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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark gave a wry smile to her blue skinned friend and it was probably a good thing she was coming off a combat adrenaline rush since her the clearly naked friend was giving no thought to her current state of dress.  The Andorian went ahead and drank in Enyd's figure as she walked towards her.  Zark was surprised about some of proportions since she thought Enyd would have larger breasts, but that was probably her own imagination running wild.  The Andorian took a moment to clear her throat to reset her mind as she closed the distance and crossed her arms under her chest as she stared at Enyd's 'body' on the ground with a pair of bloody gashes, and eyes open wide in death.  Yeah, even I'm not going to be able to fix that.  Full out sickbay, maybe 10-20 percent chance.  Ouch.  Not good. Zark thought to herself before looking at Enyd again.

Zark sidled up behind Enyd and pressed her body into the blue and pale back as she wrapped her arms around the human's abdomen in a protective embrace as she laid her head on the bare shoulder.  There were other ways for Enyd to stay warm, but this was the one that Zark liked, so she stayed put as her antennae gently swung back and forth.  "The technical answer is yes, but since we're paused, and this simulation is our fantasy, there's always a couple of option.  I think the system was having fits and decided to kill us both off just to stop the insanity."  The Andorian concluded as she chuckled at their 'luck' running out.  Zark was curious though as to how the charge was going to turn out, but seeing Ivan falling into a giant pit, she decided against unilaterally continuing.  The Andorian raised her head off her comfortable spot as she looked at the chaos around her and the Japanese cavalry were less than ten paces from the melee that had 'felled' Enyd.  Zark couldn't help herself.  "You look really good, even dead like this.  I think we can pull off a couple of really good Amazons in the battle of Troy."  Zark smiled as she rambled on.  "Either one of us could end up taking on Achilles."

Zark planted her head on the other shoulder.  "I think the program coped pretty well with all the variables we kept tossing in.  I did think about calling in battle tanks loaded with canister and just scouring the battle field, but well..."  Zark shrugged.  "Computer, replay the shot that ended my participation."  There was a beep and the holodeck phased out and reset to a slightly earlier point where one of the Tsar Puchka's was about to fire and Zark looked around again to see where most of the Russian gun line had been demolished, but a couple of survivors still grimly held out. "Computer play at one-tenth speed." The holodeck beeped and a loud explosion blossomed in slow motion sending an absurdly large canon ball flying at castle under attack.  Zark hastened the bit where the ball simply flew and slowed it down just in time to see the solid iron ball strike below the embrasure.  Brick and mortar became a deadly shrapnel as the computer simulated the Andorian get pummelled by the hunks of masonry, losing both legs and having several pieces pass through her body in bloody blue streaks.  "Computer, pause.  Well, 24th century medicine might be able to save you, but there's no way I was getting out of this one." 

Zark began to gently swing their hips to the left and right to a tune that only her mind knew as she worked to figure out their next steps.  "Right, options.  First is that we can end the program here.  We can also just stand here in observer mode and maybe make a picnic out of whatever chaos gets tossed in, or we can do the whole resurrection thing with shafts of light."  Zark stopped swinging as she raised her head off Enyd's shouder.  "What do you want to do, and did you want something to wear instead of using my body as a cloak?"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

“I may have contributed to the fits and chaos,” Enyd commented as Zark wrapped herself around Enyd’s body, the scratch of Zark’s clothing the first reminder that she was bare-chested aside from blue paint. Far from embarrassed, Enyd sighed, reaching up and placing her hands over the back of Zark’s arms as she listened to her friend’s suggestions. “I’m not lopping off a breast to be a period-accurate Amazon, just so you know. And I’ve no doubt you could take on Ares himself if you put your mind to it.”

Enyd winced as she watched the computer replay Zark’s death in various levels of slow-motion as Zark bid it to. Even as a simulation, it bothered Enyd to see her friend’s body torn to shreds. Squeezing her hands as they held Zark’s arms against her body, Enyd hummed in contemplation as she listened to Zark’s options. Having been able to slice and dice a few enemies and get herself killed, Enyd’s battle fervor had cooled off enough to allow her natural penchant for calculations and strategies to resurface. With this in mind, Enyd turned in Zark’s arms and placed them in the right position for a dance hold.

“We could also change up the scene and go to a Napoleonic-era ball, perhaps during the Russian winter, where he got his ass handed to him, see if we can fanangle some trade deals or do some other underhanded nefarious things.” Enyd twirled Zark into a Viennese waltz as she continued. “The women wore some really lovely dresses back then, the underthings being practically nonexistent, in case you wanted to seduce some general’s wife in a darkened corner to pump her for information,” Enyd winked as she subtly dipped the Andorian over her arm, careful not to dip too far considering her friend was taller than she was, “and the uniforms are better than ours, I’ll confess.”

Giving Zark a twirl, Enyd let go at its arc, and waited until Zark was finished twirling before she grinned, “What do you think?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

When Enyd turned to begin dancing, Zark quirked an eyebrow and smiled. Anyone who walked in on them at this point would have to wonder what sort of exotic dance was being played out between the two of them considering their rather ragged state of undress.  Still, it was interesting when Enyd put the Andorian in a position to begin dancing.  The position to dance was anything but exotic, but contained an ancient grace and elegance that had been main stream over 500 years ago.  Zark did have a moment of worry since she recognized they were going to dance, but she didn't know any of the moves.  It was a small silly worry though as Enyd led and Zark simply moved in such a way to not step on her friend's feet or crash into her.  Arguably not the easiest thing when the two were spinning and Zark was trying to keep her position as she worked to keep her head up against the momentum of the swinging. 

The Andorian did admit that the idea of attending a ball for intrigue would be interesting, especially since the last ball she'd attended had been her Academy graduation, and that felt like ages in the past.  Zark felt her cheeks heat slightly at being dipped and nodded in agreement that the uniforms were certainly had a charming elegance than the practical ones that Starfleet wore day to day.   On the other hand, it did make the military officers look intensely baroque and like peacocks.  Zark was going to agree with the program change when Enyd had to drop the historical tidbit about the ladies being sans underwear and her mind suffered a near embarrassing brain fart that almost caused the Andorian to trip over her own feet. Zark recovered with a couple of bounces and moued at her friend.

Zark put on a fierce mien as she planted her fists in her hips. "Does my lady suggest I go around wooing and enrapturing these shining paragons of fidelity and virtue using my tantalising wiles?" Zark's expression changed to one that would have received a nod of appreciation from Aphrodite as she ran her hands along her flank. The security officer was well versed in the various methods of corruption since she had been trained to watch out for them. They usually fell to greed, power, lust, and ego; or some combination thereof. She also knew that most power people in scarcity societies were anything but exemplars of virtue. "Or are you just looking to see me in action? " Zark asked with a grin.

It didn't matter, Zark had convinced herself this was going to be fun. "Nevermind that. You've got yourself a multi purpose henchwoman to swindle the wealth of a nation with Enyd. Set it up cause we're off to the ball! "

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

“Yes, Zark, I do suggest that very thing, and you are loved for it.” Enyd rolled her eyes at the suggestion that she wanted to see Zark in action. “Hold on to your knickers, then. I’ll program both an officer’s boudoir and a lady’s in the corner, and you can choose which you prefer to dress as. I’ll stick with the typical 19th-century Terran ball gown, just so you know.” After calling for the archway, Enyd quickly called up the items she’d referenced and pointed Zark towards the two dressing areas, complete with a valet and maid awaiting Zark’s arrival, pending which she chose. “I’ll get the setting cued up, then change.”

Leaving Zark to her choices, Enyd resumed her search on the console. She’d always loved the 19th century for its political upheaval, technology, architecture, literature, and so much more. That Zark was willing to pivot from outright violence to more intrigue further excited Enyd, as she firmly believed there was a time and place for both. Since they’d had their fair share of bloodshed culminating in their very violent deaths, it was only fitting that they take a twirl through the holographic land of intrigue.

It took only a few moments longer before she found what she was looking for and specified the dimensions of the ballroom--36m long, 17m broad and about 4m high—unsurprising when one realized it was a converted carriage house. The white plastered walls, dark wooden beams, and red bricks of the floor had been transformed by the use of rose-trellised wallpaper, tent-like draperies of a myriad of rich colors, tapestry hangings of crimson, gold, and black, with candles and chandeliers causing the faux gold-inlaid work of the makeshift dance platforms to glitter. Aside from the army of butlers, maids, musicians, and footmen, Enyd populated the room with both the historical figures noteworthy from this ball, and it’s time—the Belgians, Scots, Russian, British, and French—as well as inserting over two dozen historical figures from Vulcan, Qo’Nos, Andoria, Romulus, and Cardassia. These alien characters were programmed to remain true to their culture but through the lens of 19th-century Earth, something that Enyd was excited to see unfold.

The dance set would follow the historical ball they were mimicking, starting with the froideur, a few Highland reels, then the waltz, and finishing with the gallopade. And for added flavor, Enyd programmed a type of game into the waiting program. Their actions would either successfully prevent an assassination, position one of the factions for success in the coming battle, or cause the whole ballroom to explode. Nothing too trifling for someone like Zark to deal with, just life-or-death scenarios for added flavor.

“Alright then,” Enyd turned to face her friend and let out a whistle, fanning herself as she studied the Andorian woman’s choice, “very nice! They’ll be falling all over you.” Cueing up her own dressing room, Enyd darted behind the Venetian screen and allowed the holographic maid to help her into a crimson ball gown with black embroidery across the bust and down the ribbons that tapered away from the high waist. It took her longer to finish, no thanks to the blue paint she’d completely forgotten about, so she called over the screen to Zark to go ahead and get the program started. “I’ll be out in a minute. In the meantime, you go find someone to seduce, and I’ll catch up!”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark smiled incorrigibly at Enyd as she was offered two different doors to two very different dress styles.  She followed the advice and made her way to the changing rooms, then stopped.  She was quite divided on whether to go in a ball gown, or the uniform.  Her head went back and forth between the two.  There were pros and cons to each.  On the one hand, being of a female form as humans understood it, she should be going in the gown.  On the other hand, a military uniform, as elegant as it was, should also be less encumbering.  The Andorian's mouth twisted back and forth in thought as a myriad of factors came into play, and nodded as she stepped and entered the changing booth for the military uniform.

