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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Enyd was completely useless at helping either this Van Helsing or Zark for the first few moments of the ensuing fight. The image and sound of Zark literally banging her way around the deck, drawing monsters to her side for Van Helsing to dispatch, would likely be a favorite memory for the diplomat in the years to come. Something to pull out and remember during difficult times, as it was bound to elicit more than a mere smile. As it was, in the actual moment, Enyd had to hold on to the railing, and her stomach, she was laughing so hard.

“Have you gone mad?” Van Helsing’s question was tossed at Enyd in passing as he effortlessly dropped from a mast beam, rolled across the deck, dispatched a monster, then leapt onto the railing to later jump across to land on a few barrels.

Enyd wiped a tear away from her eyes, ducking before a harpy could take off her head, “I think I’ve always been mad in all honesty.” Crouching down, Enyd picked up a discarded saber and sliced at the talons of yet another harpy, smiling when one foot fell to the deck beside her and the harpy flew off wounded and pissed.

“Fair enough,” Van Helsing conducted a gravity-defying twisting twirl, arcing over a monster so he could shoot it in the back. His landing was a little less graceful only since he landed on the shoulders of another flying monster and shot an arrow directly into its head, riding the beast to the deck. He stood a few paces away from Enyd and tipped his head toward her, “You’re in good company then.” He nodded toward Zark, shared a smile, and then took off after another group of monsters gathering around Zark.

“Brace yourselves!” Somehow, a crewman was still at the helm, steering the ship through this chaos. “Hard to starboard!”

Enyd looked along the line of the ship and saw why they were making the sudden turn. Sunlight was streaming around a sharp corner, and the only way to make it around the corner was to do an almost 90-degree turn. Given the mayhem still ensuing above and around them, they’d be lucky if the ship was still battle-ready once they made it outside. IF they made it outside. Having wasted precious time in thought, Enyd’s body was tossed to the deck, and she rolled through the bloody grime of battle as the ship heaved to the right. Slamming against a coil of rope, her body wedging between it and one of the mast pillars, she could only hope someone took pity on her because she was good and stuck now.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Things were certainly exiting with sharp prices of silver darts flaying the air.  Whatever embarrassment she should be feeling was pushed aside as the sound of carnage around her echoed with harpies being perforated and the odd vampire cursing and screaming as the holy metal pierced they're super human bodies with ease. It certainly wasn't in any tactical doctrines that she'd read about or practiced, but as far as story telling went, it was hilarious, and tons of fun.

Deep within the crystalline matrix of the holodeck, power continued to flow executing the programming parameters that Enyd had given the system. As the plasma flowed, the structure of the isolinear circuitry changed faster beyond the perception of an organic mind.  The chips at the molecular level expanded and shrunk as data was pulled and passed through. The chips in bank 74-9679-2343-A carried out their task to keep the program running and also to ensure that the safety protocols were being followed.  This particular program was proving more taxing than expected and it was one of those low priority items that the Engineering crews simply didn't have time to attend to while the ship was going through overhaul.  An Operations person could have taken care of it, but they were also busy working to patch up everything else.  Still, there was damage and one particular violent session was the straw that broke the camels back just that tiny bit as several chips surged.  There was a brief flash, then nothing else, but suddenly the matrix and calculations used to determine what was safe and what wasn't were now severely skewed.

Zark didn't know this as she ran around the ship like an adolescent with a noise maker, and given her general toughness and awareness, she certainly didn't know it when a figure slammed into the mostly cleared ship and sent her flying to pick up more of the usual nicks and bruises.

Rolling to a stop, she hit the capstan no harder than usual, but her body still cried out in protest at being abused this way.  Looking at what had sent her flying, she saw a giant hulking pale figure with a pair of bat wings with claws at the end.  He was decked from head to toe in the finest of black and blood red silks that were intricately detailed from potentially years of craftsmanship. Standing, Zark could see his bulging muscles were barely contained by his finery and seemed to strain as he pulled out his over sized rapier.  He looked around with infinite menace before settling his glare on Van Helsing.  "We meet again my old adversary."

Van Helsing glared back and his mouth tightened as his true adversary had finally deigned to show himself. "Indeed we do Count Dracula.  I tire of your presence plaguing the world, so you'll have to excuse me if I say, may this meeting be our last." The vampire hunter dropped the drum on his automatic cross bolt and quickly snapped another one in place then dropped it to prepare a torrent of silver at his old foe.  The two were canny to each others tricks though as the ancient vampire threw his cape over his head to disappear.  Van Helsing had been expecting this as he ripped off a pouch and flung a dust around him making a temporary barrier before moving away just as the vampire picked up a barrel and hurled it at the hunter.  They knew each other's moves so well as if they were partners in an old deadly dance as they ignored the manoeuvring of the ship.

Zark got up just in time to see Enyd go flying as ship made a radical turn and heeled hard.  With the two old enemies trying earnestly to kill each other, the Andorian ran to where her friend was trying to unwedge herself and laughed as she reached the barrels to start giving Enyd a good hard yank to get her out.  Zark was the picture of struggle as she grunted and pulled with the Andorian planting her foot on a barrel to get additional leverage on the stuck human.  "Enyd!"  Zark grunted as she pulled. "You aren't big!  How the frozen hells did you get stuck??!"  Zark complained as she pulled more.  Eventually, the human came loose and the Andorian fell on her ass with a yelp at the unexpected freeing of her friend.

Breathing hard, Zark smiled at their apparent success, which was quickly interrupted with someone yelling in surprise as the sound of wood being smashed apart registered. "What was that?"  Zark asked the air as she turned around her mind plucked out the empty ship's wheel.  Looking to the side, she grimaced as seeing a pile of wood that looked like a bloody ruin.  A shriek of pain sliced through the air as the  momentary distraction gave the vampire hunter a chance to land a hit.  The ancient monster responded by pulling the holy arrow out and throwing it into the sea contemptuously while hissing his hate.  This got Zark to thinking. Why would the vampire risk injury like that in a life or death struggle? Ducking as she looked around, she saw the ship begin to steadily drift away from the literal light at the end of tunnel and towards the volcanic black walls.  They were in danger of running aground the Andorian realized as she made a dash for the wheel.  Vaulting over hatches, barrels, and bodies, the gymnast was moving very quickly and almost slid passed the wheel before getting a good grip on the wooden circle.  Grunting as her arm was pulled harder than anticipated, she felt her knees hit the deck, yet pulled herself up and spun the wheel in the opposite direction to aim the ship's bow at the light.

