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'I'll be you could,' Scosche thought to himself, surprised he still had the energy to even think.  It had been an exhausting day, to say the least, from the tiring, seemingly ceaseless training under Ferik to the near broiling of his newly-commanding officers, followed by a trip to he knew not where to meet beings who claimed to be gods long since passed into myth for both the people his genetics represented.  He was more than willing to go find his bunk and sleep for a week or two, but he'd be happy to get 8 solid hours.  Rather than voice his thoughts aloud, he nodded, "Yes, ma'am.  See you in the morning.  Have a good night."

For her part, T'Less was at a loss as to what exactly to do.  According to the time, she was off duty, but beyond leaving the bridge, which she did, and heading for her quarters, she still had a situation to deal with where Garen was concerned.  She remembered intimately the details of her encounter with him in his quarters and also remembered that she'd originally been going there to tell him she could never see him again.  That was harder to do now, knowing they shared not just an equal attraction, but also the ability to pleasure each other effectively, that they were compatible in physical, intimate ways.  She would have to consider it, now that she was no longer under the influence of the mind control Ishtar had subjected her to.  It would depend, too, on how Garen handled what had happened.  Would he feel they should break things off, be shaken from his emotions towards her?

As a reflection in her work console, Nicole noticed Jien's look in her direction, but she didn't respond, slightly embarrassed now that the situation had passed.  She'd surprised herself by stepping forward in Abzu, in being ready and willing to sacrifice any future she might ever have by standing beside her captain.  That she hadn't had time to actually voice such acquiescence to Ishtar's demands, made her wonder if Jien knew just what she'd been about to do.  Did he realize that she'd meant to sacrifice herself to stand beside him/her?  And, if he did, did he care?  She couldn't quite decipher his look to know whether it had been something deeper than a casual glance.  Should she ask him, find out whether there was something between them?  It would humiliate her if she approached him, only to find he held no attachment to her at all, that his look had only been informal and meaningless.  For the moment, she had duties to attend to, being on shift for a few hours more, but she was distracted.

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[Main bridge]

"I will miss your scent, Commander,"

He blushed a little at her words perhaps one day they would have the opportunity to relive their amazing and very unique experiences.  Miles then walked over to the mission ops station looking it over to make sure his previous commands were no longer in effect.  As he looked over everything he couldn't help but feel odd.  His memories were muddled yet at the same time clear.  He wondered if the captain and Commander Rez had similar experiences.

He looked over to the XO, "It appears by our chronometers that no time has past since our meeting in your office.  It appears that rather than undoing the actions that took place we have instead been flung backwards in time to the exact point where Ishtar first began to interfere with us." 

He paused for a moment to collect his thoughts and memories about what that meant regarding the Wolves rosters and duties. "Commander, the ships we encountered may have just been the closest ones to our current location.  I believe the nearest major fleet would be Admiral Sankolov's.  I believe if  we target our scans in that direction me may come across the aggressors we were dealing with.  On that note might I suggest we cancel the sim training that was scheduled and order a 4 ship recon to bolster our sensors in their sweep.  I of course will either lead the recon sweep or will cordinate ther actions from the bridge per your orders. That is if you wish it Ma'am."

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[Main bridge]

As the crew seemingly got timewarped back into time, lieutenant Ravon looked around him once they were back on the bridge. His eyes scanned the bridge and he noticed that Jona Rez was gone, as was the female form of the captain. Yet he caught the look from the captain and he stared back into his eyes. He kept standing in a neutral stance, not giving away any emotion that could betray what had happened between them.

As most members started to return to their quarters or duties, Thomas listened in to the conversation of his SCO. He was eager to get into his Valkyrie again. Some flight time might put his mind at ease after the events that seemingly never happened.

"Commander, I'd like to volunteer for flight duty." He spoke up now as he heard about recon sweeps. Only realising that the order wasn't yet approved by the acting commander he looked at Miles and added. "I might take a an hour of rest before reporting in on the flight deck if that is okay with you Sir."

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[Edena Rez - Main Bridge]

It was a strange sensation.  Edena and her former ghosts were now rejoined again, but for the first time, her memories were theirs.  Not all of them, but the memories that had occurred on the ship during the incident.  She was on the bridge at the same time as she was wandering the halls as Jona, as she was in Below Decks and the holodeck with the Lieutenant Commander and Captain respectively . . . oh.  She had memories of what went on there too, of how Illya had been with Miles, and Kiya with Jien.  She felt like she had been let in on some deep secrets, yet it was worse, for she would recall the incidents with perfect detail, even feel the phantom sensations of two lovers she hadn't touched.

It was Mikles that shook her back into reality, his analytical mind already working on what they should be doing.  It set her as right as she could be in her muddled state.  "I . . . I agree with your assessment, Lieutenant Commander.  If you do not feel any ill effects from the incident, then you may join the recon team personally, but if you're dealing with any residual effects, assign one of the others to the task.  We have Ravon and Carver close by, so they can assist, and it shouldn't take much to place a couple more on the team while you coordinate."  He should only pilot if he felt level headed.  Edena wouldn't have trusted herself after consolidating all her personalities back together, but maybe Renard was more up to it then she.

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Miles nodded hearing her words, "I believe I'm good to fly Ma'am, Even though i was split i was still only one soul if you would call it that.  The reintegration was...Interesting to say the least, but was no more taxing than waking up from an incredibly vivid dream and recalling reality.  If you would not mind though I would like to pencil in some time tomorrow to talk about the experience."

