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Should Rihen Neyah Die in "Putting Her Back Together"?

  • Yes
    5 (55.6%)
  • No
    4 (44.4%)

Total Members Voted: 9

Voting closed: December 11, 2017, 10:11:21 AM

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Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?

Hi everyone!

I am in the position where I get to decide whether or not my character Rihen Neyah dies from her burning space suit and later exposure to vacuum in the thread Putting Her Back Together. Here is a link to the thread for those who have not read it.

Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

Search for "Rihen" in your browser to find the relevant posts.

In short, I am undecided. On one hand, I can't see her long-term goals matter in the scope of the story, where she wishes to terraform Nimbus III and make Paradise City live up to its name, yet she has been my go-to character for writing a fun, bubbly and good person with her heart in the right place. Forgiving and kind, looking out for people and trying to help them as best as she can. Beautiful woman too, with a very liberal attitude towards intimacy because of her Risian origin. On the other hand, she is what she is, and I can't seem to get any good ideas for her story since Episode 03. So, with the possibility to devote my time to my other characters, two of them barely having had much screen time at all, I figure the option to have her die at the hands of the Devoted is a good option too.

So, I would like to hear your opinions, or at least a vote in the poll. The poll will run for 3 days. Thank you in advance for your comments! :)


Auctor Lucan
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Re: Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?
Reply #1
In my opinion a character should die when their story has reached a natural conclusion.

If you believe that her lack of a reasonable goal makes it that she has no reason to continue within this story than one of two things need to happen. Either A) Have her realize that goal is no longer valid, and find something more suitable for which she can strive towards in the confines of the story. Or B) kill her.

There is nothing wrong with killing a character if their need within the story has come to an end. However if you think that her personality offers a chance for her to continue to make meaningful connections and contributions to this story than I would advocate for the option of using this near death experience to help grow the character have her realize that in the now terraforming a planet is not currently an option and grow from that realization have her move forward and develop a new goal that is meaningful.

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Re: Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?
Reply #2
I have no feeling either way, but I disagree with Kaligos' first sentence in a small way.

Sometimes having a character die before they get to complete their goals, or leave things otherwise unfinished, hits just as hard as having them go out with a sunset at their back. In life, we usually don't get to get everything done. We have regrets. Sometimes an objective or ideal might be carried by others in our stead, or sometimes the work is left half-done.

If she dies now, with her injuries and situation, it still makes narrative sense.

The rest of Kaligos' post I am in alignment with :) There are arguments in either favour. Ultimately it comes down to your own preference.
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Re: Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?
Reply #3
If you find no pleasure in writing the character, kill them.  I'm simple that way.  :)

Although I reserve the right to change my mind if I later learn all my characters are real and living in a parallel dimension and I have been inadvertently contributing to some sort of massacre and they manage to cross over into our world to enact some horrible yet poetically justified revenge.

Re: Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?
Reply #4
Haha, I'm actually with Stellphoenix on the possibility of these characters being real in some parallel universe, and I always vote in favour of continued survival. If there is some way that Rihen can leave the story without dying, I am 100% for that. Death is too final, and too...limiting. Once they die, there's nothing, no way to make something new down the line you might think of. Maybe right now you're stumped about Rihen, but you might suddenly get a flash of inspiration, and then you bang your head on the desk, because you killed her off. But if she lives...something beautiful and amazing might happen. So I vote no to death.

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Re: Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?
Reply #5
Agreed with TopHat. In some universe of high drama and stinging reminders of the loss of colleagues in battle, her loss may pave way for a replacement as the pages in Theurgy turn for 'bubbly' archetypes.

Perhaps Rihen could have a death scene to rival Bruce Willis or Leonard Nimoy-- Needs of the Many, vs Needs of the one? Using her life support to send some sort of 'they're here!' message to the Theurgy or one of the pilots.
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Re: Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?
Reply #6
Death is final, usually.  It means you are done with that character and, regrets or not, you won't be writing her anymore. If you have the feeling you may want to use her in the future, may i suggest an alternative?

Dont kill her.

In the thread, she has suffered severe injures and burns while being exposed to dangerous gases and a vacuum.  In other words,  she should be unconscious and in critical condition. Why not leave her like that? The Theurgy has limited medical supplies and resources. They cannot fix everyone who needs to be fixed in their moment of need. But they can stabilize her and place her in stasis.  It would give you any opportunity to decide if you want to write her again and come up with a new relevant goal for her. She can remain in stasis until another outpost is raided or for a couple episodes.

Her life or death will not affect jaya and Jack any more than it already has, in case that was part of your concern.  The events of Rihen's rescue have solidified jaya's response. Whether she lives or dies, jaya is responsible for her condition. And living while in stasis would be more emotionally impactful than dying, actually.
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Re: Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?
Reply #7
If you need help with ideas to bump her off, I can help.

I've had some rather amusing ways to get rid of characters, including one that fell into an industrial blender and turned into faux turkey burger. I turned a site owner vegetarian for a week coz of that post.
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Re: Poll: Should Rihen Neyah Die?
Reply #8
If you need help with ideas to bump her off, I can help.

I've had some rather amusing ways to get rid of characters, including one that fell into an industrial blender and turned into faux turkey burger. I turned a site owner vegetarian for a week coz of that post.

Well, Rihen's already been thoroughly exposed to vacuum... that's a bad way to go.