"Hey!  I don't think he likes the light!" As if to punctuate that, Zark had to duck and roll as a crate flew at her.  This missed by a good margin, though the Vampire flew sideways to dodge a barrage of arrows.  One hit Dracula in the calf and he screamed before ripping the arrow out and tossing it at Zark.  The Andorian hadn't been anticipating this as she'd tried to keep the ship steady, so her dodge was almost too late.  There was a slicing sound and a thin blue blood flew from her shoulder as the arrow sliced her jacket.  Zark gritted her teeth as the pain flared as she grabbed a dropped musket and some ammunition then ran to find some cover.  "Enyd! Keep the ship going for the light!" the Andorian yelled as she cocked the lock on the musket, took aim at Dracula, then pulled the trigger and the world was lit up with a bang.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Enyd fell into Zark’s lap, face-planting in the other woman’s sex, in a manner of speaking. Zark surprisingly didn’t have the time to toss a sexual innuendo or pithy quip at Enyd as the two sought to disentangle themselves from each other and the random paraphernalia broken about the deck. The ship gave a violent lurch, and the great Dracula filled the air with his pain. Enyd followed Zark, and with no less dexterity. She recognized some of the gymnastic-based moves from her own training years before and likewise used some of her tumbling skills to dodge and roll around items as they lolled about the deck. However, Enyd relied primarily on the finesse of her dance classes to dart under and around the would-be attacking harpies, still dead-set on taking them down.

After the debris of the thrown crate from an increasingly irate Dracula dissipated, Enyd obligingly took position at the helm, gripping the wheel – or what was left of it – to steer what was left of the ship. Zark’s shot hit Dracula, but since the ammunition was not silver, the wounds from her attack healed quickly. The ship leaned to the side, the top of one of its remaining masts brushing against the edge of the cavern as they pushed toward the light. Enyd ducked when a weaponized piece of the deck was launched spear-like at her.

Dracula retreated out of range, his monstrous calls causing the harpies and other fiends to retreat with him. As they amassed near the cavern wall above them, Enyd realized they would try one last rush en-mass. Catching Zark’s gaze, she also saw the realization on the Zhen’s face. The ship swayed again, and though she knew it would mean the end of the ship, be she on target or missing, Enyd determined to take out the head if she could. With Dracula distracted for the moment by Van Helsing, who was crawling up the rope ladders to get a closer shot, Enyd swung the rudder with a violent twist of the wheel. Dracula managed a bellowsome cry before the wooden mast pinned his body against the rock. The front of the ship buckled, and almost immediately, the deck began to tilt as it began to sink in the murky waters.

They were only a few yards from the brightness of day, but between here and there, there could be all kinds of nasties waiting for the remainder of the crew and Zark and Enyd to jump in and try to swim to safety. The captain yelled, “abandon ship,” and the men scrambled into what was left of the launch boats – though a few had holes punched through from the fight. Glancing up, Enyd was satisfied to see Van Helsing reach Dracula, where they re-engaged their fight, this time with Dracula secured by the mast. The harpies, losing their temporary leader, swooped down haphazardly, trying to take out as many as possible.

“Let’s go, Zark!” Enyd scrambled across the deck and took hold of her friend’s hand. It only occurred to her then that she’d never bothered to ask how well the Andorian could swim before making this program. She supposed she would soon find out.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark knew something was wrong as soon as she pulled the trigger and felt the violent mule kick against her shoulder.  If the last program had been anything to go by, it was understandable that she should feel something from the monstrous recoil.  On the other hand there was hot stinging in the general area, but not in any specific location that the butt of the musket had been in contact with.  Even the satisfying sight of an explosion of blood and flesh from the vampire lord couldn't quite distract the medic from the sense that something had gone awry.

The Andorian yelped as Enyd spotted an opportunity to end this part of the conflict and fell onto the deck. Scrambling to get back on her feet, Zark dropped the empty musket and grabbed at a bit of rope that was being flailed about by the ship.  Gripping the wound hemp, she tried to coil it around her arms in a desperate attempt to find some purchase on the madly heaving ship.  The crunch and scream of unholy agony did little to assuage the Andorian as she was sent flying and the rope snapped away from her grip where she rolled along the deck till the deck railing decided to stop her momentum.  Zark oofed hard as she ran into the wood pillars and let out a groan as she struggled onto her hands and knees.  With the ship now pinned, this was a lot easier since it wasn't moving as much and she swayed while getting up.  Shaking the impact off, Zark looked up to see Van Helsing climbing the rigging to try to deliver a killing blow to his old foe.

The Andorian had little interest in joining the battle as she heard the dreaded words to abandon ship and Enyd encouraged her on. Grabbing Enyd's hand for support, she ran to the edge of the listing ship and jumped off the edge, landing feet first in a noticeable splash. As soon as she felt the splash, she gave herself a second to settle then began furiously kicking for the surface as her arms clawed at the water to rise to surface and the air she could breathe instead of water.  Looking back, Zark winced at the pain in her shoulder and watched as Van Helsing and Dracula fought, oblivious to the fact the ship was sinking under them.  Pushing her wet hair behind, Zark shook her head and began swimming for the light.  She quickly breached into the sunny Aegean and spotted the crew heading for a rocky island which she quickly followed as her mind went cold in focus.