He paused for a brief moment checking the logs at the Mission ops desk.  he looked towards he console as he spoke up addressing the computer. "Renard to Thea, we're gonna have to reschedule the Wargames.  I suggest you use the time we had scheduled to get an appointment in with your specialist.  I believe you mentioned a few modifications you wanted to discuss with him.  I would suggest using the time you had scheduled to my department to hash out a schedule with him.  Renard out." 

He smiled turning back to the Commander, "By the way two or three should be enough for the patrol."  He then  walked over to the turbolift and the door opened, "Carver, Ravon, you two are with me.  If either of you don't feel up to it tell me on the way."  With that he walked into the turbolift and waited for the other two before speaking. "Fighter Bay." The door closed on the three and began to descend through the ship."

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[ Captain's Ready Room ] Attn: Anyone

Seated by his desk, hands folded underneath his eyes, Captain Ives still wore his male form whilst he sifted through separate memories from two different meetings - both holographic traps designed by the Ishtar entity to enforce sexual activity. What was worse, in a strict sense and because of his role aboard the ship, was that he had committed himself - and herself -  so fully in order to get out of the trap.

Not only had he - or she - taken advantage of the Lone Wolf in that cockpit in order to get out of the trap as effectively as possible. His split up female half had even enjoyed it t the fullest. This much could also be said about what his male half had done with one of his XO's symbiotic ancestors, which was even worse since she was an invisible presence always counselling his very First Officer. Were the things Kiya Rez experienced now a part of his XO's memories? Could they still work together after this? Or would the events between them now change things? And Nicole Howard, had she really wished to...

There was a chirp from the door, and it brought Jien out of his troubled thoughts.

"Enter," he said, reeling his thoughts in to focus on the present.

[ Senior Officer Quarters ] Attn: T'Less

ThanIda zh'Wann could, in retrospect, not say how much of what had happened between her and David Grayson might be her own feelings since there seemed to have been a powerful alien entity involved to spur things on in a particular fashion. If the 'godess' had wanted her to have sex with her superior, she would have had no power to deny her.

Would she have wanted to deny herself what she had experienced with the Pinkskin? The sad thing was that she had no idea now; whether or not she would have denied herself - and him - what they had done in that holding cell.

She now walked the corridors of the Senior Staff Quarters, the phaser she had carried earlier still holstered by her hip - the idea to replace it not yet occurring to her. Her thoughts, and doubts, about what had transpired led her to something that she knew was real; an encounter with someone that predated that morning event. A woman that had not been affected by an alien entity in order to appreciate her. A drawing session... that had helped her before in getting her priorities straight.

Moreover... This could be considered unfinished business, and it was something she disliked.

She pressed the chime on the panel next to the Chief Tactical Officer's quarters - hoping T'Less was alone.

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Returning to her quarters, T'Less had taken a shower, then found her own clothing to wear, a simple gown, thin and light that moved about her in silken, purple grace.  It had been a gift from an old friend, one who'd passed away a decade back.  Still, it felt good to wear it and she needed something comforting now.  Through it all, she had done her best not to think about Garen, to not think about what they'd done, even if it was under the influence of an exterior force.  The memory of it was powerful, pleasurable even, but it did nothing to stem the fact that she had to cut things off with the counselor.  It felt... wrong, somehow, especially now.  There was a taint on their relationship, and would be forever upon whatever intimacy they might have shared in the future, tainted by being forced, however much she might have wanted to in her mind.  It hurt, though, hurt to realize what could never be, what future would never happen.  Maybe, if things had gone as she'd planned, if she'd gone there and told him things were ended, maybe it would have kept the future unknown and without darkness.  Now...

She jumped at the sound of the door chime, startled out of her reverie.  With a deep, shaky breath, she approached the door and opened it, secretly surprised by Ida's presence.  With a raised eyebrow, she studied the Andorian, and remembered the taste of lips on lips, the feel of breasts against breasts, of white paint against blue skin.  It was a pure memory, she realized, an intimacy caused simply because she'd wanted Ida and given in by her own choice, and not because some alien sway.  In a low voice, nearly a whisper, she asked, "Yes, Lieutenant?"

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[Deck 02 - SCO Personal Quarters]
Attn Auctor Lucan: Thea

Miles yawned as the door behind him shut.  Nearly as soon as it closed he raised his hands above his head stretching as his body began to slowly shift from the human like form back to his most natural state.  As his body shifted, he pulled the pips off of the collar of his uniform and removed both of the shirts then his pants before slipping into a loose fitting almost tunic like shirt and a pair of casual loose fitting shorts.  He walked over to the closet carrying the pips and attached it to the collar of the uniform he had set out for the next day's duties.

It had been quite the long day for him, especially after the rather detailed patrol he and his squad-mates made.  He knew he in his mind that he needed sleep.  His body though was another story.  He thought he should feel tired, but then he remembered. These Gods, as they were, had sent them all back in time back to the point when this all started.  He guessed the beings restored their bodies to a literal previous point, like a backed up file on a computer, including exactly how they were digesting food and their bodies internal clocks regarding when they should rest.  It sure was a strange feeling.  He remembered it all perfectly right down to the sensations, but his body had not a bit of the strain or tiredness that should have resulted from all the exertion.

He walked around his room for a few minutes pacing in a sense as he couldn't figure out what to do at the moment.  He knew he was tired.  Part of him wanted to relax.  In fact most of him wanted to relax and the more he thought about it the more he knew he could force himself to sleep if he wanted to.  No there was something else keeping him up, driving him to stay awake. 

