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[Tatiana Marlowe] (attn Nolan)

Briefly Tia caught a glimpse of Sjaandin in the distance and felt a little tweak of pain as she saw another woman standing with him before they walked away together.  It wasn't that she had expected anything more than last night but it would have been nice, especially with that particular gift of his species.  She sighed, wondering exactly what she was doing here now.

The hand on her shoulder made her jump and a squeak of surprise exploded from her lips.  She turned to the man who spoke, recognising the voice, heart beating 19 to the dozen.  "Lieutenant Tovarek, you scared the holy hell out of me!" she breathed, hand on her chest as she tried to calm herself.  Her face flushed red when she registered what he had said, "Oh... umm... yes... it's nice what they've done here... thank you... about the dress."

She smiled back at him, looking him over she noted the firm, strong body hiding beneath the white shirt, "Wish I'd thought of a shorts and shirt option... I'm not used to dresses, they usually get in the way when you're elbows deep into an engine."  With a soft chuckle she met his gaze, the glittering blue-green eyes seeming to stare straight down into her soul.

"So... uhh... you're not with anyone here?" she asked, floundering for something, anything to say before wincing at the bluntness of the question.

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Miles Renard;  Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

He smirked hearing her words, "I thought you were the one the doctor had to warn about my kind being rough in the sheets." he said with a soft chuckle as he welcomed the kiss again.  His own tail explored and made its away aginst hers and wrapping around it gently.  "Well perhaps later on tonight we can retire to the gym and have a bit of a fun sparring match that is if you want to fight that badly.  Perhaps the two of us will find ourselves in the other situation you mentioned too." he said as he broke the extremely intimate contact and gave her one last kiss on the lips.  "But perhaps we should go on that walk."

OOC:  perhaps we should make our own thread at this point since they are walking to somewhere else in the holodeck for some time justto themselves.

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[ A New Arrival ] Attn: Kurohigi & IronFerrox

After having taken the turbolift to the right deck, it did not take a minute for ThanIda zh'Wann to step through the sliding doors to the holodeck and emerge on the terrace that overlooked the amphitheatre. The sight and sounds, the air and the scents hit her like a warm wind as she stepped forth and placed her hands on the marble railing.

As Deputy, Ida frowned as she watched the present officers of the two crews mingle in the moonlit night, thinking that if the Calamity struck, they better well still be at the top of their games. She tried to locate Captain Vasser with her eyes alone in the dark night - antennae following her where her squinting eyes gazed - and she was about to give up and enquire where he was in the currently running program when she caught sight of him. The Harbinger's CO was speaking with the woman that seemed more machine than human, who allegedly was the owner of the gun by her hip.

Walking down the steps, Ida closed the distance to the two talking figures, and when she drew near, her moonlit blue features were perfectly reserved and cordial. "You requested the weapon and the inspection protocols, Captain?" she asked Vasser and handed over both to them to him - the gun pulled from her hip and fluidly being presented hilt-first.

She glanced towards the Pinkskin with the synthetic limbs and inclined her head. "I understand you provided assistance in subduing Sonja Acreth on the Harbinger. Well done, Chief Ravenholm."

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[Carrigan Trent] Attn Nolan

The Trill's hand on his forearm sent a wave of warmth through Carrigan. Intimacy had been a rare thing since he had first found his way into actual command ranks, even more so after the Harrier had met her end and he was left a broken husk of the man he had once been.

Granted, he had a regular thing going when he was assigned to a listening post, even when he was in charge of it. After all, with such a small crew in such an isolated posting with extremely limited personal communication opportunities and even fewer recreational options, the need for companionship was stronger than ever.

And then, as Chief Tactical Officer, his dalliances had to be either with other members of the senior staff or outside of his department, and as Executive Officer, they had ground to a halt. When he assumed command of the Harrier, there had been offers made to him, apparently as a way to secure positive reviews for various departments and sections and those he refused flat out. After all, it was that sort of thing that had led to his taking command of that ship. And then, while convalescing, he had some contacts with other injured officers but those were few and far between.

And aside from the typical short-lived romance he had while undergoing his training at Starfleet Intelligence's training campus, he had no other relationships since. Especially styler he discovered the rot within Starfleet Command.

And now, with this beautiful Trill at his arm, on this gorgeous beach, he found feelings long buried stirring to life. In fact, he found himself stealing glances downwards as they walked down the beach and away from the main body of the celebration, eyeing the pale flesh that showed at the top edge of Amelya's toga.

When she asked what he had in mind, followed by her playful question, the Intelligence Officer stopped and turned, his arms wrapping about her narrow waist and pulling her in close, his natural hand resting against her lower back while his synthetic one was kept carefully away, evidently self-conscious about its nature and the fact it did not have the padding and artificial skin covering that was common with modern prosthetics. "Well, I'm not a spy so I don't know any of their fancy tricks. But I'm told that a moonlight swim is always a good thing. Especially when there isn't any swimwear involved."

And then, making a move as bold as he had ever been known to do when he was a Cadet undergoing his tactical training, manning a tactical station or commanding a ship, he bent down and placed a kiss on the Trill's lips.

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[Edena Rez] attn: TheBanshee

He wants to talk.  What do I do? Edena thought in the direction of Illya and Kiya, calling upon their council now more then ever.  You open your mouth and make words come out!  Don't act like you you never spoken before!  Leave it to Illya to cut to the point of it.  She sweet nothings were saved for those she was trying to seduce and no one else.

