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Day 03 [1045 hrs.] Setting Sun | Away Mission


Weep, o my soul, for what is lost,
The song of my heart falters,
Barren is the womb of the mothers,
For the city of Tyn Akir has fallen.

I stretch my palm toward the suns,
Forever they burn, while we cease,
But we will not be forgotten,
We will not fade!

The last child approaches, senna!
Born of Alata and Gîl Naur, a bridge,
Our peoples will live on, in memory,
And the darkness will yet fall away,
By the light of the living suns.

- Excerpt from an unknown Nauri Rememberer

[ Heather McMillan | Tyn Akir, Last Stronghold of the Gîl Naur | The Coreless Moon ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Striker N7, @Havenborn, @Josie & @Doc M.
“Sh-Shâ'Nyél?” said Heather furtively, searching the air above her. She had chased the holographic Radiant as best as she could, but while the woman could fly, Heather had to navigate through the beautiful buildings of the Commercial Center. The streets were paved with stones and moss, with small drawbridges over riverpaths that once ran with water. It was eerie how alive the place looked and felt despite the evidence of dead petrified plants and a complete lack of people, though she half-expected to see people emerging from any of the buildings within moments.

“Follow, Alata,” said Shâ'Nyél, her voice called clearly ahead of the girl, who immediately redoubled her efforts, even though her legs were beginning to ache and felt leaden and heavy, and her head pounded furiously within her skull, almost causing her to topple a few times.

“What on Earth does Alata mean?” Heather asked herself quietly, but the hologram answered loudly even as she continued flying.

“That is who you are, Heather McMillan. You are Alata, as I am Gîl Naur. Here. Come up here.” She alighted on a dais that was preceded by a long flight of stairs. Behind the hologram, were an assortment of large computer devices and machines. They were smooth, curve-edged designs with symbolic runes and writing etched all over them, and she couldn't quite make sense of the consoles, but yet felt a sense of familiarity towards them as she obediently walked up the stairway, and the hologram lifted up again so she could float at least four feet overhead. “This is Tyn Akir, last known stronghold of the Gîl Naur. There is little time. I will prepare a data crystal, that will contain the entirety of our lore. Ask what you will as you wish.”

Heather's heart beat excitedly, questions that abounded all her life about her people, and it was all here! But she knew there was a difference, based on the facts already presented to her by Shâ'Nyél. “Please tell me about the Gîl Naur and the Alata. We are not the same?”

Shâ'Nyél's eyes crinkled in a knowing and kindly smile, and suddenly Heather was struck by how much kinship she felt for the hologram now that she didn't look so furious. “The Gîl Naur and the Alata share a common ancestry. Once we were all Alata, made from the Light of the Maker.” When she waved a hand in the air, forming a large circle, a slow-spinning map of the universe appeared between Shâ'Nyél and Heather. Golden dots began to pock-mark the map, forming a rough circle. “We were not unique in our creation. The Alata are not the first, nor the last to be created, and even the Alata came from another, an earlier race, whom our oldest Wisdoms called Nid Anor. Children of the Sun.”

Shâ'Nyél's image flickered, and the projection reacted as if she were afflicted with great pain, and she groaned as if to confirm it as she doubled over, floating back down to the ground. “No...not yet!” she uttered in frantic desperation, even as Heather reached out and helped steady the projection, and she was surprised to feel actual weight, “The data transfer is not yet complete...transfering all power to processor...allowing two percent for shielding and Sentinel turrets. Those spiders are thrifty.”

She looked up at Heather, and smiled wanly, “Centuries ago, there was a debate amongst the Wisdoms. The Nid Anor had spoken of a great and terrible devouring force, which we were all created to protect this universe from. Behold,” she gestured to the map, straightening up and standing under her own strength, “the golden marks show the locations where the Created Ones were placed, as a defensive parameter. The Alata began to disagree fiercely, and finally, a small faction left the homeworld, whom the Alata called as Lost Ones. In time, we gave that name to the Alata themselves, for their blind devotion to the gods we protect. Blind, and without purpose. But the Gîl Naur found ours. We found the Devou...NO!”

Heather jumped violently at the woman's outburst, and she looked worriedly at the hologram. “Wh-what is it?” She stammered, “What's wrong?”

For a moment, Shâ'Nyél was silent, staring into nothing, and her image flickered in and out of sight once again, Heather feared the city's power was at its end, and then she spoke, “I am detecting a hostile force, identifying...Ùl Torog! Mindless Destroyers. Fools. Enemies of the Light. Thirteen vessels bearing nine-eight-one mark one...” her voice crackled, and took on a mechanical sound, “their destruction takes precedence over everything else. Devoting all remaining power to parameter defenses...”

There was more static, and then the hologram began shifting in a flurry of colours and light, though Heather was unaffected by the brightness, “More of the enemy approach. One capital ship, thirty-seven smaller crafts. My systems indicate I have sufficient equipment still available to mount an offensive. Initiating...” the ground trembled and Heather fell to her knees with a cry of fear. Quivering before the hologram, she watched helplessly as she felt more than heard great things moving beneath her. The platform beneath Shâ'Nyél opened up beneath her and a coherent beam of immense energy fired from the gaping maw beneath, connecting with the matching platform above, that Heather had failed to notice before, and the beams cascaded through access barrels the size of a starship's warp nacelle. The hologram vanished as the beam appeared, but she momentarily appeared in front of it, before Heather. She could hazard a guess as to what was happening.

“W-w-wait!” she said, “I have...I have friends out there! Good people...gods! Don't hurt them!”

“I cannot stop the process. Countdown beginning...” Shâ'Nyél's emotional range was impotent now to Heather, focusing on what only she could see.

“P-please...don't kill them...” her mind raced furiously for a solution, and she struck her Combadge, “M-McMillan to Bremmer! McMillan to Lance! Anyone? Sabine, come in...come in please.”

“The radiation may interfere with your communications,” said Shâ'Nyél indifferently. “Adarthim technology is far inferior to ours.”

“There must be something!” Heather looked around, eyes manic with desperation. She had no idea just how much power was left to the city. She noticed a pearly white cylindrical object pushing out from a slot near a console, and at the subtle nod of the hologram, the girl mindlessly grabbed it and stored it away, realizing it was the collective lore of two peoples. That was when she remembered, “The ship. The ship in the docking bay, can I use it? Does it still work?”

After a moment's thought, the hologram nodded, “It may yet work, but you must hurry. I sense you care for the adhartim a great deal, but I cannot stop the countdown. Go. You are now the Wisdom and Loremaster of Alata, and you must take the knowledge imparted with you. Go.”

The girl bolted, dashing through the streets even as the trembling and shaking of the ground hampered here, and debris collapsed upon the city. With a cry, she realized that some spiders had made it past the Sentinels and shields, and began pursuing her hungrily. One of the monstrosities caught her leg and she went down in a heap, screaming as she saw its mandibles reaching for her face, heedless of the helmet. A cascading beam of multi-hued light tore the spider to shreads, and Heather looked up to see Shâ'Nyél floating higher than ever, one hand stretched towards her. With a final shout of "HURRY!" as she winked out of existence, no longer able to maintain a cohessive shape while also powering the city's defenses Heather climbed back to her feet and made the final dash for the ship. It had a more aggressive design than the image of the one the Alata had crashed on Earth in, showing the progressive differences between the Alata and the Gîl Naur.

There was another sound, like a tremor, but different, and she saw hundreds of spiders swarming along the ground, the walls and even the high ceiling of the city, and she crossed the last few dozen meters to the hundred of more meter long ship. Either her own light, or the city's AI activated the ship's boarding ramp for her, and she was able to race inside, the ramp closing behind her soon as her foot touched it, and the legs of one of the spiders was broken off as the ramp slammed shut on it decisively. Locking the spiders out, but also trapping her inside. Her exposed hand lit up the place, and the Cascadium material reacted with her light, bringing the ship to life. A weak hum of energy thrummed through the decks and hull, allowing the girl to see her surroundings properly. The Gîl Naur still favoured circular curved designs on the interior even as their exterior designs took on a triangular form.

“Okay,” said Heather to herself, closing her eyes and wringing her hands, “Communications! I have to warn them that this place is coming alive!”

She raced down the corridor, noting the Gîl Naur didn't really seem to care to make railings along runways and the smooth walkways leading up or down. Either they all could fly/float, or they were very sure they'd never miss a step and fall off to the side. There was a four-person transporter pad adjoining directly to the bridge from the main corridor, and she charged into the bridge, where she noticed the lights were flickering and threatening to go out. “What's wrong?” she asked no one in particular, but a voice, almost like Shâ'Nyél's spoke out, answering her. Static intermitently broke in between every word.


“Power cells? Okay! Where?!?” Heather's head swivelled about frantically. There was a hiss and an electronic drawer under what she guessed was the engineering console, and she scampered over to find a relatively unused power cell, with an amount of dilithium crystals, just sitting around it. She pulled some items out of her survival kit and stored the dilithium in there, knowing that was mainly what they came for, and this was likely a godsend. She privately thanked heaven that the Alata and Gîl Naur seemed to use dilithium as well and not something else. There was also an egg, different from the one belonging to the elephant mice she found lying everywhere. That too went into her storage compartments.

She was able to easily replace the empty power cell, as it turned out, since she found the outlet in a very obvious location. But when she placed the fresh cell in, the bridge's light died altogether, “No!”

The ship had been derelict for so long, it couldn't generate the spark necessary to ignite the power. “No no no no no owww!” she was beginning to pace frantically when her migraine shot into an earthquake in her head, and she curled up into a fetal position on the deck, writhing in agony, “Please!” she pleaded to no one, begging for relief from the pain. Pain was something she was utterly unaccustomed to, and she almost wanted to die. Then the pain slowly ebbed away, fading into a mild throb, but never leaving completely. Still, it was enough to let her get back to her feet, and she looked about, pondering what would successfully catalyze the power cell. “My phaser!”

She took the weapon out, shuddering as she wrapped her fingers around it, and she used some tools in the containers in her belt to crack open its power casing, and she pulled out the wires from the device carefully, picking specific cords, and then doing the same to the system housing the power cell. When she had finished her haphazard hotwiring, briefly remembering the time she worked with Hylota Vojona to crack open a door in a similar manner, she squeezed the trigger. Instead of firing a beam, the phaser catalyzed the power cell, and the bridge and the ship lit up once more. “Yes! YES!”

She got back to her feet and figured roughly which was the communications station, and tried to activate the consoles. “Uhm...uh...Computer?!? I need to find the active ships and communications devices nearby! Uhmm...ALL OF THEM!”

That seemed to work, and a single button lit up, blinking insistently, “What does this button do?” She pushed it. And she heard a soft whirring and hissing noise, and turned around to see the space just outside of the Coreless Moon, and several red blips appeared with the strange name of Ùl Torog appearing over them, but Heather recognized them as something else. “Wh-what? Klingons?!? They're Klingons!” The ship's automated systems was trying to open a hailing channel to them, along with everything else. There were grey blips, that were seemingly unidentified vessels or communicators that were detected outside and within the moon as well. The screen flickered momentarily.

Remembering herself, she shouted her message, “The city is alive and armed! It's targetting the Klingons and anything else outside the moon. Daniel! Zrinka! Get inside NOW!”

Sighing, she set her message to keep repeating until everyone picked it up, collected her belongings, and said, “Computer, lock on my signal and indicate ready to beam to the Sabine when they are ready to pick me up.”

She sat down in the middle of the floor where a Captain would normally sit, though the Gîl Naur seemed to favour standing over sitting in a chair, and she waited, hearing Shâ'Nyél's voice counting down, "Ten, nine, eight, seven..."

Heather closed her eyes. Meanwhile, the spiders swarmed the ship, clawing and biting at the Cascadium hull to try and break into the craft, sensing a live prey buried within.

OOC: Here is the suggested posting order from the GM: :)
- IKS Hakkarl: @Auctor Lucan (first post)
- SS Sabine: 1) @Kaligos (If conscious, hearing Ida mention Klingons knowing they will destroy the moon, and then the earthquake begins, the moon arming itself) 2) @Doc M. 3) @Auctor Lucan 4) @Striker N7
- Coreless Moon debris field: 1) @Blue Zephyr (hearing Heather's warning, crashing into the zero-gravity docking bay next to the Sabine. A Mk III Valkyrie has mag-locked itself to the ceiling of the bay, btw.) 2) @Havenborn getting inside the bay too.

Re: Day 03 [1045 hrs.] Setting Sun | Away Mission

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[ Captain Drex | Bridge | VoD'leh-class carrier IKS Hakkarl ]
Running his sharp fingernails across the armrests of his Captain's Chair, Drex had bared his teeth at the viewscreen.

"I swear..." he growled, "all of the Empire's bleeding-hearts, diplomatic beaurcrats have smooth foreheads..." This earned a collective chuckle from the bridge crew, yet Drax was not content. "As you certain they haven't replied, confirmed that we can destroy these traitors of the Federation, making them a fav-"

There was dull sound from Turg, son of Gaaw's station, and he grinned. "HIja!" he exclaimed. "Our general says that the Theurgy nearly destroyed Starbase 84, and that we have leave to help Starfleet put their house in order."

This made Drax grin, getting up on his feet. "Qapla'! Hail all Phantoms!"

Irkva answered, so pleased that she looked ready to bite something. "Raider channel open!"

"Heed your Captain!" shouted Drax, raising both fists before himself, struck his chest, and then gave a rousing battle cry. His bridge crew joined in, yet when he spoke, he overrode them all. "Starfleet Command gives us their regards, and wishes us to destroy these forerunners of the renegade Theurgy ship! We saw two more warp trails, so there are more of them down at SuD Lang! I say we make no coward's kill, but board the base, and strike them down after we see the fear in their eyes! We are Klingon! There must be no room in our ranks for whimperers and cowards. Own the day! Kill them all!"

In the wake of his call, one could hear warning sounds from Turg's station. Incredulous, Drax barked his query. "qaStaH nuq jay’?"

"It is a massive energy build-up, coming from SuD Lang. I have not seen the like, Captain... It almost reads like a weapon signature!"

Drex curled his upper lip. "SuD Lang does not have that kind of defence systems," he said, thinking. Starfleet were resourceful. Playing them for fools. How else could this Captain Ives and his crew have stayed alive for so long? ."Keep scanning!"