Finally he looked at the Computer panel on the wall and spoke up. "Computer, Patch me in to your AI's vocal interface please.  If Thea's not otherwise occupied of course."  Miles didn't know exactly what he needed. Maybe he felt there was something he needed to talk to her about.  Perhaps it was someone to talk to that he felt he needed or a familiar voice to listen to.  Somewhere deep inside part of him knew what he wanted was just some kind of company.

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

After things had calmed down a bit, Edena reported to Jien in his ready room with the report she had compiled.  "It seems all the crew is accounted for and all in their normal conditions.  They all retain knowledge of what happened, though everyone appears to be in good health."  It was about as good as they could ask.  No body switches, no split apart crewmen, and no Vulcans running around experiencing Pon Farr.  Everyone remembered, but no one seemed all that damaged by it, not like so many had been during the Niga outbreak incident.  There were just a few things that still needed to be sorted through before the matter was set aside entirely.

"Permission to speak freely," Edena asked of the Captain.  Once it was granted to her, she spoke her mind.  "The Rez symbiont is back in it's proper form.  I'm still damaged, still segregated from my former hosts . . . but the knowledge of each of my host's actions during the incident was consolidated into me.  I am as aware of what Jona and Illya were doing as I was of what I was personally doing . . . as what Kiya was doing, sir."  Kiya had been with Jien, and Edena knew it all as though it had been her.

"It's strange sir.  I've never been in such a dedicated relationship, but I can feel how much Kiya loved her husband, how much hesitation she had to break three hundred year old wedding vows . . . but she did.  At the risk of making this an awkward topic, I just wanted to say that I know why the two of you were in that situation, and I am thankful that you were respectful of her, Captain.  She also wanted to say something directly to you."  Edena's eyes closed a moment, reopening as her youthful face took on a more mature, maternal light.  Her eyes were softer, her posture more gentle as she brought her hands together in front of her.  "It was a long time since I was so young and beautiful, Captain.  I have been but a ghost for those that came after me, but for a brief time, I was alive again.  I am grateful that you made that fleeting time . . . unforgettable."

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[ Captain's Ready Room ]

When his First Officer entered, Jien sat very still, listening to the report. Halfway through it, he began to relax - thinking the Commander unaware what had happened in the holodeck. Yet in the end - after she asked to speak freely and he had acquiesced her request - she told him that she did know it all, down to the minor details.

While the delivery of that information wasn't cold or confrontational, Jien still felt a icy fist fold around his mimicked spine at the implications. It was as he feared, and only due to the fact that Edena continued to talk without spite in her tone did he remain silent and impassive. An awkward topic indeed, yet she allayed his fears by thanking him for the care in which he had handled the bizarre situation and her symbiotic ancestor. She must have realised, through Kiya's experience, how little choice they'd had with the USS Augustus about to be attacked unless they completed the program and were allowed to end it. What kind of monster of a man would take advantage of such a situation? He had merely tried to make sure Kiya didn't have to suffer in a scenario where they had no alternatives than to relent to their unknown captor's demands.

When Kiya surfaced - wearing Edena's face - Jien swallowed. Yet he ended up smiling kindly to her words, sympathetic to her situation as a ghost of a long dead person. Could he tell her, as Edena's Captain, that she had made a great impression upon him too? Would that be wise? Would it not be worse if he said nothing at all? He suspected that the things said were said in for his merit and to soothe his fears - to steady his resolve and smooth things between him and Edena - but at the same time, he had no reason to disregard her just because she was a ghost. She was still a crew member of his, a fantastic woman of many historical merits... however incorporeal she happened to be.

"As unfortunate as our situation was, and regardless of the possible danger we were in," he said quietly and stood up behind his desk, "I am glad that the two of us found a way to deal with it and not suffer emotional scars."

He stepped around his desk, feeling that he had to say more. For how might one reply in kind to such words that she had used to describe him and what they'd done. "You are beautiful, and the deeds of your bygone time whilst being alive still echoes down medical history," he said and came to stand before Kiya - or rather Edena - with his hands placed on his hips and a smile in his eyes, "so I must also add the word 'unforgettable' to the brief time we met. Like the deeds of your profession survives you, so will the memory of you and me - for as long as I might breathe."

Standing opposite Kiya, Jien was unsure whether to give her a kiss on the cheek - mostly due to the fact that it was Edena's face between them.

[ Chief Tactical Officer's Quarters ]

When T'Less opened her sliding doors for her, Ida raised her eyes and antennae both - coming to feast upon the image which she saw with famished warrior appetite.

Like a soldier returning from battle, so was their situation after the deity had been thwarted. By Lor'Vela, she was even carrying arms, covered in gashes and bruises all over her clothes and skin after the fight and sex with Grayson. It might have been a bloodless confrontation with the enemy, but as a whole, the Andorian felt like she were about to claim the spoils of victory. Before her stood a woman with a thin silken little nothing covering her flawless skin, welcoming her, and Ida herself was freshly decorated in the marks of battle - mind riled by doubts and need for truth.

Yet in realising that the phaser by her hip might give the impression of a formal visit, Ida decided to erase all doubt as to what her intent was.

"I was a long time coming," she said and stepped up the the Vulcan - midnight blue eyes unblinking, "but here I am. Will you have me?"

She made it plain what she spoke of with the kiss she lay on T'Less lips - brief, but very insistent. Very consummate in savouring the taste of the CTO, and very clear on the fact that she wanted her. Not only for sake of taking the edge off, for that had been accomplished with Grayson. No. Frustration and doubt of reality made one return to safe grounds - regrouping for more troubled times to come.

