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PRO: S [D01|0645] Bonjour mes amis! Service de chambre!

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Out and about the ship | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

The fact the ship was going to break orbit soon mattered not on whit to the colourfully dressed Andorian as she pushed a hover cart down the hallway.  She supposed it would been easier to simply transport herself to her destination, but then part of her job was liven up or thoroughly disrupt the morning routine of everyone she came across.  For Lieutenant  Zark, she'd gone to bed early, and only slept the generally requisite four to five hours necessary before waking and taking a general run at the gym.  That meant she'd finished everything to keep her limber by 0330, total dead of the night for most of the crew.  With no scheduled duties, she tried to kill more time in the Security Centre prepping her gear.  It was in pristine and ready condition, so there wasn't a whole lot left to check.  She'd just grabbed a roaming guard and had him help her move crates of munitions into the exosuit locker room.  It was not in regs, but she'd preloaded her suit with it's standard load out of energy packs, first aid supplies, and grenades.  That had carried her to about 0430, and she'd become bored after that.  She let her mind wander to the last 21 days and all the changes that had occurred.

This idle thought had led her to a very silly notion.  Leaving a note that she'd be back in the Centre by the 0900 departure, Zark had waved goodbye and went back to her quarters to change.  She left her exosuit underlayer out since she figured she'd need that pretty quick, but what she chose to wear was professional in a completely other manner. It looked nice and it was too good to pass up.  Thus, on went her kilt, a white blouse, and a tartan vest that matched the kilt.  The most time consuming part was braiding her hair in a band over her head. Thankfully she'd taken time to practice, had just enough to pull it off. Looking at herself in the mirror, she gave herself a quick twirl, and was satisfied with the result. Next was food.  A quick search yielded the necessary data, and Zark moved at high speed the mess hall.  Grabbing a hover cart from a nearby storage room, she pushed it towards the fresh section and raided it for a decent amount of breakfast items, bacon, ham, hashbrowns, waffles, fruit, a couple of grilled rare steaks, a plate of Scotch eggs, and a service of tea and coffee. The Andorian took shameless advantage of her good looks to get a hold of a carafe of fresh raktajino as well. Table wear, cutlery, cups, and a linen cloth followed.  With her haul complete, the kilted Andorian maid made her way out of the door only to be stopped for a moment by a "Hey! Where are you going with all that?"  "Diplomat's meeting, bye!" and pushed the cart out to the turbolift with a shake of her butt and a billow of her kilt. 

Making it into the turbolift wasn't an issue. Getting on to deck 10 without causing too much of scene might have been since the Captain, XO, and the Head of Security had their quarters on the deck. In the minute or so it took to get to her destination, Zark wondered if maybe Alistair was in the quarters.  The pondering lips smirked since she figured he'd better be, and if he wasn't in there naked, well, there was always a goodly amount of teasing she could do.  When the door opened close to her destination, the sneaky Andorian backed out slightly and gave both sides a quick look.  Seeing no trouble, she quickly pulled the cart out and made her way to the quarters of the Diplomat Supremo.  Several officers heading off for duty looked at her funny, or if they knew her, merely shook their head and smiled.  Most probably figured since the Andorian was in the evil thrall of the Chief Diplomat, she was a lost cause and there was little use in trying to correct her behaviour.  The fact she generally proved very useful under the most dangerous circumstances, but still had a smile of sun shine also helped.  It didn't take long for Zark to arrive outside Enyd's quarters and brought the cart to a halt.  Taking a moment to clear her throat, the Andorian quietly said "Too Scotch Eggs please." and her voice transformed from it's normal timbre to something that could be recognized in Scotland.  The next part was tricky as she quickly hit the door chime and in Scottish accented French, announced herself to the occupant or occupants in an utterly charming "Bonjoooouuur mon ami! Service de chambre!  Breakfast for the Lady and any guests she might be havin."

OOC: I used google translate, so sue me  (laugh)

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker

Having been in the midst of a very pleasant dream involving a pizza delivery Horta, an embarrassed Captain Ives and several Tellarite ballerinas, Alistair groaned in protest at the sharp wake-up call. Having slept on his side, he rolled over, only for one hand to touch bare flesh.

He froze.

"Computer, lights, one half," he whispered, and so was revealed the naked form of Enyd Isolde Madsen beside him. She was a far cry from her usual appearance, though, lying face down on the bed, arms and legs splayed, a thin line of drool falling onto her pillow. With the blanket haphazardly bunched up over Enyd's back, her derriere (and the hand of her paramour atop it) was quite exposed.

"Hi," Alistair murmured, grinning goofily as he saw her eyes open. The previous night came to him; the suspiciously ordinary date in the lounge, the sharing of stories and laughter through the night, Enyd's flirtatious teasing, the lingering touches and kisses during dessert (the lounge having been deserted by then, fortunately). The playful sex that ended the night particularly lasted in the memory; there was something profoundly bizarre yet satisfying about describing positronic computer science while stark naked and being smothered in kisses by a ravenous Enyd.

"Hang on," Alistair said softly, frowning as his brain caught up. "Any guests, plural? How many men does she expect to find in here?"

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff  @RyeTanker

 "Bonjoooouuur mon ami!” Enyd awoke with a snort, sucking a line of drool back into her mouth. A muffled voice continued speaking from the corridor outside her quarters. “Service de chambre! Breakfast for the Lady and any guests she might be havin."

Enyd blinked as the image of a smiling Alistair coalesced with the sensation of a warm hand—his—on her bum. A few blinks more, with Zark’s greeting starting to make sense to her sluggish morning mind, and Enyd remembered the warm intimacy of the previous night with Alistair. She blushed as she remembered how insatiable she’d seemed, sucking his hard length as he spoke of positronic computer science. Alistair’s warm greeting soothed any further confusion from her startled mind, though his follow-up teasing earned a groan as Enyd grabbed for the covers and wiggled her way beneath them.

“The Andorian twit likes to tease me, mercilessly, and it seems I’m to get it from you too.” Enyd spoke on a feigned huff, curling into a ball and shamelessly scooting back into Alistair’s side, demanding more cuddles. “I require food and beverage before my ego is further stampeded.” Enyd peaked her head above the covers, shooting Alistair a playful smile before turning toward the door and calling out, “Come in, Zark.”

The tartan-clad, hair-braided Andorian appeared with a trolley loaded with bacon, ham, hashbrowns, waffles, fruit, rare steaks, scotch eggs, tea, coffee, and a surprising amount of fresh raktajino. Enyd’s mouth was watering as she watched her friend approach but she still wasn’t quite ready to divest herself of the comfort of Alistair’s warmth and the coziness of the covers.

“I have a sinking suspicion this is a bribe or a trick.” Enyd took her gaze from the trolley to stare at the beauty of her friend. “Which is it?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Out and about the ship | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

Zark pressed the button to open the door when she heard Enyd letting her in and the only way the smile on her face was going to get wiped off was if Enyd was fully clothed, which she was not.  The tartan clad Andorian went further in an began placing food on the dining table.  As she passed a corner to lay a plate of fruit, her smile flashed pearly white teeth as she spotted the mostly naked form of Alistair Leavitt in the bed.   She waggled her eyebrows in their general direction then paused her breakfast preparations to let out laugh and ran into the bedroom and jumped on to bed.  Despite all her gymnastics training, Zark did not land lightly as bounced on the bed and her thighs crashed into Enyd's legs.  Zark was happy for Enyd. Alistair too, but she loved Enyd more, so her crash landing was quickly accompanied by a bear like hug of blue joy as she began shaking the brunette from side to side.  "I'm so happy for you! You two fell into a night of wonder and passion and.....!"  Zark's stare shifted back to Alistair. "One, two, three, four, five, ooooh hickey.  Two of them! No wait, three!"  The smiling Andorian quickly turned back to Enyd.  "How hard did you kiss him?!"  Zark looked back at Alistair again and barked out a laugh as she clapped her hands together in front of her face.  "Teeth marks.  Meow Enyd!  You go girl!  Marking your territory!"  The Andorian sighed as she'd gotten it out of her system.  Still, there were appearances to to be kept, so she leaned over and placed a quick peck on Alistair's cheek and smiled apologetically before cupping her friends chin and kissing her on the lips.  Zark didn't even bother to hide her thoughts as she smacked her lips together then ran her tongue over them.  "Nope, all you there." 

Zark shrugged then climbed off in a hurry and dragged her naked friend out of the bed then pushed her in the direction of the washroom.   "Alistair!  Can you prepare a large mug of raktajino and a plate of food for Enyd?  The carafe has an R stenciled on it. Thanks!" Once inside the bathroom, Zark quickly began ransacking the place for the proper implements for dealing with hair since it looked like Enyd's had not survived the night and came out with various sprays, and combs which she promptly dumped on the counter.  "Alistair, also why don't you start helping yourself to breakfast after you go put some clothes on, or not as you see fit." 

Zark turned more serious eyes on Enyd as she grabbed a length of brunette and began ruthlessly straightening it like an overbearing governess.  "Enyd, you've got a department head meeting with the Captain in about an hour and you are not presentable."  Zark leaned in a took a whiff of the Chief Diplomatic Officer and wrinkled her nose slightly as her brain processed what her olfactory senses had picked up the continued straightening and shaping using the various sprays and combs.  "I think you can get away with deodorant, and maybe a touch of eau de toilette, but I don't think it's needed."  Zark didn't even try to rebuild the hair style, but instead aimed to effect repairs as elegantly as possible, and to her credit, it didn't look too shabby so far.  She hoped so at any rate.

Zark rotated her position on the bed as she worked he way around the still naked Chief Diplomat.  Hair pins quickly went in to hold some arrangements in place, and at one point, Zark began to curse nastily when a wave refused to stay in place.  "Computer increase air circulation." There was a beep, then the sound of rushing air could be heard.  Zark was sorely tempted to glue the wild hairs in place, but a hefty application of hair spray and a sliver of patience yielded the sought after result.  Zark stepped back and looked in the mirror as she gave her work a quick look.  Nodding in acceptance, Zark grabbed some makeup wipes and gripped the human's chin hard as she began to clean off the leftover cosmetics.  It was not a gentle process,  but still quite thorough in spite of the speed Zark was working.  If she'd used anything dry, Enyd likely would have come out looking like she'd been slapped all over the face.  Nodding again, Zark handed Enyd a face towel.  "If you feel the need to wash your face and put makeup on, leave the hair alone!"

