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Theurgy: What If...? Below Decks Lounge

What if the Below Decks Lounge was in it's own dimension?

An idea stolen quite literally in concept from another thread on this very board. The idea is that anyone can stop by and interact with others in an area where consequences can be a bit more lenient. It's not impossible to run into a younger version of yourself in a thread like this one. I can't help but think there are a number of interactions possible when you sit down over a beer and what better a place to do it? This thread could get NSFW in spots, but as with any other thread it's not a requirement. This is in no way a "Canon" thread and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Learn more about the Below Decks Lounge here

This is more a thread just for fun and trying out new things. It is in no way tied to the main story and should not be taken seriously as such. It's not as subject to posting rules as other posts might.

[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Below Deck's Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ]

Group social gatherings were often a source of much information and Artimis had a feeling she could find some social interactions at the ship's lounge, the so called 'Below Decks Lounge'. It would not be a stretch to think much of the ship's officers would frequent such a place and every connection she made at this stage was vital.

So she put on a dress that showed just enough skin to be considered socially acceptable and made her way toward the Lounge. Upon arrival she found the place not as crowded as she would have thought it should have been. She made a beeline to the bar and was surprised to see it attended by a hologram.

"What'll it be miss?" the hologram asked cheerfully.

"Mineral water, ice cold with a splash of lemon and a sprig of mint," Artimis said with a smile and took a seat at the bar. From there she could see the door and she watched it carefully, noting the faces and especially the ranks of those who entered. She wanted to get a feel for the place, she wanted to know who on the ship came here and what they did. If she ws lucky she'd make a point of contact, if not, then a least she had a nice drink.

As if on cue the hologram returned with her drink and after thanking him she took a sip and smiled to herself. Now all se had to do was wait and watch, the rest would come to her.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @All
She sat at the far end of the mostly empty bar, half lidded eyes watching a stick match slowly burn down to her fingers. Her attire didn’t scream ‘come talk to me’ – which was partially intentional; faded black denim jeans, the holes at her knees dominated by bright white strands of fabric – along with an off-white Ramones tank top over a standard sports bra. The short, cropped silver hair on her head was an unruly mess – slightly spiked due to various cowlicks that she’d given up trying to tame.

Two empty shot glasses sat before her, along with a dozen lime quarters and a generous shaker of salt. Directly under her hand laid the charred remains of several match sticks, the ash left to sprinkle the box there like an unwelcome preview of things to come for those that dwelt within.

As we are, so shall you be, Kino’s lips curled in a wry smile, as the fire licked closer to her fingers. They weren’t really her fingers though. The bio-mechanical replacement felt like her...but it wasn’t. That was what was so odd – why she kept lighting the matches to watch them burn; they'd even added the spots that her species was known for...but it didn’t really make any difference. The artificial nerves fed the electrical signal of heat and pain to Kino’s brain – which interpreted it correctly – but the flesh never really burned.

It didn’t blister. It didn’t smoke, or melt, or react at all the way real flesh would have; so Kino ignored it. So much of her was the same way, now - her, but not - easily ignored impulses from replacement components.

“Hit me,” she murmured, reaching out for a shot glass to turn it upright as her fingers deftly snubbed the flame out. The bartender wasn’t there though; he was down the bar a piece, tending to another customer. The dark brow over Kino’s cybernetic eye rose as she studied the purple-haired specimen. She appeared to be waiting for someone, or something, but trying not to show it. Interesting, the non-com snorted quietly; content to sit and observe from a distance.

Her chin lifted at the bartender once their eyes met. “Another,” she asked, lifting the shot glass as he approached and bent for the bottle of Patron Silver – then nodded her thanks as he poured. This would make shot two of the night. The Trill guessed she had probably five to seven more before she’d either get in a fight or get fucked. Who knows? Maybe both, Kino smirked at herself, then licked the back of her real hand to sprinkle a little salt on it.

“Number three,” Kino toasted to no one in particular – then licked the salt from her palm, slammed the shot, and bit into the meat of a lime quarter to suck it dry. The empty shot glass was returned to its twin, upside down on the bar, while the Trill blew the burn from her throat out.

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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Below Deck's Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] @Dumedion

There were few scents more anxiety inducing to a being made of plant matter than the smell of wood burning. It was an intrinsic fear, something not designed, but ingrained into the very fiber of their being.

Thus the smell of the burned matches proved to be unavoidably troubling to Artimis and she turned to look in the direction of the source. Her face scrunched in annoyance, but quickly relaxed into a more neutral look as she forced herself to remain calm. She had to play the game and even though she was uncertain what pull the strange heavily drinking woman had aboard the ship, she knew it would be foolish to assume that she was not connected in some way. She knew the nature of the game and she knew well enough to play it any chance she got.

The only question was, what was the opening move, how did she play the situation and how would the woman before her respond to various personas. Her default move seemed to be to play the innocent one, a fresh face to naive to know much better. And she would be lying if she did not admit that it worked most of the time. Triggering some desire to shelter and protect her proved to be a useful instinct, through the rougher appearance of the woman made her question what the effectiveness of it might be.

But still, why change what worked?

"What kind of drink is that?" Artimis asked tilting her head curiously. She gave the other woman a curious smile and gestured to the bottle. She assumed almost an innocent demeanor, her eyes blinking and her shoulders hanging in such a way to give her an almost childlike quality. "I don't think I've ever seen a bottle quite like that. Though most bottles are very similar in shape."

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @AbsintheDeux
Her lips curled as Kino’s head tilted fractionally; both at the question and the girl’s tone. Mismatched eyes of pale blue blinked a few times while the non-com took in the details of the stranger’s posture and body language – which seemed to shift far too easily – but the Trill dismissed the spike of suspicion with a grunt of amusement instead.

“Tequila,” Kino answered with a pleasant smile, “from Earth. Made from a plant there, I think. A...friend of mine introduced it to me while we were training there,” she added quietly. Her eyes roamed the bottles behind the bar – some tall, some short, some shaped like pyramids and oblong; some clear, others dark, still others red and orange and steel blue – variously different, but still roughly the same shape. It didn’t make her wrong; but it made her seem either younger than she looked – which Kino estimated was young– or simply naïve.

Spotted arms folded across the bar as Kino leaned forward and returned her attention to the newcomer. Even though she wasn’t really in the mood for company, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the girl occupied while she waited for...whoever she was waiting for.

“If you haven’t tried it I can show you how to drink it,” the non-com offered with a casual wave to the salt, lime and shot glasses before her. “Never know when the intel might come in handy,” she added nonchalantly, then signaled the bartender to pour another shot.

“I’m Kino, by the way,” her chin lifted with an easy lopsided grin. “Who might you be?”

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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Below Deck's Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] @Dumedion

"Tequila?" Artimis intoned thoughtfully, as if trying the word on for size.