[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Search Route, Orbiting the Coreless Moon ]
While stoic, Zrinka was quite uneasy flying with the Phantom raiders around the moon, obeying Havenborn's order but feeling quite exposed. She could not shake the idea that she Klingons knew her fighter belonged to the Theurgy, and she had said as much to the Grey Wolves SCO from the Resolve, without comment.

Then it came, the change among the many raiders. As if they heard a common signal, they began to converge on her trajectory.

"Oh, no you don't..." she said, keyed up her tactical controls, and released countermeasures just when the first torpedo spikes appeared on her screens. She had counted on it, and was one step ahead. She had no odds fighting them all, so when the first torpedoes detonated in the cloud of countermeasures she'd left in her wake, she realeased even more, and then laid in a warp trajectory. "See you!"

Then she went to warp, vanishing into the Azure Nebula. She could only hope the rest of the away team would make it, since she was out of comm range, and had no means to warn them all.

[Warning,] said her computer, making her lock at her sensors. Six of the raiders were in pursuit, meaning to hunt her down, but Honey Badger grinned. "Oh, so you want to dance?" She was likely not going to make it, but she was a Lone Wolf,,,,

...and they had yet to feel her teeth. "Then let's dance!"

[ Captain Drex | Bridge | VoD'leh-class carrier IKS Hakkarl ]
Soon, aboard the Hakkarl, Irkva spoke up. "Captain, incoming hail. It is coming from the moon on all frequences."

After Drex nodded for Irkva to play it up, they could all hear what sounded like a female human. [The city is alive and armed! It's targetting the Klingons and anything else outside the moon. Daniel! Zrinka! Get inside NOW!]

Turg snarled, turned his head. "City? What city?"

Drex narrowed his eyes. "It is bluff. They know they are the prey, and try to fool us."

"But the energy-build up, it is still continuing. Captain, it migh-."

"It is a trick I say. They are using the dilitium crystals and the old reactor somehow, trying to spook us. There is no 'weapon system' with that kind of readings. Not on machinery that old." Drex drew a deep breath through his nostrils. "All Raiders! Converge on SuD Lang, and if you haven't destroyed that other fighter already, do it no-"

Then, as if a star began to shine from within the deep chasms of the Coreless Moon, the Hakkarl was bathed in searing light. A light with a wavelength that passed straight through the hull, and set them all on fire. Drex screamed, for the light burned into his retinas, and the metal of his armor fused with his flesh. Blinded, he could but hear the screams of the bridge crew. Then, the warp core was compromised, and the Hakkarl was no more - the conflagration shared with the Phantom raiders still outside SuD Lang's docking bay. Rivalled only by the sirillium gas clouds around the northern hemisphere of Ithaca 3, which were also set ablaze.

The Tyn Akir weapon lasted only for fifteen seconds, this last breath of the Gîl Naur. Their final act obliterated any present threat, clearing the path for the last Loremaster of the Alata... and then their light shone nevermore.

"qaStaH nuq jay’?" = What the #$*@ is happening?

OOC: Here is the suggested posting order: :)
- SS Sabine: 1) @Kaligos (If conscious, hearing Ida mention Klingons knowing they will destroy the moon, and then the earthquake begins, the moon arming itself) 2) @Doc M. 3) @Auctor Lucan 4) @Striker N7
- Coreless Moon debris field: 1) @Blue Zephyr (hearing Heather's warning, crashing into the zero-gravity but air-filled docking bay next to the Sabine. A Mk III Valkyrie has mag-locked itself to the ceiling of the bay, btw.) 2) @Havenborn getting inside the bay too.

Re: Day 03 [1045 hrs.] Setting Sun | Away Mission

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 [ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | SS. Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay] Attn:  all

Jimmy's rousing kept Jack awake when all he wanted to do was sleep, his remaining eye stayed closed and his left hand his last remaining good arm lifted towards his throat attempting to convey the fact that he was tired, he couldn't speak, he was burned to ash, and honestly all he wanted to do was make this other shut up. Instead he felt something stab into his neck causing his left eye to open and he glared at the man who had just injected him with a hypo.

That however was probably the best thing he could have done, as the pain killer set to work and while it just made him more tired, it also eased the swelling on his neck almost immediately. It eased Jack's breathing and aside from a cough as he looked at the man. "...Sh...t." It was fascinating to hear his own voice after all of this. after all that had happened he could if he focused on it speak.

The man traided and soon one blury vistage was replaced with another, this one he knew well, the sight of Sera after all he had been through actually caused him to smile. Though in doing so he was stretching over the scard flesh over top of his face. When she spoke it was a word of concern as she continued the basic first aid that Bremmer was trying to apply, though whenever either of them had tried to address his right and crippled arm he was quick to push the regenerative device away from the wound. "Don't... you will wake the nerves... Let the arm die... less pain."

"Burn you what did you do?"

Sera was told to shut up but Jack actually chuckled. his head rolling for a moment, he was unable to focus on anything going outside of his own medical treatment.

"Sorry Sera." The more he spoke the more command over his own voice he got, and the more he was able to talk. The pain killer in full effect as he tried to stay awake. His mind still had  a fog around it his words were slow and slurred as he spoke finding it amusing that he was speaking to sera, the only thing tell him that this wasn't a dream was that she had clothes in this moment, he never dreamed about women with their clothing on. "I guess i'm not nearly as handsome as I was last time we met."

"Klingon raiders dozens of them. A carrier the IKS Hakkarl!" Ida's voice called out from the background, the Hakkarl that ship name was familiar. That was Captain Drex's ship. Drex was the son of Martok the one he had sent a message too Why?

The fog around his mind made him jump. Jack  pushed himself back up first to seating. "They are early. Drex was..." The fog in his mind making him less thoughtful and guarded. As Jack pushed himself to his feet he could feel rumbles through the earth, or was that just his legs being unused to walking after what felt like days laying down? or was he just that tired?

"Sabine." His voice was loud but cracked as he tried to yell. "Raise the shields now! That ship is here to destroy the moon!"

Re: Day 03 [1045 hrs.] Setting Sun | Away Mission

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[Zyrao Natauna | Klingon Phantom Raider | Debris Field]

Zyrao had done many things in her life, and most of them would be what the normal people in the universe would call dangerous.  This debris field was a virtual death trap.  The fact that they hadn't been taken out by a wrong turn, or by the pull of their ship moving through the field and pulling it towards their shields continued to amaze her.  She sighed softly as she sat a bit uncomfortably in the back of the Raider.  Watching all the debris, feeling every single hit that their shields took.  Watching their integrity degrade little by little on the various screen read outs that she could read from her seat. 

One thing that Zyrao did not appreciate about life is when it took the control out of her hands and began to remind her that she had no control over it to begin with.  She preferred to be the sort that could command and life choices herself.  However, fate liked to laugh in her face quite frequently.  Thus, she found herself rather put off at being reminded in the middle of a debris field still thinking about how and when she was going to pull the trigger on the two ridged idiots in front of her that would be a hindrance to the goal she had in mind.

A jolt, again, and Zy felt the muscles in her shoulders tighten further.

“Watch it.” she cursed at the both of them, they didn't seem to hear or that or they were used to it at this point.  The most likely thing was that they were concentrating on getting them through the debris field that was thick and dangerous along with the other raiders that they didn't even register that she had spoken what so ever.

She didn't like to admit to fear, in fact it was probably the one word that was basically just non-existant in her vocabulary.  Though others might use it to describe certain situations she didn't like to think that it pertained to her.  She didn't want to die, but she was very seldom afraid.  Right now though, she felt that she could be best described as apprehensive.  A bit anxious with the situation.  She was about to betray the only home she had known for years.  It had nothing to do with Drex.  She could take or leave that guy, he was nothing more than a means to an end.  It was the fact that she felt her life resonated well with the Klingon.

If only they weren't lead by the biggest idiot...

“We are receiving a comm from the moon.”

Her brow rose.  “Play it.”

“But, Strategist, our own aren't down there, it is from the Federation scum.”  said one of the Klingon's that twisted in his seat for just a mere second so that he could make eye contact with the woman that sat in the back.  She had her elbow resting on the side of her seat.  Thumb softly stroking over the plumpness of her lower lip while she made eye contact for a long moment.  She would not back down, and she was not afraid of a visual challenge. 

“Then we need to know what their game is, don't we?   If we are to eliminate and neutrailize the Theurgy as a threat we need all the information available.  Anything less than that is a waste of our time and lives.”

He looked at her for another long moment before he turned and keyed the button that played the frantic message from someone that was clearly not speaking Klingon.  Zyrao had no trouble understanding the language and in a moment she was nearly out of her seat.  Restraints all that stopped her from the fact that she wished that she could stand up in shock.  The straps digging into her shoulders and chest for a moment before she slumped back.  “Get us on that moon.” she ordered, her voice leaving very little room for debate.  “If you want to complete your mission you will get us down there as fast as possible.  Fly faster.”

“The Shields.”

“They won't do any good against what is about to come at us.  Get get us down there as fast as possible.  Do your best.  Show me your skill set.  I will be sure to tell Drex when we return.”

They needed no other incentive and soon they were going as quickly as they could push the Phantom.  She opened a com with the other Raiders that were in their group.  “Everyone head to the moon.” she quickly told all the phantom fighters.  She had no idea how long they had before the station defenses began doing what they were made to do, protect and destroy.

She would prefer not to be victim to such a thing.

The debris field was massive and she was not enjoying the jostle of over piece that brushed against the shields but she knew that it was a means to the end.  Her eyes were locked on their location.  “There.  That bay.  Dock in that.  Come in hot.  We don't have time for thrusters.” she ordered the two men at the helm.  They wanted to live as much as she did and thus they didn't even question her at this point.  They just did as she told them to.  Correcting their trajectory and path so that they were on a proper course for the docking bay she found herself holding her breath.

You're losing your edge, Zyrao Natauna.  All the things you have been through and survived and you're going to let a moon remind you of the fear you are capable of.  Do not let this moment sway your heart to a shuddering mass of emotions.  You are far too powerful for such a thing.

They were close now, she could actually make out the bay now. There was something that was hanging from the ceiling.  From their current  position that was all that she could make up.  A massive ship that sat in the center of the bay, she didn't know what it was either all she knew was that she needed to make sure that they were next to that thing.  “Take in on the right, fold the wings, skirt the side, land us as best as possible.” she said as she prepped for the jolting action of the hard landing they were about to have.  She swallowed heavily as they Klingon's large hands began to do as she had asked.  Leaning forward as best as she could so that she could see a bit more clearly when the wings folded they only cleared the ceiling of the docking bay by mere inches before the Raider glided into the protective bay and quickly found a place to land.

[SuD Docking Bay]

It was quick, and she felt her body jolting against the restraints of the seat.  Keeping her in her seat, away from harm, pushing her Klingon armor into her body.  She grimmaced as the fighter slid slightly across the bay for a moment and then it came to a stop. 

[Phantom seven..] came a garbled voice from the coms unit.  [Coming in hot!] Called the Klingon over the voice system.  It was only seconds later that she witnessed what exactly that meant.  There was a screaching high pitched sound of metal.  The Phantom Raider in question had not tucked their wings what so ever and they had clipped the top of the docking bay.  The wing hung helplessly to the side, like a broken appendage as the Klingon raider began to turn into a spinning ball of metal, death, and engines.  It spun and flung itself deep into the docking bay skidding across the floor.  The broken wing flew off and speared into one of the walls sticking out sickly from a rip in the bulk head now where it sat heavily .. a reminder that it could have done far more damage.  They were lucky that it was only the bulkhead and nothing more than that.  Zyrao released herself out of the restraints that had saved her from being far more hurt than just a little sore and she stood up in the Raider. 

Now was the time for action, and action was not going to be something that the Klingon's were going to like.  She stood there for a moment.  The other Raider landed far better, Phantom Five was able to make it.  Suddenly, the moon defenses went off and she could not help but see and watch the massive amounts of damage that it had done.  Small pops at first, burst of light, it was almost impossible to tell what had once been there.  But she knew.  She knew they were ships.  Some of her Raiders, her people, those that had been her family for the last several years.  On those ships, Klingons were now nothing but a bit of dust floating amid debris in the area of space around the moon.  It seemed to be ironic that they had spent so much time trying to get through that field and next time they did so they would be navigating through the remains of their own.

Small pops, they seemed small as the weapons systems got further and further away from the station and then, it was quiet for a long moment.  Only then, there it was. … her eyes widened as she noticed that the ship.. the Hakkarl was gone.

“They've destroyed the Hakkarl!”  One of the Klingon said in shock but it was mixed heaviliy with the anger that colored his voice.  That was his home too, his family, and they weren't about to let that go unanswered.  They were Klingon, pride, honor, bravery.. such savagery would be answered.  Zyrao felt the disruptor against her leg, in it's holster, waiting to be pulled. 

“We must finish our mission.  For Drex!” he called out slamming his fist into his chest.  Zy turned to look at the both of them.  She sighed.  She almost hated to do it, but it was important.  It was highly important that this moment happened.  She had promised the Captain of the ship help.  Just because Drex was an idiot did not mean she was willing to kill all the people on that ship and she certainly wasn't about to die trying.  Drex and his ship had died all ready, and it wasn't at the hands of the Theurgy but she most certainly was not going to let this opportunity drop.

“Confusion will make them weak.  They lost many.  They will be in mourning and not ready to fight.” said the navigator.  Zy could not fault his logic, only he would not be able to find out if he was right or not.  Because at that moment Zy pulled her disruptor out of the holster where it sat.  She knew they wouldn't suspect anything.  They were about to come out of the Raider and they were going to attack the Federation only that wasn't her plan.  It was not out of place for her to have her disruptor in her hand.  It was out of place for her to do what she did next. 

"Is the air breathable?" she asked quickly.

"Yes, it's reading so, but there's no gravity." 

"That's fine, we've fought in worse." she admitted.

She rose her arm.  One hand, pulled the trigger, disruptor bolt, nearly silent until the man slumped with a burning hole in the back of his long haired head over the navigation console.  Before the second Klingon could even realize what was going on, she shifted her arm over that couple of feet and shot again.  This bolt hit him in the side of the head, straight through the brain.  He slumped down and ended up folding over in his seat, falling down onto the ground of the Raider.  Matter leaking slightly from the ragged hole that her disruptor had carved in his thick Klingon skull.  She stepped past them and opened the hatch.

