd job assistant, Zark, have you met her yet? Put her back together.  I wonder how Talia's doing now."

Frank's ramblings stopped as his brows furrowed in concentration at the red flashing warning on the PADD.  "Interesting.  Looks like we have a physical stoppage on the trace. Well Reika, how do you feel about a little adventure through the Jefferies Tubes.  It looks like the trace stopped on Deck 15 at junction......." A quick look at the PADD "Junction 3-15-6384.  Hmm, that's near the Planetology Lab.  What could be near there?"

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika listened as the Chief took the PADD and began to work through the data as he processed some parts of what he was saying aloud. 

But at hearing that this happened early on, she had to jump in.  “Do you think it was an error or done on purpose?  And if done on purpose, what could that purpose be?” she asked as much to herself as to the Chief.  “Because…Wow…a person could have planned on hamstringing the Theurgy at a specific time or during a specific event.” 

And as usual, she could easily get fixated on that one idea or topic even though outwardly she appeared to be completely engaged.  But she did hear the word, “thawed,” and had to replay what he said just before that for the context. 

Well, no one plans to go into stasis, so I guess no one really thinks what it will be like when they come out, but what I’ve found isn’t what I would have expected if I had ever thought about it beforehand.  I guess a space coaster would be the best description for it these last few days.  Extreme highs and lows and it’s all fast-paced and some of it very unexpected overall.  But I’m glad that I’m back and grabbing the Andorian Duternian by the antlers and all that.

Arnold kept talking and started throwing around names.  Azrin…Talia Albrahim...Amarik.  But the fight caught her attention and a sly smirk curled her lips.  ‘Yeah….fights can be one hell of a good time - well when you’re fighting the right person.

And then the name Zark dropped like a bomb.  Reika scoffed slightly remembering the Andorian from when she was newly thawed and the ‘dance’ that they two did.  With the grabbing of hair in the midst of it, you’d think that her intention was to go at it.  ‘But the poor woman was drugged,’ she reminded herself.  ‘I’m sure she’s not like that normally. Probably a really great and solid person.

Yeah, I met Zark but only briefly, and she was a patient in sickbay.  But a great dancer,” Reika quipped. “I didn’t realize that she had any medical training though as she was the one who was being tended to. I think she had been stabbed, which I wouldn’t have expected to happen on the ship, but I’ve been hearing a few things about crazy jaunts to Qonos, so I really don’t know what landed her in there.

But it was then at the Chief got a ping on his trace.  “Deck 15?”  Reika asked as her eyes unfocused and she mentally ‘looked through’ that deck trying to remember what all was on that level.  "I mean besides planetology, there’s stellar cartography, vector 3 battle sickbay, and of course, we still have some of the computer core on that level.  But nothing stands out to me.  So I guess you’re right.  We need to check the junction out.  I’m game.” She said as she pushed her sleeves up, like she was now ready to work having pushed all other cares and ideas out of her brain. 

Though, I’m not sure about the different Jeffries Tube accesses in that area.  You’ll probably have to lead the way.”

As she stepped aside and grabbed the computer access panel that they had removed to work on this part of the core,  she crouched down and slipped it back into place and checked everything else out to make sure that they had left the area as they found it.

As the two started off, Reika asked.  “So where did you serve before the Theurgy, Chief?
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Main Computer Core | Deck 12 & 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Frank laughed richly at the idea that Zark had been pretty much stoned when she'd first met Reika and he summarised it with "If her free exuberance was still in place while she was out of her mind, it must have been quite the show!" The Chief took a moment to shake his head in disbelief.

Waiting for Reika to go through the list of places of note on deck 15, Frank couldn't figure why something would be routed through an ODN junction on that deck.  Packing up his tools and disconnecting the various data leads, Frank helped Reika to put the core cover back on.  Taking a quick moment to check the telltales that the panel was indeed secure, the Chief Engineer also made a check of his tool case and surroundings.

Finding nothing out of place, Frank waved his hand indicating the Andorian should follow. "We know where the data stops, so we'll go take a look and if anything really looks out of place, then we'll back track."  Frank gave Reika an easy smile. "Can't let these decrepit old legs get worn out too quickly or my deputy is gonna build me a new set of artificial legs.  Given the way she is, I might get rocket legs instead.  Let's travel civilized."

Frank led them to the turbolift and he mulled over Reika's question.  Had it really been that long ago? "There were several postings.  I was on the Cortez for most the war.  Got transferred out before she disappeared.  Then came the Exeter, Akagi, and I was slated to become assistant Chief on the Megallan before a um close friend suggested I take a trip to Qo'nos with my leave time.  Now, here I am."  The pair reached a turbolift then entered shortly after it had been summoned. "Deck 15, Planetology Lab"  The computer beeped and the subtle nudge of the turbolift moving could be felt as they headed towards their next clue.  "Like a good fight do you? What do you practice?  I was an amateur boxer in my Academy days. Nowadays I mostly work with training our Chief Diplomat, Enyd Madsen and a few others.  Considering how much trouble she gets in off ship, it's a good thing she can hold her own and has a quick wit to get out of trouble.  Frank elaborated as they two strode into one of the realms of the teal shirts and several looked up to see who the two interlopers were.