With that, Zark turned on her heels and quickly left the bathroom to make the bed, giving a very maid like impression. "Your uniform and undies are going to be on the bed!" the Andorian yelled as she worked to quickly bring the frolicking CDO's life back into order quickly before getting food for her self.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


For a few precious moments, everything was calm and peaceful. Enyd was snuggling into Alistair's chest under the warm blanket, blessed by the quiet and solitude of early morning. Both lovers' bodies were warm, only adding to the cosiness that they enjoyed. It was a wonderfully romantic scene that, in their hearts, both Enyd and Alistair had sorely needed after their tribulations.

Then everything changed when the Zark attacked.

Alistair, true to form was reduced to babbled phrases such as "uh...", "what..." and "yeah..." as Zark rampaged on the bed atop him and Enyd. He was at a complete loss at what to do when assailed by a hyperactive kilt-wearing Andorian, and was thus quite unable to save Enyd from being dragged bodily out of the bed. After the women went to the bathroom, he stayed on the bed for a few seconds, simply processing what had just happened.

"Wow," he muttered to himself in disbelief, staring at the ceiling. Zark's request from the bathroom finally jolted him into action, however, and somewhat slowly, the still-naked Alistair climbed out of bed and moved into the main room. His and Enyd's clothes from the previous night were still scattered around, and he wasted no time putting on some pants. Not bothering with anything else, Alistair duly poured some raktijino and, without hesitation, drank as much of the steaming Klingon coffee as he could manage in one gulp.

By the time Zark emerged from the bathroom, breakfast had been arranged for all three of them. Somewhat bemused, Alistair called out, "Are you okay in there, or do you want me to come rescue you? Just so you know, uh, fair warning, Zark can definitely kick my ass."

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @RyeTanker

The blue blur bursting with energy obliterated the nest of relaxation and bliss. Enyd curled up instinctively at the painful crash of Zark’s legs against her thighs, barely keeping the blankets up around her chest as her torso reared up. She was immediately hauled into a Zark-typical hug, where breathing was optional. Reflexively, Enyd’s hands moved to Zark’s waist while the woman rocked Enyd’s body back and forth, shamelessly counting out the marks Enyd had left on Alistair’s body the night before.

“I happen to like listening to Alistair talk about what he did at work,” Enyd dryly commented when Zark looked back to Enyd, marginal surprise on her face at seeing the results of Enyd’s enthusiasm between the sheets, “and there’s no territory to mark, Zark. He is his own man and-“ Enyd’s eyes widened, and she sighed, shoulders slumping, when Zark made it obvious she hadn’t been listening by kissing Enyd into silence.

Zark didn’t wait for Enyd to regroup and continue before she was dragging Enyd from the bed and barking orders at Alistair about breakfast. Enyd managed a blown kiss over her shoulder before the view of her lover still sitting in the mess of bedding was cut off when Zark pushed her further into the bathroom. She wasn’t quite certain what Zark intended at first, but having the Andorian grab a brush and mercilessly move it through Enyd’s hair was both unexpected and yet not.

“How have I managed to get this far in life without you, dearest?”

Enyd watched Zark with an amused smile pulling at her lips as the woman continued to flutter about her head, dealing out commentary on the general status of Enyd’s scent and looks. The cursing Zark fell into when Enyd’s hair gave her the same type of attitude it often gave Enyd had the human smirking, thinking it served the Andorian right for bruising her thighs with her not-so-soft bed landing earlier. The face-cleaning earned Zark more than a few swats from Enyd, the latter not exactly trying to hurt Zark or push her away, but she certainly wanted Zark to know she didn’t appreciate every aspect of the manhandling.

Hearing Alistair’s question and then follow-up statement, Enyd snorted. “I’m fine. Just recovering from being killed with kindness at the moment.”

When Enyd looked at her reflection in the mirror, she noted the redness of her cheeks and lips, mostly due to Zark’s vigorous attention. Even with her hair coiffed nicely—well-done Zark—Enyd still looked like she’d had a comprehensive night of lovemaking, and the reality of that fact brought another layer of red to Enyd’s cheeks. She wasn’t embarrassed at looking like she’d engaged in amorous congress. Far from it. But she was still getting used to the reality that this was her new norm. After all the angst and pain and disappointment, for this time in her life, this was her norm. Swollen lips pulling back into a contentedly lecherous smile, Enyd forewent any makeup.

Coming out into the bedroom, after spying her clothes on the bed—one eyebrow going up at seeing Zark had chosen the skirt version of her uniform instead of her preferred trousers—Enyd decided to deviate from Zark’s prescribed morning ritual. Not bothering with clothing of any kind for the moment, Enyd tiptoed across the floor, dipped her head in feigned formality to Zark as she passed the Andorian near the table laden with food before wrapping a hand around the back of Alistair’s neck and pulling him down for a deep kiss. He tasted of raktijino, and all Alistair. Shamelessly, Enyd snaked her other arm around his waist, crushing herself to his body as she drank him in with a heady moan.

Only after her lungs demanded she breathe normally again, and her body demanded a more direct route for the caffeine to hit her nerves than stealing it from her lover’s mouth, did Enyd pull back. She blinked up at Alistair with a playful simper, planting another quick peck on his kiss-swollen lips before leaning her head against his chest, tucking herself under his chin, and turning the smirk on her friend.

“Careful, Zark, your cup looks mighty full.”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Out and about the ship | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

The tartan patterned Andorian exited and smiled at the sight of a topless Alistair and a well set table with the various breakfast items.  Her mind ran with several different scenarios, not fantasies since that was uncouth, but still delectably fun.  Still, there were things to do, and Zark quickly picked up the blanket and waved it into the air to straighten it out.  She carefully ignored several stains on the bed and resolved to replace the mattress cover after breakfast was over.  Instead of trying to tuck in the blankets as tightly as possible, she instead settled for just making it look presentable.  No sense in wasting effort when she was going to demolish the whole thing later.  Thankfully, she'd been in Enyd's quarters at some point, so she knew where all the clothing was kept, and laid out everything in an organized manner as if she'd just stripped a phaser rifle in the armoury and laid the parts out, then made he way to the dining area.  She first smiled at Alistair as he tried to drown himself in Klingon coffee and waited for him to at least get the cup out of his face. "Thank you Alistair, it looks great." then went for a mug and the carafes herself.

Since Zark had already had a Ketheka in the morning, she poured herself a cup of mostly coffee, with a touch of raktijino in it.  She'd then added a touch of cream to it and had taken just a sip when Enyd walked out stark naked, in total contradiction as to what was needed for an orderly continuation of the day.  Zark did the only thing that made sense and spluttered her drink while she stared at the wonderful pearlescent soft curves being showcased to her, and the wonderfully erotic and romantic kiss that Enyd had pulled her man into.  The Andorian must have started rocking from side to side, or rubbing her thighs together, or something and totally got her just desserts when Enyd noted that Zark's caffeine cup was still full, even after using her mouth to push some of it onto the table.  The brown liquid spots covering one of the plates and part of the table.  The Andorian smirked at the couple and tried to decide in her mind whether the universe was really being unfair to Enyd, or if her friend actively courted chaos in some strange dance of life.

Zark's mind moved down several branching paths, though the main ones that came up were carrying out a wicked fantasy that she'd teased Alistair with several days ago; mainly stripping and holding Enyd in the middle so he could have his wicked way with her.  Zark would of course do her part in bringing her to dizzying levels of pleasure.  Another was to throw Enyd over her shoulder, slap her ass, and carry her to the bed room and dress her like she was some errant child.  Maybe after bringing her to a climactic level of pleasure again.  Or maybe she'd go for Alistair and stick herself in the middle.  Zark could easily handle two since it was actually one less than at home, and neither of them would be as demanding as her wife was.  Possibilities, possibilities.

Putting the cup down, Zark unbuttoned the top of her shirt and vest so her cleavage was showing and her body subtly began to undulate as she smirked her way over behind Enyd and slinked her arms around her friends waist and brushed her hands up the soft flat belly before planting her blue head on the pale shoulder.  She took a moment to brush her head against Enyd's before bringing her head close to the CDO's ear and practically purrred into it before putting out words.  "You have a staff meeting to attend soon luv."  Zark then pulled Enyd off and pushed her at the bed room before planting her fists on her hips like a irate school marm. "Get changed! Schnell!"  Only the twinkle of amusement in the blue green eyes betrayed any sense seriousness of the situation, especially since she refrained for actually slapping Enyd's posterior in such a way that would turn one cheek red.

Turning her attention back to Alistair, Zark smiled.  It was not a warm smile.  It was not a nice smile.  It was the smile she used when she was about to take charge or interchangeably, kick ass.  Grabbing his hand, she planted him in front of a plate of food, then bent over. "Enyd!  If you want to do this, you better hurry up!"  She called out as she sliced a piece of ham off the plate and bent over so Alistair would get a good view of her cleavage anyway.  "Now My Lord.  Say ahhhhhhh." Zark ordered the ops man as she pushed the food towards his mouth.

OOC: Schnell = German for Fast!

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


As a veteran Starfleet officer with seven years of service (and, more pertinently, a week as Enyd Madsen's boyfriend), Alistair had a keen instinct for danger. Thus, the moment that he saw a very naked and intent Enyd walking towards him, the old alarm bells rang loud and clear in Alistair's mind. On the other hand, a very naked and intent Enyd was walking towards him, so he didn't even think to protest as she pulled him into a passionate meeting of lips.

Lost in the feel of her, Alistair returned the kiss with interest, a hand resting on Enyd's bare hip as the other cradled her cheek. True, Enyd's morning breath wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, but she made up for it with enthusiasm, and Alistair felt a heady warmth rush through his body as Enyd moaned into his mouth.


Finally Enyd broke off, although her adorable faux-innocent doe eyes did nothing to ease his dumbstruck grin back at her. Enyd's teasing of Zark did make her plan evident, and feeling more than a little smug at being shown off, Alistair turned his grin on Zark. After all her teasing during their training, it felt good to return the...

