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The temporal affairs officer watched the way Ami'kris rolled her hips as she walked. While humans might find the gait awkward, Sarresh's own gait was no steadier. Both aliens were clearly built for something other then just straight walking on land, and Sarresh took comfort in the familiar of another Ash'reem in a sea of alien life. And it amused him to watch her attempt to discreetly rearrange her appearance. She didn't need to, not that he would tell her of course.

He saw that step falter, just a bit, as she got closer to him. He figured she'd picked up on his state, and her words proved him right. While the biowrap did dampen the natural pheromones that the Ash'reem used to communicate almost as much as, if not more then their vocal language, so that Humans and other aliens serving in StarFleet wouldn't be affected, it could not completely hide the emotional well being or lack there of, of one Ash'reem to another. And he was in such a state that he didn't push her hand away, even tho they were still in public, but instead leaned into her touch.

His nostrils flared for a just a moment, as his eyes closed behind his own goggles; he could smell the scent on her hand, someone else, alien, but male. His eyebrows rose just a bit, but he gave no more reaction than to say, ~Lead on, Ami'kris~. In their own tongue, neither Ash'reem bothered with rank. He had not intended to force the young woman to change her plans to meet with her father, simply accompany her, but, as they ended up secluded among the various stacks of supplies, he couldn't find it in himself to push for entering the ship and resuming Ami'kris' original plan.

Once they were alone, he leaned against a crate, and swept a hand thru his slick hair, similarly adjusting it as she had done to her own. ~Where to begin?~ he finally asks. Now secluded, he was suddenly...shy? That added to the mix of confusion and anger. not sure who I am, anymore.~ he finally said. After all, that was the root issue.

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The lights were dimmed in the make-shift sanctuary they'd found, yet it was still too bright to remove their goggles. No matter. Amikris followed Sarresh over to that crate and scented him as much as she listened to his few words. The combination of the plentiful chemical signature and lesser words still relayed enough for her to make assumptions. Perhaps it would be presumptuous of her to make a qualified guess, but as she stood there at arms length from him - head tilted and eyes searching those multi-coloured features - she believed the truth lay in the circumstances they were in.

~ Who you are... ~ she said, frowning, twisting his confession around in her head. She was no counsellor, and it felt ironic how he'd had to stand in for one the other night when she needed someone, only to have the tables turned on him now. Who might have made him doubt who he was? Sure, she knew about his erased memories, so who might be privy to know more than him? Oh, of course. ~ Has the Captain said anything to you? What about that Temporal Directive of yours? Did he... I mean she... I mean, the Captain, did the Captain break..? ~

No, Ives was too much of a stoic and regulations-abiding Starfleet Officer to do that, and in the end, it did not matter, for what she said next was the truth as she saw it. The truth that should matter to him. It was true Sarresh might deem her young and inexperienced, and she knew she had not done much to elevate that low regard. Especially when thinking about how she had thrown herself at him the first thing she did when she saw him in the Science Labs. Still, she knew truth in her own subjective way, and it was truth enough for her right then. Hopefully, it was enough for him too. Especially when he knew no other truth about himself than the present facts.

~ Listen to me, ~ she said, reaching up to lay her hands upon Sarresh's shoulders, her four thumbs stroking the fabric of his uniform as she sought his gaze behind his goggles, ~ Whatever has been said. Whatever you think you know. Whatever you may have forgotten about who you were. You still are. You exist right here. Right now. You make up what kind of man you want to be, and you know what? The man I have come to know - in this brief time together - is a kind man and someone I know I can trust. You may not know that you are the kind of man that conveys trust. You doubt yourself because of ignorance of the future, but you are not in the future, you are here. Now. With this crew. With me. ~

Feeling that they both needed it, Amikris slid her webbed fingers down his chest and wrapped her arms about his waist - hugging him.

~ Is that not enough? ~ she said in a faint voice, wanting him to know how much she needed him.

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"Hah. A war hero." he said with a chuckle. "A war hero who blew a hell of a hole in his own ship. And nearly in himself, for that matter." he said, folding his arms across his chest. "But if it works, then I suppose that the end justifies the mean." Reflecting inwardly, he scowled. "A fucking stupid mistake. It almost killed us all. Luckily, I was the only one hurt by it. Can you even imagine what they would have done to me? An unauthorized action, later approved only out of desperation? If it hadn't worked, I would be in a hell of a situation. They'd need someone to blame, and it would be me." he rolled his eyes. "But either way, it worked, so I'm a big hero now. If we ever get back home, I expect you to be at my parade." he said, his tone lightening a bit.

"Ah, so you're the one who cut my uniform off of me." he said with his trademark toothy grin. "Then you may just have an idea of what you're up against tonight. Impressive, no?" he said lewdly, never wiping the grin off of his face. "But as for your original question, yes, I should have another uniform stashed in a crate somewhere. If nothing else, I'll walk around in my skivvies until Captain Ives is forced to provide me another one to keep me from distracting the crew. You don't expect to see me in uniform tonight, do you? I don't want any sort of a reminder of the past few days. I'll most likely come dressed in my civvies. Or if it would help to get you relaxed, I could come in my underwear. Hell, it's a hotspring anyway." he said, smiling.