[ Squadron Commanding Officer's Quarters ]

At the request of a vocal interface with her Thea replied with a second's delay - speaking from her own quarters.

[This is Thea...] came the voice over the intercom. She said no more at first.

For after having scheduled a time with Lin Kae for the next day, Thea had gone about her routines as she usually did. Now, she was in her quarters, doing little bit of everything and nothing - a slight depression having come over her at being unable to interact with the world around her like an organic being had been able to. Right then, as she resorted to ordinary tasks that befitted an individual life-form that was not focused on the background processes and systematic upkeep of the ship, she had never felt more like a holographic projection with artificial intelligence. The identity crisis of having been more - and less - and then returning to what she had always been... it served to agitate her a bit. She now knew what she missed out on: how much of a failure had been done in her programming to make her feel like a part of the crew.

Ignorance was bliss, it seemed. Now she knew her flaws. She could but hope Lin Kae could help her.

And then the request from the SCO, whom was perhaps not the catalyst but the cause of her agitation. The proof she had gotten from him during their time together, the evidence that she was inferior - a program with a positronic brain hidden in the computer core. She was much, yet she still lacked a great deal in terms of attuning to her surroundings. She had taken a bath, with real water encompassing her photonic body, tried to stimulate herself and feel what she had felt... yet to no avail.

The stimuli felt so artificial she had eventually stopped, sighing. She now spoke to the Vulpinian from her bath tub. "What is it, Commander Renard?"

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Surprised again, and this time her face showed it, T'Less stood for a moment in confusion.  In one hundred years, no one had sought her out, had actively sought to be with her and now, to have it be an Andorian of all people and species... Not that the species mattered.  While she'd been only a child, she could still remember being at war.  As she re-gathered her thoughts, she took in Ida's appearance, the bruised and cut skin, torn and ripped uniform and pulled the Andorian into her quarters, the door closing with a hush behind her.  While the wounds on Ida reminded her of what had happened today, the fact that Ida was here at all reminded T'Less of what had happened prior to the petty needs of a would-be god being made known to the crew.  Tenderly, she reached out a hand, keeping distance of a few inches between them still, and touched a cut. 

She was too tired to fight her emotions, too drained by the day's events and she found, with Ida here, that she didn't want to.  Right here, right now, it was fitting to want the comfort of another's arms.  Still, she tried to keep her voice even and emotionless, tried not to give away her own need and focus on Ida's.  A shower, yes.  A shower would help them both, even if she'd only just taken her own.  She could still smell the floral-scents of the soap and shampoo floating about her and wondered idly if Ida would smell as lovely.  She lifted Ida's phaser from its holster and set it on her desk, then, with deft fingers at Ida's collar, began undoing Ida's uniform, "Come, Lieutenant.  I think a shower would help us both."

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[ The Gymnasium | Deck 07 ]

Her mind, her sanity, came rushing back to her in a burst of sharp, bright light. It stung to the point that her eyes slammed shut and she bit her lip to fight off the sensations.Gone was the sticky jungle heat against sweat slicked skin. Gone was the feeling, he heady need, the all consuming desire to fuck everything in sight. IT was replaces with the bouncy give of Astroturf, the regulated, recycled air of a starship. The feeling of clothing on warm skin, instead of bare, stained flesh.

Slowly, her eyes met Dr. Nicander starring back down at her. Like him, she could see the memories of what had happened flash right across his face. Had it been real? She knew he was asking himself the same thing. Had she really ridden him, in the forests of that horror planet? Had se really been violated in every way she could possibly imagine, by plants, and then, by the ships CMO? Was he really that deliciously --Whoa! back away, and fast Natalie! she thought to herself, scrunching her eyebrows tightly, as a wave of panic, causing her skin to blanch, then flush bright red in shame rolled over her.

"I think we should head to Sickbay and learn if there is anything wrong with us." The COO heard the doctor say, softly, and she found herself nodding. Something had clearly happened. They needed to be scanned. So while he contacted his nurse, Natalie slowly got to her feet. Both of which were perfectly fine. No trace of the injury seemed present: nor were there any signs, that she could determine, of the dalliance she had undergone with one Lucan Nicander. Still, as she adjusted the tight top, and fiddled with her jogging shorts, the Lt.Cmndr readied herself to follow the Doctor to sickbay, and figure out just what went wrong.

[Main bridge | Deck 01]

Sarresh pinched the fleshy membrane of his nose, just under the goggles that protected his eyes from the bright light of the main bridge. Starfleet had a thing for livening up the Theurgy-class bridge's with floor lights and ceiling lights, and bright colored panels. Such a stark contrast from the soothing cool display of the temple, and yet, different from the collective brilliance that had enveloped the other beings whose presence the bridge crew of the Theurgy had been subjected to.

He was left with very little to do, frankly. Rather then search out some of the other members of his species on the ship, or relax in a pool (That would come later), there was a pent up frustration in Sarresh. So he stalked over to one of the auxiliary consoles along the back wall and pulled up a seat. Not really sure what he was looking for, he began to review the ships logs, loosing himself in the monotony of sensor read outs, trying to judge if there was any useful information from the supposed fight the Theurgy was in shortly before the "Gods" had hit the cosmic reset button on reality.

