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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Below Decks Lounge | Vector 03 | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Frank's other steel and pepper eyebrow joined the first when he saw that Kamilla was looking to find a way to enjoy herself more than was strictly necessary first thing in the morning. Reika's plea for help set the engineer in motion to assist his beleaguered colleague. But this was a mystery that needed solving if nothing else to help protect the crew from spontaneous sexual adventures. "Computer, decompose and tell me what's causing the amority in Kamilla and how to counteract it."

Rounding the bar as the patrons watched, Frank stood beside the pair and put his arms gently on the hostess' shoulder while the dusky woman moved to lip lock the Andorian while the Shen was working to keep the wandering and groping off. "Okay Kamilla, let's not get carried away here and Reika's hair needs to stay in her head."

Kamilla flashed a hurt look at Frank as she dug her hands further into the snowy locks. "No Frank, Reika's been so intriguing since she came on board." A couple of other crew members saw disaster coming and started to make their way over to help Frank try to keep the barkeep off the Andorian.

"I wouldn't know.." Frank stared before he was cut off by a ravenous tone.

"I do. What passions do you hold dear? Like the hottest of flames, what was locked away in the gorgeous ice blue heart of yours?" Kamilla asked in tones of vedec desire while her chocolate eyes melted over the sapphire ones.

Frank didn't bother mentioning that the hottest temperature for fire was white, not blue as that was extremely unimportant compared to pulling Kamilla off without really hurting her. While he was trying, it seemed her desire induced haze gave her more grip than expected. An additional pair of hands also reached in and were adding their strength.

Not knowing precisely how much strength was required was a definite curse as the trio did get Kamilla off, but more forcefully than expected. With the hostess struggling to stay in place to get at her quarry, she slipped and twisted while she fell. There was a collective thump as the pile of bodies landed on top of each other, though Frank had the dubious pleasure of having Kamilla land on him and fate handing hitting him with a dangling song of destiny when she landed on him. Two things immediately hit the engineer. The first was that there was a wet pair of lips on his. The next was that he had something soft and squishy in his hands. His hands trying to determine what he had a handful of was eliciting a subtle vibration of pleasure on his lips while something wet was trying to force his mouth open.

Realizing what was going on, Frank pushed Kamilla off. She reluctantly left as her hands were planted on his solid chest and her breathing was noticeably heavy. "Frank.... I didn't know." she breathed as she her hands went for the top button of her blouse.

Frank's eyes grew at what was coming and he reached to stop her when the computer chimed in. "Analysis complete. This Flaming Deltan Sunrise has been made with Deltan Kirsch and Deltan Bulawa Dessert Spirit. Both items are known intoxicants, aphrodisiacs, and sensitivity enhancers. Warning. Replicator safeties have been overridden. Synthehol component replaced by alcohol. Recommended course of action is to sedate for 12 hours."

"Uh oh" was all Frank could say as Kamilla began grinding on him, and was quite determined to remove her top and ravish him.

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Computer Core | Deck 12 and 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika kept turning her head this way and that way, trying her best to avoid the lips that sought out her own.  “Kamilla,” the Andorian protested as she ducked her head just in time for Kamilla to miss her lips - again- but instead the human locked onto her right eyelid.  It might have been a site as Reika tried to squint and twist her eyeball away from the suction being created by Kamilla’s lips.  “I’d like to keep my eyes intact if you don’t mind,” Reika said as - out of the corner of her other eye, she saw the Chief coming to her aid.  And while it was painful, she felt some of the strands of her intricately plaited hair pull free from their bindings as Kamilla’s ring began to work its way free of the white tresses, but at that moment, Reika felt those pale hands push themselves further into her hair and heard the protests.  “No Frank, Reika’s been so intriguing since she came aboard.” 

“But what about Kino, Kamilla?” Reika asked.  “I already told you that I’m in love with her.  Come on.  You’re often passionate in your beliefs, but this really isn’t like you.  Please let me go.”

Two others joined in their efforts to extricate the Andorian from the Human’s embrace.  And finally, the full force of the three of them ranked the barmade off of Reika pulling a goodly chunk of white hair out in the process.

