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CH04: S [D06|0905] The Egg of the Ovri


[ Commander Nerina | Maintenance Bay > Containment Cells | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen & @Zenozine
With her phaser rifle in her hands, Commander Nerina had looked out over those that would remain behind in the hideout, waiting for the escape routes to be presented to them. Nerina didn't like it one bit that they would have to kill someone in order to escape the ship, despite the circumstances and what the Savi had put them all through, but right then, it seemed like it was their only option. A Tactical CONN officer would remain behind in charge over those unfit to fight, and she hoped the Andorian was up to the task. She'd never met the man before, apparently having come aboard the Theurgy in some battle after she was put into stasis.

The aquamarine lights enveloped her, the two Ovri, the Klingon named Khorin, and a Caitian named K'Ren. Moreover, there were two NCO's from Security with them, armed with both rifles and pulse phase pistols, but Nerina hadn't spoken to them more than getting their names. They were Petty Officers Jacobsen and Aleke, from the Endeavour, both Humans...

...just like she was now. If looking at Khorin, it was as if looking at something she'd lost, and she felt it keenly.

The seven teammembers appeared in an area very familiar to them. They were standing in a long, dark corridor, and along one wall, there were transparent sections of the bulkhead that showed the Containment Cells that they had been housed in when not undergoing Correction. The sight of the cells behind the glass-like bulkhead made Nerina shudder a little. The corridor was, otherwise, barren except for some kind of replicator-looking technology, and a wall-mounted control panel glowing faintly in the darkness. Before she could look around more, beyond noticing that there was not a soul in sight in the cells or the corridor, there was a whirring nose from the tablet that she'd attached to the back of her left wrist. She looked at it and found a message there, which was the same as the message all the others had gotten.


Nerina frowned, thinking that the last comment seemed... personal. Was there someone that this 'Moby' knew in this area? She took a deep breath, and looked towards the assembled.

"Everyone ready? My suggestion we push on hard to find the right lab, and before the Savi catch on to what we're doing, we'll have enough time to locate the egg once we're there. Anyone else have a better plan?"

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | 0905 hrs. | Containment Cells| Biolabs | The Versant ]
Attn:  @Auctor Lucan  @Zenozine  @SummerDawn

"...Just want you to know that ..." the words died on Khorin's lips just after he could finish the sentence. He drove the hand that was extended in front of him to his forehead ridge, rubbing his sagital crest. "Do'Ha!" He growled lowly, anger and frustration permeating through his voice. He ran the hand through his wild mane a single time, burying his fingers in the thick hair until he touched his scalp, almost scraching it. Despite of that, he had to gather all his willpower to not smash his fist agaist the bulkheads, letting himself be dragged by his bad temper. He took a breath through his nose loudly, nostrils widen like a hunting predator. As much as anger ran wild in his veins, there was nothing he could do to satiate it against whoever he wanted. He straightened his back and slung his rifle to his shoulder, while his gaze wandered through the team destined to save the egg. All he had to do was redirect that badly contained anger to complete that mission as soon as possible. To reach the Scion's nest and save Zeph. She was one of the few thing that mattered, and he would send everyone that interposed between himself and her howling to the Gates of Gre'thor. Fek'Ihr would be more lenient with his enemies than himself.

At least he had decent companions for the incoming battle: despite her smooth forehead, Nerina was a Klingon, with a strong character and always ready to struggle. The caitian, K'Ren, was his pack fellow, and at the end of the day the only ones in whose he could blindly trust were other Wolves. Hylota, with her small frame, had shown him to be an elusive warrior and capable in their short training, long days ago. In addition she was the one that had the higher motivation to reach the present objective, since it was the rescue of her unborn child. Her brother seemed the less prepared of the whole group, since the two humans who had been beamed with them held their weapons with the ease that only gave the battle habit.

When the pilot was ready to say something, a chirp in his wrist reminded him of the existence of the PADD. He turned down his gaze to spot Moby's words. When he finished reading the message, the Klingon's frown was even more puckered, increasing the wrinkles on his forehead and darkening his eyes until they were barely visible. He didn't miss the veiled threat that their “benefactor" had left implicit in his reminder. And as much as Khorin wanted to pluck some bulb-heads from their bodies, he couldn't endulged himself with that whim if it put Zephyr's life at risk. The mere thought made him clench his teeth, bristling his shaggy beard, his self-control at risk of collapsing under the pressure of scorching anger at any moment. He etched a uncanny grin on his face, closer to snarl than a smile and approached the former Theurgy's XO. He barely left a small gap between him and the now human, looming over her in the most polite Klingon way. And in the more threatening way to the non-connoisseur eye. "Deploy the men in a fan-shape as soon as we stomp in the room, covering all angles and stun everyone on sight. Kind of Kappa 0-2-0 manouver. I could take Vinata on my back. K'Ren is the swifter, could scout the Denary Biolab and told us what we could find before we get that lab." He growled quickly, his deep tone made that the translucent panels that allowed to observe the empty Containment Cells vibrated slightly. "Once the main biolab is clean, someone must guard the corridor's door to avoid any possible attacks on our backs and we can continue the attack on the second room. We must take advantage of the surprise factor, any second lost may mean that they beam out the egg or worse " He continued with an ominous tone in his voice, there was little time to lose, so as soon as the strategy was clear for everyone, the attack should begin.

After that words, the Klingon fixed his dark eyes on Nerina, she was his superior officer, but she had also been Klingon and for that reason, she was the only one who could understand the flame that burned at that moment in his chest, the battle lust that burned within. Khorin bared his teeth in the more sinister way he could, he was ready to modify his strategy according to the ideas of the woman, but his will was inflexible on the point he was ready to demand. "I'll be the spearhead of the attack," he growled, hitting his chest with his huge fist. "If blood must be spill, that must be mine, and if there are any of those other Savi, the bug-like ones, there, I'll be the first to spill theirs."

Do'Ha' → Be unfortunate, unfortunately

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[ K'Ren | Containment Cells | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn:  @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Zenozine
K'Ren blinked a couple times as the grip of the transporter beam released her, placing her along with the rest of the raiding party (as she'd come to think of it) in a corridor outside the containment cells they'd been in not 24hrs before. She stifled a hiss, she hated those containment cells and what they stood for, and gripped her rifle tighter as she scanned the area around them, hoping but not assuming the area was clear. It was a moment like this she was grateful for at least an aspect or two of the correction, though she'd gladly return it for the life of her cub, her better low light vision and hearing, not to mention smell, made her a perfect scout for this bunch.

She glanced at her watch, really just scanning the message, the Commander was the one leading them and would give the orders. She glanced around, getting her bearings, letting Lt Douglas speak his mind before she spoke to Nerina. "Commander, If I may request to be placed on point. I can see, hear, and smell better then anyone in our group. And if our objective is to avoid bloodshed, avoiding contact is our best course of action. If contact is unavoidable, I concur with the klingon, a fast hard strike would be best." She paused, she wanted this mission over with and hopefully escape or rescue at the end once this egg was recovered from the lab they were headed for.

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona| Containment Cells | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @Numen  @SummerDawn  @Auctor Lucan

Honestly Hylota was a bit surprised to have people willing to help her, she had expected to go on this mission with just her brother and possibly Khorin, but to have Nirina there and so many others, it did make her feel less alone. This feeling of comradery did also help in lessening the bitterness that Hylota was struggling with. Despite having returned early and getting plenty of rest, Hylota had remained quite pent up with aggression, her blind impulsive rage wanting to lash out, to hurt anything that came in her path. Truthfully Hylota felt like she was at her breaking point, but she had managed to calm herself. With the time she had to think things over, she had been able to allow logic and caution to work it's way into her plots. She remembered how acting impulsively had cost her, and the risks there were for this mission. For the sake of those who had offered their services to help her, and for the sake of her own child she needed to remain level headed, she had to resist her urges and impulses to act out on rage, at least for now. Once she had Maal's child safe in their care, she would get her revenge, even if it was petty, too many injustices had occurred for her to simply walk away at this point.

Looking to his sister Vinata could not know what his sister was considering, but he did know she was not the most stable right now, and he knew his sister's failings, so as they arrived and Khorin began to talk about their plan of attack for the mission, Vinata looked to his sister and then down to her hands a she idly ran her fingers over her phaser, Vinata had abstained from taking one despite the risks, during the escape from the simulation the phaser he had been given was never fired, he pointed it and aimed, but he could not bring himself to fire, and that was with a harmless hologram, with a real weapon...he just could not bring himself to use it, the memories of the smell, the sound, the dull heat, no it was not something he could use easily any longer, but he knew his sister had no such inhibitions. As Khorin mentioned his name Vinata looked to the Klingon as he spoke of how he wanted Vinata in a more protected position, before he could comment though K'Ren spoke up with her own amendment to their plan. It felt weird butting into such tactical discussions, but if he did not talk now he would have no other chance. "I agree with Khorin's plan for the most part...but I feel Hylota should not be armed." This statement drew a glare from his sister. "I know her nature and I feel she is at less risk without it, at least until she needs it. I am not saying she should never be armed, but until we enter combat or we for sure need more firepower, I would suggest she simply go unarmed, serving simply as a medic paired with the rear guard." Vinata could feel Hylota's eyes boring into him as he spoke, but he had to say his own piece no matter what she thought. "This is her egg, and by all rights she should be the first to reunite with her child, but we need to take this carefully, with how serious the Savi are about containing their projects, the last thing we want to do is rush into something and cause an incident when rescuing the egg. With Hylota in the rear the rest of us will be able to assess things before she moves in to join us, giving time for matters to be assessed and solutions to be formulated, to give time to avoid impulsive actions."  Vinata felt a strange weight lifted as he spoke his peace, but he knew things were just beginning for them, there was no time to get comfortable.