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[Deck 02 Miles Renard's Personal Quarters]

Miles smiled for a moment hearing her voice. "I was just wanting to know if you were busy with anything and was wondering..."  He was stumbling over his words as he spoke.  He didn't quite know what to say.  Even if he knew what to say he was certain he had no clue how to say it.  What he was feeling was what could best be described as an absence.  He remembered vividly every detail of their encounter. There was not a moment of it he regretted even.  Still something after it had left him feeling empty.  No it wasn't that he felt empty from it.  He realized how empty he had been all along.

"Thea would you mind meeting me in my quarters at your earliest convenience, There's a few things I really need to talk with you about."  He said finally, praying deep down she would say yes.  He knew what the emptiness was.  but couldn't find the words to say it to her.  He had been away from his own people so long now.  Had kept himself from such physical contact and resided himself to the professional actions of a Starfleet officer. 

Suddenly he had felt that comfort once again. the physical attachment the pleasures of another being's  body but most of all the feeling of giving another being that wondrous pleasure.  Hearing a voice begging for more had been sorely missed.  It was hearing the moans of a female in ecstasy that always drove him over the edge.  More than anything what he missed was that feeling of being physically needed by another.  Now that he experienced it again for the first time in a long while he remembered how much he missed that feeling.

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[ Chief Tactical Officer's Quarters ]

Pulled inside, Ida was not the woman to be passive - not used to measure of this kind.

Her chest heaved as the Vulcan undid her uniform. Weapon removed, her fingers itched to slip that purple silk from T'Less skin. A shower? Aye, as long as the Vulcan would be with her, Ida cared little. For as soon as her uniform jacket was opened, she pulled it back from her shoulders and tossed it aside - eyes never leaving the level stare of the tactician standing before her. Her antennae swayed languorously forward, and her blue lips pursed in need to feel T'Less against her own. While her uniform was pretty clean despite the tour of different planes of existence, blood from her brow and dirt still made it less presentable then when the new Cadet had replicated it.

"We have to bare ourselves if we are to shower," she murmured, and pulled her own undershirt over her head - her feet still planted where she stood. She tossed the yellow garment away, her bruises now bared to the dim light. Yet so was her white bra, cupping the blue mounds of her breasts - rising and falling with her heavy breaths. Eventually, Ida's eyes dropped, and she reached for T'Less... meaning to shed that silk from her. Blue fingers rising to part it like water. Both her hands, reaching for the breasts - to slide into the cleavage and lay bare that which she sought to see - to feel and taste.

As she reached, she tilted her head - eyes searching her in time with her antennae. Lips searching too, patience to wait not a virtue of hers. And yet...

"Too slow..." she whispered against the Vulcan's lips as her hands made contact, #Hurry, I don't care where, only that it's soon."

[ Squadron Commanding Officer's Quarters ]

Hearing the words over the intercom - the syllables streaming through her systems, Thea closed her eyes and frowned.

She could guess the intent of the SCO, reading between the lines. Yet she was not in the mind-set to try to relive what had happened. No, she knew that it would not be the same. She had already reminded herself that she was an organic no more, tried to feel like she had felt before. No, to share the... pain of the numbness was something she was not prepared to do - the emotional pain that was too private to let Commander Renard experience.

Lin Kae had given her freedom, and that enabled her to say no to the request, seeing as the SCO was off duty.

"The earliest convenience of mine would be on the morrow at the earliest, Commander," said Thea, voice as numb of emotion as her body felt to herself, "I am sorry."

Like she had said, she would miss his scent - the prime reason she had been mad with need. Or perhaps, the needs instilled into her body by the alien entity. Since her body was not what it had been then, she would never know. No way for her to feel the smell of the Vulpinian again.

"Good night, Commander."

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

Edena's head turned to the side, as though addressing some invisible person in the room.  Her eyes fluttered, a sign of mental conversation.  Kiya was the one inhabiting the body, and was speaking to Edena about what might be considered appropriate.  Finally, her head turned back to Jien, a smile on her lips.  "This body is your subordinate, so what I would want to do is . . . probably quite improper.  Still, I am not a Starfleet Officer, so Edena agreed to let me do this much."

Edena, or perhaps it was better to say Kiya, reached her hands forward to hold the side's of the Captain's face and locked lips with him for a few precious seconds.  It was chaste, a tasteful kiss if anyone were to see it, not some hungry, perverse act of a couple love struck teenagers.  Kiya was a grown woman, and was also being respectful of what Edena allowed her to do.  The kiss ended as suddenly as it began, those mature eyes fluttering more womanly then before.  "The Rez Symbiont has lived over three hundred years now, Captain.  The memories you gave me will be a part of it as well now.  You will live on in that way as well.  Every host of the Rez Symbiont will know the warmth and kindness you showed an old woman with a second chance to live."

Her eyes shut again and Edena was back in control.  She cleared her voice slightly as she backed up, created a more professional distance between herself and her commanding officer.  "I've never known Kiya to act like that before.  In a lot of ways, she feels like a mother to me.  You must have left an effect upon her to make her act like a young woman again, captain."

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[ Captain's Ready Room ]

In receiving that kiss, having been told that Kiya would have liked to do far more, Jien could not help the sudden fantasy of of what it might have been. Yet he responded thoroughly in the kiss they shared, and hid any unsavoury ideas from reaching both lips and countenance. This was not a moment to ruin. He said nothing than he'd already said, lest he'd sully the moment. His hands settled upon Edena's hips while the kiss lasted, the taste filling his mouth. This was an experience other than Kiya's for he was - this time - kissing Edena.
It was of even more import that he kept his mind, mouth and face in check when Edena resurfaced - dropping his hands to his sides and raising his chin a little. He could not keep himself from clearing his throat either. "I am gladdened that, under the circumstances, things worked out rather well."