Though the process of implanting memories was fundamentally perfected in it implantation there remained a critical flaw with it. The memories felt real, as they were meant to, but they felt in fact so real that it became impossible to tell if events happened or not. It was one of the risks in doing it, the subject of the implant could begin to question the entirety of their memory. So it was important to remember facts and keep them certain.

For instance, Artimis Saugn knew she had never attended the Academy, and thus it was impossible that on a Thursday night she went to a party with a great deal of alcohol where she imbibed far to much and as a result was late and hungover to class on Friday, an event she was not reprimanded for and did not give her a black mark on her Academy file, because she did not have a file at the Academy.

And yet, she could recall that evening with perfect clarity and could even remember the taste of the alcohol.

The problem in that moment was that she could not recall if she had ever actually drank alcohol before or if all the memories of her doing so were simply implants. There was no easy way to tell. She could honestly say she had no idea how imbibing any alcohol at all would effect her system.

There was one way to find out.

"There is a special way you need to drink it?" Artimis asked, her eyes wide with amazement at the notion of needing to drink a liquor in a special manner. She was familiar with several traditions regarding the consumption of alcohol in diplomatic settings, but this seemed different. She was in all honesty curious, though she continued to act in a more wide eyed and innocent manner than she truly was. "My name is Artimis, though my friends, if I had any, call me Artie." She gave the other woman a sad sort of smile. "May I try this way of drinking?"

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @AbsintheDeux 
What an oddball, was Kino’s initial thought, laced with humor at the girl’s wide-eyed reaction – like she’d never stepped foot in a bar, or got shitfaced with friends, or…

The Trill’s amusement faded at her words; the grin that had threatened to pull at her lips froze in a slight curl that mirrored the strange girl's. Artie.

Kino turned bodily in the bar-stool to pat the one next to her and leaned over while her voice lowered to a whisper. “Hey Artie. Listen, I don’t know you and I don’t speak for everyone, but far as I’m concerned...your a member of this crew and that makes you family. Don’t matter much to me what you are or where you come from neither. All we got out here is each other, so you watch my back – I watch yours. That’s the deal, yea,” her silver head dipped in emphasis, but her eyes never left Artie’s. “You stick to that, you an me will get along just fine. So saddle up,” her hand patted the stool.

While her new acquaintance seated herself, Kino slid the tray of lime quarters and the salt shaker between them, then reached for the shot that the bartender had poured.

“Now,” the non-com cleared her throat, “I’m assuming you’ve never had a shot – so here’s some do’s and don'ts; you wanna open your throat when you knock it back, but not so much that it gets in your lungs. Don’t hold it in your mouth, it’ll burn the shit outta your throat even more. Okay?”

The back of Kino's hand rose to her lips next. “Lick here and sprinkle some of the salt on it so it sticks. When you’re ready, your gonna lick the salt off, slam the shot, then bite into one of these,” Kino held up a lime quarter, “and suck it for all the fucker's worth. Any questions?”

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[ PO1st Artimis Saugn | Below Deck's Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] @Dumedion

Nodding as she listened, Artimis did her best to absorb the complicated process one was to do to imbibe said beverage. She pondered the purpose of such a procedure, but she nodded in understanding of the process itself.

"I am curious, is this a matter of custom? Do the people of Earth drink many beverages in such a manner?" She asked, suddenly quite curious as to the exact nature of this method of drinking alcoholic spirits.

She began the process of preparing to take the drink as instructed. She first licked her hand as shown and took the salt. As she sprinkled it onto the liked spot she flinched at the sudden burning sensation, but it was easy enough to ignore. Next came the shot glass full of liquid.

She nodded and braced herself, then with a sudden movement she licked the salt off her hand, downed the liquid and shoved the piece of fruit in her mouth. She did it as quickly as she could, uncertain what the result would be.

The sensation was entirely, and this must not be put mildly, unpleasant. The salt burned her mouth and throat, the alcohol did much worse, and the fruit tasted incredibly sour. All in all she did not understand the allure of such and activity and it showed on her face, as the pain played it's way across her features.

It is important to note that she was a plant and the reaction to certain substances is in now way universal. One needs only to look into saline toxicity in plants to realize that that which is good for more mammals, was in no way good her her. She had learned the lesson again and this time it hurt only a little.

She took a moment and then removed the fruit from her mouth and set it aside.

"And this is an enjoyable activity for you?" She wheezed through her now raw throat. Somehow the shine in her hair had faded significantly.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Below Deck's Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Dumedion @AbsintheDeux

Rhys slipped into the Lounge hoping desperately not to be noticed. He was not good at going unnoticed. The fact that he was so trying to avoid the eye tended to draw eyes on to himself. In addition, he was tall, rangy with redish blonde hair and shockingly blue eyes. He had worn his uniform in the hopes that this would help him to blend in. It turned out to be a huge mistake. No one else in the place was in uniform.

The young Welshman had even attempted to come at a time when he was sure most people would be off duty and he could bend into the crowd. The place was nearly empty. He put his hand over his eyes for a moment, this was just his luck. Worst of all there was someone sat at the bar he recognised. He had met Kino during a disastrous birthday party onboard an old bird of prey. He had the feeling that he had not come out of that encounter as her favourite person. Fortunately, she seemed to be engaged in a discussion or drinking contest, he was not sure which, with someone he did not recognise at all.

Praying that they would be too engrossed in what they were doing to notice him he took a seat at the bar. He chose a spot a few seats over. He wanted to avoid them but not look too much like he was avoiding them.

Rhys felt his heartbeat faster and the familiar pang of anxiety as he took his place and quietly ordered a drink he often had to calm his nerves. “Gin and Tonic Please.” He said softly, before focusing his eyes squarely on a PADD he had brought with him. Rhys was a counsellor his entire job was interacting with people and helping them with problems. In a professional setting he could do that easily. In a casual setting he was reduced to an anxiety riven mess.

The drink was placed before him and his eyes flicked over to the pair at the other side of the bar before going back to his PADD. The woman Kino was talking to stood out. Brightly coloured hair and unusual eyes, humanoid but clearly alien. He tracked through his memories trying to remember if he had seen her before and came up short. He’d have felt doubly embarrassed if he had met her before and could not remember her. Kino seemed to be showing her the ‘joys’ of alcohol, tequila in particular. He had never seen the appeal of that drink in particular, one might as well drink paint thinner.

Feeling uncomfortable as the only one in uniform, he opened the top a little, and tried to loosen up.  He had come here to relax and he was already feeling worse.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @AbsintheDeux  @Juzzie
“Custom,” the Trill repeated Artie's question, a brow arched in thought. “Y'know, I'm not sure why they do it like this honestly. It’s just the way I was shown,” she shrugged, then gestured around the bar. “You'll have to ask one of them about that.”