Meanwhile for Hylota she felt a twisting coldness in her gut over her brother's words, the lack of trust and faith in her was bitter and infuriating, but at the same time a part of her could not deny his actions were warranted based on past events. After all he had been there voice of reason for her in the past, perhaps it would be wise to heed some more level headed advice. Looking to Nerina Hylota took a deep breath. "As much as I wish to make a rebuttal to what was said about me...I cannot deny that Vinata has a point...on some of the matters. I will remain in the rear if that is what is asked of me, but I would prefer to remain armed. With Vinata going unarmed we cannot afford to take on this mission with two members of the team essentially as dead weight. Of course if you insist that I go without a weapon or with my phaser in another's care as Vinata suggested, I will accept the plan." Hylota hated that she had to take a back seat to her own child's rescue, but in this situation she was not the best equipped or suited for the job, it was best to utilize each member of the team to their full potential, like with K'Ren serving as their scout, of course such sensitive senses might prove a double edge blade considering the bright sterile environments they would be in. If Hylota was not going to be utilized in an offensive manner, than it was best she use her skills to plan ahead and understand what the rescue team might require in terms of care and aid.

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[ Commander Nerina | Maintenance Bay > Containment Cells | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen & @Zenozine
Impassively, Nerina listened to Khorin, K'Ren and the two Ovri siblings while they voiced their ideas, and she took it all into account. Aleke and Jacobsen shook their heads, the two NCOs not having anything further to add, but ready to follow orders. It was time to move out, and she was glad that Hylota - who had the greatest emotional attachment to the objective - understood that she might have to go unarmed. Nerina walked up to the Ovri with the male set of shoulders, and she took a deep breath. "I'll let you keep that phaser, and I pray you'll remember your Starfleet training, and the warning from Tiran's asset." She lingered with her stare into those big, black eyes, taking half a step closer, almost so that her chest brushed against the twenty centimetre shorter nurse. "Please keep in mind, if you use it when you shouldn't... you might kill us all."

There was no animosity in her eyes, just a quietude in hope of understanding. The unsaid was hopefully conveyed well enough. She would not have the Ovri jeopardise their lives, but she understood how important this was to her, and that her child was in the balance. So, instead, she turned to Vinata, and held out her hand to the male Ovri, accepting his phaser from him. "Keep that medkit on hand. We might end up needing it."

She stepped away, and nodded to K'Ren. "Go. Scout ahead. These tablets were supposed to have a communication settings," she said, scrolling her own tablet's features with a finger, and saw how the present team had circular icons with their names on them. It had to be the comm system. "Let us know if the coast is clear, and if not, report what you can see and stay in the most forward position you can reach... until we catch up with you. Good luck."

Then, once the Caitian had left, she turned to Aleke and Jacobsen. "You're the rear guard. Vinata you stick with me. Hylota and Khorin, you're up front. Move slowly, so that K'Ren has a chance to do reconnaissance ahead of us. The place is supposed to be abandoned since they disbanded the experiments here, so hopefully, this will be easy. "

With a deep breath, Nerina put the stock of her rifle against her shoulder. "Move out. Courage is fear when it has said its prayers."

The Theurgy's dedication seemed apt, given the circumstances.

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[ K'Ren | Containment Cells | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn:  @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Zenozine
“Understood Ma’am,” K’Ren remarked, glancing one last time over the map before stepping out into the hallway and disappearing from view of the others. She hoped these maps were accurate, she had to trust they were, and that she could stay quiet and stealthy enough to remain unseen. It was in a moment like this as she slipped into the quiet of the corridor that she had to admit the correction to full caitian did offer an advantage or two for now. She moved stealthily down the hall, one eye on the map, one eye on the surroundings, watching, listening, smelling her way.

She soon came to the first of the rooms along the corridor and the first of her problems. The door leading aside into this one lab was closed but she suspected the unit was motion activated and would trigger as she tried to sneak past. Or it could require a code to unlock before it would open. She didn’t have the luxury of time to debate how to test the door without exposing herself, she just had to move and pray that it wouldn’t, or that the door was locked.

The only way she could do this was to move quickly past it, and with luck, if it did open she’d be clear of the door before it opened and somebody glanced her way. It was a risk, one she had to take, and perhaps she could scout the room at least visually before the door closed. Crouching a little, gauging the distance, she lept across, not waiting to see how the door reacted, just wanting to be clear before she was spotted.

The door however did not open, a small sigh of relief as she remained still. It didn’t however mean the room wasn’t empty, didn’t have one of these Ante’s, or Scions they were told of in the briefing. She wondered if perhaps the doors weren’t motion activated but touch activated so curiously, she pressed her paw against what looked like a door panel of sorts, hoping the door wasn’t coded or anything, or secured with a dna scanner, which would set off alarms unless their benefactor had disabled such a feature.

The door however did open, and appeared to be empty, at least from the cursory glance she made. She knew what the Ante’s looked like, she’d seen the one through her cage when first brought here, she just wasn’t sure how she’d react to seeing one, if her desire for revenge would bubble up enough to make her do a stupid thing, or if she could repress the feelings, at least for now until the mission was over.

Tapping a spot on the map and using the wrist button, she pinged the team with her spot and an all clear so they could make their way to her.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | Containment Cells| Biolabs | The Versant ]
Attn:  @Auctor Lucan  @Zenozine  @SummerDawn

When Khorin heard the muted ping on his wrist, he lowered his eyes to his wrist. The Savi's tablet showed the position of Neko, represented by a small hexagon, far ahead of them. Instead of the cream colour that every of the others displayed, K'Ren's icon blinked softly in a seafoam shade. That could only mean the corridor was all clear.The pilot held his rifle close to his massive body, checking that the weapon's safety was removed and the settings set on stun. After the quick check he turned to face Hylota, nodded slightly and gestured with his chin toward the corridor, implying he would lead he way.

Without a word, he began to jog towards his pack fellow waited. Both on his left and his right sides, he could see one after another containment cells, probably the same ones that until recently had housed him and the rest of the abductees. Maybe it was the one of those where he had woken up after his 'Correction'. Maybe it was just the one passing on his right side. Or maybe this was the first time he was in that part of the starship, his dna changed in a different part of the ship. Maybe one of that cells has kept Hylota away from her brother. In the dim light that enveloped all their captors' rooms, it was impossible to distinguish between them, so similar to each other that they could be exchanged without any problems. All of them empty, soulless, featureless. White boxes that had kept them apart from reality.Glances of a nightmare.

Khorin continued down the dull corridor, gritting his teeth.He tried to pussyfoot around the corridor, hunched forward. But as he had seen so many times since he had lost his human blood, it was difficult for him to go unnoticed. Many Klingons were expert hunters, specialists in stalking. For his part, the pilot had to make real efforts to not stomp around the aisle. And this time he could not afford goof around, when a failure could mean the destruction of Hylota's Egg. Or an unforgivable delay, one that prevented him from arriving in time to protect Zephyr. The image of the betazoid lying motionless on the dark floorplates, in a pool of her own blood, her empty eyes without that roguish glitter that characterized them, briefly crossed the Klingon's mind, leaving behind it a trail of fear and anguish. Fear for her destiny, anguist for he being unable to prevent that ill fate. He could not fail. He should not.

He redoubled his efforts to move quickly and stealthily, while at the end of the corridor he began to guess the slender silhouette of Neko crouched next to an open door. At the same time, he tried to bury the panic he felt for the fate of his Kyamo under the anger that always threatened to overflow from within him. He knew how to handle anger. He thrived facing it.He needed it at that moment. More than ever.

While reflecting in this way, he realized that his steps had led him to the door. He leaned his back against the wall opposite the one occupied by the caitian. He took a deep breath a couple of times and tapped the screen of his padd. After a couple of failed attempts, the hexagon with his name attached changed its colour to seafoam, signaling he was in position. Then he briefly peeked out the door, taking a quick look at the attached room. The room had two neat rows of tables, close to the walls. Above them loomed a sort of almost empty shelves, where hardly a handful of apparatuses of strange aspect seemed to have been left after the project was abandoned. A bit beyond, there were some glass cylinders inside which hung several tubes of different diameters. Khorin grimaced in disgust as he recognized those tubes, while his memory brought him fleeting recollections of his own Correction. He'd spend days between that glass cage and the adyacent tables, or someplace just like this. Mutiled, defenceless, drugged. The desire for revenge sprang up again in his chest and he had to make a real effort to return to his position, hidden by the lintel.

The brief glance didn't allow him to discover the presence of any of their captors in the room, nor to distinguish more exits, but according to the map, they should be there. He should trust in Neko's more sensitive senses to know more about that. He looked at the other Lone Wolf, waiting for her to enter in the lab to continue her scouting mission, or to give him the signal to enter and secure the room.

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[ Commander Nerina | Containment Cells > Corridors | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen & @Zenozine
Signal received, Commander Nerina moved out into the hallway together with the male Ovri - Vinata being unarmed and just carrying a medkit. It made Nerina take extra precautions, since she was effectively escorting a medic. She hoped they would not have any need for his and Hylota's skills, but she also knew that they were but 57 Starfleet officers against thousands of Savi. She could but hope for a swift extraction of all the objectives, and that the escape routes promised were real.

The corridor they walked down was dark and empty. Nerina had her eyes along the sights of her replicated Starfleet rifle, and as soon as she epied Khorin Douglas and the Caitian named K'Ren ahead of her, she tapped her tablet and signalled for the Aleke and Jacobsen to follow them. Nerina took position next to Khorin and Hylota on the closest side of the door, waiting for the two NCOs, and tried to breathe as evenly and quietly as possible. The air on the Versant continued to be the thin and insufficient quality as it had been since she woke up from stasis, subjected to her Correction, and she suspected that it was that way because of the Savi's breathing requirements. She said naught to the Ovri nurses, the Klingon or the Caitian - feeling far to exposed in the abandoned corridor.

Without having to wait for too long, the two NCOs appeared in the darkness, and Nerina had enough with standing in the open. She signalled with her fist and took point, proceeding through the door. She had checked the map on her tablet, and they were still thirty meters out from the Denary Biolab - the one which would hold the Ovri egg.

The lab inside, which they were meant to pass through, was emptied, but it still made a cold shiver run up Nerina's spine. She kept breathing evenly, moving the muzzle of her weapon in the direction she looked, and slowly ambled towards the opposite door.

With a sharp hiss, the door opened, and one of the Savi faced her - black eyes like the shadows behind him. He seemed momentarily startled at the sight of the abductees, and Nerina was just as taken aback by the sudden encounter and close proximity. They mostly looked the same, but she believed she knew this one. It was the one that had Corrected her, and likely others. Cirand.

