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Day 11 [1700 hrs.] Ode to Risian Sunrises

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

To any other observer, it was scene out of paradise as it was meant to be.  To the blue-green eyes looking over every detail of the extensive ledge the hut, she hoped it was enough.  The creator of the program normally wasn't this apprehensive about having someone visit her on the holodeck, but when you'd issued a drubbing to the guest just the day before, that tended to cloud the occasion just a bit.  Still, the invitation had been issued and Zark had been surprised that Faye had accepted.  The exchange had been a bit awkward, but that was to be expected after having to mend a number of bruises and a few cuts as well.  Zark generally liked the diplomat, especially as she was honest with herself, the easy sensuality the Betazoid possessed.   There was certainly an allure to someone who also knew what they liked and was willing to indulge in it.

The blue head shook causing her platinum over shoulder ponytail to gently sway as she took another look at her surroundings and took in the spectacular spilling sunset that made up a Risan hallmark of travel goers everywhere.  What Zark was really not sure about and wondered for the umpteenth time was her choice of outfit for the massage.  It certainly didn't look the most practical, but it flowed well and she could move in it relatively easily, not a minor consideration when it came to pressing and kneading the stresses out of a person.  Still, she could have gone with medical scrubs for all she knew.  This was just well as the word ostentatious came to mind, but the Andorian admitted she liked the way it hugged her well defined curves and was airily whimsical as well.  The Andorian gave herself a twirl in her bare feat and she revelled in the feeling of the light fabric caressing her legs.  A smile naturally formed as she giggled like a school girl making new discovery and she had to clear her throat as she smoothed the dress and tried to put on a more professional demeanour.  She failed miserably as her little dance had caused the butterflies to leave her stomach and the smile wouldn't relax.

I suppose this'll have to do. The medico thought to herself as she took in the large diamond parquet of the floor and simple clay walls that framed the wide open windows.  It was an immensely open and welcoming space, and the candle chandelier accented the rusticness of the space. I really do owe Wilkens for showing me this place all those years ago.  Too bad I never got to read her last letter before I came on board.  The Andorian thought to herself as her ears picked up the gentle sounds of the ocean lapping against the beach.  For those who wanted a more natural and slower pace of life, it was heaven on earth.  Checking a simple wall clock, Zark realized it was almost the appointed time and she lit a couple of Risian Water Lily candles as the breeze picked up causing a wind chime to melodically sing and dance.  Zark next poured a glass of lemon rose Bolian tonic water for her guest and pulled on the thin silver chain that brought up the clear resin block that held her chapla from the space between her chest. Four thin bundles of white hair from her bond mates that had been arranged in a diamond and a celtic pattern made up the Andorian equivalent of a wedding ring. We will see each other again soon. as she kissed the block. And yes Ryzit, I'll bring someone home so we can all enjoy the occasion properly.  Needy wench.  This thought kept the smile on Zark's face, especially considering how hypocritical it was since Zark was the reason her wife tended to be a needy wench in the first place.

The signature sound of the holodeck arch appearing caused Zark to drop her chapla where it settled bqck into her ample cleavage.  Zark's eyes settled on the horga'hn and she mentally shrugged. It was too late to get rid of it now, but with Faye, it was hard to say what would happen.  Soon the named figure of a slightly shorter tanned betazoid appeared in the door, and Zark gave a short bow before using an age old gambit on the diplomat. "Miss Eloi-Danvers, welcome to Meyana overlook, can I offer you some refreshment before we begin?"

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

A soft beeping noise emitting from her console caused Faye's head to snap up, as she blinked her eyes, pulling the display back into focus. The alert she had programmed in hours ago was reminding her that she had an appointment now that her shift was over. She was supposed to be in the holodeck down on deck 21 in five minutes. Groaning, she let her head fall back on the console and shut her eyes, counting back from 10. Pushing up, she transferred her report to her PaDD and stood up, heading out of the auxiliary lab she had been working in. The report would be filed for Lt. (jg) Foval to read at his pleasure. 

She wasn't entirely sure the former Borg and current Assistant Chief Diplomat knew what the word pleasure meant, but then again, she'd been surprised before. In any event after yesterdays' fiasco she was happy to have spent most of today with her ass, in a seat, just working on reports and analysis. Without L'Nari in the same room. They had very tactfully agreed to work on entirely separate vectors. Unfortunately, this resulted in Faye's current position on Vector 1, and the holodeck she had agreed to meet Lt. zh'Ptrell in was on Vector 3, so if she were going to make this appointment - she wouldn't call it a 'date' - she would need to get moving. 

Do I want to make it though? she paused and asked herself this as the doors closed behind her and she eased herself into the traffic moving through the current corridor. Pursing her lips as she moved to the nearest lift, she let out a little grunt as her steps faltered. Faye was sore. From head to toe after she'd been assigned a security evaluation. From phaser tests to arm recalibrations to hand to hand combat, Faye - and L'Nari - had been taken to task and been found, if not entirely lacking, certainly not up to par. Not enough to be denied duty going forward, but enough to leave both diplomats in a less than diplomatic frame of mind.

Slowly breathing through her nose, Faye held her breath to a count of four, before letting it back out again. She resumed her short trek to the lift, and ordered it down to the nearest transporter. She would see what Lt. zh'Ptrell - Zark, she had to remind herself - had in mind for her. Forcing herself to be objective for the moment, Faye had to admit that she and her colleague had not behaved themselves as well as they might. What could have been a friendly competition between the two that would inspire the best out of  both of them had instead exposed the Andorian officer to the sheer petty nature that existed between the former classmates. Why Zark wanted to see her today, after having endured  diplomatic catfighting - ha! - yesterday was beyond Faye. 

Curiosity as it were got the better of her, as she queued up for transport to the other vector.

Inevitably there was a wait for beam over - a larger party was going over to Vector 2, and took priority - but Faye found herself rematerializing on the Stallion, as the Theurgy's workhorse of a vector was called in short order, and once more took a route that mirrored her previous one, catching yet another lift full of her fellow crew, almost none of whom she recognized, before being deposited on deck twenty-one. Ahead were the double doors to Holodeck 06, and Faye could see a program was already running. She had accepted the invitation earlier that day and as she gave her tunic a sharp tug down, Faye would be damned if she'd chicken out now.

Reaching out, she punched up the commands to open the door, pleased that Zark had apparently programmed the computer to allow her entry. She wouldn't have to ask to be let in, which would just be awkward. She hated just milling about out in the hallways wanting to be let in somewhere. That happened enough on a professional level that having it happen outside of her duties was a petty irritant she didn't suffer easily.

With a whoosh, the dual doors opened (she'd always felt that the doors were built to be louder than necessary, as if to alert anyone inside that they had a visitor). Day-glow orange and pink light poured out  of the doors, washing over the Betazoid as she walked into a Risan Sunset, one she'd seen in person years before. But it wasn't the view that took her breath away, but the heat that forced out an audible gasp. It was like waking into a wall of pure humidity as the doors sealed shut behind her and vanished into the background. Not that the temperature was too hot, but it was a noticeable change. Starfleet designed its uniforms to help regulate body heat to a degree, but the warmth and humidity, while not being overbearing, was enough to leave Faye wishing she was wearing less.

Chimes rang out on the gentle sea breeze coming through the large, open arched windows, bringing with it scents both alien and welcoming. Faye closed her eyes and breathed deep, that same four count as earlier, before walking around the entry way that the holodeck doors had deposited her in, turning a corner and coming to the candle lit 'main event'. Coal black eyes moved from the chandelier, to the candles on tall podiums, sweeping around the room. The small table with drink and - Oh. OH. Well, that's unexpected. As both a trained diplomat and an unrepentant hedonist, she knew the significance of the wooden statue on the table, but couldn't be sure if Zark had intended that herself, or if it was just part of the program. If it was the latter, then it was best not to make any assumptions. If it were the former...I'll just have to see how this unfolds, she mused, biting her lip as she turned her gaze on the Andorian in question. 

"Okay, now I really feel overdressed," she confessed with a giggle, shaking her head, as if to shake away any awkward feelings. Had she not been talking not two nights ago with Lt. Madsen about how much of a sucker she was for a good massage from someone beautiful who knew what they were doing, happily reminiscing about the urun parlor on Aldea Prime? Fate was messing with her, but Faye decided she didn't mind. Collecting herself, she slowly approached the far more appropriately attired security officer, and let a small smile settle on her face. "Something to drink would not be out of place, Mrs. zh'Ptrell."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Zark gave Faye a small crooked smile and made her way towards the diplomat and her hips swayed naturally causing the light fabric to swirl and accentuate her movements. It wasn't intentional, but when in a relaxed atmosphere, mainly outside of combat, the movement was natural. The blue woman gracefully handed the beading glass to her guest before guiding her towards a window opening. "Miss Eloi-Danvers, Faye. I hope you don't mind us going by first names, or in my case, short name."  the blue alien began as she bent over to pour herself a glass before guiding her guest to on open window that offered a panoramic view of a seaside where bright white was the colour of choice for virtually all the dwellings.  The Zhen took a sip of the water to calm her nerves as she surveyed the scene before turning to face the Betazoid.  "Faye. I think you and I got off on the wrong foot and I'd very much like to change that.  We're not going to go into what happened yesterday, that's not what we're here for, you passed and that's all that counts." Zark usually got straight to the point, but as with many aspects of the previous day, it was all a bit jumbled and confusing.  No, that wasn't true, Zark knew exactly what happened, but how they'd reached this particular point was still a bit nebulous.  The medico was likely going have to put this one down to impulse as she wrestled with that to say next, so she defaulted, and uncharacteristically, danced around what she wanted to discuss.  "There was a point in the evaluation though where you, well to be frank tried to seduce me into letting you pass an exercise."  The Andorian delicatley took another sip as her crooked smile returned.  "I may have acted a bit more ummmm forcefully since well, ahhhh you were making a very compelling point at the time, but I was on duty, so it was a no go."

The Zhen took a breath as her cheeks darkened at the admission before taking another sip and waving her free hand in front of her face as if clearing the point to move on.  "I may have acted a bit more forcefully that was warranted," Zark repeated "and I know that evaluation was physically and emotionally strenuous.  So I'd like to, well, make it up to you by helping you to massage and work out your various knots."  Blue hands brushed the glass trying to expel the nervous energy.   "I promise to be much more gentle than I was yesterday, and we can actually get to know each other better in the meantime."   Zark pointed at a green and blue shoji divider.  "If that sounds good to you, there's a robe for you back there.  As much as our uniforms are designed for comfort, they're a bit heavy for well, this."  and a blue hand waived around indicating everything.

"I'm hoping after today, we can consider each other friends."  The Zhen finished as she gave the Betazoid diplomat a level look.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Glad to see that formalities would be set aside during this after hours encounter, Faye nodded in the direction of her host for the evening. No worrying about mispronouncing lengthy names, content for the moment to simply be 'Faye' and 'Zark.' Yes, taht was much more preferable to rank for the night, and she wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to skip her own bifurcated family name in favor of her considerably shorter given name. That earned a bright smile as well as a quick, "I'm all for informality, Zark."

With the cool glass of tea in her hand, the Betazoid watched and listened to the Andorian, eyes flicking up to the way the antenna seemed to curl toward her with interest, before wetting her lips with the pleasingly chilled drink. A semi sweet burst of flavor played out over her tongue, and she felt her eyes flutter shut for a moment as she allowed the flavor to flow down to her throat. Yes, Zark was doing a great start at putting her at ease and 'making up' for the day prior. The view out the sweeping windows rivaled that of the night time sky line of Aldea prime in a completely different, but equally stunning fashion. Wildly divergent cultures, but at the same time, both breathtaking.

Though the real gem isn't the view. Well, not that view... Her gaze returned back to Zark, smiling up at the blue skinned woman in her flowing gown. Which did very nice things toward showing off the girls form in a manner much more flattering than the uniform she'd last seen the security officer in.

Wrong foot was an understatement, and Faye could admit that part of it was on her, and part of it was the situation. Sure, some of it might have been the way Zark handled unruly ensigns. And a decent amount of it had been the petty relationship between L'nari and herself. Her lips pursed for a moment, but the diplomat summoned up the skills of her day to day job and forced that frown away, giving a slow nod of her head in understanding. "I can agree that yesterday was yesterday and today is today," she confirmed, noting the way that Zark beat around the bush on the subject and wanting to reassure that by simply being here, Faye was willing to try and correct the course of their interactions so far.