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Quite a show is an understatement,”  Reika laughed and barely stifled a snort.  “She pulled me into a drug induced dance and then as she twirled around, she grabbed a hold of the gown of a Wolf on the biobed next to me…I don’t remember her name.  In the process, Zark yanked the Wolf’s gown off before two people escorted her back to her biobed before Dr. Rez sedated her.  It was, well, I’d say it was a site, but there’s a site and a *sight*  the latter was the case this time.  But it made me laugh after my scalp stopped hurting from where she almost yanked my hair out.  Ya know, it certainly helped my waking from stasis be a memorable one."

As Frank finished his packing, Reika stood up from her perch where she had been leaning and stepped out after the engineer listening to the places that he had been posted.  “I had a friend, Nihla Grik.  She was a Lieutenant from Tactical  Ever heard of her?  But I don’t know anyone else who served on any of your other ships. "

Yeah.  I like a good fight - probably as much as anyone who’s been a part of tactical at one point or another.  Even after transferring to OPS a few years ago, fighting keeps me on my toes.”  And garnered me my girlfriend.  So damn straight I like fighting.  “How much trouble can a diplomat get into where she needs to fight?  You talk like she’s a walking diplomatic time bomb who finishes her negotiations with her fists instead of ideas and ideals.  But if you like fighting, we should spar sometime,” the Andorian suggested.

Once the turbolift doors opened in front of them, Reika stepped off the lift and stepped aside waiting for Frank, catching the looks of several of the scientists.  She guessed that people would at least recognize the chief.  “Nothing to see here,” she quipped as eyes continued to follow them heading for the ODN junction on the deck. 

You’re not going to take the lab offline, are ya?” a particularly petite brunette made eye contact with Reika as she was looking her direction.  “We’re halfway into a three hour long procedure, and if we lose power….I don’t even want to think about how much extra work and what new supplies we’ll need because of it.

Reika looked from the woman to Frank. “I don’t think we should have to.  D’ya think, Chief?
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Planetology Lab | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Quite a bit of ground was being covered by the Andorian worked to catch up on everything she'd missed since going into stasis and Frank laughed at the shenangian that Zark had managed to get herself into.  Truth be told, he understood it wasn't really her fault since Kala Marika had to detail someone later on to take a look at the replicator system in sickbay in addition to a few other things that day.  This was the first he was hearing of the the events that had led to that particular request though, and given that Andorian's free exuberance with her affections and passions, it was no surprise that things had gotten even more out of hand than usual.

When Reika went on naming people she'd served with, the Chief Engineer shook his head in a negative as the name didn't ring any bells.  Not really surprising given how Starfleet had really expanded in the lead up to the second Borg invasion and the Dominion War that followed.  Passed a certain point, the ability to get to know each person in the organization just became too hard and despite his age, he'd buried himself in research for a while instead of ship board or station duty.  That had limited his interactions with most of the crews that had been exploring galaxy till later.

Finally, while he did nod and accept the offer to spar with the Shen at a later date, her description of the Chief Diplomatic Officer elicited a hard frown.  The impression sounded too much like one Enyd's staff that was having problems integrating with everyone on the ship, and even worse, her department in particular.  The only reason he knew this was how Enyd would discuss personnel on him, especially in light of an evaluation of the attache in question that Zark had given to his current sparring partner early on in the ship's repair evolution.  The scientist executing the experiment brought his attention back to the present and he looked at her for a moment.  Given the way his face was though, it looked more like he was trying to bore a hole through her head with his eyes. "I hope not.  If we have to shut down the lab for just this, we're looking at taking down everything we come across that this code touches."  Frank gave his usual easy smile as he shrugged.  "And, we won't know more till we can actually locate the junction and run follow the trail, so carry on and if we need to turn the power off, I'll let you know."