When Nerina found her resolve, that face stunning her for a moment, she squeezed her trigger. But it was too late. Cirand had withdrawn into the next lab, shouting, and others answered.

"Shut them up," barked Nerina and pushed on into the adjacent lab, finding four Antes in various states of alarm and flight. Afterward, she wouldn't remember who stunned the first one.

OOC: Since Zenozine has informed me about his RL conditions, we skip any reply from Hylota and Vinata this round, with the two Ovri simply following along for now. No posting order set between the two of you now, SummerDawn and Numen, so have fun! Zenozine, make sure to post as soon as you can.

Cirand is one of the four Antes present, which is the same one that Recycled K'Ren's and Deacon's cub, but there is no translator program online, so the Savi speak gibberish. This is free-form, so no maps, and you make things up as you go. :) Don't end your posts with just opening fire, but NPC the Antes as you wish. Oh, just to be clear, this is not the lab with the egg. It is further beyond their current position.

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona| Containment Cells > Corridors | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @Numen  @SummerDawn  @Auctor Lucan

The two siblings remained mostly quiet and followed along behind the others in the group, Vinata kept with the rear and did everything she could to blend in, sticking close to the walls and hiding behind the other members of the team as they moved. It was not a brave strategy, but it at least would raise her odds of making it to the end. It really did not matter if things fell apart, if there was fighting or conflict with the Savi, the only thing that mattered was the survival of her family. She needed to save her egg, she needed to keep her brother safe, and she needed to get out of this in one piece. A cold bitter part of Hylota commented on how she did not care how many were lost in that quest, but thankfully she silenced that opinion as she reminded herself that these people were here willingly, they were helping because her brother had asked for help and they had volunteered, most importantly Khorin. Khorin, her one time patient now turned ally, he had done more for her than most, he was a bit blunt, more so now that he was fully Klingon, but she could not fault him, he was driven and active, it was not his fault that he lacked subtlety, it was not like that was a problem as a pilot. She hoped she could find the words to thank him when this was over, that she would be able to build a friendship with the pilot, but at the same time she wondered if that was wise. Khorin reminded her of Maal, sure they were completely different, but if she did not think about it and just looked at the general traits, she could almost trick herself that Maal was not dead.

As they stopped Hylota took a moment to close her eyes and take a deep breath, these thoughts were not healthy, she should not be dwelling on them so much, she should not try tricking herself, it was only going to make the pain worse in the end if she kept this up. Things were not being helped by her hormones either. As she opened her eyes and looked to her brother she felt her eyes drifting to Nerina's ass once more, this was stopped as Hylota closed her eyes and looked away, she could feel herself getting aroused ever so slightly, and it was something she could not afford to do right now, not with how she had acted not to long have raped a fellow was disgraceful...and it was all the Savi's fault. If it was not for the rules Hylota would have made sure to kill any Savi she came across, but such actions were not allowed, so for now she did her best to keep her emotions in check as she followed along silently, her mind jerking from thought to thought, working as hard as she could to not devolve into her baser instincts.

All the while as Vinata kept close to Nerina her took long slow and even breaths, he was keeping his heart rate down as he did his best to keep in line behind Nerina. He was not sure what else he could do besides keep close, he was not a fighter and certainly did not know what else could do for the team aside from his medical aid, so he did his best to keep his eyes peeled, observing their surroundings and making sure that nothing was sneaking up on them or coming out of an unwatched corner. As admirable as this attempt to remain vigilant was, as Nerina came face to face with a Savi his back was to it, his own position unwittingly blocking the view of Nerina's reaction from the eyes of the others at the tail end of the group. As the yelling began Vinata's attention snapped back to Nerina and he stumbled back as he made room for the others as they charged into the lab. Vinata's attention quickly changed as he turned to see Hylota charging forward, her weapon already raised as she followed Nerina in. Hylota had been improving with the use of a phaser since the mutiny, her hold on the weapon steady as she leveled the phaser at a fleeing Antes, she waited a moment as she let them push in front of another as they ran for an exit, only for Hylota to stun them, sending them to the ground and blocking the escape of a second Antes for a brief moment. After she fired though Hylota's eyes darted around the room, her eyes scanning every corner for her egg, hoping she would find it here, but as she scanned she could tell it was not.

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[ K'Ren | Containment Cells > Corridors | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn:  @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Zenozine
Pushing into the room beyond, now that the way was clear, K'Ren followed Nerina into the room, weapon drawn ready for whatever they might encounter. The room however seemed empty, a bit of a relief, but one tht was short lived as K'Ren recognized what lay beyond the glass along one side of the corridor. Through it she could see into the correction facility they'd woken up in, the beginning of this nightmare on this ship. Mixed emotions seemed to flood her as she walked, glancing at the rooms, trying to focus on the mission, not on the emotions these rooms seemed to be invoking in her. She did briefly place her hand on her belly where her cub would've been if not for these aliens. That caused her to softly growl, anger welling up at the casual way these Savi had taken her cub from her. They would pay. She would honor the agreement not to kill these Ante's, but the Savi would pay for the murder of her cub.

Reaching the end of the corridor, she forced herself to suppress the anger she felt, that the completion of the mission, the rescue of the egg that the Savi had preserved was the objective, that she was at least atoning for losing her cub. That the Savi had left this egg intact at least suggested they cared about life in some fashion, or perhaps it was just idle scientific curiosity that drove them to keep it for further study, like yet another lab rat. Either way, she was here to collect the item, and get off this ship with her life, and her fur, intact. She hoped her mate was okay, she'd not felt anything through her bond, and that suggested he was at least alive and not seriously hurt.

The door opening, she was aising her weapon to push forward through on point when they suprised the one Ante tight at the door. His large black eyes started at them, hardly a flicker of recognition in his eyes, though she doubted with eyes like that they'd be able to express anything of emotions were it not for their faceial expressions. This one was certainly suprised and hastily beat a retreat from the door. K'Ren's first shot missed, she was as startled as the Ante at running into one so close up. Pushing into the room, K'Ren moved to a better position to cover any exits along the the one side. Two of the Antes fell quickly to phaser fire from the Ovri, K'Ren supposed it fitting the mother of the egg got the first stuns, taking down two.

Very quickly the rest of the team stormed the room taking down the remaining two Savi with stuns. Glancing around K'Ren signaled an all clear before moving to the door that the map said lead deeper into the labs, closer to their objective. "The element of surprise is lost," she noted, "we must move quickly if we are to secure the lab before their Security forces arrive and pin us down." She glanced back to the assembled crew, "I will push forward with the Klingon. Please remain close behind us."

Motioning to Khorin, she went to the door that the map suggested led towards the lab holding the egg. There was no indication of another hallway beyond this, the lab that was their target hopefully lay just beyond this door. She also hoped it was as weakly guarded as this lab had been, that the egg the objective lay just beyond this door, and that they could recover the thing and be rid of this mission and this ship.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | Containment Cells > Corridors | Biolabs | The Versant ]
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One by one, all the team members hurried themselves into the next room, spreading through the chamber to secure it. It seemed that his benefactor's orientation was being fulfilled word for word. The lab had been previously emptied and there was hardly a bad memory left from the perversions that had been committed there. Despite this, Khorin advanced as careful as he could, the weapon firmly gripped in his hands. His rifle's muzzle sniffed in front of him like a bloodhound in search of his prey. At the end, the pilot reached the back of the room and stopped in front of one of the glass tubes. Unconsciously, his upper lip curled slightly, exposing his sharp teeth. His desire for revenge stirred in his wide chest, colliding violently against their need of subtlety. That their faceless ally didn't allow them to hurt any Ante did nothing but make his mood worse. Therefore, he barely managed to suppress the deep growl that was beginning to form in the back of his throat.

Just at that moment, the slight hiss of a door opening and Nerina's barking snapped him out of his cabilations. A slender Ante outlined his white silhouette against the shadows of the adjacent laboratory. As soon as he realized the threat that constituted the group of abductees, he recoiled, shouting gibberish in his unintelligible language. The former XO barked her order and moved forward, followed closely by the Ovris siblings and K'Ren. Khorin had been left behind and hurried the adjacent lab, not wanting to become a straggler. As soon as he went through the door, he saw how two of the Savi scientist fell stunned under Hylota fire. Shortly after a third bulb-head bit the dust under the caitian care. The Klingon focused on the last standing alien, the same one who had opened the door. Khorin launched a short burst of shots at him, but the Ante dove to the side, avoiding being hit. The pilot advanced forward growling with growing frustration, while the savi took refuge in the furniture, crawling towards the exit without taking any of the klingon's shots. Each time Khorin had him under his weapon sight, the gawky creature managed to dodge every shot with a kind of unnatural prescience. Shame drummed in the Klingon's ears at his inability to stun the creature. Finally, he vaulted over a metallic furnishing and managed to corner the Savi against the bulkplates. The pilot pointed his rifle to the alien scientist. That could be shot at point-blank range just between the eyes, and despite the weapon stun settings, that shot could be deadly. Battle-lust boiled in the klingon veins. Kill the Savi would be pretty easy. Just pull the trigger.

Making a heavy effort, the Klingon fired at the scientist's body, who stirred slightly just before fell unconscious. Stunned, not dead. To his chagrin. However, he had not time to gloat over his grim thoughts, since Neko drew his attention calling his specie aloud and motioning in his general direction. Khorin answered with a quick nod and sprinted into the next lab following his wolf fellow.

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[ Commander Nerina | Containment Cells > Corridors | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen & @Zenozine
The commotion soon came to and end, and the Ante researchers that had lingered in that specific lab were soon unmoving, lying on the floor or propped up against a bulkhead. Nerina was worried that one of them had been killed, but she was fairly sure she had had only seen phasers set to stun. There was no Scion here, at least as far as they knew, so there couldn't have been risk...

...until the moment she saw Khorin Douglas, one of the Lone Wolves, linger in hesitation over where to shoot the last Ante. Nerina held her breath, slowly ambling closer, prepared to bark an order to the Klingon to stand down... but before that was required, the pilot came to his senses, and changed his aim to a body-shot. It was well known what a close proximity stun beam to the head did, all of them having been taught the danger of it in the Academy. Accidents were extremely rare in a controlled environment like the courses in San Francisco, but out there, in Starfleet's ongoing mission? It was one of those things officers hoped never to experience.