When the Andorian did reach the warm rocks, she gratefully crawled out of the water and turned to sit on her butt while taking deep breaths to suck in and replenish her oxygen supply.  She barely noticed the sun as she watched the ship settle on the bottom, but with a substantial amount still sticking out.  Instead she winced again and looked at her shoulder to see a gash in her jacket that seemed to be oozing more than water would warrant.  Grimacing as she gingerly removed the jacket, she stopped for a moment and stared at her blouse that had turned a light shade of blue.  Urgently pulling off her shirt, Zark reached up to gently probe the wound and winced as fire lanced through.  Pulling her fingers back, she rubbed the blue liquid together and realized it was her own blood.  Looking around, she found Enyd and quickly made her way oblivious to being practically topless.   "Enyd, we have a problem.  I'm injured.  Really injured, not some holographic creation. Look."  she said as she twisted her shoulder so Enyd could see the slight gash.  "Quick, help me tear the shirt off and wrap it up as a bandage." the medic ordered as her mind tried to process what the hell had just happened.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Curious how major details can be so easily overlooked until something terrible happens. Such was the case when Enyd approached Zark on the craggy outcropping they’d beached themselves. Zark showed her the wound, and Enyd wordlessly went through the motions of helping her bandage it up as best they could, given their circumstances. Only as she leaned back, hands blue with Zark’s blood and a bit pink from her own set of scratches sustained from climbing onto the island, Enyd realized she didn’t have her combadge.

“Zark, do you have your combadge?” A rather foolish question considering Zark’s general state of wounded undressedness, but still, the Zhen mirrored Enyd’s frown with a head shake. “I guess we’ll have to drag you to sickbay the old way.”

Looking to the sky, Enyd called out for the holoarch. While the computer made a sound for compliance, nothing happened. A frown worrying her brow, Enyd repeated her order, and again, the computer made noises as if it would comply, but the holoarch was nowhere in sight. She caught Zark’s gaze only a few seconds before the Greek sailors further up the island began a series of cheers.

“You try for the arch? I’ll see what’s going on.” Enyd patted Zark’s uninjured shoulder before crawling past her.

Enyd stood alongside the Greek sailors at the island's crest, watching as the French and the British warships engaged one another in naval battle. Coming around the bend to their right, they saw the Russian also approaching, and on their left, another grouping of Greek ships were likewise approaching. The previously sunny blue sky quickly turned grey, and then black as cannons were fired, ships were set ablaze, and general sea-based bedlam reigned. Hurrying back down to Zark’s side, her frown returning when she saw no sign of the holoarch still, Enyd dropped into a crouch beside her friend.

“I think we may have played too hard?” She pointed over her shoulder. “I remember the next level is the naval battle and ends with a ship-based execution, the exectionee dependent on who wins the naval battle.” Looking back to the remains of the ship floating out of the cave, Enyd sighed. “Without us in the battle, I don’t have a clue who that will be. But, um, maybe the game will end on its own if we win or fail?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

As much as planning happened, it could always be the little things that tripped a person up as the Andorian stared blankly at Human for a moment then began feeling her own body and whatever was left of her clothes.  Thankfully the tougher leather pants hadn't suffered a lot of wear.  She was sure she'd brought her combadge, but maybe with all the costume changes, it had been buried by the terrain or some other computer generated prop.  This frustrated Zark immensely and she sat there for a moment deciding whether she should grab Enyd's head and smash them together in admonishment as a much quicker way and more deserving.  She quickly shook that thought away as turned to settle beside Enyd and watch the battle unfold.  Behemoths from another age closed with each other and began bashing away at each other with flame and shot, filling the air with thunder.  The sight was mere window dressing to the security officer though as she mulled the problem in her head of how to reactivate the holodecks safety protocols, and see if they could get out to let Engineering know there was a problem. "Normally we'd try to walk to the edge of the holodeck and see if there was a panel we could pull of to execute a manual override."  The Andorian thought out loud. "On the other hand, if the systems gone haywire, then it's going to keep us centred while creating environs around, so we'd never get to a wall."  Zark paused for a moment as she thought a bit more. "It's also possible that if we went seperatley, the the holodeck would just create forcefield projections like screens to simulate distance while keeping us in the same spot. "  At that thought, Zark placed and elbow on one knee and her head on a hand.

A shadow stopped next to the Andorian and stood there dripping water, though he didn't sit.  Zark looked over, then up and recognized the Captain who was busy glaring at his former home. "I knew it had to be too good to be true."  Zark turned her attention back to the beached and settling ship where Van Helsing was still trying to kill Dracula by pushing a pointed silver cross into the vampire's chest.  "As soon as I saw that chest of gold and gems, I should have known.  As soon as that malaka stepped on my ship, I should have realized the problems we were going to have."  The Captain sneered as he crossed sopping wet arms. "As soon as that Vlákas Pútsos showed up with all that treasure! It should have been obvious that we were headed for trouble.  I could have retired to the islands with a bevy of beautiful women at my beck and call! Now!"  He flung his arms up in a frustrated rage.  "Now! I have to pay off the families of the dead, I need a new ship!" A stream of Greek invective followed that Zark didn't have a hope of understanding, and she turned to look at Enyd with a look that managed to combine surprise while being utterly blank.

The fight had caused immense amount of damage to the ship and smoke billowed from the rear of the ship.  Several ports in the back vomitted flame as part of the ship exploded.  Zark's head tilted to the side as she wasn't sure if her eyes were playing tricks on her.  Turning her head back to the battle, an idea began to percolate in her while haired head and she looked around a bit more till she saw a boat making it's way through the contested waters without getting caught in the middle.

Looking around again, the kernels of plan began to form in the bedlam inducing Andorian and she turned to Enyd. "I think we can get out of here, but it's going to be messy.  The first thing we need is a big ship.  Maybe not one the biggest one, but one with a lot of oomph in it, but to do that, we first need a way to get onto the ship, so we need to cooperation of that fishing boat." To that end, Zark stood up and grabbed the arms of the furisly gesticulating Captain and got him to stop.  When had taken a few moments to calm down, the Andorian explained the plan to get him a new ship from one of the outlying frigates.  Despite the incredulous look, the Captain didn't see much choice and put the plan to the crew. Thinking about it for a moment, he gave the Andorian a good look over, and smirked, then handed her his coat to cover up.