"I suppose a lot has happened.  When last we spoke, I most certainly wasn't a Commander," she said, brushing some hair behind her ears as he head lowered, suddenly elf conscious about her clothes.  Was the hem too short on her sun dress?  Was a floral pattern too cheesy for a tropical site like Risia?  Wenn Cinn mentioning the amulets around their necks had made her entirely too self-conscious.  This is too weird.  I can't do this.

You do it or let me take over, and if you do that, you ain't getting to complain about anything I say or do.  Trusting Illya with her body sometimes felt like trusting a Ferengi to watch your cargo ship a light year away from a trading station.  She was the social butterfly, though, and with some hesitance, Edena did surrender control of her body, and Illya put on her best Edena impression, to leave no one the wiser.

"I apologize for the way you were recieved when you first came back.  I'm sure you can understand.  There was a time when I was the one behind a forcefield, for the good of the ship.  I've had to adopt that paranoia for myself, to protect Theurgy and all who serve aboard her.  It was not a personal slight towards you.  Your service record speaks for itself."

[Declan Vasser] attn: Lucan and ironferrox

With Ida delivering the weapon and the diagnostic report, Vasser went over it, his eyes focused upon it for a few seconds, before looking back to Ida.  "You're inappropriately dressed, Lieutenant.  Your captain and myself agreed that uniforms should be left out of this holodeck, and you deserve as much time to unwind as everyone else here."  Even if it sounded like he was disciplining her, it was clearly meant to insist that the Andorian enjoy herself, take that much needed rest and relaxation that this event was meant to inspire.  If she had been intending to thank him for sticking up for her, then a good start was honoring his request and get herself something more comfortable to wear and enjoy the festivities.

"Your report appears thorough, as does that of miss Ravenholm.  It's an impressive piece of technology, Selena, and after our activities here have ended, and we are back on the Harbinger, I'll draw up the needed reports of my own to sanction the weapon to be carried on the bridge.  Just do me a favor and keep it on setting one unless we get attacked by anything resistant to that level, like Ensign Acerth.  Now that the business side of things is out of the way, I'll have to insist, as a commanding officer as well as a ranking one, that the both of you have fun.  Objections shall be denied."

[Nathan Isley] attn: Searcher

The lovely head nurse most definitely had a sense of humor, if her choice of drink was any indication.  The fact that she was a bit bent over the bar, awaiting her drink, only made the comment more enticing.  "With that body, and that outfit, I din't think you'll have any problems filling that request," spoke Wolf oh-nine, known to most everyone else as Nathaniel Isley.  Strong arms folded over each other and braced him again the bar beside her, calling for a refill of his own drink, which consisted of nothing more then a unmixed liquor in a glass with ice.  Like Eve, he had dressed in beach wear, which for him only consisted of a pair of dark blue shorts reaching almost to the knee, while his bare upper body was made available for any appreciative eyes that sought to behold it.

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[Simon Tovarek] Attn Banshee

Simon couldn't help but to chuckle a bit as the fresh lieutenant seemed to jump into the air as he touched her shoulder and her reaction was even more amusing. "I didn't mean to frighten you lieutenant." He said to calm her down and nodded as she thanked him for the remark on her dress. Back on Earth they had a saying when people would be caught off guard and would react so surprised, but Simon left it the little memory to himself as she started about wanting to have the option to wear a shorts and shirt option.

"Well I certainly hope you won't be going elbow deep into any engines any time soon." He answered her with a smile and kept his eyes locked on hers "Besides, I think nearly every woman would look good with a dress... Depending what kind of course..." He said and smirked a bit.

Slowly shaking his head, Simon continued "No, I managed to get in a bit too late for the opening ceremony and after that I got a bit lost by the sights of Risa... So yes..." He paused now and thought about what to say next. It had been a while since he tried being this social. "Would you want anything to drink? Or shall we just take a stroll somewhere away from all these people?" he asked her with a genuine warm smile. He already offered his arm to her, wether it was to go down to the bar or to take a stroll.

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[Selena "Luna" Ravenholm] attn: Lucan and Kurohigi
The augmented human smiled and spoke aloud close enough to the weapon for its sensors to hear her voice. "Paralizer, switch to setting zero." she said as there was a small chirp issued by the weapon signifying that it had heard her order.

"There, now the safety's on she said looking over, and my actions would have only been useful if it hadn't been for the quick actions of Miss Neleo.  the fact that she isn't human is probably the only reason we were spared a bloodbath on the bridge.  Besides, from what I can tell the only reason my weapon even had an effect on her, was whatever this parasite is it's got an ability to adjust to whatever opposition is thrown at it.  It's almost like a borg drone in the way they are able to self shield from phasers.  Hit them with something unexpected and they are helpless until their hive mind can create a counter.  In my case I think it was the fact that the first hit was a paralytic agent which it was already overcoming when I sent the electricity through to it.  As for the amount I was sending it was on the highest level 2 setting which was just barely under the amount of juice to ignite the air around it and turn it into a whip shaped plasma torch.  Instead the effects were like a human taking a 20th century tazer and somehow shrugging off the effect."  she said to Ida knowing that she may find it useful to know what damage a normal human would have suffered she fired should have done vs what it actually did do.