In the time that it took her to rid herself of the excess baggage that now lay bleeding below the others had witnessed what had happened.  With Drex in mind and his final orders on repeat they were quite ready to do what needed to be done.  They wanted to take down the Theurgy.  The Klingon's would be a hero, because Drex wanted this to happen.  To give the Klingon's not only name but honor and the knowledge that they had most definitely taken down a massive enemy of the Federation.  This rogue ship.  Now they would be gone.  Besides, they had destroyed the Hakkarl.  Klingon's dead.  So many of them.  They had died honorably but that did not change the fact that they had died. 

Now was the time for vengeance.

Zyrao popped herself up out of the hatch.  Using her body, a hand hooked underneath the hatch so that she could stay in place while she proceeded with the next part of her plan.  She was going to have to do what she could with the element of surprise that she had for a few moments.  She knew that at first they would assume that she was on their side.  She could probably take out one or two Klingon's.  But there were several.  Each Raider had at least three Klingon's on it.  The trick was going to be how many could she take out before they realized that she ws the one that was not only shooting a them but that she had switched sides.

The betrayal would not be taken kindly.

She looked for the closest target, until she was out of the protection of the Raider she would not be able to shoot too far, so she went for the Raider that was the closest.  The hatch just opening as the first two of the large Klingon heads popped forth out of the hull.  She leveled her disruptor, and quickly fired a shot.  The first missed, the second missed, but the third bore a hole into the Klingon right where his nose had once been.  He disappeared from view and now she was probably being noticed.  She needed to be quick.  So she shifted her disruptor and began to try to shoot the next.

The Klingon's weren't close enough that they were huge targets, and it was just their head and chest but if she could take another one out it would definitely make it a little easier later.  She shot.  A shot was lobbed in her direction.  She ducked down for a moment to take herself out of their sights for a moment.  Waiting for everyone to forget about her for a split second, and then she popped up. Went for a more supressive spray rather than try for a sniper shot.  She did not have a sniper gun with her and that was not something that she could count on.  She rained shots on them, until finally, she got another, or at least she thought she did.

He went down like she got him, and hadn't come back up yet.  Zy, waited, being wary.  She wasn't sure that the Theurgy crew would realize that she was on their side or not but hopefully taking out some of the Klingon's in full view of the people around the deck would make them realize they had a friend in their midst.

Only time could tell. 

For now, she was in full on warrior mode.  Looking for targets and firing disruptor bolts at them. 

This time, it was a war, she chose.

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | SS Sabine NX-59846 | SuD Lang Docking Bay | Klingon Mining Outpost ]   Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Striker N7, @Havenborn, & @Josie 

“AAAAH!” Tessa cried as she appeared in the two pad transporter in the cramped and narrow cabin of the Sabine.  That the interior of the long range shuttle was cramped and narrow was important, because Tessa appeared at a dead run.  Thankfully, the process of transport had temporarily deactivated the phasers in her hands otherwise she might have damaged the shuttle.  She still did her best when she ran helmet first into the archway leading into the cockpit.  That is not to say she passed through the archway and into the cockpit.  Due to the angle that the transporter pads were arranged, Tessa didn’t quite make it into the cockpit, but instead hit the intruding bulkhead at an angle allowing her right arm to flap inside the cockpit and her dropped phase pistol to bounce off the copilot’s console before the exo-suited pilot fell backwards. 

“Whoa!  Look out!” she squeaked as a silicon based spider like creature hopped off her leg to cling to the ceiling before leaping down at Ensign James Mariner’s exposed head.  Seizing the creature with both hands, Tessa lost her footing and wrestled with it while laying on her back.  “Shoot it!  Shoot it!  Shoot it!” she screeched.

There was the sound of a phaser discharging, and then the visor of her helmet became obscured by a thick bluish gunk that blocked all vision. 

“Yeesh…” Tessa groaned as she stood up and undid the releases on her helmet.  It took her a moment to realise that she was aboard the Sabine.  To her left was Ensign Mariner, formerly of the Resolve  Crouching over the transporter controls was ThanIda zh'Wann, stripped to her undergarments can covered with bruises and smudges of what Androrians used for blood.  Who had been operating the transporter when zh'Wann was rescued?  It looked like the Andorian was lucky to have all over her fingers and toes.  But what was that smell and where was everybody else?

"Don't... you will wake the nerves... Let the arm die... less pain," a weak masculine voice rasped from the aft compartment.

"Burn you what did you do?" a woman’s voice protested.

“Ewww…” Tessa moaned while closing her eyes and covering her ears with her hands.  Maybe she didn’t want to know where everybody else was.  The whole mission had a ‘things went FUBAR so we’re leaving now’ vibe, so it was time to find the two phasers she dropped, clean the spider gunk off her helmet and get back in her Valkyrie.  She took a deep breath before opening her eyes and crouching on her knees to search the floor.

"Sorry Sera," the man’s voice apologized.  "I guess I’m not nearly as handsome as I was last time we met."

Tessa shuddered as she entered the cockpit and plucked her pistol shaped pulse phaser off the deck. “Thanks for saving my skin, guys!” she called over her shoulder.  “Could somebody help me find my other…”

"Klingon raiders dozens of them. A carrier the IKS Hakkarl!" ThanIda called out.

“Klingons?” Tessa protested.  “But what are they doing here?  This station has been abandoned for ages!  Whoa!”  she squealed as the deck pitched under her.  “What’s going on?  An earthquake?”  Staggering forward, she planted herself in the pilot’s chair and checked the sensors.  “Holey smoke!  I’m getting a big power reading from under the ruins!  It must be coming from the ruins of the Lightborn!  McMillian must have…”

"Sabine." The voice of the burn victim croaked from behind her.  "Raise the shields now! That ship is here to destroy the moon!"

“Well that’s just super!” Tessa growled as she activated the Sabine’s deflector shields.  “Are we going to leave my Valkyrie behind?  They don’t just grow on trees you know!  It’s not like Starfleet is sending us replacements!  Ooh!  We’re getting a hail!”  Turning her head, she shouted to her shipmates in the shuttle behind her.  “Guys we’re getting a hail!”  Turing her attention back to her console, the pilot pressed the blinking button in order to answer it.  “I wonder who’s calling us?  Hello, this is…”

Heather McMillian’s panicked voice filled the cockpit, and was undoubtedly heard by everybody in the shuttle.  "The city is alive and armed! It's targeting the Klingons and anything else outside the moon. Daniel! Zrinka! Get inside NOW!"

Tessa just sat there, stunned as the message repeated itself before finally switching it off.  “So she really did activate a doomsday weapon.  I tried to warn her!” she added in a scolding tone.  When her eyes fell on the sensors she couldn’t believe them.  “Oh my gosh, it looks like the Klingons have been destroyed!”  She looked behind her to see what the others were doing as the shuttle trembled again.  “Anybody got any ideas?  It looks like the only thing more dangerous than staying here is leaving!”

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | SS Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay | The Coreless Moon ]
Attn: 1) @Havenborn  2) @Triton  3) @Doc M. 4) @Kaligos 5) @Triage  5) @Blue Zephyr 
Barely having processed the fact that she'd lost a fellow Security officer - Bremmer's transponder lost after hearing her pleading for her life - Ida came to face a situation where her away team's mission had been compromised. The Klingons were inbound, and since Hi'Jak's anastehtics made him able to speak anew, he croaked out that he knew they were to destroy the moon. Ida turned her head, wondering if such a drastic measure was protocol for the KDF, and if the message sent to Martok had been compromised. She had no time to waste on learning the 'why' of the situation, since the discovery of the Klingons happened at the same time as the moonquake began.

Hi'Jak's words made Ida think that it was the Klingon ship that had activated some kind of self-destruct sequence, but Tessa May Lance had reached the cockpit of the Sabine, raising their shields and suggesting that there was some kind of energy surge from below SuD Lang. Ida couldn't just abandon the transporter controls yet, with team members still missing, and keyed up the search again. Still nothing. Tessa wasn't done, however, detecting a hail of unknown origin, and Ida looked towards the cockpit when the fighter pilot played up the transimission.

It was Heather McMillan! At least the scientist was alive, and evidently, the Klingons weren't responsible for the moonquake at all.

Having received the message from Havenborn earlier, Ida quickly opened up that comm frequency and spoke up in the wake of McMillan's words. She saw that he flew in formation with the Klingon raiders, but didn't know his status beyond that. The female pinkskin pilot was nowhere on her sensors. "Sabine to Escort Leader, transmitting docking bay coordinates now! The power surge is ebbing out. Whatever weapon system the moon has, it looks like it's going to fire any moment!"

It was as if time stood still, the anticipation of what was going to happen ranging from fright to acceptance of their pending death.

Then, it came. The moonquake stilled, and the sudden light outside the docking bay's opening made everything white. Tessa's voice was drowned out by the sounds of metal screeching outside the Sabine. The rumble of several engines, and the sizzle of guidance thrusters powering down. Ida lowered her arm from her eyes, dimly seeing what Tessa saw. The Hakkarl was gone, along with any sensor spikes outside the docking bay. The sensors couln't detect anything. What just happened?

Her vision not quite readjusted, Ida lumbered to her feet to look outside the canopy in the cockpit, passing Mariner on her way to Tessa. In the wake of the moon's defence systems' surge, the Sabine's sensors were scrambled, and all they had were their naked eyes to see if Havenborn made it inside. He was nowhere in sight from the cockpit... "What's out there?"

While Ida no Federation fighter... three Klingon raiders were out there, and a fourth one burning on their port side. "Shelat..." she said, knowing that this wasn't over yet. She had to think fast, get her mind out of that transporter room she'd nearly died in, and start fighting for the team's survival again. Getting her thoughts together, she spotted a pinkskin floating out of a raider on their starboard side, starting to kill Klingons in zero gravity with a disruptor. By Lor'Vela, who is that? A prisoner? Why was she in...?

No time. "Hi'Jak! Try to clear up the sensors and continue scanning for both Bremmer and McMillan. Transport them both aboard as soon as you get a lock on their positions," she said, leaving the cockpit and walking to Sera. "Give me your phaser and power up the engines. Once you have altitude, target the Klingons. Don't leave the shuttle bay, but you have to lower the shields."

"Got it, but why drop the shields?" asked Sera and tossed her hand phaser to Ida, making her way to the cockpit. Ida looked towards Mariner and Lance.

"Because the three of us are going out there, keeping the Klingons busy until you're off the deck, and we can't get our people back with the shields in the way. Lance, there is zero gravity, so use your suit's thrusters and get into your Valkyrie. Mariner and I will cover you too. Hopefully, Havenborn made it inside the bay, but it appears like we have another ally out there. It looked like a human woman. She is shooting at the Klingons already, so we'll give her fire support too. Everyone ready?" Ida didn't wait for an answer, striking her bare fist against the airlock control panel. "Move out!"

While she had preferred to don some kind of armour, there was no time. The foul air of SuD Lang meeting her, Ida cleared the Sabine's airlock with Mariner and Tessa behind her. With her pulse phase pistol in hand, her white hair gloating before her eyes in the zero-gravity conditions of the bay, she pulled herself up on top of the small ship to get the best vantage point - staying close to the hull to not make herself too much a target.

Once on top of the Sabine, Ida sought targets, and began to fire - keeping the Klingons pinned down as best as she might. Only then did she see the Gryphon fighter aft of the Sabine, and how the Klingons were firing against it. Havenborn, she thought, He made it!

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Here is the battle map! (not my best work, but it visualises the place well enough, lol) I have added one more Phantom raider flying into the bay since it would be too easy a battle otherwise. Please don't hog all the kills to yourselves. Spread the fun around once its your turn. Leave your posts open-ended as to how successful your characters are, not writing that they actually kill any Klingons in your posts, and only have them firing at one of the Phantom raiders in the bay.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie Hellcat] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Blue Zephyr, @Triage, @Doc M., @Striker N7, @Kaligos

Daniel receieved the text message that came from the lead raider, he had assumed that Drex was planning to attack them he just didn’t know how long he was going to play along for.  Honestly he was surprised that the Klingon had played along for as long as he did and had even allowed him to tag along.  From his position he could surprise the Klingons but he knew that his chances of taking them all out were improbable, he’d most likely be able to down two before they turned around on him and destroyed him.  “Knight isolate the communications channel.”  Daniel said as Knight acknowledged him.

They were closing in on the docking bay and his sensors could detect a Mark-III Valkyrie and the Sabine inside the docking bay, as he prepared to target the raider next to the one leading he heard a cry come over all communications channels.  “The city is alive and armed! It's targeting the Klingons and anything else outside the moon. Daniel! Zrinka! Get inside NOW!”  He didn’t recognize the voice but his sensors began to detect a powerful energy surge coming from the moon that his ships shields would not be able to protect him from.  He throttled his engines forward passing a few of the raiders and getting inside the bay just as the energy surge caught the raiders behind him.

However a few raiders had already made it inside of the docking bay and he could see several of them had already landed and the Klingons exiting them to attack the away team.  His focus turned to the raider in front of him that was turning to face him and the Sabine, Daniel targeted the raider with his pulse phasers and fired a burst at the cockpit watching as its shields took the burst but they didn’t last long.  Daniel could only assume that they had been in the process of either cycling them or he had gotten a lucky shot, either way it was now unshielded and he fired again at the cockpit, hoping that his luck would hold out and he’d be able to kill the Klingons while keeping the raider intact so that it didn’t explode and kill everyone in the docking bay.
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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | SS Sabine NX-59846 / SuD Lang Docking Bay | Klingon Mining Outpost | The Coreless Moon ]

“Hang in there!” Jimmy shouted into the co-pilot’s comm. Jimmy let the Andorian work her magic while the most he could do was assure his crewmates things were going to be alright. “We’re getting you out! Hang on, Eliska!”

In the Sabine’s cockpit, Jimmy wrung his wrists at the thought of a longtime colleague in danger. He wanted to glare daggers into Ida, but instead fixed his slits at the scanners and instruments, particularly at the transporter controls. It wasn’t her fault the shuttle only had one pad; Mariner had more than half a mind to hop onto the bloody pad to help the crew fight their way to safety. He’d even take a second sidearm to clumsily fire akimbo if he had to—he’d done so more than one occasion during the dominion war, with a pistol in one hand and a Jem’Hadar carbine in the other. What it lacked in accuracy, the gambit paid off, even if enabled in desperation.

“Come on, dammit. Burn it.” Jimmy whispered to himself, borrowing some of Sera’s language, gritting his teeth as he gripped the seat of the co-pilot’s seat. If there was one thing the Australian maverick hated it was feeling helpless in the face of danger.