The two Lone Wolves would take point, since they had lost the element of surprise, and Nerina nodded in accord. "Go ahead, we'll be right behind you," she said, seeing the Caitian and the Klingon leave the lab. Nerina looked down towards one of the Antes, tilting her head. She believed she recognised him. Indeed... It was one of those that had worked on her in the Correction Program. Cirand... He had said his name was Cirand.

Something vile came over her, where she wanted to follow Khorin's example. She crouched down next to the pale face, it's eyes closed and small mouth agape. She didn't even notice the NCOs and the two Ovri any more. She gripped her rifle harder, without aiming yet. All she wanted to do was just...

Though Nerina closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and looked up towards the figure standing right next to her. It was Hylota, the mother, the dim light playing over the Ovri's black suit, all the way up to that head... which held eyes not unlike the Savi. It was... for her... a reminder, that the Savi might have been misled, as Blue Tiran had said. It might just be that the Savi were not too different from the Ovri or any other species, and that it was the Scions that were the real enemy aboard.

Nerina ran one hand over her smooth forehead, and put the other hand on Hylota's hip in a cursory way to keep her balance, rising back to her feet again. "Let's go," she said, looking into Hylota's eyes with a brief smile, and then turned to face the other three in the room. "It's not much farther."

[ Sclergyn qi Versant | Denary Biolab | The Versant ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen & @Zenozine
In the Denary section, Sclergyn was pacing slowly through her lab, deep in thought. Yet few of those thoughts where upon anything inside the lab, but the one that she had taken the thym for. The brief conversation played out again and again in her mind, reliving the moments in scrutiny and reflection.

Echtand, the Voice, had not given her the vecar. Yet that, in itself, did not make her linger on the exchange. No, it was the exchange before that which had given her pause. The intimate exchange, and those preceding it, which she had actually enjoyed together with the Voice. The Savi way of intimacy was not... anything like she experienced with Echtand. Over the recent days in his company, it was as if he became more and more... gentle? He had wanted to know what she preferred. He had even respected her wishes, and he had not been forceful. Thinking about the development of their intimate sessions had stirred her in a way she couldn't wrap her head around. Several times, she had meant to ask what he was reading, or studying, that might compel him towards such behaviour... but that hadn't been her place.

And a short time ago, he told him why he didn't give her the vecar, there she hadn't felt any sense of obligation in taking the thym. She had wanted to, for she had come to feel... safe - of all things - in the Voice's company.

This was also why she hadn't done what he'd asked.

Sclergyn was supposed to just leave the egg right there next to her on the desk, inside it's stasis unit and the holoprojector mounted on it, and just let Echtand come by and inspect it on his own. He had asked her to leave it there, on display for him. It was a bit odd, to say the least. Why had he been so adamant about her leaving? No, she felt safe in his company, and so she would wait for him there. Perhaps he'd punish her for it? Yet if the punishment entailed the mild form of caring abuse he had been given her the past couple of days, then she felt rather compelled to stay. It actually thrilled her, the notion of them, alone, in her biolab. Well, it used to be her biolab, anyway. She had no idea who it might belong now, when the Correction Program had been discontinued and all the specimens in the biolabs had been recycled.

On a whim, since she didn't care to wait, she raised her tablet and typed a message to the Voice - sharing another thing that had come to her in her ruminations.


Sending it made her feel... strange in the pit of her stomach, as if she was feeling ill, but the idea to propagate with Echtand was anything but sickening. Rather, it had made the blow of loosing all her specimens quite a lot easier.

As if on cue, the doors to her lab opened, and her two hearts leapt at the idea that the Voice was already there. The elation was, however, short-lived. And perhaps, so would she.

She was facing two specimens, armed, and as if to shield herself, she picked up the glass stasis unit and held it in her arms - between herself and the creatures. She had been taught safety instructions in the case of any specimens breaking free, but in the minute fear, it all escaped her. "<Stand back!>" she called, but she knew that the translator program was offline, and the specimens wouldn't understand her. Desperately, she tried to think, and as a High Class Ante, she could make many immediate assessments. These specimens were not hers, and even though all xenobiologists had been taught that the base nature of the specimens might compel them to be violent towards all Savi, there was a slim chance they did not care about her personally. She was quite certain that the two belonged to Cirand and Agrand. "<I surrender! I wish to talk!>"

Her eyes moved to her tablet on the desk, which might activate the translator system, but she could also use it to defend herself.

Then, she saw the next group, following closely behind the first two. Among them were two very familiar faces.

The Ovri.

Any chance that they might not be after her personally were thus lost. Odd, how her thoughts went to Echtand, instead of how she might defend herself via voice command. She had no idea how the specimens could still be alive, but she really hoped the Voice wouldn't come there then, since the creatures might kill him, and at the same time, she wanted him there, to defend her. Her only hope was... in the end, some kind of delaying action. Some kind of leverage.

Her hand went to the controls of the stasis unit. "<Take one more step, and I will purify this unit!>" she screamed at them, in a tone that conveyed the threat far better than any words they'd understood might.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | Denary Biolab  | Biolabs | The Versant ]
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Khorin and K'Ren ran through the short corridor that separated the abductee's group from the next lab. Only few strides separated them from the next biolab and, despite the caitian's greater agility, the klingon's long legs made him take the lead. Soon, the familiar hiss echoed in his ears as the door opened. However it wasn't the everyday sound expected in a Starfleet vessel, neither in a klingon one. It had an unhealthy, twisted pitch pattern. Like everything Savi related. When the hatch finally opened, it revealed to them a smaller laboratory, equally poorly lit as the rest of the starship's chambers. Near a metalic desk, just a few steps away from the Lone Wolves, stood another Savi scientist, only accompanied by the lab's shadows, while holding a capsule in its hands that shone dimly, illuminating the slightly feminine Ante's features and the round shape that the capsule contained in it's interior. The Klingon had never seen an Ovri egg, but he would bet the fingers of his left hand that it was just what he was seeing at that moment. The creature said something in her contralto voice, her intonation as emotionless as all the voices Savi had been so far. But instinct told Khorin that the Ante female was scared. Maybe it was the way her eyes drifted toward the tablet on the desk. Maybe it was the way she slightly shrunk into herself when her black eyes discovered the pilots. "jegh'a'! DaH!" Barked the Klingon, unconsciously using his father's language. "Hands where I can see them, DaH!" he growled immediately after, his own hands firmly gripping the phaser rifle. His weapon muzzle followed the slight movements of the Savi, his fingers ready to pull the trigger as soon as the woman made an improper movement, his eyes fixed on the savi's black orbs.

Behind him, the sound of the footsteps announced the arrival of Nerina, the Ovri siblings and the rest of the group and the Klingon advanced unconsciously forward to leave room for them. At some point, his lips had exposed his sharp teeth and a hoarse growl had begun to form in the back of his throat. The savi female moved her attention to the newcomers and the pilot could see how her huge pupils dilated considerably. Immediately, the creature shouted something in her exotic language, the tone well above the usual whispers of the Savi. A threat tinted with fear. At the same time, her long-fingered hands were placed on a part of the capsule that contained the egg, revealing the nature of her threat. Khorin froze on the spot. He couldn't allow that vile creature to harm the egg. The growl in the back of his throat increased in volume, a wordless warning that if the scientist dared to fulfill her threat her life would end on the next few following seconds. Despite his rifle was set in stun, Khorin knew that he had enough strength to break Savi's slender neck with a quick movement of his bare hands if needed. Or a precise blow with the rifle butt could sink the creature's temple, killing her instantly. In such a short distance, the Klingon didn't need to shoot to end the monster's life, his hands were a lethal enough weapon. Bloodlust roared loudly in his eardrums, he had been denied to satiate his desires for revenge and the Lone Wolf had complied up to that moment. But the Savi woman's threat was quickly ending with the little self-control he still possessed. That creature stood between him and his target, threatening the future Klingon pup in the process. That female was the only thing that prevented him from going in search of Zephyr. To ensure she was safe and keep her alive. The warning snarl grew louder, as the pilot's hefty torso leaned forward, ready to throw himself against his target. And if that finally happen as soon as it seemed, there would be only one possible outcome. A savi death. The Klingon took a deep breath and held it, ready to begin the assault.

jegh'a'! DaH! → Surrender! Now!
DaH! → Now!

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[ K'Ren | Denary Biolab | The Versant ] Attn:  @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Zenozine
K'Ren had been the second into the room and already had her weapon raised, ready to stun any of the Savi, until she saw the egg they'd come to rescue. While it thankfully wasn't in some sort of large containment device, the container it was in was far more portable, and in the hands of the sole Savi in the room. Their eyes met, at least K'Ren thought they did as her and Khorin stood there, weapons aimed at the lone female, a good old fashioned standoff between races where nobody knew the others language. It was the introduction of the Ovri in the room that changed everything. Before anyone could react, the Savi's body language went from what K'Ren thought was surrender to desperate. This Ante female knew who they were, knew whom the egg belonged to, and that made this situation far more dangerous as the Savi might act recklessly, and the Ovri might do so as well. This stand off had to end now, and K'Ren only knew one way.

Using the last of brief distraction of the Ovri's arrival, K'Ren dropped her weapon, it wouldn't be needed now, putting her plan into action. Caitian's were fast nimble creatures, able to sprint over short distances and leap across gaps, an ability she hoped was not matched by these aliens. If it were this would all be for naught but she had little choice, they had to end this standoff now. She crossed the intervening few metres in a flash, a blur of motion as she closed the distance between her and her prey. Claws drawn she knew she was taking a risk in doing this, but she felt she had no choice. Reaching the Savi female, one hand went to the stasis unit, another to the alien's throat. Claws dug in to both the Savi's hand, and her throat, not enough to cause serious injury, but enough to cause pain and get the point across that she was serious. "Let go of the device," she hissed, growling a little as she pinned the Savi against the desk. "I do not wish to hurt you alien, I only want the egg."