In her mind she was already subconsciously processing the necessary design alterations and such to create a new model of the paralizer.  This model she knew she would make sure to care not for hiding it.  It would have the necessary structural integrity to do just as Vasser suggested and she would do as he said and utilize the more cumbersome size to allow for greater energy output.  No more need to just hide it and not be known to have a hold out weapon.   This model would be a paralizer in name and lowest settings only.  It's primary function would be to make a weapon that these parasites would learn to fear.

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[ Deputy zh'Wann ] Attn: Kurohigi & IronFerrox

When she was told that she had not adhered to the dress-code for the event, ThanIda zh'Wann was about to object and say she came at Captain's Vasser's own request, but when the Harbinger's Commanding Officer said that she has the right to enjoy herself just as everyone elses, she took a deep breath. It seemed the Pinkskin had the best of intentions despite his tone.

"This Andorian serve so that Commander Wenn might reacquaint himself with the crew now that he has returned," she said and cloaked her tone with formality, though she knew it was an excuse to avoid the kind of event that was being hosted. After what she had done at Niga, she was not about to remind the crew about it by enjoying a night of decadence.

Yet when Captain Vasser insisted and would not take 'no' for an answer, Ida took the Pinkskin's word quite seriously - the mouth she'd open to excuse herself snapping shut and her antennae rising in reaction to the peripetia that beset her quiet evening in her office. Have fun? She looked around, feeling a bit trapped and not yet seeing the merit to leave her post in Security for sake of merriment. Orders were, however, orders - meaning that she had little choice.

So while Chief Ravenholm spoke of her weapon and what had happened on the Harbinger, Ida took a deep breath and stepped away to contact the highest ranking available officer to assume her post should anything happen, and to contact her if anything the least suspicious happened aboard. Once she was done, though, she got back to Captain Vasser and the bionic woman in time to hear of the comparison to the Borg.

"You might be right," she said in regard to the possible adaptation feature, and she glanced around before unzipping her uniform jacket, and despite her stoic mien as she did it, she felt embarrassed about doing it before Captain Vasser. "Though it is just a theory, and without hard evidence, I will stick to protocol on this, for I would be hesitant to be too presumptuous about the abilities of the enemy. Not unless proven true. We know too little, and if we happen to face a similar situation here on the Theurgy now that she is being held in our Brig, orders for maximum stun and phaser assault rifle armament for all present personnel will stand. It has worked twice with guaranteed effect, so I cannot have my people take any chances."

She shrugged back her uniform from her shoulders and folded it over her arm before opening her undershirt, and while she was self-conscious about it, she thought of the precautions taken with their prisoner. Her forcefield controls were running on a separate system and demanded the highest authorisation to be lowered. "I am not disputing the effect of your weapon, Chief Ravenholm, I am merely hesitant to draw hasty conclusions when our crew's lives are at stake. Yet hopefully," and cleared her throat before removing her undershirt as well - her white bra almost glowing against her blue skin in the moonlight, "we can learn more about the enemy from the medical scans that are being evaluated, but I understand Medical is busy with all the injured and with the Lieutenant Morali project, so we'll have to use what we have right now."

Realising that even if she had been respectful in her tone, discrediting the civilian's word might not be socially acceptable among Pinskins even if it came to matters of one's duty. She amended this as best as she might, even if she had never understood the need to tip-toe around such things. In the Andorian Guard, the woman would have been disciplined for making ungrounded suggestions that would bear such consequences. "Perhaps you are correct, but I want Dr. Nicander's word on it first. I will ask his opinion on this first chance available," she said and smiled as amiably as she could, even if she'd want nothing else than leave for her office.

She glanced towards Captain Vasser, unsure what to say. "Thank you," she managed and nodded in acknowledgement that she had not been able to give him on that day in the Harbinger's Brig. "For before. I am gratified you saw merit in my actions where there was none perceived by others."

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[Wenn Cinn] (attn Kurohigi)

For a moment Cinn thought the woman who was his new XO was a little uncertain of herself, certainly her body language suggested as much.  Then she changed, as though picking herself up and dusting herself off before broaching the subject at hand. 

"Yes, the last time we met I believe I was carting you off to the brig for being a spy," he smiled at the woman who had gone from enemy to bosom ally in the time he had been missing.  He didn't resent it or feel at all threatened by it.  That's just how it was and Jien had had good reasons for doing so.

"I understand now why I was treated the way I was and had I had to make the call I would have done the same without any hesitation.  I trust we can start afresh?  The past is behind us and I would like to at least be on speaking terms with my boss," with a grin he offered her his arm, "Can I at least get you a drink before we start getting into the whys and wherefores?"

He might have heard the information from Jien but Cinn wanted to hear the story directly from the woman in question.  Second hand information was at best tinted with personal influences, much better to hear it directly and take the facts from the main witness' perspective.

[Tatiana Marlowe] (attn Nolan)

Tia's face only reddened further as he kept his gaze fixed on hers, "I know you didn't... it's just that... well I'm not used to things like this and I certainly wasn't expecting anyone to voluntarily come and talk to me.  I thought I would be able to hide away in the shadows until I'd been here long enough to not be leaving early.  As for the engines, I hope not too.  I would really like this to go smoothly since I have to be here.  The last thing I need is to be called away, dressed like this, to some emergency."

