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CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

CHAPTER 02:The Festival of the Moon

Captain's Log. Supplemental. One hour ago, we rendezvoused with the Harbinger at the designated coordinates. We have travelled deep into the KNZ, far away from Federation or Klingon civilisation and well outside any long range sensors of the crippled fleet we left behind. We have de-cloaked within the relative safety of a Class 9 nebulae, and many of the skeleton crew on the Harbinger has now beamed over to the Theurgy for an event that has been planned on the holodeck.

An event that will hopefully raise crew morale and give us strength to continue the fight for truth, justice and freedom... despite what we've all endured over the course of the past few months. We have barely cleared the ashes from our faces after we escaped Theta Eridani IV, only begun hull repairs for the enemy fire we drew from the Reavers and Task Force Archeron, and we do not know how many of the injured will ever get back on their feet. Nonetheless, we must find the courage we lost when we could not save everyone. When we had to make tough decisions and follow orders regardless the cost. All for the sake of the greater good... and to make the truth live on.

It is my hope, that we can all raise ourselves from wallowing in regret of past losses...

...and look ahead.

- Captain Jien Ives, Commanding Officer of the USS Theurgy

[ USS Theurgy | Corridors | Deck 05 | 2100 hrs. ]

Walking alongside each other, Captain Ives and Captain Vasser were just a part of the throng of people moving down the corridors towards Holodeck 01. Jien was in her female form, and to honour the event of the evening, she had changed her form to wear a white toga. She wanted to be able to be reached, though, so she had brought her combadge - tucking it inside one of the small folds of the garment - but otherwise she merely wore white sandals and a had her dark hair braided down her back.

"This could either be a success... or a total catastrophe," she commented, her face belying her attire in its grimness, walking next to the other Commanding Officer, "It all depends on the civilian that appeared in the Yridian shuttle before the Calamity found us the first time. Her name is Rihen Neyah, and being a Risian native, we will have to have faith in that she can make the crews focus on the present and enjoy themselves. After all, this might be the last chance we get to let them all experience something like this. For on the morrow, we set course for the Sol System again."

Soon enough, they reached the open doors to the holodeck, and as they stepped through, the tropical expanse of Suraya Bay on Risa spread out below them. They had entered upon a white marble terrace that had stairs leading down the mountainside on both sides. The exotic scents hit them first, and then the chirping of crickets in the moonlit night. Torches were lit along the railing of the terrace and down the stairs, and as she stepped up to it in order to see more of the view, the flickering light made Jien squint. The vista below her expanded all the way to the ocean; a turquoise sea alive with the reflection of the full moons, and all the way down the sprawling cliffs towards the beach, there were numerous villas in white stone. They were built into the cliffs, competing for  space with the many waterfalls that fell from on high; gushing from the mainland plateau far above. The sound of foreign music flowed from the buildings and became an undercurrent to the sounds of the waterfalls, and to set the rhythm, the beating of drums made the night alive with expectation. It was as if Suraya Bay had a heartbeat, and everyone had taken that heart for their own - the promenades alive with celebrating people.

Directly below the marble terrace that Jien stood upon, about a hundred yards down the mountainside, a bowl-shaped stage in white stone awaited at the end of the two stairs. It resembled an amphitheatre without the distinct mediterranean build from Earth history, and at the centre of the fine sand danced the figure of a woman. Jien was fairly sure that it was Rihen Neyah. For what she did was no ordinary dance. No, for the glint of steel flashed in the firelight, and when Jien leaned out a little over the railing, she saw that the Risian was juggling curved, long knives. The performance seemed effortless, despite the fact that she danced around upon the sand while the steel whirled in the air above her.

When Jien pushed away from the railing and began to descend the stairs, she spoke again to Vasser. "On the morrow, you and I will have to speak of a matter concerning Petty Officer Dyan Cardamone," she said, not thinking that the evening of festivities was suitable to sort out that administrative mess. "Sufficed to say, she was more than she seemed, yet not the enemy. She revealed her true nature in order to help restore our fallen Temporal Affairs Officer. We need to decide on her fate come morning."

Looking around herself at the steady stream of familiar faces, all of them slowly making their way down the wide stairs and seating themselves in the amphiteatre, Jien found herself wearing a faint smile in the moonlight. "Tonight," she said quietly, reminding herself as much as speaking with Captain Vasser, "will be all about the present."

Now that she had gotten closer, Jien saw that the Risian also wore a toga-like garment, and Rihen Neyah smiled brightly and genuinely to her growing audience. All this while she danced and kept juggling her blades.

The Risian celebration known as Lohlunat - meaning the 'Festival of the Moon' - was traditionally celebrated at Suraya Bay, so the plan was that once enough people had arrived and seated themselves, Ms. Neyah would end her show and officially declare that the festival had begun.

OOC: Its time for shore-leave in mid-episode! Chapter 02 takes place on the night of the same day as Chapter 01 played out, and it will focus entirely upon this night on Risia (holdeck version). This thread is open for all characters, since they can all pass on urgent matters or duties to a subordinate if needed. There will be Supplementary threads posted for different kinds of activities or locations in Suraya Bay once Rihen makes her announcement.

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Doctor Maya was seated in a depression placed just before the stage playing a harp and was dressed in a diaphanous white toga that concealed far more than those of the Risian or Captain Ives.  Although the neckline dropped low enough to reveal her décolletage, her sleeves were so long that they threatened to interfere with her playing and the little Vulcan's slender legs were completely hidden from view. 
Large golden earrings concealed each of her earlobes.  With her hair concealing the tips of her ears she appeared more like a musician from Earth's ancient past than a neurological surgeon from Vulcan.  She sang in a high ghostly tone that sounded more like a musical instrument than a voice.