...Uh oh.

The last thing that Alistair expected was for Zark to start unbuttoning her blouse and advance on them. Stunned, he just stood there as Zark whispered in Enyd's ear then pushed the other woman back into the bedroom with a stern (if amused) admonition to get dressed. Alistair had barely recovered when this time it was Zark's dangerous smile that rang the alarm bells, and he was helpless to resist as she quite forcefully planted him in a chair.

"Uh, Zark," he said feebly, "you don't really need to mphfh!" With ham guided into his mouth, Alistair glared at the woman as he chewed, painfully conscious of her not-so-subtly-exposed cleavage.

After swallowing, he decided to take the initiative. Alistair stood back up, grasped Zark's shoulders with a strong grip and jammed her down into the chair opposite him, where she could do the least damage. "Stay," he said firmly with an admonishing finger. "Er, please. I promise, I'm perfectly capable of feeding myself."

After sitting back down, Alistair began serving himself a mix of breakfast items, ranging from some ham to toast to some scrambled egg. After drinking some more rakitijino (it seemed certain that he needed it), Alistair asked lightly, "So, do you treat all of your friends to surprise breakfasts? Because, honestly, this is just amazing. I mean, I know that you didn't...well...know...that I was here, but I'm happy to take advantage. Really happy. So happy."

At a passing thought, Alistair called out after swallowing some toast, "Enyd, you'd best call out what you want to eat now if you don't want us to eat it!"

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker @Griff

There was something about being rudely awakened—even with the best of intentions from a loving friend—hauled out of her love nest and forced to undergo the torture that was Zark’s pampering in the bathroom, and then shooed away from her lover yet again, that had Enyd feeling the same rebellious streak that she’d often felt as a teenager. The one that had landed her in jail a time or two, the one that had set tongues wagging when her pranks or paybacks had gotten out of hand and her grandmother had been forced to publically chastise Enyd to get the townsfolk off their case. Zark had unintentionally awakened that streak and especially since she hadn’t had nearly enough coffee this morning to keep the devious impish ways away. There would be hell to pay.

Dutifully dressing, to a point, and finishing her morning routine for meeting readiness, Enyd moved back into view just as Alistair called out his warning to her about food. But she wasn’t worried because she wasn’t hungry. She never ate breakfast, preferring the fuel of coffee alone until lunchtime. Food in the morning slowed her brain down and made her sleepy. And the lack of physical hunger but a determination for payback allowed Enyd the freedom to push away from the entryway demarcating the receiving area from her sleeping area without a second glance at the food. This time her gaze was entirely on the devilish Andorian who’d nearly killed Enyd with her kindness.

Zark was not the only one who’d adjusted the outfit to accentuate certain features. Enyd had intentionally left the buttons of her top half undone, showing the black lace of her bralet as she sashayed her way to Zark’s chair. Not stopping until she was nearly on top of both chair and Andorian, Enyd raised a high-heeled, knee-high black boot and placed it on the chair between Zark’s legs. The movement hiked Enyd’s skirt up, stretching the material tightly over her hips and bum, and making it quite plain that Enyd had foregone underwear for the time being.

“The only thing I would like to eat this morning,” Enyd reached down and grabbed a fistful of Zark’s hair, tilting the woman’s head back to stare her down, “is Alistair and then a piping hot cup of coffee. That was my hoped-for plan last night and I’ll be damned if a plate of eggs gets in the way of it now.” Enyd let go of Zark’s hair and lightly pushed the woman’s chair back from the table. Flicking her heated gaze over her friend for a moment longer, Enyd turned to face Alistair, hands on her hips, a devilish smile on her face. “Now are you going to help me with my breakfast NOW or not?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Out and about the ship | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

Zark let out a small groan when the emerald eyed seductress pulled on her hair.  If had been someone she didn't know, they'd most likely be keeled over on the floor after having received a blue knee to the crotch.  Since it was Enyd, and Zark loved her anyway, the Andorian simply went ahead and got turned on, especially with the lack of underwear on those smooth porcelain legs.  The Zhen's breathing got heavier as she assessed the situation.  Head butting Enyd was a non starter, as was kicking out her legs and and choking her with a head lock.  A reminder that she had a senior staff meeting didn't seem to be an issue since all she seemed to want sex and coffee. 

The number of options was quickly running out, and Zark acted impulsively as she got up and grabbed the back of Enyd's collar and threw her into the chair she'd just vacated.  The Andorian was quite sure the last thing either human had expected at this point was brutal violence, and the medico acted quickly to interpose herself between the two.  Instead of turning to prepare to ward off libidinous brunette, Zark did the opposite and knocked Alistair over by planting her foot on his chest and pushing instead of kicking.  The bald man landed with a thump and slipped partly off the chair onto the deck while his fork and knife went flying. "Sorry Alistair."  Zark offered as she executed what appeared to be ridiculous and impossible by grabbing his pants, and with a hard yank, exposing his member and leaving him laid out on the floor with his legs hanging over the chair.

'Something' grabbed at the Andorian's back and she twirled rapidly in response, semi-automatic reactions taking over as the medico slipped under Enyd's arm, then grabbed applied pressure to the wrist while bending it behind her back.  The normal course of action followed with Zark standing behind her friend and locking her free arm around the pale neck.  Zark drove Enyd forward, then kicked her leg out to the side, dropping the horny diplomat onto the befuddled and semi prone Alistair. It was good drop despite the suddenness of it as she landed bare assed on Alistair's stomach, just above his gonads.  Whether he would be in her would be a matter of conjecture and a mathematical miracle.  More likely, Alistair would have had his nuts crushed and the two women would be dragging him off to sickbay, probably with Enyd trying to maim Zark along the way.

There was a pause as everyone took stock of the situation and Zark acted first.  "Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen." Zark enunciated.  "You are a senior officer on this ship still have that staff meeting for which if you do not attend punctually, the Captain will have your ass.  Since you don't seem to give a shit about eating everything else, you should at least have a sausage to start the day."  In for a penny, in for a pound, Zark reached around and unzipped the rest of Enyd's shirt and practically tore it off leaving her with just a bra.  Having put Enyd in the proper position, the sensuous Andorian stood up and began unbuttoning her own top.  "Breakfast first Enyd?  You can always drink the coffee on the way.  While you're screwing his brains out, I'll just be over here doing something scandalous like masturbating.  Unless of course I can borrow one of Alistair's hands."

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


As soon as Enyd had emerged from the bedroom only half-dressed, clearly still intent on mischief, Alistair's mouth dropped open, an egg-speared fork held in the air with one hand, instantly forgotten.  There was something so absurdly alluring about Enyd in such a mood that he was transfixed, particularly as she roughly grabbed Zark's hair and revealed a distinct lack of underwear beneath the skirt.

Thus, all things considered, Alistair was a bit out of it when Enyd asked her question. "Uh...erm...well, if you're hungry..."

Unfortunately, before he could manage a more coherent answer, it was Zark's turn to retaliate. Her less-than-gentle throwing of Enyd into the chair had Alistair frowning in concern; that was crossing the line. Before he could get up to intervene in the madness,  however, Zark had placed her boot on his chest and Alistair toppled over in the chair with a yelp, landing heavily on his back, his legs pointed straight up. Quite sore by this point, and thoroughly confused, he barely caught Zark's next words.

"Sorry for what-hey!" Alistair protested loudly as Zark yanked his pants down to his calves. It was a thoroughly undignified position (not to mention quite uncomfortable), so as the women grappled, Alistair used his legs to push the chair away. Increasingly annoyed, he was about to get up and settle matters when the not-inconsiderable weight of Enyd landed on his stomach, drawing an oompfh from her put-upon boyfriend.

"Ow," he muttered quietly to himself, resting his head on the hard carpeted deck and tuning out Zark's words as he recovered. With a groan, Alistair propped himself up on his elbows, looking up at Enyd with a sour expression. The parallel to a similar position on their first date was undeniable, although at least this time, they had an audience of one rather than one thousand. Of course, that 'one' was Zark, and she seemed determined this morning to out-do those thousand Klingons.

"You know we both out-rank her, right?" Alistair said to Enyd with a bemused grin before Zark's words finally caught. "Uh, wait, did she say..." He shifted a bit to glance past Enyd and his eyes widened. "Okay, Zark is taking her shirt off...okay. Er..." With his cheeks reddening, Alistair looked up at Enyd again. As was inevitable with such a view,, his member was starting to react to the circumstances, and had started to prop up the back of Enyd's skirt.

"Alright Enyd, just you?" he asked, still somewhat baffled by everything that had just happened.

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff  @RyeTanker

“Are you okay?” Enyd’s hands quickly moved over Alistair’s chest and sides, fingers ghosting over his skin to ensure nothing was broken from the abrupt change in location. When it is evident that aside from the shock of the fall and her quick joining of him on the ground, he was right as rain, Enyd’s concern for the man shifted into annoyance at her blue-skinned friend. His comment about rank had her rolling her eyes, “I may murder her. Or perhaps use the rank to assign her to the most annoying post ever; just get her back for this.”

She heard Zark’s chastisement from somewhere behind her only seconds before Enyd felt the rest of her top being yanked from her body, leaving her in only a bra, skirt, and heels. She watched Alistair’s eyes widen and cheeks flush and listened to his befuddled commentary about what Zark was doing to herself but refused to track the woman’s movements for confirmation. Thoughts of murdering her friend dissipated when she felt Alistair’s stiffening member press against the material of her skirt, shamelessly alerting Enyd to his interest in the new circumstances, despite the manner in which they’d transpired.

“I’m still going to murder her,” Enyd leaned forward and kissed Alistair, cupping the back of his head with one hand while she scratched the fingers of her other hand lightly down his neck and chest. She needed to forget about the momentary concern of Alistair getting hurt because of Zark’s over-enthusiastic response. She’d boldly declared her desire to start the day in a certain way, and doggoneitall, she would follow through with it. A masturbating Andorian be damned. “I’ll just do it after I’ve had my fill of you and coffee.” Enyd whispered against his lips as she ended the kiss, a playful smile returning to her features. “In,” she kissed the tip of his nose, “that,” shifted her hips further down so she could leave a peck on his chin, “order.” She used her free hand to tilt his head back so she could press a kiss directly over his Adam’s apple, tasting his skin with the flat of her tongue.