Maybe it had been an impulsive move and Zark's face had doubt written all over it.  One of them should be the military officer and since Enyd had already claimed the damsel, then it was up to the Andorian to balance things out.  On the other hand, ladies in intricate gowns also had staff that also needed gowns, right?  But, she was the henchwoman, so that meant something not so elaborate.  Maybe she should have gone for the other changing room, but the talking was Enyd's thing.  Zark's ruminations were interrupted as the maid curtsied and smiled and took a look at what the Andorian was currently wearing.  "My Lady.  Welcome to Brussels.  I see you have a kilt on, do you hail from one of the visiting Highland Regiments of the British army?  Are you with the Gordons? Camerons?  The Black Watch or the Guards?"  The choice of units gave Zark something else to focus on and she was grateful for the choice.  "Uhmmmmm.  I'm with the Guards." Zark got out out in a less than sure tone. The maid clapped her hands together and smiled in delight, almost seeming to bounce.  "Ah the Scottish Guards, how dashing!  I believe I have your uniform right here, just give me a moment."  A boudoir opened revealing a scarlet jacket with black collar and gold trim, a thick set of double white shoulder boards with gold tassels, double line of gold buttons on the front, black trousers, a black shako with a tartan band and a large plume that fell off to one side.  There was also a curved cavalry sabre

"Wow, it certainly is ornate." Zark muttered under her breath as she looked at the getup and immediately  began tsking mentally at the changes she wanted.  "My lady?" The maid inquired as she got the feeling that Zark was less than enthused with what she was seeing.  "Uhmmmm, hold on. Computer, give me an organization table of the Scots Guards from this time period." A holographic screen appeared with the relevant data, and the Andorian tapped the end of her nose in thought as her antennae pointed at the screen.  Just as Enyd had made adjustments to her program on the fly, Zark began to do the same, starting with the uniform.  "Well, no need for pants, I'll just keep my kilt." The maid looked horrified. "But My Lady!" she quailed.  Zark wagged her finger at the maid as she smiled. "Nope! I like my kilt and my figure, so it is staying."  The maid nodded, but looked nonplussed at the change. "And I'll have the epaulettes for the Captain of the the light company." A grey shoulder cloak completed the outfit.

Zark went along with getting changed, and she smirked at getting the jacket on since it seemed to stretch quite a bit over her chest.  Obviously it hadn't really been intended for someone of her figure.  Getting the shako to stay on had been more of challenge since the Andorian had antennae and more hair than the head piece was intended for, so she simply resorted to ordering the computer to ignore the physics and just having it sit on her head.  Next came the weapons and the maid nearly fainted as Zark replaced the cavalry sabre with an ornate ladies rapier, added a dirk, a small dagger on one thigh, and a small rifled flint lock pistol on the other.  Being a hench woman to a no good diplomat, Zark also deposited a vial of poison in one sleeve, and piano wire in the other. "I think I've been reading too many spy novels."  Zark muttered under her breath as she effectively armed to the teeth.  On the other hand, with Enyd, you never knew what was going to happen next, so now she was merely being prepared.

Zark smiled as she examined herself in the mirror and twirled about. "Computer, replay the twirl on the mirror."  There was a beep and Zark watched as she kept an eye to see if her hidden accoutrements were well covered, and they were.  On the other hand, if anyone stuck their hands up her kilt or tried to bang her, they'd be in for a nasty surprise.  Exiting just in time to start laughing when she saw the blue skinned Enyd head for the changing area, Zark shook her head as she struck an exaggerated stiff military pose and bowed at her friends compliment, then took her advice to get going.  Entering the nearest door, Zark stared in wonder at the setup, then almost fell on her ass laughing when she saw the varied collection of characters that inhabited the floor.  The best was when she saw two Vulcans who looked remarkably like Sarek and Soval discussing something of import, but they were dressed as in suits with coat tails.  Soval even had a monocle, which he adjusted from time to time with his ruffled shirt.

"Oh Enyd, what rabbit hole have we just fallen into?"  "Why, this is the Duchess of Richmond's ball" A voice suddenly called beside her.  Zark turned and froze as she couldn't decide if she was going to swoon or faint when she saw the representation of Lor'vela in a silk snow white and royal blue gown with pearls in her hair. "A rather torrid affair this is, the Duchess at least had the sense to make sure there were canapes.  She never gets the timing on the food right. If we're lucky it'll just be a cold congealed mess when it arrives."   Zark stared at the holographic representation of the founding 'mother' of Andorian society. "I see." was all Zark could say as her brain rebooted. "Captain Zark my lady, Captain of the Light Company of His Majesty's Scottish Guard Regiment." Zark bowed to Lor'vela since she couldn't figure out what else to do.  The other Andorian nodded and curtsied very elegantly.  Ah! A pleasure to meet you captain. Duchess Lor'vela, special representative for His Majesty King Charles XIV of Sweden.  Zark took a moment to delve into her historical novel reading to try to get the modes of address right.  It took longer than usual since they had gone way out of style. "A pleasure you meet you, uhm, your .... grace." The Duchess smiled at this and fluttered her fan before trying to pump Zark for information about why she was at the ball.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Listening to Zark’s comments and responses while the programmed maid assisted her into her costume, Enyd couldn’t help but smile. It was such a drastic change from what they’d just been dealing with. Yet, from the sounds of it, Zark didn’t seem to mind the massive scale back from actual violence and the interspersing of historical individuals from other races alongside the expected foray of characters for this particular setting. Enyd also chortled her lung through her nose when she heard Zark trip over herself on the other side of the changing screen. Peeking through the gap between the sectionals, Enyd saw the reason for Zark’s lack of verbal poise. It was Lor’vela herself. Enyd hadn’t been able to help herself, considering how often her friend liked to use the woman’s name in her expressions. Wincing at the maid’s not-so-gentle efforts to pull Enyd hair back into a braided bun with orange ribbons woven throughout it, Enyd found joy in watching her Andorian friend stand in awe of her matron hero.

Movement out of the corner of Enyd’s eye, barely discernable through the screen, had Enyd swatting the maid away from tying the ballet-style slippers around her ankles. She wanted to watch this next encounter closely, and the maid could wait a darn minute before pouring Enyd into her white empire-waisted dress that sported golden-threaded fleur des lis across the length and breadth of it, with a white lace collar that puffed up and flared out from a square neckline. She’d chosen this dress with the stereotypical puffed sleeves and elbow-length white silk gloves because it came with a Tuscan sunset-colored velvet cape with gold embroidery of royal emblems attached to the dress itself via a similarly colored and embroidered wide belt that settled over the high waistline. She was a sucker for capes and adored the rich texture contrast of silk to velvet. The feeling of it against her skin was almost scandalous, in Enyd’s opinion.

Holding her breath, Enyd remained stock still as she watched the auburn-haired vixen clad in a Turkish-style form-fitted white overcoat with black bloomers and wine-red leather boots move with purpose directly up to Zark. She had an elaborately decorated rapier strapped to her side and an obvious dagger of equal opulent design tucked into the top of her booth. Without waiting a breath, the could-be swordswoman reached out and plucked a flower from Zark’s hair, an obvious plant but a charming first move nonetheless, in Enyd’s opinion.

“If I’d know such ripe blossoms hailed from the Highlands,” the woman traced the soft petals of the bloom along Zark’s jawline as she spoke in a husky whisper, “I would have ventured through the wild bushes of their unrivaled, tempestuous glory long ago to discovery the pulsing heart of the land.”

Enyd swallowed her snicker as she turned away, leaving Zark to deal with the historically accurate Julie d’Aubigny on her own while the maid finished her valiant efforts to make Enyd presentable. It took a few moments longer before Enyd was fully dressed from her head, with its golden headdress that wrapped like a wreathed crown overtop her brunette braided bun, to her toes, with her legs delightfully rubbing together, enjoying the feeling of the silk stockings against her skin, secured by a garter belt. Coming around the screen, Enyd’s eyes widened in delighted surprise for a moment as she watched Zark and d’Augigny interact before she felt a firm grip on her elbow and breathed in the scent of tobacco and port.

“Lord Nelson wishes to share the next dance with you, milady.” The British officer, unnoteworthy in terms of historical significance, spoke in a honeyed voice as he directed Enyd through the crowd toward the main dance floor.

Enyd couldn’t remember if she’d chosen to be on the British side, but because she was wearing French royal colors and emblems, she got the feeling that Nelson’s reception would likely be far less than effusive. Glancing over her shoulder as the officer continued to kidnap her firmly yet politely, Enyd winked at her friend. Let the games begin!

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Just because one was being asked questions did not mean that they went about answering them and as much as she loved the idea of meeting Lor'vela, Zark was still a hardened security officer.  The answers provided were deliberately general and easily verified, thus utterly useless for an diplomatic espionage perspective. Personal preferences for liabilities could be lied about through her white teeth as she bullshitted her way through the conversation.  The various sensors that monitored the Andorian generally came back negative or were confusing to the point that Lor'Vela was becoming both amused and frustrated by the adroitness with the evasiveness of the supposedly simple soldier.  Being an officer of this time though also meant the possibility of participating in the games of courtly or diplomatic intrigue.  "What brings you to the ball Captain?" the Duchess asked. A toothy smile followed "It's the social event of the season and His Majesty, via my Colonel of course, ordered me to attend." The silken flower patterned fan fluttered "Surely a Captain of His Majesty's Army should can be better employed?" Zark quirked an eyebrow at this and looked around for a moment before smiling. Sometimes the best answers were laid out right in front of people. "Of course Your Grace.  The regimental Quartermaster is also looking for the next haut item to serve at the Colonel's social gathering, and I've been asked to evaluate the Stroopwafel as a dessert." Zark figured the computer must have hiccuped at this answer as the Founding Mother seemed to freeze for a moment to consider that answer before the eyes narrowed and the fan was snapped shut against on blue hand.  A semi-historical simulation this was, but when the other Andorian's hand began to go towards her waist, Zark seriously considered that she was about to have an Ushaan-Tor challenge, which would have considerably changed the mood of the ball. 