Making his way to the Jefferies Tube access, Frank punched in a code and pulled on a latch to open the hatch.  The inside was like any crawl space.  Well lit and cramped. Sighing at the pounding his knees and hand were going to take, he moved in first and began crawling.  If his memory served, they'd have to move past one cross way, then the ODN junction would be half way down the following tube.  Deciding to carry on the conversation from where they'd paused to interact with the science types, Frank felt it necessary to explain Lieutenant Madsen's situation. "The thing is Reika, Miss Madsen doesn't actively seek to get into fights, they just sort of happen to her as she moves through life. I'd even go as far to say the universe has it out of her, since she keeps getting tossed all sorts of crazy encounters whether she wants them or not." Frank snorted at one of his more fascinating memories. "If it's the incident I'm thinking of where Zark was stabbed; Enyd had just completed a negotiation with a rebel faction, but there were hold outs in the camp and they decided their return to the fold was unacceptable, so a fight broke out."  There was a bit more crawling. "In another incident, she ended up being kidnapped after attending the Opera of all things.  That's the event where we picked up a Romulan, Hirek I think was his name.  Don't know anything else beyond Enyd doesn't like him."  Some more crawling. "Then there was I think a tour of some ruins where some Orions and Nausicans tried to turn her into a stripper."  The more he thought about it, the more hindsight told him the next event was his fault for missing all the signs as he crossed the junction and crawled into the next tube. "The next one I saw personally was on a food tour where we were almost attacked by some sort of Klingon vampire bugs, and when we went to a bar, Zark ended up kissing Enyd and dropping some strange drink into Enyd's mouth in the process.  Very much against her will I'll add, though Zark looked like she really enjoyed it.  Enyd ended up getting some sort of Klingon battle juice that made her really aggressive and tried to choke Nysari.  Zark was hammered but seemed to recognize the situation and fixed the situation it by the simple expedient of hitting Enyd senseless."  Frank shook his head at the memory of the night and one of the most amazing displays of high functioning drunkenness he'd seen.  There was also word that the the night had gotten even more rowdy afterwards.

Frank finally reached the junction compartment and shifted to sit on his butt as he punched in the code to open the panel then pulled out his PADD and plugged in the leads to begin getting readings. "So it's more of a case that chaos follows Enyd around everywhere and that's part of her life." Frank snorted. "Really unfortunate that one of her best friends is Zark since that one also has chaos follow her around, but our fellow case of blue exuberance likes to get into fights with it and drags Chaos around with her on a leash."

Shout out to @Ellen Fitz cause of Enyd

Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

The tall Andorian and the Chief continued making their way through the Jeffries tube, after she had told him about meeting Zark it started a cascade of information about one of the crew that she hadn’t yet met - a Lieutenant Enid Madsen. Orions, Naussicans, being drugged by a kiss, kidnapped, someone trying to turn her into a stripper, being beaten senseless by a friend.   Granted listening to him, it seemed like Madsen had exploit after amazingly fun exploit.  She’d definitely enjoy meeting such a lively personality.  And then she heard a name of someone that she did know.  Hirek.  And that was a name that she dreaded after what happened several days before. 

Ha!” Reika ejaculated.  “I may not know Madsen, but I know of Hirek.  I’ve met him and I understand Madsen’s dislike of him.  I think that he may even have good intentions at the beginning, but his follow through is,” she considered for a moment, “Lackluster at best. Damaging and dangerous at worst.  I understand why Madsen doesn’t care for him.

Once he plunked his ass on the deck plating in the Jeffries Tube, she slipped herself down next to him and get to work.  “Well if she’s more of a character than Zark is, I think I’m in for quite an experience as I get reacquainted with the people on the Theurgy.” 
Whatcha got on those readings?” she asked. 

The Theurgy seems more lax than she used to be or than my other postings.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s because of the fact that we’re separated from the rest of the Federation and having to rely only on ourselves that we find that some of the normal conventions are more relaxed than other places.  I mean where else do you think you would find a dildo in the bowels of the ship?

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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Jefferies Tube  near Planetology Lab | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

The Chief Engineer had to agree that Hirek was turning into quite the character and since the ship was in essence a village, stories spread quite quickly. "That explains quite a bit. I've heard he's working to ingratiate himself amongst the crew but he's been quite head strong about it. Still he's been conditionally cleared to be on the ship, so maybe he has something useful to contribute to what we're doing now."

Frank snorted in amusement at the thought that Enyd was more of a character than Zark was as he continued to make conversation while they worked. "They're much more different flavours of the same food. It's like Scotch and Bourbon are both whiskies, but they have their own unique characteristics that define them separately. Frank worked the PADD for a moment. "I think you'll find an adventure regardless of which one you go with, but if you head out with both, you may want to wear an exosuit. Maybe pack a full hostile environment survival kit while you're at it too.   The Chief gave his partner a lazy smile to show he was joking, but it did slide a bit as he looked upward and bobbed his head from side to side as his own doubts creeped in. 

The PADD pulled him out of his reverie as it confirmed this was the end of the line for the data stream.  "This is the end of the line, but there's nothing here for why it would end."  Frank stared at the junction and he nodded at the observation Reika made about the ship while his eyes scanned combination of equipment and circutry. "I really couldn't say on how the ship was run before I got here, but I'd like to think a shared experience of being on the run for so long and alone does tend to give everyone a better understanding of each other.  The ship's also taken on crews from at least three other ships, and several clandestine transfers to make up the numbers, though the collection isn't as regimented as the personnel bureau would prefer."