The sickening sounds of the screams were abruptly cut short by the electronic humming whir of the transporter beam. A distinctly-female shape materialized in the ship. Mariner strode over with his rifle in his left hand, lowered to the floor and a dermal regenerator in the other, just in case.

For less than a fraction of a second, Jimmy noticed something in the transporter beam else bounded to the ceiling. “YAH!” Jimmy bared his teeth right back at the creature as he reactively fired at the maw of the spider, knocking it to the floor of the shuttle pod as it made grotesque sounds. Jimmy shielded his face, lest he were to wind up like Jack nearby: too close to an acid bath for his own good. “Go back to the shadow, mate.” Jimmy growled at the nonsentient creature as he thumbed the setting on his phaser rifle and fired a carefully-dispensed 'kill' beam that disintegrated the creature, leaving only charred, repulsive clawed appendages (which would soon be tossed out of the Sabine's ramp. He'd already limited the weapon's output to stop its intended target, rather than blaze through the deck plating.

Too bad for Jimmy, Tessa Lance was wearing her helmet. He’d seen her dossier on the flight in, and found her callsign apropos to her intense stare. There had also made some Tolkien jokes on the away team’s flight to the coreless moon in the first place.

“He’s had better days.” Jimmy addressed Lance’s concerns about Jack quickly before waiting for anyone else to arrive in the Transporter beam. Where was Bremmer? Suddenly any jokes he'd prepared about bricks and combat rations disappeared. They were both professional crime fighters. They’d been through three and a half years of seeing each other on a daily, almost first-name basis.

It was all of a sudden when Bremmer’s screams abruptly stopped and the transporter beam didn’t hum to life, The look of fury on his face was unmistakable, but he asked Lance anyway. “Where’s the rest of the team!? For Bloody Hell’s sake--!” Before he could finish that statement, Ida called a bone-chilling alert. Klingon raiders. Jimmy inhaled sharply, momentarily shoving his rage to the wayside. “Croc-heads—sorry, Leftenant Jack. Probably came here for a walkabout, ey?” Mariner quipped to nearby Lance. “No worries, Goldeneye. Klingons ain’t got nothing on an Eagle Project alumni.” Jimmy boasted as he wiped the spider’s gore from his forearm and patted his already-blooded knife for good measure.

Before he could smirk confidently, the deck beneath them shook violently. It was like following his father on a foreign planet where groundquakes were common, however random and terrifying. Mariner lost his footing for a moment, landing on his ass.

“Everyone okay?” He uttered as if to dismiss his fall as he got up, none too pleased at being caught off guard, but all ears snapped to Lance’s report. “Dammit. She woke the bloody Balrog after all.” As if on queue, Heather’s voice came in on his suit’s comm channel. Mariner was astonished. But if whatever was responsible was going to take out the Klingon task force, would they be safe inside this hangar bay? The sudden possibility of death passed as quickly as it came as a blinding light momentarily illuminated the ship’s interior in concert with sudden horrible scarping sounds of metallic collision. Jimmy knew that sound well, from so many crash landings in his father’s old 23rd century shuttle. Lt. zh’Wann’s orders coincided. The Moon was activating some kind of defense screen, and Mariner couldn’t yet tell if it was the Klingons or his old friend Dan “Salvo” Havenborn’s fighter or that of “Honeybadger”’s interceptor. The crime fighter was prepared for anything now. Including the notion that today would be a good day for more Klingons to die.

Mariner found his helmet and snapped it back on once Ida gave her orders, and at the same time had a wicked idea on how to attempt to get answers from one of their new arrivals. If they wanted to come in peace, They certainly would have belched something into the comms.

 Mariner set his own phaser to sniper mode, as he preferred, taking one tactical assessment of the hangar outside and making a head count of the opposing force. He didn’t have time to speculate why a non-klingon female was present nor why she opened fire on those she came with. He looked forward to asking once Ida opened the hatch. Mariner held his fire but used the shuttlecraft as cover while he went around starboard, keeping their new ‘ally’ in his sights as well as the remaining Klingon on the raider at Sabine’s two’o’clock.

“Oi, Stupid!” Jimmy taunted at the Klingon, who whipped over at the insult cast his way By then though, Jimmy had fired a disarming-but painful stun bolt at the Klingon’s gun arm; Mariner chuckled tauntingly, “Haha, you looked!” As the disruptor and phaser fire furiously exchanged behind him, Jimmy made a running leap at his intended target, guided by thrusters to catapult him to the direction of the confused Klingon he’d singled out to honorable combat. Mariner holstered his rifle onto his magnetized back holster and drew his combat knife, anticipating the chance to fight this Klingon and hopefully get an answer from him before sending him off to meet his makers up in Sto’Vo’Kor. Otherwise, he'd at least secure a flanking position to effectively deliver prosecution against entrenched combatants.

Mariner miscalculated. To his mixed excitement and horror, the Klingon pilot produced a Yan sword, only a few meters before Jimmy could have the opportunity to correct the arc of his trajectory, using his thrusters to tumble halfway in midair, before doubling down on his thrusters once he’d cleared the Klingon Raider and shooting back from the wall to the base’s command center, to stop within striking distance of the sword-toting Klingon. Jimmy hoped he’d fight knife to knife, but thanks to his suit, was able to afford himself a brief parry with the knife held in his left hand against the tapered Klingon cutlass. In response to the initial attack by the Klingon, Jimmy reacted, throwing a duo of right punches—a jab then a hook, disorienting the Klingon who threw a wide horizontal slash and followed up with a diagonal thrust which Jimmy stopped by pummeling the Klingon’s fingers with his armed left hand. With his right, Jimmy pulled the Klingon’s sword arm into him, slamming his dagger into the Klingon’s armpit and twisting it around, drawing a howl of pain. “Why are you attacking us?!” Jimmy demanded at his foe. The Klingon headbutted Jimmy’s visor in a defiant response. Jimmy lowered his head and headbutted right back, “Tell me or I’ll leave you here for the spiders to send you to meet Fk'lhr!

Certain he wasn’t going to get any answers, Jimmy held the sword-arm away from him, twisted Klingon’s arm and hurled the Klingon down. Mariner quickly sheathed his knife, drew his rifle from its magnetic holster, and replaced it with the yan he’d just collected. He fired a stun round at the man he’d just defeated in honorable combat (but didn’t kill him, as his suit’s onboard recorder would document), sending him tumbling in low gravity. With his corner of the hangar secured, Jimmy magnentized his boots and moved on towards securing a firing position against three Klingons in another raider who were dispensing disruptor fire at the Sabine and the away team’s new ally.

Jimmy took advantage of the his first-shot advantage and fired a compressed sniper bolt at a Klingon, scoring a direct hit. He smirked. “Good Day, ey?” Jimmy said to himself, joking at the Klingon battle mantra, coinciding with a classic Australian greeting, before taking cover behind his raider, to keep the enemy confused. He was ready to go full automatic to suppress the path for whever that new female was once he made contact.

Jimmy had the opportunity to lock eyes (through his slightly-cracked helmet with his unexpected new ally, giving her the ‘okay’ gesture, making the universal of ‘over here!’ in her direction as he took a step back and slid to his left, still using the Klingon raider as cover; She probably didn't know that tapping on one's own scalp was infantry sign language for, 'don't shoot/friendlies'. If he could use her position to form a half-diamond formation to flank the Klingon raider ahead of them, they could possibly get the drop on the raider underneath Lance’s fighter.

Before he could get an aknowlegement from the mysterious stranger, the clear and apparent sound of another craft arrived at the hangar. It was Salvo and his fighter. “Welcome to the party, Dan!” Jimmy whooped into the short-range comm channel.
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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | SS Sabine NX-59846 | SuD Lang Docking Bay | Klingon Mining Outpost ]   Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @CanadianVet, @Kaligos, @Triton, @Havenborn, & @Josie 

While Tessa sat dumbfounded in the pilot’s chair, Lieutenant zh'Wann immediately doled out the responsibilities.  "… the three of us are going out there, keeping the Klingons busy until you're off the deck, and we can't get our people back with the shields in the way. Lance, there is zero gravity, so use your suit's thrusters and get into your Valkyrie. Mariner and I will cover you too. Hopefully, Havenborn made it inside the bay, but it appears like we have another ally out there. It looked like a human woman. She is shooting at the Klingons already, so we'll give her fire support too. Everyone ready?  Move out!"

“What?" Tessa started, shaking as if she had been awoke from a deep sleep.  “Ooh!  Got it!  Aye-aye, ma’am!” she yammered as she rose from the pilot’s seat and left the cockpit.  “Now just let me find my little hand phaser,” she added as she got on her hands and knees to search for it.  The little dark grey device really blended into the carpet, but she spotted it when someone accidentally kicked it and sent it rattling off the bulkhead.  “There it is!” she squeaked triumphantly as she crawled across the deck and retrieved it.  She stood up and checked her suit’s compartment and attachments before realizing that aside of the civilian pilot and the injured scientist, she was alone in the shuttle.  “Huh?  Wait for me!” she cried as she wiped the gunk off her helmet and reattached it. 

Her gloved hands were still checking the seals on her neck when she emerged from the Sabine into the dust and debris choked chaos that was the SuD Lang Docking Bay.  Tessa activated her exosuit’s combat tricorder in order to make sense of what was happening around her.  Her helmet’s heads up display, was thankfully unaffected by the spider guts on her visor, allowing her to effectively operate blindfolded.  As a matter of fact, it was probably better that she just saw digital images and readouts, because otherwise she would have been terrified to the point of petrifaction. 

Four Klingon Phantoms were sharing the hangar with Tessa’s Valkyrie and the Sabine, but currently only two of the three man fighters were the flustered pilot’s obscured field of vision.  To Tessa’s bewilderment, Ensign Mariner was launching himself at a Klingon who had emerged from the one in the two o’clock position.  Why was he doing that?  Why were the Klingons attacking them?  Why were they even fighting?  Then she remembered that after the Theurgy had gone on the run, everybody was trying to kill them.

The Klingons in the Phantom at the ten o’clock position weren’t evacuating their raider.  On the contrary, it hadn’t even landed on the deck.  Instead it pivoted in order to bring nose around so that it could fire its weaponry at the Sabine

“Oh!  My gosh…” Tessa whined as she instinctively started forward to get away from the Klingon raider’s target.  Before she could get more than three meters in front of the Sabine’s nose the Klingons fired their Phantom’s Type XII Twin Disruptor Cannons at little gunship’s unshielded hull hitting both the nose of the little craft and its portside wing.  As the deadly particle beam emissions raked the Sabine’s duranium/tritanium composite hull and fractured its parametallic plating, fragments of its 11.1 centimeter ablative hull armor burst forward like deadly shrapnel from an improvised explosive device. 

A particularly large chunk shot forward in front of the rest to bounce off the floor of the hangar to lose some of its momentum before zooming up to strike Tessa’s hindquarters, causing her magnetic boots to lose their hold of the deck and send her spinning into the dust choked void filled with fouled but breathable gases that passed for “air” in the ruined hangar.  Squealing like a stuck pig, Tessa somehow managed to land boots first on the interior wall of the hangar with the door to the SuD Lang command center in front of her.  Looking “up”, she could see the back of the Klingon Phantom as the raider pivoted once more to turn its attention from the wounded Sabine to the AC-307 Mk II Valkyrie that was entering the hangar with its guns blazing.   Thanks to her helmet’s Heads Up Display, she could tell that it was the one piloted by  Daniel Havenborn, callsign Salvo and his RIO Uriah Ahern, callsign Knight.

She could also see her own Valkyrie, attached to the ceiling of the hangar right where she had left it.  What?  Her own Valkyrie?  Remembering what Lieutenant zh'Wann said about her suit’s thrusters Tessa activated the ones in her boots to propel her through the chaos back to her own fighter.  As she sailed over the Klingon Phantom, she could see the shields protecting its cockpit glow a bright green as it was hit with an onslaught of pulse phaser fire before they finally gave out.  Tessa managed to make it to her fighter and crawl into the cockpit and close the hatch before the cockpit of the raider burst and sent deadly metal fragments towards her Valk like a shaped charge.  The sounds of multiple impacts unnerved her as she squirmed and rolled her body in the cramped cockpit.

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 [ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | SS. Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay] Attn:  all

Jack's head hurt, well technically his everything hurt, he was overcooked in the literal sense of the word, and his body would probably not be standing still if not for the redudant design of the Klingon body. Every Klingon who had ever told Jack that he would live his life at a disadvantage could now officialy suck it. However despite the advantage of being alive it did make it all very difficult to focus. "Yes Ida."

Jack walked guiding himself through the room with his good hand, and one blurry eye, as he got to the medical bag from which he had been treated. He heard the commands from Ida, read sensors find the others who were still missing, yes he wanted to work on that, but first he needed something. The pain killer he had been given was putting him to sleep, he needed something that would keep him up, something that could let him go a little faster help clear his mind. He was looking through the mix of drugs on offer.

Finding a hypo loaded with a stim was easy enough, and pressing it to his neck and hitting the button Jack immediately felt the wave of fresh pain hit him as he was struck by the wake up drug hitting his blood stream and firing receptors in his brain, his two hearts beating faster as he woke up more.

He pocketed the drug, in his condition it could be useful for later.

For now he went back to the computer. The sabine had been scanning since before the moons weapon had fired, and the results now that he could read them were terrifying, and amazing at the same time. The weapon was not something unknown to the Federation, and yet it was seemingly impossible that it could exist. The bright pulse that had been fired off from the station was something earth had been detecting since the 20th century.

A Gamma Ray Burst, is the result of a high release of energy, and acompanied the most violent deaths in the universe, the death of stars, collapsing into a black hole or when two neautron stars collided into one another. The outside of the moon was now cloaked in deadly ionizing radiation, the type that a ships shields had been designed to reflect since the earliest days of warp travel.  The radiation was inert now, the pulse having washed over and out of the moon at light speed, but the Hakkarl and everything that had been outside and not at warp... well the results spoke for themselves.

Jack shook his head, he had ordered these men out there, he had called them to the moon, and ordered it's destruction. He had just assigned an entire ship of his countrymen to die. In trying to do something to prevent a war, he had just signed them all to death. The thought made him sick, but didn't really stop him from working.

His good hand typed over the screen pushing past the gamma radiation that had flooded the sabine's computers, flushing it and looking for life, scanning for the life signs of heather, and Bremmer. He found one transponder, which was being boosted from deep within the moon, he didn't exactly have to guess who that was considering they had heard her voice not to far ago. Locking onto it, he set the transporters to work, but stayed at his station, The sabine could do it's job just fine of grabbing Heather and beaming her aboard.