Her eyes darted to the little wooden statue on the table and back to Zark with a quick flick. Interactions indeed. A flush filled her cheeks as she swallowed a mouthful of her own, having it bluntly pointed out that she'd tried to use skills that had less to do with diplomacy and more to due with her own sexuality and comfort with herself to try and get one over on her rival. It had been shutdown, hard, and rightfully so, but now it seemed that perhaps there was more there than she had expected, given the original reaction. Rubbing the back of her neck, she carefully observed Zark, as the Andorian inched closer. There were a few bruises that hadn't had the time to properly heal, that Faye had not bothered to get tended to professionally after the day prior, having been in a bit of a huff.

The offer on the table was enticing however, and Faye glanced in the direction the other woman had indicated, and gave a little nod. Taking a deeper drink from the glass, she set it carefully back on the table and looked over her shoulder at Zark. "I would like to move past yesterday. I tried to use what I thought was my best skill set to get through a situation and behaved unprofessionally." There was a pause, and a careful, almost shy smile. "Its nice to know the offer was tempting. A girl likes to be appreciated, after all, and I wouldn't have tried if I didn't think the outcome could have been good for both of us. Getting to know you better would be nice, Zark, and I would be more than happy to take you up on your offer. Of friendship," her hand drifted over to the Horga'hn, dancing her finger tips across the top of it, "as well as this massage.

"I'll just be a minute, Zark,"
the diplomat stated, turning her gaze from her host and sauntering - much more deliberately than the other woman had earlier - toward the wood and paper screen. She stepped behind and glanced down at the flowing robe, running her hand over it as it lay stretched out over a chair, then out the window behind the screen. Wondering if that had been by Zark's design, knowing that the setting sun would throw her shadows onto the screen, or if the program had simply come that way (and given it was a program of Risa, Faye would not at all be surprised), she grinned and nodded once. Given that this was a program and not Risa itself, the only person 'peeping' that she had to worry about was the one on the other side of the screen.

Taking the robe between her fingers, she moved it so that she had the bottom of the chair bare, and kicked up a leg, bracing as she worked her boots off, one at a time, switching out her feet. These she set on the floor, and wiggled her toes in her standard issue socks. Being unsure as to what the encounter would end up being when first invited, Faye had decided to wear nothing but standard issue garments today (the invitation had caught her by surprise and she didn't want to accidentally repeat her gaffe from the day prior). If she had worn something more appropriate she might have left it on to be enticing. Her mind again went back to the statue that she could now no longer see through the divider.

But she hadn't known the specifics and she was left with nothing fancy on, so be it. She pulled the socks off and tucked them into the tops of the boots, and promptly planted her feet on the floor, back facing the screen. From there she shed her jacket setting it over the far side of the screen. Her shirt followed, a hand over her chest as she reached up and draped the red tunic atop the black and grey jumper. Her sports bra, a comfortable Starfleet offering was pulled up over her head and set on the chair as she turned sideways, letting the light catch her in profile, her hands reaching up to comb out her hair.

Smirking to herself, the topless Betazoid proceeded to shimmy out of her pants, these getting carefully folded and added to the pile of draped clothing. Then there was the simple, grey panties that were provided to all female officers for use, the standard patterns programmed into the replicator. Peeling these off took a bit more time than strictly necessary, with her once again bending down away from Zark. Standing back up, she draped these off one finger and let them drop. Yes, she was putting on a show, as she grabbed the robe and slid it over her shoulders. She paused with belting it though, a mischievous grin on her face. Twirling the little belt in one hand she strutted around the side of the divider and rested one hand atop the frame, her hips bumping the edge as she turned to face Zark.

The robe hung open, the belt in her left hand, lazily swinging back and forth. One leg was carefully placed in front of the other, hiding her freshly shaved mound from view, while the robe was draped in just such a way to give off a hint of her bust without showing anything other than the valley between the modest orbs, and the flat planes of her stomach. The fading light caught on the small jeweled piercing that hung from her bellybutton, an impulsive memento from one of her trips down to Aldea Prime. Wagging her eyebrows just a bit, Faye murmured, "Is this better? I'm certainly feeling more friendly, how about you?"

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

The Zhen felt herself relax when Faye agreed to let bygones be bygones, though a grin creased her face as she saw tanned fingers caress, for there were few other appropriate descriptions, the Horga'hn.  That one gesture amounted to a blank cheque in the Andorian's mind as she began to consider possibilities before reigning herself in.  Down Zark, she's here to relax, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. As the Andorian had mentioned however, the point the lithe Betazoid had put forth had been very compelling, and the buxom blue woman began to feel a swelling in her chest.  Seafoam eyes looked down and Zark had to sigh as her body betrayed her.  She hadn't been wearing a bra, and small mounds appeared on her chest, pushing the thin white material further out, making her subconscious excitement plain.  Luckily there was only one person who would know and she smiled at her breasts like they were a separate being from her. "Traitors" She told the mounds as she sat on the ledge of the window and tried to focus on the town while sipping her drink.  The rustle of clothing being removed sent her antennae to gently writhing as the medico tried to give the impression there was some privacy and stared into the town square like her focus depended on it.  Taking a sip of tonic water did very little calm her thoughts as she sat there and tried to think up inane thoughts such as Yum, the lemon and strawberry are a really nice touch to the drink.  Maybe some mint next time.

The sound of the tunic hitting the divider was a bit louder than expected and Zark turned to see if the divider was still standing.  Blue green eyes widened and platinum eye brows rose as the Andorian was treated to a shadow show of Faye shimmying her pants off and Zark could only stare and purse her lips in a silent whistle.  The suggestive profile gave fuel to Zark's imagination as a low moan of appreciation came from somewhere as the panties were removed in an inviting manner before being happily tossed away.  Zark inhaled sharply as she bit her bottom lip and the pressure on her chest grew.  Seeing the tan personification of sensuality step out, casually swinging her belt and providing enticing peeks of what was under the robe, Zark knew what it was like the day then Cadet Keleema Wilkens had decided to take then Cadet zh’Ptrell instead of waiting for the bed.  Seafoam eyes mapped out a plan in seconds, kiss on the lips to start, taste the neck, kiss and brush between the modest valley and down that flat belly.  Can't forget to pay homage the jewel on the way down to the prize before worshipping the flower at the end.

The Zhen inhaled sharply once more and shook her head to clear her thoughts, and to reestablish some control. That's not why she's here. Okay, it probably is, but not yet.  Damnit!  Zark thought to herself as she got up off the ledge and took another drink before putting away the glass and making her way over to the significantly lighter clothed diplomat.  "You look far more comfortable and I think we're getting into a much friendlier atmosphere. Come." Naughty "Let's get you sorted out."    Blue hands gently pulled on tan ones towards the massage bed and Zark helped Faye to lie face down.  Whatever salacious feelings Zark had were dampened when she helped pull the robe back saw the bruises on the Betazoid's back.  Blue hands reached for them for a second before pulling her back.   She had been the cause of them and while Zark was used to seeing such things on herself, seeing them on someone else, who didn't really deserve them in her mind was something else entirely and she could feel the tendrils of regret start seeping their way in.  "Faye. Relax for a moment and let me know if there's any discomfort."  With that, Zark began to gently probe the couple of bruises. "Before we get started, I'm going to have these cleaned up. Computer, dermal regenerator."  A shimmering light deposited the medical device on the table and skilled familiar hands scooped the device, calibrated it, and began repairing the remaining damage.  As the device gently caressed the lacerations to heal  the medico felt her spirits lift as Faye was being restored whole. 

It took a few more minutes to identify a few more that had been missed, but Faye's flawless skin was soon restored and with that, they could proceed.  The Andorian took a moment to activate the water heater for the hot stones and a subliminal vibration filled the room.  Satisfied that would be ready later, Zark smiled as she leaned beside the diplomat's ear and whispered "Relax".   Blue hands poured a measured amount of botanical massage oil on her hands and gently pressed the concoction into the Betazoid's back.  Soon the heady aromas of utaberry blossoms, lavender, vanilla, and almonds filled the room as sensitive blue hands sought out the stresses and kneaded them out of existence.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

One did not need to be a telepath to know that the woman whom invited Faye was quite pleased with what she saw. Little looks and gestures - the way her breath took in sharply, the wiggle of a pair of antenna, the look in her eyes...Not to mention the emphasis on the word come. Naughty naughty Lieutenant, the diplomat mused, an easy smile on her face. In truth, the word was as much a thought of her own as one picked up from Zark when the Andorian took her by the hands to lead her to the massage table. If she let her hips sway as she walked, so be it. She was still putting on a show; really, they were both in the opening moves of what Faye hoped would be a lovely dance.

Easing herself onto the table, Faye started to shrug off the robe with Zark's assistance, when she felt, as much as heard, the Andorian pause. Belatedly she remembered the other reason she was here - to make up for the bruises, which were now very apparent on her tanned skin, greens and purples marring the otherwise smooth complexion. She felt sheepishness creep up and threaten to break the moment, as she remembered Zark was a trained medic, not just a security officer. Perhaps I should have had these attended to before now...

Clearly her host had slipped into medic mode, and Faye gave a small nod, forcing herself to unclench her jaw and letting her head hang forward. She hissed slightly at one particularly deep bruise, and sighed.  "As I'm sure you can tell, I felt that," she confessed, which led to the request for a dermal regenerator. Shutting her eyes, she settled back in and let the other woman work over her body slowly, the hum of the tool mixing in with the sounds of the water coming through the open windows and the gentle breeze that Faye could feel across the skin of her back.

Her own nudity in the moment did not bother her in the slightest. Given the level of mental exposure she was raised in, her culture lacked the nudity taboo's of most other Federation worlds. She worried more about how others reacted to her nudity than anything else, the diplomat and empath in her not wishing to make those around her uncomfortable. The only discomfort she felt now came from the physical bruises themselves, and any sort of guilt they might cause Zark. But the medic was nothing if not methodical, and bruises, especially in the 24th century, were easy to heal. 

Soon she could feel the satisfaction radiate off her host, the deep sense of achievement for having treated the injuries and removed the physical blemishes that had marked Faye's skin. A relief then, for both of them, that would allow the pair to explore what would come next. Faye wiggled down, her arms under her head for the moment, tilted to the side to get half a view of the Andorian as she walked past to set something else up. At least until Zark moved her about, she'd stay like that, as she resolved to allow the other woman to take control of the situation, and place her as the moment called for.

"I'd like to think I'm relaxed," she replied, a shiver running down her spine that Faye couldn't quite hide, anticipation under the surface now that the lingering pain had vanished. She was still stiff though, there was no denying it. Her eyes followed Zark as best she could, smiling, before the woman vanished from her view. She wasn't going to twist around to try and track her. That defeated the purpose of what was unfolding.

As the oil was pressed into her back she let out a low groan, and wiggled more, rolling her back up to meet the contact almost like a cat, stretching out on the bed, before settling down again. Her toes curled at the end of the bed, scraping against the sheet that covered the table. She breathed in deep, and let out a sigh as those hands began to move over her. "That's nice," she murmured softly, well aware that Zark would not be able to sense her enjoyment or contentment (though she was sure the medic was skilled enough to feel tension leaving stiff muscles, but only after a good bit of work), and thus feeling the need she often felt with her non Betazoid partners to vocalize her appreciation. "I'm going to smell fantastic after this. Whatever the oil is - ~mmmmm~ - its got a great aroma."

Usually her vocalization was a lot more heated, breathy, out right moans, but then, that was in the throws of passion and while this was, undeniably hot, so far there wasn't anything sexual about it. Faye again thought about the Risan statue, still in view on the side table where her drink sat, beads of condensation running down the side.  Nothing yet, she thought to herself with a sly grin, but was more than happy to let things unfold naturally, and not rush the moment. It wasn't every day a beautiful blue skinned Andorian pampered her after all. She was going to enjoy every minute of this, especially considering that this time a day ago she had been in an absolute surly mode. This, she much preferred.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

When the combat medic went into battle, it wasn't unusual for her to start smiling.  It was a stress reaction that came with the change in mindset that started unconsciously.  For those that didn't know her, it made her seem like a psychotic revelling in the blood boil of battle.  This wasn't the case at all, the Zhen simply liked to smile under any circumstances and this manifested in a gentle grin as he mind settled into the task of turning the near naked Betazoid into a pile of putty through the gently ministrations of blue hands.  The medic stepped to the side of Faye and gently leaved over as her oiled hands made contact with the smooth back.  The initial press of oil into the tanned woman's back was just a starter and more of an initial reconnaissance of the territory she'd be working in and doing battle, trying to see where the tension points were along the map the muscles and sinews that made up the diplomats back.  Long blue hands, sheathed in a light coating of botanical oils pressed with a bare presence as blue eye lids closed to read the signals along the sensitive nerve ends to map the hills, valleys, and plains against what her medical training taught a humanoid body should be like.  Platinum eyebrows furrowed as knots and fissures sprouted up all over the mental map of Faye's back and this disconcerted the medic though she gave no sign for it meant that Faye was significantly more tense than she should be, and what Zark had initially thought would be just a simple relaxing massage, might have to be more therapeutic in nature.  Maybe she should have worn medical scrubs instead.  The Andorian's eyes opened and despite the flawless bronzed finish in front of her, her mind's eye saw the areas of tension and weariness all over the back.  The survey shouldn't really have had any effect and an eyebrow arched as the grin transformed into a smirk as Faye made her enjoyment known with a compliment to the aroma.  "I'm glad you like it.  I'm quite surprised I found this blend in the database.  If I had to guess, I'd say someone from Betazed made sure everyone had it and had the pull to make it happen.  The originators name said Troy, that was the readable part, but I'm quite sure I messed the rest of the name when I tried to pronounce it.  Started with the letter L though. Now, here we go.  Try to take full, deep breaths.  Proper breathing helps the body relax it's rhythm and manage the stress responses."