His eyes picked out and he squinted at it as he began digging through his memory about this type of data junction and the bearded head moved in closer to get a better look.  "It's morbid, but as far as my family and everyone else I know is aware, I'm dead in a ditch or got sucked in by a black hole since I'm probably officially missing."  The big hand moved with smooth experience as he slipped his hand through a pair of ODN lines and wiggled his way through to a small box that was tucked away.  His index finger and he felt around it. "The ship is a starting to turn up an unusual number of surprises. The dildo really is an odd one though. I don't see why they didn't just keep it in their quarters unless they had a some odd fetish with something in the ship. And this isn't supposed to be here.  There's no use for it."  The Chief withdrew his hand and pulled his tricorder to give the box a scan to make sure it wasn't harmful then gave it a more intensive scan to map the components structure. "Odd, why is there a chip port here?" He asked the air before closing the tricorder and moving his hand back in to see if he could open it.  Wiggling his finger back in, the bearded engineer stared into space as his mind worked to translate his tactile sensation into a mind map and his head twisted slightly as he felt a nub and pulled on it.

There was a soft click, the hatch slid into the top of the box and his finger continued feeling. The first thing he came across was an empty slot that seemed to fit the dimensions of a standard isolinear optical chip. Then another one, but then there was the tell tale bump of a chip in a slot and Frank pulled his hand back once more. "Looks like we got something here.". A quick scan showed the chip was inactive, so seeing no tripwire systems and no active data being fed to it, Frank yanked the chip out. "Here, see what you can make of it." Frank asked Reika as he handed the chip over and started scanning the surrounding area for more construction anomalies.

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika shrugged as Frank talked about Hirek.  "He comes across as very down-to-earth.  I think he even intends to be helpful….”  But her voice trailed off.  Any more could be considered too much.  That could be considered too much.  Better to leave the subject of Hirek alone.

“Exosuit and hostile environment survival kit, huh?  I’ll have to remember that if I ever end up in the vicinity of both of them.  One way or another, it sounds like an adventure.”

Reika pulled her tricorder out and started scanning the area to see what could be around there that would just stop the signal as the conversation continued.  “Well from what I’ve seen there are a lot of different types of people aboard.  If nothing else, it should keep things interesting.  And you’re not the only one whose parents don’t know what’s happened to them. 

The Andorian watched as he withdrew stuck his hands between two conduits.  “Got something back there?” she asked.  Then hearing his words, she heard, “chip port,” she let out a sound something like a, “huh.

But when he pulled a small box out from behind the other wires and apparatus, she directed her tricorder at it and started scanning it to look at the info for herself.  Reika listened as Frank asked the question.  It was chip port, he was right, but she decided to try to dive deeper.  Was it only a chip port?  Then he pulled out the chip and handed it over to her. 

First un-networking her tricorder from any other devices, she then slipped the chip into an open port and started running diagnostics on it.  To start off it was dormant, double checking to make sure that it didn’t have its own networking component within the chip - which she found and turned off.  Then she turned the chip on so she could virtually prod her way through it. 

So of all of the people on the Theurgy, who would you consider the most entertaining?” she asked as she started to work.

Scrolling through some of the rows of coding which likely would look like gobbledygook to just about anyone else, she took her time - several minutes - going through what was available to her.   But eventually, something caught her attention.  “Hey Chief, take a look at this,” she said maneuvering herself around in the Jeffries Tube to show him her tricorder.  “So let’s start with the fact the chip wasn’t active when you gave it to me.  But once I activated it, I’m noticing here that it is hooked up to the environmental system.  I don’t know yet exactly what it was doing there, but I can keep going through it.  Any ideas on what it might want to access in the environmental system?

She looked up for a moment to look at him for a moment and then returned her eyes to the tricorder while she continued combing through the information.
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Jefferies Tube near Planetology Lab | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Frank had to stop what he was doimg as he considered the question of who was the most entertaining.  The aforementioned chaotic duo was definitely a contender. His own deputy could be as well, but there were counter balancing considerations there. A few of the morsels coming out of the diplomatic quarter were approaching the level of ludicrous, but we're quite serious. After a final frown, Frank pronounced his judgement. "If it's anyone, it's most likely one of the fighter pilots. The squadron commander is reputed to be quite the hot shot and has the personality to go with it. Haven't met him, but they seem to be having a good time. On the other hand, it could be one or two of the pilots.  There is one to watch out for." Frank's blue looked into Reika's with a good dose of amusement. "Via is her name and the only reason in know is because we got a request to purge one of the ponds in the Arboretum after she jumped into it. Ended up running through the ship sans bottoms of any kind trying to find her quarters." Frank let out a rich laugh as he recalled his initial incredulity at the report. "She came as part of a group of pilots from one off the frontier training centres. Her brain tends to work faster than her mouth, so incomplete thoughts are the order of the day and it's reported that her language is on the ..... colourful side."

Frank took a moment to mirror the information that Reika was looking at on the chip and his grin turned to frown. Why would information relating to environmental operations be encrypted? "Not a clue. Though..." Frank trailed off as he considered another course of action.  It was technically calling on heavier artillery, but that was well within his purview as Chief Engineer. "Thea, can you run a decrypt on this chip?"

"Of course Chief, wait a moment."