Thankfully, the question of clashing blades would have to wait as Zark felt a presence behind her and turned to face a striking auburn haired woman.  The Zhen purred her approval as she felt the flower brush along her jaw line. It was always nice to be appreciated and she realized that Enyd had deliberately set this up to entice and beffudle her.  The implications quickly ran through the Andorian's mind as her hand shot up and gripped the wrist holding the flower.  Zark twisted and applied pressure, the computer obediently did the measurements and determined Julie's pain tolerance had been slightly exceeded, and she gasped as she dropped the flower while her eyes widened.  As soon as it fell though, Zark let go and buried her cheek in the open palm and as she smiled seductively back at the trouser wearing swords woman.  Julie d’Aubigny looked like she was about to gape at the sudden change in situation and returned the smile.  "Beautiful as you are deadly I see dear Captain."  The French woman's gaze flicked to the Duchess standing behind as she gasped at the sudden display of overt affection between complete strangers, and one that was well known as a harlot.  Zark merely smiled. "Indeed I am Miss?" The pantaloon woman smiled. "Julie d’Aubigny, performer and entertainer extraordinaire." she practically sang.  "A pleasure to meet you Miss d’Aubigny.  Would you like to dance? I don''t know all the moves but I'm sure you can show me."  d’Aubigny was practically ready to burst at the invitation.

The Duchess didn't like having her information source taken away. "Be gone you hussy. You are a walking embarrassment."  Julie pshawed and waved her hand at Lor'vela then linked arms with Zark and led her to the floor.  The performers didn't really know what to do since Julie was generally persona non grata, but Zark solved this by whirling her fingers in the air for them to get going and the sounds of Blue Danube began to fill the air.

The waltz was supposed to be an elegant and formal affair, but Zark had other things on her mind and despite having told d’Aubigny she'd have the lead, Zark forced their bodies closer.  Gasps followed at such a sensual display, but Julie didn't mind and laughed heartily as she began to swing the Andorian around.  It took only about a minute to get the general gist of the dance and Zark continued to let the red head lead, but brought her head in closer.  "My my Julie. You've seemed to have ruffled quite a few feathers just by showing up."  The cross dresser lived for this as she brought her head side to side with her blue dancing partner and a filler character gasped into her hand then moued and fell with a thump.  Several men immediatley went to her side to begin fanning her.  "Indeed I have mon Capitaine.  It's always a wonder to be sent to these events.  Now if only they'd prepared some food for my grand arrival"  Zark arched an eyebrow at this. In many fields, the devil was in the details, and she latched onto the word 'sent'. "It truly is a shame."  Zark then further scandalized the the public as she turned her head towards the auburn hair covered ear.  "Then perhaps we have matters to discuss in private." Zark said in a low sultry tone though her attention wasn't entirely on what she was saying as one eye looked out towards the crowd and she began picking out people who looked far too calm for what she was doing, and she took note of several possible counter agents, or possibly just cold fishes in the room.

Julie laughed in delight, but let the dance continue to its end. "Indeed Capitaine."  The two came apart as the dance ended and stretched out their hands before bowing to each other.  Linking arms, Zark gently pulled Julie towards the foyer doors and the unwanted woman snagged a glass of champagne as she went by.  Zark smiled at several people and wagged her eyebrows at Enyd as she passed her talking to a short man with a bicorn hat and one sleeve tucked into the centre of his jacket.  As the Andorian passed, she casually made a motion to her side as if pulling a dagger from her hip and sticking it behind her back.  It wasn't the most obvious expression and Zark hoped Enyd picked up on it as the red head threw social conventions to the winds and laid her head on Zark's shoulder.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Finding a Bajoran Lord Nelson had been a bit jarring to Enyd, as she’d forgotten that she’d given the computer leeway to change the species of known historical figures. Being grilled for information by an old Earth-accented Bajoran instead of keeping to the charm and nuances of the atmosphere had also been a bit of a surprise. Enyd remembered learning about Lord Nelson being a strong-minded individual with little time for the fluff and nonsense of aristocracy, and to be on the brunt end of his forceful charisma—translated through Bajoran mannerisms—had been quite the experience. But no sooner had she given him answers he liked less than he cared to admit than another aide, wearing the regalia of another army, whisked her away from the Bajoran’s glare.

“Oh,” Enyd couldn’t help the surprised sound that escaped from her throat when the aide left her in front of none other than a Ferengi Napoleon. A Bajoran Lord Nelson, and a Ferengi Emperor Napoleon. This was going to prove to be a most intriguing scenario indeed. “A pleasure to meet you, sir.” Enyd dipped into a curtsy, careful not to make it any grander than the one she’d offered to Lord Nelson—who could still see them from his side of the room.

“Did ze commander give you any indication of his next move?” It was more than a little surreal to hear the old Earth French accent lisp through the sharpened teeth of the Ferengi character but Enyd managed to keep her smile to herself as she shook her head.

“No, my emperor. We spoke of trivial matters.” Zark’s movement in her peripherals halted Enyd’s words and drew her attention long enough that even Napoleon watched the pair of women disappear through the high doors.

“You should assist your mon amie. d’Aubigny is a known double agent, and unless she is merely interested in white lies between your amie’s legs, I doubt her intentions.”

Enyd said nothing about doubting Napoleon’s as well but dipped in a curtsy once more before trailing in the wake of Zark and the supposed double agent. She wouldn’t put it past Napoleon to only say something like that, hoping that either Enyd or Zark would destroy the potentially innocent woman. Emerging into the shadowed arc just on the other side of the doors, Enyd looked around for Zark and the French woman a mere few seconds before she felt a vice-like grip snake around her waist and an equally strong hand clamp down over her mouth, muffling any hopes for a scream.

“I believe you will serve as a most prekrasnyy bargaining chip in this game,” his breath was hot as it fanned across her cheek, scented with the spiced wine served in the crimson goblets inside the carriage house. And it was in that dangerous timbre and of the most unmanageable quality that left Enyd fairly stupid. As he adjusted his grip around her waist and hauled her much smaller body up against his firm frame, Enyd gulped. At this rate, with a voice like that, Enyd would likely give up any secrets the man wanted. She only hoped Zark could interrupt them before she found out what it was like to be ravished by a holographic character.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

The Scotch Andorian was starting to have a good time.  It had been a long time since she'd taken part in this genre of holonovel, usually because you needed a particular temperament of partner to make it work.  In one of those strange coincidences of the universe, Zark had never met anyone who could make a simulation like this work.  At least until she'd met Enyd Isolde Madsen.  Zark started to wonder why that was the case.  Maybe it was because she already had a similar figure in her life and was married to her.  In many ways Ryzit and Enyd were similar, but still not the same.  Enyd wasn't anywhere near as libidinous as her wife was, that was for sure, yet that demon may care attitude was still present.  The Zhen mentally sighed as she felt herself being pulled down a rabbit hole, and had to brake herself to bring her back to the holonovel as she 'escorted' the beautiful possible agent provocateur up the stairs.  Zark was about to lay her head on the attached curly silky auburn one at the top of the stairs when she felt a mental tug.  Her antennae tried to twitch behind her and the security officer stopped as she looked around for a moment and frowned.  "Quoi?" Came a flirtations sing-song on her arm, but Zark paid it no mind as she stood there for a moment to suss out what she'd just felt.

If she hadn't seen so much shit in her life, Zark would have just ignored the sense, but years of war and operations other than war had honed that sense that something was off.  It was elusive morass like darkness that she couldn't shake, but her mind quickly went to work dissecting the feeling.  Since these feeling usually involved living beings and danger, the quick route to deduction was that Enyd had run into trouble once more.  The Zhen's need to seduce or be seduced was overridden at that moment. Business before pleasure. Zark put on a smile as she turned to Julie "Excuse moi, mon cherie.  Would you mind if I took a quick detour to the loo before we sat down?"  Julie beamed back "Mon dieu, what a place to have a quiet..." but the Andorian's antennae stood straight up and she reacted without thinking as she pulled the holographic human's arm away from her back with a squeeze and there was a clang of metal hitting the floor.  Zark twisted the wrist in her grip without remorse and clamped her other hand over the French woman's mouth before pushing her head into a door with a loud thump.  It wasn't hard enough to break skin, but it would definitely bruise and Julie was stunned by the sudden onslaught.  "C'était quoi ça?" came from down the hall, and Zark mentally cursed as she realized she'd just barely avoided a trap that would have probably had her unpleasantly pumped for information.  The Andorian pushed the stumbling Julie a few steps through a door while kicking the stiletto along.  She could hear the clacking of shoes on the wood floor as opened the door and pushed Julie through before quickly closing the door as quietly as possible.  As soon as the door clicked closed, Zark whirled on the red headed agent.  There was no waiting as she quickly moved towards the French woman that was working to get her wits back.  It was too late though as Zark clocked her in the temple and the woman collapsed onto the floor with a grunt.  Zark shook her hand out of habit while she listened to see if anyone was coming after her.  Her breathing slowed, then became shallow as she heard footfalls outside the door.

"What happened?" 
"No idea, did the Entertainer leave any other details?" 
"Non, only that she would need some time to marvel at the menu before choosing."
"What does that even mean? Damn waste of time." a pause. "Should we go down to check on her?"
Another pause. "Non, we stick to the plan.  Let's head back to the room. The less our presence is known, the better."

Zark listened for a moment as the footfalls became fainter and she considered what to do next. That niggling feeling was gone, but it's memory remained and she gave the unconscious Julie a quick and thorough pat down. The search yielded a few handkerchiefs, some piano wire, couple more knives and another flintlock. Zark bent the knives with the simple expedient of bending the blades, but kept the pistol on her. Except. Now she had to get out with out alerting the interlopers. The handkerchiefs were bundled into a gag and stuffed into Julie's mouth while the piano wire went around her feet. A quick dismantling of a velvet curtain rope ties yielded the way to bind Julie's arms.

Deciding she was secure enough, Zark moved to open the window and see if she could climb down. Movement drew her attention and she peered into the night an nearly cursed out loud as she saw someone dressed like Enyd being dragged off. It didn't look like there was much resistance, so Enyd was doing this on purpose or she'd been knocked out some how. A set of stables in the distance appeared to be the likely destination of the captor. Seeing a slight ledge, Zark stepped out and held onto the glass frame. Negotiating the window frame required more time she didn't have and concentration she didn't want to spend, but with a deft grapple, and a jump, she was past and shimying along the side of the wall. Now she just needed something relatively absorbent to land in.

Zark could barely hear the scraping of her boots against the stone as she crawled along the wall.  Reaching the corner, a breeze blew at her and her foot slipped. Blue fingers gripped the stonework harder as her foot came up quickly and landed on the ledge again.  The Andorian stopped and pressed herself against the wall.  Looking down at the height, she closed her eyes for a moment to steady herself, then opened them, determined once again to keep going.  Shimying felt like it was taking forever as she watched her quarry get dragged away.  Even if it wasn't Enyd, there was something foul afoot with a lady being dragged away by a brute.  She just had to solve the question of how to get down.  Maybe wall crawling wasn't the best idea Zark was starting to think as she considered testing the holodecks safety protocols and jumping off.  Nearing the next corner, movement caught her eye and it dropped down. The shape shook itself and let out a neigh.  Smiling, Zark kept going.  Her fingers were getting tired and sore, and she could feel the burn starting to take hold in her arms just as she reached the corner and she wanted to laugh as the sight of a blessed carriage just below.  Thank the spirits she wasn't going to have to take a dive into bushes or a pile of manure for this.