Taking a deeper starting breath of her own, the statuesque Andorian rubbed a bit more oil into her hands and warmed them up  before leaning over towards the tanned neck and pressing into the base of the slender neck to warm up the skin.  After a few revolutions, firm thumbs began pressing into the muscles along the spine, gently forcing the tension out the diplomat's body in concert with her breathing.  The reaction was near immediate as the diplomat sought closer contact and a deeper release from her stresses.   The Andorian obliged as she increased the pressure, digging deep for the tension.  Next came a kneading of the spinal muscles as powerful, yet gentle cobalt hands lifted and stretched the muscles, seeking to gently yet firmly extract the stiffness from the neck.  The poor woman was very stiff, more than a straight forward ass kicking would account for and blue lips exhaled as both hands landed on the shoulders and began to knead them, trying to undo the stresses that had accumulated thus far.

A brief interlude was used to pour more oil on blue hands as they spread the aromatic concoction, the gentle brushing sound of skin adding to the delicate choir being used to lull the Betazoid further into her state of relaxation. The hands stopped and glided onto the back as the previously attained map was used to identify areas that needed more succor versus those that required a a lighter touch.  The heels of the hand that so easily smashed and bruised, instead gently applied floral pressure  in even strokes up and down the tanned shoulder blades, pushing the stresses towards the Faye's delicious and bouncy rear. Zark couldn't help but grin as her guest happily curled into the press and her breathing became deeper.  Pehaps huskier as well, but the medic was focused on the task at hand and the  movements of a trained gymnasts allowed the blue woman to float and dance to each position around her guest as she mirrored the movement of the ocean on Faye's back, waves crashing and eroding the knots with swirls, circles, and strokes of deft blue hands.

Zark would have been lying to herself if she didn't admit she liked the next part and it didn't matter who it was as her attention meandered towards the well defined and bouncy gluteous maximus in front of her.  A grin formed with a bit of necessary misdirection as she began rocking Faye's thighs first, utilizing the diplomat's own mass to assist the loosening and warming of the muscles.  The grin changed into a smirk as the expert hands landed on either side of the butt cheeks and continued to rock them back and forth  and the blade of the hand gently pressed on the mounds themselves to test their readiness, giving them a good shake to help the blood flow into the muscles underneath.  "Hon, as nice as this feels, I think you've been sitting around too much, so this should help restore your butt muscles." the medic advised the diplomat as the grin soon changed into a smile.  The bladed hand changed into a fist and Zark began to gently, but firmly knead the muscles.  For specific muscles on the bottom, she applied pressure using her thumbs, steadily moving towards the crotch, but never touching it.  The next part was usually a bit of a shock if the patient wasn't used to having their posteriors so thoroughly massaged as powerful blue hands grabbed a large mass of ass and began kneading like a ball of dough before swirling it around.  Privately, Zark admitted that she really liked this part, especially since the ass in questions was a very nice one.  The medic happily repeated the procedure on the other cheek.  One always had to be thorough and treat each side equally well.

With the butt done, Zark straightened for a moment before applying more oil to her hands so she could treat the the legs and feet to a goodly amount of kneading and stretching of their own, especially the toes, getting a few pops and cracks in the process from the joints. Looking up at the clock after giving a pinky toe a firm pull, Zark was pleased to find herself mostly on schedule, not that there was a time limit to this.  Turning her attention back to the putty'd tanned back, Zark took a moment to move towards the dark mop on the head before tapping the diplomat on a well massaged shoulder to make sure she wasn't fast asleep. "Faye, turn over so I can take care of your front."  While Faye took her time turning over, the buxom Andorian took a moment of her own to link her hands over her head and give herself a good stretch before leaning over and giving the Betazoid a toothy smile.  "Enjoying yourself so far?"

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

A rather undignified set of giggles bubbled up and escaped from Faye, nearly turning into a snort as she listened to the details behind the massage oil. Giggles were certainly not proper breathing technique, and it took Faye a moment to settle down her amusement. Given what she was told, and what she personally knew, she could deduce only one possible person in all the galaxy that could have managed to get Betazoid massage oil into the standard files for Starfleet replicators. Especially with that last name. "Well that explains everything. I wonder what else she snuck into the system/"

Faye took a deep breath after her little tease, not saying the name of the culprit but making it clear she had an idea as to whom was responsible. They were in the same line of work after all, and even though many years had passed, Faye didn't doubt for a moment that the same woman who had time for a precocious child bored out of her mind was the self same woman possessed with the sheer determination to persuade Starfleet of the diplomatic needs of special blend massage oil. Clearly the Ambassador would be proud to see it put to such use, as Faye was sure was the true intent. She always said there was nothing wrong with enjoying the creature comforts in life.

Zark was clearly leaving her with plenty of comfort to enjoy. Letting her head fall forward, Faye groaned slightly, as those slick thumbs worked tension out of her neck and shoulders. Try as she might, the lithe woman could not stay still as she was worked on, and supposed that was fine. The effort of trying to stay still would cause tension all on its own, so she wiggled about and reacted to the ministrations of the Andorian masseuse. For all her hedonistic tendencies and her habitual indulgences for stress relief, the Diplomat was still tense, and this was really something she needed. Especially after the last two days. As far as 'apologies' went, not that this really was one, or it was really merited, not exactly (on the Andorian's part, she'd insist) - this was a pretty damn good one.

While not the expert that she judged her companion to be, Faye could still feel the effects, the slight bursts of pain, that sensual pressure that pushed sore muscles and knotted tendons to the brink, forcing them to release their grip on her body, and fade away into the satisfying warmth that followed. Time and again she'd feel her toes curl, or her fingers clench at the sheet, low groans and small gasps mixing with the sounds of the nearby sea. A girl could get used to this. Hell, she could do this professionally. Retire right out of Starfleet and make a heck of a life helping people destress... An interesting notion, though she doubted it to be a realistic option. Security types always seemed to need action, and not of the kind you'd get on a massage table. 

Well, probably not, she presumed.

More giggles were soon to be heard as Zark attended to Faye's rump, jiggling it about just as she had her thighs. She bit her lip to keep from laughing too much, as it all seemed almost ridiculous - not to mention tickled a fair bit at first. "Hazards of diplomacy," Faye managed to squeak out as Zark did a real number on her bum, which she was sure would feel fantastic in the morning, and probably look a bit better than it had, after getting beaten around a bit. Felt up and then some, she mused. "We spend about as much time talking out of our asses as we do sitting on them, but not nearly as much walking with the talking."

Then again, she remembered that the last time she'd had a massage, the pair of Aldean's had done a hell of a number on her ass. Zark, at least for the time being, did not quite probe to the same depths as the others had, but Faye could tell that the other woman appreciated what she had her hands on, and Faye rewarded her by rolling her hips up a time or two, pressing back into the blue handed grip, and generally purring like a kitten. As close as a Betazoid could come to purring like a kitten anyways. The real groans came out when Zark took to her feet.

Despite Faye's comments about sitting entirely too much, her feet had been put through the ringer and were in some ways far more sensitive - certainly more ticklish - than her ass had been. There was plenty to work out and work on down there, and she groaned again, pressing her forehead into the table as Zark worked on one particularly tight tendon in her arch. She even squeaked the first time one of her toes popped, having not expected that. She wiggled them after and was pleased to see there was no pain as she fought down a bit of embarrassment. 

Because squeaking when your toes pop is oh so sexy. Smooth Faye, smooth.

Licking her lips, Faye gave a little groan at the shoulder bump and rolled her eyes. Moving seemed like such a stupid idea at that point, she felt nice and loose, why would she want to move? Then again, there were so many possibilities for the front, and why shouldn't that part of her body feel as good as her back? Logic won out and she slowly pushed herself up on her shoulders, flicking her damp hair back and blinking as she watched the Andorian stretching. A hungry look smoldered behind those coal black orbs, before the Diplomat forced herself to roll the rest of the way onto her back, letting her head hang a bit to continue to watch Zark.

Smiling up at the blue skinned girl, Faye wiggled her shoulders and hips a bit, as if dancing against the table-top. "I'd say we're making great progress on all my little aches and pains," she teased a bit, well aware that her body was on display again for the other woman. There was no hiding that she was enjoying herself. For one, the massage was doing what it was supposed to do - bleed away tension and strain in her muscles, and there was that pleasing burn all along the backs of her legs, flowing up her spine and across her shoulders. It felt damn good. 

Then there were the telltale signs that she found the whole thing arousing, as well as relaxing. She was told this was hardly uncommon when it came to a properly administered massage, and men had it so much worse than women, but all the same the signs were there. A slight flushing in her skin, near her cheeks, and lower. A little light sheen, catching in the sunset. Breathing a bit faster than necessary. And they way her modest bust came to two diamond peaked tips, dusky and taut. Yes, Faye was enjoying herself. 

"I trust you're finding satisfaction with how things are going?" The words sounded perhaps more sultry in her head than they came out in the room, but all the same, she eased up on her shoulders as she did, following as Zark moved around her, and wagged her eyebrows slightly. Clearly the Betazoid was eager to see what came next.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Zark's eye brows gave a quick waggle of their own in reply to the aroused Betazoid.  She most certainly was finding the experience going to be utterly satisfying and she was glad that Faye was enjoying herself as well.  The glittering reflection and increased breathing added very visible visual cues for the Zhen, but there was also the scent ones as well that were magnified in the tropical heat; the pheromones from her sweat was just one, and Faye's vagina was definitely getting wet.  Zark's wriggled her nose as it tingled with the scent and considering where she was in the Andorian gender pyramid, her own breathing became longer and heavier as she was also breathing in the heady potion.

Zark cleared her throat in an attempt to maintain a professional demeanour and smiled as she applied another dollop of oil and rubbed it over her hands before resuming her services though her own voice had sublimely become more husky.  "Okay, just close your eyes and once again, take deep breaths."  She told her guest as she began to gently rub the temples of her tanned forehead for a minute or so before gliding her fingers down the side of Faye's head, oh so softly to her chin, and back up.  A few more cycles ended with Zark firmly, but tenderly yanking the diplomat's head and satisfying series of pops as the neck and shoulder loosened.  Adding a bit more oil, blue hands began to knead the front of the shoulder and down the arms.  As much as Zark wanted to tell Faye to stay still, the gently writhing woman wouldn't was too engrossed in feeling the relaxation permeate her body and the gasping and moaning definitely added to the ambience of the experience as Zark felt a stickyness begin to press on her panties.  The Zhen sighed and hiked up the bottom of her dress and proceeded to shimy out of her panties, very conscious of the sound the rustling of fabric of her dress and the panties were making as they fell to the floor while she side stepped down to those wonderfully slender legs.  If Faye decided to end her time here, Zark was going to need relief very quickly and not tearing off a piece of clothing in the process would be considered a good thing.  The pressing and the kneading continued around the remaining limbs as the sounds of relief and pleasure continued to echo through the holodeck. 