Enyd kept her focus entirely on Alistair as she continued to shimmy her hips back and forth, working her way down his torso with intermittent touches and kisses placed hither and thither. She had a good sense of time and had never been late to an important meeting before, so despite Zark’s warning, Enyd had no interest in rushing this. The more she listened to Alistair’s breaths, watching the bob of his throat as he swallowed, feeling the quiver of his heartbeat beneath the warmth of his skin, the less Enyd cared about Zark’s presence in the room. And with that lack of care came a renewed confidence in her movements. She tilted her hips up, arching her back so Alistair could enjoy the view as she crawled further down his body.

Settling into a kneeling position next to his knees, Enyd reached over to press at the inside of his thigh, wordlessly prompting Alistair to spread his legs. Pleased with his compliance, Enyd grinned, licking her lips as she knelt between his spread legs. She didn’t immediately move in for the kill. Instead, Enyd let her gaze wander appreciatively over Alistair’s form as her fingers moved over the contours of his hips, groin, thighs, and knees. Her fingers would edge close to his balls and tickle through the hair of his groin but never directly touch his erection.

“Your beautiful,” Enyd whispered, returning her gaze to catch Alistair’s, a soft smile pulling at her lips.

Reaching behind herself, Enyd unclipped her bra and let it fall from her shoulders, happily pulling it away from her body. She tipped forward, placing a hand on either side of his hips, keeping her eyes locked with his, as she kissed the sensitive skin just next to his hipbone. Mirroring the movement with his other hip, Enyd turned her gaze to his skin as she licked and kissed a trail from his hipbone closer to where his erection throbbed with want of attention. She could feel its heat against her cheek; nevertheless, she didn’t draw its length into her mouth. Not yet.

Enyd adjusted her weight to shift up his body for a moment, letting the soft flesh of her breasts rub over his hips and groin while she kissed a playful line back and forth between his ribs. Lifting one hand away from the ground, she drew the pads of her fingers across the velvety skin of his balls, watching as they moved in response to the attention, listening to Alistair’s response with a smile. Keeping up with the light touches over his testicles, Enyd finally dipped down and licked a line up the length of his erection, wrapping her tongue around the tip and deftly pulling it into her mouth without using her other hand. She gave the tip a firm suck before pulling the rest into the wet heat of her mouth, stopping only once he was sheathed entirely, and glancing up the length of his body to gauge his reaction before continuing. Lost in the delight of giving him pleasure, completely oblivious for the time being to whatever it was Zark was doing in the corner.

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  [Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Out and about the ship | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

No longer restrained by something as mundane as cloth, Zark proceeded to pull her blouse out of her kilt leaving her blue curvaceous figure gloriously exposed with only the thin seeming black band of her sports bra covering soft skin. Slowly, she hiked up her kilt and reached for the waist band and began to push them down as she bent over. Different methods of self pleasure ran through her mind as the soft material made its way down her taught slender legs. Then it stopped as she was bent over with her panties around her ankles and she blinked. Repressively hooded eyes looked up through the loose strands of platinum hair as her mind ground to a halt and she frowned while Enyd began to fellate Alistair's substantial endowment.

Mentally, Zark ducked what would have been a slap to the back her head from any one of her parents when she was about to commit an act of gross stupidity, and the logical part of her mind door kicked its way into the rest of the cerebrum while flash banging her thought processes to a halt. Her eyes watched and compared notes of what Enyd was doing with what she'd done herself, but the majority of her brain was occupied with the question of what she was doing. Pulling her panties back up and placing her hands on her hips, Zark decided she hadn't really crossed the line, more like demolished and scrambled the ruins in a no doubt misplaced show of enthusiasm, again. "Zark, bloody fuck."  she quietly cursed to herself as her cheeks heated from the rarely felt, but not unfamiliar slow lava burn of embarrassment.

Thankfully for her own psyche, Zark quickly pushed the feeling aside and stood akimbo in the surreal environment of an outside observer to an act of love to which she hadn't been invited. Smiling wrly as she blew a strand of hair out of her face, the Andorian shook her head and deciding the situation was messed up as is, she would simply carry on elsewhere, especially since Enyd seemed intensely occupied with what she was doing as her head bobbed up and down. With a sigh, Zark buttoned herself back up and turned part of her mind off while looking at the wreckage in the room to clean up.

Had anyone been watchibg at that moment, they would have been treated to the strangest of sights. Occupying the middle room was a pair of humans having sex while a blue skinned woman effectively ignored them as she picked up plates and cutlery and carefully made her way around them, then dumping the contents onto the hover cart, but making sure to leave a plate for the soon to be ravenous male. At one Point, Zark entered Alistair's field of vision and smiled absently with a quiet "Sorry Alistair." as she grabbed the fork off the ground with some bits of egg, then disappeared. Next was a moment where the Andorian was on all fours and steadily shimmying a fork out from under Enyd's leg. "Sorry Enyd, excuse me, a hah." She said quietly as she worked to restore the quarters to an acceptable state.

It sounded like Alistair was getting close to blowing his load when Zark finished pouring raktajino into an outrageously large travel mug, then gripped the handles and prepared to head out the doors.

OOC: I'll leave it up to you two whether you stop her from leaving or not.

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff  @RyeTanker

Enyd was not so engrossed in giving Alistair pleasure once Zark began moving around the room that she was unaware of the Andorian. She could hear her friend’s efforts to clean up, even heard a note of…was that shame? Zark’s voice when she apologized for interrupting—while still interrupting—as she grabbed a fork out of the way and then did the same to Enyd. Pulling her lips away from the hot length of Alistair’s shaft, Enyd showered kisses over the sensitive skin of his inner thighs, stroking her fingers tenderly over his balls as she waited for the best opportunity to strike.

Zark would not get out of this so easily. Enyd remembered Alistair admitting to the attraction to the Andorian, and recalled how he’d gotten semi-erect as he walked Enyd through their training session. Far from bothering Enyd, his helplessness in the face of Zark’s ostentatiously lustful nature had been amusing at the time, endearing even. And now that it seemed Zark had had some reckoning—or so it sounded from her voice and the fact that she was NOT actually following through with her earlier threat—Enyd wanted to make good on her promise to Alistair. She was perfectly fine with sharing, so long as they were both participants in the sharing. Besides, Zark needed to learn her lesson.

Though she hated to waste good raktajino, Enyd knew she couldn’t waste her breath and give away her advantage when she spied Zark’s efforts to skirt out the door. Lunging forward, her torso falling half over Alistair’s, Enyd grabbed both of Zark’s ankles and gave a merciless tug, hauling her entire body back and using the strength of her legs and core to aid in her movement to dislodge the Andorian enough to bring her at least to her knees. Still not letting go of Zark once Enyd had her undivided attention, Enyd blew a few strands out of her face as she hovered over Alistair’s torso, breasts swaying almost over his face, while her assertive glare remained on her friend’s face.

“You will stay, Zark.” To make her point, Enyd tightened her grip on Zark’s ankles for one more moment before letting go and sitting up again. Holding her hands up for inspection, Enyd feigned a pouting look and held one hand out to Alistair and the other toward Zark. “I hurt my hands. Kiss them and make them better.” While she waited for their response, Enyd glanced down her body for a moment before readjusting her position to be sitting on her bum, drawing her knees up, and nodding to each one. "I hurt my knees too; kiss them while you're at it."

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


So...this is new, mused Alistair as Enyd kissed him, his hands automatically moving to her sides. Granted, being kissed passionately by Enyd was nothing new. Heck, being kissed by Enyd on the floor of her quarters wasn't new either, as Alistair's sore back was now reminding him after some thorough exercise from the previous night. Being kissed by Enyd with someone present to watch, however? That was very new, and as predicted during the conversation that had begun their relationship, not at alll unwelcome.

"You're choosing me before coffee?" Alistair teased softly, propping himself up on his elbows as Enyd began to descend down his body so that he could watch her work. "You really do care about me..."

As Enyd wordlessly prompted him to open his legs, Alistair felt his cheeks warm, his breathing quicken. He wanted to check on what Zark was doing, but was too transfixed by his ravenous lover to look away. With each sensuous touch, Enyd was amping his body up more and more, building charge in a way that would surely lead to an explosion...which was evidently her intent.

Her heated whisper that he was 'beautiful' caused a slow happy grin to form on Alistair's face, his erect manhood quivering in anticipation. "You saying that, from there, looking at me like that...Enyd, you have no idea what that does to me." He glanced down at his quivering manhood and chuckled under his breath. "I mean...uh, besides the obvious."

Then, if anything, Enyd amped up the erotic teasing even more. Removing her bra, the light kisses on his thighs, ribs and was merciless, dastardly and altogether devastating. When Enyd finally deigned to take him inside her mouth, Alistair groaned loudly, his body shivering for a moment before she started to fellate him fully. Helpless under Enyd's ministrations, he could only lie there, the carpet chafing against his back as she sucked, licked, pumped and gobbled with increasing enthusiasm.

" are really good at that...woah..." Alistair gasped, closing his eyes briefly, wondering privately how much more he could withstand. "If this is what breakfast with you is like, I'm going to be sleeping here every chance I get..." Glimpsing motion at the corner of his eye, Alistair spotted a now fully-dressed Zark cleaning up around the two lovers, causing a twinge of disappointment that Enyd's mouth quickly burned away. "Oh...hi Zark...sorry...uh, forgot about you..."

Enyd, of course, hadn't forgotten, and after she gave him a much-needed break, Alistair was surprised when she abruptly surged over him, giving him an eyeful of her breasts. Feeling the thud on the deck as Zark fell, he awkwardly looked up at the Andorian from his supine position, a bemused part of his mind wondering if he'd be the only one to finish breakfast without an assault charge.