Her eyes wavered slightly, as the delayed fuse of her first shot kicked in, ramping her buzz up a notch. Tequila was notoriously famous for that: hitting her all at once, regardless how much the non-com drank. In contrast, the gradual intoxication was a pleasant change.

Kino noticed motion in the corner of her eye and glanced to watch Rhys Williams seat himself at the bar – lips curled at the sight. He seemed to be making every attempt to appear preoccupied and nonexistent, like a hole in the wall; which was a shame, really. Despite the unfortunate events that transpired at Red’s party, he seemed like a decent guy, and he'd stepped up to try to help Kino, regardless. The non-com respected that; even if his self-confidence was paper thin. “Well hey, there’s one now,” Kino chuckled quietly, wondering how red Rhys’ face would turn if Artie walked up to him.

Kino’s attention drifted from the shy LT to return to the purple haired girl just as Artie knocked her shot back. The Trill's dark brows lifted with amusement while the girl’s features twisted in disgust mixed with agony. Did pretty well for a first timer, Kino smirked with a nod. “Mostly, yeah,” Jeen chuckled at Artie’s question, “though there are more advanced techniques, but that’s for another time and place. Best to stick to the basics.”

Kino gathered up Artie’s spent lime quarter and set it back on the tray with the others, then slid a glass of water over to her. “First ones always the worst. You did good though,” she nodded again and offered Artie a slight pat on the shoulder. “If y’wanna meet someone really interesting – turn them peepers to my left,” she whispered conspiratorially. “Blonde with the PADD? Quite the interestin’ specimen. He’s an officer too – nice guy. Quiet, shy,” Kino grinned. “You'll like him. Names Rhys Williams.”

Without preamble or further ado – Kino straitened and turned to casually whistle at the councilor to get his attention.“Hey LT,” Kino grinned at him with a little wave, then gestured dramatically to her new associate. “Come say hello to Artie,” the Trills brows bounced teasingly, then turned back to her with a wink. “Y’all have fun. I’m gonna go throw some darts,” she slurred happily, then slid off the barstool with a drunken chuckle with a two fingered salute to them both.

"Come find me if yall wanna play a round," Kino grinned, then wandered off towards the dartboard.

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Lt Reika Sh’laan | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy

Reika walked into the bar.  There was a slight unconscious swaying of her hips as nearly all of her six-foot-tall frame walked into the Below Decks Lounge.  Her long white hair was half down (nearly to her backside)  and half up (in an intricate series of braids).  She had a short, black, leather mini-skirt and a form-fitting red shirt with a plunging neckline and fluttering sleeves.

It had been a long day, and unlike most of her days, this one was spent entirely behind a desk.  She needed to stretch her long legs and unwind, so without a look at whoever was in the lounge, she walked heal-toe in her four-inch stilettos over to the bar.  She didn’t even sit.  Instead, she simply set her hands on the bar, her fingers splayed out.  Her eyes unfocused and her chest heaved with a sigh releasing much of the tension that the Andorian had been holding in her shoulders throughout the day.

Even with her eyes closed, Sh’laan knew when the bartender was headed in her direction.  Her lids fluttered open and once the barkeep paused in front of her she said, “Andorian Ale chilled.”  She tipped her head and watched as her Andorian Ale was poured, and a spikey silver head caught her eye.  But it was only moments later that her alcohol was plunked in front of her. 

Picking up the mug and turning around so that her back rested against the bar, she held her mug in both hands and drained about half of it before coming up for air.  Some foam settled above her top lip and with an amused puff of air, a blue tongue wiped the froth from her lip.  Before she plunged back into the blue alcohol held in her hands, once again - almost unconsciously - her eyes flitted down the bar to the silver-haired Trill.  Her eyes sparkled with interest; but she let her herself survey the scene.

 Blue eyes drifted to the other side of the bar and then casually out over the tables in the room, but no one really caught her eye like the silver-haired Trill, so she let her eyes rest there for a moment watching the woman playing with a match.  The flame ate up the wood on the match without her flinching - and interestingly enough without burning, discoloring, or hurting her fingers, and Reika wondered about what was going on with that.

Instead, the Andorian plunged back into her ale and polished it off, once again turning around and presenting an alluring profile down the bar as she once again motioned to the bartender who had served the beguiling Trill another shot.  But another woman seemed to be talking to her.  And then another person took a spot at the bar between her and the casual silvered head.  Should she go big and make a move or go home?
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | Holosuite 01| USS Theurgy] @AbsintheDeux @Dumedion @Juzzie @Dree

Zark was off duty and breezed her way into the lounge with nary a care.  The day was over and that was the best part since she was now able to relax from all the tension she'd built up.  She'd only really stopped to change since what she had been wearing in her sparring bout with the Deputy earlier wasn't entirely appropriate. Her hair was still in a pony tail, while she had a thin white cotton top that hung off one shoulder and left her bra strap exposed.  A pair of leather leggings and a pair of ankle booties completed the look.  Just for silliness sake, she also had on a pair of black rimmed glasses.  For the Zhen, this wasn't all that standout though.  What was quite unusual was the shiner she had under her left eye and a barely dried split lip from where Ida had gotten in a couple of solid hits.  The Deputy had tried to get the medic to patch up the injuries, but Zark had waved it off as a reminder to keep her guard up and not be as impulsively aggressive.  She'd mostly forgotten this revelation by the time she'd put on her glasses and closed the locker door to find something to relax with. 

As soon as passed the door, Zark slowed down to survey the scene. The first thing that caught her attention was the riot of colour as she recognized their resident demo export, PO Jeen talking to someone with a fantastic combination of purple and magneta hair.  Jade-Green eyes travelled more and one person stood out, mostly cause he was in uniform and trying to look more comfortable.  Zark smiled as she bit her lower lip while her gaze settled on Rhys Williams and she casually waved at him while bobbing her eyebrows in his direction.  If she didn't feel the need for a drink she would have bee lined for him and immediately carried out on the eyebrow waving to help give the counsellor cardiovascular exercise while sitting still.

But, she was here for a drink and her gaze moved towards the bar and her interest spiked as she spotted another blue skin with antennae and the eyebrow arched as she made her way over to the statuesquely posing Andorian.  From the figure, Zark guessed she was most likely a Shen and settled in beside her, leaning over the bar.  The smell of the Andorian Ale was pretty noticeable. "Hi Xenia, can I get a blue spring wine from Dakhur please?"  The dark haired hologram smiled and nodded, and quickly returned with a large crystal stem glass filled with a slightly effervescent azur liquid.  Zark sipped her drink and took a moment to savour the rich fruity flavours while ignoring the sting the acid elicited from her cut lip before turning to smile at Andorian with the nice red shirt and very short shorts.   "That's a pretty potent way to start the night Sha."  Zark started as she smiled and raised her own glass in salute.  "As cliche as it sounds, I don't believe we've met. XamotZark zh’Ptrell, you can call me Zark.  Everyone does.  I don't believe we've been introduced." Since sliding her arm around the other's waist was too forward, Zark followed the safer human custom and held out her hand for the other Andorian to shake.