"I don't know. It might be better to discuss once you have some alcohol in you." he said, smiling, trying to cut what seemed like tension trying to build. "But I suppose that you're right. It would be quite unfair of me to ruin our date. Just promise me that if I don't like your answer now, you'll reconsider after our date. I may be able to better persuade you later." he said, smiling. Clapping his hands together and wringing them, he started, "Alright. Where to begin? Well. Captain Ives informed me that I've been reassigned to the USS Theurgy. I have to undergo extensive training in tactics, warfare and all things related thereof. I'm going to be the new Chief Tactical Officer, I have to have medical clearance to do all sorts of mean, nasty, ugly things in a holosuite, and he said something about not wanting me to hemorrhage. If you agree to the terms and conditions, you may kiss me. Or just say that I'm good to go. Either way, really." he grinned, almost out of breath from talking so quickly and nonchalantly. "See? I'm sure you would be more inclined to sign off on me if you had some alcohol. But either way, I can prove to you tonight that I'm perfectly fine for strenuous physical and mental activity."

"Yeah, shitfaced." he said, seeing her concerned look. "I assure you that it will most likely, and more than hopefully not involve defecation or anyone's visage." he said with a chuckle, remembering that not everybody was as enamored with antiquity as he. "It's a twenty-first century colloquialism. Synonymous with obliterated, wasted, smashed, hammered, trashed. It means utterly, hopelessly drunk. Drunk enough to forget that I'm on some backwoods planet without a home that I can go back to. To forget, just for now, that soon, I'll be charged with defending a starship that an entire empire seeks to turn into a sum of its' parts. Make sense?" he said, starting lightly, and then becoming more grave before giving a lighter emphasis at the end. "I apologize, I'm not trying to be a downer. I've just never been good at this whole interpersonal interaction business."

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She nodded silently as he spoke about blowing a hole in their own ship. Perhaps the action was a bit suicidal, yet it managed to save their lives. Something to be expected from a war hero perhaps? Someone who thinks outside the box and successfully completes the objective at hand. "At least you're alive to tell the tale. There are quite a few crewmembers that won't be able to do so." She spoke eventually on a soft tone. It felt like she was bringing the buzz of the conversation down but when he told her he'd have to be at his parade, she smiled faintly and shuckled "Are you sure you want to have eye witnesses of your heroic actions at your parade?"

She looked down at him as his toothy grin appeared again and she laughed softly "Are you sure you want to go there? I've seen a lot of things as a doctor Rennan, let's say that this hardly was a shocking sight." she whispered with a teasing voice "Besides the injuries on your body took priority..." She listened now again to the newly promoted lieutenant. "Hmm, I think we might have some free time clothing laying around here if you don't mind wearing that. I was planning to wear my uniform tonight, but I guess I could go and change into something more soothing for the hotspring."she answered him and she shook her head "So feel free to wear anything that you wish to wear. Not naked preferably.." she smiled with a grin.

As she heard him out Amelya prepared the documents for transferring Rennan to green and possibly his resignation from the first aid station. She had already given in to the Miles and wasn't about to just give in this time. She did learn that it would be of the highest importance for him to follow these courses and training, yet she made the mental note for herself that both actions would be too straining for the man. Especially after his accident. "I admire your determination Rennan, I know this is highly important for you. However, I can't allow you to follow the tac con training and have you walk around on engineering. Even if you think you're strong enough for it, your body has taken quite a heavy beating after your heroics. I didn't wish to tell you this yet you came pretty close to ending up with them." She nodded towards the stasis room and looked seriously at him "So no I won't allow you to follow both of the things that have been given to you by Renard or Ives. You'll have to make a choice and even with that you'll need close medical surveillance to follow up your condition." She kept her eyes on his now and looked away "I'm sorry I can't let you do both things."

"As for alcohol, I'm sure some of it might do you some good to get all of these things out of your head." She listened now to what shitfaced truly meant and she smiled a bit "Makes sense." She said softly and felt a bit bad now for denying the man to top tier projects. "Don't worry about your communications skills Rennan you're doing fine..."

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"You're right. Eyewitnesses may not be a good idea. The story would be a lot more heroic the way I plan to tell it."

"Oh. I'll go there, don't you worry. Its' feigned docility is just to lure you in. It can be much more dangerous to others than my bodily injuries can to me." he said, grinning and laughing. "As for tonight, I think I have an outfit I'd like to wear. I've had it since my academy days. It's always proven to be good luck for me." he winked at the doctor, the smile never leaving his face.

Not until her next bit, anyway. "It's not that this is important to me. It's that I need this. All of it. I'm not trying to say anything against you, but you don't know anything about me. Determination isn't the word for what I have. I understand what you're saying, doctor, but I might as well be in one of those stasis tubes if I'm not allowed to do anything but sleep and consume resources. I'm not a goddamn invalid." quickly, a look of shame flashed across his face. "I'm..." he stuttered, not sure of what to say. "I was out of line there. I apologize. Even so, I do hope that you'll be willing to reconsider later. Both of these things mean a great deal to me. I require the tac con training, so that is a priority. However, those fighters are my children. Do you know how many countless hours I spent designing and building those Valkyries? I was in the shop for hours after everyone else left, and in many cases was still there when they got back. I understand that I'll get to work on them some after we're underway, but nothing like here on the surface. Right now every 'next move' could be the one that determines our fate. Those valks could do that... But I digress." he said, smirking. "I'll change your mind yet."

