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[Sten Covington]

"...Til a smiling bride my my own fireside,
Sits the Star of the County Down!"

And with a hard strum Sten finished his more spirited than usual rendition of this traditional song, only to be approached by Evelyn Rawley. The pilot had obviously thoroughly enjoyed the song, as he's seen her dancing to the tune in an approximation of Irish folk steps. And that sight alone reminded the old Chief of one of the reasons he found playing these old tunes from the Old Country so much. Even six or seven hundred years removed, these songs still spoke of home and tradition. Granted, he also found pleasure in twentieth and twenty-first century music, but the really ancient songs were always his favourite.

"Glad you enjoyed it Ranger. And yes, that's all me." The veteran offered a broad grin. "It's not because I can sort you out from one end of the deck to the other I can't sing, and when have you ever known me to do any bullshit tricks like that?" While the words reflected some outrage, the man showed nothing of it. In fact, he was in great humour and kept on smiling. "You know what,  I can belt out a few more songs and if you know 'em, climb on up and join in of you like. But in the meantime, if you could find me a nice cold pint of Stowford Press cider and a pint of Newcastle I'd be much obliged."

And, with another smile, he began to pluck the opening bars of the Scottish tune 'Donald MacGillavry', which should be a nice foot-stomper at this point in time.

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The spy within her was sweating at the thought of being caught instantly regretting having not chosen to wear something dark to hide her overly pale artificial limbs which most likely were what so easily gave her position away. Instantly she came up with an improvisation.  "umm, sorry I was just, i mean i didn't mean to seem like a stalker or anything its just.  I'm a bit embarrassed about the whole thing with the weapon.  I just keep it around in case i have to defend myself and well you see when we were on the bridge and the thing inside the ensign was trying to get here I just wanted to prove myself to you.  and with that Vulcan always trying to demean me I just wanted to prove I was valuable too."  she said putting on a facade of the embarrassed schoolgirl smitten with a teacher who had already chosen his teachers pet.  "I--I-I guess i just wanted to impress you is all."  she said completing the act with an embarased stammer.  Hoping he caught the hint that the acting warrant officer was really just a young girl inside who was feeling the pull of attraction to authority.  Hopefully her mask would work,  Maybe he would realize the version of her on the bridge was merely a projection to hide a very socially awkward smitten girl.  She wanted him to not see a warrant officer but a weak vulnerable and extremely impressionable girl who wanted nothing more than to please her captain and her previous distance from him has merely been a cloud of childlike embarrassment.

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Hearing that the man in front of her had not felt so free in a long time made Amelya wonder. Was he the victim of long time imprisonment? Or was he just having a hard time to bear the pressure of the constant worry. Her eyes moved over his features once more now and she smiled a bit mysterious. She noticed how the man in front of her was letting his eyes slide over her dress and body, yet she didn't mind. In fact she was pleased that he seemed to like her attire. "What is this Alexander Keith Ale? Are there any special ingredients besides the alcohol?" she asked now with a smirk as she nodded gently as he offered his arm to her. She rested her hand on his forearm and walked with him to the bar a bit further up on the beach.

As Trent introduced himself to her, she looked up at him and answered "Amelya Duv, Chief Medical Officer of the Harbinger... Although I've spent most of my time since Theta here. Involved with the salvation of Lieutenant Morali and well other injured patients." She paused now and sighed as they arrived at the bar and waited for the barkeep to serve them. "Oh what am I talking about... This festival was supposed to be some sort relaxation to let go of the troubles we have... I'm sorry about bringing it up." She apologised herself as she launched her eyes up to meet Trent's.

Once she was served with the ale she sipped from it and Trent could see her face squeeze together as she coughed a bit and started laughing "Darn you could have warned me that this ale packs quite a punch!" She said and held her hand up to her mouth as she coughed a bit more, but she couldn't help but laugh a bit. As she took another sip from the ale she seemed to adapt quite fast to the alcohol "So, Mister Carrigan... Would you mind if I ask how things were on the Acheron? I mean, do people act differently or are they really clueless?" she asked softly, her eyes piercing his as she really was curious.

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[ At the Edge of the Sands ] Parting with Lt. Cmdr. Miles Renard

Her mismatched eyes smiling as warmly as her face, Rihen accepted the return of her greeting and had to chuckle at the formal turn of the brief encounter with the Vulpinian.

"Is it okay if I just run down to the sea for a bit?" she asked and took his hands into her own as she stepped close, "I am just so hot right now and I have to take a swim." It was the truth, she really felt like cooling down her warm body and bathe off the sand that had gotten everywhere upon her during the show.

She leaned closer as she held his hands and spoke into his ear with a tone very much native to her people and not so much the grimy engineer she had become on Nimbus III. "Perhaps I can see you soon," she said in that warmly suggestive voice she had mastered since she came of age, "and show you what jamaharon is all about." She was not so forward as to nibble his earlobe. No, that would have been too invasive and might have startled this patron. Yet her breath was there, and the close proximity of her moonlit and glimmering body would surely please him. She just hoped that he would not be felt let down if she excused herself for a while.

"Enjoy yourself!" she said as she strode away, and after a few steps she began to run for the beach. She turned around to wave at him before vanishing into the darkness. "Tonight we all deserve to not have a care in the world!"

[ Where the Music Be ] Attn: CanadianVet

Evelyn Rawley had chuckled and slapped the Chief's arm again when he asked for the impossible to drink at this rendition of Risia that they enjoyed. Unless he wanted to drink holographic drinks, of course, but she had dismissed the notion already - stepping away to give him room as he began to play and sing again.

As she began to dance on the sand amongst the rest of those that remained in the amphitheatre, one holographic Risian came by and carried a tray of drinks. Rawley picked one clay jar in passing and took it to her mouth. She chugged it as she danced, her pelvis rolling and her feet kicking up small clouds of sand. Synthehol, of course, and the drink's taste totally unremarkable in its fruity flavour. Probably perfectly accurate to the kind of sweet swill that they served on the real planet. "Nightmare!"