OOC: Sorry Rhys. Wah Wah Waaaaaaahhhhhhh.
Sha = Polite address to a Shen

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Lt Reika Sh’laan | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy| attn: @RyeTanker @AbsintheDeux  @Dumedion @Juzzie

As the bartender handed her another Andorian Ale, the off-duty OPS officer glanced down the bar once again as she held the tip of her tongue pressed against her top teeth as she contemplated her next move.  But before she was certain of how she wanted to handle the situation a rather bubbly Andorian nearly burst onto the scene, her ponytail waving behind her as she strode over and leaned over the bar next to the Shen.  Her attention being momentarily diverted from the trill at the other end of the bar, she couldn’t help but notice the nearly purple eye and the split lip on the Zhen.

But then as she leaned over requesting her drink, Reika also noticed the (for all practical purposes) one-shouldered white top, leather leggings, and ankle boots.  And the Zhen pulled it off admirably.  It hugged all the right places and hung in all the right places too. 

Reika eyed the other woman as she stood up once again holding her glass with the sparking blue liquid.  Reika could smell the bouquet from the wine as the Zhen held it up to her lips.  The aroma was rather beguiling.  Where the spring wine was a Zantha lily, Sh’laan’s drink was more an arrangement of Marseppian wildflowers.  One was finesse, one was in your face.  The Shen questioned her drink choice for all of a fraction of a second, but after the day she had and the headache the paperwork had given her, she needed more of a machete than a scalpel tonight.

“That’s a pretty potent way to start the night Sha,” the Zhen raised her glass at Reika.  “As cliche as it sounds, I don’t believe we’ve met.  XamotZark zh’Ptrell, you can call me Zark.  Everyone does.  I don’t believe we’ve been introduced."

Reika twisted herself around slightly and deposited her drink onto the bar before accepting the hand offered to her and giving it a firm but gracious shake.  “No, I don’t believe we have.  Reika Sh’laan.  Newly thawed. It’s nice to meet a fellow Andorian.”  Reika released the Zhen’s hand.  “I’m not familiar with a Dahkur wine, but it smells immensely pleasant.  And yes, this ale is potent.  It’s medicinal you know,” Sh’laan said tipping her head slightly as she picked her glass up again and took another, though smaller, pull of the liquid.  “It’s a miracle cure for any paperwork-induced headaches - of which mine is robust. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if you had a headache of your own.  Did you run into a bulkhead or a fist?”  Reika asked with a hint of amusement in her voice - though she knew that a black eye and split lip wasn’t funny, but the way in which the Zhen seemed to wear it with abandon was nearly comical to her.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Below Deck's Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @RyeTanker @Dumedion @AbsintheDeux @Dree

Rhys sat quietly nursing his drink and looking at his PADD. He was staring at it but not really taking in the information. The Lounge seemed to be rapidly filling up with attractive women. He had some sexual and romantic experience, but despite that he was always still nervous in the presence of people he was attracted to.

His response to Zark was a bit more complicated. He had actually always found her easy to talk to, but the wild Andorian also had a tendency to seemingly out of nowhere do something that would shock him. She and another Andorian had arrived in close proximity to one another. He wasn’t sure if they knew each other as Zark but her arm immediately around the other woman, but then that was common behaviour for her.

Zark had acknowledged him briefly with a wave, which he had returned with a smile. He did feel disappointed that she then bypassed him, but also slightly relieved. After all he never knew what she was about to do.

However, in the end he was approached. Kino waved him over. He swallowed a little more of his gin and carried it over. He very quickly put the glass down to avoid the obvious clinking of the ice cubes, that would display his anxiety. Kino introduced him to the woman with the brightly coloured hair and unusual eyes. “Um Hi… Artie.” He said stiffly. The Trill then proceeded to wink at him and disappear to go play darts. He attempted to raise an arm to halt her, but she was already on her way. Leaving Rhys with an attractive woman he did not know in a social situation. Purgatory.

“Have you ever played Darts?” He said weakly unable to cope with the few seconds of silence between them. “I’m not very good I prefer team games.” He said hands hyperactively moving as he began to feel he was babbling.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | Holosuite 01| USS Theurgy] @AbsintheDeux @Dumedion @Juzzie @Dree

Zark smiled as Reika shook her hand, then chuckled when she described the Ale as medicinal. She responded with a traditional view that people of the medical profession took that amount to a good natured scoffing of 'as if!' Still, she could sympathize with the need to dull the headache and nodded her agreement. 

The Andorian was forming an answer in her head about the wine when the Shen made her jab at Zark and she couldn't help but chuckle at the observation. "I'll have you know that I stopped running into walls around when I turned thirteen."  The Zhen's cheeks did dimple. "So if you think this is bad, you should see the shape of her fist when I stopped it with my head."  Zark giggled at her own joke. "Nah, it's not really that bad. Ida, or Lieutenant zh'Wann to most, and I were sparring and you know us, when we decide to go for it, we got a little carried away."  One blue bare, and one covered shoulder shrugged in unison. "There was some good give and take. I'll wake up tomorrow morning with a new set of bruises I need to use the dermal regenerator, and Ida is gonna be sensible, and get hers cleared up before she goes anywhere."

Zark signed as she took a sip of the wine and gently switched it around her mouth before swallowing then held up the azur filled crystal. "It's a wine from Bajor, and Dakhur has got some nice vineyards, especially near those along the rivers and seas. I do find their blue wines more consistent than the rose ones, plus they're usually pretty easy drinking.  I heard that some of the wineries also do really well as vacation villas." The Zhen leaned her head on her hand and the elbow sat on the bar top while the other hand took a moment to swirl the wine and created a whirlpool that captured some of the light from the bar.  The bubbles captured the light creating a shimmering effect.

Another sip then placed her crystal on the bar before raising herself back up to look at the Shen.  "So Reika, take a load off and tell me, what's been happening that needs such weapons grade anaesthesia?"  Zark took a moment to eye the Ale and grinned. "Out of curiosity, whose ale do you normally drink?"

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Thumbs tucked into the back of her belt, Kino made her way along the bar. The Trill bit her lip with a grin at the nervousness in Rhys’ voice, but didn’t linger – her attention had become fixated elsewhere. Somehow, she'd missed a new arrival to the scene, the sight of the long limbed Andorian chugging a pint enough to cause Kino to misstep. Mismatched blues blinked at the Andorian’s heels in appreciation first, then traveled up twinned legs, beautifully toned – the curves of her body accentuated by the tight miniskirt. Damn, hello Legs, Kino smiled as their eyes briefly met.