He paused, considering. "What is your take on what we have been through today, Number One?"

OOC: Sorry for the short reply, I was hard pressed for time. Hopefully, it works as a debriefing between the two now that the Kiya matter has been addressed. :)

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

Once the two had regained their composure, Edena was able to address the question set forth by the captain.  "I think the crew is taking this event much better then the Niga incident.  Maybe it's the fact that they all still had their self-control, or maybe the entity hadn't been so haphazard in the choices it made against us."  Maybe the way the crew had been paired, the lovers they ended up with, weren't mere coincidence.  For many of them, there might have been unrequited feelings at play which were resolved by the incident.  In many ways, it almost could have been therapeutic for many of the crew after what happened during the outbreak.

"The crew is under high stress right now.  We operate in longer shifts, with higher pressure, and even higher stakes then they are used to.  I think many of them found this to be a needed diversion.  We discussed before the idea that the crew might need more lax rules when it came to relationships on-board.  Protocol would discourage on-ship romance, especially when in violation of the chain of command, but if we remove such a release for them, the crew might not be able to cope.  Though for some, this might have been invasive, I have found the crew's overall morale to . . . slightly better, at least from a preliminary standpoint.  There are a great deal less grim looking faces."

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[ Captain's Ready Room ]

In hearing the report from his XO, Captain Ives nodded while slowly returning behind his desk. For while thoughts lingered on the feeling of Edena's lips against his own, perchance animated by another, the report soon cleared his mind from what had just happened.

"How unexpected," he said as he stood there, two fingers trailing the surface of his desk, "little had I expected, when facing the adversary we discovered, that we would actually be aided by her actions against us. Perhaps a fringe benefit to a crisis, yet in the long run, I suppose we ought to be grateful that the assaults were not other than sexual in nature."

Folding his arms, he frowned. "Nevertheless, those whom were unfortunate in the Niga Incident might still be further tormented by having to go through something like Kiya Rez and I did - forced into sexual activities lest they'd die at the end of the program." Out of respect for the Lone Wolf that had been trapped together with his female form, he did not mention Thomas Ravon. It was true that Kiya Rez had seen the young man entwined with the Captain, though that did not mean he had to speak more of it. It was plain what had happened, the details notwithstanding. "Therefore, I am gladdened to hear your take on this, Number One, hearing that the majority were not further abused by this alien entity. Considering what we have been through the last three months, and what lies ahead of us, we are in sore need to see heartened faces in our corridors."

At that point, Jien sat down and turned on his computer console, looking to Edena with a faint smile in the corners of his eyes. "My thanks for your report, Commander," he said quietly, the relative warmth of his scarce camaraderie the best their dark journey could summon from him, "not to mention the word from your former host. We'll discuss the Senior Staff meeting on the morrow. I will see you then."

After Edena Rez left his Ready Room, Jien pulled out the schedule for the current shift on his computer console, noting that the one he meant to speak with next just came off duty. It was long overdue, and perhaps the best way to make amends for the outcome of the Niga Incident, where there had been one voice raised in wish to safeguard the malevolent virus they had dealt with.

"Lieutenant Amatras Neotin, could you please see me in my Ready Room?"

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T'Less did nothing to prevent Ida's hands from exploring as they wished, holding still as the garment slid from her shoulders down her bare form, revealing what Ida had already seen.  Nothing was hidden as the cloth puddled at her feet and she stifled a murmur of desire as Ida caressed her full breasts, her nipples rising to their throbbing prominence. 

With a patience drawn from where she knew not, she returned Ida's kiss chastely, then pulled back and, Ida's hand in her own, drew the Andorian into her bathroom.  Stepping close again, she pressed her lips to Ida's once more, as her fingers deftly undid the familiar bra, slowly drawing it down Ida's arms and dropping it to the floor, even as her hands moved down Ida's sides.  Drawing away, she knelt and removed one boot, then the other.  Her eyes looked up the length of Ida's taut body as her fingers slid beneath the band of Ida's pants, hooking both pants and panties in her fingers.  Leaning in, she kissed Ida's stomach just above her navel as she pushed both down Ida's long, slender legs, her palms flat on Ida's skin, feeling every silken inch of Ida's thighs and calves as she lowered both garments to the floor.  Lifting one foot, then the other, she finished Ida's undressing and stood.  Eager as Ida might be, and as deep as T'Less's desire was, T'Less still felt right in taking Ida to shower, starting the water hot and letting it rain down both their bodies.

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Little time did Ida have to drink it the sight and feeling of the Vulcan before she was led further into her room.

Yet once there - their lips revisiting each other - the CTO body bared her upper body, and Ida drew a sharp breath as the dark blue crests of her bosom spilled free against T'Less heated skin. Her arms and hands rose to encompass her rediscovered lover, yet the Vulcan remained elusive in her tactical approach to sensuality. A low groan escaping her throat, Ida set her hands upon the shower stall and a table for support - her balance ruined by the progress with her boots, trousers and panties. Her white hair tickled her own bare shoulders as she looked down into T'Less eyes - having to stifle a moan by biting her lower lip once the kiss was laid upon her lower abdomen.