With a quick check, Zark pushed off the wall and landed on the top of the carriage.  Where she promptly slipped as someone had chosen a laquered top and momentum caused her to crash into the top then roll over the side.  The Andorian went tumbling into the ground and landed on her arms and leg with with a grunt and crunch of stones. "Who's that?"  Someone called and Zark didn't stop to groan despite the pain in her arms and legs, the blue woman scrambled up as best she could and marched towards the sound.  A startled coachman was shoved out of the way and the lamp he was using for light shattered as he dropped it in surprise. Zark didn't care though as the endorphins kicked in to deaden the pain, she took off at a run to where she was quite sure Enyd had gotten herself into trouble once more.

c'était quoi ça? = What was that?

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Hands tightly bound together by leather straps hung in front of her body as Enyd was dragged across the gravel-covered courtyard toward the stables. The dark-haired Russian agent has been just as efficient with binding her hands as he had been with gagging her with the silken scarf looped over her head within moments of his making his presence known. It seemed the man was less interested in getting information from her than he was in absconding with her, which led Enyd to wonder if he was acting on rogue motivation or representing yet another faction contending for power in this scenario. From her history, Enyd knew the Russians did NOT like Napoleon, nor were they friendly with the British. But her character, at least as Enyd had programmed it to be, was not so high in the spy ranks for Napoleon to merit this type of targeting. Enyd refrained from fighting against his kidnapping efforts, namely out of curiosity—and faith that Zark was somewhere nearby, ever able to rescue if the need arose.

Inside the stables, a giant black horse with feathering along its legs and a magnificent mane and tale stood already saddled and waiting. Giving an impatient snort, the massive equine pawed at the stable floor, eager to get moving again now that its owner was back. Coming up beside the horse, the Russian agent paused to determine the best way to get on the horse and ensure Enyd would not run away. It amused Enyd, watching the lines of his face move around in thought. He was handsome in his own way, though with scarring along his jawline and brow that led her to think he’d had a rougher beginning than most who’d been in attendance at the ball. He had the physique of a scruffy fighter, pure muscles coiled atop bone. His voice had been the most striking, her body giving an involuntary shiver as she recalled the feel of his body behind her as he whispered against her skin. She’d have to look up his character in the program later, because it would be lovely to have him return in other scenarios as well.

His solution—decided upon within seconds—was to use a portion of some rope he’d already had in his saddle back to tie her hands to the saddle’s edge before swinging up onto the horse and reaching down for Enyd. He proved his strength and agility in one swift motion, hoisting Enyd up into the saddle in front of him, holding her tightly between himself and the horse’s neck, her legs draped over his left thigh. Likely, he’d kept her side-saddle to ensure she wouldn’t try to knock him off and take over the horse. With how she was positioned now, if she knocked him off, she’d be going along with him, only to be dragged now that she was tied to the saddle.

Clicking his tongue against the edges of his teeth, the agent maneuvered the horse back out into the courtyard. Enyd felt the minute he saw Zark based on the way he stiffened in the saddle. Before she could huff out a warning, the agent unholstered a weapon from the other side of the saddle. He aimed and though Enyd squirmed like a hellion in the saddle, the agent’s shot cut through the night. Enyd’s eyes widened as she looked beyond the still form of Zark to see another figure, hooded, fall from the shadows onto the gravel only a few paces behind Zark. Glancing up at the agent, Enyd saw his grimace and was curious if he’d intentionally shot the unknown figure or meant to hit Zark. Either way, he rapped the reins against the horse’s neck, and they shot out of the courtyard and on into the darkened woods that bordered the more civilized area around the ball.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark's hat was a distant memory as she ran in the direction she'd seen the damsel, most likely Enyd, get dragged off. The fact that the diplomat was being dragged was the only saving grace since that would slow down the kidnapper while Zark was essentially unencumbered in her movements.   Soon the only sound was her own breathing and her feet pounding grass, then followed by her hair being shook free and the silvery white locks began to billow and flow behind her as she charged to the rescue.

Zark was gaining ground quickly, but the kidnapper had gotten such a large lead. Still, there was an end in sight as the Andorian sighted the barn that held several horses. The presumed Enyd was being thrown on one and the tall man climbed up on to his mount. Zark went from run to dash as she tried to coax more speed out of her legs. The kidnapper looked in her direction and reached for something on the side of the horse. Blue green eyes widened as she recognised the lethal shape of a firearm and dove for the ground just as there was a loud crack. The ball round passed through the space Zark would have occupied if she'd kept going instead of zipping overhead. Someone howled behind the Andorian and there was a heavy thump as a body was knocked over and hit the ground.

Zark looked behind her, but in the darkness it wa maddeningly difficult to pick out who'd been shot and where the body was.  This represented an escalation in Zark's mind and she pulled out the flintlock she miraculously hadn't lost yet. A quick pull of the hammer and it clicked in place and then Zark took aim down thr primitive iron sights. There a brief flash of ghostly shimmering black and the Andorian pulled the trigger. The world exploded in Zark's face once more. A man howled but the sound of hooves kept going.

Pulling her last gun, Zark got up and ran through the barn to the other side. The horse was still on the move though not quite in a straight line as if the rider was having trouble controlling his mount. "Shelat! " The Andorian cursed as she threw her hands in the air then bent over to get some of her breath back. Chest heaving, she glared into the night in frustration before whirling back into the barn and seeing a horse ready to go. Maybe it had belonged to the poor souls who'd been shot following Zark earlier. The Andorian wasn't going to look a literal gift horse in the mouth as she climbed up. Zark hadn't ridden a horse before, and Thea had probably figured on that since the horse just went in pursuit of the other horse with some minor direction for the person on top of it. At least it gave the impression she knew what she was doing as she went after her target.

The ride didn't take too long though Zark almost had her head taken off by trees a couple of times. There was some sort of makeshift camp up ahead and a flurry of activity as several people were dragging away an unconscious looking man while another carried the kidnappee away over his shoulder to the same tent. The Scottish Andorian dismounted and crept forward to get a better view. It was a simple arrangement of five tents in a circle with a fire going in the middle. Now how was she going to get Enyd out of this one? Zark thought to herself.

The combat medic's elbow flashed out as someone tied to grab her from behind and a man oofed as she connected with his face. The spare flintlock was out and pointed at the figured in the dark. Zark tried not to blanch as she came face to face with three separate barrels and a nasty looking gun with seven barrels.

"Bloody Hell." the assailant cursed as he shook his head. "Aw shit. Easy Pat. We took the Captain by surprise."

"Are you sure sir? She's got her own barrel pointed right at Harris." came a melodic Irish brogue. "I'll be begging you pardon ma'am, I'm not sure which gun I should be more worried about."

Zark shifted the barrel and the guns focused on her shifted as well. "Maybe the one that'll ventilate that empty space you call a head."

"Hmmmm" the big Irish man replied. "Well, the King doesn't pay me enough to know what ventilate means, but if it's put a bloody big hole in my head, that pistol does look more important."

"Knock it off all of you. Rifles. Lower em. I said lower em!" The officer commanded once more as he put quiet steel into his voice and the mysterious men reluctantly obeyed.

Zark followed suit and lowered her weapon fractionally before turning to the one who'd given the orders. He was definitley someone you didn't want to mess with. Black hair, serious eyes, and a scar on his cheek. "And who might you be?

"Captain Sharp of the 95th." The man replied simply.

Zark looked over the uniforms and since she hadn't been shot yet, she figured he was telling the truth, plus the accent seemed correct. But it still begged the question. "Captain Zark of the Scots Guards, what bring you to the ball Captain?"

"That bloody man they're dragging off. You?"

"That woman being dragged off."

Captain Sharp snorted as he smiled. The scar pulled at the smile giving it a mocking quality. "It seems we have a common objective."

Zark smiled and white teeth flashed in the night. "How do we do this?"

Sharp have her a look since Guard officers usually didn't ask what the other regiments thought, but she did seem different. "They're distracted at the moment, so you, me, and Cooper will sneak around to the other side. When we get close, we'll slice our way into the tent. At that point, Pat and the rest will start shooting and we'll pull our quarry out."

It was certainly an audacious plan "What about cross fire?" Zark asked.

The band of rogues gave a dark chuckle. "They're rifles and Chosen Men. They don't miss."

Zark still had her doubts, but didn't have the manpower for anything else, so she nodded her assent and joined the merry band of cut throats to hopefully rescue Enyd before she got into more trouble.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

While a medic looked over her wounded kidnapper on a cot in the tent’s corner, Enyd was dropped unceremoniously at the foot of another cot. A large man lay on it, obviously wounded as well and looking only a few steps away from the grave. Another group member knelt next to the man’s head and whispered. Enyd watched as the man’s chest rattled in deeper breaths, his eyes flickering as he noticed her presence. His reply was soft, spoken only in the ear of his aide, his hand rising feebly from the cot to point to Enyd before dropping back to the cot.

“What is you want with me?” Enyd spoke as she rubbed at her wrists. While she was unbound for the time being, she still felt the pressure of the rope around her ankles from the harrowing dash through the night.

The aide straightened to his full height, tugging at his ornate vest before responding in a thickly accented voice, “Prince Radziwil has chosen you for his bride.”

Enyd looked at the frail man on the cot, then back to the aide, “That is Prince Radziwil?”

“Yes, he is szlachta,” the aide sniffed at Enyd’s apparent ignorance, “a distinguished member of the military caste nobility.”

“That is all well and good,” Enyd used the cot for assistance as she pulled herself to her feet, “however, I do not understand why the prince would want to marry me and, to put it delicately, how he intends to make good on the marital vows when he appears to have one foot in the grave.”

Instead of a harsh rebuke, Enyd heard the rattling breath of the prince and watched as his chest rose and fell in a fit of laughter. The aide also seemed more amused than annoyed. He didn’t respond immediately, choosing instead to help the prince wipe away a bit of spittle from the wracking cough his laughter brought him. When the aide turned to look back to Enyd, he’d resumed the look of reigned in disdain.