Breathing deeply and trying to take stock of what exactly what was bruised, crushed, removed and/or otherwise damaged during the fray, Reika took a moment to compose herself before she realized that the reality of the amorousness hadn’t subsided, but was merely transferred from Reika to Frank.

But from this position, it was much easier to get to Kamilla and to lock her arms behind her back and pull her off of the bemused and befuddled Frank.

Reika had to leverage her long limbs to pull the squirming barkeep off of the Engineer, but the Andorian got a good grasp and wrapping her blue arms underneath the pale ones and pulling those pale arms together behind her, this pressed Reika against Kamilla, but from behind.

“See I knew you wanted me,” Kamilla said as she tried desperately to swing her head around and to get another kiss in on the Andorian. “Kamilla, you’re inebriated in the extreme.  We’re going to help you to sickbay and try to get you treated.  Right, Chief?” she asked.  “Well after you turn the safeties back on, on the replicator, I’m sure,” Reika said as she struggled to hold the human female in place. “Hold still Kamilla!”
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Below Decks Lounge | Vector 03 | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

While Reika tried talk some sense into the hostess then proceeded to get pawed over, Frank got up and directed the other two crew members to help Reika try to keep the newly lustful woman off her.  If Frank had a moment and the situation wasn't so dire, he'd have taken a moment to pinch the bridge of his nose or rub his temple.   "Try to keep her from doing anything she's going to regret." The other two nodded and looped their arms under hers and tried to firmly pull her off.  The Engineer took a moment to look around while Kamilla let out a keening "Noooooo, you won't keep me from her.

At least Kamilla seemed focused on Reika at the moment, though he did hear one of the crew complain that they didn't have the arms to keep the legs off Reika's waist.  Deciding this was an emergency, Frank headed to the nearest medical kit and opened it. Quickly looking, he saw the plate that indicated a general sedative, though he did notice a piece of paper attached to the kits lid that showed that he should only press the increase button ONCE.  Doing as the paper said, he slid the vial into the hypospray and made his way over to see Kamilla was pushing her chocolate coloured hair into one crew member who was doing his best to ignore the amorous invitations she was giving him.  The only part Frank heard was "....all please each other."

Frank looked heavenward and closed in on the scene of chaos.  He didn't know what she was trying to do as she bucked hard with a groan and pulled everyone down into another crashing pile of bodies.  Given her state, it was amazing how focused she as the bar tender pulled her arms out quickly and wrapped them around the Andorian's neck to try to shove her tongue down the computer techs throat.  The Engineer was having none of this though as he grabbed her hair and pulled her neck to the side, jammed the hypospray into her neck and pressed the trigger.

The hiss followed with Kamilla quickly loosening her grip as she fell unconscious. With the situation resolved, Frank exhaled as he stood up and fixed his tunic.  Offering a hand to Reika, he then directed the other two crew members to carry the sleeping woman to the nearest sickbay along with the necessary details.  This situation perplexed him, but he had a situation to restore first.  "Alright everyone that's it for now, you know she's off to sickbay, so back to your morning routine."  The volume of the hubbub returned as everyone got back to eating or their other morning activity while he turned to the Shen. "I can see why someone would try to hide a chip like that.  Let that sort drink loose on the crew and who knows what'll happen."  The question was now what.

Thea at this point decided to chirp in. "Commander Arnold. I have taken a further look into the chip and there appears to be some coding for the holodeck systems."  This caused the Chief to frown in puzzlement before looking at Reika.  "Given what the drink was like, do we really want to know what the program was?"

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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Below Decks Lounge | Vector 03 | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Relieved of her charge, Reika took a moment to straighten her tunic and brush her hair back over her shoulder, raising her chin and shaking her hair down her back.  Before walking around in front of the restrained woman.  “What about what I want, Kamilla?”  The Andorian asked.  “I already told you that I’m involved, and I’m not sure that Kino is interested in a threesome.”

“You have no way of knowing what Kino would like or wouldn’t like unless you asked her,” Kamilla said straining against the crewmen holding her back. 