After Enyd sat back and gave the orders, Alistair promptly sat up, as much to help her as to ease his aching back and buttocks. Not even bothering to look back at Zark, he frowned. "Hang on. My girlfriend deserves better than the deck," he said disapprovingly as he got to his feet, his erection still quite prominent. With an atypically smooth motion, Alistair moved over to Enyd's side, crouched down, hooked one muscular arm under her knees with the other around her back,  then hefted her up. He simply held her for a moment, looking into her eyes with a content smirk, before carrying her to the table and setting her down upon it.

"You deserve only the best," he said reproachfully as he gently cupped one of Enyd's heels and raised a leg to the horizontal. Alistair kissed the knee lingeringly, then repeated the same treatment to the other. "Besides, someone as tasty as you should really be on the table, with the other Food? Food." Next, clearly on a roll (trying valiantly to move past the awkward dirty talk), he took one of Enyd's hands and kissed the palm. Guiding her hand to his cheek, he did the same to her other palm before slowly moving to kiss Enyd, although it was a gentle meeting of lips, a brief promise more than anything more.

After pulling back, Alistair looked into Enyd's eyes for a moment, and seeing the answer to his wordless question, he nodded minutely, his own nerves and uncertainty evident. At that, he abruptly stepped back, faced Zark and crossed his arms. The attempt at appearing 'stern' was diminished somewhat by his nudity and his erect manhood, still glistening after Enyd's intense oral attention.

"Alright Zark," he said firmly (or as firmly as he could, with his heart hammering and nervous butterflies rampaging). "You did this to us. How do you propose to make it right?"

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Out and about the ship | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

Zark's danger sense had gone off, but she was supposed to be in a safe place, so Zark could only respond with undignified "Wahh!" as her foot was pulled out from under her and she smacked into the ground with a thud.  Enyd came within a hairs breadth of having her face caved in when she grabbed Zark's ankle though since the combat medic's automatic reaction was to let loose with her free foot to get the attacker.  Instead, she let out a small groan as she realized her fall had been bad and she'd fallen on her chest and chin instead.  Rolling over, she gave the hangry and horny CDO a fulminating look that apparently did nothing to convey Zark's own sense of incredulous as to what just happened.  The buxom Andorian was busy gently rubbing her chest when Enyd put forth her order and the motions across the Andorian's front stopped as the Zhen quirked a quizzical eyebrow.  The other eyebrow joined the first when Alistair made his move and planted Enyd on the table and almost placed her butt on the plate she'd set aside for him.

Sitting here with her legs tucked beside her, Zark watched as Alistair made a valiant attempt to be both smooth and suave, and despite the situation she grinned at the effort.  Even when he turned to demand that Zark fix the situations, she could pick up the tremor of uncertainty in his voice.  It was an occupational hazard of her department.  Zark contemplated grabbing some eggs and stuffing it in both the human's mouths, then mashing their faces together.  On the other hand, an invitation of sorts had been issued and Zark was now free to take part and be herself.  Since she was part of an Andorian household that effectively had two cops in it, that meant there was always a set of cuffs around, and someone was always on the bottom.  Zark had played both top and bottom and saw no reason not to do so now.  Alistair also had no idea what he was asking for.

Zark's head dropped and her loose hairs fell over her face and the Andorian went ahead and sniffed.  Looking up at Alistair, with big doe eyes and a pout, she sniffed once more.  "I apologize that my lord and lady are displeased with my service and I must make amends to satisfy their insatiable needs." The dramatically distraught Andorian stood up and unbuttoned her vest, with a slight stretch, that fell to ground.  Next came the blouse that Zark pretty much ripped off with the machine gun sounds of button popping and littering the floor.  Left with only a bra and a kilt on, Zark walked to Alistair, one foot in front of the other as she sashayed her way towards him, every step oozing rich sensuality.  Reaching Alistair, she ran a hand along the side of his head and down his chest before walking by and shifting to Enyd.  Taking the unkissed hand, Zark picked it up and turned the palm open then closed her eyes and placed a feather light kiss in the middle.  Acting as if it was an almost religious act, she cupped the palm to her cheek and kneeled down to the other knee and gently kissed it, then a sensuous one followed, and another up the milky white thigh.  Another followed making her way up high till she was two-thirds of the way to putting her face between Enyd's legs.  Except the Andorian instead grabbed a piece of food at random and the fates smiled as she grabbed piece of sausage and whirled on Alistair. Sticking the tubular meat stick between her lips, Zark's head dropped to just the right angle and gave the bald human the full siren treatment.  Reaching around, she gave his ass a hard squeeze to get his mouth to open and shoved the meat stick into his mouth and closed her eyes as she used her tongue to push the food in. 

The blue hellion pulled back and gave Alistair a moment to process that he had something to chew as a distraction.  Zark then placed a hand on the muscular human's chest and guided him to the couch and pushed him to sit down.  Initially, he was sensibly going for the cushion, but blue hands gripped the still hard shaft and manoeuvred him to the floor, then gave the shaft a few strokes to keep it interested.  Turning around to face Enyd, Zark arched an eyebrow then reached under her tartan, pushed her panties aside, then closed her eyes and gently lowered herself onto the still glistening shaft with an exhale and groan as she felt the long length stretch and fill her.  Taking one last moment to pull her bra off her, Zark reached for Alistair's strong hands and brought them around to her chest as she began rocking up and down on top of him.

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff  @RyeTanker

Enyd stroked Alistair’s chest and kissed it for good measure as he carried her to the table, placing her there as if she were part of the spread to be enjoyed. And she did enjoy “being enjoyed” as first Alistair administered a “healing” kiss to knee and palm before pressing his lips against hers, effectively pressing pause on the encounter. He studied her expression, searching for answers, and when he had them, his smile returned and he turned back to Zark, demanding an answer from her in a not exactly demanding tone of voice.

Her smile of amusement grew when Zark put on a demure show—thoroughly entertained as the woman was anything BUT demure—as the blue-skinned sex-fiend rose to her feet and sauntered over to the table, hands reaching for the hem of her shirt. A button bopped Enyd in the nose, causing the diplomat to jerk her head back and to the side, blinking for fear of more attacks. But there were none. And by the time Zark was close enough to touch, she was wearing only her bra and kilt. Glancing over to Alistair, Enyd’s smile grew at the sight of his bobbing erection and flushed cheeks, his eyes wide and focused entirely on the swaying mounds of Zark’s buxom chest.

Zark approached Alistair first, giving him a teasing touch, before shifting her attention to Enyd. Enyd half expected the Andorian to immediately dive between her legs and take advantage of how exposed Enyd was, but the woman showed remarkable restraint when, instead, she worshipfully kissed Enyd’s other hand. It was difficult to hold back the untimely laughter Enyd felt bubbling in her throat at the ludicrous nature of this scene as Zark then knelt in front of her and kissed her other knee, along with a good portion of her inner thigh. Enyd bit her bottom lip, actively fighting the urge to clamp her legs shut at the sudden onset of ticklish nerves. But Zark mercilessly withdrew her attention before Enyd curled into a ball, laughing and crying mercy as she rolled off the table.

Zark’s next move did elicit a gasping chuckle, though. She had a sausage in Alistair’s mouth—served up with her own—and the man pushed onto the couch within a matter of seconds. But again, Enyd’s expectations were not Zark’s reality. Grabbing Alistair by his cock, Zark wrestled the manically chewing man onto the floor. When Zark looked back to Enyd, her expression brought another chuckle of bemused amazement, as the Andorian deftly engulfed the length of Alistair between her folds, letting out a contented moan in the process. Enyd felt her arousal grow as Zark removed her bra and forced Alistair’s hands to cup her breasts as the woman moved up and down atop him.

It took great effort, but Enyd broke her gaze away from the pair just long enough to spy one of the undrunk cups of coffee still miraculously intact on the table. Taking it in hand, Enyd raised one foot to place her heel on the table close to her bum while she left the other foot dangling off the table, leaning askance onto her elbow while she lightly gripped the coffee in her free hand. Never in her life would Enyd have imagined this scenario: sitting on the table like a wanton hussy amidst a breakfast spread, sipping lukewarm coffee while she watched her best friend and boyfriend rut like wild animals on the floor next to her couch. Either the inner hussy of her grandmother that Enyd had always suspected existed but had never had the privilege to meet would be proud, or—if her grandmother really had been prude all the way through—the woman was likely turning so radily in her grave right now there would be noted earthquakes in Montana.

Only after finishing the coffee, and pouring herself a much-needed refill, did Enyd scoot herself off the table. The lust-filled sounds from human and Andorian alike were intoxicating, sending shivers of pleasure along Enyd’s spine. Padding closer on her tiptoes, Enyd continued to sip at the dark liquid, heavy-lidded gaze languidly moving from the sight of pale-pink hands on blue breasts to the erotic sight of reddish cock bobbing in and out of the blue labia. She’d seen nothing like it before, bringing to life not only a newfound passion for sharing Alistair with others, but also a strange, almost clinical curiosity.

Enyd knelt on the floor next to the pair, wide-eyes darting over all aspects of movement displayed before her. Pulling in half the rest of the coffee between her lips, but not swallowing all of it, Enyd leaned forward and pressed her lips against Zark’s as she framed her friend’s face with a light touch, in stark contrast to the impassioned love making human and Andorian were engaged in. Enyd was far more gentle about pressing the coffee into Zark’s mouth than the woman had been with Alistair and the earlier sausage. The gentleness of her effort did not prevent trickles of the liquid from spilling out of the seal of their lips, sliding down both women’s faces to sliver down their necks. If Zark moved to grab her, Enyd shifted her body to stay out of reach. Enyd had a mind to do as she pleased without interference or distraction, especially since it was Zark who was learning the benefits of a contrite spirit at the moment.

Pulling back from the coffee-tasting kiss, Enyd used a hand under Zark’s chin to tip the woman’s head up and away. Her lips and tongue tracked the remains of the caffeinated beverage down the Andorian’s neck and then further, Enyd’s hands lightly swatting away Alistair’s so she could be the one to give the rounded mounds attention. Lapping at the dark droplets on Zark’s heaving bosom, Enyd reflected on the heady mixture of emotions she was presently feeling. Arousal was a given, considering everything that had happened and was happening—both Alistair and Zark were quite vocal in what they found pleasurable. Confidence, this was an intriguing one best left for further analysis later, but being put into a position of leadership in regards to this sexual encounter was instilling a new type of confidence in Enyd that was exhilarating. Mirth that this was even happening in the first place. Unbridled curiosity, as this was the first time she’d been intimate with a woman like this, let alone an Andorian, not failing to mention this was the first time she’d ever been engaged in a threesome. And vinous anticipation at how things would proceed further.