Petty officer Katdare was with seated next her accompanying the little Vulcan on the drums.  The maintenance tech from the Terran province of India had forsaken her uniform for a white toga that displayed her bronze sinewy arms as she kept up a rhythm that matched Rihen Neyah's flawless performance.  She also provided additional vocals when needed.  The rest of the band was composed of holographic Risians in festival dress, creating a seamless illusion of Lohlunat on Risa.

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Miles couldn't help but smile at the scenery both living and holographic as he gazed into the deep night in the simulated Riza.   All the fox person wore in the holodeck was a form fitting pair of black trunks, his custom replicated white collar bearing embrodery of his rank insignias and an built in comunicator and a aalmost sheer cloth white toga of sorts that flowed over the furred body and was attached to the collar. able to unravel into a form not unlike a long whispy cape.   The vulpinian watched the show as he waked to a seat and sat down relaxing in it keeping an eye out for a certain other as he wondered if the Asurian would be cleared for the evenings festivities or for that matter if the captain would even allow her here if she were cleared.

The augmented human smiled softly as she stretched out er artificial arms and legs  wearing the same unitard that covered almost the retentivity of her natural body, she had yet to receive any word on the findings regarding her paralizer gun and knew now wouldn't be the time to inquire though part of her knew that at some point it might prove wise to subtlety conduct her own investigation about its whereabouts.  for the time being she just laid comfortably on one of the provided chairs watching the show her eyes and augmented brain watching the swords dance admiring the swords move through the calculated angles and drops predictable through projectile motion physics knowing the act would be easy to imitate if sh had wanted though having her own idea on a dance in mind imagining the show she could preform if she still had the paralyze housed within its now empty compartment within her thigh.

How beautiful the articicial night was here thought Aisha as she stared at the twin moons. Each pale orb had its own unique beauty as she relazed in the simulation of lunar light.  as she lay on her stomach in the warm sand as the tides rolled over her going in and out the water hugging her near naked Cardassian body the water sometimes creeping between her legs and crashing into her causing literal waves of pleasurable sensations to dance inside her with each tidal motion.  She softly sunk her face in the sand hiding her arousal as she resisted every urge to slip her hands down into her swimsuit and finish herself off knowing it would be much more relaxing and in a sense enjoyable over the long term to let the feelings build and allow whoever happened to find the basking reptile on the beach a pleasing sight could perhaps deal with the lusts that the water had been making mount within her.  still she couldn't help but give a soft sigh f content as she felt a soft wave creep up her body and caress her spine and cause a soothing bathing of over half of her body as her fingers reflexively dug into the sand just enjoying the simple pleasures that nature, simulated or not, could give.

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[Declan Vasser]

"I'm going to choose the route of positivity, for the sake of morale," Declan responded to the claim of either success or catastrophe.  "A native Risian having to plan a party?  I would place as much faith in that as I would in a Ferengi finding the most profitable means to an end.  You should be trying to relax yourself, Captain Ives, let that toga be more then just a choice of dress."  The clothing Jien had fabricated for herself represented freedom, decadence, so she had to check her worries at the door and allow her crew to see her enjoy herself as much as they should have.

When the matter of Cardamore came up, Declan's look became more neutral, his lips a thin straight line.  "Seems nothing can be what it seems any longer.  Does this concern you as a security threat or as a breach of trust?  Dyan Cardamore is one of the few officers on the Harbinger I would call truly exceptional.  I would rather believe she has secrets then is a danger.  Who among us doesn't have some secrets?"

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When it was pointed out that she ought to relax herself, Jien turned and looked at the other Commanding Officer with a blank stare. Then, as if the air was let out of her, she sighed and nodded in assent. "I suppose you are right. Lead by example, even in this," she said and casually lay her hand inside the nook of Declan's arm, letting herself be led by the gentleman beside her as according to their homeplanet's customs at these kind of events. Adapting a loose gait, she let her hips roll a bit as she glided down the steps of the stairs. She even tried to ease her frown, to wear a faint smile - looking serene together with Captain Vasser while they descended.

When Vasser showed concern about his Petty Officer in Security, Jien could only allay his fears in passing, since the music was getting too loud to have a proper conversation. "Threat, doubtful. Secrets, very much so. The kind that forces us to consider her a threat according to regulations, even if she has shown herself a benefactor."

Then, all conversation drew to a stop as the music reached a crescendo, and at the end, four ardent silver arcs of spinning steel rose high into the air... and then dropped from the nocturnal sky. The dancer rolled in beneath, casting sand into the air as she leapt high. She caught all four blades in rapid succession just as the night fell quiet - the music gone. Only the murmur of voices and the breaking of waves against Suraya Bay's shore disturbed the song of crickets. With two curved blades held in each hand, Rihen Neyah rose from her kneeling stance, and regardless if she was given applause or not, her beaming smile was nonetheless warm and included everyone seated around her.

Her glistening bosom was heaving from the exertion of her dancing, and the toga she wore left a lot of her womanly form bare to the warm night. Barefoot, and with her short, blonde hair damp with perspiration, she stepped towards the centre of the sands - eyes bright as she regarded them all. She swallowed to find her voice, and when she spoke, the acoustics of the amphitheatre amplified her voice.

"Commanding Officers. Honored crews of the Theurgy and the Harbinger," she said, grinning wide to undermine her formal words, "Ladies and gentlemen of all species and nations present here tonight. Dear new friends of mine. Heroes and heroines. I am honoured to have been given this chance to speak to you all. I am even more honored to bask here where I stand; in your commitment, dedication, and accomplishment of surviving for the sake of the future. In protecting the truth and being steadfast in your aim to make sure the annals of Galactic history are not written in falsehood. Thank you, for coming here, and letting me help you gather strength for the morrow."

As if she could not keep her face straight at the double meaning when she grounded her blades in the sand before her, the mirth bubbled through her words. "I lay my weapons down, and I urge you all to do the same. Forget your strife and your battles, large or small. Because tonight is not about tomorrow, or the day after that, or what may come, but only about tonight. Leave your troubles and your duties behind, and welcome the need you all have to just relax and enjoy yourselves."