"She'll just be a moment. Did you work much with the AI when you first got on board.  I understand that she'd picked up quite a bit more personality than when she was first activated."

"Chief, I've broken the encryption on the chip, but it looks like a key to more data stored elsewhere." Frank mentally groaned at this. "There are indications that the chip was last used in the Below Decks Lounge."

Frank arched an eyebrow at this turn.  "Anywhere specifically in the Below Decks Lounge?"

There was a momentary pause before the AI came back, clearly puzzled. "None at all.  This is very strange.  I cannot extrapolate where the access point it."

"Curioser and Curioser.  Thanks Thea.  So Ms. Sh'laan, what say we go grab another cup of coffee or whatever you preferred morning beverage?  I hear the Below Decks Lounge has a fine selection."


Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika listened as Frank listed off people who would have left a dildo in the Jeffries tube.  Reika wasn’t familiar with any of the pilots aboard - or not the ones who she had run into since she had been back aboard.  She had to admit that his description of this pilot named Via made her shake her head.  Somehow things seemed to get a little more lax since she had been put on ice, but on one hand it made sense.  The longer they were away from normal Federation contacts, the harder it would be to keep discipline throughout the ship. 

But as her brain processed the information, she laughed out loud.  Via.  She had already met the woman.  “Oh … that’s hilarious!  I’ve actually met her and even saw her naked, but that’s only because a drugged Zark yanked Via’s sickbay gown off of her.  Yeah, you’re right.  Her mouth works faster than her mind.”  She wondered if there was such a time that Via acted more … normal.  From Frank’s description and from her own observations the Wolf’s wild side ran rampant. 

“No, actually, I haven’t worked with Thea often at all.  I haven’t had much cause to.  Which means that I didn’t know she had a lot of personality.  That’s cool.  Almost kinda like having a built-in friend when you need her.  I’ll have to remember that.” 

And Thea, whose personality she didn’t get too much chance to see, pointed them to the Below Decks Lounge.  “Ya know.  Coffee sounds good right now,” she said.  “And I need to stretch my legs.”  Reika said.  With legs as long as hers, they would sometimes cramp up if she were in the Jeffries Tubes for long periods of time.

She clambered her way along hoping Frank wouldn’t get too close.  The last thing she wanted to do was to kick him in the face.  Long limbs could sometimes be unwieldy and get a mind of their own.  But it was only minutes before she was out of the Jeffries Tube.  Finally getting her feet under her she stretched her back up and arched it twisting left and right before coming upright again.  “Okay.  Sorry.  That feels better,” she said.

Before turning to leave, her eyes sought out the Scientist who was worried about the power being cut.  “I think you’re safe for now unless something changes.  Good luck with the experiment.” she said before turning to make her way toward the turbolift. 

“So Chief,  what’s your morning poison?” the Andorian asked.  “I’m an iced coffee girl myself.  There’s just something about the cold, sweet, smooth, caffeinated bliss.”

The walk to the turbolift wasn’t far, so as they arrived and stepped inside, she said. “Below Decks Lounge,” not being sure off the top of her head which floor it was on.  “I got my taste in coffee as well as in my love of exotic food, from my time at the Academy.  Thai, Klingon,  Indonesian, Orion, doesn’t matter.  I’ve not met a food that I don’t like.  There are foods that I like less, but none that I wouldn’t eat."

But the turbolift didn’t take much time to arrive on vector 3, level 28.  The turbolift door opened Reika stepped out.  “So where in the world do you think that the chip could have been used?  Beside behind the bar, where would you slip an isolinear chip in?”
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | On the way to Below Decks Lounge| Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Frank nodded in confirmation of Reika's assessment that the lab was good shape and they wouldn't have to shut it down after all. The two mustard shirts walked side by side the conversation innetibly turned to the little details of getting to know one another.  When asked for his particular morning drink, he didn't have to think about it too hard. "Large Coffee, Blue Mountain, Black.   His mouth smiled a bit.  "I tried the creamy sweet for a bit, but it just seems to get stuck everywhere in my mouth. I feel like I need a good mouth wash afterwards.  I don't believe in half measures for that feeling, it's going to be intentional, so I'd go for a good ice cream or custard at that point. With another black coffee to wash everything away afterwards."  

As Frank listened to Reika's Academy experience regarding food, he nodded along. "I would consider you blessed then in eating just about everything. I did try several foods as well, but some of them were just a bit too strange for my tastes. Don't get me wrong, I quite liked most of the cuisines I came across.  I do enjoy food from Trill and Betazed.  Now that I think about it though, I somehow managed to miss Andorian and Teller." Frank shrugged at this. "Maybe there will be a chance to make up for it soon." The Chief paused for a moment.  "So where did you pick up your culnary adventurism? "

As the pair entered the Below Decks Lounge, Frank had been considering Reika's questions about where one could use the isolinear chip and to be fair, it really could be anywhere.  Since Thea had no idea, it was possible the last time it had been used was before the ship had been commissioned.  Blue eyes swept the room and a few curious patrons looked backed thinking the Chief was going to ask them something, but went back to whatever they were doing as he kept moving.