Kamilla was so earnest in her advances.  Her attention moved from Reika to the crewman at her side almost wresting her arm from the other.  If it wasn’t for a tight grasp, the barmaid would have liplocked the guy.  And then she rubbed her body up and down against the man.  But it was only moments later Frank returned with a hypo and even though he pulled back Kamilla’s brown locks back before he could press the vial against her neck, Kamilla wrenched herself free and once again wrapped her arms around Reika’s neck once again.  Assaulting the OPS officer with her lips.  They wrapped themselves around the blue lips trying to see how far she could get her tongue down her throat.  It was at that moment that Frank yanked the bartender back by her hair and finally pressed the hypo to her neck leaving Reika’s open mouth to snap shut. 

Reika took Frank’s hand and let him help her up.  “I’ve known her for awhile, and I’ve never seen her like this before,” she said trying once again to make herself presentable.

“I can see why someone would try to hide a chip like that.  Let that sort of drink loose on the crew and who knows what’ll happen.”

“Ya think?  Kamilla is usually so easygoing.  Imagine someone who tends to be more aggressive by nature.  We’d have all sorts of potential assaults around the ship. 

Reika heard Thea’s voice and stopped to listen to the computer.  “The holodeck?  How many holodeck programs are infected, Thea?” Reika asked. 

“Just two,” the AI responded. 

“Which two?” the Andorian asked again.

“Flight simulation 233, and a private program created by user 49028.”

“Thea, who is user 49028?”

“I don’t know.  It is possible that a crewmember created a new user hidden profile unconnected to their personnel user profile.”

Reika tipped her head toward Frank. "Should we head to the holodeck and check it out?  I have to admit, the thought of it being included in a flight simulation - even one of the higher numbers troubles me.”
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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Below Decks Lounge | Vector 03 | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Frank frowned as he considered the two programs.  "Thea, cross reference the last time these programs were used with records of who was on the ship at the time.

"Understood. Working." The AI commented.  Whatever Frank was hoping for was dashed as Thea came back much more quickly than he thought she would.  "I'm sorry Commander Arnold, but there is no data available from that time period."

This puzzled the Engineer as he raised a Vulcan style eyebrow at Reika.  "What do you mean there's no data?"  he asked.

"I don't know what happened, but the records for the people who were coming and going at that time appear to have been deleted.  I've taken a look with other records of the time period, but without more specific information, there are 173 people, all with equally low probabilities of being the chip's owner."

Frank couldn't help but be surprised at this and he rocked back on his feet gently as he crossed his arms in thought. "Are there any digital markers in the two programs to give any ideas as to the owner."

"Working. There doesn't appear to be any, but there could be details inside the programs themselves that could help shed light and narrow down the list."

"Figures.  Alright.  Let's see what we have.  Load Flight Simulation 233 and activate program when ready."  Taking a moment to turn to Reika, he gave voice to the main thought at this point.  "I can't imagine a flight program that needs a Deltan cocktail."

"Program loaded."  Came the reply from the standard computer instead of Thea and Frank entered the holosuite to be greeted by a scene of a generic country side.  There was a moment of nothing then a pair of humans emerged from thin air.  Both wore tight white britches with long leather coats, a leather cap, and goggles.  It was definitely an archaic mode of dress since cap did little to hide the woman's Marcel waves, but completely covers the man's head. "Welcome back." the woman greeted "How can we serve you today?"

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Below Decks Lounge | Vector 03 | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

Reika stepped inside the program with Frank when she heard his comment,  "I can't imagine a flight program that needs a Deltan cocktail."

Her white brows drew together as she considered his thought.  “Honestly, I can’t either,” she said her own thoughts beginning to run away with her.  “I mean any other cocktail might be used to soothe nerves ruffled by flying, but a Deltan cocktail?  That makes no sense to me.

She wasn’t sure what she expected to greet them when the program initiated, but what they saw didn’t match any kind of expectations she had.  During her time at the Academy, Reika had taken several opportunities to visit different spots across the globe.  She had toured several different parts of the Alps wondering at the majestic alpine beauty of the region.  She had also sojourned in the desert at Giza getting to see the spectacle of the pyramids.  Another such place where she had spent a weekend away was in a quiet French countryside.