With her blades sticking up from the sand before her, Rihen walked away from them, looking towards the other half of the amphitheatre, her contagious smile beseeching them all to see it her way. "Though you have still to accomplish your goal, you are here tonight to celebrate your achievements so far. For you have endured, and the truth still lives. I have learned about your pain, heard of your losses, and know how difficult there will be for some of you to forget the past, and only think about tonight," she paused there, and her smile receded in acknowledgement. "There is nothing I can say that will bring back those you have lost. Only time may heal some wounds upon your souls."

Pacing the edge of the sands with her bare feet, Rihen's smile returned. "But that does not mean that distraction, and the attempt to enjoy this rare chance to laugh in the face of the enemy would a bad thing, would it? Hear me in this, because no one has the right to deny you joy. Tonight, there is no shame that cannot be overcome! No hurt that can't be forgotten! There is no limit to the amount of love you should show for the people around you! No need to withdraw from the love of your fellow crew! Because tonight! It is your right to celebrate! Tonight, is Lohlunat ! The Festival of the Moon!"

The music resumed right then as loud as it had been before, and Rihen dropped her hands, having stretched her arms to the dark sky at her proclamation. She could not help the laugh of excitement that came over her, jumping on the spot as the fireworks that she remembered from her youth flared up in the sky - rivaling the moon in brilliance. A minute passed while the conflagrations in the heavens lasted, and the music dropped to a point where she could speak again and make herself heard.

"On Risia, you are all aware that we follow the tradition of the jamaharon, and if anyone would like to proclaim their wish to celebrate this tradition, the native women here on the holodeck will be handing out horga'hn amulettes to wear around your necks," she said, and of course there was the awkward shuffling and wringing on the seats around her, so she smiled warmly and raised her hands in a calming gesture, meaning to allay their fears to make a fool of themselves. "But the amulettes does not have to signify true jamaharon tonight, but may merely show that you would be willing to speak to people you have not spoken to before, and to have an open mind about the person - not letting concerns or opinions of yesterday interfere with the opportunity to let these persons make a good second impression. Captain Ives! Captain Vasser! Would you be willing to wear the horga'hn?"

The holograms with the amulettes walked through the seated crowd, and Jien could very well not refuse, could she?

"I will," she said and stood up, making sure her smile remained as one of the girls came over and hung it around her neck - feeling utterly mortified. She thanked her before she seated herself again, fingering the thing while she wondered how she might get rid of it. Part of her wanted to keep it, though, and she hoped she would be able to drop the yoke of duties enough to not mind wearing the thing.

"The will be bathing by the shore long into the night!" Rihen proclaimed and threw her hands up, " Music and dancing everywhere until morning! Food and drink served until you can't eat any more! Let Lohlunat begin!"

That said, she walked up to her blades and picked them up from the sands, and she turned her heterochromatic eyes to her Vulcan doctor and smiled in affirmation - Ensign Maya about to perform while she resumed dancing to the tune. Only now, she would dare light her blades on fire as she did so - dousing them in oil and letting them kiss a torch before she began.

On her seat, Jien glanced towards Captain Vasser and could not help a quiet chuckle escaping her. What on Earth had gotten into her allowing the Risian to host this kind of event...

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[Declan Vasser]

"I suppose I should follow in the lead of my fellow Captain and set a good example for my crew," Declan responded, accepting the horga'hn.  Both captains adorning the item, Vasser turned to Ives.  "It would be best if we branched off from here I think.  I still remember my days as an officer on-board a starship.  Two commanding officers talking together for an extended length of time can be an unsettling thing.  Let us socialize with the crew.  If I have a chance, I will keep my eyes out for Petty Officer Cardamore, and speak with her personally.  I'd like to get some context from her, as her commanding officer, before we go into any sort of official meeting with her."

She was from his crew, and he felt some responsibility for her, just as Jien would for any member of her own crew.  It meant there was a bond of trust at least, one that Dyan might be more willing to believe in then if she were placed in front of a formal inquisition.

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Maya rose from her Vulcan harp and nodded to the ravishing Risian, her smile practiced and perfect.  She walked forward to the center of the stage as Petty Officer Katdare and the holographic orchestra began playing a jaunty upbeat tune.  

Incredibly, the little Vulcan not only sang but maintained a cheery smile that even reached her eyes the entire time.  The holodeck layered her mezzo-soprano into a choir where all the voices were Maya herself.   The song she chose was as optimistic as a wartime ditty and had verses in Federation Standard, Risian, and French.  The lyrics of the song indicated that any goal was possible if the desire was strong enough and that hope was always present.,d.cGU

Master Chief William Robert 'Billy Bob' O'Connell stayed by the arch leading out of the holodeck while more stragglers entered to join the festivities.  He had clad his burly frame in a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and sandals, dressing exactly like Tim Colt the hero from the 1979 feature film Colt, P.I..   He felt like a ghost looking at the things he used to enjoy when he was living.  After the getting infected by the alien pollen they had picked up in in the Mahéwa System, the former skirt chaser and ladies' man had become as celibate as a monk.   While he was still reeling from the feelings of violation from the Niga Incident, the Theurgy had fallen under the influence of the entity known as Ishtar.  The one-two punch of losing control of his inhibitions a second time had added an unhealthy dose of self-loathing to his troubles.

When he heard that the Theurgy had gotten a new counselor he was relieved.  The Vulcan neurologist was just plain creepy.  Talking to her was like sharing your secrets with Morticia Addams.  Unfortunately the counselor they had received from the Harbinger was so drop dead gorgeous, she didn't look like a real woman at all, she looked like a holodeck programmer's simulation of a perfect woman.  At least the Risian had the decency to have eyes that didn't match.  O'Connell was probably the one on the holodeck (male or female) who made an effort to look her in the eye.  