Jeen's head cocked to the side as she approached and noticed there was in fact two Andorian’s – the other one being LT zh’Ptrell, no less. Double jeopardy, she smirked. Kino knew the combat medic by reputation only; she doubted there were any aboard that didn’tZark, it was said, was one of the best brawlers on the ship and not to be trifled with. From what she’d read, the non-com tended to agree, but then again, you never really knew until you stepped into the ring. Kino grinned at the bruise and cut on the Andorian’s lip as their eyes met briefly as well, chin lifted in greeting as the Trill passed. Decently buzzed as Kino was, she saw no need to interrupt and look foolish. Besides, Zark had gotten there first; there was a code of ethics to such things.

At the replicator at the very end of the bar, Kino paused to order herself a talk glass of ice water and a box of darts; with a casual glance back to Zark’s leggy acquaintance. Their eyes met again, over the top of Zark’s head, and Kino smiled knowingly as she took a sip of water. Two for two, the Trill grinned, one more look Legs, an this’ll get really interestin’. Kino tilted her head and held the mystery Andorian’s gaze while she turned to set her glass of water on a table along the wall, then set about warming herself up for a few rounds of darts – curious and interested to see how the night panned out for everyone.

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Reika picked up her refill in both hands and wrapped them entirely around the mug while listening to Zark’s antics, but noticed the dimple in blue cheek as she described the shape of the other person’s fist.

Just how hard is that head of yours?” Reika asked with a grin.  “I mean if you could disfigure the ensuing fist…” she let her words trail off.

But she listened to Zark’s continued bubbling over.  Reika enjoyed her companion of the moment’s exuberance.  “So if Lieutenant Zh’Wann is being sensible by getting her injuries seen to, what does that make you, Zark?
But as Zark started discussing Bajor’s various wines, her deep blue eyes flitted quickly over to the pale-skinned, white-haired Trill throwing darts with dangerous accuracy.  She left the pale-skinned woman with a grin and a wink.  But it was only a split second before her eyes were back on the other Andorian who was still chatting.

Reika turned around and leaned against the bar again.  She set her elbows on top of the bar, her ale still held in her right hand as Zark asked her question about her choice of poison.

Ha,”  Reiki chuckled.  “It’s nothing like you think,” she shook her head.  “I used to be a Tactical officer.  Some days it was absolutely wonderful.  The physical exertion, beating out my frustrations either by sparring or by taking care of people who crossed Starfleet, PT, shooting range practice.  Rarely did I sit still.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’m good at Operations.  Damn good.  Sometimes to my detriment.  Getting stuck behind a desk for days at a time can leave me with an incredible headache.  And I’m in one of those stretches right now.  It looks like I’ve got another day or two of it, so I’m enjoying this numbing agent.  I may even get a start on tomorrow’s headache tonight.” she said taking another pull of the Ale.

And as to my usual poison, it’s usually an Altairian brandy.  It’s certainly a much more sophisticated drink and one I enjoy immensely, but when the headache’s bad enough, nothing but Andorian ale will touch it.”  Sh’laan raised her glass as if in salute before taking another sip. 
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Zark took a sip of her wine and smiled at the implication that she was Ida's unsensible opposite. Not that she preferred to think of it that way.  Zark was simply more embracing of her passions and exuberance.  She could be cold and methodical, but this was neither the time nor place for it.  The security officer in her couldn't help but notice that she wasn't holding all of the Shen's attention as there was almost a quick flick away from her to something behind her, and the medic's own check down the bar helped to pick up that a certain white haired Trill was on the prowl.

That bit of information was filed away for later as Zark refocused her expression on Reika.  The Zhen's expressions changed as Reika spilled the details on what life was like in Operations.  There was surprise that she'd started in tactical, vigorous agreement that Reika felt she was good at her job.  She'd take that one at face value since there wasn't any counter veiling evidence, and one didn't get assigned to the most advanced experimental ship in the fleet by being a moron.  Then a mournful shaking when Reika found herself more desk bound because of her job.

This was a travesty in her mind with all that athleticism and grace going to waste on a chair. "I'm willing to bet you are still good at hand to hand as well as fire arms."  There was a slight pause for the drama and her grin took on a predatory bent. "Aaaaaaand I'm wiling to bet you'd feel way better after working out all those muscles that haven't seen as much use." Her mobile face smiled more easily. "As you can tell from all the enthusiasm that I show on Ida's behalf, it would be a good way to loosen up your joints.  In case you're wondering why I just wandered out with a bruise under one eye and a split lip, it's because I got a little too direct when I went for a back hand strike instead of trying to sweep her feet first."  

While Zark was quite confident in her own skills, she'd gotten into enough fights to know the universe had lots of tricks up its sleeve, and part of what made life so interesting was to figure them out. "So tell me, what do you prefer? The bloody tradition of Chaka Hramdal?  The close in grapple from Hleshvalath? Or our esteemed power house, Ida's favourite of Kharakom?"  The medico happily asked as a smile split her face.  Given her rather sensual personality though, she couldn't help but cross her arms around her chest as she leaned on the bar to get closer to Reika and her eyes narrowed in curiosity as her intrigue started to make her eyes sparkle.  "Or something more exotic?  Kareel-ifla from Vulcan, maybe Dancefighting from Orion?"

Chaka Hramdal = Andorian duel fighting
Hleshvalath = Andorian Wrestling
Kharakom = Andorian Boxing
Kareel-ifla = Vulcan style karate
Dancefighting = Orion style capoeira

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Even while she was talking, Reika watched Zark.  She noticed different microexpressions during their conversation, and as she mentioned she had been in tactical, leggy Andorian, the Ops officer saw something else in Zark’s eyes, something slightly … playfully nefarious?  But being who she was, Reika would bite.

The edges of her mouth turned up at the edges and something about the moment shifted something in her.  Her eyes and thoughts were focused solely on the Andorian opposite her.  “Well for most of us, once a tactical officer, always a tactical officer - at least at heart.”

She took a moment before answering Zark’s next question, observing the medic’s disposition, her facial expression, even catching something in her scent.  Her eyes sparkled and she chuckled almost a tinkling laugh.  “Of course, I always feel better after a good workout.”

As Zark mentioned her black eye, Reika reached out with both of her hands and gently removed the other Andorian’s glasses, holding them in front of her, to get a better look at the black eye.  “So you got this,” Reika tenderly touched her eye, “All of this just because you took the direct approach instead of sweeping someone off their feet, huh?”  Her couldn’t keep the sly grin off of her face.