This setting reminded her a bit of that.  Maybe there were a few more trees in this setting.  There was an open meadow in front of them bordered by motley varieties of trees known to Earth.  She tucked that clue away for future reference.  The countryside wherever it was, was marked by green rolling hills over which the breeze was blowing and the grasses undulated due to its influence.  The Andorian opened her mouth to comment on the peacefulness and almost idyllic beauty when two - apparently humans - appeared out of nowhere.  “I’m guessing we’re on earth,” she said quietly to Frank before the two approached them with a greeting.

Welcome back,” the woman with curled hair spouted with a bit of exuberance.  “How can we serve you today?

Well,” Reika said, “We,” she gestured to herself and Frank, “were hoping that you might be able to answer a few questions for us.

Mai Oui,” the man answered.

Oh,” Reika raised a white eyebrow recognizing the turn of phrase.  “We are in France?

Ah yes,” the woman answered, though the French behind her accent was quite strong.

Are you both dressed…for flying?  This is supposed to be a flying simulation, correct?

Well, flying is definitely one of the things that we do here.

Reika cast Frank a slightly uneasy glance.

“What are the other things that you do here?” the Andorian asked.

Why don’t you follow us and see,” the woman smirked and started over the rise about a hundred yards in front of them.

As they cleared the rise the group looked down on an old-fashioned runway and a large building on the east side of the lane.  As they stood there a small two-person plane taxied out onto the runway, making its way to the end, turning one more time to take advantage of the full length of the runway.  As the plane picked up speed, it grew louder and louder until it bounced several times before finally leaving the terra firma. 

See,” the man gestured.  “One of the things that we do here,” and with that he started down the hill as if he expected them to follow.

The group waded through the calf-tall grass down to one side of the hanger in the program.  The man opened up the door and they walked inside to a tavern of sorts.  Reika stood in the doorway for a moment feeling like in a very short time, they had come full circle and she wondered what escapades would ensue in this location.

As they stepped inside the bar was off to the left.  There were billiards tables ahead of them and about a dozen round tables to the right.  Groups of people had congregated at the various tables and looked up skeptically as the door opened flooding the dim room momentarily with light and the newcomers entered.

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Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Below Decks Lounge | Vector 03 | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Frank followed Reika into the simulation and shared the skeptical look as they were led into the French field.  He really didn't know what to expect after the incident with Kamilla.  If anything, he thought they'd have been taken onto a private aircraft of some sort where there would be an orgy of some sort.  A quaint and rustic field with a tavern was a good outcome by comparison and he let Reika take the lead in their investigation as he kept an eye out for any details that would give them clues about the program's creator and any signs of shenanigans.  The roaring of the plane caught his attention and he grinned appreciatively at the graceful lines of the ancient design.

The grass was an interesting touch and after working with metal and crystal for so long, he took a moment to brush his hands though the green blades.  Too bad it's just a hologram.   he thought to himself as he followed the Andorian inside and then ignored the fact that the hubbub died down as the two entered.  His gaze immediately swept the room.  The construct of light and forcefield didn't interest him in the slightest.  Instead, he tried to discern the place where the control interface would be placed inside the simulation.  With an active program running, the data was likely to have been decompressed resulting in possibly more information being open to access.  Maybe even a digital signature or a change log of some sort. It was cliche, but a good place to start as he eyes narrowed on the bar he made his way over through the silence of the room.  The people in the bar watched the stranger move with purpose instead of going back to their normal activities.

As Frank rounded the bar, a large blade man with a black moustache barred his way. "Pardon Monsieur.  Zhis are is off limits except for the se staff."  Frank frowned as he considered this.  "Computer, remove the bartender." Frank commanded, then blinked as the bar tender remained and stuck his thumb in his suspenders. "Please Mon ami, no need to be so couth. If you want a drink, just say so, but I will have to make it for this area is a small domain, but it is mine." Frank arched an eyebrow at this. Somebody was being cheeky in not allowing characters to be removed.  He'd heard of programs like this, but they were intensely rare.  Usually does as jokes on friends.

The Chief Engineer had to think on this one for a moment since they only way through the program was to get it to acquiesce, so subterfuge it was.  Seeing a sink, he struck on a n idea. "Well, I need to make sure the structure and plumbing is okay, so I'll need to look under the bar area."