A small frown creased her forehead as she thought about his comment about the dress, "I hope you aren't advocating a return to the uniform back in the 23rd century.  Bending over in one of those would expose far more than I'm willing to... I was halfway in the wall with that cloaking device... anyone stood behind me..."

A little flustered Tia took his arm, reacting to his offer of a drink and escape from people rather than actually thinking about what she was doing, "Yes, drink, please.  Then maybe getting away from the crowd would be a good thing."

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[Simon Tovarek]

Simon smiled as Tatiana continued to talk on about emergencies and escaping the event as soon as she could. He didn't reply to it and just let her talk a bit. Yet when she brought up the uniform they had to wear in the 23rd century, he couldn't manage to subdue a small snicker. "Hmm, I didn't mind those uniforms to be fair..." He murmured and started to make a mental image of Tia halfway the wall in one of those uniforms. The image he got was not one that he regretted for thinking up and he managed to smirk a bit before he felt her arm take his.

As they made their way down to the bar he looked at the flirting people all over the place now and spoke on a lower tone "Now that you brought it up, I have some questions about the cloaking device. More specifically about the energy consumption of it. I was planning possible course trajectories in the holosuites a few hours ago but lacked some data for the final calculations." He said to her. The memory of Thea and him in the holodeck was brought back to his mind and he looked around quietly as they waited by the bar to catch a glimpse of the AI.

He asked Tia what she wanted to drink and than placed the order. As they waited for their drinks he looked at the mass of people gathering on the beach and the bar "So do you have any preferences on where you want to go after we got our drinks?" he asked her as it got pretty hard to talk normally in this crowd "I heard they have some sort of subterranean gardens or so, unless you prefer the ocean."

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[Tatiana Marlowe]

By the time she had realised she was walking arm in arm with Simon it was far too late and she resigned herself to being there.  So many people were around, talking, flirting and generally taking advantage of this time away from work.

Relief flooded over her as he spoke about the cloaking device, something finally she could talk about and not be embarrassed or self-conscious about.  Talking to him about that, despite their attire, was something she could do without turning into a gibbering wreck.

"I'd be happy to help," she replied, confidence in the topic brimming over as she smiled broadly, "The gardens sound lovely, nice and peaceful to talk about power consumption and trajectories without sand or people getting in the way.  Yes, that will be perfect."

Tia took her drink when it arrived and had a small sip, "I have to say this beats the raktajino that usually accompanies a discussion about work.  I don't think I'll be able to persuade the Captain that mai-tai's should be standard at all department meetings though."

She took his arm once more, relaxing now the conversation was turning to something she could get her teeth into, "So tell me about your missing data and I'll do what I can to fill in the blanks."

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[Declan Vasser]

Selena set her ambitions high, wanting to take a highly effective weapon and improve it so much that it would have been like the jump from warp five to warp nine.  Declan always has a respect for engineers, be they Starfleet or civilian, for that ability to look at something and decide it could be better, to go back and see how to reinvent the wheel.  As a holographic Risian passed by with a tray of drinks, Declan reached out for one, halting the hologram's advance to see if any more hands would be reaching.  "Either of you drink?  I don't usually indulge, but this seems like the right time for it."  He paid careful attention not to discuss the matters of business, a subtle nod to the women to leave matters of weapons calibrations and medical exams for another time, and just enjoy themselves.

An appreciative glance graced Ida's body as she discarded her uniform, stripping down to plain white underwear which had a way of proving not too effective of hiding her.  Sure, it didn't show off anything much, but if the artificial humidity on the holographic beach was any indication, she might find it becoming rather see through eventually.  She thanked him for something that, after all they'd been through, felt like ages ago.  "I call them like I see them, and I thought you made the right call.  You put a life in danger ahead of everything else, and that is what a true officer should do.  The only people beyond saving are the ones we give up on.  It is my hope that the security on board this ship and mine never give up on someone still living."

[Edena Rez]

"A drink would be lovely.  Something sweet," she said, knowing Edena's taste buds usually took to a sweet drink over something bitter like beer or raw like hard liquor.  A mixed drink was just what Illya thought Edena's body could use.  "Your boss huh?  I suppose that was something you never would have considered when last we met, when I was sitting in the brig, discovered as a Starfleet Intelligence Operative.  Commander Nerina did her job well.  I just found myself occupying her position when it needed to be filled, mostly because I was gutsy enough to test Doctor Lucan's cure during the Outbreak.  I trust you've already read the incident reports from before your return?  There aren't many who will talk about aloud any more, unless it's in a therapist's office, and they are required to."

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Lt. Eve Jenkins - Head Nurse

Attn: Dr. Maya and Kurohigi

Eve had only hoped to lighten the mood more, make people around laugh since that was the objective of this little festival.  O'Connell's reaction brought her head around, her eyes wide with surprise and then she smiled warmly and quite apologetically.  "Master Chief O'Connell, I apologize for offending you.  Admittedly I don't usually have much shame but I was simply ordering a tropical drink."  There was no guile or deceit in her expression, merely concern as she felt some of his emotions.

"With that body, and that outfit, I don't think you'll have any problems filling that request."  Eve turned her head to see Nathan Isley 'bellying' up to the bar and a slow smile formed, then a slow wink.  "That's a relief to hear.  There's many gorgeous women here I worried," she teased lightly.  She wasn't really worried but it was a bit of a game.  A game that she held up with the universal 'one moment please' finger to Isley so he wouldn't think she was ignoring him.

