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Thread Updates
Hey folks,

We've got so many writers and threads now I'd like to suggest a system to keep track of things! No one can read every single thread but it'd be nice to stay up-to-date with what's going on, and make it easier to find the right threads when you do have time to read.

So, whenever you start a new thread, please post here letting people know! Include the following information in your post:

Thread title & day
Link to thread
Which characters are involved and/or if it's open to more posters
Short scenario summary (nothing spoilery, just a taster!)
Any other info, eg if the thread's for an objective, if it's part of an ongoing plot (link to previous threads if so!) if it's going to be sexual, etc

For example:

"WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT" - Day 10 | 1258 hrs
Characters: Cmdr Ranaan Ducote & Lt Cmdr Hathev
Summary: Lt Carrigan Trent is murdered; unaware, Hathev requests a meeting with Ducote to discuss Trent's behaviour
Notes: Plot will continue in 'Find Trent's Murderer' objective

Of course, this is completely voluntary but the more folks do it the more helpful it will be, so please don't feel awkward about promoting your own threads like this. If you want to stay informed about what plots are happening, go ahead and sub to this thread!

To get this thread started, please feel free to post recommendations for threads you're in that are currently ongoing :)
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Re: Thread Updates
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Spy Games - Day 10 | 1300 Hours
Characters: Dyan Cardamone & Zaryn Kolari
Summary: Dyan spots the former pirate prisoner Zaryn walking free on Aldea, unaware of his true allegiance Dyan starts hunting him, a game of cat and mouse ensues.
Notes: Not sure where this will end up going but considering it's Dyan fighting, sex or both is a good possibility.

Re: Thread Updates
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Day 04 [1600 hrs] Jubilant Memorialization of Fortuitous Nascency
** Note: The party technically takes place at 1700 hours

CHARACTERS:  Currently Deacon, K'Ren, Rhys Williams, and Adam Kingston; open to all crew on board
SUMMARY:  It is officially Deacon's 21st birthday and so K'Ren is throwing him a surprise birthday party in Below Decks to celebrate... and since Kzinti don't celebrate birthdays, awkwardness and fun ensue!  :D

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Re: Thread Updates
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"Sleeping Dogs" - Day 21 | 0630 hrs.
Characters: Khorin Douglas, Isel Nix, Donna Petterson, Thomas Ravon
Summary A small training flight to test one of the most unruly squadron members is a good way to start the day and strengthen the newcomers' ties with the Alpha Wolf. What could go wrong?
Notes Thread related to other (comming soon)
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Re: Thread Updates
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Characters: Primarily ThanIda zh'Wann, Kelleshar sh'Zenne, IrnaShall ch'Xinya & Sehl th'Chilnes (NPC)
Summary: Four Andorians were abducted by the Savi, and forced into the most intimate of bonds by their abductors. With various degrees of acceptance, the four not only had to deal with the immediate situation, but with the successful development of an egg, a schism between them created a dark divide. It begged the question what was most important to the four individuals. For some, it would be duty and personal integrity and for others, it might be the potential survival of their species.
Chronological Development:
 Part 1: Patriotic Dignity
 Part 2: Camisado
 Part 3: True Nature (This post and onwards....)
 Part 4: Shelthreth
 Part 5: A Different Kind Of Therapy
 Part 6: Sticky Progress
 Part 7: When time stands still (Thus Ends...)