Zark finished and cracked her knuckes before tapping the putty'd diplomat on her shoulder and bright blue green eyes met black ones as her antennae were set to writhing in anticipation.  "Well, that's everything that the massage is supposed to work out and I hope you enjoyed that."  Zark offered Faye a sultry smile.  "Was there anything else you need worked on or was that it and you'd just like to relax."  Faye's response amounted to we are so not done here , her antennae become more uncoordinated as blue hands helped Betazoid sit up.  "Computer, narrow the foot end of the massage bed please." and the end obediently went from a rectangle to a triangle.  Zark stepped back coyly crossed her legs as blue hands reached up to the clasp on the dress and undid the loop slowly as she turned her head towards her shoulder and seductively narrowed her eyes.  She held the loop for a second before letting it go and using her fingers to grab the hem of the shouderless dress and slowly, sensually pulling it down, baring her chest and very erect nipples.  Freed from their confines and exposed to the cooler air, they seem to grow just that much more with excitement.  The dress continued to be pushed down slowly, though when they reached Zark's somewhat wider hips, a flash of consternation took hold as she had to push harder to get the waist band to stretch.  Nonetheless, the white dress pooled at the buxom Andorian's feet and she stepped out of the ring and posed with her hands above then behind her head for a moment.  "Faye, I hope you're going to enjoy today's additional service just for you.  Computer, set privacy mode, authorization zh’Ptrell Sierra-Marshall-Car-Six-Five-Two-Zero. Execute."  The computer beeped as it locked the holodeck doors and turned off most of the sensors.

Zark's positively sashayed her way over to the bed and climbed on to mount herself behind her sensual partner for the evening.  Gently pushing Faye forward so her legs were left dangling over the side and her petals exposed, the medico pushed the dark locks out of the way and first delivered a teasing feather gentle kiss the back of the tanned neck.  Blue hands gently soon brushed the back of Faye's neck and up her smooth flanks.  Zark took the opportunity to revel and drink in the Betazoid, especially now that she was emanating an intoxicating mixture of pheromones and the massage oils.  The cobalt hand on Faye's neck pushed her head toward the Zhen's and helped it lean back as blue lips sought out brown ones before the hand continued its journey to the modest bust where the two mounds were surrounded in a sheath of warm ice that began kneading them.  The combined sensation was the essence of delight and Zark happily moaned into her partner's lips as her hands worked away on stimulating Faye's pleasure and desire.  Several minutes of the kneading, squeezing, and playing, with a focus on the pert nipples at the end, elicited an incredible amount of excitement before one blue hand wandered and danced down the lithe diplomat's flat belly, briefly teased the jewel on the belly button before sliding down to the pubic area where deft and experienced fingers first delighted the sensitive nub just outside the Betazoid's petals before entering the flower fully and massaging Faye inside and out for all she was worth.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Faye could appreciate how Zark was doing her best to maintain a certain level of decorum in what was happening, when both of the women in the room knew and understood that there was another layer to the story that was unfolding. Desire was as heady in the air as the fragrances deliberately put into the room by the holoprogram, and just as poignant and enticing as the sounds of the ocean lapping up through one of the windows. Grinning, the Betazoid did as she was instructed, letting her eyes flutter shut and drawing in a long, slow breath through her nose. She held it, counting four beats of her heart, before releasing with a slow exhale through slightly pursed lips. Relaxation followed, tension flowing out with her breath, easing with the pressure of slickened blue fingers probing her temples. Plenty of pain and tension gathered there, day in and day out, and the light strokes felt divine.

"Mmmm." Wordless, audible appreciation bubbled up, and Faye wasn't going to hide her enjoyment o of this. No point in worrying about embarrassing noises or the like. She'd much rather show Zark her appreciation for the physical attention and relief she was receiving than try and hold up some air of mystery and decorum. There was no fun in that, here in the privacy of the holodeck. Her eyes did snap open as she let out a small exclamation when her head was wrenched about, but damned if the end result didn't feel great. She wasn't the sort to usually crack her neck on her own, and having it done deliberately, by someone else well versed in the act, was both startling and soothing. One she got over her initial surprise, and went back to breathing in that languid pace, eyes shut, skin almost glowing in the wake of each little touch.

A new scent seemed to linger in the air, faint but alluring. Faye couldn't quite place it, but didn't bother to spend much time trying to discern the nature. She had more important things to do, gently writhing on the table, groaning in gentle repose. Something rustled, and she could feel emotions building up on the edge of her perception, quietly radiating off the masseuse. This was easier to sort out, and a small smile graced Faye's lips as her fingers splayed out, shining in the sunlight.

Eventually, she came out of the mild torpor she'd fallen into with a gentle tap, her eyes blinking and struggling to focus. Zark's visage sharpened before her eyes, and the onyx orbs took on a fresh, hungry look as she arched an eyebrow delicately up on her forehead. Her Vulcan colleagues would be flattered at how well she emulated them, while managing to pump a heavy helping of disbelief into her expression.  "I can think of a few things, and I'm sure you could as well," she rasped, throat slightly dry, as she propped herself up on her elbows. 

Surprise flickered over her features when she realized that up until that point, anyone could have walked in on them and seen the massage unfolding. Not that it would have bothered Faye terribly, unless perhaps it was someone like the Captain, or her boss, come to find her for some diplomatic crisis that only a trained telepath could alleviate. No, she had simply presumed that privacy had been ensured from the start, and filed that little tidbit away. There were more important things to focus on, namely the gorgeous expanse of bare blue flesh that was now tantalizingly close and on display. 

"I have unwavering faith in your abilities, based on the evening so far, Zark," Faye boldly proclaimed, meaning every word. She twisted about for a moment to watch the Andorian circle her, enjoying the way her breasts bounced ever so slightly with each step, and the flash of blue ass that wiggled in her wake. She was just as enjoyable to watch approach as she was to watch leave, though the white haired woman did not stray far, and soon Faye found herself spread wide for anyone to see. Hardly the first time I've been on display, even if there is only the audience of one, and she's on the other side of me, Faye mused, shivering as she felt a gossamer thin kiss on her neck, and moaned, leaning back into the warmth of the other woman.

Her next moan was swallowed by the Andorian's lips, closing over her own and turning it into a pampered mewl. Soon her heart was racing in her chest as she breathed in deep through her nose, her back arched, pressing her breasts into Zark's hands. Her own were not idle, one worming into the other girls hair, tugging tight and deepening another of the kisses. Her tongue sought admittance to the girls mouth, and soon was sliding along, tickling the back of Zark's teeth, flicking and pressing to the alien's tongue, tasting, probing, and drinking her in. Faye loved a good fuck, but she also loved a good kiss. Not every partner got one. Zark was going to get quite a few, if Faye had anything to say about it.

Anticipation flowed and so did her juices when Faye felt the other woman's fingers finally leave her bust and slide down her stomach, over the bare shaved plains that lead to her clearly soaked core. Her cunt was willing, and eager for the touch, and this time no kiss stopped her moan from echoing across the room. She wiggled, and writhed, and then draped herself back against Zark, her head nestled on a blue shoulder, breathing into the crook of her neck. Detangling her fingers from the Andorian's hair, Faye slowly dragged them down the girls jaw, then over her lips, flicking them gently, as she pushed her hips up. Just as Zark's fingers pushed in past Faye's lower lips, the Betazoid did the same to Zark's mouth, teasing a finger in, stroking and curling, mimicking what she liked. 

Moaning once more, she tilted her lips up, pressing them to the shell of Zarks ear. "Can you feel how wet I am? That is all your fault." She sucked a kiss to the girls neck, shivering, her other hand reaching back, latching onto Zarks leg and squeezing. "Want it...need it...please...."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

The audio queue indicated she was on the right track and the sensation of her partner's tongue teasing her mouth was an exciting aphrodisiac.  The blue head pressed in harder to the tan one as Zark sought a deeper embrace of the lip lock and she moaned happily as teeth gently clacked together, the blue tongue slipped under, over, and around Faye's in an all too familiar, yet delightfully new dance.  The gentle presses of hair and skin from Faye's head continued to tease and intoxicate as she breathed in the sensual Betazoid's perfume.  The Andorian's breath caught and she felt a slickness on the leather massage bed they were currently engaged in when the smaller woman gave her hair a tug that excited her even more.  The loss of grip seemed to fuel the intimacy as she slid closer and the Zhen felt a gentle jolt permeate her chest as she slid closer to Faye's back.

Faye had being on the receiving end down to an art as the intoxicated Zhen returned Faye's sultry look with one of smouldering desire and parted her lips to begin sucking on the finger that had magically appeared in her mouth as her own penetrated the Betazoid from below.  The two began to move in rhythm as Faye pleaded and squeezed, to which Zark was only too happy to comply as a second finger joined the first in running the very noticeable clit.  The Zhen seemed to also feel the jolts of erotic electricity that were coursing through her partner as her fingers rhythmically slid in and out of the wet entrance, and Faye seemed to writhe and buck to the music that was being played on her sex.  Zark pulled her her head away from her finger as she unconsciously tried to point her antennae to focus on her partner, though it was to no avail as she could feel the twisting and twirling in unison to Faye and her other hand gave the nipple she was playing with a gentle squeeze and a long tug before her hand moved back up to the moaning darn haired woman's head to playfully force it straight so she could talk into Faye's ear.  "That's right hon.  It is all my fault.  Can you show me how much you want it?"  Zark lustily breathed into the bouncing tanned ear as badness she hadn't used in ages surfaced. "Moan for me Faye."  The blue hands went back to Faye's hair and slender fingers gently tangled themselves in the dark silken hair before yanking back.  "Moan and scream to the gods.  Let them know how much you love it." As her tangled fingers held on, but made sure to give Faye plenty of leeway to move around, the fingers inside the Betazoid split and began to gyrate and pulse faster and deeper as more of the petite Betazoid's love juices spilled out.

The sensation rolling up Zark to moan as she pressed and rubbed her wet sex against the bed were becoming more of an unbearable tease as she let go of Faye's head and snaked her arm around the Betazoid's front.  The arm grabbed the opposite bouncing breast as the hand began massaging the breast again.  The blue head dropped onto the crook of Faye's neck and the Zhen was aware of her own panting and sucking on a sensitive nerve bundle in her partner's neck.  She didn't know how long she kept going, nor even what her appendages were doing as the Betazoid seemed to grip tighter and tighter the deeper she fell into the tsunami of sensations rolling through her.  A small part of Zark could only hope there wasn't too much breakage or drainage on Faye, or she was going to have to find something to play with herself quickly.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

A life time of interacting with non-telepaths had taught Faye the need for communication on multiple fronts. Her mother, chief among those she'd grownup with, had not been able to simply read Faye's thoughts and emotions and understand intuitively what the girl needed, and Faye in turn had learned early on how to get her point across with words and actions, not just thoughts and emotions. While those interactions were nothing at all like the one unfolding between her and Zark, that base foundation had allowed her to grow into the diplomat she was now. Not to mention the eager partner she preferred to be in the dalliances that had marked her adult life, bringing with them each a special sense of fulfillment.

Thus she felt no shame or inhibition in edging Zark on, in pleading for what she wanted. In a different situation, she might have damn well demanded, but (as much as anyone was in this tryst) Zark was the one in control, setting the pace, and Faye was more than happy to accommodate that, to perform as the pliant partner willing to be played like a well honed musical instrument, teasing and encouraging, asking and whimpering. Sure, neither of them quite had the proper appendage for the actions that Faye was mimicking with her finger, pressing it deeper into Zark's mouth, sliding along that hidden, blue tongue, but then, the act was close enough to what she wanted Zarks fingers to do to a different set of lips on her own body, and that was more than arousing enough for Faye.

If this goes well enough maybe there will be another little follow up and I can bring a strap on to that affair, she privately mused, plotting future encounters, though that train of thought died off quickly as more physical stimulation brought her attentions to the much more pressing here and now.

Zark asked, and Zark received, as a long, ragged moan parted Fayes lips, her head tilted back into exactly the position the Andorian placed her. Her gaze was forced up, and she marveled at the details of the ceiling for just a moment as a the stinging in her nipple eased off from the tug that had been delivered to it. The Andorian was in control, and that sent a shiver of anticipation down her spine that seemed to blossom into wet heat, further coating her already damp petals. Every time a blue finger grazed across her prominent clit, the Betazoid would stiffen, gasp, and occasionally yelp, causing her skin to flush with deep desire. She tried to stay still, to let Zark have her way, but it was impossible, her hips writhing about, back pressing in against the other woman's plentiful bust.

"Ah gods yes," Faye crooned, the painful tug in her hair only adding to the pleasure from Zark's fingers. Squirming and squealing, she forced her feelings into words the Andorian could hear, even as her own emotions and thoughts screamed out in a fashion that would surely set any passing telepath to blushing. "Yes, yes I love it. I need it. Oh fuck, I need it. Hrrrngh~ please, please don't stop Zark. Don't ~ahhhh~ stop. Give it to meeeee."

She sounded like the audio track from a poorly written holoprogram, and yet there was a genuine need in her voice that couldn't be faked or scripted. Her cries grew louder as her partner shifted their position behind her, pushing deeper. Faye could feel herself clamp down on the intruding fingers, squeezing them firm and tight, though not with the crushing strength of an orgasm. Not yet.