Reika listened as the Zhen listed off several different forms of martial arts.  “Well, you see, my choice of martial arts is like my choice of alcohol.  It depends on the point of the match.  If I’m wanting to play hard to get, then I would choose the Andorian martial art of redirection, Xri-For’al.  If I feel like getting up close and personal, then I prefer Hleshvalath.  But if I’m just angry, then Kharakom is a great way to deal with my anger.”

“What about you, Zha?  Do you have a preference for one of those over another?”  Reika asked as she put the Zhen’s glasses back on.  She considered picking up Zark’s glass and taking a sip of it, but she’d been overly familiar and suggestive enough already, so she picked up her own glass and took another sip watching the other Andorian over the top of her glass.  But she straightened back up and set her drink aside tilting her head and with her back still against the bar, she set her elbows atop of it and tried to decide what was going through the Zhen’s mind.

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Zark didn't stay quite still as her glasses came off her face and a wisp of hair got pulled along.  What had been a casual watching of the Shen became more intense. Flirting could take various forms, and the Zhen knew she was being flirted with.  There was the age old internal debate for her whether she should play along and encourage the situation, and part of her was tempted to.  Reika Sh’laan after all was attractive, and Zark was not above having a passionate encounter after meeting someone for the first time.  On the other hand, she was honest enough to admit that she would have to be hornier or much more drunk.  Being quite shameless, Zark had the grace to dimple prettily at the unintended double entendre that she'd provided Reika.   A quick gentle tug of her pony tail followed as it was brought to hang over her shoulder.  She idly played with the tip while listening to the Ops officer discussed her diverse knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and her finger stopped twisting as she considered the various challenges she could offer.

Zark didn't quite pout when the glasses came back on, but it did seem a little slower than was really necessary.  On the other hand, it could have been a case of the Zhen injecting her own desires into the reading of the movement.  Clearly any amorous adventures weren't quite on the table, but they were in the cards. Maybe not today, but possibly another time.  Slender fingers took a moment to adjust her glasses back onto the bridge of her nose correctly and a small sip of wine followed.  "It's a bit of an interesting story that goes with it, but my preferred style is a mix of Jiu Jitsu and Kharakom."  The Zhen looked skyward for a moment as she rubbed the cut on her lip. "Well, that's the closest way I can describe it at any rate."  Her gaze retruned to the Shen. "The thing is Sha, when I was a cadet, I took some time to visit my Zhavey.  She was XO on the USS Renegade at the time.  I got handed over to the Chief of Security to learn from him, I guess you can call it a working vacation.  So he had his combat expert test me first so they could see how much more I could learn." Sip. "Commander Lin and his cqb Chief took a look at how I was fighting, and they felt there was something not quite right about the style the Academy was teaching.  They took a look at my education and found out that I took gymnastics.  Turns out the Chief was fan of a form of entertainment from Earth called cinema, like a holonovel for us today.  Anyway, I thought he'd lost it when he brought me in to watch this 'movie' as part of my formal combat training." 

Zark gave a wistful smile as she took another sip. "It was a fun movie.  None too cerebral, but fun. Anyway, there was this gorgeous red head human, her name was Scarlett Johansson.  That's not important though, the main point was her character had a very acrobatic fighting stlye.  Sure it was all choreographed, but he said that I needed to make use of my agility instead of staying comparatively still all the time."  A bigger sip followed that brought the glass down to half and a slender middle finger ran over the rim of the glass. "If you'd like to stop by and see, I can guarantee it's quite the spectacle since it makes me look like a Grayth going for the kill."  Zark smiled ferally mirroring her analogy. "And before you ask why I didn't dodge like Grayth, Ida is just that relentless, but we're pretty even since she won't be wearing any bikinis until after she gets a good dermal regenerator treatment."  Zark took a self congratulatory chug as she slammed back the rest of the wine.  Xenia stopped by soon after the glass was placed back on the bar.  "Another glass Miss Zark?"  Zark thought about it a bit. "I'll take what she's drinking hun." The Zhen pointed out at the blue liquid in Reika's hand and Xenia nodded to go fulfill the order with a programmed smile.

Grayth = Andorian feline

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Azure eyes noticed the shift in emotions and thoughts that flashed across Zark’s face, as the lanky Andorian gently touched the Medico’s face.  And the way that she drew her ponytail over her shoulder - there was something provocative in it.
And then the story of this movie and how it played into Zark’s own style of fighting.  Reika tried to picture this manner of fighting - just as much of a dance as it was a fight.  It certainly would be enjoyable and intriguing to get a chance to see the buxom Andorian fight using that technique.

Would I like to stop by and see?”  Reika’s laugh was light.  “Of course, I’d love to get a chance to watch.”  The Shen pulled her plaited hair over her shoulder. It fell to just above her bust and stood out starkly against her blue skin and her red top.  Sh’laan stepped away from the bar that she had been reclining against and took a slight step closer to the Zhen as she continued, “but I want to see that movie first so I have something to compare your method to it.  I’d love to see the woman who gave Ida a run for her money and dealt out as much as she took.  So are you in tactical on Theurgy?” 

You learned fighting because of your Zhavey.  Interestingly enough, so did I.  But for me, I grew up an angry kid.  A lot of the reason was because there was a lot of turmoil in our home growing up.  My parents weren’t always on the same page when I was younger.”  Reika half laughed half scoffed.  “I was kicked out three schools for fighting by the time I was 14.  But my Zhavey - an incredibly intuitive zhen - realized what was causing my frustration.  So she got me into Xi’fo’ral - so I would learn to defend myself without hurting the person attacking me.  But it also taught me self-discipline and how to calm myself down.  But interestingly it was that training that got me ready to become a tactical officer.”  Reika picked up her mug of ale once again and took another pull of the blue liquid.

Before Xenia could bring the Ale, the shen offered her mug to the Zhen.  “Need to quench your thirst?  I’m happy to help.”  Her mouth split into a wide grin and her tongue added to the smile as it pressed against her top teeth.

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Zark naturally leaned in towards the Shen as she got closer and smiled easily as she listened to how Reika had transformed herself from the proverbial angry duckling to a graceful swan as a stray thought caused the Shen to plow past the question to how her own experiences with martial arts.  The medic could definitely agree that the ability to defend oneself without unduly injuring someone was very helpful in conflict resolution.  Her smile took on a more humorous glint as a memory bubbled its way to the surface from her time at the Academy.

"I'm with Security, but as a medic, I also get all the wonderful extra training to help patch up people long enough on missions till the proper doctors can help them."  Zark leaned in a bit to whisper into Reika's ear like sharing a naughty secret. "I can do a lot of the procedures that surgeons do in the field, but Medical doesn't like to admit that most medics
are trained that way."
  The Zhen pulled back and winked then pursed her lips and placed a finger in front of her closed lips.  The sound of air rushing passed her lips was quite audible as she smiled again. 