"Where is the other one?"
He wasn't sure he wanted to admit defeat just yet when it came to Bremmer.

"Damn it I have killed too many people today, let me have this veQ Heap!" He slammed his broken and burnt fist into the controls for a moment of rage feeling his nothing as his hand fell limply agianst the consol smeering blood. "Bremmer if you are alive this is your last chance where are you?"


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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | SS. Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay] Attn:  all

She was all alone.  She remembered phaserfire coming her way, she had heard Goldeneye.  And then she was gone.  The spiders must have gotten her.  Then, Eliska was getting literally buried under a mound of spiders; her pistol's power cell had run dry, and she could not reload it; her knife-bearing arm was immobilized by the mass of those creatures; she was just waiting for the end, waiting for one to puncture her suit and get to her...  She did not feel the ground shaking under the vibrations from the critters. 

The next thing she knew, the world around her flashed to blinding light, heat, and a blast front that sent her careening down the hallway ahead of it until an ancient blast door decided to function and slam shut to stop it.  Little did she know about it, but Bremmer had been insanely lucky; the moon's internal structures had shifted ever so slightly, and when the internal laser she had been blissfully unaware of fired, the part of its run that was under that hallway was out of alignment and the immensely powerful beam of coherent light struck the walls, and stone, metal and dust flashed into gas under the massive outpouring of energy, and the instantly expanding atmosphere now composed mostly of searing-hot gaseous-state silica and iron incinerated the spiders, and sent her flying down the hall. 

Gathering herself up, she looked down at her right hand.  Somehow, she had managed to keep hold of her pistol.  Her knife, however, was snapped at the hilt.  Had she tried to hold on along the way?  She didn't remember... And there were damage codes flashing on the faceplate of her visor.  Her forearm PADD had been smashed to ruin, and it would seem that the critters had managed to chew into her communicator assembly, including the locator beacon...  Or it had been fried or smashed when that blast wave had hit her.  Either way, she had no way to speak to the Away Team, and that would be aggravating.

So it meant one thing: she had to get back to the ship.  It was the only rally point she could think of at this point.  If anyone had survived the spiders, that's where they'd be.

With practiced ease, she ejected the spent power cell from her pistol and withdrew the last one from her pouches.  Had she really expended that much ammunition in but minutes?  Looked like she had.  She must have been firing like a maniac... 

At least, her suit's mapping systems still worked, and she had a path back to the hangar.  Though, as she neared it, she was hearing weapons fire, and what sensors still functioned were identifying them as both Starfleet-issue phasers... and Klingon disruptor discharges?  What in the world was happening out there?  Whatever it was, it couldn't be good, and the battered Petty Officer broke into a run, only to arrive into the bay to see it swarming with Klingons, and what looked like some kind of fighters?  What were they doing there?  Why were they attacking them?  But those questions took a back seat once she saw one of the fighters open fire on the Sabine's unshielded hull.  The green discharges struck the white composites, and while some ablated into gas, more fractured, sending shards of razor-sharp metal flying across the bay, which appeared to still be in microgravity.  And among the shards were gobbets of molten alloys spraying in a lurid, rapidly cooling spray.  The offending Klingon craft was then hit by return fire from... from a Valkyrie?  Firing fighter weapons inside a bay?  What in the blue fuck was going on? 

But she had little time to think as the raider was struck and came down on the deck hard, phaserfire having penetrated its shields and carved great charred gouges into it. 

A quick look, though, showed another crashed craft, one from where a pair of Klingons were firing their personal weapons towards Sabine... and the underwear-clad Deputy laying prone on top despite the fact their ride had just taken fire.  That woman was absolutely insane...  But it did not mean Eliska was just going to let them fire on her.  Raising her weapon, she started firing at the pair even as she lit up her thrusters to close the distance even faster in microgravity.  Of course, the lurid glow of her weapon's discharges caught the pair's attention and they turned around, only to see a form in a charred exosuit barreling their way at breakneck speed. 

Colliding into one, a female, Eliska sent her flying from the deck in a flat spin just as she reactivated her mag boots quite literally on the second one's own toes and she pivoted smoothly and she fired upon him.  Her pistol, still set to Level 6, opened up burned wounds into his midsection even as the Klingon reached for his knife... a knife that cleared the sheath and came for a strike.  A strike that never landed as it started to drift across the bay for Bremmer fired another three shots, two shots that took him high in the chest, and one under the chin right through his braincase.  With a smooth step, she aimed up, just as the female managed to stabilize her spin to take aim... and a pair of shots took her cleanly in the chest and a third removed the top of her head. 

With the threats dispatched, Bremmer started to scan the area... unaware that the two Klingons had really been three, and the third was directly behind her, weapon raised.

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann Dorsal Side of the| SS Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay | The Coreless Moon ]
Attn: 1) @Triage  2) @Blue Zephyr 3) @Havenborn  4) @Triton  5) @Doc M. 6) @Kaligos 7) @CanadianVet  
When the raider managed to turn around - hovering over the deck of the docking bay - Ida had hoped the Gryphon fighter behind her would manage to penetrate its shields in time. Her hopes were in vain.

When the Sabine had been hit, Ida swore and held on to the plasma vent grill at the top of the small ship for all that her fingers held. The green disruptor fire had made the Sabine rock on its landing gears, the maglocks screeching and spraying sparks as it was shoved backwards. She had wrapped her arm before her eyes as the shock-wave rolled over her in the inertia, and she felt searing debris rake over her bare leg. Crying out, more in ire than agony, she did get the satisfaction of seeing that raider go down from Havenborn's pulse phasers. The cockpit gave in, sending glittering shards of reinforced aluminium across the back of the docking bay, and the craft was set alight. Hopefully, its warp core wouldn't be compromised...

In her peripheral vision, she saw the Mk III Valkyrie powering up above her, its lights cast across the rolling smoke and lazily spinning shrapnel from the mayhem that unfolded in the bay. Yet she was being shot at, so Ida had no time to point out targets for Goldeneye. Three disruptor bolts skid off the edge of the Sabine's dorsal hull, nearly disintegrating her before she could get her aim aligned. She opened fire, teeth bared and antennae angled forth, but visibility was poor, and she hit naught but the crashed raider that the Klingons were hiding behind. Yet when the line of sight was cleared....

...her eyes widened, seeing Eliska Bremmer's ruined exosuit. By Lor'Vela, she made it!

The Petty Officer took out two of the Klingons in short order, making effective use of her training and the element of surprise. Yet visibility remained foul shelat, so she couldn't be blamed for missing the third Klingon - which stepped out from behind the raider just when she killed the female mid-air. Instinct kicked in, and despite how she should have remained prone and minimise her own target area, Ida couldn't let the Petty Officer die. She sat up, gripped her hand phaser in a two-hand grip and took a slow breath - eyes along the sights. As she exhaled... she opened fire.

A single bolt seared through the distance, passing over Eliska's shoulder, and slammed into the centre mass of the Klingon - sending him spinning backwards. He still held on to his phaser, his armour having saved his life, but Ida took another breath, exhaled to keep her aim true, and two more bolts picked off his head. The first had ruined his neck, and at the next turn his body made in the air, the third bolt sent his hairy scalp into the bulkhead.

She lowered her phaser, and since her blue eyes met Eliska's in a faint smile of approval... Ida didn't see the disruptor bolt that entered her side.

Her smile faded as her lips pursed, as if she was about to say something, but forgot what it was. Weightless, her body was sent off the Sabine's hull by the blast, her white hair floating before her face. It looked like home. Like the snows of Andoria. She realised, belatedly, that it was too long since she'd painted her true home.

As her eyes grew still on that image, her phaser soon drifted from her calloused fingertips.

[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine Cockpit | The Coreless Moon ]
Picking herself up from the floor of the cockpit, Sera got back into her pilot's seat. Her yellow eyes were narrowed into slits, and her Fire Regioneer blood had stirred. They had shot up her ship. They had damaged the Sabine - her only true worldly possession left to her.

"Burn you," she growled as she saw the two Klingons emerging from the burning raider, climbing their way out of the shot-up cockpit. There was only two alive, but that was far too many. "Burn you to ashes and let the storms eat you!"

The Klingons were firing at the Sabine, their bolts going too high to hit her cockpit, so Sera finished accessing the manual aim of her new forward cannons - two pulse phasers mounted underneath her ship on swivelling rigs. With her flickering cross-hairs projected before the glass in front of her, she opened fire - shooting up the back of the bay and sending the Klingons running away in different directions. Sera did not let up for a moment, turning her cannons to follow one of them as he sprinted towards the raider that Mariner had gone to. She could not keep firing after the hairy beast for long, since that might risk the human security guard's life, but she chased the Klingon for as long as she could with her sustained fire.

"Blast you to flaming sand!" she called before she eased her thumbs off the triggers, leaving him to Mariner. She had, however, completely lost track of the other one.

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[ Heather McMillan | Tyn Akir, Last Stronghold of the Gîl Naur | The Coreless Moon ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Triton, @Havenborn, @Blue Zephyr & @Doc M.
“Don't throw up, don't throw up, don't throw up...” said Heather, repeatedly, clutching at her helmet with her gloved hands, trying to reach her head. She'd reattached the gauntlet now that she was relatively safe within the Gîl Naur warship's hull. Rocking back and forth in a seated position, she tried to diffuse the queasy feeling that had been steadily building in her stomach, which gurgled unpleasantly, and she wished she hadn't eaten the broth for breakfast earlier. Her heart was beating rapidly and painfully against her chest. She was getting sicker, and she couldn't begin to process the revelations that had been made to her. There were two species of Radiant, and they were originally known as Alata. It was so much...too much...

She felt the sensation of a transporter, and she clutched everything she wanted to carry with her tightly to her chest, and she felt even sicker than before, and very nearly upchucked right then, except the sensation lessened before she knew it, and she was somewhere else. She quickly ascertained she was on the Sabine, before she screamed out, AAAHHHH!!!

She lost her balance and dropped everything, throwing her hands out to catch herself, though to her fortune, she was in a sitting position, so the damage was minimal, plus her photonic personal shielding was still cushioning her, in addition to her pressure suit. “Wh-what's going on?!?” she asked no one in particular, looking around in bewilderment when she noticed everyone was missing, until she looked at the pilot's station, and spotted Sera and a burnt up person, which took her a moment to realize was Hi'Jak. She weakly pushed herself up, retrieving her treasure, and she struggled to reach a seat, to buckle herself in. She was no use at the moment, and her headache was near-crippling, her vision was becoming spotty, and darkening around the edges.

Was there a battle going on? Who were they fighting? Was everyone all right? She looked down in surprise to see she was trying to clumsily buckle a seatbelt around her waist, but she was having no success, as her fingers were too inaccurate and uncooperative. What was wrong with her? Where was Eliska and Tessa? Were they okay? What was Carrigan doing right now? Was he okay?

She wanted to sleep for a week.

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[Zyrao Natauna | SuD Lang Moon Base of Doom | Raider of Death | Badass Time]
@Auctor Lucan @CanadianVet @Doc M. @Havenborn @Triage @Triton

People were coming in from everywhere.  Those in some kind of suit that Zyrao could imagine came from the Fleeters.  No Klingon would use something like that, it would diminish the armor of the battle ahead of them.  She knew that her mind was partially wired like a Klingon she had spent such a long time with them working her way up to the position she had enjoyed with them for a while.  Drex might have been an idiot but he knew an asset when he saw it.  Especially when it made sure to constantly remind him on and off duty of her uses and abilities.  She minded not what she had done for the position, she only enjoyed the prestige and the life she had lived.

Yet it was time to move in.

It seemed that the Klingons were a common enemy and thus far not a single person had decided to do anything with her.  She assumed they realized that she was on their side.  She knew that she was not going to be able to stay half in and out of the Raider for the moment.  She ducked down amid the fire fight and grabbed a disruptor from one of the unsuspecting Klingon below.  Brain matter and blood coloring the Raider that would likely never be used again.  She came back up and she perched herself just outside the hatch.  Tucking one disruptor into her belt she held onto the hatch door for a moment as her cool grey eyes surveyed all that was going on around her.

That one.  Brave and stupid.  Though kudos for being able to have a fire fight in her underwear. she thought to herself.  That was a true warrior.  Others would find that it would cripple them, it was merely material, fabric that covered your private parts.  However, the chances were that everyone had probably seen female or male parts at some point.  They either had them or had slept with them before.  People took flesh too seriously.  Zyrao was impressed with the nameless heroine that was doing her job despite the fact that she could very well die without armor or some kind of protective suit to help.  I will have to put that one my side should she survive.

She saw a team of people.  Supressive fire.  Intelligent decision.  She watched as the other one headed up towards the ship that was parked on the ceiling.  She enjoyed watching the efforts of the battlefield in front of her.  A misplaced disruptor bolt in her direction just missed, so close that she could actually smell the air around it having burned.  Grey eyes shifted sharply to the Klingon that dared to shoot at her.  He already knew that she had betrayed them.  As there were no Klingons in her hatch with her and she had already taken some of them down.  It was no secret.  But she was not admonished by the look on his ridged forehead. 

Another, smaller ship, possibly one of the ones that followed her into the base opened fire on the Klingon ship.  She watched as he broke through their shields and the Klingon's ducked out of the way hoping to save their lives.  The Raider was pockmarked with all the shots that managed to make it through the shield.  She held her disruptor still.  She jumped up slightly, hooking one foot underneath the hatch so that she could steady herself for a moment.  The first Klingon head that popped out could not even really get a bead on what was going on around him because soon his brain matter was floating bubbles around him, and Zyrao was grinning triumphantly.  The other though, she had lost him, he had come out of the hatch and yet as she finished liberating the other Klingon of his brains the second one had gone.  She was not sure where he had gone.  But he was out of her sight.  That was never a good thing.  She did not want to die this night she had come too far.  She needed to make her stand here, secure her future, and take that Klingon out.  From where she was though, she could not do that.  He was gone, and there was too much going on around them for her to do much of anything.  I'm going to have to move.

Zyrao looked around and saw that there was someone making odd guestures at her.  Her head tilted almost like a bird as she tried to figure out what he was doing but she failed miserably.  The smile .. odd as it was.. meant he was likely meaning her no harm.  She thought about joining him in a joint attack until something else caught her eye.  Stormy eyes shifted over to see the underwear woman floating away from the perch where she had been shooting earlier. 