"Alcohol is the best medicine when I get like this. Well, second best, to be perfectly fair. Okay then, third. Third. The first two are a tie for first." he said, working on lightening up the mood since he felt that he'd been such a downer. "Either throwing people around on a mat, or the love of a good woman comes before alcohol." he said with a grin.

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Sarresh shook his head at that first question, even as he sensed that Ami'kris had already reached the proper answer. No, Jien Ives had not violated the temporal prime directive, not exactly, even if the Captain had given Sarresh far more to think about then the Ash'reem male clearly wanted. About his past, implications about what he'd done, what Jien knew, and what he didn't know. No, the Captain had kept her words well within the regulations.

it was Sarresh that was having the trouble with it, and without really having to voice it all, the young woman across form him had been perceptive enough to strike at the heart of the issue. It made it much easier to "talk" about something when he didn't actually have to talk at all. There was some irony to that, he had to admit. is hard to push it all aside, what I might have been...what I was supposed to be~ he told her as she hugged him,'re right. I should be focusing on the here, and the now.~

He swallowed. She was young, when compared to him. And yet. She was right. She was right. She trusted him, needed him, and that...maybe that would be enough. ~maybe it is...maybe it is~ he drew in a deep breath through his nose and buried his face into her bright hair, taking the time, while he could, to enjoy the solice of her embrace. The certainty that, even if he didn't know who he'd bee...she seemed to know who he was, now.

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When Sarresh said that being with this crew and in the present - with her - might be enough, Amikris felt... insufficient. Was she not enough for him? It was - perhaps - selfish hurt she felt, yet it had the effect that his words sounded like a challenge. Would she have to convince him? Could she? How?

She opened her eyes behind the lenses of her goggles. Perhaps the easiest answer was the best one. Both to soothe whatever hurt Captain Ives had dealt him with his - or her - omissions and unknown words about the future, but also to make him appreciate the fact that people of the present had come to depend upon him too. For perhaps it was her obligation to make him feel welcome, since Ives seemed to be failing in that regard. Luckily, as Ash'reem, she hoped she might know how to tempt Sarresh feel good about being yanked out of the ever-changing timestream.

~ Maybe? ~ she asked, and her hands slid down to cup his sculpted posterior, squeezing suggestively while leaning her head back - looking up into his face with a smirk. ~ You are not sure? May I argue my case in our native ways? ~

She tilted her head the other way, keeping her eyes locked upon his, and her questing hands slid around to the front of his uniform trousers instead. She moistened her lips suggestively with her gums as she opened them, effectively freeing his manhood to the evening air of the valley. Her playful smile remained as she looked around briefly, the precaution to not be witnessed by anyone from the rest of the crew merely a product of Starfleet indoctrination rather than any girly shyness.

Then, her smile still there, she slowly extended two-feet of her long tongue towards his face - as an invitation to a kiss as well as seeking his acquiescence. Already her hands had wrapped around the base of his reproductive organ, its moist Ash'reem texture added upon by her hands... as she squirted her grip full of slick regenerative paste.

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"Good luck huh?" She grinned and shook her head "You're going to need luck than Rennan?" She asked with a challenging voice as she winked at him. "I am curious though what you'll wear... I think I might go get something more suitable for where we're going as well than." She answered him as she put her medical tri corder back to her belt pocket.

She heard him out once more yet she was quite determined herself. He would have to choose, the fighters or the tac conn. She couldn't and wouldn't allow both. It would be a decision she'd regret immensely if something did happen to him. Not to mention the repercussions on her medical degree if word got out. She sighed softly and shook her head once more "I understand you completely Rennan. Yet I still can't allow you to do both, not at the same time at least. Prioritize your projects, go for Tac Conn first if you think it can save our lives. Or the fighters if otherwise. Yet my decision is made, you can't do both." She said softly and rested her hand on his "Just put yourself in my position, would you use damaged materials to build a fightworthy ship?" She knew the last bit might hit him in the face like a brick, yet she needed to make her point clear to him. Yet he seemed to be convinced he could change her mind.

"Good to hear that Rennan. I do enjoy watching sparring... Even though I mostly get one or two combatants under my care afterwards. As for love of a good woman... Well I'll just not comment on that.." She answered and chuckled a bit as she seemed to relive some memories. "So lets head to the bar than?"

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"Just put yourself in my position, would you use damaged materials to build a fightworthy ship?"

He felt rather stupid when she put it into terms he could understand. Of course not, the quality of his work would directly reflect his skill as a scientist. No, wait a minute. He wasn't going to let her do this to him. She couldn't win. Even if he couldn't change her mind yet...

"Under optimal circumstances? Of course not. In a perfect world, everything would be first class stock, cast and rolled specifically for the project. However, as you may have noticed, we don't live in a perfect world and circumstances are seldom optimal. If I felt that my options were to try to work with what I had or give up, you can bet your perky little ass I'd try." he said lightly, and with a grin. He wasn't being nearly as aggressive as he had earlier, now seeing a strategic advantage in docility.

Ignoring her last statements with a cocky grin, he nodded and swiveled around in his bed, picking up the two boxes at his bedside. Standing, he nodded. "I'll be there soon. You won't be able to miss me." he said, smiling.