The long and the short of it was that counselling was out, and that Billy Bob was going to have the treat his hang-ups himself.  They say you got to walk before you can run but a simulation of a festival on Risa where they passed out horga'hns like candy on Halloween seemed to be a track race in Billy's mind.  This was like phobia immersion therapy or some such nonsense.

Still, it was a good time to scope out the Harbinger's personnel, particularly the ones who were going to be staying aboard the Theurgy from here on in.  Billy didn't know if they were spies being planted by Vassler or troublemakers the Harbinger's captain was aiming to get rid of, but he reckoned it sure would prevent a lot of trouble down the line if he found out now.

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 Cameron Henshaw

Even though she had helped champion the idea of this party she was still late in showing up. Her choice of clothing she was sure would draw some attention. It was a loose fitting light blue dress its free flirty appearance was perfect for how she wanted people to see her. At least for tonight. She would be let everything go tonight. Leave everything that happened on the other side of the holodeck doors. Stepping in she couldn't help but smile seeing the stretch of the beach and everyone that had shown up. With her smile ever growing she quickly descended down into the group walking among them feeling her own sorrow lifting seeing everyone enjoying themselves. The smiles and laughing was just what she needed as she made her way along the beach sitting listening to Rihen speak before the holograms walked out passing out the amulets. She knew she probably shouldn't but she took one slowly slipping it on as she moved her feet into the sand missing the feeling of it between her toes.

Sar-unga Neleo (10 minutes after Henshaw's arrival)

It had taken thirty minutes for her to make up her mind to see what the celebration was about. Another ten to talk herself into thinking about being among the crew. By now she was sure rumors about her had gone threw the crew. She had replicated as close to representation of her peoples clothing as she could before very slowly making her way to the holodeck. As much as she hated she stood outside the door for another five minutes before she  wrapped her tail around her waist. Slowly she walked in not sure what to expect. She did her best not to draw attention as she moved along the outside of the group trying to remain as unseen as possible among the breathtaking surroundings. Her body was tense as one of the holograms approached her and she took one of the amulets looking it over as the show continued.

OOC: Here are pics for Cams and Sar's clothing


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Selena watched as the show continued but soon had her attentions diverted when she caught sight of Captain Vasser.  "Yes," she thought as she made her way behind a few others taking one of the amulets as a holographic risan approached her if for no other reason than to not seem suspicious by not taking one.  Soon she found herself walking almost in every shadow silently watching the captain from a short distance. not trying to appear as sneaking just constantly just a nameless face within a sea of other party-goers in the midst of the crowd.

Miles watched the sword dance with interest waiting for a break in the entertainment again having taken one of the amulets offered but having yet to put it on simply holding it in his hand.  At the first opportunity he approached the stage and confronted the Rizan host. "I'm sorry I don't want to be impolite, but the amulet?  I can't help but feel it's an object of great cultural significance to your people.  I just wouldn't feel right wearing an item of such meaning without understanding its proper significance.  You see I just feel to not understand the meaning of an object like this and then to wear it.  it seems like to do so would undermine even diminish the meaning of the object and i feel it would be almost dishonorable to your culture to do that.  Could you please explain it to me?"  he said politely genuinely wanting to learn about the culture who's celebration they were simulating tonight.

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[CWO1 Sten Covington]

It wasn't something Papa Bear made a habit of, but on this evening he had ordered all work in the hangar deck shut down in order to grant everyone the chance to attend the gathering that had been organized on the holodeck. Yes, there was still plenty to be done but as the Chief of the Deck, Sten had more than just the readiness of the fighters to worry about.

He had an entire ground crew that was putting in long hours to begin with and were to be available at all times whenever the Theurgy was running flight operations. These men and women needed their rest as much as everyone else on this ship, and if it meant the very occasional delay in the work to be done, so be it. And it wasn't like Covington made a habit of such things, and he knew he could trust his people to pick up the slack comes morning.

Not to mention the grizzled veteran took a certain perverse pleasure knowing he was displeasing Phantom with his tyrannical command attitude and bloodthirsty disposition. Kilinvos was doing very little  to make people actually want to work for him. Granted, leadership was no popularity contest but was there really a point to terrorizing and alienating one's subordinates?

When he stepped into the simulation, Sten was dressed for the part. Between his loose knee-length pants, the shirt he wore untucked and the sandals on his feet, he did definitely look the part of the beach-goer. And in his hand, he carried his guitar case. After all, this was a party and he didn't get to jam with other members of the crew who also played instruments as much as he'd like.

When he was presented with the ceremonial necklace, Sten accepted gracefully, allowing the pendant to lose itself in the mat of hair on his chest. And then, he headed for the stage just as the little Vulcan doctor finished her song. Addressing the other musicians as he invaded his instrument, Covington spoke.  "Well Doc, that was nice. Would you care to stick around for some other Earth tunes, maybe  things that move a bit faster?"

As he spoke, the Chief adjusted his guitar's output. While he did have a few antique instruments and reproductions back home, the instrument he took with him on this trip was thoroughly modern and could emulate the sound any type of guitar in existence. It lacked the feel of a purpose-designed one, but it was easier to travel with only one axe instead of his whole collection. Finally settling on a sound popular in the last quarter of the twentieth century, he once more addressed those around him.

"How about starting off with something that's not too aggressive but gets people moving?" And so his fingers began to pick at the strings, playing the opening bars of an upbeat version of Star of the County Down.

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[Amelya Duv]

After a long day at the battlesickbays and the DNA resequencing Amelya made her appearance at the holodeck. She had been tired yet she had freshened up and wore something light and noticeable. It was something that could go through as a toga as she noticed most of the people wore such a thing for the festivities. Plus she didn't want to wear just beachwear, she wanted something more stylish. She looked around at all the gathered crewmembers and gladfully accepted one of the amulets and wore it around her neck. Her hair was a bit tied up with clips and two curly strands of hair dropped to the side of her face while the rest of her long hair was braided to fall down over her back. She wore white sandals that seemed to stick against her skin and she made her way down the stairs towards the crashing waves. She closed her eyes to feel the water against her feet as it stimulated her skin and she took in a few long deep breaths before slowly turning around to look at the beautiful Risian sky and architecture.