She will die in the center of the room like that, she has no propulsion. she thought to herself.  For a moment Zyrao did not care, another casualty mattered very little in a battle like this.  Hundreds of Klingon had died because someone had set off the defenses of the moon.  Something that would have to be dealt with at some point.  She did not feel as though it was on purpose or this battle would have gone very differently.  The plight and pleas from the girl over the comms unit earlier stated that it was accidental and that was fully what Zyrao believed.  Still there was blood on the hands of the person that set it off, and that was something that she herself would have to deal with.  Zyrao did not feel much loss for the ship above.  Friends certainly, a brother hood, yes, but mourning them all now would do neither them nor her any good.  What she was most saddened to lose was her books and tea collections.  Things she would have to start all over.

My tea...

Zyrao watched the woman for seconds.  This crew is going to be asking a lot of questions once the battle is over.  I've come from a Raider myself yet I am not Klingon.  They may not believe that I am working with their Captain.  There has to be something to solidify that I am on their team other than shooting my own people.  Those idiots deserved to die following orders in the way that they did knowing that it was unintelligent and quite possibly death inducing.  However, if I save that woman, if I bring her back to safety the likelihood is I will be seen as an ally and hero.  This will have great effect on their opinion of me.  I need them to accept me long enough to make myself indispensable and useful.  This is two fold anyway.  I can save her life, and get to a new vantage point to find that last bastard.

Without thinking any longer about her actions, Zy lowered her leg using her foot for leverage under the lip of the hatch and then she launched herself in the air.  Another Klingon was out there somewhere, she had not yet lost count but she hadn't seen him either.  Her hand pulled her second disruptor out of her belt and she moved towards Ida while she shifted across the bay.  Laying down suppressive fire to save both their lives.  Since Zy was opening herself to an attack by being out in the middle of the bay herself trying to get to the woman.  It didn't seem to take long at all, to get to the woman. 

Is she even alive? Zyrao asked herself as she saw the woman's eyes unfocused and staring off into no where.  Oh come on now, we have common ground, you battle in your underwear you cannot die now. she thought to the woman as she looked around for the Klingon again, a quick cursory glance which proved no pay out.  She quickly sighed and grabbed the woman, pulling her into Zyrao's protective grasp.  Holding the woman close as she put one of her disruptors back in her belt.  The other hand still held it.  She quickly brushed her fingers over the woman's neck.

“No no, you don't.  You are a fighter.  I can tell.  You fight that all the way back to the surface.  You won't let some Targ Eating Asshole take you out so easily.” she said sharply into the woman's ear.  Whether she heard her or not remained to be seen.  Her language alternated from the very few words of Starfleet Standard, which were forced and heavy with accent and a mix of Klingon words when she did not know the Standard terminology, but she hoped the message got across.

She needed to get the woman to medical, yet, that wasn't going to be an option.  She was too high to come down and grab the Sabine.  Even with her feet.  She couldn't hook into anything from this distance.  She continued to sail with the woman in her arm.  There was nothing that could be done from where she was at the moment.  She kept her eyes out for the Klingon.  She hadn't seen him yet, and she knew there were others looking for him too but as long as he died, she would be please right now.  The woman was wet and sticky against her side.  Zy took a glance down and saw the hole in her side, probably why she was having such a hard time staying alive. 

A true fighter will make it. she told herself.

The chances of yelling were.. really poor.  She could do that but she would alert the Klingon to her position.  One one hand that would be great she could get a shot at him, on the other hand she and the blue-blooded woman might die.  If the white haired one hadn't already died.  Zy didn't have time to check her pulse again.  But, if she did yell and it brought the other Klingon out he would be out where several people could see.  The chance of him against all of them were nil.  The problem was, could she risk the chance.  If she used herself as a decoy it might work, but she had never been one that openly put herself in danger for other people. 

Then again, she was a warrior.

“We could....  use...... some ..medical!  And.... baktag ..  a rope.” she called out as she continued to float with the woman in the direction across the bay.  Learning Starfleet Standard was going to take effort and time.  She did not know it well enough, only a few words, heavily accented, and brusque.   Her eyes searched, grey eyes perching on everything she could find, hoping that she could find that Klingon.  Or that someone else would and could take him out.  It was the last stand, and she only hoped that it was worth it.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie Hellcat] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Blue Zephyr, @Triage, @Doc M., @Striker N7, @Kaligos

Daniel watched as the firefight took place below him, he kept count of how many Klingons had been killed and which ones were left.  From his vantage point in the upper part of the docking bay he could see the battlefield far better than anyone else. As he watched the unknown asset neutralize the one of the last Klingons he watched as the other ducked behind the raider as he took cover.  Daniel primed his fighters pulse phasers, intending to score a critical kill on the Klingon.  However as he did so there was a power spike in his console and it shorted out his control control of the pulse phasers.  "Knight my console shorted out, see if you can fix a workaround."  Daniel said as he heard Knight acknowledge him.  Daniel could only assume that his fighter had been caught in part of the blast from the moon.

Daniel primed his thrusters and inched the fighter forward a few meters, so that he was in a position to suppress the last Klingon.  He activated his communications channel and sent an audio message to all Starfleet personnel who could hear him.  "Salvo to Ensign Mariner, I'm in position to suppress, move in for kill shot."  He said, hoping that his old friend would hear him and take the shot once he had line of sight.  Daniel switched his weapons from pulse phasers to phaser emitters, targeted the area around where the Klingon was and opened fire, making sure that there were no friendlies in the area he was firing.

His phaser fire was centered around the raider except for one spot, an opening that lead to Ensign Mariner who would hopefully be waiting ready to kill the Klingon and end this fight.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner |  SuD Lang Docking Bay | Klingon Mining Outpost | The Coreless Moon ]

Bloody Air Support! Jimmy fumed internally when one of the Raiders came to life and engaged his team's only method of escape. He didn't speak Klingon or know how to operate one of these blasted Birds-of-Opportunism he once coined as 'vultures'. He bit his lip as he spotted-- oh God, Lance!-- tumble away like one of Sharky's chew toys. Anxiously watching helplessly as she made her way to her fighter, Jimmy was no match for a Klingon attack craft. Man-to-freak, he was, mano a mano definitely, sniper versus armored vehicle? Mariner was nobody's coward, but Jimmy knew what happened to Snipers according to his father's war simulator when in this very situation. When unable to match scope for scope, it was common enough practice to simply call in the artillery and deal with the relative position of the marksman. Not a good way to go. Then again, for Klingons, nothing was more honorable than victory.

While aboard the Resolve he had made it his mission to practice in the Enemy at the Gates chapter and had emerged a better rifleman for his practice (He'd always preferred to fight pistols akimbo), but against a fully armed and vicious raider, there was little he could do, even at full blast. The Klingons could simply shoot their own vessel Mariner was currently using for cover and blow him up as well. Thrusting up to the fighter and blasting its viewscreen was just as unwise; he wished he'd brought ordnance, even the rudimentary materials to make a Molotov cocktail the way another hero named Jim was able to do; Captain Kirk was able to cobble together a cannon according to legend.

Finally some good bloody news when he identified Bremmer by her firing pose and tendency to overkill. Even Jimmy hoped his nonlethal takedown would be taken into consideration if he were to have the misfortune of standing before one of those rigged Klingon 'trials'. Probably best to let fate sort out this incident, especially given the state of Klingon-Federation relations. Mariner sighed in relief, still hoping Heather made it. Otherwise the only other away team member he had no '20'-- or location-- of was the other pilot, Honeybadger. Mariner had no time to appreciate the turning of the tide as his suit's comm came to life. It was Salvo.

"I'm in position to suppress, move in for kill shot."

That raider soon became the least of his worries as the Sabine turned its weapons in Jimmy's direction. "Oi, Sera! I'm not -that- eager to fire-dance!" he shouted into his suit's comm, taking some sliding steps back, weapon trained forward. "What the bloody hell? I'm right-- Oh Sh--" On that note, Jimmy's combat sensors indicated the arrival of another life form within.... within arm's reach?! A third, meaner-looking and more menacing opponent appeared to his right. Mariner reacted in time to see a bat'leth come swinging straight down as if to split him from head to groin. Mariner brought his rifle to protect himself, which split in two halves with a shower of cerulean sparks.

Defiantly, Jimmy V-stepped into position, and opened fire at point blank range, hoping his phaser rifle would buy him one more fighting chance. Even hacked clean in half, the rifle gave off an unconcentrated wad of sparks that bought Jimmy time enough to take that yan sword for more than just a trophy. He tossed his phaser carbine aside in the general direction of the shuttlecraft. He could keep -that- as a trophy, right now it was time to cash in on the joint-species sword combat exchange during the Eagle Project. His combat instructor had been Captain Solok's security chief, who had a particular interest in discrediting humanity's warrior subcultures. Jimmy had done well in defending the honor of his Pacific neighbors, the Japanese and their Samurai.

The Klingon roared in pain but continued to swing, even while momentarily blinded, "jIHvaD moq! Hom!", He roared.

"That's not what your mother called me last night, Smooth-brow!" Jimmy took off his helmet, which had taken a direct hit to its viewscreen, distorting its display HUD and was now about as good as a hood on a condemned man in a firing squad. Jimmy put himself in that very situation by insulting a Klingon's mother. Even the Ferengi had a rule against that sort of thing. In a similar foolhardy motion of brave foolhardiness, Jimmy released his Helmet and cast it roughly in the direction of the Sabine. It lazily rolled towards the Sabine in low gravity.

Tempting both Fate and his own swordsmanship, Jimmy took a Jodan no Kamae<Falcon's position> form of holding his sword over his head and engaged the Klingon in fair combat, bringing the stout cutlass to bear against the Klingon's counterpart, curving his blade arm and parrying inward, demonstrating a willingness to enter his opponent's defense, but withdrawing to pull back to guard himself, anticipating a retaliatory move, which Jimmy answered with a careful sidestep and defensive block, keeping his sword in a perpendicular cross motion, interdicting the Klingon's skilled and strong initial attack, then a second and a third. Mariner backpedalled, with his sword taking hit after hit, accomplishing two goals. One) Getting into a favorable position closer to the Sabine shuttle, keeping the Klingon distracted from their surroundings, and Two) more importantly, borrowing from Sun Tzu's masterpiece in anticipating his enemy so to best be prepared to defeat him. 

Mariner fought with both hands on his sword's grip, in a Seigan no Kamae stance, knowing that without his helmet, one swipe at his head was all it took to end the day (and his life) on a bad note. Judging by the seemingly-victorious sneer on his enemy's face a false sense of security; Jimmy feigned a defense gesture and suddenly thrust into the Klingon's face in warning, stopping short of a quick, but seemingly-honorless fatality, drawing blood on the warrior's cheek. Both Swordsmen exchanged stares hard enough to boil through durasteel, then stood back, swords crossed. In a particular moment of clarity, Jimmy stood back and held his blade behind him, like a samurai in a sha no kame pose, daring his opponent to strike a seemingly-unguarded adversary.

A heartbeat passed, then the Klingon roared, swinging, now mindful of his human's cleverness but underestimating his pencheant for trickery. Jimmy strode sideways once he determined the bat'leth's trajectory and used his lighter, more precise sword to chop at the most vulnerable spot on a Klingon Warrior's armor: The backs of their necks. Miscalculating for the account of low gravity, Jimmy caught the back end of his enemy's bat'leth, taking a shockstrike to his left temple-- the Klingon's final death rattle. The impact surprised him, but Jimmy's magnetized boot secured his footing;  in a determined bid to stay conscious. A full-force blunt impact could have killed him and Jimmy knew it.

Through grit and a bit of angry cringing, the Australian found his footing, making sure his fallen foe stayed down. Mariner saluted his fallen enemy before impaling him through the heart. "G'day." Jimmy said bitterly, tasting copper as he wiped his mouth off the dizzying impact that seemed to blur his vision. It didn't hurt to give his own take on the Klingon war chant. "Sector clear." Mariner gave a thumbs-up before making another Tolkien reference "No more Uruks." He magnetized the sword and holstered it on his back. His broken phaser halfway to the shuttle by now, it was harmless, but his earlier kill left a disruptor floating about. It would have to do if he had to return fire on his  way back. Mariner got the useless device and stowed it when he returned to the vessel minutes later.

It was then as he got his bearings after a quick inspection of the hangar bay and noticed Ida had been hit. Normally he would not have cared in the slightest at seeing an Andorian in her skivvies, whether Shen like Tarsi or Zhen like Ida. It was then when he made contact with the unexpected ally. He didn't take his eyes off her he but wasted no time in assisting his Commanding Officer, securing her in low gravity and mindful of her injury. Phaser burns were lethal to Andorians, but disruptor wounds without a stun setting were a whole other ballgame entirely. As usual, he began his motivational litany of pep talk even a Tellarite would fume at.

"Easy, Lady. Andorians are ticklish. Watch her head. You still with us, Mu'um? Hang in there, you wouldn't want a half-grilled smooth-dome outliving you-- Sorry, Jack." Jimmy helped their new ally carry Ida into the shuttle, apologizing for the upteenth time to the science officer, but Lt zh'Wann needed some cultural-inspired pep talk the way Solok's officer used on him and others. "What would Lor'vela say, ey? She might not find it shosi and bounce your blue arse to Sto'vo'kor. You might melt there. Wouldn't want to fry in the afterlife. That's just a silly pink-skin superstition, ey? Hang on. Alley-oop!" Mariner helped lift her into an availible bunk, momentarily seeing spots as his head injury took its toll on the Security officer, not to mention the wooziness of fighting in low gravity and negotiating with magnetic boots and Klingon weaponry.

Jimmy scanned the interior of the shuttle for a head count. Heather had beamed in, that only left the Pilots in their respective getaway vehicles, Bremmer outside mopping up any remaining bandits, both wounded lieutenants and Sera herself. He still didn't know what to make of their new passenger, but wasn't about to let her out of his sidearm's reach, lest she only be using them for a ride out of the system. Jimmy rendered basic first aid to the Lieutenant, but left it up to her to keep her hands busy, casting an inquisitive regard to Blueshirt McMillan, hoping the science officer . "Mariner to Bremmer: When you're finished getting your nails done out there, we've got an Andorian in need of medical attention before she hears the blues for the last time. Double-time it, Soldier!"