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Sarresh had meant his words not as an insult to the Ash'reem girl...woman, he would have to admit; young compared to him, but Amikris was a woman in her own right. Regardless, he had not intended any harm or slight, but instead hope. Hope that things might work out, that perhaps he could build a new future. But she had taken slight, in her youth, and her determined spirit had surfaced as well, in the way she took charge of the situation. Because rank and age be damned, it was clear that the redheaded Ash'reem had taken control.

First with the hand on his ass, making the taller alien rise up on his toes with the unexpected sensation of squeezing, and then again, with the way she worked her mouth in front of him. Goggles or no, their gazes were locked tightly on one another, and the older of the two made no effort to stop the younger's advanced. Quite the opposite, in fact. When she had freed him to the night air, he stiffened, in more ways then one, and when her tongue came out to tease his, he answered in turn. Jaw unhinging slightly, his own long muscle flicked out, lapping, tasting.

His hips gave a small jerk as the length in her hand slid back and forth, oh so slowly. His own hands reached up, cupping her face and drawing her in for a full on kiss, tho their more human crew members might not recognize it as such, right away. It took a moment to swallow her tongue between his lips, as his cheeks and throat bulged out slightly. A sharp intake of air through his nose, as he reached for the zipper of her uniform jacket, jerking it down and out of the way. He could feel, underneath the teal shirt marking her branch of operations as Medical, the slightly bulky bio wrap that his species wore to keep their pheromones in check, if only somewhat. This too, shirt and wrap, he wanted gone, he needed them gone. He needed to run his slick hands over her bare body.

All worry about the future, his past, or where he was headed, what kind of man he would be? It was gone from his conscious mind. In that, at the very least, Amikris had succeeded.

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Letting out an ultrasonic purr when Sarresh cupped her face in his hands and kissed her in earnest, Amikris also tried to loose herself - to escape the real world. To forget about mom and her hurting dad. To suppress the memories of the child she lost for sake of her own survival. Right then, she focused on soothing the hurt Sarresh felt, and thus tended to her own emotional scars as well. Besides, she needed to build up the courage to face her grieving father again. So when Sarresh accepted her tongue, she accepted his - making the feeling of their oral coupling fill her mind entirely. Stroking, insistent motions of primal needs that dove down both their throats, each on turn - as if they battled to win ground within each other.

Her eyes may be closed, yet she felt him open her uniform, and she let him. She helped him too, letting go of his rigid erection with her lube-covered fingers one hand at the time in order to get out of the sleeves. Sarresh's hands upon her felt good, yet there were still too many layers in the way. She made sure at least one of her hands still worked his length as she opened the zipper of her own undershirt for him, welcoming his strong hands by pressing her body against his palms - feeling his webbed fingers against her moist and warm skin and the biowraps around her body.

He felt so warm and large in her hands, growing so big she had to squirt more paste from the ducts in her palms in order to cover it all with her secretions - stroking it harder from base to gland. She was still craning her neck to stroke her tongue against his, and to the outside onlooker, it may seem a nightmarish, alien way their gaping mouths met each other and their throats bobbed with the thrusting of their tongues, yet it was all perfectly natural to them. Even the way they touched each other, and how they had to do so on their wobbly legs, might seem like a swaying, dancing rhythm, yet it was far from Amikris mind what any others from Starfleet might think. Sarresh was hurting. She was hurting. So they had to find some kind of distraction together. Their pheromones fed of each other, as their secretions made their desires burn brighter - fanning each others' flames.

Amikris wanted to sense him without the protections. She wanted to see and feel his body with her hands, stroke him all over with her unique secretions. Make herself a part of him. She wrapped one hand around the sensitive head of his organ and yanked his uniform up - baring his abdomen to her goggles. She looked down, retracted her tongue from his mouth, and then purred again. She liked everything about him, and her need for more of him dictated the ferocity in which she went into this copulation. He was a fine Ash'reem man, and she had longed to feel him inside her. His erection beckoned for her mouth, though, so she sank to her knees and extended her tongue... wrapping it twice around his manly hardness and stroking it as only an Ash'reem woman might.

Like a snake, her tongue coiled and slid tightly around him - retracting and pushing forth in order to work the thick length fully. She had never done something like this, yet she'd heard the other Ash'reem girls tell her how to do it. Despite the oral pleasure she dealt him, she could not help but try to bare as much of his warm skin as she could from her kneeling position - pushing his uniform up and yanking at his trousers. At some points, she would pull his manhood inside her mouth entirely with her tongue - working his length whilst encompassed by her throat.

If they would loose their biowraps, they might subject the entire Transport Centre to their inclinations. Yet right then, Amikris did not care. The other species surely would not mind some distraction from their mundane duties. She needed this, and it was evident judging from Sarresh's arousal and pheromones that he needed it too.

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Sarresh felt his shirt fall away from his body, the jacket, the undershirt, all piling behind him. The bio wrap around his torso felt so...constricting. His hands were crawling over what bare flesh he could reach, letting his own ducts release a thin coating, rubbing it into Amikris' arms and shoulders, along her neck, even as she stroked his tongue with hers.

Their kiss broke with the typical slurping pop that was common among Ash'reem. It almost made him chuckle, as it had been so long since he'd had a proper kiss that the noise was funny, if familiar. But what she did next stole the laughter, and the very breath, right from him.