A ragged cry filled the air as blue lips began to suck, and she was sure that Zark would feel her pulse racing between her lips, throbbing just below the skin that was being tease. "Fuck me yes," she whimpered, confessing, "Please leave a mark, please please." Her own desires were mixing with that of the combat medic, and at times Faye found it hard to sort out who wanted what exactly.

Twisting her head about, she flet something brush her cheek. Forcing her eyes open, she watched as the Andorian's antenna seemed to dance to a music all of their own. Panting now, Faye rolled her hips down in time with Zark, pushing against those fingers, feeling the heat building, bubbling, burbling deep in her core, threatening to overwhelm her. "That's it, that is pleeeease make me cum," she breathed the words like a prayer to the gods above, before letting her head tilt just enough to brush a kiss to one of the writhing antenna. She'd always wanted to try that and even in her sex filled haze wasn't about to pass that opportunity up.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

The world was becoming a blur, endorphins, smells, sounds all blurred into the pot that was Zark as muscle memory took over working the wildly bucking and moaning.  There was little noticing the warm love juice poured out over her blue fingers as they pistoned the smaller woman's clit and vagina with increasing speed.  Zark's toned and tough muscled began to work harder and her hand and arms began to work harder as she could feel the increasing pressure as Faye's vaginal muscles began squeezing them, trying to extract essence from whatever was inside her in a desperate bid for release.  The younger woman commanded to have that release, and Zark could only obey as she gasped and moaned herself into the tanned shoulder she was holding on to. 

A tickle on her antennae caused the blue head to pull back as the sensation rippled directly into her skull, but it didn't stop the buxom blue beauty as she pressed her self even harder into Faye's back.  The rapid pumping that Faye insisted happen to her fingers sent surges of electricity pulsing from her rock hard nipples to the rest of the Andorian's body and Zark let out a loud moan that filled the air around them and mixed with Faye's pleas for climax.

Zark could never quantify what happened next, maybe it was when Faye's body seized and stiffened.  Maybe it was the inflection in her voice as she was about to cum.  Maybe it was when the Betazoid's vagina muscles suddenly tightened.  Maybe it was combination of everything combined with the instinct that came from her own sexual experience.  All Zark's body knew was that it was time and her head came down, landing on the nerve bundle she'd been teasing before.  The merest moment later, the blue lips parted and white teeth bit down, none too soft she had to hold on as Faye bucked and writhed in her grasp. Even though Faye's cunt didn't want to let go of Zark's fingers, the blue woman kept going and pumped her partner.  Just to add a cherry on top, the blue hand that had been rubbing one of the dark nipples, pulled back and moved to the other and worked them over as well.

Awareness quickly returned to the Andorian as she held the supine Betazoid in her arms.  Blue green eyes looked over the tanned body in her arms and noted that blue fingers were still stuck inside her. Right. My fingers. and out they came.  The now very horny Andorian took a moment to gently trace the slick fingers along Faye's body, and between the valley of her modest breasts.  It felt like the fingers would end at the dark lips, but instead, they brushed along the collar bone and detached where the blue woman moaned quietly as she stuck the slick fingers in her own mouth and tasted the sensual Betazoid's juices.  Drat.  I hope I didn't break her.  She's till breathing, but not snoring, so that's a good sign. Zark though bemusedly to herself as she placed her arms under the jelly like humanoid and pushed her off to carry her.  As the Andorian got onto her own feet, she became cognizant of a colder breeze around her cunt and sighed. "Computer, replace massage bed with a large low bed."  Zark commanded as she carried Faye out of the way and let the holodeck do it's work.  When the bed materialized, Zark placed Faye on the end and went to grab a glass of tonic water for the still recovering Betazoid.

Zark knew that Betazoid's were telepaths, and she couldn't help but broadcast her own desire all over.  She didn't have a whole lot of self control left.  Climbing onto the bed, Zark lay on her back, leaving her completely exposed with her glistening cunt open for all to see.  "Sorry Faye, but if you're good, you don't have to stay for this."   The words sounded hollow in the Andorian's mind since she was quite sure, Faye wouldn't want to miss what was coming next.  Zark then summoned a thick hot pink ribbed phallus.  Activating the device with a hum, the sexy Andorian's back arched and she moaned loudly as she jammed the toy into her wet sex.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Clearly, going after Zark's antenna had a strong reaction, and Faye was a little too preoccupied with what was happening to herself at the moment to give Zark's reaction the full attention it deserved. But either way, she was rewarded with an increased vigor from the Andorian and her dexterous fingers between Faye's legs. Fingers that were downright soaked by the time Faye felt her body arching back and a cry escaping her lips. She could feel herself right there, balanced on the edge of the proverbial knife. It would take so little effort from Zark to send her plummeting over the edge into a pool of pleasure and release. Her fingers were curling in against skin cerulean blue, her hips were sliding over the table with each pumping thrust from the Andorian's digits. There was a keening mewl escaping her clenched teeth, which clacked together in the absence of the antenna that she had teased.

And then there was the sharp, deep pain in the side of her neck as the other woman did what she pleaded for in the heat of the moment: bit down on her neck. The warmth of it that followed from the sharp dig of teeth was enough to do what the fingers had not quite yet (but likely would have) achieved - make her cum so hard that she saw stars. That sapphic rush hit her right between the legs, gushing heat dripping out over the intruding fingers. A cry accompanied her sudden stiffening and shaking, echoing out through the holodeck. She bucked and arched, collapsing back in a fit of shudders that had her legs trembling uncontrollably. Were it not for the fact that Zark had her wrapped up against the medics body, Faye might have convulsed her way off the table and onto the floor. 

Savage pain in her neck eased into a pleasing, heat filled ache, dull, throbbing and somehow invigorating. She knew there would be a mark that came from this, and that she would have some explaining to do later. Not that she would be in trouble of course, but the impression of the Andorian's teeth would merit story time.  Faye liked story time. But right then she liked the feeling of near black out orgasmic ecstasy that was working its way through her body. 

All too soon, and at the same time, and eternity later, Faye settled back, going limp and breathing heavily. Her chest rose and fell, covered in a sheen of oil mixed with sweat. Diamond hard nipples capped the swell of her modest bust, as a bead of sweat made its way down between them. The fluttering of her stomach caused the bejeweled piercing in her belly button to dance in the sunlight streaming through the window. And her legs flopped to either side of the table, toes slowly curling and uncurling as gentle aftershocks worked their way across her thighs and calves. Groaning, Faye rolled her head to the side, licking at Zark's neck as the woman traced cum slick fingers along her body.

In a word, Faye felt decedent. Utterly decadent. This quite made up for the pains and aches she had picked up prior during her security refresher. It was certainly enough to put any and all negatives thoughts about Zark's teaching mannerisms out of her mind, and chased away the lingering desire to avenge herself against her long term rival. L'nari had no place in her head right now, as her thoughts floated in a sea of golden warmth and hazy relief. 

They really nailed it when they called this an after glow, she idly mused, the first concrete thought she'd had since those teeth sank into her skin. Curling into Zark's arms, Faye belatedly realized that she no longer lay on the massage table. That more than anything else helped her shake off the fog and focus on what was happening around her once more. With her thoughts no longer dwelling internally, she could pick up the waves of desire foaming around the combat medic. It was enough to make Faye have to swallow down a nigh manic giggle that bubbled up. 

Water was offered and taken, sipped carefully as the Betazoid tried compose herself. That was a lost cause and instead the lithe diplomat settled on getting enough water down her throat without choking while Zark got 'comfortable.' The poor woman's need was like a physical drum beat inside Faye's chest. Licking at her lips, she glanced across the chambers to where her uniform sat neatly folded, then back to the Andorian as the other woman used a toy provided by the holodeck to begin working on her own desires. Biting her lip, Faye knew she could just walk out...oh who am I kidding.

A simple query to the computer created a console table to sit flush with the end of the bed. Faye reached behind her, placing the glass of water on the stand and turned back to face Zark, giving her an appraising look. The kind that had her eyes raking the other woman's exposed body. Humming gleefully, she reached up above her head and stretched, before falling forward so that she could crawl across the bed (short distance that it was) to begin planting kisses along Zark's leg. She started at the ankle and very clearly intended to work her way up to the aliens pussy. "Its more fun with help," she whispers, as her tongue drew along the inside of the medico's thigh. 

Desire for a taste aside, there was already a toy shoved tight in Zark's pussy and that forced Faye to get creative with how she approached the situation. She nibbled the join of the woman's leg and hip, keeping her head tilted to the side so as not to impede Zark's own efforts. A darting tongue caressed the lips of the stretched cunt, circling up to flick over her momentary lovers hood, before she dragged her lips up the woman's stomach. Even as she circled the others belly button her hand reached out, closing over Zark's, and helping to guide the toy in with a twist and thrust.

"Tell me where you want my lips and my tongue. Show me what you want. Think about it, I'll know it. I'll do it. After what you just did...anything you want...I want to make it happen. Let your wants. Your needs. Your desires.  I want them all. Let them guide me." All her professional gravitas was out the window, and instead Faye radiated unrestrained need, to satisfy Zark as she had been satisfied just before. 

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

It was a fair assumption for Zark that Faye would probably stay.  Both were very giving beings after all and sought to help out the other, thus Zark didn't see a need to summon a holographic representation any humanoid since she was sure she would a partner again very soon.  The issue was the interim and the irresistible urges that she'd created in servicing the sensual Betazoid.  Before she'd even pushed the toy into her folds, Zark's mind had let her imagination loose and there was plenty of delectable material to work with.  She was at home in her living room, the ketheka table disappeared.  The Andorian was facing Faye, blue hands gripped the tanned butt while Betazoid's hands were bunched to the blue woman's front and not so gently massaging her full breasts.  The two were making out and moaning for all they were worth as Zark rode her Thaan's shaft, while Faye had impaled herself on her other husband's long, hard, cock.  The Thaan and Chan were massaging their clits as they sucked and groaned into the two women's backs.  It was a proper welcome home orgy for Zark, and the family were only too happy to share.  Ryzit, her even more vivacious wife, was lying on the sofa, very naked and engaged in oral sex with Enyd.  It had been some sort of competition see who could make the other orgasm first.  The medic's brain insisted on some sort of realism to the whole fantasy, and the Shen was clearly ahead as her skilled tongue caressed and penetrated the well coiffed human's sex.  Enyd's inexperience in such matters showed, eyes closed, body rocking as she cried out and moaned in delight.  All she could really do to not fall off the couch since she couldn't even service the Andorian under her.

Zark would have been quite happy to continue with the fantasy till it evaporated like a holodeck ending a program.  A light brush that started near her foot brought the Zhen back to reality and she moaned louder as the lithe Betazoid began to tease her way upward.  The brushes added a sensual depth she was missing as her hand continued to pump the toy in and out that made the experience that much more erotic.  At being told that help was always better, Zark could only offer a choppy nod as she tried to bury her head her free arm.  As the tantalizing kisses and licks made their way towards her crotch, Zark tried desperately to not put Faye in a leg lock and drag her head in.  A sudden sharp sensation on her folds caused the Andorian toss her head back and gasp loudly as a wave of pleasure rolled through her entire body. It was a desperate fight to keep her body flat on the bed, especially when she felt her lover's warm embrace on the hand that controlled the toy and began to pleasure her in ways she no longer in control of.   "Ohhhhhhh.  ~Spirits Faye.~  Yes! ~More please!~" Zark groaned out as she surrendered control of the toy.

Zark had to pause as Faye offered to please her in any way she could.  It probably helped immensely that both women were wearing looks of pure lust across their faces.  Zark bit her lip for a second and pulled the vibe out of her soaked pussy and turned if off.  Giving the tip a quick kiss and tasting her own juices, Zark tried to suss out just how adventurous the Betazoid was.  The answer came pretty quick considering the bite and the hair pull, so the Andorian got on her elbows, then sat up.  Giving a Faye a smirk of pure lust, the sexy Andorian placed the wet vibe against Faye's mouth, just enough for a taste, then tossed it aside and gently grabbed the Betazoid's head and closed her eyes to give her a kiss.  The blue tongue briefly separated the lips and mingled the various tastes between the two women before withdrawing.  With that, the medico began to lay back and guided Faye's head towards her taught flat belly.  "I'm all yours.  Do with me as you will Faye." Zark asked huskily.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Some sentient's were far more in-tune with their own desires than others, and Faye had a wide range of experience with this in regards to her partners. Some could mask their thoughts, some broadcasted. Some embraced, some denied. Zark seemed to be fully engaged in her own mental exercises of pleasure and desire, and Faye opened herself up to the Andorians mental contortions. She didn't probe, didn't force her way in, just picked up that which simmered on the surface of the woman's mind, the heat, the need, the want, the desire. For lovers long distant, for Faye herself, for...her boss. Well, that was going to make the next chat she had with Enyd mildly awkward, as Faye was absolutely going to recall this image now burned into her mind. Not that she was complaining. Far from it. Zark had a very dirty, very adventurous imagination and Faye was momentarily enthralled.