Klingon: <Fight me, Runt!>

Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Valkyrie cockpit, Wolf 03  | SuD Lang Docking Bay | Klingon Mining Outpost ]   Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Triton, @Havenborn, & @Josie 

Meanwhile in her cockpit, Tessa struggled to seat herself properly but with her EV suit on it was just no use.  She opened up the cockpit and finally got herself seated properly so she could peer down at the action going on around her. 

Unfortunately, there was so much dust and debris floating around in the microgravity conditions that Tessa didn’t notice that there was more than just her and her Valkyrie clinging to the ceiling.  There was a Klingon in an EV suit too.  Apparently Starfleet wasn’t the only navy that gave its environmental suits thrusters and magnetic boots.  He knew that things had gone very poorly for his side, but the sight of Tessa in her open cockpit gave him hope.  If he could get into that cockpit he might be able to play these Starfleet dregklehs back for all of the lives they had taken.  He raised his particle beam pistol took and took aim.  “Hegh,” he muttered.  If he would have been transmitting, the translator in Tessa’s suit would have informed her that he was telling her to die.

At that moment, Tessa decided that there was way too much debris floating around or bouncing off the hangar’s surfaces so she activated her fighter’s deflector shields.  Better safe than sorry.

The poor Klingon chose that moment to fire his weapon.  The energy bolt ricocheted right back at him, knocking him off the ceiling and puncturing his suit to cause large bubbles of burgundy colored blood to accompany him down to the floor.  His last thoughts was a curse to the hideous fate that he and his shipmates had suffered since coming to this misbegotten star system.

Tessa, in the meantime was completely innocent of what had happened.  Her shields registered the shot, but they were intact.  She closed the hatch to the cockpit and ran a damage control diagnostic, and was pleased to discover that no significant harm had befallen her Valk.  According to her fighter’s sensors, the shooting had ceased, and somehow… Petty Officer Second Class Eliska Bremmer was present and accounted for!  How did that happen?  Did someone in the Sabine get a transporter lock on her or something?

“My god, she’s alive!” she squeaked before looking around her cockpit guiltily.  “I mean, thank god, she’s alive,” she corrected herself.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | SS. Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay] Attn:  all

In the attack on the Sabine Jack was thrown prone to the ground. His head hitting the floor and the world went black for a moment, when he woke up he could see that he was succesful in bringing Heather back onto the ship, which was good, and as the doors to the Sabine opened he could see the andorian being hulled in, and again the loud mouth was insulting him, and then appologizing for the insult.

He shook off Mariners complaint as he pulled himself up and picked up the first aid kit. "Back up. Give some space."

Jack shook his head when Bremmer was mentioned by Mariner. His main focus on Ida, and when he left he took over the care. He wasn't a doctor mind you, he did have a biology degree but it was usually in regard to animals on other worlds. He had once had to fix up an earth cow, and really how different could an Andorian female be from a cow? Sure one had blue skin and the other produced milk, but he was digressing he had as much basic training as the next officer, and of course there was the fact that he had a working knowledge of the modern disruptor.

"She's dead, couldn't find her anywhere on base."
He said as he looked over Ida's condition. Disruptors worked by exciting melecolure bonds and melting flesh. The main ingrediant be it used today or the type he had grabbed from a hundred and fifty years ago was the same plasma energy. Unlike Phasers which used partical acceleration, the result was that Disrupters had no stun setting, they caused horrific burns the type he was seeing along the andorian's body. Andorians were suseptable to the radiation, but disruptors used plasma to burn to ash. It was fairly different.

A wry thought went over his mind. In his pocket was the stim that was keeping him standing. If injected into Ida in her current weakeend and bleading state she would go into cardiac arrest, and without Theurgy's prime medical bay to help her she would likely die from the heart attack. It was a tempting way to clean up a witness.

Still his hands didn't lingure for very long. What they needed to do to save her life was to treat the burn as best they could, and figure out a way to reduce the internal damage caused by the blast. "McMillin, I need Dermaline Gel on that wound, and i'm not seeing it here, though that might be because of my own condition."

He didn't want to dwell on it but loosing an eye certainly wasn't great for his vision or the ability to read. The Kelotane would help control the burns, and as he was digging through the medical pad he quickly grabbed another medicen to load up into the hypo he was using, ejecting the adrenaline he had been injecting himself with making sure to clear the vile as he loaded up Hyronalin. "Klingon Disruptors work off the concept of exciting molocules to rip apart the body. They do this with heated plasma which is only slightly radioactive. This is Hyronalin, a popular treatment for acute radiation poisoning and the best we got that i can see. I'm giving her two doses if it works it will flush her system of the radiation, if it doesn't she's dead anyway, and misdiagnoses won't matter."

He was stating this more for the legal record, as he pressed the hypo to the andorian's neck. "Oh and just a reminder I'm a vetrenarian, not a doctor."

With that he hit the button twice injecting her with the medical solution.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | SS. Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay] Attn:  all

After that insane, and ineffective last stand against the spiders and then get shot like a BB down a cannon's bore by a giant laser turning solid stone and metal into rapidly expanding hot gases, Bremmer found that fighting Klingons was a surprisingly comforting proposition.  Even when she had found herself blindsided, and turned around just in time to see the raised disruptor...  And he was blown off his feet by a lurid blast of phaserfire from the Deputy.

Who was fighting from the top of the Sabine, in her underwear, no less, and was plucked from there with a disruptor blast that found itself answered with brutal efficiency.  But she knew one thing for certain: she had to make for Sabine.  Without communications, there was only one place where she could get it.  Oh, she thought of going for the Deputy, and in fact she had been ready to go and recover her.  But some strange woman went up, followed by Mariner to do just that. 

And she entered the small ship just in time to hear the Australian call her over, and to her from Hi'Jak that she was dead.  Her helmet was doing a fine job letting her ear, the audio sensors still being functional, but it would do a great job preventing her from being heard outside of it, especially since she couldn't use any of its transmitters at this point.  But, in the safety of the vessel, he pulled off her helmet to reveal her hair, lank and sodden with sweat and plastered to her skull, and she glowered fiercely at both men.  "No, I'm alive, no thanks to you, Sir."   And then, she focused her eyes on her fellow from Resolve.  "As for you, Mister Mariner, fuck you."

A few deep breaths later, having gotten this off her chest, the Security Petty Officer was turned around, ready to report she had lost the little scientist she was supposed to escort... only to see that she was there too.  How the hell had she gotten there?  "Wait, we have everybody?  Now... who's the fresh face?"

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[ Heather McMillan | Tyn Akir, Last Stronghold of the Gîl Naur | The Coreless Moon ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Kaligos, @CanadianVet, @Triton, @Havenborn, @Blue Zephyr & @Doc M.
Pain...Heather knew one thing, she hated it. Pain was horrible, and unbearable. Oh she'd felt pain before, but nothing like the one she was feeling now. Her head throbbed mercilessly, and she noisily inhaled and exhaled through her nose, her self contained suit making the respiratory noises all the more loud in her ears, but she barely heard the sound, barely registered anything around her, but for the haze of suffering. When they got back, and she still lived, she would need immediate medical attention from Eve. She trusted Eve.

She heard her name being called.

Like from a distance, a resounding echo, there was a flash of light, and she saw Shâ'Nyél's face, her visage, fierce, strong, and defiant, her aura of light as bright as a star. And she was back in the Sabine, and with a gasp, she recalled what a badly scarred and wounded Jack was telling her. Ida! Oh Light! Ida! She undid her clasp, grabbed her kit and as she tried to slide to her knees, but she realized she was having difficulties, and that was the gravitation, and the bulky suit now hindered her finer motor controls, which was severely impaired by her illness, and ever weakening physical state.

Struggling, she hastily tore off her gauntlets, and somehow managed to eventually slip out of the upperbody protection, her transparent blue photonic cushion shielding now visible, with only her underwear for any modesty, but she didn't care right now who saw her. What mattered was saving Ida's life, if only she weren't so near to fainting from the pain, and also exhaustion. The running and the stress wore her out. Hi'Jak couldn't find the Dermaline Gel, but she wondered if he'd ever see again. She found hers in her first aid kit, and handed it to the half-Klingon. She nodded as he explained things, and managed a weak, “R-right...y-yeah...”

She began to assist with applying the gel to the wounded area, her vision beginning to darken again. She struggled to maintain consciousness through the ordeal.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine Cockpit | The Coreless Moon ]
Attn: 1) @Triage  2) @Blue Zephyr 3) @Havenborn  4) @Triton  5) @Doc M. 6) @Kaligos 7) @CanadianVet  
By that time, Sera was standing in the entryway to the cockpit. She remained silent while looking between the survivors, but her yellow eyes kept returning to the burned profile of Hi'Jak. She watched him as he tried to treat the Andorian in the back compartment. Burn you... what did you do?

She remembered what he'd said, most of it when she'd been alone with him - the others outside.

"They are early. Drex was..."

"Raise the shields now! That ship is here to destroy the moon!"

"Damn it I have killed too many people today, let me have this veQ Heap!"
In silence, Sera looked at her burned lover, this only friend of any greater relevance on the Theurgy, knowing that he might have betrayed them all. It was not a coincidence that the Klingons would happen to return to SuD Lang right that moment, after decades of abandonment. Centuries. That carrier out there wouldn't have been alerted by the Lightborn ruins the other scientist had visiter either, and it would have had to reach the Coreless Moon after learning about their arrival. No, there was no other explanation, for how else might he guess the carrier had come to destroyed the moon, much less claim he was responsible of killing them all?

Sera clenched her jaw, looking between the others aboard. Jack had put her in a bind, where she had to choose. Betray Jack, or betray the Theurgy crew.

Then... her eyes met the new woman in their midst, this enigma that had arrived with the Klingons. Chances were she knew Jack's involvement. Could she name him? If she did, what could she do to save Jack? Did she even want to save him? He'd not just betrayed the Theurgy crew, but her too, right? Her thoughts chafed like sand in her head. Not because they had fire-danced together. No, that was no factor. He had even said he wanted to dance with other women. She knew why she didn't say anything. She knew it far too well.

Because she had killed the Chief Scientist on Starbase 84. Executed him, even, acting in fiery hatred for the man... Yet Jack had taken the blame, saying it was an accident. Would he try to lay that guilt at her feet if she spoke up now? Would they even listen to him if he did? She owed him, but this... Had he truly risked all of their lives for sake of the Klingon Empire? Her yellow eyes kept returning to the new woman, knowing that she would - perhaps - be the finger that tipped the scales.

Hoping to get a chance to speak with Jack, before she made her decision - and hoping the woman didn't know enough - Sera announced what she'd learned in the cockpit in a quiet voice - turning the conversation towards what was ahead instead of what had just happened. "My ship is damaged... If we are to get back to the Theurgy, we need to repair the flaming nacelle. Otherwise, I am afraid that the trip will take us over three weeks. We can go no higher than warp two with just one nacelle, and I am not even sure how to configure it to run on its own. Long range sensors and comms are busted too, and ... burn it... we need to keep those damn spiders out of the docking bay if we are to get the Sabine off the deck."

In the end, the Starfleeters would leave the tough calls to their senior officer, which by the looks of it would be the one called Havenborn if Andorian had died. At least she thought so, their ranking system foreign to her. Regardless what his call would be, he would not leave without the Sabine. After what Jack just did...

...she might as well set out on her own again.

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[Zyrao Natauna | Sabine | Bunk Area]
@Kaligos @Triton @CanadianVet @Havenborn @Doc M. @Triage @Auctor Lucan

Someone was floating towards them.  Zyrao was keeping her eyes trained on them, grey eyes sliding across monitoring their progress.  He reached them, and helped them towards the shuttle.  She found herself, at least on board a shuttle.  The one she had hoped to get the injured woman to but yet, the trajectory had not been kind.  Inside the shuttle, Zyrao took a protective stance over the woman, leaning over her, distruptor in hand as she eyed the man that had come for them.  She didn't know him, didn't know of him, though she could tell that he was likely on this woman's team.  He spoke to her as though she was rabid.  Reassuring her that he was okay and that he just wanted to tend to his friend.  Though whether this woman was a friend was up in the air.

The way she moved, anyone that was well versed in reading people, could tell that she was well trained.  Her body was a finely honed weapon of muscle and sinew.  She slowly retreated letting him have at the wounded woman.  As they found themselves on the shuttle the man lifted the wounded woman and hoisted her up slowly.  He was spouting nonsense.  But Zyrao's head tilted to the side.  Because he was speaking in fluent El-Aurian.  Which was unnerving since it was not readily apparent that it was her origin.  But when she studied his lips she noticed he was not saying what she was hearing.  He was speaking the strange language that she had tried to use earlier.  Translator. she surmised rather quickly.  It had to be.

It would make things that much easier if they could all understand each other.  Whether she used El-Aurian or Klingon they should be able to understand her as well if they were on this ship where it would translate what she said into their own language.  She followed the strange man as he put the woman on a bunk.  She watched as everyone flew into action.  Her eyes took in everything, she stood there watching the people talk.  Medical kits being opened.  Things being administered.  Everyone was worried about this small fragile Andorian woman, and yet they were mostly ignoring her very existence.  Which really, worked quite well.  She didn't need to answer a slew of questions at the moment, that was something far easier to be done on the main ship, when she got there.

One such, was half Klingon.  She didn't know of this man or his name.  All she knew was that she recognized the ridges on his forehead.  Immediately, her Klingon mentality went straight to the fact that he was not worthy of the bumped forehead, for they were not substancial enough to be called ridges.  But then, she reminded herself that she was neither Klingon nor did she have any ridges to speak of.  She supposed that some stereotyping rubbed off after all the years of spending time with a warrior race, yet, now she was setting a new course in her life and had left everything behind in her life.  Everything she had collected, gathered, and enjoyed was destroyed and floating as dust among the stars and other debris thanks to the moon's defense system.  This man came in and moved the others to the side so that he could work on the Andorian woman.  She did not know if this was Hi'Jak or not, she had not seen him only noticed his name on the messages sent to the Hakkarl.

I made the right choice, she means a lot to them.

The Klingon's would have let the woman die.  Afterall, to die in battle was the epitome of honor.  It was exactly how you wanted to go.  You went down fighting for the Klingon.  That was the life that she had lived, it was odd to her, strange really... to see this display of care.  She felt very, removed from it all. 

This is taking too long, we have to get out of here. 