"Yeah?" asked the Martian Wolf with the long hair not far away - dancing closely and suggestively to an engineer from the Flight Hangar.

"How about you and I go by Below Decks and find some real stuff to drink?"

"Sure thing!" said Hannah and playfully pushed the guy away, giving him a grin that made it clear that she might be back for more soon.

"Are you talking about this?" asked someone that came up to them. It was Soo Young Seung, and Rawley checked her smile for a moment. Yet the Asian Wolf did not seem to be bothered with her presence, instead setting down a crate in the sand. Behind her came a couple of Harbinger pilots, among them Smoke and Titan, that had helped carry more of the stock from Deck 07 to the holodeck. Something that would be frowned upon at best by Security, especially the Andorian Deputy.

"It seems the party has finally begun for real!" said Nightmare and yanked a bottle from a crate by the neck, and she unstoppered it in short order so that she might pour the contents down her throat.

Rawley kept looking at Soo Young for some sign of resentment, expecting to hear some comment about rejecting her, yet she never caught her past lover's eye. So after a couple of seconds, the song still lasting, she pulled up two bottles of IPA and set her steps towards the towering singer. She knew this song well enough, so when she reached Covington she gave him a wide grin before she pressed one of the bottles to his chest  - joining in with her raspy vocals and her own bottle raised high.

Come like the devil, Donald Macgillavry,
Come like the devil, Donald Macgillavry;
Skelp them and scaud them that proved sae unbritherly,
Up wi' King James and wi' Donald Macgillavry!

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Miles couldn't help but smile a bit at her playful actions.  I think I'll be a bit busy tonight if you don't mind. Look me up some other day though I'm usually in the fighter bay, Hell even if ya ain't lookin for me don't be scared to drop in.  I'm sure your mechanical skills would be welcomed by Chief Covington.  he said with a smirk watching her head off.   "And, I think I have someone special in mind to share this custom with if you don't mind."  he said smirking as he headed up the beach breathing in the simulated air and smiling as a familiar scent crossed his nose. "There you are Valkyrie." he said softly to himself as he turned looking to the bar seeing her next to the Vulcan neurologist smiling as he couldn't help but admire every alien feature of the winged beauty's body

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Maya blinked.  "Oh yes," she nodded at Sar-unga.  It was then she noticed Miles Reynard the most successful Lothario aboard the Theurgy sizing up his latest conquest.  She couldn't blame the Vulpinian for being attracted to Sar-unga.  They both had tails after all.  "Yes of course, it's time to celebrate," she said as she rose from her barstool.   "I'll leave you two alone.  I look forward meeting with you later Sar-unga.  Goodbye." 

Maya walked away before turning to witness the charming Valkyrie pilot make his move.  How did Commander Reynard do it?  Once again the little Vulcan had done something that most people didn't think was possible for her species:  Come on too strong.  Maya had been so invigorated when she realized that she had met a sister alien she had scared her off. 

Stranded more than two centuries ahead of her own time, Maya was an alien to the United Federation of Planets just as much as Sar-unga was despite being grandfathered into citizenship.  In truth, the neurologist had felt like an alien on her home planet more than two centuries ago.  She had hoped to make a friend, and the possibility still could, but it wouldn't happen if she asked for too much too quickly.  She had to wait for the alcohol to take effect first.

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Seeing the reaction of the Vulcan she realized that her words could have been seen as pushing her away. Something she would have to clarify later. She had just started to do that when she spotted someone out of the corner of her eye. Turning her head she finally spotted someone she had been looking for all night. "I will probably see you tomorrow," she spoke to Maya with a warm smile. "Goodbye and enjoy yourself," she watched Maya leave before her eyes turned to Miles. Looking into his eyes she couldn't help but let her smile grow. Slowly she slipped from the bar stool with a grace that made it look fluid as she slowly approached him her eyes traveling over how he was dressed seeing it left little to the imagination.

"Lieutenant Commander Miles Renard," she spoke softly as she came to a stop in front of him proud of herself that she managed to keep herself looking into his eyes. "One would almost think you where stalking me," she whispered enjoying being close to him. She watched him almost wondering if over everything he would be able to smell the state of her body. The hormones that where still coursing. The necklace remained wrapped softly around her hand. Slowly she looked around him seeing that he seemed to be alone. "Well Fluffy, since you seem to be alone would you care to accompany me on a walk?" she asked offering her arm hoping he would. She couldn't see a better way to spend the evening then to walk with him in such a lovely setting.

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Lt. Eve Jenkins - Head Nurse

It had been a rough time but after a sonic shower that might have taken off a few layers of skin as well as the sweat and ash and most of all some rest, Eve was feeling about as well as she could though she knew she would be haunted by the sweet little engineer she couldn't save.  They had all been so focused on the casualties and the temporal officer's restructuring that it had been impossible to just relax ... until now.

Again she'd showered then smoothed lotion over her body that smelled something like coconut cream, a new scent for her but one she enjoyed at least.  Slipping on the brown bikini bottom then the wrap around leopard print flowing top, she shivered at the feeling of freedom to be barely clothed.  She could easily go naked but not everyone was as comfortable in their own skin or around other skin.  Sweeping up her hair with a clip and adorning herself with hoop eaarings and bangles, she made her way to the party.

Stepping up to the holodeck, Eve placed a delicate hand on the master chief's upper arm.  "Excuse me," she murmured in her sultry lightly British accented voice as she squeezed between him and someone else blocking the door.  As her eyes made contact with his, he would have a flash of a vision.  He and the head nurse locked in an intimate embrace, her throaty moans spurring him to plunge into her until he burst inside of her.