When nothing came to mind, Frank moved towards the bar and the dusky presence of Kamila Patel waved at him as she gathered some coffee and a few breakfast items on a tray. "Good Morning Chief."  She greeted cheerily before giving him a toothy smile. "My My lady killer, bringing a date to breakfast?  A bit early in the morning isn't it?" Frank shook his head. "Good morning to you Kamila, and we're not here on a date, it's work related."  The hostess grinned at this as she turned her gaze on Reika to continue her teasing and her liquid brown eyes widened as her smile was set to beam.  "You are a man of taste. Reika Sh'laan. Definitely a heart of gold in there.  You've finally melted the Ice Queen."

This was getting out of hand despite the entertainment value. "No, we're tracking down a problem and it led here for what ever reason.  Anyway, I'm going to do a test on the drink dispenser since it's not seriously linked to the main computer to test something we found."  Frank made a shooing motion that Kamila was only too happy to accommodate as she made her way to the Shen.  "I do need her Kamila so don't take too long." Frank warned as Kamila snorted. 

The Chief mentally shook his head as he took out his PADD and connected the data lines to the chip.  Pulling the panel off the dispenser, he inserted the chip and waited to see if anything would boot up while the hostess got caught up with an original crew member she hadn't seen in a while.

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika tipped her head to the side just slightly.  “Where did I get my adventurous palette?  That’s a great question.”  She shrugged.  “I dunno. With four parents, it’s not always easy to find a way to be adventurous as a child.”  She scoffed as she couldn’t believe she never put those two facts together before. “I guess it was my way of being a rebel.”

When he said that missed out on Andorian food, she chuckled.  “Well, I would be happy to introduce you to some native Andorian cuisine sometime.  If you’re courageous enough,” she egged him on good-naturedly.

Reika listened to the banter between the chief and one of the workers in the lounge.   “Hey Kamila,” she said with a nod and a smile.  “Good to see you again.  Been awhile, huh?”

But before Kamila could answer Reika she finished ribbing Frank.  A white eyebrow raised curiously.  “Lady Killer?” Reika asked.  “Where’d ya get that nickname from, Chief?”  But she was interrupted by the server.   Her antennae began to twitch as if they were giggling for her.  The amusement and twinkle in her eyes also confirmed her amusement. 

Reika turned to face an old friend and embraced her as she made her way onto the customer side of the bar.  “It is good to see you,” the Andorian said pulling her close for a moment.  After letting her go, she said, “There are so many new faces since I’ve woken up that it’s so good to see a familiar one."

She took up a perch with her back leaning against the bar area, er arms crossed under her chest and a heartfelt smile on her face.  "So how are you doing?  What have you been up to since I’ve been on ice?"
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Below Decks Lounge | Vector 03 | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Chief Arnold mentally sighed as he leaned back against the bar and started going through the readings his PADD was giving him from mysterious isolinear chip.  Normally readings and code would fly by at a high rate that it appeared as if he was just letting a program run.  Knowing that the proprietress of the various lounges on the ship would tease him though, he had to be careful of what she was saying since in her chance to gab to an original ship mate, anything was possible.

Kamilla let Reika know that that she was doing well enough under the circumstances in general terms.  Having the ship almost shot out from under her several times had certainly been harrowing, but she'd come through well enough, usually by hiding. The main thing that interested and delighted her though was telling how Frank had obtained the moniker of 'Lady Killer'

"Oh Frank, you don't mind if I tell Reika how you got that name?" Frank didn't even have a chance to respond before the dusky bar tender turned to the blue woman. "Of course he doesn't."  "I actually do." "Hush, it's a good one I promise!" Kamilla replied cheerily.

Taking a moment to run her hand through her hair, Kamilla took a brief moment to untangle a knot then turned back to Reika. "You see, Frank has been working far too hard and he didn't have any chances to eat or even enjoy life.  He was too busy playing with his gizmos and making sure the ship stays in good shape." Frank rolled his eyes at this. "So the poor man finally gets some time off after walking out of Engineering smelling of welding and chemicals, and decides to clean himself up and come to dinner, and who does he meet?"

"Fer crying out loud." Frank quietly cursed before raising the volume  "Kamilla, it wasn't..."

"It's a good story Frank so don't interrupt. Now where was I? Right. He cleans up well and walks in, sits at the bar sipping his scotch.  Turns out he was psyching himself for the vision that walked into the.  Do you know the pilots for the Wolves? Well in walks Miss Reggie Suder, all dolled up.  The man doesn't even have the decency to gawk as everyone else falls silent. Can you believe him?"

"Kamilla, it was just dinner between a couple of friends. Reika, she's embellishing, a lot."

"Oh, you'd like to think I was embellishing, but the place really did fall silent, then the whispers started." Kamilla patted Reika's hand. "This is why you have to watch your self around him.  A perfect gentleman, pulled out her chair and got her a drink as well."  The Chief groaned just quietly enough to be barely heard. "And it was just dinner he says." He repeated insistently.