To drive home the point she extended the claws around the Savi's hand a bit further digging into the alien's skin, but not doing the same for the female's neck. She could end this easily, her claws digging into the creatures neck, her paw crushing it's windpipe, a quick tug and the creature would be unable to breath, it's windpipe shredded and most likely at least a couple of the arteries that fed it's brain severed, causing it to bleed to death. She held the creatures life in her right paw and could end this quickly, violently, but she wished to live and the egg they both held now was what kept her from finishing this gruesomely. "Surrender and I will not harm you," she repeated, hoping the Savi got the hint, realized how easily K'Ren could end this. K'Ren also knew she was blocking the lines of fire from her team, knew that she was stopping them from taking a clean shot at the alien, in essence protecting the Savi from the others.

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona| Denary Biolab | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @Numen  @SummerDawn  @Auctor Lucan

As Hylota made her way into the room, seeing the Savi female beginning to panic as she hid herself behind a stasis tube Hylota raised her weapon and prepared to fire, she was numb, her mind forcing thought out as she did her best to remain neutral, to keep herself from entering a rage, from giving into her baser emotions and lashing out in a rage. It had not been easy, and it was a little stressful to do, but at the same time Hylota had been able to convince herself that the violence was not what she should be doing, shooting people in the back, taking advantage of panic, she was not acting professionally and she doubted that Maal would have approved of her actions, of ho she abandoned her ethics for the sake of revenge. It was foolish, shortsighted and cruel, she needed to be better, to be the woman that Maal had admired. This mentality was put to the test when she realized what was within the tube and that the Savi had just moved to threaten her egg, Maal's child, the only part of him she had left. Hylota felt her rage flaring as she listened to her fellow crewmen demanding that the Savi unhand the child, that they should surrender, the entire situation escalating as Hylota watched, her words were failing her, the conflicting emotions and impulses demanding rage, mercy, sympathy and cruelty, she wanted to do so much, but as she looked at the terrified Savi she remembered Maal and his infuriating need to protect and remain loyal, perhaps the best way to honor him would be to keep to his ideals now that he was gone.

Vinata was having much less trouble finding his words, when K'Ren decided to take a more aggressive approach and she launched herself forward to get an aggressive hold on the Savi, driving her claws into the woman's throat and hand, making demands that the poor woman could not understand, it was just too much for Vinata as he took a step forward and spoke up. "K'Ren let her go, that is not going to help, we cannot just take their life into our hands. They are scared, and I bet the realize why we are here and they took a hostage knowing it was their best chance for survival. They took a child and they are afraid of retaliation, if you make them feel as though there is no escape they might act out of spite, please just take your hands off of her before things escalate further." Vinata did not want to risk the child being killed, the trauma would likely be too much for Hylota at this point and might push her over the edge and into mental state she would not return from, but much to his shock Hylota seemed to have an amazingly calm handle on the situation as she walked silently to Vinata's side and she pressed her phaser into Vinata's chest and let him hold it a she walked forwards. Hylota's mind was awash with her thoughts, the idea that she could just stand by and let the foolish Savi die, but it just didn't sit well with her, she had to step in and do what was right. She would not demand a price of blood for her child, it was too high a price for her too demand.

As Hylota walked forward she took her phaser and pressed it into Vinata's chest, it took him a second to grasp what was going on before he took a firm hold on the weapon. "Hylota what are you doing?" The siblings shared a moment' their eyes locking as Hylota spoke softly. "I am stopping this in a way that honors Maal. No more of this petty aggression." Leaving her phaser behind Hylota walked to Sclergyn and K'Ren, whereupon she put a hand on K'Ren's shoulder and spoke softly. "That is enough, please just stand down." Hylota's other hand went to Sclergyn's neck, whereupon she gently guided the hand away, doing her best to deescalate the situation. Hylota looked back at Khorin and the others as she took her hand from K'Ren's shoulder and made a motion for them to lower their weapons before she turned her attention towards Sclergyn once more. Hylota put her hand out on the stasis chamber and locked eyes with the Savi, she could tell that they were aware of it's parentage, of who it belonged to, and she hoped she could get her point across without words. Hylota moved her hand back to her chest and she patted softly before moving back to the chamber holding her egg, indicating it was hers, then she moved to point to Sclergyn and then she pointed to the door, then one last time to Sclergyn and then with a firm stomp she pointed to the door, she hoped the aggressive stance made it clear she wanted Sclergyn to leave now. She would not speak, she refused to risk feeding a fear that this was a trap, she had talked the group down, now she would let things end, there was no need for further harm, Maal would not have wanted it this way, he had always been a good nurse, the least she could do was honor his memory by ending this peacefully.

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[ K'Ren | Denary Biolab | The Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Zenozine
A hiss escaped K'Ren's lips as Hylota stepped forward to where she stood. She initially thought the Ovri female, who she understood to be the eggs mother, was going to try something stupid now that K'Ren had this Savi female subdued. Scenarios how she might have to protect this Alien in her grasp from the Alien who stood beside her, a mother who's child's safety was threatened by this alien. That scenario, at least in K'Ren's mind, was worse then facing the killer of your own child, at least you could defend your child's life with your own, and that instinct strong in Caitian's, told K'Ren that Hylota was dangerous, probably even lethal in this moment.

So it was those words, softly spoken in her ear, loudly at least for her ears, and the hand placed on her shoulder as Hylota did so that the Ovri's reaction confused K'Ren, causing her to pause, unable to react until Hylota's hand went from her shoulder, to K'Ren's paws. The words 'stand down' seeming almost foreign to a women who's protective instincts, protective of the egg that lay between the bosoms of these two females, spoken to her by the mother of the egg, seemed so impossible K'Ren didn't think she'd heard right. The hand's, Hylota's hands moving to touch her own, gently seeking to remove K'Ren's paws from the Savi's throat, spoke louder then any words K'Ren had heard and she slowly released her grasp on Sclergyn, her claws retracting as Hylota guided her hand down to her side.

It felt surreal in a way, having her paw guided down like that, like she was a cub again and her mother was disarming her in a fashion after she'd gone after another child for a perceived slight. Life on her homeworld had been like that, claws used anytime someone was threatened, talking was the last idea of one's mind. Stepping back as Hylota stepped in and motioned to the Savi to scram, K'Ren felt a sting of rebuke, unspoken though it was, and her ears turned back a little, tail slowing as she stood there, feeling like the odd person out, unsure what to do.

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[ Sclergyn qi Versant | Denary Biolab | The Versant ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen & @Zenozine
Even though she had experience with Caitian specimens, Sclergyn had been far too agitated to anticipate the alacrity in which the present one closed the distance. Before she had the time to react, she found herself at the mercy of the hairy female. Of all the strange things that the presence of escaped specimens suggested, the fact that a Savi suit covered their bodies were the least of them. They were armed with Federation weaponry. They knew their way around the ship. They were alive. All these things became secondary to the fact that she might die, and the only thing she believed kept her breathing was her fingers on the controls of the stasis units. She was no fool, she would not yield whatever little leverage she had, being at the mercy of these savages.

"<Let me go... and let me walk!>" she hissed, a whisper through a throat pricked by claws. She was not about to surrender, starting to think about what kind of voice commands she might use to get the upper hand. She prided herself with a high control on her emotions, fear being the most paramount at the moment. She knew, well enough, that if she purified the stasis unit, there was no stopping them, unless she could render them harmless first. She kept herself from thinking about Echtand, and suppressed the notion of wanting to contact him. He could not do anything in her defence, at least not fast enough.

This was when one of the Ovri approached, the incoherent Federation chatter not granting her any clues as to their intentions. It was the mother, whom Sclergyn had turned male in the traditional biological sense, as standardised by the Progenitors. Wide of shoulder and slim of hips, with a sheathed phallus reminiscent of her brothers - the blue Ovri in the background. She was proud of her work, the accelerated mutation process of the Correction flawless in result. Yet now, she knew that her creation might have come to kill her, since for some reason, they had realised that the egg was present, even if she had not revealed anything of the like to the Ovri during their Corrections.

Hylota Vojona, as the specimen went by according to the Theurgy's database, chose to do something... strange. She spoke not in a threatening way. Of course, she wanted to protect the egg, so she was dissuading the Caitian from doing harm. The claws left her throat. Hylota gestured for the others to lower their weapons, and a female specimen with dark hair said something. Was she in command? Weapons were lowered, at least, and the Ovri was patting her own chest, the other hand on the stasis unit. Sclergyn locked eyes with the Ovri across the egg, both their hands on this prize of scientific discovery. With her two hearts beating fast in her chest, Sclergyn had a choice to make, after the Ovri implied that she were to leave.

Would she execute some kind of voice command, and keep the egg?

Or would she comply? Not pleased with the dilemma, she clenched her jaws, her grip remaining.

In the end, what made her mind up... was the fact that she'd taken the thym. If she could leave the lab alive, she might have a child of her own, and nothing truly stopped her from reclaiming the egg later on, since she couldn't see any way in which the specimens could get off the Versant. With this in mind, her thick fingers slid off the stasis unit, and it's weight was transferred to the Ovri's grip. Sclergyn continued to look the specimen in the eye - which almost looked Savi - hoping there was not deceit in that primitive mind. She took a deep breath, and glanced towards the others one more time...

...before she stepped towards the exit, leaving the biolab behind.

It was only when she left, that she pondered how... strange it was that Echtand had told her to leave the egg on display, and that she'd leave the lab. Was it not Echtand that transported all the specimens to the Recycling buffers? He'd told her to leave... knowing they would come? Added with the fact that they had worn Savi suits... Sclergyn's High Class mind was deducing things she didn't wish to think. She turned and looked towards the closed door behind her, frowning, and while she'd had every intention to report to the Eye, seal the lab and depressurise it... she now hesitated.

What are you doing, Echtand? Gone were the thoughts of the egg - the prize - replaced with a sudden fear on her mate's behalf. What was it you didn't tell me? The Admiral... he will...

Confounded, Sclergyn left the biolabs in a hurry.

[ Commander Nerina | Denary Biolab | The Versant ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen & @Zenozine
When the Ante female left, Nerina drew a deep breath of relief.

"Well done," she said, looking at both K'Ren and Hylota. "Both of you, in immediate response and finding a non-lethal solution."

Adrenaline coursing through her veins, Nerina had a hard time standing still. They had the egg. Question was where they might hide in wait for the escape routes. "I don't think we can stay here," she said quietly, "in case that Ante decides to report our presence, and call for armed guards. Do you see any access points to ventilation systems? Apparently, Blue Tiran managed to hide for some time on those."