"Alright listen up you booze besotted swashbuckler.  I said listen!"  The dispirited crew gathered around. "The lade here.." and he gestured at Zark who was now semi decent. "has a plan, it is fool hardy, but gives us a chance to get off these rocks and to get ourselves a ship back." There were wary and skeptical looks from the recently shipwrecked. "The lady here is going to give an enticement for that fishing boat to come over and 'rescue' us.  When it happens, we'll seize the boat and use it to take one of the frigates." A commotion started as the crew was not enthused on the idea of storming an actual warship. "Fear not boys. The lady knows what she'd asking for and is volunteering to lead the way for us to seize the ship."  There were more murumus of disgruntlement and the Captain cast a baleful eye around the rocks. "Are you really going to let a woman be more of a man than you are?" Thhis dig against their manhood didn't work on all, but there were enough macho men that several burly and hairy men stepped forward to join the crazy blue one.

The crazy one turned to Enyd after the Captain was finished. " Hopefully this works and we can get the fishing boat to come over.  Try to talk him into giving us control of the boat, but there's no need to try too hard since I'll just knock him out if this takes too long."   Zark paused for a moment as she mulled what she was going to do next, then decided against pulling her bra off and waving it in the air. "We need to make some noise to get their attention."  With that, Zark turned towards the boat and began exuberantly jumping and yelling.  Other crew members got the idea and started doing the same thing.  Nothing seemed to happen for a bit, then the boat began to slowly approach the ship less crew.

Vlákas Pútsos  = Stupid Cock (I think)

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Zark’s plan worked, more or less, and with minimal mess and, thankfully, no further bloodshed, they were inbound for one of the frigates. The British onboard were so distracted by fighting off two other enemies that they didn’t notice until it was much too late that they were being boarded from the rear by the group of Greeks, with Zark and Enyd in tow. The sailors who didn’t surrender to be put in the hold were either killed or tossed overboard until, at last, they had their boat.

Whether the Greek captain enacted the next part with Zark’s blessing remained unknown to Enyd as the Greek had the canons armed and released a volley against the British frigate bobbing next to them. As they reloaded and the wounded frigate tried to figure out what the hell had just happened, the Greeks engaged their rockets (an upgrade to the ships Enyd had forgotten about) and pushed them further up the British line. Swinging the ship about, he ordered another volley loose on the French, engaged the rockets, and swung the ship about again for the first side of cannons (now reloaded) to fire on the Russians. While the zig-zag attack approach on absolutely all sides engaged in this naval battle seemed to be crippling a number of ships, it was also doing two other things.
1.   It was making Enyd very sick to her stomach as she tried to assist the cannoneers in loading and reloading.
2.   It was making them a target to all sides as the British, French, and Russians started to understand what was happening.

She was starting to feel so miserable that for a time, even if the safeties were off and they'd end up being rushed to sickbay, Enyd hoped their ship would explode and the simulation ended with their deaths and failure.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark hadn't really had a chance to see Enyd in action as a diplomat, so it was a pleasant surprise when the Captain had agreed to hand over his boat to the pirate crew.  The stick had definitely been applied though as Zark had just stood there impatiently with her fists on her hips at one point while the diplomat had gestured at her.  The carrot had taken a little more work since Enyd had talked the Captain into giving up a hidden gem purse with reassurances that the new ship would make up for the price paid.  The fisherman had smiled as he secured the pouch to his belt, then disappeared into a cabin below.

With ship figuratively in hand, the Captain brought the ship closer to shore and the pirates piled on, quickly moving to rig the ship for it's anemic maximum speed.  Blessedly, this was still faster than the ongoing battle where the cannon blasts were creating a wind void that was bringing the ships to a halt.  Spying a Royal Navy frigate that was getting the worst of a duel due to being triple teamed at one point, the Captain manoeuvred his new boat closer the quarry. As they got closer, fate intervened and a 12 pounder canon ball set off the ready magazine in the French frigate that obliterated the ship in a thunderous explosion.


Chief Petty Officer Curt Lucas spun his chair at the Power Allocation station as he contemplated another boring watch of nothing much.  It was far more interesting to consider his possible date with Holly Cane in the Arboretum.  He also briefly considered pulling a game of solitaire to pass the time till the watch ended.  This line of thought ended when a yellow blip appeared on the screen in front of him and he frowned for a moment, thinking it was just a figment of his bored imagination.  He was too experienced though to ignore his instincts on this one and with nothing better to do, he began pulling up diagnostics and logs to see if he really was hallucinating.

[Holodeck 03]

The fishing boat had been in the shadow of the battered frigate when their opponent went up and the air was torn with the sound of rended wood, metal, and flesh as the shrapnel mangled the deck crew and killed most of the British officers.  This made boarding the ship easier, and Zark was the first on aboard, which she regretted instantly as they had to force down her bile at seeing the holocaust of the main deck.  The Andorian was on a mission and had led a brutal and non-lethal storming of the rest of the ship.  Her acrobatic combat style had worked wonders in the close confines of the ship as she'd used a pair of investigating Marines to breach the gun deck, then wreaked mayhem on the crew who quickly called it quits as the rest of the Greeks descended like screaming mad men with pikes and cutlasses grabbed from the dead and wounded up top.

Timing was critical as the crew rigged the ship for sail and with the ship's ensign blown away, nobody knew whose side the ship was on and the air became thick with shot and ball.  Seeing Enyd helping to load a canon, Zark made her down into the ship's bowels and passed crew members scrambling to find their positions on the unfamiliar vessel.  She was shoved aside a few times, but it didn't stop her as she found an access hatch and grabbed a lantern to descend into the ship's bowels.  Crew were being shoved into the holds and she took a moment to watch for the pattern in the movement.  It took a few more for her mind to pick up where the Greeks were avoiding putting the prisoners and she made her way to that area and found another hatch leading down ward.  What she had planned next was fool hardy in the extreme.  Opening the cap, she extracted the black powder and created a trail to an area as far away from the kegs as she could get, then loosely piled additional powder before opening up several smaller powder barrels and knocking them over.  There was no time to admire her handiwork as the ship shuddered from impacts.  Climbing back up, Zark took one moment to look into the powder hold and dropped the lantern into the darkness and closed the hatch. 