Someone stepped in and mentioned that one of the nacelles were not working correctly.  That was most certainly outside of her expertise and she could not help with that.  Though battlefield triage was another story.  However, the woman's pulse had been extremely faint from the get go.  Now, there was no telling what it was.  With a sigh, she figured that if she stepped in, at least the people that needed to fix the ship could do what they needed.  If she could take over the medical care, at least try to, the others could concentrate on the engines and get them out of there that much faster.  She wasn't entirely sure what spiders they were speaking of, but then, also didn't know all of what they had been through.  Her eyes shifted to each and every person that had crammed themselves into the tiny bunk chamber and then she set herself into motion.

“vIH”  Zyrao said quickly, the order for them to move, though in Klingon, because she was fairly used to hearing it and using it and had been for a good number of years.  She pushed herself over to the woman and leaned down, laying her fingers on the neck, taking a moment.  Just as I thought.  She stood back up quickly.  “She's dead.” 

The El-Aurian slid smoothly, and melodically, off her tongue as she switched to her home language, it felt odd to use it against the harsher Klingon language.  But it also felt good, she couldn't remember the last time she had used it voluntarily.  “No pulse.” she thought for a moment, she had been alive a very long time and technology had come a long way but even more so she had seen technology used in so many different ways to save people.  Or at least give them the biggest chance at survival at any rate. 

“You have a transporter, I saw it on the way in.  If we load this woman into the buffer it would put her body in a stasis like state until we could get her to your .. Theurgy.” the ship's name did not roll off her tongue as easily but she managed it fairly well.  Leaning down, she hoisted the dead woman up and over her shoulder.  She could feel no pain now, she was gone, but they might be able to get her to a better medical system.  “Your ship should have better medical equipment.  If we put her into stasis quickly.” she said walking to the transporter, “then perhaps someone can revive her on the ship. It's a long shot but I've seen it happen before.  Someone get the transport buffer ready.  Every second counts, every second her mind degrades.”

She lowered the woman a bit gently so that she was laying on the transporter pad, that way someone could turn on the buffer and hopefully it would freeze any degradation in place until they could get back.  It amazed her how easily it was to slip back into El-Aurian once she had started, it almost made her miss home.  It almost made her nostalgic, but she was far too busy to think about all of that right now. 

Lives to save, including her own.

They had not left the moon yet and until they were on the Theurgy she was not theoretically safe.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | SS. Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay] Attn: @Blue Zephyr @Auctor Lucan @Triton @Triage @CanadianVet @Havenborn @Doc M.

Jack was looking over Ida, when he felt eyes upon him. He turned to look at Sera, and while she didn't say it he could see the slight glint of accusation on her face. It wasn't exactly a pretty thing to see from a lover and someone he had considered a friend, but he understood why she was making that face. He could explain later, he had given her a rather big hint way back in the showers when the two of them had talked about fleeing the Theurgy together. Oddly it had been Sera who had talked him into staying at that point, but he had told her that if she had changed her mind he would be happy to go with her.


He wasn't so sure. He didn't really feel like he could live up to anyones expectations right now, he was crippled, broken, and if he were a warrior on any other ship he probably would have been put out to pasture by his fellow klingons.

Which was why he was surprised to hear Klingon inside the ship. He jumped slightly, his peripheral vision hadn't alerted him to the existance of this new woman. He could take exactly one guess as to why she was here, but who the hell was she?

She wasn't Klingon, but she spoke the language well for someone who had no ridges, almost as well as native. By contrast her galactic common was rusted. He blinked for a moment with his one good eye, and then got up stepping away from Ida and towards the replicator. "jatlh neH, mugh jIH."

"pong, pujchu'bogh." It was fun getting to use his native language, though he was mostly doing it so that her communications all had to go through him. The last thing he wanted was for someone else in the room to get to hear the part of her story he could guess if she was from the Hakkarl than she was a threat to him. One wrong word and she could set the other members of the crew against him.

He paused at the replicator, and made a black blindfold, his intention had been to use it to tie up the melted portion of his face, however he had forgotten that he only had one hand, and so he was clumsy trying to use anything he could to hide his disfigured face, but in the end couldn't tie the knot and left the now blood stained object in the replicator to be forgotten, going instead with a much simpler to use eye-patch on his second try.

"That could work, but the buffer won't last. Biological material stored in a buffer only has a limited amount of life before it decays." walking to the transporter controls once the mystery woman had loaded her into the transporter, he pressed the command and stored Ida's information inside the buffer. Let Theurgy's medical team sort out what would happen to her when they got back.

"At the battle of 84, they were able to use tractor beams to pull the resolve along at Impulse by extending a stable warp field to lower the mass. We are a lot smaller than a the resolve, and we have two." He paused for a moment didn't they originally have three? "Escort fighters."

He opened a comm channel to the two remaining pilots. "This is Luitenant junior grade Hi'Jak to the remaining fighters can I get a sound off? or a check in, or whatever the hell it's called.?"

He started looking over options. "Sera, do you think we can still make a bubble? if someone goes outside to put out the fire, we can project a warp field, and then using the fighters in close proximity we should be able to strengthen it. If it holds we could get to warp six, maybe higher."

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Re: Day 03 [1045 hrs.] Setting Sun | Away Mission

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[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | SS Sabine NX-59846 / SuD Lang Docking Bay | Klingon Mining Outpost | The Coreless Moon ]

The charred Klingon had received most of the treatment from the last kit, and with time of the essence to save Ida, Mariner did his part to get them underway. "I'm on it!" Mariner confirmed Sera's order to grab fire suppression gear, despite his throbbing headache, he was more than willing and able to get to fire control duty. Then Jak administered something into Ida, and Jimmy committed that image to memory. Despite the outstanding concern he had for Leftenant zh'Wann, a fellow security officer (never mind she was his CO for this mission, Jimmy swore to the same creed as she did), he let the self-proclaimed vet attend his ministrations; Mariner hoped this... Klingon... could be trusted, otherwise he would later treat his disclaimer as a ham-handed attempt to cover his own ass. In the worst-case scenario Ensign Mariner would personally hold him accountable for Ida's life--or death.

Meanwhile, technically speaking, Sera was a civilian, but this was her boat, and the only experience Jimmy had from shuttlecraft were antiquated Galileo-class refits his father used for his documentaries, and later the one he himself inherited shortly before joining Starfleet, though that was largely for his own recreational use. However, that familiarity was better than nothing when he became involved in the Dominion War, aboard the Hornet and her onboard hopper-craft.

Debarking from the loading ramp, Mariner made sure his now-bisected carbine was stored in the arms locker and secured, along with the kingon disruptor he'd taken earlier, pocketing its battery when no one was looking. Once he'd grabbed a fire suppressor, he wasted no time racing over to the damaged wing nacelle and extinguished it thoroughly, patrolling the shuttle to ensure the hull was otherwise intact from the Raider's barrage. It was near here where he spotted and holstered Ida's sidearm. Jimmy wasn't about to get blindsided twice in one day; by Klingons or anyone else. He was ready to return fire in the off-chance any Klingons or pesky cave spiders were still around.

Mariner spotted "Salvo" Havenborn's fighter and gave him the Thumbs-up before pinging him from his suit's comlink. "Salvo, the shuttle is damaged, and we've got wounded. If you've got any ideas for giving us a boost, we could use 'em. Until zh'Wann recovers, you're the OIC." Mariner relayed, before he heard a familiar and damnable sound of snarling and claw-steps clacking in the distance. The Klingons had rang the dinner bell.

As for the other security officer... Jeez, Bremmer never could take a bit of combat chatter. "Mind out of the gutter, Ellie, there's a time and place for everything; like getting home safe. Even I know that--flattering of you to say, though." Jimmy jeered with a playful pat as she passed into the shuttle, knowing full well his kidding routinely ruffled her feathers; His tendency to give flattering or not-as-much nicknames to crew was based on their attitudes. At least if someone was asking for a modicum of rudeness (as Bremmer did with routine), well, then her case was intuitively obvious. It sure beat 'brick-guts', he wasn't that low. "Fresh? Oh, that's Leftenant Jak. He's looked better. The newcomer? No idea but watch her: she was on a Klingon raider before she capped her crew. Must've gotten tired of all that gagh. Watch your mouth while you're at it." He reported, informing Bremmer to keep her eyes and sidearm trained as a precaution. No time to wisecrack about combat rations.

Jimmy got back inside the Sabine, phaser pistol in a two-handed grip, eyes peeled for any more hostile contacts, bipedal or otherwise. He was well inside the craft, so as not to get himself clawed for standing too close to their entry point. Admittedly, Jimmy hoped the hatch would be closed soon, so that he could secure the shuttle of unwarranted firearms. He'd rather keep a particular eye on the Klingon-speakers. While his--Ida's-- pistol was trained on the radius outside his hatch, his peripherals let him listen in and size up the timing of the Klingon task force's arrival, the circumstances resulting in the detonation outside the moon, and Mariner finally had his first chance to examine the circumstantial evidence; if he had to, he could turn the weapon at the first-- at the next-- sign of treachery before anyone got any funny ideas of making off with the Dilithium. It was like being in a whodunit, only with much higher stakes.

To his fury, Jimmy overheard the news that Ida was pronounced dead until the newcomer hoisted her into the transporter buffer and Ida dematerialized, citing the ability to preserve her transporter pattern; Ida's fate was uncertain with Jak's medical ministration. Biting his lower lip and tasting more of his own blood as the pain in his head returned momentarily, the Security officer tightened the grip on his pistol, breaking the tense silence with a shot to the entry point he and Sera used to arrive back in the hangar. Amidst the conversation in Klingon, Mariner's eyes briefly darted questioningly at Sera. Mariner would've been much more relaxed if it was Heather who applied the treatment; he was nobody's telepath but he'd learned to trust his instincts as well as his hunches. He didn't know what to make of the Klingons' passenger-- apart from her marksmanship, that is. Even if Bremmer was shamelessly rude, Jimmy trusted her more than anyone else aboard, and kept an equal eye on her in case something was afoot, she would be the only real ally he could count on.

The talking eyepatch was soon getting sit-reps from the escorts, but privately, Mariner had a bad feeling about him, reinforced by the look of molten metal radiating from Sera's eyes cast at the man who claimed to have had his way with her. During their brief but insightful time together, Jimmy's glances at Sera's face on his helmet's favicon got to see several expressions in those eyes, but nothing like the one she wore right then. Mariner pretended not to notice too much as he kept his weapon trained outside until the hatch eventually closed. As far as anyone who looked his way knew, he was just wary if not nervous. The trail of blood massaging his cheek only reinforced that point

It was Heather who Jimmy then noticed seemed to be in trouble. He didn't care that she was in her skivvies, but rather that she didn't seem like the bright sparky PaDD gamer he'd befriended on the ride in. She seemed distracted, unfocused. "Heather? You okay, Heather? You look.... Jeez, you don't look so good. What happened to you?" Relieved the external hatch was closed, Jimmy opened the door to the table in the aft section of the shuttle, pulling a chair for her, while he took a position facing her and everyone else in the forward section of the ship. Unlike some of the other new people he'd met this week, McMillan seemed like the only one he could trust for some reason.

"Don't worry, zh'Wann will walk it off when we get home. Look." Jimmy pulled out his PaDD and hurriedly typed something on it. <Something isn't right. We may have been set up.> as soon as he showed it to Heather on the table, Jimmy deleted the memo, summoning up the game they were playing earlier, but clearly made a head gesture at the other science officer when Jimmy's peripherals told him he wasn't looking. "Take it easy, Kid. The boss in this level likes to hide, but it'll give you something to focus on. Trust me." Jimmy forced a smile to keep up appearances, while fully prepared to quick-draw Ida's--his-- sidearm and preform his sworn duty at the drop of a hat, returning to the main cabin, only two steps away from where he was a moment ago. "Fire's out, but we're gonna have a bloody pest problem in a bit." Mariner announced, not foolish enough to wish aloud that the spiders would snack on the Klingons' carcasses. He wouldn't hesitate to serve as doorgunner, but he anticipated the ship would be on its way soon, regardless of what would happen soon, if any thing were to.
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
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"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
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Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | SS. Sabine | SuD Lang Docking Bay] Attn:  all

Fucking Mariner.  Bremmer simply wasn't in the mood for what passed for his sense of humour at that point in time.  She was beyond exhausted, dying for a shower, hungry, thirsty as all hell, and she wanted off this damn rock and back at least within transporter range of a nice, big, friendly starship.  She had been almost vaporized by an ancient alien computer program and hologram, nearly eaten by giant spiders, just about incinerated and shot out a hallway like a BB out of a cannon, only to get into a firefight with Klingons who had just happened to show up intent on killing them all. 

She thought she'd lost the little Radiant she was supposed to protect; had been fairly certain Goldeneye had become spider food; she had seen the Deputy get shot after saving her life. 

Members of her team had given her up for dead, and now they had some strange woman who apparently had been riding with the Klingons but had just been killing them, too? 

A girl, even a veteran of the Dominion War especially trained for combat in the most hostile of conditions and the hottest theaters of operations, could only take so much.  And now, they had no warp drive.  At least no viable warp drive.  And she seriously doubted they'd last 3 weeks with all these people on board...


They had no engineers on board, no one with that particular set of skills.  Now, the fighters might be able to go for help, maybe even set up a tow, or at least bring back some plug-and-play spare parts.  Even in the worst times of the Dominion War, she had never felt this helpless, stuck in a small craft that couldn't go anywhere worthwhile under its own power.

Wait.  Unpowered small craft.  Tow.  The War.  Idea!

Normally, a Petty Officer wouldn't do this sort of things, but it would take too long to explain it to someone else, for them to relay it to Salvo, who apparently was next in line for command.  Without ceremony, she made for the nearest console and opened a short-ranged channel to both fighters.  After all, Goldeneye was a pilot herself, she might have something to say about that too.

"This is Bremmer, and I think I got an idea." 

She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself.  "Yeah, Sabine's warp engines are good and fucked... but we don't need them."  She was speaking fast, stress, fatigue and a powerful desire to be somewhere else getting the better of her. 

"During the War, I was in a covert shuttle insertion.  We latched onto our ride's hull, inside it's warp field and when they dropped out of warp and went to full impulse, we released and we just went on a ballistic course, completely dead-stick, towards the objective.  If we get the fighters to latch onto us, top and bottom, and you tune in your warp fields to each other or whatever, we could just piggy-back all the way home.  Sure you don't have a starship's IDF to stop us from being turned to paste, but because we're not hiding we can keep Sabine's power on, and we'd be safe enough." 

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