And obviously aroused, not that she'd ever really had that die off.

Taking another long lap of her tongue over Zark's sweat glistening blue skin, Faye giggled and wiggled. Considering how the two had gotten on during the security training, and Faye's own fumbling attempts at gaining an upper edge, she was delighted with how Zarks' 'apology' had turned out. More than willing to return the favor from before, Faye's hand added a twisting motion to each thrust of the toy she now had control of, churning it about inside of the strong combat medic. The Andorian was a pleasing mix of curves and muscles and hearing her beg for more simply did things for Faye. That didn't last for terribly long as the toy was removed by its owner, and given a cheeky little kiss. Faye knew of a few male officers with the right equipment that she might enjoy watching Zark suck on too, and filed that thought away for later.

As it was, she sucked on the toy herself, mimicking, albeit quickly, just what she was picturing the other woman doing to a nebulous properly equipped colleague. She got the tip fully between her lips and ran her tongue around it once before it was removed with a pleasing pop, the taste of Zark lingering in her mouth. She didn't mind too much, she'd get more of that tangy flavor from the source soon enough. She satisfied herself with a different set of lips for the time being, tongues dancing about before lips pulled apart to breathe in and steady themselves, almost in unison. Her coal-black eyes bored down into Zark's lust filled gaze, drinking in the want and need she saw reflected there.

With the other woman's words echoing in her ears, and the emotions echoing in her head, Faye gave her ass another pleasing wiggle from side to side as she braced her hands on Zark's thighs. She took her time, lips and tongue fluttering about over the taut plains of Zarks stomach, her teeth occasionally nipping again as she worked back down toward the prize of the night, feeling the muscles just beneath the skin. Her hands slid around to the inside of each cerulean thigh, and thanks not in small part to adjustments carefully made in the days prior, her fingers on her artificial hand just as dexterously peeled the Andorians folds apart as those on her organic limb.

Marveling in the colors on display before her, glistening and wet, Faye memorized the sight of the fully exposed petals, before diving back in with a hunger stoked not just by her own desires, but by her playmates. The Betazoid proceeded to devour the blue girls cunt, her lips smacking against the exposed folds, her tongue delving deep as she could, curling and probing the sweet, tangy channel before swirling up around the clit of her lover, lapping swiftly back and forth. She worked up a lather, but didn't stop there. Having sensed an adventurous streak in the other woman , she hooked her hands up under Zark's knees and pushed her legs higher, toward her chest. Her tongue swirled down, over her pussy, down to the Andorians's ass, and back again, with long, slow laps working over both orifices.

Faye was balanced on her knees, her hands up high above her head, causing the muscles of her back to bunch up with the effort of keeping Zark's legs pinned and her whole bottom exposed to her tender mercies. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, lapping and rimming, proving and swirling, until she pulled her lips up over the Andorian's clit again, and sucked hard. Popping off loudly, she took a moment to catch her breath, sitting up on her knees, though she still held Zark's legs up, by the ankles now. Grinning down, she watched the other woman for a moment, before making a request.

"Computer. One silicon, double ended dildo, 36 centimeters long, 5 centimeters wide. Crystal blue in color."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Zark's breathing began to increase in pace as her Faye first wiggled that fine posterior of hers, then teased her way south.  The horny Andorian's breath soon falling into sync with each nip and touch the Betazoid planted on her.  Then there was the pause as Faye examined her sex and Zark sucked in a large amount of air in anticipation as she forced some sort of patience before her partner really got started.  It was an eternity and too short at the same time as she felt Faye's finely tuned fingers gently press her petals aside as she unconsciously broadcast the need and desire for Faye to start.  At the first sweet penetration of Faye's skilled tongue into her folds, the Andorian's chest arched as she gasped and moaned out loud.

The Zhen's body began to buck of it's own accord and Zark's breathing became heavier as her body demanded louder moans in appreciation for what was being done.  There was an erotic delectiability in having skilled cunnilingus performed that not even a solid phalus could provide as Faye explored her surfaces and depths simultaneously.  Despite her earlier attempt to give Faye total control, Zark could again feel her legs really try to lock the cunning tongued woman's head in place.  Thankfully she didn't have to think about this too much as Faye hooked her legs and lefted them up and forced the Andorian to curl.  Zark was sort of wondering where this was going, but it was hard with the skilled Betazoid stimulating her to the fair thee well and her own mouth gasping and moaning loudly as her pants of desire grew more frantic.  There was sudden feeling on her underside and the Andorian's eyes widened as she gasped out her surprise, then a load groan as her butt was tantalized.  The cycle of moaning, gasping, and groaning continued as Faye worked her way back and forth.  Blue hands gripped and balled the sheets as her muscles strained to rip them apart to relieve the erotic stresses being applied to her body. 

Zark lost track of where she was being excited as the biological wet toy seemed to be everywhere at once.  Zark could feel the pressure of orgasm forming as her panting turned to gasping and the pitch began to rise.  Then it stopped suddenly and the Zhen mewled in protest as her legs hung in the air and Faye considered her next move.  Zark was ready to beg the Betazoid for denying her the pleasure she wanted when she heard the request her playmate made.  This excited the Andorian even more and if possible, she probably would have cum right there. When the toy appeared, Zark snatched it up and immediately lubricated one end by the erotic expedient of licking its length and shoving it into her mouth with a satisfied moan as she kept her smouldering eyes on Faye's excitement at revealing the result of having being the girlfriend to a Risian for three years, and the partner to one of the most vivacious Shen's on Andoria.  It was hard, and Zark felt like she was under going some sort of sex test as she held together long enough to brush the toy up and down Faye's fold and clit before pushing the smaller woman over on to the bed and leaning over to kiss her as she twist jammed one end into her partner's cunt.  With Faye pretty much splayed out on the bed, Zark looped a blue leg over a tanned one and guided the other end in between her own swollen petals, then reached out to grab and hold the Betazoid's hands.  Zark never lost her smile as she did all this, and only threw her head back, moaning and groaning, when she began grinding on to her end and could both feel and hear her shapely blue ass bumping the delightful one on the other end.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

To call the security officer eager would be something of an understatement, even for Faye and her own proclivities and thresholds. Having the toy they were to share snatched away with such speed and power was both promising and exciting, and Faye allowed herself a small groan of anticipation. She didn't have to plumb the depths of the Andorian's mind, or even skim the surface thoughts, to know where this was going, and to be all aboard for the outcome at hand. After all, Faye herself was eager for that next step. If she hadn't been, she would have simply continued to eat the other woman until Zark had cum all over her face. This was going to be much more fun (not that her other option would have been un-enjoyable), and the momentary delay she'd forced onto the blue skinned woman was about to be rewarded multi-fold.

For the both of them.

Resolving to find a properly equipped partner for some later tryst (assuming there would be a later encounter, though as the way the day had turned out, Faye certainly harbored high hopes), Faye allowed herself to enjoy the enthusiasm Zark put into servicing - and in truth prepping - the toy for insertion. The simulated fellatio was arousing to say the least. What followed was an intensely erotic display of acrobatics and control that ended with Faye tossed on her back, her head near the foot of the bed, and the crystal blue toy nestled firmly into her pussy. Her moans had been swallowed by the kiss played across her mouth, happily surrendered to the Andorian's tongue. Pools of deep onyx shot back open as she felt, as much as looked down and saw, Zark taking the other end into her own cerulean folds. She loved the way the toy poked out from between the two of them, though she had to push herself up on her elbows to briefly get a look, before falling back into a more comfortable position, hands still intertwined with the Andorian.

She appreciated the grip this gave her, squeezing firm (but not painfully, thanks to the fine-tuning her artificial hand had received some short time ago), silently communicating how she felt as the toy penetrated her deeper, driven on by the weight and motion of the other partner in their lewd, horizontal dance. Her mind flashed back to a night weeks prior, in orbit of a different alien world, in what seemed like a lifetime ago. There too, another security officer had taken Faye, and the two had shared a toy that penetrated each, though the design was far different, and the other woman a different species entirely. There, Faye had been as much a teacher as a playmate and partner, guiding her friend and helping her explore her own sexuality. It had been a satisfying and exhausting evening, but a different kind of encounter all together.

Here, she was pared with a woman that knew her own limits and had a greater understanding of the physics involved. Different, but equally pleasurable. Thus Faye settled back, not worrying about possibly pushing things too far, and allowed the moment to unfold without concern for overstepping.  With one of her own legs carelessly tossed over the thigh of the Andorian, mirroring the woman's position, Faye scissored herself as close as she could manage, wiggling across the bed, and under Zark. It was not easy, and each movement sent bursts of pleasure into her, but she was doing her damnedest to get her own slick folds to press into the other woman's. Kissing cunts, as a partner in the Academy had once called it, on a drunken night of exploration. She judged that the toy was not too long to achieve her perverted little goal, but that they would both need to be worked up. 

Luckily for her, that was an easy to achieve plan, writhing and gasping, moaning, mewling and licking her lips. Squeezing her subtle breasts together, pinching the nipples, doing her best to provide a visual feast for the blue skinned amazon currently fucking herself on the toy shared, each roll of the hips swallowing another centimeter into one cunt or the other. Soon...soon...there. Just there. She cried out, feeling the warmth of wet, flushed folds against her own, another orgasm ripping through her body there in the holodeck.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Zark's eyes were closed as the ecstasy flooded her.  Her pants and grunts were getting harder and louder as she worked to drive the toy deeper into herself.  It helped that her playmate was also adding a not insignificant amounts of momentum as their cunts began slapping together.  If Zark had applied any thought to her situation, she would have realized that there had been too many stops and starts to her pleasure and she wanted to cum badly.  It wasn't something that and Andorian thought about too much during sex, but she'd reached the point where she could feel her antennae twisting and thrashing about.  With each pulse of pleasure, her antennae would stand straight up as she let out a groan of delight.   The pressure was building up quickly and Zark took a moment to open her eyes to give the succubus stare to Faye.  What she got was a reversal as she saw the tanned woman squeezing her breasts together and the blue woman threw her head back as she rolled onto one side and balanced herself on an elbow.  The sensuous Betazoid was too much of a good thing as Zark's free hand flew down to her cunt and began furiously rubbing her clit.  With the rest of her body on automatic, the waves of pleasure became a tsunami and Zark began yelling the orgasm engulfed her.  The blue body seized as tried to arch and curl at the same time as Faye's scream pierced the holodeck, adding to the richness of the orgasm.  The hand rubbing her clit continued to stroke away furiously as if trying to milk every last sensation out of the experience as the orgasm tried to wane, but Zark's body refused to let it go as she rode the rod and the feeling of her folds rubbing against the dark ones while their juices leaked all over the toy and began to mingle.

The endorphin rush soon began to gently fade despite Zark's best efforts to keep it going, and the Zhen eventually gave up as she collapsed onto her elbows, then her back as she continued to pant while her full chest heaved with effort.  The after glow was warm and welcoming as she floated in the haze and her head began to buzz as her nerves happily reported what was going on with the bloody throughout her body.  They soon began to report other things, like her legs were tangled with someone else's.  There was a nice soft hand interlinked with her own.  The best though was there was something inside her and her cunt was making out with another.  Zark let out a giggle at this and rubbed her hips a bit, though her nerves were shot, so all she felt was the rubbing.  Sighing, Zark clenched her vaginal muscles and pulled the toy out of Faye before slowly sitting up and pulling the rest of it out of her cerulean folds.  The Andorian didn't need to be a telepath to see that her playmate looked comfortably delirious with pleasure of her own after glow.  Smiling at Faye while her body happily hummed it's various aches, Zark much less than gracefully made her way forwards and on top of Faye.  Despite the tiredness, the blue woman smirked as she waved the dildo between the two of them, then brought it to her mouth and sucked on the end that had been inside Faye.  Or Maybe it was the side that had been inside herself.  She didn't know at this point, and didn't care.  The Zhen deposited the wet toy in the valley of Faye's bust.  It was all the distraction she could think of as she lowered herself onto the tanned woman and she squished their chests together then kissed the Betazoid deeply.  The tongue that went in still explored as she carried the mixed love juice and saliva into the Betazoid, and despite the after glow, Zark still moaned happily.