Wending her way through the crew, Zark quickly hurried back to the top, very conscious of the time bomb underneath them.  Swiping a crewman's dagger on the way before ascending to the wheel deck where the Captain was manoeuvring to try to exit the battle. Zark's mind detached itself as she reminded herself this was only a simulation and ran to the Captain smiling gleefully to the jubilant pirate.  It was the last thing the simulation saw as Zark plunged blade into his throat and almost severed his spine.  The Andorian dispatched a couple more crew members who were nearby before turning the ship towards a French ship of the line and jammed the wheel with the blade.  Running back, onto the chaotic deck, Zark grabbed Enyd off her gun.  "We gotta go!  Just trust me.  I hope you're a strong swimmer, we need to the other side of that big ship."  Taking a moment to strip off just about everything that would make swimming difficult, Zark grabbed Enyd's hand and the pair jumped into the holographic water below.

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[ Chief Petty Officer Curt Lucas | Outside Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

“I’m outside the holodeck now,” Curt spoke into his combadge, eyeing the holodeck doors as if they would soon turn into dragons to strike him. Considering the diagnostics he’d read through earlier, anything seemed possible, “Can you tell if it's at a point I can hack in without causing a cascade failure to the whole grid?”

It took Petty Officer Tenchi Koizumi long enough for Curt to set down his toolbox and open the panel before he responded over the comm link, “How can we know? I’ve never seen this much activity on one program before.”

“Look for a lull of at least .0004 cararythms between the delineations, and that should do it.”

Koizumi didn’t sound confident when he replied, “There are none, Lucas. The closest is a .0006. Can we hack in with that much error margin?” Curt heard the petty officer swear before adding, “Who in the hell designed this thing? I swear this is how Moriarty was created back on the Enterprise!”

“Don’t jinx us, Tenchi. We’ll have to go with the .0006 then. Give me the pattern, and I’ll hack in on the third cararythm.”

[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 ]

The heat of the blast burned through her costume, leaving an angry red rash of heat blisters on Enyd’s skin, each one slowly bursting and aching as she pumped her arms as hard as she could to keep up with Zark. A leak from one of the closer ships suddenly ignited, shooting a band of fire zipping across the water’s surface. Enyd only managed a yelping warning before she had to duck underwater. She’d been swimming right through the leak trail, and Zark had just gotten out of it when the trail ignited. Arms and legs methodically drawing in and out, Enyd swam under the surface, eyes burning from the water’s salinity. She could see numerous bodies kicking and thrashing, the sailors from the other sinking ships. This much activity was sure to bring…

Enyd let out the air in her lungs on a watery scream before the mighty jowls of a giant shark closed around her, swallowing her whole.

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[Chief Petty Officer Curt Lucas | Outside Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Chief Lucas and stared with undisguised incredulity as he watched the data conversion rates draw more and more processing power to keep up with the complexity of the program.  Whatever was going on wasn't something sedate.  If anything, it looked closer to the draw that the Security Centre would use when they were running exercises.  Tracing the fault that had caused the initial warning was also proving difficult since a lot of the control mechanisms were artificially imposed and needed circutry to run.  The only real bit he could be thankful for was that they could access everything from the outside.  The more relaxed rate he'd been intending to use for the check was interrupted when their comm badges beeped for attention.

"Lieutenant Marika to Chief Lucas, have you started to diagnose the problem with Holodeck 3?"

"Yes sir, we've got PADD hooked up and this thing is drawing a steadily increasing amount of power.  It seems like the regulator circutry is trying too hard to compensate for some of the program's parameters."

There was a slight pause.  "This is strange, I can't seem to get access to an internal of the holodeck. Oh wait, this is a privacy issue."   Another pause. "Uhm, I hate to ask, but can you force a bypass to see what could be going on?"

Lucas had a moment of indecision, but whatever was going on could potentially start wreaking havoc with other systems on the ship.
 He also had officer authorization for this, though he knew the Bajoran engineer wasn't the best judge for the interpersonal interactions.  "I'll try." He concluded and just decided if it was too much, he could always just kill the feed. Truth was, he'd tried some of the esoteric holodeck programs out of curiosity and knew they really didn't need a lot of power, so whatever was going on wasn't likely to be something too crazy.

After a few moments, Koizumi let Curt knew that the cararythms were as good as they were going to get and he peered into the scanner, then pulled an isocircut probe to begin rerouting isoliear web in front of him.  Looking down at his PADD, he didn't any change and adjusted the scanner's position, then applied the probe to several other areas.  Looking at the PADD again, he brought up a directory program and began reprogramming several operating parameters before looking into the scanner and probing further.  It was a laborious process that took several more attempts to complete.  When he looked down at the PADD several minutes later, his eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped as he saw one human, and one Andorian struggling inside what appeared to be an animal's maw and they were beating frantically against their devourers side in an attempt to escape.  This was pretty extreme and he thought about just closing the window and leaving the pair to their version of 'fun'.  Still it didn't hurt to double check, so he reported his findings as something about the way they were acting didn't seem fun at all.

Lieutenant Kala considered this for a moment as she kept the channel open. "Computer, who is in Holodeck 3 and what is their state?" The computer's feminine voice came back quickly.  "Lieutenant Madsen and Lieutenant zh’Ptrell are currently on Holodeck 3.  They are currently experiencing severe adrenal spikes and are bleeding from numerous cuts, as well as suffering from numerous contusions.  Warning.  Holodeck safety protocols compromised."  Lucas could see the other engineer's face go pale as she blanched despite not being in her physical presence since his was doing the same thing. "Chief! Shut down Holodeck 3 now!" she quickly commanded. "Engineering to sickbay! Medical team to holodeck 3.  Repeat medical team to holodeck 3!" the Bajoran almost quailed as the depth of the problem sank in and there were now lives on the line.