“You are a French noble, no?” Enyd nodded. “Then by the rules of the land, all of Prince Radziwil’s land will be granted to the French emperor for safeguarding until you marry again, should the prince pass on, of course.”

It Enyd a few moments of calculated thought to piece together a theory. Ignoring the continued moans of her kidnapper suffering under the hands of a medicore medic, Enyd paced to head of the cot, standing parallel with the toad-looking aide.

“Prince Radziwil is a silent supporter of the emperor and wishes to ensure his lands, which I’m guessing are in contested territory, will pass peaceably into the emperor's control and away from the tsar.” The aide said nothing to confirm or deny her spoken theory, but, glancing down at the prince, Enyd caught his gaze and noted the slight upturn of his lips. “If this is true, then I willingly consent to the marriage. Though I am curious why the theatrics of my kidnapping was required when it appears we are on the same side.”

“For your own protection, my dear.” The prince’s voice was labored, his hand cold as ice when he caught hers in his bony grip. “Wellington has spies everywhere and would love to discredit you and your family for such open support for the emperor. My nephew,” the prince’s gaze moved past Enyd toward to the other cot, “is hot-blooded enough to volunteer for this sort of venture. I do apologize if you were frightened.”

Enyd recalled the feel of his strength at her back, the heat of his breath against her cheek, and shook her head, “On the contrary, my prince, I found the ordeal most refreshing. Now,” she glanced up to the aide then back to the prince, “when is the ceremony?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

The band of rogues kept their heads mostly down as they crouch walked towards the encampment which was still subsumed in chaos from the bloody arrival of the bloodied man.  Zark could hear someone yelling in French to something about water, bandages.  She was also quite sure that she heard the the word brandy and something related to something being very hot.  She had little idea what they were doing, but her mind worked it's way through the terms and she grimaced at the sheer crudity of how they were preparing to perform surgery on the kidnapper she'd hit.  She could see a  bespectacled man with thin hair roll up his sleeves as he entered the tent.  The trio stopped at the edge of the wood and everyone pulled out their weapons of choice.  The Andorian had the flintlock in her left and put her dagger in her right.  Captain Sharp slung his rifle, and drew a long heavy cavalry sabre while Cooper pulled his sword bayonet for the night's dirty work.  "Remember, we want that bloody Pole Tomasz alive.  Ross has questions for him." The Rifle Captain reminded the group.  The three British soldiers looked at each other and nodded.  Cooper began making a strange bird call that didn't seem that loud but it did feel like the sound would travel.  He repeated the bird call twice more and bedlam broke out as the Rifles began firing into the camp.  Half a dozen men were picked up and bowled over as the 15.9mm lead balls smashed into their targets with big bloody geysers of carnage.  The lucky ones died instantly, the unlucky began screaming in agony that rivalled the cracks of the firearms.  At this signal, Sharp, Zark, and Cooper began a low trot towards the tent that the Andorian had seen Enyd get carried into.

They made it most of the way before one man burst out looking for the source of the noise and he turned his head as he exited, but movement in his periphery drew it back to the direction he exited and his eyes widened as he saw the white hair and red coat coming towards him along side a couple in darker colours.  He fumbled reaching for a pistol on his belt and there was a curse beside the Zark as she saw Cooper hurl something at the man.  The pistol had just cleared his pants when he oofed and looked down to see something sticking out of him.  With a groan, he grabbed the knife then fell over.  Another man followed soon with bloody hands and a carbine in his hands and practically stumbled over the corpse and this time he did yell as he looked for the assailants that had killed the man.  He noticed the trio and began to breathe very quickly as shaking tried to cock the weapon while aiming it in their general direction. 

The medic managed to pull the trigger but the ball disappeared harmlessly into the sky and Zark reached him as she leapt and drove her knee into his face with a crunch and sent him reeling back into the tent with a pitiful wail followed by a sob as he lay on the ground.  While Sharp and Cooper dispatched more of the kidnappers entourage, Zark took a moment to steady herself before flipping the tent open and shoot anyone remotely hostile looking.  Instead, she found Enyd kneeling next to an older man who looked like death warmed over and a man who was barely conscious and his shirt drenched in blood from what she assumed was her first shot.  One of the Andorian's white eyebrows arched as she took in the sight of her friend near the corpse with another man out on the ground. "I didn't realize a damsel in distress got programmed in.  Uhmmm, they didn't hurt you right?"

Enyd shifted to cover the man's body and Zark's eyes narrowed in speculation. "In this scenario, hurt is a relative term. Death is as well."

"That is an incredibly cryptic answer Enyd.  Uhhhh. He doesn't look like someone who could kidnap you"  There was another crack of a shot and someone else screamed in the bloody night.  Zark was about to continue asking what was going on when the two Rifleman burst in, their blades slick with blood and Zark looked back to see if she was going to have to do introductions or get into a fight. "Sorry, not to be rude, but this here is Captain Sharp and Rifleman Cooper. They're.."  The Andorian pointed at the bleeding nephew with her thumb. " after him."  Zark's curiosity was peaked though at the way Enyd was acting around him and her index finger pointed at the bed's direction. " Who's he?"

Enyd gave the Britons a stern glare. "This gentlemen is descended from Polish nobility, in charge of contested lands on the Baltic.  He wanted to marry me before his spirit departed this realm so the emperor could peaceably claim the lands. You know, the usual evening out."

Zark blinked and wanted more details on this twist, but the Britsh soldiers being in close proximity to a French Noblewoman had a far different response as both the Rifles heads turned towards Enyd. "She's a Frog? Bloody Hell!" The implications were dire to the soldiers and Sharp turned a suspicious eye on Zark.  "Captain did you know about this?" He asked as an edge was forming in his voice and the blood caked cavalry sabre swung in her direction.

Zark paid the sword no mind as she looked at Enyd with wide bewildered eyes. "Actually I didn't. I swear I didn't.  You're with the other side?  The French are the other side right?"  The most important sank in. "You're supposed to get married??!  You agreed to this?" Zark exclaimed though any shock was being worn away by hints of glee that were bubbling their way past.

Enyd raised her nose in derision at the impudent insult hurled at her by the barbaric soldier. The person knocked to the ground was coming to at the same time. "I am neither amphibian nor reptile Capitaine, and yes, the French are the 'other side,' Zark cherie."  The man on the floor rubbed his head and sat next to Enyd. "Monsieur was just telling me the details of our nuptials when you came bursting in. What do you want with the nephew?"  Enyd asked with cold hauteur as she continued to glare green death at everyone, maybe Zark a little less.

The Rifle Captain had had enough though as he spoke up. "That's none of your business you frog tart."  Looking at the bleeding out man he was supposed to have retrieved, Captain Sharp realized they needed more help quickly to get their quarry about, possibly with help of his squad. "Wait a minute, if he's the nephew, that corpse looking thing must be the Count. Shit they both look close to death. Cooper, go get the others, we'll drag them both out."  The Rifleman nodded and got ready to leave as Sharp placed his sabre against the Andorian's chest. "No moving from you. Can't be sure which side you're on in all this." He explained with a voice of pure menace. 

This was getting interesting and Zark smiled at Enyd despite the glare "They really are a rude bunch aren't they?"

Captain Sharp was about to snarl for Zark to be quiet when the man on the ground pulled a pistol out and the Andorian fell on her ass as she tripped getting out of the way.  The crack was deafening as half inch ball blew a bloody hole in Cooper's chest and he fell back gasping as he bled out.  Captain Sharp roared his hate as he pulled the sabre away from the Andorian and skewered the aide in the chest before turning murderous eyes on Enyd and tried to yank his sword out, but it had gotten stuck and this gave Enyd the time she needed to grab a blanket and toss it over his head. The Rifleman roared as he spun and tried to get the blanket off him. "For a handsome man, you should find something better to do with your tongue."  Enyd told the soldier coldly, then hiked up her dress to grab a knife.  Taking a moment to check the Count, Enyd turned to the tent wall and cut her way out then fled into the night.

Captain Sharp got the blanket off and yelled "Where's the whore?!! I'll fillet her!"  This was a bit too much for Zark and at the end of the day, she was Enyd's friend.  She barely hesitated before speaking up in a voice filled with Andorian ice. "You failed the King Captain."  Sharp turned hate filled eyes on the blue woman and his eyes had a bare moment to widen in shock as Zark pulled the trigger and blew his face out the back of his head.  Taking a moment to grab the dropped rifles and a sack of ammunition, Zark shook her head at the sudden turn of events.  "Captain Sharp?! Captain?! Where are you?"  Came a desperate Irish call and with that, Zark stripped off her jacket and ran after Enyd.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

“Quick!” Enyd looked up just as a two-horse-drawn coach came rolling to a stop a few feet away from where she stood, poised to retreat into the woods. “We’ve got to hurry. The Emperor has left the party and is preparing his troops for battle.” The door to the coach swung open as the pint-sized man with jet-black hair and a bronzed complexion jumped down from the driver’s bench and pulled out the steps for Enyd to use. “Our people are waiting for the map you stole.”

It took Enyd a few moments to access her ancient Earth history, and when she realized the man in front of her was Greek, likely Cretan in fact, she realized that her character was a triple agent. Supposedly working for the Emperor, supposedly spying for the British, while truly serving the Greeks who sought to be independent from the Ottomans and the French alike, without risking British rule in the process. Oh, the tangled webs she was weaving…

“Who is your friend?” Her Greek contact put a hand on the holster at his hip but, to his credit, didn’t unholster the weapon immediately.

Looking over her shoulder, Enyd saw Zark crashing through the camp and leaving death and dismembered men and women in her wake as she made her way toward them. Movement from the opposite side of the camp had Enyd’s lips quirking upward. Though wounded, her would-be fiance’s nephew had escaped Sharpe’s men and was likewise heading in their direction. Enyd pivoted to stand alongside her contact, one foot on the coach stairs.

“If you come with us now, you are taking a stand for the Grecian people,” her voice took on the deep poignancy of her contact’s accent as she stared down the Russian princeling and Zark, “we go to save our people from destruction from French, British, Russian, and Ottoman alike.” Her contact crawled back up into the driver’s seat. “Are you with us or against us?”