Eyes darting up to Zark’s face, Enyd tentatively drew a pert nipple between her lips, giving it an experimental suck. She knew she enjoyed attention to her nipples, from fingers and lips alike, and based on Zark’s response, it seemed the Andorian was of a similar ilk. It was odd to have a feminine nipple between her lips, licking and lightly nipping at it in a fashion Enyd enjoyed. She found the experience entertaining, to say the least, enjoying how different touches and pressures elicited different responses from her friend. Of course, if pressed to a wall with a phaser to her head and asked if Enyd now found Zark sexually attractive, Enyd would still say no, and she knew that would likely bother some, including Zark. While she was enjoying giving pleasure, and was aroused from the combination of both Alistair and Zark together alongside her, Enyd didn’t pull away from one of Zark’s breasts to lavish attention to the other, in the process glancing at the entire visage of her friend, and feel anything more than emotional affection for her friend and an acknowledgment that Zark was both a beautiful and sensual woman. Would Enyd recoil from or reject a repeat of this scenario in the future? Not at all. In fact, based on how things were progressing now, Enyd looked forward to a repeat.

Enyd shifted away from Zark, grabbing Alistair’s hands and putting them back on the Andorian’s breasts. Her cheeks were flushed and her grin cheeky as Enyd took hold of her coffee cup again and shifted around Zark’s rhythmic movements atop Alistair's hips to get closer to Alistair himself. She repeated the process of sucking the last of the coffee between her lips before leaning over Alistair and letting the cool liquid to slowly dribble from her lips into his mouth through their kiss. Enyd continued to kiss Alistair, moving her lips along his jawline and tugging the sensitive earlobe between her lips.

“I have a crazy idea, and for it to maybe work,” Enyd’s whisper wasn’t loud enough for Zark to hear over her moans, “I need you to be on top of Zark, with her on all fours.” Giving his shoulder a playful bite, Enyd pulled back to waggle her eyebrows, “You game?” this last was spoken loud enough for Zark to hear.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


In the coming days, thinking back to the unforgettable morning romp, Alistair would wonder how he'd manage to avoid choking on his sausage, given everything else that had been happening. His only conclusion, which he would at one point voice out loud to Enyd's giggle, was that if Enyd could avoid choking on his sausage, he was compelled by the power of love to do the same. No other explanation short of divine intervention seemed to explain the achievement of safely swallowing a mouthful of sausage while Zark screwed him senseless.

Indeed, there was something mildly degrading about a man being pulled on his hard cock like a dog on a theory. However, after receiving some enthusiastic oral sex from Enyd, then watching Zark remove her blouse, lavish attention on Enyd and orally deliver a sausage to him, Alistair was so powerfully aroused that he couldn't think straight if he tried. Enyd and Zark had evidently both become experts at driving him insane, and Alistair could do little but hang on for dear life.

When Zark turned around after depositing him on the deck, his back against the couch, he was briefly dissappointed, wondering if she was going to return to Enyd (hardly an unwelcome outcome, in fairness)...then she reached up under her kilt, and all became clear. Alistair's eyes widened, his stiff manhood aching as Zark descended...and, with unerring accuracy, hit the bullseye.

Already overstimulated by the oral sex and the two beautiful women with him, Alistair groaned shamelessly around the half-eaten sausage in his mouth, barely noticing his protesting buttocks on the hard carpeted deck. Even in his frazzled state of mind, Alistair marvelled at the difference between Enyd and Zark's sex; Enyd's was warmer, tighter, whereas Zark's was cooler, more forgiving, easily accommodating his shaft. After Zark removed her bra and pulled his hands over her breasts, Alistair grunted hoarsely as Zark began her first movement atop him, leaving him helpless to do anything but sit there, squeeze her ample breasts and play with her nipples.

"" he got out around the mouthful of sausage, lost in the act of sex, the rhthmic up-and-down movement of Zark's body, the feel of her breasts in his hands, the sound of her moaning ecstasy, even the smell of her exertion. Eventually Alistair peeked over Zark's shoulder, and seeing Enyd lounging on the table, watching them idly, made him grunt with ever more enthusiasm as Zark rode him. He realised dimly that the assertion that he and Enyd had made to each other at the start of their relationship was correct: having Enyd there, watching him, watching was powerfully erotic.

Of course, so too was Enyd advancing on them, coffee in hand. Enyd kissing Zark was a contender too, though Alistair's view was blocked of anything else by the bouncing Andorian, his hands shifting to Zark's sides to support her. Enyd kissing him, though, orally delivering some coffee at the same time? That was a definite winner. Her subsequent suggestion, however, was sufficiently mysterious that it sparked Alistair's curiosity, causing him to mentally ponder the mystery even as Zark bounced with increasing vigour. The urge to go harder and faster, to bring Zark to screaming ecstasy then release inside her was strong...but damn it, the curiosity was stronger.

"Let's do it," he panted to Enyd, grinning weakly. By that point, Alistair was a mess, his cheeks and scalp noticeably flushed, sweat starting to glisten on his skin; a thorough shower would surely be called for later. Still, with enormous effort, Alistair shifted his hands from Zark's breasts to her tartan-covered hips...and, taking a strong grip, held her in place, still inside her. He pushed her up enough to get his knees under him and liberate his manhood, then got to his feet, still keeping Zark secure in his hands.

"Zark...erm...bend over for us please," he said hoarsely, placing a hand on her back to reinforce the command until the buxon Andorian was on all-fours before him. "Stay as you are, please, just...uh...just for a moment. Trust us."

Then, on a whim, he abruptly pulled Enyd for a passionate kiss. After pulling back, he grinned. "You were right: I did like you watching me," he said softly. "Just...uh, one moment. There's something that I want to try first. Call it a comparative experiment between two independent variables to determine degree of correlation in a critical shared attribute."

With that, without ceremony, Alistair got on his knees, pulled up Zark's kilt over her back, then took hold of her panties and pulled them down her legs before tossing them aside. After admiring Zark's derriere for a moment, he carefully parted her buttocks, found his target and dove in. He licked, sucked and feasted with enthusiasm, clearly intent on being thorough by getting a complete taste of Zark's slick azure womanhood. Still, conscious that Enyd was waiting, It wasn't long before Alistair pulled back, content, then got back to his feet and glanced at Enyd.

"Experiment complete," he said with faux severity. "You both taste wonderful, so there is a strong correlation, though more testing may be required to determine the exact degree of correlation. What now?"

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

The buxom Andorian's hooded eyes watched Enyd as she watched Zark let out a small moan as Alistair filled and stretched her sex.  A part of her wasn't actually sure that Enyd would really go for this, but her intimate explorations seemed to have awoken something inside that the two of them were looking to explore.  Seeing no move to stop her, Zark let her mind surrender itself to the sensation of the large rod she'd impaled herself on as she rocked up and down, each wave of pleasure building upon the last and the gasps soon gave way to quiet moans that increased in volume as her excitement built up.  The Zhen closed her eyes and her head began to loll around to her own erotic dance as her hips began to gyrate while Alistair's long cock pressed further into her.

Her head being lifted didn't break the rhythm of the dance and there was a wonderful press of Enyd's lips against her own and the Zhen opened her mouth to receive whatever came her way.  It didn't matter that it wasn't a questing tongue to tantalize and explore her, but she was surprised at the warm earthy and mocha flavours that enveloped her sense of taste as the liquid pored forth into her.  Zark moaned her appreciation of the drink from her friend as she tried to swallow the liquid stimulant, and this didn't help with her ability to form a full seal on Enyd's lips.  The liquid dribbled, tickled, and sluiced it's way down her blue skin, and this drove Zark faster with excitement as she opened hooded eyes to watch the pearly brunette pull back for just a moment.  It was almost too much of a good thing as Enyd kissed her way down Zark's neck to drink the coffee on her skin and blue head leaned back to give the pink tongue greater access while she moaned out load as she switched to rocking herself in a loop on Alistair's manhood.  If pressed, Zark would readily admit that while she found both the male and female form attractive, it was the humanoid female form that excited her the most.  Not really surprising given where her gender sat in an Andorian quad since it was the Shen who would get her pregnant.  It became more special and exciting when it was her Sh'za, or a very similar friend and Zark let out a loud. "Oh Spirits Enyd! Yes!"  when she felt the pink tongue begin sucking on her sensitive and excited nipple that seemed to ratchet the volume coming from Zark's mouth even higher.

When Enyd suggested they do something else, Zark was too busy pumping the man she was on top of and could only nod jerkily in agreement as each wave of pleasure quickly spread through all her nerves.  Strong hands suddenly shifted and Zark gasped excitedly, then mewled in protest as the source of her pleasure was pulled out far short of an orgasm and she gritted her teeth at the interruption while trying to control the urge to knock Alistair back down so she could remount him.  It took a moment to process what Alistair was asking for and Zark fitfully nodded as she crawled off and felt gravity take hold of her chest as she got on her hands and knees, giving Alistair a great view of her ass.  The Zhen was breathing hard, regaining the air she'd expended and was going to give an impatient look over her shoulder.  She forced herself to wait as Leavitt talked to Enyd about his discoveries, then there was the sucking sound of a passionate locking of lips.  Suddenly there was tug at her hips, and Zark pulled her body forward to help get the panties down, and lifted each leg to make it easier for them to come completely off.  Now left exposed, Zark quirked an eyebrow at the confident sounding scientific examination that Alistair was about execute.  Shaking her butt in his direction, Zark moaned loudly as she felt a tongue and mouth envelop then penetrate her azure petals and she began to rock on the carpet excitedly, even letting herself fall onto her elbows and her breasts began to rub the carpeted deck beneath her head turned to one side to keep her airways clear.