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[ Lt. Talera Emlott, Ensign Vinata Vajona & Ensign Sarah Aurora Bjørge | Holographic Projection Room |  D. 11 |  V. 2 |  USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @RyeTanker

The frantic call from engineering was the first interruption to Talera's efforts to bring her nurses up to speed on some of the updated procedures their doctors expected them to apply readily, but it certainly seemed to be the most legitimate one. Since Ensign Bjørge had thus far exhibited the most obvious physical signs of wanting to be doing anything but this training, Talera opted to send Ensign Vajona with a few orderlies. Bjørge had more reason to stay for a little one-on-one training anyway, the woman not being as up to speed on some of the procedures Talera felt optimized the medical bay. Thus left with the demure blonde, Talera continued her lecture on proper suturing techniques on penile tears, picking up with the Bajorans since B's had been where she'd left off when they were interrupted.

[ Ensign Vinata Vajona | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

"Sorry," the head nurse commented as she and her small group of orderlies approached the entrance to Holodeck Three, "we had a small mishap on the way down. What seems - " her voice caught in her throat when she saw the bodies splayed out on the holodeck floor. "What happened?"

"Holodeck malfunction." The engineer standing closest answer, his lips continuing to form words describing more of the details but Vajona's attention had diverted entirely to the Andorian and human forms before her.

She'd seen holodeck malfunction before, but this seemed excessive. There was so much human and Andorian blood mingling on the holodeck floor, turning the growing pool around the women a strange dark purple, she doubted either crewman could leave sickbay for at least a few hours as they tried to refill their veins with what they'd obviously valued so carelessly. Finishing with her triage, Vajona supervised the orderlies as they loaded the semi-conscious women onto the portable gurneys they'd thought to bring with them on a whim.

"Ensign Vajona to sickbay."

[Sickbay here. ]

"Prepare two biobed in the recovery ward. One female Andorian, one female human. Both need replacement fluids stat." Glancing at her tricorder, Vajona listed off the women's serial numbers so the correct blood and fluids could be waiting for them. Following the orderlies out the holodeck, she paused long enough to stare disdainfully at the engineer. "Fix it."

She didn't wait to hear if the man sputtered a response. She didn't have time for such things. Not when there were the likes of the human and Andorian floating through the air in front of her. Considering their present state, Vinata could only assume she'd see more of them in the coming days.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Blue eye lids fluttered open as awareness managed to finish rebooting her brain.  It was an imperfect restart though as she felt her thoughts move with an alien yet  familiar syrupy slowness. She tried to mentally wipe away the slowness, but it persisted in disappating at its own pace.  A face with bulging dark eyes entered her vision and a gaping hole below them moved.  Her mind worked through the viscous layers to figure out what was going on.  Then it dawned on her. That thing that was moving was called a mouth. There was something else happening.  Her eyes blinked and she realized that sound was being emitted when the mouth moved. The smooth egg looking thing with the big black orbs said something and there was a sound to her side. Nothing seemed to happen for a moment then the world seemed to speed up as the sticky miasma evaporated.

Lieutenant Zark blinked again as she her senses took in her surroundings and had trouble reconciling where she was with where she thought she'd been and what had been happening.  When it all came flooding back in, the Andorian bolted up, then grabbed her mouth as she a wave of nausea over took her. A loud gagging sound exited and Ensign Vajona pulled her hand away before sticking a pan underneath her mouth.  The medic let loose and a noxious mix of blue, red, and other colours exited her mouth and quickly filled the pan. "Easy there Lieutenant, just breath.  That's it, get it all out, one breath at a time."

"Urghhhh." was the Andorian's eloquent reply before she gagged one more time and another wave blue laced bile joined the predecessors in the pan. The Head Nurse rubbed her back as the Andorian held her head in over the pan with stringy thick liquid leaking from her mouth.  When she was sure she wasn't going to throw up any more, Zark took a breath without smelling.  More accurately, since she'd hurled, any more puke wasn't going to affect her. She groaned then managed to croak our what she needed next. "Thank you. Towel and water please."   Ensign Vajona nodded and passed the filled pan to someone else then pulled the requested items off a cart.  Zark gingerly took the glass and filled her mouth, then rinsed the liquid thoroughly before adding it to the pan.  A second and third rinse followed before the medic felt she was presentable enough under the circumstances and poured the water on the towel. Some spilled onto her hospital gown and those areas turned dark. The spillage didn't matter though a she used the towel to wipe her face and mouth. The Andorian closed her eyes to gather her breath and heard the foot falls of the other medicae taking the disgusting pan away for dematerialization. 

Zark opened her eyes once more and looked directly into the black ones that regarded her calmly. "Thank you Vajona.  You ran the detox regimen on me didn't you? "   The head nurse shrugged and nodded. "Guilty as charged. We needed to considering how crazy your holodeck excursion was becoming."  Zark quirked and eyebrow at this. "Alcohol, salt water, human blood..." The last point forced Zark's antennae to shoot up and her eyes brows moved in sync as "Enyd!  Where is she?!"   Zark asked in desperate worry.  "Relax Lieutenant." Vajona soothed. "She's fine. Your vitals recovered a bit quicker than hers, so she's still sedated, but we're going to bring her out after we're done with you. "

The Andorian nodded at this and gingerly tried moved to get out of bed, forcing her body to her will.  "Lieutenant, I don't think this is the right time for you to be getting up....."  Zark groaned and nearly collapsed, but caught herself and Vajona moved to catch her. "Let's get you back in...." The medic shakily found her footing and pushed the Ovri aside as she staggered over to Enyd's bed and ignored the liquid tubes attached to her arm as they extended.  The blue woman leaned over her friend and took a moment to brush some brunette hair out of the way a she gazed over Enyd's prone form.  "You know. I don't think I've really seen her this peaceful before.  She has poise and elegance, but there's always an energy underlying that, just waiting to be let loose." Zark grinned. "I've just never seen that energy so still before.

Vojona tilted his head as he considered the Andorian and how she was treating the sleeping human.  "If you don't mind me asking, are you two lovers?"  Zark's cheeks turned slightly purple and dimpled.  "No, we're not.  Maybe one day." She concluded.  Leaning in, Zark planted a kiss on Enyd's dry lips then hobbled her way to the side and gently took Enyd's hand in her own.  "Go ahead. Wake her up."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

There was a strange weight in her limbs, on her chest. It felt almost sinister, lurking and lapping at the energy she willed back into her body. Enyd channeled more of her will into the fight to move again, to breathe deeply. Then something hot tickled. No, it burned. Burned like mad. Starting in her belly and surging up her chest, swarming in her mouth. In a lurching, roaring move, Enyd finally wrenched her limbs free of the residual weight of unconsciousness, throwing all four appendages straight into the air mere milliseconds before an avalanche of vomit shot out of her mouth.