Her contact unholstered his weapon this time and took out two British men who’d come with Sharpe, while the rest continued to fight with the princeling’s allies. Winking at Zark, Enyd swung up into the coach and made herself comfortable. She watched through the open door as Zark and the princeling continued to size each other up. Personally, she hoped Zark didn’t kill the princeling, but at the same time, she wasn’t about to influence her friend’s decisions. This program was for her to enjoy as well.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

As soon as Zark had caught up with Enyd, her head began to spin at all the changes that were going on as she unslung the rifle as the unknown traveller came into view.  Pulling back the arming hammer, she kept it pointed generally pointed in the traveller's direction in case they showed the slightest bit of hostility. The plots within intrigues within mysteries were starting to make her come to appreciate the dynamics that a diplomat had to deal with, but at the same time, made her grateful for the fact that she generally acted in a direct action capacity, and usually to save lives, but left the word manoeuvring to people like Enyd.  If it was a hostage negotiation, Zark could be useful, but not this kind of stuff.  The Zhen smiled at her human friend for the fact that she was the one piece of stability in this whole affair and even then it was more of a nod at whatever insanity she'd been roped into since she hadn't the slightest clue as to who was who aside from they groups being mentioned were different sub groups that many humans still insisted on using.  The only ones that were familiar to one degree or another were the French and British. The latter because of her extensive time immersing herself in the bagpipes, the former because they were usually a participant at any high spirited insult laden argument at a highland festival where Brits and Germans were attending.

A ragged grass stomping noise alerted the turncoat officer to someone approaching from the rear and Zark spun as she turned the Baker rifle on the pursuer and spotted Enyd's original kidnapper coming after them in a less than straight line and desperate to try to catch up.  Zark weighed the options and grumbled as she turned to Enyd while the latter entered the carriage. "Enyd, cover me." Zark called while she safetied the rifles and tossed them in after the diplomat turned spy turned wife (?). "Not yet!"  The Grecian yelled as he tossed her a dark leather jacket.  "Makes you less conspicuous than that white shirt you have on." The Andorian nodded and quickly threw it on while worrying about buttoning the thing up later then ran towards the princeling.  A pair of loud bangs caused Zark to duck her head and someone screamed up ahead as she could see shadowy figures approaching quickly. "Shite!  Is anyone hit?" "Don't know Sarge!"  "I think it came from up ahead!"  "I think the bitches are over there!" Another yelled. "Fuck capturing them, kill em all! Hurry!" Someone yelled in an enraged Irish brogue and Zark's danger sense ratcheted up even higher.  As Zark caught up to the princeling, he pulled a pistol out and aimed it at Zark and the Andorian took a risk by pulling her pistol out but holding it skyward to indicate she was armed but not a threat.  The wounded man eyed her suspiciously while Zark kept a close eye on the gun in his hand.   "Look, we can stand here till those angry men come over and kill us, or you can let me help you get into the carriage."  "Why should I believe you?  You shot me." "And they won't?" Zark gestured in an exasperated manner. The Princeling considered this for a second and nodded. "You make a good point." he conceded reluctantly as his arm lowered the pistol and Zark ran to him and looped an arm over her shoulder then helped him run towards the carriage.

The two made a hobble dash towards the carriage with the Grecian driver urging them on while he reloaded.  "Sarge!  I found Hagman! Bullocks!  Harris is here too! They're both dead!" Oh this is gonna be close!  Zark though to herself as she heard a roar of outrage behind her and pretty much threw the injured Prince into the carriage then quickly climbed in. "Go!"  Zark yelled and the driver needed no encouragement as he yelled "Ya!" and whipped the reins.  The Andorian grabbed both pistols and aimed then out the door and fired to give what pitiful cover she could get as the carriage picked up speed.  The Andorian took the precaution of grabbing Enyd's clothes and dragging her to the ground as the rifleman fired at the high tailing carriage and the crashing sound of wood splitting could be heard as lead balls smashed their way through interior, incidentally a pair going through the area Enyd had just occupied before Zark had pulled her down on top of herself.  Zark was honest to admit to herself that she did like the feeling of the human's body on top of her and she smiled for a moment before helping her get off. 

Looking up out the door window, the Andorian's eyes widened once more and she ducked while pulling everyone down and lying on Enyd as a giant bang sounded.  The furious Irish sergeant had fired his Nock gun and a pattern of pistol balls peppered the back of the carriage.  Zark yelped as a ball nicked her leg and she gripped the wound as the holodeck applied a shock to her leg. The Andorian gritted her teeth and groaned angrily before quickly discarded her jacket and once again without concern for modesty stripped her shirt off and wrapped it around the wound to staunch the 'bleeding.'  The angry medico grabbed one of the spare rifles and pointed it out the back  to shoot but realized that there was very little chance of actually hitting anything, so she pulled the rifle back in and gingerly sat down.  Screwing her face, she took a look around and noticed the princeling was getting into even worse shape and began searching the carriage for anything that would help stop the man from bleeding out.  Seeing Enyd, she froze for just a moment before mentally shrugging and grabbing whatever bits of clothing would come off the brunette to turn into a bandage. "Enyd.  I have no idea what's going on, but I hope all this blood is gonna be worth it."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

“It is my turn now,” Enyd reached up with blood-covered hands, gripping Zark’s face between them, “You keep the princeling safe and warn my people. You carry on, and I’ll see you again on the distant shores!” She managed an overly dramatic choking breath before “dying,” the holodeck automatically performing a site-to-site transport. Leaving Zark in the carriage with the princeling and her Greek ally driving, Enyd was transported further away, reappearing in Grecian sailor garb aboard a Grecian warship, anchored at the harbor where, hopefully, Zark and her precious cargo would arrive safe and sound.

“Prepare to hoist anchor,” the ship's captain called down to the first mate, “We have seen british warships out past the reef. And the French and Russians are chasing one another around the coast directly towards them.” He caught Enyd’s gaze, a smile creeping upward into a manic grin. “Everything is coming together as we’d hoped. We need Prince Radovan and the map our agent stole to guide us through the sea caves so we can come up behind the British and decimate them with our Grecian fire while the French and Russians destroy each other.”

[Prince Radovan, fleeing carriage ]

“She died with honor.” his eyes moved from the bloodied carriage floor to rest on the strange blue woman who’d shot him. “And we will avenge her. My fleet awaits us in the harbor one league from here. No doubt the others will try to stop us but,” he leaned forward and pressed a hidden lever in the edge of the carriage bench, a series of weapon-filled hidden drawers revealing themselves in response, “I think we have a fighting chance between the two of us. What say you?”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark looked into her 'dying' friend's eyes and wasn't sure if she was supposed to be crying in outrage at her impotence, or laughing her ass off. The idea that she was on a a holodeck never left her mind and she settled for simply nodding at Enyd's final command. Still it was immensely frustrating to have someone she knew 'die' in her arms and the medic threw the bloodied rags at Enyd's 'corpse' and sat back as the coach rocked back and forth.  She could feel her antennae dropping as she buried her head in the red covered hands and turning her stunning looks into a macabre and weary survivor.

As the Princeling eulogiesed Enyd's sacrifice, Zark glared at him. All the glory wouldn't bring her back, but she guessed from the perspective of the program, what he was saying did make sense, so she nodded her agreement. "You will have my help. On one condition." The Princeling stared and made a come hither motion showing his willingness to listen. "When the time comes, I will be the one to end the ones that killed the countess." If the Princeling was surprised by the nature of the demand, he didn't show it, but sat there for a moment and Zark's eyes narrowed as she could feel the gears turning in his head before responding. "Agreed, after this is over,  I will also furnish you with men and tools so you can have your vengeance."

The turn coat officer nodded and shook his hand. She did get the feeling he was holding back on something, but couldn't quite figure out what it was. Maybe as things went on, she'd have the chance to ask the wayward diplomat later. As the pair rode for a bit, the medic got the feeling that she wasn't doing something to advance the story, and looking at the diplomat it was likely something to do with political manoeuvring, which meant documents. Taking a moment to halt the carriage, Zark searched the 'dead' diplomat's body and found a sheaf of papers that showed maps and an incomprehensible series of numbers and letters. "Ah good! She has the list, but we need the cipher. Our contact in Greece will have that information."

Zark nodded at this and there was a pause as the program told the Andorian to change into something more inconspicuous, a linen shirt, and perfectly tailored pants, and a rough hewn leather jacket with a much less nice set of boots. Seeing everything in place, the world phased around her and suddenly deposited the carriage in the sunny Aegean.

The carriage wound it's way through various sailors and merchants at the port then stopped at a ship. The magically healed princeling led Zark put to the gangway where he waved and exchanged pass words with the sentry. The Andorian took a moment to admire the ship and recognized the basic design as something similar to Andoria's Age of Sail, except there was way more wood and everything was more brown as well.  Overall it felt nice since it was warmer, but still didn't feel quite right.

What did feel right though was a familiar green eyed brunette that caused the Andorian to flash a brilliant white smile, then squeal like a school girl as she excitedly charged up the gang way. "Hey wait! You can't come up yet! " a crewman called as he brought a boarding pike down to bar access to the ship. A pirate with a pike that could stop Zark from getting onto a ship had never been born and the happy Zhen grabbed the shaft, jumped, and pulled.  The acrobatic Andorian's legs slid over the shaft in mid-air and headed straight for the pirate's head. For a brief moment, the pirate found himself the envy of most of the crew as he face was planted between Zark's shapely legs, and it only got worse when he oofed as they landed and the shapely butt landed on his chest. Any thought of the delicious position he found himself in ended when the blue hellion bounded off him with a quick "Sorry!" Zark rolled over another crewman that tried to grab her and missed, and dodged around a couple more crew members before getting into jumping distance and happily tackling Enyd Madsen to the deck.

The crew who had began to gather to repel the boarder stopped at the sight of the blue woman happily hugging the brunette and looked to each other in confusion, then to the Captain who was coming off the bridge with stormy expression.  "And what pray tell is the meaning of this?" he boomed as he narrowed his eyes at the two women on the deck.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Enyd laughed, struggling to breathe after her blue-skinned friend's tackle-hug.a friend. At the sound of captain’s bemused question, Enyd pushed out from under Zark just enough to gesture to the princeling and then to Zark.

“They have brought the map through the sea caves with them, captain.” Enyd accepted Prince Radovan’s hand up, then extended one to Zark.

The captain received the map with a sly smile, clapping a hand on Radovan’s shoulder before yelling out a list of orders in his native Greek tongue. Leaning close to Zark, Enyd grinned, “Are you ready for an epic sea battle? After we get through the sea caves, or rather, IF, we get through the sea caves, we’re due to engage BOTH the British and the French and Russians. I figured you’d appreciate a four-sided dilemma to sink your teeth into.”