  She turned back to O'Connell for a moment, the teasing gone.  "I'd like to talk with you sometime soon if you don't mind, sometime after the party since we're all supposed to be trying to relax."  It was a friendly request though it did have a bit of that clinical 'come to my office' sound.  Most likely if he didn't come by within a day or two, she would seek him out on her own.

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Looking to the blue skinned security officer, she nodded hearing the rather blunt reply about her weapon.  "There is no offense; you were making a professional judgement of my weapon compared to traditional Federation weaponry based on your experience in the field of security.  While I may be proud of my weapon I know it has its advantages and disadvantages, and for most operations traditional Federation weaponry is much better suited.  Hell the thing I am the most proud of is that no one would have ever known I had it unless I had pulled it out.  I'm just glad that when I had to use it it preformed adequately to the task," she said matter of factly. 

The cyberneticially augmented parts of her brain alerted her that given her previous words that someone, herself included, could easily have slipped in a joke regarding male genitalia on a otherwise female body, the so-called 'ITS A TRAP.' meme of a certain Federation Network image-board forum.  She missed having the opportunity to browse it due to being cut off from the net in their 'exile.'  She would have to find some way to rectify that issue while not revealing their location to those watching for the wanted ships.  Still she had other 'business' to attend to at the moment primarily trying to find out what she had been sent to discover in the first place and now seemed like an ample opportunity to begin her subtle investigation.

The cyborg couldn't help but smile softly hearing the offer. from her captain, "I'll take a drink under one condition, Sir.  You join me for it."  she said with a soft flirtatious smile. as she slid the weapon down against her thigh and her artificial leg opened up so she could stash the weapon away again safely within the apparently seamless compartment in her thigh.   "So what do you say Captain; care to treat a girl to a drink?"

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[ Deputy zh'Wann ] Attn: IronFerrox & Kurohigi

In just her uniform trousers and her bra, ThanIda had thought she'd caught Captain Vasser to look upon her Andorian body yet she was not quite sure. Perhaps it was human to look upon the female form when the opportunity presented itself, rather than with her own people where display of skin was rather common. His words was more kind than she had expected, and she felt a warm feeling of pride and assertion in regard to her actions. For even if Vasser had lost his Chief of Security because of her, he still thought that one should take the chance to save someone if there was a chance to do so.

She took the drink in her free hand, her uniform jacket folded over the other arm, and she was just about to tell Captain Vasser how gratified she was that he approved of her actions despite how he lost Lieutenant Dee, but Chief Ravenholm spoke up ahead of her.

"I'll take a drink under one condition, Sir.  You join me for it... So what do you say Captain; care to treat a girl to a drink?"

Ida shut her mouth, looking between the civilian and the Captain - realising that she might have intruded upon something in coming there as ordered. In part she felt a little bit humiliated at being so blatantly pushed aside by the cybernetically enhanced woman, and on the other hand she realised that she had wanted to speak more with the Harbinger's Commanding Officer since he had been more kind to her than Captain Ives ever had been. In fact, now that Wenn Cinn had returned, she had thought that the Harbinger might be in need of someone to protect the skeleton crew. A chance to start over. Yet she had not spoken with Cinn about it yet. Nor Captain Ives. She had wanted to see if Captain Vasser was in need of her first.

Given what had happened when Sonja Acreth broke out, the Harbinger only had a Petty Officer, and no ranking Line Officers to fill the spot of David Cerrato. Not only was Dyan Cardamone too low of Non-Comissioned rank, but she wasn't even who she'd claimed to be - apparently an infiltrator just like Ensign Acreth had been. The matter was apparently not entirely sorted out yet, so Ida had been hesitant to bring it up.

Yet now, it seemed, she was suddenly the fifth wheel, so she cleared her throat and looked away - unsure if she'd just walk away or suffer the awkwardness of the situation a few seconds more.

Then again, this might just be my chance to return to my office...

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Attn: Dr. Maya

Hayden entered the bar area offering a polite smile to those who caught her eye.  Fortunately, most everyone appeared to be busy talking to other people and generally having a good time, which was after all, the point of all this.  Hayden was happy to see her crewmates relaxing and enjoying each other's company, and even felt a small amount of personal pleasure from it, but if she were completely honest, she wasn't in much of a party mood.  As Chief Counselor, however, she knew it would be bad form to not be seen socializing with the group.  Even if she wanted to go off and brood somewhere by herself, she wasn't confident she could find the privacy she sought, and didn't relish the notion that someone would stumble upon her looking less than festive.

She was still feeling numb, and though she accepted that as a normal response to what had happened - she'd taken to mentally referring to the deaths of her Harbinger crewmates as "what had happened" though it hardly did them justice - she kept waiting to feel connected to the universe again.  O'Connor hadn't even cried yet, though she'd tried.  She'd never experienced clinical depression personally before, but she remembered those who had describing a universe absent of color. 

She found it rather apt. 

Hayden's colors weren't gone, but they were definitely muted.  At least when she was fighting for her life aboard the Harbinger, she had felt alive.  The adrenaline had seen to that.  Now?  She was trying to come back to herself again, and the only thing that brought her comfort was believing work would eventually snap her out of it, if only out of sheer necessity. 