Her consciousness registered fully once her belly was emptied, and her body instinctively curled into the fetal position on her side. Everything seemed to ache in some fashion, even her eyelids, and the taste in her mouth and scent in her nose reminded her of the bloated, semi-exploded carcasses they used to find on the ranch when they’d do the perimeter rides. Voices sounded around her, and she opened her eyes with wincing effort.

Zark’s blue visage was the first thing she saw, and despite her continued discomfort, Enyd managed a weak smile. The smile fell, however, when a vomit-covered nurse shifted into her line of sight and began chastizing the both of them for pushing the holodeck safeties too hard, along with their bodies. The nurse said a lot of things, probably feeling she had the authority to do so since both Zark and Enyd were held captive by tubes and monitors, but Enyd bore them all with a demure smile. She knew to nod occasionally and hum her acknowledgment, but thankfully, the nurse didn’t expect much from either of them beyond mere listening and affirmation.

The engineers came next, explaining what went wrong on the technological side and taking time to chastise them in their own engineering manner, but like the head nurse, they didn’t seem interested in waiting around for responses from Andorian or human. In due course, Enyd was re-cleaned up of her projective vomit, she and Zark were given clearance to leave sickbay by a most disgruntled nurse, and she found herself standing on semi-stable feet in the corridor with her friend.

“That was…” Enyd’s lips quirked upward, “awesome! But the type of awesome that I think I can handle only like once a month. What about you?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Just because one was willing to comfort a friend, didn't mean one should get covered in projectile vomit, unless it couldn't be avoided. Zark had just a moment to recognize what was coming, or maybe it was the years of experience in the medical field that unconsciously placed her mostly out of the way.  When Enyd vaulted up to empty her bowels, the poor nurse assisting Vajona was splattered in a fashion the medic hadn't seen in a long time.  If she had more energy, the Andorian probably would have fallen on the floor laughing, but she was too tired and simply settled for rubbing Enyd's back much the Head Nurse had done for her.

The episode pretty much confirmed that Enyd had an duranium stomach and liver to Zark.  While her splash was certainly impressive looking, it probably wouldn't have filled the pan as much as Zark's did. The thought of Enyd at a diplomatic function and drinking other diplomats under the table to get their dirty secrets did bring a weak smile to the Andorian's lips.  The smile became a little wider as Enyd gave her own weak one back.  It couldn't be a good reflection of her actual state, but at least she had the energy to try.

The Andorian wanted to place her forehead against Enyd's and offer physical comfort, but she was interrupted by a throat clearing sound and she guessed a rather irate Head Nurse.  The assistant was no where to be seen, and she guessed that the unfortunate had been sent away to clean up.  Maybe even spend some time in the decontamination chamber. "I know you are quite hardy Lieutenant zh'Ptrell..."  Uh-Oh, what was that human phrase? Riiiight. Mom's mad   "and from what I can tell, Lieutenant Madsen, so are you, but that was ludicrously foolhardy pushing the holodeck the way you did. I understand the ship is the cutting edge when it comes to technology, but even then, there are limits to what they can do.  That's why they're used for non-interactive simulations, or relaxation.  You're supposed to relax in them! Do you know what relax means?!"  Zark nodded along as Ensign Vajona chewed out two superior officers like they were errant children and joined Enyd in making the appropriate agreement noises while trying to keep the tired out of her face.  Especially since it would make her look bored and maybe set the nurse off even more.

The door to the Recovery Ward opened and a pair of annoyed looking mustard shirts walked in.  They waited for the Nurse to finish before chiming in with their information. In essence, the system that was being used was one of the last places to get fixed since it was low priority compared to more critical systems on the ship. The circuitry was due for replacement, but nobody had thought there was a program being designed that required so much power to start with.  "And this is why holodeck programs are supposed to be set up in advance and made more specific.  If you don't define the simulation well, the computer has to draw from as wide a range as possible to try to create a convincing facsimile.  Do you have any idea how many samples the system has to go through to create something believable when the criteria are so vague? Yes I did review the program with Ops and they're frankly surprised we didn't out right fry the safety circuits."  More nodding and humming followed.

The engineer nodded at having gotten his point across and walked out. Zark hopped lightly on the bed and leaned on Enyd for the comfort of knowing she was alive.  On the other hand, Zark also knew that with this life and death experience out of the way, her mind would process it and a bout of horniness would kick in later.  That was another problem though for another time. Leaning her head on the human's shoulder, Zark smiled as Enyd mustered her remaining strength to succinctly sum up their experience. The Andorian had to think about whether she would want to have this experience more than once a month and quickly came to the conclusion that once a month sounded altogether like too much for her. "Nuh-uh hun.  I could do with out this sort of excitement. On the other hand, this kind of 'fun' will come find me anyway, so I expect I'll just have to live with the face that the universe is taking a keen interest in my own little insignificant self."   The last part was practically drawled out.

Zark let the moment sit as she leaned on Enyd.  An internal debate gently raged inside the Zhen before she pulled herself off and looked into green eyes once more.  When she opened her mouth one more time, the most surprising set of words left her mouth. "Hey Enyd, it's probably not my place to say so, but go find someone.  Life's too fragile as it is."   Zark struggled with the words since it wasn't necessarily her forte in life. "We should always have someone to share our heart with and someone to come back to.  Maybe even keep us out of trouble."   The Zhen smiled at this for a moment in reminiscense before looking back at Enyd and giving her a salacious smile. "Do you have someone in mind for the joining of two hearts and two minds?"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Corridor | Deck 11 | Vector 02| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Enyd supposed growing up on an ice planet versus growing up in Montana would afford a difference in what one found entertaining and relaxing. Likewise, considering how often chaos manifested in her own life, it was no wonder Enyd found the perilous a fairly pleasurable pastime.