Enyd gestured for Zark to follow her to the ship's prow, while the ships lined up. Enyd motioned to the water and smiled at Zark's reaction to the mermaids. They were as Enyd had made them, beautiful and intimidating.. Enyd gestured to a cave entrance resembling a dragon's mouth with stalactites-like teeth..

“We have to navigate in the dark through a series of hidden sea channels in this cave system. If all works out, we will have the advantage when we get there.. Of course, there be beasties in the dark we have to look out for.” Enyd gestured over her shoulder for Zark to watch as the Greek sailors draped garlic wreaths around their necks and checked their belts for silver stakes. “I may have gone a little overboard with what could go wrong and paid less attention to what happens if everything goes right.”

Behind them, the captain yelled, “Make ready for the cave.”

“Come on,” Enyd tugged on Zark’s sleeve, “we better find ourselves some garlic or something. And try not to fall into the water.”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark allowed herself to be led off Enyd as the Captain extended his hand to receive the map that had be so precariously transported from Europe to the Aegean.  The Captain moved to confer with the Princeling after properly welcoming the wayward Andorian on too the ship.  With the pleasantries out of the way, Zark followed Enyd to the prow of the ship and took in the details as the diplomat turned pirate explained the latest twist in the strange fairy tale that they were travelling through. 

Darkness began to engulf the ship made it's way to the cave that would lead to the great battle, Enyd pointed out the various crew members draping necklace of aromatics around their necks and breaking out silvered bladed implements.  The Andorian frowned in confusion as she followed to one of the barrels that held the wreaths of dried and pungent herbs.  Her nose wrinkled as the scent wafted over her.  The only thing that would have made it worse was if the bulbs had been cut and cooked.  I'm going to smell like a roast after this Zark thought to herself as she moved to a crate and a holographic panel popped up asking what bladed weapons she wanted.

The Andorian stood there for a moment to stare at the options.  A long blue finger flipped the menu, bringing up an amazing variety of dangerous blades that had been created over the numerous millennia.  Pausing at the long blades, Zark stopped and shrugged as she checked the box next to a rapier that was very similar to what she already had. Next, she had to type in the input as there were knives and daggers of all shapes and sizes.  A pair of ushaan's appeared on the visual display and the security officer nodded as she selected.  Throwing knives, and and ankle dagger soon followed.

The Zhen had no idea what strange creatures they would end up encountering in the cave, but if they needed silver weapons, then she would take as many as she could get her hands on. By the time Zark had pulled her bounty out of the chest and began strapping everything on, she easily blended in with the crew.  Many nodded at her while several others laughed at the amount of hardware she deemed necessary.   Smiling at her human companion, Zark posed, the pulled the rapier out before swinging it in figure rights to get a feel for the balance and momentum. "Do you think I've taken too much for what's coming next?"  She asked with innocent curiosity as the blade was brought up in a salute in front of her face.

Waiting for Enyd joining her after her own fitting out, Zark looked towards the front of the boat as it disappeared into the dark cave and the crew began bringing various lanterns to life.  Others brought buckets of water and placed them near the lanterns in case any of them shattered and set the wooden ship alight. As the eerie orange glow became all that illuminated the ship, Zark's antennae began to stand up as she heard ominous gurgling below, and high pitched screeches of bats followed by much intense flapping around overhead. A few crewman began praying in Greek around her and Zark's face was blank as she coked an eyebrow at Enyd. "Politics is one thing, but is what we're going to face supposed to be historically accurate in any way?"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

“I think you have the minimum requirements for what we are about to meet,” Enyd commented, looking her friend up and down with a playful eyebrow waggle.

Likewise sporting a garden of garlic tucked into every pocket her outfit afforded and now warmed with a silver cutlass in one hand and a crossbow with holy-water dipped stakes for ammo strapped to her back, Enyd stood alongside Zark at the prow. Her friend’s question had Enyd giggling, earning more than a few worried glances from the crew, who had no idea they were mere characters in a simulation she’d had far too much fun with.

“I may have had a little too much fun at this part. I honestly didn’t know if we’d get this far, so I decided to veer away from the historical and pulled on my grandmother’s literature preferences. I grew up listening to her read tales of vampires and werewolves and reanimated corpses during the autumn festival and thought, why not? As much fun as fighting the British, French, or Russians may be, what if they were joined by zombies, harpies, and bloodsuckers?”

Enyd’s brow furrowed. Her last words had been spoken into a cold, heavy darkness, her breath light wisps curling toward an uncertain freedom then choked into nothingness. A darkness that had form. A darkness that prowled around them, poking at the edges of their souls, testing for the weaklings, as it froze the air around every mortal being on the ship. A few men shrieked as they felt a scuttering across their shoulders, a tentative pinch at their necks. Instead of an echo from the cavern walls around them, it felt as if the shrieks had been swallowed by the darkness. The darkness that greedily licked its maw as the last of the light of the cavern’s entrance fell away as they turned a corner, still following the map and hoping for its accuracy.

Turning so her shoulder was pressed against Zark’s, Enyd sheathed her cutlass and unhooked the crossbow from her back. If she could see them before they got to the ship, she might be able to save a few poor souls. “I’m not sure what’s out there, but it doesn’t feel too friendly.”

Everything fell silent. A deathly, black silence with the weight of doom on it. Even though she’d been the one to program this part of the simulation, and she knew this was, in fact, a simulation on the holodeck, she couldn’t help but marvel at how…visceral it all felt. She was just about to remark on this very thing to Zark when the attack came, and it seemed literal hell was set loose upon them.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark nodded along as Enyd told her about the sources that had been used to create this particular leg of the adventure.  It certainly did sound fantastical, and really quite strange, especially the zombie and the harpy.  Bloodsuckers were something she had a passing acquaintance with since there were several 'bugs' in Andoria that would do exactly that.  The numerous mosquito bites she'd picked up while going through Marine training on Earth had also given her an experience she'd rather not remember, though the slightly different blood chemistry did tend to cause both species problems, much more so for the mosquitos. There was also the hostile alien environment training and records of the salt vampire from the time of Captain Kirk.  Zark did wonder if they would encounter something like that.

As they proceeded deeper into the cave, the Andorian felt she should have been grateful for the drop in temperature, but since the crew and Enyd were starting to become more tense, she felt her own hackles begin to rise as her antennae began to whirl steadily like a pair of radar as she stretched out with her senses to hopefully 'see' what was coming.  The soft metallic ring of the rapier coming out it's scabbard and a throwing knife/dagger was soon followed by a scream off to the side.  Enyd pressing herself closer caused Zark's alert state to ratchet up.  Another  scream then a quiet splash as another crewman was plucked into the dark depths and dragged to their end. "Enyd. I'm not sure these garlic necklaces are working."  Zark told Enyd quietly, almost in a whisper as she scanned her surroundings and eyes narrowed to peer into the murk.

Zark spun suddenly to grab Enyd and threw her to the deck as a wave of flying half human horrors flayed the deck. Zark took a chance to look up as the strange combination of human and bird attacked anyone standing and the crew began to cry out and swing their weapons in a desperate bid to defend themselves.  Some got lucky and some winged abominations screeched horribly as they had limbs sliced off, or squawked in surprise when they were impaled on a spear. The crew didn't have it all their way and a man near a cannon screamed as razor sharp talons dug into his chest then the harpy tried to rip his nose off.  The man screamed as the jagged teeth connected and pulled away a chunk of nasal flesh.  Screaming and grabbing at his mutilated face, the harpy leapt off and the bloody talons grabbed at the man's eyes and tore at them.  The crewman collapsed screaming, then sobbing in Greek. A big burly sailor fired a loud concussive seven barrel Nock gun and the half inch lead balls knocked the wing off one monster while exploding the head on another.

Zark wanted to jump up and use her sword to cleave the monster in two, but another scream behind her alerted her to the fact that there were more enemies coming at them.  Rolling over, the sound of talons locking into the deck told Zark she'd just avoided an abomination and the dagger in her hand lashed out where it met resistance and the harpy screamed as the blade went through it's buttock and left one of it's legs hanging by a few strands of tissue and feathers. The Andorian didn't have time to finish the harpy off as she jumped to her feet and had to dodge another harpy coming at her face.  Wind and a wing hit the side of her head as she barely got it out of the way.  Zark felt herself getting dragged around by the foul beast while she tried to slice at it with her blade. "Fucking stupid chicken human! Let fucking go!"  A final swipe missed the harpy but the Andorian cut herself free as the blade split a head of garlic sending bulbs flying in all directions.  The officer stumbled and landed on her knees as she watched the horrid creature make off with her garlic garland and began crushing it, thinking there was something worth killing in its claws.

The sound of flapping reminded Zark that she was still in the thick of the action and she rolled randomly to evade any incoming attacks.  The scratching of the deck indicated she’d dodged something nasty.  The next few moments were spent ducking, and swinging, and lunging at the horrors as they flew by as she fought her way back to where Enyd was.  Another crewman near her yelled in terror as a tentacle boiled out of the abyss and coiled around his hairy chest, then tossed him into the darkness.  The sailor landed with a splash and began trying to right himself to get his bearings and hopefully make his way back to the ship.  It was not to be though as a slick bulbous head boiled out of the water and glowing yellow eyes fixed themselves on the man overboard.  Another tentacle soon rose and snatched the man like a shrimp off a plate and tossed him into an oversized beak filled with serrated teeth pulped the screeching man.

Zark had just made her way back to the diplomat/pirate and bisected a flying monster that was circling her when she heard the Captain yell. “Fire the chaser at the kraken!  Fire the chaser!” The Andorian spotted the cannon on the front of the ship and pulled a dagger out and flung it at a harpy making a dive and watched in satisfaction as the blade flew into the target's chest and the new weight dragged in onto the deck.  Turning to place a hand on her friend’s back, Zark wrapped her arm around the human to guide her to the cannon.  "Enyd! I’m not sure this material is really considered kid friendly, especially if we get mulched by the giant squid up ahead!"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Enyd’s weapon of choice, now that the harpies were attacking, was an automatic crossbow designed to hold a magazine of ten bolts. As Zark weaved and ducked about the deck dealing out death in that femininely fatal method Enyd had come to associate with her Andorian friend, Enyd knelt next to the ship’s prow, back against the wood, doing her best to nail the harpies either to the ship itself or against the cavern walls, still unseen in the hovering darkness. She heard Zark’s exclamation about a “chicken human” and nearly shot one of the crewmen as her body shook with laughter.