At the moment, she would just have to deal with sheer idle time by trying not to feel lonely at a bar full of people.

She sat down next to a younger man with dark hair, who seemed at first blush, agitated.  She didn't get the impression he was close to becoming aggressive, so she ignored him, keeping her attention on the bartender.  "Something coconut flavored, but non-alcoholic, please."  She knew better than to compound her emotional state with alcohol, even synthetic

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Attn: The Counselor

"Yes Ma'am," a blushing Billy Bob O'Connell smiled disarmingly at the Theurgy's head nurse.  She was right of course.  There was no reason why she couldn't order a drink, flirt, and do a whole lot more just because the ship's maintenance chief was studying to be a halfwit.  He was about to beat a hasty retreat, but changed his mind when he noticed Eve Jenkins appraising him with her medical eye.  Rolling his eyes he plopped himself down before she had a mind to have him sent to sickbay.   

It was then he heard a woman's voice say "Something coconut flavored, but non-alcoholic, please."   Someone was at a party and refused to drink?  "Sounds like somebody is still on duty," he smiled wryly.  Out of curiosity he turned his head and saw what he had been dreaming of all his life, but unfortunately it was the last thing he wanted to see now.

The vision of loveliness was five feet, eight inches of female whose mysterious brown eyes, alluring high cheekbones, and full sensuous lips were complemented by a lithe, runner's body.  As Billy's pants got in a family way he was assaulted by the memories of the violations he had suffered from the alien pollen and the Ishtar incident.  He grimaced painfully and took a step backwards before swearing under his breath and shaking his head. 

'Great first impression Billy Bob,' he thought angrily.  'She probably thinks you're as crazy as popcorn on a hot stove.'

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Hayden was hoping her request to the bartender would be audible only to him and would get lost in the din of conversations around her.  This wasn't because she cared if people knew she was there or what she was drinking.  O'Connor was old enough and professional enough to ask for what she wanted without worrying about being judged.  She wasn't in any mood to give up even the smallest control of her faculties, and the doctor in her knew any alcohol or synthahol would do that to her, even if she didn't get wasted and even if she could shake the effects off when she chose.  No, she hoped her order would get lost in the din so she could get lost in her thoughts for a little while.

It was not to be.  Taking a deep breath against the impulse to bite back, Hayden knew she was reacting unfairly even as she fought the surge of irritation.  The man's emphasis on the word somebody just seemed to rub her the wrong way.  So she didn't want to get wasted...what of it?  So what if she was still on duty?  She was the  Chief Counselor for the Theurgy.  Counselors didn't go off-duty, at least not in reality.  She didn't have the luxury of clocking out just because her shift was over.  All of this went through her mind in a blink even as she pasted a smile on her face and she turned to face the man who had spoken to her.

Before she could say something in return, however, she thought she heard him curse, a sharp departure from the confidence and wry humor she'd detected in him just a second ago.  She saw him step back and wondered if he'd hurt himself.  Just her luck if he was already plastered.  "You ok?"

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Attn: The Counselor

"What?  Oh don't worry 'bout me none.  I'm as happy as a weasel in a hen house," a blushing Billy Bob lied to Hayden.  "Guess I should stop bendin' an elbow afore I'm as full as a tick.  Ain't seen you round here before.  Billy Bob O'Connell, at your service.  I'm one of the top engineers round here.   Spent all day repairing the hull and the flight deck.  Theurgy's my baby know what I'm sayin'?"

When Hayden tried to respond, O'Connell cut her off.  "Now I know, I say, I know what you're about to say!  You're right, the Theurgy belongs to all of us; there ain't one man who can take credit for her.  Yuh got me.  I was just blowin' my own horn some."

Just when she was about to speak Billy Bob cut her off again.  Either girls made him nervous or he had a phobia of awkward silences.  "Ah there's no point lying to yuh," he admitted as his bravado faded.  "I'm gonna be goin' on my way anyhow.  I got a lot to do and I gotta get back to work.  You're absolutely right little lady.  There's no point being three sheets to the wind now is there?"

He looked into her eyes and Hayden could actually see thought.  Now that he had stopped talking for two seconds it appeared like his brain was finally working.  He looked at her with a grave expression and said "I can see it in your eyes that your heart really ain't here neither.  Want to get out of here and put some clothes on?  If you need to bend an ear, I'm right here for yuh, no strings attached.  If I was in the mood for that kind of thing I'd stay here till I got lucky."

"Me?" he sighed as he looked around at the crowed of revelers.  "Right now I'm the resident killjoy.  If I stayed, I'd just wreck it for everybody else.  I'm not in the mood for a festival that's the glorification of he-in and she-in, if you catch my drift.  Besides, I have to pull up stakes before someone in charge notices that somebody stole my rudder and orders me to have a meeting with the counselor, you know what I'm sayin'?  I heard tell that the Theurgy's got itself a new head shrinker, but if I see her she'll do the sensible thing and pull me off duty where I won't be doing anything more important than maintaining the food replicators."

He looked back at Hayden.  "How about you?  I can see from that haunted look in your eyes that the new counselor will pull your duty too if you let her.  You want to pull out and meet up Below Decks after we get dressed?  We can put our heads together and come up with some nonsense that'll keep the counselor off our backs.  You don't gotta drink anything stronger than sarsaparilla, I promise."