"Our Zhavey's really are quite remarkable, though mine probably wishes I'd chosen something more sedate, but what can I say; I love the action, even if it has almost killed me a few times." Zark continued as she waited for her drink.  "My Zhavey isn't really good at fighting to be honest..." The Zhen corrected. "She gave up blue to wear command red.  Started out in the sciences, but she was more of an explorer than a researcher and had a great touch with people, which is how she got tagged for executive officer of the renegade.  She didn't have time to worry just about me, so she dumped me on her Security Chief.  Let him sort me out.  Last we talked, she was taking a Luna class towards the galactic core on a five year mission."

Zark was about to ask about Reika's family when the Shen offered her own glass to help quench her thirst from all the talking she'd done so far. The Zhen smiled and thanked the Shen.  Taking the mug, she turned it around and took a sip right where the Ops woman had been drinking while keeping her gaze on Reika's eyes.  It was only a sip, and the burned and blossomed as she'd expected it to.  Her lips gripped the rim of the cup in a semi subtle kiss of the rim before the mug was placed back beside Reika's hand on the bar.  Zark's own sense of friendly impulsiveness kicked in as she snaked her arm around Reika's and her wrist came to rest on top of the Shen's.  This had to bring the two bodies closer as Zark's arm was now linked with Reika's, but not holding hands. Yet.  It also brought the Zhen's leather legging clad hip in contact with the Shen's leather skirt.  The view seemed to have an effect somewhere as someone cursed as their drink spilled while passing by. Xenia arrived and deposited the mug with the blue liquid in front of Zark and she gracefully picked up the mug with her opposite hand, raising it to Reika's for her to return the cheers.

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The fact that Zark was in security but as a medic was intrigued Reika.  To be both equally capable of fighting and healing was a unique combination.  “So if on the off chance that you kicked my ass, you’d be able to patch me up afterward?”  She paused and nodded.  “That’s good to know.”  Reika’s eyes blinked, but there was an unmistakable hint of a wink. 

Then the Zhen continued on about what she was capable of.  And as she did, Sh’laan could feel the shift of air as the Zhen leaned in.  It was subtle and still obvious.  As the Zhen blew past her single raised finger, the Shen opened her mouth as if to catch the shared and shut her mouth after capturing it and smacking her lips after.

Reika’s eyes twinkled as she watched Zark drink from her glass.  The Zhen’s kiss may have been in the wrong place, but it was a kiss nonetheless.  She would chalk that up to a tiny victory … in hopefully a string of ever-increasing ones.  And when Zark’s arm twined in and through Sh’laan’s pulling their bodies somewhat against each other, there was a pulse of electricity that flowed through one to the other.  And as Reika began to lean in, someone nearby cursed as their drink spilled onto the floor.

The blue head with long-intricate braids twisted toward the interloper.  “Enjoying the show?” the Shen asked the passerby.

“It hasn’t started yet,” the Trill quipped as he wiped as the liquid that had spilled down his front.

"Maybe it's time for some popcorn," Sh'laan said with a wink.

But Xenia plunked down another mug.  Both female Andorians picked up their mugs at the same time, and they clinked them together.  After which, the Shen took a long pull of her ale and set her mug down on the bar.  Then pulling her hand toward her so that the two woman’s hands were wrapped in the other, and Reika turned her body so that the two were only centimeters apart.

This time Sh’laan reached out and took gentle hold of the Zhen’s cup.  And when she felt Zark’s grip loosen even in the slightest, she took her cup and swiveled her hand around at the wrist.  Her lips puckered around the same spot Zark’s had.  Then she repeated the Zhen’s previous action, but with her own glass before setting it back in the other set of blue fingers.  Once she had released her hold on the glass, she rested her slender fingers on the other Andorian’s waist.  “Tastes good,” Reika said with a sultry grin.
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The statuesque Zhen replied with a salacious smile of her own as her hips swayed seeming of their own accord on the spot.  There was a rythm that was perceived in her own mind.  Watching the captivating Shen take a sip of her own drink made the entire visit worthwhile.  It felt natural to bring her body closer to exchange drinks as they watched each other.  If it wasn't a well known fact that this species of Andorian wasn't telepathic, onlookers could be forgiven for thinking the two were reading each other's minds.  It could also be easily deduced what they had in mind with each other as Zark brought her body in closer and stopped Reika from picking up her mug so an arm could snake its way around her waist and pulled the Shen in closer.

Seamlessly, the arm left and then both arms were draped around Reika's shoulders and Zark brought her face in close.  She took a moment look further into Reika's eyes before leaning in to the side of the face where most of the lounge couldn't see and closed her eyes as blue lips got closer to blue skin.

There was the briefest of contact as full lips brushed against high cheek bones before moving closer to the ear and a breathy whisper followed.  "The night is young Reika Sh'Lann and I do enjoy what we're doing here." Zark pulled her head back just far enough so she could see passed the profile of the Shen's nose and there was a crowd that was trying poorly to conceal their watching of the two Andorian women. At one table, a pair of males seemed to be having trouble as they adjusted how they were sitting. "I know what I want to do to you, but is this what you want so early in the night?"  The Zhen pulled back further and smirked as she raised her voice just a touch as the flirtatious smirk never left her face. "After all, there are many others we can share the enjoyment with."

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With her back to the bar and a perma-smirk on her face, Kino felt loose and comfortable enough to sway unconsciously to the music between throws; four rounds in now, still sipping only ice-water, with the tequila flowing in her veins. Said alcohol did nothing to improve her aim, but being a cyborg had its perks, even if it came at a cost no one in their right mind should have to pay. Her nose wrinkled in a dismissive scowl at herself before she threw another dart. Thump. The bright, multi-colored neon board lit up in another bullseye.

“You’re cheating,” a familiar voice spoke up behind her.

“Like always,” another chimed in.

Ah, boys. Such sore losers. Kino snorted through a grin, turning as her squad-mates sat themselves at a small table next to where she stood. Falvar – youthful, clean shaven with bright playful eyes and a crown of copper stubble, held two pints of frosty amber colored liquid in his fists; he was the shortest of the three of them, but by far the stockiest. A veritable tank in a fight. Headstrong, impulsive, bullet-proof as only the young and foolish always were. At his side, Agans was tall, dark, and handsome; a steadfast wing-man with kind brown eyes and a cooler head that usually kept his younger charge out of trouble – at least he always tried to, anyway.

Kino lifted her chin at them in greeting. “Thought y’all weren’t comin’,” a dark brow arched at them as she accepted one of the pints from Falvar. “Get tired of paintin’ your little toy soldiers?”

“They’re not toys,” Agans rolled his eyes at her. “They’re armies, for an extremely complex table-top strategic simulation. The nuance is beyond you, I know, so I forgive your ignorance.”

“Whatever,” Kino smirked. “They’re a bunch of half-naked monster girls and golden fuck-boys.”