Zark was at her side, hauling Enyd to her feet and escorting her to the chaser moments later, her comment again making Enyd laugh, nearly dropping the replacement magazine as they hurried over the gore-strewn deck.

“You never mentioned the need for kid-friendly entertainment.” Enyd took aim, sending an arrow through the temple of a harpy just about to take off with one of their crewmates. “I’ll keep that in mind for next time!”

They were just about to the chaser when the whole ship lurched, sending Enyd sprawling to the deck amidst the blood and bodies of harpy and human alike. Slimy tentacles climbed up the sides of the ship, ripping into the rails, working to bring the vessel into a crushing embrace. Grimacing as a severed hand rolled past her head, Enyd rolled onto her side and tried to push to her feet, only to immediately face plant back into the bloody grime.

“Fire the chaser, Zark,” Enyd yelled to her friend just as she heard the yipping yowls of a harpy about to strike.

Thankfully, though prone on the deck, she hadn’t lost her grip on the crossbow. She waited a half second longer before twisting onto her back and sending a bolt through the neck of the harpy, whose claws were inches away from tearing into Enyd’s back. The creature, no longer able to screech and bleeding profusely from the gaping hole Enyd’s bolt rent her, quickly flapped away. The ship lurched again, the cavern filling with the disgruntled cries of the kraken. Enyd scooted close to the railing, one-handedly hauling herself to her feet. No sooner had she regained full posture when something large and heavy smashed against the broad of her back and sent her flying across the deck, her body wrapping around a barrel a few feet away. Grasping the crossbow only by her fingers, Enyd moaned as gravity—still applicable in the hellscape she’d created for them—sent her collapsing back onto the deck.

“This need not end in your death, so to speak,” a velvety voice coiled around her ears, tugging Enyd’s attention up, gaze falling onto an ethereally beautiful feminine humanoid figure with bat-like wings. “I’d gladly make you another bride.” The pale figure smiled, revealing pearly white fangs beneath an amber-colored gaze.

Enyd could only note that she’d perhaps programmed this simulation to be too good now that she was in the vampire's thrall, battling the desire to let go of the crossbow and offer her neck to the fiend.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark grabbed a torch and stuck it in the lamp where the oil soaked cloth quickly gathered flame, then at Enyd's command, she plunged the flaming stick into the port hole.  It fizzed for a moment and smoked, then a thunderous bang crashed out of the ship as the 32 pound ball went flying from the brass cannonade.  The air suddenly cleared as the harpies had their auditory senses assaulted by the noise and several flew away grabbing their heads as they'd been rendered insensate and possibly insane.  The Andorian had a brief glimpse of the ball flying out as the smoke cleared and then there was a horrific unwordly screech as the black smoking ball smashed into the Kraken's head just below the eye.  Black and green blood and puss exploded from the hole and the kraken thrashed in the water as manic pain overwhelmed its senses.  Zark's eyes widened and she ducked as a tentacle smashed the spar, and another tentacle followed to decapitate the figurehead.  Nobody was safe as the pain maddened sea beast snatched and flailed at everything, man and harpy.  One sailor was smashed off the ship, dead before he could hit the water as his bones were turned into twigs and pebbles.  A harpy screamed as it was impaled before being pulped with a smash to the deck that sent splinters flying. 

Looking around at the chaos, more accurately looking around to see what Enyd was up to since she wanted some repartee on the shot, Zark risked getting her head up and began swivelling when she didn't find the human where she thought she was supposed to be.  When she saw a female figure with bat wings, apparently oblivious and impervious to the thrashing tentacles, Zark first looked incredulous, then groaned and began banging her head on the deck.  Enyd looked like she was going to merrily give in to the vampiric seductress as her arm wavered around the cross bow in her hands. 

Zark reached for one of the silvered throwing knives on her back, but paused since she wasn't the best with the weapons and there was a significant risk of hitting her friend.  Although the way things were going, it wouldn't be a bad idea. She needed another solution and looked around and began laughing.  Oh! She has this coming! Low crawling over to a sailor's corpse, the Andorian pulled the bloody pungent garland off his neck then took the dagger out and used the pommel to quickly pulp several of the unmashed bulbs.  With her smelly work complete, the Andorian rolled sideways, avoiding more attacks and the tentacles till she had a more clear view of Enyd.

The seductee looked like she was going to give in and her fingers were just beginning to let go of the cross bow as her milky white neck was stretched itself.  That made a pretty good aiming point and Zark hurled the mess at Enyd.   The vampire screamed as it's quarry went from delectable to disgusting in an instant and she threw the human away before her bat wings began flapping to get away from the vile creature.  It was her chance now and Zark grunted as she hurled the silver dagger at the vampire.  The sharpened metal sliced threw the air and impaled itself in the demonic creature's side where it screamed in agony.  This was followed by a blue alien cursing as she'd meant to hit the beast in its head.

Zark finished her stream of invective and looked over to where Enyd was and made her way over.  As soon as she got close, the perfumed pungency of the aromatics hit her nostrils and and the Andorian fell on her ass laughing at the expression on Enyd's face.  There might have been a good bit of menacing dialogue, but the Zhen couldn't hear it over her peels of hilarity.  Oh sprits Enyd! This is too rich! You smell like a french tart!  As the double meaning sank in, Zark began laughing again, but was soon trying to get control of herself as a booming laugh reverberated through the cave.  "Ah! Ah! Ah!  Let's count the number of chattle I have to eat today.  I count one human, two humans, three humans. One Andorian. Ah! Ah! Ah! This will be tasty!"

As Zark looked up, she saw a purple skinned vampire with shiny black hair and a monocle floating in the sky.  Tossing aside his black cape to reveal the red silk lining, he began to descend while holding onto the female vampire that had fainted from the holy pain of the silver dagger in her side. "Ah! Ah! Ah!  And I shall start with one meal, then two meals." He counted as his fingers flipped between Zark and Enyd.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

The smell of garlic hit Enyd's nose as she broke free from the vampire's spell and heard Zark's words.nostrils. Enyd curled her lips, thankful for her friend’s save but less thankful for the stench. The heavily accented voice sounding overhead drew Enyd’s attention away from her foul-smelling self just long enough to catch sight of yet another vampire. She really had gone a bit crazy with this level of their game hadn’t she?

“The only thing you’re eating,” a gravely masculine voice came from the mast, “is a silver stake!”

There was no further warning before said silver stake impaled the vampire and seconds later his body exploding in a shower of guts and blood and rotting flesh. Now covered in vampire filth and garlic, Enyd swiped a hand over her eyes and blinked away the red haze until she could take in the figure more clearly. Thick leather gloves gripped a crossbow of elaborate and intricate design as he stood on the crossbeam.. He was clad in skin-tight trousers with knee-high boots, a leather trench coat draped over his shoulders with layers upon layers of interior pockets all filled with various weapons against nefarious creatures. He had a wide-brimmed leather hat on his head and his shoulder-length chestnut covered hair fluffed about his head as he dropped from his perch to the deck.

“I heard you had a monster problem,” the man pulled a half-chewed cigar out of one of his many pockets, “I can help with that,” he placed the cigar between his lips but didn’t light it, content for the moment to chew on it, “for a price.”

From further down the deck came a few more squeals from crewmen as they succombed to either vampires or harpies while all the while the kracken continued to retreat under fire yet still swiped the occasional tentacle at their ship.

Enyd did her best to toss her hair over her shoulder but it only managed to slosh oddly against her neck, “What’s the price?”

His predatory gaze took in her form then darted over to Zark, lips curling up in a snarling smile, “Dinner and a dance with the blue beauty.”

Not usually given to whoring out her friends, Enyd swallowed her immediate acquiescence and instead turned to peer at Zark, curious if she’d be willing to accept his terms.

Re: Day 12 [1615 hrs] The Fightin Fashionistas of the Gloamin

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark had just gotten her giggles under control when the dark and dangerous figure showed up and easily dispatched silly rendition of a vampire the holodeck had created.  He was admittedly attractive in a dangerous rough hewn way.  The problem was that Zark didn't really like actual bad boys that much since she's tended to be slapping hand cuffs on them, pointing a weapon at them, or in the extreme case, pulling a bloody dagger out of their body.  Thus the mysterious stranger chomping on the cigar didn't do a whole lot for her.

The problem on the other hand was that the crew was being slaughtered and the Andorian wasn't in the mood yet for having a program end on them just because they 'died'.  Curiosity also weighed in since she was wondering where the rest of this program was going. "Very well sir, I accept your price, but be warned.  I have two left feet, so I can't guarantee anything."  This was not true at all.

The man grinned as he pulled his coat back and pulled out what appeared to be a drum that he slapped into place. "If you can distract them, it would make my job easier."

"And how do I do that?" Zark asked as she rolled to the side then gutted a harpy that was diving on her.

The vampire slayer casually shot the unconscious vampire in the heart before running towards Zark and Enyd.  "Just make a bunch of noise and run around."

"You mean yell and scream at the top of my lungs?" Zark clearly puzzled as she pushed Enyd down and out of the way.

"Noooo" He said in tones of profound patience. Several silver arrows were launched and harpy found itself impaled against the Kraken's skin. "Grab some pots or something and just make noise."

This made no sense to Zark, but she didn't see any other options.  Looking around, she spotted one of the ship's bells and made a run for it alternatively ducking, or rolling over her obstacles.  Another harpy tried to fly at her, but was quickly knocked out of the way by a silver arrow. "A most magnificent display!"  Zark heard from behind her as she closed in on the bell.  Getting it off was another issue, till she saw a lost boarding axe that she made a grab for.  Swinging it in a circle in the air, she swung it at the rope, and was rewarded with a loud bang as she missed and hit the bell instead.

The sound had the unintended effect of acting like a monster magnet and the Andorian ducked as the air around her was flailed by arrows, dropping several harpies and a vampire to the deck.  "A good try, but get the bell off."  He called again.  Zark grumbled as she took another swing, and was rewarded with a bang as the bell was separated from it's rope. Huffing, she grabbed the bell and a broken piece of wood before turning to him to see if her tools would work. Seeing him nod, she just had to ask. "Can I at least know your name before I die?"

"It's Van Helsing and perish the thought.  You're in fine hands."  He offered cheerily as he loaded another drum.  Zark turned to Enyd and shook her head at how ridiculous she was going to look in a moment. "Okay, here we go."  the Zhen muttered to herself before she took off around the ship, banging the bell like a mad woman.  The air soon became alive with arrows zipping by and inhuman screeches of pain as the master vampire hunter cleared the air around his decoy and prize.

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