Just as suddenly, the vision disappeared and she was through the obstacle but the woman looked back to grace him with another smile.  She sensed turmoil in him and hoped the simple gesture of a smile would perhaps lighten his mood for a moment.  Making her way to the bar, she thought of the perfect drink.  It was a blend of coconut rum, raspberry liqeur, pineapple and cranberry juices, with a float of 151-Proof rum.  "Fuck Me From Behind, please," she requested with a bright smile, an impish part of her just waiting for the reactions around her.

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Billy Bob grunted and rolled his eyes as the enchanting Eve Jenkins brushed past him to enter the holodeck.  By the time he found his way back to reality all he could see of Nurse Jenkins was her tempting and tasty backside. 

Of all the officers to address him it had to be the half Deltan head nurse!   Did she put the whammy on him on purpose or was she just too much woman to handle?  Was he going crazy enough to eat the devil with horns on or was his brand new celibate lifestyle giving him extra strong daydreams?

William O'Connell clenched his fists and started walking, both to avoid blocking the archway and to get something medicinal that would calm him down.  He had almost made it to the bar when he heard Adam's better half say "Fuck Me From Behind, please." 

He jumped backwards and held his head as he grimaced in horror.  She was definitely doing this on purpose!  This gal had to be crooked enough to eat nails and spit out corkscrews.  "Tarnation, woman!" he heard himself exclaim.  "Ain't yuh got no shame?"

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[Sten Covington] Attn Auctor Lucan

Sten did not particularly expect getting the drinks he would prefer. Not unless someone burned replicator rations and even then, there was no comparison with the real stuff. There were days he truly missed even being in the Sol system, with easy access to these elements of creature comforts. However, he gracefully accepted the bottle of pale ale Evelyn offered him and took a swig before setting it down and finishing the song, easily catching up with both tune and melody.

Once that number was over, the Chief took a moment to partake from the beer that,was brought to him. It was crisp and hoppy as any IPA should be, and it held the pleasant tingle of actual alcohol instead of the intoxication-free relaxing effect of synthehol. "So, folks, I'm not going to hog the stage all night so for now, I'll be taking a break."

Stepping down from the stage, Sten walked straight towards the shaved pilot, drawing deep from his beer as he slung his guitar across his broad back. "Thanks for the beer. And you know what, thanks for enjoying the tunes. I was wondering if I'd be the only one wanting to hear those." Then, he smiled genially. "But I really don't feel like stopping right now. Maybe we ought to find a quiet spot for an unplugged session and leave the big stage for now?"

[Carrigan Trent] Attn Nolan

"It's just a good brand originally from Nova Scotia back on Earth. Been around for almost six hundred years, too so they are definitely doing something right" Trent's description of the brew he suggested was left deliberately vague as to create a bit of a mystery about it.

And when Amelya brought up the stress she'd been under lately and then apologized, all the Human did was to gently shrug. After all, this was a small community, cut off from the Federation and all of its happenings. As such, shop talk would be a prevalent topic of conversation. But his smile grew wider at her reaction to the alcohol content. "Sorry, Amelya, I should have warned you. I don't know what it is with the Starfleet mainstay beers being American-style. Compared to Canadian stuff, it might as well be dirty carbonated water."

But then, the topic grew more serious. "Please, Carrigan is my given name. Saying 'Mister' before it almost makes you sound like you're talking to a Klingon." Again, he grinned but then he addressed the graver point. "I can't deny there's some doubts out there, but most don't see there's something wrong and there are only a very small percentage that actually senses the... wrongness of things. And of those, there's only a few that really realize it. For the entire Task Force, I can honestly say almost everyone was following their orders in good faith. I can't say for sure how many were actually compromised or were following them knowing what they were, but I figure less than two dozen out of the ten or so thousand men and women in the Task Force."

Only then did Carrigan take more than small, polite sips from his drink. In fact, he drained the pint glass with the ease of a man who had over indulged a lot more often than was healthyBeing on the Archeron and on Sankolov's staff before that, always on guard, never knowing who to trust and even questioning his sanity had taken a toll on the Intelligence Officer. Revisiting these memories was hardly a pleasant thing. " Now, as you said, this is a party for us to relax, mingle and have a good time." Setting his empty glass down, he gestured the bartender for another. "And here I am, with a beautiful woman, a drink on its way and arguably the finest beaches in known space. What do you say we leave all shop talk behind and enjoy ourselves? Maybe starting with a walk down the beach?"

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"I would love to," he said, bottomless dark eyes glinting in the dim light. He sprawled casually into the sand beside her with a lazy kind of grace, like a freshly fed lion basking in the sun. "I was here once. This beach, I mean, on Risa. It was the first planet I visited as a man and not a boy. The trip was a gift from my parents, celebrating my ascension from the College of the Blessed Flame. It was... memorable. I was a different person then. Young and idealistic. I was planning to eat, drink and... mingle my way across the Alpha Quadrant. Beta too, if I could manage it. Then I met someone who suggested I do my exploring from the decks of a starship, and here I am."

He smiled wistfully at the memory, although his black eyes hardened at the memories of his Imzadi. "Funnily enough, I never made it back to Risa. I suppose I figured I had experienced everything there was to see, hear and do." As he stretched out on the smooth white sand, his hand brushed Henshaw's where it rested beside her. He left it there a moment, enjoying the warmth of a fellow person, before respectfully withdrawing.

"Look at me rambling," he chuckled. In the different lighting, his austere features looked less stern and more inviting, merry. He turned to Henshaw, his eyes briefly flicking down to admire the way her simple white dress looked on her slender form. He allowed her to see him looking, too; after all, she had worn that dress for a reason. It was an admiring glance, not at all rapacious or vulgar; it was the way one might look at a fine piece of art. "Tell me more about you, Ens-" He bit down on referring to her by her rank. Tonight was not about formalities. "Ms. Henshaw. Have you ever been to Risa?"