Having said as much, Nerina was already looking around, but there were no evident means of accessing the vents of the Versant. She swore in Klingon under her breath and turned to the others. "I think we should enter the next lab, look for an access point there, since if we backtrack, we might walk right into their security detail, whom will likely come from the way the Ante left. Let's move."

This said, Nerina walked towards the next door, hoping that there might be hope yet.

OOC: Seven days, beginning now, and in the next lab, there is a Scion + 2 Antes. I think it would be best if and @Numen posted first, setting the scene with the Scion, followed by followed by @Zenozine and @SummerDawn. Hope that works!

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | Denary Biolab  | Biolabs | The Versant ]
Attn:  @Auctor Lucan  @Zenozine  @SummerDawn

As soon as the situation had escalated, it was resolved. The early performance of K'Ren along with the abilities for the nonverbal language and the vehemence of Hylota ended the problem, the female Savi fleeing from the room and the small cylinder with the egg in suspended animation being held by its mother.  And he... he hadn't done anything. Frozen in the place without daring to advance, without stopping the caitian, without supporting Hylota. Shame swirled around his cheeks, and ignoring the family reunion he rushed to the door where the scientist woman had left the laboratory.  But when he opened the door and took a couple of steps in the almost absolute darkness of the corridor... she was no longer there. Khorin muttered a swearword between clenched teeth and returned to whit the rest of the group in a bunch of long strides. He looked at the Commander shaking his head, acknowledging his failure. His NEW failure. Another one in almost no time.His masseter muscles were marked prominently on his cheeks, like steel cables. He must not fail again. Not for third time in a row.

Nerina didn't seem happy either. "Lohd Zoss-lee chaw-KU sohk jaTAL" he heard her snarl through clenched teeth. Then she ordered them to advance to the next lab, her momentary loss of self-control camouflaged under the authority of command. The pilot didn't think it twice and threw himself forward, willing to clean the stain on his ego vehemently. A short corridor led to the next laboratory and Khorin ran through it carelessly and crossed the following door before it was fully opened.

The  inner laboratory had curved walls, forming a cylinder that occupied three or four decks in height. The door he had passed was at ground level, but there were stairs on either side climbed to a series of platforms and balconies that were lost in the heights, with doors open on the walls that looked like unpleasantly open mouths without teeth. Every wall as far as the eye could reach were covered with closed showcases, inside which were exposed the jewels of a macabre museum, of a twisted and disturbing cabinet of curiosities. Limbs and organs of different shapes and colors, whole bodies with eyes and open mouths, as if the suspended animation had caught them in the middle of a scream of agony... sorted and categorized as books in a library, strange graphics with the incomprehensible alphabet Savi flickering and twisting over the samples. The center of the huge lab wasn't without that macabre exhibition, a labyrinth of shelves and cabinets placed in spiral around the center of the room. The Klingon heard footsteps behind him and gestured vaguely, pointing to the side stairs with the muzzle of his rifle. Without looking to his teammates, he rushed into the labyrinth of crioecstasy fields and preserved tissues.

After the first hurried strides, the firm hands on the rifle, Khorin's footsteps grew slower and heavier. Whispers were heard in the maze, their point of origin distorted by the muffled buzz of conservation fields. The Klingon advanced on tiptoe, trying to determine the origin of the voices. There were at least two voices whispering hastily, their contralto pitch unmistakably Ante. They seemed worried, overwhelmed, even with the strange cadence of the alien language. Khorin grinned fiercely. A frightened enemy was easier to master. The pilot continued to advance, turned twice to the left and one to the right at several T-junctions and, to his surprise, when the voices began to sound more clearly ... they did it at his back. d circled the center of the room and the voices seemed to come just from there. Khorin growled to himself and retraced his steps, two turns to the right and one to the left, but he only found another fork and more shelves. He frowned, incredulous. He retraced his steps again, turning in a different direction and finally reached the center.

On the other side of a circular metal table, were the two Antes, slightly curled over themselves. One of them seemed startled by the sudden intrusion of the Klingon, wide-open black eyes and wrinkled forehead. The other... the other looked at 'something', something far above Khorin. Something that suddenly cast a giant shadow on the pilot.Before he saw it, he heard it. A short phrase followed by a weird staccato.The buzz of his rifle changing its pitch. The soft hiss of a descending platform. A click of chitin jaws. When he turned around, the Scion loomed over him, close, too close. One of his talons projected forward, clutching the Klingon around the waist, trapping one of his arms against his body. Khorin roared when one of the bones in his arm broke under the excessive pressure the Scion exerted on his body. In that scream there was frustration, pain and anger. Especially anger. The creature continued to cluck in its impious language, advancing to the circular table, where the Antes sheltered themselves. Khorin would swear there was amusement and curiosity in the Scion's black eyes. And that the pincers of its mouth twisted in a sinister smile. The pressure increased again on the body of the Klingon, causing the battered inner humerus to pierce the skin. Khorin screamed again and grabbed the Scion's jaw with his free hand. And then, he headbutted the creature. Once. Again. And again...

"Lohd Zoss-lee chaw-KU sohk jaTAL" → Go have sexual relations with your own Mother

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[ K'Ren | Denary Biolab | The Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Zenozine

Under the circumstances, praise from the commander had been the last thing K'Ren expected to hear. She'd reacted, as much on instinct as well as other emotions she couldn't quite explain, perhaps a mother's instinct, but she was no mother, not yet anyways. She didn't have time to really contemplate what drove her to threaten the Savi female, not until they were safe onboard the Theurgy, as safe as that place was given her short time aboard.

Acknowledging the Commander's orders, K'Ren picked up her rifle, checking the weapon out of instinct, training ingrained in her head from the years spent at the academy. Everything was in order, though she'd only fired a few shots so expected it would be, but checked out of habit. Following Khorin, who set off at a pace that seemed excessive, almost recklessly so, she kept up with him as they traversed the corridor between the labs. Whatever lay inside, they would have to confront, but if like the lab they'd just been through, most likely empty space with perhaps a few of the aliens to disable. She wouldn't kill them but even a stunned creature couldn't call for help, a good enough situation while they found a way off this ship.

She didn't expect the room they entered to be so grotesque. On so many levels it seemed wrong, bodies mounted like trophies, like prizes captured in some sort of macabre display. At the same time, a race that would inflict on others what they'd inflicted on her, did not entirely suprise her they might keep such a display of trophies, of species they'd collected over the years? centuries? she really had no idea how long, and no idea what most of these even were. Seeing other sentient beings this way, as a display of a fashion, angered K'Ren, more so then even what they'd done to her and her unborn child angered her. These creatures, the sentient ones at least, were somebodies son or daughter, somebodies parent, relative, family.

Following Khorin deeper into the lab, she grew wary, the fur on her neck raising, a sure sign something was not right. She could hear the voices, knew there others in here like the alien she'd attacked, but also something else, different, harder to place. Glancing up she could see a walkway above them, metallic and easily would echo foot falls, but this was different, not quite human she could sense in the dark. Ears up and swiveling, eyes glancing around she had the distinct sense they were prey, not the hunters, but the hunted, and what hunted them was alien, in so many sense of the word. She had to find Khorin, link up with him. There was security in numbers, the covering of each other's backs.

She almost found him, almost linked up with her shipmate when she heard the strange voice, the clicking noise as it moved. She wanted to warn Khorin, alert him somehow to the impending threat but before she could do so, the Alien was upon her shipmate. The creature, more bug then humanoid, seemed to focus on the Klingon, rending the weapon from him, leaving Khorin with only his hands to defend himself. Off to one side, she was unsure if the alien saw her but it seemed focused on Khorin, disabling him. She could hear him scream, the sound of a wounded animal fighting for it's life.

Then she heard the hum, the change in her weapon as the remaining settings activated. The kill settings were available and she fully intended to use them. Ramping up the weapon to setting nine, a full two notches beyond kill, beyond vaporize, K'Ren expected that the plates on this creature were most likely stronger then humanoid skin and would withstand the assault. She also knew she risked hitting Khorin but unless the bug was stopped, Khorin would only be the first casualty. Kneeling as she was taught, K'Ren brought the rifle to her shoulder and ignoring everything else, aimed for the mass of the creatures body, where it's vitals most likely were. Pulling the trigger she invoked the name of the Caitian deity, that her aim was true, her balance even.

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona| Denary Biolab | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @Numen  @SummerDawn  @Auctor Lucan

As Sclergyn had weighed her options and fled Hylota could see it in their eyes, this was not over just yet, Hylota might have gotten her child back, but Sclergyn had been putting serious consideration into their options. To be honest Hylota was not sure if that was out of uncertainty over the offer that Hylota was making, or if there had indeed been more nefarious thoughts behind those dark, yet familiar eyes. Letting out a breath she had forgotten she was holding Hylota turned to the stasis container with her egg, the unborn child was with her once more, but it was not safe, she needed to get it out of here and back to the Theurgy once more, lest the Savi manage to seize back control of her egg. It was in this moment that Hylota wondered if she should have just killed the Savi, it was not as though anyone among the entourage would have protested. For a brief period of time Hylota's mind drifted to a very dark place, her grief and anger weighing heavily upon her soul like an anchor, dragging her reasoning to very cruel and harsh places, places that seeped with a darkness that threatened to swallow Hylota heart and soul. This spiral was stopped as a hand was placed on her shoulder. Hylota clenched her hand into a fist, her fingers sliding along the class of the case as her body tensed and Hylota returned to the moment, her head turning to face her brother as he tensed his hold on his sister's shoulder.

Looking to Nerina, Hylota nodded in recognition of the words before she finally broke her silence, her mind finally returning from its depths as she remembered what she was fighting for. "Thank you commander, I figured we stood a better chance at getting my child back if we offered a chance for survival. If there is anything I can be certain of, it is that scientists are traditionally quite cowardly. There is no benefit in defending a project unstarted, the program often dies with those with the vision, it is only when a project begins to bear fruit that scientists become bold." Hylota turned her attention to Nerina as she pulled her clenched fist away from the glass. "I also did not feel bloodshed would have been the way Maal would have wanted this to go. He was bold, but he tried his best to make sure that everyone was able to get out of a situation alive." Hylota let out a sigh as she did not know if she even had any right to make such claims, true she had born a child with Maal, but how well had she known him? Her heart began to sink as she felt the foul pang of guilt over her words, but then her brother's voice pulled her back. "Indeed. I did not know him very long, but he certainly embodied the true values of the Federation. He might have been fully Klingon, but he never let his aggression get the better of him, and he rose above what people claimed a Klingon was to be his own person, he truly was one of a kind." Vinata gave his sister a reassuring smile as he took a moment with his sister.