The Andorian eventually broke the kiss and lay down next to Faye on the bed as she snuggled and pressed their bodies together.  It was altogether a very different experience from when they'd first met, and Zark thought, much, much better.  Zark took a moment to push some of the sweat matted hair away from Faye's face before the hand made it's way over to the tanned shoulder and her index finger traced it's way along Faye's collar bone.  The Zhen found a small delight in the smoothness of the tanned skin and began to hum softly stopping briefly to plant several more kisses on a bare shoulder.  The blue hand naturally made it's way over to one of the breasts and she cupped it gently. Raising her head and supporting it with an elbow on the bed, Zark smiled as she regarded the woman she'd just bedded.  "So tell me Faye.  Did you enjoy your service at the Risian Snowflake?"  Zark giggled at this.  "And is there anything else that would make your visit more enjoyable?"

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Fayes prior experience with Andorian's was almost non-existent. There had been a smattering of experimentation during her first posting with a visiting diplomat (a thaan) and thus she understood that with four genders there were a myriad of similarities and differences to play around with. Culturally the species was very divided on - as the thaan had put it, extra-curricular activities with non-Andorian species. This evening, Faye was absolutely delighted to find that the Andorian Security Officer who had so thoroughly grilled her the day before was open minded and adventurous. 

Plus, she downright loved the way the zhen's antenna were dancing about in reaction to her every movement. Zark was broadcasting a lot with those flailing appendages and Faye looked forward to learning their language with unabashed glee. 

Not that she was able to focus much on the dizzying display, given the sheer amount of pleasure bubbling up and bursting between her own legs. The duo hit their peeks, one on top of the other, and the simulated Risian air was filled with mingled cries of orgasmic release. For her part, her walls rippled up and down the crystalline shaft nestled between the women, trying to milk it for something it could not give. Her mind, however, was a wash in the riptide of not only her own climax, but the Andorian's. Drowning in a sea of erotic bliss was certainly Faye's idea of heaven, and she basked in the moment as all rational and relevant thought fled from her otherwise keen mind. 

Awareness was slow in returning, the Betazoid's rapid breathing slipping to something more akin to normal and less elevated, but her chest still rose and fell, sweat dripping between her breasts and sliding down the sides of her ribs. It tickled, and she giggled, which caused the muscles in her stomach to flutter - leading to fluttering further down. This in turn transformed her giggles to groans, and she threw a hand over her eyes, laughing and mewling in equal measure. Sweat wasn't all that was dripping, and Faye could feel a trickle of juices pooling between her legs, likely as much the Andorian's as her own. The bed was going to be soaked and Faye wasn't sure that was a bad thing. The throbbing was a bit much, but she knew her tender flower would be fine. Zark was rubbing herself against Faye's lower lips, which above all else had the Betazoid opening her eyes again, and glancing down her body at their mingled limbs.

Well this is fucking hot, she thought to herself. Feeling as if she'd hit some sort of hedonistic jackpot of late, the Betazoid offered a bright smile to the Andorian, watching with a hazy gaze and more than a little appreciation and awe as the security officer managed to keep the toy wedged between her blue legs while extracting them from Faye's own channel. She tried to whistle, but failed, and simply tilted her head back on the mattress beneath her. Whistling was clearly too much for her.

Treated to another erotically invigorating display of oral prowess, Faye wiggled under Zark, getting the toy nice and wedged between their busts (hers more modest in comparison to the Andorian) and savored the flavor of mixed juices and alien tongue that was offered up. The kiss was slow, deep, and delightful, and when it broke she knew that here cheeks were flushed again and her eyes shining though still heavily lidded. They closed again as the Andorian peppered her feverish flesh with kisses, causing her to whine and squirm about. Nipples stiffened up again under the attention of the blue-skinned woman, and Faye bit her lip as a myriad of ideas flashed through her mind, weighed against the ache in her body.

"Oh I have thoroughly enjoyed myself thus far. So much so that I might have a bit of trouble walking out of here later. Not that I could right now, even if I had somewhere to be." She reached up with her arms, looping them around the other woman, fingers dancing down Zark's spine. She got all the way to the swell of the Andorian's ass, and gave it a small squeeze, before she worked her way back upwards, sinking her hands into the other woman's hair, bringing her forehead up to touch the others. With her eyes locked on Zark, she muttered, "I'm sorry that I tried to get a leg up yesterday. I am not sorry at all that it led to this. Totally worth it," and then she pressed a hungry kiss to Zark's lips, dumping as much gratitude and lust as she could into the act. 

Eventually she needed to breathe again - a pesky necessity, but one she dared not to ignore - and broke the kiss, head falling back to the end of the bed. She stared out the window at the simulated sky, purring softly. An eyebrow cocked up on her forehead and she stretched her arm out above her head and pointed. "I think I might need a small bit of recovery before I let anything else happen between my legs, if you catch my drift. Does this program have an exterior, or is it just the massage room?"

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

The hard nipple in front of her was a tease, and Zark was tempted to begin twirling her finger around it and no doubt give Faye's libido another winding.  The Andorian smiled at Faye's assessment of her enjoyment and she found this satisfying, especially with the discovery of a new friend after such an awkward first encounter.  Much like a cat would, Zark arched slightly and stretched as she felt the hand brush its way along her back and a moan of contentment escaped her lips as her eyes closed to enjoy the sensation.  An Oh! and a giggle quickly followed when she felt the pressure on her posterior, soon followed by another sigh as the hand made its way back up towards her head and got tangled in her white locks.  The Zhen was about to cut off any apology from the Betazoid when she felt her lips get mashed and her free hand quickly tangled itself into the dark and blonde hair as she returned the kiss with a fierce energy that caused her nipples to harden once more, especially when her tongue reentered her partner's mouth and the two began twisting and pressing once more.

Zark was a little surprised when the two parted, but the need for a fresh oxygen source was understandable, though a small mewl of protest did make it's way out.  Seeing if there was more to the program was understandable. "Not really.  The only parts that I really took care with was this over look."  Zark turned onto her back and rubbed her forehead for a moment as she contemplated what Faye was asking for.  "Computer, access program controls."  A holographic screen popped up in front of Zark and she considered it for a moment.  She quickly began manipulating the information, pulling in historical and survey data, plus a few cultural items from Risa.  Hitting the Apply button when she was done, Zark closed the screen with a wave and turned to smile at Faye.

"The past is the past, and we're here in the present, and very delicious present it is."  Zark giggled at her attempt at witticism and kissed Faye on the lips once more. Swinging her legs out of the bed, one blue arm rose as the other bent behind her head in a stretch.  "I have a friend from the Academy and her home town is in the valley."  The statuesque Andorian got out of the bed and began looking for her dress. "One event that we'd just missed out on when I visited with her was what was the name again??"  Zark stopped her search for a moment as she tried to remember the Risian name for the festival, incidentally giving Faye a very unrestricted side profile view of her naked body, something that Zark completely ignored. "Ah, I'd have to look that one up again, but in Standard, it was Lover's Under the Moons Festival.  It sounded way better in Risian, but anything with love in it does for them."

Zark smiled in triumph as she found her white dress, picked it up and shook it out. "You might want to change into something more comfortable when we go into town."  The Zhen smirked as she began bundling up the dress to put back on sans any sort of underwear. "The festival is on, and my girlfriend said that the town would have shut down was if my Sh'Za had gone as well."  The white eyebrows wagged up and down at that as the white dress came down over the blue body.  Zark sighed for a moment.  "Well, at least we made it back to Andoria in time for Osenoslan that time."  With that, Zark was covered once more, though her shoulders were still exposed and she couldn't quite get her sense of arousal under control and there were very noticeable peaks on her dress as her chest swung the white material back and forth while she looked for her shoes.

OOC: Sh'Za  = Bondmate Endearment term for the Shen

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Filing the additional input and knowledge of what got positive reactions out of the Andorian zhen, Faye purred softly and let her fingers dance at the nape of the other woman's neck. Butt stuff seemed to be a resounding yes, if it occasionally caught the blue-skinned combat medic off guard. So many people seemed turned off by that sort of thing that it amused Faye to no end. But to each their own. Figuring out her partners boundaries was all part of the fun, and the mantra of 'variety is the spice of life' were truly words that Faye tried to live by.

Back in the here and now however, she tilted her head to the side as she listened, eyes still locked on Zark. She watched as an interface materialized in the air between the two of them. Seeing the controls from behind, mirrored, was...odd. She shrugged her shoulders and allowed herself a moment of bemusement at it all, watching as Zark began to make updates to the base program. She had not intended to make more work for the Andorian just because she needed to stretch her legs as it were, but she wasn't going to turn down whatever efforts her host was making.

Especially not since they were followed by another delectable kiss.

Deciding that she could watch Zark twist and stretch about for hours if left to her own devices, the Betazoid diplomat forced herself to sit fully upright, instead of the half propped up mess she had been on the bed. Like the other, she too stretched, though had not yet stood up. This came to a halt as she became distracted by the blue girls form in profile. Now there's a picture perfect for wall art, she thought, imagining it decorating one of the surfaces in her (smaller) quarters, and giggling a bit at the reaction of anyone coming over to visit. That notion got filed under 'pleasing but impractical' as she gave a little shrug. 

Risian culture was not, in fact, one of her strong suites and thus she had no idea what festival Zark was talking about. But given the general stereotypes around the flirtatious and welcoming culture, she could only imagine that it was rather hedonistic in nature. Which was frankly perfect, in her mind. Honestly she could retire to Risa and live a happy, decadent life. Goals...

Distracted from her musings once again - and realizing that she must still be slightly flummoxed from her orgasm, as her focus was usually not this scattered - Faye redoubled her efforts to concentrate on Zark. Easily enough, she watched as the blue-skinned girl pulled on her white dress, and made comments about needing something appropriate. Humming a bit to herself, Faye nodded in agreement and finally stood. Giving each leg a quick shake, Faye satisfied herself that she wasn't about to fall over if she started walking about the room and stood a few paces away from the bed.

"Computer. Access wardrobe file, Eloi-Danvers, sub section spring," a display chart materialized in the air, and she flicked through before finding what she wanted. There was a humming of musical notes, a shimmering blue white effect of a replicator, and the dress - with accompanying sandals- materialized on the edge of the now rumpled bed. Foregoing under clothes just as the zhen had done, the diplomat quickly donned the comfortable navy dress, which came down to just above her knees. It was a wide collared affair with a single button that provided a hint of modesty, and it was decorated with yellow-green floral patterning. She carefully buttoned it into place - not that she had much to spill out of the dress, nor that she would terribly care, but it would keep the garment on her shoulders for now - and adjusted the sleeves, which came down to a mid point between her elbow and wrist. 

Grinning, she hooked her fingers into hidden slits on the skirt and pulled to the side, wiggling them within the fabric. "It has pockets."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Zark smiled when Faye got up to get changed.  Beauty came in many shapes and forms.  Zark knew that many had salivated over her own figure since it nice and curvaceous.  This was appealing to many different species with the same general gender profile, courtesy of distant forebears from eons ago according the information found by the legendary crew of the Enterprise-D.  Still, knowing the personality that went with the lithe elegance that Faye possessed made that slim figure all that more alluring.  The Zhen shook her head and thought that Riley was lucky to have Faye in her life.  Zark wouldn't have traded any of her bond mates, but she could understand the appeal of Betazoid that carried around that subtle air of free spirited sultriness.  When the naked form was covered by the wonderful blue dress, Zark had to smile.  Pockets were a great thing to have on a dress, and she was glad that someone had the foresight to add them to the standard duty skirt when she had to wear it.  If anyone didn't know the diplomat, they could easily assume she was just another sight seer making her way around town.