The bartender smiled indulgently. "A likely story monsieur, but I just had these cleaned last week with no problems."  The man smugly brushed his moustache then considered as he looked over at Reika. "I'll tell you what though, you can check the bar to your hearts delight if your lady friend wins a a billiards game here with Loiselle." Frank didn't like this since there was always a forfeit, so he had to ask. "And if she loses?"   The bartender smiled.  "She'll owe me a dance and a song." A sharp faced raven haired woman with thin eyebrows, brown eyes, wearing a dark green dress stood up and pulled a cigarette out of her mouth and puffed some blue smoke into the air.  She took a moment to put the cancer stick in her mouth then crossed to the pool cues and grabbed a pair of sticks.  Crossing to the Andorian, she hoisted one stick on her shoulder, then held out the other and placed it on the Ops woman's shoulder.  "Ready for a game cherie?"

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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

[Several Hours Later]

Kamilla woke with a start and a gasp then tried to get up, which she instantly regretted as her head swam for a moment.  The seeming imbalance on her inner ear caused her stomach to roil and a gagging sound escaped her as she covered her mouth.  A voice beside her said something, but more importantly, it shoved a basin under her chin and she took the chance to empty her stomach into it.  Coughing, she gratefully accepted the proffered paper and cold cup of water. "Easy there.  Doctors say to wash it out, don't swallow just yet."

Kamilla reluctantly did as instructed, and with the nauseous feeling gone, her mind began to settle down.  She was beastly uncomfortable and leaned back as she hooded her eyes against the day glare of the well lit sickbay.  It took a few more moments for her headache to subside sufficiently before she felt comfortable enough to look over and see the concerned visage of the Chief Engineer.  She offered a wan smile at the gesture, then grimaced as her eyes widened.  The snippets and scraps of their encounter in the lounge came back and she fervently wished that she'd puked out her actual organs to be properly dead instead of this living embarrassment.   Her voice croaked when she tried to speak, and she needed a moment to clear her throat. "Chief. I uhhh didn't expect to see you here." It sounded lame to her own ears.  It got worse when the Chief cocked and eyebrow and smiled gently. "It's been quite the trip hasn't it?  How are you feeling?"

Kamilla rubbed her eyes and gave a wan smile.   "Tired, hungover. Everything you'd expect after a bout of exotic drinking" Frank snorted at this and gave a grin. "But otherwise fine I guess." Frank nodded. "Well that's good.  The doctor's want to hold you hear for a little while for observation and just make sure the worse of the alcohol is out of your system.  They said you should be out in a day or two."  Kamilla gave a small nod at this, then pulled her hand away from her aching eyes and turned them on the rough hewn engineer. "Thank you Mr.Arnold for well stopping me before I well, went and you know..." Kamilla stopped before she had to elaborate and quickly decided to change the topic to avoid any more embarrassment.

"So did you figure out what that chip was for?" She asked and felt disappointed when Frank shook his head. "The first one was a flight simulator for archaic aircraft with a few atmospheric additions, plus an interesting anti-tamper element for someone who has too much time on their hands." Frank proceeded to elaborate on how Reika had needed to win a billiards game and it had ended up being a near run thing for the Andorian. The Chief carefully didn't note how the hostess' cheeks seem to flush at the Andorian's name. "We never did find out what happened in the second program. We started at the entrance of what appeared to be a tropical Vulcan monastery, but as soon as the first monk saw us, the program terminated and then the chip formatted itself." The Chief shook his head and shrugged at the odd turn of events. "Anyway, Reika took the chip to see if Operations and Security could extract anything from it."

Kamilla also blinked at the turn of events as that was a pretty extreme step to take to  protect one's identity. The pair chatted for a few more moments about what other events had happened during her time out and how Frank had made sure to purge the recipe from the replicator database as well as putting in a hard lock against that sort of beverage in the future.

"So that's about it." The Chief finished as he looked at a screen and saw the time. "It's time to get back to Engineering." He smiled at her one more time the patted her on the shoulder. "Rest well. We'll see you later."

Kamilla moved to grab the hand on her shoulder and smiled. "Thank you again and uhm." She hesitated for a moment. "See you around for a drink? Coffee this time?"

Frank smiled. "Sounds good."


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