Zark was panting as Alistair stopped and Zark seriously considered sticking her fingers inside her just so she could finish the work that Alistair kept interrupting. It was all great that everyone was communicating, but all these interruptions were becoming too much.  Wiggling her ass in Alistair direction, Zark called out was a lustfully desperate. "Alistair, pleeeaase."  If he toyed too much more with her, Alistair and Enyd were going to be treated to the sight of an overly excited Zhen screaming on the carpet as she brought herself to climax.  This proved moot as Zark's head was thrown back while she screamed happily as the long rod re-entered her.  Getting on her hands, Zark's body pumped at the pace Alistair set and Zark yelled out in ecstasy.  A brushing sensation beneath her caused the Andorian's eyes to open and instead of a carpet, she saw a smooth milky set of hips with an exposed sex beneath her.  Another sensation joined the thrusts as she felt a tongue begin to flick and work on her clit and randomly pleasurable intervals and Zark' gave in to the inevitable as she dropped herself on Enyd's crotch.  It now became a war of wills as the side of her being pleasured fought to give the mind over to the sensation while the mind insisted on giving back to Enyd.  While the mind had some control and drew on a lot of experience, azure lips surrounded the pink clit underneath and began to suck and kiss while the blue tongue flicked the intensely sensitive nub about while teasing the areas of the labia she could reach.  Zark gave a valiant effort, but she was far more along towards cumming than Enyd and Alistair were and also outnumbered.  She would lose very quickly and it showed when she couldn't orally stimulate Enyd any further as her body demanded she scream her joy with each thrust and lick of her petals.  "Ahhhhh Spirits......Uhnnnn...Ali......stair........cum in me........please." The Zhen managed to get out as she dropped her head on Enyd's thigh and committed one of her hands to sexual autopilot and let them stimulate the brunette's folds with whatever pattern it could come up with.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


With the taste of both Enyd and Zark on his lips, there was a moment when Alistair assessed the situation with an odd detachment: Zark on her knees, her hips quivering from rampant need, the kilt folded over her back, exposing her blue buttocks and slick cyan womanhood. Enyd, almost as naked, with the classic Enyd smirk that promised wondrous chaos. His own body, completely unclothed, sweat slicked over his chest and arms, his manhood twitching with arousal.

In that moment of objective detachment, from the movement of her eyes, Alistair abruptly realised what Enyd wanted, and he raised an eyebrow as he smirked back at her. Zark's pleading cry jerked him sharply back to reality, however, and without further ado, Alistair grasped Zark's hips and penetrated her once more. He grunted at the feel of Zark, glad to be in control for once, and as he started to drive deep into Zark again, it took real effort to be steady. Instead he glanced at Enyd and with a content grin, flicked his eyes down at Zark in invitation.

It was only after Enyd had situated herself, the trio all quite comfortable, that Alistair turned up the pace of his thrusts into the lusty Andorian. Remembering Zark's prior rough treatment all too well (and with his own buttocks still aching a little), he showed no mercy as he drove inside her, slapping her rear a couple of times for good measure just to vent some irritation. A sudden wet touch on his heated testes drew a gasp from the poor pent-up boyfriend, looking down to catch Enyd's face below his waist. The sight only spurred him on, genuine annoyance with Zark delaying his own orgasm even as the trio grew ever more enthusiastic in the mutual act of sex.

With grunts, groans, moans and throaty name calls filling Enyd's quarters, Alistair briefly wondered if the room had soundproofing, before immediately deciding that he didn't care a whit if the entire ship heard them. He almost missed Zark's desperate pleading as Enyd chose that exact moment to play with his dangling hot nethers, but there was little more he could do to accommodate Zark's request save for more ferocious fucking. Determined to cum in the maddenning woman, Alistair was further annoyed when he heard Zark's undeniable orgasmic cry, his manhood abruptly feeling some extra wetness inside her, but not yet ready to return the favour.

Suddenly he felt Enyd's hands on his hips...and then her tongue started exploring an area where no one had gone before.

"Enyd!" he cried out in alarm as in a flash, moments after Zark, his own orgasm rushed through his body, his aching shaft finally pumping his hot seed deep into the shaking Andorian. Panting all the while, Alistair's thrusts decelerated until he finally pulled out of Zark, falling back on his rump, panting after the thorough exertion. Sanity slowly returned, and the sheer absurdity of the situation suddenly struck Alistair as he beheld the inverted women before him, only emphasised as a drop of his seed dropped from Zark's womanhood onto Enyd's clavicle.

"Okay, that's a pretty good breakfast," he got out in bafflement as he rubbed the sweat out of his eyes. Post-coital wit was not, as it turned out, one of Alistair's strong suits.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

The happily yelling Zhen's body jerked every time Alistair rammed his long rod in and she revelled in the smoothness of the soft thigh she was using as a cushion.  Despite what Alistair was feeling, Zark had entered 'play' mode when they'd started, so she was operating with a different mindset when she felt the first sting across her shapely butt and the cry of pleasure could have been mistaken for one of pain as well.  The blue woman began to mewl between pants as her bouncy posterior wobbled from side to side and after a few more pumps Zark began to mix in purrs between moans as she smiled when the endorphins kicked in to her rump and mixed with the pleasure of being rubbed into her. 

Zark felt the pressure reach it's peak and as Enyd gave her swollen blue clit one last lick and she began yelling as the orgasm over overtook her.  Pushing herself more vigorously on the long rod inside her, Zark could feel the press of pleasure that raced through her nerves. A mere moment passed in the tidal wave when Alistair emptied his seed into her and the Zhen couldn't do much beside bury her face in Enyd's thigh as she continued to be loudly wracked by the orgasm.

The Andorian floated in the after glow as her body settled down and she turned her head to look across to Enyd's other leg and she giggled happily at the sight her fingers still stuck inside Enyd's sex.  Pulling them out with a quiet wet pop, Zark put them in her mouth and sucked the juices off and giggled once more.  There was a bit of struggle as the Andorian pulled her body off Enyd's, but she managed to crawl off and turn herself around where she gave the panting humans a waggle of her eyebrows and a grateful smirk before looking down at the juncture between the brunettes legs.  With the glow starting to fade, Zark took a moment to push a few stray hairs behind her ears before her mouth descended on Enyd's womanhood and the blue tongue moved to first flick and tease outer folds and moved up to the clit and her whole mouth covered it to suck, play, and help bring Enyd along to her own climax.

While Zark was working on the moaning and panting Enyd, an errant thought crossed her mind about Alistair fucking her and the blue woman brought her fingers in quickly to replace her mouth and Zark spent a few moments consult her erogenous rolodex while testing the pleasure zones on the human before continuing to screw her friend silly.  Turning her racy gaze on Alistair, Zark smirked at the man who was still coming to grips with everything that had just happened.  "Alistair, if you really wanted to play rough, all you had to do was ask.  I really didn't expect you to be so aggressive in bed, or maybe it's just with little me?"  The blue hellion asked in a faux cute voice while she moved forward to give a full profile of her gravity defying orbs.  Zark's smile became utterly ravishing as her eye lids dropped just a touch as her voice became throaty and a faux demure that would only fool the most socially blind person in existence. "Do I vex you mightily master?  Do you feel the urge to....put me in my place?"  Zark bit her lower lip and her mobile eye brows bounced up and down a few times as she gave Alistair the look a predator usually gave their trapped prey.

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff  @RyeTanker

As much as she enjoyed Zark’s attention, and for as close to climax as she was, Enyd was still a woman on a mission. Be it seen as a positive or a negative, the obsessive trait of fulfilling a mission at any cost dictated much of Enyd’s behavior and thought process in both professional and personal settings. Her mission now: to fulfill another fantasy Alistair shared with her, and one she also found tantalizing.

After she’d randomly encountered the kinbaku knots with Via, Enyd had shared insights of the experience with Alistair, and together they’d determined that should the opportunity arise with a third party, it could be arousingly amusing to try them out. Since Enyd was the only one of the two who’d already tried them out and mastered a few of them, she mentally prepared herself to be the one tying the knots. And given Zark’s continued twerpish, erotically tantalizing behavior, it seemed fitting that she be the one getting tied up. However, given the nature of the knots, Enyd was not about to force the experience on her friend, no matter how much she may deserve a little discipline.

“Alistair,” calling to her lover, Enyd raised herself up on her elbows, being gentle about twisting her torso away from Zark, thereby temporarily breaking off Zark’s ready access to her sex. “It sounds like we should test out the kinbaku discipline for this wayward maid.” Tossing her hair over her shoulder, Enyd glanced at Alistair, then over to her replicator, “If you get the goods ready, I’ll work on the maid.”

Tucking her legs under her hips, Enyd raised herself onto her knees and leaned close to Zark, pressing her lips against the woman’s neck in a soft kiss. Running her hands over the tops of Zark’s shoulders, Enyd kept her posture open, her touch soothing, and her tone equally calm and soothing as she spoke.

“I’d like to try something else new with you and Alistair, but if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.” Pulling back from the almost embrace, Enyd traced a light touch along Zark’s jawline. “It requires trust, love, and a certain willingness to approach intimacy with creative flamboyancy.” Tipping her chin toward one of the chairs miraculously still sitting upright around her table, Enyd directed her friend’s attention to the proposed setting for the next stage of their morning workout. “If you aren’t game for it, we can share a shower instead.” Enyd didn’t want her friend to feel pressured into doing something she didn’t want and so offered an alternative, but she also didn’t hide the glimmer of hope in her gaze as she waited for the Andorian’s acquiescence or refusal.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

Despite the gripping, groaning, panting, moaning, twisting and every other motion and sound that indicated that Enyd was well on her way to cumming; Zark had to yank her fingers back when the brunette twisted away lest she grab or poke somewhere painfully and completely kill the mood.  The Andorian gave an arched white eyebrow as she twisted her lips to figure out what Enyd was up to since she infuriatingly and stubbornly refused to give herself to the the pleasure being visited upon her.  This sense of puzzlement and curiosity overrode the urge to jump the human and smother her so the blue fingers could continued their work which would have likely have rendered green eyed seductress insensate within another minute or so. 