Her tongue felt divine as it wrapped over his warm, slick girth. He barely noticed that his pants were down around his ankles now. That his bare legs were bumping back against the cold metal of a shipping container. All that Sarresh could see was the redheaded Ash'reem girl - no, woman, no denying, she was very much a woman - on her knees before him, worshiping every inch of his thick erection. His hands ran up over his neck, into the back of his hair as he let out a very audible groan - a high pitched noise to any other ear, but a groan of pure, unrestrained pleasure to any Ash'reem listening. It was an almost embarrassing loss of control, but Sarresh owed her that, to not try to repress...not to repress at all.

As she sucked that thick, hot shaft of flesh, wrapped i tongue and lips, the time traveler reached up, and undid the bindings on his wraps. Thick plastic clasps snapped open, and the gelled substance unwound, joining the rest of his uniform on the floor. At once, the rush of pent up pheromones washed over the both of them, filling the air, assaulting his nose and hers, and frankly, anyone else's. If she wasn't already wet, the pheromones that Sarresh started pumping out, unfiltered and unrestrained, would do the job in a heart beat.

Hands sunk into her hair now, gripping, taking control. <Amikris> he moaned her name in their native tongue, as his hips bucked, pushing his shaft deeper into her throat for a few steady thrusts. Then he pulled away, tho it was so, so hard to do. He wanted to plunge himself fully into her mouth, to flood her throat with his seed, but that would be later. He needed to make her moan, he needed to feel her naked body against his and he needed it now, needed it like nothing else. <stand...>

When he had finally got her standing again, he crushed his lips to hers.,tasting himself on her mouth. He ripped her pants open, and down, hard. <Strip,> He almost ordered, his voice was horse, rugged and needy. His eyes were wide, dilated by the scent of his own excretions and his need, his lust for her, to lose himself with her if only for a moment.

Slapping his right hand against the base of her bio wrap, he pushed his hand down, and down along the curve of her stomach, sinking into her open pants. He used both of his thumbs, now that his hand was where he wanted it, to spread her folds, one to each side. The two long, middle digits rubbed against his palm, coaxing the secretion down to his fingertips from the duct in the center of his hand. Now slick, those two fingers curled in, sliding over the already dampened folds of Amikris' sex. As she stroked him, so he in turn stroked her. A soft, steady push, working the two slick fingers into her, and curling more, pulling, dragging down, back and forth, wondering how long she could stay standing if he did just this, let himself get lost in the moment, in the teasing.

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Breathless, lips pursed in need for more when asked to stand, Amikris did comply. For not only did she also crave more, but Sarresh had just removed his biowraps, and the onslaught of his pheromones made her head reel. She whimpered like a whistle made for Terran canines, a trembling tone accompanied with a stricken look in her eyes when she met his - the extent of his hurt and his needs dominating her whole being down to the primal core of her female body. He needn't say how much he wanted this. How much he needed her, for she knew it fully. Understood that he wanted to mate with her so badly that the care for the other humanoids was completely gone. The humans and the other races may do whatever they wanted with the sensations they imposed upon them, but they were going to mate right then and right there. Amikris would rather die from draught than to loose the chance to feel something else than sorrow.

~ Yes, please... Mmmhhhh, ~ she moaned when he yanked her uniform pants open by the waist, yet she was certainly not standing by idly while he made progress towards her sodden sex. No, for his magnificent, scented torso was bared to her, and she ran both a hand and her long tongue over the multi-coloured skin of his chest. Her saliva and her secretions were smeared all over him in short order, the ferocity of their copulation not having dissipated even if her mouth had left his organ. Her other hand still remained wrapped tightly around his girth, though - the duct in her palm squirting her grip full of lubricant so as to not chafe him with her fierce, full strokes. It was all she could do to just remove her hand from his upper body in order to unclasp her own biowraps.

When the nocturnal air hit her bared breasts and made her dark blue nipples ache even more, she groaned with a shrill noise deep down in her throat. Sarresh's thumbs spread her sex wide open for his invasive, slick fingers, and she cried out like a banshee, wobbly legs spreading as wide as possible for him - hips thrusting unsteadily against him. She pressed her chest against his strong frame for support, feeling her areolae scrape against his fluid-covered skin. She licked him, smeared him with her unique nectar wherever she may reach, tugged at his magnificent arousal until she could not abide standing up any longer.  Her knees were giving in to the sheer force of his pheromones and the penetration of his digits.

~ Take me now, please, I beg of you... ~ she pleaded with him, words rushed and broken, ~ make me forget.... and I will make you new memories... Please! ~

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Caught up in the moment now, those fingers pumping, twisting inside of the other Ash'reem, Sarresh let out another moan. Need, desire was flooding his scent now. With the biowraps gone, neither alien could hide what they felt from the other; for the other, or in general. The pain, the sorrow, the cartilage deep ache, mixed with the need and newfound desire from Sarresh. And he in turn could smell her want, her lust for him; and the pain she'd endured. The loss of her mother; the contention with her father; the ordeal she'd been subjected to. He might not pick up all the specifics, but she was as hurt as he, for different reasons.

~ Take me now, please, I beg of you... ~ she pleaded with him, words rushed and broken, ~ make me forget.... and I will make you new memories... Please! ~ How could he, how could any man resist such a plea as that? He didn't answer her, not with words. No, the slick skinned male replied with action, his mouth dipping down. A pert, blue nipple was sucked past his lips, his tongue flicking over it, teasing and tasting the sweetness that was Amikris, even as his fingers plunged deep, curled, then dragged their way out of her sodden core. Hands, powerful hands now, gripped her hips, and lifted her mightily onto a nearby by crate, her bare back pressed to the stack behind them.