[Simon Tovarek]

Tovarek arrived a bit late at the party. He had been lost in research and experiments yet he had managed to grant everyone on his department shore leave for the event. He had decided that his crewmembers had earned a break and the Risian festivity might help with just that. He arrived in a pair of dark blue Bermuda shorts and a white loose shirt. He had opened up the first 4 buttons of his shirt, revealing a bit of his light muscular chest. It was nothing compared to most of the fighter pilots of members of security. He also took one of the amulets from one of the girls and wore it as well after asking for the meaning of it, since he missed Rihen's speech. He took his post at the terrace and he overlooked the festivities. His eyes looking for people he knew yet as he understood correctly he'd have to be open for anyone else who'd want to make contact with him. Yet for now he just remained where he was as he grew accustomed to the Risian climate.

Amelya's Toga:

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Maybe it was the sound of singing that drew her attention or it could have been her wandering eyes but she soon spotted the Vulcan female on stage and just as quickly her blood started running cold. It had been a great number of years since she had last seen her sister. While the woman that was singing might have looked Vulcan and might be going under the name of Maya all Sar-unga saw was the possibility that what had been lost might have just be found in the most unlikely of places. It took a few minutes for her mind to process what she was seeing and the possibility that this all was real. Shaking her head slight a few loose strands of white hair fell to either side of her pale face. Slowly she started making her way towards the stage once more staying clear of most the crowd. As she slowly approached her eyes  remained on the Vulcan female as she slowly made her way off the stage replaced by Covington. She waited tell the slender woman was off the stage before she spoke her voice shaking slightly. "Excuse me, Dr. Maya but may I please have a word with you in private," she spoke her green eyes looking over the woman's features noting all the things that where the same as Najin. They where so close to each other it was haunting in a way. "It will only take a moment. I would not want to keep you from the festivities of the night," she spoke her heart still racing with the possibilities that rested before her in the dark haired female.

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[Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent]

To say it had been a long day was an understatement. Waking up in a cell only to be stunned and suffering from a concussion in the process, freed after a brief interview, forced to face his demons not once but twice and then appointed to Theurgy's senior staff as the Intelligence Officer. And all that before lunch.

And then, the rest of the day had been a combination of going over battle tactics, schematics and reports. Not to mention waveform patterns and background noise levels and pseudo-random noise algorithms. And while that sort of work was what Carrigan Trent thoroughly enjoyed and excelled at, there came a time when even he would feel the need to stop. And that time had come just as Jien Ives' 'strong suggestion' to attend the evening's event was recalled.

And as such, he secured his workspace and headed to his quarters to replicate himself proper attire for a beach party.

It was wearing loose linen trousers and shirt and with a pair of canvas deck shoes on his feet that Trent entered the holodeck, his prosthetics only showing from the wrist down and between the hem of his trousers and the top or his shoe. It was not he was worried about sand in the works, but he did not particularly feel as though this was the. Let appropriate time to display these constant reminders of his wartime losses.

After accepting the necklace that was being offered by holographic hostesses, the Intelligence Officer made his way to the nearest bar and ordered a white ale that was quite fitting to the beach setting and made his way towards the water and he stopped just short of the line where the waves would lick the sand, just as a Trill woman in a very noticeable town turned around, drinking in the sights.

And, at least making an attempt to socialize, Trent spoke."This is a nice place for a party, isn't it?"

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Maya gracefully surrendered the stage to Sten Covington and went to join the crowd of revelers.  After she bowed her head and thanked the holographic Risian who gave her a horga'hn amulet she turned to see the patient she had seen in sickbay yesterday at about 0645 hours, the white haired woman with the horns and tail. 

"Excuse me, Dr. Maya but may I please have a word with you in private?"   The girl's green eyes were shy, almost pleading.

Maya blinked and tilted her head to one side as she opened her large hazel eyes wide to let her know she was listening.

"It will only take a moment. I would not want to keep you from the festivities of the night," the pale girl added.

"Certainly," Maya replied in her quiet voice, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she couldn't be heard over the strains of Star of the County Down.   "What is it?  Are you feeling ill?" she continued at the same insufficient level of volume.

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Amelya was still taking in the atmosphere of the amazing Risian homeworld when she suddenly heard a voice speak to her.
"This is a nice place for a party, isn't it?"
A smile slowly formed on her lips and she looked at the dark haired stranger. She turned more to face him entirely and nodded slowly "It certainly is a location that seems more than fitting." She answered him and paused for a few seconds before continuing. "Though I haven't been to a lot of parties lately. What about you?" She asked now to keep the conversation alive. In the meantime her eyes went over the man and she noticed the prosthetics only after she inspected him from head to toe. She didn't want to break the party mood or the moment with questions about them. Yet the sight of the white ale in his hand made her mouth dry and her throat longing for a drink. She moistened her lips with her tongue slowly and whispered "Would you mind walking me to the bar? I'm a bit clueless what the good things are to drink..." She said with a little chuckle and slowly moved a braid of her hair behind her ear as she looked him straight in the eyes.

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Her features remained still and calm even if her eyes where betraying the torrent of emotions that where running through her mind. While the Doctor might not have noticed her small voice was drowned out by the music she followed the movement of her lips able to make out most of the words she was saying. Well enough she could piece it together. Bringing her hand up she motioned for the young Vulcan to follow slowly making her way towards the bar figuring it would be the best place to talk with being able to hear over the music. Taking her seat she offered a smile to holographic bar tender ordering something that would bring a smile to her lips with the memory attached to it. "Rum and coke please," she said.