The transition to the stall was fluid, and since the Vulcan was on her feet again, Ida wrapped her arms around her from behind when she started the hygromatic setting on the shower - a pleasant surprise that made Ida grin with white teeth. Her hands boldly roamed the CTO's front from where she was, her lips kissing her shoulder and neck while palms and fingers wandered her skin. Her own breasts - glimmering in the artificial light from all the water that rained down between their bodies - were pressed up against T'Less' back. The feeling of her own sensitive and soaked nipples being ground against her lover made her head reel with vertigo, and she extended her tongue to lick upon the skin of her neck.

"You spoil this Andorian," she whispered hoarsely into the Vulcan's pointed ear, and her fingers finally sought the folds between T'Less' legs.

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Allowing herself to be maneuvered in the shower, T'Less closed her eyes as Ida's hands roamed her naked form, her hands, at first, simply hanging at her sides.  Fingers cupped her bare breasts, teasing and sending strengthening waves of pleasure through her, while Ida's lips caressed neck and shoulders.  This was very different than what she'd felt with Garen, different than the need to be in control, to be the one to please, rather than be pleased.  It was a startling contrast and underscored yet another way whatever relationship she might have had with Garen was now tainted.  With Ida, it had been a seduction, though T'Less couldn't say just who had seduced whom, or whether it was mutual.  No matter, though, since it was by choice and the results were evident.  With recent events aboard ship, she needed the reminder of just how free her will really was.

Sighing in pleasure, she turned in Ida's arms and, looking slightly down into Ida's eyes, touched her forehead to Ida's, then nose, then lips, kissing the Andorian with passion few got to know Vulcans well enough to discover.  With soft, deft hands, she reached behind Ida and pulled the woman close, pressing breasts to breasts and thighs to thighs.  Despite their claims to have no emotions, Vulcans, indeed, had deeper and stronger emotions than most other species and had evolved some and learned other equally deep and strong controls for them.  T'Less had lost most evolved controls and supplemented with learned controls, but they were proving wholly inadequate as her hunger for Ida grew.

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<Bridge/Ready Room>
    Amatras glanced at the time as she began to count down the minutes until her shift was over.  It wasn't that she hated the work she was doing far from it she loved the everyday challenges of being a science officer.  Especially with the current struggles of maintaining system stability with such limited resources.   It had far more to do with a longing to be with her own kind. To be inclosed in tight quarters with other ash'reem where it was most comfortable.   Isophobia was an interesting  condition, and one that plagued ash'reem on most Federation vessels.  If not for the need to better understand how the technology the Federation used worked and could be adapted to ash'reem ships they likely wouldn't even enlist.  However until a time in which they had gathered enough collective experience on interstellar ships to satisfy their homeworld's needs it was a necessary sacrifice.
   One day they would be building ships as fast as these instead of the slower more comfortable vessels that they currently built.  Ships better suited for an amphibian race where dryness and isolation were dangerous for prolonged stretches.  It was going to be a golden age for them, if they could just keep their birthrates high enough off world to maintain a population growth instead of decline. 
   Her thoughts were cut off as she heard the captain's request to meet her in the ready room. "Yes Captain...I'll be there shortly." she replies glancing at the time again with a frown, well at least she wouldn't be penalized for overtime on a rogue vessel.  She thought with a slight smirk as she made her way across the room to the captain's ready room.
   She stopped in front of the door for a moment taking a deep breath in and letting it out slowly through her nostrils.  She made sure the door announced her presence before entering and taking a position along the wall next to the door. "You needed to see me captain?" She asks curiously as she turned her gaze toward Jien, she wasn't sure what this was about but she was sure that it must be important on some level to not be addressed over the com badges.


   Adam Kingston made his way through the hallways toward the room of Cadet Ester Hamburg.  It had taken him a few hours to put together this plan, and it was risky in some ways.  However if it worked it should help put Ester in his pocket effectively without causing to much trouble in the process.   With all the attention that this latest disaster seemed to cause one security officer taking advantage of certain loopholes in his position shouldn't draw to much attention.  Thea might not even notice the twisting of protocol or professionalism with her current state following the viral infection and portions of her base protocols being deleted. 
       He took a moment to prepare himself outside her quarters and then took a step toward the door opening his mouth to issue a security override command to thea but the point was moot as the door opened on its own he glanced about the room as he entered until his eyes settled on the cadet.  He rose his hand to lightly switch the door closed behind them.  The decoration of the room reminded him vaguely of the quarters that he'd claimed Ester and Hannah in during his infected state, causing his dick to become slightly erect with interest.  It didn't help that Ester was in her uniform as well, so similar to the one that he had destroyed during her conversion into the infected.
          Glancing her over one last time he smiled, "Cadet, I have a proposal for you...Interested or should I just leave?"He asked curiously with a sly grin as he let his eyes linger on her chest for a few moments before drifting up to stare into her eyes.

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Eyes widening as she caught sight of Adam briskly entering her room, Ester shrunk away from the man who plagued her dreams at night and some of her waking moments as well.  While she didn't remember everything about what had happened, and certainly nothing specific, when she looked at him, she tasted salt and felt the ghost of cream across her tongue and down her throat, felt the sensation of an erection splitting her, taking her whether she'd wanted to be had or not.  She knew there had been others with whom she'd been with, but it was Adam that stirred the gauzy memories the most.

The back of her legs bumped into her bunk and she stopped, nearly falling back onto it.  Her eyes darted around the room as she tried to think of a way out, a way to get away from him.  He wasn't threatening her in any way and even seemed to be trying for friendly, but her fear of him was well pronounced.  It took her several seconds to come to the conclusion she had nowhere to go and no choice but to face him.  Trying not to tremble from trepidation, she only barely managed to meet his eyes and only for a moment before dropping them to the floor again, her voice quivering as she answered, "W-what can I do for you, s-sir?"