"Oh really, and your escapade afterwards?  That was all just part of dinner?"  Frank paused for a second. "Hrnnn, maybe not that one."

"'Hah!  I knew it! You two were getting along like a house on fire!" Turning back to Reika.  "Turns out Reggie and Frank, probably mainly Reggie with Frank' s help wanted to give the recently revived squadron CO a welcome gift and they sure left him one.  Frank being the clever man that he is even put it on the CO's fighter in such a way that it can't be removed easily."  Kamilla leaned in to Reika and motioned for the Andorian to get closer. 

Frank gave a puzzled look as Kamilla's voice dropped to a whisper. "Rumour has it the deck crews still don't know how to remove the gift Mr.Arnold left them."  Kamilla pulled back and smiled. "Oh goodness Frank. What a naughty one you are."

The Chief Engineer sighed and shook his head.  "As I said, she's given to embellishment."  Kamilla harumphed at this.  'He's no fun.  Can't even get a blush out of him. "  Kamilla turned her chocolate gaze back to Reika. "So tell me, is it him or is it someone else? I want details Sleeping Beauty"

Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

What started out as fun banter - how she had single-handedly survived all of the ship’s mishaps and the near-death experiences that had other people on ice or dying - mostly by hiding didn’t much surprise the Andorian standing next to her at the bar.  But that banter and good-natured personal stories and hyperbole quickly changed over into ribbing of Frank himself.

“Lady Killer?”  Reika could very easily guess how he got that sobriquet - from the lips of the woman standing next to her.  Kamilla was nothing if not colorful, and her stories nearly mythical stories were famous across the entirety of the ship. 

Reika almost felt sorry for the Chief.  No, not almost - she DID feel sorry for him.  She hadn’t known him all that long - just, what an hour, maybe less, but somehow in that time the man had gained her respect. She wasn’t always the best judge of good character, but she could easily pick out the bad eggs, and the chief didn’t fall into that basket.  And truthfully, the Andorian would feel sorry for any person on the receiving end of Kamila’s flying, colorful tongue.  Because once she got ahold of them, she was like that old substance - what was it called?  Velcro - the stuff never let go.  And once a story got started, she would hold onto it into perpetuity.

“Just about everyone cleans up well at some time or another, Kamilla.  Maybe the Chief wanted to feel classy one evening,” the blue skinned woman tried to cut into Kamilla’s monologue - without much success.

“Reika, she’s embellishing a lot,” the Chief tried his own interposition between the Andorian and the Human bartender.

“I’m sure it….”

“Oh, you’d like to think…”  Kamilla just kept going on….and on….and on, but then one thing caught her ear.  “And your escapade afterwards?”

To which Frank admitted, “Maybe not that one.”

Reika grinned at the Engineer.  “So what’s that all about?” she inquired, but she was once again cut off by Kamilla. 

“Ha!  I knew it!  You two were getting along like a house on fire!”  Reika laughed outloud at that assertion.

Now Reika’s white eyebrows began to raise more and more with each new aspect of the story being told.  And when Kamilla finally had to draw breath, Reika looked over at the burly human.  “So what exactly did you plaster over the side of his fighter?”

“As I said, she’s given to embellishment,” the Chief refused to answer, and a smirk crossed the Andorian’s lips.  As she opened her mouth to say something about it, Kamilla railroaded her yet again.  “So tell me, is it him or is it someone else?  I want details, Sleeping Beauty.” But this caught Reika completely off guard.

She snapped her mouth shut as soon as Kamilla turned her attention and tried to get her hooks into Reika instead.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about Kamilla,” Reika demured. 

“Oh no no no,  my friend.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  There’s a twinkle in your eye that wasn’t there before you were frozen before, and you’ve been thawed for - what - all of a week?”

“Not quite that long,” Reika winced.

“So how can you already have someone?” She turned her brown eyes back to Frank.  “So spill, it is you Chief?” she asked then rounded back on Reika.  “It’s not him is it?  Though that would make an amazing story!” she nearly giggled.  “Spill it or I’m going to let the whole lounge know that the Queen here is in love.”

“Sleeping Beauty was a princess not a queen,” Reika corrected dryly.

“EVERYONE!” Kamilla started loudly and most of the eyes in the lounge turned to face her.  Reika stepped between Kamilla and everyone else.  “Kino,” Reika managed a waspish whisper.  “She’s a Trill and a Tactical Non-com.  Now would you stop broadcasting everything around, Kamilla?”

Kamilla took a step to the side and addressed the crowd.  “What are you all gawking at?  Go about your own business.  I’m not sure why you all are looking up here at the beautiful Andorian who’s in love.”