Anyone even remotely close to the two Ash'reem would be feeling the effects of their pheromones; at the very least, a tense sensation in their reproductive organs. There was a chance that more then one person would succumb to the desire to find a secluded place and ease the tensions; alone, or perhaps with help. At the worst, someone might end up reaching a climax with no intention or action to do so on their own. For Sarresh, he was lost in the heated, passionate need to sate himself with Amikris' body - no, it was more then that. She was more then a cheap fuck.

<Now,> he managed, as he brushed her hand aside, and slid his sticky, hard shaft over her swollen sex. The head caught what he wanted, and his hips rolled, rocking the crate he'd placed the redhead on, <only me....forget everything but me...> he said, and thrust in, hard and deep.

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When lifted up and placed on the crate, Amikris had to wrap her arms around Sarresh's neck - head spinning from the way their secretions fed on each other and grew. She arched her body against his, just to feel his skin on herself. Their damp and feverishly hot bodies ground together as she wrapped her legs around his hips, perched on the edge of the crate as she was. Oh, she could feel him against herself, knew that it would not be long until he was inside her, yet still she could not stop herself from trying to thrust her slick nether lips against his hardness. Awkward, needy movements given that she had little to offer the motions when he was in control.

Though she did not have to wait long for him. He reassured her even as she slid inside, and she threw her head back in delirious pleasure when he felt him force her sex wide open, accepting his lubricated organ without any trouble. Oh, he felt enormous, and she knew she was a tight fit for him, yet the way she had secreted every inch of him made him still slide all the way - buried to the hilt inside her convulsing, taut heat. Right then, it was indeed nothing on her mind except Sarresh and how he made her feel.

Beyond their hide-away among the supplies, there was no telling how much they affected the crew. Other species tended to be awkward about their sexuality, and perhaps they tried to hide what was happening to them - concealing their wild needs behind slipping Starfleet protocols. Amikris did not care, because Sarresh was inside her, and she resumed kissing and licking him as best as she might to encourage him, even fondling herself at times as she rocked her hips against him - panting hard in ecstasy.

Gone was the notion to meet her father, for this sweet Ash'reem man could make all her worries and regrets go away.

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Sarresh should have known that it would be an easy going, should have know that, thanks to the mutual lubricating the two aliens had engaged in, that he would slam all the way in, but as her pelvis smacked into his, taking him completely into her tight channel, he let out a startled high pitched moan of pure pleasure. Oh, it had been so very long since he had lain with another of his kind. He hadn't been chaste, he'd explored the feminine offerings of many species in his time on the Relativity, but it just wasn't the same thing as being able to take an Ash'reem woman for his own, if only for one night, one coupling. But she was offering him so much more then that, the knew, he could smell it in her scent.

He kept his hands on her hips for now, perched as she was on the crate and wrapped tightly, oh so deliciously tightly around his body, arms and legs both. Her hands were all over, everywhere at once, lighting up the nerves of his skin and the kiss. gods above and below, that kiss set his heart thundering in his chest even as his crude thrusts ticked up in tempo. The crate beneath them began to rock with each of Sarresh's thrusts, each time that rigid, slick length plunged into Amikris' tight, tight snatch, the boxes would wobble just a bit. There was a small risk they might all come toppling down, clearly betraying the location of the two bucking aliens.

He let go of one of her hips, finally, moving up to squeeze her breast even as his tongue forced its way into her mouth again, tasting her as he fucked her. The slick, wet slapping sound filled the night air as again and again the two hilted together. It was prefect, this young girl, no this woman, this woman was prefect for him. Whatever he might have been planning for the evening could not compare to what she'd offered up to him, the gift of herself, of Affection and care, for sure. Whatever was happening between the two, beyond the physical sating of mutual need and mutual grief, Sarresh swore to cherish it and help it bloom, just as she was blooming around him now.

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Febrile breaths escaped her amphibian lungs as Sarresh coupled with her, and the only thing Amikris felt bereft of was to have sex with him in their natural environment. Yet her father was in the Ash'reem apartments on the Theurgy, and he was not going to tolerate them having fun there. Not now. So having incredible land-mating with Sarresh was more than enough for her. Perhaps more than she could handle. He was a thorough male, perhaps having missed sex with someone of his own species, and she had been in celibacy at the Academy. The Niga Incident had ruined that, yet not with another Ash'reem making her feel this good.

When his tongue extended towards her mouth, she parted her lips for it greedily - a cooing sound escaping her before he descended her throat and silenced it. The mix of his scent and the taste of him in her mouth - sliding back and forth between her parted gums and into her gullet - added with his magnificent organ in the damp and needy place at the juncture of her thighs, it was all entirely too much for her to handle. She surrendered to him, tilting her head back and trying to hold her self upright on the crate while both his tongue and his penis invaded her young body. Behind her goggles, her eyes rolled on the waves of pleasure, her throat at the mercy of the thrusting, swirling motions of his tongue from above, just as he shoved his glistening length into her from below.

Then he released her right hip, almost making them both topple over since the crate tilted a bit. Her muffled alarm was replaced by another mad groan as he cupped her breast and rubbed his webbed fingers across the hardened peak. Even if his pumping tongue and engorged flesh kept her body in place, her head tilted back in abandon, she thrust her achingly swollen breasts against his hand - arched against him in wild response.