As Zark watched Enyd make her proposition to Alistair on something unknown but possibly quite kinky, the Zhen waited and purred in delight as she felt the brushes against her neck and she leaned her head back automatically, giving her friend more access to deliver those mesmerizing touches. Silvery long hair flowed over her shoulder as she dipper her head to follow the caress while she listened to what was the next step in their little act of love this morning, and when she was given the choice to keep going or not, she felt an all too familiar excitement begin to warm her chest and make it's way down towards her waist and the pleasure nerves between her legs.  Turning her head to give Enyd a measuring glance to be sure she knew what the human had in mind. The question was brief, the clarification was admirably short.  The quest for understanding was rather extended by comparison as Zark turned to face Enyd and held her hands on her nude thighs, but made sure to address Alistair as well.  "Let me get this straight, you want to artfully bind me for my transgressions, and let's make no mistake about this, I'm the one getting tied up since I'm the one doing my level best to tease you two into fulfilling a fantasy." Zark looked between the two humans before continuing. "Then with me properly bound, Alistair is gonna have his delectable way with me, and you too when you figure out that part?"

The Zhen didn't give either one time to confirm or deny what was being suggested as she shrugged and smiled.  "I'm pretty sure Ida is going to want to kick my ass for this, but I don't see why not and we should try it at least once, besides, I'm quite sure we can sell tickets to the fight."  Zark gaily released a hand and tapped on her chin as she looked up for a second. "It's definitely more elaborate than the last time I got tied up for fun."  Seeing the looks on the two human's faces, the Andorian decided to elaborate whether they wanted it or not.  "Well, we, meaning the quad,  decided to take a trip to well that doesn't matter, but Ryzit and I got there first and the boys got held up, Ryn on some teacher's conference and Shrav on a delivery out at one of the farms.  Anyway, after the first couple of rounds, my hand cuffs hit the floor and we get the bright idea to bind my ankles to my arms."  Zark smiled as the memory came bubbling up to her fore brain. "That's how the guys found me and well, I was pretty busy after that. Though poor Ryzit had to masturbate to keep herself occupied while the guys what was that term? Right, spit roasted me.  Of course Ryzit insisted that she get cuffed next and had her turn.  I think she drained them since her appetite is so damn big."  Zark finished her reminisce and looked back at the two humans and smiled at their expressions. "What? Are we gonna do this or not?" Zark asked as she put her hands together and swung them between Alistair and Enyd while bobbing up and down.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


Momentarily spent and more than a little dazed, Alistair was left to simply sit back, watch and enjoy the sight of Zark's curvy buttocks pointed up in the air, all while Enyd withstood the Andorian's relentless onslaught. It was powerfully arousing sight, especially when Zark turned around and began teasing him, all while continuing to draw moans from the writhing Enyd. It was just as well that Alistair had already climaxed, or else he'd already be...

Woah, he thought as he felt his groin react. It was still far too soon to reach a true erection, but his manhood was beginning to ache all the same as it slowly engorged once more. That's got to be a personal record. It can't have been more than a couple of minutes.

Feeling rather audacious all of a sudden, Alistair got to his feet and crossed his arms, fixing Zark with a glare that was reinforced by his powerful body, if undermined by the amusement in his eyes. "After everything you put me through during training, you're right, I owe you one." After a moment's consideration, he added thoughtfully, "more than one. Many more than one. I...we...really need to teach you a lesson..."

When Enyd proferred her suggestion, Alistair offered a small smile even as, in a rare moment of sanity, he marvelled at what was happening. This wasn't just sex; this was fun, liberating, in a way that he'd never experienced before. Zark was extraordinary, true, easily more erotic and arousing than any woman whom he'd been with before, but sharing the experience with Enyd was...indescribable.

I'm falling for this woman. After less than two weeks. Wow.

The program for the shibari ropes was already in the replicator's quick-access menu, although neither Alistair nor Enyd had expected to use it so soon. With that, Alistair turned back to the two women as Enyd made her offer; they had both agreed that they'd get express consent first...

Zark's reply was immediate, ernthusiastic and detailed, emphasised by merry bouncing, such that Alistair was grinning as he returned to Enyd, rope in hand. "Well, she is asking for it," he said drily as he glanced at Enyd, trying not to dwell on the mental image of Zark's husbands having their way with her. A glimpse of a shuttle passing by the window was a sharp reminder of other things, but Alistair was too enthused to let it get to him.

"We have a little time," Alistair said to his devilish girlfriend, "so...uh...I'm inclined no mercy. How about you?"

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @RyeTanker

Enyd had to blink a few times to clear the image of Zark being penetrated by one spouse while she sucked another off from her mind. Zark was a beautiful woman, and Enyd openly admired her friend’s beauty, albeit without sexual desire, yet the vividly painted picture in her mind was arousing enough for Enyd’s cheeks to crimson while her friend held up her hands, suddenly eager to be bound. Alistair mercifully brought her out of her imagined musings by agreeing to the concept, ropes in hand, when she looked over toward him. Enyd's love of complexity and mischief was sparked by his comment about no mercy..

“What’s your safe word, Zark?” Enyd asked as she got to her feet and led Zark to a chair.

Although Enyd wasn't a shibari master, Alistair was still a student since he hadn't experienced the same situation as Enyd with Via. Giving Zark quick peck along with a playful push, Enyd worked together with Alistair to first secure Zark’s ankles to the chair, legs splayed open. She’d done some studying on the nerve paths involved in the art of this type of intimacy since her last encounter with Via, having found the experience altogether fascinating, and so she had better understanding of why and how to tie loops around Zark’s thighs before looping the ropes in intentionally angular pathways around her abdomen, working to both secure her arms to her sides and her torso to the chair, also assisting to lend pressure to the nerve pathways whenever Zark did choose to squirm. Enyd skipped the intricate knot around Zark's neck since she wasn't ready to experiment with air pathways yet.  Her wrists were tied behind her back and her legs were spread wide open, leaving her exposed.

“Your turn.” Enyd gave Alistair no warning before she pushed him off balance, hands on his shoulders to encourage him to kneel. “I got tied up last time.” She tossed a playful wink at Zark over her shoulder while she sashayed to the replicator to get more rope. “Is your safe word still quantum compensator, dear?”

Before returning to Alistair’s side, she diverted to the table long enough to drop off a series of items she intended to use on both her partners in due time. Enyd spent hours researching and eagerly shared her findings with Alistair, but Zark would be unimpressed if she found out. Not everyone found research sexy. And not everything had turned out to be something she particularly liked or fully understood, and more than once, either she or Alistair had nearly had to go to the infirmary, or engineering, to get out of the knots, literal and figurative her curiosity and wrought upon them. Now they had a willing third party to act out a few other ideas with, and Enyd was more than a little excited, hence why she’d replicated two sets of nearly every notable object known to be used in these types of scenarios.

Reaching out to run a finger over one of Zark’s pert nipples then tracing the same finger down the Andorian’s sternum and on further, stopping just below her belly button, Enyd blew a kiss at her friend before again giving Alistair her full attention. This was the newest position she’d learned, one that had his thighs secured to his calves and his arms raised up and tied with his wrists behind his neck, keeping his chest broad and open, with various loops of ropes zigzagging around his torso, and dipping between his legs, also to impact the nerve pathways sensually. With both Alistair tressed up at her feet and Zark waiting on the chair, Enyd felt a delicious shiver of sensual awareness course through her body. Never in all the years before this moment would she have thought to be in this situation, be it as one of the ones tied up or the one doing the tying. Yet, here they were.

“Now, since I lack more than two hands,” Enyd licked her lips in anticipation as she went to the table and retrieved the first item. “A little assistance is in order.”

Bending down in front of Alistair, giving Zark a full view of her sex, Enyd sealed her lips against his, drawing his tongue into her mouth while her fingers deftly slipped the cock ring down the length of his member. With a press, the ring came to life, sending out a constant subtle vibration up the length of his cock and down into his balls. They’d used it once before, and Enyd looked forward to sharing in the vibrations once he was sheathed inside her. Darting back to the table for a moment, Enyd returned with a pair of nipple clamps.

“Your turn now, my love.” Giving him a wink, Enyd put the clamps in place, adjusting the pressure as Alistair requested, and then she clicked the button on each clamp to initiate the pulsing wave she’d found so pleasurable when they’d used them on her last time. Enyd flirted with Alistair, teasingly showing him an oil vial. It wasn’t so long ago that they’d first come across this seemingly innocuous material that had brought them both to their knees. “Klar sends his love.” Enyd drew Alistair’s earlobe between her lips, giving it a playful nip, before she rubbed generous amounts of the oil over his naked flesh.

As she worked, Enyd described its effects to Zark, her playful smile offering promise to the restrained Andorian. Only once every inch of Alistair was coated in the oil, his flesh already bearing the flushed color of arousal thanks in part to the cock ring and the oil’s effects, did Enyd return to the table. Enyd presumed the effects of the oil would be stronger for Zark since she was from an ice planet, and she hoped that it didn’t prove too much for her. While they’d been on Qo’Nos, they’d seen other non-Klingons sporting the oil smeared on their skin, but she couldn’t recall an Andorian among them. As she pulled the second pair of nipple clamps from the table, adjusting their pressure so they would be noticeable but not biting, Enyd shivered. She certainly wasn’t immune to the effects of the oil, though she had it coated on her hands. It was definitely affecting her, enhancing her senses, and sending delicious waves of hot cold over the nerves in her hands. With a slicked-up vibrating boyfriend on one side and a well-oiled Andorian on the other, Enyd sighed exaggeratedly as she studied the various objects on the table.

“What to do…what to do…” She lowered her fingers to lightly trace over each of the objects, occasionally bringing one up for Zark to study, before shaking her head and returning it to the table, “Ah,” wrapping her fingers around the silk scarf, Enyd leered at her friend, “here we go.”

First, she let the material lightly across Zark’s shoulders, letting it flutter over her chest, briefly touching the skin on her thighs. Then Enyd tied the scarf around Zark’s face, obscuring her view but not sealing it off entirely. Everything would be faded, colored pink, as Zark had to look through the thin material of the scarf. Leaning down, Enyd kissed Zark through the scarf. As she pulled away, Enyd smirked, first at Zark, then at Alistair.

“Shall we play some more?”

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