Reika slumped onto one of the barstools and placed her head in her hands.  Peeking through her fingers she looked over at Frank.  “Have you solved our mystery, Chief so maybe we could exit stage left?”
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Below Decks Lounge | Vector 03 | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Frank paused the running of the code as Kamilla grilled the Andorian about the change of her love life.  Knowing it wasn't him, he had nothing to worry about and could just enjoy the show. When Reika did cave though, he was close enough to hear.  Excellent hearing was very nice optional extra that many engineers had since much of their equipment made noises and if it didn't sound right, they knew something was wrong and needed to be fixed.

While there was nothing wrong with the partner choice itself, it was unusual to hear the computer wizard's chosen partner was a trill instead of another Andorian. That was not how he'd heard a pairing of Andorian's went, since they did tend to stay within their own groupings. Maybe it was something to do with the ship since he'd heard the other Andorians on the ship had a tendency to find comfort with others instead of each other.  Maybe it was taboo, but it didn't warrant much thought and Frank shoved it aside as Reika was being given a good natured ribbing and exhibition by Kamilla.

This rumination ended when the analysis program paused and a cursor blinked on the coding screen.  This was puzzling enough that Frank looked at the execution window to see what was supposed to be happening. This amounted to precisely nothing except for a statement. Press to continue.  Frank looked at the screen and his eyes brows knit together in puzzlement. 

The puzzled Chief scrolled down further to see what the additional lines of code would produce and he saw numerous line items that looked to be fairly random. It was was all very strange till he noticed a pattern in some of the  coding.  The data bits of H20 kept coming up.  Fortunately as a materials engineer, chemistry was part and parcel of the knowledge base, so water was very easy to pick out. Not seeing anything inherently dangerous or toxic, so he shrugged and pressed the continue button.

The alcove lit up as the replicator went to work and produced a tray with two pairs of drinks on it.  One set looked to be water that was fizzing lightly.  The other one was a yellowish orange on the bottom, then layered with blue, red, and a vibrant purple. A thin glass straw stuck out of the mixed drink to cap off the whole creation along with an orange wedge.

Frank picked up the glasses and placed them on the bar and this brought Kamilla's attention back to Frank.  "A little early in the morning isn't it Frank?  And those will taste disgusting with coffee."

"True, but this is what the program spat out. Do these look familiar. I admit, I haven't seen anything quite this colourful in a while."

Kamilla smiled in curiosity at what Frank had unwittingly created and she picked up the fizzy drink first, gave it a sniff, which seemed to trigger something in her mind as her eyes narrowed.  Giving the drink a quick sip, Kamilla nodded. "Bolian tonic water.  Very relaxing."

Picking up the next glass, she eyed it suspiciously. "And you have no idea what this is?" She asked the bearded man to which he shook a negative. Shrugging, she brought the drink to her nose and quickly pulled back as her eyes widened. "It can't be."

Before anyone could ask, Kamilla gave the drink a swirl and the colours began to blend and streak without quite mixing. She gave the drink few more moments then gave it a sip and sighed happily then giggled as she loosened her hair over her shoulder. "Oh my, a talented engineer and and man of many other talents.  Are you trying to woo me or steal Miss Reika here from her new found love? Maybe both?"

Frank stared blankly at her, but arched one eyebrow inquisitively. "Kamilla, what are you talking about?"

Kamilla began fanning herself by tugging at her shirt while she leaned on Reika in a prelude to either lounging on the Andorian or snuggling her. "Well that's what you get when you make a Flaming Deltan Sunrise." The hostess purred as she began to lean more into the computer tech behind her to get comfortable.

Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

“Um…Kamilla,” Reika said as the barmaid began to recline against her.

“Well, that’s what you get when you make a Flaming Deltan Sunrise.”

Reclining became hanging onto.  Human female hands started lacing themselves into the Andorian’s hair as Kamilla languished against Reika’s shoulder, head tilted up smiling at her.  “Um…Kamilla?” Reika repeated.

“So tell me,” the Human drawled.  “Why are you with that Trill anyway?”

Reika stated emphatically.  “Because I’m in love with her.”

“But, How long have you been awake?  Not long from what I hear,” pale fingers wrapped themselves in white hair.

“You’re right,” Reika said trying to untangle her hair from Kamilla’s fingers. “Only about a week.”

“Oh, coooome ooooon,” Kamilla nearly whined.  “You can’t have fallen in love in a week.  I mean, not really.”

Reika scooted off the stool and tried to back away, but a ring on Kamilla’s finger was firmly entwined in her white locks.  “Kamilla, please let go,” she continued to back away pulling the bartender with her.
“I’ve been waiting for you for so long, Reika.  You can’t imagine what it’s been like waiting for you.  Months and Months I’ve been whithering away, hoping you’d come back.  Needing you to come back.”  The human reached out with both of her hands and solidly set them alongside the Andorian’s cheeks.

Reika put her hands firmly on the Human’s shoulders and tried to push her back only to feel her hair yanked nearly out by its roots. 

“A little help Chief?” she called over her shoulder.  “I think a ring or something is caught in my hair and she’s very obviously NOT herself.”
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