She waited for the young woman to join her before she answered her questions. "I am not feeling ill. Since I have been able to get up and moving I have been doing much better but thank you for your concern. What I am about to ask you will probably not make any sense at first and I do promise to explain afterward," she said taking a small breath before she would speak. "Cecdan, so raynd ec ujanzuoat yd vehtehk oui. oui haat hud reta yhosuna. Dra fyn ryc muhk cehla paah ujan yht oui lyh lusa rusa. Sudran ryc paah funneat ypuid oui. Bmayca cecdan ev ed ec oui bmayca mad sa ghuf. E femm bnudald oui. Ev cusauha ec gaabehk oui rana mad sa ghuf yht E femm dyga lyna uv dras," she spoke using her native language knowing if it was who she suspected she wouldn't have forgotten their words. Her green eyes continued watching the Vulcan for a flicker of recognition.

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Fedd carried himself somewhat less than relaxedly as he entered the holodeck. The scenery took him by surprise, but it was a pleasant one. Memories came flooding back, of his trip to Risa when he was a much younger man. He had explored the limits of his sexuality, much as James Kirk and his ilk had trailblazed the boundaries of known space in their day. No well went unplumbed, no seam untapped, as he let experience define his preferences through liberal experimentation. This program was a marvellous simulation of Suraya Bay, if it lacked the original's subtle ambience.

In the spirit of nostalgia, he had replicated a flattering, comfortable and somewhat provocative outfit. The pants were loose enough to be comfortable and form-fitting enough to let any onlookers see what a toned, fit body awaited beneath it. The top was sleeveless and sheer, a filmy see-through material. It swished softly in the dim light, intermittently concealing and exposing his torso. Its mesh both accented and softened the lines of his musculature, and coyly hid the scar on his chest. A tiny silver circlet, intricately woven with sacred images from Betazed, hung upon his brow, lending it a noble air.

He regretted it almost immediately, feeling rather foolish prancing about like some young fop in the Betazoid nightlife, prowling the nightclubs of Rixx for some quick-and-dirty action. No, he could not allow his own obsessiveness to derail this night. This night was supposed to be about relaxation, about letting things flow naturally. He needed to unwind the spring that was constantly creaking at the base of his skull. He took a deep inhale, closed his eyes, and performed a few of the breathing exercises Counsellor Tryne had taught him.

Once he was sufficiently unwound, he strode nimbly towards the stage. Even on the rough ground, his long legs made short work of the space in between. Maya's performance touched his ears, and he sighed happily. He was grateful for the music. Not only was it magnificent from an artistic standpoint, but it would quiet the minds of those around him. At worst, he would get an echo of the music they, too, were focused on; it would become a chorus, a symphony inside his head. He accepted a necklace from one of the holographic hostesses and moved closer to the stage, basking in the ephemeral glow of music plucked from a skilfully-crafted instrument by talented fingers. He noticed Cameron Henshaw playing with the sand, and wiggled his own toes in response. Whomever programmed this simulation had really nailed the sand, he thought. It was virtually indistinguishable from the real deal. He ambled over to Henshaw, feeling slightly more comfortable with someone whom he had seen earlier.

"Feels pretty close to the real thing," he said breezily. He was striking up a conversation, as opposed to standing around aimlessly. It seemed preferable. "Whoever programmed this simulation knows Suraya Bay quite well."

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When the pale white haired woman with the lovely horns led her to the bar Maya ordered lemonade.  She listened with bright eyes and a polite yet frozen smile as the girl spoke to her and waited until she finished before speaking.  Then the smile vanished as the little Vulcan removed her combadge from where it was pinned to her gown and examined it.  "I'm sorry Miss, but the universal translator in my combadge doesn't seem to be working," she admitted.   "I didn't understand a word of that; could you repeat that in Federation Standard?"

OOC:  Short?  Yes, but there's no point slowing down the dialog with a lot of exposition.

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[Carrigan Trent]

"It's been... Quite a while" Carrigan took a moment to answer the question about the last time he was at a party. How long had he been effectively undercover, unable to trust a soul within Starfleet and always watching his back. Not to mention the frequent bouts of doubts and the constant worry of being simply paranoid. "I haven't felt this free in a long time."

Trent examined the Trill some more, his eyes quickly wandering from the top of her head to her feet, lingering along the curves that filled out her dress so well. However, he was not so engrossed that he failed to notice the look she cast at the sweating glass of beer in his hand. And when she asked to be walked to the bar, he nodded. "Of course. And if I might make a suggestion, Alexander Keith's white ale with a slice of orange is a great beach drink."

As he transferred the glass from his own hand to his prosthetic one, he offered his arm to the beautiful woman before him. "Carrigan Trent, freshly defected from Admiral Sankolov."

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Sar-unga Neleo

Hearing the Vulcan ordering a lemonade she couldn't help but smile slightly as it seemed the woman was more apprehensive then she in relaxing. Still for her it was odd seeing a Vulcan smiling. As the smile faded from her features and she didn't see the spark of recognition in her eyes Sar-unga's features would slowly soften as she knew it was only their features that where similar. "No need to apologize. The universal translator more then likely didn't have enough syntax needed to be able to translate. This was the first our language has been heard by the Federation," she said with a soft smile before taking a drink finding it lacked the nip that it had before. "We had a civil war many years back. Near the end of it my elder sister disappeared," she explained before taking another drink before she continue.