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[ Terrace | Overlooking the Amphitheatre ] Attn: Doctor Maya (post upcoming in the steam-pools thread)

His horribly scarred face unreadable, Phantom had watched the announcement from the terrace - unmoved by the silly encouragement that permeated the show.

When the ceremony came to an end, the Risian ceasing to dance and the righteous Chief Covington instead singing there on the sand, Phantom had pushed away with a grimace and descended the steps - dressed in a functional black t-shirt that hugged his powerful frame. He might be in his middle years, yet he had always maintained it like someone decades younger. He saw a few of his squadron whisk by in desire to join the merriment, yet when they saw him, they drew to a halt and nodded in respect. He returned the greetings, accepted a full bottle of kanar from Riptor, yet then he merely moved on, his mind not upon attending the singing and dancing. His mismatched eyes were instead searching for the area he remembered from a visit to the actual Suraya Bay, ten years earlier.

His path took him by one of the bars close to the amphitheatre, and his chilling stare settled upon a Vulcan female that rose from one of the barstools. He looked at her without blinking, as if he dared her look away. He thought her to be one of the Theurgy's doctors, yet he was not certain, and he did not care. Nor did he care what the sight of his white eye and the seared away flesh of his cheek made her think if that was her profession. He'd had enough with the doctors already. His mind made up. He would wear his face as a badge of honour; a reminder of the cost of duty. He had never been a vain man anyway. What was the purpose of vanity when it did not matter in the face of death. In the eye of the storm that was the cockpit of an attack fighter.

A couple of yards down the path, he found the sign he had been looking for. The steam-pools of Suraya Bay were renowned, and in visiting them, it had reminded him of his upbringing on Cardassia Prime - the cleanliness and the scalding heat of their baths delights he still longed for. Now that his years of glory as a Wing Commander of Starfleet had come to a sordid end, he often found himself thinking of home. Longing for the order and structure that the fleet had always lacked.

Before he vanished into the undergrowth of the mountainside, he turned his dead eye towards the Vulcan once more - a wordless threat that to pursue him was not advisable. How she may have interpreted his stare, however, he did not know.

Not yet.

[ The Amphitheatre Sands ] Attn: CanadianVet

Heat racing from the dancing, Rawley had the time of her life - making up for all the hours she had been in the recovery wards on the Theurgy and the Triage Centre on Theta Eridani IV.

In dancing as she had, she had learned that all the physical exercise she had pushed herself through had paid off. Her appearance had gone from underfed and comatose after waking up before the Ishtar Incident to the toned and - by comparison - vastly stronger body that she possessed now. She had kept her scars, though, not liking to lose the reminders of her faults. So with a minimum of fat under skin that criss-crossed with decorations from battles new and old, the alcohol had a quick effect on her. Yet she did not mind. Not tonight. She could take care of herself in the cockpit and she sure as hell could take care of herself while imbibing tasteful nerve-poisons - which was what they were all actually doing.

She had downed her second pale ale by the time the music stopped and Chief Covington stepped over to her, and she grinned at him in thankfulness for his contribution to the party they were having; this shore leave while still on the ship that had been arranged for them even in their most grave hour of desperation.

"Yeah, I surely wouldn't mind listening to some more proper music," she said with a lazy smile and casually smoothed down her white tank over her abdomen with her free hand. She gave the tall Chief a once-over and wondered idly if that was all he was interested in doing that night, "Lead the way, Chief, I'll bring the refreshments."

Passing by the crates that had been brought, Rawley yanked up two new bottles and fell in pace with tall man with the guitar. There were easily three feet of height difference between them yet she did not think much of it. Not beyond the fact that she liked tall and strong men in the sack just as much as ravishing women. Strange to think of the Chief in that way, yet once she had begun, the idea was not so easily shaken off. Especially not now that she had learned that he could both play and sing.

"Where to, Papa Bear?" she asked and looked up at him with a mischievous grin.

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Miles smiled hearing her 'warm' greeting not able to resist noticing the scent wafting from her body, a scent that had developed in their time in the sickbay together and seemed to have grown a bit since then.  "Awww by that scent you carry I would think you would be disappointed if I weren't stalking a beautiful and exotic kind of winged prey." he said with a smirk forgoing the offer of the arm and instead warmly wrapping her in an embrace gently wrapping his tail around her body.  Of course I would join you for a walk.  He said softly, loving every moment of the game of flirtations the two had quickly developed between each other since their meeting in the sickbay.  "By the way, the dress is beautiful.  Something of your home?" he asked noticing how it seemed to flow perfectly with her horns and tail realizing that it must have been designed for someone with those features.

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Sar-unga Neleo  Attn: IronFerrox

Seeing his smile was enough to pull one on her lips as she looked up into his eyes. Once again the Vulpinian displayed his uncanny ability to make her blush softly as he revealed he could smell the scent she was sure she was giving off and more then likely he knew the reason for it. As he wrapped her in a warm embrace feeling his tail wrapping around her. Her arms softly came up wrapping around his neck feeling his body pressing lightly with her. Her arms softly wrapped around him holding him closely to her. Hearing he would join her for a walk her smile grew as her tail softly wrapped around his waist. She nodded her head softly when he asked about the dress she wore. "As close as I could get it. But I am sure by now it is out dated," she whispered one hand ventured down brushing softly over his chest. "And your clothes? Are they from your home world?" she asked her fingers lingering on his chest.

"I was hoping I was going to see you here. We have some unfinished business and no doctor to save you this time," she spoke as she leaned up her lips coming close to his. For one whose race was conservative she was starting to push with open public displays of affection. "Now I get to make sure you don't get too much sand in my blanket," she whispered before her head tilted slightly her lips softly resting against his seeing if he would accept the affection she was seeking to give him.