“Hey, don’t shit on our hobby just because you ain’t got none,” Falvar quipped, hand open for the darts. “Gimme.” Kino fixed him with an ask nicely look, which he dutifully ignored. “Fine, play with yourself, you’re good at that.”

“Fuck you,” the Trill laughed and handed over the darts, ignoring his muttered, smart-assed reply while she seated herself across from Agans. “So, whats up,” Kino asked over the lip of her beer. “Sick of babysitting by yourself, or what,” her lips curled.

Hilarious,” Falvar grunted at the implied insult.

“You looked lonely,” Agans smirked.

“Did not,” Kino laughed. “Was actually enjoying myself for a change.”

“Looked like you needed company to me,” Falvar shrugged, then tossed a dart that barely hit the board.

“Nice, off to a good start,” Kino chuckled at him, then turned her attention back to Agans. “You guys got bored and came looking for trouble – I know it – but I’m behaving, see? So chill.”

“Yeah, about that.” Agans tilted his head to the bar, then leaned in close to lower his voice at the Trill. “Seems like games are afoot. You had a window too, but didn’t take it. Don’t seem like you,” he shrugged, “so we came over to see what’s up.”

Kino frowned at him, eyes narrowed in sudden annoyance. “Really? Again, with this? How many times do I gotta tell you? I’m fine.”

Agans ignored her, turning his eyes and teasing features to Falvar instead. “Knew you’d say that. Two strips it is, young buck,” he grinned as the younger man swore under his breath. “Don’t worry, one day you’ll actually learn to stop betting against me.”

“Whatever,” Falvar grunted under his breath.

“Look,” Agans continued, hands raised in pacification as his attention returned to Kino, “we know you’ve been through a lot. More than most, for sure – but the Kino we knew,” he gestured to her, “is still in there somewhere. We’re just here to encourage her to live a little.” His dark, mischievous eyes glanced to the two Andorians quickly. “Can’t tell me you aren’t interested.”

Now it was Kino’s turn to roll her eyes. Of course she was interested, but that was beside the point. Knowing both of them, and all the times she'd laughed at their expense, it was pretty obvious they were just looking for some entertainment. “You two really come over here just to bust my balls? Ain’t y’all got anything better to do?”

“Nope,” Falvar snorted and threw another dart. Kino heard him grunt another curse.

“Look, here’s what you do,” Agans paused, and held up a sparkly loop of an erring. “Just like Guam; you take this over there – pretty sure it fell off the tall one. Found it on the deck next to her when we passed, anyway. Give it back and get in the game, have some fun, too, for fuck’s sakes. Do it,” he grinned, “or no balls.”

Guam. She’d been with him and Bremmer then, before Agans had gotten hitched. They’d spent a drunken weekend leave together and the girls had managed all kinds of shenanigans at his expense. Good times. Kino almost choked on the mouthful of beer she just swallowed. “Y’know I remember having those now, right,” she laughed, then took the erring and looked it over. “And I know you’re just settin’ me up to watch the shitshow that’ll follow.”

“Wait, you were a dude,” Falvar grunted in surprise.

“Yeah, twice,” Kino smirked over her shoulder. “Dick, balls, receding hairline, the works.”

“Man, that’s wild. remember everything? You know, even the,” Falvar continued, casually humping the air.

Really?” Kino sighed at him with a roll of her eyes.

“Please stop doing that,” Agans deadpanned, but Falvar ignored them both with a chuckle – still humping as he downed his beer.

“Y’know what, fine,” Kino laughed as she stood, erring held in one fist, mug in the other. “Y’all enjoy the show.”

“Happy hunting,” Agans nodded with a grin and saluted her with his glass. “We’ll be here.”

Kino snorted with a shake of her head. It was all in good fun, either way. She’d put poor Agans through worse, too, so she’d play along, regardless what happened. Her eyes drifted over Zark who was, of course, more than alluring, but Kino’s lips pulled to the side in her trademark smirk as they lingered on the taller beauty that leaned in close next to the medico. Her ears caught Zark’s flirtatious invitation as the Trill approached the pair, prompting a subdued chuckle. Yeah, this’ll be fun.

“Hey there, sorry to interrupt,” the Trill leaned her elbows on the bar next to Zark, then dangled the erring between her fingers at the pair with a tilt of her head. “My friend found this on the floor next to y’all. Did one of you happen to lose it,” she asked casually, mismatched eyes locked onto the earring's twin – still attached to a deliciously blue lobe. “Oops, looks like you did, Legs,” Kino added with a smile while she held it out, and introduced herself. “Hope ya don’t mind the nickname, they’re awful hard to miss,” she winked.

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Reika leaned in as Zark wrapped her blue arms around Reika’s long neck.  Then bringing the two women cheek to cheek.  A little shiver ran down her spine as she felt the other woman’s lips brush across her azure cheek.  Then Zark moved closer to Reika’s ear.  “The night is young, Reika Sh’laan, and I do enjoy what we’re doing here.”  But with that, the second Andorian pulled back and stood almost nose to nose with Sh’laan.  “I know what I want to do to you, but is this what you want so early in the night?  After all, there are many others we can share the enjoyment with.

Reika’s lips wound into a grin, but as she opened her mouth to speak, the words, “Hey there, sorry to interrupt.”  Then in the small space between the two women a very familiar looking earring was dangled between two milky fingers.  “My friend found this on the floor next to y’all.  Did one of you happen to lose it?

Reika’s smile went from sultry to intrigued.  Those milky fingers belonged to the Trill who had caught her eye earlier.  She would have enjoyed meeting the Trill, but she wasn’t sure that the Trill was as interested as she was.  Now, she was less sure of that, and her eyes took on a bit of a sparkle.

Without realizing what she did, Reika leaned slightly away and her hands felt for her earlobes.  But, again, before she could answer, she heard, “Oops, looks like you did, Legs.

Reika’s fingers found which lobe was naked….She wondered if more of her would be naked before the night was over, and she liked that thought.

Hope ya don’t mind the nickname.” Reika could nearly hear the tinkle of laughter in the Trill’s voice.  “They’re awful hard to miss.

Reika glanced down at her long blue limbs.  “You mean these?” she said inching her skirt up even more up the side of her thigh as her eyes sparkled with mirth before she dropped her skirt the three inches.  “I have no idea what you mean,” she chuckled.

Turning to the other Andorian, slipping one arm around Zark’s waist and the other around the Trill’s, Reika looked between the two and asked.  “So Zark, are you going to introduce me?”  Thoughts began swirling around her head.  The night had seemed like it could have been incredibly entertaining before.  Now, she wondered what else it might hold…maybe in addition?  Her tongue found a spot to settle as she pressed it against the bottom of her front teeth while she smiled between the two women.
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