"If she had a twin in this universe it would be you. The two of you look almost the same. With my races ability to change our forms I was hoping the two of you where one in the same that was what I was asking," she spoke before she leaned up slowly letting her tail unwrap from around her waist before letting move behind her the tip waving slightly. "But since it is not the case and I have you here maybe you would care for some conversation," she spoke offering the woman beside her a soft warm smile. " I know I am curious as to how a Vulcan smiles. I thought you where bound by logic,"

Cameron Henshaw

Her ears soaked in the melodic song as she continued soaking in the feeling of the sand between her toes. She was happy they had consented to this. Her mind was so wrapped up in the music and the feelings around her when she head a voice speaking to her it quickly snapped her out of her thoughts as she looked up at him smiling her normal warm bubbly smile. His words made her smile all that much more as her toes moved through the sand once more. "It does feel close to the real thing," she said scooting over slightly as she took in his appearance from toe to head. While his pants were loose they did little to hide the toned, fit body awaited beneath. The sheer filmy see through top that teased and concealed at the same time. All together in her mind he looked somewhat like a present. Hinting at what was so carefully wrapped up but at the same time hiding it.

Pulling the edge of her dress in she smiled as she looked into his eyes. "Care to join me and test the sand yourself?" she asked her voice warm and welcoming. She hoped he would take up the offer as for her it would be nice having company. Looking about the she nodded softly before looking back at Fedd  seeing the necklace hanging around his neck. "It is beautiful here. I think this will do everyone some good. Its nice to see something besides the inside of the ship," she said softly as she leaned back her hands supporting her weight feeling her hands in the sand.

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[ After the Announcement ] (Parting with Captain Vasser)

"It would be best if we branched off from here I think.  I still remember my days as an officer on-board a starship.  Two commanding officers talking together for an extended length of time can be an unsettling thing.  Let us socialize with the crew."

Jien could but nod in agreement to Captain Vasser's sentiment in regard to what the crew would think if they continued speaking of the mission when they were supposed to enjoy themselves. "Agreed," said Jien and stood up, smoothing down her toga over her hips before following Declan a few strides. Below, Rihen Neyah danced to the new music with her blades lit, flying high into the air or whipping around her whirling form as she moved across the ground - clouds of sand billowing in her wake. Her dance was slower now, more sensual, and yet forceful when it fit the music being played. Eventually, Jien ceased watching as she left the amphitheatre.

"If you happen upon Petty Officer Cardamone," she said to her counterpart on the Harbinger, "do not be alarmed if she appears a bit different than you are used to."

With that enigmatic statement, and with a faint smile on her lips, Jien stepped out into the crowd - vanishing in the throng.

[ A Short Time Later | At the Edge of the Sands ] (Attn: IronFerrox)

"Could you please explain it to me?"

Having finished her dancing at the time when Doctor Maya's last tones faded into the night, Rihen had grinned to the applauding audience and walked off the sands with humble courtesies on the way. She had just doused the fire that licked her blades in a barrel of water when the Vulpinian explained his ignorance of the horga'hn's meaning and his reluctance to wear it unless he knew what it stood for.

Her heart was still racing from her dancing, and her white Risian toga clung to her bare body, yet even if she was exhausted and her limbs ached in that good way that came of dancing, Rihen beamed as she stepped to the man and left her curved blades leaning against the barrel. "Of course!" she said and took a deep breath so that she could speak properly. As she did, she fished up her own horga'hn from the deep cleavage of her toga, showing it to the Vulpinian while looking into his eyes.

"This is an ancient cultural symbol of my people's freedom and sexuality," she said, her smiling face glistening with perspiration as she spoke. "Traditionally, to display it indicates one's desire to participate in jamaharon, which is the rite of passion and eroticism adherent to our culture of hospitality and generosity. Yet as I said earlier... given what the crew has suffered... the meaning is not so specific tonight. It is a sign to be open to speak with strangers, and to invite conversation that would not otherwise happen naturally."

Dropping the amulette into her bosom, Rihen grinned mischievously and took the Vulpinian's horga'hn from his hand, and she gently put it around his neck. "Since you have just spoken to me... I think you are safe from diminish the meaning of it now, don't you? I am Rihen Neyah."

Having helped the man don his amulette, she stepped back and spread her hands in the traditional greeting. "What is mine... is yours."

Meanwhile, Earthen music stirred on the sands behind her, and it was a jovial and festive tune that seized the crowd - played by Chief Covington.

[ After the Music Fades ] (Attn: CanadianVet)

When the Chief of the Deck had begun to play the familiar tune of her homeland, Evelyn Rawley had stood from her seat and cheered with a cigar between her teeth. "Whoooooohoooo!"

She was dressed in cargo pants and boots, both black, but her white tanktop glowed in the light of the moons as she made her way down the steps of the amphitheatre - singing along with Covington. She was not the least drunk, at least not yet, but the memory of the old song stirred her. With a wide grin, she got down to the edge of the sand and danced on the spot - spinning in circles and stomping along with the tune while also smoking her cigar. Hearing this ancient reminder of home back on Earth made Rawley feel alive - invigorated with the promise of what they were fighting for.

Home. To return. To fight for the right to her home soil in the United Kindom of old.

When the song was finished, she put out her cigar against the palm of her hand and stepped out to the Chief. "That was bloody great, Chief! Bollocks but I have missed the old tunes. Thank you so much for making my night," she said and slapped his upper arm, "What do I have to do to have you play in the Flight Hangar? Some of the shite we listen to when we work there is bloody terrible! Seriously! Tell me you really played that and didn't pre-record or anything like that bullshit."

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"Yes, but if one believes in the personal freedoms the Federation stands for, one should be bound by ethics, not logic," Maya replied animatedly.  "The right to self-expression should dictated by the culture one is visiting, not by the planet of your origin.  By imposing your values on someone else's one is merely being rude.  Besides, I want to feel things, experience emotions, sensations... I want to be a part of those I'm with, not merely a silent witness.  I want to meet people and get to know them, not alienate them and keep them at bay." 