Hylota gave Vinata a look of gratitude before she turned her attention to the stasis module and she set about looking it over, making out what she could before she even tried to take it, she did not want to risk causing damage to the machine of the egg. As she worked Vinata kept close working to offer whatever help he could offer if needed while allowing his sister to take charge of the moment. With nothing to do for the time being though he did watch as Khorin took his lead once more and began to head off, soon followed by K'Ren, things soon escalated as sounds of struggle came back from where they had just gone off. In an instant Vinata felt his body growing tense, the panic that surged through him suppressed as he kept his focus, his mind responding quickly as he moved in response to the situation, his training kicking in as he moved to the side of the doorway and looked into the space beyond. He could not see what was happening, but he knew from the sounds that there was some form of struggle going on. Looking back over his shoulder Vinata locked eyes with his sister, his heart racing as he took in the moment and for an instant the siblings came to an unspoken understanding as he looked to the men who had taken up the rear of their party. "Help Vinata with the egg, I will move forward to assess the situation and provide aid if needed." Vinata did not look for confirmation from anyone other than his sister, as she nodded to him he returned the gesture before he swallowed hard and turned, coming around the door frame, lowering his body as he began to rush down the corridor towards the sounds of struggling, his hands already moving to his medical bag to seek out his medical tricorder.

As Vinata rushed forward he did not know what to expect, a clash between crews, a spill of chemicals used as an impromptu weapon, or perhaps even some security had caught up to them, whatever he had been expecting it certainly was not a massive chitinous monster. As Vinata came to a skidding stop behind K'Ren he just stared on in a mild shocked horror, it was like something out of the old songs, an insectoid monster crushing the life out of its prey before consuming it without second thought. The sight was truly terrifying, one of the many that the Ovri had evolved to know to flee from. The tingling that ran through Vinata as his instincts kicked in demanded he act. Staring on Vinata ran through the many stories of his people, of how their heroes of old had fought such monstrosities. As K'Ren fired Vinata's mind finally caught up and he watched without an answer to give, his body heavy as he felt helpless in his current position.

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[ Commander Nerina | Denary Biolab | The Versant ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen & @Zenozine
Having moved out, following the Klingon and the Caitian since they were eager to charge ahead of her, Commander Nerina had left the two Ovri and the NCOs behind.

Before she did, with great respect towards Hylota and in interest to preserve their mission objective from theat and harm, she gave a simple order. "Wait here until I send a message," she said, perhaps too quietly, as she did not want to fall too far behind the two forerunners in the next lab. Nerina moved as quietly as her new body allowed her to, but it didn't take long until things took a turn for the worse.

She had entered the grotesqueness of the new area, seeing twisted and deformed faces and organs when she looked down the sights of her rifle. It lent an eerie atmosphere to her progression down the shelves, and when the noises began, it made her walk faster. She couldn't see anything, the shelves set in a way that made no sense to a Starfleet officer - any immaculate order to things likely just making perfect sense to the Savi. Then, it turned even worse, when she heard the distress of Khorin through the shelving. She cursed in Klingon under her breath and picked up her pace, but she'd already lost both Khorin and K'Ren ahead of her.

When Khorin's plight could be heard all across the large lab, muffled by the shelves alone, Nerina decided that she could not waste another second trying to navigate this macabre trophy hall. She slung her rifle onto her back and began to climb the nearest shelves. It took her too long, at least as far as she was concerned, and she had come closer to dead alien parts than she cared for, but once she got on top, she leapt across the shelves. In mere seconds, she set a straight line towards the sounds, and the bright flashes of phaser energy lit the deckhead above her. With her heart beating loudly in her ears, her rifle heavier now that she was human, she made the leapt to the final shelf.

Once the scene came into sight, she saw K'Ren firing against... something that had to be a Scion, because her rifle whirred and announced the availability of the kill settings. One of the Ovri were there too.

"Dammit," she said and perched on the edge of the shelf, seeing the Klingon using his free arm to drive the chitin-armored head against his own forehead. K'Ren's shooting visualized a forcefield around the creature, which exact nature was unknown, but it did negate the phaser energy fired at it. Nerina knew that it was either start shooting from her position, and hope the forcefield could be breached in time to save Khorin's life... but what if it wouldn't work?

The impulse came. The logic behind it clear enough. She acted on it.

Nerina leapt down from the shelf, sailing down towards the Scion, her rifle raised above her head. She landed with the heel of her boot first, her whole bodily weight behind the impact against the Scion's head. It did free Khorin from the grip, but she tumbled to the deck, unbalanced, since she didn't have the agility to land on her feet after such a jarring impact. The deck drove the air out of her fragile, Human lungs, and she was disoriented, even slamming her rifle against the metal table.

When she finally got her bearings, she saw that the Scion was right on top of her.

She was within the spherical forcefield, which she could see because it was flashing from new barrages of phaser fire, but the battered head of the Scion took up most of her field-of-view. Courage is fear... Courage is fear... She tried to raise her rifle and fire...

...but she was too late.

The Scion's forearm tore straight through her abdomen, and the impact made her loose her breath anew. Her body was in shock, and she couldn't quite process what had happened. She could see the nacreous arm vanishing below her ribs, but she could hardly feel anything. If she was Klingon, perhaps she could have continued to fight. But right then... she didn't care what the Savi had done to her.

She was Klingon still.

With a feral scream, she grabbed the Scion's arm, and raised her phaser rifle again. She began to fire against it at point-blank range, within the forcefield envelope. Again and again. Perhaps she could show the others that the field only stopped energy weapons, but didn't stop them from coming near. After all, how else could it have picked up Khorin?

Her face twisted in defiance to her inevitable fate, she continued to scream, while firing bolt after bolt into the Scion. In each bright flash, she could see scenes from her time as Executive Officer on the Theurgy, already at peace in that knowledge all Klingons sought.

That she would go to Sto-Vo-Kor at last.

OOC: Seven new days begin, in which you can end this fight in whatever way you want. Have fun! :)

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[ K'Ren | Denary Biolab | The Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Zenozine
Her aim was true, but the presence of a personal forcefield on this creature stopped her phaser cold, leaving her with few alternatives. Civilized Caitians did not fight up close with claws unless pushed by dire necessity but in this moment it was looking like she may have to go toe to toe with this creature. Before she could move, she saw movement, the commander who likewise realized the situation, moving to fight this fight up close.

Unlike Khorin, who by virtue of his klingon body, was more solidly built and could withstand the punishment the Scion had dished out, was dishing out, Nerina was merely human and far more fragile. K'Ren was already up and moving to assist, hoping to use the commander's presence to divide the creatures attention, allow them to pick it off with their weapons. Either a lucky strike, or a moment of inattention on Nerina's part, and K'Ren watched as the creature's arm tore into the human female, impaling the women through her abdominal cavity, most likely into the thoracic cavity. She was mortally wounded, that much was obvious, but with it's attention drawn to Nerina, and the weight of the commander restricting the movement of one arm, that left K'Ren one brief window.

K'Ren didn't remember if she said anything to the Ovri that had been beside her, but K'Ren sprinted the distance, going behind the creature where it's arms would have the hardest time reaching her. Inside the bubble perimiter, K'Ren aimed at the creatures head, her weapon still on the level 8, she began to fire repeatedly, bolt after bolt from her rifle striking the creatures head. Her world in that moment shrunk to just the creature, her rifle, and the screams of her fellow beings as they fought to subdue and kill the creature.

She didn't know how long the battle lasted, how Khorin's fight had been, and if Nerina still lay alive by some miracle, but when the creature finally collapsed to the ground, it's armored body smoking from the barrage of phaser fire, it's head almost completely gone, K'Ren stood behind it, still waiting for it to get up and move again but after the hulk lay motionless for a time K'Ren could take stock of the situation. Khorin appeared to be in one peice, a bit the worse for wear but alive and from a cursory glance, going to stay that way.

Nerina on the other hand, lay nearby, the extent of her injuries clear to the naked eye. K'Ren rushed over, kneeling to examine the women. It was clear from the gaping hole in her abdomen, the mess of blood on her uniform and the floor, her entrails spilling out of the gaping hole, torn free when the creature tossed her aside, that Nerina was gone. K'Ren placed a paw on the women's chest, looking down into the women's face, wanting a familiar site to be her last as she slipped into the afterlife. K'Ren looked up as Khorin came over, shaking her head, frowning as they exchanged glances.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | Denary Biolab  | Biolabs | The Versant ]
Attn:  @Auctor Lucan  @Zenozine  @SummerDawn

The blow against the floor plates ripped the air from his lungs.Not because it was a fall from an extremee height, but because it fell on his injured arm. The bone teared the skin even further and left the limb useless hanging subject to the body by torned muscles and battered skin, but without the support of the bone. Khorin curled his lips and clenched his teeth trying to make disappear the black specks that danced in his behind his iris. A part of his brain knew that the pain should be atrocious but he felt disconnected from it, as if it belonged to another body, to another person. Khorin supposed that he should thank that to his new Klingon body. Or to the shock. Whatever it was, it allowed him to roll around himself on the floor, to crawl later, trying to reach the rifle that he had dropped. Finally, he grabbed it as he best as he could with his left hand, the fingers of his non-dominant hand sliding over the trigger and butt due to lack of habit. At the end, he was able to grasp the weapon in a moderately acceptable manner and he turned again to face where the fight was raging. He could see how the Scion lifted Nerina's body, and pierce her torso from part by part and how, far from surrendering, the former XO fired point-blank at the insectoid creature, fighting to her own end. From somewhere outside his field of vision, K'Ren joined the blast of gunfire, hitting upon the creature's head one time after another with an unnatural accuracy.  Khorin simply fired. He had not intention to match the surgical precision of the caitian woman. He just wanted that his bolts chrased into flesh and limbs, he just wanted to join the commander's revenge song.