Cameron Henshaw Attn: Leonal

As he said he would love to her smile grew as she watched him sprawling causally out on the sand beside her. There was something soothing and relaxing about stretching out in the sand enjoying the company of another living soul. She listened to him as he spoke of his trip to Risa. As much as she fought the reaction her eyes soften at the mention of his parents. With her recent lost the mention of parents brought back bittersweet memories. As he spoke of mingling his way across the Alpha quadrant and Beta too if he could she couldn't hide a large smile knowing the type of 'mingling' he was referring to. She continued listening to his words when she felt his hand brushing over hers and her eyes softened enjoying the simple, open contact. As it lingered there the more she enjoyed it. Still as it withdrew she knew that was something they where going to have to come back to.

She saw the way his eyes grazed down her form and she couldn't help but smile a little more. It was the look someone would get when they liked what they seen. "Cameron or Cam," she spoke softly knowing tonight, here there was no rank. Only living souls seeking comfort from being around each other. "No, I never had the chance," she spoke with a soft smile as her hand slipped back seeking out his once more. Her fingers softly brushed over the top of his and that was where it would rest. "But after this is all over I think I want to go see it. Maybe take some time and see the sites," she said her thumb lightly brushing over his.

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[Declan Vasser] Attn: IronFerrox and Lucan

Selena usually composed herself as cool and calm as her mechanical parts would have suggested, but now she was like an entirely different person.  Was this simply the divide between professional and casual appearances?  Or was this some kind of advance upon him, impressing a different side of her personality upon him?  He couldn't say he was displeased with the manner in which she acted, the way her more shy, reserved act made her eyes a bit brighter, her lips more prominent as she displayed her more feminine features.

"Your weapon's presence on the bridge was of help to us, miss Ravenholm, so I can't be too angry with you," Declan said with a smile, hoping that would be her cue that she could relax a bit with him.  "All I ask if to be aware of it.  Plenty of officers carry phasers, especially those in the Security Yellow.  Your weapon is different though, so I would ask that we have schematics on file, and the weapon be given a full inspection by someone capable."  All reasonable requests for a commanding officer to make.  He had to be aware of what went on on his own ship, after all.  "For the record, you are valuable, miss Ravenholm, and you did impress.  So how about we see about getting your weapon back?"

If he recalled correctly, it was the Andorian Security officer from the Theurgy who currently had the weapon.  Tapping his combadge, he opened a connection between himself and ThanIda, making the request of him.  "Lieutenant, could you bring me the weapon confiscated from Selena Ravenholm?  I'm in the middle of an informal inquiry with her and would appreciate having it present."

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[ USS Theurgy | Deck 07 | Deputy's Office | Security ]

Seated behind her desk, Ida had not planned to visit the Holodeck event. She had far too much on her plate as it was, and she had no desire to face those accusatory stares again.

Yet as she sat there and worked through her reports, there was a chirp from her combadge and no other voice than Captain Declan Vasser's addressed her. The inquiry seemed formal enough to her since he wanted the weapon brought to him, and yet she considered to ask one of the security guards to carry the thing to the holodeck. This was, however, a chance for her to go there briefly - just to see the sights of what she would be missing. Therefore, she replied with the a voice loud enough for him to hear over the music that she had heard in the background of the transmission.

"zh'Wann to Captain Vasser. Acknowledged. I will be there shortly with the weapon and the inspection protocols. zh'Wann out."

In uniform and with the gun holstered like a phaser by her hip, the Andorian Deputy left the Security Office, heading for the holodeck. In her mind resided the kind words of the Captain after the incident in the Harbinger's Brig, where he had sided with her on account of her judgement in the situation. The Pinkskin had been good to her, so this might be the proper chance to thank him.

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Sjaandin felt something odd creeping up his arm. It was a twitching little conga line, like ants on the march, starting where her thumb had touched him and ending in his chest. He realized it was not mere pleasure or arousal, but joy. It was the joy that came only from enjoying the touch of another human being. He wanted more of it, so he shifted his wrist ever so slightly and let his ring and pinky fingers lie delicately across her knuckles.

He sensed her slight apprehension at the mention of parents at the same moment he saw her eyes soften. He should have known it might be a touchy subject. Rather than say anything, he gave her a look of empathy and understanding that conveyed more than his words could. He could have mentioned to her that his parents died in the war, true, but bringing his pain up would only serve to remind her of her own.

"It's not something to be missed... Cameron," he replied, testing how her name sounded on his tongue. It was as delightful as she was. "We've been given such a vast universe to explore, thousands of stars each with their own worlds, and yet scarcely more than a hundred years in which to enjoy it. It hardly seems fair." He had a smile on his face. He was waxing philosophical, not complaining pessimistically. "Even the centuries-long lifespans that Vulcans and Romulans enjoy are but a blip on the galactic timeline. When I looked out a starship viewport and beheld the cosmos for the first time, unfettered by atmospheric refraction and ambient light... I understood why our progenitors looked up and the sky and assumed it to be the work of some grand deity."

"I would be happy to show you around any of the sights when this unpleasantness ends," he told her, meeting her gaze again. "Especially Risa. In fact, I'm sure there are some landmarks in this holographic version that I could point out."

Re: CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

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Miles Renard;  Attn: Cathreen Dawinter
Miles immediately returned the affection diving back into the kiss as there had never been any interruption and his tongue and ers resumed their eager dance against each other this time his hand wandering more than before and wandering past her hips as he gently cupped her firm rump before briefly breaking the kiss. "I think that's going to be the other way around. There's no doctor to save you from my advances this time."  he teased giving her rump a rather generous squeeze groping the flesh. he smiled as he began to softly cup and rub her rump holding her close as his lips touched her neck softly whispering gently in her ears occasionally giving them a soft suckle or lick as he spoke. "I think the shorts are an old earth design developed originally for competitive swimming, but i find they work quite well at any form of activity when I need to have a bit of support to make sure nothing moves around unsecured too much.  the collar and sheer fabric well the collar is based on a military object of my own planet called the pilots collar.  essentially it was a collar of sorts made to allow for a flush connection between an EVA pilot suit and the environmental helmet.  The collar of sorts became a signature item of our star-fighter corps much like the "wings" are used to designate a pilot here in the Federation.  In my case here it serves as a means of retaining my rank insignia and a communicator on hand even if I were transform into my quadrupedal animal form.  The sheer fabric well I just felt that i could use a bit more of something to cover up with if necessary and i choose something sheer cause, Hey, can't hurt to give the ladies a little eye candy if they are interested in looking; hell I don't even mind if the guys look.  They just don't get to touch.  Guess you could call the ensemble just a little bit of my own creativity."