The little Vulcan stopped speaking abruptly and blinked at Sar-unga.  "My apologies," she said as she clasped her hands and gave a little bow.  "I am doing what is colloquially known as 'rambling.'  It is always stimulating to meet a fellow traveler.  I'm Doctor Maya.  I'm the ship's neurologist.  I would be both honored and invigorated to speak with you.  You were informing me about your sister, and the uncanny ability your species possesses allowing them to change their form.  Both topics sound fascinating.  Please continue."

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[ At the Edge of the Sands ] Lt. Cmdr. Miles Renard  

"This is an ancient cultural symbol of my people's freedom and sexuality. Traditionally, to display it indicates one's desire to participate in 'jamaharon,' which is the rite of passion and eroticism adherent to our culture of hospitality and generosity. Yet as I said earlier... given what the crew has suffered... the meaning is not so specific tonight. It is a sign to be open to speak with strangers, and to invite conversation that would not otherwise happen naturally."

he nodded as he saw take his into her hands as she replaced her own back in between the Vally between her lovely mounds of Risian flesh.  "I think I understand" he said softly.  "Sexuality and eroticism within your people are a means of expressing selflessness.  Giving of ones body is not simply a means of pleasure but is a gesture of wanting to give ones very self to another to contribute to their well being.  Its a beautiful custom, to be so willing to give one's self for another benefit."  Allowing her to slip the medallion around his neck he offered a pseudo toast of words to cement the cultural exchange, "To Risa, the culturally philanthropic polar opposite to Feranginar."

"What is mine... is yours."

He didn't know the proper response but improvised his own by copying her gesture an simply replying. "Likewise, What is mine is yours as well."

Unlike many of the others on the ship he had not really felt any suffering from the experiences.  Besides in his previous career loosing people you cared for was just part of the job. Loosing lovers, friends, he had felt it all and no longer did it seem to affect him as it would many, he had learned not to mourn his loss but to cherish the memories he would have never experienced if not for those lost ones.   Rather than feeling loss he always felt a reminder of what had been gained from having known the ones lost.   As or the experiences he had been recovered after the incident on Niga so he had no experience in the violation of self and of others that the parasites of that planet had shown the others.  and Ishtar's interference merely were a reflection of a part of himself he had previously hidden.  a side he had shown and since then had resulted in a healthy liberation from previous years of self censuring for the sake of fitting in.  Ishtar had in a sense freed him of guilt of his own urges and allowed him to find a balance he had not been at liberty to enjoy before.  In his experience with one of the previous hosts of Rez he had got to treat a once old lady to a night on the town in her prime.  In Thea he had shown her the experience of organic sensation an experience she pursued in earnest since then aiding her to grow far beyond her original design parameters.  Now not just was she an experimental and advanced holographic AI interface, she was now a holographic person who was discovering the joys of finially feeling the sensations of belonging to the world of the living.  IN the end Ishtar had even left a positive influence on him.  Hell the attacks by the calamaty brought the thrill of fighter to fighter combat that he hadn't experienced in ages.

In a way he was quite possibly the least harmed member of the crew, far from a person who required the services of this night.  IN a sense in Miles was one of the few members of this crew that may have fit in more as one of the holographic Risans offering the pedants and "services" than as one of the crew members who needed this night desperately.

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[Declan Vasser]

"Something I can do for you, miss Ravenholm?"  Declan said, after several minutes of being followed around by her.  He hadn't been sure if she were following him at first, but when he felt someone on his back, that strange feeling iof being watched, he had started to work in odd patterns, moving from one place to the next, Selena having followed him each way, proving it wasn't mere coincidence that brought her the same way as him. To her credit, she had done a good job of following him.  Declan Vasser was simply a Starfleet Captain of enough experience to be far too paranoid.

"We never had time for the discussion I wanted to have on the Harbinger, the one about you bringing a concealed weapon onto my bridge without any form of consent or notification."  The presence of the weapon had helped them in dealing with the matter of Ensign Acerth, most certainly, so he wasn't going to be particularly damning about it.  It was simply about regulation, about the fact that the weapon was there and he had never been informed about it.

[Edena Rez]

"I'm putting it back," Edena softly whispered, talking to herself, or at least, to a part of herself.

You are not putting it back, came the voice of Illya in her head.  She had been the one who insisted that Edena accept one of the amulets, the horga'hn.  It felt like an iron weight around her neck, knowing what it was meant to symbolize.  She found herself pleading with Kiya, the oldest and most mature of her past hosts, to reason with the wild fire that was Illya, the most free spirited among them.

In a rare event, I am inclined to agree with Illya.  You could use some connections outside of your duties, and some . . . relief from your frustrations.

"I'm -- !" She cut herself off, lowering her voice once again.  "I am not frustrated,"  Edena answered with the scowl of a child just told that she wasn't getting dessert until she finished her vegetables.

Just her luck that Illya and Kiya agreed on something for once, and it happened to be Edena's sex life.

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She listened to her rambling all the while holding a soft smile on her lips. Much of what she said she agreed with. Some of which she didn't. But then again you would never agree with everything anyone said. Still she liked that the woman was open minded. She shared her desire to experience things. Things that normally would be forbidden by their respective races. When the speaking stopped she slowly took another drink from her glass hearing her apologizing. "There is no need to apologies," she spoke softly as she smiled. "It is obviously something you are passionate about and as it doesn't seem like it would be something that would harm another I see nothing bad about being passionate about it. I understand your desire not to be bound by the customs of your people. This mission was my chance to experience life outside the confines of my race,"

"You can call me either Sar-unga or Dyan. I have not decided which name I will keep yet," Slowly turning around in her seat she leaned back her elbows resting on the flat surface of the bar as she looked out over the crowd. Some part of her keeping an eye out for a fluffy tail. Slowly her eyes turned back to the odd Vulcan sitting next to her. "Both topics are interesting but long and detailed. Since it is our one night to celebrate. I do not wish to keep you from enjoying. If you would like we could go out for a drink on some night when duty becomes heavy and talk. But if you wish to hear it now I have no qualm of telling it,"

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