It was unbreable; rapidly plummeting her towards unspeakable ecstasy, and her eyes shot wide open behind the darkened glass. The stars danced far above with the rocking motions, and her throat contracted in short, sharp gasps around Sarresh's gustatory organ, just as her hot sex clenched and shuddered around the nether invader. A profound quake ran down her core, and she screamed against the gag in her throat - slapping her arms desperately around Sarresh in a almost panicked way before the climax hit her in full. The glands underneath her arms gushed her elation into the air, and she lost balance upon he crate - thrashing her hips against her lover in a way that was bound to make them fall over.

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Truly, to be submerged while screwing, while taking Amikris, would have very possibly blown Sarresh's mind at this point; something so very long denied him, it still remained out of reach. He could smell a hint of that desire in the pheromones rolling off of the younger woman, enough to get both an inkling of the desire and to understand it wouldn't happen. Oh well. This would do more then enough for the first time, and by this point, with his cock encased inside of her, his body bucking madly, he was determined that this wouldn't be the last time he tasted everything that Amikris had to offer.

And speaking of what he could smell, and feel, he could sense that the young woman was about to burst. He braced his legs, but really, he had no way of knowing just how...violently the orgasm would rip through the small Ash'reem's body. The crates wobbled as she came, and the way she thrashed knocked the older man off his balance entirely. He let out a screech that was muffled entirely by her mouth, and suddenly he thudded down on his back. The kiss broke, a cry slipped out past his lips, as his shock, and heavy arousal filled the air, combined with the pheromones pumped out by Amikris. His cock had slipped out of her during the fall, from her thrashing, and stood firm and slick against his waist, trapped under her body, aching and throbbing.

If he had been able to focus he might have heard muffled noises near by, moans and whimpers from others caught up in the pheromone rush. There were reasons that Ash'reem wore bio wraps, and why Amikris had agreed to an oath of celibacy during her days at the academy. Like Deltans, or female Orion's, the pheromones that an Ash'reem could pump out were extremely potent.

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When they fell to the ground, Amikris was beside herself with the rush of her climax. Panting with lungs made for both sea and air, she giggled breathlessly at the fact that they had both toppled over when she fell off the crate. On top of Sarresh, she could still feel his ardent need against her abdomen, and while her limbs were lethargic in the aftershocks of her release, she put her hands on his chest and raised her head above hers - wet hair dangling around their faces.

"I will take care of you, don't you worry..." she said, swallowing, and kissed him where he lay.

In doing so, her attention was drawn the immediate area around them, hearing noises from the shadows. They were not shadows for her or Sarresh, in the sense of the word, since their eye-sight made it plain to them that they were not alone. She felt mischievous about having removed her biowraps then, seeing two humans having sought refuge among the crates as well. Further away, a halfbreed Klingon had made a pliant Cadet bend over a crate, subesqently ramming himself into her willing body.

Amikris bit her lower lip and looked back to Sarresh, a sultry chuckle escaping her as she slowly, sensually, shifted position and turned around on all fours on top of her mate. She swung her leg over to present his face with her spread legs, and bent down to lay her mouth around his pulsing organ again. She wanted his mouth upon her quivering and sensitive labia - his soft tongue thrusting as deep as it could reach - while she continued to stimulate his cock. She needn't say anything, the request quite plain as it were.

After tasting herself upon him, she let go of him with a popping sound, and instead lubricated his member with her hand. She stroked the glistening length from base to tip in a firm and quick rhythm, the chorus of mating humanoids a bliss to her ears. Yet Sarresh was not just going to feel her hand, because his puckered sphincter was down there too, and his rubbery prostate well within reach for her tongue. Their species being as liberated as they were, there was no hesitation or question to what she did next, as she extended her glistening tongue and pushed it within her lover - squirming past his tight opening. Her green eyes glowing in satisfied joy behind her goggles, she firmly began to rub his prostate gland - her gullet working as she pleased him in a way only an Ash'reem woman might.

Somewhere, deep down, she hoped he had not come to grow unaccustomed to their ways in the centuries to come.

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Sarresh looked up at the red head through a curtain of her damp hair, smirking. Their eyes hidden by the goggles, but still, he imagined them half open, looking down at him. His lips formed a soft smile as she moved to kiss him, equally moved by her promise to care for his needs, now that he had helped her achieve an orgasm. He couldn't care less about any of the others around them; they were there, but the mostly bare Ash'reem tuned them out. Too long had he been without the physical joys of one of his own species. It had overwhelmed his ability to care about anything else just then.

And having the red head twist about, till her folds filled his view...mmmm. ~Delicious. Don't mind if I do~ The cheeky words slipped past his mouth, followed shortly there after by his tongue. While hands gripped and spread her ass cheeks, his tongue rolled out of his mouth, impossibly long by human standards. He tasted the skin of her leg, drawing a wet, hot line up, and circled her sopping wet hole, without probing in. A few tender laps, with the flat of his tongue - the girth and size catching both her wet slit and her tight, puckered rim - was quickly followed by his first attempt to push into her with the strong muscled.