Selena Ravenholm;  Attn: Auctor Lucan and kurohigi
She smiled softly letting a blush creep over her face.  She calculated what would probably be the best route and knew that the more socially awkward she was the less threatening she would probably appear to the target of her interest.  "Well I can give you the schematics easily enough.  And if you want i can give you a more formal presentation of its abilities if it were to be returned." she said quickly as she imitated the mannerisms of spazzing out over the prospect of hoping to impress the captain as she began moving her hand down to her naked thigh and pushing in on the synthetic flesh causing a seam to form before it opened into a semi hollow compartment which held a smaller sized version of a PADD that seemed to be linked by a wire into the machinery of her artificial leg.  "Micropad, download from neck card all files an sub-folders from the paralyzer directory."

  A soft chirp was heard as the files transferred to the 'micropad' that she quickly disconnected from its wire causing the wire to retract into her leg before she handed the captain the object and used her other hand to reach down and push the opening in her leg closed with a gentle push the seam closing again as she ran a finger gently over it.  "All of the designs for it and previous versions are here." she said softly.  "The weapon is of my own design and its original shape and appearance is of terran design particularly the appearance of a Pistol type firearm and the function of a 20th century police issue Tazer, a non lethal firearm."  by now the shyness had fully dissipated and she was in a state of socially awkward rambling that at one point in Terran history would have been called 'geeking out' as she began to explain more and more about the weapon.

OOC: Congratulations Vasser, despite the lack of her having pockets in the normal sense you just caused Luna to "spill spaghetti" all over the holodeck.

Re: CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

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[Declan Vasser]

The opening of her leg and the retrieval of the micropad were surprising sights, a reminder of her partly artificial nature, sure, but even androids closely mimicked human body behavior where possible.  Selena had gone another route, utilizing the space within her false limbs for additional purposes.  Engineers were always finding ways to negate wasted space and make everything more practical.  Selena had simply taken that to the next level with her body.  "You are full of surprises," he said, a brief glance towards the amulet that she had picked up without knowing the meaning, "literally and figuratively."

He listened as she gave her explanation of the weapon, viewing the files provided at the same time.  No doubt there had been inspections made by Theurgy's Security while the weapon was in custody, so Declan would compare her files to those, to be if everything matched up.  "The pistol was a well praised design on earth, though considered a bit cumbersome in comparison to the compact nature of the Phaser.  I haven't gotten far enough to have read it, but I would guess the size difference of your weapon allows for a greater power output then a phaser?"  There was more room for a larger capacity battery, as well as reflectors to intensity the power of any beam it fired.  It wasn't an elegant design in comparison to a Phaser, but it likely packed more punch, especially to have been effective against Ensign Acerth.

Re: CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

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She laughed softly, "Honestly the power output is completely different in nature.  While a phaser creates a beam of energy the paraizer is at its core a projectile weapon.  The projectile in question is a barb coated in a neurotoxic paralitic fired via electromagnetic repulsion,  In addition to the chambered round the ammunition is held in a "clip" type magazine that holds 7 additional filament/burr units. The beam you saw was an electrical charge flowing through the filament that connects the barb to the weapon itself.  this beam is powered by an internal rechargable energy cell that siphons power from the energy cells in its holster within my thigh.  Consequently the  legs arms and other hardware that I "wear" are powered via a generator that converts my body's own excess heat into power or as I call it a biothermal power generator.  The amount of power it takes to use my hardware is much lower than the amount that is produced so naturally I outfitted the legs and arms with power storage cells which can be used to charge my other equipment.  As a result the gun can continuously be powered on with electricity flowing for up to 1 hour on a standard settings or about 20 bursts on its highest settings.  as for the recharge rate about 1 second of use requires 3 seconds of recharge.  at times when my power cells are full and there is nothing else to siphon the power into my hardware activates its cooling systems which dissipates the excess thermal energy via a combination of radiation cooling and hydrodynamic cooling hence the existence of the artificial limbs having "body heat" and the ability to "sweat" as a means of emergency heat venting."

"As for average output of the electricity it has different settings each regulated by the internal computer within the weapon.  Settings of type 1 are those to paralize members of the many races known to the Federation essentially this is the stun setting but each species requires a slightly different configuraton.  Setting 2 are sufficient to kill via electrocution said species known to the Federation.  as such it is configured to cause an average death in a period of 5 seconds in the target species. Setting zero simply flows enough electricity into the energy whip to activate the special properties that require electricity to activate such as the whips ability to move like a whip or with the appropriate command condense the filament to make a strait line rather than something flowing that varies in length of up to a meter and a half to 15 centimeters in length.  as such this setting is optimal for if I wanted to entertain a crowd with some form of whip dance or just for sparring with someone.  Settings of type 3 are sufficient to energize the air around the surface to plasma allowing the whip or the small knife or sword modes to be useful as a cutting implement similar to a plasma cutter.  And setting f4 is the most lethal setting where I release as much charge as can be released at once through the filiment into the target.  Essentially this is a duplication an arc flash accident."