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[ Chief Tactical Officer's Quarters ]

In facing her lover, Ida was quick to reciprocate in the kiss, answering in the primal way of body language they both shared despite their native origins. For regardless of cultural disposition and character, intimacy was a need they shared in its base nature - transcending the gaps between star systems and genetics alike. Hidden Vulcan passion mirrored Andorian directness at the core.

Their bodies showered in water, contrasting tones of skin sliding together, pressing and coming apart, only to brush together once more. Thighs locked, grinding movements of hips, the touch of their nether lips warmer than the water. Fingers slick and strong, stroking firmly, it drove the breath from Ida's lips and yet she did not make the hunger relent - the need for more of her lover's breath and tongue yet unsated. She had get more of T'Less, the itch of needing control of her own desires also mirroring the Vulcan's, only more forward in delivery.

And yet... T'Less showed more drive than Ida's had thought capable of a Vulcan - making the Deputy think that she had missjudged the species unfairly. She thought she needed to be the aggressor in order to get what her body wanted, yet as T'Less answered in kind, Ida hesitantly relented control out of momentary confusion. She leaned back against the wall of their glass stall, eyes wide upon T'Less' - the shower washing over her roused breasts and dripping down the ends of her platinum hair.

Even being a gelnoid species did not differ in how her blue blood quickened. Nipples hard, Ida shuddered as the water bombarded them, making her set her feet wide to feel the water trickle across her wet labia. Her hands had slid down to the Vulcan's hips when she leaned back, and whilst she bit her lower lip to stifle nonsensical pleads for cunnilingus and thrusting fingers, that the tactician deployed her hands and mouth upon her chest, she pulled her lover forth - holding her lover's thigh against the famished crevice between her own legs.

If the Vulcan needed control, Ida would give it to her, for she was very much intrigued by the idea to relent for once in a while. At Niga, and with Grayson, she had always strived to sate her own needs, even if she had been denying the Pinkskin at first. Perhaps a truth by modification since it had been the virus in the first instance, yet perhaps it was time to give in... To let go. Hesitantly, she released T'Less hips and lay the back of her hands against the shower's wall - her breath quick with forced moderation. Eyes wide with ravenous appetite, lips pursed and panting, her hips undulated on their own accord against the Vulcan.

[ Captain's Ready Room ]

Still seated behind his desk, Jien Ives looked up with the faint smile that was all that remained after the ordeals he and his crew had been through. He was not the face of warmth and commanding charisma any more, but the calloused fist that was raised in the cry for truth. Whatever warmth that was left in him was there though, since he meant the Ash'reem nothing ill. Quite the opposite.

"Please, have a seat, and feel free to use the replicator if you need some water," he said quietly and leaned back, pinching the bridge of his nose a moment as he collected his thoughts - waiting for Amatras Neotin to do as she pleased with his invite to make herself comfortable. He supposed he should begin with Neotin family being commissioned to serve aboard the Theurgy. What came afterwards would be addressed too, yet if he was going to start somewhere, it made sense it had to be before their starship was made outcast and persecuted across the Quadrant.

"You and your family have served aboard this ship for a few years now. You were with me when we tried to negotiate peace with Romulus, and you stayed after returning to San Francisco. You have been given the required comforts that your species need, and made a home here away from the rest of the Ash'reem. You have served Starfleet and the Federation for more than forty years, even giving birth to your daughter aboard... The Celsius, wasn't it? Being one of the few Commanding Offices in the fleet that has had the privilege to be able to accommodate Ash'reem aboard their ship, and given the situation that followed the Niga Incident - where there seemed to be an aspect to the virus that might save your species - I would like to speak with you how you experience your duties here and now."

Leaning forward, Jien frowned and looked down upon his desk. "You are now my Chief Science Officer, and a valuable asset to my crew, just like the rest of your family. If there is any ill will towards how I handled the situation with the planet Niga in the Mahéwa System, I would like you to speak freely of it."

He needn't say what he meant: That he had ordered the entire planet destroyed, and perhaps dooming the Ash'reem species lest they find an alternative means to increase their reproduction rates.

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Feeling her lover's responses, T'Less groaned as she began to feel increasingly out of control.  She knew for a male of her species, he could be driven to combat, choosing fight over sex, hunger for blood over hunger to mate.  The two were closer together in the mind than most might think and she felt both when Ida relaxed against her, giving up control.  She felt the need to chase, to take her prey and do with it what she would.  Leaning into Ida, she growled and held the Andorian's shoulders against the wall.  Hard teeth bit into Ida's nipple just enough for pain to mix with pleasure and brought her knee up tight against Ida's blue, wet labia, grinding them against her equally wet skin.  Whether she ignored it by choice or it fled on its own, whatever logic remained to her fled, at least temporarily, leaving only hunger, ravenous hunger.  Her emotions had been so close to the surface for nearly a century, but she'd never, ever let them voluntarily loose.  Now, though, she felt that one must be the aggressor and the other the submissive and used her strength to pin the Andorian to the wall as she pressed her full body against Ida's.  She must have Ida, must make the woman her own and be with her.  Had she known Ida's thought upon first re-entering T'Less's quarters, she would probably have agreed, but now it seemed as though their positions were reversed, that she was taking Ida as the spoils of war, and not the other way around.

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