It was almost a minute before Hayden realized that he had stopped talking and was finally going to let her get a word in edgewise.

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[Nathan Isley]

Eve Jenkins didn't exactly strike him as the type to get self-conscious just because she wasn't the only attractive woman in a room.  If anything, he imagined she owned a room, came into it with the confidence that she never had to go home alone if she didn't want to.  It was that kind of confidence, along with a bikini bottom and a leopard print half robe that made sure she didn't either.  When she asked for a moment, he gave it to her, settling their drink orders while she was attending other business.  He used his own replicator rations to pay for the drink, seeing it slid over to her as a gift, an invitation to continue engaging him on her own time.  She was the kind of woman you waited for the attention of.

[Declan Vasser]

"Consider it done, miss Ravenholm," Declan replied, taking another drink from the serving plate and handing it to the cybernetic woman.  A third drink was taken then, which vasser held towards Ida.  "Would you join us as well?  I know I must have put you on the spot, asking you to join in the celebrations.  For that reason, i won't see you left high and dry, lieutenant."  He continued to show her the kindness she had come to expect from him.  With Vasser, Ida had a fresh plate, none of the preconceptions and judgments that came with the difficulties of the Niga Incident.  He only saw an upstanding officer, working hard to prove herself to a crew that sometimes held her at arm's reach.

"What should we drink to?" he asked, looking for suggestions from both Cyborg and Andorian beauties.  It seemed only fitting that when drinking with more then one person, that there should be something to drink to.

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 Lt. Eve Jenkins - Head Nurse

Attn: Dr. Maya, Counselor, and Kurohigi

Perhaps it was because she was more mentally than physically fatigued at the moment but the shielding she always kept up seemed to flag now and then and right then it flagged to where she felt the lie roll of O'Connell's tongue.  The lie and the pain, embarrassment, and other things that made his desire seem shameful to him.  She looked to the Chief Counselor and gave her a little tilt of the head toward the engineer when he wasn't looking her way, a silent communication that indicated the man needed some help and she hoped since he was certainly attracted to Hayden that he would allow her to do just that for him.

Another empathic sensation was to her right, one that was confident and respectful.  Turning back to Nathan, her smile was warm and she picked up the drink he'd gotten for her.  "Thank you, Nathan," she said with a bright yet still alluring voice, giving his name a little different flavor.  "I was glad to see our Wolves come in mostly safe and sound."  She wanted to focus on the positive, the ones who were still with them and not the losses ... like Esther.  It was easier yet to focus on the man before her, the body of a god and a smile that would charm the clothes off almost any woman.  Leaning a little closer as she took a sip, he would catch a whiff of something like perfume yet it was something natural and even more alluring than her sultry voice.

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Selena smiled softly hearing the Captain's response.  "Of course You are welcome to stay if you wish,  Speaking of which Captain I know this isn't the time for business, but perhaps at some point you could talk to Captain Ives.   According to her files she was until recently The Theurgy's chief of security. Also there are reasons to suggest that others on the ship may consider her partially responsible for the Niga incident.  Perhaps amongst the other officer exchanges that have taken place you should put in a request to have her transferred over to the Harbinger.  Based on the present information she is the highest ranked and most experienced officer in that field that Ives may be willing to part with.  For lack of a better term I believe random chance has presented to us the perfect candidate to replace our late chief of security and possibly gain an officer with a wealth of experience unmatched in much of the Federation.  Speaking frankly it would be foolish for the two of you to ignore this potential opportunity."  AS she had spoke her voice had became flat and neutral almost monotone,  some could even call the voice eerily impersonal to the point of sounding robotic.  For lack of anything else the thousand mile stare she wore as she spoke and the complete disregard for any form of tact in the way she brought up things made her not only seem a bit distant but almost dead inside as she said her piece.

As suddenly as she had shifted her focus earlier the focus returned and she was back to being the slightly bubbly eager girl of before.  "Ya know, that gives me an idea for our toast, 'To new opportunities!' she said eagerly as she raised her glass.

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Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann Attn: Kurohigi & IronFerrox

When the Pinkskin with the artificial arms and legs began to speak, Ida had been about to correct her about her temporary responsibilities on the Theurgy, yet the way she droned on with information that she didn't feel entirely comfortable with made her mouth open and close a few times - her blue eyes widening. My files? Why would she look at..? she began to think, yet then the mentioning of the Niga incident made her clench her jaws in instant humiliation - not having wanted Captain Vasser to have any reason to believe those lies.

Yet even as she bared her teeth to bite off the Pinkskin's head, her face became expressionless in surprise when this Ravenholm gave voice to her own idea - having planned to speak with her two closest superiors first before talking openly about the notion to leave the Theurgy. To have the words ripped from her was awkward to say the least, and at the point when Chief Ravenholm shifted gears and happily announced what they ought to toast to, Ida could but raise her glass slowly with a stricken expression.

"I..." she began and cleared her throat, looking around so that she would not have Cinn or Captain Ives right behind her when she addressed the things that had been said. "I was Acting Chief of Security after Commander Grayson was killed in the line of duty while we engaged the Calamity the first time. I have never been more than Deputy officially."