I wish it were more powerful but you are forgetting the biggest positive of my gun.  You didn't even know it existed until i pulled it out.  Do you know how any security screenings i have been through, how many transports i have logged.  Not once has it even been detected as a weapon hell you didn't even know there was anything in my thighs other than synthetic muscle.  that's because the materials and design are such that it blends in with my legs perfectly.  Yes in modern terms is it a bit cumbersome and over-sized and don't have much to show for the excess size but with the materials its made of being undetectable as a weapon and its capacity for damage can you really call it an inefficient design.  Besides I like how it looks and feels.  Call it an archaic design but it feels right to me." she said rambling it all out at a mile a minute never given the captain a moment to interrupt as she spilled her guts about the intricacies of the weapons features a part of her not playing a art at the moment as her own creations were one of the things that tended to cause her to genuinely become a bit of a spaz.

Re: CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

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Cameron Henshaw Attn: Leonal

As his hand shifted his ring and pinky fingers lie across her knuckles her smile would only grow as she enjoyed the feeling. There was something about sweet innocent points of contact that was reaffirming to life. She liked his view on how unfair like was as she found herself smiling in earnest. "I agree our lives are but a flicker but after recent events I want my flicker to burn bright," she spoke having fully made up her mind she was going to try to enjoy every minute life had. She had no family so there would be no one to miss her should something happen. Maybe if she chased her starts long enough she would find a way to fill the hole in her heart. Her free hand slowly moved up brushing across the horga'hn around his neck as her eyes lingered there before slowly moving up to his still holding that same smile. Her hand though would stay hovering on the horga'hn.

"I should warn you I might be hard to keep up with," she whispered as he said he would be happy to show her around. Already more then a few pick up lines flashed through her mind though none of them found their way to her tongue. When he spoke of pointing out a couple landmarks she finally couldn't hold them back. "I would like that," she said looking up at him her smile turning slightly more sultry. Softly she bit her lower lip as her mind wrestled with the next words she would speak. "Maybe after that we could find some place quite and you could show me some different sites," she whispered wondering how he would take her words. Her warm brown eyes looked up into his face trying to judge his reactions as her hand lingered just over his chest on the horga'hn.

Sar-unga Neleo  Attn: IronFerrox

There was no hesitation in the affection he returned to her making her feel more at ease in his embrace. Her eyes slowly closed feeling their tongue once more starting a mutually eager dance. She felt his hand wandering down her body brushing past the soft swell of her hips. As his hand cupped her firm rump her eyes would snap open as she felt her cheeks flushing slightly. When their kiss slowly broke her breathing would already be just a little heavier. His words mixed with the amours grope of her flesh started to spike her arousal again. The soft scent of hormones around her would start to grow stronger once more. "Are you so sure Miles? You don't know how my kinds mating habits. It could be something you wouldn't be able to live through," she whispered softly to him. Her head turned opening her pale neck to his lips as her eyes closed her hands coming up to rest on his arms. The tip of her tail though would find his bottom brushing over it before the tip slowly ventured between his legs.

As his lips moved up to whisper into her ear her mouth opened to warn him not to but it would come to late as his breath brushed over the sensitive flesh making her moan softly as pleasure jolted through her body. Her grip on his arms would tighten. The soft suckle or licks would pull more moans and soft gasps from her as the scent of her hormones would continue to grow stronger. Already she could feel some wetness starting to from between her legs. She tried to focus on his words as desire once more started taking over her body. Already her green eyes where starting to grow darker in color. "Well I am definitely interested in looking," she whispered as she leaned back slightly looking into his eyes. Her voice already having grown a little heavy as her body still felt the effects of him playing with her ears. "I should warn you though. Right now the ears are a bit sensitive so if you continue to play with them we will either end up fighting or fucking tonight," she spoke as she leaned in kissing his lips softly but hungrily as she nibbled on his bottom lip softly. "How about we take that walk so we aren't making a scene,"

Re: CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

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[Tatiana Marlowe] (attn. Nolan)

It had taken Tia an age to get ready, she was still unsure of meeting so many people all at once in a non-professional capacity and she had changed her mind about what she was wearing so many times she had become flustered. 

The choices had been a variety of different togas in various lengths and opacities as per the usual attire for this festival or something more party-like.  Just when she had thought she had decided on something she panicked that she would look ridiculous in it and changed her mind once more.  Finally she had decided on a simple yet elegant knee-length, white toga that revealed little but didn't make her feel under or over-dressed. 

Thus it was that she missed the announcement and it seemed as she stepped into the holodeck that people had already begun to mingle.  Being given one of the amulets she put it on but didn't ask exactly what it was for, being too busy cursing herself for being late and tried to sneak quietly to the edge of the group of people so as not to be so obviously noticed.  Spotting a quiet terrace she headed towards it, keeping as low a profile as she could before standing and watching the people gathered.

She had never been to Risa having only heard of it being the pleasure planet and having her problems with the opposite sex had considered that she would just feel awkward and out of place.  A little knot was forming in her stomach as she thought that was exactly what would happen tonight too.  So many of the people were already talking to each other, some clearly flirting, she felt almost like a voyeur and it made her more than a little uncomfortable.

[Wenn Cinn] (attn. kurohigi)

Cinn stepped into the holodeck wearing a loose fitting white shirt and trousers ensemble, he accepted the horga'hn from the holographic hostess with a smile and a nod before heading out into the open space of the beach.  His feet were bare and the warm sand felt good beneath his feet and squishing up between his toes.

Walking over to the throng of people he spotted the woman who had been a spy and now was his XO.  He looked down at the horga'hn and contemplated the meaning of the symbol for a moment, the hostess had told him what the meaning was and certainly neither of them would normally strike up a conversation considering their history.  The fact that he had seen her first would set him on the front foot so to speak, giving him the upper hand on the situation.  Well, if this was what Jien wanted, this is what s/he'd get.

He walked over to the woman and nodded his head politely, "Commander Rez, it seems as though there's been a lot happened since I died.  Since we're doing this," he indicated the amulet around his neck, "I was hoping we could talk."