It was about then that Amikris' tongue left his cock, teasing a soft sigh out off his lips, as her hand gripped his girth. He was slick, with her juices and spit, and his tip was so swollen and large. Saline tinted pre cum beaded on the edge of his hard member, and  then - Gods above! - the thought ripped through his mind as her tongue, slick and warm, pushed right into his ass. It was a tight fit, even for such a flexible muscle, and the Ash'reem male's head snapped back, his tongue stilling for a just a moment as a high pitched whine broke out of his lips.

~So long...~ he whimpered, his body rigid, shaking as he adjusted to the sensations. He had gone without this particular satisfaction for far, far too long, and it was an adjustment, to allow himself to relax enough again to properly enjoy what he was feeling, because it was so intense. He groaned and shook and forced his head back up. The chants, the moans and yelps from all around them now, washed over him like a balm, and as his body bucked from the blissful intrusion deep within his ass, Sarresh focused in again on the taste of Amikris, the way the tang of her pussy lit up his tongue. This time it was a rush, a heated, needy push of his tongue deep...deeper, worming its way into her. While she licked his prostate, he forced the sticky, flexible tongue deep, till its tip struck the back of her canal.

With an almost possessed gleam in his eyes, hidden behind shaded goggles, Sarresh began to flick the end of his tongue, over and over, before probing her inner most barrier. He was determined to tongue fuck her thoroughly, as she took his ass with her own, stoking his aching erection all the while. His fingers dug into her skin, and his hips bucked, sliding his cock in her hands, as his tongue probed and prodded, demanding her cervix yield to him.

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Land-mating had few benefits, yet one of them was the opportunity to deal more thrust without the weightlessness of the water stealing the momentum.

Amikris felt that keenly now as her slick female heat was filled with her lover's tongue; groaning around her own as it worked against Sarresh's rubbery prostate gland. She could not keep her hips still, sensitive as she was after he had made her come just earlier. Sarresh's cock was so hard and throbbing with pending release, and she wanted to give it to him, her fingers sick yet deft around his reproductive flesh and stroking it firmly from base to head. The fluids oozing from her grip made wet sounds in the night, joining with the frenzy of copulating Starfleet personnel in the vicinity.

There was so much of his tongue inside her sensitive sheath, expanding her, and she revelled in it. She groaned again as his tongue came to rub her clitoris on its way in and out of her, and her large eyes rolled from pleasure inside her goggles. She also came to gain more inches inside him, the strokes against his prostate longer and firmer as she traversed his depths.

She was about to come anew soon, never having felt so full of tongue before. It wiggled against her back wall, squirming around, and she thrust her hips to meet his movements. Still, the was relentless in her efforts to siphon the seed out of his glistening cock, her arm growing weary from the effort to milk it out as diligently as she was. Yet soon, she could not take it any more.

Amikris came anew, screaming around her tongue with her eyes wide.

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Force for thrusts, yes, he had that. Be it with his hips, thrusting into her hand when she pumped him, when she wormed her tongue deeper into his ass; or with his own tongue, rolling into her core, filling it as much as he could. He reveled in the taste of her. The way she bucked above his slick body drove him wild with lust. He could feel it now, building deeper and deeper that sweet, needy burn at the base of his balls...right about where her tongue was probing him.

His fingers curled into the cheeks of her ass and he held onto her for dear life as his tongue worked her. His cock pulsed in her hand, close, poised on the edge of release. He was now past the point of reasonable thought, and it was all sensation, need, and instinctual desire. His ass burned, it throbbed and it felt wonderful, the pressure building, building with each lap of her tongue against that rubbery gland. THe fluids were building and if he were capable of rational thought he'd know he was about to well and truly blow.

Maybe it was the way she bucked, when she came, or the sensation of getting his tongue as deep as physically possible into her core. He wouldn't be able to say for sure. but the release of pheromones that flooded the area from his body only rivaled the release of salty hot semen that spurted forth from his cock. THe tight ring of his ass clenched her tongue, forcing it against his throbbing prostate as he was milked of every sticky drop he seemed to have inside of his body. Thick ropes of cum shot out into the night air, landing where they might; and while Amikris thrashed above him, his own high pitched whine joined her, and his body bucked. Webbed toes curled in their boots, and his fingers nearly broke her skin. His shoulders pressed back into the dirt under him and his whole body convulsed under the redheaded woman.

He certainly wasn't alone in his release; not at all judging by the gasps and groans filling the night air.

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He gripped her harder, as much Amikris could feel through the delirium she felt. She convulsed with the waves of pleasure, and yet she still managed to stroke him until the end. He tightened around her invasive tongue, yet that was only the physical answer to her attentions. The greater gratification lay in the way their pheromones mixed in the darkness; their simultaneous climax becoming one in the nocturnal air.

Not only did she squirt a little against her lover's face, but Sarresh's magnificent hardness gushed Ash'reem seed; splattering her bare back as it rained down. The warmth poured over her hand as well, sprinkled her wet hair and even her face. Yet the milky semen was not the only explosion of reproductive fluids, for their pheromones sent several other couples around them over the brink. A chorus of hushed grunts and cries of release.

Amikris retracted her tongue from Sarresh's sphincter and looked back at him over her shoulder, breathless yet smiling ear to ear. They were in so much trouble for what they had done if they were caught, so that night, she would take to the hills with him, and no one would ever be the wiser.

"Come, let's go...."

Sarresh needed her, after all, and she needed him. Father will have to wait for the morrow.

- FIn

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