She glanced towards Captain Vasser next, her antennae lowering in resolute denial of the next issue. "I was as much a victim as anyone else during the Niga Incident. The only difference was that I was the first victim. I certainly had no intentions towards aiding the cause of that pollination spreading across the entire galaxy and reducing all known societies to..." she made an angry gesture, not wanting to discuss the details further, "...that."

Taking a calming breath she glanced between the two Harbinger people she spoke with, finally addressing the idea that reflected her own. "I would not be object to being transferred, yet only after I have had a chance to speak with my department and my superior officers on the Theurgy. I am not going to speak out of turn in this matter, since the decision is not mine to make in any regard. I..."

She trailed off and glanced towards Captain Vasser. "I do think that it would be an honour to serve as Chief of Security, and from what I have observed, I think I would perform well under your kind of leadership, Captain. If you would have me... of course."

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[Nathan Isley] attn: Searcher

"We do our best to come in alive, Nurse Jenkins.  When you're a pilot, there aren't many injuries that don't resolve in death."  Destruction of one's fighter was the worst, but there was also the possibility of being sucked out into space, where the elements would decimate any human form short of a Species 8472.  A broken arm for severe concussion was usually the best one could hope for.  "I suppose if there was any shame in that fact, it's that you and I have never had a chance to be properly acquainted because of it.  Maybe I should have gone into the holodeck with the safety off to get myself hurt and have an excuse."  He grinned at her, the kind of grin that seemed to say he was liking everything he saw when he looked at her.  By the time her scent caught his nose, there would be no doubt that Eve didn't need any pheromones to get Nathan's interest.  He already wanted to take her to a bedroom . . . hell, anywhere would be fine by him, so long as it involved getting her clothes off and seeing that Human-Deltan perfection.

[Declan Vasser] attn: ironferrox and lucan

When Ida attempted to defend herself against the reports on the Niga incident, Declan held a hand up to stay her.  "I have read the reports, Lieutenant, and I am inclined to agree with you.  You were a victim, perhaps the biggest one of all.  You not only suffered the same indignities as your fellow crew, but you also live with the fact that you were the Trojan horse that brought it aboard the ship.  It had to be difficult, likely still is.  You need not defend yourself to me.  I do not hold you responsible for anything that happened, no more then I would accuse anyone else who had been affected."  It was agreed that such crimes would not be set upon those who were affected, as they were not in their right minds, but someone, Ida had been exempt from that along the way, the sole one mistreated for her part. 

"I would agree with miss Ravenholm.  You would be a welcome asset on the Harbinger, and a fresh assignment might not only help you get past such dealings, but perhaps remind your fellow crew how important you are."  She stepped up to take over when there was no security chief, had saved lives when Acerth made her attempt on the good doctor Lucan.  She was worthy of commendation, not judgment.  "I would allow you the time you need to make the decision, but hope you would at least allow me to enjoy your company this evening?"  A drink was to be shared between the three of them, a good start to the night.  If tonight was about unwinding, then there was no sense holding anything back.  To that effect, Vasser also stated to both Selena and Ida, "No command roles tonight.  You can both speak freely and call me Declan."

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As unsociable as Hayden was feeling, she had to admit Billy Bob's speechifying, of which he seemed oblivious, was quite amusing.  Of course, inwardly, and all acceptance of diversity aside, just his name  was enough to cause her some amusement, though she would never admit that aloud.  Counselors were only allowed to be people with biases in theory, and that was especially true for Starfleet counselors, who were particularly expected to avoid any hint of intolerance.

Of course, this meant many people never expected counselors to have a sense of humor either.  Political correctness was understandable to Hayden, and she took that kind of sensitivity seriously, but she wouldn't deny it sometimes made building relationships awfully difficult.

Rather than interrupt O'Connell as she attempted a few times, she ultimately decided to let him drone on.  Mostly because she didn't expect to be able to get a word in edgewise, but also because she rather enjoyed the time she had to be just some nameless member of the crew and not "Counselor O'Connor."  She was certain if she told him who she was, he would either run from her completely, or the conversation would become so awkwardly proper, Hayden's teeth and cheeks would hut from smiling politely,

Her expectations were confirmed when Billy Bob mentioned the new head shrinker, completely unaware he was speaking to the very shrinker herself.  She found the whole situation hilarious, and would have found it even more so, had he not mentioned the part about the head shrinker pulling him off-duty as the sensible thing to do.  As much as she enjoyed being just one of the crew tonight, it would be irresponsible to let a comment like that go, but more importantly, it would be unethical for her not to disclose who she was and let him pour his heart out to her.  It was better to be honest now, because there was no way it wouldn't come out at some point.  The only question was whether she wanted to risk him feeling betrayed by the truth or not.

Seemingly to confirm her instincts, her eyes met those of Eve Jenkins, the Head Nurse, who inclined her head toward O'Connell.  Since the nurse had never shown interest in O'Connor's romantic life before, she could only assume her intention was to communicate a professional message.  Hayden nodded back.  She might not have wanted to work tonight,  but now that it was before her, it was not in her character to say no.

Turning to Billy Bob, she offered apologetically, with a gentle smile, "I'd love to get away from here and talk with you, but you should know I'm Hayden O'Connor, that head shrinker you mentioned."  Before he could speak, she reassured, "I'm not offended at all by anything you said, I just wanted to give you the choice to go with me or not.  It wouldn't be fair to deceive you.  I'll understand if you just realized you have somewhere else to be," she added with a wry smile.

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