Without knowing well how, the fight ended. Khorin found himself on his feet again, his right arm hanging uselessly on his side while the muzzle of his rifle smoked overheated. His breathe was quick and the dull pain that had accompanied him throughout the fight started to worsen. But his eyes couldn't move away from Nerina's broken body. His Lone Wolf partner knelt by the woman side, examining her quickly. The look he gave Khorin when he limped closer told him everything he needed to know. The pilot collapsed on the other side of the fallen officer, set his rifle aside and took Nerina's hand, the one that still held her rifle, making sure the woman didn't let it go. He used his left hand to place his useless right over it,  if he could choose, Nerina would leave this world armed, as was mandatory. "Hold her head" he ordered K'Ren, his voice full of surliness, not because the woman pilot was doing anything inappropriate, but because of the frustrationhe felt knowing that he wasn't able to manage the full situation all by himself. He simply didn't have enough working hands. When the caitian gently lifted the former klingon's head, Khorin slid his knee under the nape of her neck, as a pillow and nodded to K'Ren so she could let Nerina's head rest on it. The klingon pilot leaned forward, almost cradling her. With a delicacy improper of someone of his size, the Klingon used his calloused healthy hand to keep one of her eyes wide open. Commander's pupils moved madly from one side to the other. It was a true merit that she remained conscious. "Look at me, look, look at me," whispered Khorin, his ridged forehead almost in touch with Nerina's flat one. Something in the woman's mind seemed to realize what he was trying to do, and locked her dark eyes in those of the male Klingon. Khorin bring her a spirited smile just before he turned his eyes to K'Ren. "Help me with her other eye, hold her lids open," he requested, his tone softer than it had been before. When the other pilot complied, he returned to lean over Nerina,  serious face,  pupils staring deep in her eyes, his useless arm resting over the weaponin her chest. Sudenly, Khorin's face cracked in a wide grin. "I see them. I see their reflection in your eyes. Sto-Vo-Kor's Gates are opening for you, Kahless has a reserved seat at his table for you, commander, " he whispered with awe, the world reduced to what they saw in each other's eyes. The corner of Nerina's mouth twitched slightly, but instead of words, a blood trail left her lips. She opened and closed them, frowning, trying to make him understand some words that couldn't escape her throat. Finally she weakly moved her head from one side and the other,  her efforts rushing the speed which her life escaping through her terrible wounds. "Hush, hush now,  commander. Yours would be a good death, an honorable death. You'll bring honour to your House and your Ancestors." Khorin continued with soothing tone. "When your soul leaves your body, I'll warm the dead. 'Beware' I will claim 'a klingon warrior is about to arrive'. I'll do it for you, Nerina, you've not to worry." The woman's expression relaxed under his fingers, her eyebrows drew away from her eyes, the faintest of smiles forming on her lips. Finally, a strand of voice managed to escape from the jail of her throat and Khorin bowed until their foreheads touched and he drank her almost unintelligible words.When the last word left her lips in a last breath, Khorin nodded solemnly. "I will do it" He rumbled as confirmation. Nerina sighed one last time, the twinkle in her eyes paled. Her body finally turned limp. Khorin raised his head and bellowed, a primal, wordless roar to the artificial skies. When the echoes of his scream silenced, he dropped his head, face hide behind his wild mane. Soon after, Khorin let Nerina's corpse slide out of his lap without any regard or respect and stood with difficulty. "That which remains here is just an empty shell, her soul travel now to Sto-Vo-Kor," he explained to K'Ren, looking almost contemptuously at what was left of the officer he had admired and respected. "We need to keep moving," he added with a grave face as he turned his back on K'Ren and the corpse. Despite his stoic expression, there was a wet gleam in his eyes.

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[ Vinata Vojona| Denary Biolab | Biolabs | The Versant ] Attn: @Numen  @SummerDawn  @Auctor Lucan

          Vinata was horrified, he had been prepared to assist if needed, prepared to patch up some light damage, to take care of things as best he could, but as he saw Nerina cut down, the woman who had come and actually shown some care for him and his sister, a woman who he could say he respected as a leader, it was just too much. On top of it all the blood spread out from Nerina as she crumpled to the ground, his training demanded that he rush to her side, rush to her aid and begin administering comfort in her final moments at the very least, but Vinata could not do it, his body moved on its own, dashing back and tripping over himself only to end up crawling into cover. There he was, on his knees with his head ducked between them, his heart was racing, he was hyperventilating, everything was hitting him so fast, the scent of the blood, the sight of the red spilling out over the floor, it was horror, the same terror from the mutiny, from the triage center, it was all coming back all at once. Pressing his forehead to the deck plating Vinata panted and did his best to calm himself down, trying to stop his panic from consuming him, he could not let this happen, he had to be better than this.

As he cowered the battle concluded in their favor, Khorin had been injured, but he was at least able to move on his own. K'Ren did not seem any worse for wear, but as Vinata finally worked up the nerve to look out from his cover he watched as his failure as a nurse came to fruition, he stared as Khorin rushed to Nerina's side, held her head in his lap and began to perform a final right for her. Vinata did not understand the significance, but he was able to feel the gravity, he could see what he believed was helping another face death with eyes open. Vinata just watched, his heart was heavy with the loss, sure he had not know Nerina at all, but she had deserved better than this and he had failed her as a nurse. As Khorin let out his primal roar Vinata closed his eyes once more. The panic still gripped him, his mind screaming to him about the dangers, the threats, the blood, him mind screamed about how he should not be here, how he didn't deserve this, that he needed to flee. As Khorin gave the final rites for Nerina, Vinata placed his head to the deck once more as he shuddered. As he felt the chill of the metal against his mark Vinata's mind asked the harsh question Vinata had been running from, was he still proud of himself? Vinata remained still as his breath slowed, was he still proud of who he was? When the crews had been moved down to the triage center he had been among the first to go, quick to serve and ready to help at a moment's notice. He had left the safety of his station during the fighting to warn others, all the while working to gather materials that he needed to treat his patients, but after he had been buried in debris, after he had almost died, after the rape, the horror of his own botched heroism, he could not recognize the person he was.

Among the Ovri a nurse was more than a caregiver and a protector to their patients, they were considered to be the true last line of defense. By the Mother the position of nurse was a male tradition, the final distraction to save those who truly mattered, he had always felt proud of being a nurse, of being a professional in his trade, it was who he was...when had he let it all fall apart, he was not doing his duty, he was actively avoiding more extreme work, hiding away and having a panic attack when he was supposed to be doing his job! Vinata took a deep breath as he remembered the mark on his forehead, remembered his oath, he was being a child winging away from the threat of pain, if he lived like this he was going to be nothing but dead weight, and he refused to be dead weight.

Clenching his jaw Vinata fought back against his irrational fear and he demanded that he stop cowering and do his duty. Forcing his legs to move Vinata stopped cowering and pushed himself up, he looked to Khorin and his wounded arm, assessing what needed to be done before he stood up and walked over to Khorin's side. As Khorin did his best to remain bold and stated that they had to keep moving, Vinata swore to himself, he would not be broken so easily again, he would serve his purpose and he would make sure he did not lose another soul. Kneeling down beside Khorin, Vinata took our his tricorder and began to scan the Klingon.

"Indeed, but first we need to make sure that you are not in any life threatening state." Vinata took a long scan of Khorin's arm and sighed, he did not have the kit to treat such an injury, but opening his kit he took out his Osteogenic stimulator, as the scan had picked up the fractured ribs Khorin was now suffering from. "We will need to take some time to restore your ribs, then we will get your arm into a sling so it is not in the way as we get back to our mission."

Vinata then looked to the Caitian. "Do you think you can take care of crafting a sling for Khorin while I focus on his ribs K'Ren?" Vinata looked down at Nerina and he silently made a promise within his mind. "I swear that from this day forth I will not allow my hesitation and fear to rule my sense of duty. I will live up to what it means to be a nurse, I will do all I can to save those I serve with, I will protect those left in my charge with my life. I will be a protector of life."

Closing his eyes Vinata took a deep breath before turning his attention back to his treatment, he did not have time to waste.


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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 6 | Denary Biolab  | Biolabs | The Versant ]
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Khorin frowned when Vinata approached him. He didn’t really know where the Ovri had been hiding during the battle or if he had not been there at all and he had just arrived recently. "I'm fine, pain is the reward of a Klingon warrior.... 'oy'be'lu'chughQapbe'lu," he grunted as Vinata began to scan his wounds.

However, despite his protest, he let the nurse check his injuries. He didn't miss the sigh that Vinata left scape from his full lips, and he knew for sure that his broken arm, despite being the most obvious injury, wasn't the only one that the Scion had inflicted to his new body. Soon it was evident that the creature's grapple had damaged his ribs and the nurse seemed more than willing to extend the stop in that museum of horrors until he'd finnished to staunch his wounds. Just as the Ovri asked K'Ren to look for something to make a sling, Khorin grabbed the shorter man's arm with his healthy hand. "There's no time for that, patch me up as fast as you can if there's no other choice and we should get out of here," he demanded in a gruff voice.

But the other man seemed reluctant to comply with the klingon's harsh demands, so he tilted his head with a tired sigh and explained his motives. "There were two of those bulbs-heads when I reach this place, and they probably had fleed to reach for help. We need to meet with your sister as soon as possible and keep moving or Nerina's death will have no sense." There were an unnusual serious tone in his voice. Moving his gaze from the Ovri to the torn sleeve of his wounded arm, he grabbed the shreds of his black jumpsuit and ripped the sleeve. Immediately thereafter,  he offered the fabric to the nurse. "Just use this, let K'Ren pick up your sister" He finally granted.

While he watched how the other Lone Wolf disappeared into the maze of shelves and  felt how the ovri returned to endeavor himself in heal his battered body, Khorin's mind flew to a different spot of that ill-fated starship, wondering himself  if the other teams would have had a similar fate to his. Her heart shuddered at the thought that Zephyr might have run the same fate as himself or, even worse, that she could have share the commander's end. He needed to return to her side. He needed to know if she was ok as soon as possible.


'oy'be'lu'chughQapbe'lu' -> No pain, no gain.

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