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INTERREGNUM EP 01-02: Soaking it up

[deck 7 - rec center pool]

Sarresh blinked, slowly, behind the goggles that kept his eyes safely encased. They were well made, form fitting, snapping to his eyes almost like a swimmers goggles. They weren't water proof, given his species aquatic tendencies. They also weren't' the most comfortable, despite how well fitted they were to his face. If he could have been assured complete privacy and unrestricted use, the Lt. would have left the lights, and his goggles, off, to enjoy that freedom. He had already learned of the crews tendencies for barging in and lighting up rooms, however. The goggles stayed on.

Stripped down to a modest pair of swim shorts, the temporal affairs officer pads, bare foot, to the steps that lead down into the water. He had the computer calculate the ideal temperature, so that each step was just right, the water lapping at his ankles, his knees then thighs. The headache had only gotten worse, just as Amikr--Cadet Neotin had predicted. Shaking his head, Sarresh let himself fully submerge under the water. It felt like coming home, if he was being honest. The warm, wet embrace of the water soothed him and part of the time traveler wondered how it was he let himself go so long without a soak.

"overworking, and being used to relying on the Relativity's,,,damn, what was the word for that device..." he sighs. Again, another wonder of the future whose memory was repressed, just the ghost of a feeling of something that used to be attached at the base of the glands under his arms. Shaking his head, he begins to float on the surface of the water.

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It was a good half hour before Sarresh's soak was interrupted by the sound of another body entering the water on the far end of the pool.  The water's constant sloshing having disrupted the sound of her approach.  A few quick motions with her arms and legs sent her flying through the water almost like a seal.  Amikris was still dressed in her uniform minus her combadge and any electronics she had worn before.  A faint smile spreading over her lips as the warm water flowed into her skin again.  Filling various pores and carefully  being filtered into her blood stream to restore equilibrium well preventing her cells from becoming hypotonic in response to the water.

The water caused her uniform to cling more firmly to her form as the sound of her heartbeat, began to echo in the water with his.  She swam directly under him looking up curiously as she moved with a majestic grace through the water.  She twisted slightly in a manner that likely would have been painful for vertebrates with a true bony skeleton.  For a creature like herself with a more flexible spine supported by two rows of true bone on either side of each vertebra it was easier to bend forward then side to side.  Her path brought her up near the surface just under him close enough to softly brush her form against his stomach and chest in a brief contact as her form flew pass with ease. 

The brush was subtle but clear, as was the sigh of pleasure that briefly came from her lips.  A tingling sensation spreading across her stomach, chest, and thighs slowly made her goggled eyes dilate.  A sudden rush of Dopamine surging through her brain as she initiated the first step in a courtship 'dance' that dated back before her races ascension.  A subtle game of cat and mouse, mixed with innuendo and temptation.  The goal not so much to avoid capture but to make the male work for the fun he sought.  She knew her parents didn't do this, at least not often.  It was something expressed mainly by the younger generation, slowly disappearing as they matured into middle age.   Sometimes expressed when a new mate came onto the scene but not always.

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He had been floating on his back, in an almost tranquil state. The young (compared to the more senior Ash'reem on the ship, at least) man didn't practice mediation, although a Vulcan counterpart on the Relativity had once tried to show him the benefit of the art. Regardless, Sarresh had to assume that the peace he was feeling, as his body began its natural rehydration process, by floating along the surface of the pool for such an extended period of time, at least approached the supposed feeling of tranquility that the Vulcan (whose name, like so many other things, escaped him) had often spoke of attaining. While the man (he was fairly sure the Vulcan had been male), often couched it in terms of 'Logical Reflection', Sarresh was gaining a far more emotional, and physical, calm.

Until ripples rocked across the pool, that is. He could feel the,,,intrusion, instantly. It swept through the waters, the subtle, or not so subtle, vibrations of another swimmer. And not just any swimmer he thought, his body jerking at the sudden contact, the flicker brush of wet cloth to mostly bare skin. His nostrils flared, and even with his head out of the water, he could smell the sudden shift, and change, in the air (and water). Not just from her, either. His own body reacted, automatically, to the presence of Amikris. A reaction he would have liked to deny.

But it had been a long time for Sarresh. He had never been one to limit himself by avoiding coupling with other species, but even then, it had not been frequent. And with someone of his own species it was...Far too long. Perhaps the state of relaxation impaired his better judgement; perhaps the relaxation simply allowed him to set aside whatever hang ups he had formed after so long apart from his own kind. It mattered not. The dance had begun, and at the moment, the time traveler was less then inclined to ignore natures call. His own heart rate sped up; she would be able to hear its vibrations in the water, just like he could hear hers. It would make tracking, and dogging, easier for both parties. A mutual advantage then. Or no advantage at all? the more rational part of his mind questioned, only to be suppressed by hormones.

Which was not to say that the Lt was not fully aware of what he was doing. Just because pheromones were filling his nose, and in turn, being pumped out of his body, despite some inhibitions from his implants, did not mean the Officer was not in control. Simply it meant that his desires were...aided by his keen intellect. "Be careful what you ask for," he whispered, soft, and low, in their own language, what amounted to a small screech that human ears would be unable to fully process. His body bent in two, down, into the water, his feet snapping over the surface as he straightened, and submerged. Long tongue flicking out, ahead of him, tasting the wake Amikris left behind, he began his pursuit. Heart thumping, pumping blood to...various extremities, the man cut through the water not unlike a shark, honing in on its prey.

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Amikris's movement was swift and majestic under the water.  Her body swirling slightly as it spun under the waves delving deeper and deeper under the pool, she swam a few inches from the pool bottom making a dive to capture her nearly impossible.  Her eyes remained closed as she focused on the effort of evading her pursuer.  Not because she really wanted to evade him, infact her heart and body language both say that she was far far more interested in being captured then evading him.  At the same time, her mind knew this was all part of the fun, evading capture long enough to make him work for the fun, but at the same time getting her blood pumping and warmed up for the exercise she was about to engage in. 

She pulled back suddenly and swiftly performing a somersault in the water beautifully just before hitting the edge of the pool bottom.  As she concluded the maneuver she pulled back and skimmed along his underside allowing her breasts to brush his chest before slipping free of his reach with a few light kicks to his under arms using them to propel herself away.

Her heart beat gave away her position as she moved away from him.  She opened her hands fully to slowly slow her advance and reposition herself to swim perpendicular to her course.  Making it difficult to capture but not impossible.  It was interesting to feel his swimming in the water.  The ripples passing over her tympanum and giving her a mental image of his position in the waves.

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Down and down they swam, he chasing her. The dive was steep; too steep, to simply latch onto her, and the older Ash'reem had to kick his legs out, and circle for a moment, above where he knew she was. Just as he was about to dive again, she twisted under the water. A beautifully timed maneuver, it sent her body gliding along his, which, in turn, sent his hormones into over drive. The predatory nature of the chase was mixing with the desire to take the Cadet and...well, the thoughts were quite unbecoming an officer.

That didn't stop him from twisting about as well. he could hear it, the thudding in the current of the pool. He honed in on it, his body twisting from side to side. Her movements were beautifully done, his were far more predatory, a different kind of grace. His nostrils flared, filtering the scent of her out of the water, as his eyes opened wider. He was relaying on all his senses.

His hands knifed through the water, in pursuit. She snapped off to the side, and his body rolled in on itself, curling and popping back, honing in on her. The chase was getting to him, his heart was pounding, his skin flush. The endorphins and hormones rolling through his body kicked his perceptions into overdrive, focused however, on the woman ahead. He would have her, he thought, not quite lost in lust, by any means, but eager none the less.

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