Re: CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

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Sjaandin Fedd
ATTN: Cathreen Dawinter

Fedd looked down with mild surprise at her hand upon his chest, and smiled. Well... it seemed he was getting his old self back. He reached up with his left hand and brought it down to rest upon hers. "I've been known to do a fair bit of keeping up," he replied. "I've travelled halfway across the Quadrant, after all." His fingers grasped the hand she was resting on his chest, enfolding it in his own larger hand and enjoying the warmth of her touch. A thousand different comebacks to her line about seeing sights floated around his head, but all that came out was, "It's a lot to take in."

He let her hand rest on his firm chest, let her feel his heartbeat quicken slightly under the rising and falling wall of muscle that covered his torso. His thumb reached around her slender wrist and stroked the sensitive flesh on the underside, over the large vein. He raised the hand to his mouth and pressed his lips to her knuckles in a gentlemanly kiss, although his thoughts were decidedly un-gentlemanly. He reached out with his mind, the telepathic equivalent of brushing his fingers against her cheek, and let her feel a psychic glimpse of what he was feeling. His dark eyes smouldered with masculine glee and benevolent intent.

"Well then, Cameron," he said, not quite used enough to her first name to call her Cam yet, "shall we?" He rose, still lightly holding the fingers of the hand that had been lying on his chest. "If my memory serves me, we are quite close to the steam pools, one of Suraya's more delightful landmarks. And you may call me Sjaandin, or Sjaan if you prefer."

Re: CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

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[Amelya Duv] Attn CanadianVet
Hearing about the history of the drink Made Amelya curious about how it would taste. She wasn't sure if she had ever drank a beverage that had a recipe of over six hundred years old. After recovering from the punch of the drink she was surprised to hear that he knew drinks that were even stronger than this. "Really?" She asked a bit in unbelief, than again she knew very little of Earth's drinks and food. She only had the Starfleet main dishes to eat and even those were a bit dull compared to the local dishes she had tasted off during her life.

She listened carefully to what Carrigan had to say about the Acheron, yet she could see how straining it was for him. It was her years of medical training and intuition that had learned her when people were talking about things they rather didn't. Even though so she was surprised how well the high command ranks were infiltrated and how little the men and women in Starfleet knew about it. She now and than nipped from her drink while she kept listening attentively and for a moment she forgot she was on the holodeck at Risa. She saw how he took more than little sips and she didn't want to follow his example fearing that she might get drunk in record time than. Even now a bit of the alcohol went up to her head.

Amelya smiled as he said to her what she had said to him about work and this party. She nodded in agreement and blushed a bit as he told her she was a beautiful woman. She laughed playfully and drank from her drink once more before her eyes looked over the glass into his eyes as he asked her to go for a walk down the beach. "I'd very much like that." She answered him and after they both got restocked with drinks they wandered away from the bar. Amelya had changed her drink from the far to strong ale to a softer cocktail. It was called a Blue Wave and it was on recommendation of one of the barkeeps. The looks of it were pretty funny, but it tasted quite good and less like a sucker punch like the ale.

She place her arm back around Carrigan's and they ventured off towards the white sands of the beach. When they were far enough of the bar she looked up at the dark haired man and asked "So what did you have in mind? Did they teach you intel boys something fun to do?" she asked playful once more and her eyes sparkling a bit. The ale had done it's work and slowly crumbled down her shyness.

[Simon Tovarek] (attn. TheBanshee)

When Simon had noticed that most of the people were already interacting with eachother, even flirting or here and there a few lovebirds making out, he knew that he had been standing still for too long. His eyes had been daydreaming into the Risian sea and he had looked at some other people without feeling the urge himself to mix. He turned his back now against the terrace and took a deep breath as he scanned the people on the terrace. He was wondering who would still be free for conversation and his eyes suddenly caught Lieutenant Marlowe just outside a group of people.

His eyes went over her simple dress and he smiled as he saw her eyes darting from person to person. She seemed a bit uneasy, perhaps because of the lack of interaction? He decided to make a move and he walked over towards her. He approached her from behind and placed his hand on her shoulder gently "Lieutenant, how good to see you down here." He said with a genuine smile. He waited for her to turn and face him before continuing "How do you like the scenery they managed to pull up here? He asked her and looked into her eyes while pausing a bit "Also, I have to say you look quite lovely in that dress." He added the last sentence on a lower tone so not a whole lot of people around them would hear so.

Re: CHAPTER 02: The Festival of the Moon [2100 hrs.]

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Cameron Henshaw Attn: Leonal

She watched the mild surprise cross his fair features wondering if she had made the wrong move or moved too quickly. When a smile graced his lips she felt more assured that she had done right. As his hand rested on hers, she would soften her smile. His words though of keeping up would quickly turn her smile from soft to playful wondering if she would be testing those words tonight. The way his larger enclosed her sent a slight chill up her spine as it was something she enjoyed. "I'll just have to take my time and make sure I get it all," she whispered in a soft teasing manor.

She could feel him. The steady rising and falling of his chest, the quickening beating of his heart, the warmth from his body and the firmness of his chest. The tender stroking of his thumb in contrast to the strength his body seemed to hold excited her, but not as much as when she felt his lips pressing against her knuckles. As his mind brushed against hers providing a new sensation allowing her a glimpse of the feelings that shown in the dark pools of his eyes. If all she received was a glimpse she was looking forward to the rest of it.

"I would love to," she said rising to her feet leaving her shoes discarded in the sand. She could either come back for them later or leave them. After all how often did one get to wear shoes on a starship? Her delight seemed to pick up even more, if such a thing was possible, when he mentioned the steam pools. "Then lets go see them, Sjaan. The night is still young and I feel like celebrating and please call me Cam. After all I think we will be getting to know each other better," she spoke her smile growing as she moved ahead of him pulling softly on his arm. She was sure for someone looking in on them it would seem she was dragging him along. Truth be told she didn't care.

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