Except, this was a specifically designed program, so when Faye was ready, the Zhen linked arms with the slightly shorter woman and led her outside.  A magnetic hanging tram car was waiting for the pair, and green haired Risian in a pearlescent swim suit that formed an X over her front waved the two over into the open air car.  Zark nodded her thanks out of habit and guided her play mate to the far side as the holographic Risian followed them in and started the vehicle on its descent.  Since this was all the Andorians idea, she began pointing out various places she knew about in the town, though it had been a long time since she'd been there.  A round cream white multi level domed structure with several columns dominated the centre of town.  "That's the Hezeya Building.  It used to be a temple supposedly to the two people who discovered this archipelago early in Risa's history.  The story goes that there were two lovers who met on passing boats at some point in the distant past.  Unfortunately, their boats were bound for different destinations and they couldn't leave.  Anyway, the two consummated their relationship and promised to find each other in the future.  Such a chance encounter under stars made the two feel like it was their fate and they both worked to figure out various ways to find each other.  Eventually they both had ships of their own, but they never forgot each other.  On a particularly fateful voyage for the two, one ship was wrecked on this island, while the other was beached, but still intact."  Zark turned around to lean against the frame of the car.  "Both of the lovers followed the general direction of the moons since they didn't have anything else better to go on, and they eventually ran into each other."  Zark jerked her thumb over her shoulder and gave the Betazoid a salacious smirk. "Since this is a Risian legend, as soon as the two saw each other, they fell madly in love all over again and had spent the night having sex on that exact spot."  Zark laughed at the cute absurdity of the tale, but also at the fond memory of her own response when she'd been told it the first time. "Nowadays, the bottom floor is a bit of a tourist trap where visitors get to learn the town fable and Jamaharon.  The upper floors serve as the administrative centre of the town."

Turning around again, Zark pointed out a few restaurants she'd been to and the cabana beach that she'd spent a wonderful evening frolicking with her girlfriend.  Then a sea side hotel that she'd stayed in later on with girlfriend and bond mates, and how they'd had to help replace the furniture after their stay, but the hotel management hadn't really faulted them too much after her wife had gotten her hands on them, and the quad had promised to make it an Andorian themed room.  Word was it was a very popular room to use to this day and Zark blushed at that admission.

This tale carried the two closer to the car exit and the sound of music, heavy with horns and drums could be heard.  Zark watched as they got closer and smiled when she saw the near naked Klingon and Gorn waiting by the exit with vibrant leis on their arms.  They didn't have much on except a loin cloth.  The bulging muscles were definitely a plus, and the loin cloth didn't appear to be able to hold in the Klingon's equipment, especially since he had two instead of one. Smiling as she linked arms with Faye once again, Zark bowed her head and had the ring of flowers put over her head with a guttural, but jovial greeting to the festival.  The music was pretty loud at this point and Zark had to lean over to Faye just to make sure her regular volume would be heard.  "Word is at the festival, if someone takes a fancy to you, it's up to you whether you accept.  On the other hand, if you do, all you'll really be able to do is find a private wall for the fun.  If you're really lucky, maybe a table or a bench.  Kaleema said her first time having sex was at the festival to a boy she liked anyway and it was on a table at the library.  Another girl who liked Kaleema got jealous, and wanted to take part in the affections.  My friend couldn't say no, so had her work cut out for her, especially on her first time!"  With that tale, Zark waggled her eyebrows at Faye, kissed her on the cheek and led the Betazoid into what amounted to a town wide orgy.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker 

Pausing just long enough to make sure her sandals were in place (there were few things more uncomfortable than blowing out a flip flop) Faye was happy to loop her arm into the blue skinned woman's, ceding control of the next few moments to the security officer. This was her program after all, and Faye was happy to be along for the ride. And its' been a hell of a ride so far, she giggled softly, her tongue darting to the side of her lip. Faye fancied that she could still taste the Andorian's very unique flavor there. Even if she had taken a moment to do a little bit of clean up.

Following her into the car, Faye nestled herself in against Zark, laying her head on the taller woman's shoulder. She appreciated the 'native attire' of the attendant, but was more focused on the Andorian and what she was saying. Sure, this was a hologram, but it was a well-designed program, representing many parts of the world diligently and with great accuracy. While no true substitute to the real thing, it was still a welcome distraction from the day to day, and a stark contrast to the events of the 24 hours prior to her arrival at the holodeck doors. She found herself caught up in the story being told, watching as Zark shifted position, coal black eyes lingering on the azure lips telling the tale of star crossed (current crossed?) lovers and shipwrecked destinies.

"I think I like this story," she replied with a salacious grin, licking her lips a bit. "Clearly this is where I need to retire." She wasn't sure that was going to be an option afforded her. She couldn't even imagine what retirement might look like, though not but a few scant days' ago she'd talked with her boss, the mutual acquaintance of both women, Enyd Madsen about paths not taken, and a slew of 'what if's,'. Perhaps after a stint at the Madesn family recovery farm, she'd seek out Risa for a time. Presuming it still existed when everything was finally resolved.

This was not the moment for deep diversions into darker thoughts nor planning for the future. This was a moment to live in the present. and Faye was exceptionally good at that. "Only on Risa, is the fabled hook up spot of two long lost lovers a tourist trap."

She was unable to contain the snort of laughter that followed when Zark admitted that she'd left quite the mark on one of the hotels. She shook her head, nibbled the pad of her thumb for a moment, and then confessed, "I've made a splash or two, but I've never done anything quite like that. I am, thoroughly impressed. I'll have to book that suite one of these days." Left unsaid, but implied, was the notion that Zark might show her just what she got up to, in person, in that nebulously hypothetical future trip.

Dipping her head, Faye let the flower necklace settle about her shoulders as she glanced from one man to the other. Both were excellent specimens of muscle and power. She'd had a few romps with some Klingon men while she was stationed at Khitomer, and could attest that such encounters could be very...filling. A Gorn on the other hand, was something else all together and she idly wondered just how that would work. There had been a rumor going around that one of the pervious Chief Science Officers had hooked up with the Gorn fighter ops officer at one point. Having known the woman in question, the main thought that came to her mind was How did that fit?

Giggling, she returned the kiss to the cheek, and let her eyes wander the crowded street. Sure enough, there was sex, everywhere. Mostly Risan's, but the program (and presumably, the real festival it mirrored) had provided a plethora of non-native species for an intimate encounter. She noted and dismissed more than a few options, marveling at some of the pairings that she caught a sight of. The Ferengi and the Edosian was an interesting choice, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, so who was she to argue?

"My first time was a tussle in a haystack with a farm-boy from the nearest neighbors farm. He was strong, and sweet, and didn't have a fucking clue what he was doing, but then again, neither did I. It was also the last time my father let me come along on one of the trading trips to the neighbors. He was not happy when he found out after the fact. Not that I couldn't make my own choices, but he'd just been swindled on a deal by the boys father so it stung Daddy's pride." she shook her head at the memory, fondly, of course, and wondered what ever happened to that boy. Whatever they had had was fueled by hormones and nothing much else. She ran her hand down the Andorian's arm, slowly, and back up, underneath the sleeve of the white dress Zark wore.

More and more often, bodies would bump into the duo, and Faye would slip about the couplings and thrupplings (and more) with care, breathing in the smells and sounds of a city wide orgy. It was impressive, awe inspiring and ever so slightly intimidating. But she reminded herself that whatever happened, she'd have at least one partner to enjoy it with. Humming, she went up on her toes and nibbled at the other girls ear. "On Aldea, I shared a pair of locals with Riley on one of the beaches. We drew a bit of a crowd toward the end, but not all that many. We got caught out playing and invited the two onlookers to join in. I think this is going to be a bit more...intense than that. I think, if I am honest, I'm something of an exhibitionist and so much more exposed. I'm not even sure what some of these species are but i'm impressed.

"Did you have a particular place in mind for ...what ever happens next?"
Not for the first time, she wished she were as capable of communicating her thoughts telepathically to non telepaths as some Betazoids were. Their ambassador came to mind, who was well able to talk to non Betazoids silently if need be. Faye did not quite posses that ability, unfortunately, but she was a great receiver of thoughts. She could tell Zark had some notions in mind. She'd just have to use her words, and as they turned a corner onto a larger thoroughfare, murmured, "I think I'd enjoy seeing you stretched as much as Id enjoy being stuffed myself, personally."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Not being the offended party,  Zark chuckled at the thought that not only did Faye's father lose out on a trade; but his daughter had pulled one off on him as well.  It must have been quite the ego double whammy as a classmate would have put it.  Though it didn't seem to much to change Faye's behaviour and if nothing else, only seemed to encourage it more.  A fact Zark appreciated and benefited from immensely.  Zark's responses had amounted to not seeing how being left behind was going to stop Faye from learning more and getting what she wanted in the end.

When Faye started nibbling on her ear, the Andorian tucked her head into her neck and the long white locks would brush Faye's face.  Zark giggled at the sensation while she filed the tidbit away about Nurse Riley, which jived together with some of the grilling the blonde nurse had gotten from the others at some point.  When Faye admitted she was an exhibitionist, but not to the extent of public acts in front of so many people, Zark smirked then bit her lower lip.  At the suggestion that the Andorian should be stretched out before Faye went for another round, the Zhen's eyebrows bobbed before wrapping the shorter woman in her arms. "It's only the holodeck and to be fair, I didn't have to decide on showing off that much either."  Zark shrugged for a moment.  "Besides, we can use this time as practice. Come on." and Zark pulled on Faye as she let her senses guide her. 

There was something attractive going on, and the Andorian could feel it.  She couldn't describe it, but her mind led her through the throngs of love makers.  Zark suddenly stopped and held Faye back for a moment as a Vulcanoid man was getting a blow job, and the Risian man blowing him pulled off just in time to have the seed sprayed out in front of the two women.  The man who'd given the blow job slithered back up his partner and pumped the pulsating cock in his hands.  "Watch the mess."  Zark warned her partner with a giggle.  As interesting as it was, that wasn't what had given Zark the sense of wonderment and she carefully stepped over the spray and kept going.  She could feel it, and the Andorian turned took a right, then a left, then another left and they came to a small square where a band was playing.  Thea must have picked a language at random and it took a moment for Zark to work out what she was hearing, when she heard a few words and the beat, she turned again and grabbed Faye's arms then pulled her towards the band where people were dancing in front of the stage.  A nuevo latino energy beat permeated the square and when the Andorian got to the crowd, she spotted a large Polynesian man snapping his fingers above his head as he twisted his hips and legs.

Briefly leaving Faye to her own devices, Zark sidled up to the man and gabbed the hem of her dress and began dancing against her new partner and she closed her eyes as she felt the beat course through her.  The innate passion with which Andorian's felt their own emotions made the high energy sensuality even more intoxicant and the Zark let that emotion flow outward.  Maybe it was because she was in Faye's presence and it was possible the Betazoid was feeding off her own emotions and sending them right back.  It didn't matter though as Zark's legs twisted and stomped while her body gyrated and the dress flourished about her.  The feeling of air rushing against her bare pussy and butt mattered little to Zark as she pressed herself against her dance partner. The energetically whirling Andorian dropped her dress and raised her arms skyward and the man wrapped his arms around waist while she threw her leg around him and began rubbing his member with the expected result of a bulge beginning to grow against her.  Her own grinding caused the Zhen to moan out loud as she held on, then she pulled off and leaned back against the well chisled man.  "I think Faye needs some attention." The Andorian told her dance partner as she outlined what she was going to do while leading the big man towards Faye.

The two managed to dance their way to the Betazoid and sandwich her in between the two.  Zark pressed herself into Faye's body as she raised her arms behind her head and pushed her hair up.  Zark's mouth hung open as she felt the Faye's presence press against her chest, then lowered her arms and turned Faye around to face her new partner for the evening.  Zark began breathing more heavily as she began to release herself to the sexual intoxication in her arms while she continued rubbing herself into Faye's back. "Enjoy."  Zark breathed into Faye's ear. One hand soon began massaging Faye's breast while the other went south and joined the stimulation of Faye's sex.  There was a presence behind Zark, and she didn't know what it was, but suddenly she felt her dress get hiked up as one leg was raised off the ground.  A questing rod brushed itself against her inner thigh and Zark inelegantly stuck her butt out.  That was all the invitation the new partner needed and Zark's eyes widened suddenly as she felt herself get picked up off the ground and shoved against the wall. The Andorian was let go and she whirled around to see who her potential fuck buddy was and she caught sight a well defined barrel chest. Her eyes looked up and she immediately made out the chipped teeth, bushy eyebrows, and strong ridges in the forehead. Her eyes quickly moved down and sure enough, two very erect poles were sticking out. Zark had never fucked a Klingon before and she was sorely tempted to interrupt Faye to see if she had any insights on the next steps.

Seeing the Betazoid was quite busy, and deciding to take her own advice, Zark swallowed, or more accurately gulped in equal measures excitement and trepidation as she lifted her hands out. "Okay big boy, let's do this." The Klingon smiled fiercely and effortlessly tore the dress open, exposing her orbs to the faux Risian sun, then picked the blue woman off the ground and pushed her against the wall. Oh Lor'vela!! was Zark's last conscious thought before she felt a long hard hot rod stretch her wet sex while another one managed to go right up her back door. Someone groaned then squealed in ecstasy, and a part of Zark realized it was her own voice as the dual thrusts stretched and filled her beyond belief while she cried out in pleasure.

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