Zark’s momentary half-hug was interrupted by the most bizarre thing. Granted, they had discussed her feelings for Drauc at the beginning of this fiasco, so it was too much of a stretch to figure out why her blue-skinned friend needed to bring it back up. The diplomat remained quiet, watching as intently as she listened as Zark seemed to struggle through her words. The woman was remarkably more physical than verbal, making it no wonder she ended up in her assigned department.

Rolling her eyes, Enyd tucked her hand into the crook of Zark’s elbow and tugged her along the corridor. “If we take sexual attraction out of the equation, then you’ll do just fine.” Enyd paused to lightly tap the end of her friend’s nose. “Kindred spirits are what we call those, and they don’t always have to be romantic. Now, let’s go do something less crazy before returning to saving the galaxy from mayhem.”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Corridor | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark was satisfied. The chaotic pair had made it out of sickbay without being bothered further.  They were mobile, and in less pain than could be reasonably be expected.  It might also have something to do with the low grade pain killer they'd been injected with.  There had been an attempt to keep them in sickbay for observation, but Zark had pointed out that they didn't have any major injuries and the worst that had occurred had been their reactions to the detox regimen. Arguably, the worst had been trying not to appear too bored while being lectured. Upon hearing that Enyd did love her, just not in a sexual fashion, the Andorian's happiness quotient did increase and she smiled back. "Well, this.."   Zark gestured up and down her curvaceous figure "Isn't something to be ignored lightly for too long."

As for what to do next, Zark wasn't really sure.  Having just gone through another near death like experience, she was sure, it wouldn't be long before her mind decided it was happily alive and wanted to celebrate in demanding her usual physical satisfaction. That was an issue though for the next day when her subconscious had finished it's analyzing process and there was nothing to be done about it now. Especially since she was still somewhat tired.

"Well, I'm not sure about you, but since we are supposed to relax and be less crazy, we could go to the Arboretum and enjoy our slice of nature's peace." The Zhen did smirk as the next one came to mind, and didn't miss a beat about letting Enyd know. "Or, you can find out about a selection of the medical courses I took at the Academy. The physical therapy course had a great section on how to give various styles of massages for stimulation and relief.  This being a non-sexual encounter, I'll do my best to not elicit any excitement out of you. And before you say it, I'm totally incorrigible, and love every second of it." The gorgeous Andorian smiled knowingly at her own admission. "So I won't use some of the techniques I got from the Risians, but there are a few from Lieutenant Miss Astrid of Sweden that you could find tasteful."

Dropping her hands down to Enyd's narrow waist and giving her trademark brilliant smile, Zark gave an undue amount of focus to Enyd. "So, what sounds good to you?" The Andorian asked happily which turned into a grimace as her stomach growled reminding the Andorian that she'd very recently puked everything out. The idea of food wasn't the most enticing, but without it, there wasn't much chance of doing anything relaxing, so food suddenly had become priority one. "And maybe something easy to eat on the way, like some bread and soup?"

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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen| Corridor | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker

A massage sounded delightful and it was on the tip of Enyd’s tongue to state as such, even with the promise of Andorian lustiness, when a familiar face passed through the corridor a few feet away. The tall, enigmatic Romulan didn’t slow his steps, though Enyd caught the subtle glance he sent in their direction on his way to the turbolift. A resulting tug lurched in Enyd’s belly, and she sighed like a schoolgirl, standing frozen for a heartbeat past his disappearance. Suddenly remembering Zark, Enyd shook her head and lightly swatted her own cheeks. If Zark had seen Drauc, she’d already understand why Enyd had gone mutely mushy, and if not, she’d probably assume Enyd was just being…Enyd.

“Let’s get a snack at the Arboretum Café, and after that, I can guarantee I’ll need a massage and will likely want to give one too.” She didn’t state the pent-up frustration of being so close to Drauc yet being unable to touch or do anything about her attraction for him as being the reason for these facts. It was an implied reason she figured the Andorian would pick up on. Tugging her friend’s arm, Enyd led the way to the turbolift. “Let’s do the massage in my quarters after, okay? If we end up in a pillow fight, I won’t feel so guilty about wrecking things because we both know that will happen.” She gave Zark a playful wink, forcing her mind away from the handsome Romulan she was torturing herself by presently tailing with an incorrigible Andorian friend in tow.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Corridor | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark didn't buy the playfulness of Enyd's response as she spotted the scarred and rough looking Romulan that passed by.  Her face had gone blank while she'd tried to feel not much as he passed by.  She knew she didn't have the details of what had gone down, but passions were an unruly thing and she couldn't help but seethe anyway at what he'd done to Enyd.  It was a very biased view, and she worked to step on the feelings since she was quite aware that he could pick them up.  Turning her head back to the human on her arms, she missed the look of wary curiosity that was thrown her way when Drauc felt the animosity lessen.  He stood there for a few moments while working what he'd just experienced, then continued on his way, quite sure he hadn't generated the feelings.  It was still curious though what had caused the blue one to feel such a dislike for him since he didn't even know her.  Maybe it had something to with Lieutenant Madsen, but that was none of her business.  Shrugging, he wandered off around the corner.

The Zhen for her part was happy to head off for food followed by helping Enyd unwind.  Overall, it was a good day.  They were still alive, and had plenty of more to do ahead of them.  A mischievous thought popped into her head as she considered that since it didn't look like she had a chance with Drauc, then could try to needle the details out of Enyd on what she planned to do with her other prospect, maybe even offer a few tips and ideas.  On the other hand, it was hard to say whether any of her ideas would end up being too raunchy for a first date.  Zark's ears did perk up at the idea of a pillow fight and she smiled brightly at the thought. "Food, then massage, then maybe whack a pillow.  Sounds like a plan." she repeated back as they reached the turbolift.  Since chaos was likely to happen, it did help to always provide a warning ahead of time. "Just so you know though Enyd, please treat me gently, cause if you don't, you're gonna find out what Death by Thighs is all about."  Leaving that ominous threat in the air, the pair entered lift car to carry out their plan for the rest of the day.


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